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01-24-12, 15:52
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01-24-12, 16:31
If I allow a pic of myself, no matter what the situation, then I deserve whatever is coming – period! Unless the taker is trusted then don't do it. Simple.
Now if tricked, deceived or worse then its different and I agree with you. But that's the same with anything and that's what police and courts are for (or street justice if available).Well you and I have different feelings about it. Not much more we can say about that then.

These girls are very savvy.I would say that if it's really true that they're all aware that allowing their photo to be taken means there's a good chance it will go out on the internet, then it makes my original position pretty weak. Maybe part of the problem is that the world is messier than that. It's not all innocent girls out there, and probably not all of them are savvy. So maybe there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

OK, worst case –That's no worst case at all! Here is a worst case for you: the girl you picked up is actually a gray area type who has an office job, and a kid or two. She's not friends with the other girls because she's just in this to make some quick money and get out, probably thinks of the other girls as hardened hookers, which she has no intention of becoming, and also no desire to be friends with. So she is coming in pretty green, no idea what the implications are of letting a guy take her photo. So the pictures get posted. Once they're on the internet, the guy doing the posting has no more control of what happens to them. They could end up becoming part of a news story that gets seen by Cambodians, or someone up to no good could come across it and decide to use it. If the pics did become public amongst Cambodians or people she knows, she'd probably get fired from her job. Then she'd have no way to support her kids, not to mention the damage it does to her reputation with her family, her neighbors, coworkers. In a country where face is important, this would be devastating. To her, her parents and siblings, her kids. I actually haven't been nearly as active as some people on here in terms of numbers of pickups, but I've been with ones who fit this description a few times.

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Last thing: it can't be assumed that the pics will go to ISG and that's the end of it. It's the internet. Once posted, it can get copied anywhere. There was some guy posting awhile back in the VN thread with pictures of his conquests, they turned out to all be fake, taken from other forums or websites. That happens a lot. NGOs check out these sites, who knows what they'll do with the photos. There's Cambodian touts who check out these forums, just takes one bad guy to put 2 and 2 together and start a side business targeting the non-pros. A guy over in the VN thread had a sex tour operation, would go to normal cafes and take pictures of the girls working there, then post up on his website and youtube advertising his sex tour business (we're talking about girls who are not involved at all in anything other than serving coffee) , he also was taking pics and videos of his tours, then would post those up on youtube and his site with his customers' faces included, and of course the girls. Guys like that are here in the forum, and ready to do who knows what with pictures that guys share here.

02-03-12, 19:56
i am a member of the forum and rarely look at it but recently had a girl come up to me crying that someone had posted photos of her on the internet. this is the 2nd time this has happened. being a long time resident of pp one gets to know the girls fairly well so i searched the forum most likely to be the one where photos were posted and sure enough there she was. she denied ever giving anyone permission to take these photos let alone put them on the internet.

the first girl. and this was a year or so ago, emphatically denied anyone ever took nude photos of her and looking at the photos we worked out that they were taken in a room in wa, probably with a remote peep hole camera. i have lived here long not to believe everything i'm told but the end result was that both the girls boyfriends (customers / sponsors) immediately broke up with the girls when they saw the photos. taking photos with a remote peep hole camera is bad enough but to post those photos?

the arguement that these photos will never be viewed by the girls because they are not internet savy is probably correct. however they are viewed by guys who come here from time to time and for some reason decide to become a be / f (or sponsor)

harm is being done and i support wholeheartedly the argument that any photos posted should have the faces blacked out.

people like myself would be a lot more forthcoming with information if things were handled more responsibly.

Small Dick
10-14-12, 17:38
A photo taken in a public place has no copyright in regards to content.

A photo taken in a private place I. E hotel, guest-house does and you do need need authorisation.

And in Cambodia every single hotel and guest-house has (the laws regarding pornography and the taking of pornographic material) them displayed, both in Khmer and English.

In regards to a working girl losing her sponsor because she was cheating on him, I'm sure she will find another one, sooner or later, it'll teach her to be more careful.