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Red Kilt
02-15-12, 02:40
. Anyway, to get the passport the NBI (phils FBI) will do a very thorough backround check and she has to present a birth cert and good I'd. No way around it for her. If she doesn't want the passport BIG RED FLAG. If she already has one (not likely, but possible) then its simplicity itself to ask to see it.This is not at all a sure fire method Riverman. I know of two (2) women working overseas using their SISTER'S passports because they were under the age for working abroad. All the details are for the sisters. The pic is of the girl. I have no idea how they did it but they were very smug to tell me how successful it was.

Don't put too much store in the absolute validity of a Philippines passport.

My school buddy works in "passport control" at an international airport in Australia and they have a list of countries where they ALWAYS check out the passport carefully. The Philippines is one of those countries for all sorts of reasons, one of which is above.

02-15-12, 05:32
understood redkilt and thank you for that info. however, as part of a process it still has validity and i never base my overall evaluation on one single factor. i have found a number of **** girls thru using my process and anytime i have doubt, i simply don't proceed. no single check can be absolutely relied upon, you need to see it from several angles. thats my whole point.

jeez, even if the girl has 2 kids and looks 23, don't mean she is. (tho i don't see the girls with kids, not my thing) however, i've seen girls here with 2 or 3 kids at 16 and who worked full time at fast food and who looked well over 21 (and i'm not one who can't read asians age). you just have to be careful and work it the best you can.

however, with the passport thing, i have had a few girls who were hinky about getting the thing, and it proved to me their **** status. can a very determined girl, maybe with connections / fixer in the nbi get thru the process, or a girl who looks like a twin of her older sister? probably, but its not likely. and anyway, that would not be my only safe point. but your point is taken, and its a good one, but i still consider it a strong part of an overall process.

and as far as scams go, even if the girl is 25 with 5 kids. if the police want to bust you, and they have a tame judge. the actual age of the girl don't even matter. so. always be damn careful, you have to evaluate, not only their age, but their character and the situation that develops as best as you can. many times i have passed on an otherwise seemingly safe girl because something was rattling alarm bells, but i couldn't spot any specific thing. at such a time, safer is better than sorry. cheers.

02-15-12, 17:02
there are those mongers of limited intelligence who fail to grasp that more than one thing can be accomplished by a single act.

for me, the passport thing has the following purposes (listed in order of importance) :

1. if i plan to have a longish association with a filipina, i would like my association with her to be of benefit to her in the run after i am done with her. not just whatever financial and other gifts that may be given at the time. the cost of a passport, tho neglible to me, can be premptive to many many filipinas. without this item, they cannot work overseas. for many filipinas, if they can't snag a foreign husband, the next best option to improve their lives and that of their families, is an overseas job. with passport in hand, once i'm done with her, she has that option. (i realize some old hand philipinnes mongers may not give a shit about the long term well being of any of their girls)

2. i like to travel sometimes, and sometimes i want company. of course, if the destination is international, the filipina must have this i'd to go with me. (perhaps some old hand philipinnes mongers have an alternate way to get them out than a passport, i bow to their obvious immensity.)

3. if i'm traveling domestically within the phils, especially if she is youngish looking, i want my girl to have good i'd. the best form of i'd in the phils, is the passport. most of these girls do not have, and have no need for a drivers license. mostly you will find they have a worthless (and usually out of date) univeristy i'd, or their barangays voter i'd card, or some such. if i have my youngish looking girl with me in some place new to both of us, away from the large bussom of her extended family, and some hotel security guard, or nosy policeman gets suspicious that i have an ****d travel companion, i want that suspicion killed pronto. this saved me some serious headache at least one time passing through an airport with my young companion. after the suspicious official irritately had to accept my girl was the stated age, she tried to get my girl to say she was sleeping with me before she was 18. thankfully my companion assured her she didn't know me before then. (i understand that some phils old hands have such knowlege and charm that they can talk their way out of any situation at anytime, but for this kind of thing, personally, i want my girl to have her pasport)

4. as part of my getting to know her process, as stated in an earlier post. the process of getting her a passport is part of my validation process (sometimes). i can think of a couple of girls in particular that i was hot for, and was interested in having them as travel partners at some point, and the process of getting the passport became hinky. in one instant i think it was because she was ****, so somehow the berth cert and nbi check could never get done. with some others, for every step in the process, they were inflating prices. (i'm sure that some "enlightened" phils old hands can find out everthying they need to know about a girl by the quality of the girls first fart in their presence, but for me, i'm glad my process alerted me to these problems)

as a side note to my fellow mongers who have yet to make the trip to the philipinnes, if you should come to cebu city, and should you frequent the malls for any reason, at places like bo's coffee in robinson's mall you will come to see a certain breed of broken down, old, nasty, cummegenly out to pasture white guys with a permanent scowl on their face. you will also find their ilk on this board (easily spotted because their posts tend to be as nasty as their intelligence is limited, and somehow, they always seem to find fault in the posts of others, yet have nothing constructive or even imformative to offer.) my advice to you is, don't under any circumstnces try to chat up or befriend these obvious losers. believe me, anything they tell you won't be worth spit, and they are most unpleasant company. do befriend those on this board who try and help others as they will gladly help you too, and if you do come tho this wondeful country, befriend the other foreigners who look like like they are capable of cracking a smile, and even if their years are advanced, haven't let this embitter them. these folks will in a short time help you to be an old hand, like them, and enjoy the experience.

02-15-12, 18:06
this is not at all a sure fire method riverman. i know of two (2) women working overseas using their sister's passports because they were under the age for working abroad. all the details are for the sisters. the pic is of the girl. i have no idea how they did it but they were very smug to tell me how successful it was.

don't put too much store in the absolute validity of a philippines passport.

my school buddy works in "passport control" at an international airport in australia and they have a list of countries where they always check out the passport carefully. the philippines is one of those countries for all sorts of reasons, one of which is above.my past dia contact had the same story. she was a 18 year old virgin but had 1 year working experience in dubai. she had a passport saying she is 23 years old. i believe she used her sister's birth certificate.

now since she is 22 years old got her own passport with real age. she still works in dubai on contract basis. it seems it is easy to get birth certificates and passports with whatever date of birth you want. maybe bribe some along the way. police are supposed to verify before passport is issued but i do not think anybody is worried about it.

i am sure many girls who work in bars have fake birth certificates. this is why raids happened in ac and people got arrested. all girls are checked before employment but if they have birth certificates saying they are over 18-what to do?

now phi governement has restricted all foreign employers to hire girls 23 and over only. this is because there were several incidents of [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) or sexual abuse of young girls.

irony is [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) will occur whether girls are 18 or 23.

Member #4351
02-15-12, 21:28
this entire passport discussion may have value for someone who lives in the philippines or will be staying and / or traveling with a lt gf. however for the other 95% of guys on this forum it is about as useful as ff's idea of going back and forth to lapu lapu to fake out the girls. the urban legend of visitors getting set up in **** girl scams in cebu engenders these posts. but at least riverman's comments could be useful for someone, unlike ff's famous "report of distinction".

02-21-12, 23:33
Riverman, regarding your comment about getting citizenship if you marry your gf.

As I understand it, you can not get Filipino citizenship. This is a racist country, and like most or all countries in asia, they are keeping their blood lines clean.

You can get a permanent multiple entry spousal visa so that you can live permanently in the Philippines.


Stroker, thanks for the welcome back, I do appreciate it.

Regarding the double posting, I was reacting to the statement "you reposted when you didn't immediately see your post appear". It was not my intent to dispute that a double post occured, just that I was aware of the wait involved, and thats not why it happned. However, I guess I wasnt clear about that and further more, it was wrong of me to jump to the conclusion that you were being snarky and not trying to help, and for that I apologize.

Regarding the domicile, I respectfully disagree about the 12 month lease deal. I have continually been searching for a rental situation I can be comfortable with, and every time I look at an apartment I baulk when it comes to the lease agreements I see, or the value of the place compared to the rent demanded. So, every time I've decided I'm better of staying in hotels than renting an apartment. Probably what I'll do is buy a condo in a couple years, or if I decide to marry my gf and get citizenship here, I'll build something in a nearby town. That said, I'm spending most of my time here and, as they say, home is where the heart is. So for me, at this time, cebu is my home.

Red Kilt
02-22-12, 05:03
. Probably what I'll do is buy a condo in a couple years, or if I decide to marry my gf and get citizenship here,Why ever would you contemplate citizenship here?

As Gangles said, if you marry a filipina you can get a 13 (a) Permanent Visa that is probationary status for one year and then full status granted after the one year. You will receive a duly embossed ACR card which does not need renewal.

You can come and go on this card without needing return tickets etc. Or without needing your spouse to be accompanying you.