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Lady K
06-06-12, 20:26
Euro Cup 2012 festivities! You're all welcome to party with LMR Warsaw!

Hello Croatia forum,

Lady K here of Le Moulin Rouge-Warsaw, Warsaw's only all-inclusive adult sex party. I just wanted to extend a formal invitation to those readers and posters of the Croatia forum to come party at LMR Warsaw during the Euro Cup 2012 festivities in Warsaw, Poland. http://lemoulinrougepl.com/Euro-Cup-2012.php

We will be airing the games live during the parties. The only thing we ask is that you please be respectful and a good sportsman if you might be partying with guests cheering on your rival. http://lemoulinrougepl.com/Online-Reservation.php

If for some reason you find yourself in Poland during the Euro Cup festivities we hope you come party with us.

It would be our sincere pleasure to have you.

Hugs & Kisses,

Lady K.

Le Moulin Rouge-Warsaw.

LMR Warsaw Event Coordinator.