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12-15-12, 18:23
BoricuaOnline's Santo Domingo Mongering Map, the best one I have seen.


12-16-12, 00:58
BoricuaOnline's Santo Domingo Mongering Map, the best one I have seen.

https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&ie=UTF8&msid=106767774275556555984.00046d685b11334063b43&ll=18.467703Hillbilly, your PM box is full. Can't respond to your PM until you free up some space.

02-28-13, 19:35
A good map of Sosua.


03-29-13, 23:07
Hey Guys.

I found a webpage with the schedule of almost all busses and destinations in the DR and other american counties.

I was not sure where it would be best to post. They also have maps where the Bus Stations are located so maybe here is the best place.


The Bad Info is the Website is in German.

"von" is departure.

"nach" is arrival.

"Datum" is ofc the the date.

"Zeit" the Time.

Klick on "Ankunft" if you want the time as arrival time on the destination where you go. Or leave "abfahrt" when you want the time as departure time.

Then klick on the blue "Verbindung suchen " button.

On the next window you see the scheduled Bus Plans and which company delivers.

When you click on the small white DR Map you see where the Bus Station is located.

I hope this will help some guys and you also can learn a few new german words LOL.

07-18-13, 07:50
Great resources here just wanted to say thanks to all who have contributed its really appreciated!


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01-20-19, 21:02
This will need some updates from you guys.