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04-19-13, 13:54
Since the Krefeld Bareback AO Parties Team started to do out of house parties at Swingerclub Drüber & Drunter in Mönchengladbach and since this is likely to become a regular venue with propably two parties per month, I think a seperate thread is in order. PacificRim wrote a not so favourable report about his visit there on April 9th in the Krefeld - Bareback AO Parties thread; I posted some replies to his report too: www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?3313-Krefeld-Bareback-AO-Parties&p=1409445&viewfull=1#post1409445

Of course this thread can be used for any other AO-party in MG as well, although Eve's Diamonds (former Eva-Freundin) has it's own thread on ISG already. So reports about their parties should be put into that thread: www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?2854-Eva-Freundin-Mönchengladbach-Odenkirchen

But if anybody should fall for the lurid ads of the "MG-girls" at Hindenburgstraße 218, he is welcome to share his bad experiences here too. Be warned: You will most likely get ripped off at this place, as I was, and as almost everybody I talked to in over a year felt too. Here's their Sexdo-ad and the current link to their own website: http://sexdo.de/hobbyhuren/28882/moenchengladbach-41061-mg-girls.html http://girlsweb.webng.com/
Do yourselves a favour and stay away from there!

04-19-13, 16:24
the "party-schlampen" team from krefeld, lately doing their ao-parties only at alte linner straße 7 in krefeld and mostly on sundays, started to do out-of-house parties again on tuesday, april 9th 2013. the location is swingerclub drüber & drunter at dahlener straße 690 in 41239 mönchengladbach-schrievers. this club is closed on tuesdays and is rented out to external organizers that day of the week, as well as on other days during times when they themselves are not open for their own regular swinger-parties. (like zhuzha's coming condom-gangbang on sat, april 20th from 12-17:00. the club itself opens at 20:00 on sats. by the way: zhuzha was there briefly on the 9th too, but not to party, propably just to check out the location.)

the advertising for the party on tue 9th was for 3 parties during a total of 22 hours with a total of 20 girls. of course it didn't happen like that, (what else is new?) they had bitten off a bit more than they could chew. there were only 12 women there at all: gabi, katja, laura, mimi, steffi, milf angelina, daisy, jessica, isabel, ayleen & monika, plus jessy as the one replacement for the other 9 who were not there. maria, julia, sabrina, barbie, stripper anja, condom-jasmin and 'others' who were advertised were missing. in addition tina was there to just handle the door. it was good to have her around to do this job, although propably everybody would have liked to fuck her too. but a german girl handling the door & phone and answering questions is a good addition to their parties. plus you could have a lot of general fun and joking around with her too, as i did last sunday in krefeld, where she too handled the door & phone.

the morning party was scheduled from 8-11:00; i was told that when they opened at 8:00 sharp, there were already 4 guys waiting in front of the door. 15 minutes later they were 10 and a total of 15 guys during the 3 morning hours. so they did this party with six girls instead of only four. can't say anything else about this party, i arrived only at around 13:20 for the daytime-party. which was with all 12 women, including the six from the morning party.

i originally had planned for another party that day, which i had to cancel. needlessly as it turned out later. then i got in touch with the ao-gilf, (i made up the name "anno" for the purpose of reporting about her here.) whom i had met on fri 5th at traumpalais in heidesheim. she lives not far from d&d, she was available and of course horny again, so i picked her up at 13:00 and took her to the party. the price for couples was only 50 €, so i paid the "fuffi" and we got inside. passing from the dressing-room through the dancing-area to the bar, i greeted (kiss-kiss, hug-hug) some of the girls. i already knew everybody else from krefeld-parties, except for jessy. i hit the showers, we got something to drink. eko managed the party and his brother memo was handling the bar, sometimes with one of the girls. then anno and i went to the tiny porn-room in the corner close to the toilets. a porn movie was running, but with no sound. she knew this club from previous visits and wanted to go to this small dark place first. so we got in there, got up on the bed, got down on the mat and got to it. i think we were in there over an hour, so i didn't see what was (not) happening with the others. every now and then some guy peeked through the curtain and then left again. i had two sweaty, wild and rough fucks with anno in there, with some creampie-fucking in my own cum and one massage from her to me. then we left for the shower and afterwards admired the scenery of what was not going on with the others. which is what pacificrim complained about in his report: around 8 guys were sitting around the club seperately (which was their own fault!) bored to tears and like they were waiting for a bus. some girls were sitting on the couch, six of them were congregating around a table in the bistro-room (the buffet-room, the eating area) eating and taking a break all at once. even anno said that this was no way to treat the guys, a little later eko emerged and put an end to that; telling them to not take a break all at the same time. they then got up, but i think some of the guys still did like pacificrim; they made like a tree and leaved.

some more guys dropped by, some of them got it on with anno, after realizing that she was horny to be fucked and creampied and that there would be no "pause" or "no sperma in muschi" with her. to some of them i pointed out that she was there as a private women, some then got it on with her, some were still put off by her age and / or looks. in all there were 7 guys besides me who did her that day. i had a third bang with her and two other guys, again in the small porn-room, and fucked only four of the others this time.

there were two girls and one guy in the porn-room after our first (and 2nd) session, so i joined them and one of the girls became available for me to fuck. i didn't recognize her during fucking, afterwards she turned out to be katja. but "afterwards" meaning here after half-a-session, when it was "schatzi, pause!" again. honestly, this girl is more fun at the general party than for fucking! the other one who was with the other guy was ayleen. no need to write about her. wanking had written a report about a gahlingspfad-party in krefeld last year where he had met her; everything there is to say about her was said there. her and monika were like two zombies on double and triple overdoses of valium. no wonder the guys who tried them were pissed off.

can't say anything about the new girl jessy, except that she was very pretty and nice. i didn't see her do any fucking. likewise with laura, she seemed to have been in avoiding-mood again. at least she was fun do dance and goof around with. another bust was of course steffi. although i actually saw her smile for the first time that day, that didn't last very long. she spend the rest of the day with the usual long face and dreadful mood i knew from previous parties with her. so that was propably six flops; of course the six who were among the best looking ones and who were propably approached by everyone. no wonder those guys were pissed off.

but. there were still the other six. and anno of course. so enough to have a lot fo fun and a ton of sex with. although i didn't get around to fucking gaby, jessica and mimi that day, i saw them getting fucked and didn't see anything to suggest complaints. i had quite some fun dancing around with them. i hadn't seen jessica in over a year, back then she was called denisa and afterwards monika. she's still chubby, but i'd say she looks a lot better than before. too bad i didn't get to fuck her; it was propably because we arrived so late. mimi was very cheerful too later in the day, i was dancing with her, while she was standing on an armchair. gaby was wearing some playboy-bunny outfit, complete with bunny-ears and all. looked very cute. i danced and joked around with her a while, later on i played a little with her tit, while she was fucked by someone else next to me and angelina.

of course angelina had come to me again to give her a massage. we went into the big box to the left of the big party room, where gaby was getting massaged by the forementioned guy, while katja was being fucked for another half-a-session and another guy was just getting inside isabel. then katja left for "pause" while we continued massaging and the other guy continued fucking isabel. then gaby had enough massaging and got her pussy massaged from the inside by her masseur's dick. a while later i started to fuck angelina while playing with one of her's and one of gaby's tits. the third guy was still fucking isabel, now rough-fucking her. then massage-guy was ready to cum, gaby told him not to spritz into her, so he came onto her belly. they left, i continued on angelina. isabel was still being pounded by the same guy. and the call me a sex machine! eventually he came and for the first time she crawled off the mat, to go showering. what a fuck! i continued on angelina, but had to stop after a while without cuming, because my knee started to hurt from constantly slipping between two mattrasses onto the ground. so we broke it off and got out of the box. what did i see on my way to the bathroom? of course; isabel was fucking again! this time on the laaaarge playground area; again with a smile on her face. didn't she almost get pounded into the ground a few minutes ago? this girl fucks and fucks and fucks; incredible. and when she takes a break, she dances as wild as possible. i had one fuck with her too, between the 2nd session with anno and the angelina-massage. of course i too had banged her hardcore-style as usually. if she is at a party, not much can go wrong.

after a third session with anno, i finished the party with daisy. she had been all smiles and making eye-contact with me all evening long. close to 20:00, she was kinda tired, so she asked me to give her a massage too. i gladly complied. while i was massaging her, she started to play with my dick. so after the massage, i fucked her while continuing massaging; now massaging her huge tits. eventually i came and shot my load up her pussy. then we lay down beside each other, snuggling. anno appeared and sat down beside us. i chatted some with her, then we got back to the bar for some drinks and some more smalltalk to let the last half hour of the party fade away. we would have stayed on for the scheduled night-party as well, but she needed to get home, because her guy-friend was about to come home from work and didn't take along a key. so we left at 21:00 after a very enjoyable party for both of us. then i took her home, a few minutes later her guy arrived and we continued fucking her during the next two hours, taking turns on her. i believe i came four times with her that day, in the club and at her home. (plus the one cum in daisy.)

i left there at midnight and drove by the club again on my way to the autobahn. took a quick look, only one car was parked outside, propably eko's. so there was no night-party after all. the following sunday in krefeld, i learned from eko and a nice turkish guy who had been there that they had started with the party, but then called it off again at around 22:30. propably because the girls were worn out. the guys were pissed off, i didn't know how they handled the money-situation. i'd say it was a mikstake to try the night-party with no fresh girls around. so i'm not sure if they are going to schedule another night-party next tuesday.

but the next party there will be on tuesday, april 23rd; again from 8:00 with a morning party for propably 40 € again and a daytime party for 100 €. anno and i have planned to be there again too. so if you don't mind (or like) a chubby ao-gilf (and the accomodating looks) then come and fuck her, fuck her, fuck her! she likes to be creampied over and over. and beats un-persistent girls like katja or steffi any day of the week. (not to mention the two zombies.)

the club is easy to reach by car. you exit the a61 at exit mönchengladbach-rheydt, if you come from the north turn left, if you drive up there from the south as i did turn right onto dahlener straße. on your left, you might already see a sign from swingerclub drüber & drunter, but you can't turn left here. you have to drive a little in the wrong direction, until you can make a u-turn to drive back on the other side of the street. then turn right at the d&d sign and drive down the small way into the forest. on your left, you will see the club with enough parking place all around. needs be, you can park on the street too. here's the link to the clubs own website:



04-22-13, 15:11
But the next party there will be on Tuesday, April 23rd; again from 8:00 with a morning party for propably 40 € again and a daytime party for 100 €. AnnO and I have planned to be there again too.Much to my regret, the party on the 23rd got cancelled!

I'll check with Eko again if they will do parties at D&D at a later time again. If so, then okay. If not, then I will ask Jackson to incorporate my report into the regular Bareback thread and then delete this thread here again.

01-07-14, 12:55
New party announced in Mönchengladbach 09. 01. 2014, 11-21Uhr 69€ all inkl.

Has anybody experience with these girls? Maybe I have time to go there but I like to now if they are worth it. So far I like what I see on the pictures.

MG-Girls, Mönchengladbach.



01-07-14, 14:48
They have a party this Thursday.


Anybody have experience there?

01-07-14, 16:32
They have a party this Thursday.


Anybody have experience there?Avoid these place. Very bad service and a terrible attitude from the girls.

I think Swingerlover has alaborated on this before.

Heed his warnings.

07-28-14, 10:22
I have recently heard a lot of only good reviews from several trustworthy guys who told me that with the new team there, the parties have become quite good again. As a result, I don't BLACKLIST them anymore on the August map. It seems as if they got their act together and it might be worth to go partying there again.

08-02-14, 18:35
FRI 1st 11-21:00: AO Mega Titti Gangbang Party with pretty-doll Julia, AO-light-Gabi (replacing Bianca), Pause-Anna-Marie, Pause-Sarah, Pause-Pause-Sabrina & come-fuck-me-some-more-Andreea at Mülforter Straße 99, (1st floor, bell: Sommer) 41238 Mönchengladbach-Giesenkirchen for 80 €, covered for 60 €, from 18:00 both for 50 €, including softdrinks & snacks.

It was not up to their own standards. Partys in Krefeld, Viersen and elsewhere were way better. Only Gabi, Julia and especially Andreea were really worth partying with, the other 3 were below avarage or bad. I didn't like the apartment much either. Too big, too many seperate rooms, spread out too far apart. This is a place for the usual 1-on-1 service they provide there, not really that good for parties. I'm pretty sure I will not return there, and party with Andreea and Gabi at Fun Park in Viersen in the future.

I met Col Bog 1 there, he wasn't happy at all and left pretty early. Another nice Swedish guy (had met him in Kerpen a few months back) was also there an had left even earlier. A big number of other guys also showed up, played a little and then decided to leave early. I hung in there until the end at 21:00, and it didn't get much better. Only Andreea (former Isabella) kept on fucking and fucking and fucking all day long, with rather short breaks. Even if I was just standing there watching her being fucked by 3 guys in a row, she called on me to continue fucking her, so I think I did her 4 times, but strangely without coming.

So let's start from the beginning, since I posted the above already in the Calendar thread.

Driving there was pretty easy, the place is located on the B230, two doors down from a Shell gas station and next door to a pizza place. (So if anybody was hungry because of the lack of food at the party, you didn't have to go very far.) Parking was on the street, I found a spot in the closest side street, free parking all day long.

Went upstairs, paid the 80 € for AO and put my clothes and stuff into the usual plactic bag, like it's done at the parties in Krefeld as well. The advertised Bianca wasn't there and was replaced by Gabi, who I had last met at Fun Park in Viersen. She was the only one to do only AO-light this time. With the others, CIP was possible, although I overheard Sabrina (who I also knew from Viersen) sometimes saying not to come inside her. But with others, she didn't mind. No problem for me, since I didn't do her at all this time. She didn't show the least bit of interest in partying, and from what little I saw of her, it always looked like a fuck-robot. In addition, 60 % of her treasury of words that day consisted of the word "Pause". Just another reminder that the best looking one is usually the most useless for fucking at those parties. But with a little exception this time, because the 2nd best looking was actually quite good: Julia, a tiny little blonde doll. I sessioned twice with her, first time starting with some 69 and ending with me coming inside her. Then she stayed on and was available for 3 other guys for some Schlammschieben; too bad that I couldn't make use of that, since I was the first one to inseminate her. But I got another chance for that in the late afternoon, when a young dude had shot a big load into Andreea, whereupon she invited me to continue fucking her. So I hammered quite a portion of the guy's cum out of her pussy; in the end we were both quite smeared with cum down below. Another guy then continued on her, but unfortunately for him, she had quickly wiped the cum off already. We both explained to her that all the girls were way to quickly with cleaning themselves up, and that there had been many "sloppy seconders" who were also disappointed about not getting to do any Schlammschieben.

I already mentioned having had 4 sessions with Andreea, because she was so absolutely horny for dicks that day, and the later it got, the wilder she became. But that was pretty much the only upside of that party, aside from that it was only the sheer mass of mid-quality fucking that had made it worth while for me.

In the afternoon I had my 2nd session with Julia, also after 2 other guys had just fucked her, but either with rubber or without cum, so there was no Schlamm to be "schoben". I shot off inside her a second time though, after which she then went for a wash and a (well deserved) break. Her breaks were all well deserved and mostly she filled them with some dancing and shaking her booty, while having a smoke in the living room. The other 3 girls took breaks after each guy, that's why I put the word "Pause" in front of their names on the map-list. Aside from Sabrina, I had one session with each of the two others. Skinny Ana-Marie was my first one that day, I had a good session with her right after I had arrived, and she was pretty horny herself that early in the day. (Only her rotten front tooth wasn't much to look at when she opened her mouth.) Good thing that I had her so early, because her stamina faded away rapidly during the day. After about 5 hours, she was pretty much done and not much good anymore. Well, it was her first party, at least now everybody knows that she's no good for a 10-hour-party. Same problem with Julia, she had completely disappeared in the early evening. But with her, I can kinda understand that, since she was fucked a lot during the day. When she had left, Thekenfrau Milena joined in as a replacement. She took me to the room at a time when I was least inclined to continue and already wanted to leave the place. So I got it on with her, jerked myself hard and put it in, but then I had to stop, because I was beat. Only Andreea got my going one more time a little later on.

I had one session with the 3rd new girl, Sarah, a sturdy-figured Gypsy-type woman. I believe it was my 3rd poke of the day and happened after Sabrina had run away for th eshower and I was standing there with a hard-on. So I went to the other room in search for some available pussy, and Sarah's had just become vacant while she was still lying on the bed next to one of the others. (I believe it was Andreea or Gabi, being fucked.) So I just stuck it in and banged her until I came inside her. That was a pretty nice fuck, we also did some kissing during the action, and the only sad thing is that she didn't become available to me anymore later on, because of "Pause".

With Gabi I had only one session this time, because I didn't go after her very much, since she does only AO-light. But I had some good times with her in-between sessions, joking and goofing around, and a nice talk with some cuddling close to the end of the party. She also ran around topless almost the entire day, as did Julia and sometimes Andreea, wheras the other 3 always put their bras on very quickly after showering, which was pretty sad regarding Sabrina. Otherwise one could have used her at least for admiring her beautiful tits.

Aside from Andreea, none of the others made much effort to get a guy to the room. Unlike in Viersen or before in Kerpen, you had to get active yourself here; and while the constant "Schatzi, ficken?" and "Which number" sometimes become a little annoying, it's still better than standing around all day waiting and having to chase the girls to the bed, especially when 3 of them didn't really want to party. In retrospect I would propably have been better off at Fun Park in Viersen, especially with the nice warm weather outside, and I don't think I will return to Mülforter 99 in the future. The party in Viersen and especially the one in Krefeld last Sunday had been much better.

08-02-14, 20:08
In retrospect I would propably have been better off at Fun Park in Viersen, especially with the nice warm weather outside, and I don't think I will return to Mlforter 99 in the future. The party in Viersen and especially the one in Krefeld last Sunday had been much better.Well I suppose at least you have a reasonable time at most parties you visit. Thanks for the report as always.

08-02-14, 20:45
I didn't exactly "lose some". For money I paid, plus travel expenses, I still got enough fun & fuck out of the party, so it's not really appropriate for me to complain. Still, I'm used to better parties from them and didn't like the location very much, so I can't really recommend it, especially if you travel there from abroad. Partys at Fun Park Viersen and in Krefeld are better!

08-12-14, 10:39
I see Titti girls seem to have moved from Mülforter Straße to Limitenstraße 145, but the price has also risen from 50 to 80 for AO??


08-12-14, 10:50
I see Titti girls seem to have moved from Mülforter Straße to Limitenstraße 145, but the price has also risen from 50 to 80 € for AO??Yep. They have, as you can also see at the top of my map. I don't know this Nicole, but for the others I would consider 80 € too much, especially at this place where you have to keep your clothes on until you go to a room.

I also don't know what's so "Titti" about those girls, except maybe Nicole. Anna-Marie has nearly no tits at all, Sarah are quite avarage and Julia's are very pretty, but avarage size for such a tiny girl.

09-04-14, 13:44
BEEN THERE: TUE 2nd 11-22:00: Real sexparty "Creampie Bang" with Seda, Sarah, Elena & Patricia (= Gabi) at Red Lounge 128, Lindenstraße 128,41063 Mönchengladbach, covered for 49 €, AO & anal for 69 €, including softdrinks & snacks.

My first visit to this place was also my last one, but solely because of the location. The girls and management were okay and mostly acceptable, but this place is not party-compatible IMO. It used to be some Asia-sex brothel-type place before, and for 1-on-1 single service, it might just work out. When you enter, there is a bar with a counter right next to the entrance, from there on you'll have to walk long and angled hallways to get to the tiny rooms where the action is supposed to happen. All this is stretched out over the entire ground floor level of the building and ends in a small patio where there's also a Sauna, which was not in use. Nobody needed it anyway, since the place itself was overheated. So some of us guys went outside to chill every now and then during the day.

I guess it's the dull mood of the place that didn't make for such a good party atmosphere. I knew Sarah and Gabi (now called Patricia) from previous parties, both from Viersen, Gabi from at least 5 other locations, and they were not as they used to be back then either. I had only one session with each of the four girls and came only twice, once inside Russian girl Elena and once inside Seda; so I came with the two least good looking ones.

There's nothing much else to write about the action. During the afternoon and evening, we all sat at the counter of the bar, nibbling pretzels and other snack treats, eating fruits and sandwich rolls and drinking softdrinks, while having pretty enjoyable conversations. It was more like sitting at the counter of a regular pub (only without beer) after clock-off time, than at a sex club. Only that everybody was only wearing underwear or towels, drinks & snacks were included in the price and you could watch some porn on a tiny screen at the bar. The pleasant company of likeable guys was the reason why I stayed there until 21:30. Regarding the sex, I could have left at 16:00 already. The others occasionally went to a room with a girl and closed the door, then returned after they did their thing. So it wasn't much of a party, most certainly not compared to what I experienced at FunGirls in Dusseldorf on the previous Saturday.

The girls were okay though, (Except that Seda could have been introduced to something that's called "a bar of soap", because she stunk; and I don't mean her service.) management was likewise okay, this could have worked out nicely, if it had happened somewhere else. The problem is the building, so I will definitely not go back there.

09-11-14, 19:59
On WED 10th I made the mistake to give the MG-Girls (MostGross-Girls) at Hindenburgstraße 218 another try, because I had heard some good things about them for a few weeks, so much that I even removed them from my BLACKLIST. Well, they're back on there again! As I found out, the reason for the good reviews from one particular guy is because they are nice to HIM, because he bribes them with perfume, cake and vodka in addition to the 70 € entrance fee. Almost all other guys are still treated like crap. The number one word above all is still "Pause". And even though I got to fuck Flori, Tiffany and Lisa during my first two and a half hours, the treatment I had to suffer in the following two and a half hours was as bad as the last time I was there around two years ago when I didn't get to fuck at all. Here's what I wrote so far about this Bullshit "party" on the SEP-map:

"Nothing has changed much within 2 years, except for the girls, other than Lisa. Whilst my first 2. 5 hours were remotely enjoyable and contained some nice fucks, my second 2. 5 hours there consisted of sitting around, talking with other guys, watching the hoors dance around dressed in hotpants and tops (which I can watch just fine at home on TV on ETV-Show all day long, and with much better music) and avoiding me and some other guests, with their German vocabular consisting again of only one word: "Pause". I can not-fuck just fine at home, thank you! No need to pay 70 € for that after driving for 2 hours to MG. And while what little I got from fucking Flori, Tiffany & Lisa might just barely have been worth the 70 €, it was certainly not worth the cost of driving plus the wasted time.

So in the future, do yourself a favour and stay away from there!

Especially Flori was busy actively avoiding one of the other guys, who had already fucked her a few hours ago. When she was standing on the right side of the bed in the living room and he moved a bit towards her, even if he was just heading for a drink, she immediately moved over to the other side of the room. She did so several times during the afternoon. When another guy had fucked her, I wanted to follow up, she told me "Pause". Less than a minute later, she got it on with the guy again who brought the cake and vodka. I consider her to be an evil, evil, EVIL hoor, even worse than that awful Bianca that had been there 2 years ago.

Ela wasn't happening at all, she was totally spaced out.

You know what, I haven't the slightest interest to go into more detail about this crap. Because right now I get the urge again to beat them all to death with a sledgehammer. Just stay the hell away from there! Their only interest lies in ripping you off.

I left at 16:50, was at my car at 17:00 and then drove to Viersen where I arrived shortly before 17:30 at the Fun Park location for the AO Gangbang "at close quarters" with Maja and Larissa. Now THAT was a party! More about that to follow in the Bareback AO thread.

09-11-14, 21:32
Their only interest lies in ripping you off.
Well thanks for saving me money and effort travelling there. Colbog is joining me late on Friday 19th till Sunday 21 and we probably would have went there on the Saturday if you had not saved us with your report. So thanks.

Looks like we will hit Funpark on the saturday, and Ill probably go there thursday aswell..

Tiger Genius
09-12-14, 12:56
Well thanks for saving me money and effort travelling there. Colbog is joining me late on Friday 19th till Sunday 21 and we probably would have went there on the Saturday if you had not saved us with your report. So thanks.

Looks like we will hit Funpark on the saturday, and Ill probably go there thursday aswell..You saved also me, thanks.

09-12-14, 18:35
Thanks SL for taking one for the team! Sorry you wasted your hard earned euros and time. I would have been very upset (as I travel all the way from San Francisco, California) for AO in Germany if I wound up at a shitty party. All I can do is hope that some good parties will coincide with my trip in early December.

01-27-15, 18:43
I posted a little something about this party as a reply to several questions amd comments in the Bareback AO Party Calendar thread: