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Irony Monger
05-02-13, 16:49
Posted the justification here:


Irony Monger
09-09-13, 01:53
Posted the justification here:

http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?2188-Using-Proxy-Servers&p=1417733&viewfull=1#post1417733In light of the recent revelations about spying by the NSA, I'll like to bump this up again. I know HTTPS Support isn't a cure-all, but it is certainly better than unencrypted plain text which is visible to all.

Null Avenger
10-23-13, 23:45
Posted the justification here:

http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?2188-Using-Proxy-Servers&p=1417733&viewfull=1#post1417733Completely agree. Happy to kick in money to help the https Effort.

10-22-14, 15:10
It's been well over a year since the Snowden revelations. Let's take security and privacy seriously!!

Lets get HTTPS here in ISG!!

Null Avenger
01-10-18, 10:11
This really, absolutely needs to happen. Even a self signed certificate would help.

12-13-18, 22:37
Must-have feature.

This really, absolutely needs to happen. Even a self signed certificate would help.

04-14-19, 05:00
Why not use letsencrypt?

It's free and easy to setup.

06-11-20, 22:37
It is 2020. HTTPS needs to happen. It is insane not to have some basic standard of security.

06-12-20, 13:55
Posted the justification here:

http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?2188-Using-Proxy-Servers&p=1417733&viewfull=1#post1417733Yes, I totally agree with the points stated. I always use Tor to connect to ISG. While it is true that the exit node can spy on you, if you play it right you can be much safer than without Tor. That is, as long as you don't share personal info on the forum, you remain anonymous from the exit node--they can see the data, but can't tie it back to your real IP address (unless they are controlling multiple nodes in the Tor network or some timing attack).

When not using Tor (I always use it), more than NSA or other government agencies, I'm afraid of people around me; even a kid can run a packet sniffer these days.

Like someone pointed out, a self-signed certificate is good, but if your adversary is NSA, then they can easily run an MIMT attack and done.

It's 2020, I seriously wonder why we are having this discussion.

06-09-21, 12:34
You can get that done for free. Look here for example. https://letsencrypt.org/.

Not having a secure https looks awful. The Free choice should be enough but it is up to you.

Null Avenger
10-09-21, 14:32
I always use Tor to connect to ISG. I never login to ISG or post anymore due to the https issue, browsers now complain for any site that isn't encrypted. It's not about being a target of some high level government effort, its about not using post cards to air your dirty laundry.

I hope ISGs success continues, I imagine ISG would benefit from more users, and usage, when it joins the minimum standards of the internet and allows for basic https.