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06-06-03, 23:59
Senior Qucterra, does the Morzan Hotel have a web site? Is the rate still 35.00 US, plus tax, and the extra guest free?

I am planning another trip there, but will not not stay at the Del Rey again, ripped off to many times in this place.

Looking forward to your reply


06-07-03, 00:02
Gringo Tim
Sounds like the same Diana, she did have a great rack, but I scored her low because of the overall experience. Most of the women were great and provided a wonderful time, she was by far the worst of my choices.

John Holmes
You will greatly enjoy New Fantasy, expect to pay 14000 for an hour, you will be able to get full service. They have a great selection of women, and everyone I was with provided excellant service, you can search back for my report to get some names.
I usually went just after they opened or a hour or so before they closed so I didn't have the customer problem Maverick207 spoke of.

06-10-03, 06:53
4th of July long weekend.

Got my ticket with Delta, ETA SJO, 1225p, Thursday 3 July, ETD, 2p Monday, 7 July.

The place will be packed, don't wait and miss out on the fun.

All the bangs won't be firecrackers, it's us doing our patriotic duty to support the ladies of SJO.

Hope to see a town full of brother mongers.


06-15-03, 20:48
Last Friday night 6 13 the police pulled a raid on the Blue Marlin and arrested and jailed otherwise legal gringo tourists who did not have their passport on them. An easy going friend of mine was jailed for several hours until he was allowed to return to his hotel room and show his valid passport and recent entry stamp.
Additionally foreign girls who overstayed their visas were arrested, jailed and are expected to be fined and deported. I guess their potential career with the Citibank executive training program is doomed due to a criminal record :-)
Raids were also conducted at several other tourist destinations in the country at the same time.
The Costa Rica police now claim that all tourists must have their valid passports with entry stamps less than 90 days old on their person at all times, or a certified copy, certified by a Co$ta Rican lawyer.
I guess that means after entering the country I must take a cab to my hotel, check in, go to a bank or casino to change my money, go to a store to buy bottled water, and then go to a lawyer to get a certified copy of my passport and entry stamp before I do tourist stuff.

I must reconsider coming to Costa Rica.
I understand that Rio and Bangkok are tourist friendly.

06-16-03, 04:25
The raid that William Walker is refering to really sucked. :-(

This will open up a new market for the CR lawyers. At $5-$10 per certification a lawyer could make a fortune in the gulch. What are the requirements to be a CR lawyer?


06-17-03, 03:29

Sorry for the late response. I spent two great weeks in CR, came back to chill and hadn't logged for a while.

The Morazan does not have a website. You can call them at 506-222-4622 or email at info@hotelplazamorazan.com. (If you call, use 10-10-220, or use an ATT pre-paid card, to manage the cost. They can make you hold, if they are busy.)

They had a big sign outside for $39/night plus tax. When I checked in, I complained that I had paid $32 including tax last year. They didn't say anything, but had lowered my rate to $35 when I checked out. Also, claim to charge $5 for guests, but if you treat the desk clerks nice, (as I do), they won't charge every time. I had only one guest charge over the two weeks there.

BTW, they reminded me that I was there in June last year, and supposedly rates drop after May 31st.

As you know, it's centrally located and has been completely renovated. They, also have a cheap luncheon buffet for 1000c. Nothing to write home about, but it's filling, and is an option during the rainy season.\


06-17-03, 03:32
Need help! I'm planning to bring one of the ladies to US for 3-4 weeks. Can I prepay a ticket on American? Is the ticket price more for her coming out of CR?

06-17-03, 05:46

First thing, check to make sure she can get into the country. After 9-11 things changed for tourist visas. I'm not sure if it effects CR visitors.


06-17-03, 18:49

Shamas is correct, first you need to check on visa availablity. While generally Costa Ricans are not considered in the same category as the rest of the Central Americans, and usually have a much easier time than others in the region, it may take some time for her to get the Visa. And, he is also correct that since 9-11 the rules have become more strict.

As far as a ticket, now with electronic ticketing, the price should be the same..place of origen does not matter. In the old days of having to get a paper ticket incountry, oftentimes the cost of purchase in country would be higher. Now, you can book online, or over the phone with stateside reservations and the ticket is electronic, easy to do.

06-18-03, 06:52
Originally posted by WilliamWalker
Last Friday night 6 13 the police pulled a raid on the Blue Marlin and arrested and jailed otherwise legal gringo tourists who did

That's ridiculous. I've been all over the world and I've never been asked for my passport. The few times I've been asked for ID, I just flash my driver's license and they are happy with that. Are the Costa Ricans actually trying to drive away tourists with hard currency? Oh well, there's aways Argentina where people are friendly.

06-19-03, 13:44
To make matters worse, if that is possible, now it turns out that some gringos were jailed who did have valid passports on their person, with valid recent entry stamps on them. One was a pilot for a US airline which serves SJO. The police excuse was that they had to check the validity of the documents.
That seems like BS to me and an excuse to make the single bar tourist feel unwelcome. One policeman told one of the gringos that that was the intent.
Thirty eight gringos were arrested in SJO that night according to one guy who wrote this up on a private (fee) board which deals with hombres in the s*x bar scene.

06-20-03, 04:43
Thanks, guys. I'll work through the process and see where it leads.

06-21-03, 07:18
gee! having just been there in may/june, the kind of tourist harassment that you are reporting is both frightening and sickening. would complaints to immigrations or the us embassy help? i believe that standard travel advisories suggest that you carry a copy of your passport.

btw, while i was in sjo (1st week of june), i did witness the arrest of a gringo and what appeared to be a pimp, outside of hotel morazan. an **** girl was nearby. don't know if that is what spark this sudden antagonism, or not.

i know that we probably shouldn't post rumors here, and jackson might want to edit it. however, names are not mentioned and the rumor isn't damaging. supposedly, the gringo asked the guy for younger girl, or the guy offered to find a younger girl. when he showed up with the ****, the gringo said, no!, but it was too late.

06-21-03, 17:34

the us embassy will not help. many of us have sent emails to the costa rican embassy in washington dc.

their web site is costarica-embassy.org, they list all of the contact info, email, fax and mailing addresses.

please do send a nice note and voice your concerns.

as far as the guy who you suspected of **** mongering, we can not have our brothers partaking in this activity. this type of abuse is both immoral and discusting. it will cause all of us trouble and deminish our image. on a thailand based board some scum bag posted pics of himself and six **** girls. the other board members blasted him and he was banned. we have to protect our little piece of paradise and uphold our standards. we are mongers, but we have to keep our standards up and practice our hobbie with ladies of age. for me i want one who's been around the block and knows tricks of the trade that will make me quake and quiver with delight.

4th of july weekend is coming up, i'll be there, hope to see you guys there also.


06-21-03, 18:29

Thanks for the info. Will contact the embassy here. I agree with your other comments, as well. Can't back there so soon, so enjoy the 4th, for us who can't be there.

Jony Vegas
06-22-03, 00:44
With all the crap going down in SJO, and all of CR for that matter over the past 6 months, it is not worth the hassle or risk anymore. Especially, when Rio and Buenos Aires have the beautiful latinas without any hassle. Overall costs are basically the same if you plan right.

My next trip to CR will be for fishing and meeting the local "non-pros" in those small towns. My most memorable experiences have been with them anyway.

I suggest greener pasteurs for CR mongers. I have and will never look back.

Don't get me wrong, I love CR and will return, just not for the SJO or Jaco mongering seen anymore. I prefer not to risk getting mixed up in the recent CR crackdown. The non-pros in fishing towns, Rio, and BA have served me well and may you also.


06-23-03, 16:21
Hello All,

I not sure that I understand the US passport requirement? In the Costa Rica Today, the article suggests that Canada and US citizens do not require passports, photo government documents are fine for entry to CR. My question, how is it that your are required to have a passport with you at all times? This is confusing. Does anyone have some better information?


06-24-03, 06:14
Carry your passport at all times or get a certified photo copy at a CR Lawyers office. If your eating in your hotel, have one of the two documents on you, not in your room.


06-26-03, 08:30
I will be in San Jose July 11-22, and staying at the Hemingway. Are any you veteran mongers going to be there to show me the ropes.

06-26-03, 15:06
Originally posted by Mongo
I will be in San Jose July 11-22, and staying at the Hemingway. Are any you veteran mongers going to be there to show me the ropes. Dude, I don't think Hemmingway has a guest allowed policy - I would check with them or book a double room. I know the Presidente, Del Rey and the Morazan are okay.

06-26-03, 16:17
Strikesforfun: AS of May 1, 2003 Costa Rica requires a passport for U.S. citizens...you will not be allowed in without one.Judging from recent reports the government is showing its ass at the sex traveler requiring you have it in your possesion. They will periodically stage a raid on the Del Rey looking for illegals and from what i am reading are also targeting gringos.I personally witnessed a raid at the Del Rey in December 2002 in which around 40 girls were taken away. A couple of months ago they shut down the Arte Sauna just down the calle. Looks like politics are coming in to play.By the way does anyone know if they have reopened Arte Sauna??....

Jaimito Cartero
06-26-03, 17:08
Well they seem to be waffling on the passport requirement. Reports in the local English paper say that the extension for using the tourist cards has been extended for 6 months.

See the amcostarica or tico times daily papers earlier this week for more details.

I would, of course, recommend having a passport.

06-27-03, 03:58
I've read on other boards where Arte Sauna is being gutted. They got busted for having illegal alien workers on premises.

I also read the AM Costa Rica thing too. But I think it would be wise to have a passport on you at all times.

06-27-03, 04:38
Please if someone can post a summary of rates, guest policies, location etc and do brief comparison of each for -->

Holiday Inn
Hotel Morazon
Hotel Del Rey
Hotel Presidente

it will help us all make a decision about where to stay. These hotels are very close within the Del Rey, Blue Marlin area and casinos. Add more hotels if you like, but these ar the ones that I know of and I want to hear what other visitors have to say about this list.


06-27-03, 04:57
See earlier posts in May/June from me and others. I would personally scratch the Holiday for all the reasons, scratch Del Rey just because, unless it's your first trip. only seriously coonsider the Presidente and Morazan.

06-27-03, 07:06

Your only 100mts from New Fantasy. It's down the hill and on the same side of A9 as Hemmingway. I don't think H'way is guest friendly, ask. Your also on the other side of Morazon Park from the BM, KL and the rest of gulch, do NOT cross the park after dark and alone, some TVs prowl the area looking for an easy mark to mug. Two TVs, one made up like an old street lady (she/he did the set up) mugged an experienced brother and many others have reported attempts and harrowing experiences in this area. During the day it's safe as can be and a nice place, but not when the sun goes down. Take a cab, give the dude 500c and you'll both be happy and on the other side in a minute.


Just read your posting on the other board, fully understand and support. This and the other board are such good places for us to swap info. Why can't we all just get along, and screw our brains out.

Hotels (sorry don't remember you handle)

Holiday Inn, if your a regular (HI card holder) the price isn't that high, but the most expensive of your choices. DR has a $10 per guest charge, factor this into your budget (can easily surpass the HI). Presidente has a one guest at a time rule, if your into multiple ladies you'll have to have some friends sign them in as their guests. Morazon has a bad reputation for not honoring thier reservations, other than that the best value. I like the Prez, so many good things. HI will be the most civilized, the other three can turn into big parties. One night I thought I heard someone trying to bore though the wall into my room, turned out to be multiple dildos in harmony.

One thing about the HI, it's across Morazon Park from the BM, KL and other fishing holes. Read my posting above to Mongo about the park.

July 4th weekend is getting close, hope to see some of you guys there. Looks we'll be meeting at the News Cafe around 9am for mongers breakfast, I'll be stopping by for coffee and tica pie news. I'll also hit Jocelyns in the early afternoon.


06-27-03, 07:22
Yea thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of the gulch, I shall fear not, for I have Lumps Map. It guideth me and makeist me to lay down with pretty Ticas.

All newbies, matter of fact all of us need a copy. So many places to go, so much info, all for free.


Jackson, hope you don't mind the thread, the map is priceless and a must have idem :-) for all of us.


06-27-03, 09:04
I wish to sincerely thank all contributors to this subject for making my two recent San Jose trips quite enjoyable. As a general rule these ladies beat American sex workers hands down. Yes, many will try to hustle you, goes with the territory, but I never had this sense that if I did not bow down and kiss their feet that a pack of bouncers were waiting to give me a new face. That is refreshing to say the least. Most really appreciate the American tourist.

I wish to revive the "$100 issue" as it relates to the Blue Marlin. Those that pay and defend paying this for one pop/ one hour, the standard asking arrangment, I suggest you reconsider. Yes, some chicas hold it there, but interestingly, I have seen many of these stand around all night and leave, quite possibly home to bed without making a dime. May well be a pride thing, not a product of themselves, but of ill-advised gringo influence. Well, $100 may be a good deal compared to America, but what isn`t? lol It is not a matter of who is or is not a tightwad, but it is a matter of spoiling and Americanizing the chicas. They will only turn more snobby, ask for even more money (ready for $150 a pop?), all while the level of service declines. On three occasions I took 9s/10s out of the Blue Marlin for $50. One was hands down the best looking girl in the bar at the time. And yes, they all initially wanted $100. On another occasion I took out a chica that was actually the finest one I ever have seen in there, $100 TLN (8 hours). I took many others out of the Blue Marlin and not once did I yield to their $100/one hour request, and I was usually shooting for the best of the crop. Those in the middle ranges will go for $50, no problem. There is no need to turn this place into a high priced, look at me, yuppie singles bar. You can find plenty of that at home. Please let Central America be Central America.

Also, I suggest never paying the girls from the bar in advance. That is not customary but some are starting to get "Americanized" in this regard. Assure them, but make them earn their colones first. Otherwise, many of their minds will be on the door. I called off a few deals because they would not bend on this issue. No regrets.

My take on the spots:

Blue Marlin. It is very good if played right. There are some jewels around, a good flux of new ones in and out. I ditto what others have said, spend some time talking to the girl before deciding to take her out.

747. The one I choose was great looking, an easy 9, slim, cute, 20 years old. Not real enthused but at 5000 colones ($12.50), who cares! I went for a second round and will look for her again.

New Fantasy. Great value, 14,000 colones ($35), very good service and extras (steam and sauna). One gave me a wonderful BJ in the steam room. I highly recommend this. Qualitywise, below the best at the Blue Marlin, though there may be some exceptions that I missed. Try Alaska and Cada.

IDEM. I apologize as names have escaped me. There is an overall quality jump upwards here from New Fantasy. In fact you will find some equal to the top rung at the Blue Marlin. Chose three here, very much enjoyed them all. Some have complained about the rooms here. I noticed no real problem. Sheets were clean, pillows just right, beds worked fine for the deed. That is what I was there for. :-) Look to spend around $50 total, plus a tip which these kind ladies will surely earn. And Roberto is a good guy.

Thanks again gentlemen, could not have done it without you. Look for further contributions, and if I can assist anyone, do not hesitate to call on me.


06-28-03, 16:24
Originally posted by Sex_God
Please if someone can post a summary of rates, guest policies, location etc and do brief comparison of each for -->Hotel Morazon
Hotel Del Rey
Hotel Presidente

These are the following review IMHO of these hotels

Presidente – website http://www.hotel-presidente.com/
I stayed here on my visit so I am slightly biased towards them…

Reasonable Prices
Friendly Staff
No Guest Fee
Excellent Breakfast
Their restaurant (NewsCafe) is excellent dining and has a great view of the chicas walking in the street (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
Maids are nice an accommodating.
Rooms are clean
Walking distance to Blue Marlin and New Fantasy
Very close to downtown San Jose – can walk in the afternoon and take in the sites. - CHICAS

Not allowed more than one guests

Morazan – website http://www.1costaricalink.com/eng/hotels/hots/crmorazan/home.htm
My friend stayed here

No guest limit in your room (Menage-a-trois possibility)
Clean Rooms
Friendly Staff
Reasonable Rates
Casino on premises
Walking distance to Blue Marlin and New Fantasy

$5.00 per guest charge
Breakfast not as good as at NewsCafe and site not as good for looking at chicas

Del Rey – website http://www.hoteldelrey.com/bluemarlin/index.html
Like Wal-Mart – go downstairs and pick up a girl at the Blue Marlin
No limit on guests in your room
Restaurant and Casino on premises
Walking distance New Fantasy

$10.00 per guest charge
Rooms are a little pricier than other 2 hotels.

This hotel is a mongering hotel (EVERYONE knows it) No NON-PRO girl you pick up at the clubs or the malls will want to come back here but at Presidente they may since that hotel is on tourism sites for mongers as well as other “legitimate” tourists

Here is another one I found. Have no review of this place but someone said it is good and guest friendly http://www.apartotel-lasabana.com/

Remember to always take a taxi at night.



06-28-03, 19:38
Originally posted by Shamas
[All newbies, matter of fact all of us need a copy. So many places to go, so much info, all for free.

Shamas [/i]

Huh? I went to that website all that was there were 3 little pictures of what looks like a funky new age chair.

El Chavo
06-28-03, 23:00

Here is the correct URL for lumps map.


06-29-03, 02:27
Lumps map

When you get to the lumpsluvscostarica.home-----, I got 8 pics, plus Home Page (select), on this page is Lumps 2001 trip report and the Map of San Jose area is high lighted. Sorry for not including this part.


06-29-03, 04:22
Originally posted by El Chavo

Here is the correct URL for lumps map.


Thanks. I wonder why New Fantasy Massage is a black instead of a red dot?

06-29-03, 12:50
You can also try www.dongordo.com, there is a link to the map on this site. New Fantasy is a black dot as I believe that denotes a new place.

06-29-03, 22:05
Has anybody tried the cheaper massage places? Looks are unimportant to me, so I don't care if the provider is fat. Toothless may be a plus. A skilled fellatio practitioner if a gem no matter her looks.

A while back some one mentioned a place called the Pension I think. Anyone been there lately?

You are right. I am a cheap sob. So you know how I feel about paying $100/hour.

How about Saturday night at the Park Hotel? That still going strong?

This board is the greatest.

06-30-03, 00:26

Try Rosario at 747. She's not ugly but not a spring chicken either. Jocelyn's is supposed to be good. The Park Hotel has a few good looking girls and a bunch who aren't. Some of the UFOs are really nice ladies who are very cost effective. I went to the Pension place with Giatano and we left quicker than we went in. Cheap as hell but the girls weren't up to that standard.

There are many places listed on Lumps Map that are inexpensive, cruise them all and pick if one rocks your boat.

06-30-03, 08:04
Thanks, Shamas, for the valuable information. I will let you know how I made out.

07-01-03, 06:51
Whassup y'all! How's it hangin? Has there been any change in the mongering scene after the raids and closures in San Jose? Arte Sauna is closed in S Jose. I heard the police in San Jose are now tough on everyone and they demand you to have valid papers on you. That means both the hobbyists and the ladies have to have valid papers to be in CR.

How has it affected the prices? Whats it doing to the flesh-trade? US dollar is sinking lower and lower, and this makes me nervous. I cant afford the European prices so I am always bargain hunting in CR, Mexico, Peru, Argentina...!

FYI: If they close New Fantasy Masajes in San Jose, that will be the end of this world for many of us. That place is a great bargain and a good place to enjoy your hobby for a half a day or so.

This board is slowing down. Come on folks add your reports, give us some advice. Lets go. Don't let the economy, war or anything else slow you down. We must continue the tradition of female enjoyment until our last breath. In fact I hope to die with a hooker in my bed. No, that does not mean she should shoot me in my head on my last day on this planet. :-)

Take care fellas!


07-02-03, 01:04
Originally posted by Mongo
Has anybody tried the cheaper massage places? Looks are unimportant to me, so I don't care if the provider is fat. Toothless may be a plus. A skilled fellatio practitioner if a gem no matter her looks.

A while back some one mentioned a place called the Pension I think. Anyone been there lately?

You are right. I am a cheap sob. So you know how I feel about paying $100/hour.

How about Saturday night at the Park Hotel? That still going strong?

This board is the greatest. Try place next to 747, I think it is called cha-cha, was taken to the place by a taxi driver. I got a session there in January for $10 US. She had a nice body, but she put in wery little effort. Though for ten dollars I didn't care. The buddy I went with had a great time for the same price with a different girl.

07-02-03, 03:12
Has anyone noticed a bunch of scum SPAM after visiting the dongordo.com site? I'm not sure where its coming from because I visited that one and two others through a searchengine about six months ago. It took me about 3 1/2 months to clean up my inbox. About a week ago, I went there and low/behold it's happening all over again. Maybe there's an unknow link on the site that captures and shares the email address.

07-02-03, 05:01
36 hours and I'll be in SJO.

Life is Good

Shamas O'Dognasty

Jaimito Cartero
07-02-03, 08:58
Shamas - Rosario/747

I've seen Rocio at 747, but not Rosario. Different chica? Blonde, implants, gives great bbbj?

07-02-03, 10:36
A site cannot get your email address for spam from merely visiting a site unless you register it or give it to them. But you can experience pop-ups.

07-02-03, 17:22
Hola ...The old mule heads south for the 4th! Anyone want to meet up at the Del Rey or News Cafe? Gotta admit I 'm a little paranoid about all the crackdown posts I 've been reading lately...Whats Up With all that,Oh hell can't be as bad as Cuba right!

07-03-03, 01:16
How is everyone? This is my first post and I have seen this site for about a year now. I have never been to any massage palors but have been to a few strip clubs and done plenty of site seeing. CR is a wondeful place and my best club experienace has been D'Pelufo which has a web site. They offer two drinks with a 3500.00 colonie entry and a raffle ticket for a free pivate dance. There is no girls asking you to ever buy them drinks and the private dances are 6,000 colonies with up to 6 of your friends and lap dances 1,000 colonies. Many of my friends have gotten BBBj's from the dances in the private rooms for the 6,000. They also have two lesbian shows with two or more chicas but get there at 10pm or so. I spend most of my time getting tattoos here and 506 Tattoo is a clean place located on ave. 10 and calle 11 it is $100.00 for a three hour session and the artist Hiram is top quality very clean place. I guess after a year of watching I have somethings to say. The tourism is good here and I recommend Quepos for fishing, for four people it is like $130.00 each on Blue fin or flamigo, these are boats. Alot of people just go to the pier and get out there with the leftover boats for a discount but remember to tip if you do well. There is also to strip clubs/hotels out that way and the girls are 5-8 for a asking price of $100.00 for 1-1/2 hours. The girls will also fish with you at a price of $20.00 dollars to the captian for the extra food and beer. The girl will go for free. Anyway you guys keep it safe and keep your passports handy been here for a few years and they are really cracking down on illegals, drunk drivers and anything else you can think of that did not matter before.

07-03-03, 01:27
Since I am now a member I would like to know if anyone knows
a good call in service and what would be the prices/quality?
Any names would be good if anyone has had a good time
with these type of services. Thank you.


07-03-03, 04:11

Your right, I misspelled.

Mule 69

I get in around 12:30pm Wednesday, I'll be staying at the Prez.

Look me up, I'll have breakfast each morning early at the News Cafe. I'm 6'2", heavy, short gray goatee with reallly long gray pony tail. I'll have on a CRS Shamas teeshirt.

A bunch of us are planning to meet Saturday 9-10am at the News Cafe.


07-03-03, 05:29
I just finished an all too brief 24 hours in San Jose, staying at the Real Inter-Continental. I´ve been here before, but still chose to have a hotel driver take me around. We first looked in on two higher class strip clubs: Pure Platinum and Elite. My impression is that they are just like the clubs in Turkey and Cyprus, designed to separate you from as much money as possible. It was too late for New Fantasy (which closes at 9 PM) and my driver strongly recommended against Idem, saying that the police are always being called in. Across the street is Eros, which I´ve been to before when it had no name at all. The cost is $60, but the girls definitely expect a tip. On the other hand they don´t watch the clock too closely and you can get in a few sessions. Be warned that the place is kind of run down. I lucked into one hot chick, an 18 year old blonde Colombian with a great body and an OK face named something like Jocelyn. Having read all the recent horror posts about the Blue Marlin, I decided to go there next. I can report unequivocally that it was full swing with the girls outnumbering the guys. For the uninitiated, it´s just like my favorite clubs in Dubai where every girl in the place is available. I have to echo the advice of others--take your time and review the selection and chat them up. Don´t be shy! You´ll find that the less attractive women are aggressive--one literally got right in my face and said "don´t you remember me" before admitting she was kidding. I was surprised by the recent arrival of some Chinese women. The going rate still seems to be $100 unless you´re a good negotiator. I had no hassel taking one back to my hotel.

07-03-03, 06:09
Originally posted by Keith
<It was too late for New Fantasy (which closes at 9 PM) and my driver strongly recommended against Idem, saying that the police are always being called in.Did the driver say why? "always"? I would tend to take that remark with a grain of salt. I have had great experiences at this place, high quality, good prices.

Originally posted by Keith
I was surprised by the recent arrival of some Chinese women. The going rate still seems to be $100 unless you´re a good negotiator. I had no hassel taking one back to my hotel.$100 is not the "going rate" at the Blue Marlin, it is the asking price, and a lot of money in that economy. Too bad you see it that way. Look for your "going rate" to rise in the near future, if many more become of the same mind.


Jaimito Cartero
07-03-03, 08:59

When I went to Eros earlier this year (Feb, I think), it ran about $40.

The selection was sort of lame (6 girls), but it was earlier in the day, so that could be the reason. I don't think more than 15 could fit in there.

I'd almost say that your driver was getting a finders fee for bringing you there. I have heard of NO raids on Idem whatsoever.

New Fantasy is very nice, but Idem girls are on average, nicer looking. Karla is very nice there, and Don Gordo has some other good recomendations there.

The girls will try to get what they can get. Sit down at the bar for a few minutes and check them all out. I had so much ass rubbed against me as I sat there for 1/2 an hour, that it was like getting a lap dance for the complete time for free.

I think that some of Colombian girls are pretty rock solid on their $100 price, but go a little later, and you'll find the prices start dropping.

07-03-03, 12:03

A couple of weeks ago I went to Eros on a Saturday night, about 10 p.m, with a gringo I met at the Blue Marlin. The quoted price was 23,000 colones, 4 girls to choose from. We passed and walked across the street to Idem, 17,900 colones, were about 20 girls, several top shelf ones to choose from, we both left with smiles.

You are right about timing at Blue Marlin. Fewer girls than gringos, not good. But when they say $100 dollars, as always, I say "viente mille colones" (50 dollars). Often they jump on it, 8 to 10s in looks. Negoiation, is the way it is supposed to be. This is not America. This is not a regulated massage place or brothel. These are independany contractors. But if they are snobby or do not care to venture a counter offer, then it is probably not a girl I would want to take a chance on anyway, screening process... If the girl is really interesting and amiable, but dead set on a C note, I give them a chance to earn it TLN or in two hours, assuming I have not already been very active that day and am tired.


07-03-03, 17:50
Keith, I agree with Jaimito, the cab driver was on the take...Idem has to be one of the best things going....prices; ease, laid back; quality of women for the price; everything...willingness to change dollars at the cash register (at a fair rate)....so, next time a cabbie says go here instead, figure he is looking for an insider piece of the action.

I went to Eros once too, and don't believe it anywhere competes with Idem, in fact, I walked in and walked out...

As far as BM and the ladies and what you learned, you are right on...remember that now the rainy season has started in full swing and things are much slower....girls can be negotiated; but it depends on the girl, how much money she has been making, all kinds of things...girls that are hot and have a lot of business hold their price; it all depends on lots of things..

Glad you enjoyed your trip...I am going in late July, will be interested to check out what you call Chinese...could they be Filipinas? Or, are they really Chinese? I will make a point to spend some time talking to one or two and get their story..will post here when I get back...

07-03-03, 23:40

You got ripped off by your friendly taxi driver. $60 at Eros includes a commission for him . The reason that he steered you away from Idem is that Roberto will no longer pay any commission to taxi drivers. The price at Idem is 16000 colones or approx. $40 US. You will always get a better price by paying in colones rather than dollars.


07-04-03, 04:31

I am gald Arte closed down. It was such a dump with filthy rooms and bored, smelly girls. I think New Fantasy did them in. Darwinism my friend, let the best survive.

07-04-03, 07:30
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Tasty1

I am gald Arte closed down. It was such a dump with filthy rooms and bored, smelly girls.

I typically shower with mine first and enjoy helping them. Not a single smelly girl in CR out of about two dozen, and most smelled outright good. I have been more than pleased.

Question: Is anyone aware of any massage places or safe brothels that are open all night or to the wee hours of the morning? The Del Rey can turn into a sellers market at times and I`d like to be able to look at other options if they are there. Thanks.


07-04-03, 20:45
Club 40 and Vips 2 Molino Rojo and Margarita Dos are tico operations that are open at least until midnight. I think Vips2 stays open longer than that.
These areclubs where you can get a drink and or a chica for a reasonable price. Check out lumps map for the locations. You can find a link to lumps map at my webpage: www.dongordo.com


Jaimito Cartero
07-05-03, 00:33
Molino Rojo is usually open until 4am or so. Some of the girls leave at 3 or 3:30 though. This was as of my last visit there, in December of 2002.

The rooms aren't much, but you can find some nice girls there. They used to get the standard half hour fee, and not bother you if you stayed over 10 or 20 minutes. The last time, however, they were knocking on the door at 30 minutes.

07-05-03, 20:12
I've been "vacationing" in CR for over 10 years and never had a problem with the law like at the Del Rey the other night, I called the DR at their toll free number and was reassured that as long as I had my passport on me there would be NO problem. The guy said there were about 5 guys there without passports and they were taken down to the station and checked out and later brought back to the hotel. As long as you have it then no problem.I'd suggest some kind of pants with a deep pocket or like the Dockers they sell now with hidden pockets
See Y'all at the Prez in August.

07-06-03, 08:18

Deep or hidden pockets will not help if your pants are lying on the floor and your eyes are not on them.

My experience with international travel is minimal, but for some reason many strongly advise Americans to keep their passports stored in a hotel or room safe. The reason is obvious, if it does turn up missing, you are going to be subject to delays, and will have to go through a lot of trouble to get another so you can get home. I heard it suggested that you scan your important documents and e-mail them to yourself before leaving home. This helps.

I do not know how often passports get stolen or of the cash value of them. If someone knows more on this, please share.

It looks like the Costa Rica monger is left with three choices, carry it and take a chance on losing it, not carry it and take a chance of getting temporarily detained, or find a lawyer and have a certified photo-copy made. Sooner or later, perhaps someone will post information on an inexpensive and easily accessible lawyer to perform this service. They would, of course, be very unlike an American lawyer. lol

This could be a blessing in disguise, if it slows down the influx of over-paying gringos. Naaa, wishful thinking. lol


07-07-03, 02:08

On my last trip to SJO, I discovered that the topless barbershop, (Peluqueria Bikini), no longer exists. There was a big fire and the entire block was burned to the ground. If they re-locate, I`ll post the location as soon as I find it.


07-08-03, 03:54
What's the cheapest decent hotel in downtown San Jose to stay in if I don't care if I can bring a girl back to my room? I plan on hanging out at New Fantasy during the days. I only need a place to sleep.

07-08-03, 04:21

there seems to be a deeper problem and we need to get to the bottom of this. in may there was some conference in costa rica to talk child abuse prevention. it seems some kids in cr have been exploited in the sex trade. its also true that too many hookers in cr are overstaying or illgally staying there without visas.

to show the public that they care, the police are using strong arm tactics. so you must do everything by the rules now. its not unusual in cr to find pimps who offer **** females to you. stay away from such pimps.

talking about places to find females, i still think blue marlin, new fantasy and el centro de pueblo are great places. idem and eros are great places too.

has anyone been to jaco? jaco has beetle bar where every night is like going to disney world. the quality of girls in jaco is not as good as in sj, but definitely worth at least 2 to 4 day visit. nice beaches, good restaurants, laid back atmosphere, good food, and yes some nice chicas for you. ideal place for a week's vacation, no more.


07-09-03, 04:30

I cannot help but observe that this is for the most part a quiet board. Trip reports come seldom, and if one wants the latest on the Costa Rica scene they pretty much need to buy a ticket and go see for themselves. This in spite of the fact that there are plenty of gringos down there every time I go that seem to know what they are doing. Maybe 98% of the users of this site are lurkers. Thanks to the site adminstrators for keeping it free, and again to all those that contribute. I would have been groping around encountering no telling what without you.


07-09-03, 12:53
Hi Guys...Just returned from SJ and had the best time yet.Shamas sorry I missed you...went by News Cafe and some guys said I just missed you ..I was kinda busy Sat.at 9 a.m. ( ...but hey otra dias amigo).The Del Rey was totally full ...many girls.. and of course no shortage of drunken idiots.But hey that will never change.Took some wise WSG posters advice when I spotted a shy Tica by herself in the DR.He said "when they look away you got a winner" or something to that effect.BINGO!!GFE all night $60. Next night I made a rookie mistake..I was at the bar(BM) when this tica puts the make on me.Nice face ,teeth,breasts, so I say sure why not($50)...when she stood up I knew I fucked up....Fat ass. when she got naked I KNEW I fucked up. Her belly was fat and looked like Zorro had been there.Couldn't even fuck her so gotta BJ ( no orgasm) and sent her on her way.She even wanted taxi $ ...Yeah sure....So she said muy malo....whatever. O.K. enough of that....Now I went to New Fantasy Sat. around 10 a.m. and hooked up with Wanda because I had heard so much about her....It's all true and then some...What a blow job!!!Never got around to fucking her because she drained me.Try her you will not be dissappointed. DonGordo Wanda said tell you "hello"

07-09-03, 16:51
A bit of a late report, but better late than never. I was in CR for 5 days over Memorial Day weekend. I had spent the better part of 6 months planning and using the resources from this web site and several others. The purpose of my trip was to deep sea fish on the Pacific coast and get laid. In doing my research, the problem I ran into was that the areas with good fishing in May didn't have chicas, so my buddies and I needed to bring them from SJ. We only had 4 days at the beach, so spending a day in SJ to pick just the right one wasn't an option. We had to line something up ahead of time, and that took time, patience, and lots of research, but itworked.

Now I know many of you guys are partial to Ticas, but I gotta tell you, I was with the most unbelievable Nica you could imagine. She was no more than 5'2" tall, weighed maybe 80 lbs, perfect white teeth and great oral hygene (brushed her teeth after every meal). She is 21 years old, and no kids. She is an active yoga student, and we contorted her body in ways I could only dream of. She was an aggressive kisser, wanted to hold my hand all the time in public, got jealous if I looked at other women, but she only paid attention to me. We fucked morning, afternoon and nights. The deal we arranged was $150 per day. On our trip together, she went fishing with me, we rented quattro ciclios (4-wheelers), we did a canopy tour, and she was game for all of it. Never bitched moaned or complained about anything. She was up for everything except a visit to the greece. (Side note: my buddies girl went on the rag the first night, and he told her he would keep her there if she would do anal, otherwise she was gone. Let's just say she got to stay and he pounded the chocolate starfish daily).

As for the different activities...Turo means harder (I thought she was trying to call me a bull by saying toro, boy was I wrong). I could move her feet behind her head and just have nothing but pussy looking up at me. She loved having her tits twisted and squeezed, while I am pounding her as hard as I can. Spanking her ass hard during doggie made her real wet. Going cowgirl, she just took the full length over and over and over again. Evertime we were together, we both had to shower afterwards from sweat pouring off of us. It was gymanstic style sex at its finest.

My last day in country was to be spent around San Jose. On the ride back from the beach, I told her she was free to go. She asked if she could stay with me. She said I don't want your money, I just want you. I said sure, no problem.

I had a cab take us to her apartment so she could pick up a change of clothes. She has a pretty nice place with security. This girl isn't doing bad. She told me about some of her regulars that gave her a computer and scanner/printer, another one that gives her the cell phone. She claimed she was the best actress in Costa Rica when it came to men. (That's a statement that never leaves you, was she acting with me? Nahhh, she couldn't be this good, could she?).

I checked into the Presidente with her (no TSM rate when you check in with a girlfriend, but this way she didn't have to sign the log book and she felt special flashing her own room key). Boy did that pay off in spades for me. She was telling people I was her boyfriend. We spent my last night there, fucking like rabbits and did the same the following morning.

Since then we have stayed in contact. She is totally hooked on me, and I could be on her. She told me that she is now my girlfriend and I can only spend time with her. When I come to visit again, I will stay at her apartment, no hotel. She said she will be my slave to be with me again. The best part is and I quote from her, "You are not business, you are my boyfriend."

Guys, when she works, she works the Beatle Bar in Jaco. Her English is pretty damn good, but she doesn't let all her customers know that she is fluent. She hates the Blue Marlin because there are too many drugs and the ladies can be bitches.

I am going to visit her next week. No hotel, no money. I used FF Miles to get there, she's picking me up at the airport, we're staying at her place. I'm bringing $300 cash for 5 days no credit cards. The $300 should cover food, exit tax and sightseeing. She said we are going to make tortillas together by hand and it will be very sexual. Dudes I can't wait to see if she is serious in all she says. She also told me that I will be the first to have her COMPLETE body, anywhere I want.

I don't want her to know about the boards or about my posts, but if any of you are in CR next week, let me know. We can make plans ahead of time to meet for lunch someplace. I will have her with me so we won't talk about the hobby or the boards since she would understand all of it. When asked how we know each other, the answer from me is always, "We emailed each other from postings on a CR vacation website. I was looking for different tourist sites and your email with information was there."

Follow-up post from next weeks trip, soon.

Jaimito Cartero
07-09-03, 21:56
Real-Thrill - Nice report. It's good to see some new reports.

I believe the word you're looking for is "duro", not "turo". Nica pronuciation can slur stuff a bit.

I had a nice Nica in Managua earlier this year that was a great GFE. She was a non-pro that I picked up in dance place, and it worked out very nicely.

I guess I mostly subscribe to the FFF philosophy, but I do wish you really good luck with your novia.

A little word of precaution. If you do want to bring them back it can be VERY difficult. Even, if you marry them.

07-09-03, 23:36
Thanks for the clarification. I asked her after our first session what she was trying to say and she said harder. Funny thing is no matter how hard I was pounding, she always wanted more. Thus the reason for the sweat.

I'm not planning on bringing anyone back. Now if she were to get her own tourist visa and come up here and need a place to stay, I'm cool with that. Then again, she gives up the chocolate starfish, swallows it all, and never asks me for a dime, then I may have to consider that. Just not in the cards right now. I'm about a 3rd of the way through a divorce, and am not interested in getting married again.

I'm just hoping that everytime I visit I have a free favorita waiting. I call her "Mi Novia de Costa Rica".

Now, I need to line up a Novia de Rio...de Buenos Aires, ...de Thailand, ....you get the idea.

07-10-03, 00:22
Getting there for the first time on Friday 7/11.

Would love to meet up with you Real-Thrill. I am open except for Sunday when I am going on the catamarran(?).

One last question mavens: How much do I tip in the New Fantasy? I want to memorable to Wanda without being patronizing, ugly, or spoiling it for you guys.

Also, how about tips on other providers in the New Fantasy.

Can't wait!

07-10-03, 03:39
2-5000 colones is plenty and incremental depending on service.

What dates are you there?
I'll be there 17-25

I believe the reason for slowness is that there are a couple of active CR only or CR dominant sites that are seeing alot of action. Not going to spam for them here though.

Sex God--
You are right, enforecement is up for political reasons, and that is a good thing!!

Hotel Imperial is the best cheap hotel. About $4 on calle 8

Eros is 16,000 unless you pay a taxi commission. Girls and service at IDEM blow this place away.

Jungle 1--
I've been wanting to try De'Pelufo--
those prices sound reasonable. How do you get the BBJ? Just ask for a private room for $20?



Jaimito Cartero
07-10-03, 08:14
Mongo -

I've never been pressured for a tip there. I'd say give 10-50 percent, depending on what kind of service you got. I think I gave her about $10 plus a few thousand colones I had.

Up until Argentina, Wanda was my best ever. If I were on a budget, a 1/2 with Wanda for $17 would be the best money I could spend, I think. Certainly in CR, anyway.

07-10-03, 08:25

Thanks for the insight. I guess my heart is here as this is where I was first enlightened, plus it is very user friendly and I try to avoid pay sites. Things are picking up though, bravo gentlemen.


What I do on New Fantasy and tips. I usually go there during the day, first stop, when I will have the fastest recovery time. I skip the massage and shower and get right to the action. Once I blow I offer her 5000 colones for more action (the rest of the hour). Then it is time for a long bbbj in the steam room. Usually do not cum again, save it for the next stop.

If you want bargains, go to 747 but they close about 6 I think, 4000 colones 1/2 hour. Just any cabbie may not know where it is, but the ones around the Del Rey should. The 747 girls may not be as inspired as the New Fantasy Girls, depends of course. Take the "Lump`s Map," and try the VIPs places, also inexpensive.

Go to Idem, great quality, $50, enjoy, again, cabbies around the Del Rey know where it is. Late at night, go to the Del Rey, offer $50, be ready to let them walk. You`ll find something. Have fun.


07-10-03, 15:04
I'm in CR on the 15th through the 19th. I'm going to use Cindy as my tour guide and my taxi negotiator. I need to bring her with, because I could never explain to a taxi how to get back to her apartment if I left there by myself. The street system outside of town is fucked up.

I went out in my home town last night with my hobby buddy to a local gentleman's club. Total spent on the night (from 8pm - 12am) $160. Services received: 12 ounce Filet Dinner, 3 Diet Cokes, my ass grabbed, and me grabbing ladies ass, dick fondling by the girls and pussy and tit fondling by me <grin>. Then I found this little Indonesian with a body to die for. $100 for Digital insertion in her pussy and ass, standing in the booth dancing naked together, a HJ and Fuck all in the club.

Shoes, pants, underwear, shirt off. Only wearing my socks cause you never know who's splooge is on the floor in these places. I love getting freaky in the clubs. More details in my local section coming up.


07-10-03, 15:41
Originally posted by real-thrill
[I went out in my home town last night with my hobby buddy to a local gentleman's club. Total spent on the night (from 8pm - 12am) $160. Services received: 12 ounce Filet Dinner, 3 Diet Cokes, my ass grabbed, and me grabbing ladies ass, dick fondling by the girls and pussy and tit fondling by me <grin>. Then I found this little Indonesian with a body to die for. $100 for Digital insertion in her pussy and ass, standing in the booth dancing naked together, a HJ and Fuck all in the club.[/i]Man, your hometown must have great clubs, where I am from that stuff doesn't happen.

Good post. I went to CR for the first time in May and I can't wait to get back.

07-11-03, 02:30
Hey Folks!

I just came back from Thailand, and I loved it. I am about to start a Ph.D. program in Florida, and I think I want to go to Costa Rica for my next vacation (it will most likely be next summer).

How much does it cost to get a decent hotel there?

How much is food and beer?

Where are the best places to stay?

How much is companionship?

Are the people happy to have tourists?

Thanks for you information! Warm Regards all!


07-11-03, 02:30
So I landed last night. Or early this morning depending on your point of view. I'm staying at the Gran Hotel for the first two nights. I was planning on moving to the Morazan to have the option of bringing someone back, but I've decided to go to the Royal Dutch. The Imperial was just far to far to walk in the middle of the night and I need my own bathroom to shower often during the coarse of a day. I decided against the Morazan for three reasons. First, I stopped by BM last night. As full as ever of chicas and ugly Americans. Come on guys, show some class. There weren't any stunners there I wanted for the asking price. Second, I went to New Fantasy this morning. About the same quality and a fixed price. And lastly but not least, Morazan was booked solid.

So I chose Azul this morning at NF. She says it was her first day working. Based on the fact that she didn't know there were lockers for you to use while in the Sauna, I believe it. I had to even show her where the shower room was. She's about 5'6", hazel eyes and blond her. She's going to 22 on Saturday and put in a good effort. Not the best I've had but good. She told me she had a 8 year old daughter which shocked me. Also, NF has only cold or really cold showers. I just quickly rinse and head straight back to the hotel to really shower. That oil is tough to get off.

I'm walking down to IDEM tonight. I read everyone's warnings about walking around at night and I just don't get it. I always wander all over the place in the middle of the night and I haven't had even a hint of trouble.

Here's an important question. Is there any place to go on Sunday? The last time I was here everything was closed and getting a girl from BM isn't an option since I think Royal Dutch is not chica friendly.

Also, are we sure Gran Hotel isn't chica friendly? It's not like anyone stops you on the way to the room. Half the time there's not even anyone at the front desk. A girl asked me last night where I was staying and I told her Gran Hotel. She didn't think it was a problem.

07-11-03, 04:36

The Gran Hotel has always been chica friendly, at least since the early 1990's, just no AC.

But... if you ever want a good place to take a "date" or "dates" when your hotel isn't convenient or won't let you bring her or THEM in, get your Taxista to take you to the Motel Paraiso, a "no tell motel" with AC, Jacuzzi bathtub, pink lights under the bed, stereo and even TV if you want, and NOBODY ever sees your face, NO questions asked, no Cedula needed, just hand them the money through a little window and they hand you towels, refreshments, condoms, etc very convenient. I think its cash only, and also colones only. This place caters mostly to upscale locals. This isn't the only place like it, but as I recall it was really the nicest.The Taxi just drives in and finds an open garage door and you go in and pull the door down, then you go in and pay through the window in the room.
Get the taxista's phone # and call him when you're ready, or he'll come back when he's ready which isn't at all cool.

P.S. You should never pay the asking price at the key Largo or the Blue Marlin.

Jaimito Cartero
07-11-03, 07:17
sundays are a little harder. i'd choose vips molino rojo, for a tico experience. about $15, for 1/2 an hour, i think. includes crummy room. not up to nf standards, but you can find some decent chicas in there.

most of the girls are not aggressive. if you see something you like, wave her over. usually 20-25 girls during the peak times, maybe 15 on sunday or during the week (mon-wed). the sometimes show porno on their tvs, and have a dancer every hour or so.

cover is usually one beer (500-600 colones), sometimes 2 beers (1000-1200) during the busy time. sunday should be one beer. you get a ticket or two at the door.

a little like tijuana in some ways. the neighborhood is a little rough. i'd take a taxi, i think. i usually drive there, but i have a car in cr, so it different for me.

the staff is pretty friendly, and looks out for you pretty well.

if you really want to scrape bottom, try margaritas. 4 or 5 girls, and a super crappy room. i only went there once a few years ago, and it was not worth the money ($10).

most of the girls are 3-7 range.

07-11-03, 17:28
jsut got back:

I have taken a lady into the Gran Hotel more than once. I just had to register her and pay the extra person charge, approx $10 at the time..she had to leave an ID that she would recover on her way out....

There used to be working girls hanging around there, especially at the terrace cafe out in front, and in the plaza, but they have since cut out all the commotion of the little stands selling stuff there and reducing that volume of people around there, so I hven't seen as many in recent years..

And, it takes a trained eye to spot a working girl there....they have to be careful because the management doesn't want them there...needto approach them like they were just single girls, looking for a date and be careful..but they are there from tiime to time...

but bringing one back isn't a problem to Gran Hotel..

07-11-03, 19:10
I went to Idem last night around 10 pm. There were about 6 girls there. I managed to hang out with a local monger and chat with him for a while. He recognized me from NF earlier in the day. After he started talking to me, I remembered he was the guy standing next to me while we were checking out the line up. He said that Columbia was much better. I should have just taken the hint when he didn't partake and left after an hour. I on the otherhand picked this cute 19 year old. She's about 5'6", brunette, cute face. Her name is Alejandra and she's been working for 3 months. The best thing I can say about her is that she has nice full firm tits that only a 19 year can have. They were natural and they reached out for you. Other than that she was horrible. I got the old rush job which is unusual in Idem. All the other times the girls will take up the full hour and massage you after your done. For a lack of a better description. She just seemmed a somewhat of a clean freak. I attribute it all to inexperience. When will I learn that the young ones just don't know what they are doing yet? It cost 17000 for the girl and 1100 for the drink. It also cost me 500 for the condom since I didn't bring one. All in all I don't see why I would pay an extra 10 bucks at Idem when I can get a better selection of girls, better rooms and a better experience at NF. Idem is open after 9 unlike NF.

Jaimito Cartero
07-11-03, 21:44
I've only been to Idem once, but there were about 20 girls when I went there (Fri night).

Don Gordo recommended Karla and she was a nice selection. Ask Roberto for a recommendation, if you're not sure.

I do wish that NF was open to at least midnight.

07-12-03, 02:20
I went to NF again today at around 4 pm. They greeted me like an old friend. My first time was yesterday. I asked if Wanda was available and one of the girls said yes and called her over. She's everything that people have said. She's great.

I have some sad news. Wanda told me that tomorrow, Saturday, is her last day giving massages. She's quitting that part of the business. I think we ruined it for her. She told me that while the money was great, all the clients coming in and asking for her was just too much. She specifically mentioned the internet as part of the problem. She said she didn't have time to relax, didn't have time to eat and she was so tired. She said that the owners are opening up another NF, NF II, and they offered her a management position. So she's going to do that instead. Let's all have a moment of silence.

I'm at the Royal Dutch hotel now. It's the opposite of Gran Hotel. The Gran has a great exterior but the rooms don't live up to that. The Dutch has a horrible, relatively, exterior but the rooms are much better. If they would invest in a few dollars of paint, the rooms would be great. It's $10 a night cheaper.

07-12-03, 03:38
Justgotback....Sorry to hear Wanda is out.I was with her twice last week...the second time I could tell she was tired.She said her hands were hurting from all the "massages" and her internet noteriety . Guess thats the price she pays for her oral fame.Maybe she can instruct her new employees at NF2 on the art of the blowjob....God Bless Her

07-12-03, 07:17
Slight delay on my 4th of July trip report. Got in on Thursday 3 July on Delta at 12:25pm. My check on bag stayed in Atlanta, other than that it was a great trip down. Checked in at the Presidente, had room 616 which was quite nice. Called "E" and arranged for her to show up at 5pm. Did the initial shopping and cleaning up and a quick nap. "E" was right on time and we were off. I can't say enough about her, pretty as can be, nice as all get out and very versitile. After our session we got a call from Nononsense, he was at the Royal Dutch and we set up a meeting. Had dinner with "E" in the News Cafe. Sadia waited on us, she's a sharp honey who gets hit on more times than any of our working ladies. We hooked up with Non' & "A" for a drink and some socializing at the RD's resturant. Wish Ace had been there, sure did miss him this trip. The RD is the sister hotel to the Morazon and I'll stay there next trip.

Hit a few of the bars that night and hit the bed early.

Friday morning met up with Non' for breakfast. Denver came by and joined us. That afternoon Non' and self went to Jocelyn's. They had a backhoe blocking the door that was digging up the sidewalk for new water lines. I figured the place was closed so I headed back to the hotel. Non' looked around and found out it was open. Denver had come by so the two of them jump the machine and went in. Non' found one of his favorites a short time later standing outside talking so he got her inside for a nooner. Denver took another lady and was most satisfied.

I was waiting on my bags and checked, Delta had them on the way to the hotel. It started to pour down rain so I stayed in. My bag showed up and the staff put it in my room, "Raq" showed up which surprized me. Her exit road floods easily during heavy rains but she made it. She was soaked to the bone. In the room she dried off and was walking around in her bra/panties with her hair up in a towel, remined me of being married. We took care of two things at once, she blew me while I used the hair dryer on her pants. Didn't want her to catch a cold going home. "Raq" is really pretty and this visit was our second. She does get better with each visit. Her oral skills are very good and our visit was as much as I could hope for. I offered dinner afterwards but she had to get home, no baby sitter.

Met up with Rovineye and two dudes from Chicago (can't remember their names). "R" from Hawaii came by and sat with us as did Denver. Nice little group for dinner. Rovineye and myself went to the Park Hotel show that night, the big boys from ChiTown got waylaid at the BM. At the show we met Buck and a few other guys. Show was pretty good and I only saw three of the old time girls, lots of new ones. Didn't win a free bj so we went out and hit a few bars and I ended up having my last beer at the Prez oogling Sadia.

Saturday morning we had our mongers breakfast. 11 guys showed up or 12 if you count the two times BH showed up. He's quite a characture and full of fun. He told us that he shops at the very exclusive jewlery stores in Fla. Yep the most exclusive, Dollar General Store. He had a new girl from the BM the day before, he had given her a gold necklace before their sessions and she loved it. During a break in the action she saw a watch BH had. She just had to have it and BH just had to have so butt. She traded even. BH got his butt for a buck and a half. My type of guy. Rovineye, Denver, Duce & the Cleveland buttnutts showed up as did Broker. The dudes from ChiTown came by also. Lots of tales told and notes passed. Got to do this more often. A girl I had a session with a year ago from the Key Largo came in with her escort. I hadn't seen her around and had wondered where she was, she told me she was working on the coast.

That afternoon Rovineye, Broker and self went to Jocelyn's. Some nice looking girls but we all passed. I'll hit it next time as Non' had some high praises for a few of them.

That night we had dinner at Tomy Paprikas out in San Padro. Non' & "A", me & "E" (her second visit) and "R" from the Hombra site with his buddy. They were stood up by their dates but they still had a great time. The food was delicious and the company was first class, a memorable meal. Took "E" to the room afterwards and again she did her 'thing' with me. I did mention how pretty and nice "E" is.

It was late when we finished but I still headed out for a few beers. Met up with SJO at the Key Largo and saw Buck again. Met up with Johnny Astro dot com, will look up his site in a few days. Saw a few old girls there that I know but was worn out so headed in.

I'll finish up the last two days tomorrow, it's late I need my rest.

Jaimito Cartero
07-12-03, 10:19
God, we wore poor Wanda out. It almost makes me want to cry. She seemed like a really nice chica, I hope the other place turns out well. NF overall seems like a place that has a really good attitude for us guys.

When I saw her, I think she said she wanted to open a beauty salon at some time in the future. If she can teach some new girls her skills, NFII will always be a very popular place.

Jaimito Cartero
07-12-03, 10:21

Where are you finding these girls? Internet sites, or previous dates? Prices would also be a help, so we can see what the going rates are.

07-12-03, 15:34
Trip report continued
Sunday morning had breakfast with Denver and a few of the CleveOh guys. Since Arte Y Sauna is closed (now a hotel) didn't have anything to do that early. Saw SJO and his friend so I spent some time trading notes with them. SJO had done some escort services and had some good info on one nice looking girl. Saw Non' for a bit and had "A" in during the early afternoon. She was right on time. Now "A" is a petite baby doll who I have my most fun with. She is oh so nice and has great oral skills. As reported on my Memorial Day trip report, she will suck on and on and on and watch while she is working out to see what makes you twitch and jerk. We played in the shower for a while then hit the rack for her special sucking. Got some titty hunching along the way. Hated to see her leave but two hours are plenty for me.

Rovineye and Broker had gone to the country side that day, hope they had a good excursion.

That evening we had dinner at the Gran Hotel Cafe, Non', "E" and myself. "Raq" had her usual problem with a baby sitter and missed a great free meal. "E" was as pretty and sweet as always which just makes me melt. Non' treated as it was my birthday and the food was very good. I'll eat there more often on my future visits. We went back to the Prez after dinner, finally talked to "Raq" on the phone she was heading in. "E" was upset with her as was Non'. I gave "E" my CD/clock radio to take home (I take one down each trip for entertainment). She really appreciates the tokens.

Up early Monday and had my stuff ready to go. Hit NF at 9am for my last lick of the trip. Had two girls whos names I didn't catch. Had a first experience. When we had finished the massage I wanted a bbbj, sure enough. One of the girls got between my legs and sucked on my balls while the other one sucked on me. The ball sucking in concert with the dick sucking was great.

Got to the airport and saw SJO and another newbie I'd seen at the Park Hotel show. SJO had a girl standing outside the airport calling to him, oh baby I love you. Nice to have them follow you. Trip home was pretty good. SJO, newbie and myself spent the time reviewing SJOs pics in the smokers room.

Don't remember if I mentioned it but Non' had the suite at the RD. Great room! Has a glass enclosed shower/jacuzzi so you can lay in bed and watch the girls shower. Makes for very easy picture taking and entertainment. "BH" had the suite at the Morazon and he called it a football field.



"E", "A" & "Raq" are all friends that I met through Nononsense & Ace. They have ties to the Park Hotel and still work there sometimes. They come to my hotel and spend at least two hours and NEVER rush or *****. They work real hard on the massage that I live for and when they leave I generally give them $60 and some voodoo packs of body wash. The two hours are anything and everything I can muster up, no limits.

A girl Rating - "Raq" is the prettiest of the three and very nice. "A" is pretty and a truely nice lady who everyone loves. "E" is the oldest (34), pretty, nice and just makes me melt. "E" is my favorite and I could just sit and talk with her for days on end. "A" is second by just a hair and "Raq" is just a nose behind. All three are the best I've met in CR and I'll continue to see them as long as they'll see me.

Time to go, planning on Labor Day (7days) and Thanksgiving (9days).

I'm going to try and talk Ace into staying at the RD also, if not will met him daily at the Prez and do our thing with Non'.

Life IS Good

Shamas O'Dognasty

Mike in Miami
07-12-03, 17:07
A newbie here heading down in a few weeks on business mostly but was wondering if the master suite at the Presidente is good?

Thank for a reply and all the info I have readup on here over the last few months.

07-12-03, 19:23
Hey Jaimito Cartero:

A few posts back you mentioned VIP's Molino Rojo. Do you know if it's possible to take girls out of that place or do you have to do them there? If they can leave before closing do you know if there is any fee for the salida? Have any idea what their hours are?

This is one of the places I want to check out on my next trip and would appreciate any input. Thanks,


07-12-03, 19:24

I missed something...which hotel does RD stand for? Sounds great. Thanks.

Just Got back,

Any idea when and where NF2 will open?

Thanks all,


07-12-03, 20:48
I think Shamus is talking about the Royal Dutch when he says RD. That's where I'm staying now.

Wanda said the new place should be open in 2 to 3 weeks. She doesn't know where it is yet.

I forgot to mention this yesterday. But the quality of BM has totally risen since my first report. I think I was just there to late my first night after the flight.

I always stop by BM for a nightcap. Last night I also stopped by Key Largo. It's definitely hopping compared to a year ago when it was just dead. What kind of quality should you expect? The same as at the BM. And I do mean exactly the same since the girls are the same. They must have a secret tunnel entrance from BM to KL. When I left BM I smiled at a girl sitting there at the bar. By the time I got to KL, she was already there dancing with some guy. I noticed that a lot more BM girls showed up while I was there. They came in large groups by some back entrance.

07-12-03, 22:14

Good Stuff.

What are the rates at the RD? Might have to switch from the Presidente.



Rogue Shooter
07-12-03, 23:44
My buddy Real-Thrill and I were headed to Costa Rica. Real was our travel coordinator and told me we had to line something up, because there was nothing at the beach. He was correct, but I still ended up taking one for the team. Here's my review.

Real had lined up several different options. He had the name and email addy of his date, and he locked in on her real fast. He continued to line up other options for me, and I had to make a decision on which option I wanted. I decided on the sister of Real's date. Her name is Francis and she is 28 years old. She has a 5 year old in Nicaragua that she is supporting.

When I arrived at the hotel in Tamarindo, a day after Real and the ladies arrived, I was introduced to Francis. She was an average looking lady, and I would rate her a 6. Off to the room we went because I was tired of the all day travel and was ready to blow a load.

Not that I'm bragging, cause I'm not, but I have a hard time cumming. I don't have a problem getting hard or staying hard, it's just that I can fuck for an over an hour and not cum. American Ho's can't handle the time it takes to get me off, and always seem to want sessions to end as quick as possible. The Americans have to stop to take breaks or change positions. Well many times that just resets my clock. I did not encounter that problem at all in Costa Rica.

Francis, fucked and sucked me for as long as I needed, and never complained. Her English was passable and her sex skills were great. She aimed to please.

On the second day, I wake up and there's blood on the sheets. Her Red Tide came in during the night. Damn, I'm pissed. That is unacceptable when she knew this was the week we were to be together. If this was her rag time, she should have made other plans for me.

I told her I would pay her for 2 days and buy her a bus ticket back to San Jose. She begged and cried to stay. I said fine, but I'm not paying, and she agreed. That night, she was very cold since I had the AC cranked on high. She asked if she could come over to my bed, and I said sure, then she slowly progressed to a HJ, BJ, and a booty call.

Although she wasn't getting paid for sex, she was staying in the room, getting food from me, and she was giving up the chocolate starfish and humming on demand.

We both made the best of the rest of the long weekend. When we arrived back in San Jose, it was time for me to cut her loose, and start some serious fucking.

Off to the BM for my first round. Can't give you names, because I didn't care about the names of the ladies I was with. I walk in, pick the hottest looking chick in there, tell her let's go. Of to the Presidente for hour 1. Finish all the activiites with her, and back to the BM. Well guess who shows up in the bar? None other than Francis. She begs me to take her back with me. I tell her no thanks I'm on a mission. I then pick Chica #2. Of to the Presidente for an hour and then back to the BM. Time for chica #3, but Francis is right there next to me, no problem, I pick chica 3 and off we go.

This time the security guys at the Presidente are laughing their asses off at me. I finish with chica 3, and head back to the BM. Francis is still there and in near tears as I haven't taken her back, I'm pretty tired at this point, and tell her, come back but no money and no sex. She agrees. Well we get to the room, and guess what. The red tide is gone, and the fun is on. Fucked her long and hard in all sorts of different positions and passed out. Wake up in the morning and kick her out. No money no breakfast, just a great fuck.

I took one for the team in terms of looks, but had one with a great attitude considering the circumstances. I plan on heading back with Real in the near future, but I won't take another one for the team. I'll make sure I have exactly what I want this next trip.

07-13-03, 00:26
Hey Folks, sorry I am new to the area, what is the difference between a Nika and a Tika?

Thanks for the input!


07-13-03, 03:40
Nica - a woman from Nicaragua
Tica - a woman from Costa Rica

Mike in Miami
07-13-03, 20:08
I read here that you need to make a reservation at the Presidente to bring a guest to your room. Is this correct.

Thank you for any info you can give.

07-13-03, 21:37
CG, the rates at RD are $28 bucks for a single. It says $40 on the wall but they are advertising for $28 in the TT. You don't have to show them an ad. It's just the price. The wall says that the best rooms, suites are $60 but those are probably lower as well. I was on the 3rd floor right about the restaurant and bar. Music will play until the wee hours of the morning. I just pop in my ear plugs and it doesn't bother me. If it bothers you just ask for a 4th or 5th floor room. I don't know why anyone would pay $60 or more at Del Rey. Sure it's a few blocks away. The walk will do you good. I moved to the good old imperial for my last night. Most of you guys wouldn't touch this place with a ten foot pole. But I'm an old backpacker at heart and it's like coming home. A few minutes after being in my room and I couldn't even tell there was a smell anymore.

Yesterday I went back to NF. I picked a Columbian named Jasmine. The front desk lady said it was an excellent choice since she's a professional massuese. I picked her because while all the other girls are just staring at the wall or the TV, she was sitting there reading a book. She gave me as good a massage as I've gotten at any professional legit massage place. And the rest wasn't bad either. Highly recommended. Once again about 5'6", brunette, bluish eyes and 24 years old.

I forgot to mention this the last post. But Key Largo was charging a 1500 C cover charge the other night. When they asked for it I just turned around and started walking away. They called me back and said that I didn't have to pay it. Something to try for you cheapies like me.

I went for my nightcap at BM last night. Definitely dead compared to Friday. There were some really cute hotties there though. There was one in particular that looked like the naughty girl next door. I was tempted. There seemmed to be more guys than girls last night. I expect today, Sunday, to be an absolute horror. These good catholic girls have to go to church on Sunday. Jasmine had on her Sunday panties yesterday. For you new guys, these places in Latin and Sud American tend to be dead on the weekends. The weekdays are the best.

07-14-03, 00:25

Glad you liked the Imperial--used to go there about 12 years ago. Definitely a backpackers hotel.

I'll be stopping into the RD--great price, thanks. Funny, cause their website says $50 for a single.

Think I'll be looking up Jasmine as I truly appreciate a massage--for me a massage parlor visit is for a true massage as much as anything.

Mike in Miami,

As a paying guest at the Presidente, you must "sign-in" any girls you bring (one at a time) at the front desk. No charge.

07-14-03, 01:24
O.K.ALL NEWBIES PAY ATTENTION: 1. Read the posts from the vets.2.Get lumps map.3. If you are at the Del Rey don't stay drunk all day.4.You pick the girl.5.You are being watched every second by a puta at the Blue Marlin bar.6.The ones that approach you at the bar are the third string.7 Just say NO!8 Never pay what they ask.9 Go to New Fantasy which is close by.10 carry yourself with confidence..Take care of business..Never even think of love with them.no matter what you hear...They are pros and you are the mark.....Have Fun...It is quite a place!

07-14-03, 02:03
hey JustGot Back,

<<There were some really cute hotties there though. There was one in particular that looked like the naughty girl next door>>

Here we are, all picturing our own naughty girl next door. Mine's skinny, nubile and horny. But I wonder what your's look like. Care to share?

Mike in Miami
07-14-03, 03:23

How about if I have the master suite which has 2 rooms. A friend of mine is taking one of the rooms and I am taking the other room in the suite. I should assume that means 2 guests are allowed in the suite at one time since there are 2 rooms. You agree. Thanks

Ps otherwise I will change to 2 regular rooms LOL

Jaimito Cartero
07-14-03, 08:14

Well, you can arrange about anything there. I have arranged to spend a whole night with a Domicana from there, but have not actually taken a girl out in the middle of her shift.

I recall that it's no problem. I'd think $15-$30 should handle it, for the barfine.

I took the Domicana out for dinner and a comedy show, plus some DFK and BBBJ, about 8 hours in total for $50. If it seems more like a date, I think they really enjoy it more.

You can also wait until their shift is over, and just take them then, I think.

Keep in mind that there are no 10's, or 9's here. I think I've seen one or two 8's. But it is nice to be able to give 'em a quick romp, see if you like them, and arrange more time.

And of course, the lady who hands the girl the toilet paper roll and condom wants a tip, but they're all nice folks.

I've heard the place gets wild on paydays. Haven't seen anything out of control, myself. I've been there about 9 or 10 different times over the last 4 years.

07-14-03, 15:51
I would like to know if anyone has any info on whether the disposable or short term cell-phones are available in CR. I'm going back in August and from experiemce I know cellphones the way to communicate there.

Thanks guys

Jaimito Cartero
07-15-03, 03:52
mujerero - no throw away cell phones there. actually, unless you get a new gsm cellphone from a few providers, you will have to wait 6 months to a year to even get a cell phone.

the gsm is still being brought up to speed. service is real spotty in certain areas.

you can probably rent a cell phone, though i'm not sure how much it would cost. you might check the tico times or am costa rica sites for ads.

07-15-03, 03:54
cellphones can be rented in Costa Rica. You can find flyers in most of the hotels, but one I used was "rent a phone solutions

tel 506-222-8074, cel 506-392-1205, However, I had to place a $500 deposit against the phone. this was two years ago; it was a week that I absolutely had to have cell service when there...normally I just use my sprint card for long distance out of country and buy a locall card to access public phones.

Two years later the rates may be better; and there may be less expensive companies. Ask people at the hotel where you will be going; they probably have contacts...good luck

07-15-03, 05:08
I got back to the good ole US of A today. It still strikes me as strange that I can wake up in a backpacker hotel in Costa Rica and be sitting home at my computer on the same day.

Nothing much to report from last night. I just spent the night drinking beers and telling tales with a couple of college kids until the wee hours of the morning. I was in my 20's again and travelling the world. Not a bad way to spend a night, not a bad way at all.

07-15-03, 06:42
Originally posted by mule69
1. Read the posts from the vets.
2. Get lumps map.
3. If you are at the Del Rey don't stay drunk all day.
4. You pick the girl.
5. You are being watched every second by a puta at the Blue Marlin bar.
6. The ones that approach you at the bar are the third string.
7. Just say NO!
8. Never pay what they ask.
9. Go to New Fantasy which is close by.
10. Ccarry yourself with confidence.

Take care of business, never even think of love with them, no matter what you hear. They are pros and you are the mark.....Have Fun...It is quite a place! Everyone said there would be tricks here in Costa Rica. Trucos, watch out, don’t talk to strangers, that kind of thing. I, of course, could never fall for this sort of thing, the problem is I have an appetite for madness. I like the crazy people, the *****s, the hustlers, especially the *****s. I can’t resist when they offer me a walk inside their personal Hell.

I meet a guy named Mario, you don't need to go looking, he finds me. The ambassador of San Jose, carrying free rental car maps, a fountain of information. He wants to take my money and personally buy my calling card when I mention that I need to make a phone call. I ask about a hotel that has a bar where the women come in great numbers to suck cock and so on: the Blue Marlin Bar, he works there! Surprise! His hands are nervous grabbing machines. I try to keep him focused and after scoring me a small amount of marijuana for too much money he is gone. I go the Olympus Bar and Nite Club where I hope to find abundant, slutty women, great Cuban music but no women. I drink, it’s six-thirty p.m. I should be at New Fantasy but I'm not and I don't feel like trying to find it, not without a drink in me, or a couple of drinks. Two Imperial cervezas and two scotches on the rocks and the place shows some life, or maybe it’s just me. The owner, or part-time owner, as he tells me, says it will pick up, dancing, massages in back…nothing happens here until after 7:30…actually pretty early, relatively speaking

The Olympus operates under the guise of a "high class" strip club, with a sex room in back. I meet an ample girl, by her smile, I don’t know if she’s ready to shove a finger up my ass or kill me, maybe both. We sit in a booth. She stares at the mirror when not speaking to me. I find her immensely appealing. She says she will do the massage thing, in other words sex, for $170. I say the owner tells me massages cost 15,000 colones (about $37). She offers me a free dance, probably to change the subject. The price goes down and down but not low enough, I tell her I’m off to find an ATM. I lie.

Now, it's too late for New Fantasy. So, the Blue Marlin Bar it is, in the lobby of the Hotel Del Rey. Just like it’s supposed to be. Women of all shapes, sizes, dispositions and colors. I buy scotch and beer. It’s very crowded and the flesh is everywhere. Mostly all women. Loud, raucous. Like a frat party with hookers.

A Dominican girl urges me to put my hand above her breasts, over her heart. She is attractive but Satanic…I offer to buy her a drink…I believe I leave my drink with her at our table <b>(this is an important detail)</b> When I come back, she has a friend, would I like to do them both for an outrageous amount of money? Why the fuck would I want that, says my internal monologue. Here’s your white wine. Several minutes go by with no interesting conversation and I start to hate them both. I leave, forgetting my cigarettes and lighter: replaceable. I make eye contact with someone I like. I trust my instincts and they say she is good, I buy her a Bailey’s on ice.

Right away I tell her I want an all nighter. I'm done with the charlatans, So I give her 40000c (about $100) and we get in a cab.

I remember going down on her, she’s on top then I am, then she's on bottom getting fucked. I'm giving it all I’ve got, which is not much on this night, then everything's blank, completely blank. I wake up 5 or 6 hours later feeling better and ready for more sex, and it just so happens that she’s still there and does this for a living. The sex is not at all inspired, she won't give me a real kiss, it's like a kiss you give a dead body that you never liked when it was alive.

Afterwards, she makes comments about my drinking the night before and the drugs. I think, what drugs? I didn’t take drugs last night.

The next morning she prepares to leave. “You have money in your shirt pocket and your pants”, she says, inexplicably. "I put matches on the table for you…a friend gave them to me” Does she need help with getting a cab? No. Very professional and responsible. With her own driver.

She makes more comments about how I was a zombie after the sex. Too much drinking, too many drugs, she says.

Now, it’s true that I have pills. Lots of them. Codeine. Valium. I take them on plane trips and whenever else I feel like it. I have quite a tolerance. A small amount won’t touch me and a large amount makes me unpredictable and prone to narcolepsy. I tell her, again, that my blacking out and such was the result of scotch and beer, not yet realizing that something is wrong

I go back to sleep and dream of cockroaches on my shoulder.

I awake with a shocking realization: I don’t get these dreams. I don’t black out, unless, unless I’ve been taking opiates or valium and mixing them with alcohol. Someone gave me something, and then I remember the Dominican woman and her slug friend, at the Hotel Del Rey. I left my scotch at her table when I went to buy her wine. I believe she drugged me!

I put antifungal cream on my balls and try to figure it out. This doesn't help, so I eat breakfast. Later, I sleep most of the day. I feel weak.

I try a strip club, the one down the street from the Hotel Morazan. There are huge cocks being sucked on the t.v. monitor inside. Black cocks, white women.

A nice Dominican, Patricia, is able to make good conversation. After about an hour of talking with her—and paying 6000 colones for two of her watered down drinks, I wish I had pretended to speak English Only. We go upstairs and have uninspired sex—why do I do this? I wonder, as I flail away. She has something like a mushroom growing out of her thigh…

I ask the taxi driver for New Fantasy: he’s never heard of it, but soon finds out with the help of his radio buddies. It’s closed, we’ve arrived after nine, the hours are 9 to 9, by the way. The driver says he found a place that some Cuban tourists really liked and we go there. Luxurious, attractive women, I leave my cigarettes in the taxi and he is a real, honest citizen, he finds me twenty minutes later and comes into the club to bring them to me. No need to mention the strip club’s name…it’s the same thing, the girls want you to buy them watered-down drinks for $6 apiece. It’s virtually impossible to find anyone, they find YOU.. Nonetheless, I have a nice conversation with a Russian girl who licks my gums when giving little kisses…she makes me come by doing sweet little private dances, rubbing my cock with her big, powerful legs. A woman, a con-artist. I get her email address...why, I don't know.

I leave to explore the slimy yet tantalizing Blue Marlin Bar again. There are all kinds, many beautiful, others not…who cares? I resolve to ignore the ones who bother me.

I decide to wander, moving constantly like a shark. It’s the only way to avoid death. The girls are touching my ass, then looking away. It's playful and fun, you have to love ‘em. One with an interesting look tells me I seem “tranquilo”, which is a good thing to say, whether you believe it or not. She is constantly looking down and making funny expressions at the ironies of life…I don’t fully believe she can be a professional…is she a lost poet? We go.

I like her body—like my ex-wife’s but with this non-confrontational Nicaraguan head on it. I run my tongue up and down her pussy, spending more and more time on the clitoris, until she finishes herself with her fingers…be less gentle with my clit she says (sometimes it is nice to get feedback) she wonders if I have any condoms. I am not prepared for this: don’t they bring their own? This is disappointing, but I’m drunk and I no longer care. She works with her hands for at least twenty minutes (though it could have been an hour). I sleep.

We sleep in and this is good…I ask her how much she wants for last night. She says she needs 45000c to get her car out of the garage. It sounds reasonable or at least plausible. Not without an honest fuck, though, I say. She promises to come back in the afternoon.I want to believe, so I do.

After breakfast, I sleep, then I give Daniela a call. She has been thinking about me, she says. She will come over soon, with condoms, with beer. An excellent beginning to the night. I wish I brought anal lubricant. Darnit.

We end up drinking wine, not beer. Good sex, good conversation. We decide to go to the beach in the morning. Jaco.

More stories later.

Mongo II
07-15-03, 14:14
Well, you know that I am challenged. Hence the new Name.

So far good trip. Saw Wanda Friday and Saturday. It was worth the trip just for that. Wish her wellm but wouold love to have jsut one more time.

Had two at the NF. \never done before. They spent a lot of the time talking to each other. Women, huh? Gotta love em.

Ripped off by cashier at Del Ray. But that always seem to happen to me.

Made for tonight with bargirl at New York. Gorgeous through surgery. Make flake, though.

Saw sleazy place called Maison Hotel. May try it.


07-16-03, 00:06
Originally posted by Rogue Shooter

Although she wasn't getting paid for sex, she was staying in the room, getting food from me, and she was giving up the chocolate starfish and humming on demand

what is the chocolate starfish? lol

07-16-03, 03:26
HI,any information on flight sales to sjo would be appreciated.Thanks

Rogue Shooter
07-16-03, 04:21
Chocolate starfish: In order to see this elusive beast you need to bend your tica over and look down. A hint: Its the one thats usually output only, you can get input occationally but only with much lubrication (or mas lubrication)

I stayed in the presidente room 800 it had 2 rooms, 1 with a king bed and the other with a fold out couch. I had reserved it using my TSM discount ($45) as reccomended on this fine web site.

Jaimito Cartero
07-16-03, 06:06
Not the pink hole, the chocolate hole. :)

07-16-03, 08:29

Did the same young chick, Alexjandra, at Idem in June. She rocked my world and seemed truly into it, and I am real in here, am not claiming to be any Brad Pitt or great stud. We know women, may well just depend on their mood at the time, or how tired they are. I have done repeats that were great the first time and terrible the second.

For the many newbies that must go, and they are coming, a lot reading on the net, many lurkers I think:

1. Keep in mind, many of you will not move in this culture as well as the guys who have been going there for years and are fluent in Spanish. The culture is quite different.

2. Believe little of what you hear and even be ready to question what you see. Cabbies will switch bills on you. A lot of the girls will tell you that you are "special" and "not business." You will meet all sorts of gringos there, some assholes, and some cool people to chat with. Do not assume that because someone is a fellow countryman that they are worthy of trust. Also, many of these women speak more English than they lead on. Their English skills are often better in the bar than in the room, can be a matter of convenience. And, personally, I do not buy the line that most of these women are just hard up cuties that need to support their children and sick grandmothers. I am convinced many are druggies and that a lot of the so called "free sex" that is reported on these types of sites involves feeding them such. If you must feel like you are getting it for free, buy them a bunch of drinks, promise them a shopping spree or even the world and stiff them, or just get on here and lie, but do not buy dope down there. Your gringo butt may well be in a jail that makes the American ones look like the Taj Mahal for a very long time, and I doubt much of anything but a well placed substantial bribe would get you out.

3. Stay alert, do not get caught up in the euphoria, do not get wasted, keep your cash in a room safe box. Yes, you are very liable to get robbed if you do not.

4. Everyone there is very polite and courteous. That is part of the culture, but it is fair to wonder what they really think of your gringo ass. lol Be careful. You may well be percieved as a rich American that is there to take advantage of cheap Latin pussy. Some may see a bit of payback as in order. Never forget that you are in a Third World country and subject to their laws, many of which you may be unaware of. Though this is probably the safest and least corrupt country in Latin America, it`s not home.

5. The best advice on here yet probably has been to "stay out of Gringo Gulch and learn the language." Never had time to learn the language well myself and did not get out of the Gulch enough. The two go hand in hand I think. But now I have pretty much gotten bored with the place, on to something else. Had a range of experiences, good, bad, and in between.

Good luck.

Mongo II
07-16-03, 11:12
I failed to mention that the main reason that I am ripoff prone is my lack of Spanish. The need to learn has been noted several times here.

Had to pass NF on the way to sleazy hotel. Couldn't pass. Glad.


07-16-03, 15:19
Flight Sale to SJO on Delta.
Check from your city for actual fare at Delta's website. Good thru Aug 28th. Must buy by July 17. No three day or seven day advance requirement. Same fare all term. $484.40 from Atlanta, total, drive out, complete with taxes, taxes, fees, local government kickbacks, etc.
You wanted a sale, here it is.

The One
07-16-03, 16:03
Hey FatBastard or fellow adventures in Miami,
Here's a flight sale to SJO for ya, if your leaving from Miami, it's $240(all tax included) on Iberia airlines, and there aren't any advance purchase requirements, but you have to complete your travel by Oct. 30.

I used Iberia three time already, and it's a really good airlines.

Here's their link:


Hope this info. helps

Jaimito Cartero
07-16-03, 16:29
It looks like someone was so grieved about Wanda not working anymore at New Fantasy, that they jumped out of the window at the Del Rey. This is my guess anyway. (morbid humor) Either that, or he had gotten his bill for the 200 chicas that brought up to his room, and didn't realize that he had to pay money to the Del Rey!

07-16-03, 18:24
Originally posted by Jaimito Cartero
It looks like someone was so grieved about Wanda not working anymore at New Fantasy, that they jumped out of the window at the Del Rey. This is my guess anyway. (morbid humor) Either that, or he had gotten his bill for the 200 chicas that brought up to his room, and didn't realize that he had to pay money to the Del Rey!

Did someone really fall out?

Jaimito Cartero
07-17-03, 02:22
Actually it appears that he jumped. Tico Times and AM Costa Rica have slightly different stories. A guy went with a girl upstairs (perhaps found out it wasn't the right Wanda?) at about 1am, then proceeded to go to the wrong floor and break into a room.

The hotel employees calmed the guy down, and thought they had it handled, and then the guy jumped out the window. 4th floor is mighty high.

You can find more info the Ticotimes website, or AM Costa Rica.

07-17-03, 06:08
Just got an email from my amiga from SJ. Hard to decipher with her bad english...but a gringo died there ..she said he was killed and the he was in rooom 412. The way I undersood it two guys wacked him...Rumours fly in a situation like this but she said the DEl Rey is too fucked up for her.I was there last week and all was cool..Was it a suicide or did the guy get killed....She said the putas are scared of the place and more goes on than we know....Any info???

07-17-03, 06:33
I arrive in 22 hours and plan to head straight for the scene...I'm bringing along Watson and will report our findings ASAP...of course, if we are tasked with entertaining natives, the report may be delayed!!

07-17-03, 14:51
From ticotimes.com

Apparent Suicide Rocks Hotel
By Amanda Schoenberg

Rover Constance Valdís, 29, a United States citizen from Texas, fell to his death Tuesday at 1:55 from a fourth-floor window of central San José's Hotel Del Rey, according to the Judicial Investigative Police (OIJ) press office.

According to one of the owners, Valdís, who had stayed the previous night at the hotel, had displayed no unusual behavior until he kicked down the door of another guest's room and began to destroy the contents.

Two managers arrived at the scene, but after they thought he had calmed down, watched in horror as he took a "flying leap from the window." As he fell, he hit one of the security guards and was dead within minutes.

An OIJ press spokesperson said Valdís was in the first-floor casino when he reportedly said he was going to his second-floor room with a woman. Inexplicably, he continued to the fourth floor.

The OIJ is questioning witnesses and the case is under investigation by the homicide squad to determine whether the fall was indeed a suicide.

Valdís had been traveling around Costa Rica for the past few weeks and had worked at Playa Hermosa as a bartender. He was apparently staying with a recent acquaintance made while traveling.

The Hotel Del Rey owner said drugs may have provoked what appeared to be a "momentary psychotic reaction."

William, an attendant at the parking lot which faces the hotel, said he was parking a car when Valís fell. He saw the body on the ground just in front of the hotel's green awning.

"All the police came immediately and investigated, just like in the movies," he said.
from insidecostarica.com

American Dies Falling from Hotel Room
Robert Constance Valdez, 36, a native from Texas, fell from the fourth floor of the Hotel Del Rey, in downtown San Jose, Tuesday morning.

Although initial indications are that the man committed suicide, homicide police will be investigating the case to discard the idea after a series of version arose around the death.

One of the version include that the man may have been pushed off by another individual.

Valdez entered Costa Rica last Sunday in the company of several friends, who had planned on staying until Tuesday.

At dawn yesterday, while the group conversed in the hotel lobby ready to leave, Valdez suddenly left the group and threw himself off the building's fourth floor. He was reported to have been distraught and seen crying moments before.


Now, I wonder if he really jumped of was tossed out by the 2 owners during a fight...

I guess they would have to say it was a suicide because of the impact on tourism when those girls were killed in CR a few years ago.

07-17-03, 18:02
It's strange to me that the two stories vary so much in some simple basic details. One says he's 29, the other that he's 36. One he's been in CR for weeks, the other he just got there a couple of days back. If I were a conspiracy theorist I'd be all over this. But having first hand experience with the incompentency of the press, it's just par for the course.

What happenned to the security guard who broke his fall?

The One
07-18-03, 15:38
Hey Everyone,

I just have a simple question. Why would a fellow monger go to pussy paradise and kill himself? Couldn't he have done that in Texas? Something isn't right here.

Mongo II
07-18-03, 22:02
Anyone want to meet a the news cafe for breakfast on Monday? Compare notes?

07-19-03, 05:21

The only person who can answer your question is not talking now.

07-19-03, 13:26
Shamas...You got that right.. may he rest in peace. Man I just missed you during the fourth.I asked some dudes at News and they said i just missed you....Guess you were on a pussy patrol (It was around 11 am) Sounds like you had a good trip.I went to New Fantasy a couple of afternoons.. rained all over my ass as evey time i ventured out of the Del Rey it poured. Looking forward to next time....mule

07-20-03, 20:30

I'll be back in SJO 28 Aug - 3 Sept, if your in town hope to see ya.

I'm going to stay at the Royal Dutch. Mi amigo had the suite, it was too good, the regular rooms are supposed to be better than the Prez and cheaper, got to try it.


07-20-03, 21:39
they should do a toxicology test to see if alcohol or drugs was in his system. I concur that makes no sense. He could have done that shit in Texas. Don't mess with Texas!

07-20-03, 23:19
Shamas...Where is the Royal Dutch...Is it in the gulch and what is the rate? Any guest fee??? Mule

07-21-03, 01:07
Originally posted by Mule69
Shamas...Where is the Royal Dutch...Is it in the gulch and what is the rate? Any guest fee??? Mule

It's on the far side of the gulch. Just one block away from Central Mercado.

$28 + tax for a single 5 days a week. $25 + tax on Sunday and Monday. Nice place. Nice rooms.

I don't know about a guest fee. I'm a good church going young lad who only goes to Costa Rica for the food.

07-21-03, 05:01
Hello Gentlemen,

Appears to be a suicide. Why there and not Texas? People near the end of their mental and emotional rope often throw binges. He might of pissed away everything he had and decided to call it quits. I`d bet alcohol and/or drugs were in his system. I doubt he is the first gringo to die at that hotel. These of course are their decisions, not the hotel`s.

Questions please.

1. Does anyone know how long this hotel has had the bar with the hookers hanging out? I mean with the explicit aim to serve gringos. Recent situation or does it go way way back?

2. What kind of luck has anyone had with getting mail through down there? The addresses amount to discriptions of where a place is, across from this, that, the green house, etc. Is like the days of old, pretty primitive. The chick has no phone, computer, nothing. Yes, I know what some think, but out of 50 one over time has become a friend. I am not about to get taken.

Thanks guys


07-22-03, 04:09

1. In '93 when I first came down, the center of action was the Key Largo and we never heard of the Blue Marlin, but when the KL got shut down in the mid 90's the action shifted to the BM.

2. The mail system in CR is a disaster the only way worth a damn is if the person has an apartado postal. Like you, I have known one for 10 years and I still don't trust her "Trust but verify" just remember what you're dealing with.


07-22-03, 21:44
Came back from my second visit to SJO. I left last Tuesday and Returned Saturday. I can safely say I have a girlfriend in Costa Rica. Here's the scoop, as much as I will share.

I flew in and she met me at the airport. We went to her apartment, where we spent our time together as boyfriend and girlfriend. There was NO money exchange for this. I told her I would pay for cab rides, groceries, dinner and drinks.

The first afternoon was spent together wrapped in each others body. She made me a wonderful dinner that night, in the cutest little outfit.

The next day it was more good stuff in the morning, and then we went to the mall and saw Bruce Almighty. We window shopped and I offered to buy her something, but she said that she would rather not, and instead wanted to go have a drink with me. After our Boca and drinks we went back to her place for more good stuff.

The third day, we went and walked around downtown, took some photos together, and had a great time. We went to the BM and had lunch and drinks together. I told her that I wanted to see the legendary place and she obliged. The food there was good, and I was able to look at many of the ladies, becasue I told her when I come back, we need to find a lady for my buddy Rogue.

Friday we went grocery shopping, and I bought her about $50 worth of groceries. Then we spent the afternoon with more of the good stuff and watching cable TV in her apartment.

I used her computer to do email and stay caught up on work.

Saturday morning we woke up and had three more sessions together. Guys, she was awesome.

I was there for 5 total days and spent a total of $200 on groceries, movie, cabs and drinks. No regalos, she didn't want one. She never asked for a dime. She only wanted to know when I could come back and see her. I left her $120 saying it was the money she didn't want for gifts and told her it was hers to keep.

Some things that blew my mind away. She brought me my shoes when we were going out. She cooked for me anytime I was hungry. She cleaned the house and kitchen and didn't ask for help or expect me to do anything. She was ready to play in the bed ANYTIME I was for as long as I wanted/could stand it.

What's her angle? We both like each other. We are both attractive people, and have a lot of the same interests (Music, boating, sex, etc). Granted she wants to come to the US, and I am a way to get here.

After a couple of more visits like this, I may just try that. I want to see if this lasts, or if it is an act. I think I could see her every 2 months for the next 6 months to see if she stays true to her feelings for me. If things get better, then I'll start trying to get her up here.


07-23-03, 07:40

Great prose! Keep the reports coming.


Thanks for the info. You should see this address, is literally a rough discription of how to find a place, mentions trees, doors, colors, among other things.

Also, thanks for the warning. She is one of these seemingly sad ones that genuinely comes across as wishing she was not doing what she is doing. Those can get me, hustlers, never get a twinge of feeling for. But do not worry. I have me head.


Am real glad for you. Good luck. I think your biggest risk may be of her getting over here and finding what she perceives as a better deal. Enjoy. It seems like you are being careful to minimize your investments, wise.

Late trip Report, June:

I was going to skip this one as it sucked as a whole, but here goes.

Day 1

I arrive and take a nap, determined to stay sober that night. Hit the Blue Marlin and dismiss several, "mas tardes." Turned down several cigarette requests. They will clean out a half a pack in no time. No mas. Saw a chick from an earlier visit, did not think I would ever see her again, a truly horny chick, no act which is rare. The previous time I was wasted and fell asleep without ever plugging her. lol Well, sometimes life offers second chances. Got her to the room, went down on her and she proceeded to cream in my face. Damned. Slipped on a condom and plugged her in mish until she went dry. Added lube, put on top a while then back on her back. Blew a nice load. Rested a bit, decided to turn all the work over to her. Deep BBBJ, no rush, let her do her thing at least 20 minutes. Slipped on a condom and asked her to sit on it. This went on and on and it was obviously what she liked best. She eventually grinded herself off again. Enjoy yourself I told her. I then gave her 30,000 colones and dismissed her, was near 2 hours time. More? Not that night. To bed, slept very late.

Day 2

Went to 747 in the afternoon and hired a blow up doll. Timed out without cumming, almost did but no cigar. Buy another 1/2 and try to cum? Only $12.50. No, I walked. That night saw Alexajra at IDEM. Had seen her before. She was not too inspired the first time but had to give it another try. Her face is so fine. She screwed my brains out. Hit it in mish, worked her in doggie, then she assumes the top. Still having trouble cumming. It is the damn viagra. But this was one determined little trooper. She works it from the top from various angles, repositioning herself for comfort at times, as she pants and moans more and more. I pop. Thanks chica. You almost made the trip. Almost... Later, did an all nighter with a regular of mine, a cutie, but tends to be less than inspired. I always forgive her. She is good people.

Day 3

The partying really kicks in. So I party, too much. Went to IDEM, picked one that was okay, but timed out before I could get off, damn viagra again, plus the alcohol surely. Went to the Blue Marlin and took a Columbian hustler to the room but she was so obnoxious that I dismissed her without doing anything. She got 1000 colones for her trouble.

Day 4

Partying continues, started to feel sick with what I do not know, to bed early, slept in, got up and went to the airport. Did not do enough chicas to warrant the expense of this trip, but we live and learn. lol Should have stayed more sober and went to New Fantasy every day, next time...


Jaimito Cartero
07-23-03, 08:32
I would never send any cash through the mail to CR. I had done this a few times in the late 80's and early 90's, and only had a 50% arrival rate.

I even had a $100 check that never even made it out of the US. It was cashed by a person in Miami. Took a month or so to get my bank to refund the money.

Apartados (mail boxes) are the best way to go. Much safer, but still not foolproof. Some places you may have to wait for years to get one.

A common thing to do is to get a savings account in the US that has no ATM fee (or very low), and give the person the card the next time you see them. Tell them you'll put X amount in a month, or such.

You can also do this with a credit card with a low limit, it's good to see what they're spending money on if you can check the account online.

Jaimito Cartero
07-23-03, 08:39
Real - Well, you could always tell her that you love her so much that YOU want to come to live in CR. You don't have any money, but you have her, and love her, so that is enough.

Mention the word campesino a few times. Tell her how much you love rice and beans and platanos.

Anything is possible, but don't get in too deep. I did about the same thing as you 15 years ago. I'm happy with some of my choices, but would be a totally different person now if WSG would have existed then.

If you do go the route of bringing her to the US, do it on a Fiance Visa first. I think it's for 6 months. That should be enough time to find out if you really click or not.

And a final note... Unless she has a lot of money, connections, or a visa already, be prepared for a long wait, or her never being able to come to the US (Until she is 50 or 55, at which point, Immigration decides they're not coming just for work).

If possible apply for any and all paperwork *in* the USA. I applied in CR, and was immediately rejected. I appealed to the nearest Immigration office (Mexico City), and while I was waiting, called my US Senator. They told me to reapply here. 2 years later Mexico City sent me a rejection letter. My Tica wife had been in the US for 18 months by that time.

07-23-03, 15:26
Just got back to Vegas last night.

Had a GREAT time in San Jose, mostly at the New Fantasy. Wanda is as good as advertised. Last session was 2 days ago.

The first time this old man had five orgasms with her (three wet, tow dry) in an hour. Never thought possible.

Recommend the NF. Even got a refund, when I didn't use all my time.

Stayed at the Hemingway. Great place. Convenient. English spoken. $13.00 chica fee (I didn't use this).

The New York seems to be a good place at night. Not high pressure sales tactics like in the Del Rey. Food is good too.

Thanks, guys, for all the info.


07-23-03, 16:51
Originally posted by Mongo
Just got back to Vegas last night.

Had a GREAT time in San Jose, mostly at the New Fantasy. Wanda is as good as advertised. Last session was 2 days ago.

Yo Mongo. Wanda told me she was quitting giving massages about a week and a half ago. She said she was going to be the manager of NF II. Did she lie to me? I can't believe a working girl would lie.

Jaimito Cartero
07-23-03, 20:47

Well, perhaps her situation changed, or she wanted you to post it online so she could get a *little* rest.

If she does retire to a managers job, imagine if any other girl named Wanda ever comes to work there... She'll be busy, no matter what.

07-23-03, 23:02

Thanks for the advice. I am taking these steps slowly because of all the research I've done on this and other sites.

I am not going to jump into anything too deep, but I am having lots of fun exploring this avenue. Who knows what will come of it, but I want to see where this road leads me.

I haven't started to look into the visa process, although a co-worker brought a lady up form Brazil not too long ago. It took them about 7 months total time to get the fiance visa. She is due to have their first child this week.

07-23-03, 23:06
Here is a bit of a different question.

How many of you think we mongers are sex addicts?

I mean, think about this...many of us are married or have significant others, but we still go out and look for additional women on the side. I think most of us choose the pro's because there really is no skill needed, there is no emotional attachment (most of the time), and you don't have to invest in a lot of time to score.

So guys, are we hooked on just popping the nut (addicts), or do you think it's something else like animal instinct?

07-24-03, 01:14

I enjoy those sort of questions. I think addiction involves obsession. Symptoms may involve a state of mind of always planning the next trip, neglecting important responsibilities, like family and work, spending money you cannot afford to spend, a general lose of control. Look at the needle junkie, they live for the next fix.

As to animal instincts, of course we have them, but many are successful at controling them, or at least practicing moderation. It seems in our best interest. Having said this, I have personally taken more of these trips than I could afford, spent too much time planning them in between, and on a couple of occasions, got out the calculator and found out that I could have skipped the travel and done escorts in my own back yard and come out cheaper. LOL, can these sex vacations be addictive? Yes. I am sure many on here would agree. lol

As to bringing a girl back, if you marry her overseas, I think they have to let her in, after all, she would be your wife. I cannot imagine there being a lot of red tape, but maybe there is.

It was mentioned that many mongers are married. I am only curious, how do you explain these trips? Do you say you are going to Central America with the buddies for fishing, then make sure you get a tan? What if they want to see pictures of the fish you caught? lol Do the other halves not start to get suspicious after a while? Most people I know were aware that Costa Rica is a prime destination for whoring, without me ever saying anything. It is not that big of a secret.


07-24-03, 02:07
real...I am in Costa Rica today...a little bit obligaed with business, but I will send you my opinion on much of what you wrote via email....bottom line is though...you are getting a taste of latin, no, Central American women who know what it is to be a women...you see, their heads haven't been all fucked up with stuff....later, V

07-24-03, 03:36
Viajerotropico or Jaimito,

Email me at real-thrill@excite.com.

My hobby buddy thinks I've fallen off my rocker. I think I'm taking a road less travelled.

Later guys,

07-24-03, 04:51
Wanda is not that thrilled that she has become famous via this site...Poor girl is working her ass off and she probably wanted to send a message that she has retired.The girl has mongers waiting in line and there is probably some resentment with the other girls..My bet is she is still working but wants it to slow down a bit..By the way her real name is rosarxxx and she supports her mom and son.She propably got someone to post she is through but i think not.She has great oral skills...but try some of the other girls ...Any suggestions....Mule

07-24-03, 06:51
fiance visa...is valid for 90 days...I know all about it..that is how I got mine into the country 24 years, 10 months ago....

07-24-03, 14:16
fiancee visa..further clarifications...90 days to get married, after that one gets a temporary residency until one´s application for green card is approved, which in our case took about 8 months...

07-24-03, 18:45

If you’re talking about being with your Tica forever, then there certainly is no hurry. Speaking from experience, do not underestimate the challenges inherent in a cross-cultural marriage. Jaimito Cartero’s suggestions are good ones. Do you want to introduce this Tica to your family and friends and co-workers? Do you want her seated at the family dinner table on holidays? Maybe yes, maybe no...

Sex addicts? Men who travel to foreign countries for the express purpose of mongering apparently have a higher sex drive than most other men, but the word “addiction” implies dysfunction. If you’re suffering and your life is disintegrating because of uncontrollable cravings, then you are an addict. But if you are not suffering... if you are loving every minute of it and keeping it together like most of the guys you read on this board... then you are not an addict, you are simply an enthusiast (a connoisseur?).


07-25-03, 00:51

What good points you make...had I totally understood the work and effort required for a cross-cultural marriage, I wonder if I would have done it....more to the point...it is more work than a normal marriage, and that is difficult enough...well stated, and I also think that your comment concern addiciton dysfunction, etc, was right on the mark..

07-25-03, 13:26
Hola...Read this yesterday in A.M. Costa Rica via their website article in part reads as follows "officials have generally looked the other way in matters of massage parlors,places of prostitutionhowever the Pachecho administration has adopted a moralistic tone and has used existing laws to clean up areas known for such activities.The continual weekend searches by the immigration police are directed at bars and hotels that cater to sexual contact".....Article uses Arte Sauna as an example....Damn I hope this shit cools off.....Mule

07-25-03, 15:34
what i learned cruising gringo gulch last night, and then an opinion.

first, spent some time in both pickup places, kl and bm. sat at length with a colombian, who just started her bm cruising in recent months, just about the time the authourities started getting tough. she has been in costa rica three years, got in on an asylum basis. that has run out...

anyway, she says that tourism is considered a number one tourist attraction, and recent fame and activities regarding the sex tourism destination was getting to be too much (plus this report possibly given on this board ealier regarding **** activities by some). without a doubt, any of us that have been monitoring this in the last decade could testify with regard to the significant number of domincans and nicaraguans that had been coming into the trade...

anyway, yes there has been a huge crackdown on dcoumentation..it freaked her out...she fixed her probelm by getting married to a tico...on paper only...nice trick.

anyway took her for a session, and although she wanted to, it wasn{t that good...i give it a five, only because she had a very sexy body, and once we did start sroking the hole she appeared to really enjoy it...this was one of those times i wish i had viagra or just a dildo...this lady really got off on penetration...

now an opionion. key largo is all remodeled, and yes they have created the back door so that they girls can run over from one side to the other real easy. it appears the only may be trying to get kl back to its glory days when it was pretty cool...besides having the ladies in there, it had a lot of tourist couples dancing, etc...somewhat of a more cloaked pickup meat market for pros..more of a night club with activiy than just a way station....

early in the night there was no cover, but when the music started, they wanted a cover...i refused to pay and they would let me pass...however, on a friday or saturday that might not fly...

the thing that struck me most about the scene was the huge number of 19 to 22 year olds cruising the bm...there were no tropies...i mean maybe a couple here and there...but not that many years ago, one could spot a just a really sexy lady...a 9-10, with class, ..now it seems the style is wear hip huggers and show midriff and you are sexy...very dsappointing.

another thing i saw was a disproportionate amount of ladies just sitting and hanging out on the restaurant side..with that little bar now over there...that was never that way in the glory days...it may have been because there wasn{t enough space on the other side, but it appeared to me more to be a thing of refuge and positioning if something happened...because there was a lot space at the time in the bm bar where those tables are...

perhaps things will mellow out...and this business will settle down...but for the moment i see this as waters fulll of minnow or shad, and the big lunkers have gone down to deeper water...spooked for awhile. by that i refer to tryly beatuiful ladies who were just woking on the side for a little extra income who knew how to please a guy....

sounds like new fantasy and other places is a place that offers a bit more security and some good ones are seeking refuge there,...but i didn´t go there to evaluate..just taking the opinion of those who recently report the quality being high there....

good luck on seeking out...i willl be back here in 3 months or so, and shall compare there...

07-26-03, 03:51

look on the bright side, bare midriffs help to expose whether they have a lot of stretch marks. besides i've had some pretty good times with 19 to 22 year olds. face it how likely is a 40+ year old to get something like that in the sack up in femi-nazi-land? it's a dirty old man's paradise."disneyland for men"i don't care if they wear jeans or stilleto heels and a garter belt, i'm gonna get 'em out of either, with all deliberate speed.

07-26-03, 15:14
Sale on US Airways to SJO for $338.
US Air website has a sale to SJO, Saturdays only, Nov 8, 15, 22, 29, Dec 6, return by Dec 13 from Boston, Baltimore, WDC, Phil, LaGuardia, Charlotte. Buy by Aug 1st. Check for add on from your city.
I assume their listing of Washington DC is Dulles.
Check for other dates and other prices. I am of the impression they fly there only on Saturdays, but check.

07-27-03, 03:59

I don't disagree with you one bit...my comments were more to compare what the fishing was like during the prime time of KL.., (I reference 1989 until the big demise in mid to late nineties) and more than the last 3-4 years at BM; there were some very fine trophies in these places, very fine, and as a much higher percentage as to what is there now. They were in their mid-twenties (sometimes a bit more) that didn't appear to have just gotten out of (or maybe still in high school)...

I really have no opinion as to whether this present situation isn't still good. You make a very good point: compare this to northern fishing grounds and there is no comparison, especially as you say for 40+ dudes who don't have tons of change to support high maintenance stock....

07-27-03, 18:30

A buddy of mine is an immigration lawyer. I asked him once (after a trip to Mexico) what it would take to get a visa for this girl to visit. He said it depends on where she's from. South and Central America are my thing and he said most countries down there are not easy.

One thing he suggested was to get my girl a visa to come visit like a tourist. If she gets that she can come and stay for 6 months before she leaves. After that she can go home and come back again later. He suggested I do that once or twice before making any moves towards marriage.

I don't know if this will happen to you but I was so eager to make it happen when I got back. But after a while the idea started to sink in. A month later I decided not to go through with it. Looking back I have no real regrets. I still travel for the "thrills." And maybe some day some lovely lady will catch my eye and hold it this time.

Good luck. If you want a good lawyer let me know.


07-27-03, 19:15
To all who may be in town.
Will be at the hotel Del Rey August 24th through August 31st. Would be happy to have a drink with and compare notes with anyone in town. Not my first trip to San Jose. From 1997 I've been making this trip about three times a year.
My last trip was in January. I like being there for Super Bowl weekend. Would like to take this opportunity to think all those who have posted since January for keeping me up-to-date. The last few posts have made reference to the quality of the girls. In the time I have been going to Costa Rica I would have to disagree with the posted that the quality of the girls have gone down. I would agree that the average age has decreased. And that may be why I consider the quality improvement. I do like that 19 to 24 group.
Not wishing to start any arguments I will qualify my statements by saying that I like short-term relationships. Two - three hours and I'm ready to move on. Not to say that I have not taken a girl for two or three days off to someplace.
I find Costa Rica and enjoyable place to visit. The people are nice to me and I do my best to be nice back. I believe in treating the girls with respect are as I like to put it( your money gets them to your room your attitude keeps them there).

07-28-03, 19:04
Trip Report 7/17-7/25

The situation:

Brought down a newbie to CR and mongering (lets call him SC). For old-hands, please bare with much of this. Also, I’m a bit behind on viewing recent posts, so some of this may have been covered off lately.

Day 1—Thursday

Flew out of SJC. Practiced Pai Gow and Tute between us. SC took me for $10. Equipped with a 1 Liter bottle of Vodka disguised as a water bottle, we mixed it with OJ the whole way.
During Dallas layover we hit TGIF bar and had a few drafts. A blond sat down next to us and upon discovering our destination said, “watch out, CR women don’t care if you are married or not, they will be all over you!” I played innocent and said we were just going there to take care of some business and see the wildlife…lol
Dallas flight to SJO on time. More Vodka with cokes on the plane. Unfortunately, my friend in CR supposed to pick us up was not there. Oh well, taxied to el Presidente instead.
Rooms 800 and 801 ready for us—as promised, those suites are enormous (thanks Dallasman!!). 801 is the better choice as it has an outward facing balcony. In any case, both suites huge and well priced at $79 (this was a discounted rate as they were unable to provide us with the master suite due to renovation). All the newly renovated rooms are coming out really nice, and as usual the service at the hotel was flawless.
After unpacking we went straight for ground zero—the BM. At about 10pm the gauntlet was packed with about a 10 to 1 female/male ratio. SC had never experienced anything like this and played it shy. I worked it real slow, and copped about 10 feels on each pass. The girls were really hungry and aggressive. I fought hard to not jump on the first hotties.
We settled down at the second table (Tute) as it offers the best view of the girls coming off the gauntlet stairs. At the same time you can turn around and check the girls by the sportsbook.
A ton of girls just hung on the edge making eye contact with big smiles and I called them over one at a time to cop a feel and get to know them a bit. Fluent Spanish and ability to speak local slang was a huge plus throughout the trip.
Next we hit Key Largo as I really wanted to dance. I spun about 20 different girls around the dance floor, many of them in groups. Again the girl/guy ratio was awesome.
Back to BM to pick out a keeper, we started getting serious about narrowing them down. Two different pairs of Columbians were the hottest thing going, and I had sworn to myself that I would not pay $100 anytime during the trip. The one pair of sisters well known on this board would not come off the price, so we shined them off. The other pair, who are friends tried to hold firm, but we just walked away from them. The kept coming back to us and I got them down to 25,000 each ($62). Problem was, my friend really wanted one of them, and I didn’t get a good feeling from the other one—she seemed like she was just going to pop me as fast as possible and not be any where a GFE, so I blew her off and made a quick perimeter sweep of the place, finally walked right up to a tall mulatto Columbian (about 6ft, tight body) and said, lets go right now, 25,000. She jumped right on it and we were off.
In the suite we put on the video channel and she gave me a nice dance/striptease. Took our time in multiple positions and finished off with a BBBJ cum on tits. Good body, decent perfomance, but not real into it—definitely not a GFE and really would not endorse her—can’t remember he name anyay…Gave her some perfume and sent her on her way. Asleep-4 am.

Day 2--Friday
Still excited, up at 6am. Freshened up, and down to News Café. SC up too. Said his Columbian was real sweet. Could not get the smile off his face. Welcome to dreamland!
Hit up the Farmacia Isabella—its more like 6 blocks directly down from the DR, on the same Calle, on the left hand side—past the old Arte Suana. A 100mg for 4400 colones. Easy in/out.
Stopped in at the Arte Sauna to get the scoop. It is now called Pension San Jose. Rooms have been converted to bedrooms. 5500 colones for a room with bath. 3500 for a room with shared bath. You can still use the vaporroom. Girl friendly. Would recommend this place to someone mongering on the cheap. Story is, it is still Gringo owned, but he is out of the massage business. Management is real nice, but I lost the card with phone number.
9am hit New Fantasy. I grabbed Triany and forgot name of SC’s girl. Triany worked me over for an hour. About 15 massage, 30 hot sex, and 15 vapor room. She is sooo good. No complaints here. Ultra-sexy and aims to please. Seems that she truly enjoys sex. Triany has one kid and an absentee father.
Walked back to the BM and hit the card tables, then to the Morazon and the Horseshoe for some of the same. Got to love the minimum bets (500-2000). My friend just laughing at the prices, after being a LV player.
Back to the Presidente to check e-mail (you can get a code for 15 minutes free about as often as you want during their business office hours). Got a hold of my friend who missed us at the airport (D--he had his dates wrong—welcome to CR). Went and picked up a rental car and parked it in the hotel. D showed up, we hit his stash of green mota and at 7:30 went to the Park Hotel for the Friday show. Had a great time talking to the boys, but the chica situation was looking ugly. All 5’s/6’s. One of them real aggressive and skanky. Would not touch herewith a 10-ft pole. She kept trying to jump on us and was pulling out her tits. After being spoiled at NF and DR, we really did not want to see any of this bunch get naked, so we bailed and hit the DR. After about 15 min D had pulled 2 chicas and wanted to go to his place. One was a Rasta chick, the other a lithe youngie with a pink outfit and matching hat. Both Tica. Made the 5 min drive and next thing I knew D and SC were making out and I was the stooge. I said later guys, and hopped a taxi to Key Largo and worked the dance floor. SC showed up soon and said that both girls were 18—they checked their cards and they had given them 25,000 each. My friend commended me for being the perfect point man so far—so far he had been getting the long end of the stick, but really I wanted to stoke him out on this trip, and I was just grooving by dancing and copping feels along the gauntlet, and talking up all the eye-candy.
Don’t know what happened, but I got real tired and decided to go home alone. This was not part of the plan, but still many days ahead!! Hit bed around 1am solo.

Day 3—Saturday
Had to be in Limon at 1pm to sign over a property at a lawyers office, so we were up at 7am, packed, breakfast at the News Café, and on the NF doorstep at 9 am. Said hi to Adrianna for everybody. She had a new tattoo done the day before on her lower back just above the pantie line and was real sensitive, so had to keep my hands off her there. I did not want to cut my timeline too tight, so I grabbed Jasmine for a ½ quickie. Had heard she was the best masseuse, and I really needed it after a hectic week leading up to the trip. Her technique is awesome and she looks ok from the tits up. Avoid looking below them though. She too is supporting 1 kid solo, and it shows on her body. She is a real masseuse and gave me an awesome workover—would love to have her do that for about 4 hours, but was not in the schedule. After 25 minutes I rolled over and had her finish me up with a HJ, BBJ, tit combo—shot all over them and cleaned up.
Made such good time to Limon that I could have had another hour at the NF—oh well!! So we drove up to Playa Bonita and had lunch on the point watching the waves and our waitress. About 18 with the sexiest outfit. A thong with a see-through cover over it and just a bikini top. Knows how to move that body… Wow!! Someone might have to check this one out, as she is a real cutie—Tica with nice brown skin and tight body.
Made the appointment at 1 and then headed to Puerto Viejo—stayed at the cabins I had just sold, took care of some business, and hit the discos that night. Stanfords and Johnny’s were really happening. Tons of Ticas and Gringas. But after the scene in SJ, I was just not up to working it. Did not want to put out the effort of hooking up with amateurs. Plus I know everyone in this small town and don’t need anything getting back to my wife at home.
Day 4—Sunday
Worked on my property. Surfed. Talked story with the locals. Discos slow this night compared to the previous. Drove to Manzanillo for drinks—quiet down there. To bed early.
Day 5—Monday
Worked on my property. Talked story. Hit Reggae night at the Bar Bambu. A local pro, Jisella has always wanted to hop me and we danced hard all night. She was super horny and kept saying lets go, for free. But she has been around way to much, likes her drugs, and I said no thanks, I just want to dance. Was pretty funny, cause she was all sexually frustrated and couldn’t believe I was turning her down. I just dirty danced, copped a few feels, and said see ya. She was pretty pissed, but my integrity was intact. I would not recommend anyone try her, as I don’t think she is a safe practictioner. She is pretty sexy though, so maybe a HJ would do.
Day 6—Tuesday
Up at 4:30, had to wrap up some business and hit the road early. Made it to NF about 12:00 and grabbed Triany for a 2-hour session. Sex was so hot with her that I skipped the massage and only made it to the steam room for the last 15 min. She really knows how to service a guy…cleans you up and wont let you lift a finger. I love black girls and have an affinity for tight ones like her. Funny thing was that Adrianna has a bit of a crush on me and in the middle of our session she was knocking on the door. Triany was so into it that she did not even notice and I finally had to tell her to answer the door. Adrianna bursts right in and comes over to check out my member and gives a big “ooohhh…”. Triany kicks her out and gives the bird to her back….
At 2:00 headed for Playa Hermosa in Guanacaste. Had a business contact to meet there. Nice small town with just a couple bars. Had a good dinner and drinks at El Pescado something or another. Early to bed.
Day 7—Wednesday
Up early—ran on the beach and went for a swim.
Toured the Peninsula Papagayo project. This is going to be CR’s premier resort/residence community. It is a 15 year project, currently in year 7. Four Seasons hotel to open in December. There is an Arnold Palmer golf course near completion. For big players, this will be the place to be.
Drove down to Tamarindo to look up some friends. Stayed at the Diria—great hotel on the beach. Awesome service. Checked the casino across the street—only a couple tables plus roulette. Passed on it. Ate a great dinner at Las Olas. Checked out “Why Not” which has pro girls, a pool table, and rooms. The girls were so/so. Three 6’s and one 7. Didn’t ask for rates, as none of them struck our fancy. To bed midnight.

Day 8—Thursday
Up early and made the drive back to SJ. Checked back in to the Presidente. Got a couple of the standard rooms and had negotiated a rate of $48—60 is rack rate. Rooms 406 and 407. Worked for us. Clean and pretty quiet. Hit the DR tute tables. After a couple, hit NF and tried Jennifer. Now Jennifer is a character and some might get a kick out of her. She is high energy, very positive attitude. She studied biology and psychology. She is 19 and has a 7 month old boy, Julian. Her body is pretty tight except he tits are still full of milk and a little stretched, though the nipples are often. I went to town on her tits, literally milking them and spraying milk all over her, then licking it off. She really was into me and we went for 3 hours of full-on love-making. Triany is hot, but Jennifer is sweet. Not for everyone, but just right for me.
Now here is where I made my one fuck-up on the trip. Jennifer was really hot for me and wanted to spend the rest of the night with me for free. I envisioned a full on GFE, the perfect ending for what was a pretty mellow trip. I had not hit it particularly hard, but was just grooving on showing my friend a good time. So I arranged to meet Jennifer at Key Largo for dancing to begin.
I went back to DR, found SC at the tables, and started playing. Problem was, the drinks kept coming, and REALLY strong. Next thing I knew it was 9:30 and I was drunk. We went to Key Largo and Jennnifer was there, overjoyed to see me. But I swear to god, it was as though someone put a brain killer mickey in my drink at the DR, cause I really don’t remember the next 3 hours. My friend said I was just spacing out and next thing I know Jennifer was telling me good-bye and bailed out of there. I cant blame her. I had lost my cool, could not keep my good conversation going with her, and was not a joy to be with, so she left. Somehow I snapped out of it, realized I had let a good one go, and was a bit bummed. But I got my wind back and hit the dance floor. Once again, the place was packed with hotties and hardly any guys. Literally every girl was giving me the look and wanted to dance and go. SC was captivated by the Columbian bar girl everyone has spoken of, and yes, she is INSANE!! (I think either Gamblingman or Dallasman said they have a line on this one). I have to give her a 9.9 as I think 10 does not exist as there is always room for improvement. End of story is that he made his desires known to here through a Tica friend of hers who works at NF. They said she doesn’t do that kind of thing. He persisted. They came up with $300 for an hour. He offered $200 for a couple hours since we had to get up soon for our flight. Finally she said ok, when she got off. I finally settled on a Tica named Yvette—kinda bigbodyied but nice lips and really holding onto me hard. Still a bit drunk, it didn’t really matter at this point. Off I went at about 3, SC to follow soon. I hit her hard for probably about an hour and passed out. She stayed. At 5, SC was banging on my door—he thought it was 6—our wake up time. I cursed him and went back to bed for a quickie second round with Yvette. Paid her 25,000 and sent her packing. Freshened up and off to the airport.
SC said that the Columbian was as insane as she looks. She gave him the sexy dance and a striptease and then good sex. Her body is as tight as it looks. No underwear under those tight pants. Tits firm as they look. She is 21. So yes everybody, she is available, but only for a high price. Guess the question now is how far anyone can bargain her down. I don’t think she does this very often, but the money was too hard to turn down. My friend worked real hard to get her, as he had flirted with her the previous times in there. Good luck all on this one.
Day 9-Friday
Fuck I hate flying out. Too short and quick as usual. Tons of hot Latins in the airport. Why didn’t I do more? Oh well….Flights went well. Slept most of the way.

It is a buyers market in SJ right now. Don’t hurry, and no need to overpay except for that one trophy Columbian.
This really was a business trip more than a vacation, so even though I didn’t get to hit it as much as I wanted to, my primary missions were accomplished.
Biggest find for me—Jennifer for her spirit.
Biggest loss for me—not keeping her for the night.
No regrets though except its going to be a while before I have a legitimate excuse for another trip.
Hope some of this helps someone out there!! Peace all…

07-28-03, 21:26

Great report... thanks for the detailed information. No visit to Idem?

I'm still plotting my next excursion....


07-28-03, 22:26
Starting to plan my next visit...Probably at the end of September. I plan on going to Manuel Antonio for 3 days and then spend another 2 days in San Jose.

I plan on starting full research for a hotel in Manuel A. next week. If anyone has a good recommendation on hotels in the area, let me know so my research is simplified.

I am looking for a place that will have a bar and restaurant, nice pool, on or very near the beach, clean rooms with a view.


07-29-03, 04:55

I stopped in IDEM and as usual the girls were hot--better than New Fantasy. Thing was that after NF I didn't want a slam/bam experience in a room without amenities. I'd rather enjoy the vapor room/nicer rooms at the NF. There are some really nice girls at IDEM I wanted to take out, and even though it was just before closing, Roberto wouldn't let me take any out. I'm sure if I had offered enough I could have. So yes, the selection at Idem was really good--about 12 girls and 8 of them 7+, I just didnt feel like an in-room experience at the time.

07-29-03, 23:07
I will be in San Jose Augest 25 thru late October. Anyone needing a complete daylight tour of downtown San Jose, Mayby buy me lunch? Email me sanjoseseahawk@hotmail.com

07-30-03, 10:30

Your insights please, "San Jose on a budget." I have about $2000 to spend, total, airfare, hotel, cabs, everything, finally can get away for about 12 days in Nov or Dec. A cheapskate? No, about all the budget will be able to spare at that time.


1. Chica friendly hotel WITH AC. By the way, does the Royal Dutch have AC? Safe box a big plus, care nothing about cable tv.

2. Plenty of beers but no need to get smashed, food occasionally. Beers must be a lot cheaper outside the "gringo gulch" but maybe not.

3. 2 to 3 chicas a day, no older gorditas, and preferably many that are not like hiring blow up dolls.

4. Minimal chances of getting a knife in my back.

Nice folks that run the Del Rey, but the only thing cheaper around there than in America is the tail, and these are usually over-priced.

Can I get there and back, fuck decent looking women, drink a lot, and sleep with AC on this kind of money or should I wait?
Hope this helps some others. Fact is, in spite of popular opinion, most of us gringos are not loaded.

Thanks in advance.


07-30-03, 12:54
Another death in Gringo Gulch...This time the victim was found in his room at the El Presidente.The victim was a 57 year old American and the case is being investigated by the police as the man was reputedly in an altercation earlier.Mgmt of the hotel regret the incident but sat the fight did noy take place at their hotel.....The attrition is getting to be like Baghdad!!

07-31-03, 16:24
Originally posted by Afinidad

Your insights please, "San Jose on a budget." I have about $2000 to spend, total, airfare, hotel, cabs, everything, finally can get away for about 12 days in Nov or Dec. A cheapskate? No, about all the budget will be able to spare at that time.........

...........Can I get there and back, fuck decent looking women, drink a lot, and sleep with AC on this kind of money or should I wait?


Wait for what? Chica's will not run a "sale" or all other things suddenly are not going to be cheaper, except probably the air fare. $2000.00 for 12 days is not a chump change. You can easily do it, provided your expectations are reasonable. For cheap chica encounters, you can choose 747 or cha cha cha (about $10-15). For little higher products, you can visit New Fantasy or Idem (about $45). Incall from Park Hotel can be done for $35. BM girls will cost you money, but not more than $60. There are many hotels with A/C, that should not cost you more than $50 (I get this rate at Del Rey). There are also many dern cheap places to stay which will run you about $150 a month. Food is not that expensive and very managable within your budget. Go for it.


08-01-03, 02:51

Go for it!! There is enough info on this board to help you stay in budget.
As long as you bargain well with the girls, your budget is doable. Just don't let beer goggles and mind make you throw out any $100's, as chica fees are the largest controllable expense.

Its the low season now, so don't wait any longer!!

08-01-03, 03:42
Originally posted by Bandy
Wait for what? Chica's will not run a "sale" or all other things suddenly are not going to be cheaper, except probably the air fare. $2000.00 for 12 days is not a chump change. You can easily do it, provided your expectations are reasonable. For cheap chica encounters, you can choose 747 or cha cha cha (about $10-15). For little higher products, you can visit New Fantasy or Idem (about $45). Incall from Park Hotel can be done for $35. BM girls will cost you money, but not more than $60. There are many hotels with A/C, that should not cost you more than $50 (I get this rate at Del Rey). There are also many dern cheap places to stay which will run you about $150 a month. Food is not that expensive and very managable within your budget. Go for it.


Also, VIPS Molino rojo for $5,00-6000 Colones a shot, at least wehn I was there a year and a half ago. But prices have gone up a bit. There was one chica at the Bikini Bar that was very doable (1 of 8), 5K colones per shot. Unfortunately, I didn't want to wait for the ride as there were several in line ahead of me. funny thing, though, there was no line for any of the other not so doable chicas.

Jaimito Cartero
08-01-03, 06:10
Molino Rojo was 5500 colones for 1/2 an hour last December. I'd figure 6000 colones by now.

There are some real gems there, not agressive at all, and although it's a bit of a dive, I've had a lot of enjoyable nights there.

08-04-03, 18:40

Especially the last three posters, thanks for your input. You all seem like guys I`d really enjoy meeting and having a few beers with. Perhaps our paths can cross.

I am going to plan the trip, 747, VIPs, Cha Cha Cha, Park Hotel, bars outside the gulch, beans, rice and a bit of fish, all with much improved Spanish which I have been working on with some Mexican amigos. New Fantasy a few times to splurge, mainly because they are determined to pamper customers.

The Royal Dutch sounds very interesting, $28 a night. Maybe Shamas will come back soon and tell us more. They have a website, spacious rooms. The Del Rey is convenient, and the staff goes beyond the call of duty, always, but I just drink too much there and spend too much time and money haggling with the chicas over this, that, and the other. I want to experience the heart of the city. I will confess my few trips there have not been well planned or cost efficient. But it is no fault of any of the vets on the board. Just like a lot of people, I have to learn many things the hard way. Thanks again.


Jaimito Cartero
08-05-03, 06:57
I hate to say this, but I have never spent more than $200 on chicas on any of my 20 or so trips to CR. Now, I don't come JUST for the chicas, so I will see between 3-8 per trip.

I haven't found a $75 girl that was 7 times better than Rocio at 747. The Ticos have some very good girls around, and if you go to normal Tico places you don't get "gringoed" to death.

I'd say 747 is better than Club 40, and Molino Rojo is also better than Club 40. There is one dive that I went to 4 or 5 years ago (Margaritas?), that I wouldn't bother with. Even cheaper than Molino Rojo, but sucky (unsucky, perhaps?) service.

I enjoyed NF and Idem a lot. Eros was a step or two down in service. Given $100 in my pocket, I'd go to NF 3 times, instead of Idem twice. If I had $120, I'd go Idem once, NF 2.... Variety is nice.

08-05-03, 17:58
Originally posted by Jaimito Cartero
I hate to say this, but I have never spent more than $200 on chicas on any of my 20 or so trips to CR. Now, I don't come JUST for the chicas, so I will see between 3-8 per trip. ...............

I wish I had enough control on my budget like you have. I always stay at Del Rey, and at the end of the evening I always pull somebody for TLN....and they don't come cheap. Also, I like to treat them to dinner, dance etc. which somehow adds up. And of course, there are several trips to 747, NF, Idem etc. But what the heck, I generally have good time.

I agree with you about Rocio. I have been with her severel times and never had a bad time. But she is approaching 30 and I discovered a new sweetheart there last time. Myela, a 20 yr. old Tica. A great experience. She went with me 20 min overtime (severel knocks on the door) without having to pay any extra. Can't wait to see her again.


08-13-03, 23:15
Hi Guys,

Anybody familiar with the poker scene in CR please drop me a line at eze_amante at yahoo dot com. I'm interested in tournaments and where I can obtain a schedule to plan my mongering trips around a little gaming.


EZE :)

08-14-03, 23:19
How does CR compared with Panama City?

08-15-03, 07:59
CR is much better to me. It's safer, cleaner, cheaper, better girls, more girls, more MP's. It has better weather (meaning it's 75deg in the day instead of 95deg with 99 percent humidity). It's also closer the the States. However you can get by better in PTY if you don't speak Spanish.

08-15-03, 17:21
I am planning my first trip to Costa Rica later this year. My tentative dates are December 30 through January 5. I'm wondering if anyone could tell me if the demand/price hotels goes up during this time frame because of the holiday season. I am also wondering if I will need to make credit card reservations for a room in advance, or can a guy just get a room anywhere? At this point, Del Rey, the Presidente or something clean & tica friendly that is close to New Fantasy would be my first choice for accomodations.

Any info from experienced winter travelers would be greatly appreciated.

08-16-03, 04:36
Panama City ...probably nicer and more upscale=$$$....San jose Gringo Gulch= sex cenrtral....How can you top the del Rey?

08-16-03, 08:06

I'm not trying to stir up a mess, DR has it's points and I know many guys swear by it. I like Idem and New Fantasy. Park Hotel usually has a few good local girls as does Jochlyns. DRs big selling point is the large and deversified assortment of ladies there. Key Largo has a few good ones. Some of the prettiest ladies at DR are the bartenders. That's why I like to have a few beers there late at night.

Most of the DR girls glitz it up more than the girls at the other places, but I'm not a glitz type of person.

Some of the small bars, New York, Nashville, noPiano and News Cafe have pretty bartenders/waitresses. One Sunday the Piano Bar had a true honey tending bar. I oogled her for four beers.

Thats my two Colones worth


08-16-03, 22:00

Was that Hazel at the Piano Bar??
She is really something special.

I agree with your overall assessment of the chica situation. Over the last few years, I have also gravitated to the smaller bars and the on-premise brothels / massage parlors. The Blue Marlin is a great place to have a few drinks, but the chicas are all looking for too much $$. I will take Idem and New Fantasy girls anytime .

The countdown has begun for the Don Gordo Birthday Bash on Aug 28. There is gonna be a good group in town and a graet time will be had.


08-17-03, 05:00

My name for her is Yo Hot Mama. I don't remember her name, just a really hot local girl.

I plan to stop by on the 28th for your Tica Stabbing Fest. Is it a BYOT or will you have an open wet bed ?

I'm planning on going to the Massing of the Mongers at the DR the next day, should be quite interesting swapping notes with all the guys.


08-17-03, 19:09
Hey DonGordo & Shamas,

I will be in the land of milk & honeys on Labor Day weekend. I will meet you guys at the BM for the big monger convention - lol.

Can you guys elaborate on where some of these small bars you are talking about are. I like some of the girls at the BM but you are so right their prices are exorbitant at times. Also what are the qualities of the girls at these other bars and is it open during the day and till what time at night.


I will be staying at the Presidente.

08-18-03, 00:34

Go to my web page at www.dongordo.com
and click on the link for Lumps` Map. Many of
the locations are there.


Jaimito Cartero
08-18-03, 00:54
Too bad I'll be in Thailand for a month. Sounds like a fun party, DG!

08-19-03, 22:23
who's going down the 28th on Delta #375 out of ATL??????.......the rabbit will be in r0w 40 aisle seat

08-19-03, 22:39
Will be in aisel seat row 14 on the 24th.17 on the way back on the 31st.

08-20-03, 00:30

In Costa Rica anyone who can goes to the beaches from the day after Christmas until the day after New Years day (this is one of the 2 biggest vacation times of the year), so you will find it dead in San Jose upon arrival and until the 2nd (meaning few if any girls).

While you will find it no problem to get a hotel in San Jose, you will find it difficult to find a room on the beach.

If your sole intention is to stay in San Jose and enjoy girls, I would highly recommend you change your travel itinerary to before Christmas or after New Years.

If you don't mind crowds at the beaches and a non-pro party scene at those locations, the this time period can be fun.

If it was me, I would change my dates.

08-20-03, 04:12
What's the best way to call from the States to San Jose? I'm thinking the right calling card would be much better than my normal long distance service.

Any suggestions? Thanks, guys.

08-20-03, 05:14
If you live near a 7-Eleven they have a "World Card" that I think gives about a 42 cents per minute flat rate with no hidden surcharges--other retailers have similar cards...

08-20-03, 07:30
Thanks CaribbeanGringo,

That explains why our flight would have cost $350 more for that week when compared to one week before or after. The problem that we have is that my buddy is a commercial driver and will be working his tail off right up unitl X-mas. Going early is not an option for him. The problem I have is that I am a graduate student and will be starting the Spring semester on the 6th of January. What to do? I guess that I will just have to miss the first week of classes.

But seriously, I will pass this info on to my buddy. I appreciate your assistance. We would have been very disapointed had we gone down there when all the girls are on a holiday.

A similar situation actually happened to us in Mazatlan a few months ago in the week leading up to Cinco de Mayo. Appearently they had a national holiday called (in English) "The day of the children" the Thursday we were down there. Instead of college co-eds, the beach was filled with local families for four of our five days in country. Very disapointing, but we ended up getting some massage action and even got lucky with two local women in their late-20s (for free) that we met at a dance club. We also nailed a couple of 40 year-old divorced gals from Idaho on our third night.

We won't make the same mistake in Costa Rica. Thanks again.


08-20-03, 15:15

8-28, Delta flight 375,I have seat 27F. See ya.


08-20-03, 15:58

Search the web. There are several calling cards available for $.08 per minute to Costa Rica.

Nobelcom, the link below advertises $.059 per minute to CR with no connection fee. That's almost as cheap as long distance here in the US.


That's 339 minutes for $20

08-20-03, 17:34
I know that this type of post will not help me obtain "Senior Membership" status, but all of us rookies to Costa Rica could use the information.

Can any of the experts on San Jose post the business hours of the following places?

Arte Y Sauna:



Club 40:


Also, are there any massage parlors open on Sundays? I would love to take a 3 day weekend down as soon as possible, there but I'm afraid that all the nice working girls might have Sundays off. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


08-21-03, 06:24
Real-Thrill - Thanks,

I used the url you suggested to buy a Noble calling card for calls from the US or Canada to CR (and other int'l calls to, I guess). I used a credit card and got a PIN emailed to me in a few minutes.

Around 250-340 minutes for $20, depending on length of call:

5.9 cents/min, 4 minute increments, $1/week fee
6.9 cents/min, 2 minute increments, $?/week
8 cents/min, 1 minute increments, 50 cents/week fee

I chose the last one. The card expires in 3 months and can also be used for domestic calls at 4-5 cents/min.

08-22-03, 09:57
Immigration Raids Continue- New Fantasy, and Quepos.

AM Costa Rica, the on-line newspaper, reports immigration police raided the massage place in the Bario Amon which must be the New Fantasy, and detained several women and one U.S. citizen. This was in response to "neighborhood street crime".

The Sex police also raided a bar in Quepos for illegal immigrants and arrested the owner on pimping charges because the fees paid included both the room rental and the price of the girl, according to the same newspaper.

08-22-03, 10:13

Quick summary of the hours of business, which can be obtained by reading the previous post on this forum:

Arte y Sauna: Closed forever. Raided by police for pimping.
747: About 10:30 or 11 A.M. till ?? early evening??
Idem: 3 P.M. till about 11 P.M. ? Selection improves at 7 P.M.
Club 40 (ripoff) supposed to open at 4 P.M. till ?
VIPs: Do not know, do not care, I would not bother.

Try the Blue Marlin (bring your passport)- 24/7, Park Hotel- with action Noon to Midnite., New Fantasy massage (bring your passport) which opens at 9 A.M. till 9 P.M.?, Joselyns- daytime, the purple place next to the 747- same hours as 747?.

see our friend's site at dongordo.com for more info and tips.

08-23-03, 19:31
One Day Sale on Delta to SJO today.
Check for add on from your city.
Good thru November on Monday thru Thursdays only. 14 day advance so travel can start by 12 Sept and must start by 30 November. Must return by 12 Dec.
One day sales sometimes are extended sometimes not.

08-24-03, 20:16
Hell, now it costs more than usual. Is there a url other than just the standard Delta site that you can go to for this special?


08-25-03, 01:52
Thanks KYJ. I appreciate the info.

08-25-03, 16:13

Just got an e-mail fare alert from TACA today. NY to San Jose, $249 plus tax. Following restrictions apply:

- Fares do not include local and airport taxes, $20.00 security fee, or service charges, up to a maximum of U.S. $125.00.
- Fares may be changed or cancelled without prior notice.
- Last ticketing date: August 26, 2003.
- First day to commence travel: August 22,2003.
- Last day to commence travel: September 7,2003.
- Travel complete: November 12, 2003.
- Fares are not valid for code share flights.
- Penalties for changes apply.


08-27-03, 14:11
About 30 hours and counting. I know I'll be seeing Ace and Nononsense this trip and should meet Sand Rabbit also.

Be back in two weeks


08-29-03, 01:17
America West - New Nonstop flights from Phoenix. Daily flights to start Dec. 1.

Here's a link to the articles.




No more connections, layovers! Isn't this Great?

08-31-03, 22:30
Just want to say that I am looking forward to any Labor Day Weekend reports that anyone decides to post. Wish I could have made it. Have been watching the Blue Marlin webcam. Have not learned much. Are at least a few loud gringos in there. As to the rest, I already know what kind of music they play and what the bartender looks like when she is walking around taking orders and giving change. lol

09-01-03, 08:04
The BM webcam site, a frustrating little toy now that I have it working. lol I conclude that the place is packed at 1 a.m. Labor Day, 4 bartenders in view, all working hard. The rest of the scene is out of view to protect the innocent. <grin> Wish I could have made it, look forward to reading reports.

09-02-03, 02:51
it was another great trip to CR, got to meet & see some great guys, shamas, ace, foxhunter, DG, mexpat, g-man and others. didn't get a chance to meet everyone, but the rabbitman had a special chica he needed to see, over & over & over!!!!

09-15-03, 02:20
I have recently learned of a relatively new place in San Joese called "Oasis Massage."

It is accross the street from Machu Pichu resurant. The street might be Paseo Colon, but I'm not sure. Anyway, the place appears to be above average and clean. Full service is quoted at 10,000 colones (about $25US).

I was told that New Fantasy is becoming way too popular and other locations will become more convienient. Has anyone been to Oasis who can comment?


09-16-03, 14:59
The reports about the new Oasis are correct. Good alternative place. Since the expansion I do not think the New Fantasy is too crowded but that is a matter of opinion. I like it.

Do not forget about the 747 and the next door purple place at about 6000 to 10000 colones. Opens before "lunch" for your daytime pleasure.

09-17-03, 03:22
Re: Oasis

I just posted a couple of photos from Oasis on the new photo page.


09-17-03, 05:36
Trip report

Got in on Thursday with Ace, SandRabbit & Horsetrader all on Delta.

Checked in the Royal Dutch, got a small room w/poor AC. About 45 minutes later, Helena called and had the day shift desk guy come up and move me to a larger room. Second room was very large, 2 king beds with plenty of space all around them.

Moved to the Presidente when rooms opened up. Ace and myself got new rooms and used them with gusto.

Firday afternoon we had the massing of the mongers, Ace, DonGordo, Acatman, Dino, Jeffnew, Gamlinman, TMan and about 25 others showed up. Sandrabbit did hop in and out quickly, can't blame him a bit.

Saw my three favorites, E, A & R, all three are so pretty and relaxed, mi amigos. Had a date with LB for the first time, she's a good ole gal, no beauty but has a golden heart and really really gets into her service. Found out that her sister S was open for a visit so had both of them come by a few days later.

Had meals with E, R and Y at the News Cafe, quite nice :-)

Also met Y, A's cousin. Great looks and gives an excellent professional massage. Will massage every muscle and will bbbj and titty massage. Very active tongue that really knows where to flick and lick. Saw her a total of six times.

Got the news on Oasis, but never had a chance to check it out.

Went to d'whateveritis strip club it's much better than the Park show. I will go back.

Speaking of the Park Hotel, I went there a few afternoons, saw An there, she's one of Ace's favorites. She's a sweetie who I need to see. I spent a few hours there each time and always saw a few really hot babes. Night time is different, wild M is a sight to see, a spark plug who will ignite the whole place. At the Friday night show, two guys who were celebrating their birthdays got free bbbj at the bar. Haaaappy Birrrrthdayyyyyyy

The New York Bar was a nice place to slosh down a few beers. Met J there, he's a great Irishman with a voice that was absolutely great to listen to. Got to hear Don Gordo sing My Way, he's better than Old Blue Eyes ever was.

Going back again and again


Megu Pechu
09-19-03, 01:23
Nice to see the Shamas report. Hope the other 30 mongers will report in soon. I have a question for you gentlemen.

Planning first trip to CR in a couple months. After reading through so many great reports I'm itching to get my ass grabbed by some of these lovely ticas.

I see some have success picking up a beauty in SJ and going out into the country with her. Some other's had less success. Any good tips for finding the right kind of professional woman and keeping her happy for a few days of adventure/lovemaking in a resort area?

Also, any opinions on where to find the hands down most beautiful girls for a once in a lifetime experience? Obviously, bargain pricing is not the object in this case, but can't risk a total strikeout either. Is BM the best spot for this kind of, ya know, fishing for the big one?

Megu Pechu

09-19-03, 02:01
I am planning to visit CR within the next couple of months. Just a short R&R trip for a few days. Any holidays (aside from the obvious ones like Xmas) when the fun places close up and the chicas head for home? I've spent quite a bit of time in China over the past three years and have learned to plan around this.

By the way, this is a great board. All of the info here will make the trip a no-brainer for anyone with a taste for mongering. I will reciprocate with a detailed report of the debauchery.

Jaimito Cartero
09-20-03, 04:35
At the beginning of December, most employees get their bonus (aguinaldo, I think) for the year. While most girls don't get this check, they may take off in mid December, and not come back for 3 or 4 weeks.

I looked on one guide I use, and I don't see any other "major" holidays until Christmas.

Jaimito Cartero
09-20-03, 04:42
KYJ - I read some of your reports about different places, and I'd ask for a bit of clarification. I've been to most of the ones you list, and I don't see why you say Club 40 is a rip-off?

I went early this year, and while I don't think it's great, and the rooms upstairs reminded me of Tijuana, for the money it was fine.

Also, while VIPS Molino Rojo (Which I assume you're referring to) is a more Tico place, I've almost always had some good times there. Especially for the budget minded.

09-20-03, 23:39
Megu, if money isn't a major issue, you should do pretty well at the Blue Marlin - as far as looks go; there are some major-league stunners there. Here are a few keys that you should adhere to when 'fishing' at BM:

(1) Try to find the girl that isn't really mingling with the others. It's best to find one who is not a regular, who - perhaps - is a student who infrequently goes to BM for some extra cash.

(2) Even if you have sufficient cash, it's best to get a reasonable deal at BM. Say 'no' to "wan-hundreed doh-lars" ... and stick firm to a 20/30-k colones. They'll realize that you're not to 'be had.'

(3) Even if you're staying there for only a week, tell them that you'll be there for 'weeks/months' and will be returning for sure.

(4) Speak some Spanish ... especially if you're interested in seeing a bit of the country with the girl. Pimsleur language lessons are the best.

(5) No - you are NOT married. No - you do NOT frequent the Blue Marlin. That's what they want to hear ... in looking for someone of potential boyfriend/cash-tool prospects.

(6) Find a TICA.

(7) Rather than offering to pay her way to go to places like Arenal or other touristy destinations, ask her what she'd want to do. You could make a true adventure out of this and see some places that you would not have had a chance to see if you went with a Tica.

I spent a week in Quepos/San Jose with a Tica who told me that (supposedly) she had only worked at Blue Marlin twice ... although I sincerely suspect otherwise. She was the second girl that I hooked with at the BM, and toured San Jose's clubs, the countryside of CR, and Quepos and the beach area. I stayed at the girl's home and her friends' homes as we traveled as well ... she'd even insist on paying at certain points. And ... of course, I had play numerous times a day for free (only time I payed was the first time). Although this was my first visit to CR, from what I've read, this isn't necessarily the norm, but it can be had. Just hook up and, after a session at your place, ask her what she had planned for the rest of the week and if she wanted to hang with you. The clubs at "El Pueblo" in San Jose would be a great start. Also, it's important to make friends with her friends (guys and girls) and even her family. You never know ... but you may be able to meet another fine(r) Tica along the way ...

Of interest ... though ... I did notice how she had pics of about a dozen other different gringos at her home.

Don't get me wrong - but it wasn't all fun and games. For example, with her friends in Quepos, I also had to endure seeing a couple girl-girl/half-drunken cat-fights, and some of her friends passing around a bag of the white powder. Nonetheless, it was an amazing experience ...

I should probably get together a better trip report when I get the time.

Megu Pechu
09-21-03, 06:58
Muy aprecio, Player 2. Pimsleur es bueno, si, pero soy estúpido.

I'll be glad when I've had my couple weeks of pura vida and can begin to sort out the fantasies from the realities. Any place where there is no military, and few prohibitions against responsible sex, is my kind of place. I only hope it all lasts long enough for me to figure out how to retire there.

I've heard the US is meddling with immigration down there, causing headaches for the girls who's visitor's status is not totally up to date. The mighty Christian oppressors trying to ruin every corner of the world they can possbily reach. Hey, I can criticize because it's my country.

Maybe there is a kind of turismo sexual that will work in CR and keep it different from all the other overrun rats nests of the world. Could even change the world, or am I dreaming.

Soño estoy en paraÃ_so.
Sonreo. Lo beso. Ha desaparaciado.


09-21-03, 15:50
Jamito- Re Club 40:
You are correct and I was mistaken. I was thinking of the Tentaciones strip club as being the rip off. Club 40 is a nice low key bar east of Jocelyns. Both on Avenue 7 between Calle 0/1 and 3/5. Both are primarily Tico places with nice low key reasonable cost companions. Best if you speak some Spanish and last month, Jocelyns had lost its alcohol license so you better like CocaCola. There are some gems among the rough stones there.
Note to Gringos...do not go into either of these places with an attitude or expecting Blue Marlin type Colombian girls. Be cool and be nice. It will get you everything.

09-21-03, 18:56
Thanks Jaimito. I appreciate the info. Good to know that there aren't any unusual closures. I've had the unfortunate experience of being in Asia when there were weeklong national holidays that leave the mongers high and dry with service providers going home for even longer than a week. Nice to know that no such situation exists in CR.

09-23-03, 05:11
Megu P

As far as hooking up with a girl for an extended trip this can be an excellent trip or it can end up in the crapper. I would strongly suggest you try her out and spend time with her before taking off for the hills. I'm not a Blue Marlin fan (as stated many times), some of the girls have an attitude lurking just under that thin vaneer of beauty. Shop with caution. As others have stated, please don't go for the $100 deals. Also remember the three rules of mongering. 1. Never pay up front. 2. Always agree ahead of time on everything you want. 3. Remember the first two rules.

One of the other guys hit on a good point, the harder a girl comes on to you, the better the chances are your not going to have a good time with her. Don't let them know your really interested in them either. Don Gordo just pulls out some Colones and asks "who wants to make some money?"

Dino had a reallllly hot Columbian babe this past trip. She doesn't show up at the BM till around midnight. I guess she's overstayed her visa.

Many good places have been mentioned below plus BM & Key Largo. A new massage operation just opened, Oasis. There is also a strip club out in San Padro, d'something. It's the only strip club in town with a decent reputation and decent prices. I'll look up the spelling and get back. They have lesbian shows and the costs are lower than the Park Hotel show and the girl quality is much higher.

Don Gordo has his own web site, dongordo dot com, look it up. He has many good pics and a link to Lump map of SJO. Lumps map is a must have for all mongers.


A Toda Maquina
09-23-03, 06:35
That's right ,Dont go for the $100.00 gig , The average price for a lay down southshould'nt be over $15.00 -20.00(seriously) A banana picker down south makes anywhere from $8.00 - $12.00 a day ., So I guess some tourist with a woody gets quoated $100.00 for FS and goes for it ,that sets the price average for snatch . And be for real . Why even let some chic know you got $100.00 . I want to see some awesome postings !!!! And soon Too... Later

Jaimito Cartero
09-23-03, 06:56
There aren't too many "banana pickers" in the San Jose area, so your analogy isn't helpful.

People pay what they think it's worth. I know a girl who got $100 for an hour with gringos 15 years ago in San Jose. It's a magical figure.

I believe the most I ever paid for a normal session was the $42 or $45 at Idem. It was quite nice and worth it to me a the time. Was is better than the $32 I paid at New Fantasy? No.

I've had some really good times at 747. Rocio for $10 for half and hour. $15 for 1/2 an hour at VIP Molino Rojo.

Some guys think that a nice looking girl like Rocio or Wanda from New Fantasy is sub par because they're not charging $100 is crazy. If you only want to hang out at BM, great. But if you explore a bit, you'll find a lot of real gems. (As long as you stay out of the tranny strolls!)

09-23-03, 15:54
Sale on CO (Continental) today only to SJO and other places. Check their web site. Good for next few months except holidays which are dead in SJO anyway.

Is your strip club D'Pelufo or something like that? I will go with you next time. I have the directions somewhere.

Photo of Headquarters central attached. A work in progress.

Jaimito Cartero
09-23-03, 19:43
Ace - I checked out the "sales" on CO and found nothing worthwhile at all, at least not from the west coast, and in December.

I fly to SJO 2-4 times a year, and have been stuck with CO for a lot of years. Now, I actually do go at Christmas time, as I have family there.

If you try to book a ticket after December 13, and a return any sooner than January 12, you're hit with huge prices (double at least).

America West is going to start flying to SJO on December 1st. It's perfect for me, since I'm going from Phoenix. A direct flight! They do have some days blacked out, but still lots of available days. And they're still less than American, around $450-$500.

I know that their introductary sale ends today, but I don't know what they're pricing is going to be afterwards. Hopefully they'll keep being competitive.

I had to call up AWA to look up my FF number. I had to wait about 10 minutes on hold, but then I had the most pleasant and relaxed conversation with an agent in years!

It will be interesting to see if they'll be doing any weekend specials to SJO later on. I wonder if Wanda is still working?

Megu Pechu
09-24-03, 02:09
I hear you guys about the $100 sucker bid. I actually have a few different encounters in mind. Some hot, quick and cheap for sure, just to score the experience and get as much variety as possible. But I can actually get that around here (minus the cheap part).

What I can't get here is the lingering one, two or three hours of unhurried exploration with a girl I really want that with. I'd only go to $100 for three hours of unlimited repeats with a truely hot one with a great personality. Also some pictures to take home. To be paid at the end. So hopefully BM will be a good venue for those few experiences, even if I can't find a good travel partner. And then I can spice it up at New Fantasy, Oasis, Idem, 747,etc. Not that I'm going for the sex, of course. I just like to keep busy.

More questions:
I read somewhere a vague discription of where Oasis is located. Best I can figure it is on Calle 32 on the right going from Av. 1 to 3. I realize those streets might not have signs, but I want to mark it on my map.

I read in one guide book that "Zona Roja" south of Parque Central is a high crime area. In Tijuana, Zona Roja is one of the best places for Gringos to go (Adelitas & Chicago Club). But I haven't noticed any mention of mongering in SJ's Zona Roja. Anyone know about it?

When in a tourist town like La Fortuna, is it okay to ask at the hotel where to find a local club or brothel? Or are you going to be pegged as an undesirable type?

One last thought. Where does a local wealthy businessman or politician take a client to grease his wheels? Again the Del Rey? I keep thinking there must be some truely high class action reserved for the resident hogs. Any insights?

09-24-03, 09:39
I will be heading out again to San Jose this Wed if anyone wants to have a beer or something. I will be staying at the Presidente but hanging out at the Del Rey Bar. I will try to post a report on my adventures.

09-25-03, 05:25
Megu Pechu,

I'd take your "politicians" and "wealthy businessmen" to the Del Rey. I do suggest they adopt your attitude on pricing. No matter how much money you have, is not point in throwing it out the window and messing things up for other mongers. If the girl has to have "one hun dreed dolars" then she should have to work a good while for it. If she will not do that, probably is not worth having anyway. $100 is a lot of $ down there.

And, I have a question for anyone that may know. Does the Morazon have electronic room safe boxes? Yes the Del Rey can be expensive but having a very good way to keep sticky fingers off your valuables goes a long way with me.


Jaimito Cartero
09-25-03, 06:32
I've never gotten a SW in Costa Rica in the almost 15 years I've been going there.

A few reasons: There's plenty of good stuff inside bars, MP, clubs, etc. You might find something nice just outside the door, but you'd best be careful. You're much more likely to get ripped off. Remember that if they're on the street they probably don't have a health card.

There are a couple of tranny walks in the central part of the city, and you'd better make sure you didn't pick up one. Parque Morazon has had a lot of attention lately, and you should be very careful around there at night.

Jaimito Cartero
09-26-03, 05:01
I've seen DG and others talk about Oasis. Is it similar to New Fantasy?

I'll be coming for a few weeks in December and want to plan out a few adventures while I'm there.

Is Wanda (from NF) still working?

Megu Pechu
09-27-03, 06:56

thanks, but if you don't mind, do not accuse me of taking "politicians" and "wealthy businessmen" anywhere. i have no taste for them. all i want is beautiful women. power, unfortunately, attracts beautiful women. i listen to someone like our american president, declaring a war against us mongers. (if you didn't hear it, you better start paying attention!) according to him, if you pay a woman for sex, you are interested in abusing **** girls.

to me this is like looking at elvis presely, who married a 14 year old (i think), and using this as an excuse for attacking the institution of marriage. it is absurde!

but we live in a world of ignorance and absurdity, and we are all vulnerable. i will show you all how to combat the abuse of **** girls. let us ban together and denounce it. if this president where honest, he would be enlisting us anyway, so i declare, right here, that anyone of us who has sex with a girl under 18 years old is not to be tolerated. such an act must not be allowed. all others who claim moral or legal high ground shall follow us.

there. done. now leave the rest of us alone, please, mr. presendent, and mr. afinidad, who is probably wondering whether to be insulted or pleased that i am comparing him to the president of the united states. let's call it a complement and call it even. (i'm smiling when i say that)


Jaimito Cartero
09-27-03, 21:12
MP - I think you're confused about a few things. I don't think Elvis married a 14 year old. I think you're thinking about Jerry Lee Lewis. At the time JLL did it, there was nothing illegal about it, that I recall.

It's starting the presidential season, so you'll get campaigns about stuff that they know that people are behind. Instead of press questioins like, "How many troops have been killed in Iraq" it's, "How many people have we arrested for molesting poor children". Anything to divert attention from some of the most serious problems.

One question about dictating behavior in foreign countries, if the age of consent is 16 in a country, I don't think that they can legally do anything. The age of consent in some US states is 15 or 16. I don't know how the law is interpreted with people 18 or over, but will NY prosecute you for doing something in AL that is legal in AL? Doesn't make sense to me.

09-28-03, 00:28
Jaimito Cartero,

You asked: "One question about dictating behavior in foreign countries, if the age of consent is 16 in a country, I don't think that they can legally do anything. The age of consent in some US states is 15 or 16. I don't know how the law is interpreted with people 18 or over, but will NY prosecute you for doing something in AL that is legal in AL?"

One state (of the United States) can not prosecute you for breaking the laws of another state or another country, but, for example, if your conduct breaks a New York state law and New York can show that some part of your alleged crime occured in New York, then New York can prosecute you. So if you arrange by e-mail from New York to pay for sex in Costa Rica, then you are likely liable for a prostitution charge in New York, or conspiracy, or more, depending on how creative the prosecutor gets.

The more serious threat of prosecution at home for activity overseas comes from the United States government (the feds). This is a bit of gray area that the laws and courts of the US are still working out, but the Department of Justice under Attorney General John Ashcroft currently asserts that they can prosecute anybody for breaking any federal law anywhere.

Sex tourism is an easy target for the politicians, and sexual exploitation of minors is easily equated in the public mind with legitimate prostitution.

Best to keep it safe and legal, and just fly under the radar by keeping your mongering activities to yourself.


09-28-03, 02:42
Yes that is the place, I can never remember how to spell it. I'll send you a few pics shortly.


Oasis, per DG is better than NF. Cheaper, prettier girls and as clean.

You mentioned SWers. I've seen a few but I'm better looking than they were.

Take care all


09-28-03, 06:24
<<one last thought. where does a local wealthy businessman or politician take a client to grease his wheels? again the del rey? i keep thinking there must be some truely high class action reserved for the resident hogs. any insights?>>


i am a bit baffled to say the least. i was attempting to answer your question here. you then spring boarded into discussions about elvis presley and **** sex. then george w. with comparsions to made to me?? okay, yea i am afraid that i mind. lol

but since we changed the subject, let me offer a point of correction. it was in fact jerry lee lewis that married the young girl, his cousin, 12 years old and still sucking lolly pops.

as to keeping it 18, i am on board all the way. but how many fake ids are circulating around san jose? how closely is age monitored in the massage places and brothels? doubt we will get any concrete answers to this one... for me, they got to well look old enough, irregardless of id.

Jaimito Cartero
09-28-03, 06:34
Well, I'll be in SJO in December. A place better than NF. Wow, that should be a fun place to explore. Has anyone seen Wanda at NF in the last few months?

09-28-03, 15:53
Quote from Shamas:
"Oasis, per DG is better than NF."

I never said that. It is a totally different place than New Fantasy.The girls are pretty and the prices are low, and it is worth checking out,
but in no way is it better than New Fantasy.


Megu Pechu
09-29-03, 00:41
Being confused is half the fun. Speaking of which, can anyone tell me if I have to be a TSM member to get the TSM rate at El Presidente?

09-29-03, 18:36
I'm planning on coming in December too Jaimito. Many have told me the first 2 weeks are okay but the week before,during and after christmas sucks because all the girls are home with their families. Christmas is huge in this Catholic country. I hope the girls will be out in droves the first 2 weeks as I am sure they will be working hard to make money for regallos for the Christmas holiday. If you are there maybe we can hook up

09-30-03, 02:07
Megu Pechu

Just ask for the TSM rate and they`ll give it to you.


09-30-03, 05:24

Sorry for the misquote, I must have misunderstood you. Altitude and alcahol don't help my memory one bit.


Jaimito Cartero
09-30-03, 11:35
Mav - Well, I don't know how much action I'll be getting, but hopefully some, at least.

I haven't been to SJO since earlier this year, so need to check out Oasis and make a visit or two to NF. I also haven't tried the new place next to 747 yet.

A Toda Maquina
10-01-03, 07:33
Hey Pilgrims , can anyone tell me where I can rent a small 125-250 cc motorbike in the San Jose area ? Oh, also any economical places ladies can be found .. Nothin fancy.


Jaimito Cartero
10-01-03, 07:49
I don't know of any place that rents bikes, though I'm sure there's some place that does. I would probably contact a normal rental agency and see if they have an referrals.

For lower priced encounters, I'd check out 747, VIPS Molino Rojo and New Fantasy Massage. These are all between $10-20 for 1/2 an hour. There are also a number of clubs and bars that you can get inexpensive FS. Club 40 and Park Hotel are two that I've tried.

A little more expensive is Bar Idem, which is $40-$50 an hour, I think. If you search this forum, you'll find reference to Don Gordos webpage. He has a link on his site for Lumps map of San Jose, which has a lot of good info on it.

A Toda Maquina
10-01-03, 17:54
Hey Jaimito, That'll work., no doubt i'll check it out .I will have to look around for a moto rental. , not goin down until January .

Keep up the good reports ! Thanks.

10-02-03, 06:36

I just got back from SJO and had loads of fun. The Del Rey is exactly the same from my visit last November. The more attractive women show up around 8-9PM and most of them are taken out by 11-12PM. Of course, since the BM was my first stop after I got off the plane, I got hooked by the prettiest girl there for a C note (thinking with the horny head). Afterwards, I was in the right frame of mind to negoiate a better rate to about $60.

I did notice something different this time around. I had a late lunch at the Cafe Rey, after a session at NF, and noticed a lot of younger women walking in. I think they just finished with their classes at the university and was getting a little spending cash for the night or weekend.

My favorite steak house at the Pueblo closed down, so that was a disappointment.

I brought a couple of neo's with me and even before the day was out, they were planning on the next trip back. A good time was had by all.

Pura vida,


10-02-03, 22:17
What are the positives and negatives of DR and Pres? Will be in CR in Nov.

10-05-03, 22:16
I have been reading the archive on CR and have decided that I am ready for a visit. I have a few questions for you old hands and apologize in advance for asking questions that have been asked here before. I did search the archive already and still have some unanswered questions.

First, what is the "best" time of year to plan a visit. I suspect the weather varies from hot to hotter to even hotter, I would prefer not to hit the hottest time of the year, or the rainiest. But if planning a trip during one of the lesser favorable times, from a climate standpoint, would result in more available chicas at a better value, I would also be open to that idea. I just don't want to hit the absolute worst time of year weatherwise. I know they have hurricaines and stuff and would prefer to avoid that sort of thing as well.

Secondly, what are the visa requirements, if any, for an American citizen. I have a passport already, is it necessary to obtain a tourist visa ahead of time or is this something that can be taken care of on arrival??

Thirdly, since I am a prospective newbie (not even an actual newbie yet) to the CR scene, I plan to stay at the Hotel Delrey. Is it necessary to book reservations ahead of time or is it possible to just show up and expect there to be rooms available? Is the staff of the Delrey pretty good with English, because my Spanish is not all that great. I would hate for a miscommunication to result in my showing up and having no place to stay.

And anything else you think I might want to know but have overlooked would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Megu Pechu
10-06-03, 06:16

I'm an old hand at this. First rule is, only newbies answer questions. Second rule is don't believe what anyone says.

Fortunately, your questions are good ones and easy to answer.

First, what is the "best" time of year to plan a visit. I suspect the weather varies from hot to hotter to even hotter, I would prefer not to hit the hottest time of the year, or the rainiest. But if planning a trip during one of the lesser favorable times, from a climate standpoint, would result in more available chicas at a better value, I would also be open to that idea. I just don't want to hit the absolute worst time of year weatherwise. I know they have hurricaines and stuff and would prefer to avoid that sort of thing as well.Don't think of Costa Rica weather as being like Florida weather. Costa Rica has many mountains and most of the people live in an area that has a fairly high elevation. In those areas, such as San Jose, the weather tends to be mild year round. Meanwhile, down by the ocean, or in the lowlands, the weather is always hot. If it's too hot where you are, just start going up hill. SJ is mild all year, so if you're looking for girls you just have to avoid major holidays like Christmas.

As for rain, from mid December to April is considered dry season for most of the country, and that is when most of the tourist areas get crowded. That applies to the central highlands and the west and north. The east coast is rainier than the rest of the country, and has a different rainy season all together, so if you go to the Carribean side, just expect daily showers in the afternoon and heat, and bring bug spray.

Secondly, what are the visa requirements, if any, for an American citizen?None. Passport is all you need. There is an exit fee of a little over $20 when you leave the country.

Thirdly, since I am a prospective newbie (not even an actual newbie yet) to the CR scene, I plan to stay at the Hotel Delrey. Is it necessary to book reservations ahead of time or is it possible to just show up and expect there to be rooms available? Is the staff of the Delrey pretty good with English, because my Spanish is not all that great. I would hate for a miscommunication to result in my showing up and having no place to stay.Del Rey is popular largely because English is the first language there. As for reservations, you're probably safer if you get them, but you also probably will be okay just showing up. Still, you can get better rates at some other hotels in the area if you reserve special bargain rates ahead of time. Some internet sites may help you find these rates, but don't ask me.

And anything else you think I might want to know but have overlooked would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance.Just go and have fun. San Jose is more dangerous than the rest of the country, but there are many worse places in the world. Be more careful walking around at night. Beyond that, just remember that most people down there think you owe them money before you get there. They'll be nice to you, but if you start giving your money away expecting special treatment in return, they'll gladly take as much as they can get from you just for being such a foolish gringo. Show people respect and make an effort to understand their point of view and you should be well on your way to having a fantastic time in Costa Rica.

Oh yeah, and if you see officials rounding people up in a bar, run the other way if you can. They have been known to do this from time to time over the last year or so and it ruins your whole night if they get you.

A Toda Maquina
10-06-03, 06:19
Hey Pilgrims, I keep hearing about Russian chics in CR ,has anyone spotted any Romanian, Bulgarian ,Hungarian or Yugoslavian ladies there?, And does anyone have any stories of bars or roadside houses on the truck routes or places in smaller towns ? Also a good steakhouse that cooks over wood/carbon . Thanks

10-06-03, 06:23
Dougie and newbies,

Read the board first and you will find that all your questions have been already answered here.
The weather is cool year round, the only bad time to visit is Easter week and Christmas. Get hotel reservations in advance, they speak English. Go to the Del Rey for your first visit. No visa required but a passport is.

Photo of SuperBowl Sunday at the Del Rey sportsbook with live radio sports talk show in progress.

10-06-03, 06:44

Avoid East European chicas in CR at all costs.
Beware of the Translavania Twit. Avoid her.
See: http://www.geocities.com/piddweb/lstt.html
Stick with Costaricachicas.
A word to the wise...

No "roadhouses" nor "truckroutes" in CR. As a matter of fact no roads in CR, only unmarked potholed paths with some concrete in spots. Careful, because old buses are used for fill in the potholes.

Please Read The Fine Board before asking questions for they all have been answered in detail.

Thank you.
"Coming to Costa Rica Again"

Jaimito Cartero
10-06-03, 07:26
KYJ - Good information about when not to come.

Dougie - Another thing, when ever this is an election (City, or country), they close the bars down for a couple of days. Sometimes the bars will sneak stuff out for you, but don't count on it.

If you want to spend a LOT of money the Del Rey isn't a bad way to go. I prefer not to encoure the higher fees they charge though.

There are a couple of other hotels that are very close and don't charge a "joiner" fee. I think the Presidente and another one. They only a couple of blocks away, so it's no problem.

Central Costa Rica has two seasons. Winter and Summer. It rains more in Winter. Not much else different. No huge temperature variations in the Central Valley (San Jose, etc).

If you go to the Pacific side (Jaco, Manuel Antonio) it is much more humid and hot. There are some nice beaches to explore.

10-06-03, 08:09
To further clarify the weather in CR...

There are two seasons.
From mid December to mid April it is dry, and sometimes called "Summer".
From mid April to mid December it rains every day in the afternoon for an hour or so. Thus sometimes called "Winter".

San Jose is in the Central Valley which is about 3000 feet high surrounded by high volcanic mountains, and thus cool year round like Mexico City and the rest of the Central American highlands. About 78 degrees F in the day and 65 degrees at night.

The lowlands are warm and moist and thus you have rainforests. The beaches are at...sea level and thus hot year round. Nice for growing bananas. Halfway up the mountains is coffee plantation country. (Mountain grown Folgers?) See Photo.
By most people the sandy West coast is nicer than the banana plantation East coast.

The everyday rain is what makes the Panama Canal work. Rain fills the lakes and reservors used to fill the middle of the canal and float the boats. Gravity and Nature are harnessed to move tons.

A Toda Maquina
10-06-03, 17:39
Hey William, If the roads are that bad . , sounds good to me .Is the CR sektion of CA-1 (Pan American ) in that bad of shape ? The kaffee sounds good too . Good Pic of the finca. I would like to see some new pics in the foto gallery !

Jaimito Cartero
10-07-03, 02:37
I don't think that Costa Rican roads are that bad on average. On the coasts there are some very bad sections, but in most metroplitan areas they're fine. Potholes, construction and other normal hazards you'll find some.

I drive in Costa Rica for about a month every year. I would prefer not to drive in the San Jose area since it's so congested. When driving to Limon or Puntarenas it's much easier, but Ticos drive a bit crazy. They'll drive 70 miles an hour through fog, when they can only see 20 feet in front of their cars.

Most guides will tell you not to drive in poorer countries at night. Or not to drive fast. I remember the first time in the late 80's that I drove from San Jose to Manuel Antonio at night. There was one section that was newly paved, and then after that was original road which was spotty. I was going 60mph and saw what looked like a big black spot up ahead. I stomped the brake and ended up in a 15 foot wide pothole about 6-12" deep. I slowed down after that.