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Jaimito Cartero
10-07-03, 09:37
For those in the NYC area, Continental has a weekend special to San Jose for $299 plus taxes. Flies out of Newark, I believe.

Mongo II
10-07-03, 16:05
I am going back to San Jose on the 23rd for three weeks. Staying at the Hemingway (my favorite and it is 100 yards from New Fantasy). Hemingway has a 13 dollar guest charge and a good tropical breakfast. There is a new restaurant adjoining which should add to the experience. Barrio Amon is beautiful.

Would like to meet some of the legendary mongers.

Planning a side trip to Limon, and will post about cruise ships and service providers.

Question: I was told that I would not be welcome in the Park because I am Black. this doesn't make any sense to me, but ......

Does anybody know whether this is true or not?

10-07-03, 16:55
MIA - SJO Sale Oct. 17

If you are in South Florida do you have time for a quickie weekend in SJO the weekend of Oct. 17th? Check American Airlines for a $264 RT fare. This is a great deal. Sorry I am not in MIA area.

From the website: (Other dates and flights available)

Select Price Per Person 263.90 USD Passengers 1 Total Price 263.90 USD

Carrier Flight
Number Departing Arriving Aircraft
City Date & Time City Date & Time

989 MIA Miami 10/17/2003 10:45 AM SJO San Jose 10/17/2003 11:33 AM AB6 1117

988 SJO San Jose 10/20/2003 12:45 PM MIA Miami 10/20/2003 05:42 PM AB6 1117

Mexpat: " Ain't no such thing as romance without finance"

Jaimito Cartero
10-08-03, 20:35
Mongo - I've been in the Park (for the show), but don't recall seeing any black customers. I can't think of ANY reason why they should refuse you, though.

I would personally not stay anyplace where they charged you for bringing in a guest. It's just a rip off fee. I don't think Morazon or Presidente charge this.

10-08-03, 23:50

I`ve been to too many Park Hotel shows and there have been black guys present for many of them. Race is not a problem at the Park Hotel. As long as you have the money to pay the cover charge for the show, they will let you in the door.


10-09-03, 01:56
Hey Mongo,

Tell us a little more about the Hemingway. I sure would like to find a nice place to stay that was QUIET, and CLASSY. and DOWNTOWN!! So many of the monger hotels are too noisy and just not nice enough.

I have stayed at the Best Western Irazu hotel but it is not downtown and too far from the action. I don't mind paying a few bucks for the chicas if the place is nice.


Megu Pechu
10-09-03, 02:30
Looks like the annual price hike has come to Hotel Presidente:

Thanks for your e-mail. The TSM rate for single room is $ 48+tax

10-10-03, 03:25
You will not only be welcomed at the Park Hotel show but will be asked to participate, if you have the admission fee like everyone else.
At the Friday night show over the Labor Day weekend, one black guy was having a birthday so he got a (covered) blow job in his seat at the bar from the show girls during the show.

I should add that some, and maybe many of the chicas have some black blood in their roots. Some more than others.
Some of the chicas are pure Indian, which they refer to as indigenious.
Some are of pure European decent.
MOST are a mixture of Indian, European, and Black, in various degrees, with a little Asian thrown in from time to time.

Some guys say "The darker the meat, the hotter the sex"
You decide.


Mongo II
10-10-03, 09:23
Thanks for information, fellow mongers.

I will definitely make at least one lesbian show and one Tuesday at the Park.

10-11-03, 15:14
In Costa Rica - the only color that is important to the Chicas is the color of your money. I don't remember any time when I have been there where "black" men were considered not to be preferred. It does help in bargaining if you are good looking, practice good hygiene and are polite to these chicas. But I have never seen any girl turn down a customer.

Spin the Globe
10-12-03, 18:10
Hey Clod,

Just to give you a quick scoop on the Hemmingway. It is very quiet. A small place about a 5 + minute walk from the Del Rey, and other locales. The rooms are small and NOT as nice as even the monger hotels.

I found the rooms to be better in the DR, Morazon and Presidente. Also at night you would almost have to take a cab back to this hotel. It is in the other side of the park and should be avoided at night.

The place is small and kind of nice--the breakfast is good.

The other downside is that they don't have safe's in the rooms. If you are looking for impressive rooms--you should look elsewhere.

Just my opinion.


Jaimito Cartero
10-15-03, 08:23
It looks like American Airlines is trying to compete with America Wests new flights to San Jose. Right now they have flights from LAX or PHX for about $337 plus tax. Runs about $400 or so total.

Flights leaving Dec 1 or later. (To match start of America West service). Some blackouts around around Christmas and New Years.

I'm going to try the America West direct flight from Phoenix in December. It will the first time I've ever been able to take a direct flight there.

10-15-03, 17:29
I have a question , as I need some input and help that maybe someone can supply.
Last year in August, I married a Columbian girl while in Costa Rica. I had spent about two months with her down there after meeting her. (before the flaming starts, let me state I have not been sending her money or anything.) We were married in a lawyers office ,had a party with the staff of the hotel and some friends and witnesses, the marriage is legal in Costa Rica.
After what was supposed to be a quick return trip home to the states, I encountered financial difficulties, and was unable to return to CR.
M(the girl I married) does not have bank accounts or anything like that in Columbia or CR. Now that my financial situation has changed, I do not have much either.
I have been told that to get her a visitor,tourist, etc...visa to the U.S. is immpossible because she is an illegal in CR,has no money, no documented job,etc...and that I do not make enough, etc... to bring her here.
M and I cannot afford to go to her home in Columbia and do all kinds of paperwork there either. She is also scared to go back to Columbia because her father was killed there and she is not from the best of places there.
I have been told (non-professionally) that since she is my wife in CR that I should just go there, and fly back with her, I have been told to sneak her in through Mexico, I have been told to do all kinds of crap. Lawyers are useless info here in the states because they are afraid to recommend anything because they dont want to be liable.
I have not tried to do much about it in the US because they would want to see all sorts of proof of income, tax returns, etc..and I just am not that "up" on all that crap.

What would happen if I flew down, bought us return tickets and just flew into the states with her?
What can I do legally, or semi-legally to get her here without any government agency wanting to see my tax returns , bank accounts, etc?

I have been told by an immegration lawyer in California, that once I get her here...no matter how...that it is 99% of the battle, and we could work it out from there. Of course the lawyer could not make any recomondations about getting her in here.(cover your ass syndrome again)

Can anyone here give me some non-hearsay advise on what to do? Shes a really good girl, even offered to send back the ring and all to help me money-wise...never asked me for a cent....I know she's still "working"...and she hates it. But people do what they have to in order to survive.
Thanks guys

Jaimito Cartero
10-15-03, 19:11
Dan - Well you've got a hard road in front of you. I'm very familar with part of your problem, but not all. One word up front: If you really care for this girl I would not try to smuggle her into the country. It's quite dangerous, and if something bad happened to her, I don't think you would be able to face yourself.

There are a number of legal hoops to jump through. First of all, you need to file in the US for her to come. Here's a link from the Homeland Security page.


Whatever you do, don't go to the US Consulate in CR to apply for her to come. It will be a waste of time and money. Only apply in the US.

There are certain things that have to be agreed to before she can come. Like you being able to support her, that she is HIV free, and not a prostitute. So you would have to fudge the facts on at least one thing. It is likely that you will have to show that you can support her, via W2 or your latest tax returns.

If you married her, then why should there be a problem with sending her money? She is your wife afterall, and she's there for your money like all other wives. :)

If at this point, you look back and realize that it was more lust than love, then it may just not work for you.

10-16-03, 03:39

In regards to "What would happen if I flew down, bought us return tickets and just flew into the states with her?"

Normally, prior to departing San Jose to U.S, agent at the airport in addition to asking for her passport, will also ask to see her visa.
If by great chance they fail, then first point of contact in the U.S. will most certainly demand it. She would be detained and possibly sent back to C.R. on the next flight. They actually have facilities at Customs at the airport to handle over-night accomadations, if a return flight is not offered again until the following day. No way would they let you both pass thru together and continue on as normal. It'll be a hassel.

good luck

Mongo II
10-19-03, 13:18
the hemingway does have safes in the rooms, although there is a $3.00/day charge for the key. since my credit card doesn't work at atm's there, safes are indispensible.

the rooms are not up to the level of holiday inns, but they are clean. some rooms are better than others. it is an old house so there are quirks.

free internet access.

the comment about taxis to/from gringo gulch at night is correct. there are huge transvestites than roam the streets and parks in this area that rob men. taxi is about $1.25. daytime or walking in groups is ok.

the desk people are fantastic. they call taxis, arrange tours, give information about all sorts of things (manicures, pedicures, therapeutic in-room massages, just about anything). they are all fluent in english and spanish.

10-19-03, 15:05

Wow! You have a lot of guts my man. But do not do anyting that is illegal to our immigration laws. She, your wife, will get the short end of the stick at the end of the day, if you bring her over illegally.

LOVE needs to have food and housing as well. If I were you, I would try to get my finance in order first prior attempting to bring her over to the State - that is if you want the marriage to last.

Look, she survives in CR for all these years without your help; she is a survivor. I am sure she will not have much problems of taking care of herself for a few more years to come without much of your assistance. However, it would be nice if you can help her out now and than.

Dude, much of luck to your endeavor.

10-25-03, 19:29
Megu Pichu, and others, thanks for the info.

KYJ, I ain't a newbie but I ain't been everywhere yet so I consider myself a pseudo-newbie when venturing into uncharted (for me) territory. And there over 1000 messages just on the San Jose board alone. I will do multiple searches using keywords and sometimes will read an entire archive from start to finish but with over 1k messages in the arc, saying "read the board first" before asking a few simple questions is being a bit jerky, don't ya think? I will stop after reading a couple of hundred messages and just ask the f'ing questions if I ain't found what I am looking for by then.

Mongo II
10-26-03, 16:31
First trip to The Park and won the raffle.

Haven't found Wanda.

Jaimito Cartero
10-28-03, 09:38
That's weird. I won it my first time too, and gave it to a buddy.

Where in the world is Wanda? :) If you find her, you'll have gotten the prize.

10-28-03, 17:55
Your chances of winning a free Blow Job at the Park Hotel after the sex show on the bar on Friday and Saturday nights are actually very good odds. What happens is that lots of ticket holders leave the bar right after the show the if their ticket number is called and they are not there, another number is immediately drawn. Some other show attendees have already picked out a girl and gone to a room upstairs with her for action.
Thus there are really very few guys hanging around for the drawings...usually. Saturday night your chances are even greater because there are fewer in attendance. But sometimes Bill, the owner, draws fewer numbers. He draws a number about every 15 or 20 minutes so hang around like he wants you to and drink up.

If you do win a free blow job tip the chica a tip, because Bill does not pay them much to give you the BJ. He gives them about $10 to $12. At least give them a $10 or $12 tip.
Or a 2000C tip and some gift like panties or perfume. Especially if they agree to give a BBBJ and pose for PRIVATE photos which many will do. Do not post photos without permission, please.

One more tip. I always buy the girls at the bar a drink prior to the show without expecting anything in return. It costs me about $2 or $3 per drink and there are usually ten to fifteen chicas there. Without asking or expecting it, I get love and attention you cannot believe in return at the times I am there and when I return. They remember me and always say hello.
If you do not wish to buy all the chicas a drink, buy some for a select few you like or would like to know. Watch what happens.
In general these girls have nobody ever do anything for them.

They are not paid well at all for participation in the show. About $15 each if they are lucky.

I know this because I have become friends with several of the chicas who hang out there. They tell me the inside scoop on who is doing what with who and who has a drinking or drug problem and who is pregnant and who is having a hard time and so on. I get the same stories on what they are paid. They also give me their viewpoint on the bar, management and the visiting gringos. They lead a hard life. They can be fun..

Some are 3s and 4s and others are 7s and 9s. Hot and not. Gems and not. Your luck will vary greatly.

Enough of this -- have fun. Go there.

Mongo II
10-28-03, 19:25
OK, guys. Where is the Oasis?

Here is a tip. There is a bank in the INS building second floor that is not crowded and has chairs. Great for exchange.

Had a bad experience with service at the Colonial. Was told by a fellow hobbyist / gambler that the Horseshoe is better.

Keep up the good info.

10-29-03, 15:44

Thanks for the excellent inside info. I wish I had your Spanish skills.

I won the BJ my first time at the Park as well, because I collected all the tickets from the guys who split after the show.

The Park is a cool little hole-in-the-wall, neighborhood type bar in a not-so-great neighborhood (take a taxi). All CR mongers should see the show at least once, just to say they did, and there are some diamonds to be found in that rough.


10-29-03, 17:51
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However, there is no default "On" setting. You need to physically turn it on by following the instructions on the site.

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11-04-03, 11:47
DFW - SJO $349 on AA,
Weekend of Nov 14-17.
See American Air site for details.

11-07-03, 04:37
Hello Gents,

I am a new member, and a bit of a newbie. Looking to go to Costa Rica in January, but I have a few questions. I want to spend a few nights in San Jose and some at the beach. Which is better Jaco/ Tam? Also I don't know if I can get any of my buddies to join me. Is the trip doable solo? I appreciate any tips.

J Stem
11-07-03, 09:41

I went to CR this past March, and had a nice time. Split up the trip between San Jose, and down to the beach. Beautiful country, but the girls were disappointing. Some cute, but no models as I found at the Campo Allegre in Curacao. Would I return to Costa Rica, yes. When you're downtown right up the street from the Blue Marlin is Gordy's. Fantastic food, fantastic prices. Didn't get a bad meal in that country, but for sure try Gordy's. Fantastic! Prices were high. 80 to 100, and it seemed if you weren't an older, heavier man, some of the girls could be snobby. Just some, not all. An honest unbiased opinon. By the way, watch the Delta webiste. They always have fare deals to San Jose. And Travelocity.com has a fare watcher that will alert you if a price drop occurs to a particular destination you've specified.


J Stem

Mongo II
11-07-03, 12:47
Went to the Mansion on nueve. It has a bar to meet the ladies. There are some transfers here from the new fantasy. Was told that Wanda has indeed retired.

11-08-03, 20:38
Well, I will be out in paradise also sometimes called Costa Rica again in early Dec 2003. By the way, I now live in the USA with a Costa Rican girlfriend I met using e-mail personals from one of those International personal sites, but I did have alot of fun 1st the prior year. I also sent $ 5.00 to the WSG chariy since this site has helped make my life alot better than it used to be.

As for the girls in Costa Rica, the most expensive can be found in the Blue Marlin bar in the Hotel Del Rey, by expensive I mean you are looking at $ 100.00. However, I would recommend that you choose a girl that you like who also likes you, and you will have a good time. Spend a little money buying her drinks at the bar and see if there is some chemistry. You are on vacation. Have fun, I did. Good luck. Party hard, but party safe.

Jaimito Cartero
11-08-03, 23:38
I'll be in San Jose from Dec 12th to the end of the year. If anyone wants to get together (especially on the weekends), let me know.

11-09-03, 04:56

Solo is definitely doable...kind of better in a way because you are in control of your time. You'll meet a ton of guys and potential travel partners at places like the Presidente and DR anyway.

I'm not big on either Tamarindo or Jaco--too touristy for me. Which beach to go to depends on what you are looking for. If you want action then Jaco has it, if you want beauty Manuel Antonio has it. Read the guide books and have a great trip!

11-09-03, 06:47

Thanks for the reply. I'm going to make the trip with or without my buddies. I would appreciate if anyone can give me the bare essentials: prices, bars, ect. I'll be sure to give everyone the report of my virgen voyage.

11-09-03, 21:50
Never pay 100 dollars..repeat this when necessary.It is a buyers market ...even at the Del Rey.Even the top chicas there can be got for 70 tops.If not let em walk.It has been a slow season and you can negotiate,paying 100 only spoils them.Girls at VIPs,747 or Idem are available for 20-40 short time.Lecture over! Anyone going Thanksgiving there will be a monger meeting 11/27 5p.m. place-Blue Marlin tables by the windows...Drinking,lying,best blowjobs,worst fucks,ex wives,war stories etc will be discussed. pura vida.........Mule69

11-09-03, 22:14
Hello Friends:

I am planning to go down to CR for the first time, in January. If you are a veteran, or a newbie, and interested in meeting up down there to check out the local action, please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.


11-10-03, 04:36
<<Prices were high. 80 to 100, and it seemed if you weren't an older, heavier man, some of the girls could be snobby.>>

Stern I love it. LOL Bias toward the heavier older men. Well, I am older, but got some work to do on my belly. Got time though before my next trip.-)

Go ahead and pay 80 to $100 if they are dead set on it and it is a girl you really want. BUT, tell them "toda la noche" For all night. Hold your ground, but if they balk, settle for two or three hours, two pops. If that isn`t good enough, then walk, chances are they would have been just as uncooperative in the room. Many of these end up going home empty handed. But I guess they figure it is only a matter of time before a newbie or someone with money to burn comes in, keeps them for a few days, and spends a bundle on them.

11-12-03, 01:45

Well my curiosity is piqued and am beginning my research into whether I should do this little adventure or not. I have been going to Germany this last year for the hobby and even though it is a longer flight, it really is so much more organized over there, it seems to me.

A couple of questions I have not noticed posed are currency exchange and travel to and from the airport. Does the airport have atm machines where I can use my card before setting out?

I'm looking to stay at the Comfort Hotel Real San Jose which advertises itself to be in the business district. I have no clue how far away it is from the action, but it seems clean, safe, and they do cover the transportation to and from the airport so that should take care of that.

I also noticed in the posts many cautions not to walk around alone at night. Is this still a problem? Someone also recommended bringing bug spray. Is that still needed this time of year? And funny as it may seem, the State Dept. website recommends getting all kinds of shots before going over there, but my main concern would be dysentery although several posts have said the food is excellent.

I have read Don Gordo's walking tour and that sounds like a great way to sample the wares and be economical about it as well. Rest assured, I will not pay $100. Too bad about Arte Sauna, that sounded pretty good. I am really more into quantity at a lower price, but definately will not sacrifice safety to get it.

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions. If this is as good as Deutschland, then it will really cut down on some flying time.


Jaimito Cartero
11-12-03, 02:12
I think you really need to clarify why you're going. If you're going just for chicas, I would stay near the action. The Presidente has always gotten good reviews without having the outrageous $10-$12 joiner fee (like the Del Rey).

I walk alone all the time in San Jose. Day, night, anytime. I've never had any problems in 14 years. You do need to use your common sense. Parque Morazon is dangerous at night, and don't bring more money than you'd want to lose.

I personally go to Costa Rica to relax, and see as many chicas as my free time allows. Usually 3 or so a week. I go for 2-4 weeks at a time, so it's not like a free for all like Thailand or Argentina. I also have a house there, so slightly different than most people going.

There are airport taxis (orange in color) that have the concession at the airport. You can also have people pick you up. The airport is roughly 10 miles from most of the action. I think it would cost $15-$20 to get into San Jose.

I've never used an ATM at the airport, but have used plenty in San Jose. I'm pretty certain there are some at the airport. Dollars are accepted quite readily by taxi folk and many others. (Not as freely as Nicaragua or Panama, but widely).

I'm not sure how CR compares to the FKK places and such. However in the 6 countries I've mongered in, it has some very nice girls. I would guess that you could easily save 50% or more if you stay away from the $100 figures. There are nice places for $10-$50. Or get the whole night with an independent for $40-$80.

Jaimito Cartero
11-12-03, 02:15
Kdog - You may also want to check Copa airlines. I think they're owned by Continental. They have some nice fares to the areas you're looking for too.

I'd say that San Jose has the most open p4p scene. Colombia is interesting, but there is a higher danger factor that some won't risk in going there.

11-12-03, 02:55

Thanks for the tip on Copa airlines. One more question, did you find it easy to have a GFE in San Jose or do they act more like pros down there? Thanks - Kdog

11-12-03, 14:37

Muchas gracias....thanks very much for the positive report. I would be visiting for the senoritas for sure. I'm a true monger @ heart and the more the merrier.

I'll have to ask you about buying property later, but I have seen on some sites to avoid it because of title clearance. But, first things first.

Never done the FKK scene? It's a modern day Roman Bath type experience. The men walk around with towels around their wastes, and the babes all walk around naked. The facilities include everything from saunas to swimming pools. But what I like most about it is that it is a regulated industry, so most of the picayune stuff is handled for you. It's 30 Euros for a half hour with bbbj and fs. Entry into the better clubs is approx. 65.

Thanks again.

John Holmes
11-12-03, 23:36
Nasty Boy,

Forgive my ignorance but what is a FKK experience and where were you talking about a Roman Bath type experience?


Jaimito Cartero
11-13-03, 01:45
NB/Kdog - Well, I certainly wouldn't rule out the FKK clubs. The few times I've looked into the forums there, I saw an extra 20-30 euro charge for BBBJ. Seemed a bit more expensive than I'd normally spend. (I'm a bit thrifty. Value for the money and such.)

You can find some good GFEs in CR. I've taken girls out of the clubs for trips to the beach, a night on the town and such. However, the Hotel Del Rey was not the spot when I first went (Late 80's), so I've never gotten a BM girl.

Learn to say Pura Vida a lot, and don't be too uptight about stuff. Most Blue Marlin chicas will probably be pro's. If you know Spanish you'll get much more mileage.

I fell in love/lust with a Tica when I first went there, so that's why I have property there. Unless you're going to be there a lot, it's not worth it. I wish I would have had $100,000 to buy property and land when I first went there. I'd easily be worth a couple of million now.

The only property I did buy was a "mother in law" house, which is worth about 10 times what I paid for it. In the mid to late 90's, I bought some land and a Gringo house, but by then prices had soared.

11-13-03, 06:34
just fyi. i don't know if things are heating up down there since this past weekend, but america's most wanted posted some negative news because a retired doctor monger, who went after **** girls was hiding out and picked up in quespos or jaco.

i'll be heading that way again soon, possibly after the holidays.

11-13-03, 08:48
Does anyone knows if Rocio is still at 747???

Jaimito Cartero
11-13-03, 09:13
DWC - I saw her there about a year ago. Haven't been back since. I can check on it for you next month. :)

Don Gordo may know.

QNCT - I think this is kind of old news. I think the actual crime happened a few years back.

It's strange, because I've never been offered a less than 18 year old girl in CR. Almost everywhere in the world I've been, they're always asking if I want "young" girls. I tell them, "I want older *experience* girls".

11-13-03, 14:45

Thanks again. I think I will wait till March before I visit. I have been watching the weather reports for down there, and it rains too much for me right now. American Airlines has an excellent deal out of Miami for Thanksgiving weekend, which is what I had in mind, but Frommers says this is the rainy season, so I'll just wait till March. Hopefully I can still get the same airline rates.

Si, yo puedo hablar un poco de Espanol......busco la vida loca...:-)


11-14-03, 01:38
Rocio is still available at 747...She also will come to your hotel and give a great massage and full service for a very reasonable rate.


11-14-03, 14:39
I was in San Jose a couple of months ago and stayed at the Presidente. I'm interested in going back and staying for a couple of months.
Can anyone recommend a pretty good residential hotel or who I can contact to rent an apartment for that time. I'd like one that's pretty centrally located.

11-14-03, 22:46

Thanks for posting the picture of Rocio. The first time I was with her was about three years ago, and I may have played a small role in launching her to "stardom" by posting about her and 747 (using the name Sinner).

I was back in San Jose and saw her in January. Still a great experience, and she had gotten the bolt-ons, but a little more professional and mechanical.

Funny about the in-calls. When I first was with her in 99 or 2000, I tried to convince her to come to my room, but she stood me up. This January, she told me that she liked to come to the Hotel Presidente (she remembered my hotel of choice!), and that she now offered the massage service, etc., but for about 5 times the typical charge at 747, though that would price her about the same as a BM girl. I didn't take her up on it, but I did happen to see her in her street clothes from my window at the Presidente as she was heading over to meet a client and I was sorely tempted to waylay her and make a better offer. Damn, that woman has hips!

11-14-03, 23:21
Yeah, Rocio definitly have some hips...
Her best quality is in the oral department...
She is goood!!!
I know 747 was 4500 colones a couple of years ago.
Anyone knows their current rate, Also Rocio rate for
an outcall and a nighter?

Jaimito Cartero
11-15-03, 02:01
I think she was C4000 when I saw her last year. I'd guess 5000 now. Novio said 5x normal rate, so I'd figure 20 or 25k. I'm a bit amazed she's still working there.

I think she keeps busy most of the time there, and she gets 1/2 the fee. $5 for half an hour isn't much. She was very enthusastic and did a great job when I saw her. (Sometime last year.)

11-15-03, 11:58
Rocio lives out in the suburbs and is raising a son, so she doesn't want to work nights. That's probably why she's still at 747. Don Gordo can probably confirm this, but she said her asking price to come to your hotel is USD 70 or so. Again, because of her son, I doubt she does all nighters.

I agree that her oral skills are unparalleled in SJ, though the last times I saw her she no longer did bbbj (though I didn't insist). She's a smart cookie. The first time I saw her at 747 about three years ago, she was sitting there in her lingerie sucking on a lollypop as a form of subtle or not so subtle advertising. Hard to resist!

Jaimito Cartero
11-15-03, 19:33
Novio - My first and only time with Rocio last year was bbbj. Not sure how long ago you saw her. I thought Wanda was a bit better in the oral department, but I could have been swayed by her "total" experience.

I'm sure she still makes excellent money for CR. I'd bet she's got a house, and will probably have enough money to retire within a few years.

11-15-03, 19:57
I am thinking about going to Curacao OR Costa Rica from 12-22-03 to 01-02-04. Are there many working girls in San jose during this holiday season? And are the hotel rates high or low during this period?

11-15-03, 21:42
My first session with Rocio was truly great. She simply
devoured me with so much gusto!
The second time (a year or so later) It was just as good
but I remember she doing so towel/cream cleaning and
in general, more inspective of the situation...
Probably by now she is only doing it with a hat....
For those who know: when you get out of 747 and turn right,
and then turn left at the corner. Up the hill, 2 and 3
blocks respectively there are 2 other places.
I don't know the name of these places (if they have one)
they are on the right side.
Anyway know what I am talking about?
Any reports?

Kosher Kowboy
11-16-03, 19:48
Hola mis amigos, soy Kosher Cowboy from the MX forum. Kosher is headed to Kosta Rika Dec 12-22 and is very excited. he will now research all the good info here as well as other spots on the net. Kosher is very koncerned about hotels that will not only not be booked but also allow ladies to the room on these dates. What kan Kosher expect to pay for hotels?

KosherCowboy: Will get to use his spanish and monger in a new and safe klean spot.

11-17-03, 00:44
OK. Now you gus are scaring me. I carry a third world country passport and there is no embassy or consulate in Costa Rica. So my passport is very precious to me and do not want to carry it around. I would like to carry a copy. Will this work or should I just stay in my hote room :-) ? Any advise is appreciated.

Jaimito Cartero
11-17-03, 00:49
Mad - Just carry a photocopy. I've never been asked for one, personally.

11-17-03, 15:23
john holmes,

sorry it took so long to reply...i did not see ur question.

on this forum, click on europe, then click on germany fkk clubs and you will learn enough to become an expert.

an fkk club is a health club with saunas, massages, swimming pools, weight room, etc. there are some that are adults only vs family fkks. my favorite is atlantis just north of frankfurt. http://www.fkk-atlantis.com the reason i say that it is a roman bath type experience is because i picture a big sauna in luxurios surroundings with lots of naked girls feeding men grapes, :-) well they don't feed u the grapes anymore, but on a good night you'll find women from all over europe, beautiful as can be, walking around showing you there pussy. some even pose in doggie position so u can get a good look at the merchandise as u walk by.

like i said, it's a regulated industry and there are many all over germany. some, of course, are better than others. check out the message boards for more information.


Rabo Verde
11-18-03, 05:53
Having been to SJO, Blue Marlin, etc., 10x, I want to suggest you guys go one more country down: i.e. Panama. Cheaper, cleaner, safer, just as pretty, nicer people, and the Colombian girls in Panama will knock your socks off!

11-18-03, 10:49
And... American Airlines has a Thanksgiving weekend sale to Panama City Panama at $209 round trip.
If you go, post a report.

11-18-03, 10:56
Kosher Kowboy,
Try the Morazon hotel or the Del Rey which has a website at www.hoteldelrey.com. About $69 a night.
On the lower price scale the Royal Dutch is about $29 a night if you call and ask for a discount.
Likewise call the Morazon and ask Lorenzo, in the mornings only, for a special discount.
All the hotels have websites and telephone numbers or email addresses.
Have fun.

Kosher Kowboy
11-18-03, 15:13
Thanks, Kosher got lucky yesterday and through an amigo was able to get a rate of 48 buks a night at the Presidente, which is chika friednly with no extra room charges :) Koshers only pices of the puzzle to fill in are the nights of the 18-19th when Kosher wants to stay in Quepas or Jacó, and try another city out.^6 nights in San Jose and 2 in others.

KosherCowboy: Will post daily reports from internet kafés in SJ

11-19-03, 00:10

I have been reading the message board for a little bit now. I'm about to venture out on my first trip to Costa Rica. Actually this is only my second trip out of the US. I have been gathering all the info I can on this site and I also looked up dongordo.com. I am looking to stay a few days in San Jose and then a few in Jaco. Can anyone tell me about Jaco? I don't see a Jaco message board. I need the following info: where to stay(close to the beach and all the action, cheap, chica friendly), Transportation from SJ to Jaco, and any info about bars or clubs to meet chicas in Jaco. Your info is much appriciated.

11-19-03, 07:06
Just a quick note, I'll be in SJO this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday, staying at the Holiday Inn this time. Except for meals my only bar hopping will be to the BM on Saturday at noon time to hook up with some of the guys. I have dinner & dates lined up which completely fills my calendar.

Life IS Good

Shamas O'Dognasty
pinch me, bite me, slap me, suck me

11-19-03, 13:51
Blanco...I recommend the Cococabana in Jaco beach.It is on the beach and very nice.It is also 200 yards from the Beatle Bar where the action is. It is the del rey of jaco...many fine chicas there at night.Leo the owner also knows some fine babes.Mention WSA and get a discount.The rooms are 50-80 a nite.........Mule69

ChiMan II
11-20-03, 12:15
Hey Team,

Can someone please help me with the San Jose scene. I visited every massage palor I could find some were good. But this whole area looks dangerous. The taxi driver told me not to walk around at night unless I want to be robbed. I guess there are obviously certain bar to go to that have working girls. My question is this. Do you guys walk around the city at night time going from bar to bar? I think this is an extremely dangerous place? Any help would be appriciated.


Jaimito Cartero
11-20-03, 19:39
Chi-Man - You really need to read the forums. There are certain areas that are dangerous, but if you're careful and not going around drunk, you should be fine.

Pick one or two bars and stick to them.

11-21-03, 00:57

To expand a bit more, SJO had some posting lately on another board that give reason to be alert and very concious of your surroundings. Parque Morazon after dark has a bad reputation. The walk from the Presidente to the Del Ray to the Hotel Morazon is usually safe, but as JC stated, don't do it if you're drunk.

Taking a cab is the best way after dark, other than that travel with a companion.

Be very alert for pickpockets. Two women, one older the other in her late 30s tried to pick William Walker's fanny pack last trip. They were working Ave 2 around Cal 3, we saw them many times going in and out of the crowds of people on the street corners and bus stops.

One guy reported his wallet was lifted at the BM while sitting at the horse shoe bar. He wallet was found later in the bathroom minus money.

If you do see something going down, point at the culprits and make alot of noise, it does work.


Hacke Beck
11-21-03, 19:04
I will be at the BM on 02/12 if any one want to join for beers.

Kosher Kowboy
11-23-03, 17:32
Kosher will be in KR from Dec 14-22, if anyone else is around and wishes to drink/***** with Kosher, feel free to let him know :) Kosher will be a guest of the Presidente Hotel for 6 of those nights and will stay at the Kopakabana in Jacó for two nights

KosherCowboy: Is kurious how much it will be to ' rent a girl in SJ for the day'

Jaimito Cartero
11-24-03, 06:04
Is that Kazurkistan, Kosher? You seem to overfavor the letter K on your Keyboard. Your posts remind me of a certain Chris Rock (Or is that Kris Rock in your case?) routine I've heard.

Ace Boxcar
11-24-03, 08:38
I'll be making my first visit to Costa Rica SJO, staying at El Presidente, December 7-11. I'm sure to have some questions, but am still about 30 pages away from having read through the posts for the past 18 months, and I'm trying to avoid asking the same questions as everyone else.

I hope some of you will be in town at that time for the breakfasts; after reading all of these posts it seems like I know people there already.

Ace Box

11-24-03, 09:54
As said by Don Gordo of dongordo.com fame, take a cab after dark as you go to a bar or from bar to bar.
They are generally available except real late in the early morning hours.
After dark the taxis are free to turn off the meter and so you should negotiate or expect to pay C500 for a short downtown ride.

11-24-03, 16:13

As Ace stated, take a cab. I stayed at the Holiday Inn this trip and took a cab each night back from the gulch. It was three blocks but worth all 400c. I grabbed a metered cab on the street, not one of the cabs that work the hotels.

I just edited my last posting, in error I used Capt Morgans handle, changed it to William Walker, I was tired and realized my oops while in SJO.

I spent Fri, Sat & Sun in SJO (best I could do as I had to give up Thanksgiving so one of my guys could go to Thailand and see his true love). The rest of Dec got taken by the rest of my crew so I took this weekend and made the most of it.

Has "Y" come by Friday evening, she showed up with a friend and the two of them gave me an excellent massage with bbbj/bbns (nut sucking) to finish off. Got her friend paid off and out the door then I took "Y" to eat at the Holiday Inn resturant on the 17th floor, she loved the view. We had some fireworks to watch while dining.

Saturday I went to the Colonial and watched some of the Michigan/Ohio St football game with Tman. Later I hooked up with an old fried of mine. That evening "E" & "R" came by, we went out for "E"s birthday dinner. We went out to Savanna and ate at a Mexican place which was very good.

I rarely do double girls, the night before with "Y" and her friend was not planned, the friend showing up was unexpected but I did it anyways. Well, "E" & "R" well know my single preference so when we got back to the hotel "R" was ready to leave. It took a minute to explaine to them that I had planned on a double session with them. E Gad Zooks, what great fun. I will do the two of them again.

Sunday "A" was supposed to come by for an early morning send off. She couldn't make it due to baby sitter conflicts, deep dark depressions, excessive misery, but I got over it. When I got home last night, I hit my favority massage parlor to make up for missing "A".

I'll be back in SJO 4-10 Feb and will be staying at the Prez. It's superior to the Holiday when you consider all the points. Matter of fact I don't think the HI has anything on the Prez except you can take multiple girls in. I'll make it a point to get "A" to come by on this trip.


Jaimito Cartero
11-24-03, 20:26
Ace - It's not legal to NOT use the meter (Maria) at night. The only time you should have to negotiate is if you're going a long distance (15 or more kilometers?). After 11pm or midnight there is a surcharge placed one fares. I don't recall the exact amount.

Sometimes if it's a medium distance (7-10 kilometers) and you're going from one city to another (Say Sabana area to Alajuela) you might get hit for a bit more.

If you're stuck in the middle of nowhere and you don't have taxi's coming I guess you may have to go with the flow. Shamas is right about taxi's at most hotels. They want double or triple the money.

11-25-03, 18:22
From my experience the cabbies will never start the meter when their fare is a gringo.I go there often and can tell you they will try to get all they can and the difference between fares varies according to the cabbie.It is true the Hotel cabbies (ie Del Rey ) charge more .They even admit to it.My advice hail a cab....say "ponga la maria"(start the meter).They do this automatically for the ticos.........mule

11-27-03, 06:45
Happy Thanksgiving to all, hoping you're all safe and have a drumstick on each ear.


Hacke Beck
11-28-03, 19:30
In two weeks I am going to be in C.R.

Where should I stay, Del Rey or Presidente ?

Please let me know your comments.

11-30-03, 01:16
I prefer the Presidente. Only advantage to the DR is you can take multiple girls to your room, with a $10 fee per girl. Pres limits you to one at a time with no fee.


12-01-03, 00:38
Barbara Dec 2002

Baby Huey
12-01-03, 01:39
Looking for some help! I am planning a little family vacation and wondering if there is good places to take a family ages 5, 7, 13, 16 and the wife to have family fun in C.R.? Beach and tour stuff? But also is there any day time action that a father can go have some fun on his own? M.P., Bars and Short time house? What are some good places to stay? Any help would be great?

Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

12-02-03, 01:29
Dec 2002

12-02-03, 14:19
I do not recommend the Presidente. Too much noise from the street and their remodeling. And the service in the cafe takes forever. Every morning some jerk plays annoying music on a flute outside the cafe. Forget it.

Go with the Del Rey.
It is so easy with their on web site reservation system and they will pick you up at the airport. Who else does that?
If you look on the HotelDelRey website they have a live webcam of the bar area. You may have to download some safe software to make it play on your computer.
Just do it.

The Holiday Inn central is nice too and reservations are so easy. Last time someone was there they said it was half empty so rooms should not be a problem to reserve. Ask for the Priority Club discount if you are a member.

Of course you can call the Hotel Morazon and ask the morning guy, Lorenzo, for a discount. That is what I would do. They have new rooms and it is so convenient.

Jaimito Cartero
12-02-03, 14:39
Let me preface this by saying I've never stayed at the Del Rey. In all my mongering years I will always shy away from enriching scamming hotels. Whether it's $10 for a 5 minute local call, or $10 for bringing a guest to your room. If it's the difference between booking a single room and a double, it's understandable. Otherwise it's just a rip off.

Downtown I've only stayed at the Balmoral as part of a package on my first trip. There are 2-3 other decent hotels around that don't charge a rip off fee though. Presidente, Morazon and such.

Jaimito Cartero
12-02-03, 14:43
Jim - Lots of things to do in San Jose. I'd try to get the family involved in a city tour or such, and if you golf, then you go off and do that yourself. (Plus a little side trip).

Massage places are open during the day, plus 747 and other more Tico places. New Fantasy is very nice. Bar Idem is good, but I don't think they open until 3 or 4pm. I've only seen Karla there, but she was quite nice. It's a wonderful thing to go through the whole line at Idem and meet all the beautiful chicas.

Prices will range from $11 (for 30 min) at 747 to $50 or so at Idem for an hour.

Post what you do on here so you can give other guys ideas. I have to sneak out myself sometimes, so any new ways would be interesting. :)

Sun & Fun
12-03-03, 00:09

I was considering a trip to CR the week after next, Dec 15th-22nd, but am now leaning against it based on feedback I read on this board which indicated that it is slow that week since many of the girls pack up to go stay with their families for Christmas.

Agree? Disagree? I'd hate to go fishing when there ain't no fish.

Thanks, and by the way, if anyone needs any input on Havanna, I'd be happy to help you.

12-03-03, 01:45
Dec 2002

Hacke Beck
12-03-03, 05:24
Thanks For the info WilliamWalker,

I made my reservation in the Del Rey.

Can you also recomend me where is the best place to hang out between 2 and 6 pm , 747, idem, or where else would you recommend, where are the better looking girls? And better rates?

What can I expect in 747 and Idem? Can somebody help me, how does it function?

Thanks a lot

12-03-03, 16:40
Fellow Mongers,

I may be able to fly into San Jose on 5 December. If things go my way, I'll land at 2200 - hopefully early enough to still be able to watch the Park Hotel Show. Anyone interested in going?

12-04-03, 08:29
Hacke Beck
You asked about the best places to go between 2 P.M. and 6 P.M.
I think the best thing is a walk to the New Fantasy Massage place a couple of blocks behind the Holiday Inn. They have the best daytime selection at a fixed price of about $40.
On the next lower level is the 747 and the purple place next to it.
The fixed price is lower and the quality of the selections is lower.
A new nice place is called the Oasis which is another upscale massage place in the $40 price range. The chicas are worth it from reports. It is located across from Restaurant Manchu Pichu and has a black gate front.
An interesting day hang out is the bar at the Park Hotel. It is real hit or miss as to quality but the price is $25 for action and $10 for the room if you take a room upstairs for an hour. Add $2 for a beer while you take your time and check it out.
The Idem does not open until at least 3 P.M. and it does not really get a good selection of girls until 6 P.M. I think the girls work regular jobs and come there after work to work for some easy money.

-Have fun.

12-04-03, 08:43
The pictures posted by Dapbas are the ones of some
of the tranvesties that hang outside Key Largo.
I don't understand what business they have in this board??

12-04-03, 10:26

We don't want any ladyboys pics on this board. But then on the other hand, maybe you did not know she was a he.

Baby Huey
12-04-03, 18:56
Looking for some help! I am looking to make a trip to C.R. sometime in the near future and I am looking for some information. What I am looking for is a good site with great infor on the scene in C.R.

I have played in D.R. 3 times and 20 years of playing in Asia. I am looking for a site like stickmanbangkok.com which is on Bangkok; I would like to find one like this for C.R.

I have been reading the posting here and I am back about 3 monthes now and not seeing some of the infor that I am looking for.

What is a good guest friendly hotel, 4 or 5 star?
What is the cost?
Are the guest friendly hotels like the ones in D.R., where there are girls hanging out at the hotel?
Which hotels do Monger hang-out at?

I see the costs of a Short Time with the girls. But what is the cost of all night with a girl?
The girls in the bars, do the girls work for the bar or on there own?
Bar Fines?

Has any played in D.R. and C.R., which one is better?

Are the taxi easy to get in the club areas?
How close are the good monger clubs to each other?

Any help would be great!

12-05-03, 04:25
All Woman

12-05-03, 04:31
All Woman again

12-05-03, 13:51
I have been to San jose 10 times Dominican Republic 1 time no secret my preference.To answer your questions.Stay at the Presidente..if you want luxury get room 507 Presidential suite it is awesome.You will be a block from the Del Rey which has some of the hottest women you will ever see around 100 on any night.The Columbianas are awesome...no salida or bar fine as the girls are independents.Pussy cost more in Costa Rica but the quality is better than Sosua..so I can not compare Santo Domingo as I have never been there but heard it is full of hotties.Taxis every where,hell I just walk from Prez to Del Rey...1 block..Many casinos,bars in the "gringo gulch" area..You will pay 50-100 depends on the girl..............mule69

Baby Huey
12-09-03, 04:14
I am trying to decided between Costa Rica and D.R.? I need some help to figure which is the better location. Waiting to hear any information from people on which is better.

Is anybody going to be in town Jan 27 thru 30?

Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

Jaimito Cartero
12-09-03, 07:11
Hey Jim - You've posted a few times here asking the same question. Once it was a family trip, and now I assume it's not. You need to go back further than 3 months to get a total read. Standard rooms in the Gringo Gulch area are $35-$60. Del Rey, Presidente, Morazon are the major contenders. The Del Rey charges a joiner fee of $11 or $12 per girl, per occurance.

Everything is subjective, of course. Costa Rica is quite a bit of fun, there is everything from a nice $10 chica to a $100 girl. I haven't been to the DR, but from what Jimmy DR says, it can be a lot of fun too.

Read the forums some, check out the pictures and roll the dice. Costa Rica has lots of affordable flights, many in the $350 range right now.

I won't be in CR at that time (going on Thursday), but there's almost always something going on. No major holidays at that time.

On a final note, I think that asking for more info only via email is a disservice to WSG. How can other people who haven't come to CR judge for themselves if it's the destination for them or not?

12-10-03, 16:39

I haven't been to the D.R., but based on photos of women, I prefer the look of women in C.R. I'm not into the darker skin women that seem to be prevalent on D.R. Now I understand there are probably fairer skinned women in the D.R., but based on photos I've seen, I make that judgement call.

Like Jaimito, says, CR has 2 extremes and everything in between.

My trips to CR have been different than most mongers. My first trip, I picked what I consider an extremely attractive lady, and spent 5 days with her. She is about 5'4" tall, a size 0/1 waist, long dark hair, a natural C-Cup, and speaks fluent English. We went to the beach for our first visit. When I return it is always to see her. She is my girlfreind down there when I visit.

I am ALWAYS assured of having a place to stay (her apartment), she cooks for me and she does my laundry. In her words, this is women's work, a man shouldn't do these things. I LOVE THIS MENTALITY! But she, like many Latinas, is very jealous and protective of her man.

I have gone with friends, and their approach is totally different. They pull as many women out of the bars as possible. One friend pulled 5 girls out of the Del Rey in one night. And he had the 5th one for free. She saw him leave with 4 other women, and said there is no way you could do this again. He said if he could do it again she would have to do it for free. If he couldn't nut, he said he would pay her $100. He nutted. When done she asked for the money and he said no that wasn't our deal.

Stay at one of the hotels mentioned below. Take cabs around the city, and enjoy yourself. Don't be stupid and walk around alone at night. And if by chance you just can't find something to your liking, you can always gamble and drink your time away at one of the casinos.

12-13-03, 12:41
I am planning a solo trip to either Thailand or CR. Was wondering if anyone was into a group thing on one girl. Is this possible and where?


Jaimito Cartero
12-13-03, 14:54
Well I couldn't sleep last night, so I decided to drive to my favorite Tico place, Vips Molino Rojo. It was a bit after 1am when I got there. The main street through San Jose was being set up with the seating for the Festival of Light parade today at 6pm.

The place was totally packed. Fuller than I've ever seen it before, actually. There was a two drink minimum of 700 colones per drink. They were actually not letting more people in at one point when I was there. Too packed.

The usual porn was being showed on the monitors, and it was dark and smokey like normal. The shows are pretty sporadic. There was no show for over an hour, and the 3 of them within an hour. The show is nothing special, the lighting is so low, that it's hard to see the girls. Mostly neon and black lights in the place.

There were about 50 women there, ranging from chicas that *I* wouldn't even do, to girls that I'd rate a 9 or so. There were from 70-120 guys in there during the three hours I was there.

Every time I find a chica that I'd like, someone else would grab her. I ended up waiting by the rooms, to grab a nice one when she was coming out.

The pricing hasn't changed much. 6000 colones for the girl and room for 1/2 an hour. A little less than $15. I did find that most of the girls wanted a hefty tip to do a BBBJ or wouldn't do it all. (The four that I talked to any way).

One 20 year old, super slim blonde (Sasha) wanted 5000 colones extra, which is almost as much as the whole session, so I passed.

I ended up with Vilma, a blonde 20 year old Nica who has super nice natural D cups. About 5'8", not slim, but very nice overall. In Thailand I had been looking for girls with pierced tongues, clits, etc. Well I hit the jackpot with Vilma. Everything pierced, except her nipples (which she had taken out awhile back). Two rose tattoos, one on her lower back, one on her thigh.

Decent service, a bit much with the fake moaning, but a decent CBJ. Didn't ask for tips, some medium strength kissing and a good solid experience overall.

I spent under 10,000 colones ($25) for the whole 3 hours I was there, including drinks to get in, lady drinks and room/chica.

I have a feeling that a lot Ticos who were there were spending their alguinaldo (Christmas bonus), so a lot more guys than normal. This was the first time I also saw so many Nicaraguans. Usually just Ticas and Dominicans.

Now the rooms are totally crap. A mattress with a thin sheet over it. In the past, I've just found a girl I like, give her a road test, and if she's good, arrange to take her out the next night. Less money, no bar fine if you get her before she gets to work.

12-13-03, 16:26
I just made it back from a week long trip to San Jose. Maverick207, it was great meeting you there and thank you for the advice. Like I said, I wish I could have run into you at the beginning of my trip.

I must say that Costa Rica is everything that everyone raves about. The women there are awesome: firm ass, perky tits and they way they dress- goddamn! I think I may actually immigrate to Costa Rica!

Here are my two cents: The women at the Blue Marilin, are indeed hot, but why go there and pay $80, when you can go to New Fantasy or IDEM for under $50??? In fact, I stayed away from the Blue Marlin altogether.

I went to New Fantasy several times, and it was worth every penny I spent there. The costs are $40/h for full service. The great thing about that place is that they have steam rooms and Saunas. The NF is open from 9:00 to 21:00 everyday except Sunday. At the entrance there is the reception, to the left, there is a one way window, where you can check out the women. They have a website, but it is currently not accesible. I have heard that they tip cap drivers to bring you there - which of course gets gets passed onto you in the form of higher prices - so my suggestion is for you to take a cap to the hemmingway hotel and walk half a block downhill to the NF.

INHO the best kept secret of San Jose is the bar IDEM. At current exchange rate of 410 colones to a doller the all inclusive prices are $47 for a room upstairs. For $57 you can have a room downstairs. The only difference is that upstairs you will have to wrap up and walk town the hallway to the showers. Who cares about that? I went upstairs.

There is a bar to the far left inside Bar Idem. The women sit along the wall. They don't pester you for drinks, the most they do is try to make eye contact. This may actually be good, because beers cost 1200 colones ($3.00) and drinks for the girls are 2800 colones ($7.00). Service is great, and I think that they have the best looking women there.

Their hours of operation are about 15:00 till midnight. They are closed on Sundays.

I'll definitely be going back to Costa Rica. I think it is better than Amsterdam and Montreal. Service is straightforward and honest. At the very worse the service was business like. The experience was definitely an A+ in my books. I'll write about my experiences at the places where the Ticos go to in later reports. Have fun!

12-13-03, 18:30
I did it! I bought the airline tickets for my first trip to CR. I have about a month I did not book a hotel yet. Has anyone heard of the Hotel Centroamericano? If not I guess I'll stay at the Presidente. But from what i've read you can't take multiple girls to your room. This being my first trip I definitley wanted to indulge. Can't you just give the guy at the front desk a little cash, and forget about that rule? I have a lot of reading to do, trying to get all the info I can before my trip. If anybody has any info that hasn't been posted in awhile let me know with a PM.

Thanks gents and as they say Pura Vida!

12-14-03, 18:58

Nice report Exodus, very valuable advice. I'm heading down to CR in a couple of days, my first time down. Glad I read your report, any other advice would also be appreciated!

Will be in San Jose until the weekend, then heading out to the pacific coast. Anyone else down there want to meet up for a beer and compare notes?

Already booked a room at the Hotel del Rey, so you're report about spots other than the Blue Marlin were nice tips.

Can't wait,


12-15-03, 01:32

When I first lived in CR I would stay at the Centroamericano. Good prices, very friendly staff, and your stuff is safe in storage when traveling. Downside are it is on the edge of a shady area (calle 8), pretty noisy (but most hotels downtown are), and a bit of a walk to the gulch. I never used it for hobbying, so can't speak to whether it is chica friendly or not.

Depending on when you arrive, you may not want to book a hotel yet, as generally you can find space in just about any. Maybe just make a reservation for one night and then check all the places out the next morning. Considering you have a month, don't lock yourself in on anything.



Kool Klyde
12-15-03, 08:28
A couple of questions here from someone who is not familiar with this part of the world. What is the difference between chica and tico? Also, for anybody that has experienced both, which is better, C.R or Cuba? How would you compare the two? Have spent over the last twenty years eating oriental, and am looking to sample some new dishes.

Thanks for any help.

12-15-03, 09:16

I will be in San Jose, Costa Rica from January 2-6, 2004. This will be my first trip. I appreciate the tidbit of information that I have read on this board. I hope to be able to make a small contribution when I return.

Jaimito Cartero
12-15-03, 15:02
Cigan - No idea on actual group sex. The closest I can think of that I've experienced is the Friday-Saturday show at the Park hotel. You get 6-9 chicas, dildos, oil and everyone gets to do everything *except* penetration and a bj for you. (Though a free one is given away, in a raffle)

Jaimito Cartero
12-15-03, 15:06
Klyde - Well chica is girl, and tico is what the Costa Rican's call themselves. Usually you say Tica for the female. Here they call a Nicaraguan a Nica. Not sure if the Nicaraguans consider this a slight or not.

I think that there are a lot less hassles looking for girls in CR. Cheap flights, a wide range of girls ($10-$100) and lots of other interesting things to do.

12-15-03, 17:26
One minor correction to the record: I have taken more than one female at a time to my room at the Hotel Presidente. I just signed them both in at the same time in the registry they keep for that purpose at the little end of the main desk as required, with the assistance of the ever-helpful Presidente staff of course. Both girls had ID. The brunette was from Colombia and the blonde was from Nicaragua. At that time (approximately 10 months ago now) nobody indicated that multiple females was a problem. I tipped the housekeeping staff and the waitresses in the cafe and maybe the doorman, but I never tipped the desk clerks.

12-16-03, 00:38

Thanks for you info once again. I think I'll book the first night at Presidente and then look for something cheaper if possible. They quoted a price of $78 a night. I would like a clean, safe, cheap place to stay. I think I will make a trip to Jaco for two of the seven days that I am going. I have heard Copacaban is good. I'll be sure to post what I can, maybe even some pics.

Jaimito Cartero
12-16-03, 10:42
Well it's been 8 months since I've seen my wonderful Wanda at the New Fantasy massage. I've tried to find out if she is still working some place, but nobody has any real answers.

I went on a quest yesterday to New Fantasy hoping to get some info.

I went around 1pm. As others have reported, no neon sign out front. They've remodeled the place, replaced one room, with a bigger waiting room for the chicas. I saw about 17 girls there, but supposedly there are 30.

I asked for Wanda and got a blank look. Most of the girls didn't look familar to me. They did open the back, and now have a lot more rooms, though you have to go up and down some stairs to get to them.

I got the 25 cent tour, and then started viewing the girls. There were a couple that went out and a few that got back into the room while I was taking the tour. Seemed like they had a fair business going.

Prices are 14,000 colones or $40 for an hour. Bring colones, as the colones price is over $6 less!

I asked for a recommendation, but turned down the first couple cause they just didn't look my type. I went with Amanda. A 24 year old Tica. Light skinned, medium height, medium breasts, but beautiful greenish blue eyes. She has a [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) poor dolphin tattoo on her abdomen, somewhat covering an appendicitis or gall bladder operation scar.

I went to the steam room with her for 5 minutes. She offered to give me a massage in there, but I opted for the room. Both the TV and music were on, which was very distracting. I had her turn off the TV. The music was a mix, including relaxing music and then thumping techno.

I got a so-so massage, and then she started giving me a nice hand job with lotion. After a bit, I had her switch to to oral, but she wanted it covered. I wasn't in the mood to argue, so just sat back and relaxed.

She was pretty decent on the CBJ, but lost steam after about 10 minutes. I took a break and then proceeded to the Y. She was shaven, clean, and had nice perky lips. She responded nicely, and after she was thoroughly warmed up, I moved to the main course.

As always, I asked her how busy they were. She says she normally does 4-5 per day. She works 9am-6pm. And mostly gringo clients. Has 2 kids, father took off about a year ago. It seems that everywhere I go in the "third" world, prostitution is what single mothers end up with.

My main disappointments was the CBJ (being covered), and that she wouldn't french kiss. I'd rate a 6 out of 10.

I would stay away from any rooms right next to the steam room. It's very noisy and a bit distracting as well. I found that the person who helped you choose the girls wasn't anywhere as nice as the lady I saw before. (Heck the old one even came in and helped on a three way for 5 minutes! Yummm!)

I knew there was little chance of Wanda being there, but I was a bit disappointed, none the less. I guess she might be one of my "Once in a lifetime" chicas.

12-16-03, 14:01
Jaimito...I have had the pleasure of meeting Wanda on two occasions.In July she told me she was quitting and she must have moved on.Her real name is not "Wanda" all those girls use fake names like the strippers here.I was there 3 weeks ago and the NF sucked.There were only 3 girls there behind the window and I was dissapointed at the quality...Yeah Wanda was the best......mule69

Jaimito Cartero
12-16-03, 17:44
Mule - Well DG has said she was going to be the manager of another New Fantasy. Never heard any confirmation or such.

Yeah, well the girls are like us. Not many of us use our real names, either. Well if she got out of it, I hope she's doing good. She told me she wanted to start a beauty salon. What a talented chica she is!

12-17-03, 01:13
Ask for the TSM rate at the Presidente, you don't actually have to be a TSM member but you should get a discounted rate.

12-17-03, 03:26

Should be able to get a room at the Prez for $48+ approx

Ok all looking for Wanda and an alternative to New Fantasy--

Its called Zona Blue and she is the madam--located on the corner of Calle 3B and Avenida 9; the front entrance is off of Calle 3. $48 or 19,000 colones.

website is (but not running fully yet, for me at least)


Haven't tried it yet, but should be a similar set-up to NF

Jaimito Cartero
12-17-03, 14:58
Carribean Gringo - I saw the link on Don Gordos webpage for Zona Blue, but only got some flash animation, and nothing more. Something about locations in New York and elsewhere. Wasn't sure it was the right place.

I'll check it out. If Wanda "trains" the girls right, it should be interesting. Thanks for the info.

12-17-03, 17:52
Delta sale: ATL to SJO. $419, eff 5 Jan - 12 Feb.

12-18-03, 06:01
For those of you new to Costa Rica, do keep a copy of your passport on you. I didn't think it was necessary, and got stopped by the cops. They wanted to charge me a gringo tax, but was able to talk my way out of the situation.

I wouldn't recommend carrying the original with you, due to the threat of it getting stolen. A copy of the original should suffice.

12-18-03, 16:19
A couple of SJO questions from a newbie. I usually monger in Asia but will begin doing travel to SJO in feb. What a shame!

What is the latest on the guest policy at the Holiday Inn?

Has anyone visited Zona Blue?

I am not interested in staying a DR. If Holiday Inn is not guest friendly, which is a better place - Presidente of Morazon?

Jaimito Cartero
12-18-03, 21:39
Ace - West Coast (esp Phx) fares have been a lot lower than your sale price since America West starting flying. United for $337 plus tax, Delta for $352. I love competition!

Jaimito Cartero
12-18-03, 22:19
well, after an exhausting search, i located wanda's sex-o-rama, or zona blue. (i like my name better).

it's the huge 2 story baby blue house on the corner of avenida 9 and calle 3b. there is a huge yellow multistory building just across the street from it.

no sign up yet, not even a name on the front door. i was wandering up and down the streets since i thought they would have their name on something. after about 10 minutes, i felt a tug on my arm, and there was wanda! she knew why i was there, and she took me back to the place.

before we got back, i did try to convince her to take one for the team, but she seems to be offically retired. i did throw her over my shoulder and try to run off with her. i figured i'd only get a block or two though, so i let her excape while she was still giggling.

the setup is pretty nice overall. a few problems, but since they've only been open since monday, i can't be too critical.

they have a reception area, with the girl's area to the right. same glass windows as nf. 10 girls total.

wanda took me on the complete tour. there are still workman working on showers and other stuff. there are 10 rooms (wow, matches the girls!), each a fairly small one, with a massage only sized bed in each.

they do have a shower in each one though, and wonderful mirrors on the ceiling and beside the bed. these would come in very handy just a little later. no tvs to bother you in the room.

i then went to check out the chicas. while not as big a selection as nf, all seemed very doable to me. a nice mix of ticas with a sprinkiling of nicas, colombianas and dominicanas. all looked in the 19-29 range.

price is as described, $48 or c19,000. it's better to pay in colones, as it comes to $45.50 with the current exchange. they told me $30 for 1/2 an hour, i didn't get the colones price.

i let wanda choose my chica for me. she chose one of the ones that i thought was very cute. usually *too* cute to get a really good performance.

her name is natalie, and is 19 years old. dark raven hair, a beautiful tica with long hair, and nice b cup. pearshaped and sized. it seems like it's been awhile since i've been with a girl who isn't a mother. no stretch marks, just a beautiful body. yummm.

we started off with a shower, and then moved to the bed. i opted for a real massage, or 20 minutes of what a real massage is, anyway.

when i flipped over, she kept massaging, and then started working on the important part. very nice technique. i then told her to switch to oral. now, i thought that she'd whip the condom out, and i'd try to convince her otherwise. no such problem.

she started in with really good gusto. nicely skilled, and she complied with every request i gave her.

i decided that i wanted to eat some pescado, so i switched positions with her. she seemed mostly shaved (but had a tiny landing strip up top), and was really responsive. no nibbling though.

i always take all moaning with a grain of salt, but she seemed real all the time.

her pussy looked quite tight, so i wanted to check it out first hand. it was indeed! very, very nice. after we finished, i wanted to try out the sauna for a bit. since our time had already run out, she went to talk to wanda for a minute. she was smiling when she came back and went with me, no problem.

she gave me a face massage and a back massage while we were inside. the sauna wasn't quite up to speed yet, but wasn't too bad. it was fun covering yourself with the towel, so you wouldn't shock the workman when you came out of the sauna!

we then went back to the room, took a shower together and had some chitchat. i'm sure this isn't normal, but a total of 90 minutes.

apparently there is an upstairs area that they can build into and use if they get real popular. there are some funky blue spotlights mounted on the floor right now. be careful when you're walking on the way to your room. they'd be easy to trip on.

i got pictures of the rooms, building and wanda and natalie. i don't have my cable for my camera, so i may have to wait until i get back to upload them.

a final conclusion. if wanda has trained these girls (as she says), then i would have no problem ponying up $48 or so for these girls. this is the best session i've ever had with an under 20 girl, and in the top ten for all chicas.

even though my heart (or perhaps dick?) is broken that wanda is no longer working, it should be a lot of fun checking out the other chicas.

the smaller bed even turned out okay. smaller, but still good and strong for my big ass. :)

they also have a vip room in the back, with tv and very comfortable chairs.

no business cards yet. i think they'll have some, plus a sign out front soon. i definitely won't be going back to nf if wanda's sex-o-rama is open!

(zona blue isn't too far away from parque morazon. the aurola hotel is easily seen from the front door.)

Baby Huey
12-19-03, 01:06
Is anybody going to be in town January 26 thru 30th? American Airlines is $429 from Minnepolis thru Houston to San Jose RT.

Did Wanda say when her site is going to be finished? Just her home page is working.

Do GSM cell phones with service with AT&T or other U.S. Companies; that has international service, work in San Jose?

Jaimito Cartero
12-19-03, 10:34
Well, I found another cable that worked, so here is a picture of the lovely Wanda in one of her rooms.

Jaimito Cartero
12-19-03, 10:37
Here is the picture of Zona Blue. No signs yet, but hopefully soon. 19,000 colones for one hour. Well worth it.

Jaimito Cartero
12-19-03, 19:44
Others have reported on it before, but I thought I'd give a quick report on the Tango India strip club in Uruca.

A few of my Tico friends have wanted me to go there for awhile. It's pretty hard to find (Near the freeway to the airport, behind the Costa Rica Passport office or something.) They advertise heavily on the english radio.

Cost is still 2000 colones (under $5), for 4 drinks. However if you want a beer, or a bottled water, they count as two.

They have a mostly complete airplane inside. They said it was a 240. Which may be a Convair 240. (Which is the aircraft Lynyrd Skynrd was in when they crashed).

They do a two set show in there at least once a night. 2000 colones. They have 6 chicas who take care of 24 or so guys. One dance in little uniforms, the last nude. A pretty good value for the money. Most girls would let you touch and fondle. Good grinding action, and mostly nice chicas.

They also go down the aisle giving you a shot of something from the bottle (tequila?) right before the nude section starts.

The stage shows are decent. Normal two song set. First clothed, second nude. You can't get close the stage however. They do have couches for people who want to spend the bigger dollars (buying lady drinks and such). I saw a few sitting there without chicas, but mostly people were on bar stools, or further back.

Sometimes they have girls dancing on the bar in the back, and a tiny stage over in the lap dance lounge. (Lap dance 2000 colones)

There is a jacuzzi room where they say they have lesbian shows. They didn't have one while I was there. They do have private lesbian shows, but they're $300 (US!). That's the same price they quoted a Tico for sex. Waaaaaay too much.

They have a VIP section upstairs. 7,000 colones for a private dance. They also have a small stage upstairs, and the rooms seemed nice. I didn't see anything that I'd pay more than sex at Vips Molino Rojo though.

You can have some fun without spending too much money here, as long as you're not set on having sex. The quality of girls was very good. I saw many young, petite girls here, plus some larger busted ones, in all attractive shapes and sizes.

12-19-03, 22:25
Well for the total price of $250, how could I turn down the christmas morning flight to SJO from Miami. Hopefully the town doesn't close down for the holidays. I'll scan the prior reports for info since this will be my first trip down. It appears to me thus far that it is a toss up between the Presidente and Del Rey for lodging. Any new advice would be appreciated. If anyone else is in town let me know or drop me a pm.

12-20-03, 00:32
I am also considering coming to CR Dec 25-Jan 2.
Is the town dead at that point?

12-20-03, 01:14
From a mongering perspective I may not have thought this one through. I guess if the chicas all go home it makes no sense to book a hotel for the duration. At least I know the rivers, jungles,volcano,and beaches aren't going anywhere and I just might have to alter the focus a tad. Since the ticket allows no changes I am in and I'll just have to play it by ear.


If your still going let me know and we'll meet up for a beer or two.

12-20-03, 02:11
Jaimito Cartero,

NEWSFLASH...just got back (7pm) from walking by Wanda's Zona Blue and there were numerous Policia at the place. Several Policia cars parked out front, and about ten of them in and out of the place. Not sure why?

I read your post, and unfortunately I wasted quite a bit of time walking back and forth on Calle 3 and Avenida 9, didn't realize there was a "Calle 3B", put know I know. Nevertheless, imagine my shock when walking down the street to finally get there, and then seeing the Policia. I didn't go in of course, just went back to the Hotel del Rey.

The New Fantasy seemed a bit lame each time I stopped by, during they afternoon, so maybe it's just my bad timing. I just left after looking into the room to see the quality.

When you know more about the Zona Blue, I'd be interested in hearing.



12-20-03, 07:07

We met at Jackson's Thanksgiving dinner and the Clarin Experiment. Buenos Aires is amazing!!

I'm arriving in SJO very late 12/24. I'll probably stay at Hotel Morazan, 1 block from the Del Rey, and 1 block from the Presidente.

I know SJO well, and we'll find some cuties, no problem. My buddies and I are heading to the beach (Jaco) on Friday. You're welcome to join us.

Yes, SJO is dead around Christmas in the normal haunts, but we know enough chicas and places to enjoy the Holiday.

12-20-03, 09:33
Hey Dboy,

No explanation needed. I remember you very well. How could I not help but smile remembering you and Stormy with the lesbians in my apt. in BA. I look forward to meeting up again in CR. Thanks for the invite,I arrive early morning on Xmas and will book that night in the area of the Del Rey. Chicas or not we will make the most of it. See you then.


12-20-03, 22:01

Walked by the Zona Blue this afternoon (saturday), to see if they were open after what I saw last night.

The Policia have closed it down, and sealed the door with "Cerrado" stickers. REAL BUMMER, since I was looking forward to sampling this new spot.

Guess I will head back to the Marlin Bar to check out the afternoon selection.


Jaimito Cartero
12-20-03, 22:08
Well, I hope nothing happened to Wanda's place. Would be a very big shame. They're normally closed on Sundays. But will be open from the 26-27 and 29-31, I think. 9am-9pm, I think.

I'll be here until the 1st, so if anyone wants to check out some of the Tico places, PM me.

I went to Vips #1 the other day (before the chicas arrived), and I'll post those pictures later on.

12-20-03, 23:27

Can you tell me where IDEM is located, (an address or cross-streets).

I asked a few taxi drivers and none seemed to know what I was talking about, but offered to take me someplace else nevertheless.

At this point I've just been doing the Marlin Bar action, haven't been impressed with the New Fantasy selection, and no luck finding IDEM.



12-21-03, 05:58
Wanda posted on another board that one of her permits had the wrong name on it. That's what caused the closing. I'm arriving Christmas Day and hoping she'll have her place open on the 26th and/or the 27th.

She's a sweetie.

12-21-03, 22:07
IDEM is at Avenida (Avenue) 10 at Calle (street) 11, just across and South of Tin Jo Chinese restaurant.
Ask the taxi if he knows "Ten Ho" restaurant.

Wanda's Zona Blue will reopen after administrative things are back in order with the local official$. Opps, did I insert a money sign? Must have been a Freudian slip.

Jaimito Cartero
12-22-03, 06:39
I'm glad to hear it's something minor. I walked by at 1am on Saturday morning (I was at Vips #1, two blocks away), and took this picture of it. I've seen these stickers on other doors. It does seem draconian to close everything down like that.

Jaimito Cartero
12-22-03, 06:40
Keg - The map I use is from Lumps (available on DG's site - dongordo.com ) It's a little bit out of date, but has most of the good places.

Jaimito Cartero
12-22-03, 07:18
After leaving Wanda's on Wednesday, I had gone by Vips #1 (Same owners as Vips #2-Molino Rojo one of my favorites). It was only 4:30pm or so, so no chicas yet.

Entrance during the week is one drink (600 colones, I think), weekend is 2 drink entry.

I stayed for an hour, hoping to see some girls, but when I was leaving, one girl finally came. Sasha, who I had talked with at Molino Rojo came by and we talked for a minute. This was not to be my last encounter with Sasha.

The were very accomodating, and I took pictures of the bar and rooms. Here's the first one of the outside and one inside.

Jaimito Cartero
12-22-03, 07:30
The rooms are about the same size as Molino Rojo. They're a little cheaper. 5500 colones for room and girl for 1/2 an hour.

I went there on Saturday night about midnight. The place was very crowded. About 4 guys for every girl. About 15-20 girls total. This place is 1/2 the size as Molino Rojo, so not much wiggle room. Lady drinks are about 1200 colones.

About 20-30% of the girls work at both Molino Rojo and Vips
#1. Some of the girls told me that they'll start out at Vips #1 at 6pm, and then come over the Molino Rojo a bit later.

This is a very Tico place. I was the only Gringo in there that I was aware of. The waiter on my first visit said he does get a lot of Gringos in, because there's a tourist hotel across the street.

They have their stage at the end of the building. When a girl dances, almost everyone jams down at that end. The one dancer I saw was decent. They still have no extra lights on the dancer, so when she is naked, it's difficult to see her.

I didn't take a girl here, but here is the picture of a room, and the front counter where you pay for the room. At $13 and some change, it's not a bad deal.

You can also easily catch a taxi out front when you want to leave. Not a great neighborhood, but I felt secure there.

Jaimito Cartero
12-22-03, 07:42
Last night was my "out all night" night for this trip. I started at a bit before ten at the Hotel Park lesbian show. I'll cover that first.

I brought my Tico friend with me, and we got there just before 10pm. They had the door locked, and the curtains up already. Earlier this year, I had listened to Bill and gotten there at 8:15pm, and then just sat around for 2 hours before the show started.

We knocked on the door, and they let us in. The show was just about to start. The price has increased to 7000 colones now. When the girls came out, I was a bit disappointed that there were only 4 girls there. I think if we had come earlier, they would have added one or two more girls. Only 5 guys before we got there.

There were two decent girls, and two a bit past their prime. In my eyes, Iris, who looks 22-24 was the nicest looking. Medium height, nice breasts, nice shaved pussy. One chubby big breasted blonde, and two skinny (past their prime) chicas. They did the normal show, but since Bill wasn't there urging people on (they said he hurt his back), it didn't have the same flavor.

Even though they brought the dildos out, they never even used them. I wacked my buddy with one a few times, but that was all the use we got out of them.

It was nice to see a guy in a wheelchair there getting some good attention. Everyone seemed to have a decent amount of fun.

When Iris came down to me, I told her that I wanted to "Tome leche", which I think means to drink milk. She asked, "verdad"? Really? I said "claro". Sure.

She then squeezed her nipple and milk started coming out. Now, I guess I never got enough milk as a child, so it's alway exciting to me. She bent down, and I got a mouthful of milk straight from the source. Yummmm. I'm sure I'll get comments on this! The Park doesn't allow any pictures, unfortunately.

From there, we went to Vips #1, which I've already reported on. After we left Vips #1, we walked the two blocks to Wanda's place, and saw that it was indeed closed.

We had to walk back down to Avenida 11 to catch a cab, as there were no empty one's coming on our street. The next stop in the next report!

Jaimito Cartero
12-22-03, 07:55
A Tico had told me about Flamingo night club. It's very close to Parque Central, on the same street as Molino Rojo. We took a taxi, though we got mildly ripped off (500 colones). We arrived about 1am or so.

There is a 1000 entry charge, which includes 1 drink. This is a smallish sized strip club. Most of the girls look pretty nice. I'd guess there were a total of 12-14 girls there. Totally packed with guys when we came in.

Just as we started to sit down they started a lesbian show! A large busted blonde and a petite brunette started going at it. The blonde put a strap on, and started to pump the brunette with gusto.

Every ringside seat was taken, and they wouldn't allow you to stand up or come close the stage. About 2/3 of the audience tried this, and they told everyone to sit down or they'd stop the show.

I'd try to get there a bit earlier. They say they have the lesbian shows on Friday and Saturday nights only. Lady drink is 3000 colones, table dance is 7000 colones. A bit much, but either one of these will get you some good attention for 2-5 songs. I had my tico buddy ask about sex, and he was quoted 20,000 colones ($49). Kind of pricey, but there are one of two in there it might be worth.

They follow the normal CR dance routine. One clothed, and one disrobing. Some girls had their clothes off for only 10 seconds, and then left before the song was totally done. At least there was more light here, so you could see the nekkidness. :)

It's funny to see some of the Ticos who are sitting at the stage (like I was, after the Lesbian show). There was this one older guy, who everytime the bottom came off, he would stretch as far as he could over the rail to get a good look. Pretty funny.

There are girls dancing 75% of the time, so a decent show. Some of the girls will ask for a drink, but no pressure. I saw one DR girl (Jessica), the rest were Ticas or Nicas.

I spent less than $2.50 here in 2 hours.

Jaimito Cartero
12-22-03, 08:11
We left the Flamingo Night Club a bit before 3am, and then walked the three blocks down to Molino Rojo. The doorman at Arcadas night club tried to get us to come in there, but they wanted 7100 colones for a girl/room. I poked my head in and didn't see anything that great.

I had drunk about 8 drinks that night, so didn't need any more. I ended up just giving the doorman 2000 colones for two drink tickets at Molino Rojo (for me and my buddy). It's a good think I wasn't drinking any alcohol, or I'd be on the floor.

It was about 2/3 full, but still some nice chicas. My balls were throbbing from all the other stimulation that night, so I just wanted a good bbbj. I had seen a girl another night (Alejandra), who had told me I could do ANYTHING to her. No extra charges.

So she came up to me again, and I said, "what the hell". She's not very pretty, about 30ish, with nothing exciting for the most part. I figure she should know how to finish me off. When we went to pay for the room, she started in. "Let's get an hour". I should have turned around and walked out.

I said, no, half an hour. We went upstairs to a room (another 10 rooms upstairs, for a total of 20 rooms, I think.), Sasha was sitting up there, and I said hi to her. As soon as the door closes, she starts asking for a propina (tip). I start to leave the room. She says, no problem, no problem. She then pulls out the condom for the bj. I remind her about the BB part. She then starts whining about not cumming in her mouth. I tell her no problem.

She gives a halfhearted attempt for a few minutes, and then wants to put condom on so she won't get cum in her mouth. I tell her no. She keeps going on for 5 minutes, but once I get going good, she stops, and then starts teething on my dick. Ever since Lorena Bobbit, I'm not excited about teeth or anything sharp chomping on my dick.

After another few minutes of a sort of bj, I let her put the condom on. She then does a shitty job, and I'm fed up. I just get up, rip the condom off and start dressing. She's now worried that she might get in trouble, but I just tell her "no problem" and leave.

She's a bit of a psycho, and I just want to get out of there. My balls are throbbing like the eggs in Alien before they hatch. I'm really pissed off.

I decide to find someone who I at least like to finish me off.

Jaimito Cartero
12-22-03, 08:26
I had seen Sasha at Vips #1 and Vips #2 (Molino Rojo). While she wasn't quite my type (too young, and wanted 5,000 extra for a bbbj), I had been friendly with her, and she had seemed friendly back every time. I had bought her a drink and some cigarettes, so perhaps that's why.

I wasn't going to pay the 5000 colones for a BBBJ, but 6000 for a normal service should be fine.

I find her and tell her that Alejandra was horrible. I ask her is she is good at "mamar" (sucking), and she says yes. We go upstairs, and start undressing. I want to give her a kiss and at first she says no. Then she quickly changes her mind and really gets into it. Almost as good a DFK as I had with Natalie at Zona Blue.

Sasha is very petite, 20 years old and a Tica. I think the most petite I've been with in CR. Not an ounce of fat that I could see. About 5' 3", blonde. Has a tattoo that says "raffa" on her hand. (Say it's her boyfriend). She has smaller tits than most Thai girls, even.

She was a bit better than I had expected. Did a good job of the CBJ. She had a nice shaved pussy, and I did a bit of DATY, and then started in on the good action. Quite tight, and a good time overall. No complaining, no asking for tips, and pretty friendly. I even took a picture I'll post here. This was the first time I had my camera with me at Molino Rojo.

And while Sasha isn't great, she was a decent finish to my mostly exciting night in San Jose.

My buddy was eyeing a platinum blonde another friend had gone with a couple of nights ago. (Ginger). She has a lip piercing and maybe one or two others. She's dressed to the hilt and appears to be in her early to mid 20's. I'm not sure how high her heels were, but she seemed moderately tall. Both amigos reported very good results (CBJ, open to anal and good service). This girl probably had 2-3 times more clients than the closest girl. I only saw her outside for a few minutes in the 2+ hours we were there.

We finally left at 5:15am or so, just as the sky was starting to get light. A "pirate taxi" gave us a ride home for 1200 colones (we probably save 200 colones). My tico friend slept for an hour, and then went to work!

Jaimito Cartero
12-25-03, 01:15
I'm happy to see that Wanda is now aboard WSG! I hope that Jackson will allow her to post her re-opening, and other tidbits. I've seen a lot of chicas in my life, but she is one super special one!

Jaimito Cartero
12-26-03, 16:54
Whoever says there's no "Rockin' and Rollin" during Christmas wasn't here yesterday morning. There was a 6.3 earthquake near the Panama border. Even here in San Jose, it woke me out of a sound sleep. It seemed to last about 20 seconds. This is the second time I've been here during an earthquake that I felt in the last 15 years!

Law Dawg
12-26-03, 22:04
I am actually looking for a little help on my first trip. I have $$ to spend so that should not be a problem for me. I am actually looking to find the best looking girls that offer good service. I would perfer BBBJ and Greek lessons, the first is te priority. By reading the board I see that looks like the Blue Marlin is the only place that fits the bill. Does anyone have any suggestions/contact #'s? There are some beautiful women in the photo gallery. I would perfer my hotel to an incall place.

I can give good info about Chicago, some in Tampa and Vegas if you PM Me. Thanks in advance.

Jaimito Cartero
12-27-03, 01:12

Jaimito Cartero
12-27-03, 11:26
i went out for what i figure is one of my last nights out before i go back to the states. it is a sort of holiday time, so i wasn't too surprised at the lower numbers of chicas.

i wanted to check out a few new places, but only went to one new strip club, alcasar. it's at calle central and avenida 7. across from the old olympus (now hot lips).

i actually walked to all the places within 6 blocks of this place. most wanted 2000 colones minimum consumption. they were also light on girls, and heavy on guys.

la bella mansion is now asking for 7000 colones for the girls, 1300 minimum consumption. they also use a metal detector wand on you.

i remember something negative about josephine's, so other than asking the consumption fee (2000 colones), i didn't go in. they wouldn't quote the prices for the girls. often a bad sign.

there was a little bar next to josephines, (bar la tanga?), they said the girls were 6000 colones, but wouldn't let take a peek without buying drink coupons.

club 40 was packed with guys and maybe 6 girls. door guy says there were 3 upstairs. it's way too smokey in there for me. a few doable girls though.

this neighborhood is rough, so make sure you have some non-drunk backup with you. i walked about a mile and a half from 11pm to midnight with no real problems. there are some scary looking guys out. (i had my tico buddy with me.)

we kept going another two blocks, and there is a bar with girls in it. i forget the name right now (monaco?). the owner of the bar thought i was interested in buying it. not.

i did see the nice nica that i saw at molino rojo the first time in monaco. i had some little presents to give out, so i gave her one. i only took two with me this night, but they were very popular.

i ended up back at alcasar. they'd let me look inside, without paying. pretty nice girls - i'd guess 15 in total. looks similar to tango india. 2000 colone minimum consumption. (but drinks are 1200 colones each!). i only had one drink, but they didn't hassle me.

good shows, okay lighting. pricing still too high for costa rica. 4400 colone lady drink. $150 for 1 hour of sex. dollars! there were some there that were worth $50 in my estimation. (if i wanted to spend that much, i go to the bm.)

i don't understand how the places like this (mostly strip clubs) can really make money. i've never seen anyone take a girl out. maybe they make it on drinks.

after i'd seen all the girls dance, i took off to molino rojo. i saw sasha there. she changed her hair color (blonde highlights in front, brown for the rest), and has lipstick and a nice outfit now. i gave her my last gift (lipstick), and she seemed to like it.

i had a couple girls in mind, but they either didn't like me, or were tired. i'm betting on the former. i ended up going with maribel, a chica that wasn't great looking, but had a certain sparkle in her eye.

she was about what i expected. average, average, average. my buddy took the nica who was at molino rojo by then. he was very happy with her.

the only problem with bringing presents is the girl i went with was expecting one too. i'll need to have an extra one or two in my pockets.

the doorman at molino rojo never gives me my change. costs me 200-300 colones almost every time. get's old after awhile.

Jaimito Cartero
12-27-03, 11:40
While I was driving around looking for places on Lump's map (Europa 2000 - Closed at 9pm), I saw a lot of streetwalkers around Wanda's place.

I was pretty sure they were transvetites, but my Tico buddy said they weren't. Time for some in depth investigation. (But not TOO deep.)

I parked the car, and we headed around. First one was obviously male, but I asked anyway. Yup, tiene picha. For the hell of it, I asked for prices, and was quoted 20,000 colones. $50!

Went down Wanda's street, and there were 4 girls in front of the lovely blue house. The stickers were off Wanda's door (Step 1! Yeah.), and they all looked very feminine and nice. Of course they all had dicks too. Only 5000 colones. No thanks.

I hate to say this, but if I saw most of these "girls" in a club, I'd be fooled about 1/2 the time. (Before the unveiling). I had seen plenty of these "girls" around Parque Morazon, and by the Clinica Biblica before, but never near Calle 3/3b, Avenida 9.

I've never taken a girl off the street, and I don't think I'll start here. I have seen some druggie type girls around the Mercado Central, but I'll stay away from those too. (My Tico friend works near there. He says they ask for 2500-4000).

This whole post is NOT about finding transvestites (I know the rules), but about never taking a chance on the streets of San Jose. I asked for prices to compare with the real thing.

Jaimito Cartero
12-28-03, 08:08
I decided to go out for a just a few hours tonight. I didn't feel like the Park show, so thought I'd check out some other places near Molino Rojo. Since this is the Christmas season, may places are low on chicas, but should be up to normal amounts within a week. On a Friday or Saturday night there are 60-100 girls within one block.

First there's Miss Caribe. A nightclub that as far as I can tell has no cover charge. Only three girls there tonight. Normally 10 or so. 1/2 hoiur with girl is 7000 colones.

It has a stage, but with 3 girls, but none dancing tonight. A fairly small place.

I had poked my head into Arcadas nightclub the other night. I decided to check it out fully tonight. Entry is 1000 colones, and includes 1 drink. They had a promotion where you could get 2 Heinkens with your entry. Not sure how long this will last.

This place is about 1/2 the size of Molino Rojos. There were about a dozen girls here. A mix of Ticas and Nicas. The quality was a bit better than Molino Rojos (I'd rate them at 5-8 on looks). No real low-end girls.

Lady drinks are 2200 colones, a table dance is 5000, and a room with girl for half an hour is 7300.

The table dance designation is a bit different than the US. If you pay that fee, you get the girl for 10-20 minutes. Even if you just buy her a drink, she'll grind your crotch and sit with you for 10 minutes.

They have dancers more than 50% of the songs. 8 seats close up to the stage, and the pole less than 2 feet from the edge of the stage. If you want the best seat in the house, sit right in front of the pole. If you're not careful, the girls will spill your beer if they swing right in front of you.

Good shows overall, the standard 1 song clothed, 1 song disrobing. Unlike almost every other club, they stay to the end of the song on the naked set, and some will finger themselves, and spread wide right in front of you. I think Electra was the best dancer, but most were pretty good.

I had a few girls come over to me and ask for drinks. I got one for Jessyca, a 19 year old, with pierced nose, lip and tongue. Dark haired, medium height. Very attentive and good service.

I wanted to watch the show for awhile, but when she came over an hour later to ask for a drink, I told her that I'd rather just go to the room.

This place only has 3 small rooms. The two normal ones were full, so we went into what is basically a storage room with a bed (underneath the stairs!). There were bags of concrete, and a TV box in there too.

She would only provide CBJ, but did a decent job of it. She provided some limited DFK, but seemed to want to get to the action quickly. I slowed her down and told her I want DATY, but she said she didn't do it.

I had given her one of the little presents I'm carrying around (lipstick this time) earlier, so after a little convincing she said I could graze for a couple of minutes. She has a nice shaved pussy that was really nice! It's got to be clean or I won't go there.

Well 15 minutes later (She didn't stop me after 2 minutes...) I was ready for the good action. (Her legs had been quivering so much I thought she was having a stroke.) The nice thing about being under the stairs, is that the roof in the room is slanted. So I could place my hands on the roof while pumping away.

I'd rate Jessyca a 6 on looks (somewhat of a stomach, had one kid, I'd say), 7 on service and 8 on attitude.

I spent about $28 for the night including drinks and taxi ride back. Arcadas is a very good alternative to Molino Rojo, especially if you like a good show. They have the same porno channel (from Argentina, I think) that Molino Rojo and Miss Caribe have. Others have said it's illegal to have in a place that sells liquor. This may be true, but I saw the cops come in a few times, and they have no problem with it.

Depending on the girl you pick, if you buy her a drink, you can pull her top down, suck her nipples and quite a bit more.

My camera is messed up, so I wasn't able to take any pictures.

Soft Touches
12-29-03, 20:34
Greetings all,

I have been frequenting WSG for awhile now due to my travel (all over the US). I get a significant number of ideas as to where the action is.

I have just recently found out that I will be going to SJ on a regular basis for the next 1.5 years and thought I would investigate it beforehand.

Being completely unfamiliar with CR and not speaking spanish where would I get the best benefits for the buck? I will essentially be a tourista until I figure my way around.

Is picking up one semi-permanent an option?

Whatever help you can throw at me would be appreciated.


Jaimito Cartero
12-30-03, 03:38
I went out for a couple of hours this afternoon to check out some of the daytime places in San Jose.

I went to 747, and there were about 10 girls there. I saw Rocio come out for about 30 seconds, grab a guy and go back in. She looked a bit worn out to me. I stayed for 10 minutes to see if anything else nice came out, but nothing did.

I went next door to the purple house (Casa Lila - Sala de Masajes 258-2604). They're open Mon-Sat 10am-8pm. This is the first time I had actually been inside. They had 4 girls there, with one coming in later. Decent quality. They quoted a price of 6000 colones for 1/2 an hour. This is the gringo price, as I found out later.

They have fairly comfortable couches, and had a tv on sometimes. I came during lunchtime, and the girls were getting their chicken lunches delivered. A very relaxed atmosphere, with the girls joking with each other and you. A couple of the girls went back for their sessions, but it was pretty slow going.

Any of the girls were doable. Alexia was probably the least attractive. She seems to be a lesbian as she kept asking the petite blonde permission to DATU/ I kept teasing the blonde and telling here that Alexia just wanted some fish for lunch.

Here is a picture of 747 (gray house) and Casa Lila (purple). I didn't ask the price at 747. It was 4000 colones when I went over a year ago. Should be 4500 or 5000 colones now.

Jaimito Cartero
12-30-03, 03:47
They say that there is normally 10-12 girls in Casa Lila. Many girls take 2-3 weeks off around Christmas. They said it should be back to full strength by the beginning of February.

I chose Karin, a 19 year old Tica. She had a nice body, and seemed pretty pleasant while I talked to her in the room with the couches.

The actual address given on the business card is: De los semaforos de la entrada del Museo de los Ninos, 25 metros sur.

Here's a picture of the front, along with a pic of the room.

Jaimito Cartero
12-30-03, 03:58
As Karin was taking me in the door to the room to pay for the 1/2 hour, I saw her flash "6" with her fingers to the cashier. I thought this was a bit strange. I had read somewhere that 6000 was the normal price. More on this later.

Karin disrobed quickly and didn't seem too enthusiastic. She has a slightly above average body, with her nose and belly button pierced. I seem to be picking girls with piercings lately. And although is wasn't on purpose, she is also 19 years old. I've only had one chica over 20 years old on this trip!

I started by asking for a kiss, which she said she didn't do. Strike one. Then she pulled out the rubber and started the BJ. She did fairly well, but I still yearned for a bbbj. I wanted to dine at the Y, but again, she wouldn't let me. Strike two. She had a nicely trimmed bush, so I was hoping, but to no avail.

She then wanted to start the action right away. I told her to slow down a bit, so she kept going on the cbj. She did do a good job, but tired out after 10 minutes or so. This is why I usually don't like younger girls. Not enough experience. She says she's been working for 9 months.

Once we finished, we both showered, and I asked her about the pricing. I asked her if 5000 was the Tico price, and 6000 was the gringo price. She agreed. So if I went there, I'd say that I only pay the 5000 price. Shrug. Might work.

If she was more open to FK and DATY I think she'd be so much better. If you just want a quickie she might be okay. Looks 6.5, skills 7, attitude 4. I was surprised that she let me take a picture. (Mine is still messed up, I borrowed one.)

12-30-03, 16:50

Thanks for all the recent reports, just my first trip down, so I really haven't ventured out of the Marlin Bar...except when I saw Wanda's place get shut down.

Was out on the coast for a week, and just returned back to the Hotel Del Rey for a couple of days. Found an interesting little girl last night. She's a 20 year-old Russian, and speaks pretty good spanish. Didn't know that there was a sizeable russian community in San Jose. After all the Tica's and Columbiana's I've had here, it was nice to try a caucasian girl again...even if it was all in spanish.

Thanks also to Ace00 for the streets where IDEM is locatec, I'll try and walk over there this afternoon. Met a lot of Americans living down here, and they've been absolutely generous in sharing their insights about the country and the Tica's.

Happy New Year to all.


12-30-03, 17:20
AA Sale, ATL - SJO $401.
What a sale.
American Air from Atlanta to San Jose $401 on their website.
Do not know the rules or sale period. Check for yourself.

12-30-03, 17:32
Delta matched and beats American fares.
No sooner did I post the below when I found that Delta has beaten American on the round trip fare and is non-stop from Atlanta to San Jose, CR.
$385 round trip.
That is a deal.

Jaimito Cartero
12-30-03, 19:58
Soft Touch - Well, if you're asking if you can find a girlfriend or such, I'm sure it's possible. A number of people here have done so, just read the forums a bit. I'd practice up on your Spanish some, it will help greatly.

When I first came, I knew about 20 words or Spanish, but can now communicate fairly well. A little practice is all it takes.