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06-14-13, 13:48
Members have been requesting South Sudan Thread. Well there you: 'It's easy done', a friend would say.

10-04-13, 19:40
I guess I'll be the first to report. I can tell everyone there is nothing to report! Spent a work week there a few weeks ago and all I can say is. It reminds me of Bangui. It's a dump but couldn't believe how expensive it was. Stayed at Rainbow Hotel. Not bad, friendly staff, semi-cold beer and decent food. The Southern Sudan Hotel caught fire right after I left. Went to one good restaurant owned by a Greek dude. Good Indian food with Indian chef / cooks. Can't remamber the name tho. Anyway, no chica activity to report. Looking at the local talent not sure I want to. But of course I will be looking around on my next trip!

Tim Bone
10-30-13, 21:30
Agree Juba is a dump. But you can find action there or at least you could. Picked up this girl from Rwanda at Habana next to Lugali restaurant. There were several girls from other East African countries available there. Think I paid 150 SDG which was about 50 USD at that time. But this was 2. 5 years ago now.

I was in Bangui also during quieter times in 2007 and found it a bit charming place. Also there it was a club with quite a few good lookers available for picking. Though I didn't take any since I was accommodated in a guest house with colleagues unfortunately.

09-08-19, 23:18
Not easy to find this forum. If you click on Africa you will see the different subforums with the corresponding countries but not South Sudan. Only when you click on NE Africa and scroll all the way down are you able to find it.