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07-20-13, 20:27
Hi Jackson,

Is it possible to create a thread within a thread?

There is a thread on the Russia board for Russian Websites. This is a big topic and a lot of valuable info is just being lost in the single stream of consciousness.

It would be helpful to create threads within this thread for say, specific sites that guys use to connect with escorts, or social media sites to connect with Russian women. I imagine this must be possible, but right now we can only create new threads within the Russia forum itself, not possible to drill down into the existing threads.



07-22-13, 08:35
Hey Stravinsky,

You beat me to creating this suggestion. Let me add an example to this suggestions as to why this is important.

I paid a WG a good price to get some service which was not satisfactory, needless to say she had negative reviews already written about her. Stravinsky made a really good post on how to find the relationship between these sites which I believe would be helpful to any newcomer. However that valuable information would be lost within the 50+ pages in those threads. I don't know why we can't make several new threads but if we had a way of making valuable info stay right there in front our eyes, it would save everyone's time, money and reduce headache for old timers.

Here is an example of what I mean:


Anyone who would want to learn about diablo barbarian would go to here in this site. And the first things they see are the pinned threads: "Helpful info for barbs here" which was a normal thread. It was started by a member and it was updated to include latest info so it was turned into a sticky post by a moderator.

There was another way I saw which made rating of the posts possible, so whenever someone read a post there was a little button below the post that indicated if it was a helpful post or not. This in turn made important and useful posts get highlighted within the thread.



04-09-17, 00:24
I seem to have received an infraction for saying one "may have to be a paying member to have that privilege" of creating a new thread in post #2261 of the Thailand Safe Sex thread, dated 04-03-17 18:31:


A moderator in the same post of mine state's "Senior Members can start new threads. ".

As a senior member myself whenever I try to start a new thread I am directed to a page regarding a paid membership:


So my question is, how can I create a new thread? Does it require both being a senior member and a paying member?

Does being on post review have anything to do with creating new threads?