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Java Man
11-16-21, 09:02
I did not try to go there because I did not know what to expect. Perhaps you or SeaBeeJoe can elaborate on what Zona Rosa is. Funman13.Really?? LOL https://www.elsalvadortips.com/zona-rosa-san-salvador.



Perhaps back in the 80's there were Street walkers there. You may get lucky and find a FL or pickup a non pro.

11-18-21, 04:19
I never thought of ES as a mongering spot. I'm still stuck on people saying don't go there cause if the gangs, but that's the same people saying don't go to Colombia cause of the cartels. I've been to Cartagena 3 times and I love it. So maybe SS might be a new spot. Only reason I'm even on this SS forum is because I saw a are / T to SS from a local city for $151 with less than 5 hrs flight time. I was like oh shit. What's there? I also went back 21 pages and RTFF. A lot of info but let me ask to make sure I got the vibe down cause it is definately diff't from Cartagena or DR.

The casas are the places to go? There is no place where the girls congregate and you pick who you want other than the casas?

Girls are usually stock to one club and don't bounce around cause they work directly in the clubs?

Has anyone recently negotiated getting one of the casa chicas to come to your hotel for a few hours or even TLN?

Are there any clubs where you can meet girls that aren't working there? Like girls go out to party or drinks?

Thanks for all the info I have collected. I'm already looking at airbnb and hotels.

11-24-21, 16:40
I was in SS for business not strictly mongering but I still found time go to a couple of places with new friend down there.

Casa Keyson.

More like Casa Hippo. I had been at this place before the pandemic and although not all girls were to my taste, there were a couple that I liked and had a good time with. This time every single girl here had a huge gut. There was one that looked really good from the back but as soon as you I saw her sideways I was disappointed. I ended up with a girl whos belly was ok, but later in the room she revealed the control top she was wearing. BBBJ was very good, but the rest was not. .4.

Cocktails & Drinks.

This place is around the corner from the intercontinental hotel. Arrived here at 730 p but they warned us that there werent any girls yet. Went in since I needed a bathroom anyway. 8 pm some girls started to come in. I don't really see anything I like. As with Casa Keyson, the girls here were also fat with huge bellies. I finally found one that was on the normal side of things, but a bit older. LD were $8 and if you want to talk to the girl you have to buy one.

This place seems like a total rippoff to me.

1. VIP room dances were 30 but it's not very VIP as the door is left wide open. The girl dances for 3 songs, but only on the last one she takes her clothes off.

2. the real VIP is 90, you get a bucket of beers and the girl, doors are closed. I didn't choose this option so I don't know what the mileage is, but I was told there is no sex in the VIP.

3. you can only bang the girl after you get the real VIP for 90, banging is 50, so 140.

Given the caliber of the girls and the fact that I don't drink a lot this didn't appeal to me.


First time going to kairos, this place looked nice inside, very comfortable couches.

The girls here were still a bit on the heavy side but just barely. I did notice a lot these girls didn't have asses. So if you like flat butts this is the place for you.

When I sat down I was asked what kind of girl I liked and I was brought this younger girl, very thin, but also very boring. She made no conversation, no suggestive moves, she was just there. She asked me for a drink a some point but I said no and she left.

Later this other woman, not very shapely, came to sit on my lap. You could tell she was a pro. She had more conversation skills, touched the right places etc. She started to dance and grind on me and let me do pretty much everything that I wanted. Sucking, FIV, she pretty much got naked on the couch, very fun.

At this point there were more, prettier girls around the club, so I dismissed this girl and asked for another. I was brought this really young and pretty girl in a nurses outfit. She was nice and fun so I took her to the VIP. The VIP room here costs 30, they bring 6 drinks to the girl and she dances naked on you until she's done drinking, however long that takes.

Once in the VIP her attitude changed completely. She stopped talking and basically zoned out. I sucked on her tits for very brief moments at a time as she would pull away. She didn't allow FIV or even grind on me, she just faced away from me and danced. She said if I wanted a room with her, it would be 60 for everything. She was pretty but since she was being so boring during the dance I declined.

When I came out of the VIP all the girls were taken, and my friend seemed really bored, so we left.


This place is small. The chairs are tiny and uncomfortable. If you like big butts, this place is for you. All the girls I saw here had nice asses, some were chubby, but still doable. There was group of bikers at this place that was hogging all the hotter girls and my friend and I were left the scraps pretty much.

I got paired up with this girl that was so new she didn't even know how the club worked. She was waitress there but it was her first night doing tricks. She was very awkward at trying to be sexy. She was constantly looking at the other girls to see what they were doing and then she would do it to me, awkwardly. I didn't have much choice and it was getting late so I asked her upstairs.

Away from the crowd, she was much more relaxed and natural. DFK, BBBJ, Greek is all I had. It was nice for. 4.

When I came out my friend had already spent all his money buying drinks from some girl so we headed home.

I was told there are other places probably Casas with actually hot girls, but the prices start at 100.

Does anyone have info or have experience at this places?

12-28-21, 20:34
I was recently in San Salvador and went to a number of the clubs in the city.


I stayed at the Holiday Inn in the Antiguo Cuscatlán area of the city. Very nice hotel that had a good buffet breakfast until 11 AM each day. The hotel is located in upscale / safe area of the city. There are numerous restaurants, stores, and banks within walking distance of the hotel. There were two good malls within a 15 to 20 minute walk from the hotel. They were the La Grand Via and the Multiplex Mall. I did not bring anyone back to the hotel. I don't know if it would have been a problem. I usually only do short time sessions in the rooms provided in the clubs.


I took a taxi from the airport to the hotel (about 50 minutes)) for $35. I bought a SIM card and plan from Moviestar in the Grand Via mall. The cost was $4 and the plan was good for 2 weeks and included 5 GB of data. I used Uber every night to go to the clubs and moving between clubs. I also used Uber several times during the day for sightseeing. The Uber rides ran from $2 to about $7. I returned to the airport via Uber and it ran around $23 in the late morning.


The prices quoted are what I paid or was quoted by girls working in the clubs. This city is filled with clubs, spas, casas, etc. I was only able to visit a small sample of what is available.

Club Zou Bar.

This is a daytime casa / bar open from 10 AM until 7:30 PM Monday Saturday. I arrived around 5 PM and paid a $7 cover charge that included 2 drinks. There were 7 or 8 girls available and 2 were doable. I had a drink with one girl and she passed my interview. I paid $45 for 45 minutes and took her to a room with a good sized bed. I enjoyed the session and time didn't seem to be a factor. No one seems to keep track of the time. I think it's probably up to the girl. No knock on the door happened.

Cocktails and Dreams Club.

Pretty nice club. I paid a $10 cover that included 1 drink on a Saturday night. There were about 8 or 9 girls available. Only 2 were doable and they were drinking and doing table dances with guys. The other girls were overweight. I had 1 bottle of water watched a couple of girls dance and then left.


I went here on a Saturday night and paid a $5 cover that included 1 drink. Many guys here. There were probably 12 or 15 girls scattered around several rooms that make up the club. All of the doable ones were busy with guys. I had a bottle of water and left. This place is probably better on a weekday night.


I went here 2 times and took a girl each time. The cover is $3 and includes one drink. This is a good sized club and had many girls working the nights I was there. There were also a number of doable girls each visit. They also have pretty much continuous strip shows. Often they have 2 girls dancing at a time. I paid each girl $50 for 40 minutes. No one seems to keep track of the time. Never had a knock on the door with either girl. The rooms were good size with an adequate bed. Many guys in a lot of these clubs seem drink beer with their buddies and do table dances with the girls. Only a few seem to take girls to a room.


This club is adjacent to Kairos. A car wash separates the two places. I paid a $3 cover which included a 1 drink. This is a good sized club that has two levels and also had pretty much continuous strip shows the night I was there. I had a drink with one girl who was very doable. She quoted me a price of $90 for 30 minutes. She told me that every girl sets their price and it runs from $50 to $90. Her price definitely sounded like a gringo price. I don't know if I could have negotiated it down or not. I had taken care of business at Kairos and wasn't interested in another session. I am over 70 and only do 1 session a day with an occasional day off.

Pasarela Men's Club.

This is a day place that is open from 2 PM to 8 PM. The cover is $5 with no drink included. I paid $2 for a bottle of water. This is a nice club. I was there at 5 PM. All of the girls that I saw were overweight and not doable. I finished my bottle of water and left.

Hunter House.

This place is open from 2 PM to 10 PM. Closed on Sunday. The cover is $7 and includes 1 drink. This is a very nice club and has an occasional strip show. I went here twice and took a girl each time. There were about 10 or 12 girls working here and about half were Colombians. A number of these girls were doable. The first girl that I took was 20 years old, very hot, and from Bogota. The second girl was in her early thirties and from Medellin. The price is set by the house at $45 for 30 minutes and $80 for 60 minutes. I chose the 30 minute option each time. The rooms were excellent with a stripper pole in the middle of each room. Again, no one seemed to be very concerned with time.

I got my antigen test the day before the flight home at a Max Bloch Lab location near the hotel. There are numerous Max Bloch locations around the city. No appointment was necessary. There were only 2 people ahead of me the morning that I went. The cost was $25. The results were sent to both my Whatsapp number and email in a little over an hour. They had quoted 2 hours. Very easy process.

I hope that this report is helpful to anyone who wishes to visit San Salvador.

12-29-21, 04:59
I haven't been down there in at least 5 years but I'm planning a trip now so your TR is well timed for me. I have a few questions for you. Did you have any problems getting BBBJ or did your hookers want a cover for the BJs? Do you know if kiss Fresh and Lips are open? What time did you go to Kairos? Is it any good around 10 pm or is that too early? I will check out some of the places you mentioned so thank you much.

12-30-21, 02:04
I haven't been down there in at least 5 years but I'm planning a trip now so your TR is well timed for me. I have a few questions for you. Did you have any problems getting BBBJ or did your hookers want a cover for the BJs? Do you know if kiss Fresh and Lips are open? What time did you go to Kairos? Is it any good around 10 pm or is that too early? I will check out some of the places you mentioned so thank you much.CBJ was the standard. I think you could probably negotiate a BBBJ for a propina as part of your interview. I use Crown condoms and am comfortable getting a CBJ using that brand. I don't tip, however every girl asked for one. If this important to you, I would negotiate the tip ahead of time. They are going to ask for one anyway. I didn't see any gringos in any of the clubs / bars and only a few in the hotel. I guess enough of the few gringos that have been to these places have tipped and we now have developed a reputation among the girls. Kiss Fresh is a day place closing around 7 or 8 PM. I believe Lips is a strip club that opens around 7 or 8 PM. I did not go to either place. I was told by several Uber drivers that Lips is not full service. They are both open. I went Kairos around 9 to 10 PM. Girls were already dancing and many were arriving at this time. Have fun.

12-31-21, 02:45
Well I can't be happy w CBJs but I understand why they would want that. I'll let them know in advance what I want. I always tip so I'm one of the guys screwing things up but I try not to tip too much. They have a hard job and a tip is their reward for going above and beyond their basic duty. I want real GFE and a few extra bucks will get that real GFE in most cases.

I've been to Lips a few times but not Kairos. I am not a lap dance guy but I see the value in that, I just never do them. I enjoy kicking back (w my cold brew) and watch the dancers and enjoy the strip club atmosphere. I consider Lips a pretty damn good strip club.

So Kairos is open and energetic around 10 pm. That's great news as Muffin always speaks well of the place and I've been meaning to check it out. I'm just not a late night guy anymore. Your info sounds pretty good. Thanks for the reply and your intel. Much appreciated!

01-07-22, 19:41
Hi -- how do you ask for no rubber at the club.

Heading there in April. I'm an active reviewer upon feet on ground and will report back once I'm there. Definitely looking to bring a girl back to my room if possible. Clubs seem to be short service but there if necessary.

01-07-22, 21:56
Thanks to everyone for their contributions to the forum. I'm planning on visiting Central America in a few weeks and I plan on flying into San Salvador for just a single night to meet up with a girl I've been speaking with from the SA site. I plan on booking a room for 2 people even though she will only be in my room for a couple of hours. Any suggestions on a hotel for just that one night that won't mind me bringing her up to my room?

World Travel 69
01-08-22, 20:31
This should help you find what you want.


01-09-22, 07:53
Any suggestions on a hotel for just that one night that won't mind me bringing her up to my room?The last two times I was there, I stayed in the Novo Apart-Hotel. I had no problems bringing girls back to the room.