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09-19-03, 04:45
same here cpteasy, however, i love butt shots as well as seeing their faces.

09-19-03, 06:11

She is a fine and have a nice butt; however,
remember I wear glasses to see her face ...


09-19-03, 06:19

Have not going to any place in particular, since
I hook up with this young chick, in fact, she has
been visiting my place the last two weeks, she
is a fine young chick, she is good as given BJ's;
however, not as good as Elizabeth.

I was planning to go to RD this coming Saturday
and meat Samantha, (Hope she is in good mood)
the last time I was at the RD during the day and
went to Ahuachapan on business; therefore, can
not comment, still Sam she is on my list.

I will have another young chick tomorrow night
at my place ... already had seen her and she is
very young; but she already has a kid and a
boyfriend whos not the father of the kid. Someone
introduced me to her this eve and she is a tall,
morena and nice "culo" and she is willing ... Now,
will see, still do want to go to RD this Saturday,
if I go will give you guys my input, specially since
do want to meat real badly Samantha.


09-19-03, 16:43
I was the first to report on and highly recommend the ZBar Club but that has changed over my most recent visits.

The owner, Rocky, no longer permits cameras into the club.

Rocky appears to have instituted a two tiered price structure. One for Gringos, $40 for thirty minutes, and the other for Latinos, $28 for thirty minutes. Reference to reports of a year ago reveals that the price has gone from $40 for one hour to The $40 for thirty minutes.

The overall quality of the ladies does not support this. All of my early favorites have moved on. For example, Yvonne moved to Lips and more recently to another club. See her photo below, if it is successfully posted.

09-22-03, 00:10
Guys, I had a one day stop in San Salvador and I want to thank you on this Board that gave reports of this city.
From the reports, I felt Fresh Kiss would be my best bet for daytime fun ... I was not disappointed.
All the chicas were very friendly and it was a nice little place to sit and have a drink and practice spanish while trying to decide on a chica.
I entered the place and was shown the menu and the girls presented themselves. Then I sat and talked a little with most of them ... and it was such a cool place and everyone was very friendly ... i bought a round of drinks for everyone. It was fun.
I eventually chose Estefeny, a fairly new girl, for servicio. She was very cool and took good care of me ... even spoke a little English.
After service with her I sat and had another drink and started talking with Karen. What a cool chica. I eventually succomed to her sweetness and went upstairs again with her.
She was AWESOME! I have been to a lot of places in a lot of countries but I can honestly say, she gave the best BBBJ I have ever experienced ... and afterwards a nice back massage ... a GREAT chica.
Bottom line is ... the chicas in Salvador might not be as beautiful, in my opinion, as a lot of the South American chicas, but damn they sure make up for it in attitude ... especially in this place .. Fresh Kiss.
Thanks again for the advice.

09-22-03, 02:17
I could not agree more, Karen is a very a sweet chica, a hot morenita with an innocent face and nice smile. Hope someone can post a pic of her. She an awesome chica and she would do anything to please you as most of the other chicas would. Great report ricker, and hope you come back to el salvador. You mentioned estefania in your report, i can't recall her, can anyone describe her or post a pic?

09-22-03, 19:21
Hi guys!
I know I’d been away for a time now, but I’ll make it up to you with this report:
2 weeks ago I wanted to go to FK, I’d had a chance to leave the office around 6.15 p.m., it was late and I knew that the girls would not be “fresh”, but I wanted to go, when I was driving on the “constitucion” street there was a traffic jam, so I turned around and began to think where could I go and decided to go to "Connections", there the girls would be “fresh” because is a night time place, I got there and I found exactly the girl that I was looking for, the last time that I was there, some months ago, I was with this girl and she was very friendly and asked many times to go to a room with her, but at that time I was with a friend and he didn’t like any of the girls, he wantted to go to LIPS, so we had to took off, but I kept the girl in my mind.
This time I just took her right away to the room, she is a thin morena, about 5.1, she was very enthusiastic and the service was great, though there was BBBJ there was no BBBJCIM, but that was ok, She was great!

But I still wanted to go to FK, so last friday I went at noon, lots of girls!!, but I only wanted Ada Maris, though there were other 2 that I really liked, but I had something planned for Ada Maris, I got a small digital camera and I wanted to take her photos.
The service was great, I really feel good with this girl, after the first bed round I asked her about taking the photos, she told me that only with her clothes on...I said to myself “...be patience” after the second round I asked her again, after a few minutes she agreed, I took about 5 photos of her, not really showing her face but everything else, great!!
She asked me not to show them to any one, She told me about a “gringo” that took a photo of one of the girls and posted on the Internet, of course I told her that the photos were for my eyes only.

Ada Maris is great, she looks so young just like the girl next door, but is time to move on, there are many new girls at FK worth trying.


09-22-03, 22:09

Read Ricker's report about Stephanie, only thing I know is
that she is very new ... Therefore, she most be willing to
please, in order to make clients.

Could not go to RD last Saturday. Since I had couple
girls at my place on Friday all night and as you know
I am young anymore. I am dying to meat Samantha.

09-23-03, 19:50
For those who wanted to know that photo is from FK, that’s the main bedroom...... so many memories!!


09-23-03, 23:10

Which photo ...

09-23-03, 23:53
The last one posted by Tito, “feliz 15 de septiembre2.jpg”.

09-24-03, 00:17
Talking about Ricker’s report, I think that Karen is a better bet, when the girls presented last Friday, I tried to hear all of the names but some of them just said hi, I wanted to know Karen because other guy here posted that she was a “wild one” or something like, if she was there I didn’t heard her name, but like I told you, now there is a lot of girls at FK and is a little hard to pick one.

About the photo from FK, that’s a good piece of a**, Tito can you tell us who’s that girl?


09-24-03, 00:37
My regular trusted taxi driver,guide and scout Tato, introduced me to two places I had not visited on previous trips.

The first was Moma Sans where, on a Friday night, there were ten or twelve ladies, most of which were quite attractive. One was outstanding with beautiful face and body, who accompanied me back to the hotel. For the next week, I checked the location each night and the attractiv ladies had disappeaqred not to return much to my disappointment.

The other spot was the Birds Nest near the Novo hotel.
there were several very attractive ladies but due to other commitments, I did not have time to check them out. This spot advertises to be open from 10am to 2am six days a week.

Tato reported that the World Famous casa had closed with Patty freelancing and Jaqueline moving to Guatemala for her fortune. I encountered Jaqueline(Jackie) on her first day on the job. Her picture is included:

09-24-03, 00:41
For Hawk, Alborto, Tito and Cpteasy who want a face to go with a body, here is a portrait of Jacqueline.

09-24-03, 01:37

You should asked who Karen was, that's exactly what I did
same for Ada Maris. Also, if you guys like a little bit of meat
ask for Valerie or Valeria, she is a tall blonde and she is
good ... of course, Elizabeth is good, but understand Karen
is the best.


09-24-03, 01:46
Where is Moma sans located?

TX Whiskey
09-24-03, 03:14
Hi, I'm new here and I want to know the best places and the hottest girls in San Salvador.

09-24-03, 15:35
When I visited FK, I talked a bit with both Elizabeth and Ada Maris both. Ada Maris is beautiful and sweet and Elizabeth seemed very nice also ... I only have so much energy though and I only had one day in Salvador.
I promised Ada Maris and Karen a twosome my next trip through ... can't wait!!!!
Like I said ... all the girls there were very nice ... I think they would all go out of their way to please.
If you're sitting with one girl and see another you like better, just ask and they'll invite the other one over ... they understand ... each guy has different tastes.

The owner or manager ... think Vanessa was her name ... also very nice. Think she liked me cause I bought a lot of drinks and had service twice ... mucho $$$$ for her. But priceless really if you compare this service to the service you DON't get in the U.S.

Next time ... pictures.


09-24-03, 15:53
You’re right guys, I should had asked about Karen, but like always I was in a hurry!

Yes Greybeard, tell us where is this place “Moma Sams”??


09-24-03, 16:47
The address of Mama San is: Colonia Centroamericas Calle Panama #6. Atras de Gasolinnera Esso Bulevar De Los Heroes.

I agree that FK has a lot to offer, especially the two girl 30 minute erotic session for $40. Please put some names on the faces in the photograph.

09-24-03, 18:00
Thanks Greybeard, yes I know this place Moma Sam, it had a different name before, I think it was “Taboo”, I’d gone there a couple of times but they have their ups and downs in terms of girls quantity an quality, the last time I was there, about 10 months ago, there were like four girls, but before that I did find some good looking girls, it is a night time place.

Greybeard did you visit this night time place “Connections”, they have many girls and for all tastes??


09-24-03, 23:28
Hawk, Alboroto, etc.: Yes, who are those girls? Both look familiar but I don't know their names. I like the looks of the one on the bottom. They both look like they're giggleing through the photo shoot. Come on, guys, one of you knows their names!

TXWhiskey: Welcome to the ES board. I think you need to look through prior posts because we're pretty good about reporting on everything we know. Then, if you've got some specific questions, let us know and we'll all be glad to help you out, I'm sure.

09-25-03, 07:13
TX Wiskkey,

WelCUM to El Salvador ... A place with a lot beautiful
ladies and you do not have to spend a lot fortune, and
in most cases they all are nice.

And, guys do apologized about RD; however, I had a
hot orgy here at my place last Friday night and could
not go. Will try this week end: I am dying to MEAT

09-25-03, 07:24

Thanks for the address of Mama San, now since we already have the address, how about the rates and the quality of the girls.

Also, thanks for the picture. Its HOT!

09-25-03, 07:50

Thanks for the address of Mama San, now one more thing
How about the rates ... and the quality of the girls.


09-25-03, 14:32
So that's Valerie, eh, on the bottom. I like the looks of her and wonder why she never caught my eye when I'm in FK. What's her performance like? And Karen? Someone told me she's "crazy" but what does that mean?

I'm going to have to try something new in FK. Any recommendations?

TX Whiskey
09-26-03, 03:24
Hey buddies,

I'm just coming back from FK and I have the pleasure to meet Elizabeth she's hot, and he gave a great BJ and the most important thing SHE GAVE ME HER ASSS!.

She was awesome, unfortunely Karen was busy, but i saw she`s gorgeous. so I`m coming back Tomorrow.

Thanks Guys.

09-27-03, 21:42
Hello TX Whiskey,

How lucky can you be ... Elizabeth gave you her most
precious gem she has: Her lovely ASS !!! Well,
guess even thou have not patronized this place
and understand the ladies missed Alboroto, do not
have a choice that go back and ask Elizabeth to
give me her lovely ASS. And, hope you do not say
latter on that I have sucked your dick, because
before I fuck her in the ASS, I will licked her ...

09-28-03, 14:08
TX Whiskey: Welcome to El Salvador and I'm glad you enjoyed Fresh Kiss and all of its delights! I don't know what they're doing there to give these girls such a good attitude, but they're doing something right. I'm anxious to hear your second installment...did you go back on Saturday? Don't hold out on us!

Did you really get Eliz up the ass? She is so accomodating, I wouldn't doubt it...can'y picture her saying no to anything but sh'e never mentioned it as on option. Did you ask or di she offer? Just when I was resolved to try someone else, you intrigue me with this story.

Alboroto: Are you back in town? I'm out at Coatepeque and thinking of making a stop by the Red Dragon later on. When I went early on Sunday it was really rocking. I'm too old to stay out late, so I like a place I can count on early.

Hawk: Que ondas?

Happy hunting...

09-28-03, 16:40

What do you think ... That I am a teenager? I am also
"viejo"; however, do not feel like nor mind staying
up late, specially checking some nice ladies.

How lucky can you be: TXWhiskey is at this point the
most lucky guy ever attended FK. He got Elizabeths
beautiful ASS !!! Wish I could.

Can not make it to RD today, did not go to the bank
yesterday and do not have cash, otherwise, could
accompany ... again, I am dying to MEAT Samantha.
Can you invite when I come back from my trip? Let
me know and you can introduced me to the ladies
specially Samantha and Paola and the ugly owner ...

I am back in town, but ready for the US, I am leaving
next Sunday Oct. 5th but only for only 10 days.


09-30-03, 14:57
C'mon guys...let's get busy! I'm going to San Miguel on Thursday and hope to have a startling report of sex and sin.

TX Whiskey: What happened? Where's the "rest of the story"? We don't let you come down here and srcew our women without giving us the details. I want to know how you got Elizabeth to give up her anal assets? What did you do on Saturday?

09-30-03, 19:00

Cool ... Best of luck in San Miguel and hope you can CUM
with a good report: I am planning to go for the Carnival
next month ... but can go before and check things-out.
Also, if you get a chance let me know about a nice hotel
where the "ladies" are welCUM. Do not care about their
rates, as long as its nice, clean and "ladies" friendly.

TxWhiskey ... You asked all those questions about the
ladies, we gave you a complete detail, now you get
the best of one of our ladies: Elizabeth and you do not
want to share your experiece. Write a complete report.

10-01-03, 01:33
Tito: Up til now as far as I could see, I was one of few who shared trip PIX. Nobody seems to be willing to put more in the photo album. What's up with that? Anyway, I hope to see more pix in the future.

10-01-03, 01:53

I take it back. There are quite a few pix now. Hey, I will be mongering in Santo Domingo, Dom Rep from the 8-15 October. I plan on posting some pix. I have a buddy who really knows how to find the fine ones. You will see what I mean when I post them.

10-02-03, 17:15
greybeard: What's the story on Peluqueria Universal? Has it been located and discussed? Prices, ambience, etc? If so, I don't remember and a search doesn't turn up anything except the reference for it on your photos in the gallery. Help?

10-02-03, 18:31
I’d seen the photo of the girl you had at your hotel, can you share the phone number of this service and the prices??

This peluqueria universitaria is not the one located in a almost empty shopping mall “Feria Rosa” or something like that?, near Feria Internacional?, what’s the story with those girls?, I really like the one in the photo andrea.jpg


TX Whiskey
10-03-03, 23:23
Hey here I am,

Ok Hold your Horses; I know everybody is aking about how did I get Elizabeth ass? I've been trying to post a message but I couldn't do it but everything was so easy. She was giving a BJ then suddenly I started giving her massage in her back then I went to her legs and suddenly she started sucking so nice that I put a finger in her pussy then one in her ass, then 2 of my fingers. Suddenly she stpped, then she took off some kind of oil from her purse and she said "ok do it but use this ". She put some in my fingers and the i started "playing" with her ass. then we were fucking (she was in doggie style) I was fucking her pussy but I saw her as I put 2 of my fingers inside and then 3 and then I put a finger in her pussy and opened her ass. I tried to introduce my dick but she didn't allow. I told her that I would be soft and gently I talked with her for 5 or 7 minutes she agrred but asked an estra $ 10 I said ok, and then her ass was mine.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

TX Whiskey
10-03-03, 23:25

Where can I find Andrea and who are those 2 chicks from FK?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

10-05-03, 00:45
TX Whiskey,

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

How lucky can you be, and for that price?
In all how much did you spend. I assumed
you stay with her for an hour, plus the extra
$ 10.00

Lets us know ...

10-05-03, 00:48
To All Members,

I am leaving for the US tomorrow; however, I will be back
in El Salvador on the 16th. I have already set a plan-tour
with this guy and will take him to the FK. He wants Ada
Maris and Karen; however, after reading TX Whiskey
report on Elizabeth's Royal Ass who knows. I will probably
will try to take Liz Ass.

Also, planning to sent a post card to the ladies to say
a friendly "Hello"

Take care guys.

10-05-03, 00:52

I have driven by Peluqueria Universitaria almost on a daily basis,
and Siguanabo is correct, do not know about the rates; however,
with all my respect to the ladies ... They are not only mature, but
a bit on a heavy side and sorry: Ugly ... No comparison to the FK

10-05-03, 01:13
El Jardin was reported on frequently in the past but I have not seen comments on it recently. Someone please bring us up to date.

Also, I would appreciate a current report on The Bird Nest.

10-05-03, 15:12
OK, guys, I'm back from Oriente but with not much of a story. First, I'm handicapped. I changed medications that I was taking and found, to my great disappointment, that a side effect of the new one is impotence! That's right, there I was in pussylandia (really Tony's Disco in San Miguel) and couldn't get it up. Altho the girl didn't help much either. Named Lilian and had long, curly blond hair. Too much teeth in a frustrating BBJ. I'm changing meds (and girls) immediately!!

In general, Tony's is a pretty good place. I'd say there were 20+ girls there similar to those at FK in looks, but the attitude isn't as good at Tony's. They have some new rooms with a/c. I didn't get around to Cedazo I, my favorite place in SM, but it was undergoing remodeling the last time I was there.

TX Whiskey: OK, man, congratulations. You're a good man and you've set the bar high for all of us. You're once again free to travle to/from El Salvador! That was a super report.

Haven't been to El Jardin recently. My first trip there was not very exciting. Staff had a bad attitude and of the 8-10 girls there, only was was interesting. I took her but she didn't like this and didn't do that...pain in the ass. Does anyone remember a casa named Gloria's. It was the first and only casa de cita I attended in El Salvador about 20-25 years ago. Is it open? It's near where the Birdnest is. I've gone to the Birdnest, but not recently, and had a good time there.

I still don't know where Peluqueria Universal is? There's a lot of Profamilas out there. Is PU the one just of 25th near the Emb Americana? Can someone clue me in?

Siguanabo: Sorry about not sharing photos but I don't own a camera...seriously, I don't and never have.

10-05-03, 15:49
The Peluqueria Universitaria is located upstairs at

Calle Guadalupe y Blv. Tutunichapa #1512 S.S.

Tel. 225-3203

Price in house $20 hour, outcall $30 two hours anything goes.

Quality varies widely. Andrea reluctant to work after hours.

10-05-03, 17:38
Hawk and Members,

My apologies to you ... When I wrote about the Peluqueria, I
thought you were talking about the Peluqueria in the pasaje
by the Pro-Familia hospital. I have heard about the Peluqueria
Universitaria before, however, with those "rates" I am willing
to take a chance and perhaps can "tip" a lady. Now, I am not
playing "dumm"; however, when you place a call and ask for
an out-call how will be the best way to do it or you can come
to the place and pick the lady. Let me know

I be back in town on the 16th ready and willing, and of course

10-05-03, 17:54

What a man ... Do not feel bad, we all are going your way
some time soon. I am also taking some new medication and
the side efffects are about the same as yours; however, I do
take "The Eight Wonder of the World" the blue pill and most
of the time does work. I will pick up tomorrow the new one
that just came out of the market: Will let you know ....

Let me see, if I can help you with the Peluqueria Universitaria,
since do drive by on week days. If you are heading West from
MetroCentro you pass the PriceMart store, the next stop light
is 25th Ave and on your left is Hospital Pro-Familia, you will
continue straight like going to "Los Juzgados"and at the next stop light, you are going to see on your left the Peluqueria Universitaria. BTW, there is nothing on the right; therefore,
there is no way to miss it. I drive around 09:00 am M/F and
have seen the ladies going upstairs, where the PU is located,
also you can see the red and blue sign.

I will read on detail your report on San Miguel, since I am planning
to go to the Carnaval next month ... have a contact there but he
wants me to bring a couple ladies with me, and for me its kind
of hard at this point time.

Did you read TX Whiskey report on Elizabeth ...

Keep us informed ...

10-05-03, 18:07

I looked for the number but can't find it. I paid $40.00 for the delivery P***y. If I find it I will post it for you. I will be leaving tomorrow evening for a cross-country drive from Texas to Florida and be flying to Santo Doming on the 8th. I will post some reports and PIX on that board.


10-05-03, 21:55

The $30 is an after hours rate and requires at least an initial visit to get acquainted and see what to avoid. Good luck.

10-05-03, 22:16

If you desire to visit PU, please send us a report with all
the details, specially names, since greybeard has already
sent us the rates and stay away from Andrea, she does not
want to do after hours work.

10-06-03, 17:24
Thanks for the info on PU guys, and Alboroto, thanks for the encouragement. I've changed meds and feel better already. Getting old is hell, but I am resisting it.

10-08-03, 01:52
I like the shot of Tony's. Mi esposa currently living in S.M. I'm in US. She is a smoking hot guanaca, and has accompanied me to Tonys and LIPS in S.S. for beers and looking. I wish the girl in the fotos would show us those pechos of hers.

I love the darker morena girls one sees throughout El Salvador. As has been mentioned before, guanacas rule!! They love their sex and are geared towards pleasing their man.



10-08-03, 16:28
Has anyone recently checked out Cesars Club website. Not bad.


It has 4-5 videos to download of the chicas dancing, also some
other fotos of the girls.


10-08-03, 17:33
Carmena appears on Connections web page. She moved on to Cesares, which I find too dark, loud and with poor selection. I met her as a freelance through Tanto, She had disappeared from scene on last trip. May have gone back to Honduras.

10-10-03, 20:39
Hi guys!

There are new politics for internet use at my office, so I won't be able to post as much as I would, but when ever I have a new report or place I'll for sure post it.

Good Luck


10-12-03, 03:17

This may come as a surprise to some of you, and please don't take this the wrong way, but you can not use my forum to promote competing forums, including Yahoo groups.

This includes surreptitiously posting photos emblazoned with internet addresses of other forums.

Please read the Forum's Posting Guidlines and Photo Guidelines. Links are provided in the left side menu bar.

If you have info, then post it here.



A Toda Maquina
10-12-03, 05:14
Hey Eric, What part of the U.S. are you in ? / I won't be down to San Miguel again until Febuary. Gotta go to Tony's & Cedazos

10-12-03, 18:11

I am in Tampa, Florida. I may be in S.S this coming weekend (Sat/sun/mon) but really wanted to make it to San Miguel en Novembre for carnival, but will have to wait and see.

And you, where are you located?


Sure Schottt
10-12-03, 20:01
Does anybody know if this Fresh Kiss is located close to the city center? More specifically, is it close to Calle San Salvador?

I hope to fly in for a short visit this month.

Thank You.

A Toda Maquina
10-12-03, 22:52
Eric, I'm in Houston . I will not be in down south until Jan. First CR. then San miguel.,Have fun at the carnival.

10-13-03, 00:26
What's happenings? Let's keep posting.

Has anyone been in Okoles lately?

10-13-03, 00:33
Chango & Eric: Good to have new blood (or old friends...however you see yourselves) back with us. Sorry that I can't contribute more but I'm temorarily disabled...long story, not worth looking back thru previous posts, but I shall soon rise from the dead and return.

In the meantime, good luck and if there's anything we can do to help you with your search, let us know we, so far. have a very colegial group on the board.

Alboroto: I still anxiously await your return and your first visit to the "Red Dragon" in Santa Ana (land of "las bellas y los pistoleros", and tell Miss Blanquita (shes' the one with the shortest hair in the whole place)...hello. Strange!!!

10-14-03, 01:04
There is no street called San Salvador. Guys, here in the forum you can find the number of kf, all you have to do is look for the information here in the forum.

TX Whiskey
10-14-03, 02:18
Hey my fiends,

I had troubles with my laptop but I'm here again, so I went FK this last Friday and I Choose Karen, and unfortuanlly she is not so great in bed like you said, it was the worst BJ I`ve ever had, I went on Saturday to Okles and Natalia she's hot. I recommend her.

Take care my friends.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

10-14-03, 17:04
After an evening of scouting the clubs, if nothing showed up to my taste, I would stop by the Ali Ba Ba for a time with Paola and one of her friends of her choice. On my last trip she had moved on. If anyone sees her elsewhere, let us know.

From Monday through Thursday, there was only one girl on duty. On Friday there was three which I would rate below a five.

10-14-03, 23:00
OK, guys, the ole cpteasy is back...a little woozy and weak but once more limping along and in action. Today I went to FK, the new FK! Yes, the remodeling of the new half is done and the place is in service while they work on the other half. They expect the whole place to be done in a few weeks. It's great, I guess, very new and clean looking but somewhat reminiscent of a dentist's office, maybe a little too new and bright for a casa de citas. I hope they sleeze it up some when they start decorating. Air conditioning for the rooms is also on the way, I'm told.

I think I saw Veronica, or whatever's the name of the head honcho there. Is she a pretty foxy looking gal with medium long, light brown hair? Taller than most, and with a golden morena glow to her skin? I'd do her her in a heartbeat.

Anyway, I had Elizabeth, again. I took the 45 minute option in case it took the equipment a little while to get back into action, but I was hard before she finished the wash-up. By the way, they're offering a pretty snazzy looking bathroom for guest use and showers...solo or accompanied

Anyway, I followed Texas Whiskey's directions to the letter and it worked out just the way he said it would, but she didn't ask for $10 extra. I am, after all, a faithful client...not a "butterfly boy". She took it right up the ass with a smile on her face and plenty of enthusiasm. Afterward she said that almost all of the girls there do anal, but you have to ask your individual provider. She said it's not on the menu because it's a personal thing and the extra money doesn't pass through the "caja" so it all goes to the girl, and whether a girl does it or not depends on the girl and, in her case, the size of the equipment. I guess Texas Whiskey and I aren't threateningly large, so if she turns you down, it's a compliment!

So, Alboroto, you better get back here and defind your territory, man. Eliz says that you're mad at her.

She also says that the owner heard that OKOLES was number one with the gringos and that she's determined to displace OKOLES and have FK be number one! That's the stated reason for the remodeling. She also says that before 6-8 months ago when we all started talking about FK, they rarely had a gringo client but that now the numbers are increasing rapidly. She said that a group of four came through last Friday, but then she said that didn't think all were gringos though cuz one was a "negro". She was amazed when I explained that one could be negro, chino, latino, etc. and still be gringo. I'm still not sure she believe me as she kep insisting that all gringos look like me. I guess it shouldn't surprise me but it continues to do so.

10-15-03, 20:26
Hi guys!

I just came back from a business trip to Guatemala, but last saturday I went to Fk too, yes the new place is really good, the front door, is now of a mirror glass, so you don´t have to ring the bell, they just open, when they see you at the door.

Cpteasy, I had the tall girl, her name is Tifany, She is a little older than the other girls, maybe 25 and let me tell you she was great!!
I went there early saturday morning at 9.30 am, like you said the place now is very bright an new and we´re used to the dark FK of before, I did miss the mirror wall they have in the main room in the older building.
Can you elaborate more about Peluqueria Universitaria, girls looks, etc.,I did drove by it las saturday and saw the sign, but didn´t parked to check it.

FK is now number one!!

I think that I´ll be back there nex week.


10-16-03, 00:41
Hawk: Good to hear from you. Next time I'm at FK, I swear I'm going to request a walk-by with intorductions and I'm going to have to tell Eliz that I want to try another one. I don't know who Tifany is, but I'll look for her. I wouldn't kick any of the girls there out of bed. They're all more than acceptable, in looks, to me.

I've never been to the Peluqieria.

Tito: Well, what's stopping you, man? FK is open to all all it's got my vote for the number one casa de citas in San Salvador. The Red Dragon is still a mighty fine place, if you have reason to be out by Santa Ana after 4PM.

10-16-03, 02:35

See El Salvador Photo Gallery posts:

10-02-03 15:05 &

10-02-03 15:09

for photographs of ladies from Pelqueria.

Sure Schottt
10-16-03, 16:35
CALLE SAN SALVADOR is located just nort of Boulevard de Los Heroes in the Western Suburbs.

It is close to the La Ventana bar. There are many other good restaurants, clubs and bars in the area.

It is a good place to momentarily escape the hustle of el Centro.

10-16-03, 20:14

My mistake, I thought you post something about Peluqueria Universitaria.


I like the gal in the photo name "Andrea", how is she in bed??


10-16-03, 23:41
Hello Guys ...

Well, I am back in my native country, after spending only ten
days in the US. I went for my daughter's wedding. In any case,
I have red all you guys messages and specially the one from
Cptease; however, could not logged-in from just "any" computer,
my guess is that you can only logged-in from your own, unless
Jackson was doing his routine check which is fine with me.

I will probably go to FK next Tuesday as one of our members
is due to arrived in El Salvador and offered him to show around
town and by the way all this is free, just want all the "gringos"
to have fun with the salvadorean ladies.

And, BTW Cptease, you mentioned about the gringos and the
black guy, well I was the one who sent these gringos to FK
and they loved. I believe at this time, depending on your taste
but FK is the best. Nice good looking ladies and very well
presented as well as educated, and of course can do the "job"
specially Elizabeth. In regards her I am not upset, its just a
matter of appreciation from what I did to her, same as the owner
but again this is a Casa de Citas, she not even thanks me for
all I have done, doing a lot "propaganda" about her place and
all this for free.

If any of you guys like to go out, let me know ... I am ready,
willing and able.

Cptease, Glad to heard the you did not have any problem
with getting "hard", well I guess you also have to thanks


10-17-03, 16:41

I recommend Andrea, she aims to please and is responsive to all suggestions. However, the facilities are not conducive to a pleasant or satisfying experience. The cribs are only large enough for a massage table and are not up to acceptable sanitary standards. The lesbian show they offered with participation was to be on a filthy matress pad on the floor.

I would suggest an after hours outcall arrangement.

Here is another picture of Andrea. I like the reflection of her in the mirror.

Try it, you will like it.

10-17-03, 21:30

Good photo. I’m curious though, is that a partition separating the rooms? I hate those, I’m always tempted to climb up and look at the action on the other side and am therefore afraid others will do the same. Not that I have anything to hide, but it still bugs me.

10-17-03, 22:15

Thanks for sharing the picture of Andrea, she looks nice.

What about the rate of the "Lesbian" show.


10-18-03, 17:35

The Ali Ba Ba is located around the corner from the Novo Hotel at:

1a. Pte. No. 3132, Col. Escalon, 260-5128

Posted prices range from $28 for thirty minutes to $60 for two hours at your location.

During my last trip, only one girl was on duty week nights with three more on Friday and Saturday. None appealed to me. See photograph of regular, who has been in same spot for last nine months.

I did not get a price for the in house lez show at the Peluqueria because I was not interested. Three girls outcall after hourswere $30 each for two hours.

TX Whiskey
10-18-03, 22:56
Hi my fiends,

I'm just coming back from a place called Model Fashion. It´s located in Escalon, 89 North Avenue #1. Tel 264-1565. They are awesome cute, gorgeous and horny girls. They have a 10, Jamie. She is great and pretty.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

10-19-03, 00:15

I was told last night that the FK has some brand new
girls. My source told me that they up to about 15 girls
at one time. Do you need names of new girls ... Let me know.

10-21-03, 17:52
TX Whiskey:

Tell us a liitle more about Model Fashion. What are the hours and prices? Do they permit cameras?

I appreciate you supplying the address.

10-22-03, 01:00
Last time i visited Model Fashion, the quality of the girls were not near as good as Kissfresh, But if you guys want to spend 40 bucks for half hour, go ahead. I would rather have two girls at KF. :D

How many girls does MOdel Fashion has rigth now?

TX Whiskey
10-22-03, 01:56
Well I will tell you something about Model Fashion: they have the cuttest girls in San Salvador. Forget about FK or Okoles, these places are for rookies, they are the AAA. Model Fashion is the major legaues.

There is also a new one in a place called Villa del Mar just 2 miles from San Salvador. The phone is 229-8411.

There is also one in Cumbres de Escalon next to Despensa de Juan. The phone is 263-1986. They don´t allow cameras, that´s the bad news.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

10-22-03, 06:49

Are you going to Lago Coatepeque this weekend.
My friend may be in town Sunday and wants to
have a lady on that day and already told him that
the only place open on Sundays is the RD. Also,
what time do they open on Sundays.

And, next Monday we are planning to visit FK.


10-22-03, 14:34
First of all, Model Fashion is the same place that some people call UNOSOL, right. It's a two story house on 89th with a #1 house sign and a sun symbol?

Has anyone ever tried the place directly behind the "Bodega" restaurant that is on Paseo Escalon? I was there a long time ago.

Alboroto: I have a complicated situation this weekend, so I'm unsure of my plans. Since I have a meeting in Sonsonate on Friday, I've considered just spending the night and investigation it'its offerings and also to check out Acajutla...there must be something in Acajutla! Or, maybe staying Santa Ana and seeing what RD is like later at night.

RD opens between 4:00-4:30 PM everyday of the week, including Sundays.

10-23-03, 00:50

Thanks for such a valuable information. I will asked
my friend if he wants to go to RD. I like to go myself
and meet Samatha and the rest of the girls, those
included "big tits" Paola. If we go, will send a report.

Thanks again ...

10-23-03, 00:57
Hello Guys,

This morning while driving thru "Peluqueria Universitaria",
because something happened to couple young girls with
a begger right outside the place, all the girls from PU and
the owner were outside and had the opportunity to look
at them and they are not that bad at all. In fact, do not mind
to have two of them to give me "The Lesbian Show" and
of course their rates ... They were five all together ... I did not
see Andrea.

10-23-03, 01:44

I read somewhere that in Acajutla, there are a lot of minors prostituting? I think I read this in the newspaper, does any one know anything about this? Another question: What is the name of the place behind el Bodegon?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please refrain from using "i" instead of a capital "I" in future reports. Thanks!

10-25-03, 01:30
Hello Guys,

Just called a place mentioned by TXWhiskey Villa del Mar, phone number 229.8411.Its located outside San Salvador, on your way to Puerto de La Libertad, you pass Motel La Campana and about 300 meters you enter at the complex called Villa del Mar, you proceed to go all the way to the end and then you turn right and the second house on your right thats the place. The front door is green mellon and brown and its # 4.

The hours of operations are every day from 10:00 am thru 02:00 am, including Sundays.

10-25-03, 13:46
Alboroto: great directions! I assume that you did not go into the place and for that reason there's no mention of the chicas, prices, etc. Right?


10-25-03, 15:40

You are correct ... I do not think it was a way to show
"good manners" by asking about the chicas, prices and
type of service over the phone. Its not my way; however,
there is a "gringo" arriving today at noon and he said
will call me as soon as he gets to the hotel, nevertheless,
he wants to go to FK, but they closed at 07:00 pm and
Villa del Mar as well as Model Fashion closed at 02:00 am.
I do want to go to Villa del Mar, the lady who answered
the phone told me that the "girls" are not only beautiful
but friendly and I will be completely satisfied.

Will advised ...

10-25-03, 16:51

I recommend that you take the Gringo to the Bird's Nest and don't pass up El Jardin for variety after FK.

Good hunting. I am looking forward to a detailed report on the Villa del Mar.

10-26-03, 01:02

We just got back from FK and the place looks nice, and you were correct the ladies missed me ... but Anyway, my friend went for Tiffany, will share his experience latter on. He likes the place and will be back on Monday for a lady named: Milani

After the Base-Ball, if I am still alive (The way the Marlins are playing at latter inings, about to have a heart attack) we are to hit Model Fashion and Villa del Mar.


Where Birds Nest and El Jardin are located ... do not have record nor phone number of those places.

10-26-03, 03:08
As I said before, you're a good man, Alboroto, and we hope your friend will will assume a name and report in detail on his experiences in ES. Is it is first visit?

You know I love FK, but I want to know more about the Villa de Mar, also...thought I'd get a chance to see it this PM, but couldn't get away from an uncle who's visiting and not a monger.

Tell your friend to get a handle so we can add to the variety and number of contributors. And let us know about VdM!! If possible, I'll get out there tomorrow...think you said it was open Sundays!

10-26-03, 03:25

Many thanks for a such nice compliment, just trying to have
visitors to enjoy our beautiful "girls" in town.

As soon as the game is over and hope a Marlins win,
will headed for Villa del Mar. I believe this is the place
and if time permitted, which I do have my doubts, will
visit MD, but with those prices its better if we go to

My friend he is not a member of our Forum ... but will
encourage him to become one and he can write on his own
words about his experiences here in El Salvador.

10-26-03, 09:08

Here are the latest on VdM: The place is very nice, private parking, pool, full bar and they do accept credit cards and the "girls" outstanding, well mannered, and respectable. In fact, Alicia she goes to the University and she is a TKO. Also, she speaks English, there is another girl and her name is Fabiola, she is from Spain and a well traveled girl.

About the rates, one half an hour $ 50.00 and one hour is $ 80.00

Cover is $ 7.00 and drinks are $ 4.00.

That's all from now.

10-26-03, 15:50

The address of El Jardin is:

Residencial Jardines de Lisboa Block D
Casa No. 4 Calle El Algodon
Boulevard Constitucion 2 cuadras abajo del Restaurante Macando

The door fee is $4 but is applied to the fee of 20 for thirty minutes.

The Bird's Nest is located on on the same street as the Novo Hotel, 61 Av. Norte Col. Escalon, three or four blocks from the hotel. It appears your friend could have a two hour outcall from here for $10 more than the 30 minute fee at Villa del Mar which seemed more like a gringo rate.

If you cannot locate the Bird's Nest call my trusted taxi driver Tato at 7403634.

Someone mentioned a club Sisal about three blocks from the Novo Hotel, if anyone has more information on this club, please post it.

10-26-03, 22:24
Alboroto: Poco a poco we're getting some great info on the place from you, but did you see this lates in person or did they give it to you over the phone? If you saw it in person, did you sample the goodies? If you sampled the goodies, how did you rate them and what were their services and "acceptable limits"?

It sounds good but it's definitely a step up in costs, so I want to know "how good" from someone who has first hand knowledge.

Is the parking inside or on the street? I want to go but would like to hear more about it.

Several posts ago youy mentioned aplace called "MD". I assume you mean RD, right?

10-27-03, 04:19

We went to Via del Mar last night, and once again the
girls are super, well educated, friendly, and someone
who you can take out ...

About the rates ... Well, I do not know what to tell you,
to me at least the lady who I had the opportunity to
have a conversation could say she is worth all that
and more. Can not report on the service, since I did
not get any from her; however, my friend did had
with another lady and believe he is all happy !
Once have serviced from her will report.

Parking is inside the house ... and you are correct;
perhaps wanted to say RD and committed a typo.

10-27-03, 04:21

El Jardin is the very same address of FK ...

10-27-03, 20:30
Hi guys!
Great reports from all of you.
First, there is a mistake about El Jardin, the address that Greybeard gave is FK's, El Jardin is located near "Colegio Cristobal Colon", you should look for old post to get the phone number and address of El Jardin.

I went with a friend to FK last thursday, I spend my 45 min with Tiffany, great service as always, she confirmed me that the girls read this forum. My frind took a girl that looks new, very pretty one, young and thin, morenita.

VdM seens to be a nice place but yes, is a step up in prices.

I drove by Peluqueria Universitaria las saturday and had the luck to see Andrea walking outside of the place, she looks better than I thought, I'll pay a visit the next time I have a chance.

Good luck everybody.


10-30-03, 03:50
I've been traveling this week without the chance to sample much and am only checking in before heading out again...probably to LA next time.

Alboroto: Where's the "the rest of the story"? We haven't heard anything from your gringo friend who has, by my count, sampled the women at both FK and VdeM. Don't give him back his passport until he confesses what, whith who and how it was.

Hawk: We're depending on you, man, to keep up the tradition.

TX Whiskey: How do find these places...like VdeM and the one near the Dispensa de Juan? Are you still here or in the US? Has anyone cheked out the place that TX Whiskey mentioned near the Dispensa?

I hope to be back in action and adding fuel to the fire soon.

11-02-03, 15:06
OK, troops...

I'm starting to feel cut off and surrounded here, even though I'm still struggling with a gimpy motor. Ni modo...I was in San Miguel on Thursday and wandered into Tony's. As soon as I walked in una bicha me agarro. I could see that she was maybe a little bit older than the norm, but there was something about her I liked and she had lots of chispa. I said "What the hell" and took her back to the room. Bad mistake! Her working name is Katie and she's 39 years old. When she stripped, the celulitis was a bit overwhelming and the "eyes with character" became "eyes with age". I couldn't get closer than a half-ass BBBJCIM, but she kept stickuing my fingers up her ass and wanting me to smell them cuz (she said) she didn't stink. The only luck I have at Tony's is bad luck!

Reviewing the recent posts, I have some serious questions:

1. Alboroto: Where's the "the rest of the story"? We haven't heard anything from your GRINGO friend who has, by my count, sampled the women at both FK and VdeM. Don't give him back his passport until he confesses what, with who and how it was!

2. TX Whiskey: How do find these places...like VdeM and the one near the Dispensa de Juan? Are you still here or in the US? Has anyone checked out the place that TX Whiskey mentioned near the Dispensa?

Let's stay safe but get busy out there, boys, it's a tough world and we live it. I'm at Coatepeque...sure wish I could find a local honey out here or a frequent visitor.

Don't forget to post!

11-03-03, 02:00

Here we go ...

This is the report from my "gringo" friend and had to given
back his passport.

First at all I will respect his wishes and will not mentioned
any names.

This "gringo" is the VP from this Corporation based in FL and
of course makes over $100K a year plus incentives, do not know
if those included "pussy"; therefore, he can afford any place
in El Salvador.

Here are his thoughts on the two places we visited: French Kiss
is not his style, he likes the ladies that are on the "thin" side,
and there was only one, whomever he chose, its simple of the
need, in fact, he claims the next time he visits El Salvador he
will not go to FK.

Via del Mar, absolutely his style. He claims that he immediately
felt at easy, liked all the girls in the place and the one he
settled with was a very excelent choice and very conversionalist,
plus she was a classy lady and excellent company. Despite the
fact that they are more expensive, they are more educated
and classier. His money will be better spent at VdM.

Again, this "gringo" has the money to spend and do not
care as long as he gets what he wants ... I bet will turn Katie
around and will not pay any attention whatsoever and do
not blame him: I do the very same thing and do not care
about the money.

11-03-03, 04:01
Alboroto: Thanks so much for the report. After reading it, I will have to visit V de Mar, altho I'm certain that the girls at FK are more my type! I really try to avoid sophistication. Been there, done that. Anyway, I'm glad he found something he likes in our "Pulgarcito". There is something here for everyone, right. And, to each his own.

11-03-03, 22:11

Can I give the "gringo" his passport back. Well, he really likes
VdM and do not blame him, like you said to each his own.
In fact, he is back in a few days and of course will visit

Since you are our Tour Director, let me ask you about
San Miguel. I am planning to visit for the Carnival at
the end of month, someone has recommended this
hotel called Tropico Inn, is that a hotel or "pension".
Let me know, also about a good place to visit, like
the FK, since you have not been at VdM.

Thanks in advance

11-03-03, 23:00
Alboroto: Sure, let him have his passport back, altho it would be nice if he'd tell us what he did with whom and how it was. Maybe

As far as San Miguel...the Tropico is the best hotel in town (IMHO). The Madarin is also considered to be a good spot. Both are on the main drag (Roosevelt, I think it's called). I don't know of any casas de citas open in the daytime like FK in SM, altho I assume they exist. The only places I know are the evening "discos" and "barra shows" that double as *****houses with rooms in the back. There are two primary ones: Tony's and Cedazo. Both are also located on Roosevelt. Tony's is near the Hotel Madarin and there are two Cedazos. Cedazo I is about a block or two farther out of town than Tony's (west toward SS on the Panamericana) and Cedazo II is across Roosevelt from the big shopping center at the other end of Roosevelt.

Good luck and I'll be waiting to hear your reports...read the San Miguel section for more info.

11-04-03, 01:45

I agree with Cpteasy. Tropico is the best location in San Miguel.
Yes it is on Roosevelt. Rooms go anywhere from about $40 a nite and up. Maybe rates will be a little higher due to carnival.
Here is a link for the Tropico: http://www.elsalhoteles.com/tropico.shtml

Includes photos, address and phone. Complete with pool and nice bar.
Cpteasy...I know what you mean about Katie from Tony's Disco.
I actually met her thru my woman, who lives in San Miguel. Went to her house in S.M. and met her sons (25 & 18 yrs old and 15 yr
old daughter.) Realistically, I bet she's older than "39". It's probably more like 39 and counting......hehe
My woman, who I posted photos of in the gallery, will be singing at carnival. Look for the hot morena who is shaved. :))

mas tarde


11-04-03, 02:31

Remember what I have said on my first report about the
"gringo". He did not want to say anything he did, nor
names of the girls and do respect that, only thing
was about how he likes his girls ... Period. And, I do not
even bother asking. All he said was that he would prefer
the VdM over FK and he did not care about the rates.

Regarding San Miguel disco and barra shows, guess during
the Carnival, the girls be at the streets dancing their asses
off ... I am planning to stay only a night, perhaps two.


Many thanks and will call some time soon to make my
reservation and does your lady sings professional with
a group. My plan is to be where this group called:
Aniceto Molina will be. BTW, do not like Cumbia music
which is what all salvadoreans prefer.


11-04-03, 05:47

She actually is a ranchera singer. Sings solo.
She has done a couple of local T.V. shows in San Miguel.
and a couple of telethons in La Union y San Miguel. She's
gradually building up a local following. We were at the InterContinental in S.S. last week, and she sang in the Tequilla Bar at the hotel. She is a salvadorena, ex-sex worker, and I hesitate to show fotos of her face (soon I will) because, as much as I like all you guys, I'm afraid someone may remember/notice her. But she doesn't have a problem with it, so I guess neither should I. She never worked in S.S., but did in san miguel and costa rica. Such is life....
see ya later


11-04-03, 13:28

Thanks for the info and believe me I will do the very same,
we have at some point respect the "ladies" and my own
personal opinion is that if they have had at some point in
time do that kind of work its because the need to support
in most cases not only their kids but the families. Its okay
with me if you do not show the pictures. The primary reason
why I ask about her its because I am into the Arts and
Entertainment, used to commute to NYC and going to Broadway
and then to Harlem to listen/dance some Salsa music, now
days I am into Cuban music, specially El Son Cubano and do
have, now that the embargo has been lifted, in my collection
over 200CD's of Cuban music.

If you do not mind and if your lady is performing in town, let
me know, and may go see her.

Best of luck on her new adventure.

TX Whiskey
11-08-03, 00:52
My friend cpteasy,

Right now I'm back in Austin for Thanksgiving, but I will be back in San Salvador next month. How do I find this places? Well I have people who knows everyhthing in San Salvador and they tell me the location of these places, so Via del Mar is my favorite.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

11-09-03, 22:57
Hello everyone,

Bruno is located 3 to 4 streets up from El Jardin. I don't have the number but like TX whiskey said, you can find their address and phone on the clasificados.

11-11-03, 21:01
Just back from FK. A/C is now installed plus a small bar, decorations and other amenities. There's now twelve garotas working there...two new ones entered while I was there. I gave Vanessa some advice according to my likes/dislikes (like fewer lights), so any of you who want to make your input, the mgmt seems very receptive. I wish I could get that Vanessa to go to work...I like her looks.

Happy hunting.

11-11-03, 21:39

How did you managed to talk with Vannesa, personally
she is a "b....", she has never even thanks me for all
the "gringos" I brought in. You even mentioned that
the girls knows me and also they appreciated all the
free propaganda we give them, but Vanessa ...

I had a few, but would rather not to, because the
way she acted at least with me, perhaps due to
the fact that her "husband" is there or may be
I look like a taxi driver and will ask for my 35% cut.

In fact, from now on I am planning to take all
the "gringos" to VdM.

11-12-03, 02:00
Selene and Jenifer are from the Bird's Nest. Selene has sthe long, lean, graceful body of a fashion model. Take her a pack of Virginia Slims and she will follow you anywhere. She picked Jenifer as a partner from the four or so acceptable out of the eight there.

The prices were $30 for thirty minutes and $60 for a two hour outcall. Hours are from 10am to 2am six days a week and 2pm to 2 am on Sundays. This precludes independent arrangements to take them to the beach over the weekend.

Continious floorshows gives you a preview of what is available. I recommend a stop by this spot.

11-12-03, 02:15
I stopped by the PU for a visit with Andrea and to check out. new offerings. Andrea looked better than before with new haairdo and well dressed. No others acceptable.

Inadvertendly, I ended up with Azucena when I asked Sulma If she had a friend she would like to bring along.

Also visited the Villia Del Mar and was impressed with the palacial facilities but it was the Day of the Dead and only two ladies were available. Both were attractive but nothing special. One proclaimed she was student nurse. When we called for directions, it was indicated that they had a special of one hour for $50 instead of the thirty minutes. On site the girls indicated that the special was for 45 minutes.

Stopped by Fashion Models but again found nothing special for the prices.

Jaimito Cartero
11-12-03, 02:25
Greybeard - Nice pics. I never considered going to El Salvador before, but just looking at some of your pics makes me start to wonder.

Maybe a Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador trip? I've done the rest of the countries in North and Central America already. (Ooops, forgot Belize.)

11-12-03, 04:25
Excellent photos and great pick of "models."
Can't beat that shaved morena look....whew!!

11-12-03, 07:55

I called PU today and they told me that Jocelyn has not been
at the place in a few days. Sonia told me now she has a small
business, mentioned a "Tienda" or little grocery store.

How about the rates on those two ladies. They look good and
believe they did an out-call or a domicilio.

11-12-03, 19:47
Hello Guys,

Here is the address of BRUNO'S

Colonia Las Rosas II - Pasaje 2 - Casa 127
Near Hotel Royal and the phone number is: 274.4428
and right now there is a promotional 2 senoritas
en 1 solo servicio.

Also, just in: Cocktail Fresh


They just open and have a summer special

11-15-03, 18:23
Hello Members and Future Visitors,

It has been called to my attention the
following: I have posted few reports,
also have received personal emails from
potential visitors; however, I am a bit
upset that the first question they asked
is how much do I charged and also what
kind of car do I drive, as well as if I can
pick up the visitor at the airport.

Let me brief you a bit about me, I am not
a rich person; however, have retired and
live pretty comfortable here in El Salvador
and my primary concern is for the visitor
to have a real good time and I know for
a fact they can and at affordable rates,
since I am a world traveler do know other

Please feel free to ask to post whatever
question you have in mind.

11-15-03, 20:32
Alboroto: I'm sorry that folks are bothering you, altho I'm glad to hear that there is interest in our little country. Anyway, I hope they leave you alone and let you enjoy retirement in peace.

Also, too bad you're down on FK. I don't like Villa de Mar. I found the girls less attractive than at FK and certainly mucho menos amable. I like the little barcito, as well, at FK where I can sit at the bar and drink a beer. Oh, well, to everyone his own, right? That's what makes the world go round. Now, back to the hunt.

Where is Col. Las Rosas II? Can you give me any directions or landmarks that would get me in the general direction? I assume it's over there near El Jardin.

Good luck.

11-16-03, 00:36

Thanks for your message and please do not get me wrong,
these folks actually do not bother me, the thing is when
they ask me how much do I charge, thats what really gets
me. I am not a hustler ... nor a "Rufian" either.
I do feel like you, glad that these folks are interested
on the girls from my native country.

Well, again if FK is your place ... Go for it


Where exactly Colonia Las Rosas II is located?


11-18-03, 18:32
Hi GreyBeard,

I appreciate your contributions to the Forum, but I'm curious as to why you didn't post your photographs in the Photo Gallery?



TX Whiskey
11-22-03, 18:23

Where did you find Natallie?

Where is located Mama Sans?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

11-26-03, 17:50
I have posted information under advertisements for contacting my trusted taxi driver and guide in El Salvador. He has served me well for approximately two years.

11-28-03, 17:47
I went to Okoles and Model fashion, in okoles Tania she is awesome and in model fashion Paola.

It is my recommendation.

12-01-03, 20:38
Hi guys!

It's been a while now, due my nw office politics of internet use and the little free time I have now a days, it is hard for me to post in the forum.

I went to PU with Alboroto and had Andrea, She looks better in person than in the photos posted here, She is about 30 YO but has a good thin body, She gave me a great service, though the place is not that comfortable, you only have the little massage table, She was great and very profesional, the first round was a BBBJCIM, they have a good mirror so you can see al the action you're having and with her body is nice to watch her legs all open up on your shoulders! . (thank you Alboroto).

Well I have to go, my nex report will be about FK.

Shark, tell us more about Okoles, we dont have new reports of that place.


12-01-03, 22:59
Hello ...

Nice report Hawk_28, and you are correct
Andrea, she gives a good service ... Now,
do not forget Azucena and Sulma at the PU.
Azucena she is the one with the big tits,
although she was not there at that time,
when we went. And, I am glad you had
a great time with Andrea.

Also, when you write the report on your
last visit to FK, make sure you tell us
everything, specially about Vanessa,
remember, she does read this Forum and
may be, may be, may be, she may take
your report into consideration. In fact,
you should write the last two times you
have been there.

12-02-03, 01:58
Well my fiends, you asked me information about Okoles, but first of all, I can see a lot of you are asking information about Vanessa from FK, is she the one who administrate the place? ok I will go to the main theme, all I can say about Okoles.It is a good place there are cute girls, the cuttest is Daniela, but Tania and Natalie, they are great in bed. Rates are $ 23 half hour and $ 29 for a 45 minutes service.

This is a picture of Natalie.

12-02-03, 20:49
Here is the report about FK:

Things are changing at FK, not only the place, though the new place is nice as it can be, it looks that this Vanessa had changed the service politics some how.

Now they are very careful about the time service, the last time I was there, I was looking for Ada Maris but She wasn't there so I chose Milena, one little thin morenita, she is very young, the service was standard, it looked like her mind was in another place at times, I'd had a better experience with Tifany (the tall one), before We went to the room she told the guy at the door about the time service I'd payed for, the thing is that now if she don't pay careful attention of the time and go over time, Vanessa will take a part of the money She makes for the service payed.

For me this change in the service politics is not good for the bussines, regular clients like me, that pay for the 45 min or 1 hour service should not have this kind of problems, I think I should have a margin of 5 to 10 minutes, not that I will use them every time I'm there, I don't like to see these girls running like hell at the end of the service , only because Vanessa will charge them for the over time.

I didn't know that Okoles had a 45 min service now, that's good, FK (Vanessa) should not forget the they are not the only place in San Salvador, We have Okoles or Jardin to go, these place wont stand and do nothing about girls and prices.
I'm thinking to pay a visit to Okoles and see if there are new girls now.


12-02-03, 22:19
Hawk_28, and Guys,

You are correct about FK and waited for my 2 cents,
because did want someone else to write a report
on Vanessa. As I mentioned on one report, I used to
bring some "gringos" to FK or else send them over;
nevertheless, from now on: I do not feel like doing
that. She may think that I get something from the
"gringos" but as you all know I have put a report
that I do all this for free, just to have the "gringos"
enjoy what we have the best here in El Salvador.

I, myself should pay a visit to Okoles and send a
message to Vanessa, since I understand she reads
this Forum and tell her about FK its not the "only"
place in San Salvador.

Keep up with some good reports and have a
good sex.

Happy Cat
12-03-03, 19:36
Hi Alboroto:

I agree with you. I´ll go to SS this weekend, and if you don´t mind we can go and search the Villa del Mar facilities. Last time I visited FK because of your advise, but I know these places easily get spoiled. Certainly that manager has not long term plans, making the girls watch the hour, thus delivering poor fantasy. It´s difficult to be at ease if the girl with you is being penalized for running the extra mile.

12-04-03, 01:32

It would a pleasure to take you to VdM or any other
place you would like to go.
In regards Vanessa and since I understand she reads the Forum,
I know some other things she does to the "girls";
however, I am very discreet and will not write in
the Forum because she may do more damage to the

12-04-03, 03:16

Stop being a girl, if you don't wanna say what Vanessa does to the girls, why you mentioned on the first place? You always bitching about something. Last time I heard from you, you were saying that you were taking gringos around. If you are gonna do something just do it, and stop complaining if the manager from Fk doesn't acknowledge your effort.

This is just a suggestion.


12-05-03, 01:35
I have bad news Fabiola does not work anymore at VDM, but you can go to Model fashon and ask for Paola or Aisha. They are awesome.

Super David
12-09-03, 17:01

What can you tell me about Fabiola?

I would like to speak with you.

12-10-03, 00:13
Yes, It is open on Sundays but I recommend you to go on weekdays at night. On Sundays they do not have better looking girls.

TX Whiskey
12-10-03, 00:34
I have a question and I think it is a good one, Ok here it goes:

About a year ago a guy in San Salvador and girl who used to work at Model fashion told me about some girls from the salvdorean TV who works as call girls they told me about a girl from the news in channel 2 and 6 and other girls from a saturday show in channel 4, Well a lot of girls from TV, the question is:

Do you know something about it?

12-11-03, 00:25
Super David,

All I can say is that Fabiola worked at VDM, now tell them what do you want to say?

Happy Cat
12-11-03, 22:28
To each its own…

Traveled to S. Salvador, a nice place, where Alboroto and other friends keep us updated in a minute-by-minute basis. Following the wise advices of the SS gurus, I visited Model Fashion (officially called Fashion Model, it´s like Fresh Kiss or KissFresh…), and the selection on a lazy Sunday afternoon was quite ample, perhaps ten young ladies, all in the 7-8 rate. I made a wrong choice, because Laura seemed very intelligent, and was charming, but when we began to talk, she was in Law School, ashamed of working there, feeling that this work was horrible… I felt her sincere, but the result was a total turn off… I wished her good luck, and advised her not to do something that was so against her feelings. A nice improvement re: Fresh Kiss is the modern bathroom with hot water shower. Prices are $ 40 for ½ hour and 60 the hour.
From my nice apartment in the Novo Hotel, I walked to Bird´s Nest (59 Av between Primera Av. and Roosevelt) and Capriccios (Primera Av between 59 and 61).
Capriccios opens at 8 pm, is a nice setting but the night I was there, just one or two ladies at all. The prices there are $70 in house or 110 to go. But the material was just uninspiring because the lack of variety and motivation.

Bird´s Nest (261-0688) opens 7 days a week, from 10 am to 2 am. Nice variety, with a total KO for those who like big chicks, she’s called Scarlett, nice body, much fun, good dancer. Also famous Selene, and beautiful Tania are joyful. Prices are 60 in house and 100 to go (40 is the house cut and 60 the girls’ part), and the facilities are quite clean, but uninspiring. I had a beer, went back to the hotel and decided to go back and do Scarlett, but as always fate has something to say… I didn´t find Scarlett (she was having a nap) and I wound up talking with this girl, Jackeline, nice, sweet, typically Salvadorian (short, round face, very affectionate, nice body). Not the cutest, not a girl I would have chosen by her looks, but a girl that delivered what she promised: “you will not regret to stay with me”. She stayed two nights with me, liked to have sex in different ways (very orally inclined), and enjoyable just to be together watching TV or sleeping. No English spoken though.. (not a problem for me).

I think that a drawback of the Salvadorian system is that is all “up-front” paid and linked to “the house” policy. Little room to negotiate, to get the better from the lady that you are dealing with, little and difficult free lancing, so all the problems that are extensively analyzed in the upfront payment schemes can arise. But this time I was lucky and had a wonderful time with Jackeline, a pleasant surprise that you get when you are open to the unexpected. Thanks to Alboroto, Grey Beard (well remembered by Selene) and the other folks in this Forum for their invaluable contribution to the “collective intelligence” that we build here.

12-12-03, 02:24
Gato felix,

Are you sure that is $40 for 1/2 hour at Kf? Last time, I checked in was $20. Can anyone confirm this?

12-12-03, 03:09
Gato Felix,

Many thanks and do appreciated, and glad to heard you had a great time during your short time in El Salvador. I will do, as always, my very best to contributed to The Forum and also tour
with "gringos" that ask for it.

Let me know the next time you are in El Salvador ... perhaps,
we can visit some other places.

12-12-03, 03:15
Greetings to all members and Happy Holidays !

Grey Beard,

Went to a new place called "Peluqueria Berli" its on
Barrio San Miguelito by Don Rua's church. The complete
address: 37a Calle Poniente, Calle San Carlos 5C and
the phone number is 225.5238 This morning they were
about five to six ladies, will not get into "rating" them,
but one of them knows Grey Beard very well ... guess,
whatever you go all the "girls" knows him. Any more
info, please feel free to ask.

12-13-03, 01:01
Gato Felix:

Was delighted to see that you enjoyed the Bird's Nest as much as I did. Yours is only the second report that I have seen on this club. To me it has a warm friendly atmosphere and the girls seem quite congenial in helping you find exactly what you are looking for.

Enjoyed your report and hope to see more in the future

12-13-03, 01:13

Thanks for your report on the Peluqueria Berli. However, I must ask you the same questions that you ask others when they report on a new spot.

What days and hours are they open? What are the asking prices?

Also please PM me the name of the girl that knew Grey Beard, where she met me and how a discussion of Grey Beard came up. I would also appreciate her comments.

Good Hunting.

12-13-03, 03:39
Grey Beard,

Sorry did not complete the report. Remember your report
on PU and you mentioned about the place not being in
such a good clean conditions, well "Peluqueria Berli" is
different, as soon as you walk-in can tell the difference,
its clean and neat ...

The place is open for business from 09:30 am until about
06:30 pm

I will follow up on the rates and will send to the members
as soon as possible.

12-16-03, 03:10

You are absolutely correct, in early November, the rate menu card for FK indicated $20 for thirty minutes, and erotic session with two girls for thirty minutes for $40. In addition they quoted the erotic session for one hour for $70.

The Bird's Nest quoted $30 for a thirty minute session on site or $60 for a two hour outcall.

Maybe Gato Felix is a big tipper.

I appreciate you keeping us honest Tito.

12-16-03, 20:36
Hi guys!

I have a report from Okoles: someone posted that there was a 45 minutes session at Okoles, about $29.00, well a friend went there after I told him.
It seems like it was not true, Okoles had not changed their rates, $29 for 30 min an $40 for the hour (though the menu says $38 for the hour).
There were only 4 girls, 3 he already knew, Kelly(or Elizabeth) was one of them, the girl that a photo of her was posted here some days ago, she was there too.
He choose the only new one, a nice looking morenita, she turn out to be from Nicaragua, she had a nice body and face, but the service was standar, nothing to remember or to have another time.

It looks like FK is still number one on my list!

There is no places near the International Airport, but with the new highway, San Salvador is only 30 minutes away, I think that if you stay the night at that hotel, you can live about 8.30 pm, look for one of the night places that are posted her (I would recomend Connections) take care of your business and be back at midnight.


12-22-03, 23:30

Suggest you query my tusted taxi driver in San Salvador preferably in spanish. His email address and telephone number is listed in the WSG main index under Advertisements and Recommendations for El Salvador. He has recommended several such spots to me in the past but I did not visit any of them.

Good Luck

12-23-03, 04:47

As a member of the forum for over a year, as a resident in El Salvador for over four years, and currently living in Lima, Peru, I can certainly tell you that a visit to El Salvador is well worth the time and investment. I can't answer your questions about what is open when and where, but there are plenty of places in El Salvador to find action just about any time and anyplace.

While living in El Salvador, I was a frequent visitor to Lips, The Best (a club on the Escalon), and many other clubs where I was less known. As a gringo, the girls of Lips will remember "Francisco" and you can ask for Bea, Cynthia, Jennifer and others.

The girls at Lips work two shifts, 12 (mid day) to 8pm and the second shift, 8pm to 3 or 4 am based on the day of the week. If you are interested in and "early" evening, then arrive at Lips between 6 and 7 pm, find the girl of your choice, and try to make arrangements to meet her "out front" when she leaves at 8 to 8:20pm. Since some of the girls have "boyfriends", or think they may have a "better deal" with another, I often times made arrangements with more than one to ensure that one was available when I left before 8. The price for "after hours" is strictly between you and the chica of your choice. Most have kids and are living at home, so the most you can expect is an hour or two, but others don't have the same commitments, and you can arrange for them to stay the entire night.

As for other places to visit, if you want to speak to some English speaking residents, try the British Club on the Escalon. It is a little difficult to find, but well worth the effort. If you want to speak English and would like a laid back experience, try Synergy Place on Av. Masferrer Norte #614. It's in front of the home of Siman (local group which owns the Siman stores in El Salvador). If you happen to stop in, tell Mackie (the owner) that Franciso said hi.

If you are still debating about going to El Salvador, DON'T, try it, you just may enjoy the experience.

FlyingAce (Francisco)
Lima, Peru

12-23-03, 04:53

I mentioned the British Club, although it was "semi-private" in the past, it is open to anyone who enters, and you will certainly meet some of the locals. The IT manager of the local Blockbusters, owners of businesses in El Salvador, secretaries that work in local businesses, employees of the local banks, many of whom speak English, and all that speak differing degrees of Spanish.

I was a member there for a few years until I left El Salvador, and have many memories of great times there (some are a little hazy due to the amount of rum and whiskey which was consumed!)

When I left, "Paul" was the bartender there, and if he is still there tell him I said HI.

FlyingAce (Francisco)

12-24-03, 13:22

The British Club is located at 4714 Paseo General Escalon, Colonia Escalon. It is a "member / non-member" club. Members have the right to sign for drinks, food etc. and have discounts on various items the club offers, including free admission for dances, etc held during the month. Non-members pay the fee, and pay as they go. The club had a Johnnie Walker night, taste all the different types of Scotch, a Flor de Cana night, taste all the different types of Rum.

The British Club is "NOT" a Lips or Best or Birds Nest type of club, but is a place to go to relax, enjoy the company of friends, and many of the male members are not adverse to moving on to other locations during the evening.

Synergy Place, is located on Ave. Masferrer Nte. #614, Col. Escalon. It is a bar that serves food. Mackie, the owner, has connections when it comes to "chicas", but they some are in the "expensive" category. $100 - $150 hr. with all night at $350.

One particular number he has allows you to specify the girl you want, and they send out 4 - 5 girls for you to select from.

As I mentioned earlier, at the British Club (also know as The Pub) say hello to the bartender Paul, or at Synergy say hello to Mackie.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a VERY PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. Happy Mongering!

FlyingAce (Francisco)

12-26-03, 19:22
I know christmas season is not good for us hunters, but does anyone have any updates or places to share?

TX Whiskey
12-26-03, 21:50
I can say that British club is a good place to hang out for a while, just relax, but also you can go to cactus grill it is a good place to watch Monday night Football and have a drink.

Siguana Box
01-03-04, 00:01
Hello everyone,

Here is my first report from El Salvador. On Tuesday Dec 30, I visited KF. I have visited KF before and I didn´t notice any change on their service. In fact, girls are more wild than before. I chose Estafany and she delivered all the way. Her services were very good, and if you want some ass action, this is one of the girls to pick from. On the other hand, the quality of the girls is decaying. Even though, they have hired new girls but this new girls come from other places and they don´t look as fresh as when I met some of these girsl.

Overall everything was good.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid future delays, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. in future reports.Thanks!

Siguana Box
01-06-04, 01:25
On Sat, Jan 3rd, I visited Peluqueria Berly. On this location, I found Jocelyne from PU, I loved her big ass, and she has nice tits despite her age. There were 4 ladies and 3 of them were 6-7. I chose Jocelyne and i was not dissapointed at all, this girl does anal and she has a very tight hole. I loved it. I want to come back to this place and check out the other girls. I will keep all you informed of my adventures.

Siguana Box
01-06-04, 23:49
Today, Tuesday, I went to Brunos, there were 4 girls in total. I was hoping to find one of the girls that appear on the photo gallery, her name is Zulma, but no luck. Instead, I found a very passionate morenita, I dont remember her name but she is worth it.

If anyone knows where Zulma is, let me know. I want to bang that ass, and suck those perfect tits.

01-07-04, 00:41
Great reports Siguana!!
Just some questions:
Can you describe the looks of this Estafany girl from FK?,

How much did you pay at Peluqueria Berly? How are the facilities of this place, do they have beds or just massage tables?


Siguana Box
01-07-04, 23:43
Hawk, you can call me Siguanabo.

I was writing a full report to answer your questions but for some strange reason the window closed. Regarding Estefany's look, she looks very Puerto Rican, very light skin, buffed and delicious lips, and I think she has one of the cutest faces as of now at KF.

Regarding Peluqueria berly, as I mentioned before, I chose Jocelyne. Every girl charges 20 bucks, but some will charge 10 more for anal. but some of the girls will do it free, however you have to agree before you give out the twenty bucks. If you choose Jocelyne, she will ask for 10 but you can lower it to 5 bucks. I paid her 25 for the full service that includes a nice massage, and sex (anal included). The only negatives of this place is that there are no beds and is very uncomftarble to have good sex. But there are massage tables and the floor.

Hawk, I hope I have answered all your questions. If you guys know of any places let me know, I will be more than happy to check them out and write a report.


I always suggest to everyone who is writing a long report that they write it in a word processing program first, then proofread and spell check, then save it as file on their computer, AND THEN copy and paste it into the forum.

With this method, there is no danger of losing your work, and besides, it's easier to write in a real word procession program first. Even if you're in an Internet Cafe computer with no word processing program installed, you can always use Notepad or WordPad.


Siguana Box
01-09-04, 23:54
I checked out Brunos today, and I found Zulma. I loved the way she looked. I didn´t have any session with her because I was with some friends and they were in a hurry but I will see her tomorrow.

Hawk, I already answered your questions but for some reason I don't see my response in the forum.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Please review the Forum's Posting Guidelines (http://www.wsgforum.com/postingguidelines.html) for further information. Thanks!

01-12-04, 06:49

Do not forget to give us a complete report on Zulma
and also prices.

Thanks and enjoy the stay in El Salvador

01-12-04, 16:09
Thanks Siguanabo:

Remember that when you’re a “regular member” at the forum, your post won’t show right away, it takes about 24 hr to show on the forum page, Jackson, like you’d seen, always checks them first.

It looks like I have to pay a visit to FK and check out this new girl.

I have another report about Jocelyne from Berly and it was a good one too, so there is another place I have to go.

Had You take pictures of the girls, can you post some??

You should go to El Jardin, Phone number 226-4582.

Good Luck

Siguana Box
01-12-04, 23:56
I visited Brunos last Friday along with some friends (also tourists) as I mentioned before. We just checked out the place, but let me tell you that Suzy and Zulma looked a lot prettier in person. It took me a minute to recognize Suzy, she has a very cute face and the picture on this forum doesn´t show that. Most likely, I will be going tomorrow, Tuesday, to have a session with either Zulma or Suzy.

Moving on to street action, I found two cuties standing next to Servipronto on BLVD LOS HEROES. I don't remember their names but one of them has an amazing body, everything is well distributed. I couldn´t resist and I took both of them to a motel for $35 bucks for 1 hr. Both are good at blowing but the blond one is something special. These girls are the only good attraction on this blvd, there are other sws but nothing compared to this duo, hope you find them because they hardly wait for clients. I was lucky to find them on my first try.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Please review the Forum's Posting Guidelines (http://www.wsgforum.com/postingguidelines.html) for further information. Thanks!

Siguana Box
01-15-04, 23:23
Has anyone visited new places? If you have any suggestions or comments, I will be more than happy to hear them.

TX Whiskey
01-21-04, 02:43
About 4 days ago I went to Bruno but Zulma does not work there anymore. I do not know who is the girl Siguanabo is talking about, but Suzie said Zulma has been out for about 3 weeks, and Berly is close that place is close. What is the matter?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

Siguana Box
01-22-04, 23:23
Tx, Susie and Zulma were there. I had a session with Susie about a week a go. There are also other 3 girls, which I don´t know their names. But indeed Zulma was there. About Peluqueria Berly, I haven´t visited it for almost weeks.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

Siguana Box
01-24-04, 21:17
I visited Bruno´s yesterday (Friday), and there were only two girls, jackie and somebody else. I asked Jackie about Zulma and she said that she was kicked out 1 week ago, I asked her why, and she responded ¨POR BOCONA Y POR HABLAR´. But Suzie still shows up.

01-24-04, 21:22
What a pitiable group we are. I guess we've all died, reformed our lifestyles, moved somewhere else, gotten lazy, taking too much medication, etc. I worry about the girls and do they miss us?


01-29-04, 04:50

I don't have a report, but I will be back in San Salvador the third week in Feb.

You may have been able to tell that I prefer the clubs - Lips, The Best, and others versus the "casas de putas". So let me know what's happening.

I hear that The Best has moved "up" the Escalon to where the "Blue Note" discoteque was before. About a block or two below Lips. This is a more up-class location, and no longer in the basement where "The Best" used to be.

Looking forward to info on the clubs.

Flyingace (Francisco)

01-29-04, 05:01
How about some pictures of "Lips Girls"

01-29-04, 05:02
And another from "Lips:"

01-29-04, 05:02
And another:

01-29-04, 05:03
So now, I'm waiting for your posts!

Flyingace (Francisco)

Siguana Box
01-29-04, 22:25
I am a bit curious to know who is that girl. I was at lips last week, and it's not as good as I expected but overall everything was good.

Latino Man
01-31-04, 21:46
I went to San Salvador last month and I want to report a few things. First I went to Lips twice and I recommend it to anyone visiting this fine city. I went with a native and he showed me around. I could not believe that at Lips the ladies usually dance for the occassional tip (they make most of their money on table dances). Even you are not tipping them a dollar or two you can basically touch them where ever you want. Wow. Wish there was a place like that here in the states. Anyways, my friend did not even pay a dime and he had this great looking chica sitting on his lap for about an hour and he gropped her and had fun with her.

Of course I had to try a table dance. I think it might depend on the women but the one I had let me touch her and I put a finger inside her. Only thing is that there really wasn't any privacy since there were other guys all around getting table dances. Closest I've been to an orgy. Over all it was a great experience.

I also went to Fantasy and Okales. Okales, don't even bother to go, waste of time. Go to Fantasy. I went twice and had two different chicas, the best service I've ever received. Sure beats trying to pick up a chica on the streets. I had this chica named Karen, she was gentle yet very sexual. I liked the room, it was upstairs and very comfortable. I did not feel rushed and I always felt like the chica liked what she was doing. I tried to ask her if we could set up something private but she said she worked everyday and spent Sundays with family so it was not possible.

I can't wait to go back to San Salvador. Only wish I had made more time for more experiences.

Good luck to all of you mongers.

Siguana Box
02-03-04, 19:19
Great report Latino Man. I have one question, where is fantasy located? You mentioned this place on your report, I´ve never heard of that place before. Thanks for any info.

Ps. I concurred with Latino man, Okoles is a waste of time. I was there about 3 weeks ago, only 3 ladies, and they were below any standard.

02-04-04, 02:21
Latino Man,

Where is located fantasy?

Latino Man
02-04-04, 03:12
I apologize but I have to make a correction to my previous post. I wrote and recommended "Fantasy". I meant to say French Kiss. Sorry but I went to several countries and places confused the names.

At French Kiss I also had a woman by the name of Estefanie. Very beautiful woman and great service. Good at oral. I had a great time with her. Can't wait to go back!

One note: not all taxi drivers had the address, and it was difficult when I looked at the reports to find an address. .Anyways, twice the taxi drivers had to call in to dispatch to get directions.

02-04-04, 14:24
Latino Man,

I assume you also meant to say, "Fresh Kiss", right? If not, where's "French Kiss"?

I went last Sumday to "El Oasis de San Simon" at the bottom of La Cuchilla, west of Santa Tecla on main road to Santa Ana, just before the bottom of the hill. I arrived about 4 PM and it was pretty sleepy, but I asked for the girls and soon came three: Jennifer, Amy and Cynthia. I'd had Cynthia on my mind since my last visit (when I had Tais). Cyn is about 5'7" or 5'8", blond, from Metapan, about an 8, I''d have to give her. Jen is also tall, and dark haired, thin, about a 7. Both (at separate times) gave me BBBJCIM, my favorite, altho they both say that mgmt there doesn't "allow this". The rooms have been recently approved and the cost is $20/hour. I'm soon going to the Red Dragon again in Santa Ana.

02-06-04, 01:37

I Have been cruising the Forum for a while never reported nor asked questions. A newbie to the monger travelling scene you might say.

I need to get out of town for about 5 days of sun – working too hard. El Salvador seems like a nice place. I would like to stay at a beach area. Can’t seem to find any. Could I have help in selecting a beach area near San Salvador and how I might also hook up with a girl to go to the beach area or find a girl at the beach area.

Thank you in advance for any help.

02-08-04, 17:10

Bienvenidos. Have you been to El Salvador before? What you're looking for is likely do-able, but tough. Our beach facilities are not well developed and not "near" the major metro areas where all these guys post about. You better do some homework. There are many travel (in El Salvador) oriented sites, so do some Google searches on beaches and hotels. Your best bet is probably go to San Salvador first and find a girl (try some of the places reported on here) and take her with you to the beach...Salvadorans love to go to the beach. Then, pick a beach area. There are, generally, four options: (1) Costa del Sol where the Tesoro Beach Hotel is probably the best in the country, altho I like Bahia del Sol. However the Costa del Sol is isolated from major opportunities for girls, altho a friend of mine said there were two casa de citas in the nearby village of Las Isletas. I don't know them and you're likely not to find what you're looking for as far as looks and variety and acts; (2) La Libertad, best for finding a girl, but the hotel situation is pretty basic and the beach in La Libertad is not ver good; (3) Near La Libertad to the west is Sunsal Beach and the surfer community with some pretty good, but very basic, little hotels...I don't know about the women but you could easily get back into La Libertad from there; and (4) the eastern beaches of Las Tunas, El Cuco and Tamarindo. They are "far" from San Salvador and isolated and I know nothing about your chances for a girl.

If I were doing it, and had the time, I'd would "audition" the girl in San Salvador, then pay for her to go to the beach with me. Otherwise, you need to be a stud (if you are, go to any beach...it won't be hard to find the girl) or get real lucky.

A Toda Maquina
02-13-04, 19:02
Well , it looks like I will be back in El Salvador soon my plans were diverted from other locations , so its Volcano mammas for next week !!! Hope to have some reports to share .


02-14-04, 01:29
I'm scheduled to be in SAL for a week starting the evening of 2/23.

Any updates on best places to go?

I figure I'll be at my "favorite" LIPS (not associated with them) sometime during the week.


02-14-04, 01:38

Thank you for the information. My trip has been delayed slightly, I'll report when I get back.

A Toda Maquina
02-16-04, 03:18
Ok, Pilgrims I´m here in San Salvador . Myself and a lurker from the forum . We are fixin to check out some spots . Everything observed so far looks great. ¿ Anyone wanna hook up for a beer in playas cuco , San Miguel or San Salvador ? Drop me a PM.

Stay tuned for my report....

later ,Chango

02-17-04, 15:22

OK, we're anxious to hear your reports. Sounds like you're out east where there's always a paucity of reports from, but the girls there are delicious. We're waiting...good luck.

Siguana Box
02-17-04, 23:56
Is Lips open? I believe they are still closed due to evation of taxes. I am not sure. Does anyone know about girs from Univesidad technologica, offering their service, any numbers?

A Toda Maquina
02-18-04, 03:25
Oh, No doubt they are delicious..... I am here in SS again. I will post San Miguel board soon... I heard of some salons over by east bus station. and will check out Fantasy tonight..

later, Chango

02-20-04, 01:35
Lips is opend again. No doubt that it has one of the best Salvadorean lawyers.

A Toda Maquina
02-22-04, 03:25
Well, I checked out "La Cueva" on Ave. Las Heroes. About ten good lookin ladies there . A really nice place. Then off to Galaxy but, didn't stay long ,there was only 3 chicas working .So back to La Cueva for the rest of the evening and spent about $36.00 for drinks and fun.Oh, Beach report . Costa del Sol was very rural and no action. I put the word out with some ladies and I guess the Ladrones heard and started watch me . One heavily tattooed ladrone said crap to me! (said it in English too) It wasn't really a beach type community like say Acapulco etc. Just some isolated hotels with a fishing village nearby . If you don't bring your own ladies and entertainment you'll be bored and suffering with a case of the blue balls that won't quit. So , I abandoned my paid for room and called a taxi from the airport to come pick me up. (the last bus had already ran) and I headed back to San Salvador. I then caught a bus to Guatemala.
I didn't get the chance to chek out some salons around a park near Juan Pablo & 22nd. heard they were cheap as in $8.00.

later, Chango

KR Man
02-26-04, 22:35
Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me how much is the average price for overnight/24 hours in San Salvador?

Also, I am on a budget, for travel and especially money towards girls. Could anyone advise me which place to choose between Caracas, San Jose, Costa Rica and San salvador. Especially in terms of price and maybe quality.

Thanks guys

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KR Man
02-26-04, 22:40
Sorry I forgot to ask,

What about Anal? Is it normal here or Do you have to pay extra?


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to fix dozens of simple writing errors including missing punctuation, peculiar punctuation, missing capitalization, multiple periods throughout the text, etc. To avoid delays in future reports, please proof-read your reports before posting them. Please review the Forum's Posting Guidelines (http://www.wsgforum.com/postingguidelines.html) for further information. Thanks!

TX Whiskey
03-01-04, 22:29
Hello here,

I am back again, my new report is for a new place it does not have name and unfortunally can remember the address, but it is located in the strret in front of Villas Españolas (the one which goees up) is a grey house. They have great girls phone number is 263-9802, I recommend betariz she is great.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization and punctuation. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

03-10-04, 01:57
Specific thanks to Greybeard and Cpteasy for info.

Overall I had a good time in El Salvador. Visited with a couple of girls at the Bird’s Nest, separately. Jennifer was alright but not GFE, although good looking. Spent time with another whose name I can’t recall, could be Vanessa, same size as Jennifer a little darker, but a definite GFE.

La Officiana (sp?), I thought had the best girls. It is $7.00 to get in and then you see the girls. The girl I spent time with was most definitely a great GFE session. All the girls I thought were prettier than at other places. Prices were on the higher side as well, ½ - 45, 1hr – 60, etc.

Villa Del Mar, way out in the suburbs, had only two girls when I visited and they were closing within the next day or two. I guess they were having problems with the neighbors, or vice versa. Seems the girls themselves had gotten into a fight the night before and 3 were in the hospital and 1 was recuperating at the house. Nice house though.

Kiss French, Bruno’s, and other places I visited did not have anyone to my liking.

As far as Strip joints are concerned, there are two classes. One of the dark, dingy and small caliber while the other is of a larger, better lit and of course, more expensive class. Bird’s Nest, Hot Nights, and others whose names I do not recall were of the former caliber. As far as talent, only Bird’s Nest had at least some good looking girls while the others did not have any. Of the latter class were Lips and Best. Lips was cheap enough to get in - $6.00 and 1 free drink. As in the other strip joints the girls get friendly trying to get you to buy them drinks and private dance ($12.00). Prices quoted varied between $80.00 - $100.00 to go back to hotel for rest of night. Best on the other hand had some very nice looking ladies but the one I talked to was not for hire for the night other than simple private dances and drinks.

Costa Del Sol, has nada.

Well, that’s it. I would definitely go back. I have been to many islands in the Caribbean and Costa Rica – although have not taken part in much mongering have observed the scene - and found El Salvador to have on average a more attractive selection of girls with relatively inexpensive pricing considering the talent.

Van Rensberg
03-10-04, 10:29
Hi folks,

I'm thinking about making the long trek from down under. I've just got a few questions about El Salvador and Central America in general.

The prices for girls look OK. But I don't mind a drink either. How much are we looking at for beers in these parts of the world?


03-10-04, 15:13
Hello everyone!

I am usually on the Asian boards, but next week I will be in El Salvador for the first time. I will be at the Princess hotel. Can anyone tell me how guest friendly it is and if there are good sites to visit in the surrounding area? I am looking more for stripper or bar type venues that are easy for a non-spanish speaker to handle. Thanks for any help you can provide.

03-11-04, 00:53
General question - Is PM working? I've sent two messages in the past two days but can't see them in my "Sent Message" folder.

03-11-04, 22:19

Sorry that no one's responding. Here's some brief info.

The Princess is a great hotel but not guest friendly. That's not to say it's impossible but will take a bit of work and subterfuge. It is located in the Zona Rosa, several blocks of bars, restaurants, night clubs, discos, etc. but none of the "mongering" kind.

Do not dispair, there are three strip clubs w/i a 5-7 minute taxi ride: Lips, Titanic and Best. All taxi drivers will know about them.

Don't be too concerned about the language ...remember "love is the universal language and lust counts, too". Salvadorans are very resourceful. Figure out what you want and tell her, draw pictures on a napkin, try your own Spanish, listen carefully as she tries her English, use hand gestures, etc.

This site has lots of good information for the casual traveler as well as for the dedicated monger. Look back through the postings to familiarize yourself with the info here.

03-13-04, 17:37
Thanks, LIPS is on the program for me! If you need help in Shanghai or Turkmenistan, let me know!

Super David
03-13-04, 17:43

Can you tell me the names of the girls of Villa Del Mar who got into a fight?

Who was in the hospital?


Super David
03-13-04, 18:17

Anyone heard from or of Faviola of Via del Mar?


03-16-04, 03:13
Sorry David,

I do not know the names of the ones who got into the fight nor the names of the girls who went to the hospital.

I don't even remember the gil that I liked - my bad. Looked like the model, Giselle.

03-23-04, 02:13
I got a chance to visit El Salvador and I followed the advice I was given and went to LIPs. I offer these observations:

1. There are some really ugly fat butts on many of the strippers there.
2. The second shift after 8 PM is better looking.
3. There are still some gems on first shift and you only just have to wait until 8PM to take them out.
4. The second shift is on until 3 AM, when they are available for take-out.
5. They will go to the Intercontenental Hotel after work and wake you when they get there.

Overall LIPS is a great place to visit with full contact, wet finger lap dances for 12 dollars for 3 dances. My dancer had to quit when she found herselv enjoying it too much!

03-23-04, 02:19
The Penthouse bar is near the Intercontinental Hotel. I went there at 6 PM and found the place to be real bad. I was greeted at the door by a woman that looked like the ugly fat secretary on Drew Carey's show. I couldn't shake her and I couldn't stand to look at her either. All I could do was drink my beer and leave.

The girls are ugly, the air conditioning does not work and there are unpainted plywood sheet walls. I did not even consider take-out. A real charming place!

03-23-04, 02:25
The Best Bar is a club with a stripper dance floor and a dance floor in the back room for real dancing with the girls.

The girls there were the best looking I saw in El Salvador. This place is a little more expensive, but worth checking out. It is also near LIPs, so if you don't like it you don't have far to go to find a cheap bar with dozens of girls.

03-24-04, 02:53
How much is the cover at the best? I heard this club has a membership fee, in other words, you have to be a member to get inside, is this true?

03-24-04, 04:29

Can you give any other indication as to the realtionship of this club to Lips? Is it going downhill and on the right? Is it on Ave. Escalon (the main drag going up the hill). Is there some name you can remember, anything? Or does anyone else know to what he is referring? thanks

03-25-04, 00:41
The Best club is a half block or so down the hill on the same side as lips. It was $6 to get in and it is not a private club, as far as I could tell.

03-25-04, 05:25
Hello Scott,

Kindly post a review about your latest experiences
in El Salvador, specially the one at El Jardin.

Thanks in advance

03-31-04, 17:47
Hi Folks,

I am new to this forum and I am arriving in San Salvador this Sunday (4/4). I plan to explore some of the places mentioned in this forum, e.g. Lips, Best, FK, VDM, Blue Bird, Fashion Model etc. But I don't know any spanish and this is my first visit there. I am a little bit apprehensive about going to these places alone by myself. I am sure its difficult to find these places even with some of the directions posted here.

Would any of the locals in this forum be kind enough to show me around for a day or two. I'll have a rental car with me. Please reply asap. It'll be greatly appreciated.


04-01-04, 06:17

Alboroto has kindly agreed to join me from Tuesday. But any other locals are also welcome to join since I'll be there from Sunday. A larger crowd is even better.

People are also welcome to join me for a hike, or visit to some ruins etc. later in the week, but you'll have to promise not to laugh at my spanish :-)

Yeah one more thing: Alboroto mentioned that most of the clubs might be closed next week because its the holy week or something. thats a bummer. Can any of you confirm this?


04-01-04, 14:35

Where are you staying?

Also, consider taking taxis...they are everywhere, inexpensive, dependable. I live here and have a car but take them frequently anyway. Traffic, parking, getting lost, potential liability...they can all be hassles.

Lack of Spanish won't help, but it won't hurt too much, either.

We expect you to post your adventures with our women!

Sure Schottt
04-01-04, 19:56
I believe the waitresses at Lips work on commission. If you find a lady you like on stage and she asks you to partake in a three song dance, expect two, even three waitresses to come by to ask you if you'd like to buy the dancer a $7 drink or a $5 meal... Then the waitress might ask if you'd like to buy her (the waitress) a drink, a meal or the same for her friends.

They have no qualms about interupting your private dance or an intimate moment with a query.

To get rid of them, you need to be blunt. Here are some spanish phrases you might choose to use:

1. Tengo dinero solo para las balarinas!
2. Se supone que somos adultos!
3. Larga te!
4. No me molesta! (don't bother me)
5. Estoy cansado. Voy a mi casa.

04-04-04, 18:59
Great001 & Alborota & Hawk28:

Hawk28: Do you have any recommendations at FK? I finally left Elizabeth, but then the next one I tried was a bust! One of the worst BBBJ I've ever had. I think her name was Jasmine...tall and long dark haried.

Alboroto: I don't think Great001 will have problems with the casas being closed during Semana Santa. Some, yes, but others, no. Most casas seem to sitck to their regular schedule. I once went to a casa (FK or OKOLES) on Xmas eve and had a great time. I don't remember exactly which casa it was. I suspect that FK, etc. will be open.

Lately I've been abandoning the city spots to go to the lower class, more rural spots: Red Dragon, Tequilla Rock and (most recently) El Oasis. El Oasis has been my favorite lately: Perla and Tais have been more than enough to satisfy. But I'm ready for a change now.

Does anyone know any place different? I haven't ever been to "Berli"...or whatever it's called...over near the Shell.

I also think that Hotel Verde is open again, at least at night. I went up there on a Sunday, but it was closed.

Happy hunting

Chicken Head
04-05-04, 01:30
Best places to visit in San Salvador are "Lips" and "The Best" hands down.

70% of the girls from Lips will go home with you for the whole night $50-100 Tops. I have taken quite a few and have video taped them all, though some will not show faces.

"The Best" is a little run down and the girls are not quite as good looking as lips and usually only a dozen at the most working. But ALL of these gilrs will go homw with you for a bit less than the Lips girls.

Some of the nicer hotles like "The Princess" and such do not like you taking in the girls, but Fuck Em', got into it with them a few times during the night.

But I found it pretty easy as a young Gringo who speaks spnaish picking up girls at the bars in Zona Rosa, though only Friday and Satruday nights. Without speaking spanishg though a little more difficult to pick up the non-working girls

04-09-04, 18:29
Hey all. I have never been to San Salvador or even CA for that matter. I have made MANY trips to DR, also been to colombia, mexico and brazil.

I have a free voucher on continental for caribbean or CA. I am leaning towards going to CA, and San Salvador seems to be at the top of my list.

I have a few questions:

Hotels.. . .are there any inexpensive or reasonable hotels that are recommended?
Guest firendly preferred but not a must.

Eating?. . . I see there are 2 Tony Romas so that is a good sign. Any other suggestions?

Day trips? Any "must sees" that are a reasonable day trip away?

Good girls? I am 41, speak decent spanish and have been around the block a few times. Any suggestions on meeting non pros? Getting lucky would take a back seat to having a good time and maybe someone to show me around etc.

Ex pats? I am not sure when I am heading down, but wouldn't mind meeting some gringos that know the ropes etc. Fiirst bunch of beers on me of course!!!

Speaking of which. . .what types of beers can I expect to find down there?

I am spoiled by having Presidente in the DR etc. Any American beers down there? mexican beers? What am I up against. . . .

Thanks in advance. Hopefully I'll come back with something worthwhile to report!

04-09-04, 18:46

I can vouche for InterContinental in San Salvador.
Very good location...across the street from Tony Romas and Metro Centro, the largest mall in Central America.
Aslo the hotel is girl friendly, large and go relaitively un-noticed, although there is only one entrance, and many bell men present.
But they always have functions going on there, i.e weddings, business meetings, sales meetings etc, so it's possible to blend in easy. Also 2 bars in the hotel, and many locals show show up in the evening in the "tequila bar" which has live entertainment most nights of the week, and has the largest selection of tequila in the country. One other nice thing about the I.C. Hotel is that you can secure resvr online at their website for approx $70 a nite, about 1/2 the normal rate.


04-09-04, 21:34

Along with the Intercontinetal previously mentioned, you can find Marriott, Princess, Radisson. All usually have events, so entry is fairly easy to blend in.

Along with the "Tony Romas", you can find Paradise (excellent steak and lobster), El Bodegon (local cuisine as well as things not on the menu ask the owner who is usually there and speaks quite a bit of English), newly opened is a TGI Fridays, and a ton of other good restaurants in the Zona Rosa.

You could probably drive from one end of El Salvador to the other in one day. But to see the sites takes a little time. The beach, Costa del Sol or La Libertad are under an hour away from San Salvador. There are pleny of volcanoes, but be careful, go with a group - there have been known robberies on the way to El Boqueron (one of the closest).

For non-Pros, haven't had that experience, so you're on your own.

As for ex pats, quite a few stop at The Pub at The British Club, 4714 Paseo General Escalon, Colonia Escalon (one of the main streets in San Salvador). If Paul is still there as the bartender, tell him hi from Francisco.

Another bar run by an ex pat (US/Phillipines) is Synergy Place, Ave. Masferrer Nte. #614, Col. Escalon. The owner / bartender is Mackie. If you stop by, tell him the same. Both he and Paul can help you look for the right places.

As for the beers, there are local beers, many places also carry some American beers, and Corona can be found in most bars.

As for party places, Lips is still my favorite, although I'm now living in South America. Last trip back I was in Lips on at least two occasions and had a great time.

Hope you make it to Salvador, enjoy yourself

FlyingAce (Francisco)

04-12-04, 23:11
hey guys finaly made it to san salvador going to the usuals any thing new not a newebie.thursday leavin for san miguel

04-12-04, 23:14

Don't know how "new" is "new", but "The Best" has now moved up the Escalon and is now about 1 block "below" Lips. My understanding is that the "old" "Best", further down the Escalon is now a Late Night Disco. Opens at 2-2:30 in the morning and goes until 6-7 am. Supposedly all the girls from the other clubs go there when they get off. Didn't have a chance to verify this the last time I was in El Sal. (Beginning of Mar).


04-13-04, 00:57
ok thanks ace where the best casa da citas are ther any take out bars, such as la dolce in cartegenia or tequilla rocks in lima. I must be spoiled on 30-40 dollar prices not 50-100 you guys ar saying at lips and best.ps any address or phone.

04-13-04, 06:00

Do you remember where this La Officiana Place is located?


04-13-04, 16:10
Vagringo...checkout your PM....I sent you a message


04-13-04, 20:29
I forgot to report that you can go to Lips in the early evening and arrange a take-out at 8PM when the shift changes. This avoids the usual bar charges.

The only problem with this is the first shift selection is not as good as second shift. there are a lot of fat asses here on first shift. If you try to avoid the bar charges on second shift, you will have to wait till 3 AM. A friend did that and was rather wasted by the time he left.

Any word on the hollywood disco down the hill from Lips? I thought I read a review that said the place was full of pros, but I can't find the review again.

04-13-04, 21:47

Both times I went there I did not observe the street name. The first time, a taxi driver from Lips took me there and the second time I guided a different Taxi driver there. I will try to guide you as I did the second Taxi driver.

Go to Lips.

Take U turn as if coming back to the Plaza de las Americas.

At one point on the Escalon there will be a divider in the middle of the road, only for a short distance. You have to go a few blocks from Lips before you hit the divider.

Take U turn immediately at the end of the divider.

Take first right.

At next intersection on the near corner on the right is a house, usually witth a guard.

Hope you find it. Have fun.

04-14-04, 22:34
I went to lips one of the best atmospheres. the lap dances are the bomb tried to arrange after hours most girls wanted 100-300. tip .after lips closewe went to best bar we stayed till almost 4 worked out a sweet deal for 50 bucks also birds nest chicas are not to my taste .headed to santa and san miguel will write there

04-24-04, 00:00
the next night I switched hotels stayed at good luck 30 dolllars.I didnt drink too much went to a dance club elements lot young pus 18-20 sometimes 1 of the girls will remember your face from a strip club andoffer you free or reduced rates. I went back to lips hooked up with a chic for 55 till 7 am . guys maybe when you stay ar 1oo dollar hotels the girls see a sucker elsalvador is not for the rookie but ,This is the most i have paid in my years please offer less get the rates back down in peru columbia nbever paid more than 30 so just try it.

04-25-04, 16:03
OK, guys, you know how sometimes everything goes right? Well, the ole Captain hit paydirt last night! Or, I think I did...not sure if it was the setting: a beautiful volcanic lake; the moon, not full but casting a glimmer on the still waters; the boat...I love boats; or the woman. But put them all together and I had an out of body experience. Here's the scoop.

In Western El Salvador rests Lake Coatepeque where I'm fortunate to own a lake house and a boat. The only problem is that despite 20 years of visiting the lake frequently, I've never gotten any "pay for play" action there. That changed yesterday around 4-5PM when I needed some more ice for my (one too many drinks). Yes, I was drunk as Hooter's Uncle!

So, I pulled into one of the few commercial establishments (a 'campo' restaurant), bought some ice, mixed another (too many) drinks and got to talking with one of the local boatmen...drives tourist boats around the lake. I've known him for awhile and for some reason, I just blurted out, "Don Fulano, no hay una mujer aqui que quiere ganar un poco extra?" Surprisingly, he said, "Wait here a minute." In less than a minute he was back from the kitchen offering me the cook! "A cook!?!", I thought, having seen many Salvadoran 'campo' cooks! Yes, he said and gave me her name. I said, "Maybe...let me see her."

She was beautiful..."un cuerposazo de primera"...with the face of an angel. I don't necessarily go for the youngest girls (she was 18) cuz I like someone with experience, of which she didn't have much. But I couldn't resist, nor could I believe that she could take off from "cooking" to fry my weiner at 7PM in the middle of the lake with the moon arising...and for $20 plus a Corona!

We drove to the middle of the lake, turned off the engine and I found out what a liar she was when she told me that she didn't like BBBJ, DATY, etc. She was not "whory" and I like my women "whory", but she was EXTREMELY enthusiastic and willing to do whatever I wanted. I got her back about 2 hours later, both of us giggling like teenagers, and with a promise for 3 PM today.

Like I said at the beginning...I'm not sure what it was: lake, moon, woman, alcohol; but last night sure worked for me!!

Happy Cat
05-10-04, 17:58
Hi fellows Salvadorean gurus:

I'll be there in a few weeks. May you be so kind of giving me un update of current prices. My favorite (Bird's Nest) seemed to rip me off, charging 100 for all nighters last time I was there. I would like to have any guidance on: a) Lips Off-duty 1st. shift all-night and b) Bird's Nest all night in my hotel.

I still prefer Novo Apart Hotel (55 per day with in-out transfer), totally GF, nice breakfast and pool, Tato (7403634) as a reliable cabman in the front door and the comfort of a two room layout.

05-10-04, 22:23
Happy Cat,

Perhaps Hawk_28 can help you, he always visit places,
new as well as old ...

05-29-04, 12:25
Just a short note to let you know that recently [post election] a knew law has taken effect making streetwalking mor of a crime than it previouly had been. Many arrests were made. On my last visit to San Salvador four weeks ago Tato[my highly regarded taxi driver spent several hours looking for any without much luck.

Eventually, we left the Hospital Bloom area, Blvd Heroes area and Gavidea area and drove along the reataurants lined up in back of the Intercontinenal Hotel[camino real] where Waldos bar is located[around the corner from Okoles]. There were anumber of attractive putas sitting at the tables who could be summoned to the taxi. I found a young 22ish girl with large breasts [lactating of course] for thirty five [35] dollars for 2plus hours[at the hotel Novo,of course, my home away from home for the last five years[i have been mongering in ES for about 17 years now,since the days of the civil war and glorias puteria]. The puta confirmed that the street girl had been forced to either work in the clubs or hang out at the bars while keeping an eye out for customers and police.This girl once worked at Capricios but did not earn enough there. I confirmed, however that it is business as usual in the casas and clubs and just the street walkers have been targetted.

When last there Caesars was thriving but the new Tio Sam [Penthouse,the old Tio was closed due to excessiv noise violence in th street in a residencial neighborhood, was a major bust.]

I will be back down on business in about 4 weeks and I will ask my regulars if I can publish there numbers and photos. In the mean time has any come across a thin girl named Sonia. She once worked at Cali Pachongon and Tio Sams?

Happy Cat
05-30-04, 18:17

I had the opportunity to spend a few nice (as usual) days in SAL, confined to the city because of work constraints and the heavy rain in the evenings that made after hour errands more difficult. I went again to Bird's Nest (very close to my Novo apart hotel) but I found that again I faced a 100 US fee for a take-out or a 30 dollars for an in-house 30 minutes.

Friends in this Forum had advised me never paying more than 60 in SAL, so I refused and left.

Went to nearby Caprichoss in 1st Avenida corner with 59 norte (Bird's Nest is in 59 norte halfway 1a. avenida and Alameda Roosvelt, the main drag in that part of the city).

Last time I visited that place was very lonely, a few ugly faces. Now I found that the raw material had improved substantially and I think that from 15 girls, at least 10 were extremely doable. Nice Marisol asked me 60 for an hour at my place (we were approaching to market equilibrium prices), and Patricia was premium structurally and functionally, asking 80, so was also in the boundaries of normality (high quality-marginal price elevation).

Finally I settled for Sophia, a quasi japanese or chinese Salvadorean, petite, young and giggling, amateurish, a jewel. I don't like young girls, but Sophia was my rule's exception, partly because of the exotic look ( I have never done Asian girls, but fantasized a lot about them), the sweet, discreet erotic fashion, and a way of thinking that belied the childish look. By the way she was abou to turn 20 and with two kids, and that explained her matureness, but left unexplained the perfect adolescent body.

The price (oh, who was thinking in $$ in such a moment) was 80 for a 2 hours take out or 30 for a 1/2 hr in the facilities.

I was tired, doing a girl so young was against my principles, and was ashamed of spoiling the market against all my brethren recommendations and paying 80 US., so I decided to give atry to the short term lease. We used a perfecly clean and comfortable room, with a not fully functional bathroom, but the session was very good, with Sophia, showing her Savadoreña side, going the extra mile to please, always covered without loosing erotism. I am pretty scared of STD, and appreciate the combination of love kisses, tenderness and Trojans. From my standpoint, a good lover is in subtler details, but I know that many friends out there don't negotiate the full contact, so be advised with Sophia.

Obviously the next three days we spent excellent evenings for the unacceptable 80 dollars fee, so the title: friends of this SAL forum, excuses, I will not pay 80 dollars again (until I go with Sophia again :-) )

05-31-04, 04:39
Happy Cat, don't worry so much about having paid the extra $$ as much as what you might have done for the benefit of Sophia (this assumes that those 80 went to her, and not the house)...

Happy Cat
06-01-04, 20:36
I checked that point: the girls cut is 60 US$ and the house share is 20... Not so bad... she was comfortable with that.

06-03-04, 16:07

I have found that the girls from clubs such as the Bird's Nest are generally available during their off hours for approximately $30 for two hours. The girls from the massage establishments will go for $25 for two hours after hours.

This means that you can arrange club girls in the afternoon and massage girls in the evening at very reasonable prices.

Give it a try and let us know how it works out.

06-03-04, 16:25
beware, the legal age went from 17 to 18 on june 1. they will probably strictly enforce this, as they should, in the near future.

during my six months absence from san salvador, they were many changes.

brunos: sulma and maria had a fight and both were jailed for five days. sulma is pregnant and out of service. susy turned out to be **** and was discharged. the management has changed.

bird's nest: only open now during evening hours. selena is pregnant. several attractive new girls in lineup.

fresh kiss: girls appear to be more hard core than before. none acceptable on my one visit.

el jardin: same lineup except big busted alehandra has been replace by bean pole by same name.

tato: my trusted guide and taxi driver introduced me to two massage establishments, i had not previously visited. romanano's, see photograph of pizza party, which i recommend and berlly's, that appeared to have some interesting girls but passed because of limited time.

06-03-04, 17:19
Greybeard: Good to have you back as nobody is doing/posting nothing here! I've been active but always the same old stuff and I'm getting tired of it. I agree with you about FK girls not as much fun, so I've been out on the west side of town at El Oasis, Dragon Rojo and Tequilla Rock (directions given in earlier post) but both are out of town.

Sounds like Birdnest has improved and I like Crystal. Can you get a BBBJCIM from her?

06-04-04, 15:29
The location of the massage parlors previously reported are:

12 Calle Pte., Colonia Flor Blanca, Casa #1715
TEL: 221-0211

37 Calle Poniente o Calle San Carlos Casa #5 "C" Sam Miguelito
TEL: 225-5238

I will not provide rates since as usual they are subject to negotation.

06-05-04, 00:32
Hi guys!!

Been away for a time now, but I’m happy to read that there is still people enjoying the natural resources of El Salvador!!

Greybeard: how was Romanos on girls selections???


06-05-04, 01:22
Hey Greybeard,

Is Julie still at the bird nest? I need to pay a visit to this place, the service is awesome and it's true, you can always arrange for something outside, and girls are more than willing to give out their cell #s.

06-06-04, 22:17

You probably could arrange a little lesbo show, if you got both Rosy and Jenny at the same time. Try it and let us know what happens.

06-07-04, 20:52

Thanks for your wonderful information.

Hawk_28 and I, we are paying a visit to Romanos
tomorrow at very latest.

Will informed you the outCUM

06-13-04, 16:47
Hawk_28 and Alboroto:

We are anxious to receive the report of your visit to Romano's as promised by Alboroto in the previous report.

06-13-04, 17:24

I received a private by Hawk_28 and stated he could not
make it due to some work related matters. Perhaps, this
week ...

06-23-04, 21:19
I heard that the old Villa Del Mar group had moved their operations into San Salvador proper. Has anyone visited this new operation? If so, give us a report on the location, quality of girls, prices, etc.

06-30-04, 15:23
I went to the Bird Nest last night in search of Crystal whose picture Greybeard was kind enough to post. First off I ran into Amy, formerly of El Oasis. She's not much buty had a cute cousin there (Gabriela), altho when I asked the cousin about going to a room, she didn't seem have "ganas" so I let it slide.

Then I found Crystal and thought she looked even better than her photo and I found her to be a very willing, delightful young woman. I enjoyed her so much that I extended for an hour, and I wasn't ready to leave then. Total GFE. I wanted to take her home with me but thought not, at least not last night.

I highly recommend her.

06-30-04, 19:37
Just returned from another business trip to San Salvador. Of course all went quite well. Everyone at the Novo was friendly and cooperative. Tato and I roamed the clubs at night in between my regulars in the daytime. The most interesting thing about the Novo is at checkout on a Sunday morning to catch the Taca flights back to the States. A mass exodus of good looking women parade past the front desk to the exits on their way home after a late shift from the clubs and extra activities from the mongering guests at the hotel. On Tatos advice we visited Caesars Club. Tony the tout was very helpful in bringing some very good looking girls over.Tony speaks perfect English with a slight New york accent.Usual price of 80.00 for 2 hour take out. This club has improved in the last 2 months. Next we went to Illusions where I met a good looking blond with a corn row hair style.Sixty dollars after hours{3:30 am) at the hotel. Finally I settled on my sometimes Novia, Mercedes, at Caprichios who joined me after hours at the hotel. All girls are available for about 60 dollars at your hotel after hours. Unfortunatley couldnot check out day time places because of business but I have been told for years that Casa Keyson was a good spot. Greybeard have Tato take you there and please report. Has anyone been there recently?

Rabo Verde
07-01-04, 00:48
FRESH KISS at 1 pm on wkday, choice of 10 girls, 5-9, very friendly, $24 per half hour, $38 for hour upstairs in clean room, YMMV. ES has now switched to US dollar, no need to change money any more. Tourist card to enter is $10, departure tax $23. $17 taxi from airport to centro. American just started direct flights from LAX. Not sure if this is worth a week stay as a destination, as the city is kind of small, and not as nice as Rio, B.A. or Costa Rica. Not many people speak English, in my limited experience, but I hablo español, so no problem. Checked out the beach, kinda rocky and muddy but good surf breaks near city, with all sorts of youth hostels and surf camps and funky bars. If you are there to work or surf you can certainly also do some nice mongering.

07-01-04, 01:07
Is fresh kiss charging 24 dollars for half hr? It was 20 for 1/2 hr. Can anyone confirm this change on prices? Regarding Casa Keyson, this place is just for locals and let me tell you is strictly for locals, if you are an American try other places. But it's only a suggestion.

07-01-04, 01:29
How about a little advice? I'm headed to San Salvador in two weeks. I'll be staying in the Holiday Inn on a business trip and wondered if I'm close to any of the action?

I won't be able to bring any girls back to the hotel with me because of the group I'm with but wanted to go out and have some fun after hours. Is this hotel close to any of the good clubs?

Thanks - any info is helpful.


07-01-04, 03:48
Hi Guys,

I'll be in SS this Sunday (one day only) and I was wondering if any daytime establishments will be open?