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07-01-04, 14:57
Eric 7,

Behind the Intercontinental across from MetroCentro are a group of restaurants where the putas are gathering to avoid the new laws on streetwalking. On my last visit last week there were very few sw risking the harsh penalty. The restaurants had a fair number of girls at the streetside tables waiting for cabs of mongers. The anchor restaurant is Waldos, which is a sports bar of sorts. I picked up my puta from a cab from one of the adjoining restaurants. I hope this answers you private message and I apologize for not responding to you in private but this message did not seem to go through. Let me know if the girls are still there.I am told that after 10:00 pm is the best time and my experiences are on Thursday-Saturday nights.

07-08-04, 22:52
Cesar bar and Bird nest open on Sunday.
I don't remember the name of the club in Santa Tecla. It also opens on Sunday.
Apart from these, there aren't many places that do the business on Sunday.

Have you found where Villa Del Mar group has moved to?

Has anyone been in Hotel Verde on the way to Santa Ana recently?


07-09-04, 01:55
My Mongers Friends,

Please, do not spoil these girls, and their "pimps", andscrew up the rest ofmongers, first at all, do understand the situation; and mongers position; however, I do not believe there is a girl here
in San Salvador whos worth that kind of $$$. Layerman50
its none of my business; nevertheless, there is no way with
this amount of $$$ you paid that a local can have her.

Just ask Hawk_28 and he can tell you about much much
you can pay.

07-09-04, 05:17

Thanks for the specifics on the location. Waldos was the name I was thinking of. There is a great seafood rest. along the street, the very first one on the corner. Has great seatinging along the rail.
I'll be at the I.C. next thursday thru monday, and will give a report on the action.


07-09-04, 06:12
Does anyone know the prices at FK?

07-09-04, 19:28

The prices I pay are standard for many years! My Salvadoran friends pay the girls the identical prices. Granted, ther are other clubs and cervecerias which might be lower, but these places are not for Gringos or Europeans. In fact , the Titanic prices in the past have been 200 and up when the Japones and Koreans were in town.

The 50.00-60.00 range for 2-4 hours I pay for after hour girls from Lips and Caesars are the going rate. While the prices might be too high for the average Salvadoran this is the going rate.Remember,this is not a thirty minute rate for 25.00 dollars which is available in house, but a rate for several hours at the hotel. Please do not take this responce the wrong way but the rates I pay have been in place since the days of Glorias,when it was the only game in town and neither you nor I can change these prices! If you have any constructive suggestions please comment rather than criticize the going rate.

07-10-04, 01:47
Been traveling in the campo so I have some catching up to do.

Lawyerman: It's obvious you know (and have known) El Salvador for awhile, especially if you remember "Gloria's". Ahhh, those were the days.

I agree with all you've said re: prices.

Eric 7: I suspect the name of the restaurant on a corner behind the IC is "La Hola Betos". And it is good. There are several owned of the same name/same owner, if I'm thinking of the right place, including one in the Zona Rosa.

Ave 11: If the the name of the club in Santa Tecla open on Sunday is not "Las Tres Rosas", please give me the name or the address. It is owned by the same woman who owns "EL Oasis" and both are open 24/7/365 in my experience.

I went to the "Monte Verde" in "la cuchilla" recently, albeit on Sunday and no one answered the door. I mean to try again on a Saturday as I used to like the place a lot.

Clodbuster: You're in a tough part of town (at the Holiday Inn) for any action, at least that I know of. You wouldn't have been too far from "Villa del Mar", but I understand it's closed now. The next closest would be "Las Tres Rosas" in Santa Tecla, about 6-8 minutes away in a cab.

Tito: I can confirm that FK was charging the regular, same ole prices when I was there about a month ago. WHERE IN THE HELL IS CASA KEYSON??? I'm used to local places but have never been able to find it.

Anyone: I'm trying to be more "active" altho I'm getting so old! I'm going to try some of these wonder drugs but I tried Viagra once and it gave me a terrible headache.

On Wednesday I did something I've always wanted to do which is to scout out El Salvador's major port of Acajutla. I figured it had to be full of bars with the "chicas de la vida roja" and it was, but I was scared to go into them, get near the girls or even talk seriously with them. DOES ANYONE KNOW ANY PLACE IN SONSONATE?

I drove to Santa Ana, instead, and went to a new place (for me) called the "Baile Fever". PM for direstions, but from my experience, it wasn't worth going there. The girls (6-8 of them) were "OK" but I didn't find them very friendly. The place opens at 4:30 PM and is open every day except Sunday. I bought several drinks for the one I liked (name I don't remember), but she wanted $40/half hour, she said. When I chuckled and began to leave, she wanted to negotiate, but I left and went 1 km down the road to "The Red Dragon" and went with Claudia. She was usual price $18/half hour, but she wasn't exciting.

So, come on guys, help me out. Somebody find me a classic BBBJCIM queen!

07-10-04, 04:05
What does I C mean?

La Casa Keyson is located near Mercado San Miguelito, all u need to do is to find el mercado which everyone knows its location,make sure you are on Romero ave, now you need to go two blocks up from el mercado like if you were going to Mejicanos, then make a right on the second street, and it will be like 100 meters away on your left. You will see armed guards, you can't miss it.

Be aware this club, is strictly for locals.

Rabo Verde
07-10-04, 04:23
Went to a place called "THE OFFICE", set up in a private house. Not much selection, they try to hit you with a $7 admission B$ you see the girls, and it is $40 for half hour, $60 for an hour. YUCK!

07-10-04, 14:26
I think IC refers to the Hotel InterContinental (Eric 7 used the abbreviation in his recent post to Lawyerman). Thanks for the directions to Casa Keyson.

I know the offic. It is directly behind the El Bodegon restaurant which is on Paseo Escalon. One of my old friends from Tequilla Rock works there...I think she calls herself "Daniella". She gives pretty good service but the place is way overpriced.

Super David
07-12-04, 14:42
Lawyer Man,

I recently tried Cialis, after a few tries of Vitamin V.

Let me tell you that it is MUCH better then the "V". No after effects, no headaches, no queasy stomach. And it lasted for about 3 days!


07-12-04, 18:18
Super D and Lawyer: I forgot to mention that the other day, while exploring Acajutla w/o my Viagra (which I don't like very much cuz of the side effects) I tried to buy some in a farmacia. The lady didn't have any but sold me (for $4/tablet) a generic substitute that worked the same (unfortunately with the same side effects), but a lot cheaper. I don't know the name of it.

07-12-04, 18:41
Super D, Lawyer & Cptease,

Read this message from a fellow monger. I am going to Argentina
soon; however, the price its not the one that appears on the
message. PM if you are interested. Presently I do live in
El Salvador. I believe do have the right price, since I bought
some for a fellow monger who live in the US.

Alboroto/Sweet Lou

After getting that squared away it was time to go find some vitamin V or similar. Here is a good find...
533 Cordoba near St Martin is Farmacia Azul del Pacifico.
There I purchased 20 50mg tablets of sildenifil for 56 pesos.
Forget the brand name..its a red and white box. After 2 nights of usage both D Rock and I can attest to its working!

07-15-04, 01:05
I am visiting El Salvador on sunday this coming week and will be staying at the radisson plaza. Tell me are there any places within walking distance from there. Alborto, you are always good for information. Sorry I couldn't make it last time. send me your phone number and we can go find some of these places together.

07-15-04, 17:47

Your PM box is full and would not accept a new message. Suggest that you clean it out.

07-16-04, 02:25
Any word on how the Radisson Plaza reacts when you bring a girl to the hotel? I will be staying there. I don't want to create a scene in a classy place (not much of one anyway). Are the brothels pretty clean or like IDEM in Costa Rica (nasty), but nice girls

07-16-04, 05:09

Have sent a PM

07-16-04, 05:09

I have already clean house ...

07-17-04, 11:09

If you have a choice, the place to stay is:


07-17-04, 21:36
No answer to the Radisson question.

Can I bring a girl in or is it going to be too much of a hassle?

Rue Kraft
07-18-04, 23:56

Just returned from San Salvador.

Stayed at the Radisson. Brought in Connie on Friday Afternoon and Night with no problem. She dressed nicely, like a university student.

Buena Suerte.

07-19-04, 18:17
Stopped in San Salvador last Saturday and ran by La Oficina to check it out. First off, I don't mind paying a little extra if the girls are good looking and provide an excellent service. Anyways, I showed up there at around 1pm and payed the stupid $7 to get in. Two girls available, either one was doable and I picked Carolina -- 22 y.o. nicely proportioned, looked good in jeans (I'm a sucker for those low cut jeans :) ). I got the half hour service for $40. After the usual chit chat got down to bidness.

First off, she looked good without clothes, small tits which I don't mind at all. Started with a CBJ (I didn't like that), but she did do a lot of slurping/moaning. Then we worked at various positions. Very, very light kissing along with the usual moans and groans.

Overall, fairly mechanical experience. I got the opinion that she was there to get me off and that was it. In and of itself that's OK if I was paying less, but for the price I was expecting more of a GFE. I don't know if I would go back again, although if I did it would be at night. Carolina said it's typical to have 2 or 3 girls there during the day and up to 10 at night.

I'll be in SS throughout August so I'll try out my old haunts like Okoles or Cesar club. Also guys, whats the adress for Fresh Kiss and if I ask a taxi driver to take me there, do I say Fresh Kiss or Beso Fresco? I asked the taxi driver to take me there, but he was unfamiliar to the place. Alboroto, if you want to make a run there next time I'm in town, or any of you guys for that matter, PM me and we'll do a hound run.

07-21-04, 23:00
Rue Kraft, who is this Connie? Where did you pick her up? How much did she cost?

07-22-04, 15:04

Can you be a little more explicit in your description of Casa Keyson for me. I will be returning at the end of August and I would like to try the place. Is it dangerous for middle aged Gringos? Is it relatvely clean. I was there in the early evening on the last trip and the neighborhood seemed safe but the place had already closed for the day. Any information would be appreciated.

Fly Bob
07-22-04, 22:01
Will be in San Salvador the first week of August. I have not been to Birds Nest. I have tried to find it before. Is it behind Galerias? Where are the other good places now? What will be open during the vacation days? How is Lips these days?

Rue Kraft
07-23-04, 03:52
Et all,

Connie is a young lady that I found at an apartment three blocks from the Radisson.

Go out of the lobby hang a left. Go three blocks on the same side of the street as the Radisson and look for a green iron door with a security guard. The apartment is next door to a plant nursery.

Connie is 19, slender, small busted but very fun. $5 to get into the apartment, payable to the security guard. Fees start at $40 for 30 min. and go $65 for the hour. There are options for more two girls, and take out. After you pay the cover they ask you to go upstairs to a small waiting are, introduce you to the available ladies. After you select a lady, she will offer you the laminated menu for your selection of time and service.

07-23-04, 23:04

Casa Keyson is strictly for locals(should ring a bell!) But if you guys want to check out the place, i strongly recommend the company of some locals if you decide to go to keyson. The rooms are not very clean. The place opens from 9 or 10 am to 9 pm. Most of the girls work a second shift at other places. Hope you have fun. Also I would like to know if others concur with what I've said.

Fly Bob
07-24-04, 01:06

Do you know where Villa del Mar is relocating? That was a nice place and I would like to go to another place like that. The girls were nice and polite and provided good service. I get turned off by the grime in some of the places. I would also like to know the best place, in your opinion, to find a nice girl that speaks english for the night.

07-24-04, 03:31
Went ot San Salvador for a few days and had the pleasure of visiting Lips as part of the trip. My first time in the city and I only had one evening (last night) free to visit anyclubs, so I chose Lips based on others recommendations. I was pleasantly surprised to find some very attractive ladies and loved their great attitude! I arrived about 7:00 and had a lap dance with a little spinner who allowed me to do about anything I wnated with her body short of FS. She was so into being easy and it was a far cry from strip clubs in the U.S. A beautiful - very short - petite - 20 yr old. Three long songs and it only cost $12. She then sat with me for about an half hours and asked if I would buy a lap dance from her friend, so I said whihc one? and she pointed out another beautiful gal. For only $12, it was another great 15 minutes with the friend.

The shift changed and about 25 gals all took the stage and danced - showing all of us the new gals. A couple of real beauties in the pack. One of them had the most perfect - natural - beautiful tits I have ever seen. All of these girls are natural - no silicone. I really enjoyed the place and found it to be very safe. I mus treturn to Salvador soon!!

Rue Kraft
07-24-04, 13:22
Day 2.

While staying at the Radisson I also visited La Oficina. Spent a great hour with Carolina. Similar to the apartment down the hill from the Radisson. $7 to the security guard, reviw the line up of ladies. $40 for 30 min with on shot on goal, $65 for and hour with two shots on goal. Sub/Dom, anal, two ladies; etc is available.

Carolina was very pleasant, fun, and outgoing. 22, not tall like most Salvadoreans and well worth the fee for an hour.

On a a side note. La Oficina is right next door to an excellent Spanish Resturant El Boregon and diaganol across the street from TGI Fridays.

07-25-04, 03:10
Rue Kraft:

I am delighted that someone other than myself is possting photographs.

Thank you!

07-25-04, 17:23
On 6-3 and 6-6 Greybeard posted photos of Crystal, formerly of Bird's Nest, and I liked her looks...a lot...so I wnet there about 10 days ago and found her on her last night of workimg there. I had a fine session with her at the Bird's Nest and she rocked my boat, and I got her cellular.

Last Wednesday I called and arranged a session at a "no tell motel". It was my first time to go to one of these, despite having lived her amongst them for more than 20 years. I chose the "La Pradera" on Blvd Constitution next door to restaurant "La Pampa Argentina" where I met Crystal. We drove next door and I choose the $23 ultra-deluxe room for 6 hours (there's also rooms for $14/16/18). It had jacuzzi, a/c, music & TV w/porno and cable, sauna, bar, huge room, bed and bath. Very clean.

Anyway, Crystal had asked for $50 for "several hours" of fun, and I was once again EXTREMELY pleased with her. We were there for about five hours, multiple shots, great personality. I think she looks/acts very sexy but friendly (definite GFE), and she gives about the best BBBJCIM that I've ever had, as well as GREAT FS...everything but anal. She turns 23 this week and has one 6 year old child. Claims her husband died several years ago.

I noticed her Mickey Mouse tatoo and then a small teardrop tatoo on her hand which she says is for another child she lost during pregnancy. Then, I noticed what appeared to me to be a large gang-related tatoo on her back which is normally covered by her hair when it's down. She lives in Soyapango where I dropped her off after the session with a $10 tip. Oh, I paid an $8 cab fare for her to the restaurant where we met, and I had bought a bottle of dark rum, at her request, after I asked what she'd like me to bring to drink.

OK, so the whole thing was a bit expensive, but I really liked the place and the girl I choose and the amount of time we spent. At my age, it's worth it! PM for contact info.

Tito: You're fascinating me with these warnings about Casa Keyson and I'm going to HAVE to go. I don't look like a local, but I can act like one!

Rue Kraft: One of my main squeezes from Tequilla Rock, a very rural house, works at La Oficina (or did a couple of weeks ago) and call herself "Daniella". Great service with a dynamite BBBJCIM, which is my preference.

But, I'm also interested in the photos/apartment/girls you've found near the Radisson. Congratulations on good photos, good report and good hunting!

BTW, for the regulars here, I just found a new place, actually a new location for an old place I never visited. It's called "Frida's Club Bar" and it's on the PanAmericana highway, just before the turn at El Congo to Coatepeque. It's located precisely on the side of the highway, left side when traveling from from San Salvador, near the fruit stands. I stopped at the Shell (opposite side of the highway) and asked and was told by someone who I don't think knows that it opens at 9 PM. The "old" Fridas was an 11 AM until late night place and it was owned by the brother of the Tequilla Rock owner.

Anyone know anything about barra shows, clubs, etc. in Apopa, especially anything about a place that always "calls to me" that's called (get ready for this)...."The Fish Beer Club"?

07-25-04, 17:25
Oh, Crystal (see previous report) arrived at the restaurant very well dressed (except maybe for the shoes...a little gaudy) but I'm sure she could get through any hotel lobby, if you tell her.

07-27-04, 15:12
Fly Bob...
Sent you a PM, and waiting for a response.


07-28-04, 14:51
Rue Fraft or Anyone:

What are the hours of the apartment near the Radisson?

Rue Kraft
07-29-04, 02:54
3 PM to 3 AM

Fill us in on your visit to the apartment.

07-29-04, 16:55
Thanks, Rue Kraft, for the information on the apartment's hours. I went last night (early) and here's my report, altho it ain't good...not for me anyway.

First, after following your directions I realized it was the same place that I'd known for several years as "Casa Sol". It is house #1 on the one way street connecting Paseo Escalon to the Radisson. I'd tried several years ago and just didn't like it.

Second, the girls look good...very good...but not almost twice as good as other places like KF, Bird Nest, etc. Most places charge $20-30 for short term while Casa Sol (La Oficina and a place below Lips) charge $40 for ST.

Third, thanks to your photo I'd become interested in Vanessa, but she wasn't there when I arrived about 7 PM. She was expected to arrive between 8:30-9:00, and I was in a hurry.

Fourth, and the most serious fault for me, was after I selected a very striking young woman with whom I was well pleased and busy talking her up (Grecia), I was informed that ALL sex there was covered, even blowjobs. Since I'm a specialist in BBBJCIM, that clinched the deal for me and I left...disappoint in the "apartment" once again. Maybe she was "blowing me off" and your experience was different, but she assured me that the policy was same for all the girls and none of them would have oral sex without condums.

Total cost $10 ($7 cover + $3 drink for Grecia). And now I know.

In conclusion, thanks again. I'm always willing to try a new place and to see if an old one has changed.

07-30-04, 15:29
Whew! The ole Cap'n been busy. Frustrated at "the apartment" I returned to KF yesterday and was impressed by the quantity of new girls working there. Elizabeth (an old standby) told me that KF was about to open it's newly remodeled (again) addition.

Seems FK bought the next house (that makes three house, all interconnected) and will make it into more of a bar downstairs--tables, big screen TV, full liquor license, fountains, a/c, etc. The idea is that one would enter through the bar and those guys who want to sit around and drink, watch the games on tv, talk up the girls, etc. would remain there while those who want more quiet and privacy would pass on through to one of the other downstairs rooms. All three houses will have "intimate rooms" upstairs, and for that reason, FK has hired more girls and is looking for even more. Prices have (will) also increase a bit...something like $3 over current rates.

Thought someone might want to know. Seems as though they're investing a lot of capital there.

Also, I tried Cialis for the first time since I had such a bad reaction to Viagra. The Cialis worked well and 14 hours after taking it, it's effects were still evident.

08-03-04, 02:51
Hello once again,

Back in town for the day - hey Alboroto, didn't you pay your phone bill? :) I tried to call you but the number was no good so I headed over to FK all by my lonesome. I have to say that they have a very nice lineup and the place is nice and CLEAN unlike so many of the places I've been before in SS.

I settled on a 20yo morena named Cintia(sp?) who turned out to be a real sweetheart. I won't bore you all with the gory details, but she was very receptive to DFK and BBBJ. She provided an excellent service and I definitely left with a big grin on my face. $38 dollars for the hour and was money well spent.

There was a really cute, young, hard bodied morena working at the same time, but it was obvious that she was in high demand and I was not able to talk to her.

Overall, I'll definitely be going back to FK, but I would also like to check out the talent elsewhere when I return at the end of this week.

08-09-04, 00:43
I was at Metro Centro the last time I was in San Salvador and I ran into Carolina. She says that she is out of the business. She runs a day care center for children. What a switch.

Something must have happened. She says that she no longer drinks, and goes to church every week.

We will miss her!


08-09-04, 02:12

Wonder which Carolina you are talking about it.
I do not believe she is the ex of this fellow monger
who works for UAL ... Well, if thats her I am glad.


Are you sure you called me or you were trying
to call Tony. I arrived on 07.29.04

08-09-04, 06:58
Hi Alboroto,

It was your numberI was trying, but I was off by one digit so that was why it wasn't going through.

08-10-04, 02:22

Carolina is the one with the tatoo below her stomach. Tall, a little gordita, silicone boobs, and gives a tremendous BJ.

I believe that she is the ex of the UAL guy. What is his handle on here? I would like to PM him. But I asked her about it, and she denied it.

I believe that you were the one that took her to a concert one time. I asked her about that too, and she said yes, she went to the concert, but she said she did not have sex.


08-10-04, 03:44

She is the one ... I am glad about her because she was at the
time a trouble girl. At this time, do not want to talk about her
and nor the guy who works for UAL, because he was really
upset and I mean that ... Did talk to him on more than one
ocassion. He does not want to know about her ... period.

All I can say was that she took him to the cleaners on more
than one ocassion ... and also, clean his hotel room. Now, do
you think he wants to know about her, after all these ...
And, do not want to get into any trouble by adding more
than she did to him or me.

Thanks and hope you understand ... and be respectful
to the UAL guy.

08-11-04, 20:19
I had another of my all afternoon sessions with Crystal who just started back working at the Bird's Net again last night after leaving me. Unless you insist on large breasts, she is fine, fine, fine. Great personality and service...a delight to talk with, in addition to the obvious. Photo in Photo section by Greybeard on 06-03-04.

08-15-04, 13:31
[Deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of text not in English. While I encourage contributions from all volunteers, the Forum is an English-only website. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post reports in any language other than English.. Thanks!

08-17-04, 16:37
Fly Bob and others who have requested location of Bird's Nest. According to their business card, they are located at:

59 Av. Norte #161, Entre Alameda Roossevelt y 1o Calle Pte. Tel 261-0688.

A new girl by the name of Fatima was really a fireball at age 18. Didn't give her a shot because my taxi driver, guide and negotiator, Tato of tantotaxi@hotmail.com, could not get her below $50 dollars for before hours session.

Capteasy's Crystal had not returned on August 3rd.

Fly Bob
08-21-04, 21:28
I tried out a place near Merliot called the Club. I arrived about 9:00 and it was a little too early. Nobody was dancing and just a lot of noise. I saw one fine girl putting on her fingernail polish and she came over when she was done. She was the best of the lot at about 7 in looks. Turned out very nice in personality. Went to the back room, rather dismal, for $30 for 30 minutes. They didn't seem to have longer times available. She performed very well and wanted my cell phone number. She didn't offer her number but I wish she would have. Overall it was satisfactory if you get over the rough decorations and lack of interest by the majority of the girls, maybe six of them.

08-28-04, 00:57

Have sent you a PM about Carolina, once again, please try
to understand that whats going on bet you and Carolina does
not bother us ... I mean the UAL guy.

Therefore, I urged you not to send me any PM's

The party is over, I mean its over !!!!!!!! period. Do you understand or do you want to write in Spanish or report to

Long live Riggo and Carolina

08-29-04, 21:48
A few days ago I went to "Okoles" seems that Daniela (a Cute blonde, green eyes girl), She's not anymore there, but Tania is back, she is a gorgeous brunette.

09-03-04, 17:20
Our guide, taxi driver and negotiator, Tato of tantotaxi@hotmail has finally accumulated enough cash to purchase his own vehicle. It is a white 2001 chevrolet with one of the few working airconditioners in town. He is usually stationed in front of the Nova Hotel. Don"t accespt a substitute.

09-05-04, 01:05

I went to Okoles this past week, and Daniela was there. There about 3 very good looking girls at okoles. Hope you find her.

09-10-04, 03:03
Hello all,

I might get a chance to live in san salvador for awile. can anyone tell me how much it will cost to rent a place. preferably fully furnished.


09-15-04, 23:37
I didn't have anything to do last saturday night, and I went to Cesars club at 49 north avenue, there is a cute brunette, nice breast, and really nice girl but I would recommend you Angie she is beauty white girl nice service

09-17-04, 16:39
Sailor 75: I think you'll have to be more specific and give more parameters before anyone can help you. Like when, size, amenities, where, for how long, what services, etc. One can find apartments here for $50-5000/mo. dpending on many of the above variables.

09-27-04, 20:54
Things I learned in San Salvador

1. Thanks to the recommendation of Graybeard, I chose the Novo Apart Hotel. It is small, clean, and reasonable at $55 per night. It is also in walking distance of enough places to keep you in trouble. It offers internet access, a garden and pool outside your room and free breakfast. Be sure to look for Tato in the white Toyota out front for monger tours.

2. The Birds Nest is a very small stripper bar located nearby. Go up the street, take a left and the next right. You will see it on the left, 1 block up. There are 10 or so girls there most nights. Their quality tends to be a little lower than the big places, but they are ok if a 5 to 7 will do. They have short time rooms upstairs. Admission is $3 and includes a drink. Drinks are generally $3, so why is there an admission? Who knows!

Watch out for the SWs on the corner outside. If they don't know you are nearby, you can hear them speaking in deep voices. It's funny how their voices go up as you approach them. Maybe it is the doppler affect.

3. There is another club called Capriccio. Go up the street and take a left. It is 2 blocks down on the left. It too is a stripper club with on-site facilities. The girls are a notch higher in quality than Birds Nest.

4. Again, go up the street and take a left. The first house is numbered 3132. It has no signs or indications that it is anything more than a house, until after 8:30 PM. At that time an open (Abierto) sign on the second floor goes on. Inside you will find a larger club similar in venue to the others listed. Enter through the door under the red light.

5. The new Stars Nightclub on the traffic circle (Frente De El Salvador del Mundo). Go up the street again and continue to the main street a block ahead. Cross the street and walk to the right about 3 blocks to the round-about, as they call them in GB. You will easily see the purple building with a red flashing light.

They offer only strippers, drinks, girls to help spend your money on drinks and no sex, on site or off. Lap dances are $12. I don't understand the concept.

6. LIPS is the best stripper club in San Salvador, if not the world. On a weekend night, there can be clost to 70 girls there. You will have to take a taxi to reach it, because it is up the hill several miles and nobody has ever survived the walk, except trained mountain hikers with lots of time on their hands. The taxi is $4 going up and $6 back to the hotel. When they have you by the balls you will pay the extra $2.

Lips cost $6 on weekends and includes a $3 beer. It is $3 early in the week and includes no beer! Either way, you will spend $6. The main stage is in the center of the club and three girls at a time are there displaying their goods and giving $1 feels of said goods. Lap dances are full contact for $12. It is possible to hook up with a pro here for external activities, but there is no on site facilitie. It is best to go before 6PM if you wan to meet one outside, because the shift changes at 7PM and she will be free for fun. Otherwise, they get off at 2 AM and you probably won't care at this hour.

7. Best Bar- After lips, walk down the hill about a block and go into Best Bar for $6. The girls are very good looking. They have a stripping stage, girls to help spend your money,lap dancers for big bucks and a dance area for regular dancing with the beautiful lady who is helping to spend your money. Most are pros and will take part in after hours activities.

8. Titanic - This is a beautifully appointed, Atlanta style, Tropical Isle theme, strip club with beautiful girls. Entrance is $6 and a drink for a girl is $17 (That is no typo)!! Entrance into the VIP is over $100 (that's dollars, not Baht) and sex can cost into the hundreds. I really can't get my mind around this concept! It seems to me they picked the wrong country to open this type of club.

9. The Office - halfway up the hill to Lips at one of the roundabouts there is a road going off to the right. At the end of the first block there is a nondescript house which houses The Office, a very upscale brothel. The girls are nearer the top end of the scale, including many Nicas. The Salvadorenas tend to be a bit thick in the middle, so if you want thin go to a place with Nicaraguans. The atmoshere inside is really nice. It looks like a well decorated home that is full of beautiful girls who will screw your brains out.

10. For those who walk on the wild side, there is also a gay bar up the street take a right. I did not see any reason to visit this establishment.

09-28-04, 17:17
I found one little surprise in reviewing my bill from the Novo. They charge a $15 guest fee. I didn't expect that!

Fly Bob
09-30-04, 14:45
It has been sort of quiet lately in San Salvador. Where are the good places now. I will be done next week and would like to visit the best spots. Anybody know the hours and prices for La Oficina?

Oh, what is the shift change time at Lips? It used to be either 7:00 or 8:00.

10-03-04, 03:22
Lips changes shifts between 7 and 8. I think it is officially 7:30, but it is hard to tell. During the week, girls start taking off after 7. On the weekend, they do a thing where all of the girls leaving and arriving go on stage as 2 groups. It takes until 8 and then half take off.

The Office is definately open at 8:00 PM.

10-06-04, 00:17
Anybody know if the famous Carolina is still in the business?

Fly Bob
10-07-04, 15:28
Graybeard and Alboroto,

Where are the good spots now? You have been very quiet for a long time. Sounds like La Oficina has replaced del Mar. There used to be a place called Salon Gabriel near La Ferria. Do you know what happened to that place? Did they move or is there another place around there? I went there a while back and it was all closed.


10-07-04, 21:16
A few days ago I went to the place in escalon called "sol uno", there is a cute brunette named juliana she has a really nice a firm breast in fact she is awesome, and also at okoles Tania is the best, definitively she is great, a cute blonde Daniela is nice but she doesn't worth the money, ok I need information of new places does anybody know a new place in San Salvador?

Fly Bob
10-11-04, 21:41
Went to Birds Nest on Saturday night. The talent was a 2.1 at best. Finally after about 15 minutes a 1.8 got up and tried to dance. There was only one girl that was polite and was about a 6 at best. What keeps this place going? It was grim at best.

Went up to King Club in Merliot and had a great session with Jaquline. This was my second time with her and she was excellent. Took the 45 minute option for $45 and worth it all.

Fly Bob
10-12-04, 15:24
Went to Lips a bit before 7:00 and caught the afternoon shift. This is where the talent all seems to go. The shift change is at 8:00. This is truly a top world class club.

10-14-04, 22:39
Fly Bob,

I just got back from Argentina, and at the mean time do not
think I will visited any place(s) here in El Salvador. You do not
what I can do with US$100.00 in Argentina and the ladies not
only are better looking, attitute and service but also real nice,
and here ... No comment !

10-15-04, 22:35
I always try to post an advice for everybody, but now I think I made a mistake by recommending Okoles, well the reason is a few days ago a guy who works for me wet there, and he get a disease after having sex witha blonde girl called Daniela, so now I want to say sorry for recommending the place, so for the time don't go there and always use a condom

Fly Bob
10-16-04, 15:32
Went to La Oficina about 16:00. There were just three girls working the afternoon. Was told that 8 work after about 18:00. Went with Marena and had a good time. She was thin and had a nice attitude, excellent body. Good 30 minutes session. The rooms were clean and it had a shower which is a nice touch.

The price "menu" is a bit overdone. There were about 10 options and each had a couple of choices. The prices ranged from $30 for HR to well over $100 for an hour with everything. The one shot for 30 minutes was $40.

10-17-04, 02:08
Fly Bob,

Thanks for the report and your observations about the Office coincide with mine there, altho I thought the base price was closer to $40 than $30, but could be wrong. Been there, done that before.3

If I could make a suggestion (plea) to regular ES mongers (not picking on you Fly Bob).

I'm an old man... Alboroto says I'm not as old as he is, but...anyway, that means I don't have a lot of time or shots left in me, but I try to post most of the information I get for the benefit of all. But I don't get many specifics in return.

Due to the problems mention above (age) and fear of disease like in the message of Shark, I am interested in all uncovered, non-penetrating sex but would only pay for BBBJCIM. I realize this does not protect me even 90% fome, but I'm a former Air America pilot so I'm willing to take some chances. And BBBJCIM is within my envelope of safety.

The problem is that I also like to get know the girl first, establish some sort of "friendship", am shy about asking until we get alone, etc., but I want what I want; and so I waste a lot of time and money finding my perfect girl and situation, and even then I'm sometimes disappointed. Says "yes", but at last minute backs out.

Please, guys, for you that are not offended by speaking out frankly, do an old vet a favor, check with the girl you're w/ and ask her attitude re: BBBJCIM. And supply me the info, either here or in a PM.

Alboroto: I know this offends you...you told me so...so this is specically not directed to you.

I'm out at the lake and the reason is posted in my message of 04-25-04. Still in a loop over loop over her! Sorrry that I have no camera.


10-17-04, 05:40

Where is located La Oficina and El Jardin?

Thank you!

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

Fly Bob
10-21-04, 20:17
This is located on about 77 or 79 Ave No and one block on the right side (North) as you go up the hill on Escalon. You cannot turn left there because of the center barriers. This is near the new plaza on Escalon. If you know where the resturant El Bogedon is, this is one block, more like 30 meters, up the street. The house looks plain enough and has a circle drive in front. Ring the bell next to the front door and you enter into a nice waiting area with soft couches.

10-22-04, 04:59
I saw an interesting thing last time I was in the Birds Nest. Doctor's reports. All of the girls are checked on a regular basis. The reports were handed out at work to the girls, one for VD the other for HIV. It does not mean you should bareback any of them, but it's something anyway.

11-09-04, 19:52
Boy, things are really dead around here, so I'll throw out some little bit of news. A couple of weeks ago, returning from Lake Coatepeque, I desided to stop at the old green hotel (Monte Verde, I think it's called) that sits on the south side of the Santa Ana highway near Los Chorros. It was a favorite place of mine some years ago.

To my surprise, it was open. In fact, it is open 7 days a week from 9:30 AM to about midnight. This was on a Sunday or Monday night and there were only two girls working there. Both were more than acceptable, so I sat and drank with them for awhile before choosing Estafani. I insisted on seeing her DUI as she looked too young to be 18, as she claimed, but she was...just barely. Anyway, she's just as cute as a speckled pup under a red wagon, and the service was great, despite her saying that she'd never before given a BBBJCIM. Cost was $35/hour, as I recall, for FS and the BBBJCIM. I think I ended up buying two hours with her as she has a great little personality. She is very, very petite but with excellent proportions...she's the entire package, nicely wrapped.

I've seen her several times since and we've traded cell phone numbers. Highly recommended.

Also, there's a new place (owned, I suspect by the brother of the owner of Tequilla Rock) named Frida's. It is also on the south side of the Santa Ana highway (close to and visible from the highway when eastbound, i.e. going from San Ana to SS about 1/2 km before the turn to El Congo. I don't think it's open in the afternoon, TR usually opens about 6:30 PM, and I suspect this is the same.

These are very campo, very local places but, INMHO, safe, even for tourists, as are most of the campo places.

11-26-04, 22:00
Since no one else has anything to say, I thought I'd responde to myself. So, last week I spent about 1/2 hour in Frida's (see last report). There were 8 girls working, all acceptable (to me cuz I like campo girls) with the 2-3 obligatory fat girls who don't do much for me.

Anyway, didn't sample the wares (think they were in the $20-30 / 1/2 range...don't remember) and had to meet someone on the highway. I think I even left $5 in change with the bartender when my friend called and gave me a 2 minute ETA.

Anyway, it was pretty much the same drill as TR (see much earlier posts...altho I've been there several times lately and the girls are getting nore numerous and better looking. Still opens 7 days/wk but not before 6:30 PM. $3/entrada and that entitles one to a beer. Rooms are as small as ever.

What can I say, guys, I'm a campo kind of guy. I AM going to La Union soon to check it out. Will report back unless I feel I'm transmitting into a void.

12-07-04, 01:39
Don’t feel bad Captain!

Well I’d been away a long time, the thing is that not much had change here in El Salvador or at least in San Salvador, I’m a regular at Fresh Kiss so I don’t know many new places. But I can comment on some of the places you all had mentioned recently here.

La oficina: the prices are high, like you’d read, you can count the girls with one hand, good looking women though.

Uno Sol: the prices are the same as La oficina, but they had more girls working.

Bird nest: not worthy for me, I went there on october, I don’t have very high standards but there was only one thin girl that I liked. Don’t waste your time at BN, You’ll be better at Z Club or Connections, of course Lips (but you can’t have sex inside Lips).

FK had improved a lot the facilities, now is a very nice place, it was good before, but not is a lot better, the prices are the same and they always have about, 10 or more girls working, of course the girls don’t look as good as the ones in La Oficina or Uno Sol, but the service is very good, very nice gfe from the girls. I lost my favorite one there, Tiffany, a tall thin girl, that always take good care of me, She left the place, I’d been there about 3 times after she left and choose different girls every time, it was good but not as good as Tiffany, what a shame.

Other place I’d been is Peluqueria Universitaria, You can read about these place here, I went there last week, after several months away, I found a very nice Morena with great curves, ass and breast, don’t remember the name, the only thing is that here they have a more Pro attitude.


12-07-04, 19:15
It's good to hear from you...last I heard, you were headed to Colombia. Did that work out? I guess it's not me, then, just nothing much has changed. I guess I need to get back to the FK and see the new work, etc.

I did pick up a girl who's been selling me newspapers near my colonia in the AMs and we went to one of the "notel motels". It was fine and cheap, but she was definitely not a Pro and had to watch the porno on TV some to figure out what to do. Then, I did get NUTS about the little cutie at the Monte Verde, Estafani, but for some reason have resisted going back...may cuz I'm still not sure she's 18, and even I have "some" morals!

Good luck.

12-11-04, 17:21
Yesterday I took a little tour to places I never been before, first I visited Monte Verde (the place in Los Chorros) and I finally found Estefany she is a cute girl and I will say she's definitely awesome a good service and nice BBJCIM, and just in case she is barely legal, barely but legal, then I go to DIVAS is the miramonte area just in front BAHIA is in the street before OKOLES, there Wendy was nice but her attitude well is not what I expected when I saw her, anyway keep posting this forum has been a little quite the last weeks. anyone has a new palce or girl?

12-21-04, 16:47
Does anybody have the office phone number or address. I'm at ES and want to vistis the place.


Fly Bob
12-22-04, 00:13
This is located in a house off of Blvd Escalon. If you can get to Galerias and then go up the hill a few blocks. You will see the new glass shopping center on the left. Turn right, I think it is about 77 ave North. There is a resturant called El Bodegon on the corner. Go up the street to the next street. This is on the right side of the street in a house with a small drive in front. It is not all that hard to find.


12-22-04, 18:38
Just wanted to drop a word of thanks to all the El Sal mongers. The outstanding information shared here convinced me to book a trip down. Anyone that would like to join me in the hunt please pm me. As a token of appreciation the taxi and the first couple rounds are on me. I will be in San Salvador Dec. 30th thru Jan. 5th.



12-30-04, 18:00
I'd like to know if there's a new place in escalon?, the last days I've been searching but did not find anything.

01-04-05, 18:20
Hi Guys,
I will be going ti San Salvador in Feb. and staying at Radisson Plaza for a week. Some one please give me information about the places around the hotel ,directions and other details. I will be glad to share the informations after I am back.
Thank you all very much in anticipation.

01-05-05, 15:39
THere's nothing much around the Radisson, but there's plenty within a short cab ride of it. Go back and read the board and talk to cab drivers. All the info you seek is there.

01-05-05, 15:43
radisson is very expensive, but I was able to get a girl up in my room overnight without problems last time I stayed there.

03-15-05, 21:14
Where is everybody? Come on post some places, names or anything.

Well first Adamry and Alejandra from KF. They are awesome

03-20-05, 01:27
Sorry to be a pain but ... tried to find the address of Fresh Kiss on the board but didn't find it.

Can someone help me and post it please ... directions to give a taxista.
Does it still close at 7pm?

Muchas gracias amigos.

03-20-05, 05:05
Hello Salvador,

I visited San Salvador last summer and really enjoyed the one evening I was in town. My favorite club was Lips. I'm planning to return soon and wondered if Lips is still open and if it is stilla great club. Any opinions?



Sure Schottt
03-24-05, 19:32

Go to the intersection of Calle El Algodon and Blvd. Constitution. This would be at the parking lot entrance of Restaurant Macondo. Also a Chinese Restaurant is on the other side. The actual restaurant Macondo is kind of hidden behind plants and barbed wire. Drop down on El Algodon about 150 metres to the bottom of the hill. On the left side of the street you will see Visa and Mastercard signs on a tinted glass door. Just stand in front of the door and the security guard will let you in.

There are quite a few new faces there, and the presentation can be a bit overwhelming to those who aren't used to it. Some lookers, some with homey appearance, and a few extra pounds.

04-13-05, 03:02
Hey guys ... just back from SS ... had a blast!

Thanks for the guys who helped with directions to Fresh Kiss.
Had a really good time there.

I have to say ... the quality is not that of S.American chicas but I found a real cutie there and we hit it off nicely ... very sweet.

Matter of fact ... she's meeting me next week when I return for a night or two at the beach ... Costa de Sol or something like that.

Hit Lips for the day-shift chicas at about 630 pm ... the few I was hanging with were all willing to meet after work ... at about 8 pm ish.

My buddy left with the one he was hanging with ... we went out to eat and she was his total GFE.
She never asked for any money ... of course he helped with taxi money plus more the next morning.
Very easy there ... Spanish skills help greatly (obvious).

Didn't do the night Lips thing ... but the month is still young.

Taker easy!

04-20-05, 22:02
Where is everybody? Looks like there are no more action in San Salvador?

04-21-05, 03:31
I have to say ... the most difficult thing for me right now in SS is I'm meeting too many chicas and can't decide which one to call ... great dilemna to have!

The chica I met in Fresh Kiss ... we went to the beach ... had a GREAT time ... of course she took care of me!

I met a great dayshift chica at LIPS and have been calling her and then I met a really hot chica from the LIPS night shift ... got her number too.

Can't decide which one to call for the beach again on Saturday ... I think it'll be the LIPS night shift ... has a beautiful pompis (butt).

... more to follow!

04-21-05, 18:00
Hey everyone,

I'm visiting SS in July with 2 buds and we wanted to know as much as possible about how to hook it up with chicks down there, Especially Pricing. Last march i was there and went to Lips for the first time ever. My eyes were wide open at the talent. I ended up taking a cute quiet girl in the late shift for $60. Unfortunately i didn't have the knowledge of how things worked, so she just stayed for the quickie and was gone. Could I have paid the same and had a girl for the whole night?

Secondly, how's the Lips scene right now in ES? Is the talent still the same as a year ago? Better? Worst?

Any details would be greatly appreciated. Oh and by the way i want to stay at the novo-apart, so I would like to know if I should make a reservation way in advance or is it pretty much guaranteed to have availability in July when i get there?

Thanks guys, can't wait to hear from ya.

Dollar Bill
04-22-05, 17:41
Ricker and/or others,

I along with my monger buddy "El Austriaco" will be visiting SS May 13th - May 16th. I have read over the last 5 pages of the forum and want to thank those that have contributed info. French Kiss, Lips, and other places are on the list as well as La Oficinia.

Question - how far is the beach from SS (or the lake for that matter)? Are there other "non-mongering" places of interest that we should see?

Ricker - I know you from the Colombian boards and I am a friend of Surfer. Antifreeze also saved my ass by returing my wallet left in a taxi (Cali trip Aug-2003) If you want to be a pal and give me any of your "quality-hardbodied chicas" hand-me-downs, I surely would be obliged. I know that you have great taste in women, from what I have read/heard, and would only want your help with the women that you are finished with. (or just names/places to see them and I will take it from there).

Thanks to all in advance for the help, and I am really looking forward to this trip.


ps - I got a RT ticket from Mexico City to SAL for only $150 US (taxes inc). Great Price!

Redbull #1
04-25-05, 03:18
Does anyone have any recent info on massage type place in SS?
Like the kind in SJO, CR.


Sure Schottt
04-25-05, 21:23
Dollar Bill,

The beach at La Liberdad would be approximately an hour by car, maybe less, from the capital San Salvador.

This is a town with an unperfect beach. Other nicer beachs would be further north or south. Playa Costa del Sol, a bit to the southeast, is the one with the nicer resorts. Have fun.

Senor Schottt

Dollar Bill
04-28-05, 18:23
1st off - thanks to Schottt and Ricker whom responded to my request either on the board or via PM.

2nd - I saw on the thread a hotel call "Novo Apart" - and I wanted to find out if any mongers have stayed there recently. How close to the "action" is this hotel? Is there a better option? We would like to keep it to $50-60 per night range so that rules out the Presidente.

Take care, have fun and be safe!


04-29-05, 13:39
Hello All,

First of all I've done my due diligence and RTFF and I want to thank everyone for making this truly one of the most informative boards on this website! I have loads of info and insight on sc's, mp's, casas etc ...thanks.

There isn't however, a whole lot on "where to stay". I am planning a trip to SAL in late June and would like to get organized. Can someone make some comments/advice/opinions on the following:

Raddisson Plaza Hotel
Intercontinental Real San Salvador
San Salvador Presidente

The areas of importance are 1) guest friendly
2) accomodations quality
3) pool area atmosphere
4) restaurant

Thanks in advance!
cheers all.....

04-30-05, 04:05

I feel there is some limitations as to selection of stay.
The InterCont is my favorite, but $85-$90 and up,but very very
chica accomadating. The thing is this. Because they have 2 bars that
stay open till 11p/130am, there is no problem bringing them in thru the front entrance. As long as the bars are open. People from "outside" the hotel do frequent the bars for its music/happy hours.
So once you are in the doors, after you have a drink or two, you can excuse yourself to the elevators and go to your room. Avoiding all together the Front Desk confrontations. Additionally, there is always a stredy flow of traffic, due to guests and various functions that occur on a regular basis.
Various escort services fromt the newspaper also drop off girls at the hotel bar, after you have called and made a request.

Also, the IC is right in front of the metro center and restaurant row located behind it. Also a strip bar called Cocktails & Dreams is located w/in 500 yrads of the Hotel.

Radisson is too far away for me, as well as the Paradise hotel.
Both in the same price range or higher. Holiday Inn by the Emabssy is cheaper, but not by much. Boring area and far away from any bars or nightlife action. Girl friendly, but the place is quit as a library.


04-30-05, 22:05

Hmmm, sounds good thank you very much for the info. I suspected that the Intercontinental would be a god bet - IC's have a rep for being very "accomodating" everywhere I've ever been. The IC in Santo Domingo is cool and I will be staying in the IC in Caracas in a few days.

Do you (or anyone else) have any info on the Presidente Hotel? I don't know anymore about it then what I read on Travelocity but it looks like it has an old world charm and an expansive pool area. I decent bet or is the IC "all-round better"?

Thanks again for the advice eric7.

05-02-05, 18:24
Hey guys,

Glad to see SS forum is back up and lively again. I myself am heading down to ES in early July with two buddies of mine. It's three of us and we know the Novo Apart Hotel has 2 room suites. Anyone ever stay there and know what the pricing is for that scenerio?

Also, how friendly they are to "guests". Again, any info on that would help.

Thanks everyone.

05-03-05, 16:38

I still will lean to I.C. The Presidente is very nice, but removed from the area.
Yes, it does have "old world charm" in the bar area. Only one bar. Pool area is nice, and enclosed, but still small.
Small lobby, and can be somewhat uncomfotable coming in the door. All eyes are upon you.


Dollar Bill
05-05-05, 18:07
Does anyone have information on the costs for the little blue pill (Viagra) in SAL???

Are there generic versions available in SAL???

When I was in Colombia a couple of years ago, I could get the generic versions for $0.50 US per pill. That was really cheap, and they worked too!!! Even Viagra was only about $5.00 US per pill which is cheap compared to the $20 US a pill that some farmacias charge here in Mexico.

Any info would be appreciated!


05-05-05, 22:20
Wow! I've been in the US for 6 weeks and things have picked up around here. It sure is good to be back and to see that some others are discovering our "guanacas"...Central American slang for Salvadoranenas. They are good girls!

INMHO, and after 20+ years of living here, my experience has been that almost all the "five star" hotels will allow you in with a girl if you: (1) arrive at an hour when there are still functions going on and the bar is open, (2) she's dressed decently, (3) spend some time in the bar or restaurant or whatever, (4) you're gringo and (5) you look like you know what you're doing. So, if one wants to pay for the Presidente, IC, Radisson, Hilton (careful...there's security cameras in the elevator to so maintain your decorum), etc.; you can get away with it.

One advantage to the Hotel Presidente is that it and the Hilton are near the Zona Rosa, a strip of night clubs, restaurants, coffee houses, etc. and in the most secure area of the city.

If you don't want to pay, it seems that most out of town mongers agree that the Hotel Novo is the best and most girl-friendly. Regardless, don't be obvious about it.

Viagra is available in SS but I don't know the price, and I did buy a generic once down in the port city of Acajutla for about $1.00 that worked fine. Don't go to Acajutla!

The beach (La Libertad) used to be 45 minutes from the city but there's a lot of road construction going on that slows one's exit/entrance on the main road there. The best beaches and good surfing (El Cuco and El Tamarindo) are in the far eastern part of the country (Departments of La Union and San Miguel), but there's acceptable ones to the east and west of La Libertad...major surfing action to the west. BTW, Sure Schott, you need to check your map again cuz El Salvador's coast runs E-W, not N-S. It's a common misperception.

Gotta run. Have fun everyone.

05-09-05, 21:54
Yes, the Novo is relatively cheap and GF, but they will add a $15 joiner fee to your room price. They did for me.

05-11-05, 01:47
There does seem to be a little more life on this board Cpteasy! I've always thought "Guanacas" are cool (yes I know that's the term for El Salvadoraneas) have met some here in the states but haven't yet gotten to SAL. I was planning a trip way back in 2003 after my 2nd trip to Honduras but never made it. (sad)

Last time beating this caballo muerto.......

- The Presidente is near the Zona Rosa which is in the safest part of the city and near night clubs, restaurants and coffee houses so it is best for hooking up with legit amateurs?

- The Intercontinental is nearest the sc's, mp's and the rest of the "action" so it is best for "hobby-ing" ?

Is this about right? (I need to get a city map) :(

cheers all.......

05-11-05, 07:07

From personal experience, here's my 2 cents.
I prefer the Inter Cont. for it's proximty to local action, no matter what time or day of the week. The Metro Centro is located 200 yards in frot of the hotel, where many of those treasured guanacas can be found. Many mistiza, golden-skined girls hang here. Mucho eye contact. It is, after all, the largest Mall in Central America. So what would you expect. If you can speak passable espanol, lunch at Pizza Hut or Tony Romas next door, can result in a freebie.
These chicas are NOT used to hanging at a Tony Romas or Inter Continetal bar for happy hour. Comprende? This equates to easy pickings. Keep in mind I am refrerring to "locals" looking for diversion with a gringo.

Additionally, directly behind I.C. is restaurant row, which on some nights have working girls available. The casa de chicas, "Okoles" is a 5 minute walk from the Hotel. There is a bar about 200 feet from Okoles that sometimes has free-lance workers sitting around. Moreover, across the street is a bar called "Cocktails & Dreams". Again, 3 minute walk from Hotel lobby. No, it's not a Lips. But at least it's a strip bar to go to, they get nude and it's only 3 minutes from your room. If you can schedule a take out at 2 or 3 am, no problem meeting her outside and taking her in thru the lobby. About 20 chicas, dancing bar with small stage. Bored looking girls, but that was due to no customers. Approx $3 or so to get in, and free drink ticket. Girls get nude.
Saw a number of Japanese business there from the hotel, and saw a chica bring a guy back to a private room with a roll of tilet paper. Class act on her part. !! Ha.

No problem with having a escort dropped off at I.C. Wide active flowing lobby all the time, with various functions throughout the hotel. Also, the elevators are located back by the lounges, which is good to bring a puta in the hotel, have a drink at the bar, and then go right to the hotel, and no one says A THING.
On the other hand, I found the Presidente boring during the day. No where with any action or people. Beautiful hotel-yes. Ammenities, of course. But so does equally, the I.C. Plus, at the Presidente, it had a small lobby. Elevators right in front of the front desk. Dead scene in the lobby. I.C. would be considered Grand Central Station by comparison.

Again, just my 2 cents, or 1 1/2.

Enjoy when you get there....


05-11-05, 20:55

Thank you very much! This is the kind of detailed, instuctional posting that makes this board such a great tool. It is the kind of reporting that I like to think that I make from every destination to which I travel as well.

I now have a much better feel for the hotel "scene" and I thank you. I will (of course, always do) post of my experiences and my opinions of SAL when I go next month.

(eric7 - I could have used you in Venezuela last week, couldn't get much info had to do most of it myself) ;)

cheers mate!

Dollar Bill
05-12-05, 23:12
Fellow Mongers:

El Austriaco and DollarBill will be visiting this fine city this weekend. If anyone is interested in hooking up to go out, please send me a Private Message. I will try to check messages several times starting tomorrow night through Sunday night.


ps - staying at the NovoAparts this weekend. ($50/night quote per room)

05-13-05, 00:38
Okay first off...great forum. Question?-Has anyone been to a club named .."Stars Nightclub Bar"?

Reason i ask is because i went to an online yellowpages for ES and when i did a search for clubs...that was one of them. Had a link to a site that had some "talent" there. Just wondering.

My main question is...as I've said before i'm heading down to SS in July...but i haven't gotten a reply to this:

I want to stay at the Novo in a 2-room suite (it's 3 of us going). pricing as I understand is like $75 for that, but my question is: Is it essential for me to make reservations now for that setup? Or can I just land, go to the hotel and be pretty assured that they will have availability? I mean, how busy are they most of the time?

05-13-05, 14:50
Their occupancy rate is low but as I recall they have only one two bedroom suite. Therefore it would be better to makea reservation, so go to their web page and do so. Do not submit your credit card number as requested on the reservation form since the last time I did so they included it in the reply which was unsecure.

Good luck.

05-13-05, 19:52
Thanks Greybeard,

That's exactly the reason why I didn't want to reserve online, b/c i noticed that it was not a secured site. I'll try and reserve w/o the cc info and hopefully they'll honor it. Thanks again.

Dollar Bill
05-14-05, 17:25

I am staying at the NOVO right now (till Monday) if you should need my help getting your reservation made. Just let me know.

When I made my reservation, I just called and made it. They asked for a credit card to guarantee the room.

But I could at least tell them to reserve it, and then you can call to guarantee.

Let me know.


05-16-05, 18:46
Just checked ur post DB...and it's monday...so you probably left the place already. I appreciate the offer to reserve and if you are still in SS. email me at [Email Address deleted by Admin].

If not, not a big deal...i did what GB suggested. Went online submitted all my info except the Credit Card Stuff, hopefully they will honor it.

One question for you DollarBill, I got an e-mail from the Novo and they said the cheapest 2-room suite was $70 + 13% tax. Can you confirm this?


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

Dollar Bill
05-17-05, 15:14

I am sorry, but I can not confirm your $70 rate. I am back in Mexico.

I can tell you that I got a $50 rate for a 1 bedroom (King Size Bed). It was room 114. It had NOT been remodeled like my buddy's (El Austriaco) room (but he had two singles pushed together but a much nicer room/bathroom). My bathroom was very small. When sitting down on the toilet, my feet had to be in the shower! Good enough hotel though for the price.

I want to thank Greybeard for posting about this hotel way back in the forum. Tato was a nice guy and he mentioned your name when I said that he was recommended. Taxis are always like $4 or up. We ended up renting a car for 2 days for $30 / day and doing a 200 km tour of the west part of the country.

Have a great time down there. I have 1 particular chick that I will post about that all you my fellow mongers MUST see/have. She was the BOMB!!! (report to follow)


Dollar Bill
05-17-05, 21:57
I had a great experience this past weekend with a girl named "Demaris" from Kiss Fresh.

She is young (20) with a pretty face, nice "b-c" cup titties and a very nice tight body. (What some might call a "spinner")

Her oral skills were so superb, that I finished in her mouth before I was able to bang away. (That is something that I have not been able to achieve in more than 5 years).

She was also probably the best looking available in the lineup.

She said that she comes from the Cojutepeque area and has been working at Kiss Fresh for 1 year. She said that she has a large amount of repeat customers and I know why. I probably would only see her again if and when I have a chance to return to SSAL.

She comes highly recommended!!! She is really into sex and gave a nice masturbation show to fill up the extra time.

Cost $24 - 1/2 hour plus a $3 entrance fee (included 1st drink free)


ps - all the BJ's I received in SSAL were uncovered. 1 chica at "La Oficina" attempted to provide a "CBJ" but when I asked if it was necessary, she said no, put the rubber down and gave me a BBBJ. What a great country!

05-18-05, 17:35
Will definitely look for her when i visit SS DollaBill. Do you have any pics on her by any chance?

With regards to the BBBJCIM, have any of you guys had any luck with any of the FK chicas swallowing? Just wondering as we've discussed it with other mongers and the question has never been asked.


05-19-05, 22:07
Has anyone been to a place called Casablanca? Someone living over there said it was similar to KF. Anyone?

Dollar Bill
05-20-05, 22:09
We went there on Friday afternoon within 2 hours of landing at the airport. The admission charge was $5.00 per person and this included a free beverage.

The line up consisted of 5 girls. (6-8's in my book).

I picked a taller girl (Cynthia) sporting a very nice rack and a nicely shaped smaller ass. Price was $40 for the half hour and service was very nice.

It started out with a shower and then to bed where BBBJ was provided followed by multiple positions.
Friday night - went again and saw the nightly line up. The attendant remembered us from earlier that day and did not charge us the entrance fee. About 8 girls were in the line up and again ranged from 5-8's (mostly 6-8's) but I saw one heavy one in that group. Passed on picking anybody.
Saturday afternoon - returned for a late "lunch" and picked a girl that I had seen the previous night. She had a great ass, and when the clothes came off, the rest of the body looked equally good. Very good service with this very pretty young woman. Prices were the same as quoted above and BBBJ was provided without hesitation when I asked if the condom was necessary.
Monday morning - woke up with "wood" at 7:30 and was on my way there when Tato "guide" to Greybeard informed me that they did not open until 10 AM. Upon opening, we went there and were informed that admission was $7 and that 2 girls were available. The "doorman" was a woman and was different from the guy on Friday and Saturday. They would not come down to $5 entrance fee and we told them that we would not come in for that price. We walked.

I am not sure why they tried to get the higher price, but we figured they were trying to give it to the GRINGOS and we would not have any part of it.
Overall impressions - I enjoyed the girls there. Most were pretty and I enjoyed doing a couple of them. I have never had an issue with a line up style house set up, but do feel that it puts a little more pressure on both the man and women in the line up.

I did not like them trying to get away with sticking it to the Gringo on that Monday morning though.


Dollar Bill
05-20-05, 22:24
Sorry that I do not have any photos of any of the chicas from San Salvador.

I bought a Digital Camera at the airport duty free on my way out of the country. I will be getting photos in the future in order for all to view.

Camera was a pretty good deal, but once returning home, I saw on the internet that better prices could have been had in the US over the internet. (about a $30 difference).

Oh well, I am just happy to have a digital camera...


ps - to those residents, Hawk, CptEasy... I hope all is well and no damage to your homes/properties were caused by this morning's hurricane

05-21-05, 17:22
First of all, no, Doeman, I've never heard of the Casablanca.

Yesterday I almost ended my self-imposed celibacy and dropped by KF to pursue some advice I received in PM from eric7, but the young lady in question wasn't working. However, it was the first time I've been there since the 2nd annex was finished and the place looks good. It was packed at 5 PM and only four girls weren't "upstairs" and none of them interested me, but I think I'll go back this AM.

The airport duty-free stores are seldome a bargain when compared to the Internet or even the occasional specials in SS (liquor and electronics, for example) stores.

No damage...not really as much wind and rain as many "normal" tropical storms, at least where I live.

06-12-05, 17:50
What? I'm out sick for a couple of weeks or out of the country on business and no one posts anything. Hey, guys, in the words of an old song, "I got along w/o you before I met you; gonna get along w/o you now."

But, where are you at? What's happening? NO ONE has ANY info on the "outliers"...La Union, Chalte, Sonsonate (dangerous these days, I hear), Apopa, Ateos, Puerto La Libertad, Puerto Acajutla (got to be teeming w/ 'em)?

Or even city (near city) places. Thanks to whoever recommended Damaris at KF...she was RIGHT!

I'm doing what I can but I'm not the man I used to be...come on youngun's, step up!!! Dare life and limb, search for a diamond in the rough. No one's even talking about "Fridas" just east of the overpass at El Congo on the PA highway 45 kms west of San Salvador. Or "TR", even closer on PA near Sitio del Nino (and new by-pass).


No guts, no glory.

06-12-05, 23:11
What happened to your friend Crystal? I tried to call her in February to locate Venus but no answer on her cell phone.

06-13-05, 16:27
I heard she moved to San Miguel but know nothing else. Try Estanfani at Monte Verde.

06-13-05, 20:10
Thanks very much. Visted the Cocktails and Bars on Thursday. Very empty and bored girls. No one was watchinbg the danc, but a few patrons were patronizing some girls in corners. One reasonably good looking girl sat next to me. Bought her a drink ($6). She did a mini-lap dance and allowed me to touch here at everywhere. Nice boobs! She offered an inside view for $25 was well worth it. CBJ and FS. She helped clean-up with a bathroom tissue Did 69, she smelled yummy! Not a bad deal. Kissed me good night.

Viva cocktails and bars!

From personal experience, here's my 2 cents.

I prefer the Inter Cont.

El Austriaco
06-14-05, 07:11
Well, DollarBill has already provided his side of the story, so here's mine:

La Oficina: went there the first time on a Friday, with four girls present. Although all of them were pretty, the configuration was like this: you get in, the girls walk by immediately shaking your hand and introducing themselves, not a single one looking you in the eye, lining up, and then the "mama-san" pressures you into picking one right there, right now. If you don't pick one, they walk into another room to watch TV. No one ever comes back to talk to you or anything, not even the manager to ask whether you want a drink (which is included in the entrance fee). Never seen a place where the attitude of the girls (or management, at that) was that bad - so I just had to pass. Same spiel over and over again the two times we went back. The most uninspired group of hookers I've ever experienced. Even at relatively attractive prices (USD 40.00 for half an hour FS), just not my cup of tea.

Fresh Kiss: went there twice, on Friday after La Oficina and on Monday. 40 minutes was USD 30.00, half an hour was USD 24.00. About 15 girls present. Went with a girl on Friday, which was OK. Unfortunately, don't remember the name. Probably should have gone with Damaris (as a matter of fact, I pointed her out to DollarBill). Damn. It's more of a typical bar set-up that allows you to mingle with the girls, just talk to them, before making any decision. Drinks were reasonably priced. They do the line-up, too, but without the pressure of La Oficina. Definitely liked FK much much better, although the quality of the girls was a notch down from La Oficina, overall. But for me, attitude beats sheer beauty every time. Just me.

Lips: checked it out on Friday night - pretty nice strip club. Got there around 7, so we had a chance to check out the afternoon shift as well as the evening one. There were definitely some lookers on both. On site, privados (15 minutes) are USD 12.00 each, although some of the girls quoted us (and got) USD 15.00. Ignorant tourist tax, I suppose (but I'll live). During the privados, everything goes except for... actual sex. So if you like a 15-minute DATY, that' s the way to go. Apparently, salidas can be arranged individually with the girls. Did not indulge in this option. While I feel that the total unavailability of sex could be a bit frustrating at times, I think that the USD 12.00 privado is hard to beat. And there were were some great-looking girls there. Perhaps not world-class, but not shabby, either.

Bird's Nest: had to check it out once, on Saturday, since it was so close to Novo Apts. Half an hour was USD 40.00, if I remember correctly. Quality a notch down from FK and two from La Oficina (I can definitely confirm the earlier reports), but found a nice voluptious blonde. Sex was OK, good but not outstanding. Not too much of a loss if you skip this place.

Sol Uno: went there on Monday morning, guy would not let us in without paying the entrace fee (Dollar Bill, do you remember how much that was?) Said there were four girls, no looking without paying). We passed.

Overall assessment: P4P-wise, El Salvador is an OK place - better than the US or Mexico or Europe, about the same as Guatemala, worse than Dominican Republic, Cuba (though I haven't been there lately), and way worse than Brazil (just to mention places I've been to). Worth it to check it out if you're there already or in the area, get a good deal on airfare or don't just go there to monger (the Cerro Verde area of the country is beautiful, Coatepeque lake is stunning, and the people are very nice), but not good enough for me to make a special trip just for P4P. Prices for P4P are generally reasonable, but quality varies. If you're in the US, you might consider going there instead of Mexico (but then again, you might consider going to the Dominican Republic instead). Would I make a special P4P trip from Europe to El Salvador if P4P were your main interest? No way, considering that airfare to Brazil will cost you just as much.

As a country, I felt that ES had lots to offer - even though I only spent very limited time there. Did an excursion on Sunday going to Cerro Verde/Coatepeque with a car we rented (USD 30.00 per day; agency right next to Novo Apts.) with no problems whatsoever. Roads were in great shape. As a matter of fact, spent lots of time with a non-pro that I had met on the Internet, and she was a sweetheart. Made the the trip much more enjoyable than the P4P.

My two Mexican centavos

El Austriaco

Dollar Bill
06-14-05, 21:16
Uno Sol or Model Fashion (both being the same location with just a different name) wanted a $10 US entrance fee that Monday AM. We were there at 10:15 AM trying to get some lovin' prior to our return flight to Mexico.

I was stupid and told the guard that he was "Loco" (in regards to the entrance price). Luckily, my buddy, El Austriaco, was watching my back and got us out of there quickly. The guard took offense to my name calling and looked at me like he wanted to take target practice with my head.

THANK YOU EL AUSTRIACO for keeping me safe!!! I have to thank the monger-god (Jackson in this case, cause we met on WSG) for having a friend like you.

Lesson to all dumbasses like myself - be nice and respectful to anyone that is holding a shotgun!!!



06-14-05, 22:13
It sounds like you had (good...but not great) and (bad...but not terrible) experiences here in my "Pulgarcito" of a country. It's a shame that your experiences weren't GREAT everywhere...asi it used to be. The prices you paid sound (in some cases) reasonable; in other cases, exhorbitant. Maybe El Salvador isn't so good for P4P because too many of our best have migrated to Guate or the US. What a shame. I'm getting older, so it bothers me less. For my money, in the city: KF

Outside the city: Tequilla Rose (altho the rooms are wretched)

I may just drop out. Good luck to the rest of you....saves more for me.

Dollar Bill
06-14-05, 23:37
I had a great time in El Salvador. The people were extremely nice and helpful, and many were good looking also.

Pricing and Chicas are better in Colombia, but hey, were not in Colombia. El Salvador beats the hell out of Mexico for both (IMHO).

"I'll be back"... to quote another famous Austrian (Governor Arnold). I think just returning to see Demaris (at KF) would be worth the $150 US plane ticket from Mexico City to SSAL.

Take care and just remember - the best way to die is in bed with a beautiful woman!!!


El Austriaco
06-15-05, 03:45

Still think that it was a great trip, and if I get the chance (and the change), I 'll be more than happy to go back to El Salvador. I live in central Mexico, and I wish, just wish things would be as cool as where you are, P4P-wise. To say nothing about the US. And overall, I found El Salvador to be a great country full of great and very approachable people. Just a small anecdote: on Saturday around noon, we went to a shopping mall and had a snack at a cafe. On the table next to us, there was a middle-aged lady with her boy, who immediately started chatting us up (the usual small talk). She told us that she was actually waiting for her husband. I was just dumbfound, because something like that would simply never happen where I live (a married woman with her son, waiting for her husband, striking up a conversation with complete strangers? I have yet to see that happen in more than two years I've lived in Mexico!). Needless to say, I also found the Salvadorean accent quite a bit sweeter than the typical Mexican chilangismo fare of "no mames guey, que pendejo, no manches, cabron". If I had to chose between Queretaro, Mexico and El Salvador, I would pick El Salvador anytime.

The only thing I put in, as a caveat, was that strictly for P4P, there are better places - IMHO, of course, and for whatever it is worth to rate countries solely on the basis of P4P options. As a matter of fact, I never take trips only for P4P, or even mainly for P4P, so all the other attractions of El Salvador are just as important for me. And overall, ES is a very worthy travel destination in my book - P4P involved or not. And like you, for my money, in the city: FK, no doubt about it.


I full agree with you that El Salvador beats Mexico hands down on both price and quality, but that it's no Colombia (like it's no Brazil). Regarding Model Fashion: well that's what friends are for, aren't they? To share intel, share experiences, share girls, and keep each other out of trouble. Right? Remember: a dead monger is a bad monger. So no dissing the armed guys for you, and no hang-gliding for me.

OK, getting ready to leave for Rio next week - with a 9-hour layover in Bogota... Can't wait.

06-19-05, 16:54
Tato of Tantotaxi or Tantotours as he prefers to be called with his new vehicle and upscale services just reported that he had been robbed of all possessions including his cell phones or brains with all the stored information and as a result had to change his number. The cell phone number he provided 79622307 is one digit longer than his last number so may not be oorrect. I have queried him as to its correctness.

I requested that he be careful since we don't want to lose his services.

06-19-05, 18:07
Greybeard + others,

As of about two weeks ago, all phone numbers in El Salvador have added a digit. All fixed line numbers (those beginning with 2,3, 4, 3t) must add a 2 prior to the original seven digit number, i.e. instead of 448-????, the new mumber must be dialed as 2448-????. At the same time, all cellular numbers (those beginning with 7, 8, 9, etc. must add a 7, i.e. instead of 820-????, the new mumber must be dialed as 7830-????.

The change was due to the need for more cellular phone numbers in El Salvador which currently outnumber fixed lines by approximately 2 million to 500 thousand, nationwide.

06-24-05, 23:40
Alright guys,

I've been talking about this for months now, but next week me and my two buds are goind to ES for a couple weeks. Want to thank everyone for all their info. I feel well prepared to go enjoy our time there and hope to bring back "goodies" for all to see. Just want to make sure that Taxi Driver we'll be cool if we call him up from where we are staying even if it's not at the Novo? And is his number still valid.

My plan is to hit up Lips for sure since I've been there and I like it. Never been to KF but will definitely make it stop 1 on this trip. Any recommendations there? I like young girls (young myself) 18-25 pretty face over anything. So let me know if anyone has had any pretty girls from there. Also any new spots I should hit while there. Alright guys, next week is it. I'm excited and once again thanks.

06-25-05, 16:49
"One man's plate is another man's poison" my Momma used to say, but for me:

KF = Damaris

06-25-05, 16:58
"One man's plate is another man's poison" my Momma used to say, but for me:

KF = Damaris

And I just had a call from a real doll (younger than I usually like, petite, face of a cherub) upon whom I've reported before: Estefani from the Monte Verde. Her new cell is: 7 985 3850 She's quit studying (which I was partially financing) and ready for full-time business. Though she works at Mote Verde (in front of "los Chorros" on the road leaving Santa Tecla for Santa Ana), she has been in my home before and can meet you elsewhere.

All Visitors: Remember, since June 1, 2005 ES has changed it's telephone numbers from 7 to 8 digits. All former fixed (land) lines receive a "2" prior to the previous number; and all cell phones receive a "7" prior to the previous number.

I sure hope you post some photos, though, even though I don't have a camera, I belive the girls of ES get short shrift.

06-25-05, 19:58
Thanks for that number. I will give her a try. What is her donation normally by any chance? We are probably going to end up renting an apartment for our 2 week stay..to make it easier on us bring chicas over. I'm hopefully gonna be gunnin' to bring them over for over night stays if possible. Again, let me know if she's okay with overnighters and what her donation is.

Thanks easy.

06-26-05, 18:36
I didn't keep her overnight, but I think you have a good plan (the apartment) as many girls will overnight; but most of them are going to have to know in advance that that is the plan. If you haven't before, you will on this trip, find that most of the Salvadoran girls you'll want/have access to are mothers, and they take it seriously. They'll need to make arrangements for their young'uns.

Many would really, really love a trip to the beach or the lakes or the mountains. Nice hotel, restaurant, etc. and if they know thy're "going out", they clean up and dress very well. Treat them well and they'll do the same to you, unless you go for a mean *****...haven't been able to figure out how to distinguish those yet since I married two of them!

At Monte Verde I usually pay $30/hour for Estefani, and I don't remember what she (Monte Verde) charged me when I pulled her from there; but I remember thinking to myself, "Cap, this is a helluv a deal." I'm sure that armed w/ her cell phone you can negotiate something even better on the side, cutting out MV. If you're a good guy, you can tell her that the fat gringo, Miguel, referred you. If you're not going to treat her well, then you're on my shit list and if I catch in ES you'll be sorry. Not threat...just been here a long time and know how things work.

07-02-05, 01:03
I sure hope that someone does something lurid this weekend and posts it explicitly with details and information. Otherwise, I might be forced to take my aged body back out there with the ladies of the night and all those erectile disfunction pills don't sit well w/me.

NO ONE (except myself) has posted anything about King's Club on Calle Chiltiupan in Merliot, as far as I know. Now that club is no farther for many of you outsiders than some of the places you ask about and to which you visit. It's only open at night (but on Sunday, as I recall) and is on the south side of C. Chiltiupan when one is headed west, i.e. from San Salvador toward Merliot (a target rich environment in and of itself), King's Club is on the left. Ask a taxista. Say, "pootas, cloob, merleeoat"...don't pay more than $5-10 depending on time of night. Give him a tip and maybe he'll give you one.

There are several "graduates" of various of the "campo" clubs I've visited in the past working there. The last time I went...maybe 6 months ago...there was a striking blond (from Metapan) there and her dark haired g'friend. I had both in the (for newbies unadvisable, I guess) Motel San Simon at +/- km 26.5 on teh PanAmericana headed west (SS to Santa Ana).

And somebody, please bring annd post photos. I just don't understand photography and am to broke to buy a disposable, if that would help anyway.

Ya'll are either embarassed, not visiting ES (which I don't belive) or not writing...selfish (or maybe, smart).

cpteasy...but not THAT easy

07-02-05, 14:59
The problem with El Salvador is that the airfare has now increased to over $500 from my area. This materially reduces the attractiveness of a trip. The airfare to Panama is exactly the same so I just made a survey trip to both Panama and Cartagena, Colombia. El Salvador remains the more attractive in my opinion but the airfare is prohibitive.

That will leave more for you which I hope you enjoy to the fullest.

07-02-05, 17:22
Thanks for pointing out the positive side, Greybeard, but have you checked TACA's fares, if they fly out of your area? If you sign up at the TACA website they'll send you their last minute specials. I've frequently gotten a $99 RT from SAL to MSY, for instance, and flown up just for the weekend to eat muffletas and raw oysters.

Just a thought.

07-03-05, 13:35
I rely on Travelocity airfare alerts for latest airfares. As a matter of fact they sent one yeaterday for Continental's airfare of $254 roundtrip from Houston to San Salvador for limited time.

Continental is my favorite due to two flights a day and earlier arrivals. Of course my favorites include the Novo Hotel and the transportation and guide services of Tontotours.

I always check the Bird's Nest and Romanos Barbershop for gems first.

Will defer further trips to ES until cooler weather.

07-04-05, 19:11
"Cooler weather", where? If you're in/near Houston and you think it's cooler there than here, you better get your thermostat checked!!

I don't believe the Expedia/Travelocity/etc. list the TACA fares unless they are "code shares" with other airlines. I know the new head of TACA's revenue management and he's determined to fill every seat on every flight, even if he has to pay you to ride! But, most of these fares are last minute (or predictable low demand periods) and only available through TACA.com. Part of the new strategy is drive out the competing travel websites (and their commissions) and sell directly through TACA.com; therefore, best TACA fares are offered only there.

I rely on Travelocity airfare alerts for latest airfares. As a matter of fact they sent one yeaterday for Continental's airfare of $254 roundtrip from Houston to San Salvador for limited time.

Continental is my favorite due to two flights a day and earlier arrivals. Of course my favorites include the Novo Hotel and the transportation and guide services of Tontotours.

I always check the Bird's Nest and Romanos Barbershop for gems first.

Will defer further trips to ES until cooler weather.

07-10-05, 18:54
Please...if you are considering a vacation somewhere that includes women, do NOT come to El Salvador. The prices are astronomical and the women aren't worth it. The wx is horrible and the danger is GREAT.


07-11-05, 00:10
He is just trying to scare us so he can keep them all to himself. I agree that the prices are going up but still cheaper than Colombia or Panama and the quality is at least as good.

07-11-05, 18:00
You got me!!

Now where are the sex stories and photos in this section? Someone told me several weeks ago that they were coming in several weeks...I see/hear nothing. WHat can I say, med problems are turning me into a perverted voyeur, at least with "my" girls, i.e. the "guanacas".

I can't remember if I told ya'll about the newspaper girl, but I kept buying newspapers from her about 7 AM each day and got to thinking she looked good and had a GREAT attitude. One day, drinking, I suspect, I asked her if she wanted to earn $20 by passing the afternoon with me in a notel-motel. Without a moments hesitation, she said, "Sure". She said it so quickly that I replied, "You know what I mean, don't you?" She said, "Yes, sex, when."

We made arrangements for that afternoon. She was older than 18 (I checked) and showed up right on time at the designated spot (Kismet on Paseo Escalon). I picked her up and off we went.

She was amazed by things in the room like running water, hot-tub, hot running water, flush toilets, a/c/, TV w/ sex channels and SEX. She was not great in bed, but could be. She got fired from her day job before I could spend more time in education.

Someone else's turn.

07-24-05, 16:23
OK, guys, yu're lack of activity drove me back out on the streets again, so it's not my fault.

On Firday about 3PM I stopped by Monte Verde on the road to Santa Ana in front of Los Chorros. Estafani was working, one of only two girls working there now, even though she hadn't returned my previous phone calls (no "saldo" on her phone). She's as petite and cute as ever. Great tan on top of caramel skin anyway.

Anyway, we talked, I bought her a beer and took the $35/1 hr. session. In adition to the lack of girls, the place is just getting really run down. While the room was OK, there was the other girl's bra (petite black lace) on the nightstand and a can of coke...never saw the other girl. Anyway, the door wouldn't lock and there was no towel or TP. She went to look for some and came back saying there was none in the entire place. I said, "Go to work."

Absolutely the FINEST BBBJCIM I've ever had, even great by her standards, and since there was no towel or TP, she followed with a swallow. First time I've had a BBBJCIMWS in El Salvador.

I'm trying to convince her to move to KF or somewhere else cuz she really is a talent and it would be more convenient than MV, and MV is obviously dying. Her phone remains the same as I passed on earlier.

BTW, she says one of you scumbags told her I didn't want to see her anymore!

Tito, thanks for the PM tips...are you telling me you had the woman with the son? If so, how much, where, for what? PM, if you wish.

08-05-05, 21:54
Ok, a few months ago there was girl named Mariana at KF, but she is not there anymore.

Last week I was in a mall and found this girl. She told me she doesn't work any more at KF because of problem with Vanesa, but she is now an independente girl she is great. She give you FS if you are kind enough with her. Her phone is [Telephone Number deleted by Admin].

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of telephone numbers in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post telephone numbers in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly to via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

08-16-05, 18:35
Just got back from weekend in San Salvador. Finally made it to Casa Keyson. What a disappointment. The price was cheap at 18.00 per half hour but the selection was bad! I saw only about 8 chicas and 20 guys waiting for their turn. I was not one of them!

For anyone who wants to visit a campo style place in downtown San Salvador this San Miguelita barrio is near the casas of Parque Centenario, which is a bit too dangerous to visit without a car (Tato) driven by a Salvadrian escort(taxista).
Returned to the Novo hotel where I called my regulars.

As previously reported the clubs have slim picken and the prices are out of reach. One beautiful chica dancer at a nes club near Okoles(Intercontinental Hotel) wanted 400 dollars for the night!

I think Greybeards assessment is on the mark.

08-24-05, 23:32

It's been a while since I haven't visited San Salvador (November 2004 was the last time I think). But, I wonder why nobody ever mentions Club Kara's. Club Cocktails and Dreams, Ilusiones 2, etc, all within walking distance from the Intercontinental San Salvador.

I'm asking because I've had a few good moments there myself. These joints are all on the Paseo de los Heroes Blvd I believe. Kara's closes at 2 AM, but it sometimes has a good selection of strippers, all willing to please their customers. There is a room upstairs where you can have any of them for 40 bucks. At least that was the going rate last time I was there. Talent is not great, but you can still find some doable ladies. One time i went there and i took one of the dancers to my hotel room, (big boobs, about 25 years old , nice ass, curly hair, about 5 ' 7'', I don't recall her name cause I had like 15 beers that night). It cost me 50 bucks or so, for a TLN deal. Sex was good, and she wanted to do a threesome with the room service guy when we ordered something to eat. Really, she wanted to blow him while I fucked her from behind, the guy didn't accept that anyway, don't know why. (hey, if I'm working in the middle of the night and some woman offers a free blowjob, shit I would take it :) ) So, the guy left feeling very awkward I guess, and then the action went on.

I also had some fun at Ilusiones 2 (which is cheaper than Kara's by the way). There you can get action in the backroom for 20 bucks, and some good talent is available too.

In Club Cocktails and dreams (besides the hotel) I once got laid on the premises and got one of the dancer's cell phone number. I continued to fuck her next Sunday almost for free. Just bought her lunch and a few beers.

Don't know why nobody mentions this great options, unless all of these places are now closed, or no longer exist.

08-28-05, 00:48
Ok, does anybody have any new information? I am interested in new places or girls, who really worth the money invested, I've been here for 2 weeks and still haven't found something really nice.

By the way, Estefany does not answer the phone anymore, perhaps she change it.

Ok, I hope you can help me.

08-29-05, 17:28
Have you tried Daniella at KF?

Ok, does anybody have any new information? I am interested in new places or girls, who really worth the money invested, I've been here for 2 weeks and still haven't found something really nice.

By the way, Estefany does not answer the phone anymore, perhaps she change it.

Ok, I hope you can help me.

08-30-05, 00:43
I still haven't found a girl. I already went to Okoles in previous time here in the country, and you are cpteasy about Daniela. She is great, but I want to see more girls in this few days I have here.

08-31-05, 13:49
I am new to El Sal, and was looking around recently. Heard about a place called El Sol, was told it was a place where you could, "get right down to business!"

Anyone been there?

If not too much to ask, any directions to Illusions or the other places?? Are they open early, or just night time?


08-31-05, 19:35
No longer visit El Sol because they do not permit cameras and the prices are high.

Suggest you contact Tato to guide you through the spots. His new telephone number was postsed recently.

09-06-05, 18:22
Does anybody know anyhting about estefany i have called her sevral times but no answer also went to Monte Verde she does not work ther anymore anybone there know anyhting about her.

09-11-05, 01:12
Don't know anything about Estafani...what a shame; but I did find a more than adequate substitute for Daniela (who no longer works) at KF. Her name is Julita and she said to mention what a good time we had. No children, nice, nice body and face, morenita, short, BBBJCIM, etc.

09-12-05, 21:36

I think I'm not sure if you said that Julita is at KF? If that's so, I will go today to look for her, but again does anybody knows anyhting about Estefany?

09-14-05, 16:30
I confirm that, yes, I said Julita is at KF and I highly recomend her if you like that time. Since my expertise is BBBJCIM, I highly, highly recommend her. Tell her that Miguel, the fat old gringo who's been here forever sent you.

09-26-05, 18:20
Yesterday I went to KF looking for Julisa (I mistakenly reported her name as Julita(. She was occupied by one of you other SOBs, so being in a hurry, I settled for Sophia who is very, very petite and very morenita and -- I might add -- pretty damn good as well. When I asked her about CIM, she replied, "Sure, every girl needs her vitamins in the AM!" I think Julisa's technique may be slightly better and her kissing is better, i.e. deeper, longer, etc. Julisa is much better than Estefani and Sophia is, perhaps, even smaller than Estafani, but she told me she was 22.

Shark, last night Estefany called me I was watching a game w/ friends and couldn't talk much. I did find out that she's no longer at Monte Verde (said she was "home"). She wanted to know when we could get together, so I assume she's still in the business. Her cellular was stolen and her new number is 79727459. If this gets deleted, I'll PM it to you.

09-28-05, 00:51
What's happening? I spill my guts to you and nothing!!!

10-09-05, 14:34
Please give us a report of the impact of the floods on our favorite establishments, FK, El Jardin, etc.

Thank you,

Tuna Man
10-10-05, 18:58
I have been to Costa Rica six times and have always had a good time. But, recently, CR has gotten a little too "Gringo" for my tastes. I have met lots of people there and just have a yearning to try someplace different.

I think my next trip will be to either El Salvador or Nicaragua. I speak enough Spanish to get by, and like the local type of places that do not cost an arm and a leg.

I also detest layover flights, so El Salvador is ahead of Nica right now on my list. I am in the process of reading the ES posts from the past two years, so I will not bother anyone with stupid questions until I do my homework.

Tuna Man

10-13-05, 16:34
Hey guys ... anybody know of any places nearby the hotel Intercontinental for chicas in the night time.

Like casas that have chicas available or full service men's clubs?


10-18-05, 15:20

Just got back from a business weekend in San Salvador. All clubs and casas are operating normally. Chicas tell me about all the problems with flooding of their homes and there is visable evidence of erosion on the sides of the roads. All roadways remain passable except there are more potholes.

Tato took me to a massage parlor, I Believe it was Nestors or Burleys where the price was only $20.00 per hour. About 4 or 5 good looking chicas at 10:00 am on a Saturday {$80.00 for salida at hotel) I received a tour of the four rooms and two of them had confortable beds while the other two had massage tables, the latter two is not for this middle aged body!

I had business at the Novo so I did not partake but will do so next time.

Still, the overall talent is dwindling and the gorditas are rampant. I rely on my regulars to provide the talent.

Fly Bob
10-19-05, 15:06

Did you get a massage, or any service there? If so, how was it? Can you tell us where this place was located.




Just got back from a business weekend in San Salvador. All clubs and casas are operating normally. Chicas tell me about all the problems with flooding of their homes and there is visable evidence of erosion on the sides of the roads. All roadways remain passable except there are more potholes.

Tato took me to a massage parlor, I Believe it was Nestors or Burleys where the price was only $20.00 per hour. About 4 or 5 good looking chicas at 10:00 am on a Saturday {$80.00 for salida at hotel) I received a tour of the four rooms and two of them had confortable beds while the other two had massage tables, the latter two is not for this middle aged body!

I had business at the Novo so I did not partake but will do so next time.

Still, the overall talent is dwindling and the gorditas are rampant. I rely on my regulars to provide the talent.

10-19-05, 17:11
Thank you for your brief report. I agree with Fly Bob that it could have been more specific but can always depend on Tato to supply the details.

I plan to be there the first two weeeks in November.

10-19-05, 18:04
Fly Bob and Greybeard,

I can tell you that the MP was near Centenario Park,where there remains plenty of SWs of all sizes and ages. Unfortunately, the area has crime and drugs so local companion/guide/taxista is recomended.

As reported, I did not sample the chicas but all 5 were available and doable.

I am certain Tato can provide the details to anyone regarding the name and location. It most definately was not in the Escalon barrio but closer to the old section of the city.

11-15-05, 17:38
Top Less, a recently opened club en calle Gabriela Mistral #388 y Boulevard los heroes contiguo a Servipronto, is well woth a visit with eight girls of which two, Katerinne and Erica are outstanding.

The Bird Nest has a completely new slate of girls, most of which are attractive. I was very impressed with Jenifer.

El Jardin deserves a visit for a new hire by the name of Scarlett. No, she is not red headed as the name implies but extremely attractive.

Romano's is closed as an irate housewife informed us that the girls were no longer there.

Ali Baba's had only one girl that even the taxi drive rejected when I offered to pay.

Bruno"s had a stable of six girls but the price had almost doubled since February.

Good times can be had in San Salvador but you have search long and hard. Appears it is about time to move on to other hunting grounds.

Dodger Bulldog
11-27-05, 08:28
I tired this place out last night based on reports.

I never have been a fan of the lineup system. I prefer to get to know the girls attitudes as well as their looks.

I picked a tall, lean, pretty brunette. But it was a big mistake.

Once in the room, she didn't want to touch me, refused to even warm me up with her hands before trying to put a condom on, and screwed around with it for about ten minutes. She refused to use any Astroglide for lubrication, was jumpy as hell, and a general pain in the ass.

I stopped everything and asked to talk to the manager. To his credit, he allowed me to select a substitute.

This time I picked a little 18 year old, who was kind of cute and had a tight body. At least she was friendly enough, but she wasn't very good at sex.

Her CBJ sucked, and was actually more painful than pleasurable.

She wanted to do everything super fast and on three different occasions she told me I had already come.

She argued with me about it, as if I wouldn't know the difference whether I really had come or not.

Damn, she almost convinced me that I had an orgasm, but just hadn't felt it!

Plus, I hate it when they ask for a "propina" (tip) while in the middle of sex. And she asked at least five times!

After these two experiences, I decided this place is way too much into money and not into service at all.


Dodger Bulldog
11-27-05, 08:42
Most reports trash this place, but it was close by, and Greybeard said it has improved.

So I checked it out.

I thought the 24 year old pictured below was quite lovely. She was tall, slender, and very friendly, if totally lacking in anything even resembling a set of tits.

I brought her back to my room and she was a great little GFE.

First I oiled her up and used the Pocket Rocket on her. I love when they discover it!

She claimed it was the first time in her life that she had ever come, and from her reaction, I don't doubt it.

I have heard that from a lot of chicas when I use the Pocket Rocket on them.

And just like many before her, she begged me to give it to her as a gift.

Sorry. It has many more dates to keep for me.

But after that, she was totally putty in my hands.

Two excellent BBBJ.

Two rounds of sex, several positions each.

Highly recommended at $35 on premises, or $70 take out.


11-27-05, 15:36
Delighted that my suggestion on the Bird's Nest pleased you. Have you tried the Top Less Club?

From the photos, it was apparent that you stayed at the Novo, which is my favorite.

Keep your reports coming, there have been too few recently.

11-28-05, 20:13
Won't somebody tell me waht the hell is the Pocket Rocket ?

11-29-05, 00:51
A Pocket Rocket is a sex toy vibrator. They cost about $20. If you go to MSN search and enter Pocket Rocket Vibrators, you will see numerous examples and suppliers.

Dodger Bulldog
11-29-05, 07:06
won't somebody tell me waht the hell is the pocket rocket ?
shark, it is a vibrator, but not like any other.

it is slightly larger than a double aa battery (which fits inside), and has a flat head with three tiny ball bearings, which rotate round and round.

it is designed to be used on the outside, on the clit and labia, not inside. it gives the chicas a totally unique experience!

unless they are completely closed minded and reject it, it will make them come. it drives them wild.

below i have combined two reports i posted in the old days before the argentina private thread split off:

it is so simple looking that no one would suspect what it is really for, unless they have previous experience with it. you can simply tell people that carry it around for that "spot" of tension on your neck. no one is the wiser.

the generics are available at most any adult novelty store, and many other places that sell massagers. i have one called the "mini flex" by qesco, and another called the "compact waterpro personal travel massager."

the water pro has a hot babe in a bikini on the package (it claims to be waterproof), but the mini flex is void of pictures. both packages state that they are for "scalp massage, tired muscles, and general body fatigue." does that sound innocent enough?

i just googled both names and found several from $12.95 to $19.95.

they come with various and sundry attachments and in a wide variey of colors. pink commands a premium price, but i prefer black because it hides the stains.

you have no need for any of the extras, as they are only marketing tricks to raise the price or get you to buy several models from them. sort of like making both a malibu barbie and a drag queen barbie, just so they can convince your daughter that she must have both.

i have never known any woman who wanted to use different speeds. full speed ahead is all that you need. the essential variables are the location and pressure.

the plastic cap is used to provide an alternate feel from the rotating ball bearings. some models even provide three different caps. most chicas just chuck it and go for the direct rotation.

the key is to adjust to the woman's personal preference.

after you provide a little foreplay with it (in conjunction with astroglide or a similar lube), the best use is to get your partner hunched up on all fours with a couple of pillows supporting her abdomen, as she will soon enough lose all muscle control. then let her handle the pocket rocket herself, as it is hard for us guys to keep it exactly where they like it.

also, only she can best judge how firmly or softly she wants it to be applied on her. some want it directly on the clit, while others cannot endure the intensity of the direct contact. they may prefer for it to be just off to the side, or run up and down the labia. allow it to be "ladies choice."

plus, this keeps both of your hands free for other adventures.

while she is taking care of her front, you can enter her doggie style, or better yet, greek, for a double whammy that she will never forget.

no matter how much she screams at you to stop, wait until she throws the pocket rocket out of the bed because she truly can't take any more of the multiple orgasms.

just be prepared to peel your women off the ceiling...

i recommend that you try having her lie on her back, with you towering on all fours above her. place your knees solidly behind her shoulders. force her legs up and back with your elbows in the crook of her knees, while one hand fingers her ass as the other applies the tool.

this also positions your cock directly above her mouth, with exciting possibilites.

the goal is to maintain total control and have her restrained in every direction, so that she cannot scoot away from the feeling.

it may sound like overkill, but believe me, it gets so intense that they sometimes try to involuntarily escape on their backs through the wall. that is the reason you should elevate her legs, so that she can't do any pushing off with them.

i've had more than one get her head caught between the mattress and headboard if i didn't take care to immobilize her properly.

straps or restraints also work great, of course.

bandy is correct in saying that if you use too much direct pressure you can make it painful and totally turn her off, thus ruining your whole night. obviously, i have learned this the hard way.

so take it easy, be very gentle, with a gradual buildup. as i noted earlier, most girls just want it up and down the labia at first, and only gradually move towards the clit. use indirect contact and tease her with short excursions to her spot until she demands that you stay there.

and i do recommend that after sufficient foreplay to get her stimulated, you roll her over with her belly on a couple of pillows, and place the pocket rocket into her own hand so she can apply it to herself.

while you "gently" buttfuck her.

or "tenderly" fist her.


12-03-05, 19:08
A few days ago went to FK and still don't know why I wanted a different girl besides Adamaris & Gaby and choose a brunette named Alejandra and I was lucky this girl is awesome, she is great and gave and excellent BBJCIM and also could have anal sex with her, just gave her an extra $ 20.

12-30-05, 00:39
Anyone heard of a high-end strip club called Club Titanic in San Salvador? It was open a couple of years back and owned by a Gringo whom also used to own Lips in Managua. It was over in Colonia Escalon. Anyone remember the place? Is it still open?

12-30-05, 23:36
Noguera titanic is still open but the place doesn't worth, The good girls are not there anymore, try Lips or another club locate djust a couple of blocks from Lips.

01-02-06, 21:10
Day one

Arrived to san salvador checked in at the Hilton princess, around 8: 00pm went to a local place called "jalalajarra" nice waitreses, around 11: 00pm headed to lips, lot's of 4's and 6's plenty of action on all the stages, girls drinks are $10. 00 some of them will ask for the drink money instead, a set of 3 dances full contact is $15. 00, most of them can't leave until the club closes 2: 30am but all the offered fun after work, finally picked kimberly little thing nice ass small tits great performance, the hotel charged me $20. 00 plus 13% tax for my guest, fun from 3: 30 until 10: 30 $80. 00, great bbj and great performance.

Day two

Asked the bellboy and he gave me the number of an indy called claudia, saved tha one for later. Heade to galerias and then asked the cab driver to take me to el sol, is a house in a secure area, they have two doors entrance/exit, you pay the cover to the armed security. At wich point you are invited upstairs, and presented to the models, only 3 were available all 4's but what the hell, I was there so I picked marcela, she presented the menu, and I took the $40. 00 service, the rooms are not nice as described in past reports, but all least they have clean sheets, and a bathroom, well as far the action goes, CBJ ok and I told her that I only wanted that, at wich se replied that her jaw was hurting, I spoke with her manager and told her about the situation and at first she was defensive but agreed to give me a a $30. 00 refund, cover+half fee, that afternoon I also checked "la oficina" but did not see anything I liked and based on reports waked away.

Around 9: 00pm headed out, and once again the cab driver, gave me the needed information. Titanic is closed and he mentioned a club called "The Best", so we headed there. Cover $6. 00, no shorts no sandals, "unless you are american" Place is nice inside, cover gives you the right to one drink "local beer or soda" all other drinks are $7. 00, you can hang around the stage and they will always have a girl dancing, or you can go to the private area once you are there you will be presented with 25 to 30 girls from 6's to 9's lot's of 8's thought, I picked a solid 8. 5 I think her name was diana can't really remember, about 5. 4" long jet black hair big green eyes nice figure 32b any way she asked for a whiskey $7. 00 and I asked how much for the VIP $25. 00 for 3 songs, "american rules" only touching were allowed and they have cameras on the cubicles, and mama san roams aroun to check everithing is OK, than I asked for the extra private dances and this is the deal is $300. 00 for the girl you only have 2 hours with her and the you have to return her to the bar, I did considered for a couple of seconds "This girls was really my type" but I decided to leave.

Returned to the hotel and called claudia, she said that she was available $80. 00 TLN, she headed to the hotel and she was great bbjcim twice all of this until 4: 00am she asked if I wanted her to stay, but I sen'd her away (I was tired)


Lips great, but your best bet is lips, get phone numbers and make appoiments for the next day or wait until 3: 30am

Hilton princess

-Great hotel, bilingual staff in a very safe are, plenty of restaurans with in waking distance, great and cheap room service, great spa, business center, and also you can rent a cell phone for $10. 00 a day plus buy a five dollar card for the minutes and you can use it to call the states for only 10c a minute, and to call all the chicas,

-jalala jarra a lot of pros and non pros, I had no luck but is worth the try, food is great too recomend the tacos al pastor with pineapple.

P. S bring your own rubbers most girls do not carry any.

Good luck

The best, great if you want to dump money.

01-21-06, 06:49
Hey guys,

I am planning a trip in 3 weeks.

I want to rent a beach house in La libertad, costa del sol or another nice beach; I like the house idea because in that way I can bring any girls to the place.

Does any one have any info on where can I find beach houses for rent, also any info on local hangouts would be appreciated.


01-23-06, 21:02
You might check with TATO, hia brother, Luis, has a house near the beach he has offered to rent for short term. Are you familiar with El Salvador beaches, if not I suggest you check them our before commiting to time there.

Good Luck

Hacke Beck
01-26-06, 17:05
I spent two days in San Salvador, the best place is Lips , lot's of 8 and 9's , you can go there also for lunch , it is open till 2 30 am. Private dance USD 12-15 3 songs. Arrange price with girls to go to your hotel after they close. There is also a good place 4 blocks from lips, it has no Name, ask the guy outside lips he can take you , it s a House with a big Number 1 infront. It is open from 6 pm to 4 am, about 7 girls, USD 40 for 30 min and USD 65 for 1 hour.
Have fun.

01-28-06, 06:44
Can somebody please provide directions to street action places, also, how is the LE in El Salvador.

I heard that are motels that you can rent for a few hours where you can take your lady.

01-29-06, 19:19
I don't know about street action but a perusal of my past post will indicate that at this time, for my time/money/saftey (unless I'm in the "campo") my strong preference is Fresh Kiss (or Kiss Fresh...can never remember), especially Anfrea and Julitta...or Julissa.

Anyway, if LE means Law Enforcement, it's -- for all intencts and purposes -- non-existant unless you make a scense...and all places have their means for dealing with that, anyway...no one is calling the cops and your vehichle is safe parked out front (or to wherever directed, if you're in the "campo"

There are hundreds of "No-Tell, Motels" (by the hour...most very clean and private. On the left hand side of the road to La Libertad, there must be 4-6, but they are scalled t/o the city and it's envirnons. The girls and "taxistas" will all know one.

01-29-06, 20:12
I keep seeing reference to places such as KF and FK, which seem to have a good reputation, but it took a while to look back through threads to realise that they were French Kiss and Kiss Fresh. However, I've just looked in the telephone directory and they do not appear in the clubs nocturnos section. Can someone please give me directions?

01-29-06, 22:32

I am almost positive that Kissfresh is on Calle El Algodon off of Blvd de los Heroes. Just in case, their phone number (posted in the ad section of El ***do) is 2274-1487.

01-30-06, 17:36
First, they are the same place...I can just never remember which is the real name, i.e. FK or KF. OK, how to get there...

Option 1: (the best) if you don't know San Salvador, get a cabbie who knows.

Option 2: head east on Blvd Constitution until you come to the circle known as "La Chulona". Go about 165-170 degrees around the circle, but no NOT take the main road which is 180 degrees and four lane. Instead, take the single lane "access road" that run alongside right hand side of the main road. There should be a farmacia on your right, then several other small stores and then a Chinese restaurant. Take you first right off the access road, i.e. immediately after the Chinese Restaurant. About 3/4 of the way down the street KF (FK) is on your left. You can't miss it as it even has it's website above the door. Open from 9 AM to 7 PM. Good security, clean rooms, many girls, decent bar (no booze, just beer), big screen TV, etc.

Blvd Constitución Cl El Algodón No 3
EL SALVADOR - San Salvador, San Salvador
Telefonos: (503)22741487, (503)22379221
Agregar a Mis PáginasAmarillas

Página Web | E-mail | Secciones

at: http://www.paginasamarillas.com/pagamanet/procesos/link.aspx?ie=4159913&tipo=1&web=kissfresh

01-31-06, 03:32
Thanks for the info Cpteasy. I made my first visit to the Birds nest yesterday, after finding the address on this forum. I went with a really attractive girl called Katarin, who was 19 and had a lovely slim body. Unfortunately, she wasn't prepared to do a BBBJ, even though I offered her a bonus.

Since I have been in El salvador I have made several visits to Connections, which I haven't seen mentioned here by anyone before. Like most places in Central America the quality of the girls is a bit variable, but there are some quite nice ones there too. Its near to the Birds Nest, on Avenida 47a.

02-04-06, 08:16
Thank you cpteasy and chochoporpoco for your comments.

As I said, I will be going to El Salvador in a couple of weeks. I find that some guys are paying way too much for the services; I might be wrong, but I feel they are paying GREENGO prices. Locals pay much less than that.

Does anyone know of places that are frequented by locals and where are they.

02-05-06, 21:07
Try California`s, in San Jacinto. Last time I went, there was a very cute skinny gal named Vanessa? Veronica? Cant remember but starts with a V, and another sexy blond. Most everyone else was overweight. Can`t remember what prices were, onsite, but I did take the skinny girl back home for the night for $60, so I imagine that getting things done there would cost about a third of that. Beers are cheap and come with bocas.

Cesars Club has some good looking girls, but has been shot up a couple of times in the last year, so I dont recommend. Cant imagine a worse place to die than a *****house.

You might also like to try Illusion or Topless off of Blvd de los Heroes. Illusion has a couple of lookers, and Topless has 3 7`s: a tall gal with a great ass and okay face, a pretty lass named Nicole, and. never have done anything onsite, but I cant imagine them being that expensive.

Another place with some pretty decent girls is off of Calle Chiltiupan heading to Merliot. I dont think it has a sign, but it is the only strip club in that part of town. If you are driving toward Plaza Merliot coming from Las Cascadas, it is on the left side, after the redondel. Last time I went there were a couple of cute petite Nica`s, and some other girls worth checking out. ST was about $30?

Hope this helps.

02-06-06, 21:07
I forgot about Tio Sam. Can`t remember how to get there but most taxi drivers should be able to get you there. The great thing about Tio Sam is that there are a bunch from which you can choose, fat, skinny, whatever u like. IMO there are at least six really hot options. This is definitely a locals place, not the lips crowd. Prices are very reasonable.

02-07-06, 17:35
To my knowledge, the clientele of every place reported on here is predominately Salvadoran. There just aren't any places here that "specialize" in foreigners--the closest would be Lips and Titanic, but even those have a lot of Salvadorans. There aren't "that" many foreigners here, so I disagree with your theory. If people are paying too much, it's cuz they're not negotiating correctly, not that they're in the wrong place.

In many cases, if one place costs more than another, it's just because it's cleaner, safer, closer, etc. The campo joints are always going to be cheaper than urban ones.

02-08-06, 00:18
Hi Cpteasy,

I tend to agree with you, negotiating skills determine the price that you will pay. You seem to have a fairly good idea of prices. Can you give us an idea of how much money can get you what and where.



02-08-06, 17:38
I will be in S.S in few days. So, i wonder if old Villa Del Mar had moved their operations into somewhere else or is it shut down permanently?
Has anyone visited VDM new operation by any chance?

I will update more on S.S actions scenes soon again. Thanks to all for the great info.

02-09-06, 17:28
Ave 11: I went there once when it first opened and didn't like it, and I've heard nothing of it since it closed.

Marcor: In the campo (Oasis de San Simon, Tequilla Rock, Red Dragon, etc. (expect to pay $20-30 for 30-45 minutes BBBJ or FS. I pulled Estefani from a campo place that is no longer there, but she's working independintly and phone is 79727459 (or was) for $60 TLN at my house. What a deal in that she fits my personal tastes perfectly!! Small, tight, cute, enthusiastic, perfect body, good personality, BBBJCIM, etc. Loves DATY and cums enthusiastically.

In the city, expect that price to go $30-40 for the same time/acts. I believe that at my favorite (almost exclusively so) place, KF, 45 minutes is $30-35. I like Julitta and someone is highly recommending Andrea there for BBBJCIM, FS, anal, etc. I do usually tip $5-10, but the girls know that's only if I get everything I want "y con ganas."

I don't go to Lips.

03-06-06, 17:12
Last Thursday I went to FK for some fun. I've said it before and I'll say it again...for 9AM-7PM, I don't think it can be beat; and I don't think that Juli can beat for looks and action! She is 19, no children, good personality and gives a BBBJCIM that makes my head hurt...my large one. I always take 45 minutes w/ her for $35 cuz she's also a great DFKer, loves DATY and is very responsive. I give 4.5 stars just cuz I haven't yet met a 5. There are now 25 girls working there and when not upstairs with Juli, I enjoy sitting at the bar and just shooting the shit w/ the girls. I bought them all pizzas one day and buy drinks for a few, so they're always happy to see me come.

Isn't anyone doing anything out there? What happened to Marco and these guys who were asking for all this advice? I have been a consultant in the past and I'm not in the habit of giving advice for free!! I at least want to hear a report back.

03-06-06, 18:53

I will be in San Salvador later this month (for the first time), and I assure you that you'll get a report from me. I appreciate all the valuable information on this board. And I've never asked for advice, not on this thread anyway. Looking forward to sampling El Salvador chicas.


03-09-06, 17:44
I'm looking forward to your report as I'm tired of carrying all the activity on this board on my own dick!

03-12-06, 17:28
In a previous message, someone wrote that they thought Monteverde - which is in the Gorge on the may out of Santa Tecla on the road to Santa Ana - had closed down. There are certainly signs up saying it is for sale and it looks a bit like its closed from the outside, but I went there the other day in the afternoon and had a great time with an attractive 18 year old called Diana, for 20 bucks.

03-14-06, 16:47
...who said I thought it was closed, so your report was welcome news. Let's hear from some more of you!

03-14-06, 22:08
Went to Club Blue over the weekend. Not too bad considering it was election weekend and alcohol ceased to be served after midnight Thursday until
Monday. All types available, even a three month pregnant chica who wanted $140 for 4 hours at the hotel or $80 for 2 hours. Usual $40 for 30/45 minutes at the premises.

The club is located on the ground floor of a high rise on the Plaza del Mundo circle near the Novo hotel. Tato says that on regular nights about 25/30 chicas on the premises.Worth a try if you like the loud music strip club environment.

03-16-06, 21:23
Run...don't walk...to El Salvador.

...Lorenzo! Most of the spinners in Guate (and many of the fat ones, too) are Salvadoreñas, anyway, but once they cross into Guate, they are less their own boss and out of their comfort zone.

Get an afternoon delight at Kiss Fresh and request Juli. Tell her Miguel sent you. Buy her what she wants and give her a big kiss for me. If you don't like her looks, tell her that she should make some recommendations based on what you want. Check it out (phone, photos, address, etc. at http://www.kissfresh.com.sv/index.htm

If you sit at the bar, you can survey the scene and chat w/o enduring the contrived "line up and meet and greet" unless that's you're thing. Spend some time there (it closes at 7 PM, but opens at 9 AM, and I've been there that early.

I know that Andrea does it all, including anal, but I don't like her looks, altho I've had her.

I'm temporarily out of commission in a US hospital...nothing to do w/ mongering!

I've lived throughout CA and ES is the best. The Chapines are secretive and scared; the Catrachas are lazy; the Ticas are confused and it all goes back to the unresolved war; the Ticas are snotty and think their "kitty-cats" don't stink. The "Guanacas", on the other hand, are generally open, honest, hard-working, innovative, grateful and deserving.

EXAMPLE: Years ago my dad came down w/ some state politicians, one of whom wanted to go to a cathouse, so I took him, and he fell "in lust" w/ one at a now defunct place. So, I negotiated cuz he wanted her back at his expensive hotel. We had to pay prior to pulling her, however. He gets to the hotel and security won't let her in and runs her off, so he goes dejectedly to his room figuring she's got a great excuse to skip w/ the bucks. A few minutes later, he hears a tapping at his door. She's found a back way up to keep her end of the deal. Typical. BTW, he missed the outbound flight in the AM cuz she had him deep inside her when the airline shuttle left him!!

Have fun!

03-23-06, 06:17
this is the latest report on lorenzo's 30-day mongering tour of central america. i am now in san salvador; el salvador is the 3rd country i've visited of the 7 i will ultimately visit. i have earlier reports on belize and guatemala if anyone is interested.

i arrived in san salvador last night but was too tired to do anything but have dinner and go to bed (alone). today i started the serious mongering at full speed. forearmed with 25mg of cialis (which i find much better than viagra because it not only lasts longer but gives me a much firmer erection), i decided to follow cpteasy's sage advice and head for kiss fresh. cpteasy, you will be happy to know that i followed your advice to the letter and asked for juli. actually her name is julissa (not sure of spelling). i told her miguel recommended her, and she gave a clear sign of recognition: "ah, si, miguel." i then bought her a cerveza and got down to negotiating, not about price but for what i wanted. i have learned from experience always to do this because i have been disappointed in the past. i said i wanted dfk, bbbj, daty, and cfs, to all of which she readily agreed. she also agreed to cim if it became necessary. the prices at kf for one girl are set: 1/2 hour $24, 45 minutes $30, 1 hour $38. i opted for an hour, as i always do.unbelievably cheap! kf actually has a menu, with prices if you want 2, 3, or more girls, and prices for more than 1 man with various combinations of girls. the menu states that all services include oral stimulation and vaginal entry in multiple positions.

cpteasy, i couldn't thank you more for the recommendation. julissa was a great sexual experience. i would rate her a 7.5 in the looks department. she is pretty with a light brown complexion, not quite a morena, ample strokable and suckable natural breasts, beautiful ass, and completely shaved pussy. she merits a 10 in sexual skills/performance, about which i will elaborate in a minute. where she falls down is in the personality department, but wtf, you can't have everything. she is rather bland and expressionless, shows little emotion or enthusiasm, has what shrinks call a blunted affect. but who cares, when she's such a great fuck?

after i had paid and before we got down to serious sex, she made me stand up, but a bucket of water under my genitals, handed me a bottle of liquid soap, and had me wash cock and balls quite thoroughly. that out of the way, we got down to sex. she didn't disappoint me in any way. she gave me her full tongue, and our tongues intertwined for a while. i then proceeded to stroke and suck her beautiful boobs, then went further south for some daty. i started licking and sucking her shaved pussy, and while i was doing so inserted my index and midle fingers into her pussy palm up and moved my fingers in the beckoning motion in an attempt to massage ger g-spot. she seemed to respond to this stroking and oral stimulation, which also got me rock hard. i then lay on my back and let her pleasure me. she began sucking, and sucking, and sucking--man, can that girl suck a cock! when i was ready to start fucking, i had brought my own condom, one of the trojan super thin non-latex ones. she put the condom on me, and we began fucking in the reverse cowgirl position. after a few thrusts we established a perfect rhythm, me thrusting up and her moving her pussy down and grinding it into my pelvis. great sex; with the thin condom it was almost like doing it bareback. after a while i had a great orgasm, and she let me stay inside her after i came to pump a few more times because i was still hard. when the time was up she very unceremoniously left without a goodbye and let me get back downstairs by myself. great sex, but not exactly a charmer.

after going back downstairs and resting for a bit, i was debating with myself as to whether i was up for another round. i decided to give it a try and asked for andrea, cpteasy's other recommendation. however, she apparently no longer works there and must not have in quite a while, because no one recognized the name. however, another chica, a tall morena who had very indian features, whose name turned out to be alejandra, caught my eye. because she carries herself in such a self-assured manner, at first i thought she was one of the managers, but fortunately for me she wasn't. we went through the same negotiations that i did with julissa, and she agreed to everything, so i booked an hour. up in the room it was the same genital wash, bowl under the balls, but this time she washed me. alejandra is a full-blooded indian, which is a first for me, never having fucked an indian before. she is tall, i would guess about 5'10", dark, this, smallish breasts all natural, beautiful shapely ass, largely shaved pussy with just a straight line of hair above the crack. we started out with dfk, then breast stroking and sucking, daty with finger probe, bbbj--great sucking skills, the equal of julissa--and then cfs in reverse cowgirl position. about halfway through our fucking i went soft, largely because i had just come so recently, so i took the rubber off and let her get me hard again with her mouth, which we then completed when she let me cim. alejandra: looks 7, skills/performance 10, personality 9. i would recommend her most highly.

i will be in ss 3 more days and at this point am undecided as to whether to go back to kf or try one ofthe other places frequently mentioned here. wtf, why not do both?


03-23-06, 15:34
To assure your appreciation of SAL please visit both the Bird's Nest and Topless clubs. I feel that you will not be disappointed.

It is critical that you negotiate the prices. For example, at the Bird's Nest the price of two hours at the hotel was requested, to which the chica responded $120. When I told ner that was a joke, she asked how much I was willing to pay, to which I replied $60. To that she agreed, so I elected to take two to the hotel. During the hours the club is closed you can arrange two hours at your hotel for $50.

Thanks for your reports and good luck.

03-24-06, 03:00

Nice report. I especially like the Indian girl. I LOVE that golden skin!!
I am currenly in Guatemala City for a couple of days, and will be heading to San Salvador via Pullmantur bus, got busines in San Sal for a few days, and hope to hit one of the places that have been mentioned.

03-24-06, 06:52
Today I decided on the spur of the moment to go back to Kiss Fresh, but the cabbie I flagged down had never heard of it, and I hadn't brought the address with me. So, since we were near the Intercontinental, I asked him to take me to Okole's. After stopping once to ask for directions, we finally found it. It is advertised in front as a barber/beauty shop, and in fact there are a couple of barber chairs inside.

Man, what a letdown after KF. All I saw inside were a few ugly, piggy, listless looking chicas lounging around. Okole's had a menu just like KF: $22 for 1/2 hour, $26 for 1/2 hour including oral stimulation and multiple positions, and $40 for an hour. There were only 2 chicas who were even passable, but neither was attractive. I picked the least unattractive one, opted for an hour, and went into a barely furnished room, although this didn't surprise me. We did then genital wash, which seems to be obligatory in ES. When she undressed it got even worse; she must have been wearing some kind of girdle that sucked in her gut, because when she got naked a big flabby gut popped out, complete with wrinkles--yuch! So I figured I may as well make the most of a bad situation. We DFKed a bit, then I let her do a BBBJ, at which I must admit she was pretty good, and got me rock hard. This led to her putting my own condom on me and proceeding to fucking in reverse cowgirl, my favorite position, but she wasn't nearly as good at it as the two I had yesterday at KF. I asked if I could CIM and she said no, so I withdrew from her, let her suck me a bit, then jerk me off till I came. Afterward, the pig had the nerve to ask me for a propina, which I refused. The pig's name in Tania, but she told me that her real name is Veronica, and that she would come to my hotel. Yeah, right! Looks 4, sexual skills 6, personality 4.

Some people have reported positively on Okole's, but my experience there was totally negative. I would recommend avoiding thisplace, Tomorrow is my last full day in ES, so it will be back to KF. Sorry I don't have time to visit all the places recommended.


03-25-06, 04:12
This will be my final report from El Salvador, since tomorrow I will be moving on to Honduras. Nothing new to report; today, not wanting to risk another disappointment, I went back to Kiss Fresh and the lovely and sexy Alejandra. More of the same, all quite enjoyable: DFK, BBBJ, DATY, CFS, ending with CIM. You can't go wrong with Alejandra.

Since I am doing my own very unscientific survey of Western Hemisphere mongering sites and wish to provide useful information when I can, here is my summing up of what I think of El Salvador. These comments are intended for those who have never been here and are debating as to whether or not to come, and not to veteran ES mongers. I will admit that my opinions are based on a very small sample--three girls in two clubs--so please don't flame me about that. As I said, I am not writing this for the benefit of the experienced ES monger,

My overall impression of ES is favorable, and I think it would be an excellent beginning mongering spot. I say this because, first of all, ES is very inexpensive, and I'm not just talking about pussy. (My next two destinations are Honduras and Nicaragua, so I think I'll be going to other inexpensive places as well.) But let's start with the cost of pussy. In the two places I went, the cost of 1/2 hour in a private room, with guaranteed oral and multiple position vaginal, was $24 and $26 respectively, and for an hour was $38 and $40. Compare this with Guatemala City, where in the better clubs 1/2 hour is $78 and one hour is $156. So ES costs about 1/3 of GC for 1/2 hour and about 1/4 of GC for a full hour. So this represents a pretty good bargain.

Sticking with the issue of costs, I am staying at the Intercontinental, a 5 star hotel by anyone's standards, and I am paying $89 a night. This same hotel would be at least $300-400 in a large international city. Food is cheap as well, especially if you avoid the American chains and eat at local places, called pupuserias, where you can get a very filling and tasty meal for $3 or less. Looking in the local paper, I see that movies are generally less than $3, and even as little as $1.75, depending on when you go. So ES is an excellent place to come and monger, especially if you are young and in an entry level job, or are otherwise on a limited budget. If you live in the US, it is also relatively easy to get to.

Second point: the girls I was with were all very skilled sexually. DFK and BBBJ seem to be the norm, and all the ones I was with had excellent kissing and sucking skills. They are enthusiastic fuckers as well, and they all seem to enjoy sex; if they are faking, they are doing an excellent job.

Now to the negative: the quality of girls is not high. I didn't see a single knockout or head turner, although a minority of the girls are reasonably attractive and have pleasant personalities. But the majority are skanks, and a few are outright pigs. I got the impression that there is no selectivity at all on the part of the management of these places when it comes to hiring, and they will probably hire anyone who walks through the door. So don't come here expecting a bevy of Latin beauties; they just aren't here. I suppose I should admit my biases here: I am a veteran Rio de Janeiro monger, and I suppose I have been spoiled by the quality of the girls there, where--and I am not exaggerating--girls who are as luscious as Angelina Jolie, or Jennifer Lopez, or Halle Berry are quite easy to come by. And you just won't find that quality of girl in ES.

Another factor: the quality of the rooms where you do your fucking is seedy at best and outright grungy at worst. I doubt that they change the covers on these beds, so you risk the possibility of picking up crab lice from a previous customer.

So ES leaves a bit to be desired, but when you consider the cost-benefit ratio, it's not a bad mongering site at all. Hope this helps.


03-25-06, 18:31
I wrote you a long response to your first (excellent) report. Sorry about Julissa's lack of personality...perhaps you just don't have my charm because I've always found her talkative and interesting. Perhaps it's because at my age I'm interested in someone more quiet and subtle than Alejandra. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and that I was able to help.

I suspect your final summary is a pretty accurate one. I've been to BA but did not mongering; however I didn't notice Angelina or Jennifer on the streets, altho the photos in the BA and Rio sections have some breathtaking women. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder because the stereotypical movie star/beauty queen is just not my type. I was once married to a Miss Mississippi and it was a painful experience.

Anyway, for my tastes, I see breathtaking girls all over the country. Granted...they are generally short, morena and with a little padding on the curves. Perhpas because I've lived here so long, my concept of beauty has mutated into this type of woman. Perhaps because I've crossed some brdiges in isolated rural areas and looked down and seen topless young women with shining long back hair bathing nude and laughing, and knowing their living conditions I have a lot of respect for them...we have so much and need Prozac while they have so little and can laugh and smile in the face of adversity.

Regardless, it was a pleasure to have you in our fair country and good luck in your future travels. Teguce (where I lived for several years) is a dump and the reports reflect it...you'll find the same type/quality of girls there as in San Salvador, except lazy. The north coast is more Salvadoran and more dangerous. Be particularly careful (but not timid) in SPS and La Ceiba. They both, as many coastal or near coastal cities, have an amazing amalgamation of genes which create some beauties of all shades. You shuld find prces </= El Salvador.

Nicaragua I know less about but will be in Grenada from April 2-8, altho at a conference w/ few, if any chances, for mongering. The reports are not encouraging.

I'm sorry my other message got lost in cyberspace because I suggest a few "campo" places for some real down and dirty.

Buen viaje...the ole Cpt. Easy

04-08-06, 21:25
Hi everybody,

Today I went to KF and ask for Adamaris. She was so great that I spend a couple of hours with her. I will recomend her to anyone great skills. I want to go back and try another girl, any suggestion? Here I leave some pictures of her.

04-12-06, 00:45
I am thinking of coming down to ES from the US. My buddy and I were planning to go back to Thailand, but it doesn't look good as we only have 3-5 days off from work. We are a little spoiled with the honeys of SE Asia, but we know you get what you pay for and neither of us have ever been to Central America. I love latinas and have had great times in Germany and Puerto Rico, but I want to soak in the whole experience. So..

1) is there outcall available or is it strictly back room club lovin?
2) is there a SW scene and is it safe?
3) what the average "out the door" price for a chica USD (entry,drinks,lovin)

Thanks in advance for your input


04-18-06, 00:10
Why not take a look at Lorezenzo's reports on his 5-6 day trip, mongering through each of the CA countries. Or read more of the posts cuz the info is there. Briefly,

There's call-in but I don't know where. Most of the back room places have take out service, which is even better, IMHO, cuz you see what you're getting. And you can usually get a number during your first visit and have off-hours call-in afterwards. There is a SW scene but it borders on a part of town in which you don't want to be and is heavily populated w/trannies as well.

Depending on where you go: Entry is $3-5 and usually includes a beer for you. Girl drinks are $3+. Girl prices are usually $30-50 in the back room depending on for how long/how many girls/how many guys, etc. Outcall could be from $50+

Cpt. Easy

We expect reports.

04-18-06, 04:51
This will be a summary of my recent month long mongering trip through all 7 Central American countries. I plan to post this report on the forums of all of these countries: Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. As some of you know, I have alraedy posted several reports for each of the individual countries, some lengthy, some sketchy because there wasn't much to report. The responses to my reports were overwhelmingly positive, and I want to thank all the guys right now who posted positive responses on the threads and who sent me PMs. I got at least 10 PMs, all of them supportive, and I am grateful for these. A small number of negative responses were posted, all of them on the Honduras and Nicaragua forums. This was probably because I was less than enthusiastic about these countries, and some mongers apparently felt that I had insulted their favorite haunts. Now I am not an especially thin-skinned guy and can take my lumps, but I thought these few responses were surprisingly vicious. The posters seemed to feel the need to attack me personally. They seem to have no conception of the fact that reasonable people can have differing opinions on the same subject and still be civil to each other. I made it quite clear in each of my posts that it was my first time in CA and that I was taking this mongering trip largely out of curiosity to see how the mongering situation was in some countries I had never been to before. I made it clear, and want to make it clear now, that my reports are not intended for the veteran CA monger but for those, like myself, who are veteran mongers but who are new to this area, or at least some of the countries, and to this extent they may be helpful to some. If that isn't the case, well you can always ignore it and move on. But the negative posters just couldn't grasp this. They couldn't grasp why someone who is in a city for the first time might prefer to pay $55 to an escort service to have a chica come directly to his room for some excellent sex, rather than attempt to guide a brain dead taxi driver through the slums of Managua to find a hole in the wall massage parlor where he can get laid for $10. They seem to be unable to grasp that my time and my convenience are worth money too. These doofuses seem to exemplify Oscar Wilde's definition of a cynic as someone who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. But I guess some people will always be terminally stupid.

Anyway, on to mongering. First I want to make a few observations about visiting CA, based on my trips through these 7 countries, that some might find helpful:

1) With the exception of Costa Rica, the taxi drivers in CA seem NEVER to have change--NEVER. So you will be well advised, early in your stay in a country, to stock up on the country's smallest paper currency unit.
2) The taxi drivers in Guatemala City and Managua are the dumbest in the world--and I've been all over the world. In GC, always have the address written down. In Managua you can't even do this, because there aren't any addresses! By contrast, the San Jose taxi drivers seem smart and helpful.
3) Even top of the line hotels may not have all the amenities you might expect. For example, I didn't once see an English langauage newspaper in the 6 Spanish speaking countries; I guess they've never heard of the International Herald Tribune. This is surprising, because it can be found all over South America. What is even more surprising is that it is often hard to find newspapers even in Spanish; the Holiday Inn in Guatemala City had no newspapers at all. Similarly, if you need toothpaste or deodorant, don't expect your hotel to have it; you'll probably have to go to a tienda.
4) You will need to have some knowledge of Spanish--period. This is especially true in El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua.
5) I found Central Americans to be exceptionally warm, friendly, and helpful during my trip. I even had the manager of a Guatemala City restaurant drive me back to my hotel when I couldn't find a taxi. I didn't meet a single nasty person. But read on.
6) In all of these countries, watch your back. Your physical safety comes first. If you don't know an area, don't assume it's safe. Take a taxi from door to door, even for short distances. Take only official taxis, and except in Managua, don't get in a taxi if another passenger is in it. (In Managua, taxis are routinely shared.)

Now on to my comparative country ratings. In evaluating the countries comparatively, I took the following factors into consideration: the ease of getting pussy; the quality of the girls, i.e., physical attractiveness, without considering their expertise; the quality of the sexual experience, which means the sexual skills of the girls, physical attractiveness aside; and price. For the record, I had sex in all 7 countries, 11 girls, 14 encounters (3 of them repeats, obviously). I'll make comments on each of these factors for each country, and then I'll give each country a rating from 1 through 10. What am I using as my paradigms? Well, I'm a veteran Rio de Janeiro monger, and to me Rio is the pussy capital of the world, so Rio would get a 10: easily available sex, beautiful girls who are highly skilled sexually, and reasonable prices (although Rio has gotten more expensive lately). Bangkok would get a 9.75, only because Thai girls are not always good kissers. As for a 1, I've never experienced a 1, but it would be something like what I imagine a conservative Moslem country to be: a place where getting laid is difficult or impossible, and might even be dangerous. So those are the parameters, and herewith the individual country summaries.

BELIZE: There is only one reliable place to get laid in Belize, which is Raul's Rose Garden near the Belize City airport. An hour with a bored chica or Belizean girl resulting in lackluster sex will cost about US$75. A few posters say they have gotten connections to girls from taxi drivers, but I had no luck with this. OVERALL RATING: 2.

GUATEMALA: Guatemala City has the highest concentration of quality chicas in all of CA, approaching but not equaling the termas in Rio. They are also very skilled sexually and I had them do everything I asked. However, it is also the most expensive. In the two best clubs, the rates are US$78 for 1/2 hour and US$156 for an hour, fixed by the club, not negotiable. There are cheaper places, but the quality of girls is nowhere near as high. Avoid the Club Elite; it's a ripoff for people on expense accounts and gullible tourists. OVERALL RATING: 8

EL SALVADOR: This country is CA's hidden gem. Pussy is readily available, All the girls I was with are quite skilled sexually, and DFK/BBBJ/DATY/CFS seem to be the norm. CIM was no problem. And it's incredibly cheap! There is a slight variation in the prices at the clubs, but the average is about US$25 for 1/2 hour and US$40 for an hour. So what's the drawback? Simple: the quality of the girls is not high. There are some attractive honeys available if you look, but the majority of the girls in the houses are skanks, and some are outright pigs. But as I said, the good ones are there if you look--really look. On the San Salvador thread, Cpteasy's posts are quite informative. OVERALL RATING: 8.5

HONDURAS: A wretched country; if Honduras has any redeeming qualities, I didn't see any. Don't come here for mongering. If you must come here, I suppose you can find something. You'll probably fare better in San Pedro Sula than Tegucigalpa. On the SPS thread, Ford's posts are pretty good. As for Tegucigalpa, forget it. It's easier to get laid in North Korea than Tegucigalpa. (If you think I'm exaggerating, I'm not: read my post from the North Korea forum: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=400531&postcount=44.) All I could manage to get was a hand job. As far as I could tell from the Tegucigalpa thread, that's all that anyone got. I read every single post on this thread and didn't find a single person who got laid or even got a blow job. OVERALL RATING: 1.5

NICARAGUA: Not quite as wretched as Honduras, but close. At least Leon is interesting as a tourist attraction, and I have heard Granada is too. Managua is a chaotic city where the streets don't even have names. Your best bet for mongering is to call an escort service in the Yellow Pages and hope for the best. I had good results from Bellamaris; cost US$55. OVERALL RATING: 4

COSTA RICA: Costa Rica, especially San Jose, is one of the best documented forums on this website, so I don't need to say a lot. Pussy is readily available, all over the place actually. The girls are uniformly good in bed, DFK/BBBJ/DATY/CFS the norm. Prices are reasonable; I never paid more than US$60 for an hour. Quality of girls overall is so so. There are some very attractive ones available, but a large number of skanks as well. Your best bet for finding quality chicas is the Sportsmens Lodge. What keeps me from giving CR a 10 is the fact that San Jose just isn't a very interesting city, so there's not much to do but monger. The tourist attractions lie elsewhere in the country. OVERALL RATING: 9

PANAMA: I didn't give Panama the attention it deserves, largely because I was doing tourist things like a canal boat ride, and I was recovering from being sick. I only mongered at one place, River Club, where I got a beautiful chica who was lousy in bed. Cost $US80 cash, $85 credit card. But pussy seems readily available, and I assume that what I paid was representative. But my rating will have to be tentative because of my limited mongering there, so I am basing it largely on other mongers reports as well as my own experience. OVERALL RATING: 7

So there it is. I hope some mongers will find this helpful. If you have experiences to add, please share them. Let's help maintain what should be the fraternal nature of this forum.


04-26-06, 15:55
I will be in San Salvador on May 22-24 and will be staying at teh Intercontinental. I don't spk Spanish and would like suggestions for MP that would be english friendly and possibly close o the hotel. Other sugegstions would also be appreicated.



04-27-06, 01:54
Read the forum...the info is there. There are no English friendly MPs, but everyone inside is friendly and you'll do fine.

04-29-06, 15:00

Cptesy is being shy! He's said things so often in the past that I think he is getting tired of repeating himself!

What he says though is gospel here, Kiss Fresh is the only place to go and get reliable results every time with really great girls. Stay away from Okeles, a quasi barber shop around the corner from the Intercon. That place will give you a wrong impression about El Salvador for sure. Nasty little rooms and not much in the way of good muchacha's to choose from.


I have been reading your traffic these past several weeks that I have been here, and applaud your efforts! You are right on the mark.

Cheers, PD

04-29-06, 18:10
What he says though is gospel here, Kiss Fresh is the only place to go and get reliable results every time with really great girls. Stay away from Okeles, a quasi barber shop around the corner from the Intercon. That place will give you a wrong impression about El Salvador for sure. Nasty little rooms and not much in the way of good muchacha's to choose from.
I couldn't agree more. Kiss Fresh si, Okele's no!


05-01-06, 17:44
I couldn't agree more. Kiss Fresh si, Okele's no!

LorenzoI've heard of several other places though. Someone said that place to the west of town was open. I drove by it on the way to Acajutla the other day, and it sure looked abandoned.

Does anyone have any tips on local gals for GFE?? I'm in the market, getting tired of the trip up to KF all the time!

05-13-06, 00:13
I've heard of several other places though. Someone said that place to the west of town was open. I drove by it on the way to Acajutla the other day, and it sure looked abandoned.

Does anyone have any tips on local gals for GFE? I'm in the market, getting tired of the trip up to KF all the time!I recently made my first couple of trips up to KF and I can't say that I will be visiting any other sites for a while. My first visit was with Ana-Maris, who was slim and quite attractive (maybe an 8), but she really knew how to perform and gave me a really good deep throat BBBJCIM. I didn't last long, but she wasn't in a rush to move me out, but spent the rest of the time giving me a relaxing massage. I left feeling very satisfied.

The next trip I resited the temptation to try her again, because of the good things that Lorenzo had been saying about Alejandra. She was very eager to please and I had a nice time, but, for me, Ana-Maris was better in both performance and looks.

05-13-06, 23:57
Does anyone have an address for kissfresh? I will be coming down in june and am organizing my resources.Thank you in advance.

05-14-06, 00:05
I found the info.i just missed it while reading.Thanks

05-25-06, 21:30
I just got my ticket today $553 on continental from newark airport.The best part is I have a non stop flight going and they give me more miles than american airlines.
I'd really like to thank the captain, sweet lou, lorenzo ,alboroto and dodger bulldog for their help.It took alot more research than usual to organize this trip.
DBulldog-I'll be in guate on a package deal from el salv for 4 days I'll give you a call.
I look forward to adding what I can.


Lion Killer
05-26-06, 00:22
Dude, count your lucky stars on you ticket cost. I live in Houston, home of Continental Airlines and the cost from IAH to SAL for the dates you have is $620.00. You have a good price, just letting you know.

Have fun, I am looking to go myself.


05-26-06, 02:17
I almost did better just few days ago it was $423 minus taxes.Buying a plane ticket is like buying and selling stocks.Thanks for the pep talk.

05-31-06, 15:47
Are you still scheduled for your ES trip? I went to FK on Monday and got 'em warmed up for you, especially Julissa. Ask for her by name and tell her you were referred by the Captain. I still think she's the best deal there, both looks and action, altho a lot of guys seem to go for Ada Maris. I asked about her, cuz Julissa "ocupada" when I got there, but Ada Maris did not show up for work that day. If I've had her, I don't remember.

05-31-06, 16:47
Yes I'm on my way coming down saturday should be there by mid day.Depending how I hold up I'll probably be ready for a little action that evening.I'm staying close to pasaje de los heroes.Are you far from there? I'll give you a ring once I get there and settle in.Hasta pronto.


05-31-06, 17:17
Thank you for warming things up for pero te cuento I'm not into sloppy seconds only 3rds and fourths and then some.Let her circle around a little bit more until she slides into gear more easily.


05-31-06, 18:46
Jacquelin from kissfresh is highly recomended. BBBJ has amazing skills and I'm a blowjob snob, great kisser, enjoyed anal, and enthusiastic and friendly.

Well worth it. A few days after had a big titted girl that I instantly forgot her name because she was terrible. Not enthusiastic and just went through the motions.

06-01-06, 00:29
Thanks for all the great information posted. As this will be my rookie trip there, need some advise on hotels and bars.

Thanks to all.

06-01-06, 14:06
The hotel for choice of most is the NOVO-APART HOTEL, which I heartedly recommend.(http://www.novoapart-hotel.com/) I prefer suite 106. Along with transportation and guide service by TATO, see ckassifieds for El Salvador.

Don't miss the Bird's Nest and Topless Clubs.

06-01-06, 14:44
I've done some extensive research on the matter and have been recommended that I look into "club atami" a hotel located in a private beach community not far from la libertad.I was told it's very safe.The email address is atami@netcomsa.com they qouted rooms for $22/42 with or without AC.The employees I told are really cool and they might be able to help you with whatever.I have no idea what the beach scene is but maybe there is a chica thing going on at the beach.Can anyone verify this?
Also regarding hotels in el salv I read that there are decent hotels in the pasaje de los heroes area for $25-35 a night.I dont know about chicas coming in but for someone like me who uses on sight premises it would work.
I also have a connection for a tour guide for legit sightseeing expeditions like volcanos etc. I will meet this guy once I get there and if he turns out ok I'll ask his permission to post his cell number so others can contact him.
I plan on visiting guatemala via package deal bus fare/hotel through pullmantur bus comany.It seems to me it would be nice going through the boarder with an organized tour company although its a little more expensive.Has anyone done this or am I just wasting chica money? should I do it solo without a package deal?

06-02-06, 04:09

A couple of things I doubt or would think about. First, if there is a street called Psje. de los Heroes, I don't know it. I suspect you're referring to Blvd. de Los Heroes, and that could mean you're staying anywhere from a hostal to the Intercontinental. I have a suspicion that your at the Hotel Alameda, and I wouldn't stay there...very marginal area, bldg severely damamged in 1986 and 2001 earthquakes and only parts of it are in service, not much around it except SWs and trannies. I agree w/ the recommendation that you read the Review magazine and pick out something else (Hostal Lonigo on Calle Mirador or...my choice...the Hotel Novo. Once you get east of the Hotel Intercontinental and the MetroCentro shopping complex in front of it, security gets a bit dicey and the quality of chica(o)s declines. IF you go there, be careful, particularly at night.

I'm also concerned about Atami. It's an OK place, but someone run down and a completely deserted during the week...weekends are a bit better. I don't hink however nice the staff is, I doubt it's going to be near any action w/o going 20 km at the minimum. On your way to it you're going to pass two small surfer beaches w/ hotels and hostals and much more action, tho probably not "pro". They are called El Tunco (Try Hotel Roca Sunzal) and El Zonte, a few kms farther on. I don't remember the name of the hotel where my sons stay in El Zonte, but at the end of the road, once it hits the beach, ask for Saburo's place. He's a Japanese guy who married a Salvadoran and has a nice little modest hotel and great food.

In La Libertad, long before El Tunco, El Zonte or Atami, is the town of La Libertad. There's several places there. I would go to the Punta Roca restaurant and ask to speak to Bob. He's a gringo and has two roms above his restaurant. More importantly, he's full of information and can give you some advice. You're not going to shock him, believe me.

There are amny options at each of the beaches between La Libertad and Atami...all are going to be surfer oriented, but I've enjoyed my stays there and I'm NOT a surfer. It's an international crowd.


06-04-06, 01:53
ok so im here in el salv excuse the typos but im really exhausted.i walked over to kiss fresh today just to check it out since i was too tired to screw.i recommend you take a taxi if you go.it seems pretty cool nice looking girls but not all are also included are guards with machine guns which i love..$28 for 45 minutes seems to be a good deal so thats what i will do on monday.
my first impression of el salv is a little like lima in the sense that everything is done by taxi so add roundtrip taxi fare $10 to everything you do and it adds up.i go on a city tour tommorow so ill have a better idea of that.i do find that to be uncomfortable.i love buenos aires and quito ecuador for the ease of it all.its all right there food women etc. just a 2 dollar cab ride here it seems difficult to manage as of yet.the people seem cool and very helpful but central america is a little different then south america and mexico to me.ill keep you posted.i will call forum members tommorow.thanks for all your help.

06-04-06, 04:55

Enjoy ES; I'm sure you'll have a great time. Where did you end up staying?

Just a word about taxis in San Salvador. I'm sure you've noticed already that they don't have meters. This is true all over Central America. So it's important to set the rate before you get in. The second thing you'll notice is that cab drivers never have change. This is also true all over CA. I suggest you get a pocketful of dollar bills in preparation for this. Have fun!


El Austriaco
06-04-06, 09:34
The hotel for choice of most is the NOVO-APART HOTEL, which I heartedly recommend.(http://www.novoapart-hotel.com/) I prefer suite 106. Along with transportation and guide service by TATO, see ckassifieds for El Salvador.

Don't miss the Bird's Nest and Topless Clubs.
I can second the recommendation for the Novo Apart Hotel. Stayed there with a mongering buddy back in May 2005, just about a year ago. Nice place, and relatively close to the action to minimize cab rates (Oficina, KF, Lips, and especially Bird's Nest, which is virtually two blocks away, i.e. walking distance).

Also, I have been to El Zonte beach, and the way that place looks, I can't really imagine there to be any P4P action. It's a cool beach though, like the place you would wanna hang if you just wanted to disappear off the face of the earth for a while. But not the place if you want a lot of action.

Depending on how adventurous you are, instead of using a guide, you might consider renting a car to drive around. That's what my buddy and I did last year, and it was much cheaper than a guided tour. There is a rental place right next to the Novo Apart Hotel with reasonable rates (I think it was like USD 30.00 for the day or so).

I wrote a trip report last year, check it out:

Hope this helps,


06-04-06, 22:03
Thank you to everyone.I went on a city tour today and for sure novo apart hotel is the place to be.I will make an effort to curb other spending to stay here.Even if you stay in zona rosa you get shafted with the many cab rides to the action.today is sunday so places are closed but tommorow i will go to kiss fresh and get fresh.
things are not super cheap here ive been eating in the food court in the mall...its not bad.
So far to me its like being in lima without having miraflores to walk around so thats a real bummer but i plan on going to different towns each day from the bus station then having afternoon fuck sessions..it should work out.
my driver today told me the birds nest is closed for a few months because they are fixing the road its on so no cars can pass through.
in walking distance from the novo apart hotel is a house called casa blanca $24 45 min and connections a strip club with beds right around the corner for around the same price.i will report in full soon.
all in all I owe alot to this forum in directing me to the novo apart hotel its the place to be.
Also note that there is a place called #1 casa sol with on premise rooms for $40 an hour about a 5 minute cAB ride from novo apart.As they say its all in the hood.

06-04-06, 22:47
I just returned from El Sal, and spent a week at Decameron Resort.
Great place for someone intending to come to EL SAL just to chill out and vacation. If you're on a vacation and looking to spend $80 a night at Inter Cont or Presidente, etc...this is a great alternative, similar price,for $50pp a day. Everything included...5 star place.
Ideally, it's perfect if you can line up a chica and take her there for 2-3 nights. Absolutely no chance of scoring there. Tight security entering the place. Staff has hot hot colombians, panamanians performing in shows at night. Action happens there, but late at night. Just between tourists there, no PFP.

Artisttyp, I realize this is too late for you, but for future visitors, here are a couple of links to hotels from Review Magazine.
......bastards don't post their rates, I hate that!

Hotel Berlin. $45-$55

Hotel Alicante $40-$50



San Salvador does suck somewhat, in that it is not a walking town like Lima, or B. Aires. Gotta have a car or taxi to navigate here.

06-06-06, 04:33
I went to kiss fresh today and had a rather nice time with "violeta" $30 for 45 minutes she gave me bbbj and she was into licking my ass as I was into licking hers..that also happened to me in buenos aires.Do I have that cute a butt or are latin women just into that?
I notice at kiss fresh you can pay with a credit card has anyone done this is this safe???? It would relieve me of having to change travelers checks all the time.
Also has anyone had the 2 girl deal? from what Ive read in other threads it hasnt been worth it for alot of guys.Ive never done it.Id like to have 2 girls lying there with their legs spread and me licking between there legs back and forth..double dipping so to say.What do you think.
Tommorow Im going to casa blanca..will have a report on that place.

06-06-06, 16:40
I notice at kiss fresh you can pay with a credit card has anyone done this is this safe???? It would relieve me of having to change travelers checks all the time.
Yes, I paid for everything at KF with a credit card...no problem. In fact, I pay for everything, everywhere I can with a credit card to get the airline miles. You'd be amazed at how quickly they add up. At KF, when you get to the room, you give the girl your card and your passport. A bit later, she'll bring back a charge slip for you to sign, then she'll bring back your copy and return your card and passport.

I realize that you're always taking a chance when you let your credit card out of your sight, but sometimes this is unavoidable. At KF there is no problem.


06-07-06, 01:09
when you get to the room, you give the girl your card and your passport. A bit later, she'll bring back a charge slip for you to sign, then she'll bring back your copy and return your card and passport.


I dont like to walk with my passport do you think they would accept my drivers lisence?

I went to casa blanca today located at 1 calle poniente # 2521 (peach orange garage door) with the entrance to the right of the garage door.There was a lady outside waiting for customers.10:30am - 7pm
The prices are the same as kiss fresh half hour $24 45 min $29.The place was a little run down and they only had 3 girls working.I got bbbj but her breath stank so thats where I left her right on my nuts far away from my nose.Id rate it a 6 if you get tired of kiss fresh maybe youd like to check it out.
Tommorow Im trying someplace different...

06-07-06, 03:24
I dont like to walk with my passport do you think they would accept my drivers lisence?[/QUOTE]
I don't know; the question is would the police accept it if they stopped you for any reason. Unless you know the laws of the country you are in, I think it's a good idea to have at least a photocopy of your passport with you at all times. Ecuador requires that you have the actual passport. Brazil requires that you have the passport or a certified photocopy. What the law is in El Salvador, I don't know. Just to be on the safe side, I always carry my passport in a money belt that I hide inside my shirt. Why give the police a chance to shake you down? But that's just my opinion.


06-08-06, 02:39
I went back to KF today...I wont bore you with the details but yes you can use any photo ID which is good to know.
Do people tip the girls at KF ?
Today on my way home from the supermarket I went to check out the other place "connections" right around the corner from casa blanca. I will go back tommorow to check it out some more but the guy told me its open from 6pm-2am $3 to get in....not sure if it includes a drink then a half hour is $30. I will report tommorow.If you do go be careful because there is a patch of darkness between casa blanca and connections both are located beneath a bridge/overpass.
You will go nuts trying to cross the street on blvd. de los heroes sometimes you need to wait 3 minutes just to get to the divide in the middle of the road.You mean nothing to a motorist.
Lorenzo- By the way yes I do always carry a photo copy of my passport and birth certificate but my real passport stays in the safe I dont give a shit.If the police dont like it than they can give me an escort back to the hotel where I will present them with it.I have nothing on me to warrant a shake down .All I would do is obey them to a reasonable extent to make them happy.

06-08-06, 04:54

Its funny to read that if the police do not like a copy of your passport
they can escort to your hotel: Remember, you are not in the US, here
if they escort will be to the police station. Chances are they will never
stop you.

Have fun



I went back to KF today...I wont bore you with the details but yes you can use any photo ID which is good to know.
Do people tip the girls at KF ?
Today on my way home from the supermarket I went to check out the other place "connections" right around the corner from casa blanca. I will go back tommorow to check it out some more but the guy told me its open from 6pm-2am $3 to get in....not sure if it includes a drink then a half hour is $30. I will report tommorow.If you do go be careful because there is a patch of darkness between casa blanca and connections both are located beneath a bridge/overpass.
You will go nuts trying to cross the street on blvd. de los heroes sometimes you need to wait 3 minutes just to get to the divide in the middle of the road.You mean nothing to a motorist.
Lorenzo- By the way yes I do always carry a photo copy of my passport and birth certificate but my real passport stays in the safe I dont give a shit.If the police dont like it than they can give me an escort back to the hotel where I will present them with it.I have nothing on me to warrant a shake down .All I would do is obey them to a reasonable extent to make them happy.

06-08-06, 05:36
I am having a bit of a mongering emergency here. I am in town only for two more nights and I can't find either Kiss Fresh or the Bird's Nest. I asked 4 taxistas and they all gave me blank stares. Even the hotel was clueless and couldn't find anything in the phone book.

Can someone quickly give me directions to Kiss Fresh and Bird's Nest, from some major landmark that surely the taxistas will know? Maybe an adress? How many minutes away from the Radisson?

06-08-06, 06:30
I have nothing on me to warrant a shake down.
Actually, you do have something on you to warrant a shakedown....money! This is the only reason police ever shake anyone down.

I'm not looking to start an argument here or to detract from the main purpose of this forum, which of course is mongering, but being hassled by the police can leave the most hardened monger limp. Alboroto is right; you could very well end up in the police station, being told "but perhaps there is a way we could resolve this matter..." Don't give them an excuse, and don't be naive; just carry your passport with you.


06-08-06, 06:46

Regarding your 'mongering emergency,' I should tell you to RTFF, because everything you need to know is contained in this very thread...but I'm too nice a guy to do that.

This link should tell you everything you need to know about KF: http://www.kissfresh.com.sv/index.htm. As for Bird's Nest, you're on your own; however, if you'll peruse this thread I'm sure you'll find it.

BTW, the taxi drivers all over Central America are an evolutionary throwback. Don't expect them to find anything unless you have the exact address. And never expect them to have change, either.


06-09-06, 01:00
Ok I wont get into the passport thing right now because Im on a slow connection .I guess everyone does what they feel comfortable.I will say however before leaving the US on a trip I give a rather detailed itinerary to a trust worthy friend so they know more or less where I will be .I suggest others do this as well.Include a scanned image of your passport on cd so it can be easily emailed to you.
Anyway so I went back to casa blanca today.I have it down as a good bbbj place and thats all.Do the 30 minute deal and get out.Id rather fuck at kiss fresh anyday but a sloppy blow job is nice too.
BE CAREFUL the idiot "gabriel" tried to wash my dick from some still water that was sitting in a troth looking thing...WRONG.Make sure they use running water and be firm with those girls.
They dont have alot of business so they arent on the ball like at KF. I had to stop gabriel from bullshitting me with small talk to sucking me off.She got the picture when I motioned ok enough etc.
Im off to guatemala tommorow morning then I return in six days for 4 more days in el salv.Ive been doing alot of traveling outside of san salv so Ill report on then when I return to the US.If anyone can confirm the names of the towns the campo brothels are in I might be able to give insight on how to get there without spending for a cab.The buses have been working for me.Try $9 for a roundtrip tour that would have cost me $125 to visit the same place.Till then.

06-09-06, 01:05
My friend Ive been doing all this work so other people will have an easier time locating women.I recommend you write down a few of my qoutes about locations and prices then show it to a cabby on paper.Remember kiss fresh closes at 7pm but you can do connections till 2am.Good luck

06-16-06, 18:10
Thank god Im back in el salvador..only till monday.Last night I went to "connections" and had a decent time.
$3 to get in which includes a drink.They have a stage and the girls do a little number which is cool if you dont want to go right to business.It was pretty crowded with mainly lookers and a few paying customers.The girls were better than casa blanca but it cost a little more.·30 minutes for $35 bbbj included.I had this really hot dark brown morena named jessica.
The rooms were a little hot eventhough there was a fan so prepare to sweat and lick sweat off the girls body.Just my sort of thing.
Im going to do the 2fer deal at kissfresh but Im still deciding whether to do a morning session or an afternoon session.Im ready anytime for that kind of action but are the girls?????


06-16-06, 20:52
Im ready anytime for that kind of action but are the girls?????

Of course! Need you ask?

06-16-06, 22:32
Wow, what a session. I have recently had a couple of great visits to Kiss fresh with Ada Maris and another great visit with Violeta. This time I went for my first ever trio with the two of them. Both were very up for it and gave me the best sexual experience I've ever had. They were happy to do a session on each other while I watched and played with them both. It was a real turn on to see Ana Maris pretty little face as she licked away at Violeta's clitoris. They then worked on me, with Violeta working her tongue around my anus while Ana Maris gave me one of her wonderful bbbjcim blowjobs. They were in no rush to finish up and spent plenty of time kissing cuddling and massaging me. The whole thing was $85 for an hour, which has to be the bargain of the century. I feel like I should be calling it a once in a lifetime experience, but at that price I plan to go back and do it regularly. Best 85 bucks ever.

06-17-06, 00:29
It was so worth it.I went back to kiss fresh this afternoon after walking from "metro centro" in the blistering heat.When I made it to KF I had to stand in front of the AC for a half hour to get my heart rate back to normal.I thought I wasnt going to be able to do it...but I did.
I made the very wise choice of choosing two girls Ive never been with(one dark mornena the other white latina..great mix) I almost chose two I had previously been with but why be so foolish I asked myself.
Anyway I got sucked off by two girls at the same time while one had her ass in my face and then the switch off so the other ass could get some attention.Bottom line my face was buried in ass or pussy the whole time as someone was riding and sucking me....I could live off latina butt juice and pussy cheese forever.They were french kissing me while I was fucking etc. just like in the movies.Hey look at me Im a star.
I will do connections tommorow night for my last escapade before returning home on monday.Soon after I will write a detailed summary of my entire trip of course minus what Ive already written.
The 2fer cost me $65 the cheapest Ive ever been offered.Im thrilled that I did it.The girls at KF are the best..they know how to get down to business.
Thanks again to those that have gone before me.


Travel Fun
06-19-06, 16:03
I will echo the other comments about Kiss Fresh. I was able to visit there twice in May and both times the service was top notch. They use the menu system, which spells out in detai what the prices are for the action you want.

Some may say this is too clinical, and it eliminates the bargaining process, meaing you pay the same price for any woman in the place. But for me that is a good thing, because different guys have different tastes, and the women can't charge you more just because it's your first time in the place, etc. etc.

The rooms are clean enough, although the second time I had to ask that they change the sheets because they obviously hadn't done that from the previous tenant. But I asked nicely, and they immediately did the switch, so that was in their favor.

One thing that is really great is that if you pay for an hour, ($38 for one on one) you get an hour. It is so relaxing to be able to lay around and chat with the cooler blowing on your naked bodies without feeling like you have to get moving just because you "finished" the act. Both times I was there I felt zero pressure to vacate the room until the hour was well and truly spent.

The other thing about the place is that the neighborhood is fairly nice. It isn't the top rent district, but I never felt like I was risking my life either. I recommend this place to any man who has the time while staying in San Salvador.

06-20-06, 22:22
Can anyone give the exact street address, or general location of "Connections"?

Are either Connections or Kiss Fresh open on Sundays?