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04-11-02, 07:53
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05-23-02, 03:16
On my last trip to San Salvador, I met a really hot chick who gave me the best FS that I have had in San Salvador. Her name is Carolina, and she is tall with big boobs and is a 9.5. She works in one of the local brothels (Cesar's) some nights, but she freelances during the day. You can call her and she will come to your hotel. She charged me $50 for 2 hours of FS, and she let me take photos of her as well. Her telephone number in San Salvador is 276-9592.

05-29-02, 18:54
I have been to El Salvador on sex tourism over 35 times.

A. Salvadorian babes are HOT and love to screw
B. This IS NOT COSTA RICA. You have the upper hand
C. This is the country TO GET LAID beyond all belief.

1. NEVER, EVER pay more than $100 USD for the entire evening.
2. Realistically, you can get an all nighter from $65 to $80, depending on the quality.
3. NO 5 STAR HOTELS. They will not let you bring in a chick. Don't even try it. Ironically, not even a bribe will work. Hotel Princess, the Ramada, etc. Just forget about it. NO WAY
4. Street *****s, NO WAY! It's not the atmosphere to get everything out in the open. Plus the girls are nasty as hell.
5. Hotel Novo is the best place. BUT, only at night. ALWAYS TIP the security, always.
6. 95% of Salvadorian brothels don't have signs or advertise. Just ask the cabbie. He knows where to go (for a $5 tip of course)
7. At Club Lips are the finest girls. Be there at 7:00 p.m. CST to wait until the girls change shifts at 8:00 p.m. NEVER OFFER MORE THAN $75 at first (but they will always ask for more). DON"T PAY IT. BE VERY SELECTIVE.
8. THIS IS NOT COSTA RICA! You have the upper hand here. Get EVERYTHING in the open in advance first.
9. At the hotel, lock up your passport, money, and other valuables in the safe. NEVER ALLOW THE GIRL TO USE THE PHONE!
10. NEVER CHOOSE A GIRL WITH TATTOOS. This is gang related. They will attempt to rip you off.
11. Don't worry where to go. Tip the cabbie properly ($5 will do indeed), as he knows what you want, and where to go. You'll never find it on your own unless your a regular like me.
12. If the girl brings a bag (this is rare). Ask her to see what's inside. Hey, business before pleasure my horny amigos.
13. Treat her right, buy her dinner and beer, and you'll get the screw of the century. Do this first to get a much better lay. NO MONEY until you both are at the hotel.
14. If you wish to screw the chick at the habitation brothels, $30 bucks will do the trick. $20 in some brothels for a quickie.
15. Explore all the brothels first. Be selective and know all your choices. There are much more than you think.

Member #4239
05-30-02, 08:57
Very nice report. Couple of questions. Why did you say "never let the girl use the phone"?
65 to 80$ for an all nighter in El Salvador sounds kind of expensive to me. What's the quality of the girl that you can get for that price?
Can you give us an overall idea of the safety of San Salvador itself and any tips on staying safe while you're visiting.
Thanks. J.G.

05-30-02, 09:37

It is VERY IMPORTANT to NEVER allow the girl to use the phone.
Here is why: I'm not trying to discourage anyone, but you can never be too careful.

1. Despite what they say, they all have boyfriends (which know what they do). If you have a rental car (which I strongly discourage), the chick will tell him where the car is. If it's not protected by security, you could get a BJ while your car is getting ripped off.

2. They want to tell their "friends" where they are and what hotel.
This is not in your best interest.

3. Sometimes they will probe you for information as to how long you're staying, pass the info via phone, and rip you off later.

About the $$$$

1. $100 for an all nighter will get you nothing less than a 10. $100 gets it all. Your dream chica will simply do you wild for $100.
However, take into consideration that SHE MUST BE A 10, not a 9 for 100 USD.

2. For me, I would go for the $80 JG. The extra 15 makes a huge difference. HOWEVER, just because she's hot doesn't mean she's a good lay. Nevertheless, a few beers is liquid aphrodisiac for Salvadorian chicks. I personally recommend a bottle of champagne. ALWAYS HAVE BOOZE ready at the hotel. Tequila is a major plus, just a few shots though.

3. I have scored 9's for $50 for an all nighter. BUT....remember you have to pay for the beer, food, and cigarettes. So in reality, it's still $80 anyway. Shop around and be VERY selective. I can't stress enough that you have the upper hand here. This is not Costa Rica or Panama where you have international tourism and business.

About Safety

1. Always have extra money in the bottom of your shoe.
2. After you get a girl at the brothel, make the security get you a cab (many of them are there already waiting for a fare)
3. Your passport, on you or in a safe, there is no middle ground to this issue. This applies for other valuables. Before you go party,
leave a photocopy of your passport, extra money, an ATM card, and plane tickets in a safe before...always
4. Spanish is a major plus in all situations
5. Don't be too "flashy".
6. You'll have a good time JG. I've been to San Salvador over 35 times. Just use common sense before you party, and get laid. Oh yeah in El Salvador, you will get laid allright. Oh yes indeed.
7. If you find a cabbie you like, keep him. He needs your business. They are good people, and they know what you want.
They are more than helpful to get you the best deal.
8. I know $100 is somewhat overpriced, but those 10's...OH MY GOD! The 10's are at Club Lips...they're as beautiful as women will get, you can't get any hotter, anywhere worldwide.
9. I know I might get flamed for this, but El Salvador is better than Brazil. Salvadorian babes are HOT HOT HOT, and they love to party.
10. All "working girls" have kids, and usually, their mom is watching them. You can ALWAYS cut a deal with them to work under the table. Then, $50 for an all nighter will do just fine for them (then they don't have to pay the house fees which is 50% to 80%) Remember you still have to pay for beer and food (so add that into the cost). It is money though well invested. My God, you will get laid for a century.
11. For $65 you can get an 8 or a 9 easily. Just shop around.

05-30-02, 14:07
This Applies everywhere, as well. Your information is great. I was discussing a trip here with some friends. They all have boyfriends like we all have bosses in America. Keep on posting. Same as in DR. Watch your back. Protect your cash and passport at all times.

Member #4239
05-31-02, 10:05
Thanks for your report. It is simply EXCELLENT.
I am always looking for new places to visit, and looks like El Salvador just moved way up in my list.
Thanks again. J.G.

05-31-02, 16:42
Do you have e mails or web pages for hotels there. I would like a pool and air conditioning but it needs to be chica friendly first. I would like to pass on all dumps as well. A 2 star would be fine for me.


When is the best time to go?

I would guess American Airlines flys there and maybe Delta.

05-31-02, 19:33
what airlines fly here from the states, and what is airfare like? thanks in advance......also names of girl friendly hotels in ss

06-02-02, 15:26
American, Delta, Continental, United, and Taca fly from the US to San Salvador. I just went in May and my ticket on Continental was $460 (Tampa-Houston-San Salvador). I have been to El Salvador over 50 times (I worked there for a while), and the Hotel Novo is the best place to stay. I have brought girls to the hotel in the morning, afternoon, and night, and I have never had a problem. I never had to tip anybody. Here is their website:
There are at least 10 brothels/clubs within a two mile radius of the hotel. There is even one at the top of the street, a one block walk.

The only problem I had with Lips is that the girls keep bothering you. They will come up and ask you if you want a nude dance (about $12). If you say no, they keep asking you why not. Then they will ask you to buy them a drink. If you say no, they will ask you to buy them something to eat. If you say no, they will ask you for a tip. This goes on girl after girl after girl.

I have been going to El Salvador since 1995, and I have never had a problem with crime or with the *****s.

There are a lot of daytime brothels. The women in them are 7-10, and the price for a half hour in one of their rooms (full service) ranges from $16-$30).

06-02-02, 15:48
Nice Hotel. I checked it out. We now now everything we need to know. Thanks. I like the pool, alot.

Hotel and Airline link. We are set. Its amazing how much these places have in common. Never rent a car ibn DR as well because they charge you things that you didn't do to it.


Many thanks to Case and Doo.

06-03-02, 13:48
As I said, I have been to El Salvador over 50 times. I have never had a girl ask me to use the telephone. And besides, if you are in your hotel with her (for example Hotel Novo), the parking lot is secured. I have also had girls with tattoos and have never had a problem with them. I lot of the girls these days are getting tattoos, just like the girls here in the U.S.

I also recommend not getting a rental car. You will pay for any damage to the car. For example, people steal the windshield wipers and the emblems from cars, and then resell them on the street. It is much cheaper in the long run, and much safer, to use taxis. At the Novo, I have seen the same taxi drivers in front of the hotel for over two years.

Also, breakfast is included with your room at the Novo. They have a nice buffet every morning.

If you are staying in a 5 star hotel that does not allow girls, just take the girl to an auto-hotel. This is a hotel where you drive up (you can come in a cab), and go straight into a room. Then the attendent will come and collect your money. The rooms are about $10-$15 for 2 hours, and a lot of the auto-hotels have in-room X-rated movies on the television. The ones that I have been in have been very clean.


06-04-02, 01:03
I was wondering if any of our "resident"
mongers of El Salvador, have any expierence
with the women/clubs/casitas of San Miguel?
I will be spending some time there and would love to get some info...i.e. cost, names of places, etc.
Thanks for the abundence of San Salvador info!!
Greatly appreciated.

06-04-02, 16:37

I have only been to San Miguel once, but I don't remember the names of the places there. I do know that my local buddies in San Salvador were working on a project once in Berlin (near San Miguel), and they said that the women there were tall and beautiful.

I can only suggest that when you are there that you ask a cabbie or a security guy at your hotel where the "negocios con putas" are.


06-04-02, 22:51

Appreciate all your input on El Salvador. A few questions for you:

1. I know you said you have had no problems with crime, but what is the general crime scene like, particularly towards gringos? Are there any neighborhoods to avoid? What's the neighborhood around the Hotel Novo like?
2. Should one be fluent in Spanish or can one get by knowing just a little? (I know some but not enough to hold an intelligent conversation.)
3. Do you know what the age of consent is? (My primary concern is not being set up.)
4. Are all nighters okay or do the chicas prefer 1-2 hours and then move on?
5. When's the best time of year to go there?
6. What is the local food like? (Seriously.)

Sorry for all the questions but business may take me there in the next few months.

06-08-02, 07:38
Can anyone name some of the brothels that are closest to novo hotel?ALso, directions for car motels. I am planning a trip to el salvador in a month. Thanks for the input

06-08-02, 08:20
hey guys im going to el salvador, in late june, where can i find SAFE incall brothels that have hot women, what are the prices and for how long , if someone can tell me id appreciate it

06-08-02, 16:38

1. The economy in El Salvador is bad, and there are a lot of poor people. This equates into a lot of crime, especially thefts and robberies. The neighborhood around Hotel Novo is fine. I have walked around it many times, night and day, and never had a problem. However, I would not walk around anywhere in El Salvador after 10:00 pm. You never know. Always be on high alert, aware of your surroundings and the people near you. There are many neighborhoods to stay out of, too many to list here. But the area around the Escalon, and Boulevard de los Heroes are very safe, and you should not have any problems. Hotel Novo is near the Escalon.

2. You don't have to be fluent in Spanish, but the more you know helps. Most of the taxi drivers, and all of the *****s and the workers in the brothels (doormen, security) do not know English. If you know basic words and phrases, I think that you can get by.

3. I don't know the age of consent. I do know that a girl has to be 18 to legally work in a brothel. In my many trips down there, I only came across one girl who was under 18 (she just turned 17). However, I have buddies who have been with girls as young as 15. If you are using girls in a brothel, you should not have to worry.

4. All nighters are OK, but it depends on the girl. Some girls can't do them because their mother is watching her children, and the girl has to get home. Some girls live with their parents, their parents don't know they are *****s, so they don't want to stay out all night. I have never had a problem with a girl staying all night. But then I was with the girl a few times in the brothel beforehand, and I kind of knew what she was like. Personally, I would not bring a girl to my hotel for the night unless I had used her a few times previously.

5. The rainy season is from May to November. It is cooler during this time, but it is wetter! I don't really think one time of the year is better than another. I have been there in all twelve of the months, and I dont think one is better than another.

6. The local food is kind of like Mexican food. But there are all types of restaraunts: Chinese, Italian, etc., even fast food places like McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy's. But remember, if you drink water, only drink bottled water. And when you are out and order a drink, do not accept the drink (water, soda, beer, etc.) if the person brings the bottle/can to you open. Insist on an unopened bottle/can, and open it yourself. Be safe and do not use any ice. A lot of places make ice out of tap water. The Hotel Novo has their own osmosis system, so they purify their own water. I have used their ice, brushed my teeth with their tap water, and I have never had a problem there.

One last thing. Bring your own condoms!! Brothels provide condoms, but I had an instance where the condom broke. I looked at the wrapper, and the condom was made in 1995, and this was in 2000! I started checking after that, and all of the ones I saw in the brothels were at 3-5 years old. Also, do not use street prostitutes. They can be transvestites, and they do not have to get the periodic checkups. It is not worth the risk.

I hope this info helps you.


06-08-02, 16:46

Near the Novo Hotel are Ali Baba, Seisa, Cesar's, Cali Panangon. Ali Baba and Seisa are within walking distance. Walk up the street from the Novo (Novo is at the bottom of a dead end street), turn left, and the first house on your left is Ali Baba. If you walk past Ali Baba, walk to the second street and turn right, Seisa is halfway up the block on the left. The quality of the girls at these brothels changes often, as the girls move around, quit the business, new girls come in, etc.

There is an auto hotel within two miles of the Novo, and I know how to get there, but I can't tell you how because I don't know the names of the streets. But all the taxi drivers and *****s know where it is. Just say "auto hotel." They will know what you want.


06-08-02, 22:42
Doodads, thanks for taking the time to respond. It'll be a few months before I head down but I will post on what I find. It looks I'll be in Panama, El Salvador and Honduras. Been to Panama many times but not to the other two.

06-12-02, 20:10
I was hoping you and I could write a double post on El Salvador.
Between you and I, we seem to be the experts here. Please read my report, and verify please point by point.


1. YOU HAVE THE UPPER HAND HERE. This is not Costa Rica, Panama, or Belize. This is a whole different ball game here.
Without question, El Salvador is THE BEST for HOT ACTION!
El Salvador does not have the international tourism that the other countres have. When comparing El Salvador to Costa Rica, not even close, but El Salvador has just the same amount of action for a much better price.

2. Salvadorian babes are HOT. All girls here are Salvadorian. Maybe at best 1% are from Honduras or Nicaragua (MAYBE AT BEST). Many of the posts from Costa Rica are very wrong. In Costa Rica, 30% of the girls are from Nicaragua. Here, in ES, 99.9% of the girls are Salvadorian.

3. Spanish is a MAJOR plus here. Since Doodads and I are bilingual we get along easier here. I strongly recommend learning about 50 basic words and 20 sentences. This to be in terms of a recommendation I classify as mandatory. The girls love the accent, and it creates a better atmosphere in all situations.

4. Club Lips is a start. However, the chicks are a pain in the ass.
They will constantly hassle you for cash. I recommend showing up at 7 p.m. before the shift change. Select your girl and offer anywhere between 60 to 80 for an all nighter. They will always ask for more, but DO NOT DO IT! The girls here can easily pass for swimsuit models (in my opinion). All girls here range from a 7 to 10. I again recommend 7 p.m. so that gives you just enough time to select a girl, and then leave at 8:00.

5. 85% of the brothels DO NOT ADVERTISE. The day brothels pose as beauty salons and/or bath houses. No neon signs or anything like that. $20 for a house lay will be just fine.

6. Night brothels are somewhat the same. $20 will always get you a "house lay". All nighters range from $65 up to $100.
$100 for a 10, not a 9. If you find a chick you like, freelance her for $50 a night. After 2 nights, you should be getting laid by a 9 or 10 for $50 dollars for an all nighter.

7. Street *****s, FORGET IT! A waste of time. This is not a good idea for a novice traveler to ES. NEVER WALK ALONE IN THE STREET ANYWHERE IN ES AFTER DARK EXCEPT COLONIA ESCALON.

8. Always carry small bills. Don't be too flashy. Hide money in your safe (Hotel Novo I recommend). 5 star hotels like Hotel Princess in Escalon.....FORGET IT, won't happen. Not even a bribe will work.

9. Ali Babba's (only 500 feet away from Hotel Novo), is a great night place to start shopping. BE SELECTIVE, you have the upper hand here. Go to at least 4 brothels first before you select.
Take a taxi, NEVER RENT A CAR in ES. The cabbies know EXACTLY what you want and where to get it. You won't find these places on your own. I recommend Don Joaquin's. A white house next to the government buildings. 75 to 90 for an all nighter and 20 for a house lay.

10. Don't worry where to go, the cabbies know all.

11. Auto hotels. They lock you inside the nice rooms (to protect you). Great rooms, special super sized jacuzzis and showers with pornos. I personally like Hotel Novo better.

12. Like everywhere, keep a photocopy of your passport, plane tickets, valuables, extra cash, and an ATM card in the safe.
Hoto Novo has one. Go down a small flight of stairs on the left hand side. A staff member has the key to open the black barred door. I have never failed with this system. Keep extra money in your shoe, and have small bills (the cabbies NEVER have change)

13. Have alcohol, new rubbers, cigarettes, and munchies in your hotel room prior to partying. Make sure you are prepared. Stash 5 bucks somewhere, for her taxi money in the morning.

14. Take the girl to dinner with an all nighter. This is not required, but a major plus. You need to get fueled up before getting laid. Get ready for 3 to 5 throws with a Salvadorian chick (they love sex).

15. Get a freelancer for Sunday. Most brothels are almost shut down on Sunday. Get your action lined up for Sunday in advance.

16. I only do all nighters, but I usually test them once via a house lay and a conversation beforehand.

17. OK Doo Dads, fill in the rest. I left plenty for you to write.

06-12-02, 20:16
Hey Case,

My area is Dominican Republic. I like what I am reading here. If you are interested I will show you around DR, and in exchange I will go with you here for a vacation. We pay all our own expenses of course. Many of the same rules apply, except here if you speak Spanish you can get all nighters for $25 -$40 at times. You can get enough information from a 9 day trip with me that would take about 4-5 trips on your own.

My trip schedule is:


06-13-02, 18:32

What you wrote is right on. Here are a few more items.

1. Business in the brothels has been down for the past two years. It may be due to the economy there. I remember 4-5 years ago they would be very crowded on Thurs, Fri, and Sat, but no more. That is good news for us, because the girls are more willing to negotiate.

2. The daytime brothels have the same quality girls, but lower prices. They open between 9:00 and 10:00 am, and close at 7:00 pm. There are two or three near the Novo Hotel: Osaka's (behind Intercontinental Hotel), For Men (near the circle on Boulevard de los Heroes going to the airport), and one other whose name escapes me. I recommend these for daytime fun. Taxi drivers know where they are.

3. I noticed when I was there in April that prices have gone up. In daytime places, the cost for a FS is $16 - $25. In the night places, I didn't see anything below $30. This is for FS in the brothel.

4. Be prepared for the rooms in the brothels. They can be disgusting. The floors are usually dirty, and they might change the sheets once a day.

5. El Salvador now uses dollars as their currency. There is no need to change money. But have lots of ones and fives for the brothels, because on occasion they do not have much change, and they might try to give you change in Colones (which are still used).

6. There are three night time brothels within walking distance of the Novo Hotel. If you walk up the street from the Novo (Novo is at the end of a dead end) and turn left at the first street, Ali Baba is the first house on the left. If you continue past Ali Baba and go past the second street, in the middle of the next block is a place on the left (the name escapes me). If you continue past Ali Baba, go right at the second street, Seisa is about a half a block up on the left. I know that Seisa is open at night, and I have heard that it is open during the day for sure. It is also open on Sunday night, the only one that I know is open on Sunday.

7. If you speak Spanish, you can go to the Metro Centro, a big shopping center across the street from Intercontinental Hotel, 1-2 miles from Novo Hotel. I have had good luck walking around there during the day, talking to girls, and some of them agreed to go to the Novo with me for some fun.

8. Cars cannot make left turns at most of the intersections in San Salvador. Therefore, taxis have to go out of there way a lot of times because of this. So if this happens, don't think that the driver is trying to rip you off.

9. Taxi drivers charge more for rides at night than for rides during the day. Always ask the price before getting into the cab. Cabbies will negotiate fares.

10. If you have a girl spend the night at the Novo with you, you will be charged an extra $10-15 for that night.

11. Case is right on about Lips. Lips is usually filled with local guys, and they usually just want to drink, look, and touch. They do not usually take the girls home. All the girls have to take turns dancing nude on the stages, so check them out dancing before you decide on which one to approach.

12. Some brothels and mainly independents used to advertise in the local newspapers. I noticed in April that there were no ads in the papers. I asked my local friend about it, and he did not know why the advertising had stopped.

13. Bring your digital camera! A lot of the girls who will go to your hotel are more than willing to have their photos taken nude and in action! I always ask a girl about it before I agree to take her.

14. 99.9% of the girls will give you a BJ without a condom. A lot of girls have told me that they will have intercourse without a condom. Always use a condom during intercourse!! These girls are checked once a month, but a lot of things can happen between checkups.

15. Stay away from the girls on the street!! They are cheaper, but they are usually dirty, they do not have to have exams, and there are a lot of transvestites. A lot of the transvestites look better than the women!!

16. As I had said in an earlier post, you can bring a girl to your room at the Novo day or night. I have never had a problem with it. There have been occasions when I have brought three different girls to my room in the same day, and no problem.

That's all I can think of now, if I think of more I will post later. I also want to say that for the quality of the girls you can get in El Salvador, it is the cheapest place for the money in Central America.


06-19-02, 16:51
Thanks to Doodads & Case. Happy hunters, indeed.

My preference is short and slim. I have been to San Pedro Sula HN a number of times for business. The girls there are all dark and a bit chunky built. With you wealth of knowledge and connections, you guys would do well to run a group trip. Again, thanks for all the valuable info.


06-26-02, 04:42
Where can I find all nighters in san salvador>>>??and the cost??

06-26-02, 06:51
tito your info is here with directions

06-27-02, 00:28
Hey Guys!

I'm a local in El Salvador, if you are planning a trip here, and have some questions, feel free to contac me at:


07-02-02, 22:16
hi guys, i'd been working for you!!

here are the telephones numbers of the brothels "casa de putas" that i know, all in good areas of san salvador:
good ones:
>274-1487: hour service $35, near boulevard constitucion and a famous bar named "macondo"

>260-4582: okoles, hour service $40, near hotel intercontinental.

>226-4582: el jardin, hour service $35, near a school named "cristobal colon" on "san antonio abad" street.

>243-2383: salon gabriel, hour service $35, this place is actually inside an old shopping mall named: "feria rosa", it looks like a beauty shop, it is near "feria internacional"

>273-2820: for men, hour service $30, this is a famous one, it is near curep001lan estadium in colonia sisimiles, every taxi driver knows where it is.

>257-7373: hour service $58, on 77 north av. colonia escalon

>263-7389: hour service $70, on 87 north av. colonia escalon

the standard hour service should be: bj maybe even come in her mouth...just maybe, at least two times sex and a massage (but you have to ask for it).
the bad news for some of you it is that these places only open from 10am to 7pm, but you can work something with the girl so you can see her later (always bring a pen and a piece of paper to take the girl's information)
the good ones, all are residential houses, don't expect a 5 star place, girls are from 6 to 9 all in good areas of the city.
the better ones are in the well know area of colonia escalon, all are residential houses, here they keep the house more clean and nice, girls are from 7 to 9, the same standard service.
i don't have the exact addresses of all the places, but with the telephone number you can find out.

all girls are very friendly to americans, 90% of the times that i went to these places i'd have good experiences if not great. print this information so you can bring it with you when you come here.

good luck!!

07-03-02, 03:42

You did not mention the entry charge at these places. I know that For Men is about $10. Some of the others are $3-4.


07-03-02, 04:50

Fantastic updates!! really good stuff.
I spend time at Inter Cont about once every other month, but had no idea Okoles was located in the area. Approx how far? The mall across the street
is a pretty good place to eye the local talent.
Many hot mistizas all over.
Hawk...do you have any info regarding the city of San Miguel and there action. I have limited but am searching for more.

Eric 7

07-03-02, 20:38

You're right, but I'd cheked with For Man and the price that I gave you includes this charge, for the others bring the extra money, now is good idea to bring more money to these places, you'll never know if they are going to change the prices or you will want more service.

Okoles is 2 blocks away from the Intercontinetal!!, but the other way , not to the mall, I'll try to explain how to get there, you can go on foot, you walk to the hotel exit that is in front of the mall you turn right (the way the cars run), at the end of the side walk you turn right again , walk to the other side walk end and then cross the street (this is the street that runs in the back side of the Hotel), after crossing turn right, at the end of this side walk turn left this time, after no more than a block away you will see to your right across the street the name OKOLES in one houses.
The street that runs behind the Hotel is full with Restaurant/bars, it is a good area.
I hope you understand me.

07-03-02, 21:03
The girls are from 6 to 9, very nice and hot!!, but always ask for the 1 hour service and for a room with a bed, this is because they have one room with a little doctor's bed like.

I don't have specific information of San Miguel, but I'll try to get it and post it here, for what I had heard there is at least 2 nice places.

07-04-02, 05:16
Great directions. I know exactly the area you are reffering. Been back there many times at an out door seafood place sitting along next to the sidewalk.
My hotel room actually overlooks the place called "Que Kres" or something of that nature. Recoginize the name? It also faces the street with an armed gurad out there every night. Do any of those places have girls that hang out looking for dates? or is that not evident in bars in San Salvador. ?
One last thing Hawk. Does Okoles have mistizas?


07-04-02, 05:44
Okoles is a good place. It is open from about 9:00 am to 7:00pm. There are usually no less than 4 girls working. Your cover charge ($3 or $4) includes one drink. I always take my digital camera with me to the day places, because they don't frisk you before you enter. At Okoles, I have photographed at least 6 girls during the FS sessions. They loved looking at their photos at the end of the session!

Okoles has 3 rooms, two have massage tables and one has a bed. In the rooms with massage tables, the girls will put the mat from the table on the floor.

Eric, the places you are talking about behind the hotel do not have girls hanging out looking for dates. I have been pretty lucky going to the Metro Centro (the mall across from the hotel) during the day and walking around, scoping the women, and approaching them. I take them to dinner, and usually get a nice FS afterwords.

Hawk, For Men is more like $30 for a half hour, not an hour. The girls there are not as nice as the girls in Okoles.

Hawk, have you been to the place near the University of El Salvador? It is down the street from a Shell Gas Station. They usually have 6-10 girls, ranging from a 6 to a 9. Prices are less than Okoles. With the cover charge, a half hour FS is about $20.


07-04-02, 16:23
Doodads, Hawk

Cono....Salvadorenas really ROCK!!
I have had a girlfriend from San Miguel, and in general salvadorenas really love to F & S.
No question. She says it's in the blood of the girls there. I tend to believe it.
Happy 4th of July!


07-06-02, 01:03

About the place near Universidad Nacional, this is one of the places that I put the telephone number in my message:
226-4582: El Jardin, hour service $35, near a school named "Cristobal Colon" on "San Antonio Abad" street. Entry charge $4.

The girls are like For man in some way, but they have at least 10 and 2 or 3 are very young (18-19 years old), only good experiences in this place, they only have rooms with beds, if I have to chose between For Man and El Jardin, I chose El Jardin.
I don't like 1/2 hour service, the girls are always in a hurry!!

What do you mean: Mistizas???

07-06-02, 02:21
Originally posted by Hawk_28
Eric: What do you mean: Mistizas???

He means "mestizas"; this means a mixture of Indian and Spanish descent.

07-06-02, 02:40

El Jardin is usually my first stop when I get to San Salvador from the airport. I go to pick up a car from my buddy, and I stop there on my way to Hotel Novo. I have never been rushed in a half hour session there. In fact, the sessions usually last more than half an hour. Every girl I have had there has let me take photos of her during FS.

Have you been to Cesar's on Boulevard de los Heroes near the stadium? If not, go there and try out my ex-girlfriend Carolina. She works under the name Evelyn. She is tall, curly blonde hair, and silicone boobs. You will get your money's worth from her.


07-06-02, 03:04

Sorry, my bad regarding the mis-spelling.
I find mestiza women very exotic from time to time.


07-06-02, 17:12

I did understand you Mestizas, the thing is that here in El Salvador everybody is mestizo in some kind of way, but if you are talking about dark skin girls, you could find some, but if you are talking about Maya like girls, this is rare, but the girls come and go in these places and every now an then you can find one.


Now you see why you Americans have the advantage here, I don't take the 1/2 hour service because every time I did I feel like the girl was in a hurry or is me that I want more :-), only good experiences at El Jardin.

I haven't been at Cesar, but I had hear the is a good one, how much is the 1 hour service??

07-06-02, 21:20

Thanks for the clairification.
Appropriately, the Mayan "look" is more what I was refering to. But I am a true lover of ALL Salvadorenas!


07-06-02, 22:34

I don't know how much an hour service is at Cesar's. A half hour service is $35. And the admission charge is $3-4, which includes your first drink.

I had my digital camera in a small case attached to my belt. When the security guard frisked me, he asked me what the case was. I told him it was a camera case, but it was empty. I opened up the front section to show him it was empty, and he said OK and let me in. They camera was in the back section!!


07-07-02, 02:00
Can anyone tell me how San Salvador compares to CR.
Is it legal in SanSal ? Is there much to choose from?
What about in between the sex, are there places to go?
What should I expect to pay?
thanks - iamlookin

07-07-02, 15:14
Hello everybody,

This forum is awesome and very informative. i just want to know, what language do they use in El Salvador? Do they speak decent English?

07-08-02, 02:50

El Salvador is much cheaper than CR, and the girls are much more willing. It is legal in El Salvador. There are many, many choices. See previous posts for what you have to pay.


Spanis is spoken in El Salvador. Most of the girls do not speak English. If you do not speak some Spanish, you will have a difficult time.


07-09-02, 21:04
Doodads, have you posted any pictures of the girls you've met in El Salvador?

07-10-02, 03:39

I have sent in a lot of pics this year, but none of them got posted. I don't know why.


07-10-02, 04:08
That really sucks, Doodads. I'd love to see some. You can usually find me hanging around at docbox88@yahoo.com. Take care.

07-10-02, 04:09
Do you have any ladies' pics from el Jardin or macondo? Can i take my digital cam to el jardin???I want to see the quality before i visit el jardin. If you do, can u pliz share them. I will be in san salvador next wed. So i really interested in visiting el jardin and Macondo? are these the same place, or are they really close to each other?????
Here is my email edddy25@yahoo.com

07-11-02, 01:41

Please send us these pictures, I would realy like to know your ex-girlfriend Carolina.

07-12-02, 02:35

Sorry, I cannot sent any pics because they are all nude or sex pics. The best thing to do is go to Cesar's and see her (she works under the name Evelyn), or give her a call at home 276-9592.


07-12-02, 02:41

Yes, you can bring your digital camera into El Jardin. I do not know Macondo. When you find a girl you like, tell her that you want to take her photos before you go into the room and give her the money. Also show her the photos at the end of the session. They love to see them!! I also tell them that the photos in the digital camera automatically erase after 5 days!!


07-13-02, 03:29
I am planning on going to San Salvador in 3 weeks. Plan to stay at the Novo hotel. I will like to know what are the best places to around that area for women. Also besides the women are there places to sight see as well. thanks to anyone that can help me.

07-14-02, 05:13

Read previous posts for answers to your questions.


07-14-02, 17:24
Apologies for being a bit off the subject, but I am planning a trip to El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica later in the year, and while there's lots of useful info here on El Salvador, and I know all about Costa Rica, the Nicaragua section is pretty dead...given the lovely Nicas you meet in SJO...does anyone here also know about the scene in Nicaragua...any info on streetwalkers, casa de masaje, clubs, bars, prices, etc etc etc in Managua, Leon, Granada, anywhere really, would be really appreciated.

many thanks,

magic hat.

07-14-02, 18:41
The reality is most of the hot ones are in CR. Panama, andGuat. Making money, this is just my opimion/

07-14-02, 19:21

You are right. I know a number of girls that go to Guatemala and Costa Rica to work. Hell, I even saw a maid at my hotel (in San Salvador) one time working in a club in Guatemala! She said she went there on weekends to work and make money. From what I have seen, the number of men going to the clubs in San Salvador (with the exception of Lips) is way down from what it was 4 or 5 years ago. I am told it is because of the economy, and the local men don't have the money to spend. I see them come into the clubs, have a few drinks, talk to and touch the women, but they don't f*ck them. This is good news for us travelers, because I have found that it is more easier to make deals with the girls.

Just my opinion and observations.


07-15-02, 00:39
Speaking of San Salvador, a guy from there I met in Chicago told me if I ever went there to ask any man where the casas de putas are. It seems that there are as many as 100 in San Sal and any man knows at least 8 or 9.

San Sal experts whats your opinion ?

07-15-02, 08:11
casas de putas means *****house :)

07-15-02, 12:40
I will be in San Sal in 2 weeks. How do I find girls that offer services in residentials? Is there a newspaper or some other form of advertising? I heard that girls at residentials are better than the casa de putas places. Can anyone help me here? \
Also in general what do salvadoran girls look like?

07-16-02, 02:30

I am sure that there are at least 100 ***** houses in San Salvador. I have been in about 20 different ones in the past 6 years. There are some that have been in existence the past 6 years that I have been going there, but a number of them close within a year of opening, but then new ones open in other places to replace them. And most of the ones I have been to were in residential neighborhoods.

You are right. Most men there that I know can tell me where the good ***** houses are.


07-16-02, 02:40

What do you mean by girls in residentials?

For the past couple of years the two newspapers in San Salvador (El Diario de Hoy, and La Precensia, not sure if the spelling is right) had a section in their classifieds where girls would advertise. When I was there in April, I noticed that neither paper had these ads. I asked my friend about it, and he did not believe it and thought I missed the ads. So he looked through the papers and found that the ads were no longer there. He did not know why. Who knows? Maybe they are there now. Check when you get there. If you are staying at the Novo, you will get a newspaper each morning.

Of course you can ask any taxi driver, and he can take you to the casas de putas.

If you have never been to San Salvador, I would recommend going only to the clubs mentioned on this Site. The clubs there are like baseball: There is the major leagues, AAA, AA, A, and B leagues. As a girl gets older and less attractive, she moves down in the leagues. A local guy I know has been to some of the A and B clubs (some he would not go to because they were too dangerous), and he said that the girls would charge about $5-$10 for a FS. I think these "lower league" clubs are frequented by the poorer locals. Just my opinion.


07-17-02, 01:26

thanks for the info. I have been told that I maybe better off going to CR. I speak Spanish fluently so that is not an issue.
What is your opinion on that? I understand that there are more things to do in CR than San Sal is that true as well ?

07-17-02, 23:55

About the adds in the news papers, reason is that we are a very conservative country, at the beginning the adds were only with letters, because there is a lot of competition between these places, they star to advertise with pictures of girls, now it was very clear what they were selling so conservative people came in (maybe the catholic church) and over night the adds were gone, this happened early this year.
You can still find them but in the jobs classifieds section, that is how I found the ones that I posted some days ago.

About the residential, Doodads is right but I'll explain some more things, the kind of girls that work in the brothels during the day are different from the girls that work in brothels open at night, and this is another consequence of our Conservative society, if a girl works during the day time she can always hide what she is doing and say that she is a secretary or something, you have to know that in El Salvador there is still a few jobs that require that you work all night, so these girls do it because they don't find jobs, have a child and need the money, these girls take more care of themselves in many ways, looks, health, etc.
The ones that work at night has nothing to hide, they are into drugs and don't take care too much of themselves. This is a 80/20 rule of course.

In the classifieds adds you can find "in Home service" or "in Hotel service", like I said in the jobs classifieds section, by looking at the telephone in the add I can tell the difference between a brothel and one of these services, and this is why, the ones that give this kind service they always have a Cel phone number, these numbers always star with a 8 or a 7, there are 1 or 2 adds in English!!

If you have never been in Central America or don't speak Spanish, I would say go to CR, prices are higher but lots of Americans there and more things to do.
The good thing about El Salvador is that the prices are lower and the girls more nice and willing.

07-18-02, 03:11

One time I talked to the owner of Lips, a Gringo. He told me that he had to rent two houses for some of his dancers to live in. He said that this was because when the girls told their parents they were working at night, the parents automatically assumed they were working as prostitutes and threw them out of the house. They had no place to live, so he rented the houses so they had a place to live.


Hawk is right. In CR you will find a lot of girls, but most of them will be professional: wham, bam, thank you mam. You will definitely get more bang for your buck in El Salvador. Maybe Hawk can tell you other things to do there besides chasing women.


07-18-02, 04:29
Thanks doodads for your help.

what are things I can do in San Salvador?
If I were to stay for a week I would like to do some sight seeing as well. thanks

07-18-02, 18:15

For the nights there is this area named Zona Rosa, there you can find lots of restaurants, bars and discos, you'll be lucky if you find a sex working girl in this area, but you'll find lots of local girls and maybe you'll get lucky.
I almost forget! there is this site on the internet:
There you'll information and photos of all these places and the kind of people that you'll find there.

We have pretty beaches too, Costa del Sol is the best, 1 1/2 hours from San Salvador, near the Comalapa Int. Airport, there are some very nice hotels there, go to this site:

The one that I like the most is Hotel suites Jaltepeque.

07-31-02, 05:35
I'll be in San Salvador this Thur-Sun at Inter Continental. Hawk_28, thanks for the previous directions from Hotel to Okoles. I think I will plan a visit.
Also, does anyone know if it is acceptable to bring a g/f to a place like LIPS? Do they not allow her to enter the door, do they charge full cover chg., has anyone ever seen a guy with a girl from the "outside", other than a girl who works there. Do they get dirty looks? My g/f is an ex-Blue Marlin worker from Costa Rica, and can look the part real well.



Fat Bastard
08-09-02, 04:24

No problem all the times we have brought our American lady friends in. I have also seen other men with their ladies in there too.


09-11-02, 19:15
Recently, I was in Okoles, ohhhhh what a night . I spent a few hours with daniela, a green eye sweet dama. We agrreed to meet outside okoles. She was awesome, and I would go back for her. She was really sweet and loved it so much. If u have any other comments about her, pliz share them. Another decent place nowdays is For men, there were some good looking ladies. However, most of the girls are veteran. But u could find some newbies.. I have some pics if u want to see them.THis is not BS. if u want to see them, you gotta share what u have.. edddy25@yahoo.com

09-17-02, 00:20
Great!! the forum is on line again!

Let me tell you that I went to For Men last Month, I was curious because DooDads had posted that the one hour service was $35 and on the phone they' d told it was $29, at the end Doodas was right, ok, this is how it went, that day I left my office early so while I was driving the horny part of me wake up, knowing that For Men is on my way home and I had time, I decided to go.
I knocked on the door and a man opened it, he charged me with $13 dollars, He told me that this will be take out of the service price that I'd choose, so it was Ok, inside the place there was 9 girls, 3 very good looking, 3 veterans (like Tito said), 3 so so, the best looking girl was already making business with a guy, good looking girl #2, I already knew her, by the way I'd seen this girl in 3 different brothels, I give her a 6 in service...very nice body with green eyes, so I sat down to take a look at the others girls and I saw this classic young Salvadorian girl with thin body and big ass, so I didn't lost time and ask her to come to my side, I asked her about the services and prices, there was when I realized that they'd lied to me on the phone, the hour service was $35, any way I told her that I wanted the 1 HS and we went up stairs, in the room I had to give her $22, remember that I already gave $13 at the main door, so it totals $35, I looked my watch and it was 5.10 p.m., she left the room, They always go to bring, condoms, towels and water to wash your "boy", it take 10 minutes for her to return, know it was 5.20 p.m. and we went down to business, great service, it seems like She was to enjoying it, that was a plus!.
Well we was on our second round when there was a knock on the door telling us that the hour was completed, I looked at my watch and it was 6.00 p.m.!!, there was nothing that I can do about it, so I only concentrated in finish it, after finish it I tell her that it was not right that They do this, the hour wasn't complete, at least I still had 10 more minutes!!
On my way to my car I remembered that it wasn't the first time for this kind of treatment, and that this was one of the reasons that I didn't go to For Men, the other reasons are:
The rooms are on the second floor, El Salvador is a high temperature country and the seconds floors are always hotter.
Some times They don' t have fans in the rooms.
There are less good looking girls than in other places.
The first floor is very dark.

My advice is that you will be much better going to Okoles and Jardin (look for older post for details ).

Hey Tito, could you at least tell me more about the looks of this Daniela girl, because I'm planing to go to Okoles the next time.

09-17-02, 03:16
Hawk, I won't describe her, just go to okoles and ask for daniela. She has green eyes and a very cute face. PLiz, if u see her, tell her that Eddy says hi. Ask her if she liked the bachata CD i gave her a month ago. Hawk, i am sure you'll have a great time with her.
Good LUck

09-17-02, 15:43
Thanks any way Tito, a good reference about a girl is always welcome, I don't know if I'll go in the next weeks, because this is high season at my office, a lot of work, but I hope that I still find her next month.
Can you tell us about the amount of money that you paid her for the services?

09-18-02, 03:54
Hawk, the service was 80 bucks but i can tell you that she totally earned those bucks. SHe seemed very happy with those 80 bucks and she was very willing to do anything. I hope u have the same luck with her. At first, she might refuse to go out with u but it's all about the money. ]
GOod luck

09-18-02, 13:18
Tito, Hawk...How's it going?
I am going to be in San Salvador this Sun/Mon the 22&23 of Sep. I normally stay at the Intercont. Hotel, next to Okoles. I have gone there on a couple of ocassions based on your guys recomendations. Very Good!!
This time, I will be staying at the Westin Hotel.
Anyone know about its location? Are there any good places near by? What about strip clubs?

If anyone would like to meet me in the bar at the hotel for a beer, plz let me know or email me.
I will be with my lady ... ex-worker from Costa Rica y San Miguel. She's very very hot and loves to have conversations re the sex industry. We usually stay with her sex worker friends when they are home from work in Costa Rica. Currently her friends are in C.R. working. Additionally, I would like to establish contact w/a local in San Sal.I will be bouncing around Central America w/her for a couple of weeks. But will be at the Westin just for the 22nd & 23rd.
Hope to see you if it works out.

Take care and thanks for all the info.


09-19-02, 01:00
Tito: thanks for the info man, did you stay at a Hotel??, did you have any problems bringing the girl to your room??

Eric7: great news!! It would be great to actually meet someone from this great forum, I already sent you an e-mail.

09-19-02, 03:26
Hawk, I took her to La PRadera, It's only $13.50 for 4 hrs. All nigth is about $25, i think. Good luck

09-19-02, 17:25
I know very well La Pradera, very good place, I always use the back door entrance, one time I went for the Penthouse, about $22, this was not a room, this was an small apartment!, livin, bar, jacuzzi, etc.
where are you from Tito?

09-20-02, 01:12

There r lot's of strip bars in SS now, lot's more than before, but if you ask me, the best one is still LIPS.. I mean a 3 song total nude lap dance is like $10 and you can grad whatever u want even finger her if she feels like letting you. Most of those girl would spend the night with you for a price usually about $100 maybe less if you know how to negociate the bad thing is that you have to wait untill they get out which is about 3 am.... now you can also get some from free is you sweet talk the girl into it, but you have to know how to pick your pray ( my advice go for the young and inexperienced ) You can also pick some girls from their earlier shift which ends at 7-8 pm the bad thing about the early shift is that there r not that many pretty girls in it.

Now, there is another bar that has really hot girls is called Titanic, what sucks about it is that is an American still strip bar ( no touching ) which really sucks if you r someone like me who likes to grab as much as possible.

I've seen some guy with their girls at LIPS, so you can bring your friend and yes... she would have to pay admission... and the stripers don't seem to care much about it.

There are lot's of street hookers after 10pm but you have to watch out for TVs there are lot's of them too. If you are looking for a ***** house just look for red light bulbs at night..... all of those are. And also if you like delivery check out the classifieds in the news paper that is more expensive but worth it just try to be as specific as posible when they ask you what u r looking for.

well have fun....

09-20-02, 04:14
That info is classified hawk.

09-21-02, 01:01
What I like about Lips is exactly that, the 3 songs lap dance in a semi private side of the building, the problem with me is that I can't only have a lap dance, if you know what I mean, so a don't go often to this kind of places.
Hunter, you are right about Titanic, I don't know how this kind of businesses can survive. There is a place named Cali Pachangon, in Colonia Flor Blanca, I'd always wanted to go, but I hadn't, can you give me an over all information about the girls and the services that you can get there??

One place that I been lucky in the past is Illusion Girls, I had picked up girls for free there, is not a big and nice place as Lips, but is not that bad. It was some time ago, so I don't know how is the place now.

I won't advice you to go for the street walkers, the service is very bad.

Tito: don't worry man, just trying to be friendly.

Good luck to all.

09-21-02, 02:19
Hawk, My experience with streetwalkers had been very pleasant, no rush, and they are willing to anything. Have u tried sws on La Francisco gavidia? there is one named jennifer, she is very hard to pick up but once she gets to know u, she would spend all night with u for just 20 bucks. Another one is Carolina. THis girl is very enthusiastic. She's an awesome b-tch. Good luck.

09-21-02, 17:45
Are you talking about Universidad Francisco Gavidia, on Roosevelt Blvd ? Where exactly these girls walk around?
Maybe I hadn't been lucky lately or looking in the wrong place, because the last girls, I picked up them in the Intercontinental Hotel area.
Do you have information about Cali Pachangon?

09-21-02, 21:15
Next to the university, there is a motel, i think is called la nortena. Sws are all over the block. I would recommend u not to use the motel since i haven't gone in before. Again look for Carolina and jennifer. Good luck.
SOrry i don't have any info on cali. Does anybody have any new reviews for OKOLES??? any updates????

Java Man
09-22-02, 02:27
according to my cousin, who lives in SS, cali pachangon is closed. too bad it was a great place.

09-23-02, 16:00
Thanks for the info, that Blvd has a very heavy traffic, not to mention the people from the University, can you tell me, at what hour of the night would you recommend to go and find these girls??
I know you don't like to tell about the looks of the girls, but I think that in this case it would be a big help!

09-24-02, 02:12
Hawk, the best time is around 10 pm. Both girls are average in looks but if you are looking for cuties, go to BLVD de los heroes near metrocentro around the same time. YOu can find very good looking girls. But I don't know how good the service is. GOod LUck

09-24-02, 17:22
Thanks for the info, my experience had teach me that cuties does not mean good service, my best experiences had been with average (not ugly) girls. I while ago, I saw many times this young cutie girl on the street around the Intercontinental Hotel/Metrocentro area, I said to myself that the next time I had a free night I would get her, the time came and I went looking out for her, after 20 min driving around I found her, She got in my car for $20, She let me do her 2 times but the service was bad, I had to do all the work and She seems to be somewhere else,
next time I picked up a girl near U. Francisco Gavidia, but in the other side of the street from where You said that I can find Carolina and Jennifer, this girl was average looks, but big breast, about 29 years old, I never remember the names...so don't ask, She gave me a very very good service, She fucked me I didn't have to do almost anything, she was enjoying it, wet pussy, dirty talk and everything. To sum all of this I have to say that going for the sws you have a 50/50 chance to get a good one, now for the brothels I would say that you have a 80% chance to get a very good, if not great service, you can't go wrong going to Okoles or El Jardin.

For all of you who had read old post, the University Francisco Gavidia on the Roosevelt Blvd is 3 blocks away from the Novo Hotel.

Keep your knowledge of places and working girls coming.

09-27-02, 13:33
Hello everyone,

I've been monitoring this Forum for a few months now, and decided it was time to join. As a "gringo" working and living in San Salvador I've found the information posted here to be invaluable to me. I don't have a great deal of time for "surfing" the internet, but will try and post information when I get some time.

Thanks again for all the good info, and hopefully I'll be able to pass some on in the future.

09-27-02, 19:33
Welcome to the Forum Flyingace!

I'm Salvadorian, I know a maybe a little subjective on this, but I feel so lucky living here in El Salvador went it comes to Sex, I had read many parts of this Forum (Brasil/Argentina/Thailand....) and for me El Salvador is one of the best value/girl country.

Feel free to ask about anything, We'll try to help you so you can have the best time in El Salvador.

Good luck.

09-28-02, 15:30
Hello Hawk,

Thanks for the welcome.

I will agree with you on the girls of El Salvador. I've met quite a few from the local establishments and have had a great time on most occasions. There have been one or two that I know I'll not go back to (girls) that is, but the rest have been fantastic.

I also spend some time in Lima and have found a beautiful muchacha that I spend time with whenever I'm in Lima.

Since I fly a lot for business, I normally check out the forum before I go. Have gotten some great information on Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and the US.

09-30-02, 23:51

It would be great if you can share the information you have, about good and bad experiences.

10-01-02, 01:13

I try and put a few items together over the next week or so and post them as they get done. A lot of the places I've been to have already been covered, but I may have a few different insights.

10-04-02, 23:28
To anyone that can help me here.
I have gone to Costa Rica a couple of times for the women and have had a great time. I am interested in checking out El Salvador. Can anyone tell me if there are brothels like in CR. If anyone has been to CR are there places I can go to like VIPS, CLUB 40 or 747 of CR. I am fluent in Spanish and of cuban decent so there is no problem with me talking to the locals.
Is prostitution legal in Sal Salvador ? Places like club 40 and Vips
charge about $17 -$18 bucks for a quickie. Is that what I will find in San Salvador? Girls at the Del Rey or Key Largo ask for $100 but settle for $60. thanks to anyone that can help me here.

10-05-02, 18:04

I hadn't go to CR so I don't know is our brothels here in El Salvador are the same as the ones in CR, but the one thing that I can tell you is that they have good girls and the service is great.
Now the prices for a 1 hour service is around $35 in these places, the only thing is that They're open from 10 am to 7 pm.
You can find places with prices of $18 but in very bad areas of the city, don't go there!!

You should read old posts for information about the borthels in El Salvador (there is one post where I gave all the names and phone numbers) and other nigth places.

10-14-02, 17:49
I lurk, have lived in "Guanacalandia" for many years, travel a lot in ES (some in the region), respect Hawk_28 posts (obviously willing to share sound advice) and will try to add to what's being shared. Treat the girls w/respect. Met very few who don't deserve it.

10-17-02, 15:20
Took advantage of TACA shortterm discount flight for five days.

Stayed at NOVO apart Hotel on recommendation of previous posters and was quite pleased.

Favorite clubs among many visited were in order of preference:

Z Club Bar owned and operated by Roque who speaks fluent english. Jaqueline, a tall willowy blonde, who also spoke fluent english was perfect partner for evening.

Connections where I encountered Mirasol, a tall shapely brunette.

Ali Ba Ba around the corner from the NOVO Hotel. Mechty, spoke english and will negotiate anything you are seeking.

Much prefer San Salvador over Dominican Republic and will return before year end.

10-19-02, 17:54

Great to hear that you spend some nice days here in El Salvador, can you tell us about the Z Club Bar, girls, prices, general info please.

10-20-02, 02:09
The newly opened Z Club Bar is a one story building located at 49th. Ave. Sur Casa 630, Colonia Flor Blanca. The telephone number is 223-1675. In addition to normal facilities the club included a decent sized indoor swimming pool, a sauna and a jacuzzi.

The girls ranged from a stately lady that would have been a trophy escort to any type of function here in the states to a barely of legal age buxom girl, who could have been your neighbors daughter that you have been lusting after. There was no pressure to buy drinks, make other cash expenditures or for tips. The price quoted on request was $U.S. 40 which was subject to negotation as to time and amount.

I would appreciated your opinion of this facility in comparison to other clubs.

10-20-02, 05:08
How much is the cover for the Z club?? How many girls ???IS this z bar, near connections?

10-21-02, 17:32
Thanks for the info...but in order to give you my opinion I need more info and details, how much did you pay, time, what includes the $40 service...BJ, how many times can you do the girl?

But this is the first time I heard about one place having a indoor swimming pool, a sauna and a Jacuzzi!!, how were the rooms in this place?

I'll appreciate all the info You can give, so we can know what to expect from this place.


10-22-02, 02:41
Tito & Hawk_28:

You have the necessary information to check out the Z Club Bar for yourselves. This is the last posting from my last trip.

After you have, let me have your opinior. I will be looking forward to what you have to say.

10-22-02, 03:07
Can someone recommend a hotel for about us$200 per week or less? Does Novo Hotel have weekly and monthly rates? Thanks for the help.

10-22-02, 17:59

Go to Salvadorean Association of Hotels web page for more information:


NOVO hotel has web page through which you can contact them with your question.

10-29-02, 02:27
Can someone like hawk or greybeard recommend a decent hotel in San Salvador for us$20-30 per night? The website mentioned below does not list prices and novo wants us$65 per night on a weekly basis. Any suggestions?

11-07-02, 18:45
I'm a 39 year old oriental who speak not fluent but good spanish. I have a business trip to mexico in 2 weeks and would like to check out SS for a few days. What will be my chance of getting lucky here in SS? I have been in San Jose 7 months ago. Enloyed a lot, even got a freebie from a Del Rey girl. This time I would like to see other part of Central America. Any recommendation for a newbie in SS. Any input is greatly appreciated.

11-12-02, 21:27
Ok guys,
Just back from SS. Visited Okoles, El Jardin, and Z club. I first went to El Jardin and unfortunately the girls weren't quite to my gringo taste ( a lot of big bottoms). Oh well. Went to Okoles where I thought the girls were better looking. Also, I got a kick out of the fact that they bring you a menu for services provided. I picked my girl ond the $29 service special (oral, different positions, and I think it said massaje). The girl was very nice but I definitely wouldn't call it a GFE (she wouldn't French Kiss). I could of had both a BBBJ and the full thing without condom, but for my sake I wore one. Overall the sex was good though -- I'll be going back.
Later that night I felt I had to check out the Z Club. I went around 10 PM (I found out they're not open during the day, I think their hours are 7PM-2AM) and the place was kinda dead. About five girls working and maybe two customers. I got to talking with a girl there who was fairly cute and said she was 18yo named Gabby. We went out to the outside area of the lounge (which I like very much because you can get away from the noise, cigarrette smoke, and can actually see the girl in real light). I'll say a couple things about Gabby beforehand - the girl likes to talk holy cow, also, she likes beer (girl drinks are $5), and finally and most important, she likes sex. The cost is $40 for an hour with the girl which includes use of the pool and the room (which has a shower if you need it). OK the gory details, she wanted to go into the pool so I said what the hell and off we went the only problem is that the water is pretty cold. Five minutes of that and I said lets go to the room. Once we get there she becomes a machine -- deep french kissing and quickly to a BBBJ, as a matter of fact I told her that I brought condoms and she told me to wait until after she gave me a blowjob. She worked it until I decided that was enough of that and we got down to the main event. I will say that the girl is a machine. We were going at it in all different positions and she is showing no signs of wanting to slow down. Once, I was starting to get close to cumming and she stopped, looked at me, raised her finger and said in a commanding voice "don't even think of finishing yet!" Who was I to disobey a direct order, so we went at it for a while more. I would have to call my experience with her definitely a GFE. The only thing is that you have to like them young if you want to be with her. I think she is the girl described in a previous post as barely legal and I kind of question if in fact she is 18, she seems to be pretty young looking. But boy she has a tight liitle body. I also saw a very nice bleach blond lounging on a couch as well who I could've done ( I think I'll do her next time). All in all I would recommend Z Club. Have fun and wear a rubber dammit!

11-12-02, 22:57
Hey Hawk,
Thanks for your very informative posts in the past. The question I have for you is this, are the girls that much better looking at the places you listed for $70 an hour than say okoles or El Jardin? Also, I wasn't too impressed with El Jardin, but maybe I went at a bad time (11AM). Do you think it would be better at say 5-6? Thanks!

11-13-02, 04:00
I am going back to El Salvador for the second time this december? any recommendations??SHtupp, which girl did you pick from OKoles? I will be in S.S for a month (dec 20-jan 25). Share any info on new places. Also, have anyone been in METROPOLIS in ZONA ROSA??

11-13-02, 04:05
Does anyone know "places" outside san salvador. i.e. Santa Ana, La paz, or San miguel. If you do, can you give address and prices.

11-13-02, 17:21
The girls name was Jenny I think. She definitely had some Mayan blood in her, I think she said she was 21 and has a really nice smile (don't they all). I'm going back to SS this weekend so I should be able to check out some other places. I've only gone to the Zona Rosa once or twice and it's been awhile so I can't help you there, but I'll ask around.

Walking Around
11-18-02, 11:13
Watch out for a girl named Karen in Okoles. She is a thief and will try to rip you off. There is another girl here with light brown or hazel eyes and light hair that is nice and will ride you till you can't walk but I cannot remember her name.

At Z Club Bar try Liset, Hot body with a great ass and a lot of fun in the bed. There were 3 other really hot girls working when I was there.

Don't waste your time a Pent House 3 girls on a Saturday night and none worth looking at.

11-19-02, 04:17
Walking around, the girl with hazel eyes is Daniela, very cute face, and very nice ass. She is awesome and it's true she will ride u 'til u have nothing left. I have some pics of her, if u wanna see her but you have to share what u have. Look for my email in this forum.

11-28-02, 22:18
A knowledgeable relaible taxi driver is an invaluable asset in checking out services in any city. The best I have encountered in San Salvador is TATO, cell phone number 740-3634. His usual station is in front of the Novo Apart Hotel. In addition to his knowledge of the local clubs, he appears to be developing a stable of freelancers.

One afternoon, I expressed an interest in a massage and he took me to Peluqueria Universitaria owned by one of his university friends which offers hair cuts, massages, saunas etc. They are open from 8am until 6pm and Sunday mornings until noon. They quoted a price of $7 for a massage or $20 for a massage and full service. I elected the massage and full service and had a selection of four girls. Photos of Andrea, the girl I selected, has been forwarded for posting. I felt that I got my money's worth in the session subsequent to which I was told that three of them were available for a lesbian show will full client participation for $23 each.

I passed that by but later had TATO to arrange to bring three of the girls to my hotel for a massage, lesbian show, digital photos and full service including anal for two hours for $30 each. It was money well spent. Photographs of the three have been forwarded for postings. Yosclin was a standout among the three.

Another time TATO suggested checking out a couple of his freelancers. These included Carmena and older friend. Carmena was a 21 year old standout with beautiful face but slightly overweight, the other a 27 year old with great body but signs of aging. Photos of these two have also been forwarded for posting.

11-30-02, 00:20
I am going back to el salvador in Dec. Would love to have someone like tato. Thanks for the info. Can u give more info on la peluqueria, address? number of girls? You wanna share pics, i have some from pics from okoles and some freelancers. Let me know. I'd love to see those mamis.

11-30-02, 23:38

According to their card, Pelqueria Universitaria is located at Calle Guadalupe y Blv. Tutunichapa #1512 S.S., Telephone 225-3203. There were four girls on duty when I was there plus an older woman barber/manager.

I have submitted numerous digital photos for posting in a new El Salvador section. Why don't you do the same?

12-01-02, 04:19
Thanks for the info, and for sure i'll be there checking the place. Are the girls good looking?? Where can i see those pics> I am pretty sure that they are not shown in this site, are they?Which section are u talking about??

12-01-02, 15:25
Can anyone tell me what the action is like during the week of Dec 27 - Jan 2nd. I am familiar with Costa Rica but it is relatively quiet at that time. I speak fluent spanish and I am very friendly.
I will like to know where I should stay that is girl friendly and how much should I expect to pay for services? I have had girls stay with me all night at CR for $60.00 that I would rate an 8 in looks.
Any suggestions on where I should go if I am down that week?

Thanks to anyone out there that can help me.

12-04-02, 23:34
Hey Guys! nice to be back!

Too much work at my job and still is very busy here.
Ok now to the up dates, Thanks to Tito's posts one of these nights I went out to look for the SW, it was a Wednesdays night, about 9.40 pm and I started to drive my car on Roosevelt Blvd , where Tito had direct me to find these nice girls, to my surprise at that hour of the night I couldn't find any girl at all!, I went to the Hotel Intercontinental are, where other girls usually stand, but nothing, there has to be some thing wrong, I went to other streets near , where I know there are always some girls, but it was very lonely on the streets, I did find one but I didn't like her, but at last and about 10.20 p.m. I saw 2 girls on the very spot that Tito had talk about, I went for the younger one and asked her name, She said: Carolina!, I said to myself that these has to be one of the girls that Tito had mentioned.
I asked for the price, $20, ask how many times can I have sex, how many do you want? she asked, I said 2 at least, the answer was a yes, so We took off, the service was good, BJ and all and she was a nice girl.

I asked her about the lack of girls, she told me that for the last few months the police had been rough on them, they pick up the girls on the street and take them to jail for the night, she talked about the taxi drivers that are always next to where they stand, the girls always have cell phones and most of the times they get a call telling that the police is near, so they get in the taxis and leave. What a shame!

I'll try to take a look around one Friday's night and verify is this situation continues.

I went to Okoles last week, looking for Daniella, I went early about 10.30 a.m. and I didn't find her, but I found a girl with great legs and a smile, don't remember the name, She gave a good service, not one of the best that I had have in that place, but it was good.

Now that I had read more about this Z club, I'm planning to go next week and I will report my findings.

Good luck

12-05-02, 00:07
It's very hard to tell you that You'll find better girls at $70 places, of course your change is better but remember that the girls come and go in this places, a while ago I found a 8-9 girl at Okoles, this girl has one of the best body I'd seen in El Salvador!!! and was no more than 21 years old.
One of the best services that I'd have was in Okoles, but I had never seen the girl again.

You can try and go to these places, it can not be worse than Okoles.

12-05-02, 02:24
i will be arriving in san salvador on december 22 for a month or so. anyone want to go hunting together?

12-05-02, 08:49
Hey guys, Im from el sal and I always check this site and have to give props to Hawk and Tito they give good info, I have found a website for Club Conections it is:


there is a picture of the outside of the brothel, last time I wa there they where asking for 32 for half an hour 60 for an hour fs,
if this helps anybody out there, they have some pics of the girls there. Im heading down to El sal on saturday be there for a month enjoying the rich pleasure of salvadoran women

12-05-02, 08:55
Good to hear from you, HAWk. Hope next time you go to okoles, you find daniela. SHe is awesome. DOes anyone has any info for San Miguel? I will be staying in s.s. but i want to spend a weekend in san miguel, to see what's out there? Any inputs are welcomed. Has anyone been in FORMEN lately? if so, share info. I will see you guys dec 20. I'll be in el salv. for a month. Any new places??

12-05-02, 18:32
Hey guys!
It would be great if all the people from this forum that are coming to El Salvador, get together, have some beers and go hunting!
You can contact me at hawk_28_sv@yahoo.com

be sure that I'll go to Okoles again, I have to try Daniela !

About San Miguel, I'd been there but never stay more than a day, some friends had told me that there is at least 2 places open at night, remember that You can ask any taxi driver or the men at your hotel where these places are and which one is the best, be sure that they will know.
For what I had heard the girls are nice looking but can't tell about the services, the prices won't be higher than the San Salvador's average.
A friend told that some years ago He used to go there for business and stay at a budget, but nice one floor Hotel, one of the workers at that Hotel brought a girl to his room for the night.

For my knowledge For Men is one of the oldest places in San Salvador and I'm sure that the scene in that place is the same, You can read my post about this place in this forum.

I know where is this place you talk about, Connections, by the way is in the same area of Novo Hotel about 10 blocks away to the east, never been there, the price is too high for my budget, the girls look good on the site, but are the same kind that you can find in other places, the only reason that I can think of for the prices to be high is that maybe management take more care about consumer satisfaction and service quality, but like I said maybe.

I'm becoming very interested in this Z Club and If I can, I'll go this Saturday night, so wish me luck.


12-06-02, 00:12
Hi everyone!
Is there a site where everyone post pictures from experiences in El Salvador ?

12-07-02, 02:12
I don't know of any site, I was planning to send an e-mail to Jackson, because there are people saying in this forum that They had post some photos, but We can't see them.


In terms of sex, the action is the same, remember that El Salvador is more about "casas de Putas" and places like Lips, of course the streets, bars and restaurants are more crowded,

I'm not sure if the Casas de Putas are open Dec. 31, but sure January 1st every thing is close.

12-07-02, 03:52
Hawk - the photos are on the WSG HOME PAG (not the forum page) - click on "home" in the upper left corner

12-07-02, 04:31
I was trying to access new photos as well. I still get the old photos. I was on the wsg home page and clicked on photos but I get the same old photos. Nothing new.

12-07-02, 16:21
That's right, there are photos of other countries, but not from El Salvador!

12-14-02, 21:08
Any news?

12-19-02, 07:10
I will in s.s this weekend, have anyone been in UNOSOL?? Is near lips but i would like to know more info on this place. I heard that prices are high so is the quality of the girls.? I appreciate any inputs. Let me know of new places since i will be in s.s for a month.

12-19-02, 13:18
I too am waiting for these fotos to be posted.
Would love to see some legit Salvadorenas posted.

12-23-02, 00:23
Was ready to answer previous post questions and give new info but "message length" restrictions don't permit. Help?

12-24-02, 00:04
well, i'll try this anyway. wanted to add some comments and answer some questions. all of these are in-house spots.

someone mentioned a place on the outskirts of san miguel on ca-1 (panamerican hwy) and someone else asked it's name. it's about 1/2 km west of san miguel (toward ss from sm). the name is cedazo i and, imho, it's got the best women outside of ss. the light in the sign was burned out two weeks ago, but drive slowly/look closely and you'll find it. ask for maria elena: mid/late 20's, pure pro, all but back door, satisfaction guaranteed.

okoles is my favorite in ss (260-1748). ask for kelly. i hate to share her but she asked me to mention her after i told her about this site and said that guys were talking about daniela (who's too big for me) and karen (who kelly swears doesn't work there). i call kelly a solid 8, but to each his own. great attitude and work ethic and always there. brown eyes, dishwater blonde hair, real pro, no kids and it shows. she'll stop sucking every now and then to look up at me and say things like "fill me up" or to lick her lips and say "yummmm". i love her. she'll do all but back door, boy will she do all but back door!!! a very agile woman. tell her miguel kept his promise and wrote her up. best i've had in my life

west of san salvador: we're going downhill literally (to the west) quickly, but i like the "campo" spots as well (all these places have girls from 3's to 8's, mostly 5's, and cost about $20 for fs).
(1) in santa tecla, the three roses (on 10th ave. south #2-8). never had much luck there but they have a good show.
(2) across from "los chorros" on ca-1 there's a large green "motel" on a hill to the left. entrance is around the back. was closed but i think it's now open.
(3) near the bottom of hill after leaving los chorros, right hand side, "el oasis de san simon" has a large sign on the black porton that says "abierto pto". i had a long term relationship here several years ago. same owner as "tres rosas" and another interesting show. pretty spartan facilities.
(4) 12-15 km further, after esso station on right, follow signs to san juan opico. just leaving sitio del nino, bound for san juan opico (don't miss the quick left hand turn very soon after leaving ca-1), left side is "tequilla rock" (open at 6 pm tuesday-sunday). i like the atmosphere of this semi-outdoor place. there's probably better providers than paola, but i like her. she loves grapes...take her some and tell her miguel said to bring them.

san vicente: leaving sv to the south (for zacatecoluca), left hand side directly across the street from motel, very modern/fancy place (painted pink) called "las ilusiones" or something of that ilk. finest physical facilities in all el salvador...swimming pool, pool tables, satellite tv, very nice rooms w/ac, dance floor. monday nights they raffle off a girl or two.

ok, i know i haven't said much about the ladies at these places but it's so subjective. good girls, one and all, in my experience. chat 'em up. within ss the rate is going to be $30-40 and outside ss $20-25. i always tip something cuz the service has always been good to me. after all, they're salvadorenas and you can find better women in any sense of the word...ok, ok...well, i haven't.

12-26-02, 23:56
Thursday, Dec 26, 2002 3 p.m. San Salvador, El Salvador

ok ... here i am in san salvador now.... the last 2 days, being christmas eve and christmas day have been dead but now things are starting to get fun.... if you have any questions, comments or recommendations, let me know....

like everything in life, san salvador is neither all good nor all bad...

arrived sunday morning on what i consider to be an expensive united airlines flight, us$18 taxi to the hotel (everything here is in us dollars altho colone prices are still posted in the local places), and being from the repressed police states of america, headed out after a quick shower to see the ... ahem... "sights"

now no offense to anyone but the "pelicularia universitaria" is a dump AND they quoted me gringo prices.... altho i would not have partied there had they paid me.... 2 girls working, both in the 2-3 range on a scale of 10; they were breathing and wore skirts but otherwise ugh!

Finally made it to Okoles... dont know how... the taxi drivers seem overtly anti-gringo and i am avoiding them as much as i can now by taking buses.... san salvador is a small capital city and after a day it is really pretty easy to get around and even if you get a little lost, it is not a big deal and can be a little fun....

Pick up a street map at any Texaco gas station for us$2... it will help you get your bearings....

So, Okoles, pretends to be a barber shop, go in pay us$3 (all future prices in us$ ok?) which is entrance and includes a drink.... about 8 girls there, none better than a 7 maximum, karen "the thief" was there and she did look hardened too..... elizabeth, aka liz was there too - a plump but friendly girl .....liz introduced me to paola, who was the lone "7" in the place and gave a decent enough time in the room .....

after okoles, went to metro center shopping center.... chatted up a few ladies altho the quality and availability is nothing like it is in angeles city or rio..... met some sweet university girl, had a coke, she dropped me off at the hotel in her car, a real clunker, and later we had dinner together but no more.... she showed me around a little bit in her car,which helped me to get a perspective on really how small the city is... which is fine.... she gave me a bogus phone number and has not contacted me... oh well, no big...

as for being able to meet/pickup girls on the street, i will let you know later....it seems possible but not easy...

everyone is telling me how dangerous this place is but i dont see it being any more dangerous than los angeles....

so today is now thursday and i found a real decent place , the one mentioned before that is near macondo....if you want to know more, just ask me and i can tell you as much as i know about it.... real decent and real fun but i got to get going now ... will continue this later and a full in depth report next year (if i survive.... lol) .....

happy new year to everyone!

Walking Around
12-29-02, 10:37
I have a picture of Karen and one of the other girls from Okoles and I will try to post it in the photo section. They are both dressed though, no nude of them. Only photo I have of the girls from SS.

12-30-02, 00:42
I would love to see some of these photos of salvadorenas
that everyone is talking about.
The photo gallery never seems to have a El Salvador index.

good luck

12-30-02, 02:12
Studplayer: I have used taxi cabs in SS for 7 years, and I have never met a cab driver who was anti-gringo. I would not recommend that anyone take a bus. I know a lot of locals who have been robbed on buses. Usually two guys working together will get on the bus, pull weapons, and rob everybody on the bus.

Assult: The green hotel on CA-1 is called Hotel Verde. It was damaged in the earthquake two years ago. If it has reopened, that is good. It used to be open 24/7, and the girls lived in rooms there. I will have to check it out the next time I go to SS. I do not recommend the other places outside of SS to the guys that do not know El Salvador, do not speak Spanish, and do not have a car. There are plenty of places in SS, and it is less dangerous. I used to see a wh*rehouse in Apopa when I worked nearby. I asked one of the local guys about it, and he said that he was afraid to go into it. So be careful!

Walking: I have plenty of photos of the girls of Okoles and of other places. When I go to a place and find a girl that I like, I talk to her before going to the room and tell her that I want to take her photos. 9 out of 10 say yes, no problem! I only take my digital cameras to the daytime places, because they don't frisk you. All of the night places frisk you at the door and won't let you bring a camera in.

Eric: I don't trade pics with people on here anymore. One guy on here ("T") stiffed me. I send him a bunch of nude pics, and he sent me a couple of pics of clothed girls. Then he told me that he was going to send me some nude photos, that was 3 months ago, and I am still waiting.


12-30-02, 07:51
You can upload your photos on vipadulttravel .com alot of members of this forum have done so, since the moderator has no plans of posting them here. So please upload them so I can get a chance to see the flavor of SS before I visit.

Java Man
12-30-02, 10:45
thanks for the link to vipadulttravel Vampyr. i just joined. i urge everyone else here to join also, it's free BTW. i checked out the central america photo page. i couldn't tell which were the ES women as the pics are not labeled. it looks to be a new site, as there is no info on ES in the forum. i plan on using it. anyone planning on posting pics, label them as from El Salvador.

12-30-02, 21:29
<To everyone:
<Peluqueria universitaria, as someone mentioned, is really bad. Ladies are in their 30s and not good looking. Pliz save the taxy,. dont even try to go there you will be disguted by the very poor quality. >
Assault>: give us more info on Campo spots, directions and prices.Any news on club z and FOR MEN?.
I visited okoles like 4 days ago and karen is very atractive and she seems to work out a lot. How is the service with Karen?Also i would like to know if anyone have tried the massage adds, one in particular called mintos??
Another place that is booming with avg girls is el jardin, there are about 15-20 girls on service and some of them are not pros at all, I met one of the ladies before she became a pro and is a very strange feeling fuc-ing someone you know from outside but i really enjoyed her..
StudPLAYER ANYTHING NEW? i HAD BEEN VISITING OKOLES VERY OFTEN, HAVE YOU GONE TO THE PLACE NEAR MACONDO?if anyone have any info on the place near macondo, pliz let me know, i would like to know prices and directions'

12-31-02, 00:20

Please tell us exactly where El Jardin is located.

Thank you

12-31-02, 19:19
Hi every one:

Just to answer the question about El Jardin:

El jardin is located near Colegio Cristobal Colon, so if you’re going on San Antonio Abad street to the east, You will find a gas station on the corner, one block away from Colegio Cristobal Colon, make a right there, this house is on the left side of the street, I think that the house number is 9.
Phone number: 226-4582

01-01-03, 01:41
El Jardin is my favorite day place in San Salvador. There are always at least 10 girls there, I have never had bad service there, and every girl I have had there has let me take digital photos of her. The only problem I have ever had is that once in a while it is difficult to get a parking place on the street.


01-01-03, 01:46
In Okoles, Kelly has been working there since I started going there in 1998, so she is a veteren. She has let me take a lot of photos of her in action. Daniela has been there for 2-3 years. She has also let me take a lot of photos of her in action. I prefer to try newer girls who haven't had as much working experience.


01-02-03, 18:16
Happy New Year Every one!!

One of my rules is not to have same girl more than 2 times and El Jardin had been always good for me, yes the only problem some times is the parking.

Last Saturday Studplayer and I went to this night time place named Cesar’s, this place is no more than a block away from the Z Club, but on the other side of the street (49th av. Sur), I don’t know why I’d always thought that this was a bad place, but it turn out to be that I was wrong, there was at least 20 girls, most of them very young.

I’m sure that Studplayer will give you his point of view (from the American side) of this place, but here is my:
I liked the place, but maybe because I thought it was worse, a little dark but good, now for the prices:
Entrance fee : $3.00 (a drink included)
Services: $25.00-$30.00 for 30 minutes
$50.00 for 60 minutes
BJ with a condom.

I talked to one of the girls if I can have sex 2 times in the $30.00 service and after a few words she agreed.

We didn’t when for any ones because Studplayer didn’t liked any (or because no girl wanted to give a BJ without the condom)

Studplayer and I agreed that most of the girls were 7’s.

Now I know that the average girl that you’ll find in El Salvador’s brothel is 7, well...at least from the American point of view.

But for my taste, I found two young girls that I liked very much and would go for them next time.

StudPlayer is a great friend and we spend a good time together hunting women.

Good luck

01-06-03, 22:37
I just came from unosol, is not bad. but there is only one true 9 in that place. It´s on 89 ave near paseo escalon.. Come on guys, i need more places to visit, please post any info. Regarding Campo spots, í´ve asked around and no one knows about the place. One more thing and i am sure many of you will thank me. look under the clasificados in la prensa grafica, and look under nuymber 39 there is massage parlor that offers chantilli massages, i don´t know what that means but let me tell you the place is awesome there several 8´ ít´s truly worthy to visit. I give them my vote. PLiz don´t call mitos that will be the wrong place. The place has no name you need to call, but it´s very close to arestaurant called macondo, i think somebodyelse mentioned this before. Goood luck.

01-08-03, 01:05
Tito, I plan to go to the parlor that offers chantilli massages this weekend. But, don't know where the restaurant is called "Macondo" is? Pls tell me the location(Casa#) and prices.

Last weekend, On my way back to S.S, I passed by "Hotel Verde" but it was closed. A guy told me that it will be open again in February. They were doing some kind of re-modelling work. I also had a chance to visit "El Oasis de San Simon" The girls there were average looking" Prices were $20 per half hour session and $40 per hour session. I like visiting Campo spots. Thanks to assault11! for valuble info on Campo spots. I plan to go to San Vicente soon, I will write more of the place.


01-08-03, 19:09

Tito: You should tell us about the places that you’d visited and your thoughts about them and it will help us to tell you about others places.

ave11: Restaurante Macondo is on the corner of Blvd. Constitucion and Algodon street, if you’re going south to north on Blvd. Contitucion you’ll find Macondo to your right, you turn right on calle Algodon, the place is on the left side of the street about 2 blocks away. The phone number is 274-1487.
$3-4 entrance fee
$35 one hour service.

Good luck.

01-08-03, 23:34
ave11: glad to help out. I love the places in the "campo" but I guess that's the country boy in me. anyway, the directions given to the place near Macondo are clear and correct. Turn right between the Macondo restaurant and the Chinese place on the opposite corner, but same side of Blvd Constitucion...just as instructed. I think the house number is #6 or #9 and it is a two story, but small house...I think the color is green. ON the left. Very uassuming. Open like 10-7.

There's a new place (or maybe two) open on Avenida Chiltiupan in Merliot between SS and Santa Tecla. Traveling west on Chiltiupan, the place(s) is on the left hand side of the street usually with an armed guard and flashy - but cheap looking - lights. Don't know what goes on in there but it's about time Merliot got some action.

Don't forget to try out the Tequilla Rock on the road north off the CA-1 toward San Juan Opico. Just follow the signs to San Juan Opico but as soon as you leave CA-1, make a quick 90 degree left, the follow the road to Opico for 2-3 kms. It's on the outskirts of the populated area, but many kilopmeters prior to Opico. I like the oputdoor atmosphere there.

Went to OKOLES today for a visit with my ole friend Kelli. Unlike some...I like a pro...and she's it, although she disputes that she's been working there since 1998 and swears she doesn't allow photos. I guess I'm just a cumer and goer in the city, altho in the campo I lkie to sit and chat the girls up. Maybe take some Pollo Campero.

If the guy who's using buses instead of taxis (cuz of un-American attitudes of taxi drivers is around) is still around, please go back and give the taxis another chance. You must of got the only two un-American drivers in the city and the buses are DANGEROUS places!

01-09-03, 20:20
I would like to go to this Tequila Rock, It’s good to make a change from the city places, I just read your other post were you give a better address, but tell me more about this place, girls, prices, etc?
I read that the place opens at 6 pm, is the road safe at that hour?

By the way, Kelly at Okoles is one of the best like you said, just been with her once, because I always like to have other girls, but She gave me a very good service, I have a trip to Guatemala next week and I’m planning to expend some $$$ on girls there, but if I don’t go, I’ll sure go to Okoles next week, though the place near Macondo is nice too and I hadn’t been there for a while, maybe they have new girls and that’s what I like.


01-10-03, 02:38

Kelly is lying to you. I have many photos of her. I can send you a couple if you want. She is also lying about how long she has worked at Okoles. But who cares? She is a great puta and gives good service.

Are the places you talked about open during the day or night?


01-10-03, 17:45

I wouldn't doubt for a second that Kelly is lying...I'm certain that "Kelly" is no where near her real name, nor that she's originally from Ciudad Barrios; but as you say...who cares.

Re: the hours of the places I talked about, as I recall, "Tequila Rock" near el desvio de Opico, "Tres R's" in Santa Tecla and "Ilusiones" in San Vicente open at 6 PM ("hora Salvadorena"). The "Oasis de San Simon" opens at noon ("hora Salvadorena"). All of these operate until late at night. I believe that "Cedazos I" in San Miguel opens about 4 PM.


Directions, etc. to Tequila Rock:
1. Head west out of Santa Tecla on CA-1
2. Continue straight past Los Chorros, Colon, the turn to Sonsonate and the new shopping mall.
3. Enter the Zapotitan Valley (still on CA-1
4. Within a few kilometers, the highway is no longer divided but merges into six contiguous lanes of traffic. This is actually an old landing strip used during the war (used to have compass headings, distance markers, etc. painted on the road for the pilots)
5. On the left (south) you'll pass several military installations: Transportation, Caballeria, etc.
6. On the right, you'll pass a large ESSO station
7. Several kms past the ESSO, and just as the landing strip ends and the highway begins to divide again, you reach the "desvio de Opico".
8. At the "desvio de Opico" there will be signs to San Juan Opico and Joya de Ceren, among others. At that point, exit CA-1 to the right (north) toward Opico.
9. Almost immediately upon exiting CA-1, there is a 90 degree left turn to go to Opico (not very well marked, but if one doesn't turn left there you'll end up in Quezaltepeque). There are all sorts of tiendas y talleres at the turn. Ask anyone.
10. OK, after making the turn and on the way to Opico, the road curves slowly to the right. Within 2-3 km (just as you start to leave the zona de talleres y tiendas), slow down and begin to look to your left (west).
11. Tequila Rock is on the left (black gate, I think) but with signs and lights, etc. when open. Not easy to miss if you're looking. It's on the road, honk at the gate (which swimgs outward...I always have to back my pickup slightly onto the highway to let the gate swing open).
12. Enter and pay your $3 entry (drink included). Price is about $20/30 min., but bargain a little. I'm certain that the owner is ex-militar.
13. It's closed Mondays, but otherwise opens at 6 PM (+/-).
14. Usually 5-8 girls there (shivering if it's cold), maybe more on weekends, dance stage, bar, semi-indoor/outdoor seating. They look like most girls in "campo" joints and it depends on your tastes.
15. My favorite is "Paola"...skinny as hell and probably not the best provider but I like her laugh and we always talk/drink a lot. Tell her Miguel sent you and his love.

Now that's about the best I can do w/o going out there and clocking all the kms...which I might do one of these nights.

Are the roads safe at night? IMHO, there's no safe roads in El Salvador at night (or during the day). All are full of "baches, vacas y bandidos" but that's what makes it so fun to get there and so hard to leave. Seriously, I don't like driving any of the highways at night, but this is probably safer than most. You're only 2-3 kms off the CA-1 and the area is populated (is that good or bad?).

Try it, the report.

A Toda Maquina
01-10-03, 18:59
Hey , I got to come back down to Salvador and check out some more volcano mammas , gotta lots here in Houston , but nothin beats the old country......(how much are all-nighters running you) Tear it up!!! ,Chango

01-11-03, 02:09
Hey guys!

I just find out about this place, $30 all the time you want, at least that’s what they said, now for the address: All of you that had visited or lived in El Salvador knows this road, the high way to the airport, If you’re going to the airport and you leave the bypass “Hermano Lejano”, you’ll soon find some traffic lights (by the way these are new ones) because is a “high way” they are flashing yellow lights and every now and then they change to red, this is just before Restaurante Navarra, ok if you’re going to the airport, try to stay on the right lane, because you’ll have to turn right on the traffic lights, this turn will take almost 180 and up to the hill, no more than half a block away you will see some houses on a corner, take the left road, these houses will be on you’re right (there are no others houses in this area) is the first house, number #609, Tel 242-2957.

My friend tell me this isn’t a new place, it’s been there for some years now, the good thing is the no-time limit!

If you go, please send the report.

Good luck

01-12-03, 01:16

After re-reading my directions to TRock, I decided to clarify something...don't want you lost on account of me. In steps 8. and 9. of my previous message, when you exist CA-1 to the right, it is not a 90 degree turn. You're gonna "angle" off and almost parallel CA-1 for about 75 meters. Then you'll come to a T and have to have to turn left or right. Turn right. Within less than 50 meters is the 90 degree left turn, in the area of tiendas and talleres, that will put you on the road to SJO and Quezalte.

Just wanted to clarify that.

I'm going to have to check out this place out by Navarra. That's news to me and I've been here a long, long time. I always thought something must happen at the "Blue Angel" (think that's the name) motel further south toward Comalapa (right hand side of highway) but I stopped once and it didn't appear to be a place. There is a spot (probably more than one) in the entrance to Usulutan that I haven't tried but a reliable source tells me ist the best in Usu. Left hand side (going west from Zacate), two-story, down in a barranca, clearly visible from the road. Anyone been there...can't remember the name, but sounds like what it is?

01-14-03, 18:31
Thanks for the help, I was going to ask you some questions but I hadn’t read your last post, I don’t know why , but yesterday I couldn’t enter the site, You’d been very clear if I get lost it won’t be your fault, but I won’t.
By your post I have the impression that these girls are rookies or semi-pro?

Now for the news:
I found this other place, is in an area of San Salvador named Mejicanos, they said is $20 the hour service, now for the address, you have to go north on the Blvd. Los heroes, this is the main street between Hotel Intercontinental and Metrocentro, you have to go to the “end” of this street, you’ll find Universidad Nacional in front of you, after the traffic lights the street angles to the right, still 3 lanes street, you won’t notice a difference, but now the street has another name, Autopista norte, just follow the street, it will have some curves, but always a 3 lane street, until you come to a T, now you have to turn left or right, take the left and no more than 2 blocks away you’ll find a Super Selectos (supermarket) on your left, just on the cornet of Selectos if a street that goes a little bit up hill, take that street (turn to the left) you will see on your left you’ll see a red and white communications tower, the place is 2 o 3 houses after the tower, house number #3.
This is the cheapest price I had found in a safe area of SS.

By the way I have an image of the San Salvador map in gif format, if you want it, just send me an e-mail.

Good luck.

01-14-03, 22:53
Hawk, could you share with me the email address to request the San Salvador map in GIF. that would be great...thanks

01-14-03, 23:30
No problem:


01-14-03, 23:34

You're getting pretty low-down and trashy, now! Have you ever tried one of the places in the entrance to La Libertad. I think there's only one left now...used to be several on the right: the Bourbon Street, R & R, etc.

Or the "Fish Beer Club" out in Apopa? The Fish Beer Club (you gotta love that name) is located just off the Troncal de Norte as you enter Apopa. There is a large gas station (ESSO, I think) on the left and the Fish Beer Club is a two story place, relatively large sign visible on the left from the Troncal. I've never been there.

I did try the R&R in La Libertad with a friend about 20 years ago and that's as low as I've ever gone. There was only one even marginal girl there so we tossed a coin (he won) and took turns. I'm not proud of it!!

01-14-03, 23:40

Sure, send me some photos of Kelly. I don't have a camera. You can send them to:


01-15-03, 04:16
Thanks alway for your valuble info on great spots.

I'd like you to send me the map of S.S GIF. Could you? I already sent you an email with the request. Pls check your email out.

Last Saturday, I passed by the place near to the highway to the airport. No time limit! It sounded to me great.

I found the house very easily becasue of Hawk's very good explanation. The house is well marked #609. I saw an old lady from the outside and the house didn't look like a decent place...actually didn't even look like a ***** house. So, i didn't enter the house. It may have some young girls. Has anyone been there?

Could pls give me some more info on the place nearby the Maconda Restraunt? On the other day, i couldn't really find it. Is is located on the left side or right side as you come down from the Maconda? How many houses should i pass down from the Maconda?
Do you have any recomandation of any girl there?

Anyway, definitely, i will go to Tequilla Rock this weekend. It's good that it's open on Sunday too. Most places close on Sunday. Right?

BTW, assault, to get to Teguilla Rock, should I pass the bridge where Joya de Cerren is? or is it in well before the bridge?
I will give your B.regards to Paola...I also love...skinny girls.

Many thank to your guys. AVE11.

P.S: I also couldn't enter this site yesterday. Does anyone know why?

01-15-03, 07:21
Hawk and assault...you guys are kicking ass
the detailed posts. Keep up the great work!
It is well appreciated. I'll be down in S.S at
the end of the month.
great job!


Member #4239
01-15-03, 12:43
To the experts on the SS scene/Gentlemen:
I am coming to SS for the first time. I have already read the prior posts/archives and just need an update. Is hotel "de novo" still the place to stay at? How is the street action these days and what is the average price?
Much obliged. J.G.

01-15-03, 16:12
Sorry, JG, I can't help you much on either of your requests. I live here so don't use the hotels, altho I'd bet that the Novo is a good bet. it's in a good location, i.e. close to everything, and in general is a nice (not 5 star, but nice) hotel.

I've never tried SWs in SS but would be more than somewhat cautious if I did. Get you a good taxi driver (think someone mentioned one in a previous post who operates out of/near the Novo). Me, I'm just a country boy and don't spend that much time in SS.

01-15-03, 18:34
Come on...I’m only trying to help everybody here! :-)

Yes, I know the places in La Libertad, but never been in one , the places look very bad.
Now for the place in Mejicanos, I know the street and the neighborhood and is not bad, yes the price is low, so You should not expect to find any 8’s or 9’s girl in this place.

I’ll always recommend day time places, because many of the girls that work in these places hide what they do from their family or friends, is like having a day time job, the girls take more care of themselves in health matters.

I know how the place look from the outside, but remember that you’re in El Salvador, this area used to be a Farm area, owned by rich people (Finca), this house is maybe old and was the house of the keeper of the Finca. The area is safe because if you follow this street up hill (left) you’ll find the entrance of the warehouse of a very important company in El Salvador, they have security guys and all. But is up to you.

The place near Macondo is about 2 blocks away from the Macondo, on the left side of the street the number 4, the street goes slowly down hill from Macondo and then it star slowly up again, the place is just before you star going up hill and before a triangle on the street were you can turn right, I had park my car around that triangle and walked to the place.

Like asault11, I live here, but I friend of my stayed at the Novo this last December, I was in his room and it looked nice, is girl friendly.
The street action is very low these days, the average price is $20-$25, depending on your negotiation skills, I’d checked the street scene lately and I hadn’t find anything really good, I would not recommend this strategy to any tourist, you’d be better in the known Clubs, if you sum up all that you have to pay, the girl, taxi driver and maybe something at your Hotel, you’ll end up paying the same that if you were in a Club, you’ll be safer and have more girls to choose from.


Please, send the photos to me too.

01-16-03, 00:59
Ave, I'm a bit embarassed to admit but I've only been to Joya de Ceren once and it was years ago...don't remember it or the bridge, although I know its in that general area. Just print and follow my (ammended) instructions and get on the road to San Juan Opico and look to the left...that's the key...if you get to Zeta Gas you've definitely gone too far! TR is, as I said, right on the highway, so close you may have to back up onto the roadbed so the gates can swing out.

01-16-03, 01:04

I am always greatful for your insights on spots. Could pls tell me one more time about a Tequilla Rock? I think it's hard to find it at night...i would go out at night becasue it's open at 6P.M. Right?

By the way, i've been to Joya de Cerren. So, it would be easy for me to get into the right way to Opico. My question is if i have to pass over the bridge just before the JOya de Cerren or T.Rock is well before the bridge ??? Assault, you probably know which bridge i am talking about. Don't you?

Hawk-28, thanks for Macondo info. I think i would now find the house easily. I was looking for the house before going down the street on the other day. Don't you have any particular girl in your mind?


Member #4239
01-16-03, 09:26
Guys. Thanks a lot for the useful info. J.G.

01-17-03, 00:27

don't know how much more i can tell you about tr. i just like the place. it is very open air except in the shitty little rooms where the dirty deed is done. you can not miss it if you're on the road to sjo. any night but sunday, after 6 pm, just get on the road to sjo and keep looking to your left. stop when you see the black gate with lights and a flourescent orange/pink sign that says "telquilla rock". beep the horn and a guy will swing the gate open (you can ask him if paola is there and he'll tell you and let her know) or just go in and look for your own tastes. i hate "ratings" cuz one man's plate is another man's poison. he'll charge you $3 which includes your first drink. beets are about $1.50, i think. i just give paola the $ and she buys them...and i often buy for a few of her friends as well. girls cost $20/ half hour, i think. take paola some grapes and she'll love you forever...they're her favorites...doesn't matter if they're green or red.

i don't remember a bridge which probably means it's before the bridge, if the bridge you're talking about (and j de c) are on the road to sjo. it is not more than 3-4 km from the ca-1, so if you go further, turn around. if you reach zeta gas (a large, well-lighted installation on the right) you've gone too far.

happy trails.

01-17-03, 04:13

Thank you for your help on T.R. I really apprecite it! Yes, you've given me enough info regarding the location of T.R. I'd find the place easily as long as it has got a flourescent light.

I promise that i would give you B.regards to Paola as i see her.

My weekend plan is going to a Macondo place in the morning and i would head for T.R on Sunday night.

Does anyone know about a better place to go this weekend?


01-18-03, 02:17
I went to the place in mejicanos, and i don´t think is worth to even try. Most ladies are below 5, however two of the ladies were doing domicilios so i didn´t get the chance to see two of the girls. Overall, this place is a dump.Prices are pretty much the same as others, 20dls per 1hr. Has anyone has any info about house 609 on autopista comalapa. i called the place and they said that the price is 30 dls and you can have the girl as much time as you wish, i am curious to know if they have good looking girls, probably give them a visit over this weekend. I only have one more week left and i am planning to enjoy it as much as i had enjoyed this trip. How many girls are in tequilla rock>_?? Indeed the street action is dead, but there is only one girl that i recomend her name is carolina, you can find her two streets down from Univ. Francisco gavidia, average body but great bjs and fuck. She might ask you for 25 but just tell her that u met her before, and she would go for 15 to 18$. Has anyone tried the puterio in 89 ave. by paseo escalon? if you had, tell me about it. Or the one in 77 ave?????For men is one place that i haven´t visited, any news??
I will try to post any info on 609 next week. Also if you don´t have anything to do this weekend go to waldos there are plenty of putas at night, you won´t be dissapointed. Specially Jardin girls and SOme from other spots.

01-18-03, 04:21
Tito, I hope that you find more info on the house#609. I am so curious of the place. I went there last wekeend but didn't enter the house as i mentioned earlier. I may give one more chance.

As for the street action, i haven't had any luck so far. Most of the girls that i met were around 5~6. Tito, Could you pls tell me a bit more about Carolina? I knew a girl, her name was Carolina too. What is she like? The one that i know has got big boobs with curly hair and tall. Is this the same girl?

The last request, tito, where can i find "Waldos"? Is that a Disco place?

Thanks always for a great info.

01-18-03, 17:00
tito: never been to TR on the weekend but during the week there are 6-8 girls there, usually.

ave11: I didn't say there were "flourescent lights". I said a "flourescent sign". It is a white board painted with flourescent paint. Bright...none the less.

01-18-03, 17:33
Sorry that the place in Mejicanos was bad, but you had help us, now We know that the place must be at the end of our list, that’s the point of this forum, by giving information you help others to have a better time in El Salvador and come back, I don’t like to give information about bad places, but I should had know this by the prices they offer.

You’re right about Carolina, She’s very good, I picked up her last November, thanks for the information about her.

Waldos? I had hear that name before, where is this place?


01-18-03, 18:44

Is the Carolina that you know the girl with big silicone boobs? If so, she was the best that I have had down there. She was my girlfriend for a couple of years that I worked down there, and she went back to being a puta when I left. Last I heard, she was freelancing.


I have stayed in the Novo many times since 1997. The people who work there are friendly, it is safe, and most of all, they let you bring girls in. If the girl stays all night they will charge you though.


Member #4239
01-20-03, 15:17
Hawk, other SS experts:
I'll be there this Tuesday. I was checking the website for Hotel Novo. The nightly price seems to be 70 dollars and up. You guys know of a safe girl friendly hotel for around 30 to 40 dollars a night? Thanks. J.G.

01-20-03, 17:21

This is a problem for us of those who live here, we don’t use the regular Hotels, only drive in Motels where you take your girl only for business and stay a couple of hours, but here is an option is very near Intercontinental Hotel, Metrocentro and most important Okoles, check it:


The only thing is that I don’t know is they’re girl friendly, hope this helps.


01-21-03, 02:50
I am back
Waldos is a bar and it´s behind hotel Intercontinental. Here all putas gather to get picked uup.There is no way to miss it. I can see that noone has gone to 609, i will try to go this wednesday, and post some info the same day. Well guys i am glad that you find my reports helpfuls and let´s keep posting . Anybody have visited For Men_::? I almost forgot, i met a cutie walking araound blvd de los heroes near the car dealers, and metrocentro. to be exactly she was standing over the bridge near a gas station. She was 19 and an awesome breast. You can find her around 10 at night. i Hope you find her, and she loves anal. Her name i don´t remember but she is blonde with real blue eyes. You will know when see her standing over the bridge.
I think we are taking about the same girl, she just got implants like tthree months ago. Those of you that haven´t tasted carolina, you are missing a lot. you will have a pleasant experience with carolina.

01-21-03, 04:00
Do you guys think that a decent time can be had for just a 3-4 day stay (out of LAX)? Mind you I speak Spanish nearly fluently, but still I was wondering. Places like Filipines the fruit is ripe on the trees, easy to pluck, etc but that is just to far for a short fling....

Basically, if I go down for such a short time I'd like to really hit the ground running or know which is the most productive place to hit. Thanks bros!

01-21-03, 16:31

Thanks for the info man, just a few questions:
How much do the girls that go to waldos ask for?

About this new girl you met, there are two bridges in that area , with two gas stations near by, the closest to Metrocentro is on 49 av. and 1 Calle Pte. the other one is on 49 av. and Blvd Roosevelt, I have seem some girls near the gas station of the last one , witch one was it?
and of course how much she asked for?


01-21-03, 18:59

IMHO, if you can't have a great time in El Salvador in 3-4 days, you've got a real problem.

01-22-03, 18:15
What days and hours is El Jardin open?

No one has mentioned Lips recently, why? I would also like to know what days and hours it is open.

01-22-03, 18:41

El Jardin is open Monday through Saturday, from 9 am to 7 pm.

Lips is open Monday through Saturday, from 12 m to 2 am. Is only a strip club, you can watch an have a private lap dance but you can not have sex there, though they have very nice looking girls.
You should read old post about how to pick up girls from this place and prices.


Member #4239
01-23-03, 08:57
El Jardin is definitely the place to start from. About 15 girls available, almost all with very nice faces and bodies. They'll charge you 4 bucks for admission, but they'll discount that if you go into the room with a girl. 16 dollars for half an hour. 36 dollars for a full hour. In all these places, the girl will bring a little basin of water(usually cold, ouch) to wash your penis with and she'll dry it. She'll wash it again after you are done. The girls are all very polite, friendly and professional. The service is good.
I went to Okole, but didn't like it. Only 7 girls, little bit cold attitude and just sitting there in the front(at the barber shop area). Fresh kiss(or Kiss Fresh) was okay. About 6 girls there, but very friendly. Their price was just a few dollars more expensive than the El Jardin.
This Escalon section is quite modern, with very nice roads, and appears very safe both during the day and at night. Much nicer than I expected. The city is quite large though, and in my experience not as easy to get around as one of the previous posters had said.
You can get a HUGE apartment at Suky hotel which is right next to Lips, for about 45 dollars at night. The apartment is very functional but old. No securtiy boxes. A better deal for just as nice and big an apartment will be Victoria apartments for 35 dollars at night. Again, no security boxes though. That's the best deal that I found in the Escalon area, but your cab driver can show you plenty of other hotels. Don't ask me the addresses please....lol....your cab driver will know them or you can also look it up in the yellow pages.
Ali Baba and Seisa outside the Novo apartments, are actually dance/prostitution clubs. I went there during the day and both were CLOSED. I believe they open from 7 pm to 2 am. I guess the ladies there do two or three dances, etc. I didn't go back to check them out personally.
San Salvador is a nice city. There are good places for sex, but you certainly got to kind of run around the town a little to go from one place to the other. The prices are more expensive than the neighboring Honduras. The service is good.
Happy hunting. J.G.

01-23-03, 18:08

It is good to hear that you’re having fun here in El Salvador, yes Jardin is a very nice place, you’re right about the girls in Okoles their attitude is cold, though you should try Kelly, She’s the best.

You hadn’t waste you’re time, didn’t you. I don’t recommend seisa or Alibaba, for night time You should go to Z Club and Cesar’s both very very close to each other, lots of girls at Cesar’s, the prices are about $10-15 higher than the day time places for sex services.

If you need more information just ask.

Good luck

01-24-03, 00:32
ave: Did you find TR over ther weekend?

Tito: what about 609...di you go?

01-24-03, 16:09
That’s the same thing that I was going to ask today!

Hey guys did You go to these places???

01-24-03, 19:25
Someone tell us about Fresh kiss(or Kiss Fresh) mentioned by J.G. as to location, price, hours etc.

01-25-03, 00:41

The place named Fresh Kiss, is the same near Macondo that we had discuss early on this forum.

Member #4239
01-25-03, 04:43
On the matter of Kiss Fresh, Hawk is correct -as he always is. You can find the address, etc in one of Hawk's previous postings. That's where I got it from. Open from 9(or maybe 10 I forgot) am till 7 pm, Sundays closed. About 6 or 7 girls. I did one of them, and could certainly have gone back for a few other ones. I am sorry I don't remember the exact prices, but about the same as the other day time places. Funny enough, they have a "45 minute" rate as well. 3 dollar admission which gets you a free drink. Rooms for action are upstairs.
Overall, I would recommend visiting it. J.G.

01-26-03, 21:01
Originally posted by rendorseg
Do you guys think that a decent time can be had for just a 3-4 day stay (out of LAX)? Mind you I speak Spanish nearly fluently, but still I was wondering.
How many think same trip can be fun for 3/4 days from LAX without Spanish, or very, very crude Spanish? Totally Unrealistic?

01-27-03, 02:54
Well, I'm thinking of heading down to San Salvador flying down there on the evening pf the 6th, arriving the morning of the 7th (Thursday), then flying back up on Monday morning of the 10th. Anybody else game?

A Toda Maquina
01-27-03, 22:35
I will be back next month to check out some of those fine "volcano mammas" .....see ya , and Tear it up ! ,Chango

01-28-03, 01:36
I went to 609 last week and i hate to say it but is the very bottom of the many places i have visited. Don't waste time and pliz try to visit these places before you post anything. However i have good news on the street action: You can find a few jovencitas near univ. francisco gavidia.They are located right in front of pollo campero near la gavidia.. My recommendation is la negra, great attitude, and service. There a few others and they are not that bad. they will ask you for 23 dls but you can have them for 15-18 dls. I hope you find this info helpful, and be nice to the girls.

01-28-03, 02:50
Hi! Guys.
Has anyone found a new place recently? I've always loved to visit different places.

Yes, I found T.Rock easily with your detailed info. Like you said, the house is somewhat located in isolated area. I saw Paolina, yeah, she was muy delgalita. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to chat her Cause she was already with a local guy. The open farm atmosphere wasn't bad at all. I only wish, there had been less guys. There were full of guys and 8~9girls as i got in there. I would say that two of them were 7~8 including Paolina the other girl's name...i don't remember. The rest of the girls were, i'd give 4~5. BTW, i certainly don't mind going back there again. But, I wouldn't go there on Saturday.

Pls guys, let's talk about more new places.

Cheers. AVE11

01-28-03, 18:05

Forgive me for gave you information about places that you hadn’t liked, but I’m sure that if the information about the place had come to you from other sources you’d still had go, I always try to give the complete information about the place, I give the phone number so you can call and be sure about the prices and all, but if you like to go to places like Unosol where they charge you $70, what do you expect to find in a place that charge $30 and unlimited time or the other place in Mejicanos $20, like any other product, price gives you an idea of the quality of the goods.

Don’t be mad at me for this.

Ok here is another day time place, the price for the hour is $40 or more, I went there about 2 years ago, about 6 girls, now for the address, is very easy to find than to tell you the street numbers, for those of you that knows Z Club, let me tell you that this place is 2 blocks away from Z Club, the easy way to get there is this, your driving south to north on the 49 street, the main street where the Z Club is, the Z Club is just before a bridge and the Flor Blanca Stadium, and before Z Club is a gas station, if your going north the gas station and the Z Club will be on your left, there is a street between the gas station and the Z Club, you will have another street on your right too, so make a right turn there, you’re going east now, go to the next corner and make another right turn, the house will be on your right, number 714, phone number 223-0141.
For now on I’ll say that is up to you to check this place up.

Can you give us an update on the prices and kind of services that received in TRock?
at what time did you go and leave, the road was safe?

01-28-03, 18:13
Hey Chango - when you gonna be down in San Salvador? Though my spanish is quite good, it might be fun to do a little exploring together with a fellow mongerer or two.

01-29-03, 03:14

When I go to these places, and I have been to a lot of them, I always get the half hour service and not the 1 hour service. It is cheaper, and I am never rushed to finish up withing 30 minutes. The sessions always last at least 40 minutes. I know that you told me before that you have been rushed with a 30 minute service, I don't know why this is. You other guys may want to try this strategy.


01-29-03, 18:00
Chango and others -- I'll be down in San Salvador between Feb 6 and 10 and would be happy doing some group hunting! I speak Spanish well also. email me at superrendorseg@yahoo.com if ya want.

Originally posted by Chango
I will be back next month to check out some of those fine "volcano mammas" .....see ya , and Tear it up ! ,Chango

01-29-03, 19:08
ave11: Glad you found TRock w/o problems. I had fears of you wandering in the Valle de Zapotitan, lost forever. Sorry that Paola was busy. I like her personality...lots of chispa and a great little laugh. She doesn't look like she's had a kid, does she, but she says she has one. I've never been there on a weekend as I spend most of those at the finca.

I went to Kiss(Fresh)Kiss the other day cuz the first time I went there I had been drinking too much to be effective. This time I had Marcela, a good solid 7 in looks, but only 6 on service. 20 bucks for 1/2 hour, but she said afterward that bbbjtc makes her 'nervous". It showed. There are several there I'd do. One looked too young for me to feel good about doing her...very thin, ave11, sinc eyou and I seem to like them that way. Anyone else done her...maybe I could be convinced by a good report!

Has anyone tried the place in the Plaza Rosa, the centro commercial on Manuel Arajo (right hand side) when entering SS from Santa Elena? There's a place on the ground floor (level with the west parking lot). I saw some kid delivering lunch there the other day but didn't try it.

No one has gone to try the place I reported on in San Vicente, eh? And what about the gentlemen's club on the south side of Chiltiupan in Merliot...anyone tried that? I don't know if it's just a strip club or offers other services.

Hawk: I don't hink anyone's "mad" about the info you post. We all post what we know and it's up to each of us to check it...diferent strokes for diferent folks, no. Personally...

Tito: How was 09 "at the bottom"? I kinda like sleeze. Was it the girls or the facilities that turned you off? Can you give anymore details about the experience?

01-30-03, 02:07
The ugliest putas i've ever seem in my life, believe me it's not worth the trip. Has anyone tried the street prostitutes on Gavidia?Assault,the one in plaza rosa i think is called Gabriels, isn't it?Come on fellows, help us to find more places!!

01-30-03, 03:37
You are quite right. Both of us seem to prefer thin girls to big bottomed girls. In addition, You and I like visiting places in outside of S.A. Right? Certainly, i'd say that TRock is a good place to go if anyone get board in S.S

assuat, Can U pls tell us what "Marcela" in Kiss fresh is like?
why did she get nervous? Didn't she eager to do a" bbbj"? Was that the reason?

I've been in Salon Gabrien, Plaza Roza near by Feria Intern't U can find it easily with ?Assuat's info below but it's not on the ground floor it's actully on the second floor. It's got a sign front of the shop. So, it will be seen clearly. As you enter, i think the Madame will greet you and charges you.about $13~15. Then, you could see the girl inside of the place. When i went there, there were about 5 girls. They were Okay but with alll of them had big bottoms. Of course, i liked none of them. However i did it with one of the girls only to get a ugly experience. the girl took me to a one of room.(I don't think i could call it as a room it was a reallly small space with a hospital like bed.) and gave me a message, then, bbjj and different position etc...the usual stuffs. Overall,I paid about $40. it wasn't as nice as Jardin or other places that I could go with that price.

assault11,Yeah, i went to San Vicent after reading your post immediately. I think a courntry boy is really in me! I found the place but it was closed by then, a security guy who works at the motel in front of the place told me that it opnes at 6~7P.M. I thought it was kind of day-time place. I don't know whether i could take a girl out for a night or stay there till morning...It must be too long way and too dangeous to come back to S.A at night. does anyone know about prices and how many girls work there? I'd like to know more about the place in San vicente. It must be a bit different from the places in S.S. No/? I think someone mentioned that it's got the best facility in El Salvador.

Cheers Ave11.

A Toda Maquina
01-30-03, 19:36
Hey rendorseg, I won't be down until March.,but for sure May........be hangin stateside and in Mexico until then.........

01-30-03, 20:51
ave: What's Marcela in Kiss Fresh like? Well, let's see...she opened the door when I got there. Actually, she opened the door for the guy delivering lunches (I always seem to arrive at lunchtime, eh) and I liked her face as soon as I saw her. The rest of her's not bad either...tall, average build (says she has one child but it doesn't show much), reddish brown hair, from Jiquilisco. I looked all of the girls over and stuck with her. As I mentioned, there's one there that really, really looks 14-16. Marcela seemed to be the one in charge there as she's the one who organized the grls to line up and tell me their names.

Anyway, I told her what I wanted (bbbjtc) and she agreed; we went upstairs and did the dirty deed. Not much hugging and kissing...she got right to work. Maybe too fast for me. But she just kept stopping to spit. I don't like that. Anyway, afterward she told me that bbbjtc makes her nervous and I asked why she did it then. She said to please me, and I told her I'd rather do it with someone who felt less obligated. She laughed and I left.

More about San Vicente: Well, you saw the place...very modern. It was built as a "casa de citas" and has swimming pool, pool tables, satellite tv, dance stage, and rooms upstairs that are clean and air conditioned, etc. Hell, it would be the best place to stay in SV!! Across the street is a no-tell motel, El Cisne, owned by the same guy. Sorry that I didn't mention it was a after 6 PM place...used to be open in the afternoons but not lately. It usually has 6-8 girls...about like TRock. Again, I've never been there on a weekend but it's not crowded on the weeknights. The girls have told me that Monday night is sometimes crowded cuz they raffle off a girl or two for free and there's good happy hour prices on drinks. I've seen 2-3 girls there that are definitely 7-9's, but there seems to be a good bit of turnover. Most of the girls seem to be from the east and I even found a Nica there once...kinda far west for a Nica, altho there's many in San Miguel and La Union. Prices are like most of the non-SS place $20-30/half hour. I have to travel to San Vicente every couple of months on business, so I stay the night at the Hotel Central shithole in downtown, if I don't want to drive back to SS.

Now that's someplace no one has talked about...what about La Union? Anyone know anything about it? I've got a trip there coming up in a month or so.

01-31-03, 21:17
I have searched the web for a nice map of San Salvador thus if you do have that fabled GIF map I'd really appreciate getting it emailed to me (superrendorseg@yahoo.com). I will put in a detailed report on my upcoming trip.

QUOTE]Originally posted by viajerotropico
Hawk, could you share with me the email address to request the San Salvador map in GIF. that would be great...thanks [/QUOTE]

02-01-03, 04:41
Guys. Don't tell me that you need a map to drive around s.s. There is no way that we can follow the map, most of the streets end within 1 mile and the streets are not named. I don't get why some of us want a map of el salvador. The only way to get around s.s is by taxy or by knowing someone that knows the city. Maps don't help at all, believe me. Moving on
Has anyone tried the pros by pollo campero near la gavidia? Any luck on the blue eyed girl on los heroes?? Any new spots??

02-01-03, 20:30
I agree with tito, a map is more trouble than it's worth in SS and it's sure to get you lost! Use a cab or ask at every corner.

Come on, guys, no one knows anything about La Union?

Somebody explain to me the drill with the girl on Los Heroes, please. She sounds interesting but I can't picture stopping in the middle of a bridge on Los Heroes to negotiate. So, precisely, how does one go about this?

I hope someone has an interesting story to tell after this weekend.

02-02-03, 00:14
Of course it'd be insane to drive around the city, and so taxis or just walking yes are the best way to go but a map in hand offers great way to plan things out, to get oriented, etc.
There exits I believe a map of San Jose, CR with each 'place" noted on the map. That'd be great to have for San Salvador!

02-02-03, 06:16
I was reading some reports from honduras, and it's mentioned that there is a place runned by an old lady in which you could find really young girls about 16-18 yrs old. I was wondering about el salvador, is there any place like that in san salvador or surroundings?????Any info will be helpful.

02-04-03, 22:10
Per this link the age of consent there seems to be 16:


BUT honestly a kid aged 16 is still a KID - not emotionally prepared. There is a significant emotional growth in the 2 years between 16 to 18. IMHO it's wrong to seek someone so young. I prefer to look in the mirror without shame. Surely one can be a real man and have good fun with a girl 18 years or older.

Originally posted by tito
I was reading some reports from honduras, and it's mentioned that there is a place runned by an old lady in which you could find really young girls about 16-18 yrs old. I was wondering about el salvador, is there any place like that in san salvador or surroundings?????Any info will be helpful.

02-07-03, 01:52
Day a so far....
Landed at 5:30am, ugh, the plane actually circled since they cant land I guess till everyones had coffee down at SS international airport. Got Novo Hotel via taxi and since it was so early <i walked around a bit, showered, then walked up to a supermarket to stock on snacks for anticipated visitadoras. There was a gigantic strike by medical workers and as a result my tour had to be by foot inside of via reconaissance taxi since most streets were blocked till 1:00. Then walking on the way back on 59th St. I paid $3 to go into a place called something like Bird's Nest... the guard said, sure hey yah there's a lot of girls inside but THAT was total BS only 2 dogs were inside so they'll now let me come in several times till I am satisfied and allegedly there{ll be 20 or so gals tonight.... As it turned out that one taxi driver in the front of Novo was unavailable but his brother was and he was nice enough to take me to 2 places, first to El Jardin, and good god whoever thought that this a top place, well, I for one do not like dogs, except there was maybe one gal with nice thin legs, nice tits, decent face, OK maybe a 7.5 but the driver said Okoles would be far better... So I told miss 7.5 I'd return manana...we drove off to Okoles... and well, none were over 7.5. Whimper! I want a slender petite cute girl with nice tits, a 9 please - While I could try to snag something in one on those malls, I look good and am very fit I only have a few days here so I might as well go to top quality joints for the best goods. So yes, I saw a fair number of them in the 2 shopping malls I pass through (including the big one near the Intercontinental)... Well, I had 2 gals as I was walking by during the day look back at me and 2 giggled even to be fun. the Zona rosa is dead in the day time by the way... I was expecting something like the ZR in Mexico DF but there seem to be no pleasant walking streets with cafes, just the sterile malls.... Still, I honestly must say that Cali statistically blows SS out of the water in terms of the beauty quotient, here only 1 out of 30 here are hot, based on my sampling procedures during the long walk today (in Cali I fell in love every few yards) well but that place is really best for those who do speak a modicum of Spanish... Well, I hope to be proved wrong (about my initial statistical findings) tonight at Lips. I like hot lips when they are attached to a lith and creative beauty. Oh, and I went on a wild goose chase wandering around that government compound/area looking for the false lead place called Don Juaquin in a white building.... where supposedly all the top gvmt officials go to for the best young flesh.... NOBODY knows about it and I hereby give up trying to find that one. Whatever... anyways, back to Okoles so there were some 7's there but they all seemed to really like eating and were too chunky for my tastes so I went for the 7.5 a 23 year old named Karen (holy shit I screamed inside -- THE bad one) but I chatted with her a bit and she claimed repeatedly that she this Karen has only been in the biz 2 weeks....Well $40 for the standard menu fare... While I was no blown away (funny huh) by her she does not seem to be the same Karen others have ranted about... about 5'6, tits perhaps a small B cup, reasonably good figure considering she has had 2 kids OK, give it a 7.2, her face is 7.5... Sex was OK, not great, she vacuumed sucked pretty well, but spit it out sometimes, yes she gave me a cold penis bath the bosses are too cheap to pay for a heater so I do wonder how the ladies clean themselves, nice huh? Anyways, her BJ ws good, lick up and down and she did a bit but I really had to prompt her to be a little creative with her hands. when she wanted to stop after every 5 minutes I said no keep up the good work and she did so.. but eventually we finished off after various positions with me on top.... Overall I'd give the session a 7, no more. She tried to BJ me a 2time but she was trying to complain and run over time so I'd have to pay her another $29 for half hour... I was not so impressed and I know there'll be others so I immediately stopped and said I was done, she was flabbergasted and it was fun to see her expression since she thought she had me... but I would like to save my precious bodily fluids for the others soon hopefully to follow... Well time for a shower, maybe a snooze then I am hitting the Lips at 7 to be there for the 8pm shift change!
I walked so much, oh my feet hurt! Now that I know the city well I'll taxi it more...

02-07-03, 04:55
rendorsreg: Thanks for sharing the great post...none of the local hands have contributed shit this week! Sorry you don't like the "pulgarcito" of CentroAmerica. I guess we're just spoiled by living here.

I've been to the B'Nest b4 but never, as it seems from your post, so damn early in the AM. The Zona Rosa is to avoid unless trying to pick up non-pros, IMHO, and only operate at full blast about three nights a week. And rating scales differ...I like 'em thin, but more than anything, they get points for willing and enthusiastic. Sounds like you had a little of that, except fro the frequent spitting part...hate that. I also like 'em latina & mocha, and warned that I'm a country boy...nothing sophisticated.

Remember, LIPS is a strip joint. Maybe there's take-outs but to tell the truth, I've never been there that I remember.

Jeez, I'm old and fat an ugly and never in 20 years had such a terrible day as you describe. Of course, no one who arrives at 5:30 AM, even at the most (and only) efficient airport in CA, is happy after the flight from whereever you came from, especially if it's one of those five hour, West Coast jobbies. Smile...be happy. Altho, I agree, the doctors are a pain in the ass, I know. Socialized medicine, unions, commies, all that shit.

I was in Illusiones earlier this weekend in San Vicente (I do NOT recommend you go there, rendorsreg), but to the locals, there was a really hot Salvadorena who said she's from La Union there...Milene. Superb in all categories, 25 dollars for 1/2 hour and I couldn't have standed more.

Are the rest of you still breathing?

02-07-03, 04:57
rendorsreg: In order for us to calibrate our rating scales, go back to Okoles, ask for Kelly, get a bbbjtc and then let's compare ratings on looks and service.

02-08-03, 18:34
Day 2 in SS
I’ve only been here 30 hrs or so but it feels like a week and I Hill say that one’s money seems to stretch longer in Cali or B.Aires but hey, I do not want to count, I am here to have fun.

LIPS – I was there for the reported changing of the guard. At 1st I came in and shot a round of pool to size things up. Along the sides on the way in there are lit to semi lit areas where in the corners gentlemen were getting cutesy little lap dances… funny how the dance happens with everyone in a seated position. Anyways, out of that area, I saw this jaw droppingly beautiful beauty. Well, I thought she was a mirage, I just did not think that a P?layboy centerfold could actually jump off the page but…. Well she just my type, a hot tight little package with c cup natural tits, delectible dollar sized nipples, super thin waist, cute little butt and face, 5’3”, 90 pounds, about 19 years old. Anyways as a result I miss the next pool shot. She ruined my concentration and I gave up trying to play so I strolled over to the bull pen action area and was saddened indeed to see that though she’d already finished that lap dancito some other guy was glommed onto to her, the guy actually had the nerve to be running HIS hands all up and down her smooth sleek body while I could not. .-( What a jerk! Anyways, the sex bomb had a friend, a mere 6.5 and she asked if I wanted company I graciously refused her but stated I would prefer drooling over her friend. Well, at least she went back and told her friend and after 10 mins she hottie came over, we chatted a bit and then she convinced me to have my first lap dance ever. I frankly prefer real lap dances (ie: naked in bed…) but wow did she know how to writh with subtly. Though she started in the morning she said she was stuck on a double shift and was leaving a t 2am and she¿d be wiped out and since I was fairly zombied-out there was no way we could meet and then shit she said she was booked the entire week end with some family gig and another shift Wel, guys, I got her number-name for the Gipper: Damaris-cell 708-5131. She’s minimum a 10 in the looks department. Know of course I cannot report as to her actual services since I was unable to partake in them but from respected sources I heard that 1) she likes Americanos or rather they like her 2) she has a novio who seems to be there with her after work 3) she may be in early stages of pregnancy.
So instead of her I met the one other decent (ie: >8.5) gal there named Paola, she’s an, um, 8.7, 27 yrs old nice sweet and petite, not as much up time but still I can happily say a nice mouthful and before that I can say she dances extremely well such that later I was able to see if such energy also was expressed by other means and yes in the cama she did perform quite well. But before that I also had gotten another one of those estupido lap dances this time from her and it was more of a lap-chat I’d say but she seems to be a sweet and good person (besides having a hot little Barbie like body). Anyways, the deal is that she got off at 2am ALSO so I arranged to meet her the following day which is when the mouthful and in bed dance try out happened.
Anyways, I left her with arrangements for the following day and went out via taxi, ended up with a taxi jerko who lied and said that ZClub was a very dangerous neighborhood, and she said that Titanic was just the same. Well, so what the hell I am part of the WSF expeditionary force so OK let me see if prior reports on it are true. Well, I stayed there indeed a short while. Entrance at $10 was 2.5x higher than the average, and the average girl inside was say 8.5 instead of the usual 6.5…. there were maybe 10 gals there no super stunners so I pick one and start chatting with her and she tells me that she{s been in this club only recently and will soon return to her prior favorite place of employment Z Club where the girls are nice, the ambient is better, etc. At that second also the waitress comes to tell me that at this club the girls only drink wine or champagne and that the price is minimum $20 or $35 I forget exactly. Vonderful. I clearly say thanks for the information and I get up and leave. So the only nice thing about the club I’d say is that at the end of every girls’ mandatory dance routine they all stop talking and girl vigorous applause every time, very cute. Reportedly, one can do take out there but it cost something absurdo like $600… funny actually. Well, I am happy for that taxi driver since I am sure he got a nice commission and at the effort of coming was helpful to someone at least.
So I get another driver, this one though is a honest and information professional who told me the truth and proceeded to tour me around to other locations and also to do a bit of ferrying to a nice outdoor restaurant with several singing troupes, and of yes several ladies back to the hotel from clubs. Oh, his name is Pedro A. and his cell is 879-5050 and he’s good as gold (like the guys normally outside the Novo hotel…) and does not rip off and is very patient and helpful. Well, after debating which place to hit next and he recommended some others we decided just to try Z Club but if it was no good I might try another club and he said he’d wait I said I will not pay for that and he said he’d just get a donut and coffee in any case and I said I may see you later, so fine. So I enter the club and there’s maybe 13 girls there, average maybe 7.0 but I quickly see a nice looking 22 yr old Guatemalan gal (8.5) nice super delgada/thin but reasonably tight with nice breasts poking out of her red white and blue bikini, yes because of that patriotic feeling I approached her. But it was so fucking insanely loco loud in that club that I thought a.) I was going deaf and b.) the girls were already deaf thus unable to hear me but I guess via American Sign Language we were able to chat a bit then however she introduced me to her friend a Nicaraguan.
Well, her friend was maybe a 7.0,19 yrs old with a bit more babby fat than I prefer, as you know, but still she had gentle doe eyes, and large round breasts.so and thinking that bingo I’d lucked out on a nice pareja who’d thoroughly enjoy the snacks I’d bought for them, we managed to communicate somehow that I’d bar fine the Guatemalan gal and then the other’d come after worked, it: 2am. But sheet I’d already blown more $ than I could believe at the earlier clubs (uhuh, in B.aires my $ would stretch much further…) so I had to return to the club to get some more $ before I could bar fine the Guatemalan, which was to be $100. Ok so I go outside and voila there is my nice taxi guy Pedro and I explain what’s going on so he drives me to my hotel, I go the caja for the $, we drive back and since I am starved have not had much to eat and since I feel the booze eating at my linings he brings us to a pleasant round shaped drive up type café with some nice singing groups, but alas I do not know the words to the songs that everyone seems to be belting out so I sometimes let out a Chihuhuan “Ayyaya!”. Jeeze when they say a bowl of soup here it is more like a bucket of souo, quite good I must say. So then we go back to the hotel… Karen (the Guatemalan) says she wants to stay to listen to the music wait 2 more hours till 2am to get her friend then but I say no since I have done my duty - a modicum of chat before she makes me cum. So we go back to the hotel and I discover than she is fairly tight and quite horny and I really make her cum 2 times (used my fingers to wiggle my cock up in her G spot did the trick), but I am quite athletic and no matter how hard she tried fucking and sucking my juices very noisily I held back for spurting my fountain of youth in eager anticipation for our other guest. So at hell I don’t want to think what time it is the front desk rings and says we have guest, Ok send her right up. She takes a shower. Oh, and my Guatemalan chica rrrrreally liked the Chilean wine I’d bought, said she barely drinks but holey shirt she drank half the bottle. Yes, I have good taste in wine. So the Nicaraguan takes shower and, yes, they did some nice tricks down south, kissing each other whilst I was, per se, standing in between, well you get the idea. Then I fucked friend Nicaraguensa while the other watched and at my urging the Guatemalan practiced her linguistic skills on me but the fuckee was no so into the lezzy stuff as the Guatemalteca. So anyways, yes, I decided it was time and I, well, came, um, to a final resting place (OK, I came!) We slept then and while the Guatemalteca slept in a Merlot induced zombie state the other was somehow unable to sleep and maybe at 4am she attacked me repeatedly and I came 2 more times. Not bad, well but still she was not my fantasized about tight babe. In the morning I was ready for more hot action and the Guatemalteca said she’d return after she checked back in at the club (good security for the girls, to make sure they survived the night, etc) but jesus cristo she did NOT return… We waited all morning and I was getting my engines revved up but then when I finally got her at her house she said some excuse about having to immediately pay the bill for her kids school, as though that had been unknown previously, yah right. So I sadly took one more pop (for the Gipper of course) from the Nicaraguan girl and she was sad to hear that it was doubtful I’d opt to see her again, but such is life in the big city as they say down here.

Anyways, tonight I have to do something, go somewhere (perhaps I'll try your recommended gal Assault, or I'll ring my 10+ Lips hottie and try to appeal to her sense of justice and ethics )ie: offer her a lot of money), I just wish that I had a nice tight package with me since I’d love to attend the live concert by the famous top hit girl band from Spain named Las Ketchup… Well it is now 10am and who knows. In the morning I go to the beach with my girl Paolo, as much as I love the black smoke belching busses her I honestly think the beaches might be a bit better….

A Toda Maquina
02-08-03, 19:28
rendorseg, great report, Tear it up !!!!!!!!!!!, glad to see someone else is a vino affecianado....... / planning to drop in C.A. even sooner now, / OK take that bottle pour it over the chicas breast let the wine roll down to that dollar sized nipple and lap it up!!!!/ P.S. Tear one up for me........ Chango

02-08-03, 19:51
Good to hear that at the end of the day you got lucky.

Bad luck on Titanic, I don’t know how that place is still open, the prices are crazy high!!

The bird’s nest is a bad place, don’t recommend going there.

Now You should try these places:

1. This daytime place charge $70 for the 1 hour service, know as Unosol, because the house number #1 and there is a sun painted around the number, is on 89 av, nte. You have to go up hill on Blvd. Escalon and then turn to the right on the 89 v. nte , Tel. 264-1565, some people had mentioned about a 9s girl, you should check it up.

2. Now for the night you should go to Connections, this place is about the same distance of Z club to the east of Novo, a five minutes ride in a taxi.

Good Luck

02-08-03, 23:33
Day 3 midafternoon report.
This morning my Lips gal left early and I did various things... tried calling my fantasy 10+ girl but after ringy dingy no answer so I called the fabled Srta Carolina of breated fame and she'll meet me this afternoon but only late in the afternoon... I bought tix to the music with group called Juanes but also in it will be a favorite hot conjunto Las Ketchup (hot girl band fm Spain) so I shall take Carolina along unless of course she ends up being a total wash out BUT on the full weight of numerous prior emails I think the glass shall be half full (with my cum unless she of course swallows it all...). Anyways, having 5 hours to, er, blow I venture out via taxi to a purported modeling agency... Well it's called Fashion Model Company (at 89 Av. Norte No. 1, entre 1 y 3 calle en colonia escalon email 264-1565). $10 to enter. Just like Titanic, well what the hell. So there were about 10 girls there but average was about 7.0, highest 8.3516652, so I hop back in the Tato-taxi and we head off the (already mentioned on the this site) casa de citas on calle 77 - the place aint't got no name, well the entry was only $3, so I enter - How many chicas? "Two, but señor they are the VERRREEEY best ones we have...." What the hell, so I pago la cuenta and alas one has a face of say 8.8 and seemkinlgy an OK body, well since she was sitting only later did I see that she had a reasonably broad butt, well, anyways while she was not flabby she sure as heck was not tight but what the hell a nice BJ with pretty eyes can't be so bad. At least this place is fairly clean and only moderately run down AND it even has hot water WOW! Needless to say since she really had lousy dare I say ineffectual oral skills (keen sharp teeth, no imagineative use of hands, no slurping sounds, poor lip pressure, etc) I just cannot come, so I tried her on top but by now something about big butted women turn me off completamente. I really tried to cum for the Gipper but could not, oh well, I'm saving my precious bodilyl fluids for later. (I want my 10+ hottie! -- well no - control yourself Rendorseg tonight you'll see "Little Miss Carolina to Completion"). I am just not one of these guys who after a few licks blows his wad. So I go strolling (which is an oxymoron here in this city where the cars actually do win points for running you over...) taking in mouthfuls of black smoke freshly spewed from the noisy buses.. as I make it back to the Hotel.

02-09-03, 02:58
I know a girl in San Salvador that you guys might want to try. Her name is Carolina, she is tall, semi-bleached curly hair, silicone boobs, late 20's. She used to work at Cali Panchangon, where I first met her. She worked at Caeser's for a while, and I believe that now she is independent. She was my "girlfriend" when I was working down there. She gives excellent BJs, and is a very enthusiastic fuck. Just don't let her drink while she is with you, because she gets mean when she is drunk. Her home number is 276-9592, and her cell phone number is 877-1290.

Hawk met her once, but unfortunately she was not his type.

I don't know what her prices are, but as I said, she is very good in the cama.

Hey Hawk, did you ever try Yazmin? She used to work at Cali as well. She has huge natural tits, and an excellent body. The first time I tried her about 3 years ago, she gave me a lousy fuck. But I tried her again about a year ago, and she improved 100%. I guess that practice makes perfect! Her cell phone number is 712-3572.


02-09-03, 07:48
Day 3 evening report
Just got back from the concert which was just OK, except of course it was great to see Las Ketchup do their hit song, the rest well I am not so into Latinos pretending to play Amerikanski rock y roll. Oh, but before we left Carolina demonstrated some of her hoover like prowess. She will be changing her home phone since she is not keen at all that her phone number is on the net, that I called there, etc. so know that it'll soon be changed to an unlisted number. Well, she is not a 9.5 by any stretch in terms of looks, OK maybe an 8 but she is a large gal, not fat but a bit of extra baggage where I'd rather not feel it... but still wow yes, if your carpet needs cleaning she's the one to do it very enthusiastically for as long as it takes to clean things up.... time for, er, bed.

02-10-03, 16:51

Good to hear from you Amigo, yes I did call Yazmin, but there is always a machine and it says another name, but thanks for the info.

Well at least I’m not the only one that things that Carolina is a “large gal”, too large for my taste, I like them smaller and thinner, but every one have their likes, the good thing is that she is good in bed, I don’t know why it looks like she doesn’t like to make more money, if everybody knows her number, is more business for her and I know that she likes money.


How was the girl from Lips, Paola, there seems to be no report of any girl from lips here and it would be great to have one.
You should go again to lips (only $3) and try to find this 10 girl, remember that some girls like to see that you’re falling for her, I’m not sure if lips is open on Mondays but you can check it, Lips opens at noon, so you can be sure from early on.

Good luck and keep up the good reports.

02-11-03, 00:38
Rendorsreg: I gotta say...you've put up some great posts, thanks. So tell me a bit more about overly large Carolina. Did you call her and say "Hey, got you're # off the net...wantta fuck?" Or where you more suave about it? I mean was this a professional arrangement form the git-go and what does she charge? Does she have a place or is that always on the John's dime? Is she going to be pissed if more of us call her?

Riggo: What/where is Cali Panchangon? I've heard of it before but never known what/where it is.

And is anyone going to explain to me about the gal on the bridge on Los Heroes? I'm truly interested but can't imagine how one negotiates with her in the middle of a bridge in the midst of Los Heroes traffic?

If you can't tell, I'm looking for new bbbjtc talent. Anyone with recommendations?

I did NOTHING this wkend...what about the rest of you?

02-11-03, 02:25
I’ll tell you what I did to meet with Carolina, I called her and tell her the true, that I got her number from a friend over the internet, that I had hear only good things about her and that If we could meet someplace to talk, we met at Metrocentro, She asked for $50 back in June I think.

Remember that you have to be polite and not just call her and say that you want sex and that you’ll pay for it. As a matter of fact I only asked about services just until when we met in Metrocentro.

There is a ESSO gas station just after the bridge of 49 av. and Roosevelt going north, I’d seen some girls in that block, that station is large, so the last time I talked to a girl there, I was actually inside the gas station area.

But by the way rendorseg had described Carolina, she is very good in the BBBJ area.

Good luck

02-11-03, 03:37

I called Carolina today (my ex-girlfriend), and she told me that she was the one with rendorseg. She told me that she freelances now, she doesn't work in the clubs anymore. She gives the best BBBJ I have ever had (really knows how to use her tongue), and I have had many. She is VERY enthusiastic when she fucks/sucks, she doesn't just lay there like she is dead. I told her that I was going to put her name and number on here, and she didn't object. She lives in Cuscantancingo with her son and mother, so you have to provide the place. She is a Pro by all means. She is in it only for the dinero. Just be sure to remember to use protection if you use her, because she has been working as a puta for 10 years and has worked in 5 countries (Guatemala, ES, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and the DR). When I was down there and she was with me, she was thin. I don't doubt that she is big now, because I have met her mother, son, and two brothers, and they are all fat. In fact, she showed me a photo of her when she was 16, and I didn't even recognize her because she was so fat.

Cali Panchangon used to be the number one place in San Salvador. The place had the best girls, and was always packed. It was located near the stadium. I read on here on a previous post that it has now closed. I don't doubt it, because I was in there about a year ago on a Friday night, and I was the only customer in the place, and there were only 4 girls, and they were all 2-3's.

02-11-03, 05:04
Final part of SS trip report
Well, yes Carolina's Hoover vacuum capabilities are quite impressive such that if one has a great deal of things needing sucking out of the deepest parts of one's rug it is guaranteed that every last partical shall be removed till your rug is dry. She knows that vacuuming is her specialty and I think seems to prefer showing that job skill.
But in terms of size, yes, she is a big gal, not fat, well some cottage cheese down on the cheeks not much so in terms of looks while her face is maybe an 8, over-all looks are 7.3 I'd say but of course in terms of the, er, um, deeper levels of service orally speaking that is she gets top honors at 9.5.
Regarding her phone, she simply/understandably does not want people calling her, I of course called in a gentlemanly manner (not saying babe you wanna fuck?) but still she was freaked that I had it to begin with and she repeatedly asked WHO, WHO gave me the number and I repeatedly suggested to her that it was "a friend on the 'net" and that digging into that issue was absolutely futile - instead she simply should immediately change her number she has no choice in the matter, end of story. Though she was not my ideal date we did dinner and went to a live concert and she enjoyed it and she is a nice person, but not my ideal gal by any stretch. In terms of charge, she frankly knows her rePUTAtion has been spread, uh, orally and she quotes $60/2 hrs but will do $100 overnite. In terms of where we met, well it was at the hotel and I cannot speak as to whether or not she has other alternatives.

On my final day I went with a gal to a beach resort and loved the total change from being in a total pit (San Salvador) vs being in warm Pacific Ocean waves and on nice beaches.
Paola is a very nice gal of 27 yrs old in fantastic shape breasts large enough for a good mouthful, the best dancer in the ZClub (jaw dropping dance moves), and in terms of looks she is an 8.5. Not into oral it seems but she made up for that in other arenas--- well she had a sore throat from the flu and said that was why she couldn't do oral (that is to say a nice full deep oral). But I really did like her as a person also.

Finally, I'll say that I found the city of San Salvador not to my liking, it has no nice public spaces, while there must be well over a 100 *****houses/clubs in town at least in the ones I went to there were no great gals, no real super hot ones (EXCEPT for the one I could not get, sigh). Comparing this to B.Aires or to say Cali, SS is way out of line in terms of price of meals, taxis, not being so pleasant to just simply be in (one cannot fuck and have sex all day long IMHO). I really do like it where there are pedestrian areas with cafes, etc and SS has none of that. I for one seek a good GFE with a 9.0+ looking gal and THEN I'd return to El Salvador but for the beaches and NOT to return to the city of San Salvador. Everyone has their own personal tastes, budgets, time allowances, flight connections, etc thus for some guys this may be just the spot. Over and out. Next stop Brazil and Filipinas.

02-11-03, 05:06
Oops, sorry I forget, maybe Paola works at Lips, not ZClub, it is all in a bit of a haze now...

02-11-03, 05:33
riggo: are you sure that carolina is from curep001ancingo?i live near cusca. in what area does she live in???? if anyone has any pics on this girl let me see her. i just curious if i know her?

02-12-03, 04:48
I forgot to mention that as well as a boob job, Carolina has had liposuction on her stomach.


Yes, I am sure that Carolina lives there. I have been to her house, but I couldn't tell you where it was because she was navigating me in my car. If you guys don't want to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) her off, call her on her cell phone instead of her home phone. That's how she takes calls from her regular clients. Also, as I remember, it takes years to get a telephone number changed there. So she can't change her home number too quickly.

Tito, I have photos of her, but I remember my photo exchanges with you in the past. I sent you nude photos of various putas, and all you sent me was photos of putas with their clothes on. When I complained to you about it, you promised to send me nude photos, but you never did. So I ain't sending you any more photos!

As I stated previously, I told Carolina that I was going to put her phone numbers on here, and she did not object.

I am getting ready for a trip to Russia this week. The girls there are unbelievable, and they are not putas!


02-12-03, 04:49

Carolina's last name is Campos, if that helps.


02-12-03, 06:41
I will send you some pics before you send carolina's, is that ok? I will send you pics from my dec/jan trip to el salvador. You will see faces and i have one really cute one that works at Polllo Campero's parking, by la gavidia, you won't regreat it. Give me your email.

02-12-03, 23:13
Hi everyone..!!
Why are you all so selfish about sharing pics of girls from El Savador..!!??? That's why there are no pictures of girls from ES in this site.
Riggo, Tito, why don't both of you serve us all as a example and post some pictures on this site ? this might motivate people to keep on posting their goodies and we all could get some benefits from it.

Now in another subject... the girls at LIPS are for take-out also, but you have to pay alot more. What I would recomend is to target the young and inexperienced.... I got lucky twice there by doing that. Sometimes the really hot onces will also like you but they have to reallllyyyy like you...

Damn.... I wish I could go to ES some time soon and party with you all..!!!!!!

02-13-03, 00:41
Many people had post that They’d send some pictures of El Salvador to the Forum’s Administrator, but for some reason the page hadn’t been update and Jackson doesn’t give us any statement about why he doesn’t upload the pictures.

So I’m sure is not a matter of selfishness of the forum’s members.

I don’t want to promises anything but it looks like I’ll be able to check the street’s night scene this weekend, I also want to go to this bar “waldos” on the back street of Hotel Intercontinental where they say some girls from the daytime places like to hang around.
If I go out I’ll post my findings on Monday.


02-14-03, 00:01
Tito and Riggo,

What's the chance one (or both) of you would drop me a photo of large and lovely carolina? I really wantta call her but if I could see her first I'd be much more cool and debonair. I don't have a digital camera, yet, but promise to respond when I get one. Please...

You can e-mail them to cpteasy@yahoo.com


Good luck, Hawk, we'll be awaiting your report. I'm grounded this weekend with a ton of work. No rest for a farmer, ya know.

I sure wish Jackson would include ES photos...that's frustrated me, too.

02-14-03, 04:18

My email address is:


I am going away for a week, so I have sent the photos of Carolina to Assault and I asked him to forward them to you.


02-14-03, 20:19
Well if you guys don't have a problem trusting me, I could build a website with pictures of girls from ES. But you'll have to send me the pictures so I can post them.
My e-mail is hunter_bs1@yahoo.com

02-14-03, 21:58

I've sent carolinas photos to your e-mail.

02-15-03, 03:23
I sent the photos to riggo, he'll forward them to you . And thanks for the pics. PLiz let me know what you think about the chica when you see the pics.

02-15-03, 04:06

Will do, thanks. I think riggo is gone for a week. why not send them to me at: cpteasy@yahoo.com

02-16-03, 03:18
I am a veteran of CR and I am interested in exploring San Salvador. I have noticed the number of postings increasing of late so I would imagine that mongering is pretty good. Can
someone tell me that has been to both CR and San Salvador tell me what the likes and dislikes are? I would like to go in the near future. I am fluent in Spanish , I know that helps. I would love to see some pics of the area and obviously the girls if anyone is willing to share. Certainly would like to hook up with some fellow mongers while there. thanks

02-16-03, 20:10
iamlookin: Sex tourism isn't well developed in ES and the services that are here are generally for those of us who live here, not tourists. I've been to CR and you're not going to find bars like Key Largo or hotels like the Del Ray in ES. What you will find are attractive, hard-working, honest girls willing to make you feel good for a reasonable price ($20-40). Personally, I don't like Ticos and think they appear very "stuck-up" in comparison to Salvadorenas, but that's just my opinion. If you read rendorsreg's posts you'll see that he had his share of complaints about ES, none of which I could relate to, but I like the city of San Salvador and he didn't.

02-17-03, 01:33
Yes, to each his own... SS is a rough town, none of the sophistication of say B.aires, hey it's C. America; nothing like "Blacks" of B Aires, etc. But the gals I did meet were very sweet and nice, yes. So, to each his own for sure, but again, I'd go back to SS if I was sure I could get a 9 or 10 level GFE type and then leave SS for the beach - the beaches are very nice there.

BUT If you can GO and try to line up that 10+ hot chickie (Demaris I think was her name) that I found but could not be with due to scheduling - at least some of my fellow WSF Expeditionary Force members should thoroughly explore her territory. I'd better stop stop thinking about her before I drool all over my keyboard. Good lord, she was soooo hot.

02-17-03, 03:38
Look back at my posting... It was Lips or ZClub.. I forget at the moment.

Originally posted by tito
Where can you find this Demaris Chick? Does she work in a house??What about the prices???

02-17-03, 04:00
rendorsreg: I have to agree with you about the big "BA". I visited BA several years ago (no mongering) and found it to be one of the most fascinating and livable cities I've ever visited, especially liked the parks, markets, great attitude of Portenos (which I wasn't expecting given their reputation), and a side trip I took by train and boat to a bunch of islands. I've also worked in Peru and Lima (extensive mongering) is not a bad city either, IMHO. I guess after 20 years here in SS, I'm just so comfortable w/SS, and I'm not really a "beach" person...I like better the mountains and Hotel Torremolinos at Lago Coatepeque (bring your own woman). Anyway, as you say...to each his own...and I really enjoyed your detailed posts.

tito, riggo, etc: Hey, since Jackson isn't posting ES pics, what do ya'll who have cameras (sorry, I don't...but "soon come" as we say in Jamaica) think about the offer of Hunter?

I'm not forwarding what was was sent to me cuz no one authorized it. I think I will call Carolina but have to superar a small family tragedy first. Thanks for the photos.

02-17-03, 22:46
Can someone tell me how far away is the airport from any sex establishments ? thanks

I may have a layover of about 4 hours in the airport and wondered if such a thing as a "quickie is available"

thanks again

02-17-03, 22:52
Can someone tell me how far away is the airport from any sex establishments ? thanks

I may have a layover of about 4 hours in the airport and wondered if such a thing as a "quickie is available"

thanks again

02-17-03, 22:57
The answer is clearly no -SS ain't Bankok, though you could try doing it to one of the airport's female janitors in a cleaning closet. The airport is on the coast, far away from the city of SS. I'm afraid you'll have to control urself, delay taking your vitamin V "hard" as that may be. ;-)

Originally posted by iamlookin
Can someone tell me how far away is the airport from any sex establishments ? thanks

I may have a layover of about 4 hours in the airport and wondered if such a thing as a "quickie is available"

thanks again

02-20-03, 19:36
Just got back from SS and had a great time thanks to Hawk who lives there. He took us all around town. First we went to Z Club, it's small but a nice and clean strip club. The best part is that it has a outside area to get away from the loud music. Met the owner and he's a cool dude. Very nice girls but not enough of them, maybe around 7 total. We then went to Connections more girls there but not as nice as the Z Club. 4 cops even showd up for abour 30 minutes to check out the action. I think they wanted some free p>>>y. It was getting late so Hawk droped us off at Lips around midnight. He had to work in the morning so he left us to fend for ourselfs. The cover is $ 6 and includes 1 drink. The place was packed with women and always 4 at a time dancing nude. WOW, this is the best place by far. They get $3 for beers and the ladies drinks are $3 also but they can't drink them with you. They go into their dressing rooms to drink them down. I will be back for sure. It's not like C.R. but nice in it's own way. Thanks again Hawk for showing us a wonderful time. Say hello to John for me. I hope he's having a good time.


02-20-03, 23:11
The airport is about an hour away from the city depending on Traffic. You could rent a van and try the coconut stands on the way to the city lot of cute girls working there and the Salvadorians (junacas) are very friendly and open minded unlike some of the other CA countries.

Never had to go clubin to find girls in El Salvadore. I have always gotten lucky there and met them eating out or walking around in the zona viva. The Marriot is walking distance to the zona viva and has 3 nights for $99 all the time.

Dollars are the national currency now.

02-21-03, 18:52
A new place to check out - World Famous, Col. Miramonte, Calle Talamananca #24, telephone 260-1756 owned and operated by a 28 year fireball by the name of Tanya. I hear that she offers the best sex in the house but this was not her time of the month. Open from 10am until 7pm Monday through Saturday. Five or six girls reported to be in stable but only four were present during my visits. Patty spoke perfect english and was acceptable at a level eight, Jaqueline a twenty two year old there for the first day again an 8 and an nineteen year old rated a 6/7. The fourth was a five or below.

Pictures are available to be posted, if a photo page for El Salvador is set up here.

The prices were $30 for 30 minutes, $50 for one hour, $100 for two hours away. Be sure to ask about their specials, the day I was there it was two girls for an hour for $50, a real bargain. For patrons cokes were $1 and beer $2. Drinks for the girls were $3.

Followed up on the Chantilli massage add and found that it was the same as Fresh Kiss.

The Club reported earlier to be two blocks from the Z Club Bar was closed with a for sale or rent sign on the building and the telephone number went unanswered.

02-21-03, 21:39

Sounds like a "must see...must touch" kinda place. Maybe I'll try it tomorrow. If you've got photos, why not take Hunter1 up on his offer to host a webpage with photos of El Salvador cuz it don't look like Jackson's going to do so? I've ordered my camera so will promise to contribute, as well, and I have fotos of Carolina if tito or riggo give me permission to send them to Hunter.