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04-11-02, 07:54
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06-02-02, 05:20

Thanks for the straight-up info regarding San Salvador. Do you, or for that matter any of you other readers out there have expierence with the city of San Miguel.
Specifically, I am looking for the names of some sex places. I have heard of Tony's Disco. What are some other names and locations. Also, what about the sex houses? names, locations would be greatly appreicated. Also, how do the prices of these houses compare to that of San Salvador?
Anyone have expierence with the women of San Miguel? I am going to be there for the next few months and trying to gather up info.
Thanks to all...

06-20-02, 01:07

I just returned from San Miguel. Tony's is still operating. Hours there are 6p-2am. Around 12-15 girls. The girls dance 2 at a time, and you get a look at which ones entice you. Many are young girls from the countryside. Literally "off the farm." And they live up to that Salvadorena reputation...sex, sex, and more sex...
Rate is $18/30 minutes. FS. Around 8 rooms. 3 that have minimal A/C. Be prepared, the rooms are a little above the disgusting level. Just a bed. The girls use the same bed. Same sheets....
I was told it was around $100 for take out for the night.


A Toda Maquina
12-18-02, 09:21
On The Way Into Town From S. Salvador E.B. About Half A Mile Before Town Right Hand Side Of The Rd. Is A Club, Nice Place Beautiful Gals 15.00-20.00 Dlrs For Fs. And This Place Seem To Have Some Tall Girls.......& Cold Beer!!!!

05-01-03, 17:32
Chango: The name ofthe place to which you refer is "Cedazo I" and it is, IMHO, one of the best "casas de cita" in El Salvador. There's a girl, Maria Elena, who has worked there for years but still give great service...like Kelly at OKOLES.

Well, I went on my mission last night and can report back...Mission Complete. Last week I'd gone to Tequila Rock and sat at a table and chatted up three girls. One was a very young, very tight looking little package named Sara. I'd been drinking, so didn't partake but Sara "me pico" and I knew I had to go back. Last night was it and she was there.

I arrived early (cuz TR can fill up quick) and we sat and talked for almost two hours as I convinced her of the need to give me a bbbjtc. She was very hesitant. She actually said, "Will you respect me tomorrow" and I actually replied, "Of course I will." Normally I wouldn't bother with someone hesitant and normally I wouldn't bother with someone who (1) looks young, (2) chele and blonde, and (3) says they're getting out of the business; altho she is so petite (maybe 5' 100 pounds) which I do like.

But times aren't normal, so I did, and she did; and she did a workmanlike job of it. Of course four kahluas and an extra $10 dollars lubricated the job. I was impressed. With a little more training shecould get thisall right. She swears "it's the first time" she done that. Anyway, she now says she's my "novia" and gave me her phone number so, I guess I'll have to stay away from TR for awhile.

A Toda Maquina
05-23-03, 03:21
I was in SM the other night and checked out Cedazos #1 & 2 ......I went to this place Gitanos where the chicas wanted $12.00 for FS....., I saw a place on the east side of town that looked cool but didnt go,it was called paradise club.. its on the southside of CA-1 as u leave town....... Later Chango

05-29-03, 23:18
I was in San Miguel last week but have been too busy until now to post my report, so here it is:

I only spent one night there so i got a cab driver who said he'd show me all the spots in town for $15 and wait as long as I needed. I decided to start with those I knew and didn't get far. First, I went to Tony's and must admit that the girls looked goood! Better than I'd ever seen them and much better than at Cedazo I or II. There was one definite 9 there...young, foxy and a body to die for. Many of them were solid 7s and 8s. But, as usual, I find the girls there a little stand-offish and the music so damn loud that an old fart like me can't hear any of the conversation. Tony's is located on the main drag, CA-1, at the "triangulo". It has a good floor show and there were probably 20-25 girls there and maybe 35-40 hard legs. After about an hour, I decided to mosey on down to my favorite casa de citas, Cedazo I. It is located about 1 km west of Tony's on the south side of CA-1 (oposite side from Tony's), as one enters San Miguel on Ca-1 from San Salvador.

What have they done to my place?!! It's been (being) completely remodeled and I'm not sure I like the new layout. There's now a stage at the front (where the bar used to be) and the bar is along the right hand wall (where the girl's rooms used to be). There's also two other bars toward the rear (where the glassed in room used provide relief from the loud music). Most of all, I just din't like the picnic bench/tables that they've placed in front of the stage, and lawn chairs at the back, and the girls did NOT look good, maybe 10-15 of them, mostly 4s and 5s, IMHO.

I didn't see my old squeeze, Maria Elena, there and had actually turned to leave when I bumped into her coming off the dance floor. She and I go way back, back to the years of the war, even. Anyway, she'd gained so much weight in the last 8-12 months that I didn't recognize her at first. But, she licked her lips, and whispered in my ear, reminding me that she knows just how I like it and was ready. We had a few drinks and went back through a construction area to her (new) room (I liked the old one better) and did the dirty deed. $20 for 45 minutes...massage and bbbjcim. She still knows how to make the juices flow and is never rushed. She told me that she'd been out of the business for six months and only returned (when her money ran out) a couple of weeks earlier. Said she gained all the weight while at home in Merliot and was now dancing (I'd never seen her on the floor before) to try and exercise some of it off. She also said that the owner wants to put in a hotel, and that's what all the remodeling is about. I asked if this was going to be an all-night motel, and she said "no". It would charge by the hour. I guess I'm unclear as to the difference between a "motel" that rents by the hour inside a "casa de cita" and just a room that rents by the hour in a "casa de cita", but that's the owner's story. I confirmed it with the owner on the way out.

I then went to Cedazo II but the girls there weren't much to look at and the atmosphere is not as dark and boozy and Central American prostibulo as that at Cedazo I. Feeling tired and sleepy and that I'd gotten my money's worth from the taxi, I declined his offer to check out 2-3 new spots that he suggested but had him drop me at a Taqueria that's open late and then went back to my hotel.

When I return to San Miguel, I'll do two things:

1. Go back to Tony's cuz the women looked soooo good. But the rooms at Tony's are really, really bad; and this comes from a guy who had two different girls in a row in the same room at El Oasis de San Simon and frequents the Tequilla Rock. If I say Tony's rooms are sorry, they're sorry.

2. Check out the new places that the cab driver mentioned. It sounds as if Chango already hit a few of them, wish he'd elaborate a bit on the location, atmosphere, number and quality of girls.

A Toda Maquina
05-30-03, 06:07
Hey Cpteasy, I forgot to mention the change in decor there at Cedazos, I almost didnt recognize the place ......, Gitanos is about 40 meters down from Cedazos 1 on the same side of the rd. going towards town ,Gitanos was dark & had 4 chicas working (three from Nicaragua ) when I was there .., rooms in back , scored for $12.00 FS/ and the chicas varied from 5's - to a 8.5 with long legs & CBH ( child bearing hips) / beer was 1.50 /there wasnt very many other clientes besides myself ,and I saw two dudes drinkin beers , / No doubt your right about Cedazos 2 ,But I did score with a chica =$ 18.00 FS, and I really worked up a sweat , she probably enjoyed it more than I did , (she broke out in sweat & goose bumps and let out a variety of uncontrolable moans and body trembling )the place was worth the visit / I really wanted to check out a place called paradise but didnt go....

06-04-03, 21:16
I didnt ask about prices at Tony's but if I recall correctly, I think they were no more than $20 last time I partook...about a year ago.

06-04-03, 21:27
Hawk, I was at Tony's last December and price was $18 for 30 min. Had a girl named Michelle. She was a solid 8 - tall, pretty face, and a great body. Service was OK - you could tell she doesn't really enjoy her profession.

There was one other girl there I really liked, a blonde with really nice tits - she admitted they were fake, but damn, they looked great!. She seemed very friendly and probably would've been a more "enthusiastic" lay than Michelle, but someone snatched her up before I could. I think I could rate her a 9.

Cpteasy is right when he says the girls here look GREAT - there were only about 12 the night I was there (weeknight), but most of them were 6 - 8. Next time I'm down in SM, I'll definitely try the blonde.

06-16-03, 01:14
OK, guys, I've been out and about and have some reports. Starting in the west, I visisted Red Dragon in Santa Ana and really, really liked the place altho had no time to indulge. It is located less than 1/2 KM north of the PanAmerican highway between Santa Ana and the turn to Chalcuapa (Ahuachapan). Going west pass the turn to El Congo and the first (major) turn to Santa Ana. After several kms. there'll be a Shell station on the left (south) side of the highway. Turn right (north) and proceed less than 1/2 km and on the left you'll see a large puke green wall with a red light bulb over the porton. That's the Red Dragon. $3 entry, open 4 PM until...seven days a week. When I was there it was about 4:30 and there were maybe 10 girls working, many 6-8s. When I asked at what time the show started, the mgr said I'll start it for you know and he did with a beautiful, tall, dark haired beauty showing her stuff. Seems like they said the prices were $20/half hour, etc. It's "outdoorsy"...somewhat like Tequilla Rock but much bigger, cleaner, better, colder beer, hotter looking women and good atmosphere.

Proceeding eastward, I noticed that the Hotel Monte Verde has a sign that says "Club something (?)...ABIERTO". I had heard that it was opening but when I checked a few weeks ago there was no one there.

In San Salvador I hit Kiss Fresh again and there's a new crop of very good looking girls there. Mery grabbed me when I entered, starting telling me about her house burning down, made mefeel sorry for her and I didn't try anyone new, but one of them (with another guy) winked at me on my way out. I'll definitely go back.

In San Miguel I looked for the foxy blonde at Tony's but couldn't find her, so the next day I went to a new place (for me) called Paradise. It is less than one-half km from the bridge over the Rio Grande in the salida from San Miguel to La Union. It's on the right, next to a no-tell motel and it was open when I was headed out to La Union at noon. On my way back from La Union about 4 PM, I stopped and there were 4-5 chicas there...two playing cards and two more just sitting. I sat with the sitters but neither was friendly at all. Worst reception I've ever received in a casa de citas...maybe it was just toooo early. The barra show there starts at 7 PM, but I moved on out.

In La Union I saw a new club and barra show advertiseing itself on the right hand side of the road in the entrada to the town. It was closed then but looked brand new. I did find a hotel that looks decent to stay in and has indoor parking, so I plan to go back and make a more in-depth survey soon. It's right downtown and called the Hotell San Francisco(604-4077). I had lunch at Captain John's and the swordfish there was excellent as always.

That's it...let's hear from you.

A Toda Maquina
02-22-04, 03:36
Hey Pilgrims , Checked out Cedazos out on west side and also Gitanos . Cedazos a lot of fun , drinks and entertainment + cover about $26.00. Gitano 's is a more economical bar the ladies were wanting /starting at $15.00 For FS . However , Cedazos has a really nice decor .

04-14-04, 22:44
hey will be in san miguel thurs or fri. tonys is the place to be or what

04-23-04, 23:49
I went to cerdoza 2 basic casa . 2 dollars entrance 20 dollars for 30 min there were 10 girls beers were cheap other than that i was doing the rounds with visiting freinds.

08-16-05, 16:56
Spent a week in San Miguel area, but stayed specifically in the El Cuco la playa area. Hooked up with an independent worker, Maria Jose. Had her own room at nice hotel on the beach. Works there 3-4 days a week. Many american, australian surfers in the region that seek servicing, want an english speaking chica and don't want to take the 30-40 minute drive to San Miguel.
Although, if you are in San Miguel, you can arrange time with her there, as she lives there.

Has lived in USA before, great english, lots of fun. No rushes.
Sexy body, seems around 30 y/o. Dresses great, very sexy morena.
Shaved. Highly sexed!!
Gave me her business card w/cell fone.

PM me if interested and I'll send you it. This girl has alot of class compared with most I have found in that part of the country.

01-31-06, 03:42
I've made a few visits to Cedazos and there are usually some really great girls. I don't remember if its number 1 or number 2, but its on the main Pnamerican highway on the way into San Miguel from San Salvador. I went with Valeria a few months back and she was really top class, both in looks and service. I once checked out Gitanos, which is just down the road. There were no girls above a 5 in looks and, fortunately, none of them showed any interest in me, even though the place was empty. I left my drink and went straight up to Cedazos.

05-07-07, 23:24
I made another trip to San Miguel recently and made a few notes that were missing from my last report. The place I mentioned on the main Panamerican highway last time is Cedazos number 1. Cedazos number 2 is on the main road that runs through the centre of the city. There is a $3 cover charge and the cost for a girl is $30. There were about 8 girls working in the afternoon when I was there, but I have noticed that it gets busier later on. They often shut the main entrance during the day, but the guard will show you in through the side entrance. Each girl seems to have her own room and I get the impression that they live there. I guess this means that there is someone around at all times. I have certainly never found it closed.
Most of the girls were not much to my liking, but then I saw Brenda (23) who had a lovely slim body, perfect skin and small breasts. She started off with a BBBJ and then we went to full sex (covered of course). She knew what she was doing and soon finished me off. She then asked if I wanted a second go. She had pretty much emptied me out the first time but she convinced me nonetheless. I never made it the second time, but full marks to the girl for the effort she put in. Its nice to feel that there is no rush and that they genuinely want to give you a good time.
I have usually found at least one girl to my liking each time that I've visited and sometimes there have been some really fine chicas. Some of the rooms are a bit basic, but it all seems pretty clean and its a bit more personal, being in the girls own room. personally, I quite like Cedazos and recommend it to anyone visiting the area.

12-06-07, 05:03
I went to a strip club in San Miguel once. I forget the name but it was a very good place with lots of girls. Had a big stage where the girls danced. I believe it was 30 or 40 to take a girl up stairs and 150 for 24 hours. There was a girl named Glenda who use to work there. Anyone familiar with this place?

12-06-07, 16:12
Probably Tony's. Only other possibility that I know is Cedazos. Neither has an "upstairs", only back rooms, as far as I know.

12-09-07, 18:00
I think Cedazo sounds familiar. It might be that place. Does a girl named Glenda sound familiar to anyway? Was wondering if she is still there.

12-10-07, 01:14
No idea about Glenda (NM)

12-13-07, 04:20
Cedazos has an upstairs area. There seem to be a few general rooms that are used downstairs and more private rooms upstairs that the girls seem to sleep in.

04-11-08, 03:34
I'd like to add a little informacion re: Tony's, in San Miguel

Was there a week ago (in San Miguel) for a total of 4 nights.
I must admit, my mongering activities were centralized soley and specifically to Tony's during my stay there.

I stayed at the Tropico Inn, on Roosevelt Blvd, and about a 5-10 minute taxi ride at most to Tony's. Rate was approx $50 a night, which included breakfast buffet each morning. I didn't bother shopping around for other places, as I was familiar with this hotel and it's location. It met my needs.
I did on a couple of ocassions, bring a girl back to my room at night, and strolled confidentaly past the security guard at early morning hours without a word said. No problems what so ever.

It had been a while since I had visited Tony's. Changes and upgrades had been made since my last visit. Decor on the outside had been recently painted.
Inside, for those who have not been there. There is a large stage, maybe 30 feet deep, and 15 feet wide, with the customary gold pole.
Large cushioned chairs surround 3 sides of the stage. The rear of the stage has a large floor to ceiling mirror. Above the mirror are two large screens that show music videos of the specific song in which the girl(s) dance to.
I expressed my desire to the manager Luis (located behind the bar as you first enter) that they showed some XXX movies ...as is common in many bars.

There are 3 rows of same mentioned cusioned chairs facing the front of the stage, as well as cusioned couches on one side of the wall, that at times had up to 20 guys/girls sitting in. The opposite wall had a staionary cusion seating that ran from the bar to the end of the stage, enough to accomadate 20-30 people.

On the nights I was there, each night had approx 20-30 chicas, and as many guys..maybe a little more. The girls IMHO were very hot for the most part.
Considering this is not the capitol, and selection is not like San Slavador...
there were some smoking hot chicas. $2-$3 beers for hombres (pilsner/coronas) and $5 for las chicas.

I hooked up with 18-20 yr old from Honduras and another of the same age from Nicaragua. The Hondurana was muy linda, petite body, with tongue piercing (as an identifier.) The Nica was muy moreana, with killer curvy body.
Both were exceptional en la cama.

Also sampled a girl from La Libertad...older than most of the girls there, but exceptional body, and long wavey curly hair. Morena. Almost looked like a Brasiliana, with her color and body. Shaved, as she danced once or twice, and showed her wares. She actually was my favorite, as she was refined and experienced, and not "goofy", as the younger girls can sometimes be. Very GFE. The two previously mentioned were very good in their service, gave a few carinitos after the session was over and hung out for a few minutes after we emerged from the back rooms, but were off soon thereafter scouting for business. The morena from La Libertad enjoyed hanging out, and laying in my arms in the couch afterwards. She really had a great body and had a air of confidence, but not a big ego.
She hung out to herself and was not agressive prior to me picking her up. Sat by herself.

There was a girl from Guatemala, that looked chinita, very white skined with tattoos, that did a candle/wax show each night w/another chica..got into the "bi" thing on stage as well.
Lastly, speaking of the girls, there was a very very very hot blond chica. White skinned. From San Miguel...which is rare..as most are trequina or morena...she of course, attracted a lot of attention, and she knew she comannded it. I admired her and spoke w/her, but declined her services, as she was on the top 1-3 in terms of demand.
Never got the names (or rather forgot them) so this is why I have tried at best to describe them.

Of course, there was the share of gorditas, lazy, mulling about, not dancing nor conversing with prospective customers. I'm thinking to myself "what's the point of being here, if you're not gonna do anything??"

Rooms were clean, considering you are banging girls in the rooms they live in..
A handful do live there full time. It's $20 for 30 minutes. I tipped $3 to $5.
No rush, as I went over a few minutes each time. Business was busy however, and girls were waiting for vacant rooms...so 5-10 minutes extra was the maximum.

Surpisingly, there were a few gringos there each night. One night there were 3 college students from Alabama, who said they have been coming to San Miguel for the past 3 yrs, yet none of them spoke spanish. They expressed they loved the latinas, and they loved that place. I speak decent spanish, but hesitated being the translator, as I didn't want to get caught up in all that.
Have done it before, and it takes it's toll, and takes me out of "my game" jaja
The morena behind the bar is hot, and speaks english fine, and translated for them when they needed to speak specifics with the girls.

Also met 2 other guys from South Carolina who mentioned they have been coming here since '05 and come twice a year. They love it, and stay on the beach, again they do not speak espanol. Who would have figured ??!

Anyway, I highly recommend a visit to Tony's if anyone is in the vecinity.
Worth the stop.

Eric 7

06-01-09, 07:00
Hello all,

This is my first time on this forum, and I must say, i'm glad i've found it. Alot of useful information. I tried ChicasGuanacas but the english lacks a bit.


I'll be heading back to El Salvador in the next few days, 3rd year in a row, so this trip will be all play, so I figure i'll be spending alot of time in these spots, and so far Tony's Disco seems to be the leading front runner.

The places i've experienced are Club Exito, and Safiro.

Club Exito:

Very open room on entrance. Big screen tv's with consistent porn being played. A large dance floor eats up almost half of the place surrounded by tables and cushioned chairs along the wall. Back area holds the bar central, and also a staircase that leads up to the rooms.

Girls there were decent. The first girl I experienced was a slim chica from Usulutan. (photos on the bottom included) Dark skinned, slim, nice juicy ass, small tits. She was in no rush whatsoever, and took her time in doing the do. BJ, FS, and smelled like Vanilla. $20 for a 1/2 plus the cost of drinks.

I also experienced a woman there who was a little on the shorter/thicker side. I couldn't take my eyes off her, and I wanted her upon eye contact. She eye fucked me throughout the night, and that was about all it took. Thick legs, thick ass, nice breasts, curls. Claimed she had a boyfriend in New York, but wanted to "leave him" for me. Go figure. FS, and let me enter the rear by her own suggestions. Needless to say, there was no hesitation on my part. Also $20 for a 1/2 plus drinks.

That's about all right now for this place. I will return later with an idea of Safiro.

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06-04-09, 01:22
Would anyone here know where I could find a massage parlor in San Miguel that has a "happy ending".? I go to a spot on the regular but I've never tried anything with any of the girls there.

Any ideas?


06-29-11, 13:42
Has anywone been to Babe's Lips in San Miguel? I found its website (www.babes-lips.com) by mistake trying to get pictures of Lips in SS. Anyways, the pictures on the website look decent for me, but it gives the impresion that it's a strip club more than anything. I'm planning on visiting on July, but before I get in trouble by asking for FS, when maybe is not, I'd like to know what the vibe is on that place. I will also appreciate for other alternatives considering security, prices and beautiful girls, of course. Thanks for your time.

07-31-11, 22:38
Has anywone been to Babe's Lips in San Miguel? I found its website


By mistake trying to get pictures of Lips in SS. Anyways, the pictures on the website look decent for me, but it gives the impresion that it's a strip club more than anything. I'm planning on visiting on July, but before I get in trouble by asking for FS, when maybe is not, I'd like to know what the vibe is on that place. I will also appreciate for other alternatives considering security, prices and beautiful girls, of course. Thanks for your time.A big mix of types but nothing above a 7. Everything available. Its just opposite Tonys at the esso triangle and is much more secure, up scale and bigger. Not that is difficult. There are more places both up and down the Pan americana from there.

07-09-13, 21:48

I am researching for a mongering trip to El Salvador later this year. Last year (2012) someone posted on the San Salvador thread that the chicas in San Miguel are prettier and cheaper. So I looked up this thread and was surprised to see that there's no more posts after July 2011. What happened? Are the clubs mentioned still in existence? If they are, what are the prices now? Thanks in advance.


09-22-13, 01:18
Yes, There are about 4 or 5 places there. Tony's. Babes lips. Green garden. Et. The clubs are nice and there all on Rosevelt pretty close to each other. If one club is having a down night there are other options close by. Prices are lower than the capital. The city itself is pretty boring. Not much to do. No good resteraunts and hotel options are poor but

Its worth a trip out there for a night or two