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04-11-02, 07:55
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10-10-02, 00:33

Always coming from the fact that We're a little country, is common that in small communities the social pressure of the conservative part of society is strong, prostitution is tolerate but not out in the open, if you read older post You'll find that a year ago, you can find many brothels adds in the classified sections of the news papers.
So El Salvador is not a very exotic sex kind of country.
Now to your questions.
Santa Ana is a smaller city than SS and SM, is located in the west part of the country 45 min from SS, more conservative city, there are a few brothels and the girls are 5-8.
No massage parlors and escort services that I know about, but I think that the escort services that are located in SS can give services to any of our big cities.
There is some cheap and nice Hotels there, I know at least one love-motel, very nice by the way.
There is no nightlife in Sta. Ana for sure, you'll only find some bars and you'll see only men most of the time.
I think that Santa Ana is a beautiful colonial city.
You won't find in El Salvador any sex shop or porn theaters.

I hope that I hadn't disappointed you, the goodies of El Salvador are in the over all prices, the sex services, lots of strip clubs, brothels and street action, and you'll find it all in one city, San Salvador.

Nibu Raphael
10-11-02, 06:12
Hey Hawk great report on Santa Ana you mentioned like 5 brothels in Santa Ana what are they and where are they? Any streetwalker action in Santa Ana? What about strip clubs? What about amatuer action? So the best girls are to be found in San Salvador? Alright dude another update on Santa Ana would be great,,,, Signing off Nibu.....PS are you then born and raised in El Salvador PSS I think Belize is smaller then El Salvador.. Great reports Hawk keep it going, Oh how big is the population of Santa Ana?????

10-12-02, 17:28

You're are very interested in SA, don't you?
Trust me you'll be better in SS, what I mentioned is that there was I few brothels in SA and the girls are 5-8 in looking.
No street walkers, no strip clubs that I know, I think that the population in SA is about 100,000.

Yes I was born and raised here in El Salvador :-)

A Toda Maquina
05-23-03, 03:33
There were some bars in centro so I checked out this place called Kaletin..it was like a truck garage - carport that had tables and beverages and cubicles that had sheet metal walls a bed & no ceiling ,chicas wanted $6.00-10.00 FS ..This place I would frequent in the day only unless u got some friends because of ladrones in the streets nearby..........(spanish is a must here ) ...Also checked out this place called Dragoon roja,its a nice place with an outdoor setting with good looking chicas,& good security.. The chicas were asking $18.00 FS and beer was $1.25 !!

06-04-03, 20:02
I think thatís the only place Iíd been in Santa Ana, yes the outdoor setting, but was a long time ago.
How many girls? Daytime or nighttime??


06-04-03, 21:26
Hawk & Chango:

Now here's something I'm ready to learn about...Santa Ana. I stay out at Lake Coatepeque a lot on weekends and have always wondered about what's the action in Santa Ana? You two seem to know something. Where are these places like the Red Dragon and Kaletin? I once stopped a cab in Santa Ana and asked him (if a taxi driver doesn't know, who does), and he told me there were no "casas de citas" in SA, only one barra show in the salida on the road to Ahuachapan. I was sure that wasn't true cuz I've never been in any Salvadoran pueblo that didn't have a casa. Looks like I gave up too easy, but I'm willing to be educated. Are these day or night spots? Hours? Directions? Thanks.

A Toda Maquina
06-07-03, 07:41
Yep, there are at least two places (Red Dragon ) & another goin out on that Ahuachapan rd. I can only speak for Red Dragon the place it was cool , and nice with lots of security and hot chicas at night ../ The other place further down didnt look like it had as much security.. (con cuidado) ./ The place in town "Kelatin" is no doubt a day place ,unless u go there with six friends at night , The chicas at Kelatin = $5.00 & up .In this area of town there were bars everywhere.. hope this helps u. , Chango

06-16-03, 01:12
OK, guys, I've been out and about and have some reports. Starting in the west, I visisted Red Dragon in Santa Ana and really, really liked the place altho had no time to indulge. It is located less than 1/2 KM north of the PanAmerican highway between Santa Ana and the turn to Chalcuapa (Ahuachapan). Going west pass the turn to El Congo and the first (major) turn to Santa Ana. After several kms. there'll be a Shell station on the left (south) side of the highway. Turn right (north) and proceed less than 1/2 km and on the left you'll see a large puke green wall with a red light bulb over the porton. That's the Red Dragon. $3 entry, open 4 PM until...seven days a week. When I was there it was about 4:30 and there were maybe 10 girls working, many 6-8s. When I asked at what time the show started, the mgr said I'll start it for you know and he did with a beautiful, tall, dark haired beauty showing her stuff. Seems like they said the prices were $20/half hour, etc. It's "outdoorsy"...somewhat like Tequilla Rock but much bigger, cleaner, better, colder beer, hotter looking women and good atmosphere.

Proceeding eastward, I noticed that the Hotel Monte Verde has a sign that says "Club something (?)...ABIERTO". I had heard that it was opening but when I checked a few weeks ago there was no one there.

In San Salvador I hit Kiss Fresh again and there's a new crop of very good looking girls there. Mery grabbed me when I entered, starting telling me about her house burning down, made mefeel sorry for her and I didn't try anyone new, but one of them (with another guy) winked at me on my way out. I'll definitely go back.

In San Miguel I looked for the foxy blonde at Tony's but couldn't find her, so the next day I went to a new place (for me) called Paradise. It is less than one-half km from the bridge over the Rio Grande in the salida from San Miguel to La Union. It's on the right, next to a no-tell motel and it was open when I was headed out to La Union at noon. On my way back from La Union about 4 PM, I stopped and there were 4-5 chicas there...two playing cards and two more just sitting. I sat with the sitters but neither was friendly at all. Worst reception I've ever received in a casa de citas...maybe it was just toooo early. The barra show there starts at 7 PM, but I moved on out.

In La Union I saw a new club and barra show advertiseing itself on the right hand side of the road in the entrada to the town. It was closed then but looked brand new. I did find a hotel that looks decent to stay in and has indoor parking, so I plan to go back and make a more in-depth survey soon. It's right downtown and called the Hotell San Francisco(604-4077). I had lunch at Captain John's and the swordfish there was excellent as always.

That's it...let's hear from you.

Dollar Bill
05-17-05, 23:13
Hi ya CptEasy,

On the way to Cerro Verde and Lago de Coatepeque, I noticed a bar on the south side of CA-1 called Frida's Show bar. I believe it was within 500 meters of the bridge that goes over CA-1 at El Congo turn off.

Do you know if that is some type of strip bar or a full service location? It was Sunday morning when we passed it, and it looked closed. I do not think this has been reported on in the past, so if so, please forgive me for asking again.

Since you are at that lake often, I thought you might have some info on this place.

Thanks in advance and by the way, you chose a beautiful lake to spend your weekends at. That whole area is simply breath taking especially from the top of the cerro. I was a little disappointed because I did not see the "stars and stripes" at the lake, but next time I will keep a better look out!


05-18-05, 15:30
Frida's is usually open only after about 6 PM. It is owned by the brother of the owner of the Tequilla Rock, on the road to San Juan Opico, in Sitio del Nino between the Santa Ana and SS.

I've only been in Frida's once but there was some talent there and it follows the same model as Tequilla Rock, strip shows + full service. altho I've not partaken due to extenuating circumstances.

If you had gone on to Santa Ana you coulde have visited the Red Dragon. It's the most famous in Santa Ana and usually has some very good talent, as well.

Yes, I fell for Coatepeque on the first weekend I was in El Salvador about 25 years ago, and I've never tired of it. The Stars and Stripes had other commitments last weekend.

06-09-06, 01:52
I've been trying to find some action at santa ana bur nothing, a friend told me a about the opening of a new place kind like LIPS, but never find it, and he also told me a bout aplace called NINA ELY from waht he told me the pace you should be near the exit to san salvador, close to Hotel TOLTEKA, will appreciate any help.

Shufle Man
12-13-06, 21:35

People, Today December 2006, i want to talk you, that are many places.

Add Red Dragon ( way to chalchuapa and Ahuachapan), there are other, for examples: near to Military Area here in Santa Ana, there are one. The pay is $20 and is regulary.

Other is near School Madre El Salvador, next to Sihuatehuacan park.

There are many place of poor category in El Colon too. But here is dangerous for delictive actions.

Ok. If someone know more about this, please post it here please

Shufle Man
08-29-08, 21:41
Hi people,

I want to need update the information.

I you want a easy and unsecure sex, only go to near Colon Park, and you discovery many, but many place where you find all kind of girl, fat, nice, thine, etc. If you want more fine, you must to go in the 17 ave. S. And 15 Street, in this place you must to pay to $20 and go on.

Always exist The Red Dragon at the way to Chalchuapa.

Ok. people, Good Look and Living The Vida Loca.