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11-15-13, 01:57
The link : http://www.teenyland-koeln.de/html/?q=teenys

Saturday 2nd

When I came into the house, I saw a cute (red headed?) lady leaving the bathroom : her name was probably Joleen (she made me think about former Melli).

Unfortunately, she was busy and didn't participate to the parade.

When I came to TL, I wanted to meet Jenny because I was very interested in her photos (especially her breast) published on the web site (attached here is one of her photo).

Jenny was in the parade but when I saw her I wondered if whe was really the lady on the web site : she wasn't naked but I thought that she would not have, under her cloth, the breast I saw on the photos.

Finally, I stayed one hour with Linda : no doubt that the (attached) photo is hers.

Linda didn't speak much English but we could spend a good time however.

Saturday 9th

I stayed one hour with Milli.

I could not be sure that she was the lady on the photos : the lady I met had blonde hair, however her breast seemed to be the same I could see on the photos.

Nice meeting ended with an unforgettable doggy position.

Summary :

Up to now, all my meetings at TL with different ladies were fair and nice but never with deep kisses : many of the ladies I met gave me kisses but they were shy kisses.

A negative point for me who came to TL by public transportations was that if I wanted to wait for a busy lady I would't know where to stay : apparently, there was no cafe, kebap. Etc. Close (without a car) to the site where I could take a drink, waiting for "my" lady (once, under the rain, TL's boss picked me in in his car and drove me to a restaurant at the next tram station)

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