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http://www.libertyberlin.de/chris.html (?)

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May 2014 :

I read on a French written forum ( youppie.net) a post (by yuyaake) telling that Ana was the best lady he had met at Liberty among Marianna, Ina, Audrey.

So I tried to meet Ana during my short recent stay in Berlin: sincere, Ana told me that Ana I was looking for was not her but her friend who already stopped working and moved to another city.

We spent a nice meeting with complicity: 180 E (90 min) + 20 E (extra for kisses) = 200 E.

05-14-14, 23:16
Adress, opening times, prices (in English).


05-21-14, 23:30
Breezyhome's post: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?668-Berlin&p=1504547&viewfull=1#post1504547.

Carmen's page: http://www.libertyberlin.de/carmen.html.

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Euthought's post:


Eva: http://www.libertyberlin.de/eva.html.

06-13-14, 23:05

My last experience at Liberty was decent but not amazing so I thought I'd try someone else from their lineup to see if it could be improved. Before I arrived I made a short list from the site of who I want to pick (someone who was into kissing, BBBJs, and potentially anal).

From my list and the current lineup, I ended up picking Maria. A tall thin brunette from Cuba with very long hair. Her English is very limited as is my German and Spanish so communication was difficult at times. She did not match the photos online: she is significantly thinner and her breasts are droppy with large nipples. She's attractive but just not what I was expecting.

The session was half-hearted on her part. Kissing was superficial and her blowjob skills were below average (although they improved later in the session). Sex went with reverse cow girl and then to missionary. During missionary she kept her hand on the base of my dick to make sure the condom stayed on. I asked her to move it but she wouldn't (which is annoying as hell). Overall not something I would want to repeat.


Face: 7, Body: 7, Service: 4.

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The next day I decided to try Liberty which was one of the brothels I first had in mind when I went to Berlin. I pressed the buzzer and up I went where an older lady led me to a room where a number of girls would be presented to me. I didn't count but it was something like 8-10 girls. It all went very fast and I had a hard time remembering all the names. The first girl presented to me was Heidi and I instantly thought to myself "that's the one". More girls came in and there where a few that made an impression and some that seemed abit bored. When the lady asked me which one was my choice I said Heidi but I was told she was already occupied in another session. "Too bad" I thought for myself and tried to remember the other names of the girls. There was one that instantly got my attention from before, her name was Cissy. She was not the most good looking of them and didn't have the best body either but she seemed to have a nice presence and there was just something about her that I really liked so she would be my choice instead of Heidi.

Unfortunately, Cissy is not on the website anymore (stopped working there maybe as my session was in may?) so I can't give you a link but she had nice hair to her shoulders and an innocent look to her (hair was redish). Thin body and small breasts.

Cissy did almost everything except anal so I decided to go with BBBJ and CIM and extended my session to 45 minutes this time. We went to a room together and I payed her all in all 120. She ran away with the money and I washed myself up while waiting.

When she got back I instantly understood this was going to be a good session. She kissed me all over the body in a very very sexy way while taking me off my clothes and I got rock hard immiediately. She then started to strip her clothes and revealed a slim body with a nice shaved pussy. As my cock was already rock hard she started to blow me without a condom as we agreed and wow, this was going to be the best blowjob I ever had. She caressed my cock like she had done nothing else in her life. This was a truly amazing experience. I didn't ask for deepthroat but after blowing me for a couple of minutes she took it all inside her mouth and throat and I had to control myself not to blow my load instantly. I never experienced real deepthroat before so this was a truly wonderful experience. She continued to blow me fast and slow, deep and short for 10 more minutes when we switched to missionary.

She took a condom and used her mouth to put on my cock which felt really nice, I love when girls do that. Anyway, on the back she went and I started to fuck her slowly. She had nice and tight pussy and it was all wet from before so no lube had to be used. I fucked her for a good 10 minutes in both slow and fast pace when I asked her to blow me again. She started to blow me in the same way as before, very deep and slow alterning with a faster pace. I was about to cum and asked her to go really deep it and slow. I also asked her if I had to tell her before I cum but she told me in a sexy way just to blow my load in her mouth without warning her, and who I am to argue? I'm not really sure about time here but I think she blew me for another 3 minutes or so before I shot a huge load inside her mouth and throat. It felt absolutely amazing. She took it all and just let a few drops go outside her mouth. Amazing, that's all I can say. She then started to cough a little and went to the sink in the corner to drink some water. She laughed about it and said that it was a huge load after all.

As I booked 45 minutes I could cum twice and we had about 15 minutes left so I just got my breath back and then she started to do her amazing blowjob again. As soon as I got hard I wanted to fuck her doggystyle. This time it was abit harder for me to cum so I gave her a good pounding in doggy and finished inside her with 5 minutes left of the session. We both layed down on the bed and got our breath back before getting dressed. I left Liberty that day with a huge smile on my face.

As you might expect I will rate this session very high. I didn't choose kissing but this was as close to a 10/10 you can get without it. Absolutely lovely girl, would be sad if the stopped working at Liberty as I can't find her on the website anymore.

She said she did it for extra cash while studying to a psychologist. Her english was absolutely great as she said she had spent two years in the US.

Two good sessions in two days, you got to love Berlin. Next time I want to visit Artemis and some of the other apartment brothels like Kamilla Dee or Royal. Take care and thanks for reading.


08-01-14, 22:40

.... etc ...
Fuck 2.

Went to Liberty. Selection of 12 girls, chose Sabine from Latvia. Fantastic! Her tight body looks much better than in pictures, and sex with her has been one of my best fucks, ever!

Paid 40 for 20 minutes. Extras available (CIM, kissing). I would have gladly paid more to stick my tongue down her throat, but the idea of random folks having sprayed their cum in her mouth just minutes before stopped me.

Amazing sex in different positions, she seemed to enjoy it a lot. I am not so naive to believe she actually did, but she is a great actress, with no ridicolous moanings and screaming, but a perfect reproduction of a female in heat enjoying the dick she is taking.

Can't wait to repeat soon!

Off topic. Any news about Angus McGee? His posts were an institution in this thread, then he disappeared.http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?668-Berlin&p=1601741&viewfull=1#post1601741

Today I went back to Liberty. I chose Cherry, a real stunner. Blonde, German, enhanced tits, model looking. "The perfect hooker", judging on the looks.

But the session was very poor. To be honest, it was just like shagging a dead fish (not that I tried.! Zero effort. Mechanical blowjob, then 5 minutes pounding her from behind while she kept her head down so that I couldn't even see her in the mirror. Then switched to mish, she stayed there, eyes shut, legs not wide open so that I could not fully penetrate her. After 3 more minutes like that, I was getting bored (believe me!) so I gave her 20 seconds of hard pounding because I just wanted to come and get the hell out. 40 damage. Will not repeat with her. The worst of my so-far 4 fucks in Berlin.

09-04-14, 22:03
Liberty was a a bit rougher than Royal or KD but also cheaper. There were 6 girls there at the time, looks-wise slightly worse then Royal at least (based on one visit though so YMMV). Choose Ina which was a cute, 20-25 y and Russian. Problematic since she spoke no English. Considering that it was pretty decent. Price for 30 min w BBBJ was 80.http://www.libertyberlin.de/ina.html

09-26-14, 22:10

I went to Liberty for a meeting with Alejandra from Cuba. She is a tall lady with a big ass and big bosom. She told me she hasn't been living in Germany that long. In the bed she had almost a little bit dominant style. She undressed and put herself in position for a 69 which I hadn't asked for. But it was sexy the way she just turned and pushed her pussy in my face. I greedily accepted and put my toungue all over her pussy and asshole. It tasted very nice and then we went on to some hard doggy style and you can really get a nice hold of her body. Looks / body: 6. 5. Service: 7. 5.

Liberty's web page:


10-04-14, 22:24
Thanks again for the advice as a few weeks ago. You guys really were a great help in helping me to narrow down my research. I still did a ton of research but hitting up Liberty was the best option. This was on Sunday, September 28, midday.

The reception lady did not speak English but I had done my research so I knew to chill and there'the be a parade of girls coming through my door. Several were pretty good looking- nothing smoking hot, but it was tough narrowing it down and, as others have said- I was not sure of the names by the end. The one I most likely would pick came back and asked who I chose and said "you" LOL. She is Diana, claimed to be 25 from Berlin. She had big fake breasts and could stand to lose 25 pounds. But I found her to be very warm and inviting and had a very pretty face, and that made up for her large body frame and fake breasts. Normally I prefer petite ladies with no enhancements, but having been walking around playing tourist and vying these big, voluptuous European ladies on my vacation for the last 10 days, she was perfect. She had baby damage and the one piece dress she wore hid her belly but really focused the eyes on her chest.

Here's her info on their website: http://libertyberlin.de/diana.html.

She asked what I wanted, and I asked her what she suggested- "$20 euros for BBBJ and you can CIM," she said. I jumped on it thinking (wrongly) that she would accept $20 for CIM. I paid her for 40 minutes for a total of $100 Euros. I took a shower and waited. She was very clean, no smells and good hygiene. We started with me kissing her body from behind and then moved into a 69. I DATY her while I got my BBBJ. Her pussy has some wear but not enough to stop me from DATY her- no flavor at all, in fact. Moved into MISH and I was about to cum so I yanked off the cover and blew onto her stomach- I just didn't have time to make it to her mouth. This was a blessing. She was surprised I yanked off the condom while I soaked her and she said politely after she regained composure that normally that's $10 Euros more. I said I thought CIM was included so what's the difference? She said no- $20 was for the BBBJ, and CIM is another $50. It made sense (now that I was able to think with my big head) and I gave her the additional $10 Euros, happily. She offered to give me a message or go for an extra pop but I told her I'm getting old and second pops don't happen, but she was great. She said I was cute. LOL. I helped clean up a pretty substantial pool on her body and I noted that there was some blood in the paper towel she used on herself. Ugh.

In the end- the cost of my experience in the states would have been slightly more expensive than in Europe. The biggest difference is that in the states it is illegal, and therefore tough to see first if there is a connection without first meeting them. You have to check out the profile and / or see reports here. It's just impossible to do through pictures and word of mouth, though- and the pics are usually doctored or dated. I probably would not have chosen her based on her pics alone, but her ability to connect with me (albeit an act for her) was important for me.

I certainly like the legal aspect of mongering in Germany. The fear of the it being a police setup, or that the girl is a ROB, is always a big concern for me- and that's why I spend time in Tijuana for much of my mongering as it is legal there. And very affordable. Being able to explore a legal brother in Europe was a great experience and I appreciate everyone's feedback.http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?668-Berlin&p=1628123&viewfull=1#post1628123

11-17-14, 23:58
Next in terms of my brothel preferences was Agentur Liberty (http://www.libertyberlin.de). The environment wasn't much different than the previous brothel, but the shower was better. I didn't care for the lineup and decided to leave. But on my way out I asked if Yoki, a girl I had seen on the website, might be available later. The reply was yes -- she would be available within 30 minutes. So I waited and had a terrific 40 minute session with Yoki. She is in her 30's with more mileage on her than her photos suggest, but she was still very sexy looking (perhaps a few too many piercings) and great fun. Yoki is 100% Thai but she grew up in Berlin.

Liberty's web page:


03-20-15, 16:48
I was in the mood for some kinky sex, so booked an hour with Amber. She is early twenties with E-cup breasts, soft, feminine curves and short, dark hair. She is pretty and intelligent and offers a very broad range of service from vanilla sex to BDSM. I contacted her before the meeting to discuss what we would do during the session and agreed the fee of 200 for the hour.


After a shower, I waited for her naked in the room. Amber returned carrying the equipment for the session, and led me by the dick to the couch. She sat down and briefly licked my chock and balls then I knelt before her and was instructed to remove her shoes and loch and suck her feet and toes. I kissed all over her body before my head was pushed between her legs and I ate her pussy.

After some time, Amber stood up, stripped fully naked then last back on the bed for more oral attention, which she seemed to genuinely enjoy. She then rolled over into her front and I could briefly enjoy the view of her sexy, round arse before being instructed to put my tongue to work again, and I licked and probed her tasty little arsehole.

Amber wasn't satisfied with my work, so she placed leather cuffs on my wrists and bound me to the bed before sitting on my face and grinding her arse against my mouth so my tongue could reach deeper into her arse.

I was then told to turn over and she put on a strap-on dodo.

04-08-15, 01:44
This was the most down to earth girl I've met in a brothel. In fact, she is probably the only prostitute that I ever met where I thought to myself, "Gee, I wish I met her at a bar, I'd like to be friends with her. " I don't mean girlfriend, I just mean a friend. She is very sweet and has that Zooey Deschanel look to her, so I was also very attracted. Service-wise, she is very attentive and patient. I never felt rushed. Average blowjob and not very deep kisses, though the kisses got better as we went along. We did cowgirl and missionary and I finished in her mouth. Honestly, I had a bit of trouble staying hard with her, which usually isn't a problem. I was thrown off by the fact that she was so dang nice. I don't want to say she was unprofessional because it sounds like she did something wrong. I just mean that I forgot I was with a pro at times and I was weirded out by how likable she was.

Anyway, would repeat in a minute.http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?668-Berlin&p=1703875&viewfull=1#post1703875

Liberty's web page :


05-07-15, 00:46
Liberty is easily accessible by you-Bahn, next to a gay sex shop on Martin Luther Strasse. The entrance of the building does not look nice but inside the place is actually fairly luxurious. I was asked to sit alone in a small waiting room where the prices were posted and the 4 girls available at 3:00 PM on a Monday came to introduce themselves one by one. Three of them were fairly beautiful and I hesitated before picking the last one, Vivian from Hungary, blonde and fair skinned, mostly because she smiled more.

I did not regret my choice even though I agreed too easily to her upsell, 1 hour with BBBJ, kissing & fingering, all of which are optional, came to 190 Euro. However this was money well spent as Vivian turned out to be the most charming and exciting partner during this time, quite a treat. 9+ experience in my book. Of course if there are other places where these services are included, as it seems they should be, I would recommend to try them first, this is the only bordello I went to in Berlin.
.. etc ..

Liberty's web page:


05-11-15, 23:07
Cute face, lot of smiles and (unfortunately) tattoes.

Nice lady, nice meeting; however, it was not worth paying 20 Euros extras for the kisses provided.

Liberty's web page:


05-29-15, 22:37
Monday May 25th, 2015.

Anastasia: good looking lady, none tattooes.

I started with 30 minutes (60 Euros) ; I'd better choose the shortest meeting the house offered (20 minutes, 40 Euros).

Her legs took positions that exposed the less possible her pussy.

She used her hands a lot and as I didn't want to lose my energy in this way, I prefered to ask her to give me a strong massage.

Her massage was good.

20 Euros extras for kisses were definately wasted money.

Liberty's web page:


09-27-15, 20:43
On Tuesday 22nd, I visited Liberty and chose Angelina.

Nice face, thin body, may be some gentlement would not like her figure.

With 20 Euros as extras, Angelina provides real kisses with tongue, with a taste of cigarette.

She was patient and her BJ was very nice and efficient.

We finished in missionnary with many kisses.

Liberty's web page :


11-05-15, 23:26

Easily found location and buzzer. Around 6/7 PM. 2 floor and little lite up stairs. Used the toilet and shown to room with lineup of about 10. Very quick, hard to remember names but chose very slender tattooed Ella. Probably the one on website but with tattoos photoshopped away. Had planned on 30 for 60 but did not understand that BJ not included and everything 20 extra. Just sex for 60. She immediately lay on bed and allowed play with very cute but tiny breasts. I caressed the outside of her V but when I inserted a finger, she said not inside, a bit a mood killer for me that night. I was not feeling that great and her fumbling around with me did not arouse me so after awhile I suggested I would pay the extra 20 for BJ. It did arouse me but I finished very quickly so never got to sex. Talked awhile, said she was German and from Berlin and was 21 years, which is close to Ella profile. Cute girl, too bad the old body was off that day.Liberty's web page :


06-25-16, 23:05
.. etc ...
After touring, I went to Liberty to see who was available. It's in a sort of seedy area, but still a discreet building. I wound up selecting Eva (http://libertyberlin.de/eva.html) from the rather limited lineup. She was a cute 20 yo German girl, very petite, who spoke excellent English. She had a little acne, and small (but cute) moles all over her back. (Many of the other girls looked a lot less like GND. Big tits, lots of makeup, and I'm guessing less fun! She was certainly not a beauty, but very cute. Liberty has prices for all activities posted on the door, so in a very businesslike fashion I selected an hour with BBBJ and kissing and come on face, total was 190 . (Face: 7.5; body: 8.5; service: 9).

After paying, I used the shower, came back, and had a session that was exactly as promised. After each facial (I was able to come twice) Eva excused herself to clean up a bit, then we chatted nicely. There was zero rush, and after the hour I dressed and was on my way to my room.

.... etc ....

11-19-16, 03:42
Sunday 13th: Eva; piercing between the eyebrows, very exciting tits and pussy. Her kisses (20 Euros) were not deep.

Same photo as in the previous (AntonThorpe's) post: http://libertyberlin.de/eva.html.

Monday 14th: Anja; "Born in the USA", Anja speaks fluently English; she has a joyful temperament. Her kisses (20 Euros) were not deep either.

No photo on the web site: http://libertyberlin.de/anja.html.

04-09-17, 00:38
With my visit to Annie Porsche not turning out to be an extended one, my schedule opened up to allow another brothel visit as well as the chance to check out Caligula flat rate club. With Liberty just down the street from Caligula, it was a natural choice. Liberty had been reported on the forum and Rockitreports as a good value brothel less pricey than places like Kamilla La Dee or Royal but nevertheless with good offerings.

I got there via you-Bahn to Nollendorfplatz and then a ten minute walk through one of Berlin's gay neighborhoods mongering in Berlin like few other places allows for some fine city exploration. As my research had indicated, I spotted Caligula on the same street and a few doors down Liberty (the weird Berlin Street numbering system did mess with my mind briefly, not helped by the wind-blown rain in my face). On first look things were not promising as Liberty's building entrance sits right next to a gay sex shop making me wonder if I was in the right place. The doorbell label convinced me and I was buzzed up.

For a dull modern exterior Liberty was rather plush inside, and I quickly made myself comfortable in the warm waiting room, happy to be in out of the cold. Only three girls were ushered in to see me (it was around 8 PM, near the end of the day for the place), and it was an easy choice as one of them was a black woman, my first chance on a brothel visit this trip.

As her name suggested Alejandra was Latina but not Cuban or Brazilian as I guessed, but from Cali Colombia. As the home of the Cola Major great ass contest Alejandra honored her hometown. And while not beautiful facially and probably in her late 20's or 30's, a tall girl with a fine ass and big tits (man-made) was someone I appreciated. I paid her the 80 Euros for 45 minutes, plus an extra 20 for blowjob without condom. Kissing was another 20 but I declined, burned by the Sexy Candyshop girl the night before.

After cleaning up in what could be the biggest, most luxurious bathroom I have ever seen, I returned to the room and Alejandra and I chatted in Spanish a little. She soon had me on my back with my dick in her mouth, and at the barest guidance from me she pivoted and positioned her meaty pussy lips right over my mouth. The pleasure of her lips and tongue on my cock and mine buried in her pussy was enhanced by the view I had looking up at the ceiling mirror, which revealed the top of my ivory face peeking out from under her glorious ebony buns, which I clutched and squeezed to the cadence of her / my oral rhythms, occasionally reaching down to grab a big breast.

We flipped so I fucked her from above for a bit, but it was much more fun when I got Alejandra from behind, grabbing her firm, round butt cheeks and jackhammering my dick into her puss. The sheen of perspiration glistened on her beautiful brown back, the strength of her body apparent. I was on the receiving end of that when I got back on my back and she mounted me, squatting on my cock and bounding up and down. I alternated my hands between her ass cheeks and her big round tits, but eventually grabbed her ass for dear life, not sure if I was jostling her up and down or if my hands were just along for the ride, as she rode me to a hard cum.

Beyond the sex, the service Alejandra provided was appreciated. She was not a smiley kind of friendly, but I felt she was looking after me, as when she alerted me to take my pants with wallet into the bathroom when I went to shower. Liberty did match what I had read about it, and as another bonus I got my black and Latina fixes together in one package.

Alejandra's web page :


07-08-18, 00:43
She is not on the web site any more.

During the parade, I noticed that Isabelle was very attractive but as I chose Larissa I could not meet Isabelle.

After my meeting with Larissa, I tried to get a meeting with Isabelle but I failed.

Larissa is not on the web site any more.

Isabelle : (no pictures on the web site) http://www.libertyberlin.com/isabelle.html

07-08-18, 00:59
I was back to Liberty but Isabelle was not there.

After the parade, I asked for Maja (I already noticed her on the web site but her working day was Monday, not Saturday: so, that Saturday May 5th was my lucky day) : the meeting was nice, I thought that there was a "click" between us and that our next meetings should be promising!

Maja's web page : http://www.libertyberlin.com/maja.html.

12-01-18, 00:21
Friday November 2nd: Isabelle was on holidays, I met Maja again, the meeting was nice but unfortunately I could not "conclude" !!

12-01-18, 01:15
I've tried to have an appointment with Zoey but, unfortunately, failed!

Her email published on the web site can be used (she answered in English).

Her web page in English:


05-26-19, 15:38
Cute face, floral tattoees on the body, shy kisses (+ 20 Euros).

Nice meeting, not exceptionnal.

Eve's web page : https://www.libertyberlin.com/eve.html.

08-11-19, 13:38
Thanks, but it isn't entirely clear to me how to get there. The website says it is on the 2nd floor (I assume ground floor counts as floor #0) and the buzzer is on the 2nd floor. Looking on google maps street view, I can see some store fronts. I'm not exactly sure which door and how to get up to the 2nd floor. The description makes it sound like it is hard to find.
.... You go to the adress: Martin-Luther Strass 14.

At the main (building) entrance (don't go into a kind of sex-shop (apparently for gays) on your right : you can see this sex-shop (but unfortunately not the building-entrance), marked XX, on Google map and on the photo appended here), you can see a (relatively big) "silver" board of the agency (with opening hours), the bell (among others) is in front of you (with the name LIBERTY if I remember well).

Inside, I use stairs (but you can use the lift); at the 2nd floor, normally, the hausdame (or a "lady" if the hausdame is busy) waits for you behind the partly opened (apartment / agency-entrance) door.

Actually, the entrance is on the second floor but some rooms and the exit may be on the first floor.

By the way, in my description, I distinguish ground floor from first floor.

08-23-19, 23:07
.... etc ...
First I visited agentur liberty around 5 pm. A good amount of girls to choose from. Picked a girl called Kamilla. She has a pornstar look with big boobs and sexy lips. Her English was not great but enough to understand. I opted for 30 minutes with owo. Total damage 80 euros.
.... etc .... http://www.internationalsexguide.nl/forum/showthread.php?668-Berlin&p=2359316&viewfull=1#post2359316

Kamilla's web page :


Fake It
12-19-19, 17:25
Visited Liberty a few days ago. Was not sure if I had been there before, and even as arriving to the door I did not feel that I recognized the place. The shop is located next to what looked like a gym, but as I read online, it's a sex store. Apparently Liberty is located in a gay district of Berlin and is also a few steps away from Caligula. Both these things I did not notice. What I did notice was the slightly dingy doorway, staircase and entrance. It gets better when inside but I would not describe it as super lux.

As soon as I was shown in and sat down, I remembered that I had been in that waiting room before. Must have been 5 years ago or so. I saw two madams who both spoke English well. They arranged a parade of about 5 women. It was about 5 pm on Tuesday.

I wasn't super impressed with the line-up but since I had just arrived in Berlin I didn't want to go to bed empty handed. I picked Alex: https://www.libertyberlin.com/alex.html.

The pictures are sort of accurate. She has short blonde hair and looks and speaks typically German. She gave me the run down of prices. 25 EUR for 20 minutes upto 70 EUR for an hour. She said that's for 'basic sex. ' BJ is extra. I asked how much. She said 30 EUR. I asked if she did CIM. She declined. I asked if her BJ was a BBJ. She said yes. I said OK lets do 30 minutes plus the BBJ. She said 110 EUR please. I did not want to debate her on what was included and what was extra or how she did her math! I just paid up.

What followed was a functional but mechanical session. She did a pretty good BBJ for about 10 minutes. Then put on a cover. Got on top and rode for about 10 minutes till I popped. I said thanks and left.

I'll probably visit again before I leave Berlin. It was not bad, but could be better.

Liberty are closed on the 24 and 25. Back open on the 26th.

12-21-19, 23:11
.... She gave me the run down of prices. 25 EUR for 20 minutes upto 70 EUR for an hour. She said that's for 'basic sex. '


"Cosseting prices in the Liberty:

20 minutes 50,- euros.

30 minutes 70,- euros.

40 minutes 100,- euros.

1 hour 140,- euros.

1 hour in pool suite 160,- euros".

Be careful:

In its German version, as with many other brothels' web sites, prices may be published only for the room, without ladies' services:


12-22-19, 01:37
Wednesday, November 20th : Alex

Cute face.

Extras for kisses with tongue: +30 Euros.

The meeting (1 hour) was rather hot, she proposed to start with missionnary and finish with doggy position but unfortunately I could not conclude (was it because of the meeting Melina (see http://www.internationalsexguide.nl/forum/showthread.php?3587-Berlin-Salon-Prestige-(Prestige) yesterday?

She told me she expected to be there on Friday and so if I wanted, I could come back 2 days later.

Alex's web page :


Friday, November 22nd : Eve

Finally, Alex was not there on Friday, Sammy neither, so I spent one hour with Eve I already met on May (http://www.internationalsexguide.nl/forum/showthread.php?3583-Berlin-Agentur-Liberty-(Liberty)&p=2326828&viewfull=1#post2326828).

Extras for kisses with tongue were +30 Euros (not +20 Euros anymore), rather wasted money.

She's cute but the meeting was not really exciting.

Eve's web page :


Sammy's web page :


02-28-20, 23:04
To give a little back here, have been with Angel at Salon Liberty-bigger girl than I would normally choose, was kind of an experiment. 130/45 with kissing and the works. She is prettier than pictures suggest, surprisingly good time, would repeat.
.... etc ...

Probably 130 = 100 + 30 (Extras for kissing)

Angel's web page :


11-11-21, 20:56
Agentur Liberty:

Only 3 girls available. Choose Alex. Very slim pale skin blonde chin length hair German girl from Berlin. Wanted one hour but she was only available for 30 minutes. Asked for kissing and BBBJ. Total of 140 E. Yes, I know. Too much. Kissing and BBBJ were very good with excellent emotional connection. The rooms are well appointed with sink in the room. In my limited experience, if you are staying for less than an hour, they expect you to use the sink to wash your junk. If you stay for an hour or more, they offer the shower. Would I return? Probably yes. I wish the lineup were larger. I think many girls already had appointments, so in future, I'the probably make an appointment. The Berlin Intime website lists services and the pics are fairly clear, so I think you could rely on that approach.

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