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04-11-02, 07:59
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05-18-02, 04:40
San Pedro Sula is great for looking women, the best thing youy can do is to find someone here who can show you where the best places are

06-07-02, 02:40
Barely legal? legal age of consent is 16, san pedro sula 10 ave 1 st, 1 block before the Holiday Inn Hotel of San Pedro sula, in the intersection with novaprisa mall

06-07-02, 02:59
Ok, to answer to perv45, prices are aroun 20-30$ for about 30 minutes, double that and you will have the girl for the night. I strongly suggest you guys to learn to deal in the local currencly (Lempiras), that way nobody will more than fair from you, since the minimun wage is about $120 per month you know your 30$ for a lay are a pretty good amount for a girl. Nearby the Holiday Inn there is a place where some girls (from 6 to 10 every night) hang around, go there. Many girls are clean, the health ministery require them to have an AIDS check every month, most girls carry their "AIDS clean" id, so ask for it, girls who don´t have one are from gangs or "maras" as we call it and try to stay away from them. Prostitution is legal in Honduras since legal age, but some cities have their own regulations, San Pedro Sula for example can charge you for indecency (which is paid with a fine) if you are trying to pick up a girl. My best advice is to find a nice girl on the place i said, most girls that hang there are between ages 16-24 ranging from 7 to definitive 10´s, try to pick up the less experienced take her to you hotel and try to initiate a friendly relationship with her, you will find that Honduran women are very friendly (even with the language barrier), try to know her more and find out where she lives (most girls say their parents they have a night job at some restaurant instead of saying them the truth about their "work") and go visit her. Her parents will surely treat you like a god, give them some presents and have for sure you will have the girl for you the whole time you stay in Honduras if you want to.

06-19-02, 03:59
Mayanwarrior is a good source of info. I spent 3 weeks in SPS and La Cieba and both were great! SPS is for girls only, no touristy stuff to do or see. I stayed at the hotel Bolivar which is near the Parque Central and about $20 a night for "luxury" accomodations. Absolutely NO problem bringing in street girls. I had a new one every night (though some were so good I went back for them again) and sometimes two in a day. Never a problem. I found the best girls on first ave and 10th by the mall, exactly as described by Mayanwarrior below. Real beauties and I paid $13 to $25 and it is VITAL that you bring a condom!!!! They tend not to have them and won't put out without one. They EXPECT you to provide it. A word of warning...there is an American-looking bum near the park that tries to speak English and is as helpful as a dog. To looks for Americans and gets you whatever you want. I warn you that he is a danger. Everything he gets for you is 3 or 4 times the price YOU could negotiate, and he tries to get kickbacks on all ends. DO NOT use him to get girlss or anything else. There are 2 trusted cabbies and everyone knows them. Sauzo can be gotten by asking at the hotel Bolivar...he speaks five languages and used to bodygaurd the Honduran president. He is very trustworthy and will get you anything you want...anything. He doesn't add on to prices and will negotiate for you. He is a must-have, and no longer does local cabbie work, just hires out to people like us. He has a huge international clientel and prices are cheap cheap cheap, just like everything else in this country!!! Sauza works days only. At night his partner is Julio and his phone is 554-42-27 and tell him you saw it on the internet...he knows I was going to post it. His night "station" is at the hotel bolivar and Julio is a regular cabbie and Sauzo's best friend. He takes Sauzo's clients at night. He got me the most beautiful young girls (16 and older of course) I every saw and it was like $12 to him for the cab rides for us and $35 for her. The girls he takes you to have madams so they are a little more expensive than street girls but also damn beautiful and obtained by referral only. Now you have the referral. Another good hotel is the "Hotel San Pedro" which I liked a lot and is about 1/2 the price of the Bolivar. Also, right outside the hotel Bolivar about 8 girls gather every night and they are all like $8 - $20. beauty is 3-6. Walk or cab the 10 blocks north to the mall and you will have the beauties of the street girls. I'll post about La Ceiba if any asks. My greatest lays were there...really just dynamite good sex with a couple hookers. I went back for one 3 different nights, and the last night I was in Honduras I drove back to La Ceiba to do her again. Above all...CONDUCT ALL BUSINESS IN LIEMPERAS!!!!! Never use dollars and never overtip. Overtipping hurts all those who follow as people think we are rich and all our good places get ruined. Tip everyone, but keep it sane. Even a $1 is a lot of money there.


06-20-02, 08:22
[La Ceiba]

La Ceiba: Stay at the hotel Parthenon. It is in the Zona Viva and you can bring in any girls you like. It is on the beach and in the hottest club area. I didn't care much for the nightclubs, but the bartender at the pool speaks excellent English and will direct you in that regard.

I went to all the clubs, and if you are not cool with people carrying guns all over the place, and police with M-16s, and doormen at clubs with shotguns and pistols, better not go to La Ceiba. It is common to walk along at night and notice bar "doormen" hiding in bushes with rifles pointed at the lines trying to get in.

The clubs were full of girls, true, but why bother when the pickings are so easy and fast elsewhere? So right across the street from the Parthenon is a little bar called the "millineum." It is a cheap dive that seats about 10 people, but it is mainly a place where hookers hang out at night. You can take your pick from the balcony at the Parthenon then walk over and get her, or wave her up. They are $25-$40 in La Cieba and I never had a time issue. My only problem was getting them to leave sometimes. They shower before and after, then often want to sleep for an hour too. I only threw out the bad lays. Others got to sleep and shower.

The BEST is a mulatta lady named Wendy. She is a street walker and hangs out at a defunct disco about 10 blocks north of the Parthenon on the main road. It is a disco on the beach and only for hookers and bar girls. It gets busy and EVERY girl in there is for sale for $20 to $40. I had one (who looks exactly like Wendy! Asked me for $100 American for 1/2 hour. It wasn't even worth laughing at.)

Everything is cheap and no cabbie ever tried to hustle me there, nor did anyone else. Prices are higher but people are generally honest. The defunct club is called Cherries, I believe. Go there and just take your pick, honest. Approach and get right to the point. Many of these girls are local girls and married, they do this a couple times a month but they know why you are there and that is why they are at Cherries too. Wendy gets there about 11:30 pm and every time I screwed her she was wet and actually orgasmed. You can feel her get wetter as she gets into it. She was a fantastic lay! Treat her good and let her shower and sleep, she won't try to hustle you or take anything.

I picked up one girl at the central park just for variety, and one from a club, but none beat the ease and good lays you find on the streets in the Zona Viva. There are even tourist things to see in the daylight there.

The Manager of the Parthenon is "Wakeem" and he speaks English and will store your cash and valuables and they really will be there when you go to get them on check-out. He can also fix you up with a cab that can get the call-girls for you.

Don't drink the water. Do eat at the parthenon buffet daily. Go to Cherries every night for a new girl or just get her off the street. Pros and amateurs sell it all down the road in the "Zona Viva" (like the main strip along the beachfront hotels and bars.)

Above all, look for Wendy.


07-02-02, 03:55
I never asked for an AIDS card, but I am careful too. I was surprised how careful the girls were also. No condom you don't even get to touch. There are military-type police in SPS with M-16s all over, but in La Ceiba there are A LOT more armed citizens. You go past several armed men to go into any bank, bar, and some restaurants. In my hotel there was some guy in black with an automatic weapon posted on the roof at night. Walk down the Zona Viva in La Ceiba on Friday night and you'll think you are in a war zone. Personally I feel safe in such a crowd, much more so than in SPS where only the criminals carry (and the police). Definately, without doubt, do ALL business of every kind in local currency!!!!! Failure to do so will really hurt your prospects. Money changers are everywhere. They hold out big wads of cash in the central park and shout out rates, also at the airport. (I did my first currency exchange with the customs official who was supposed to check my luggage. He changed $100 for me and waved me through.) Street exchangers give a better rate than either banks or hotels too. It is also legal, so have no fear it is very safe to trade with them. The legal age is really 16 years old. A girl can legally sell her goods at 16, and they do. One night I was looking (see where on previous post) in my favorite spot and two girls, a team, made the offer. I turned it down (450 Liempira or like $29.00 for both..not each) as they were like 7s, and 9s were about. So yes, they do the lesbian thing and team up too. I never went to the clubs, except in La Ceiba, so no advice there. If you do go, just remember to not be flashy with the dollars and remember that other Americans will follow you...so treat everyone kindly, tip reasonably, and keep the land fertile for those who will follow.

07-09-02, 16:09
It ain't much, with all the good advice coming from MayanWarrior and Hungman. But here's a site that gives some info on San Pedro Sula that may be handy. It gives hotels, restaurants, advice and a rudimentary map.


07-10-02, 02:50
Yo Hang Man, thanks for all your info! Do you by any chance live in Honduras, or do you just visit there often?..I was reading your post about La Ceiba. You seem to emphasize going for the SW. Does that apply to SPS as well? I'm surprised because on the other boards (Mexico, Costa Rica, DR) they suggest staying away from the SW and prefer the MP and esteticas. Besides, isn't it a bit risky picing up SW when you have armed militia around every corner?...Also, any idea on airfare RT from Miami, Florida to either La Ceiba or SPS? Which city do you prefer? Or should i spend 2 days at both? Also, how far are they from the ocean?? Which city is more exp. for hotels and ladies?.. and are the girls equally pretty in both spots?..Ive narrowed my next solo trip down to either DR or Honduras. Will be going for about 4 days, likely in september. My spanish is decent, but wouldn't mind having a trustworthy local or american to help with touring. Let me know if you know of anyone. Thanks again!!!!!

07-17-02, 20:59
Just got back from a month in Honduras. Fantastic! Just a few comments. Stay away from the SW on 1st Ave if you stay in the Hotel San Pedro. They know all the girls and won't let them in. Prices on those girls were around $15, but their looks weren't all that great and they were rushed and very business-like. The girls up by the Holiday Inn were great. I just sat in a beer joint across the street from the stroll and watched until I saw a girl that I liked, then approached her and hailed a cab back to my hotel. I had a total of 15 girls during my stay and probably spent less than $400 on "dates" My total expenses with airfare from Nevada, hotel, meals, dates, etc was around $2000. I stayed in three different SPS hotels. San Pedro, Bolivar, and Palmira. The San Pedro worked out best once I figured out who I could and couldn't have in the room. I'm going back soon, but next time I think I may skip the SW and look for a wife. Honduran women are beauties and 25 year old women don't seem to feel uncomfortable at the thought of marrying a 55 year old guy.

One final thought. My Spanish is very good. With many of the girls that was the difference between an ordinary time and gf sex

07-19-02, 22:34
Quick answers to some of your questions GPIPER. I didn't go to any strip clubs or MPs. Prostitution is legal in Honduras so picking up a girl on the street isn't a big deal so long as she's of legal age. Most of the girls near the Holiday were probably 18-22 with some who looked younger, and some who were older. I actually waited for the older girls. I much prefer girls in their mid-20's - 30. SPS is like any other city, there are places you shouldn't walk at night. I wouldn't call it a dangerous place as long as you are careful. Hotel San Pedro and Hotel Palmira were around $20 a night. Bolivar is more upscale and in a better area and costs $30. Airfare from Miami r/t is around $400. I do think that speaking Spanish makes for better sex because you can move beyond a simple business transaction. I took most of the girls out for a drink before going back to the hotel and did the small talk stuff. Another girl whom I saw several times I took to dinner one night, and to a movie another night. I think that makes a difference

07-22-02, 19:42

Recently back from a trip to Costa Rica, while there picked up a girl from Honduras at a disco. She and her girlfriend were only in town a couple days then off to Panama. She said it was her first time in CR (and like the sneaky bastard I am I checked her passport, no CR stamps).

We spent two nights and a day together, just fantastic! No $'s other than food, drinks and a couple little presents but judging by the way she handled herself I'm sure there is some experience there in the business, I didn't ask and as long as she is honest, don't care.

We had a great time and now by e-mail she is inviting me down to Honduras, I've read the posts but had a question.

I'm thinking of a beach, since I'll have her I'm not going to be 'hobbying' but do want someplace with nightlife, etc. I came across Tela doing some research.

Anyone been there? Any suggestions?



07-29-02, 00:22
Depends a bit on where your lady friend lives. I don't find Tela quite as nice as it was 10-15 years ago, and La Ceiba has better nightlife. If you don't mind traveling some distance, or flying there I'd suggest Trujillo. Of course the Bay Islands are an option but they don't give you much of a taste of Honduras. If you can live without nightlife and like romantic places there's Omoa -- or if you friend lives in Tegucigalpa you could head south to Amapala in the Gulf of Fonseca.,

08-02-02, 19:48
[La Ceiba]

Hey Hungman,

I read your report on La Ceiba. I've traveled there each October for about 4 years. I skipped last year and I hear a lot has changed. Cherries, which was the SW nightclub, has closed down. That was always THE place to go. Last time I was there they were just building the bar you mentioned across the street from the Hotel Partenon. I knew it would SW heaven there.

Last time I was there I met up with Wendy. I believe she was the same one that you mentioned. She was 16 at the time, short (about 5'2", maybe as short as 5'). She has sort of an exotic look, I thought she looked kind of asian. I remember her very well, I was speaking to her (in spanish of course) and asked how old she was. She responded, "I'm 16 but I fuck like a 22 year old". I quickly grabbed her.

I ended up getting in trouble because someone there told my "girlfriend". I was there for a month and had a girlfriend that wanted to marry me and come back to the United States. This happens every year that I'm there but this one was pretty adamant. Actually, I rarely pay in Honduras, I usually buy drinks and food and the girls are happy to come to my room. The times I do pay are like in the case of Wendy where I just had to have her or I'm drunk and don't want to do the work of buying drinks or meals.

I may go back in October, I'm still trying to decide. I have a live-in girlfriend now that gets really upset when I mention Honduras (she want to go, but I won't let her come with me). Airfare is also a ridiculous $1100 from the Seattle area while Guatemala and Nicaragua and El Salvador are only about $500.

08-03-02, 05:58
i'll give my answers, hungman may have different ones. remember, i haven't been there in 2 years.

1. i have never checked any girls age. the working girls are supposed to have a card that says they've been tested for aids and etc. i've only had one person ever show me that card. she showed it to me to prove that she wouldn't try to rob me. she then proceeded to lift $100 from my pants pocket i generally only stay in san pedro sula for a day or two and the women i've had sex with were locals that i met at one of the discotecas. in la ceiba, i just asked them how old they are and they just told me. one thing you have to remember is that this is a poor country and many people don't know their birthday or how old they are. there aren't very many birth records and if your parents are gone and you lived with relatives and friends your entire life, you may never know when your birthday is. if you are worrying about getting into trouble for having sex with an ****d child...forget about it. unless they are obviously really, really young...like 10, no one cares. it is nearly impossible to find a cop there and they're usually busy busting someone for drugs. the times that people have called the police when i've been there, it has taken the police 4-6 hours to show up.

2. bbbj? it depends on how badly they want the money and what they think of you. my first couple of years, i couldn't even get a bj. i found out later, that many of them have never seen an uncircumsized penis before and they mine was weird. also the girls i went after were not the hardcore pros. the "good" girls won't do this. the pros will do it and do it anywhere (as long as you are clean). this may offend half of the people that read this but, i've used a condom a total of about 5 times in honduras. i've had sex with probably close to 100 women in the 4 years i've been there. i do have a vasectomy though.

ooops, girlfriends home...all answer the other 3 tomorrow.

08-03-02, 20:22
Continued from yesterday....

3. If you've lived in a big city in the US, I wouldn't worry much about walking around SPS or La Ceiba. Don't get me wrong, walking around SPS at night is an adventure, but if you know how to take care of yourself, you should be okay. Don't walk down deserted streets. Stay where the people are. Check to make sure no one is behind you, cross the street when you see someone that may be threatening. Again, if you lived in a big city and walk around at night this all should be second nature. La Ceiba is a town of about 65,000 people. I didn't find any place there too threatening and have never had trouble walking around at night. At the same time, I'm black and have light skin and have very short hair. I look like a local. There was one time in La Ceiba where there was a fight (it was so quaint, the guys take off their shirts when they get ready to fight). After the fight was over, a group of guys went down the main strip beatiing up any guy they saw. I quickly jumped in a cab and went back to the hotel. I guess what I'm saying is that if you don't carry a gun now, you don't need one there. I don't keep all of my money together and I don't carry alot on me. Everything is cheap in Honduras and you should probably never leave your room with more than $75. If someone points a gun at me and asks me for my money, I will gladly give up the $50 I have on me. I keep money in my shoe, if I ever need to get back home. I NEVER carry my passport and I only carry credit cards if I plan to use them.

4. In SPS, I've never stayed out past 2. I always found what I wanted by then. In La Ceiba, the places stay open until everyone leaves. Cherries, which I hear is now closed, didn't have people show up until 1AM. It would close when it looked as if it wasn't profitable to be open anymore. This was usually around 6-7 AM. Other clubs closed usually between 4-6AM, generally when there were only a couple of people left. I usually took a nap from about 8 pm to 11pm
and then woke up and decided what I wanted to do.

08-04-02, 21:11
I looked at both of those pictures and saw nothing special about either of the two women. I'm sure if you look, will find something like that. They looked kind of tall though, it's not common to find a tall woman in Honduras, they are out there but the average is about 5'4 or 5'5 (one of the reasons, I like going there).

I prefer La Ceiba over SPS because it's safer, everything I want is within walking distance and the prices are lower (things you would expect from a small city over a big city). SPS has a great selection but a MUCH higher rate of HIV.

La Ceiba is about a $35-45 flight from SPS. It takes about $45 minutes. If you are afraid of flying do not fly during rainy or overcast days and try to sleep during your flight, those little rickety planes are scary. The pilots praying before they take off doesn't make you feel too safe either. You can take the bus for about $5-$8. This is a 5 hour trip in an old US school bus (at least mine was) and the weather will be about 100 degrees in places. It is well worth the $35-$45 for the plane ride.

I do have pictures of some of my hot "girlfriends". One was a model and she gave me tons of pictures. Unfortunately, I don't have a scanner. I finallly caved and bought a digital camera this year and I will take it with me next time.

08-08-02, 04:09
I have visited S.P.S 3 times this year and all ***** houses and bars are a shit.

The best place to pick up girls is a disco named CONFETIS , you cand find plenty of beautiful girls there.

Be there about 1:oo am on thursdays it´s ladys night.

09-19-02, 02:57
gpiper : Belive me when i tell you will find nothing good at **** houses, bars and night clubs in SPS .

Hit CONFETIS about midnight every day of the week including sundays, but thursdays is Lady's Night and a lot of gorgeus girls will come

09-25-02, 21:05
A question about Confetis. Do you have to seek out the girls and make your pitch, a la the bar scene in the U.S., or do they approach you? In short, I'm wondering what to expect. I'm early thirties, roughly average looks.

I'm going to SPS in November, and then on to Copan for a few days. What I'd like is to pick up a nice and attractive girl and use her as my escort/guide/whatnot for about a week. I'm wondering if this is realistic and if anyone has any pointers. I speak pretty decent Spanish, FWIW.

09-27-02, 19:22
Sorry, gpiper. I'll continue in English.


I should clarify my last question. You indicate that it's possible to get someone to accompany you during your trip. I'm just wondering how keen they would be to actually leave SPS or if they'll be nervous about venturing off with a stranger?

09-30-02, 05:28
maybe, but depending on how you work your words she may ask you a shitload of money, you maybe could try insinuating her you willl take her to the usa if it works, must give her something to hang on your for the trip, lie, it works :).

09-30-02, 20:53
I think he means if you pretend you're going to take her with you to the USA if you like her at the end of the trip, then maybe she'll do whatever you want her to.

FWIW, I wouldn't mind paying a bit for an escort, but I don't want to be forking out a hundred bucks a day or anything like that. How about a couple of hundred at the end of the week. Would that be sufficient?

10-01-02, 00:44
Hi Mitch

Don't expect to find what you want in only one nigth, go to confetis as many days as you stay in SPS and try to meet all the girls you can, and when you find that perfect lady (maybe not so perfect but anyway...) try to make her feel confident with you and then ask her, you have nothing to lose.

Buena suerte.

Member #4239
10-04-02, 07:11
Going for the first time to SPS in a couple of weeks, strictly for "tourism". My preference is to get to know some regular girls since I am gonna be there for a few weeks. Has anyone tried to pick up some regular girls in the malls, outside colleges, etc, in SPS? How friendly are the girls? I speak Spanish fluently.
And by the way what's wrong with the capital city? I don't see a single post about it.
Thanks for the info. J.G.

10-04-02, 20:50
A couple quick comments regarding several of the last posts. I'm just back for 10 days in SPS. And I was in Honduras for almost a month at the beginning of the summer.

1 -- The Hotel San Pedro is definitely frowning on bringing street girls in. I found that to be true in June, and again this trip. If your girl doesn't look respectable she won't get past the lobby.

2 -- It is indeed possible, and not particularly difficult to pick up girls who _aren't_ working. But if you're in your 40 or 50's and aren't particularly handsome don't expect 18 year olds to flock to you just because you're a Yank. There is a long tradition of middle aged men having mistresses in Honduras, but those men contribute financially to the well being of the girl they date. Nothing in life is entirely free. Don't promise to bring a girl back to the states unless you mean it. It's needlessly cruel. Why break somebody's haert and screw up her life just to save a couple hundred dollars on two weeks worth of "pros"?

3 -- What's wrong with posting in Spanish? It seems to me that anyone considering a trip to Honduras ought to be able to read and speak enough Spanish to cope with a posting to this forum.

4 -- I have never seen girls in or around the Pueblo of Copan Ruins, nor in Santa Rosa de Copan for that matter. Sex workers are definitely more of a phenomenon of SPS and the North Coast, or a few overpriced brothels in Tegucigalpa.

5 -- Rates for "long term arrangements" On this trip I paid one girl $150 plus plane fare to go to the Islands with me for three days. Well worth it.

Member #4239
10-05-02, 03:59
Another excellent post on Honduras. Couple of more questions:
If I am not mistaken, you had previously written in one of your posts that on your next trip you may be looking for a regular girl for marriage. Did you hook up with some regular girls on your last trip? I saw pictures of a bunch of girls on www.girlsofhonduras.com, and would characterize them as between 5 to 7's mostly. I think on my trip I might stay away from the pros because every single guide book that I read on Honduras, calls SPS the "HIV capital of central America". But we'll see, it depends on what kind of luck I have with the regulars!
So you're saying that hotel San Pedro is out if you want action with pros. Are you still recommending the other two hotels that I believe you had previously mentioned?
I agree completely with you about not promising the girls anything, unless you really mean it. It is wrong and I think most girls are not that stupid anyways.
thanks for your posts. J.G.

10-08-02, 02:41
In tegucigalpa (The capital) people think
In SPS People work
But in la Ceiba everybody enjoy life

10-21-02, 21:03
[La Ceiba]

Hi everyone,

This is my last day in La Ceiba and I've been here about 15 days. This is my 4th trip in 5 years and it has been somewhat of a disappointment.

First off, there are still quite a few prostitutes in La Ceiba. Unfortunately, 95% of them would need to pay me to have sex with them. The real attractive ones that I've known from previous years have gone to Guatemala, Nicaragua, Belize and Costa Rica to work. There are very few gringos here looking for hookers now and so the quality girls have gone elsewhere.

To prove how backwards this place is..the remaining ugly hookers have all banded together and raised their prices to 500 Lempira ($30). Let's see, the market has dried up, the quality girls have left, the economy is bad....let's raise our prices! The few remaining men here are paying about 300-350 Lempira ($18-21) as a standard price and if she's really hot (very few and far between), they will pay 400.

I'm at a computer terminal at the Megaplaza and another American here that is visiting wants me to write the following. I somewhat agree with what he has to say, but I will finish my report when I get back to the US:

There is a group of Americans that would like to give the heads up on La Ceiba. First and foremost, La Ceiba over the years have had a rapid decline. Basically, in a nutshell. La Ceiba has become a dead city. If you have plans to come here, follow these rules:

Stay away from Norma, the anorexic thief. She steals from everyone she has contact with. Just ask around if you are here. Someone will give you the lowdown on her.

Another skank is Beverly. Remember being around a person that reminded you of fingernails on a chalkboard? She is the plague. Everyone calls her "The Nag".

Cherries has been and now is a dump. It is open again, but with no security and the most dangerous group of people you will meet in La Ceiba are there. They should join the Taliban.

The best strip bar was burned down two weeks ago this was called Paradise at the Hotel Partenon. This bar was lousy in the past but they got some quality women there and had become the best in the city. Now the girls have moved on to Tegucigalpa.

If at all possible, stay out of the Hotel Partenon. Lots of thefts from employees and other problems that shouldn't happen at a decent hotel.

If you are an American coming down here. Remember this, Honduras has become a very dangerous country. La Ceiba has had a serious crime epidemic. This is an unsafe city. The best advice someone could give you is this .....DO NOT COME!

This place sucks. Wait until you see what's at the Millenium Bar in front of the Partenon. They're gross, gross gross.

Again this was from a fellow American who saw me typing in the mall. I will finish my report from the US in a couple of days.

10-23-02, 19:32
[La Ceiba]


I don't know about SPS, but La Ceiba....forget. I've been going there for years and this year, though I desperately tried, there were more than a few nights when I absolutely could not get laid. Previously, this was impossible in La Ceiba.

Yes, the city is now very dangerous. In my two weeks there quite a few Americans were robbed at gunpoint. I had to make a couple of mad dashes back to the hotel from the Bar across the street because of trouble. Most of the gringos that have sort of become fixtures here have left. The others that I spoke to are leaving. They say the city is so dangerous that it is no longer fun to do anything. At first, I thought this was just an overexaggeration from people that have been there too long. But, after spending 15 days htere, I agree with them. I love La Ceiba, but now is not the time to be there.

10-29-02, 00:45
[La Ceiba]

Completion of the La Ceiba report.

I arrived on a Tuesday night and though I tried very hard and stayed up as late as 5AM every night, I could not get laid until Friday. Yes, there were women there to be had. Unfortunately, all of them were so old and ugly that I would've been embarrassed to been seen with them. I did get laid on Friday and Saturday night by a local non working girl.

Sunday, I encountered the perfect girl that I was with for the remaining week or so of my trip. She came up to my room and spent the night, I did her at least 5 times. She gave up on wanting to use a condom after the second time (I have a vasectomy). She was perfect. Exactly what I look for in a woman physically. She was 19YO and just incredible in bed. I figured she was another local girl because she never asked me for money or anything. I would always give her money when she left but not very much and she was always at my hotel every night. Over the 7 days I gave her approximately 1000-1200 lempira (about $60-$75 US) and every night and morning she was all over me. My final day there I found out she was a prostitute and her normal stroll wasn't around the hotel. Which was why no one knew her. I know that you cannot let a prostitute know your last day because they will rob you blind on your findal day (I know this from past experience). So I dumped her on the final night (and boy was she pissed). I decided I would find one last girl for my last night there and of course the streets were deserted.

I decided that since La Ceiba had no quality hookers, I would look for more local women. I spent my days for two weeks developing relationships with quality, attractive local girls. My next trip to La Ceiba should be much more fun.

The Partenon hotel is no longer a great place to stay. The girls outside are dogs and everything is shoddy and cheap. The La Quinta is a better hotel to go to, though it costs a few dollars more. I paid about $19 a night for the Partenon, the La Quinto would be about $25-30 night. The other problem with the Partenon is that it has such a reputation of being a hotel that caters to hookers that normal girls will not go there. I met many women at the Megaplaza that said they would like to hang out with me but they would not go to the Partenon. The La Quinta doesn't have this stigma.

I've already discussed the violence in the streets of La Ceiba so I won't say much more about that. I'm black and I've grown up in some tough neighborhoods. There were times I was really scared.

Gotta go. kids are home

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11-22-02, 10:33
Back from SPS. I will try to write something with more details next week, but let me summarize a few things.
The city has my highest recommendation. Yes it is dangerous and it is very poor, polluted and ugly(just like the rest of Latin America), however it is a very good place for action.
I actually had more trouble than I expected in picking up non-pros, but with some persistence and luck, you will no doubt succeed. And certainly some of the pros will be more than happy to be your "girl friend" and show you around while you're there. You can not beat the prices. Every thing is cheap. You certainly get your money's worth in SPS. Even the plane ticket price to SPS from the U.S. is very reasonable(I paid about 300$).
Also if you enjoy meeting 18 and 19 year olds, I can tell you that you can "meet" many in SPS. The girls are not overall as beautiful as for instance the women of Guadalajara, Mexico, but hey, how ugly can an 18 or 19 year old be? The attitude is also mostly good if you know what I mean. Most girls will be very accomodating. I told a girl friend of mine that I like her a lot, and that I will go out with her a few nights a week, but that I wanted to go out with other girls the other nights. No problem!
In my opinion if you have enough free time, you should make SPS one of your regular vacation spots. I guess that is the highest compliment that I can give it. J.G.

12-12-02, 05:52

Is that Norma that hangs out with the good looking Mulatto Wendy. I banged both about a year and a half ago during my last trip to La Ceiba. I did not have any problems with her but I also was very careful with my cash around the room. I can attest to the Millenium Bar, the guys that hang around there are looking for trouble. What is up with the noise level at Millennium??

A Toda Maquina
12-18-02, 09:26
Check Out The Club Chicas Jovenes It Used To Really Rock, Now Is Remodeled & To My Knowledge No Longer Has rooms, Probably Have To Get A Girl Para Llevar!!!!!

12-29-02, 14:27
Finally an opportunity of returning to La Ceiba after a 15 year hiatus, and most reports consist of saftey problems and a definite lack of desirable women.

My trip will be in February '03, with La Ceiba the primary area although Roatan is definitely a must see this time. I'm fairly skeptical after reading some many negative posts, but a special (Taca) from New Orleans was $149 RT - well, you get the general idea.

Any information would be helpful.

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01-13-03, 01:45
I am currently in my hotel in SPS. I would like to thank all the previous posters in this section because their posts have been very useful in my trips here. I hope posting this detailed report will be of some use to future travelers.
Let's start with the hotels. Currently I am staying at Hotel Family Inn in down town. Address: 1 calle, entre 4 y 5 Ave, N.E.......Tel 552 23 23, fax 552 24 32. I haven't checked it out myself, but apparently they have a web site at www.hotelfamilyinn.com
I am currently paying 100 dollars per 3 nights, which works out to about 33 dollars a night. The hotel seems fairly new, has big clean rooms with two huge beds, cable TV, hot water, AC, etc. It also has a nice security box in each room, has one security guard during the day, and TWO security guards in the evening. It also has free internet access as you can see. Yes, it also is girl friendly. I have brought multiple girls here {more on this later} without any questions or problems. But what for me were the most important factors in choosing this hotel were the nice rooms, security box, security guards and the good service. However, you have multiple hotel options here in the down town area. Most of them, but of course not all, will be very girl friendly. Any hotel in the down town area will also be close to the action. I did look at hotel Bolivar which was mentioned frequently in the prior posts. I found the rooms and hotel itself somewhat run down and plain ugly. They do not have a security box in the rooms, and I am not sure what kind of security service they provide at night. Again, I have nothing against hotel Bolivar. If you like it, that is cool, but I believe you can get more for your money at other hotels.
Now let's talk about the crime situation. This city is ABSOLUTELY SAFE if you just take some basic precautions. You can walk around in the down town area from dawn till about 8 pm without any problems at all. I never saw anyone around here who even remotely looked like a gang member. There are multiple soldiers and security guards all over, but they do not hassle you in any shape or form. In the evening, you MUST take a taxi to get around. Choose a taxi driver based on recommendations of your hotel personnel or Mr. Souza{more on him later} and use him for the rest of your time here. The rate for taxis here is about 100 lempiras per hour which works out to about 6 bucks an hour which I believe is quite reasonable. More important than just providing transportation for you, the taxi driver will provide safety for you at night. Do not get excessively drunk at night, so drunk that you don't know what the hell you are doing. Just take enough money on you for what you'll need that night. Lock up the rest in your room's security box. Again, this city is very safe if you take basic precautions, and listen to the advice of your taxi driver about the safe and unsafe areas of the town.
Now a few words about Mr. Souza, the taxi driver who has been mentioned in prior posts as well. He is still working. He has clients who apparently call him from united states and reserve his services for about 100 dollars per day. He speaks English fluently because he lived in the states for about 15 years. He also teaches French in the evening. He does not seem to work in the evenings, finishing his work around 5 to 6 pm. He has a friend Julio who has been mentioned in prior posts, who works at nights, but I never met him. The big advantage of using Souza is that he speaks English and that he seems to be a very straight and honest man. However, he seems to deal strictly with casas de cita{I will explain this later} and not with street walkers. If you do not speak Spanish at all, and need some one to hold your hands for the first few days, Souza is an excellent choice. I used him for the first few hours, but after that I kind of did my own thing.
I will post this now, and then continue with my next post about the women......J.G.

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01-13-03, 02:48
Continuing my prior post. Let's talk about the women now.
What has previously been mentioned about the SW's is correct. The action starts around 8 pm and continues till around 1 to 2 pm. There are certainly girls on first/primera calle from up around Holiday Inn all the way down to the central parque which is straight across from Hotel Gran Sula and the Cathedral. Anyways, exact directions are really not needed. All taxi drivers will know the area. There are also SW's standing/walking in other parts, and again if your taxi driver is worth anything, he will be able to take you there to look at the women. The prices will be around 200 lempiras {right now it is 17 lempiras per dollar} for oral/vaginal sex. I was not able to get any thing for lower than 200 lempiras, and that seems to be the set miminum at least in my experience. Apparently the Honduran men get about one to two hour of service for that price, but I was only interested in about 20 minutes, and moving on to the next girl. There are some absolutely beautiful young SW's , perfect 10's, but I also found that almost all gave very amateurish service. Without exception, I got the best service from older, less attractive women. Do not pay in advance. If they insist on advance payment, just move on to the next girl. There are plenty. By the way, mixed in with the girls there are also plenty of transvestites who are called culeros here, which I guess refers to them having anal sex.
I really like SPS, but one disappointing thing about the services here is that they are very basic. Some girls refuse to give oral sex, almost all will refuse anal sex. Seeing the situation, I did not even bother asking about more kinky stuff. Some girls will tell you that they do " sexo normal con posiciones", that means they do vaginal sex in different positions. Well, that's pure bull, and of course none of those girls got any business from me.
If you choose to take the SW's to your hotel room, that's your choice. However, there are cheap short term hotels available. The one that I exclusively used was hotel capricornio's. Your taxi driver and the girls will also know about multiple other options. Hotel Capricornio's is a 3 to 5 minute drive from the central park area, it costs 90 lempiras each time. There are mutiple large garages where the taxi will park, and close the garage door. The room is right next to the garage. It is as basic as it gets with a bed, one towel, one roll of toilet paper, and one bar of soap. It also has a bathroom and shower. Again, it is very very basic, but perfect for a 20 minute BJ from your sleazy SW. As I mentioned, there are other short term hotel options available, some apparently with AC and porn movies, but I didn't personally check out any of them. Even if your own hotel is girl friendly, for security reasons, I would suggest banging most of the SW's in a short term hotel room. One night, I brought five different girls to my hotel room, and my bathroom just became a mess, and I ran out of towels, etc. If you bring SW's {or other girls} to your own hotel room, make sure that the staff down stairs check with you before letting anybody in and more importantly to check with you before LETTING ANYBODY OUT. That way they can call and make sure you are actually doing well before they let your company out of the hotel.
A prior poster said that Honduranians are nice people, and a dollar tip will go a long way. I agree with that completely. Just give a dollar tip to different people in your hotel and they'll take good care of you. I can truly say that no one really tried to rip me off during my stay in SPS, at least not in the same way that some taxi drivers in Mexico or Europe try to do to you. I also agree completely with prior posters who said you should do business in lempiras. There are many people in front of the central park who hang around there during the day time hours and will change your dollars without any problems. Just have some idea about the exchange rate because it does fluctuate. If the dollar is, let's say, 17.25 lempiras, you will probably get 17.0 lempiras for your dollar from the street changers which I think is quite reasonable.
I am digressing, let's get back to the girls. Apart from SW's, you also have the option of casa de citas(taxi driver Suazo knows about all of these. The girls here are not street walkers, and supposedly get regular medical check ups and supposedly only do this when they need some money. I dealt with one of the madams who manages one of these casas de citas. I will post her name, phone and address later because that stuff is up in my room. Souza will drive you there, you look at the girl/or girls and choose the one that you want and you can take her out of there to your hotel room. I paid 40 dollars for an hour and a half, which is quite more expensive than the SW's. But supposedly, the girls are more trustworthy. I took two girls from there, both absolute 10's, about 18 year old each, and had them for 90 minutes for 40 dollar each. However, the problem with both was that they gave very poor service. And unfortunately you have to pay in advance. The first one was even shy with normal vaginal sex. So later I complained to the madam, and the second one gave much better service, but still a lot was left to be desired. That's why I just stopped using the casas de cita.
Please do not confuse these casas de cita with prostitution houses where you can actually go and have sex with the women
inside the establishment. These are "take out" facilities only. I do not believe there are currently any "eat in" facilities available in Honduras. Apparently, they were all shut down.
Now just a few more things. I do not recommend going to the SW's place to have sex. Not safe! I think a prior poster had suggested that you can have a girl friend relationship with some of the SW's because they are just college girls, or something like that, and just buy them some clothes and they'll be yours. Well, respectfully I will have to reject that idea as well. Many of these SW's are hard core prostitutes with their own boy friends/pimps. Do not try to establish a relationship with them. If you can help it, do not let them know where you are staying. You don't want to get an unexpected visit from your SW with her pimp to your hotel room. There are other girls with whom you can have relationship in Honduras, and I'll try to write about this a little more later.
By the way, the prices for an all nighter with SW's will probably run you between 400 to 500 lempiras, or around 25 to 30 dollars, although initially they'll ask for twice that.
Here is a summary of the costs: about 30 dollars per night for accomodation, although you can find nice rooms for about 20 per night as well. 12 dollars per SW for short term service, 5 dollars for short term hotel per girl, and about 5 to 6 dollars per hour for your taxi driver. Prices are very cheap here. You can catch a movie for less than 2 dollars here. Beer in regular restaurants will cost you about one dollar per bottle. Try the restaurant of Hotel Gran Sula. It is open 24 hours a day and has good food at reasonable prices. It has a nice small pool/fountain beside which you can eat during the day time.
SPS is a good, cheap and safe destination. It is fairly close to the southern U.S. One draw back however is that the level of sex services is not as varied as you will find for instance in Brasil. As I said, some girls will only offer vaginal sex. However, if you have never been here, I certainly believe that you will enjoy visiting here once. In my book, SPS will get a grade of B plus.
Happy hunting. J.G.

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01-13-03, 03:31
here is the contact info for that casa de cita. olga m. velasquez, phone is 554 1029. the address is 12 calle 11 y 12 ave., casa #1127, barrio cabanas. ask to talk to senora olga who is a toothless 50 year old woman, or better yet you should go there personally and see what she has to offer. her business card says something about dealing with construction material, and by just driving by the place, you will never guess that there was any kind of prostitution business in that place.
they told me that girls 14 years and older were available without any problems, but i told them that i was strictly interested in girls 18 and over. **** girls are also readily available in the streets, but again remember that sex with girls younger than 18 is illegal in u.s. using condoms is also highly recommended since sps apparently has a very high hiv rate.
happy travels. j.g.

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01-13-03, 13:03
Thanks Thor
While I have this free internet in the hotel, I'll try to make some more posts. I found out two things about the short term sex hotel that I have been using (it's name is Capricornio's as I mentioned before). Firstly, you can actually pay 130 lempiras total, or about 8 bucks and reserve one of the rooms all night, for as many times as you'd like to return there. I had actually been paying 90 lempiras per pop. Ah well, live and learn. Secondly, unfortunately it seems that they may be selling the hotel by the end of January. At any case, there are plenty other short term hotels around and your SW will surely know about all of them.
Tonight I started out around 9 pm, and it must have been my lucky night. Picked up an 18 year old beauty in the street near Holiday Inn. Took her to the sex hotel mentioned above. BJ with condom. I'll give her 10 in looks and 10 in performance(a rare combination). Paid her 200 lempiras (about 12 dollars) with 50 more lempiras tip. I was gonna take her to a club, but then she said she had lost her cedula which is I guess her identity card. Supposedly we could have still greased the palms of the club people to let her in, but I just didn't bother. Then my taxi driver and I went to the Gran Hotel Sula to eat something, two hamburgers with fries, two soft drinks, about 7 dollars total. Then we picked up another 18 year old street walker. Huge, I mean really huge, boobs. Looks 9 to 10(a little chubby). Incredibly her performance was even better than the first girl! BJ with condom which is what I wanted. Stretched her throat Max Hardcore style. Paid her 200 lempiras plus 100 bonus. Asked her to come to my hotel tomorrow for a full night. Then we picked up another SW, she wouldn't tell her age, probably around 23. On the way to the sex motel she was asking me for cocaine. I guess cocaine is really popular around here, and almost all the SW's use it (whether they admit to it or not). I told her sorry I am here for sex only, not drugs. Again BJ with condom (this is again my choice, they would include vaginal sex for the same price as well if you want it).
Excellent performance again. Looks 7, performance 8. I paid her the usual 200 lemps with 50 bonus. I had been thinking about the busty girl(her name is supposedly Johana) from earlier. We picked her up again and this time took her to my own hotel for an "all nighter". Paid her another 350 lempiras, of course after she was done about two hours later. Nice girl, we had a nice chat between the action. I asked the hotel guard upfront, whom I have been tipping one dollar here and there, to not let her out until they call me and make sure everything is okay. Fortunately everything went just fine. Absolutely the best oral sex I've had here in SPS. Then I asked her to come back tomorrow evening for another all nighter. 800 lemprias(about 47 dollars). This is definitely high, but I didn't bargain with her. She was and will be worth every cent because she just absolutely gave me incredible service.
Total costs tonight for four and half hours with taxi 450 lempiras, 3 different gorgeous girls with 5 pops, about 1100 lempiras, cost of short term motel 130 lempiras, dinner as mentioned above. About 100 dollars total for an incredible night. I don't know if it can get any better than this. As I mentioned before, many times the quality of service is hit and miss, but tonight every girl gave me incredible service.
By the way one of my SW's tonight mentioned that most guys here in SPS double condom. I have always used only a single condom. Maybe I'll try doubling up. We'll see. J.G.

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01-14-03, 11:23
The action on the streets of this great city is between around 8 pm to around 1 to 2 am. After 2 am you can only find a few drunk or coked up SW's. The price for BJ and vaginal sex (short time) is 200 lempiras (17 lemps per dollar at this time). For about 500 you can have the woman for an "all nighter".
The street walkers in my opinion are the best way to go. They are very cheap, you do not have to pay in advance, and many of them are absolutely gorgeous. None of these women seem to have any kind of phone numbers so I am not able to pass them on to you so far. Most of them only allow sex with condoms. If they don't care about you wearing a condom, that should raise some flags that they may be HIV positive.
Today was a typical day for me. At 7 pm the busty 18 year old SW whom I had met last night arrived at my hotel. We had agreed on 800 lempiras for an "all nighter", but I only wanted her for a few hours. Again, I know that I overpaid a little for her, but she was well worth it. I banged her three times in 2 and a half hours and then let her go. My taxi driver and I then went to the streets. I picked up a 21 year old black beauty(about a 7 to 8) and got a covered BJ from her at the short term motel. I gave her the usual 200 lempiras plus 50 more tip. Her service was so good that I have asked her to come to my hotel around 4 pm tomorrow for a couple of pops for 500 lempiras. Then my driver and I went to a mexican restaurant to eat. Cost of food and soft drinks for both of us around 9 dollars. Then I picked up another black girl, 18 year old. Looks about a 5, service 9. Gave her the same 200 lempiras plus only 30 tip as I was running out of lempiras. Then we went around some more and only could find drunk coked up SW's asking us for booze and coke. I passed on them, and I was not able to score anymore after that. I paid my taxi driver 30 dollars for about 5 hours of service. J.G.

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01-15-03, 12:09
I forgot to mention that last night police stopped my taxi. They asked what we were doing and my driver told them that we were picking up a girl for me (we already had a girl in the back seat). Then they smelled my driver's breath for alcohol and then they let the car go. I guess prostitution here is illegal, but tolerated. We have picked up multiple women right in front of the police without any problems. J.G.

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01-15-03, 12:25
The negrita (black girl) SW that was supposed to come to my hotel this afternoon didn't show up. I didn't see her tonight on the street either. The girls frequently don't keep their word. There was one regular girl with whom I had practically spent the whole day and she told me the next day she was gonna introduce me to her mom and all that. Well, I never saw her again. If you want to make sure you have a date, better make two! Invite them to lunch, movies and all that, but do not buy them any other gifts such as clothes until you can be sure that they'll be back to see you again.
Tonight my driver and I hit the street at 8 pm sharp. Picked up an 18 year old. Looks 9, performance 4. Gave her the usual 200 lempiras with no tip. My fault, I had previously dealt with her, but I guess I didn't learn. Next SW was another 18 year old, looks 8, performance 4. I told her you were so animated on the street, but how come as soon as you entered the room you're acting like someone died. Gave her 200 plus 50 tip because she was a friend of my driver. Then picked up another 18 year old negrita SW. Looks 4 to 5, performance an absolute 10(she was one of the black girls whom I had done the night before). 200 plus 100 tip. Asked her to see me tomorrow at 1 pm outside the short term motel. We'll see if she shows up.
Then we ran into a couple of SW's who gave us the usual line "sexo normal con posiciones", which means vaginal sex only. How boring! Then we picked up a chubby big breasted woman, age unknown but older. She had some kind of glue bottle which even though she denied, I am sure she was sniffing from(coke and glue are popular around here). Looks about 7, performance excellent, made me finish rather fast.
Then dinner at Gran Hotel Sula. Finally we picked up a SW, well known to us, looks about 5 to 6, very nice personality, performance about 7 to 8. I took her to my hotel room, had some beers(well, she actually had most of them). One pop and I was done. It was very late so I gave her 200 plus 100 tip and 50 for taxi. I hope she makes it home okay.
I am still going to be here in SPS for a few more days, but my posts are getting repetitive. This place is an absolute sex paradise. I love it here. The only short coming that I see here is that some of the girls have a limited repertoire and basically not very good at servicing the client. I am going to make one more post about the regular girls here and I'll end it there. J.G.

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01-15-03, 12:56
I want to write a little bit about the regular girls here, but I'll make it brief since I am tired. The girls here are absolutely gorgeous. Attractive, young thin women with long hair and full breasts are every where. They are on the short side, but there are some taller girls as well.
There is a lot of poverty and unemployment here which is of course the reason you can get full service from a beautiful 18 year old for 12 dollars! If you are "norte americano", or I suppose German, or whatever, you are king. You can put an ad in the local newspaper, La Prensa, basically saying that you are a "norte americano" of such and such age and that you want to have a common law relationship (or marry) with a beautiful young woman. Put in your ad a time and place where girls should come for you to interview them ( I am not kidding!) and you'll get about 2 dozen girls or more to choose from. What a country! Need I say more? This is paradise on earth. J.G.

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01-16-03, 09:21
I went to the disco Confetis tonight. The place has been mentioned in previous posts. Wednesdays are kind of slow from what I understand. There was no cover charge tonight and the local beers were 60 cents each. I understand that there maybe a cover charge of 90 lempiras on busy nights and the beers more expensive. This is a fairly small disco, with a circular dance floor right in the middle of it. Good security. Tonight there were about 80 people there, men outnumbering women. There was a gringo with 4 oriental dudes (average age 60) with 5 girls (average age 20).
Looks like a pretty cool place with friendly poeple. Will probably be worth your time to visit it. J.G.

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01-17-03, 22:59
Last night(thursday) went back to Confetis disco. Much more people there. Male: female ratio about one to one. They charged about 3 dollars admission and a dollar and a half for local beers. I went there with female company, so I didn't try to pick up anybody, but I can say that you should not have any trouble dancing with some nice women, and where it goes from there will depend on you and your luck. J.G.

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01-20-03, 11:20
peace buddy. i can't give you any personal information about the bay islands because i didn't bother going there. i talked to some americans here in sps and they confirmed that the scuba diving is great. sorry, i don't know about the ladies though. make sure you spend at least a couple of nights here in sps and sample the sw's.
i think you'll enjoy coming to sps. it is absolutely safe if you take the basic precautions that i mentioned previously. i think hotel bolivar though is over-rated. yes, it is very girl friendly, in fact there are prostitutes sitting on its front step every night! but i think you can get more for your money at some of the other newer hotels in down town. your first night here, hit the street with your cab driver at 8 pm. negotiate all the girls down to 200 lempiras for full service/bj and then tip them if you like their performance and attitude. the sw's usually charge the honduran guys in advance, but since you're a foreigner they will let you pay afterwards which is what i recommend. take them initially to a cheap short time motel like capricornio's (90 lempiras for 3 hours) or el palma (112 lempiras for 3 hours) for a trial. if you like them, take them to your own hotel for an all nighter or set something up with them the next day(just remember they don't always keep their dates, so set something up with a couple of different girls if you like). by the way, i probably would not pay much more than 600 to 800 lempiras for an all nighter. there are many many girls to choose from, so keep sampling! on the rainy and cold nights though, as you can expect, things will be a little slower.
many of the sw's here are into coke and other stuff (such as glue which i think they call "registol" aqui). i don't do any drugs, but if you are into that stuff, i think you'll find many girls who will want to party with you.
unfortunately though, as i said before, do not expect advanced sexual services...lol...such as anal or more kinky stuff. most girls here will only do oral and vaginal sex. you will find a few girls who will do anal, but not many. **** sex, which i am not into, with girls 14 years old and up seems to be readily available.
if you don't want sw's and are looking for higher priced girls, talk to cab driver suazo. he'll take you to their madams.
sps is a great place. for about 100 dollars a night, you should be able to have sex with five different young ladies.
happy hunting guys. j.g.

01-20-03, 14:41
I was in Roatan in Aug 02 and it is a beautiful place. I only snorkeled, the Hondurena that I was with did not dive. The water was beautiful and prices seemed equivalent to what I paid in Costa Rica and other places, around 45 - 60 for a 2 tank dive.

Roatan is a party place, I had my Honduran girlfriend so didn't monger, but there were ladies everywhere. The nightclubs are hoppin! Lot's of tourist ladies, and lot's of locals. The locals in Roatan are mainly Black, like La Ceiba but some Hispanic ladies as well (like SPS and Tegus)

Member #4239
01-21-03, 10:26
There was an incident here a couple of days ago that has been dominating the local news, and it may be appropiate to mention it here in this forum. A soccer goal keeper, Milton "chocolate" Flores was apparently shot by some gang members a couple of days ago in the Union Colonia of SPS. He was apparently a very famous person here. He was married, but it seems that he was into picking up SW's from the Calle Primera(first street) here. From what I have been told, he took one of the girls to this Union district, which is apparently quite dangerous, and was shot multiple times by gang members while receiving oral sex in his car!
Now, does that mean that people should cancel their trips to SPS? Absolutely not. I maintain that this place is absolutely safe as long as you take some basic common sense precautions which I have already mentioned and will not repeat. In fact you are very unlikely to even see many gang members.
I think this soccer player would have still been alive today if he had just used some common sense including using a short term auto motel in a safe part of town. J.G.

01-22-03, 07:45
J.G. i can't believe this post!...famous soccer player shot dead by gangbangers while receiving head in a taxicab close to where i'll be staying in 2 weeks!! You gotta be kidding me! How far away is the union district from your hotel? I read all of your prior posts. You kept stressing how safe it was there. Now this! I just booked my flite on sunday! I'll be flying TACA($329) rt Miami-SPS 2/2sun.thru2/5-wed. do you think things will be slow then concerning the women? There's no charge for itinerary changes if i want to stay longer. My buddy(who speaks fluent spanish) and i(speak decent spanish) will likely stay at the Hotel Family Inn you recommended. Should i book it in advance? Will we get a deal for 2-beds in one room, as opposed to separate rooms? He's going over to hopefully land a hot girlfriend, while i'm looking to just to get laid a lot from different hot girls...Please confirm that the legal mimimum age for consent there is 16, and that prostitution is legal there. I'm really not into staying at the ST hotels. I feel more comfortable at my own hotel where there is security, and my buddy will be close by... I can still cancel this flite and only take a $50 hit on each ticket, and can book a similar deal to go to Panama City instead; which was my 2nd choice as of last sunday. What do you think? I was all gung-ho until your last post...Also, did you find any mp's or strip clubs there? Do the girls show you proof of age? How far was your hotel from the beach? Are the natives friendly in general? How about finding a GF? My friend is a business owner in his late 30's whose quit interested in finding a young (18-28) hot honduran woman there looking to get married..Finally, how do i find or contact Suazo, does he work nites, and do you recommend bringing travelers checks instead of hitting the atms where they usually charge you extra fees??? Any info is appreciated!!

A Toda Maquina
01-23-03, 08:29
Hey guys ,I've been staying at the new "La Paz" it's nice (barrio Concepcion 3 calle 3 ave just 2 blocks off the primera calle) they are girl friendly & rooms seem Ive negotiated to about 300lps,... hot water , a/c satellite tv. and security./// you guys be careful on the streets , I was on the Primera calle and had a bum attack me by throwing boulders of concrete , he came from nowhere(at night) ..., been chased & jumped into the Rio Negro before and ., once had a bum try to take my wallet and strike me with an rebar that had a chunk of concrete on the end ..., not to mention the people I've seen hurt,etc., I read the paper that the same night a young girl had been hit with an object and robbed she was found in an hull of a car in the morning, / a dude was shot by ak-47 & throat cut w/ machete that same night not far away .. Be careful !! // if your lookin for broads check out green door/house across from hotel Copan., .////// club "chicas jovenes " & a little outdoor bar local girls frequent you can p/u on "Ranchito"..have fun and watch your backs....... Oh, if you like a great breakfast go to super donuts downtwn close to the park .(behind/down from the new Mcdonalds , you can pick up on chicas passing by ,just sit by the window!!!) Honduran people are really nice but there are some thugs as in any other place ,

Member #4239
01-23-03, 08:30
My recommendation for you is to absolutely keep your flight and go to SPS and enjoy life. There will be girls for you to enjoy there. I guarantee. There are areas like Sunseri (I don't know if my spelling is right) and union, etc. where you should not be hanging out on foot by yourself at night or even during the day. But you have no need to go those areas. Stick around the down town area. On foot is okay during the day, use your taxi after 8 o 9 pm.

Suazo's phone number is given in prior posts on SPS. If you can't find him, just go to Hotel Bolivar and leave a message for him at the hotel or with one of his fellow cabbies outside the hotel. Suazo won't get involved with the SW action though which I think is where the action is at in SPS. He also mostly works the day time shift. If your friend speaks Spanish, just use another cabbie to take you around at night. The rate is 100 lempiras per hour. Do not get too drunk, do not carry huge wads of money on you, and do not behave or do something stupid. You will be just fine.

I believe prostitution here is illegal but WIDELY tolerated. We have picked up multiple girls from the street right in front of the cops. I don't know what the legal age of consent here is. Some of the girls will have a cedula, which I guess is an ID form, and some won't. Bottom line, police won't hassle you for picking up girls.

I don't know anything about the strip clubs here. All I was told by my cab driver was that I'll have to be paying extra for the drinks, girls take out fee, etc. You can get FS for 200 lempiras from a nice SW there. I don't think I could have done any better at strip joints. If your cab driver knows what he is doing though, he can drive around some clubs where sometimes girls hang around on the outside and are available for business.

As far as the hotel, I don't think you have to book in advance, but it's up to you. Do it if you want to be absolutely sure. I was paying them 33 dollars a night, but that was not just a one night deal. Nicely negotiate with them, they will work with you. They are good people. Now remember, this is not a sleazy run down hotel like the Bolivar, so behave accordingly. There are a lot of "normal" people staying at this hotel. Bring your girls in, but make sure they are at least dressed in a half decent way. Don't abuse their system. Tip every body about 20 lempiras and they will be even nicer and more helpful. One of the night security guard's name is Miguel. He is a big guy, 50 years old. Tell him you are a friend of J.G. and he'll make sure you'll be alright. I don't know about deals for two persons per room, you'll have to investigate that.

Bottom line, I brought at least 15 girls to my hotel room during my stay. Do not dismiss the idea of short term motels. They are a good place for you to try out your girl before you bring her to your own hotel.

I used cash only there although I had travellers checks as back up. I can't tell you about the ATM machines.

If you're only gonna be there three days, I don't know if your friend will have enough time to find a girl for marriage. If you are there longer, then definitely he can. Put an ad right away in the Prensa, stating he is a norte americano looking for a woman to get married with. I have already talked about this in a prior post. Talk to girls in the streets, malls, etc, but some of this will depend on your friend and his luck. But there are many many many young available girls there.

I don't know about MP's, but Suazo will know about the "casas de cita" and also see my prior post. There are a few casas de cita and Suazo and some of the other cab drivers will know about them.

Have fun and post your experience.

Member #4239
01-23-03, 08:40
hey Chango
I was there for three weeks man and experienced no problems whatsoever. Were you walking the primera calle at night by yourself? not a good idea my friend. Use a cab next time at night. It is ABSOLUTELY SAFE during day time.
The restaurant of hotel gran sula which is open 24 hours a day is the best place to eat for my money. The Pamplona restaurant across from it on the other side of the park is okay too, but not as good.
I agree, get an icecream from the McDonald's there and watch the girls go by.
one more thing. yeah, the people of Honduras are really good decent easy going people. you will enjoy your dealings with them.

A Toda Maquina
01-23-03, 09:12
Yeah, it all occurred at night , (while hunting chicas/SW's or couldn't find a cab because I had stayed somewhere toooo late )it's also a small world , I was eating here at resturant in houston and had some of my fotos out talking with a friend when some hondurena wanted to look at them and she freaked out cause one had a foto of her cousin in lima .,what was the chances of that ? she is now my friend, /// yeah the people are relly nice/the park is now remodled,and is a good pick-up spot and has a good police presence to keep out thugs./ did you go to Las Lajitas goin out of town towards Chomalecon ,it's aresturant overlooking SPS , good place to take a chic...

Member #4239
01-26-03, 07:54
I let the taxi driver take me around at night. I never got out and walked around by myself. I would only sometimes get out for a few seconds to talk to a SW if I wanted to ask her about something really graphic which I didn't want my taxi driver to hear about.
The negotiations should be pretty simple here. Most will gladly take 200 lempiras, about 12 dollars, for short time full service. About 400 to 500 lempiras for "all night" full service.
My suggestion is to try them out in a short term auto motel, and if they give you good service, then take them to your own hotel or have them come and see you another day for a long full session.
Beautiful 18 year olds for 12 dollars. You can not beat that!
Hope this helped. J.G.

A Toda Maquina
01-26-03, 20:00
Yeah, most SW 's will go all night for 500 limps , especially later in the night., theres an auto hotel on the primera calle going as if you were leaving town (east)across from Mcdonalds ,rht hand side of the street next to a field with junk trucks etc.,,,,,,,,,,///////////////// Also for during the day action on calle 3 , first block down from the old RR tracks , right corner is an old store looking building that has SW's out front in daytime (they vary from 18 yrs old up to 50 plus).the place has rooms FS about 100 limps/ but this place is not extravagant, if you see somethin you like get her " para llevar"......... , Chango

A Toda Maquina
01-27-03, 22:30
Yeah, one block east from the tracks(on calle 3) , southwest corner building , usually 2-4 girls out front, sitting or standing, I always make a few passes on foot , it's the only place I've found SW's in the day ............

03-15-03, 16:12
For anyone who has stayed here for a length of time.

Was wondering if you chose to stay in a place like this for six months and led a moderate lifestyle how much would you spend a month? If you stay a long time and have some good things in a rented place is crime or your safety a problem?

03-21-03, 09:14
hey guys just wrapped up soth america planning trip to hon-elsalvavdor in late may any info on basic prices etc please write bthaley@hotmail.com ------ jg how ya been

The One
03-30-03, 07:30
Hey Everyone (this is my first post), I want to start off by thanking everyone that has posted a message on this forum. My trip to SPS was based primarly on everyones post.

I just got back from SPS and I had a wonderful time. What's more hard for me to believe is, I went there not knowing a word of Spanish. I thought I made a mistake when I got off of the plane because no one knew English. A Spanish cab driver found me outside the airport and said 10 dollars( which is about the only English thing he could say) to any hotel. so I told him the hotelSan Pedro, once I arrived at the hotel I was suprise because the night desk person spoke English

I stayed at the San Pedro hotel which cost 375 lempras which is about 23 dollars per night including air conditioner and TV. There were cheaper rooms for about 175lempairs, but they didn't come with air conditioning.

The hotel San pedro is very girl friendly. In one night I took 4 different girls(8.5 to 10) up to my room and only paid a one time fee of 50 lempairs which is a little over 2 dollars.

I picked up girls from all the spots that everyone suggested except for post # 48 Chango's recommendation . He said some girls could be found during the day at the south west corner of a building on 3 ave. The girls there were all dogs( I guest there were better looking women there when he last visited)

I picked up some of the most beautiful strippers at this strip club (schrugs, I don' t know if I'm spelling it correctly) the girls charged about 800Lempairs which is a bit expensive, but they were 10++. What you have to do is, get straight to the point because if you don't, the girl will keep trying to order drinks which cost 120 lempairs a pop.

I found SW in just about all the spots recomended (around the central park, hotel grand sula, etc.). They ranged in age from 16 to 40, and were from 5's to definite 10's.

Taxi driver:
My last night in town I meet an English speaking cab driver( omar). He used to live in California. He took me to so many places were beautiful women were, and showed me around the town.

He found me about 5 girls that were definite 10's and he negotiated the price for me( the girls range in price of 200 to 300 lempairs and they were all under 22 years old.

If anyone wants his number, let me know (I have to find it).

I didn't have any problems in SPS.

My only problem:
The only problem I had was trying to get rid of this beautiful girl that keep coming to my hotel room everyday. The girl was a definite 10. In fact, everyehere we went the guys kept looking at here. She wanted to come to Miami with me which was the problem

She wasn't SW or a working girl. She just wanted out. If I were looking for a wife, I would have definitely married her.

If anyone needs info., please let me know.

03-31-03, 15:56

I am on my way to sps this week let me know the name of the club you mention on your post. email lookin4hosedlegs@yahoo.com

03-31-03, 18:30
the one,

I would like the phone niumber of the cab driver and the name of the club you went to e mail lookin4hosedlegs@yahoo.com

04-02-03, 01:52
your post was the bomb for your first time I must go to spsp for a few days if ya read other post 10 + are hard to find but the way you describe they are all over that is a good thing

04-02-03, 01:59
aif fare alert ----------on taca to the bay islands which is a grouop of islands is running 199 from houstan miami and orleans what you can do is take a plane or a ferry to main land to la ceiba and bus is maybe 3 hours on taca

04-03-03, 01:05
Can a couple non-Spanish speakers do OK in SPS?

We're planning a boys trip and looking for a place where we won't have a huge language problem.

04-03-03, 03:30

Nice report, I'm glad you had a good time. I was considering a first time trip to SDS next month until I heard it will be the hottest weather of the year (April and May) with temperatures in the mid 90's. I did Havana last July and the heat and humidity was brutal.

But your report got my juices flowing again. SDS sounds like a good and cheap mongering destination. A couple of questions if you don't mind.

How was the weather? Was the A/C adequate in your your room, in the clubs and restaurants? Also, I'd appreciate Omar's contact info and what you paid him. Lastly, where did you exchange money?

Beautiful young streetwalkers for 15-20 bucks. Can't beat that with a stick!

Thanks in advance.

The One
04-04-03, 05:02
The weather in SPS was really nice (about mid 80's with very low humidity, to me), but nice weather to me might be hot & humid to you because I'm from Miami and may heat tolerance is quite high.

The AC's in the hotel, clubs, restaurant, ect.. All worked very well. SPS has just about everything you can find in the States, but just at cheaper prices.

You aren't going to have a problem changing your money because you can change it at any hotel your staying in. Just remember don't exchange it for anything less than 17 to $1 U.S dollar

I know the hotel Grand Sula offers the best exchange rates 17.1 to 1($.10 difference).

Also, make sure all your bills are pristine our you are going to have a problem changing them.

The taxi (none have A.C in SPS) driver, Omar, number is 011-504-554-1311 he speaks English very well.

I meet him on my last night there. I paid him about 375 lps or about 18 dollars which was well worth it. He did a lot of driving for me and with me. He took me to get girls, dropped me off at my hotel and picked me up several times. He brought girls for me. He went with me to the different clubs and waited for me (I have to note that I don’t speak a word of Spanish, so he was also my translator). He made sure no one tried to rip me off.

I wanted to pay him more, but I remembered one of the forum poster writing not to mess up the low cost for everyone else by paying the people to much; however, I gave him a really good tip when he drop me off at the airport.

One last thing, eelan, remember to keep 27 dollars on you (airport fees)

Enjoy your trip

The One
04-04-03, 05:05

I just got back from SPS, and I don't speak a word of Spanish.

Your going to have a good time don't worry about it. The add plus is your going with a friend (I went by myself).

The One
04-06-03, 00:31
Hey Gladiator,

I found the strip club by accident. I got into a taxi and told the driver, discotheque and girls, in English (I don't speak any Spanish) and he dropped me off there. I left there around 1:30 AM and a lot of people were still there.

It's difficult for me to gauge the safety of the area because I don't know were I was. If you live in a big city, you shouldn't have any problems in SPS. I walked pretty much the entire area and didn't have any problems. In fact, I left club confetti’s one morning around 2 am, and just started to walk (crazy perhaps), but I really wanted to see how the SW looked up close.

After I meet Omar, my English-speaking taxi driver, we drove by a club I was in the night before and he told me the club was a very bad club. I, however, taught the club was really nice. Everyone in the club including myself was dancing and having a good time. The ladies ranged from 5 to 9 and some were really beautiful. My mistake was going there with a girl I meet (It was like taking food to an all you can eat buffet).

I didn't find out what the price was for all night service because for the 800 L (premium hot stripper). She stayed with me for a few hours, and I viewed it this way, if she was in the States, she could have easily gotten $300 dollars for just one hour.

And besides, I was there for only 3.5 days and wanted to use all four boxes of my Trojan extra strength condoms. In other words, I wanted to test out everything that SPS had to offer (I didn't have time to get stuck with one girl all night)

I found that a lot of the younger girls 18 to 21 really didn't know how to give good head, so if you like a girl that gives really good head, stay with the older ladies 22 & up. However, the younger girls were really tight and that more than made up for there lack of head giving.

I know the SW will stay all night for 300 to 600 L (600 only if she's young and hot 8 & up), and for short services I found it range from 200 to 400. If she's young (18 & 21) and hot, she will try to ask for 500 L, but just worker down to an acceptable price (300 to 350 L).

Some of the girls will even let you get a quick sample of how they perform if you ask, and some will even give it up for absolutely no money.

If you go to SPS, There is no way possible not to get hotty every hour if you want.

Member #4239
04-08-03, 08:25
I met the now famous cab driver Omar today. If anyone is interested, his cell phone number is 9648502. His car was being fixed today so I was not able to judge how good his services are. We are gonna go out tomorrow though. He talked about you "theone" and he said you were a really nice guy. I won't put any of the details here except that it made me laugh that he said you were using some kind of electronic translator but that you didn't know how to use it! Again, he said you were a really nice guy and he enjoyed your company. I also checked the hotel that you mentioned, hotel San Pedro, and decided that I am gonna use it as my short term hotel. It is absolutely girl friendly. However, I would not stay there myself. Little too basic for my taste. If you decide to stay there, make sure you get the rooms with air conditioning, not just the electric fan, because the fan doesn't cut it right now in this heat. And it is very hot here during the days, but so what, that shouldn't stop you from having a good time. Lots of places in U.S. get hot too. Now I am gonna go to my second post about the girls which I will post separately.

Member #4239
04-08-03, 08:41
I had a truly HORRIBLE night here in SPS. Very little action in the streets to speak of, maybe because it was a Monday night. None of my favorite SW's were out. I got a quick covered BJ from a barely legal girl. Looks 8, attitude 8, the actual performance 6. 300 lempiras, right now it's 17.15 lempira to dollar, and 60 more bonus. Then I got another quick covered BJ from a ver friendly 5, performance about 6. Cost 300 lempiras. I think the prices have increased a little from the last time I was here. Still very low prices though. But unfortunately I spent much more time searching for girls tonight than actually enjoying them.
Finally, I had a total disaster to finish my night. I was conned by a real pro. This tall huge titted girl caught my eye, and after negotiation I agreed to pay her 500 lempiras for two hours. However I was STUPID enough and horny enough to give her the 500 ahead of time which she gave to her friend in the street to keep for her. I took her back to the hotel and about five minutes later it became quite obvious that she was not going to sexually satisfy me in any shape or form. She started complaining that I paid her too little and that she didn't do this and that she didnt' do that.....to make the long story short, I made a very bad rookie mistake....DO NOT GIVE THE SW"s ANY MONEY UNTIL AFTER THE SERVICE IS PROVIDED....if they insist on it, then just forget about them and pick another girl. In the clubs or casas de cita, you don't have much choice but pay in advance, but in the street you can find many girls who'll accept the money after the service is rendered.
I was very furious with that girl who ripped me off. I took her cell phone and told her that she needs to bring my money back if she wants her cell phone back. She said she'll bring it back. Then about five minutes later, I thought to myself what the fuck am I doing? I am in a foreign country and I can't mess with these people. So I just went downstairs and left her cell phone with the hotel guy. Lucky that I did that, because the hotel guy later told me that she came back with the police to get her cell phone back. Anyways, I guess I dodged a bullet there, but as I said my first night here really sucked big time.
I also agree with "theone", and in fact I had previously mentioned it in my posts, that some of the girls here are really inexperienced. It takes a lot of trial and error for instance to find someone who can give good oral sex. Several girls will simply refuse to do it. The sex is very cheap, but it is not always good.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something more positive to post.
Happy hunting. J.G.

The One
04-08-03, 23:17
Hey J.G,

Sorry to hear you had a bad night (Hopefully better nights are ahead).

The tall huge titted girl caught my eye also, is she the brunette with the really pretty face. My experience with her was much different (I also gave her 300L ahead of time and she gave 200 of it to her friend) she wasn't in a rush to go, and I climaxed twice with her (I guess you just caught her when she wasn't in the mood). She even let me take pictures of her; however, on the day I was leaving I stopped at one of those camera shop to develop the film and only 11 out of 27 came out.

Stay safe and have a good time.

04-09-03, 03:08
hey jg planning a may trip to sps/salvador have you been to the casas or strictlty sw action also do you ever find gfe action at clubs or just walking around or are you just hard core p4p .this seems like your fav place oh went to peru/cart, met nibu he does know his shit. well have fun .what are the english skills of most sw nada

Member #4239
04-09-03, 08:43
Honduras is cheaper than El Salvador, but both are cheap. In San Pedro Sula, there are no casas where you can have sex on site. I believe these were closed by the government some time ago. However, you do have the bar/strip tease joints/clubs, casas de cita and SW action. The cheapest action is in the street. The bars and casas de cita, etc, give you better looking girls in general, but it is also more expensive and it is more hit and miss. They may look good, but sometimes their service may not be very good. But that happens every where I guess. In SPS the whole action is pretty much concentrated around the down town. That is appealing to me. In San Salvador, I had to go to one casa, and then take a cab 20 minutes to get to another casa. In Honduras you have all shades and colors, from the very black to the very white and blonde. That is appealing to me as well. In El Salvador, I did not see any black working girls.
I don't think the girls here speak much English, although for instance I was very surprised this morning when the 19 year black girl that had come to my hotel turned out to speak fluent English because apparently she had lived in NY for several years. Her name is Ana and I will put her phone number in a future report. Also apparently on the "islands" just north of the mainland Honduras, English is the main language, but I have never been there myself.
All of these countries are very poor, and in fact Honduras looks to me to be in even worse economic shape than my last visit. That means that there are plenty of "gfe" available both with the pros and the regular girls. If you will be here only a few days though, don't expect too much action with the regular girls.
I have said this before and I'll say it again. I don't have any doubt that the variety of sexual services offered here is much more limited than, for example Peru. Some girls won't even do oral sex. Very very few will do anal.
Overall though, if you have never been here, I'd recommend one visit at least. You can have multiple beautiful young girls at very reasonable prices.

Member #4239
04-09-03, 08:47
Tonight for some crazy reason, the night guy at Hotel San Pedro told me that I was bringing too many girls in and that I couldn't do that any more. I said what kind of bull shit is this? I talked to your staff before I took the room and told them exactly what I was gonna do. Yesterday you didn't give me any problems, now today you are changing your tune. So yesterday, hotel san pedro was girl friendly, but not tonight! STAY AWAY from Hotel San Pedro.

Member #4239
04-09-03, 09:03
My taxi driver brought me a 19 year old black girl this morning. 300 lemps for a quickie. She was very good and friendly. Then he brought me a white girl with big boobs who was even friendlier, and did her damn best to please me. She never asked me about money before the work, and after we were done, I gave her 600 lempiras, which is paying way way too much here, but after my bad experience last night, I appreciated this girl's good work. She said she'll come by my hotel tomorrow. She was a keeper. Also just for your information, when your taxi driver introduces you to a girl, or brings one of his acquintances to you, he usually takes a big cut of the action for himself out of the girl's money. He won't tell you that, but sometimes the girls will when in private.
In the evening, I hooked up with my regular taxi driver, found one of my favorite SW's, did her for 400 lempiras. Ended the night with a beautiful girl, definite 9 with huge boobs and thin waist. Good attitude as well. Did a good job. She asked for 300, but I gave her 500 lemps afterwards. The only sad thing was that she said she had just lost her 5 month old pregnancy 5 days ago. She still had some milk flowing from the breast. Sad story, good oral sex! I was for some reason in a very generous mood today and spent too much money, but that won't last long. I'll try to tighten things up starting tomorrow.

Member #4239
04-09-03, 09:29
Couple of phone numbers. Ana is a 19 year old black girl with a nice face and smile. Good attitude. Her boobs for some reason though are a little wrinkly! I guess she lives in some kind of hostel or something like that. The phone number there is 5508706. Ask for Ana. She speaks perfect ENGLISH.
Taxi driver Raul, better known as Chino, doesn't speak a word of English, but he sure knows the town and the action inside out. He'll get you girls at 8 in the morning if that's what you want! He knows all the casas de citas. He knows all the bars. If you have any trouble finding the girl mentioned above, don't worry, he'll find you 5 other girls in one morning. Just tell him what you want. Again, he is very experienced. The only reason I don't use him much is out of a sense of loyalty to my other regular cab driver. Raul's cell phone number is 9647163.

Member #4239
04-10-03, 23:18
Ana's cell phone is broken now. So never mind the phone number I gave in the prior post.
Per Vagringo's request, I checked out a couple of bars. First one "Cherries", no entrance fee, cheap beer, about 7 girls there, taking turn dancing. Place was pretty much empty. Very dark, could hardly see the girls. Big boobed black woman, Naomi, quoting me 500 lempiras, little less than 30 dollars, to meet me in my hotel the next day. My driver is supposed to bring her over later today.
The next club, which was in my opinion better, is called "scandros", about 15 women there, all between 18 to 20 years old, good lighting. Good bodies, good strip tease. There was a young girl with a killer body, doing a lap dance for a guy, totally nude, about 5 chairs down from us....more later....I got interrupted.....more later

Member #4239
04-11-03, 00:51
continuing my last post
I just got done doing the black girl named Noami, she is also known as Odalis, works in the club Cherries. The exit fee is I believe, but not sure, is about 1000 lempiras and then you have to pay her separately. So today we hooked up and I did her for 500 lempiras total. She is tall, big boobs, long hair, nice attitude. She has a scar on her lower belly from previous surgery, but is very attractive. looks 8, service 8. She does not have a cell phone, but again she works five nights a week at Cherries.
The best hotel for both short term action and your own stay/comfort is hotel KRISSANNA. It is on 7th ave and 4th calle, or 4th ave and 7th calle, I get those mixed up. Your taxi driver should know it. 184 lempiras, about 11 dollars, with AC, TV, nice big room and shower. For 11 dollars, it's hard to beat it. If other mongers find a better place, please post it. J.G.

Member #4239
04-12-03, 08:50
Hi "theone"
We maybe talking about the same girl. Her name is Erica. She normally hangs around in a gas station on first avenue about 5 or 6 blocks South of the square and catedral. Omar knows her and he may have introduced her to you. I don't know what happened with her either, but like I said I am never paying another lempira to anyone until after the service is received.
Omar told me about the problem with your pictures. Sorry about that. Still 11 is better than none. Take care man. J.G.

Member #4239
04-12-03, 08:59
I went for the second time to the club SCANDROS. For those of you who are into strip joints/bars, you won't be disappointed in this place. About 15 semi nude girls, all white, all about 18 to 20 years old. All with killer bodies, well there were about two fat ones there too. No sex on the premise. If you want to take them out for sex, it might overall cost you around 100 dollars which is hard for me to justify when I can have the same thing from the street for about 15 dollars. No entrance fees on the week nights when I went there, I don't know about the weekends. Our beers cost 23 lempiras each, I think the girls beers will cost 50 lempiras each.
If you like to sit with the girls and have a few beers or if you like beautiful young girls with killer bodies do nude lap dances for you, then this maybe the place for you. If you want to have sex with them, it may be cheaper to negotiate to see them outside the club the next day. All depends on your pocket book. J.G.

04-12-03, 17:58
fare alert check out TACA they fly most big cites I found dc to elsalvador 250 on the net r/t ALSO AMERICAN AIR running deals to central america

Member #4239
04-13-03, 19:11
There is a dance club here called BLACK and WHITE. It has a large simple dance hall with concrete floor and can get kind of hot inside. 90% of the people there will be blacks, but other races are welcome. There are some single girls there, but not too many. They are pretty good about accepting your invitation to dance, but I was not able to pick anybody up. Some of the black mongers here though may want to try it out, and may have better luck than I did. On Saturday night, the entrance fee was about 1.75 dollars(30 lempiras).
Club FLORIDA is a strip joint in SPS. On Friday night, there were about 10 girls there. I believe the action there does not really pick up until around midnight. I did not take anybody out of there, so I don't know the prices, but they are all working girls in there. Nude lap dancing is easily available if that's what you like. In terms of looks, I believe SCANDROS has the best looking girls. J.G.

04-14-03, 21:15
hey jg will be in your stomppin grounds in mid may well your posts are real informitive your getting up to nibu status HAHA had to throw that in there. have you ever tried the discotecs like a pro bar--- or sps is mostly the street scene I am still getting over that there are 9-10 on the street but other guys have said it to .

Member #4239
04-16-03, 10:14
Let me try to summarize the sex scene here one more time and hopefully answer your question as well.
Right now the economy here sucks. On top of that the Honduran guys have a habit of getting the girls pregnant and leaving them. There is a ton of single moms here. All of that translates into gringo being KING. This is a pussy paradise, no doubt about it.
In SPS you will have about 15 SW's on the average. This is where you will get the best price. Try them out and stick with the ones that perform well. There is always a turn over of SW's meaning that on different nights you will see different SW's.
Dance clubs: remember that as you are a gringo, you are KING. Go to KAWAMA or CONFETTI's which are close to each other. Talk or dance with some girls who are not there already with a boy friend. May be buy them a drink. At the very least you will get a phone number. Fortunately or unfortunately, your dollars will really impress many of the women here. You may not get laid immediately though. It may take a few dates.
Bars have already been mentioned. SCANDROS has the best girls. You can take them out for about 1000 lempiras(about 60 dollars an hour). Or even better, try to make a date with them the following day so you don't have to pay the bar fine. Try the very good looking and big breasted Naomi(aka Odalis) at Cherries.
You can meet HUNDREDS of regular girls just because you are a gringo. The Honduran guys don't treat their women very well from what the women themselves will tell you. You just need to be a little subtle(not too direct) in your approach.
In Casas de Citas, you can meet clean gorgeous young women for take out to your hotel. The price will be higher than the street, and the performance will vary from terrible to very good. You will have to pay in advance. About 40 dollars will get you an hour and a half to two hours. The taxi drivers Suazo and Chino(mentioned in previous posts) as well as multiple other cab drivers will know about the adresses of these Casas de Citas.
Once you have been here a few weeks and you have made a few connections, you will be swimming in pussy. I turn away girls who come to my hotel on a daily basis now! There are many many many girls for you to enjoy here. J.G.

Warren Dehaven
04-19-03, 13:28

In an earlier post you mentioned running an ad in La Prensa for seeking marriage. I will be in SPS early May and am wondering where and when the best location to list as the meeting site would be. I had thought I'd run the ad before arriving.


04-19-03, 19:51
Gentlemen (cross posted in DR & Honduras; hope it doesn't offend....),

I am having a decision making monger quandary.

I have an 11 day respite planned for the first two weeks of May. Took the leave, but haven't purchased the plane ticket yet. I am located in the Washington,
DC area and have to fly somewhere for wine (beer!), women, and song.

My problem is this: I can fly to the N. coast of the DR or I can go to Honduras. I am questing, primarily
good scuba diving. But chicas and other forms of fun are important! Both (DR and Honduras [Roatan] have great diving. Although Honduras is better (improved
visibility]. +1 Honduras

The problem is that they both, at least to my limited knowledge (I have done Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Mexico, and Belize; but never DR or Honduras],
are so close that making a decision has become impossible and hence my request for help. For those that have done both, PLEASE help alleviate my
sleepless nights so that I can get off my ass and buy a ticket! HONDURAS or DR…..The Dilemma!

Here is what little I know after some net research:


1) Airline: from DC to both is similar (AA to DR $361.00 + tax about $500; Taca to Roatan from DC about $500) (I will monger in San Pedro Sula and La Cieba if
Honduras is picked) +0 (both balance out!)

2) Hotel: Very Similar...Roughly $40 a night for mediocre lodging in either country. +0

3) Food: Cheaper in Honduras. But let's face it...CA food is not as good as true Spanish. Thus, another balance +0

4) Chica Pricing: Chicas (as are Hotels, Diving, and Drinks) are much cheaper in Honduras. +1 Honduras.

Honduras wins +2 in pricing

Organization & Convenience & Safety

1) Chica Organization: Honduran chicas but less organized (Honduran info. seems to be far more limited than DR; Anyone got a good recent report on Honduras
(too cheap to join TSM which guest search reveals shit anyway!) Both have chica clubs, bars, and SW’s, but DR has they in your friggin’ hotel if you go to the palace. +1 DR

2) Chica Distance: Also, I have to go to mainland to see heavy action (San Pedro Sula and La Cieba) as Roatan, my principle place of action. This "travel"
is a pain. Taking the ferry in the afternoon or flying over is taxing. Frankly, I’ll probably just stay in
La Ciba a few days and maybe do a stop over in San Pedro Sula on the way down or back…Evidently there are few chicas in Roatan, yet tons on the mainland (does
someone know different?). What the hell ever happened
to supply and demand principles? +1 DR

2) Safety: Honduras is a bit more dangerous given it's less chica organization, hurricanes, and gangs. +1 DR

DR is +3 in Organization & Convenience & Safety


1) I have no prejudice...Frankly I like all of 'em in any color, shape, or form. However, I do prefer
skinny or "normal" over big and light skinned (white or Asian types) over dark (yea I know I should be headed to Argentina, Columbia, or Asia; no time!).
Thus, Honduras seems to be more my "cup of tea" However, I'm not that finicky with 9s and 10s. As
long as they're 8,9,or 10s, I don't care what color or form they are...I willing to pay for quality! I think,
at least for my "preference", Honduras wins for chica preference and looks. +1 Honduras

Honduras is up by +1


1) I doubt I'll find mongers to hang out with in Honduras. In DR, I'm sure I can hook up with some fun guys at the Palace or elsewhere from the sounds of
it.....Since I'm almost as interested in mongering as
diving, I probably won't hang out with the usual Dive crowd as they would be disgusted by my "pig" plans.

Thus, I think DR comes out on top for camaraderie. +1

DR is up +1

Geographical Beauty

1) I think it's hands down the Bay Island over DR. DR is pretty, but the hustle and bustle of a bigger
island with cars, congestions, etc...The Hondurans have it....Also, I have to go to Honduran mainland for chica action...mmm +1 Honduras

Honduras up +1

In summary, it’s almost a dead heat. They both have pluses and minuses. It really depends on your
priorities. DR seems to win in Chica organization, ease, and safety, but Honduras wins in my chica preference and diving. Pricing is better in Honduras,
but offset by me having to take boats or planes ot the mainland for action. Truly a pain but worth it for quality and price if my thinking is correct….(or is it..?). Again, DR seems to be very convenient. If I
go there, I was going to do a few days at the Palace, a few at Europa and a few at Blackbeards. But, from the pics of chicas (and a few comments), they're aren't many 8,9, or 10s. Frankly, I'm surprised some people even admit to boinking some of them....If I do
DR, I hope that that the good ones just haven't been willing to be photographed. Frankly, I’m not
impressed (although some were cute) compared to say American, Chinese, Thai, Cambodian, or Mexican women. Maybe it’s me, but some were truly not worth getting free…much less paying for…

But, I digress. You’ve heard
my ignorant arguments for both. Now please help me choose. Where do I play for 10 days….DR or Honduras?

Thanks in advance, Arrow

04-21-03, 09:55
hey arrow your post was to fuckn complicated to me well in dc the going rate for ass is 160 ---honduras20 air fare is cheap on american air also dc has fuckn traffic drama -- so pick honduras the way you write you need to get laid you have too much time and energy up by 2 points caps score now that makes more sense just a smartass from your area pick honduras

04-21-03, 17:42
I found this article on the Miami Herald, I thought I should post this info.

Lopez, who is president of a coalition of non-government AIDS organizations, figures "There are about 520,000 HIV-positive people in Honduras.'' Using the statistical models developed in Africa, that is conservative, he said.

AIDS figures are like cockroaches: you multiply by some number for every one you actually see. In Africa they multiply by 60. Lopez thinks that in Honduras you should multiply by 40. "We are finding new cases every single day. It is not controlled."

Lopez belives that HIV infection in the city of San Pedro Sula alone could be as high a 240,000 - nearly half the residents. That's more than 10 times government estimates. He argued that Central American governments suppress the true figures because they are afraid of hurting tourism.

For the full story goto:

Member #4239
04-23-03, 09:26
Warren Dehaven
As far as ads are concerned, you can try the "Tiempo" daily newspaper. It's office, including the classifieds department is just one very short block south of Hotel Family Inn(the address of which I have mentioned in a previous post). You can put a 6 or 7 line ad there daily for 7 days which will cost you about 20 dollars U.S. If you can put your ad there in advance of your arrival(maybe if some one can put it in for you), more power to you.
As far as a meeting place, well, that will depend on your preferences. For instance if you just want to meet every body on the same day, then maybe you can ask your hotel if they'll let you use their conference room for a couple of hours on a particular day. Alternatively you can ask the girls to come to your hotel at a mutually agreed upon time, the hotel staff will call your room when they get there, and you can go down to meet them in the lobby. For the first appointment, do not meet them in a far off place because once in a while (maybe one out of ten girls) will not keep their appointment and leave you waiting there.
Putting an ad is a great idea. You will get many many many responses. However, most of these girls are NOT sluts. They are looking for something a little more serious. In my opinion, the ads are great if you are going to have some type of a fairly regular presence in Honduras or if you are thinking about marrying a girl from Honduras and taking her to your country.
Yes, there is a lot of HIV in SPS. That is not news. SPS is probably the capital of HIV in central America. But there is a lot of HIV in a lot of places where mongers visit, so practice SAFE SEX.

Member #4239
04-23-03, 09:44
Hey Arrow
If you enjoy hanging around a lot of gringos (including plenty of German tourists) and paying higher prices, DR is the place for you. U.S.A. maybe another alternative for gringo seeking mongers!
You are absolutely right, the sex business is not very "organized" in SPS. That is the beauty of it. Honduras unfortunately is very poor and your dollars will impress many women here.
Honduras is not dangerous dude. Get that idea out of your head. There is no RANDOM violence here like for instance in Colombia or Mexico City. If you avoid the dangerous zones and listen to the locals/cab drivers, you will be absolutely safe. I have been to SPS three times and have had no safety problems.

04-23-03, 15:44

You have mentioned several casas de citas in SPS. I travel to SPS very often and I am interested if you could help me by pointing out some of them or maybe the the phone of the cab drivers that know the places.

Member #4239
04-24-03, 07:43
Chino(Raul) and Suazo are two cab drivers that definitely know about the casas de citas. Chino's phone number is in one of my previous posts from this month. Suazo's phone number should be in one of the posts from January or earlier(sorry, I don't have their phone numbers on me). If you can't get them on the phone, no problem, they both hang around outside HOTEL BOLIVAR in downtown and the hotel staff knows how to locate them.
I put the phone number for one of the casas de citas in a post in January. Hopefully that number should still be working. J.G.

05-10-03, 21:41
Over nighted at the Microtel near the airport. Had the front desk call me a taxi to take me to Cherries. All of the women in there were bleached blondes. The show was OK. A couple hit on me and said the price was $100, ya right. A hint when you go to Cherries, bring lemps not dollars or they will over charge you big time on drinks. Outside there is tons of taxis. They all say pussy. So I guess they know where the hookers hang out (what taxi drivers dont). Didnt take them up on it. i am pretty sure I couldnt bring them into the hotel. Well actually I could have sneak them in the side door.

05-12-03, 19:54
Shout Out to J.G.!

I am a first time poster, but I have read every post available on Honduras and am planning my first trip likely in June.

J.G. you are amazing! Not only are your posts interesting and informative but they follow the rules of good sentence structure, proper punctuation - and you file them at 2 am in the morning after sleeping with 4-5 girls! If I slept with 4 girls I would be in a coma let alone at a computer sending home reports. ;-)

I have two more quick concerns - the first is regarding "guest" friendly accomodations. You said that you stayed at The Family Inn Hotel, did you stay here every time? Did they ever give you any grief about guests? What about slightly more upscale accomodations- specifically the Microtel Hotel, The Holiday Inn, and the Hotel Gran Sula? Do you know if they permit guests? At a price? At all?

Second, did you ever consider renting a car? I have never been to honduras but I have been "knocking-them-dead" for years in Curacao and my favorite thing to do is do an all-dayer with the girl. Pick her up and have breakfast, then hit the beach for sun and drinks and then back to the rom for a shower and some fun. You really can't do this by taking cabs everywhere. Do you take cabs to save money or is it strickly for safety? Is it safe to drive a rental car around during the day? Have you ever hit the beaches on the north shore?

Thanks again for your great posts!

Happy Hunting!

05-15-03, 01:47
I have two more quick concerns - the first is regarding "guest" friendly accomodations.

When you got to the front desk, ask if you can bring women in. If they say no leave and walk down the street for another hotel.

Second, did you ever consider renting a car?

I had a bud who rented a car and they broke into it. He paid to fix it him self not sure why. Car insurance in Honduras is a funny thing.

I have never been to honduras but I have been "knocking-them-dead" for years in Curacao and my favorite thing to do is do an all-dayer with the girl. Pick her up and have breakfast, then hit the beach for sun and drinks and then back to the rom for a shower and some fun.

If you met up with a women you can make plans for this. Say you go to a bar and do a hooker and she is ok. Ask her if you cant spend the whole day with her and how much. Don’t know how much it would cost.

You really can't do this by taking cabs everywhere. Do you take cabs to save money or is it strickly for safety? Is it safe to drive a rental car around during the day?

Taxis are every where and cheap. Sure there is a lot of places you can walk but when that sun hits you…WOW. I you are going into a bad neighbor hood or late at night take a taxi for safety.

Member #4239
05-16-03, 08:25
Thanks for your question. I'll try to answer it to the best of my knowledge.
I don't know anything about the beaches except what I posted already about Cortes which is a beach near SPS. I always thought about going to the beaches, but I just had so much fun in SPS that I didn't want to give it up. My understanding is that there are some nice black women up in Tela, but that is just what some other people have told me. Renting a car and driving it around in SPS during the DAYTIME should be safe. At night time(unless you really know the city and know the safe and unsafe areas) would be very dangerous! You will need to pay some one just about every where you park to keep an eye on your car, otherwise theft is certainly possible. I don't rent a car simply because I don't like driving in Latin America, too crazy for me. I just leave that up to some one else. Besides the taxi driver can always look out for you and be your guide. The Hondurans though are pretty cool and courteous drivers compared to some of their other Latin counterparts.
I never stayed in any of the "high class" hotels that you asked me about. I don't think you'll have any trouble bringing your girl friend to your room. On the other hand, I am sure you won't be able to bring a SW off the street. I think if you can get your girls to dress very formal(buy them some clothes if you can afford it), and come by the hotel and ask as if they have some type of legitimate business with you, then they'll let them up to your room. Overall though, I don't believe Holiday Inn and Gran Sula are very girl friendly. I never had any problems bringing girls to my room in Hotel Family Inn. No problems whatsoever. In fact(and this is not bull shit), once I made some contacts and treated the girls nicely, I had multiple girls every day just coming to the hotel lobby unannounced and wanting to see me. Just tip every body there about one dollar once in a while, and again, make sure your girls are dressed decent. Try them out first in a short time hotel, and only bring the decent ones back to your own hotel for more action.
Let me repeat one more thing here. The economy in Honduras sucks right now. Your dollar is king. You can get whatever you want. Short term, long term, girl friend, black, white, two at a time, whatever you want you can get. The only little draw back is that some of these girls are simply not as sensual and sexually advanced as the girls for instance in Brasil, but you'll still have a great time.
I hope you do get a chance to visit and please don't forget to post. J.G.

05-17-03, 14:41
To J.G. Thank you very much for the information, your great posts are going to make my trip awesome! I will definetly post when I return.

To Corndog, how was the Microtel Hotel? I am still looking for a place to stay and had considered this place. I got a price through Travelocity at $58 per night, this is pretty good - says they have a pool and includes free breakfast - is this about right?
If I picked up a girl at one of those "casa de citas" and she looked respectable and dressed o.k. could I bring her into Microtel for an all-nighter? Do they have security-boxes in each room? How was security generally?
Thanks to all,

05-17-03, 15:45
Just adding some information on high class hotels, I've been going to SPS quite often, and have found that the princess hotel is very girl friendly if they are a little smart dressed. The good thing is that you can go all the way up to your room from the parking lot in the basement without having to stop in the lobby, food is awesome accomodations are very good and it's not that expensive.

05-19-03, 02:16
OK the Microtel is right near the airport. It is a guarded with fences. There is a guard shack out front but I didn’t always see someone in there. I did see a guard in the back patrolling with a shotgun. Coming in, in a taxi would not present a problem. If she looked respectable, I don’t know what would happen. I only stayed there when I couldn’t make my flight to La Ceiba.

Right across the street (highway) is not a nice neighborhood, very run down. The hotel its self is very similar to a Holiday inn. The rooms are very nice and that staff is bilingual. They have internet access and also sell cigars and sandwiches. They really don’t have a restaurant. I don’t know about the breakfast but they do have a happy hour where they have munchies and a keg of Salva Vida, all free (last time I was there). Right next door there is a restaurant and I heard it is very good.

There are some doors that are unguarded but they only open from the inside. As far as I know there are no room safes. Most people I know (including me) do not do over nighters with hookers. There web site is http://mail.netsys.hn/microtel/

On a slightly different note a buddy of mine who lives in SPS showed me around the city. Parts of it are very nice (and bad). He took me to a area where the local college was just getting out. All I can say is WOW, I had a chubby all the time.

05-23-03, 01:14
A buddy of mine (who is in Honduras now) rented a car. He said the deductable on the insurance is $500. And as you know if something happens to your car then and they have it repaired. You can bet they will pad the bill. Hmm a few years ago a buddy of mine rented a car and it was broken into and he repaired it himself.

A Toda Maquina
05-23-03, 23:17
That neighborhood is called ¨"Satelite" & Did u eat at the little resterant down from the hotel its really nice../if u r walking at night Con Cuidado.....
Originally posted by corndog
OK the Microtel is right near the airport. It is a guarded with fences. There is a guard shack out front but I didn’t always see someone in there. I did see a guard in the back patrolling with a shotgun. Coming in, in a taxi would not present a problem. If she looked respectable, I don’t know what would happen. I only stayed there when I couldn’t make my flight to La Ceiba.

Right across the street (highway) is not a nice neighborhood, very run down. The hotel its self is very similar to a Holiday inn. The rooms are very nice and that staff is bilingual. They have internet access and also sell cigars and sandwiches. They really don’t have a restaurant. I don’t know about the breakfast but they do have a happy hour where they have munchies and a keg of Salva Vida, all free (last time I was there). Right next door there is a restaurant and I heard it is very good.

There are some doors that are unguarded but they only open from the inside. As far as I know there are no room safes. Most people I know (including me) do not do over nighters with hookers. There web site is http://mail.netsys.hn/microtel/

On a slightly different note a buddy of mine who lives in SPS showed me around the city. Parts of it are very nice (and bad). He took me to a area where the local college was just getting out. All I can say is WOW, I had a chubby all the time.

05-24-03, 03:29
To Corndog and all,

My problem with renting a car doesn't have anything to do with insurance. I have a Platinum Amex and MasterCard and if I put the entire rental on either the insurance is completely covered. Small print says that they don't insure rental cars in the countries of Russia, Colombia or? New Zealand? but Honduras and all of Central America is o.k. All you mongers should check out this feature on your credit card. If you have a gold card or up many times rental cars are fully insured for the length of the rental agreement- provided only the card member drives the car and the car is of course rented using the credit card.

My concern has to do with trying to drive a rental car in a foreign country where you don't know where you are going, and where you might have a girl who you barely know sitting in the passenger seat next to you chewing on your ear while your trying to dive!

I have rented cars in Puerto Rico, Curacao and the Dominican Republic and it is a necessity - I mean you want to take your chica to the playa you need a car. I am quickly realizing that a trip to a landlocked city like San Pedro Sula is going to be a very different experience for me then the carribbean unless I try a side trip to Roatan Island or something like that.

Ninguna playa, piscina pequena y ningun bronceado! :(

05-25-03, 01:32
That neighborhood is called ¨"Satelite" & Did u eat at the little resterant down from the hotel its really nice../if u r walking at night Con Cuidado.....

No I didn’t eat in that restaurant but did go in and check out the menu. It has a good reputation.

Funny story about that. The Microtel didn’t have the smokes I wanted so I wandered around. As I was going down the street some guy stopped and was his arms were waving yelling something in Spanish. Not a clue of what he was saying but got the idea. Now there was nothing on my side of the street so I crossed the highway. I hit one or two stores and still no smokes. Now I hit a small bar with no one in it. I was thinking I bet at night they would have tons of cheap hookers in there. Finally I walked in a little ways and came across a small street vendor who was selling smokes. As soon as I started to talk to him a small crowd gathered. Although they were friendly and helpful to me, I knew I was in a dangerous neighborhood. The main thought in my mind was get my smokes and get out of there. Got my smokes and lickey split got back to the hotel.

A Toda Maquina
05-25-03, 20:48
Yep, there really are lots of very nice people there but LADRONES too ,Late one night I got stuck out by la lima (no taxis that late ) and ladrones came after me , I had to hide in the rio negro till they passed., (you know the little river goin towards the airport...)then made it into town only to find my hotel was locked up & ladrones came after me again....2 a.m. ///// Then one night in Sept. a ladrone threw a boulder at me on the primera calle, just 2 blocks west of the tracks .........I' m fresh back from Salvador here in Houston fixin to make my rounds at the flea mkt & get a cold slice of sandia.../ Later , Chango

Member #4239
05-26-03, 05:17
Are you a monger? I am having trouble seeing the purpose of your posts. Respectfully. J.G.

05-26-03, 13:56
Originally posted by J.G.
Are you a monger? I am having trouble seeing the purpose of your posts. Respectfully. J.G. OK first on the mongering. Every vacation I have taken is centered on finding exotic pussy. That’s why I love Honduras so much, cheap pussy and tons of it. Now some people have asked about hotel and such. Now I have met more then my share of newbies who walk into a bad neighbor hood and not having a clue. Its not just finding pussy but hotels and things good to know. As in other areas of Honduras. Well anyone who knew Dieter loved him. I just gave a little history lesson there.

Chess Cat
07-05-03, 17:38
San Pedro Sula:

I like this town. It's a big town, but you can still get a lot of places by walking. I believe it's got over 500,000 people. For most people the action will take place at the central park in front of the Gran Hotel Sula. You can definitely find some action here, although I don't like to be so obvious, an older gringo hanging out in the park is about as obvious as it gets.
Places to stay: This I can't help with, as I haven't been there for years. I used to stay several blocks away from the central area, there were two hotels El Castillo and El Rey. Their only good point was that they were cheap. Nowadays I am sure there are other places better to stay. Outside of hotels intended for international guests, like the Gran Hotel Sula, hotels are Honduras' great buy. In Progreso, near San Pedro, I used to stay at the Plaza Victoria for $6 a night with an air conditioner and pool. In any event, there are other posts on recommended hotels in San Pedro.
Women: I personally don't like the high-profile dancer/stripper clubs because they are way overpriced and it is not necessary to go there to find a girl unless you are in Honduras for a short time only. There are some dancer establishments intended for locals that are quite different, and you might well find a women there. Of course, in one of the local dancer clubs you should exercise caution for your safety. If you plan to be in Honduras for a couple of weeks, then you will be able to meet women, assuming you can speak spanish. If not, then you will have to avail yourself of taxi drivers and these same clubs. But speaking spanish, if a women engages you in conversation, then she is probably available, although you have to exercise your discretion to distinguish between a prostitute and a regular woman. There are some women who will definitely be offended if you treat them as a prostitute. On the other hand, it was my motto in Honduras that there is no free pussy, meaning that if they hadn't explicitly charged you, you still should always give them money or a significant gift afterwards. Again, you should use your judgment to avoid offending them. There are very attractive women as well as unattractive women, older and younger.

Language: Spanish is a must to experience Honduras in a meaningful way and to meet women who are not professional *****s. In fact, even professional *****s are going to have a vocabulary limited to the necessary words. Spanish is just short of absolutely necessary.
Meeting women: Assuming you speak spanish, you will meet women. Depending on your age, you can meet them on the street, on hotels, in shops, in the park, discos or in a restaurant or bar. If Honduras has not changed in the past 10 years, then it is the poorest country in this hemisphere excepting Haiti only. There is also a level of general lack of education and intelligence among the poor, that is, among 80% of the population. It is interesting to note that the culture actually encourages restraint and virginity among women. Obviously you will not be dealing with virgins, but you should treat the women with a certain amount of respect. Also, you should be aware that if a women is seen with you walking around, this mayl have a profound impact on her reputation. If a girl is concerned about this, that is if she is near her home at all, then it will be better in most cases to meet somewhere else, like the anonymous City of San Pedro.

Rainy season: There is a rainy season there, and I'm not sure when it is, but I think it ends about December. I went one time for a week in November as I recall, and it rained the whole week. Somehow when this happens in Honduras you end up a lot soggier than when it rains in the US. Anyone who has spent significant time in San Pedro has seen the nearby town of La Lima flooded, with people on the roofs of their houses awaiting rescue, and people in temporary plastic and cardboard shelters by the roadside.

La Lima: I have been through La Lima numerous times, especially on the bus from San Pedro to El Progreso. There is a section of a street dedicated to houses (or rather shacks) of prostitution. I am considered extremely reckless by many, but I would never venture to go into this area (except one time I walked through on the street in broad daylight). Practically speaking, I don't think La Lima is an option.

El Progreso: The nearby town of El Progreso is a pretty nice place. As mentioned above, there is (or was) a nice hotel there called La Plaza Victoria (011-504-666-2150). It is cheap, secure, allows women guests (up to a certain point), and has a swimming pool. It's a good place to visit.

07-08-03, 21:52
Ok Chess cat. Do you know of any short time hotel no tell in SPS.
The kind you dont see their face and they dont see yours.

For the most part I dont like taking the women back to my hotel. A lot of them are thieves.

The One
07-16-03, 16:09
Hey fellow adventures in Miami,
Here's a flight sale to San Pedro for ya, if your leaving from Miami, it's $155 (all tax included) on Iberia airlines, and there aren't any advance purchase requirements, but you have to complete your travel by Oct. 30.

Hey, for a first time trip, you can't lose with this one($155).

I used Iberia three time already, and it's a really good airlines.

Here's their link:


Hope this info. helps

The One
07-16-03, 16:18
Hey Everyone,

I can sum up my 2nd this year trip to SPS with one word: AWESOME!

I went back in April, so sorry for the delay.

Chess Cat
07-16-03, 20:40
As far as no-tell motels in SPS, I don't know any b/c I haven't been there in so long. But back then, there were lots. Unless you are living there, there is no issue with them seeing you, it's not like they care. Even if you do live there I don't think it's an issue. There were and I'm sure still are lots of $5 to $10 dollar hotels near the central park. I can understand not taking them back to the hotel you are staying in. If I were going back anytime soon, I would talk to that guy JP or whatever his name is, he seems to have a pretty good handle on the scene in San Pedro. Except it's not the same for everyone, b/c different people like different things, some like strip clubs, some like pros, some want a girlfriend, some want a wife.

I went to central Mexico recently, and the people in this little village pointed out all the new houses and said all this change had come about b/c of money coming from the United States. That is, rural Mexico is changing a lot b/c of all the people working in the US and the money they send home. Is that happening in Honduras? Is Honduras more or less desperate than 10 years ago?

I miss Honduras.

07-17-03, 07:03
Hello to All,

Just returned from 11 days in S.P.S and as a favor to J.G., The One, and Corndog all of whom helped with the info that led to me taking my trip - I thought I would post my experiences. Thanks to all!

First of all I found S.P.S to be a somewhat different place than what was described by prior posters. I assume that this is due to the fact that Central America as a whole is a region "on the edge" and things tend to be continually in flux.

First piece of bad news. Evidently the day before I arrived a very large oceanliner docked in the port of Tela and every single one of the 10++ girls that had been mentioned in prior posts got aboard and left the country!! Must have been some official mandate by President Maduro or something. There were many 10+ girls walking around the street but NONE of them work in the business! I saw some I would describe as 8's but not a 10+ anywhere to be found. All got on the big boat to parts unknown! ;-)

My first piece of advice is to get a car, walk, steal a horse but do whatever you have to do and get yourself over to the Hotel Bolivar and speak with Mr. Suazo his cell # is 966-5204. He works exclusively at the Hotel Bolivar from 7:30am to about 7:00pm everyday and except for an hour off here and there for lunch/dinner is always around. He will set the scene up for you, from Casa de Citas (he now knows 5 of them!) to SW's and he can be a very valuable asset!

P.S. By the way to paraphrase Al Pacino from "Scent of a woman" This board is a ship of seafaring rats!" Mr Suazo says that MANY people stop by, say they heard about him from this website and ask for his help but they NEVER post. Except for the gentlemen I mentioned before "you're all non-posting rodents!"

O.K. after making the mistake of hawking around with a different driver I hired Mr. Suazo for the week and hit all five of the Casa de Citas he knows about. It is true that S.P.S is a desperately poor place with a collapsing infrastructure and corrupt government but implausibly prices all over S.P.S have run-up considerably for adult fun! Mr Suazo contributes this to corrupt Taxi drivers, and unreasonable Madam's who all get a "piece of the action".

The favorite game in town now is "rip off the rich gringo" and it is played by everyone. As we drove to the first Casa de Cita, I was half listening to Mr. Suazo and half remembering the post by J.G and The One thinking about what I was prepared to pay and not wanting to run-up the prices for future mongers. We walked behind a large metal door and into a small courtyard with a donkey, two pigs and a few roosters walking all over the place. I was ushered over to a white plastic chair and I sat down. Five young girls walked out from behind a shed and lined up in front of me. Guys, I swear it looked like one of those infomercials for the Feed the Children's Fund. These had to be the poorest, sadest looking messes I have ever seen in my life. I selected a pretty 19 year old, and now the negotiations began in Spanish.

I first realized I was in trouble when Sonia (the Madam) kept looking at me to set the price instead of the girl. You can imagine my reaction when she said her price was $500 or 8,600 Lemps for two hours and it was non-negotiable!!! Mr. Suazo got very annoyed and started barking at her, but she kept saying that her personal expenses had gone up. Personal expenses????!!!! What personal expenses???!!! She needs more rosters and a larger donkey???!!! Incredibly she wouldn't lower her price so we got back in the car and left. I found similar "shake-downs" at the other houses as well. With madam's spending more time studying MY looks and basing the price on that then being reasonable.

Usually what I would do is have Mr. Suazo tell the Madam that I was looking for a "quickie", maybe one hour at a reasonable price to get an idea of the girls quality. Once we worked out a deal and the girl was in the car we would get her cell phone # or her home address and then the next day I could negotiate with her directly at a much lower price. The price for this "arrangement" continued to work at to 1600 lemps ($92) and then next day follow-ups ran me around 1000 lemps ($57).

One more quick word about the Casa de Citas. It has been posted on this board that the Casa de Cita girls are "cleaner" because the girls only do this to earn extra money or they are students or some nonsense like this. "Cleaner", my friends is a very relative term. Every girl I took out of these houses said they do this work Full-time. The ONLY reason that they are not walking on Primera Calle is because they don't want their family to know what they're doing and how they earn money. Tambien, one of the girls I took out of one of these "Casas" and back to my room had such an odor coming out of her lower region that it almost set off the smoke detector in my room! Make no mistake about it the girls from the Casa de Citas are very poor, not particularly clean, often haven't eaten in a day when you get them, and are Full-time workers. They just want to be more inconspicuous about things. Unfortunately, the Madam's are the 800 lb gorillas in this arrangement and are often trying to make a "killing" on the back of every girl in her employ.

I agree with J.G. in that the appearance and ability of these girls varies -w i d e l y- and if you find a girl that you like you should "rent her" for a short stay and then get her cell # and work out a deal with her later in the week. These girls were all available all the time, everyday. Most of them had kids but not a student in sight! ;-)

Tomorrow I will post on the SW's who I also hit-like-a-drum but found the prices to be very different than what was posted here on the board.

"It was a women who led me to drink and I never had the good sense to thank her" ....W.C. Fields



07-17-03, 15:57
Hello again all,

O.K. I lied I said today I would go over SW's but I decided to review the Hotels of S.P.S for all the mongers out there. I have my notes ifo me so I necided to hit this first. You need a cool place to stay - I stayed at 3 of them visited them all, walked the grounds here are the reviews.

Holiday Inn - Monger rating B
Very nice place, striking illuminated elevator runs up the side of the building, nice restaurant. Rooms are comfortable, excellent security, safety box in every room, two security guards in lobby. Medium-sized casino packed with Honduran degenerate gamblers. One post a while back said some nonsense about Hondurans not being permitted in casinos - don't know where he got this misinformation from. Best internet price I found is $97 per night, rooms can be had for much less, but you have to go there and "shake-em down" in person. Can't negotiate anything lower on the phone or on internet. Guests ARE permitted I think someone once said here that they are not, but 200 lemp or $12 multa to desk for all-night admission.

Hotel Gran Sula - Monger rating B
Also nice place, but step below the Holiday Inn. Excellent security, safety box in every room, security guards all over, great 24 hour restaurant with good eats (mongers need to recharge) and big comfortable bar. $1.20 local beer, $1.70 imports. Have a Port Royal for me! (O.K. have three) Best internet price $75 but can also be shook-down in person for better price. Tambien, 200 lemp or $12 multa to desk for guest. One night I "forgot" to pay them and had a girl in my room - the desk clerk was "nice enough" to call my room at about 8:30pm (during funtime) and remind me. Had to come down to lobby with girl in bathrobe and have her sign in (true).

Hotel St. Anthony - Monger rating C
Kind of a dump and on 13th street not near the action. Place is in the proces of renovation and needs it. Very good security, internet access and the MOST bilingual staff in S.P.S. Owner Adrian Camacho is a great guy, speaks english and is very accomodating. Very good restaurant - open late, good food, small pool and can probably have the rooms at half of the $85 internet price. Girl in room - yes but $10 multa to desk.

Hotel La Paz - Monger rating A
"Now we're cooking with gas" Hidden gem! Don't know the exact loaction but all cab drivers know it well. Near all and $23 per night ! If you agree to stay at least 7 nights and pay up front price shrinks to $20 per night! Ask for Jose Benitez manager. Very nice modern rooms, marble bathrooms, security box behind desk and near all. Breakfast included, but no pool. Anything is permitted is room with you at no charge. 0$ Women, and I suppose farm animals if this is your thing.

Hotel Family Inn - Monger rating A
Hotel has been mentioned here often and with good reason. Excellent place to stay! Large, clean, comfortable rooms each with security box and security guards in lobby. Staff speaks some english and doesn't seem to care what you do as long as you are reasonably discreet. Price is $35 for single but there is a large sign as you come from the airport that says "Hotel Family Inn" 30$ single per night. I reminded the girl at the desk of the sign and she said "Oh, yea I meant $30 per night" Breakfast offerred in the a.m. libre!

Hotel Bolivar - Monger rating D+
This place is a mistery to me. It is a dump but it is the "hangout" for the famous Mr. Suazo. However, as close as I can come to figure it must be named in some type of hiking/Eco-tourism journal somewhere because the place is packed with American gringos! Not however, mongering gringos but hiking/backpack wearing/panama straw hat wearing/teva sandal using/you got your timberlands cuz' I got mine Gringos! The place is such a dump that they have a permanent sign in the Hotel's bar that says in spanish "firearms are no longer permitted in bar" (honest). Nice pool nobody uses, and they basicly permit anything you want in the room free. $30 per night firm.

So there it is the Mr. FORD official S.P.S hotel round-up. Hope it helps. Best to all, and remember "everyone has to believe in something, I believe it is time for another pint!"

07-18-03, 00:35
Hello Otra Vez,

Last, part 3 in my 3 part series Mr. Ford goes to S.P.S! Not since "Mr. Deeds goes to Washington" has there been such excitement. :-0

Street Chicas - The first night I arrived I decided that the real good action here lies in the streets. I remembered the posts about how unsafe the streets are after dark and how certain death and robbery lies around every corner. I hired a cab, got in locked the doors and drove up and down Primera calle checking out the chicas through smudged/dirty cab windows. Much to my surprise nobody walking around looked the least bit intimidating!

Night two I made a personal assessment of myself - I'm not the kind of person who gets scared, I'm at least a full head taller than anyone else in this country and if I get shot and killed well F*** it! my ex-wives will get less alimony! So I decided to tackle the streets on foot no matter what time of day it was. I walked up and down Primera Calle most nights from 8:00 Pm often till midnight and with very little trouble at all. Every so often a mendigo (beggar) would aproach me asking for a buck and I would waive him off with one hand. If he kept following me I would turn around look him in the eye and say in English, "F*** OFF!" and that would be the end of it.

Now to the women. Girls roughly between the ages of 18? and 24 would start hitting the streets around 8:00 Pm and stay out till about 1:00Am. Looks I would say range from a 5 to a maybe 8.5. There would be a group at the shoe-shine stand across from the Municipal Building near Hotel Sula, another group ifo the internet cafe, three or four sitting on the benches of Bigos Hamburguesa Stand until the owner would tell them to "move along", a few sitting on cars in the gas station lot (Esso), and a few more standing a few feet from the entrance to the Holiday Inn. Every night unless it was raining I would guess there would be around 30 girls total!

Here's the problem prices have gone UP considerably! The first night I approached an attractive blonde accompanied by a very unattractive brunette. I asked her for a price and she said 800 Lemps ($46) for two hours and 1600 Lemps ($92) for all night. I thought to myself, what does she think I'm stupid? I have studied this board and I know what the prices around here are I guess I just need to approach a different girl. Next approached a chunky, medium-skinned brunette with a killer culata - asked her the price... 800 Lemps for two hours and 1600 Lemps for all-night. Whatz goin on here? What am I wearing my please "rip me off I'm a tourist tee shirt"? I move on this time to ifo the Holiday Inn where I see her. An absolutely smoking light skinned black girl in tight - tight pantelones blanca. This time I take charge. "Hola senorita, como esta?" Bien senor, muy bien.
"Yo pienso que usted es la mujer mas hermosa de esta ciudad entera y pagare feliz un mil Lempiras (1000) por una noche con usted en mi cuarto del hotel" Senor el precio es un mil siesciento (1600) Lempiras para la noche entera.

G** damn it!!! Horny and refusing to overpay I returned to the bar at the Hotel Sula, and downed my sorrows in a few bottles of Port Royal. Next day I was up bright and early and over to the Hotel Bolivar. "Hola Senor Suazo" Hola Senor Ford. "Information please"

According to Mr. Suazo, yes the prices have risen considerably over the past 6 months, due in part to degenerate cabbies who are running tourists over to meet girls and take a piece of the cut and also due to the mindset of these girls. He says that in his estimation 1600 Lemps for all night is high but not ridiculous but he said you American tourists are always going to pay more for women here than the locals. He continued, "A working girl might accept 610 Lemps ($35) from a local Honduran because she knows that this is all the money he has. She wants $100 or 1600 -1700 Lemps from you because she knows you have it, its just that you don't want to give it to her!" "If she takes $35 for an all-nighter from you in her mind she's not earning $35 she's losing $65!"

Time and again throughout my stay I approached SW's with offers and counter-offers only to here them say "1600 - 1700 Lemps por todo noche!" and then they would walk away from me! Incredible.

I grabbed one late in the week for a short-time 800 Lemp shot but as I mentioned before I did better and had more fun with the Casa de Cita chics but found the prices to be much higher here as well, than what I had expected.

In a nutshell, there you have the fun-part of my stay in S.P.S.

Best to all, and remember lets keep posting! ("And hey, Hey, HEY....... Let's be careful out there!" Sgt. Phil Esterhouse Hill Street Blues)

07-18-03, 00:52

Various odds and ends. Found the addres for the Hotel La Paz it is on Calle 3 Avenida 3. Tel # (504) 557-8155 Director Jose Benitez. As I said before however all the cabbies know it.

Also be prepared it has been posted here that cabs run 100 Lemps ($6) per hour but this has gone up as well. Most cabs are now $10 an hour with drivers insisting that they are payed in American dollars. Apparently the Lemp note is sinking like a stone in value.

Best exchange rate is at Hotel Sula with one dollar fetching 17.3 Lemps. Holiday Inn has a posted rate of 17.0 to 1. Hotel Family Inn is 17.1 to 1. Hotel St. Anthony is 16.5 to 1.

The One
07-18-03, 15:33
Hey Ford,

Dude, what happened? You must have had a sign on your back stating that you were ready for the taken (just kidding ya). But anyhow, I was there a little over three months ago. I never meet Sausa, but by your account, I’m staying as far away from him as possible. He took you to places that were clearly over charging you (for $500 dollars I would expect to get an hour session with Honduras ‘s rep. at the miss universe pageant), and the quality and selection of women he found for you was so poor.

Ford, paying 1600Lps for a quickie from a girl that wasn’t a 10++ was kind of crazy, but hey to each his own.

Rating of women
There are 10’s there, you can find them in the clubs if the SW are taking. Why didn’t you write a report asking more for info while you were there?

And no I don’t think that I’m overly generous with my rating scale. A simple example, I don’t think any of the women in the WSG photo gallery (only central & South American countries) are 10’s, and the highest is an 8 (Kimberly the short hair blond girl in Brazil).

SW's that are 10’s can be found, but remember they're 10's, so they will be highly in demand and fellow mongers walk around the park or sitting in Mc Donald’s from early in the evening will pick them up for the night.

On Clubs
Ford, you didn’t go to any of the clubs? There are so many: Confetti’s (10’s), Kawamas(10’s), Scandros(10’s), Cherries(7.5’s) etc…

On Cost
From my experience the general price range for working women in SPS runs between 200 to1500 (stretching it) lps. Here are some prices:

SW- 250 to 600(only if hot)
Strip club- 500 to 1000 for girl plus bar fine which is 200 to 300 Lps
Toda la Noche (all night)- 500 to 800 (SW)
Regular girls around town- it doesn’t cost anything; it depends on you.

Short test run from SW 200 to 300Lps

If you want one of the strippers all night, your better off telling her to come to your hotel the next day.

On reports
I don’t speak a word off Spanish and I found all the reports to be very accurate.

Ford, I don’t believe anyone really used any of the Casa except for one person that recommend an old lady named Olga. I found this Olga and didn’t like her selection of women. J.G. just stated that the Casa are clean (wouldn’t you think so? That’s there main business).

It was also stated that you could pick up students at the discothčque and not the Casas de citas.

Our reports clearly advised “you or anyone” that if you pay more than what we suggested you were being ripped off( hell I’m spoiled 500Lps to much for me now)

Oh god only if I knew Spanish I wouldn't have to pay at all.

I just want to say thanks for the report because your right on the others not submitting a report.

07-18-03, 20:40
Originally posted by theone
Hey Everyone,

I can sum up my 2nd this year trip to SPS with one word: AWESOME!

I went back in April, so sorry for the delay. So where's the trip report?

07-18-03, 20:53
Ford: awesome trip reports! Look forward to your SW report as well...Re: prices for madam's girl...$92-1st day and $57-2nd day..was that for 1, 2 hours, all day or all nite?..and i assume this was not the SW rate?

07-19-03, 03:01
Originally posted by theone
Hey Ford,

Dude, what happened? You must have had a sign on your back stating that you were ready for the taken (just kidding ya). But anyhow, I was there a little over three months ago. I never meet Sausa, but by your account, I’m staying as far away from him as possible. He took you to places that were clearly over charging you (for $500 dollars I would expect to get an hour session with Honduras ‘s rep. at the miss universe pageant), and the quality and selection of women he found for you was so poor.

Yes, I thought I gave the impression in my report that he thought this was an outrageous price as well.

Ford, paying 1600Lps for a quickie from a girl that wasn’t a 10++ was kind of crazy, but hey to each his own.

Yes... I know.... get it.....I didn't find any 10++..... and I didn't find any women that were willing to go lower then 1600 Lemps.

Rating of women
There are 10’s there, you can find them in the clubs if the SW are taking. Why didn’t you write a report asking more for info while you were there?

Because I was sitting next to a man (Mr. Suazo) who is a man of integrity and seemed very honest and well connected. Why am I going to post something asking adivice to some unknown person 3,000 miles away called CRAZY-EIGHT-DOG or TheMightyCornHoler when I have someone I trust sitting right next to me.

And no I don’t think that I’m overly generous with my rating scale. A simple example, I don’t think any of the women in the WSG photo gallery (only central & South American countries) are 10’s, and the highest is an 8 (Kimberly the short hair blond girl in Brazil).

Boy, they sure could have used Kimberly on Primera Calle last week!

SW's that are 10’s can be found, but remember they're 10's, so they will be highly in demand and fellow mongers walk around the park or sitting in Mc Donald’s from early in the evening will pick them up for the night.

I'm sorry I"m a little confused.....did you say that the secret to getting a 10++ was ordering a happy meal and learing at women from under a photo of the hamburglar?

On Clubs
Ford, you didn’t go to any of the clubs? There are so many: Confetti’s (10’s), Kawamas(10’s), Scandros(10’s), Cherries(7.5’s) etc…

You're a better man than me Charlie Brown, I admit it I didn't hit the clubs on this trip.

On Cost
From my experience the general price range for working women in SPS runs between 200 to1500 (stretching it) lps. Here are some prices:

SW- 250 to 600(only if hot)
Strip club- 500 to 1000 for girl plus bar fine which is 200 to 300 Lps
Toda la Noche (all night)- 500 to 800 (SW)
Regular girls around town- it doesn’t cost anything; it depends on you.

Short test run from SW 200 to 300Lps

If you want one of the strippers all night, your better off telling her to come to your hotel the next day.

I'm well aware of what you all said the prices were SUPPOSED to be.....get it that was the point of my report. ;-)

On reports
I don’t speak a word off Spanish and I found all the reports to be very accurate.

Ford, I don’t believe anyone really used any of the Casa except for one person that recommend an old lady named Olga. I found this Olga and didn’t like her selection of women. J.G. just stated that the Casa are clean (wouldn’t you think so? That’s there main business).

Her name is Olga Velazquez, she works on 11th Ave. There is another women named Sonia and several others whose name I didn't get.

It was also stated that you could pick up students at the discothčque and not the Casas de citas.

Our reports clearly advised “you or anyone” that if you pay more than what we suggested you were being ripped off( hell I’m spoiled 500Lps to much for me now)

Hello....Hello...(tap)...(tap)...(tap)...Is this thing on?...Hello...Hello

Oh god only if I knew Spanish I wouldn't have to pay at all.

Yea, I use to say this all the time to my friends but as soon as the rabbit dies, trust me, you'll start paying!

I just want to say thanks for the report because your right on the others not submitting a report. Thank you also, but to paraphrase the song "that's my story and I'm sticking to it!"



07-19-03, 13:31
To All,

I guess to give you the bottom line on my experience in Honduras, I'll say again I found things to be very different than what was posted here. Would I go back? Yes, definitely! But as I have said I'm smarter now, I've built some contacts and it appeared obvious when I was there that there is great monger (and maybe relationship) potential there you just have to know where to look.

However, America Central is an area in continual flux - I think things change week to week and month to month and what was true this spring may no longer be true this fall. Too, I think no one would argue that there is absolutely NO structure in the Honduran sex business, so as a result I suppose anything can be negotiated but prices and services can vary dramatically.

If the next three posters on this board write "Hey FORD, I'm in S.P.S right now and I just slept with four hot 18 year olds for 3$ a piece, well, I'll believe you I guess you're having a much better time than I did. However, I'm quite sure I'm not the only one who is noticing what is happening down there its just that "NO ONE POSTS!" They probably just chalk it up to experience and then go to a different baord and suck free information from that board.

I ran into an El Salvadorean named Carlos, staying at the Hotel La Paz. Said he has business in S.P.S. and flys in often from San Salvador. Told me that because he speaks fluent Spanish and looks Spanish he tells the girls he is a local and isn't going to pay "no tourist prices!" He said that he sees Gringos ripped all the time on Primera Calle, "Girls out here are stubborn, man they want to be paid what they want to be paid."

Can't imagine being in S.P.S without being able to speak Spanish though. Amazing, but absolutely nobody spoke a word of English in the Hotel Gran Sula. I mean nobody! If I didn't speak some spanish I don't think I would have been able to check-out.

As far as people saying that S.P.S is "heaven on earth" wow I never thought heaven would look like this! Did anyone happen to notice how these people live? Many girls (SW's, club girls, Casa girls, regular girls) live in absolute squalor! There personal hygene is poor, they smell bad, they don't have proper bathing facilities. Now, if someone wants to see "heaven on earth" go to www.campo-alegre-resort.com, now this is REALLY heaven on earth!! (But I guess that is a post for another board) :)

Final rambling, **rent a cars** I asked a while back about renting a car while I was there and I never really got a good answer. Here's the answer: Don't. Not worth it, cabs are pretty cheap, they are everywhere (understand there is 5,000 trying to work in S.P.S City right now) and driving in Honduras is too crazy. Drivers don't stop at intersection, blow through stop signs everywhere, ride up on sidewalks to pass on right, I mean real crazy stuff. Just walking around S.P.S is like the "take home" version of the video game "Frogger" I can't imagine what it would be like driving.

(In the words of comedian Dennis Miller "But that's only my opinion, I could be wrong!"

Member #4239
07-27-03, 09:37
I am sorry that your experience in Honduras was not as good as you expected. Even though you did not find my posts to be accurate, I found your posts to be quite correct except for the prices for the girls.
Thank you for your posts. J.G.

Member #4239
07-29-03, 07:23
IMHO Honduras is still heaven on earth. But the word "heaven" does not refer to the country in an economic sense. I have said many times that Honduras is a poor country, that's why the dollar continues to be king there. If you are looking for all the conveniences and the security of the U.S.A., then Honduras will certainly not be up to par. And it goes without saying that speaking Spanish will be a plus as well.
However, if having a 19 year old girl friend who is an absolute TEN appeals to you, then Honduras may be the right place. And the beauty of it is that you can dump that girl friend and get another beauty just as easily -or just keep both of them like the Honduran men do. That's what the word heaven refers to.
Finally, if you are in SPS and you are unable to get paid services from very attractive women for somewhere between 12 to 28 dollars, then you are either not looking hard enough or are just plain dealing with the wrong people. Cab prices are still SIX dollars an hour (just walk away and get another cab if the guy quotes you 10 dollars an hour). I know because I was just there one week ago. Having a regular taxi driver at your service all night will cost around 30 to 35 dollars. Use Suazo only as a last resort. He is an absolutely great guy, but he usually only deals with casas de cita and he mainly works day time. Omar is a better choice for non-Spanish speakers and Chino is definitely the man to use if you speak Spanish. I have given info about all of these guys in previous posts.
Just my two cents worth. Respectfully, J.G.

07-30-03, 08:33
You guys are scaring me. SPS is cheap and there are tons of girls. Please dont ruin it for the rest of us mongers, 20 bucks for the whole night still works. Dont be that tourist that pays to much. Stop drinking so much that will help and be smart learn some spanish.
Its all good dont settle for the first girl you see that is cute

07-30-03, 11:53
to j.g. and all,

j.g imho i think your experience in s.p.s and the rest of honduras was different than mine and may continue to be. i believe that everything you posted was true for you, but in a country where legitimate business transactions are made every day with a handshake and a pat on the back, a persons looks make a great deal of difference.

i think in one of your prior posts you said that you are a light-skinned black guy or spanish guy who speaks spanish fluently. if this is so than you will be able to deal with people on a different level in s.p.s, a better level! a 6'2" white guy with dirty-blonde hair is going to look like a turista gringo no matter where he goes, in a country with so little structure and organization and so little money i will be preyed on by everyone. (i actually speak spanish fairly well, however. don't know why batman said i should learn some spanish. i think it is the member "the one" who claimed he didn't speak a word of spanish and he said his experience in s.p.s was awesome!!)

the place where my northern european looks helped me was in the international hotels. i would walk in, wearing a neatly ironed collared shirt and freshly pressed khaki pants and demand to speak with the general manager. when the g.m would step out i would tell him that i was in s.p.s on legitimate international business (not true of course) and that i would be returning here often. "i demand a special price and i will be puting the entire bill on my amex platinum card." i would literally watch the g.m. wilt right in front of my eyes. the price often would "plummet" to less than half of the advertised internet price in seconds.

fingers would than be snapped, consierge bells would be tapped, my bags would be whisked away by bellhops and i would be told that anything our very special guest needed was mine for the asking! this is where i would inquire into a guest in my room, and of course it "was no problem at all, sir!"

now if i was say, 24 years old and walked in with a "hooters" shirt a pair of lee jean shorts, and a pair of nike air jordan's, perhaps i would be told that "the price is the price", "and no guests are permitted in our rooms." i dont know.

the problem was that as soon as i walked out of the hotel everyone was trying to gouge me.

at night cruising the primera calle, i would do a transformation. crumby watch, torn old navy shirt, khaki shorts, hiking boots. prices - 1600 lemps por toda la noche, 800 lemps por dos horas. i think i am a victim of my face. ;)

i think it is confusing how everyone on this board agrees that there is absolutely no structure in the honduran sex business "that is the beauty of it" but then when someone remarks that the prices aren't uniform and consistent people take exception to that. well, without structure means without structure. people ask for whatever they want to ask for, they can't always be consistently talked down to the same price after negotiating. the price will depend on your looks, your speech and i suppose the side of the bed that the girl that your speaking with got up on. ;)

i am returning to s.p.s next month for 9 - 11 days. i promise i will do my duty to this board and argue furiously for good prices! i will not run up prices for future patrons, you have my word. (i actually got involved in something else and i have a second reason to be there this time)

finally, the one advantage to being a "heavy hitter" at the bar is that when you go out and can't negotiate the prices you want you always have another option in how to spend your evening. ;)

best to all, the posters on this board are still my good friends in monger land! :)

07-31-03, 18:26
I'm someone that has to disagree with you. I'm another light skinned, black person that spends a lot of time in Honduras. I have no problem meeting women and getting low prices (my last couple of trips, the price was the cost of dinner or drinks and then whatever I felt like giving them when they left in the morning..usually about 200 lemps), but I had nothing on my tall, white, blonde friend. He speaks very little Spanish is about 38 and he always, always got the hot chick that worked at the bank or the mall. While I got the "bad girl/borderline prostitute" that wanted to get married, he always got the good girls that just wanted to be taken out on dates...and they always put out when the date was over.

I was just amazed at the women he would speak to for 5 minutes in his broken Spanish and suddenly they were trailing along behind us.

As far as hotels go, I just tell them I'm going to be there for a week or so and the price has always dropped to approximately 1/2 to 1/3 of the posted price. I never look at the prices on the Internet, they are so ridiculously inflated that it's embarrassing. There is no reason that you should pay $100 a night for a hotel room in a country where the average person barely makes $100 per month. The average amount I've paid for a hotel room in Honduras is about $20 each night (and these are nice places), and I've never had a problem bringing women back to my room (I just make sure everyone gets tipped).

As far as everyone asking us for more money, I just say no. In the cases where a woman wanted 500 lemps. I just said no, 3 hours later she came back and it was 250 lemps (but like I said, that hasn't been a problem in the last couple of years, they all want to be my girlfriend). I don't hang out in SPS too much, but when I go out, I tip when I buy drinks, I tip when I order food....I tip like we have to at home. When I return, everyone knows me. I can't remember the last time I stood in line at a bar. The bartender knows what I drink (Port Royal) and will ignore everyone in line to make sure I get mine (or that he gets his tip). This isn't much money, the drink will be 12 or 15 lemps and I'll give him 20.

Anyway, good luck on your trip, but my suggestion is to try the "normal" girls. They will take care of you just as well or even better than the working ones and since SPS is such a large city, you can get away with double shifting (or even triple shifting) without anyone catching on.

08-21-03, 23:13
“While I got the "bad girl/borderline prostitute" that wanted to get married, he always got the good girls that just wanted to be taken out on dates, and they always put out when the date was over.“

A buddy of mine that lives there has told me that you can have sex with almost every woman you met down there. Oh a FYI, never do the front desk clerk. She gets pissey when you bring back other women.

“Honduras is about $20 each night (and these are nice places), and I've never had a problem bringing women back to my room (I just make sure everyone gets tipped).”

I never make reservations unless it around Easter. Some hotels won’t let you bring women back even if you do tip. I ask up front if I can bring women back to my room. One place threw me out because I was bringing too many back.

”As far as everyone asking us for more money, I just say no. In the cases where a woman wanted 500 lemps. I just said no, 3 hours later she came back and it was 250 lemps .”

Now most of the times usually they hit me for 200-300 lemps. Of course I ask when I get back to my room. I have had women put the bite on me for 500 and I said no, 300 or leave. One time I pissed off one of them and they spread the word and I couldn’t get laid that night. She told me 500 at the bar and I said, I wanted everything and I wanted to video it.

“I tip when I order food....I tip like we have to at home. When I return, everyone knows me. I can't remember the last time I stood in line at a bar. The bartender knows what I drink (Port Royal) and will ignore everyone in line to make sure I get mine (or that he gets his tip). This isn't much money, the drink will be 12 or 15 lemps and I'll give him 20.”

Always tip in a bar and you will get good service. Its surprising the may be packed and when I walk up to the bar and the bartender zooms right over to you.

Warren Dehaven
08-26-03, 17:49
Two thumbs up for Suazo. As previous posts have mentioned he is honest and offers sound advice for the newcomer to this city. He parks outside the notoriously thieving Hotel Bolivar.

Warren Dehaven

Sean EZ
09-15-03, 04:33
Hello fellas, a couple of questions:

We are debating between taking a trip to Panama or Honduras. We are interested in good night life (party), and semi-pro/non-pro action.

1. In overall (women, party, safety, expenses) which country of the two is best for that?

2. What's the crime situation like in Hounduras (San perdo sula, la ceiba, roatan), those who've been there? Some reports about possible abductions, and street crime are scary. Is this a kind of place we can dress up a bit and go partying at night clubs, or is it a place where everyone is living in shacks and tourists are preyed on ?

3. There are NO reports on Roatan! Is there Ho's on the island? What do they look like?? How much are they?

Thank you

The One
09-15-03, 07:11
Hey Sean, S.P.S is great, but I wouldn't recommend it now.

Travel Warning

Hey, if anyone is planning a trip to SPS anytime in the immediate future, he should postpone it. I just got back from a four-day trip (Labor day weekend) and three major incidents occurred while I was there:

First, eleven people (luckily no tourist) on one of those little rapidito (a Jitney) buses were murdered.

Second, a head was found in a trashcan in the center of the central park, early in the morning, with a note attached that read: “the mayor is next”. After the head was found, police officials closed all of the stores in the area and sent everyone home for that day.

Third, gang members shot out store windows around the central park.

SPS is still a great country for mongering, but if the Honduran officials don’t do something to curb the escalating gang violence, SPS will become too violent to visit. It’s only a matter of time before the gang member’s start going after the tourist.

09-15-03, 21:59
To The One,

Wow, that is very scary! There was nothing similar to that to report when I was there in July. However, just looking around the streets and such I did get the feeling that alot of people were REALLY living on th edge, and that a spike-up in crime was very possible. Thanks for the warning.

It's kind of funny that you were in S.P.S on Labor Day weekend. I was scheduled to be there at exactly the same time but had to cancel the last minute due to an emergency at work.

Thanks again for the info,


09-17-03, 10:04
HO's in Roatan.

They are there, just have to be a bit careful at finding them. Best shot is the disco at the West End..the three story disco out over the water...incredible place on a weekend night...

Place is full of little hotties that will do you for a price..just be cool at how you speak about it..just explain you are wanting to party and looking for some party girls..they will get the drift..you can find them if you look..

good luck

09-30-03, 14:50
A lot of working girls from the main land come over to work on the island. Not sure how many, but I have heard its common. I know on the mainland they usually charge 200-300 lemps. I bet they charge more on the island.

10-04-03, 22:44
October 4, 2003 San Pedro Sula, Honduras

It is with pleasure I am able to report I have found not 1 but 2 sufficient chica friendly hotels in the central park area of town. They are both owned by the same family.

The first is the Palace Inn Hotel, 10 Ave. 2 Calle S.O. Bo. El Benque, San Pedro Sula. Phone (504) 5536383 and 85 and the fax is 84. Their email is richardwbs@msn.com and Richard is the son and manager of this hotel. It is a basic but clean place with no frills but it does have comfortable beds, good new air-conditioners, cable tv, hot water and a bar. Richard will even line up chicas for you if that is what you want. For US$25 a night it is hard to beat.

If you like spending 2 and a half times as much for a non-chica-friendly place, the Best Western Gran Sula and the Holiday Inn are within a block or two.

Ask Richard about their other hotel as I do not have their card but it is a little nicer and a little further from the action, like 2-3 blocks further away and a little more expensive.

More reports to follow as I am just getting situated here and really do not have much information to report other than on hotels.

10-05-03, 18:06
This may sound trivial to some people, but I highly recommend that when you check in to a hotel which has a window/wall type air-conditioner, you remove the front cover and clean the filter under the shower. You will more than likely be unpleasantly surprised how dirty most filters will be. This seems to be a universal oversight in hotels. The air conditioner will work better for your stay and it will be better for your health.

10-05-03, 18:20
Ok here is the scene in San Pedro Sula as I understand it after having been here for 36 hours.

The working girls hang out between the Hotel Gran Sula and the Holiday Inn. The quality ranges from zero to 7 1/2 on a scale of 10. Ages range from less than 18, which is legal in Honduras, to old old old. They start off asking for 500 lempiras (US$30) but settle for 200 lempiras.

The best thing is the attitude of the non-working ladies here. First of all there are lots of them all around and they are universally friendly. If you say Hola to one she will definitely say hola back and smile. And then you take it from there - like people everywhere, they like to be treated nicely.

The Holiday Inn has a casino and of course as usual I won.

10-06-03, 19:55
Monday October 6, 2003 San Pedro Sula, Honduras

A guy might get to start liking this town. Good looking, young, legal and cheap girls. And by cheap I mean like US$13 for a no time limit session.

And if you want to you can find fat old and ugly ones too but then why would you leave the states? Oh I know, you might want fat old ugly and FRIENDLY! We've got that!

And maybe best of all are the tons of friendly young available women just walking around town making eye contact with you. No, you are not going to score with every one of them, but every one of them will be friendly and will chat with you.

There are 2 casinos with slot machines, blackjack, caribbean poker and roulette and for me the house has been easy to beat.

And now for the best information for this post. I discovered a 3 star hotel with air conditioning and a swimming pool right in the heart of town, only blocks from where the nighttime street girls hang out. It is not as close as my previous hotel recommendation but it is a somewhat nicer hotel and it is chica friendly.

Here it is : Hotel La Paz, about us$22, new and clean with large rooms

I dont know about all you other guys but paying US$60 to $100 per night for a non chica friendly hotel just seems ridiculous.

Is anyone reading any of this?

10-06-03, 22:59
Theone, the crime situation? What crime situation? Sure there are poor people around and if you get stupid, wear gold and walk around drunk in the middle of the night maybe you could get in trouble. But if you behave sensibly, take a US$1-2 taxi at bad times, there is no problem; and I am walking all over at all times of the day and night. In and around central park, there are lots of police and around town there are lots of police patrolling in trucks.

No doubt there is crime but you will have to go looking for it if you want it to happen to you.

The One
10-07-03, 07:32
Hey Stud Player,

Thanks for the excellent updates. I’m glad to hear your experiences in SPS so far have been well. I wrote a travel warning earlier this month about the gang situation there. Did you read it? I too have logged many miles in SPS on foot, but I wouldn’t recommend it at night.

Don’t get me wrong, SPS doesn’t have a crime problem(robbery, assaults, battery, etc…); it has a gang problem. A person will not have a problem wearing jewelry at night in SPS (from experience).

The last time I was there, the gangs were trying to get their point across by murdering people at random, so please dude be really careful.

Stay Safe

Thanks again for keeping us updated

10-07-03, 17:05
A full report to follow but last night had this thin young pretty 18 year old who turned out to be one of the worst experiences with a working girl I have ever had, although nothing seriously bad went down. It is probably a better choice to take the 7 or 8 and have fun than be with a 9 or 10 and have it suck.

10-08-03, 01:41
Theone, yes I read your reports and thanks for them. I will heed your warnings and I am always careful wherever and whenever I travel. All my gold and emeralds and diamonds are in a safe deposit box back in Los Angeles, where I will probably never enjoy wearing them again as I am now ex-pat. If you saw me walking down the street you would probably wonder how I could afford to be here. As usual, at night I travel exclusively by taxi and then usually just a few blocks to the Holiday Inn Casino which so far has been paying for my trip. The corner near the Holiday Inn towards the central plaza is where the younger street girls hang out.

As I mentioned in my previous post, last night I took the youngest prettiest one there and what a mistake it turned out to be. The agreed price was 350 lempiras or about US$21 for about an hour. Well, let's just be brief and say that after about 20 minutes I threw her out of the room with 200 lempiras or about US$13 and chalked it up to experience. Yeah I boned her but have you ever had a girl keep trying to cross her arms across her chest when you are humping her? I am sure you get the picture. Anyway, today is another day.

Took a bus - a former american school bus - around town today. What an experience that was but I did not have even one problem; quite the contrary in fact as people were more than helpful in helping me to find TACA. I can afford to ride around in taxis all day if I want to but I like to get a little closer to reality than that; and besides all the taxis in this town are a piece of shit, none have air conditioning - so why should I use them?

Everywhere I go and every time I turn around everywhere there are literally 2-3 armed security guards. I don't know if I should feel real safe or real scared! But I have not seen any crime; let's hope this continues.

10-08-03, 18:14
Walking down a street last evening, I just happened upon a young non-working fox talking a local guy and we made eye contact so I stopped and chatted. She said adios to her friend and we went to have a bite to eat and then went back to the hotel. Wasn't able to convert this meeting into an orgasmic experience but I did get a nice though somewhat timid back massage from her. But oh what a fox she was. If she comes back great; if not, ok. But this is just an example of how easy it is even for a slightly older guy like myself to just casually meet young pretty girls on the street.

Just got a nice haircut, US$2.30. There are 2 internet cafes within 100 feet of Hotel Bolivar each charging 12 lempiras (about US$0.65)/ hour on clean new and fast machines, one of which I am using to write this report. The swimming pool at Hotel Bolivar apparently is safe to use as I went swimming yesterday and am suffering no ill effects.

Awaiting the close of escrow today on the sale of my condo in Los Angeles and then I am off to Panama and Colombia.

10-09-03, 12:55
You hit the nail on the head Studplayer.

In the USA I am invisible to young women. To me it is shocking the non pros that flirt with me. One woman I met and asked out said she had nothing to wear out, so i bought her a dress. Then we went out drinking and dancing. At the end of the night I said I was going back to my hotel and I didnt even have to ask her in, she followed me.

10-11-03, 01:49
Ok, San Pedro Sula is worth just a couple of days and then it starts to get boring as hell. The weather here sucks, always hot and humid. The taxis are all old wrecks and none have air conditioning. All in all, I do not give this place a recommendation as a "destination resort". But it served its purpose for me as a place not too distant from Los Angeles where I could monitor the close of escrow and get back if my flaky real estate agent flaked out.

Off to Panama tomorrow and from there on to Colombia.

10-11-03, 04:42
studplayer: i sure don't want to invite a flaming, and i don't normally reside on this board, but as a 20+ year veteran resident of central america, you're making a mistake. it seems to me that you correctly summed up honduras: quaint, fun, great inidviduals (even though as a society it doesn't function), cheap, occasionaly gets violent (even if you didn't notice), poor, good people and after a while...boring.

if you leave the region without sampling the "guanacas" of el salvador, you're making a mistake.

since panama is not part (technically) of central america, i don't know about it, but nowhere in ca is like el salvador and it's beautiful (in general, un-model-like) women, reasonable prices, low hiv-aids rate (i didn't day don't use a condom), relatively functioning society, good bars, great restaurants (in the ca sense), superb tlc, and tremendous prospects for gfe, etc.

don't get me wrong...the "guanacas" are beautiful if you like the girl next door type. they are not, generally, tall, blond, blue-eyed, thin lipped, painted "hussies". they are jusr superb "hussies" who get into their men, love to fuck+ and will (for the most part) oblige.

check out the es section before you venture to the land of skyscrapers, heat, humidity, modernity, etc. i suspect our posts are underplayed (except for tx whiskey who seems to have enjoyed himself lately) cuz we've grown so accustomed to great service. we have a the only 365 day/year airport, a world class airline (taca...no, it doesn't mean "take a chance airline", as any experienced pilot will tell you), reasonable prices, improving public security forces, suberb weather, extremely competent and hard-working labor force (regardless of their avocation)...hell...now that i think about it...forget it. i think i'll just encourage you to by-pass us and let the few mongers here keep it to themselves.

i came here 20+ years ago on a two year leave of absence, and i never left, except to live brief periods in the rest of the isthmus. el salvador is still the best!

10-11-03, 17:05
Hello Cpteasy, thanks for the great post. I am suffering from dengue fever right now. As for El Salvador, yes I have been there and you are right, it is great. But property values seem to be "a la Los Angeles", real expensive. Feeling like shit. Later.

10-11-03, 21:19
Rastaman: Hmmmm...pretty hard to answer that question. In my opinion, the best girls in CA are Salvadorenas. You certainly find them in demand throughout the region. But I don't know about who they "look like". I've never heard of Rose and Eva, but I suspect they are beautiful "model" types, i.e. tall, blond, sophisticated, etc.. In general, that's not the Salvadoran woman. They are just "good ole girls" as we say in the South.

Studplayer: Sorry about the dengue. It makes you feel like shit, I know. I thought I'd seen you over on our board, but I didn't look back through the posts. Since you know...you know, as Yogi would say. We look forward to reading your reports of Panama (or wherever) and visiting us again.

Member #4239
10-22-03, 10:20
Back from a recent trip to SPS. Due to other committments, I was able to pursue the hobby for only two nights. I will just address some odds and ends here since not much has changed from my previous visits.
There are more girls in the streets and they are cheaper! In this trip, I didn't bother asking for a price. I just took the girl to the room and then told her I was gonna pay about 200 to 300 lempiras plus "propina" if they do a good job. The locations are the same: up and down first avenida and the nearby streets as well as near the hotel/restaurant "ambasador" on, I believe, 7th avenue (the latter location will certainly include some glue sniffing workers!, many of whom are ugly but can actually give pretty good service). I checked out the street scene two Sundays in a row, each time at least 15 available street workers.
For the club scene, SCANDROS is absolutely rocking, between 15 and 30 beauties on a given night. Virtually all of them rate a 7 or higher. Had a couple of beers with a beautiful black girl there, Michelle, 21, the best body and the best dance in the place.
By the way, I can't figure out why a previous poster, "Ford", had to pay such high prices, but seems like he's having a great time in DR now. The Honduran economy continues to suck and the dollar is still king here.
Another poster said that SPS is not a "resort" town. That is absolutely correct. The nearest ports/beaches are about 45 to 75 minutes away. It really is just a kind of a small, dirty, polluted town (although lots of green hills around) with tons of pretty and friendly girls. The weather is hot, but it is cooling. It started to rain the last few days that I was there. I don't think people need to worry about an unbearably hot weather there for the next few months. It is true that taxis are old and most do not have AC's. However, you can get air conditioned taxis from the airport and also from your hotel if you ask for them(or have your hotel call them). Surprisingly the price will not be much different. However just flagging down air conditioned cabs in the middle of the street will be more challenging.
If you are also looking for a place where you can meet a lot of fellow American, German, etc hobbyists and stay in hotels run by American guys, well again, SPS will probably not be that place.
There are however a lot of restaurants like TGIF, Applebees, etc available for those who get home sick. My favorite restaurant in SPS however is a place called "chef mariano", great Garifuna cuisine. I understand it has recently moved to near the airport.
Finally, hotel Bolivar which seems to be a favorite place for many, is overpriced (around 500 lemps/night) IMHO. It is girl friendly but that's all I can say about it. Get ready for broken down AC's (thank god for its ceiling fan), lousy phone service (you have to go down to the lobby to make a call to a cell phone number) and horrible TV reception. However, it is abolutely a short walking distance from all the street action.
According to the people in SPS, the crime situation has calmed down a little over the past few weeks due to some type of goverment action/legislation. There is still a lot of news about gang violence in the media, but I think if you don't do anything stupid, you should be safe during a short vacation.

10-24-03, 21:45
I posted this in the Capital section but since it seems that a lot of folks travel back and forth between SPS and Tegus I figured I would post it here as well.

Hey to all the Honduran regulars. I am planning on being in Tegus on Wed the 29th of October(next week) for a week. I have only been to the capital once on buisness and did not have time to explore.
If anyone has some time and knows their way around Tegus email me at johnsan5050@yahoo.com or reply here.
Thanks in advance for your help

Member #4239
11-09-03, 17:47
I arrived in Honduras this morning. The news headline is a gang shooting in one of San Pedro's night clubs. Some gang members went to 'Cherries' which is a strip club/definite monger hang out and shot to death two of the dancers and seriously wounded one of the waiters and also shot one of the outside security guys. Then they left two letters of warning to the president, defense minister, etc. In other words the gangs are sending a message to the president that his zero tolerance policy will cause more bloodshed.
I have personally been to 'Cherries' and posted about it in the forum. It saddens me to see that there is now an element of RANDOM unpredictable violence in the city of San Pedro.
I love Honduras and the Honduran people. I will continue to come here because of other non-hobby related matters, but I will keep a very low profile. I would recommend AGAINST any mongers coming here until this random gang violence has been curbed. J.G.

11-11-03, 15:39
Hey J.G.,

I am very sorry to hear about the recent random gang violence. I too, very much like the Honduran people and have gotten to know several men and women fairly well that live near me here in the U.S.
I am currently sitting at an internet cafe here in Cabarete, Dominican Republic and am planning my next (December) trip from info on the board.
I was considering a return to SPS but regrettably now will probably steer clear till perhaps the spring.
Thanks for the ¨heads up¨ on recent events.

11-16-03, 22:02
Some thing that would be good. Before you go out to strip bars and such. Get some lemps. Paying for drinks and such with dollars you get screwed and not in a good way.

Unborn Son
11-22-03, 19:40
Well although it is a bad time to be in San Pedro Sula (according to previous messages), I find myself here because of work. Unfortunately I have it twice as bad because I don't even speak Spanish. Sooo... if anyone is around town and might be up for meeting for a drink or something then let me know. I am staying at the Intercontinental hotel and will be here until Wed. Otherwise I guess I am pretty much stuck to hotel room & work.

Oh well!



11-22-03, 23:19
Airline connections:

Does anyone know if there is a direct flight from sps to Cartagena, Columbia?


11-25-03, 23:20
I will be in SPS Sat 29 Nov. can anyone give me the name and contact info. for a young pretty chica for an evening of fun?

I plan to stay at the Palace Inn hotel suggested in an earlier post.


Member #4239
11-27-03, 02:29
Hey Whitelight:
I don't have such name/contact to give you, but maybe the following will help.
Ask the cab drivers to take you to a casa de cita and pick yourself out a pretty young girl for the night. Try to speak to the girl a little before leaving with her because some will be very shy and won't be able to give you good service.
If no luck with the casas de cita, go straight to Scandros night club and pick yourself a pretty girl to go.
Here are two cab driver suggestions if you can't find one on your own. Raul, aka Chino, 964-7163, doesn't speak much English but knows the scene very well. He has diabetes and was hospitalized last time I was in SPS, hopefully he is back out driving his cab. He works usually out of hotel Bolivar. Omar is a fluent English speaker, his number is 554-1311, most of the time you'll have to leave a message at that number though since he is out working. I haven't tried either numbers in a while, but hopefully they are both current. The country code is 504.
Good luck.

11-27-03, 14:19

While the Palace Inn isnt the greatest hotel in the world, it is chica friendly. My other recommendation in San Pedro Sula for a hotel would be the Hotel La Paz but since I had dengue when I was there I never had a chance to check it out. I recommend avoiding the Hotel Bolivar.

11-28-03, 05:13
Stud and jg,

Thanks for the information and I will follow your leads. I emailed Richard at palace Inn Hotel a few days ago but he has not replyed. I get in about 1530 so I plan to find a hotel and then a chica or two. What is the legal age for the girls. Any tips on non pros, where best to find em? Guys have said just on the street, but I've never had any luck with that technic, I'm not the youngest buck in the forest.

I will be going on to La Ceiba, guess I'll check that board to find out recomendation for that place.

Any one have the latest on the gang violence in SPS?

Thanks again, great board.

12-16-03, 20:27
SPS was pretty good, even though there was a funeral for a kid who was killed for his nice big SUV!

I had a 19 yo a 9 who was lactating but would let me suck, and it was hard to spread her legs to go down on her. Basicly a young chick deal, which was not very much fun, but nice eye candy. L 700

The second was Karla from Peru. She almost got my digital camera, but was a good lay, but covered. She was 400 Limps. If you find her watch your stuff, photos on gallery.

01-21-04, 16:08
Was in SPS for a night ... not very good to be honest.
Scandros is closed down as well as Cherry's because there was a killing (as in murder) in each of these places recently.
My Taxista said maybe they'll open up again.

Went to a couple other strip clubs ... chica quality in the range of 1 to 5 at the most ... pretty bad.

Best bet is have a taxi take you to a casa de cita where you can pick out a chica and take her with you ... saw a couple 6's or 7s here but didn't partake ... just back from Venezuela where the quality is worlds above SPS.


01-30-04, 17:51
" just back from Venezuela where the quality is worlds above SPS."

I looked at their prices and they are as expensive as the USA. For the price of a chicka for a few hours there I could have two for a week in Honduras.

01-31-04, 14:50
What I am coming to is. Once you turn out the lights how beautiful she is, is irrelevant and now depends on how skilled she is.

My case in point is I once had a SG who was pretty and had big tits. She was giving me a hand job and then she flashed her tits. Then she said aren’t you going to cum? My answer was work my Johnson a little harder and I will.

Now I met this one woman, her face was pocked marked and she has a fat ass and her tits were small and sagged somewhat. When you saw her on the street you wouldnt look twice. But between the sheets damn. She could blow you for hours. She was jerking on my Johnson and looked right at me and said she loved to suck dick. When she got on top she moved those hips, I couldnt stop my self from cumming. In short she would work your Johnson until it was bone dry. Even after I came and was catching my breath she was trying to get me up again.

I don’t know but it seems a lot of very pretty women with nice bodies figure if they show it to you, you will have a orgasm just by looking.

02-21-04, 03:49
I will be in SPS sat. night 3/21, anyone else going to be there to meet up to compare notes?

Last time I had fun there, I hope to do better now that I know a little more about the place.

I will be there a few days, then off to la Ceiba.

03-14-04, 04:14
Just returned from two weeks in SPS and had a ball. I met my friend I met last trip and we paled around together for a week. He had some girl friends from his previous trip and we all took a road trip to the beach close to Tela. Water was warm and chicas hot! Very affordable. I had to take three days off for business in Guanaja and hurried back to SPS for more cheap thrills.

Pussy is all over the place. Found a woman pimp who will get girls outa the bareos for $40 who are young, cute and clean. Of course it can be found cheaper on the streets for $16-25, but I enjoyed the young stuff.

03-24-04, 14:10
Land Rover,

I am posting this for all to read, the pimp in SPS for the girls is Olga at 554-1029.
her daughter speaks english and requires a tip for her services. Call for an appointment and tell her what your looking for, she can give you her address.

Good luck. I've attached a tpyical girl from Olga's service.

03-26-04, 04:32
Bits of info from SPS:
- Hotel Bolivar staff was a bit unfriendly but they not always pay attention to who you bring in (I had no problems).
- Hotel Palace Inn has good location to find street walkers, but some closed businesses nearby and an abandoned construction site on the next block make the area a bit sketchy for walking late.
- Hotels San Pedro and El Nilo seem best value.

Street girl scene was good from 9 pm on the known location along 1 Calle, starting 2 blocks west from the central park, for the next 3-4 blocks. I felt safe to walk at any time. There are so many guards with guns in front of businesses, parking lots etc.

By chance met Suazo the taxi driver who was mentioned in older posts. Was not parking at the Bolivar but cruising the area.
Very friendly guy, speaks English, French and is currently taking
2 hours weekly of German lessons and close to proficiency in that language. Sadly I was leaving that day.

04-02-04, 04:11
I plan to be SPS around 17 April for a few days. Anyone know of a cheap clean apartment that can be rented for a few days?

Beemer Z
04-22-04, 04:14
I have been traveling to SPS for three years. I have not been in the "market" until recently. I met a great chica on the Boulevard Morazon that goes by the name Wendy. She is superb. 22 yrs, blonde, 5'5" approx (couldn't tell from the various positions I was in), and thin totally shaven with very perky tetas.

She only works on weekends. I saw her on a Saturday night around 9pm near the Holiday Inn, one block up. My Spanish sucks pretty much, but we ended up negotiating for 300 lps for everything and anything, even "tercero" as the latins call it.

Great oral, great back door, and quite tight (no babies came out of that fun house). Quite affectionate and very attentive. I am going back soon and hope to spend the weekend "between and behind" maybe take her up to Tela for some fun, sun and lots of (well, you get the picture).

Happy hunting

Member #4239
06-20-04, 09:18
FYI. The best English speaking taxi driver in San Pedro is Omar. He is NOT a pimp, he is just a very nice, honest guy who does know the scene and who will look out for you. His cell number is 987-4945. I am glad to recommend him since he has done a good job for me.
The scene in SPS hasn't changed. Short time service from SW will cost you between 200 to 300 lempiras (about 12 to 17 bucks) and I did not even try to bargain this time. There are still about 20 SW in a given night, but there are a ton of transvestites out there too. The security/violence situation has not changed unfortunately. Scandros is still closed (Omar tells me that they shot the owner to death), but now apparently a new bar has opened up, "cocktails" where the best girls are. I didn't check it out personally.

06-22-04, 18:50
I need info on where the Casa de Citas are in SPS.

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Beemer Z
07-15-04, 22:59
I don't think that the Casas exist in abundance in SPS. Likely you will have to know someone to get access.

The best place is either the bars like "cocktails" or on Avenida Morazon. On the Avenida, stay away from the chica that looks asian (always found at the intersection just below the Holiday Inn). She is a loose cannon and a rip off. I had a bad experience with her where she came on real strong and friendly at the beginning and when we got to the deed, she came up with too many objections. So, for 500 Limps ($30us), I got a half-ass CBJ, when I was promised 2 hours and anything I wanted.

Buena suerte amigo

08-13-04, 21:45
I've been going to SAP almost every month this year and there are plenty of street girls, some really nice. Prices vary, but 2-500 is standard, just get it straight, before you head off to hotel.

I found the Palace Inn International to be a good place to stay and no hassle bringing chicas to your room. The rooms are larger at the PI International, price is about the same. It is located at 8 Ave. 3 Calle SO No 12, tele, 550-3838.

I found a lady pimp working out of her house. Her gordo daughter speaks great english if need be, she requires a tip for this service. Any way Olga can get you young girls out of the barios who are not street girls. She charges more, but my experience has been clean, sweet young things. Olga's # is 554 1029. She's a 10 minute taxi ride from the PI international.

Photo is girl from Olga. She's great to look at, but don't let her turn on the tv until your finished.

08-30-04, 12:35
Hi whitelight,

you wrote:

Photo is girl from Olga. She's great to look at, but don't let her turn on the tv until your finished.

I also saw this many times in Brasil,and DR too. If those girls know their favourite "telenovela"is coming up (and they are ON the WHOLE day and night including repeats).....you're done! They are just addicted to that soap shit on TV:-(

TIP: hide the TV-set...or pull the plug out of it and hide it,LOL.

btw Olga looks nice. A real "spinner" as you americans say. Personaly I like em more busty and with more ass.



09-24-04, 07:06
It seems like there havent been that many reports from San Pedro Sula lately. I was thinking of heading there in the next month or so and was hoping to get some information on pricing.

Has there been much gang related violence lately?


Member #4239
10-10-04, 17:41
Greetings from SPS. I will post the latest information in a few moments, but let me say the following first. I have been to SPS at the very least 15 times. After all these trips, I can summarize my advice to you in one sentence: call the taxi driver Omar at 987-4945. He speaks English fluently, he has honesty and integrity (for instance he does not take a cut out of the girl´s money), he has several good contacts for daytime activity, contacts that he has developed through helping clients like myself and other guys. The girls that he can put you in touch with range from hard core pros to semi-pros to just nice decent girls that you may want to hook up with as a girl friend. All the taxi drivers in town can take you to the street where hookers hang around at night and all of them can take you to the night clubs, but very few of them have day time contacts. I speak Spanish fluently and I know the scene pretty well, yet I still use Omar all the time. Once you get to SPS, give him a call and meet him and make your own judgement. Enough said.
One of the other posters had mentioned about calling ¨Olga¨to set you up with some girls. I have used her services before and I don´t have a problem with anybody using them. Just remember that you have to pay in advance and that the level of service will be hit and miss. I have had some good experiences with her ladies and I have also had some bad ones.

Member #4239
10-10-04, 18:06
yesterday afternoon there was a big soccer match here between honduras and canada. it seemed like half of the people were dressed in the uniform of the national team. anyways, forgive me, i digress.
i have never seen so many street walkers out as i saw last night, i would guess there were about 25 girls to pick from (watch out for the trannies though). also many of the girls appear ****d, maybe around 15 to 16 years old whom of course i would recommend staying away from. i picked a nice tiny tanned girl with long black hair, 18 years old, about a 7, bj about 5 in quality, paid her 300 lempiras (it´s about 18.5 lempiras per dollar). those of you who are hard core bargainers probably can get the price down to 200 lemps, but i don´t bother anymore, 300 is cheap enough.
then i picked up a black girl whom i had been with last month. 18 years old, looks no better than a 4 or 5, but awesome oral skills. she had only improved her skills since the last visit. i did her mouth three times max hardcore style and then to my great surprise she agreed to some extra kinky stuff which i had never been able to do with any girls in honduras. she was well worth it for me. i paid her a total of about 1100 lempiras and that is what i chose to pay her, she never mentioned a price.
the day before, omar and i went straight from the airport to pick up two of our contacts. i just kept my bags in omar´s car and went right to the action. two girls, one 23 and the other 18, took them to auto-motel sauce, one of the best two on one sessions i have ever had. i chose to give them a total of 1000 lempiras. again, you can probably get away with giving them 700 lempiras for both, but i feel the tip that i give them gives them an incentive to always give me the best service.
this automotel sauce is a nice place. it apparently has from very basic rooms at about 150 lemps to ¨luxury¨rooms at about 700 lempiras. i choose the 200 lempira one which is very clean, with ac, cable tv with porn and nice bathroom. omar told me that one of his other clients was worried about the safety at these auto motels. well, let me tell you that they are perfectly safe. i have used them dozens of times and never had a single problem, especially with the taxi parked right outside the door.
i don´t want to mention any names here, but omar knows all the four girls mentioned above and should be able to hook you up with them if you are interested, as long as they haven´t moved out of town or nothing has happened to them.

Member #4239
10-10-04, 18:17
One of the posters had asked about gang violence. I am sorry I did not answer sooner, but here it is. The gang violence has reached an absolute boiling point in Honduras. There is not a day that you don´t hear about shootings, masacres, bodies being found, etc. There is also some petty street crimes such as grabbing purses, etc. I am not an expert on the issue but I imagine that the economic poverty which keeps getting worse here and the lure of drug money have something to do with increasing gang violence and the crime situation.
The good news for us however is that none of this violence is targeted at the tourists. I have been to Honduras at least 20 times and have never run into any problems with crime. The only way you can get into problems is if you mess with drugs or drug dealers, if you flash a lot of money or jewellery, or if you get so drunk at 3 AM that you don´t know what the hell you are doing.
The poverty is forcing more and more girls into prostitution and it seems that there are more girls doing it each time I visit Honduras.
The real beauty of SPS however is the fact that you can hook up with a bunch of attractive young girls if you have the time and the language skills to explore the non pro scene. Good luck.

Member #4239
10-12-04, 16:33
Two nights ago, there was a lot of rain, I did not go out. The rain caused some power and communication problems yesterday morning, including problems with cell phones. At any rate, last night there were a lot of girls out on the street even though it was a Monday night. As I said in a previous post, it seems that the economic situation is forcing more girls to work in the streets. There are a few really good looking 18 and 19 year olds out there who are basically there because they have no money, and usually disappear from the scene once they do earn some money. The prices for gringos seem to be around 400 lempiras, but if you really bargain you probably can get it down to maybe 200 to 300, but you may alienate the girls too. If you want BJ, make sure to ask ahead of time, most girls will of course do it, but a few will not. There was one very good looking 21 year old black girl that we took to auto motel Sauce last night, I paid 200 for the room, bought her a beer, we both took showers, only to then find out that she only does vaginal sex. I pointed to the tv screen that was showing porn and told her, look it´s not that hard to do, is it? So better always check first. Yesterday was still a pretty good day, I did three girls, all good experiences. There were a couple of other good prospects that I would have still liked to have tried last night, but Omar and I had had a little bit too much to drink and I was too sleepy.

10-26-04, 20:56

Thanks for the updates. I was in SPS also that weekend of the soccer game between Honduras and Canada and it was a great time. There are lots of armed police/army everywhere you go and i never felt threatened. There is a newer nightclub there called "Mantra" where i went to both Friday and Saturday nights where i'm sure that if you spoke a little bit of Spanish you could take home some semi-pros for a few lempira. Everything in that country is relatively inexpensive compared to other Central American countries.

11-02-04, 06:14
I have a 3 hour layover in SPS before catching a flight to El Salvador. I was wondering if anyone can provide me with suggestions and if it is feasable to have some fun for an hour or so before heading back to the airport.

Thanks in advance. Also..if anyone has suggestions for Roatan, I would welcome them as well. This will be my first trip, mostly for diving, but I want to check out the local action as well.

Member #4239
11-16-04, 12:03
I got excited when I saw two different ads in the newspaper La Prensa for massage service in SPS. Unfortunately when I inquired, neither place actually had a massage place that you could visit. Apparently they both provide service to your residence/hotel, something that I was not interested in. At any case if any of you guys try it, let us know how it went.

John Holmes
11-16-04, 17:50

Thanks for the updates. I was in SPS also that weekend of the soccer game between Honduras and Canada and it was a great time. There are lots of armed police/army everywhere you go and i never felt threatened. There is a newer nightclub there called "Mantra" where i went to both Friday and Saturday nights where i'm sure that if you spoke a little bit of Spanish you could take home some semi-pros for a few lempira. Everything in that country is relatively inexpensive compared to other Central American countries.Hey guys, I´m on my way to San Pedro. What kind of nightclub is Mantra´s ? and where is it located ? I speak good Espanol and looking for a semi pro.

John Holmes
11-22-04, 18:03
Hola guys,

Today`s La Prensa newspaper (San Pedro Sulas main newspaper) has several pages titled "prostitution without law" It reports there are 500 prostitutes walking the streets of San Pedro every night. That includes girls, transvestites, homosexuals, and bisexuals.. It looks like many are tranny,s.-. watch out !

It also names bars, discos where the`re hanging out looking for sex ! Can you imagine that..You might be able to get the paper,s article on their website ?
It also mentions about the fags getting killed...Not well tolerated in this macho culture.

Buena suerte !


11-23-04, 08:45
Hey guys, I´m on my way to San Pedro. What kind of nightclub is Mantra´s ? and where is it located ? I speak good Espanol and looking for a semi pro.i'm not really sure of the exact location but it is in the downtown area near one of the roundabouts. i'm sure taxi drivers or someone at the hotel you are staying at can tell you.

Member #4239
11-29-04, 15:37
I believe the figure 500 is greatly exaggerated. I'll put the total number of street walkers, including the trannies, at most around 30 on the busiest nights. Of course there are working girls at bars also, I suppose they may total 500, but again the figure seems very much exaggerated.

Chess Cat
11-30-04, 14:54
I checked the website for La Prensa and there is a recent article about a crackdown. I am sure that they cannot really make a dent in the industry, but they do talk about driving the workers away from Boulevar Morazan. Is this true? If so, does anyone know where the other primary locations are?

Cows Rule
12-10-04, 17:00
I checked the website for La Prensa and there is a recent article about a crackdown. I am sure that they cannot really make a dent in the industry, but they do talk about driving the workers away from Boulevar Morazan. Is this true? If so, does anyone know where the other primary locations are?There is some sort of crackdown on calle 1.

I was there during the week and most of the girls have moved to calle 2 (north), between the Holiday Inn and Hotel Bolivar, but they only number 10 or so.
In the same area, near Hotel Ejecutivo are some real hounds, ranging from -2 to 3 in the looks department, probably all thieving crack heads.

Its not all bad though - I managed to find a couple of sweet Chicas, one named Julissa, any of you SPS regulars heard of her?

Ravend Chand
12-29-04, 02:10
Hi everyone,

Just got back from sps. Had a good time. Do anything but stay away from Olga and Hotel Boliva. Police raided Olga and 2 german guys got arrested. I have been going to sps every 3 weeks. Believe me Honduras jail is hell on earth.

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12-30-04, 01:09
Thanks For The Info Reavend.

I've Never Been To Sps But Will Be Next Week. Can You Give Me Contacts, Escorts, Etc That You Can.


12-31-04, 20:17
I was in SPS in November and I am convenced a guy does not need to speak spanish to get a chica in SPS.

A friend was on the street and just kept looking at a chica who was working in a stand. Her mamma asked my friend if he wanted her daughter! He said hell yes and took her to his hotel for 400 lp.

Pretty girl, sorry don't have a photo, but her name is Samantha and works on the corner by the church across from the park, selling CD's and drinks.

I had a go with her too and she gets pretty hot.

Her cell # is 954-6244

Olga needed to get busted, she only had dogs the last time I went to her place.

Does anyone know of another like Olga but with cuter chicas?

I checked with Omar, mentioned by another on this page and he got me a chica on short notice, 3 hours, late at night, she was very nice but too big for my preference. His # is 987-4945

Another taxi driver I found Rey Bono 957-5985 said he could find the young small ones I like, but he brought us two, one was perfect but her friend was too big and the cute one would go unless her gorda friend went with us too. Oh well.

Ravend Chand
01-05-05, 02:31
Whitelight is correct about that the mother with a daughter.Matter of fact she has two daughters.one light skin and one brown skin.The light skin had a baby 8 months a ago.Keep in mind guys these girls change name like they change clothes.When I took her in 2003 she was calling herself Iidia.Dont show too much money to the mother,she will try to snatch it away.

During the day in front of pizza hut,the cambio place there is a guy named chris(speaks perfect english)looks like homeless, he can get anything.All you do is point to a girl and he will try to get her.I mean these are non prostitutes.

Good luck guys and stay away from the devil OLGA.

Member #4239
01-06-05, 11:14
just fyi, most of the girls in the central park, the ones that you can just pick up to have sex with, are in fact pros, even though you may not know about it. two prime examples are ruth and leoni, a white and black girl respectively who are strictly day time pros. they sit in the park, usually in the afternoons, about 30 yards north of the money changers, just to the west of the municipal building. leoni is an ugly black girl, but she has graduated from my school of oral sex and gives a mean bj. i have also given her [CodeWord101] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord101) between bj sessions. ruth is a very pleasant white girl, you will surely enjoy her company, she will get you hooked up with other girls that she knows of as well.
on sundays though, a lot of the regular, usually low class girls, come to hang around the central park, and you could pick some of these girls up depending on your luck, etc.

01-06-05, 14:38
While in SPS in Nov. I went to Mantra club, it was early 11pm and empty. Nice place looks like miami beach, my friend doesn't think it will stay in business, to expensive for poor little SPS.

One friday night I went to Friday's and the women were in groups all over and 8's & 9's, check it out.

Anyone here know where to go for chicas in La Ceiba?, nobody is positing on that page.

Any alternative to Olga?

Has anyone ever tried siting around the university and meeting girls there? Love to hear if it works.

02-19-05, 12:49
Just got back from San pedro. Went to mantra later than my last report and it was packed! The other dicos where empty. Seems the higher level younger set is going to Mantra. Meet a law student there, didn't go anywhere.

Went to the university on "business" and the girls are beautiful. Didn't try to talk to any but plan to return with a plan to meet a few.

The place is a gold mine for chicas, just have to look, speak and offer them a drink and take them back to the hotel.

02-26-05, 23:37
I am in sps for a few days, and man is the heat on. I got detained not once, but twice in one night, and I did the DC street scene for about three years every Friday Sat and sometimes before work during the week! I was only pulled over once. My papers were in order, I had my rental car papers everything, they sniffed my breath, my seatbelt was on, I was driving leagally. They held me for an hour, and wanted 1500lps. I tried to give them 300 but a 500 note slipped out, so I had to offer it. Of course, it was "voluntario" fo three guys with machine guns! I went out again, and within 10 seconds of picking up a girl, I was pulled over again. If you are mongering, go on foot downtown, get a taxi to take her to a short time parqueo. For one of the first times in my life I was scared, because i followed these guys like 5 miles out of town to a dark deserted stretch of highway. As they approached my car, I did something I never did before, and it worked. I hit the emergency blinkers when we stopped and turned on all the lights and didnt turn off my headlights. We were on the highway to Progresso, which I know is very dangerous. Anyway, people could see us in the car, and this spooked them. They gave me back my papers and left. I had my hand on my Nokia emergency button if his hand went for his pistol, at least they´d find my body in the ditch. Whew. be safe guys. SPS is hot now, and even a VERY experienced ***** monger like me was shaken, and i´ve walked BKK and Barranquilla, Bogota streets at 4 am, so I dont scare easy. The prices are low right now, about half the ridiculous 800lps that killed my interest last year. Id stick to daytime or take out mongering until these death squads on motorcycles stop terrorizing tourists.

Member #4239
03-10-05, 10:42
After reading the last post, I decided to do some investigation. Earlier this week my taxista and I went to check out the usual places at night. Girls on first and second avenida, from around the stadium to the north all the way down to the hotel family inn in the south. We talked to some girls and ended up taking one from second avenida to our favorite spot, El Sauce motel. We weren't bothered or hassled by anybody. Everything seems to be the way it has always been except that some of the girls have moved to the second avenida instead of being on the first. The best that we can figure is that maybe they were just cracking down for a couple of days and things are back to normal -or who knows maybe things are changing, time will tell. At any case there seems to be rather slim pickings on the street, all the good ones seem to be recruited to go to work in Guatemala.
As far as the heat in SPS, yes it's hot and it's only gonna get hotter in the next few months!

05-09-05, 18:14
Returned from SAP 1 May, barely! The airports in the entire region were closed due to smoke from burning the sugarcane fields! Took five days to clear the air enough to open them. I think all is well now, until the rains come and close Ceiba, as usual.

I've been taking the Hedman Alas bus from SAP to La Ceiba. Great ride, something like $9! Air conditioned, express, doesn't stop, with bano, snacks, and movie.

I use Omar in SAP to help find girls there. He drives a taxi and speaks good english, lived in LA for a while, his number is 987-4945.

He found a cutie for my buddy. She wanted 1,000 limps for all night. he took it and kept her for three days! She was hot and cute. As is said, a real GFE.

I didn't have the same luck with Omar as my buddy, but I have a couple of regulars which I can call upon. The girls are everywhere, just talk to them.

Belize Insider
05-26-05, 06:57
I am looking for photos and info on travelling to SPS. is there a site with many photos. I am right next door in Belize and want to do some traveling to the Central American Countries.

Member #4239
07-28-05, 20:14
I was just in SPS. I am sad to say that if you are thinking about coming to SPS strictly for paid sex tourism, I would have to recommend against it. There are still a lot of young attractive girls down here though, and if you are planning to spend some time here, or live here, then there are no limits to the number of girl friends that you can have. If you have to be here for a short business trip or some other reason, don´t despair, there is still some action to be found.
On the street you will still see about the same 12 to 20 girls hanging around after dark. Some will give you good service, some will try to rob you or waste your time, just like anywhere else. The prices will be anywhere between 200 to 600 lempiras. Police harrassment is not an issue at this time.
The bar Cocktails continues in operation and I guess some of the girls from Scandros (see previous posts) have moved to it. The place is too dark in my opinion and there has certainly been no effort to decorate it even a little. There are about 3 or 4 nice girls there, and I think the rest of the 6 or 7 girls are just too fat. The drinks are about 5 to 8 dollars for the girls which I think is too expensive for Honduras. The lap dance is 20 dollars. To take the girl to the back is about 50 dollars, but be aware right now, there is no bed in the room, just some old chair. I don´t know what the cost to take the girl out is. Some of the girls, but not all, have phones and you may want to get their numbers and set something up during the daytime. They should be more than happy for anything around 30 to 35 dollars, and it is doubtful that they´ll come for anything less than 25.
The discotec Montra is apparently packed on weekends, and you can pick up regular girls as well as hookers there. Unfortunately no one seems to have bothered to put a good post about this place.
The taxi driver Omar (see previous posts) has phone numbers of several girls that you can meet during daytime. Again, Omar is not a pimp, he is just a taxi driver, but since he has helped a lot of tourists, he has gotten to get phone numbers for several girls. Some of these girls are just regular girls with normal jobs, but they need to do something more to make ends meet.
Again, I wouldn´t recommend anybody coming down here just to have a sex vacation. The place is too hot, too dirty and the girls selection is limited. There is just not a lot to do here.

12-02-05, 00:50
Hi all-

I'm starting to plan my 2006 adventures and would appreciate alittle info.

Back in '03 I wrote about a little known "no-tell" hotel in SPS called The Hotel La Paz. I have one of their business cards that has it located at Bo. Concepcion 3 Calle & 3 Ave. Jose Benitez - Director.

To J.G. or Whitelight or any of you SPS regulars - do you know if this place is still in business? As I remember the place was very small, but pretty stylish and the nite clerk offered me a deal of $100 for 5 nights ($20 a night) pre-paid. Anyone have any info on this place at all?

thanks in advance

Member #4239
12-13-05, 18:18
Hey Ford
Hotel La Paz is still in operation, at least it was as of my last trip and I have stayed there on a couple of different occasions. It is definitely girl friendly. They charged me I believe around 500 lemps per night, so you will have to do your own negotiating. It is girl friendly as I said, otherwise I didn't find anything special about it.

12-14-05, 04:54
Hey Ford
Hotel La Paz is still in operation, at least it was as of my last trip and I have stayed there on a couple of different occasions. It is definitely girl friendly. They charged me I believe around 500 lemps per night, so you will have to do your own negotiating. It is girl friendly as I said, otherwise I didn't find anything special about it.

Thank you J.G.

As I remember, you are correct, it was a very non-descript simple little hotel - but with very nice marble tiled bathrooms. Real cheap, no pool, free breakfast and VERY guest friendly. It was kind of their speciality. ;)

thanks again.........

12-20-05, 23:20
I don't know of the place you refer. I usually stay at the hotel Palace international on 8 ave. 3a calle sono 12. within walking to the central park. They are very chica friendly, and about $35 or so.

I did hear they are building a new no tell hotel close to the airport on the way into SAP..I don't know if it is open yet.


12-31-05, 22:07

I will be going to SP on Feb 4-6. I have been to Rio but never to Honduras. I don’t speak much Spanish but am planning on polishing up on key phrases. Any suggestions on chica friendly hotels, mongering places (both street and clubs). I will appreciate whatever help I can get. I have read all the threads but looking for some more recent info.


01-03-06, 15:58

I will be going to SP on Feb 4-6. I have been to Rio but never to Honduras. I don’t speak much Spanish but am planning on polishing up on key phrases. Any suggestions on chica friendly hotels, mongering places (both street and clubs). I will appreciate whatever help I can get. I have read all the threads but looking for some more recent info.


You're going to need Spanish my friend. You will get the occasional taxi driver who can speak English but its rare. Meals will have to be ordered in Spanish, and negotiating will have to be done in Spanish.

Hotel Gran Sula is an excellent choice. In the middle of it all at 1 Calle entre 3 and 4 Avenidas. Hit or miss guest friendly but with usable pool and 24 hour restaurant w/ tasty Hoduran and Americano favorites.

Hotel Bolivar is guest friendly choice. Located 2 Calle at 2 Av. Totally guest friendly with "tiny" pool - negotiate to $35 a night.

Hotel La Paz - very guest friendly. I paid $20 a night a year and a half ago.

J.G. is the most knowledgeable member on this board. He says its still open and the price is now around $26 a night. No pool.

Holiday Inn is also right in the middle of the action but unless you can get "a price" on this place its not worth the cost - $100 + per night.


Migrant One
01-06-06, 17:52

I will be going to SP on Feb 4-6. I have been to Rio but never to Honduras. I don’t speak much Spanish but am planning on polishing up on key phrases. Any suggestions on chica friendly hotels, mongering places (both street and clubs). I will appreciate whatever help I can get. I have read all the threads but looking for some more recent info.


Ford has some great points from my experience, but in SPS there are a higher percentage of restaurants, and bars, that have english speakers, due to the high foreign investments there, the rest of the country is much lower percentage. But as he mentioned, for negotiating purposes (especially with the ladies) you need some decent spanish.

If you find a cab driver that speaks english (check with whatever hotel you chose perhaps) you can get their card and call them whenever needed, but be careful about their suggestions, they are more motivated by whatever 'propina' they get from the establishment they refer you to than they are with your desires

02-28-06, 05:07
I'm in SPS right now and it's...um...scary here. I've been here before and have had no fears. I'm at the Hotel Ejectivo and there are many, many girls on the street about 3 blocks away. Unfortunately, my hotel does not let them in. I'm moving to the Hotel La Paz or Bolivar tomorrow. It's not a big deal for me because I'm pretty worn out from my last night in La Ceiba. I can't write about that there because a member of my girlfriend's family recently e-mailed me to confirm my identity (I ain't admittin' nothin').

My girlfriend, a Latina, knows that I fuck around when I take trips without her (she's a wonderful women and I don't want to lose her). She's kind of ignored it, but if a family member shows her hard evidence then she may have to do something.

Just want to also say, I took SOSA airlines from La Ceiba to SPS today and they somehow lost my baggage. It must have taken a huge effort because I watched them put my suitcases on the plane and there were only about 12 of us. They swore the plane was empty and I did a bunch of yelling and screaming and ....Surprise!!! They somehow missed my bags when they cleaned the plane.

I'm really surprised at the taxi and food prices in SPS. Much higher than I'm used to.

I'll write more later if I find someone to bring back to my room.

Generous Gent
02-28-06, 14:48
I for one, cannot take San Pedro Sula. "Scary" sums this place up in one word. An occasional trip is necessary, but it's total daylight for me and then I still don't feel quite comfortable. Lets hope Ceiba never ends up like this.

Taxi's are considerably higher priced than Ceiba. Almost double. A trip from the airport to the Nutria Apartamente hotel was over 200 Leims. And this was actually the price; Two people around town was a minimum 50 Leim, but face it, San Perdo Sula is fairly large compared to Ceiba.

Losing luggage isn't exactly a big surprise. This is the first complaint I've heard about Sosa, butTaca is notorious for this. As a rule, I try to stuff all possible into carry-on luggage. And since they realize everyone is hip to their incompetentency, they reduced the bag size (and number - 2/1) allowed on flights. Those of us that use piggyback luggage are generally hassled, but as long as the weight is correct.

Good luck my friend, enjoy your time in cuchita paradise!


I'm in SPS right now and it's...um...scary here. I've been here before and have had no fears. I'm at the Hotel Ejectivo and there are many, many girls on the street about 3 blocks away. Unfortunately, my hotel does not let them in. I'm moving to the Hotel La Paz or Bolivar tomorrow. It's not a big deal for me because I'm pretty worn out from my last night in La Ceiba. I can't write about that there because a member of my girlfriend's family recently e-mailed me to confirm my identity (I ain't admittin' nothin').

My girlfriend, a Latina, knows that I fuck around when I take trips without her (she's a wonderful women and I don't want to lose her). She's kind of ignored it, but if a family member shows her hard evidence then she may have to do something.

Just want to also say, I took SOSA airlines from La Ceiba to SPS today and they somehow lost my baggage. It must have taken a huge effort because I watched them put my suitcases on the plane and there were only about 12 of us. They swore the plane was empty and I did a bunch of yelling and screaming and ....Surprise!!! They somehow missed my bags when they cleaned the plane.

I'm really surprised at the taxi and food prices in SPS. Much higher than I'm used to.

I'll write more later if I find someone to bring back to my room.

02-28-06, 19:41
I'm in SPS right now and it's...um...scary here. I've been here before and have had no fears. I'm at the Hotel Ejectivo and there are many, many girls on the street about 3 blocks away. Unfortunately, my hotel does not let them in. I'm moving to the Hotel La Paz or Bolivar tomorrow. It's not a big deal for me because I'm pretty worn out from my last night in La Ceiba. I can't write about that there because a member of my girlfriend's family recently e-mailed me to confirm my identity (I ain't admittin' nothin').

My girlfriend, a Latina, knows that I fuck around when I take trips without her (she's a wonderful women and I don't want to lose her). She's kind of ignored it, but if a family member shows her hard evidence then she may have to do something.

Just want to also say, I took SOSA airlines from La Ceiba to SPS today and they somehow lost my baggage. It must have taken a huge effort because I watched them put my suitcases on the plane and there were only about 12 of us. They swore the plane was empty and I did a bunch of yelling and screaming and ....Surprise!!! They somehow missed my bags when they cleaned the plane.

I'm really surprised at the taxi and food prices in SPS. Much higher than I'm used to.

I'll write more later if I find someone to bring back to my room.

.........higher taxi and food prices and a scary vibe around town - that is very sad on so many levels :( - but Michael thank you my friend for your typical honest, informative and candid reporting!

be well, bro.................

03-02-06, 08:10
I grew some balls and went out in SPS on Tuesday night...my last night in town. First of all, I moved to the Hotel Bolivar, they were somewhat girl friendly (with tip), but the place is a fucking dump. I stayed there about 5 years ago and don't remember it being so bad.

I spent the evening walking (yes, walking) around the Zona Viva. It is safe and there was some cool stuff going on there. I remember walking the Zona Viva for hours with no problems many years ago. I started to get really brave and venture out into El Central and very surprisingly, I had several people stop me on the street and tell me that I was heading into dangerous territory. They told me to walk the main street and I should be fine, don't go on the side streets. I then came across the motherlode of prostitutes (I could see them behind the Holiday Inn). I started walking over there and was told by two different people that it was dangerous to go back there.

I got into a taxi and we drove back and forth through the area several times. They had many good looking girls and quite a few transvestites. The ones that I felt were the hottest that I spoke with wanted 600 Lemps. I was just window shopping so I kept going.

At about 1AM, I went back to the Hotel Bolivar and wanted food. They told me to walk to the Hotel Grand Sula and get some. It was not dangerous as long as I walked the one block to the main road and then two blocks to the hotel. Of course, I didn't think it was a big deal so I started walking the two blocks on the back road and the manager and a security guard came running out after me yelling that it was too dangerous to walk that way. They were exactly right, there were two guys sleeping on the street about 1 block away and they jumped up and started screaming nasty stuff to the guys at the hotel.

I ate the Grand Sula and then walked through Central Park. There were several girls there but not the quality that was behind the Holiday Inn. There were about 10 taxicabs parked outside so I had no fear of problems.

I'm sure if I stayed with it, I would have found someone last night. And if I stayed another night in SPS, I would have gotten over my fear.

One other thing. After two weeks in La Ceiba, I had no trouble with understanding Spanish. In San Pedro Sula, it was truly like a whole new language. I had the worst time understanding people. I guess people in La Ceiba speak differently than SPS. A typical example is:

Me: Cuanto es este cerveza?
La Ceiba person: 17 Lemps
SPS Person: 750 ml

The taxi driver said that the Spanish in La Ceiba is more laid back than SPS and that they don't speak real Spanish there. I'm sure he was biased but I did notice a huge difference.

I think this will be my last trip to Honduras. In about a week, I will write my report about La Ceiba.

Grand Pollo
03-02-06, 22:35
I guess you need to do the whole "cuanto cuesta" or in CA the common "cuanto vale?" to get price vs. volume. Good sized beer though.

03-03-06, 05:22
I guess you need to do the whole "cuanto cuesta" or in CA the common "cuanto vale?" to get price vs. volume. Good sized beer though.

............and damn tasty also!

I never warmed up to Salva Vida but the Honduran made Port Royal Beer has still got to be one of my favorite beers on the planet! :) (honest)

Member #4239
03-19-06, 01:15
According to what the girls tell me, for the last two weeks the municipal police have started to hassle them. I guess they remove the girls from the street and drop them off about 10 blocks south of where they normally hang out. It seems like the police doesn´t want the girls to be in the main street and the girls don´t want to go where the police says -because it´s a fairly dark area. The police seems to be charging the customers about a few hundred lempiras and then letting them go. I was cruising in the street the last couple of nights and the number of girls and customers both are less than normal, but the girls can certainly still be found there.
I think the problem right now with the street workers is that so many of them are just amateurs/part-timers. They basically just want the money and don´t want to do any work. In other words, most of them will rip you off. It is becoming very hard to find any reliable street walkers who will give you good service, and then on top of that you have to kind of keep an eye out for the police. Anyways that´s the way the street scene is at the moment.

04-01-06, 04:45
This is a continuation of a series of reports on my 30 day mongering tour through Central America. I hope to monger in all 7 CA countries and report on each. For those who are interested, I have already posted multiple reports on Belize, Guatemala, and El Salvador. I wrote a fairly lengthy report on my non-adventures in San Pedro Sula almost a week ago, but when I clicked the submit button, the report somehow got lost in cyberspace. This so pissed me off that I have not had the energy to rewrite the entire report, so this will be only a pale summary of the original. Since then I have been to Tegucigalpa and am now in Managua.

To cut to the chase, I think Honduras is a terrible mongering spot and would not recommend it to anyone. There may be valid reasons to come to Honduras and/or SPS, but mongering isn't one of them. However, I'll admit I had a run of bad luck in SPS which indicated that the mongering gods were not smiling on me.

First of all, it rained almost the whole time I was there. Second, I stayed at the Hotel Gran Sula, which appeared to be an impossible place to get a girl into, in that there was a security guard at the front entrance and another one at the elevator. I thought they might be bribeable, but I never got a chance to find out. Third, the hotel was crawling with loathsome missionaries, mostly from the US, and I figured the hotel would especialy not want to offend such a large block of customers by letting *****s come in. Fourth, I looked under every conceivable heading in the yellow pages for some kind of mongering service: massage, escort, clubs, night clubs. Absolutely nothing. Nor was there anything in the newspaper. So on Sunday I decided to try my luck in the Parque Central, which is right in front of the hotel. I sat on a bench and just waited, knowing that as an obvious gringo someone would surely approach me. Sure enough, I was approached by 3 girls within 10 minutes. Two, one white, one black, were morbidly obese, and the third, who had a great body, had a bad case of facial acne, so I sent all three of them away and just gave up.

I then went back to the hotel and called one of the girls whose cell number appears on this thread. It must no longer be valid, because I had what sounded like a middle aged woman start shouting at me. I then called Omar the cabbie and he told me to call back the next day, which just happened to be the day I was leaving. So I just decided to write off SPS and hope that if I were to have any success at mongering in Honduras, it would have to be in Tegulcigalpa. For what happened there, you'll just have to read my as yet unwritten report on that thread when it appears. Good luck to you guys who have no choice but to monger in SPS, but I would advise everyone else to stay away.

One final thing: for those who said SPS is scary, I see what you mean. The area around Parque Central is teeming with people, many of whom are young males, and a gringo stands out like a sore thumb. But after a while I got used to it, but I never let my guard down.


04-02-06, 03:45

To tell you the truth I've been "out of the loop" for the past couple of weeks, so I hadn't noticed your posts. A 30 day, 7 country mongering trip and reporting back on each - Wow! Most impressive! :)

I'm sorry you didn't find SAP to be to your liking. It can definitely be hit-or-miss in terms of quality (I'd agree with that) but even in the pouring rain I never had any problems hooking up with a cutie of two by doing the SW stroll after 9pm any night on Primero Calle.

I sense things will pick up quite a bit as you continue your trip south. SJO, PTY and MGA will be an improvment. ;)


Grand Pollo
04-03-06, 01:50
Well he seems to like very little if his MGA report is to believed.

Member #4239
04-03-06, 17:28
You can't expect to score if all you do is look in the yellow pages!, go to the most girl unfriendly hotel in town, and sit in the central park waiting for girls to pick you up! And to top it off, the cab driver Omar happened to be busy that day (he was probably with me!).

04-03-06, 19:08
You can't expect to score if all you do is look in the yellow pages!, go to the most girl unfriendly hotel in town, and sit in the central park waiting for girls to pick you up! And to top it off, the cab driver Omar happened to be busy that day (he was probably with me!).
Well, I didn't know the Hotel Gran Sula was girl unfriendly. If I had, I wouldn't have stayed there. This is the kind of useful information that should be posted on this board so that fellow mongers can help each other out. So I think that my post, if it accomplished nothing else, will at least warn mongers away from the Hotel Gran Sula--don't stay there!


04-03-06, 19:12
Well he seems to like very little if his MGA report is to believed.
I suggest that you read more than 2 reports before you make a generalization about me or any other poster. I think you'll find that the overwhelming majority of my reports are positive. And I think anyone who makes an honest effort to report their mongering experiences should be supported, since there are a lot of people who use this forum just to obtain information, ask a lot of dumb questions without reading the forum, and give nothing back.


04-08-06, 23:39
...but I know he does his homework, and I am following his travels carefully and giving him hints where I know them and learning from his reports when I don't know. I've spent a lot of time in SPS and the Gran Sula, but who knows what changes and when in CA.

Personally, I've never found any problem getting my rocks rocked in any "pueblito" of any country in CA, and I've been thru them all. YMMMV.

04-18-06, 04:56
This will be a summary of my recent month long mongering trip through all 7 Central American countries. I plan to post this report on the forums of all of these countries: Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. As some of you know, I have alraedy posted several reports for each of the individual countries, some lengthy, some sketchy because there wasn't much to report. The responses to my reports were overwhelmingly positive, and I want to thank all the guys right now who posted positive responses on the threads and who sent me PMs. I got at least 10 PMs, all of them supportive, and I am grateful for these. A small number of negative responses were posted, all of them on the Honduras and Nicaragua forums. This was probably because I was less than enthusiastic about these countries, and some mongers apparently felt that I had insulted their favorite haunts. Now I am not an especially thin-skinned guy and can take my lumps, but I thought these few responses were surprisingly vicious. The posters seemed to feel the need to attack me personally. They seem to have no conception of the fact that reasonable people can have differing opinions on the same subject and still be civil to each other. I made it quite clear in each of my posts that it was my first time in CA and that I was taking this mongering trip largely out of curiosity to see how the mongering situation was in some countries I had never been to before. I made it clear, and want to make it clear now, that my reports are not intended for the veteran CA monger but for those, like myself, who are veteran mongers but who are new to this area, or at least some of the countries, and to this extent they may be helpful to some. If that isn't the case, well you can always ignore it and move on. But the negative posters just couldn't grasp this. They couldn't grasp why someone who is in a city for the first time might prefer to pay $55 to an escort service to have a chica come directly to his room for some excellent sex, rather than attempt to guide a brain dead taxi driver through the slums of Managua to find a hole in the wall massage parlor where he can get laid for $10. They seem to be unable to grasp that my time and my convenience are worth money too. These doofuses seem to exemplify Oscar Wilde's definition of a cynic as someone who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. But I guess some people will always be terminally stupid.

Anyway, on to mongering. First I want to make a few observations about visiting CA, based on my trips through these 7 countries, that some might find helpful:

1) With the exception of Costa Rica, the taxi drivers in CA seem NEVER to have change--NEVER. So you will be well advised, early in your stay in a country, to stock up on the country's smallest paper currency unit.
2) The taxi drivers in Guatemala City and Managua are the dumbest in the world--and I've been all over the world. In GC, always have the address written down. In Managua you can't even do this, because there aren't any addresses! By contrast, the San Jose taxi drivers seem smart and helpful.
3) Even top of the line hotels may not have all the amenities you might expect. For example, I didn't once see an English langauage newspaper in the 6 Spanish speaking countries; I guess they've never heard of the International Herald Tribune. This is surprising, because it can be found all over South America. What is even more surprising is that it is often hard to find newspapers even in Spanish; the Holiday Inn in Guatemala City had no newspapers at all. Similarly, if you need toothpaste or deodorant, don't expect your hotel to have it; you'll probably have to go to a tienda.
4) You will need to have some knowledge of Spanish--period. This is especially true in El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua.
5) I found Central Americans to be exceptionally warm, friendly, and helpful during my trip. I even had the manager of a Guatemala City restaurant drive me back to my hotel when I couldn't find a taxi. I didn't meet a single nasty person. But read on.
6) In all of these countries, watch your back. Your physical safety comes first. If you don't know an area, don't assume it's safe. Take a taxi from door to door, even for short distances. Take only official taxis, and except in Managua, don't get in a taxi if another passenger is in it. (In Managua, taxis are routinely shared.)

Now on to my comparative country ratings. In evaluating the countries comparatively, I took the following factors into consideration: the ease of getting pussy; the quality of the girls, i.e., physical attractiveness, without considering their expertise; the quality of the sexual experience, which means the sexual skills of the girls, physical attractiveness aside; and price. For the record, I had sex in all 7 countries, 11 girls, 14 encounters (3 of them repeats, obviously). I'll make comments on each of these factors for each country, and then I'll give each country a rating from 1 through 10. What am I using as my paradigms? Well, I'm a veteran Rio de Janeiro monger, and to me Rio is the pussy capital of the world, so Rio would get a 10: easily available sex, beautiful girls who are highly skilled sexually, and reasonable prices (although Rio has gotten more expensive lately). Bangkok would get a 9.75, only because Thai girls are not always good kissers. As for a 1, I've never experienced a 1, but it would be something like what I imagine a conservative Moslem country to be: a place where getting laid is difficult or impossible, and might even be dangerous. So those are the parameters, and herewith the individual country summaries.

BELIZE: There is only one reliable place to get laid in Belize, which is Raul's Rose Garden near the Belize City airport. An hour with a bored chica or Belizean girl resulting in lackluster sex will cost about US$75. A few posters say they have gotten connections to girls from taxi drivers, but I had no luck with this. OVERALL RATING: 2.

GUATEMALA: Guatemala City has the highest concentration of quality chicas in all of CA, approaching but not equaling the termas in Rio. They are also very skilled sexually and I had them do everything I asked. However, it is also the most expensive. In the two best clubs, the rates are US$78 for 1/2 hour and US$156 for an hour, fixed by the club, not negotiable. There are cheaper places, but the quality of girls is nowhere near as high. Avoid the Club Elite; it's a ripoff for people on expense accounts and gullible tourists. OVERALL RATING: 8

EL SALVADOR: This country is CA's hidden gem. Pussy is readily available, All the girls I was with are quite skilled sexually, and DFK/BBBJ/DATY/CFS seem to be the norm. CIM was no problem. And it's incredibly cheap! There is a slight variation in the prices at the clubs, but the average is about US$25 for 1/2 hour and US$40 for an hour. So what's the drawback? Simple: the quality of the girls is not high. There are some attractive honeys available if you look, but the majority of the girls in the houses are skanks, and some are outright pigs. But as I said, the good ones are there if you look--really look. On the San Salvador thread, Cpteasy's posts are quite informative. OVERALL RATING: 8.5

HONDURAS: A wretched country; if Honduras has any redeeming qualities, I didn't see any. Don't come here for mongering. If you must come here, I suppose you can find something. You'll probably fare better in San Pedro Sula than Tegucigalpa. On the SPS thread, Ford's posts are pretty good. As for Tegucigalpa, forget it. It's easier to get laid in North Korea than Tegucigalpa. (If you think I'm exaggerating, I'm not: read my post from the North Korea forum: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=400531&postcount=44.) All I could manage to get was a hand job. As far as I could tell from the Tegucigalpa thread, that's all that anyone got. I read every single post on this thread and didn't find a single person who got laid or even got a blow job. OVERALL RATING: 1.5

NICARAGUA: Not quite as wretched as Honduras, but close. At least Leon is interesting as a tourist attraction, and I have heard Granada is too. Managua is a chaotic city where the streets don't even have names. Your best bet for mongering is to call an escort service in the Yellow Pages and hope for the best. I had good results from Bellamaris; cost US$55. OVERALL RATING: 4

COSTA RICA: Costa Rica, especially San Jose, is one of the best documented forums on this website, so I don't need to say a lot. Pussy is readily available, all over the place actually. The girls are uniformly good in bed, DFK/BBBJ/DATY/CFS the norm. Prices are reasonable; I never paid more than US$60 for an hour. Quality of girls overall is so so. There are some very attractive ones available, but a large number of skanks as well. Your best bet for finding quality chicas is the Sportsmens Lodge. What keeps me from giving CR a 10 is the fact that San Jose just isn't a very interesting city, so there's not much to do but monger. The tourist attractions lie elsewhere in the country. OVERALL RATING: 9

PANAMA: I didn't give Panama the attention it deserves, largely because I was doing tourist things like a canal boat ride, and I was recovering from being sick. I only mongered at one place, River Club, where I got a beautiful chica who was lousy in bed. Cost $US80 cash, $85 credit card. But pussy seems readily available, and I assume that what I paid was representative. But my rating will have to be tentative because of my limited mongering there, so I am basing it largely on other mongers reports as well as my own experience. OVERALL RATING: 7

So there it is. I hope some mongers will find this helpful. If you have experiences to add, please share them. Let's help maintain what should be the fraternal nature of this forum.


Lion Killer
04-18-06, 23:50
Great report. I am heading to Honduras, Roatan Island late May for a week of diving. Do you have any information about mongering on the island. I have gotten one feed back saying local pussy is available.

Now the feed back said the ladies will be around a 6 or 7 but I am a bottom feeder anyway. I would rather a good down home suck/fuck to a lousy trophy fuck any day of the week. Some times the 6 or 7's are the best lay.


04-19-06, 02:21
Great report. I am heading to Honduras, Roatan Island late May for a week of diving. Do you have any information about mongering on the island. LK
Sorry, I've never been there!

04-20-06, 22:45

I just read your "summary" of events from your trips in CA. Once again I want to thank you for your efforts and your honest and forthright reporting.

Whether people on this board agree with you or not is secondary to the fact that knowledge is power and we can all learn and benefit from you rinformation!

I read all of your posts and it seems to me that you left out one important detail- I'm curious ;) - How many Colombianas did you see walking on primero calle in front of the Holiday Inn Hotel in San Pedro Sula, Honduras?

The Dominican girls that you met in Managua Nicaragua, what cities in the DR were they primarilly from? Santo Domingo, Santiago or San Pedro de Macoris?

I'm obviously being funny! :D You didn't meet any, not one! The fact is that the countries that you gave the lowest ratings to are the countries that have a long history of having exclusively "stay at home" talent and the countries that you gave the highest rankings to are the countries (certainly true for Costa Rica, Panama) that have a long long history of attracting COLOMBIANAS and DOMINICANAS - the hands down "working girl" queens of the western hemisphere! ˇViva Colombia! :)

Who goes to Panama to sleep with Panamanians? Who goes to Curacao to sleep with Curacao women - who (quite frankly) tend to look like Atlanta Braves Centerfielder Andruw Jones with tits?! (lol) :D Ticas (indigenous women of Costa Rica) are very pretty (no doubt) but we all know Colombianas "rule the roost" in Costa Rica, Curacao, Panama, St Marteen, Aruba etc etc etc! Even if you're only in these places for a long weekend, you'll become immeditely aware of this.

The summary of your experiences should have ended with this line "Hey Guys, want to have fun in Central America? Find out where the Colombianas are applying for work visas to and that place is THE PLACE TO BE!!!


04-21-06, 03:24

Thanks for your comments. I'm not disputing your point about Colombians, since you have much more experience in Central America than I do, but I just didn't come across any. I suppose the most logical place to find them would be Panama, which after all used to be part of Colombia.

As I indicated in my report, I 'did' 11 girls during my month in CA, and none of them were Colombian. Three were good enought to come back for a second session. Maybe it's the luck of the draw. The black girl I did in Belize said she was Belizean, but when she got up to strip (after I had fucked her), she was introduced as Jamaican. In Guatemala I did a Honduran girl named Jessica, in the Club Platinum, who was actually the most beautiful of the 11. She was a spinner, morena, beautiful face, large and lovely natural breasts, 20 years old, said she had been in Guatemala only 10 days, came there from Honduras because she didn't want her family to know what she did (I've heard that one before). I think the real reason was to make more money in Guatemala. One of the 3 I did in Costa Rica was Dominican. Other than that, the rest were all indigenous to their respective countries. But these girls do move around. It would make sense for the smarter girls, especially those without strong family ties, to migrate at least temporarily to the higher paying countries. I can't quite figure why a Colombian chica would come to Honduras or Nicaragua, where the remuneration would be so little. It's more likely she would go to Guate, CR, or Panama. Come to think of it, I read on one of the Colombian threads about a 'house' that charged the equivalent of US$9.41 for a lay, so maybe anyplace is lucrative compared with Colombia!


04-26-06, 15:52
I will be in SPS May 24-26 and will be staing at teh Intercontinental. Are there any MP and SC near the hotel? I don't spk Spanish, so any suggestions on places to go that are not too far?



Member #4239
04-28-06, 18:53
There are no MP's in San Pedro. Some people advertise in the newspaper (La Prensa), saying that they will give you a massage in your residence, but I haven't tried any of them.
There are a couple of strip clubs, including Cocktails (see prior posts). I don't know where your hotel is, but any cab driver in town can take you to those places. They are fairly close to the center of the city. Don't expect much!
Your best bet maybe to call Omar the cab driver (see prior posts). He speaks English fluently, is an honest guy (meaning he does not take a cut out of the girl's money) and knows several girls that he can set you up with. Let him know when you are coming. Have him pick you up at the airport, or call him when you get into your hotel room.
PM me with any more questions and good luck.

05-24-06, 05:52
I spent a couple of days in San Pedro Sula. I didn't call Omar, but wish I had in retrospect.

On my first night I asked a taxi to take me to a casa de citas. He said the houses were expensive but the girls were clean and that the street girls were cheaper but not so clean essentially. He ended up taking me to the infamous Olga that has been discussed here many times before. As soon as he called out Olga's name I sighed. She came out and talked about a beautiful 19 year old girl she had for me. Then we went a picked the girl up who was a very cute, thin and light skinned chica. Then Olga began negotiating. I kept telling her that she was asking too much - she lowered the price some and uped the time I could spend with the girl. Basically we agreed to $50 for 2.5 hours.

I took the girl to my hotel (Hotel San Jose - which is a cheap but safe and chica friendly hotel, rooms are $6). Upon getting to the room she started saying that she forgot her keys and that she needed to get back to her home soon so she wouldn't be locked out for the night. I told her to call her house, but then she said she didn't have enough minutes on her cell. I really wasn't falling for it all and realizing more and more why Olga has been so lambasted on here.

We got down to business though and the girl had a nice toned body with beautiful small tits. I ended up fucking her twice in about an hour and a halfs time. Then let her go as she kept complaining about the keys. The sex was good, overpriced though and all the whining was a let down.

My next night in SPS though I took to the streets. There were probably about 20 girls out and about around 1 Calle and 2 Calle from 3 Av up to 11 Av. I walked around this area a bit chatting up the girls now and then until I found one I wanted to take back to my hotel. Basic prices being quoted to me by several girls ranged from $15 to $20. The girl I took back to the hotel I paid $20. Good session and she offered toda la noche for $50, but I just did an hour with her.

Here are pics of each of these girls.

Cuba Tourist
08-21-06, 04:37
Any thing new? I may go next week.

Cuba Tourist
08-30-06, 05:39
I am here. Omar picked me up at the airport and has been wonderful. He is really helpful. Met 2 girls thru him and a third tonite on my own.

Cuba Tourist
09-20-06, 06:14
Omar is highly recommended as a taxi driver--friendly, trustworthy, helpful. Speaks good English. The city itself is limited. Not a lot to do and not particularly cheap. But Omar made my trip! I must sound like a tout!

Will probably go back to Colombia or maybe to Peru next.

Honduras could be a great location for chicas, but doesn't seem to want to. They closed all the chica places a few years back. Why?

Would like to hear from others would have been here.

09-26-06, 05:20
I heard a rumor some years back from a guy that claimed he used to hang around the hospitals in SPS and almost always there was some woman hanging around who was not a typical pro, but needed money to pay for medical care for her mother or children. These women were willing to "date" who otherwise would not be because of their urgency for money. Has anyone else ever seen, experienced or even heard of any stories like that in SPS?

Columbian Lover
11-21-06, 00:39
Anyone have any hotel or bar or club suggestions for the city?


Cuba Tourist
11-22-06, 03:49
Yes, there is a great hotel up the hill. Ask Omar for the name of it. I should have it somewhere. $50 per night and much nicer than Centro.

Columbian Lover
11-26-06, 15:37
Does anyone have a phone number of Omar?

Member #4239
03-08-07, 01:15
Brief update from recent visit to SPS.

There are now massage parlors here in SPS. This is a recent development at least to my knowledge. If they existed before, they did not seem to be widely advertised. There are both establishments where you can have a massage and there are also numbers that you can call to have some one come to your place. Omar and I have been to three places, all three were in good residential areas, all three with beautiful girls, good massage, and two of the three had nice hot water (the third one only had cold water in the shower). We found their names from the newspaper La Prensa, Omar called them and got the directions. Sorry, I can't tell you how to get there. Your taxi driver is gonna have to call them and get the directions. Most of them run between 350 to 400 lempiras for massage and around 600 lempiras if you want the girl to be naked. One place (I think it's called body comfort) had a promotion: two girls for 500 lempiras. Their hours are usually between 10 AM to around 8 or 9 PM. Some are even open on Sundays. I did not try to get any "extras" from the girls. From what I have so far experienced, I would have to say that the girls and the massage places are actually nicer than the ones in Tegucigalpa.

Omar is in the process of changing his cell phone number. We'll try to get you the new permanent number once it's available. The only way I was able to find him myself, was by going to where the taxis hang around and asking his friends to get a hold of him.

Cuba Tourist
03-08-07, 04:22
Tell Omar I said hello.

03-09-07, 16:37

Thanks for your report. I am going to SPS next month. Can you or anybody find out what is Omar's new cell number. Omar is the best!

Member #4239
03-09-07, 21:32
Omar is the best, I won´t argue with you about that. He does not have a new permanent cell number right now. I don´t want to give out his home phone number. One way to find him would be to go to Plaza central or central park or whatever it´s called. You´ll see the McDonald´s in one corner of the park. From McDonalds head SOUTH for one block, right along all the street venders which have pretty much filled the street. After one block turn right and go one more block. In that corner the Taxis line up and there is a dude there with some type of walkie talkie, anyways you can ask him to get a hold of Omar.
Another English speaking taxi driver is Suazo, he is hanging around right outside hotel Bolivar and finding him should be no trouble at all. I wouldn´t stay at hotel Bolivar though, it´s a piece of garbage hotel and they charge you about 25 to 30 bucks for a room that should be worth only about 10 bucks a night. Good luck.

03-09-07, 21:48
Again thanks for the info. In regards to Suazo is he as knowledgeble about the local "talent" as Omar? Omar has introduced me to quite a bit of really "great" talent over the last few years.

Member #4239
03-14-07, 20:20
Last time I used Suazo as my taxista was more than three years ago. He probably doesn't have as many contacts as Omar, but if you can't find Omar, then you may want to use Suazo as your second choice. I'll call Omar's house in a few weeks and if he has a new cell number I'll post it here.

Cuba Tourist
03-15-07, 01:36
I was going to go there last month, but I cancelled after failing to contact Omar. Why would he disappear like that? He is losing customers.

03-15-07, 20:56
Cuba, I now how you feel. I might have to cancel too, if I cannot get Omar’s number by the time I’m ready to book my trip. From 3 other trips I have made, I can tell you the street scene and the club scene in SPS at best is “slim Pickens”. According to Omar there are no “Casas” in SPS.

Question: If we did not know Omar, is there anything else to do in SPS?

Cuba Tourist
03-20-07, 04:10
Chico, there are other drivers who could probably help. I just find it strange that Omar would disappear. You can private message me if you want.

Travel Dude II
04-03-07, 19:36
I don't know of the place you refer. I usually stay at the hotel Palace international on 8 ave. 3a calle sono 12. within walking to the central park. They are very chica friendly, and about $35 or so.

I did hear they are building a new no tell hotel close to the airport on the way into SAP..I don't know if it is open yet.

EnjoyYes but next to the airport is FAR from the action.

04-28-07, 02:04

Last time I used Suazo as my taxista was more than three years ago. He probably doesn't have as many contacts as Omar, but if you can't find Omar, then you may want to use Suazo as your second choice. I'll call Omar's house in a few weeks and if he has a new cell number I'll post it here.J.G.

Any news on Omar’s new Cell number? I am leaving to SPS in 3 weeks.

I can’t believe all this time, and NO cell number? I find this almost impossible! I now you stated where to look for him, but I’m not that sure I want to venture out on my own in SPS trying to find Omar?

What about “Suazo” is there a number?

Alright, if nothing else I will have to settle for alternate numbers of (other cabbies/contacts) which you or, somebody has had good experiences?

The One
06-14-07, 02:27
Omar's new cell: 011-504-9868-9193

06-15-07, 02:20
Don't forget to eat at the diner inside the Hotel Gran Sula!
Great food, and very cheap, and FRESH!!!! it was so good, I changed hotels so I could eat every meal there.

07-13-07, 23:39
I will be in SPS in a couple of days for the next week. I was wondering if anyone knew what the prices with Omar are as I plan on calling him when I arrive. I would like to know how much is charged for the chicas normally and how much time you normally get with them, as well as what Omar charges (or his cut).

Not that I think Omar will rip me off as he has stellar recommendations here, but just to know the range of what I will paying and for how long the chica normally stays.


07-14-07, 03:04
I will be in SPS in a couple of days for the next week. I was wondering if anyone knew what the prices with Omar are as I plan on calling him when I arrive. I would like to know how much is charged for the chicas normally and how much time you normally get with them, as well as what Omar charges (or his cut).

Not that I think Omar will rip me off as he has stellar recommendations here, but just to know the range of what I will paying and for how long the chica normally stays.

Thanks.I used Omar only a couple of times. In my experience, usually Omar´s chica charges 1000 to 1500 Lps for a short time (about an hour) which is quite expensive. You can tell Omar beforehand how much you are willing to pay. However, since Omar´s chicas are usually students or strictly semi-pros they expect to get paid well. So you should expect to pay at least 800 Lps if the girls is from Omar´s book. Of course Omar can get you a chica who costs 200 Lps in the street.

Regarding Omar´s service fee, he didn´t tell me how much he wanted but instead told me whatever you feel like paying. And that really depends on how many girls he brought to you and how much time you spend with him. Maybe it´s better to ask him for his service fee next time!!

07-16-07, 20:49
Chute thanks for the info! I called Omar yesterday and he hooked me up. He is the man. He didn´t have his taxi yesterday so he couldn´t bring me the girl himself and therefore collect his fee. But the guy is so cool that he called the girl, set it up, and then gave me her number to confirm with her.

The chica, Lesly - 23 year old, was excellent. Very cute girl with a tight ass and nice small tits. She showed up wearing high heels, a short catholic girl type mini skirt, and tight white blouse. She stayed for a little over 2 hours and charged 1000 Lempira (about $50). This girl was very friendly and open to almost anything - gave oral, received oral, french kissing, multiple positions. No rush and just completely cool, relaxed and friendly. Very refreshing experience.

Only disappointment was she wouldn´t let me take pictures. Maybe I can get some later as I do plan to have her visit me again tomorrow.

Today I am going to give Omar another call for another Chica and maybe be able to pay him for his very helpful services.