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06-01-14, 23:58
Starting post

As I'm not sure that everybody can create a new thread in this subforum, I create a new one for Tiffany.

I've never visited this brothel but members (among them Boy1978) can certainly fill this new thread.

http://www. ritter11. de/newbie. php

http://www. ritter11. de/anfahrt-bordell-berlin. php

06-02-14, 16:20
I had a bad meeting at Tiffany last year, but this girl is not working there anymore. One night later I just liked to try again and see if there was anyone there for me, a sweet girl did open the maindoor. Her name was Nina, after 5 sec I know that she was the one for me.

This girl gives you a very good time, she is always in very good mode. No extra service as owo, but that's no problem since Nina has good attitude. She will ride you like crazy until you cum.

Link: www. Ritter11. De / bordell-girls / nina. Php.

Why do the link get space automatic?

06-03-14, 19:47
Why do the link get space automatic?Apparently a (another) new bug with the forum software.

06-04-14, 22:05
Euthought's post:


06-06-15, 00:57
Apparently, this brothel is closed.