View Full Version : Halloween at the Mansion

11-09-14, 18:22
Just a quick note, was at the Mansion for Halloween and had a great time. Lots of familiar faces and the vibe was just really good. The party Saturday night was a awesome -- it was all you could drink and the ratio of guys to girls was easily 2 to 1 (likely closer to 3). What was even more impressive was the costumes, the girls in Medellin do a really good job of getting dressed up. I tapped out early but the party went on to at least 4 am in the morning. I think Paisas have a rule that no one leaves until all the alcohol is gone. Couple of quick thoughts:

There are a whole bunch of new girls (apparently a wholesale change of talent was made by Management) some of which have not yet learned the ropes: trying to extra charge some guys for multiple shots even if it is within the hour and also only performing CBJ. My advice to guys is if you are not familiar with the girl not to not assume the type of service you are going to get and ask upfront to make sure there is no confusion.

With respect to the bar downstairs (now called Charlie's Angels) I would strongly suggest that guests be aware of the price they are being charged for drinks. The prices tend to, how do I say politely, move around from time to time for the same drink. I would also suggest not running a tab as you will likely not remember all the things you did (and did not) order. I've had multiple conversations with guys who were left scratching their heads at their bar bill.

Finally, the support staff at the Mansion do a great job going above and beyond the call of duty. Keep up the good work!