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Second largest city (population 500 k) in Belarus and no reports, so decided to go and do something good for the community. Somebody needs to open new places).

Well if you will ever be here the main action happens in Hotel Tourist, just enter the hotel and you will see bar / coffee place with girls sitting at the tables. Just sit at the table and talk to any girl you like and negotiate the price. Going rate USD 30/ h however, it all depends on you how well you will negotiate.

Or if you are in streetwalker scene, girls who don't pay kickbacks to the hotel congregate at the bus stop in front of the hotel. You can't miss it. The main action starts to happen at 8 PM or later once its getting dark.

Because the city is small so no apparent salons or something like that. Do your homework on mamba and similar sites, but no hardcore providers in Gomel. Just local girls who you need to date before you fuck them. If you have time maybe this could be a good option, because most of them are not spoiled yet.

There are few casinos but no action there, just drunk Iranian students who pretend to be for some reason that they are Hungarian.

Get apartment instead of a hotel because hotel rules are very strange / strict in this part of the world. If you want to get around get taxi driver, I think it cost 20 $ for a whole evening and he will wait for you. Still, I think I overpaid.

Food is cheap, but no interesting coffee places or places where young girls hangout.

Basically, if you come here and you are a foreigner you will stand out and people will turn heads on you.