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04-26-15, 06:55
I was in Vienna last week and here is my report. Many thanks to those have posted excellent reports before me.

Went to Maxim's one night. Was approached by one Romanian girl after another. They were all quite pretty and great talkers. All of them asked for the obligatory 180 Euro bottle of champagne. I respectfully declined and after about an hour of this routine I decided to leave. Upon getting my coat I was accosted by one of the guys working there who wondered why I was leaving. I told him the girls were not my type or something like that. He was not happy that I was leaving at all.

After reading reports going back several years I decided on Funpalast the next night. The entrance fee was 80 Euros and they had the usual FKK steps of shower, ugly white robe, small safe for valuables, etc. Upon entering I was approached by a mature but attractive Italian by the name of Nora. Engaged in the usual small talk. She then took me by the arm and walked me around the club showing me the gambling area, sauna, cinema, food bar, etc. There were quite a few nice looking women there in sexy outfits. Said thanks to Nora and then began to speak with the other women who were mostly from Romania and quite attractive I must say. Being a Saturday night there were also a quite a few guys but most of them were gambling or sitting around doing nothing. Many of the guys were also short, fat and kinda scary looking. Spoke with a few of them and they were actually quite friendly and were willing to share information.

After an hour or so I spotted Nora again. She gave me a huge smile so I walked over and we had a few glasses of wine. She is quite charming and I decided on an hour session. She was the quintessential GFE. I could not have asked her for more and tipped her generously. I know it's not required but at my age I appreciate great service. Had another great session with a Romanian woman.

So, I would give Funpalast very high ratings and I must add that this is not first FKK experience by any means. I also considered Goldentime but was put off by recent reports of DFK and OWO now being extra as opposed to being standard service.

One last thing. After touring the Hofburg and Shonbrunn Palace I have say that the Hapsburgs had a seriously great gig for over 600 years.

As Billy Joel said, "Vienna waits for you. ".