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05-21-15, 22:22
Milan Streetwalkers.

07-11-21, 22:15
Milan Streetwalkers.This could be an interesting thread, because Milan and Torino are famous for their SW's.

Why no report on this here?

Any local guy here to tell us more?

07-13-21, 19:15
Great idea to open this thread, I am a big fan of streetwalkers especially when it comes to the huge variety like in Milano. I am not a native Italian but Milano is just a few hours away and I am there for business regularly.

Have a look at this link https://www.otr69.com/map where you can find the most interesting locations for street walkers and where you also can see the last "sight" date. Will be in Milano (by car) next week again so if somebody is also there. Let me know and maybe we can do a hunt together. You can have all type of girls, from young to old, from thick to thin, from black to white. Last time I was Milano I took an Albanian street walker to my hotel near San Siro stadio and we had a great 1.5 hrs for just 100 EUR including 69 etc. Look for hotels which have a parking garage where you can take the lady directly to your room. That may avoid discussions (which I never had also when I stayed in hotels with parking outside).

Have a great time in Milan.


11-20-21, 01:16
This site has a lot of useful photos. There is many pic's of SW's that people have not posted. There is a lot of recent photos of SW's in Milan, Lombardia and Rome as well as other countries. Many of hte pics from Italy were taken this year. People rarely post about SW's in Europe for some reason.