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09-29-15, 01:35
Hi chaps,

I am senior member of the UAE forum and travelling first time to Malaysia. There are enough information about the mongering scene in KL but absolutely nothing about Langkawi.

Is there anything going on there or do I just need to try some bars and check with the girls who hang around there?

Thanks in advance for your help.


09-29-15, 10:27
Another senior UAE member here, looking for clues in Langkawi.

09-29-15, 16:08
There are quite a few MPs in the Cenang beach strip. I just tried one for a FBM. Cute girl from Borneo. Chatted and flirted a lot, but no extras hinted. The massage was great though, for MYR70.

All of them are open till 1 or 2 AM, so I'm guessing there has got to be something going on inside.

Lets Enjoy
11-16-15, 07:19
Just came to sniff the group for an upcoming trip and saw familiar names.

12-20-15, 20:30
Hey members,

I am traveling to Langkawi on the 29 December and then will move to KL for new years party.

Anyone interested to join me in Langkawi and so that we can try hunting some Thais at Top 10 Sport Bistro in Langkawi.

I have been to this place earlier and noticed that there was some action there but unfortunately I couldn't crack a deal with any of the WG's.


01-18-16, 14:23
Hi all,

I am very impressed by the notes on this forum and this forum helped me save a lot of time while mongering.

The information written below is not mentioned in any forum till date and even if some one googles for girls in Langkawi there are no results. Hope this report will help everyone searching the internet for chicks in Langkawi.

Was Langkawi for new year and after shopping for the best champagne. Dom Perignon from the duty free shops I started my search.

Stayed at Langkasuka hotel and let me assure you that it is Guest Friendly. No questions asked at the reception.

After having a couple of drinks at my hotel I drove to Top Ten sport Bistro club which is a five minute drive from my hotel and you can search it on Google maps.

The scene in Top Ten was same as before and the girls only wanted to make sure that our bottles are completed at the earliest so that they can boost there sales.

Met a nice Thai girl who came and introduced herself to me and we had a small chat then both of us started to feel each others body in the dark along with DFK. After a while I asked her out and she came up with all stories.

I then understood that the chicks here are not willing to come out with customers.

After about 3 hours at Top Ten moved to Mr. J club which is just beside top ten and it a small cafe which serves drinks. Trust me the girls here are too cute and friendly. Drinks are cheap.

Spent about 2 hours at Mr. J and same response from the girls that they can't come out. Got completely upset and the time was 1 am. A word of caution for ISG mates is that don't expect Mr. J to be a club, its just a cafe with two speakers.

Drove back to my hotel and eat the food I picked up while going to my hotel from a Chinese joint. Again left my hotel and I drove from Langkasuka hotel towards Shell Kuah Langkawi.

Take the second left from Langaksuka Hotel then first right and drive through Oye Cafe (this is also a club like top ten and open till 5 am) and then at the junction you will see a ladyboy.

She is the boss of all the available Thai chicks in that area. She is reluctant at first to send the girls out, but later I spoke to her and convinced her that my hotel is just 200 meters from her address.

She agreed and finally showed me 3 girls at a nearby room. I fell for a small petite chick in white dress and red lipstick. She informed me that she would charge 600 RM for Long Time. After listening to that I was further happy and was thinking that Langkawi offers duty free even on chicks as the normal price for ST in KL is 600 RM.

I bargained a little and fixed the price to 500 RM and the girl agreed to stay with me from 3 am till 2 pm in the afternoon.

After reaching my hotel gave her half of the amount as this was my first mongering experience in Langkawi and I also couldn't find any information on the internet about the scene here.

The girl was really cute and after a little bit of cuddling she asked me if I wanted to party. I said yes and then she took me to Oye cafe mentioned above. We both danced and drank till dawn.

Headed back to the hotel at 6 am and had a very good session which included BBBJ and rimming. The girl told me her name was chiow (something like that) and her age is 21 and she came to Langkawi 15 days ago.

I cannot confirm that as she seemed a little over 25 in the morning. We again had two sessions before 2 pm then we took bath together. Had a soapy massage in the bathroom, then headed to a nice lunch at my hotel.

The girl was good at service so I tipped her another 50 RM. She was willing to come the next night too and we exchanged out telephone numbers. I was really satisfied the the Thai experience in Langkawi.

Next evening again went to the same lady boy at 11 pm and picked up another chick for 450 RM. Experience was not as good the old one but I couldn't expect more for the amount I paid.

Guys, the local authorities also know about this pickup joint and are supportive as per the words of the ladyboy as she said that they tip the officials.

Overall I had a very good time in Langkawi and I am planning to return there soon again.

P.S: This report is about the dates of Jan 2 to Jan 5, 2016. I then flew down to Dubai and observed that the rates have gone up drastically in Dubai, Malaysia is must better. Just returned to India from Dubai and took time to write the post.

I hope this post helps all of you. In case any one wants to help me, you may want to pay for my ISG membership.


08-26-17, 17:58
Hi fellow mongers,

I have planned to visit Kul & langkawi on Oct. Will be happy, if I get any leads for fun time. Please suggest SP & MP. Will be activating my inbox shortly.

Thanks in advance.

Loose Cannon
08-30-17, 21:58
Hi fellow mongers,

I may be visiting langkawi during mid Nov. Unlike KL forum, I see that this site does not see much action. This being a tourist spot, I am sure there will be avenues to pursue our favourite sport. Apart from post announcing UAE bros visiting here and seeking fun, I don't see much activities. Every new place I visit, I hope to plant my flag there at least once. Hope I don't return disappointed. I am silently reading KL forum as I will be visiting KL as well before my langkawi visit. Hope to hear updates from this forum.


09-02-17, 13:36
Great place to relax and get away for a bit. Bring your own girl. Not much going on here.

10-05-17, 11:37
I thought I would write a report on my two days in Langkawi to save other mongers the trouble. I decided to stay in the Cenang beach area, right near the airport. This might be a great place to come if you dream of hooking up with aging European hippie chicks who are packing attitude. It might also be a great place if you have the patience to separate the one good-looking Chinese chick from her pack of selfie-loving bowsers (and they always travel in packs). It is a good place to collect a few warm smiles from good-looking Muslim chicks longing to break free of their hijabs. But as I learned talking with a hijab-free massage girl, the hijab should really be taken as a sign that a casual hookup is not in the cards, not for most two day visitors anyway. So what does that leave? Not much. If you try to hit the clubs looking for women ready to part their legs for cash, you'll have trouble finding clubs worth the trouble. Marakesh in the Cenang area was a huge disappoint: the place was essentially empty from midnight to one o'clock, and while there were two hookers available, they were fat and on the wrong side of 35.

The highlight of my trip? I was sitting outside McDonalds when a woman walked by holding hands with her boyfriend. I smiled at her. She discretely smiled back at me. She and her boyfriend disappeared briefly behind some bushes. When she reappeared, she had her back to me, walking away. I was curious. Would she would turn around to see if I was still checking her out? She did, with a coy smile. I smiled back. Still holding her boyfriend's hand, her cheating vixen heart had revealed itself when a big smile washed across her face. Her boyfriend was oblivious to it all.

I'm now in Kuah, waiting for a ferry to take me to Danok on the Thai Malaysian border. I am counting on the hunting being much better there.