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11-12-15, 23:30
I agree that in Kampala on the "Strip" (Kabalagala) the two largest clubs, Capital and De Posh are not the best places to find companionship for the night.

I found the ladies there very pro and especially with girls from De Posh I have unpleasant experiences.

They demand outrageous prices and try to get you involved in a trio, so that they can put more pressure on you.

Ironically I have one quite good experience with a girl I picked up in De Posh. She started to ask an outrageous amount of money for some beauty treatment, but after a while she calmed down and we agreed on a reasonable price.

The funny thing is that she said her ideal was to be a lesbian and one day, when she would be rich she would rent expensive girls to satisfy her needs.

Anyway for the time being she decided she still could appreciate some good dick inside and she really knew some nice tricks to make a man feeling high. She had very sensual, subtle ways, like rimming etcetera to excite the man, in this case lucky me.

In general I found the women in Uganda, who could have different roots, such as Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania etc. Very wet.

Mostly I was surprised, after some foreplay and touching here and there to find the pussy very, very wet only to get more and more wet during the actual sex action.

Almost to the point of squirting I would say, actually waves of fluid streaming out at times, especially after practising the special Ugandan techniques of massaging the clit with your dick.

Fortunately most beds in Uganda have protective sheets around them.

Together with the daily cloud-bursts of heavy rains in Uganda this explains the title of this short report.

I found out several ways of finding companionship better than hunting in the clubs I mentioned before.

Like asking a driver, watchman etc. To look for a girl for you, or the best way probably is to have a nice talk with a waitress in a bar, or a hotel-employee of your liking. If she likes you you can give her your phone-number so that she can contact you when she finished working. I found that quite a few good looking girls are really interested in meeting you this way.