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The purpose of this report is to give a brief overview of the current sex scene in Berlin as at October 2014. The report is aimed at new / infrequent visitors to this forum and is not a detailed survey. I have recycled some material from previous postings on this board by myself and others. If you want more in depth information on any aspect, the best thing to do is to use the search facility on this forum. Just enter a keyword such as 'Bel Ami', or 'Stephanie' and a list of relevant reports will be generated. Alternatively, there is an excellent website http://www.berlinintim.de that has links to all the principal agencies, clubs, strip joints and brothels in town (German language only). Another excellent source is http://www.rotlichtadresse.de/ which also supplies links to all the major venues in town.

I have divided the report into the following sections:

1 FKK Artemis.

2 Flat Rate Clubs.

3 Brothels (Bordelles).

4 Escort Agencies.

5 Strip Clubs.

6 Sex Cinemas (Kinos).

7 Gang Bang Parties.

8 Street Prostitution.

9 Other.

A quick word first about the law in Germany regarding prostitution. It is legal in Germany, and quite carefully regulated. In proper, licensed premises, the girls are formally registered with the state, pay taxes on their earnings and are subject to periodic health checks. More information on this aspect can be found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution_in_Germany..

There is far less stigma in Germany attached to the practice of prostitution than almost anywhere else in the world, and brothels operate in residential apartment blocks just as strip clubs stand next door to bakeries and dressmakers' shops in relative harmony. In Germany it's not necessary to creep about nervously in the red light district trying not to be observed if concerned about being caught out then just avoid the Thai hand job parlour next to your bank manager's office.

'Safe Sex' is the general rule in Germany, so the menu in most places will comprise oral sex without condom, but covered vaginal and anal sex.

1 FKK Artemis.

This club is sufficiently important in the Berlin firmament to warrant its own section. FKK is a Germanic naturist movement, whose most concrete representation in modern Germany is to be found in the proliferation of FKK clubs across almost every big conurbation in the country (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freikoerperkultur for more info on the origins of this movement).

FKK clubs essentially large brothels, almost always with some spa or health club facilities attached to them, and usually with swimming pools and saunas too. In brothels however, you are usually led to a private room to select a companion and contact with other punters is expressly avoided. FKK clubs are totally different, there are extensive public areas. The girls and the male guests routinely hang around in the lounge or spa areas in mixed company and the changing areas and showers are also designated public areas.

Typically you would pay an entrance fee (80 E at Artemis) entitling you to free use of the club and free soft drinks and food all day. Sex costs extra and is payable to the girls. You put your valuables in a small private safe, undress, shower and put on a dressing gown. The bar will be full of scantily-clad girls and a number of other men similarly attired. Chat to a few girls, pick one you like and go with her to the room for as long as you like or can afford. 'Basic Service' includes uncovered BJ and protected sex. Kissing and reverse oral are examples of non-cost items that the girl may or may not like to indulge in. Anal sex, CIM (cum in mouth) and CIF (cum in face) are examples of additional services that may be available, and if they are then a price supplement would apply. Each 30 minutes (or any part thereof) costs 60 E, and additional services attract an additional cost. All money is paid to the girl after the session ends, in cash.

The FKK model offers many advantages. The chance to mingle with the girls before making your selection is a huge benefit. But FKK doesn't suit everybody; many people are concerned about the public interaction. It's not the purpose of this report to weigh those arguments here the Artemis thread on this website covers these questions in extraordinary depth and should prove very informative for anybody who is interested in learning more about the attractions and challenges of the FKK scene.


2 Flat Rate Clubs.

There are two main venues in town, Caligula and King George. The basic premise of a flat-rate club is that you pay an entry fee of around 100 euros and you are then free to fuck as many girls as you like without further cost.

There is the option to incur extra charges if you choose to do so, for elongated sessions or for additional sexual services that the girl may offer such as anal sex. These additional costs, plus any tips they pick up, are a big part of the girls' income, but that aside there is little incentive for them to give their best because what you essentially are getting from them is 'a free fuck'.

Herein lies both the benefit and essential weakness of the flat-rates system. You get as much sex as you want with as many of the house ladies as you desire (can stomach?). But the quality of service is undermined by the absence of any real incentive on the part of the girls.

Facilities for cleaning up between sessions are minimal / non-existent, public areas are dimly-lit and basic. Of the two, KG would appear to have received more favourably reviewed over the years on these pages.

The flat rate model is probably the best way of having sex with numerous girls in a controlled environment for a relatively modest sum of money. As such, they are a viable option for anyone mongering on a budget. Search for reviews on this forum for Caligula and KG and decide if it sounds like your sort of thing. A very good recent report on Caligula can be read here:


3 Brothels (Bordelles).

Most of the bordelles in Berlin are to be found in residential apartment blocks. A number of the better ones are to be found in the Wilmersdorf area just west of the central zone, but there are viable options in almost every district. Much of what follows will be obvious to many people. The intention is to give some broad picture of the way these places function in Berlin for those people who are wholly unfamiliar.

The procedure is largely the same in all of them. You have the option to make an advance reservation with a specific girl at a specific time, or you can come to the bordelle and select from the 'line-up'. In the latter case, you would ring the doorbell, get buzzed in, probably be met at the flat entrance door by the house madam, be shown to a private room and invited to meet the girls. They will then come in one by one, introduce themselves and quickly leave. The number of girls in the parade varies from bordelle to bordelle, but typically there will be between 3 and 8 girls to choose from. You will only get about 15/30 seconds with each girl to make your assessment, which is one of the reasons many people prefer the FKK model described above. You are welcome to ask any questions of the girls at this time, such as whether she offers any particular extras that interest you, or where she is from and what languages she speaks. Sharing a language with a girl is a definite advantage. The madam will return and ask you if you have made a selection. Of course you are welcome to decline the entire line-up and leave if that is your preference. That would be in no way considered rude or improper, and if there is nobody who takes your fancy then that is exactly what you should do.

If you decide to go with one of the girls, you tell the madam her name and you will probably be shown to the room to wait for her. When she arrives she will ask you how long you want to stay and what extras you want. You agree a schedule, pay the money, take a shower if you choose (advisable), and then return to the room to consummate the arrangement.

Pricing in the bordelle market is far from standardised. There is a wide spectrum ranging from about 60 euros for a one hour session up to 150+. The quality of looks, service and facilities in these places is also wide-ranging, but price / quality correlation is far from perfect and the best experiences are by no means to be found exclusively in the most expensive establishments.

Berlin-intim.de is an excellent resource for researching bordelles. Here you can link to the websites of most of the major houses. Many of these websites will have an English language page, almost all will have pricing details and opening hours. Most importantly, there are pictures of the girls and they are (almost) universally genuine, although sometimes photo shopped.

Reviews of the various clubs and some of the girls there can be found via the search function on this website. As a brief guide, the two premier and most established bordelles in town are probably Van Kampen and Kamilla Dee. They are both good, arguably excellent, brothels, although the members of this forum seem to have quite a clear preference for KD. They are similarly priced.

More expensive is Bar Rouge in Mitte, a slightly different set up, on a lounge theme. It has been positively reviewed on a number of occasions here.

Perhaps a fraction below KD and VK in terms of both pricing and historic prestige lie Royal, Monrouge, Liberty and Tiffany. There are numerous reviews on the Berlin thread for all of these bordelles. Various people have debated here the relative merits of these places, but it is probably fair to say that all four of these operations have proved over a number of years to be reliable and well-run brothels housing attractive, sexy girls who give good service. There are many who consider these places to be at least the equal of VK and KD.

There are many notable bordelles in the mid-market section. Prestige has many admirers here; Gina's Tango Rosa (very recently reviewed favourably by a distinguished forumite) and Herz have both been successful for a long time. Ibrahimovic did a survey of some of the mid-priced bordelles which you can read here:


The only Laufhaus (walk-up brothel) in Berlin of which I'm aware is Freudenhaus Hase in Wedding, north of the city centre. Search reports on the Berlin thread or visit their website here:


Most of the bordelles named above are amongst the largest in town as well as being among the more expensive. There are dozens of smaller and often cheaper places dotted about town. These tend to go up and down in quality somewhat over time, and the best recommendation is probably to check for recent reports on this board for up to date advice on the smaller bordelles.

4 - Escort Agencies.

Some of the larger bordelles including Royal, Monrouge and VK offer escort services alongside their mainstream activities. If you book a girl from one of the bordelles then there will be a price supplement payable for the outcall factor. The majority of Berlin escort agencies however are stand-alone operations. The procedure for seeing one of the girls advertised on an escort agency website is pretty universal. You call (speaking German helps of course, although there will usually be an English-speaker in the house), establish the availability of the girl that interests you, book a time and place for her to visit (your hotel room perhaps - shouldn't be any issue with the hotel management, it happens all the time in Berlin) and pay her on arrival.

In choosing a girl, a good first step is to identify a reliable agency. Berlin-intim.de again provides links to dozens of agencies in town, divided into assorted price categories. ISG search functions will lead you to reviews of various individual girls. An agency whose girls have been the subject largely of positive reviews from various experienced posters is probably a sound bet.

Choosing an escort is an even trickier exercise than selecting in a bordelle. In a bordelle you at least get to see the girl in person before you commit to pay for sex with her, with an escort you have nothing to rely upon other than her online photo and whatever information you can gather from sources such as this website. If a girl receives a favourable review from an experienced member of this forum, then that is probably a reliable indicator. That aside, the selection of agency escorts is a bit of a lottery. Some of the agencies that have been sampled and favourably reviewed on this forum include.





http://www.klein-zierlich.de/ (currently on extended break).

There are a large number of escorts advertising themselves as independents. These ladies claim not to be attached to any agency, which may or may not be the case in reality. Independents should be cheaper in theory because there is no agency 'middle-man' taking a cut out of the transaction. The flip side is that there is nobody to complain to if for any reason you are unhappy with the girl.

Berlin-intim once again has extensive listings. Many of the international girls advertise here. Kaufmich.de also has many independent girls offering a range of services, and a lot of genuine German 'hobbyhuren' are to be found here.

The independent market can be fruitful if you know the Berlin scene and/or speak the language. If you are new in town and favour an independent escort then you would be well advised to seek out somebody who has been positively reviewed on one of the forums such as this one.

5 Strip Clubs.

Strip clubs in Berlin take the form largely of American-style table dance clubs. Girls take turns at pole dancing on a centre stage and offer private topless / nude table dances for about 20 E a pop. 'VIP' dances are usually available in private booths and many clubs also offer full sex at additional cost.

This forum is light on strip club reports not terribly surprising given that full sex for less money is available through a variety of different media and the informed mongers who utilise this forum are no doubt spending their money more fruitfully in bordelles and FKK clubs rather than frittering it away in strip clubs that are mostly there to trap tourists and people who are unfamiliar with Berlin's sex scene.

For those who are interested in whiling away a few hours in strip clubs, here is a list of a few of the more prominent establishments:




6 Sex Cinemas (Kinos).

This is another area of opportunity that has been given minimal coverage on ISG. Angus McGee did a survey about 5 years ago, but that information is mostly historic now. An entrance fee of about 20 E admits you to the Kino. Expect to be approached by one of the house ladies as soon as you sit down to watch the film. You will be offered company while you watch, or the option to go to a private room. Services range from a hand-job to full sex depending on the Kino and the girl. Here is a list of a few Kinos still operating in Berlin of these I gather that PaolasSexKino in Schoeneberg is the longest-standing and most reputable.





7 Gangbang parties.

It would appear that the place to go in Berlin for swingers and gangbangers is Erlebniswohnung. They have an English language website here: http://www.erlebniswohnung.com/en/.

Contributor Diplomat recently wrote an excellent piece on this subject which you can read here:- http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?3290-Erlebniswohnung-GangBang-Club-Berlin&p=1634733&viewfull=1#post1634733.

There are many detailed reports in the Berlin forum and there is a dedicated thread that you can follow here:


8 Street Prostitution.

The writer has no personal experience at all of this particular area of opportunity within the Berlin sex market, and as such the contents of this section have been lifted from the contributions of esteemed colleagues on this board who specialise in this activity. In particular, Wanking has written extensively about the street scene and has vast experience. His reports are mandatory preparatory reading for anybody interested in taking part.

The main centres of activity appear to be on Orianenburgerstrasse and Bulowstrasse in Kreuzberg, and Kurfurstenstrasse in Charlottenburg. If you drive down these street after dark you will always see scantily-clad ladies lining the road, even in the depths of winter. In terms of looks they range from super-hot to the worst dregs of the crack-***** community. Prices can be cheap, 20 E would appear to be the starting rate.

Engaging prostitutes on the street carries numerous risks. There are health issues to be concerned about, as well as theft. And this forum is replete with unhappy tales of punters getting wholly ripped off by girls who agree one thing but then refuse to deliver without further and additional payment. Of course, for some people these risks are a large part of the illicit attraction that they get from street prostitution, but most of these guys are very street-savvy mongers (like Wanking) who have been at it for years and know exactly how to get what they want. I'm sure that the vast majority of experienced punters would advise a newbie Berlin monger to avoid the street scene altogether and stick to the licensed clubs and brothels in town. Here follows a salutary account of one newbie's unhappy recent experience on the street:


9 Other.

There is quite a significant demand for 'AO' sex in Berlin, it would appear. 'AO' means 'alles ohne' and refers to sex (vaginal and anal) without condom. As mentioned in the intro, 'Safe Sex' is the way of things in most places, but there are establishments that cater for the AO community. ISG has a separate forum for this activity info and recommendations can be found there.

Berlin has a tradition for being a haven for 'swingers', and there are a number of clubs that host swinger parties. The gangbang section on ISG is your best reference for options in this field.

I imagine the fetish community are also well catered for in Berlin, although there is not much discussion on these pages. A number of the large brothels offer BDSM services and some have theme rooms kitted out as 'dungeons'. There are numerous independents who advertise all sorts of bizarre services in this field Kaufmich.de is a good place to search for candidates.

Tantra massage is quite well covered in the ISG Berlin forum. There are a number of parlours that are exclusively tantra studios just input the word 'tantra' into the search field. The postings of retired member Angus McGee should be especially useful to anybody interested in tantra as Angus was quite a devotee of this variant.

12-12-16, 19:08
If visiting Germany for the sole purpose of mongering, you better learn that 70% of the girls are Romanians.

Therefore, why not directly traveling to Romania LOL.

So long for the pretty German girl.

12-12-16, 21:59
If visiting Germany for the sole purpose of mongering, you better learn that 70% of the girls are Romanians.

Therefore, why not directly traveling to Romania LOL.Why not? Because P6 with Romanian girls is for non Romanian guys in Romania more expansive than in Germany.

12-13-16, 00:21
Why not? Because P6 with Romanian girls is for non Romanian guys in Romania more expansive than in Germany.And on top of that, no FKKs in Romania.

12-13-16, 12:19
Also in Romania the legality is unclear. So, for Romanians stay in Germany.

Christian G
12-13-16, 12:44
So, for Romanians stay in Germany.Also 2 guys from Romania work with me think the same when I explain about FKK in Germany. They said "don't understand why people want mongering in Romania, FKK is more safe and cheap than Romania".

P.S. I never been to Romania.

12-13-16, 12:58
Look over there: http://www.modelle-hamburg.de/modelle_topliste.html.

12-13-16, 13:17
FKK is a Germanic naturist movement, whose most concrete representation in modern Germany is to be found in the proliferation of FKK clubs across almost every big conurbation in the country
I'm not sure what you meant. Casual readers might think that you are referrring to the proliferation of FKK brothels. Yes, they exist, but they re not the most concrete representation of FKK in Germany.

Maybe you were referring to proper (that is, non-sexual) FKK clubs, which are mainly sports clubs where people are nude, and there is no more sex that at any other sports club. Yes, these exist, there are about 150 in the country with a total membership of about 80,000, or one per mil of the population.

About ten times that many, 1 per cent or about 800,000, consider themselves nudists, which means that they are nude at home, go to nudist beaches, visit public swimming pools during the special nudist times, go on nudist holidays, etc. So, this is a much more concrete representation of modern nudism in Germany. Note: no sexual overtones.

In German- and Dutch-speaking countries, almost all public saunas are mixed with nudity required. Probably about ten per cent of the population regularly visit a sauna, so about 8,000,000 people. Most of these would not consider themselves nudists, since the only public nudity they experience is in the sauna.

02-04-18, 01:00
Why not? Because P6 with Romanian girls is for non Romanian guys in Romania more expansive than in Germany.I can totally confirm this.

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What does KV mean?

If possible I'd like a short list of the most common German sex vocabulary.


Free Dude
08-11-18, 22:58
What does KV mean?

If possible I'd like a short list of the most common German sex vocabulary.

Danke.Probably Kaviar, which means [CodeWord116] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord116) is involved.

08-13-18, 18:29
Probably Kaviar, which means ... is involved.Gross. Thanks.

Further vocab:









08-13-18, 22:29
Here are some sources I picked up along the way.

#1 - German acronym to English meaning.

A = adult babies.
Ao = everything without (condom, also GV).
Asa = Anal Play active.
ASP = passive Anal Play.
Ast = after-sex-talk (nachgesprch).
Av = anal sex.
Bathe = bathing games.
Bc = brothel community.
Bi = bisexual.
Bifi = cheap fucker.
Bond = bondage.
Bss = Bonner street dash.
Dom = dominant.
DS = dildo play.
DT = deepthroat.
Dv = dolce vita, Dusseldorf.
Ec = Eroscenter.
El = ball licking.
Ir = education.
F = French.
Fa = fingeranal.
Faa = faustanal active.
Fap = fautanal passive.
Fe = footerotic.
Fee = recommended for beginners.
Ff = fisting foot fetish or.
Fo = French without rubber.
Foto = photo friendly.
Fp = lick.
French = French.
FS = fesselspiele.
Ft = french total (mouth shot with / without swallowing).
Gb = Facials or gangbang.
GF6 = Girlfriendsex (such as sex with one's girlfriend).
GM = geschlechtsverkehr.
He = hand relaxation.
Hg = heaven gate, dorsten.
Hh = hausbesuche.
HM = testicular massage.
Hp = homepage.
Ir = illusion realization.
Kb = body insemination.
Kfi = no financial interests (wer's believe.).
Kss = cologne street dash.
Kv = caviar.
Lul = enamel and leather.
Miller = Fuck.
Muf = pussy training.
Ns = pissing.
NSA = ns active.
NSMA = ns with receptive.
Nsp = ns passive.
m = oil massage.
Ov = oral sex.
Ow = bust.
Phg = planet happy garden.
Pst = pre-sex-talk (preliminary).
Pt = partytreff, sometimes partner exchange.
Reise = travel vacation accompaniment.
Ro = read only (= nurleser).
Rs = rpg.
Rtc = red-carpet-clubs.
Ruhrgebiet = Ruhr (area).
Sm = sado / maso.
Spa = Spanish.
Spzk = special or semen zk.
Ss = spit.
Ss = street dash.
Strip striptease =.
South = seed-pressure.
Ta = Topact.
Telesex = telefonsex.
Tf = Fuck.
Ts = transsexual.
Vb = traffic reports.
Verbal verbal eroticism =.
Za = zungenanal.
Zk = tongue kiss.

#2 - German Acronym to German Words.

A = adultbabies s.
Ao = alles ohne (kondom, auch GV).
Asa = analspiele aktiv.
ASP = analspiele passiv.
Ast = after-sex-talk (nachgesprch).
Av = analverkehr.
Bade = badespiele.
Bc = bordellcommunity.
Begl = begleitung.
Bi = bisexuell.
Bifi = billigficker.
Bond = bondage.
Bss = bonner straenstrich.
Dom = dominant.
DS = dildospiele.
DT = deep throat.
Dv = dolce vita, thesseldorf.
Ec = eroscenter.
El = eierlecken.
Erz = erziehung.
F = franzsisch.
Fa = fingeranal.
Faa = faustanal aktiv.
Fap = fautanal passiv.
Fe = fuerotik.
Fee = fare einsteiger empfehlenswert.
Ff = faustfick oder fufetisch.
Fo = franzsisch ohne gummi.
Foto = fotofreundlich.
Fp = lecken.
Frz = franzsisch.
FS = fesselspiele.
Ft = franzsisch total (mundaufnahme mit / ohne schlucken).
Gb = gesichtsbesamung oder gang bang.
Gf6 = girlfriendsex (sex wie mit der eigenen freundin).
GV = geschlechtsverkehr.
He = handentspannung.
Hg = heavensgate, dorsten.
Hh = hausbesuche.
HM = hodenmassage.
Hp = homepage.
Ir = illusionsrealisation.
Kb = krperbesamung.
Kfi = keine finanziellen interessen (wer's glaubt.).
Kss = klner straenstrich.
Kv = kaviar.
Lul = lack & leder.
Miller = tittenfick.
Muf = muschifingern.
Ns = natursekt.
NSA = ns aktiv.
Nsma = ns mit aufnahme.
Nsp = ns passiv.
m = lmassage.
Ov = oralverkehr.
Ow = oberweite.
Phg = planet happy garden.
Pst = pre-sex-talk (vorgesprch).
Pt = partytreff, manchmal auch partnertausch.
Reise = urlaubsbegleitung.
Ro = readonly (=nurleser).
Rs = rollenspiele.
Rtc = rote-teppich-clubs, ruhrgebiet.
Sm = sado / maso.
Spa = spanisch.
Spzk = spezial oder sperma zk.
Ss = spucke.
Ss = straenstrich.
Strip = striptease.
Sthe = samenberdruck.
Ta = topact.
Telesex = telefonsex.
Tf = tittenfick.
Ts = transsexuelle.
Vb = verkehrsberichte.
Verbal = verbalerotik.
Za = zungenanal.
Zk = zungenksse.

Java Man
08-16-18, 21:14
We all know what "French" is, (hopefully,) but "Spanish" had me stumped. It's not defined here either. But Google search reveals that it's Titty fucgking apparently. (Guess I need to checkout Spain.) LOL. Kaviar also had me stumped. The controls here won't let me type the vulgar nor proper definition, but it's Coprophagy, (Google it.) Yikes!!

Bottom Line: Google is your Friend.