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04-14-02, 00:11
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07-15-02, 05:30
hello. i can see there is no traffic here but i thought i would ask about possibilities for thunder bay. i will be passing through soon.

09-28-02, 18:44
Would love to find some information on escorts who would come out to Sarnia. Have had some success finding girls from the Riverport that might be available for 'extras' but it is a hit or miss thing. HINT: ask the ladies where they have danced and if they've danced in Niagra Falls at a club called 'SEDUCTIONS' they may be more inclined to work outside; same story if you check canbest and this site for other high-milage canadian clubs.

willing to share 411 backchannel: warpig_y2k@yahoo.com

02-10-03, 04:49
Sarnia (Ontario)

I stayed a few days in Port Huron for business reasons and drove to Sarnia on a Sunday afternoon. I passed by "Studio 11" located at the intersection of East St. and Ontario St. but they only go open at 6 PM.
Sarnia itself seems to be a pretty quiet place.


03-23-03, 16:25

My cousin and I went to Sarnia on Sat. to party and check out the "action". Started out @ Riverport tavern. The action was slow but it was agood time to talk up the girls and get some info. Apparently, prostitution is illegal in Sarnia as opposed to Windsor.I asked what the s.w. scene was like and was told by several people that it was non-existant!(bummer!) I asked a couple of dancers about extras and couldn't get a straight answer. One girl that used to dance in Niagara Falls(a real fox) told me to get a paper called The London Free Press because it would list local independents. Went back to hotel room (Drawbridge Inn). From there walked to 7-11 to get the paper. It seemed like a long walk(had a few) but I did get the paper. There was not a single escort listing in the paper! Checked the Yellow Pages and found only 1 listing under escorts. Backed away from it because of a possible sting. Bottom Line-Fuck Sarnia! The action would have been alot better across the bridge in Port Huron (s.w. wise, anyways). Yes, everything is pretty reasonable in Sarnia because of the favorable exchange rate-But if there is no action- what's the point???

08-05-03, 23:15
How about some talk about the Soooooo .... Anyone know how the club and SW action is up there? I'll be there soooooonnnn.

08-15-03, 23:53
Still pining for the Soooo ... 2 weeks and counting til I get in that region....

08-22-03, 14:20
Belleville Ontario

I saw this one in Missoula Montana last winter and saw on another site she is visiting in Belleville this month. Here is my report.

Dana Erotic Gem, sites are http://www.geocities.com/erotic_gem/page1.html and http://www.chronicle69.com/escad_dana.htm Outcall/Incall. I tend to like my SP's thinner (she's voluptuous) but Montana doesn't offer much and a rate of $1/2 I couldn't pass it up. Cute face, good personality, DFK, plus gave an excellent BBBJ. Greek was also offered for another 1/2. On a scale of 1 - 10 for looks + experience, I rate her a 7. If I go back to Montana and there aren't any hotties I'll see her again.

Yellow Fever
08-25-03, 20:50
Was in Sudbury last Thursday evening, Saw 4 WSW between the Lido Hotel and the Comfort in but sitting in front of the Lido. I'd say they were in the 6-7 range.

09-21-03, 04:53
Hey super,

Sarnia has one agency that lists in the Y-pages. It is ok. You mention street action in Port huron? Where, and how recently?



10-05-03, 23:21
Horndog - thanks on the info for the region; I'll post more about my efforts (so far) later.

10-11-03, 20:26
As far as Sarnia, check out Clair. She frequents the adultmb.com site under the Ontario/Sarnia section. At 140.00 she is a great time.

Travling Cynic
10-20-03, 04:42
I was in London, ON. last week and cruised Dundas St. east of downtown looking for sw action at several different times during the day and evening hours. I have had good luck in this area there in the past. It was like a dry well. The local strip club in this area has been closed as well.

I resorted to the local ads since escorting is legal in Canada. Found a girl named Tori who came to my hotel. For $90 CAN., I got FS with all the trimmings. With the exchange rate, that's only $65-$70 US.

I will be calling her on my next visit.

12-06-03, 15:22
Just wanted to drop a line about Kitchener. Have not been there in a while, but last time I was things were alive and well in the incall massage parlours. There is one called mystic that I know you can get up to FS with the right girl or two. Every other place I have visitied include manual release in the $40 cover. The phoenix (located by fairview mall) is my favorite. It is very nice and classy, the girls rate anywhere from 6-8 and evetone is friendly. The manager there is in mid aged but she can give the best no rush HJ I have ever had! I will be visiting again over the holidays and I hope to give a more recent update. If anyone knows of any good places in the tri city area, please drop a line. Is there any SW left?

12-30-03, 22:18
Made a trip to Kitchener and wanted to give a new report since my last one was on old experiences. I called the phoenix and they still charge 40 for the massage but the release was not included. That would now cost you 60 for a total price of 100. I think that is a little high for a HJ so I thought I would do a little research for anyone who reads this section(although it does not look like it).I tried a place on victoria called rubies. This cost me 60 but there were no extras offered at all. So a day or two later I went to a new place called the hollistic center. It is located by a gas station and a dive restaurant on victoria between Kitchener and Guelgh. There was a young attractive Russian woman there who took care of me. I got a 30 minute massage for 35 and for another 20 she was toppless and a manual release was included. After that you get a 20 minute hot tub (by yourself). Not bad for 55. I would love to hear from anyone else who can give some more info about the tri city scene.

01-27-04, 23:05

Is there anybody on this board. Let's get some info flowing around here. I will be back in the area in a month or so and will try a couple of parlours as well as an escort or two. Would love any info anywhere in Southern ON.

03-17-04, 23:59
I would love to hear any info on Soo, Ontario, though I don't know when the next time I'll get there will be.

05-27-04, 09:45

I have had some really good times in the Soo, Ontario. A good strip club is just across the bridge called Studio 10 I believe. The girls there love American guys because the locals just drink beer and watch hockey.

The last time I was there the touching policy was very liberal. Everyone was grabbing tits and ass, however you don't get a true lapdance as the girls aren't allowed to straddle you. The dances were $20 Canadian. With the exchange rate you are looking at about $14 a dance.

One time I had a short haired brunette from Quebec named Josie that let me suck her nipples. After a few dances she even allowed a little exploration of the areas below the waist with my fingers. She then asked if she could come back to my room after closing for $150 CDN. She didn't stay all night, but we still had plenty of fun.

I have also called a few of the escort agencies with great results. Cost has always been $150 CDN for the full hour. Everything is laid back. The first time I called and the lady on the phone quoted the price I asked is that just the agency fee, will I have to pay more in tips? She came right out and said "$150 for half and half, all inclusive." In Canada she can come to you and it is legal. If you pick up a SW or go to an incall place it is illegal. Technically the dancer was illegal I would guess.

I recommend getting a room in the Soo. The prices are cheap considering the exchange. The beer packs quite a bit more punch than American beer, so consider that before crossing the bridge back to the US at 2 AM.

Oh yeah, you get the best exchange rate at the duty free store just before the border. The only other place I have exchanged funds is the casino and the rate isn't as good.

If you do not exchange for Canadian money they will gladly accept your US cash at the strip club at the same face value. They don't give you the exchange.

05-27-04, 10:21
As an addendum to my previous post on the Soo, I just wanted to reassure my Canadien brethren that in no way do I believe that drinking beer and watching hockey is an inferior use of one's time.

In fact I am often in awe of the way you guys can keep your focus and concentration on the game with a young, bald, moist cooter so close to your face.

07-20-04, 00:30
Can anyone tell me if there is an SW action in Barrie On?


08-01-04, 20:47
Is there any action in Sarnia?
I'm heading there this week on business.

Timpo X
08-05-04, 20:58
Visited AMP east of Oshawa. Met lovely youg gal Tutti. Entrance .6 got me to nicely reno'd room.

Tutti said "Long Time no see" Don't remeber her, but perhaps and earlier visit at another location. She rubbed my small head through my pants and asked me to get ready while she delivere the donation. Hung up my clothes, lay face up on table with .4 incentive on my stomach. Tutti came back and giggled when she saw the donation.

She became as naked as I was and I revelled in her B cups, extended nipples and lightly haired prize. She took the incentive, lay her B cups on my little head and managed to elicit some life from him.

Bottom line? Touching allowed everywhere, (moisture abounds) nips got longer. Digits, nipple sucking, 45 minutes stroking of shaft and orbs, light A-hole play, fantastic release with some kissing of weapon involved. Left happy. Will repeat.

Tall Guy John
08-24-04, 13:43
I will be traveling to Cornwall, Ontario within the next few weeks.

Any recommendations? Street action, clubs, agencies. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Either private message me or reply in the forum.

Thanks in advance.

08-25-04, 06:17
Belated thanks to swamp fox. Unfortunately, still haven't been to Soo, but if I ever do, I'll take advice. Fortunately, I got a little action in Mich's lower half, but not even that for some weeks now.

08-30-04, 00:55

I was in this area a while ago and there is much action going on at night. I almost couldn't believe how much action - the main street seems to be Simpson Street - in the evenings into the overnights there are many girls out (mostly Natives)...not sure about what else is going on but...there's a lot going on there.


I have noticed an ad in the telephone book under "escorts" for the first time. This is a small border community so it's unusual for this to be here. Everyone seems to know each other etc. The Rainy Lake Hotel has exotic dancers usually on Saturday nights and possibly action to be had here as well.

Otherwise your best bet is to head down to Duluth MN which is about a 3 hours drive into the States.

11-16-04, 05:09
Going to be spending a fair amount of time in Sault St Marie over the next 2-3 months. Have visited Studio 10 and had a good time. Does anyone have contact info for Escort indies, or agencies?

Still Guessing
12-07-04, 02:11
I agree with West16. Studio 10 is an excellent club (thank you Tawny!), but only a strip club. Wasn't able to convince anybody to do anything besides just a show. I thought I was pretty persuasive too...

What's the best place to find the indies now?

12-20-04, 06:10
I have had two offers from strippers at the Soo. It isn't something that happens often, both were girls I had spent a few evenings with buying several dances.

It is a good strip club. I have had lots of hands on dances there.

The cheapest sure thing is calling one of the escort services from your hotel room. It has been over a year but the going price was $150 CDN. The first time I called one of these places I didn't know the laws and was trying to speak in code. I asked if I had to tip the escort above and beyond the quoted price and the woman on the phone said, "No, don't worry, you will get laid for $150, this is Canada sweetie." It has always worked out extremely well. The women are fairly attractive to pretty. They come to play and to please.

03-28-05, 21:35
Ok you mongers where does a guy find pleasure in Dryden or surrounding area?

04-27-05, 14:05
Heading there in a couple weeks? Any recent info on SW or Strip Joints?

Northern Boy
04-27-05, 20:38
Anyone have any info on the Sudbury - North Bay area? Are there still SW's in downtown Sudbury? Any action at all in NB?

Madra Bid Dog
06-30-05, 04:40
Here is my delayed post for my may Thunder Bay trip.

All I can say is DAMN! plenty of action on simpson street. Anyway you like em.

I spent 40 bucks for two hours on a pregnant Native girl I picked up near one of the motels on simpson. She was new to the game and was shy. she was about 5 months preggo. She wanted a way out of the lifestyle so she was a getting a bit emotional. But she liked me so much She even came back to my hotel room at 2 am for more FREE sex. Our first time she asked if I was clean so she thought I was going bareback. But only a fool would go bareback. So before I slid it in I put a rubber on without noticed. I fucked her pretty good. She liked it I could tell. and being preggo was a big turn on with that belly.

I picked up Melissa. cute little blonde spinner, great BBBJCIM. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I got her cell number for anybody that would like to visit her. for about 30 bucks. I wish I could go back it was fun those 3 days there. But sadly I don't think I'm ever going back around that area.

So many WSW so little time. THUNDER BAY IS THE PLACE!!

02-03-06, 04:47
Ha ha I knew I could find streetwalkers in Cornwall.

Found 1 in December at Baldwin and Montreal at 1 a. M. She said there are SW there and they usually come out around that time. Wasn't sure if she was SW so pulled on to sidestreet and she did follow me. 30 BJ in the car.

The next night I saw a more obvious SW in exact same place but she didn't stay there very long by the time I drove past a second time and turned around she was gone. This was about 9 P. M.

06-25-06, 00:20
Bored on a staurday afternoon I decided to go over the bridge from port Huron to Sarnia and payed a visit to Shiatsu masage centre on Christina street.

When I arrived I saw 2 girls in the premises both poor but after being away on business for a couple of weeks I fancied a massage so I decided to give it a try all I can say good aout the place is that it is clean everything else was very poor and pricey, 135 canadian dolars for 45 mins poor massage with a hand job which must be the worst I have ever had. The girl was uninterested and was trying to do as little as possible for as much as possible I sure hope Canada has something better to offer in other areas Give Shitsu a miss!

May the force be with you.

09-17-06, 11:24
This complaint against Jodi and the Jessi Girl's agency in Sarnia was originally found on a Michigan board with the initials EV. I asked Shorty, my pal who was ripped off by Jodi, if I could repost his complaint here SPECIFICALLY TO KEEP OTHER GUYS ON THIS BOARD FROM BEING RIPPED OFF.

While this is not my complaint personally I stand by whatever Shorty said about this alledged cash and dash. Anyone who needs to know the source of the original complaing can pm me. Shorty says:

Not being a newbie, i'm almost embarrassed to make this post. One of the interesting aspects of this hobby and being so close to other countries is the ability to see how things on both ends of the legal spectrum. In the US companionship is illeigal. In Canada it is completely legal. My exploration of the hobby has been primarily in the states. I have "ordered" girls in Canada, but that has been for bachelor parties and the like and have never "participated" while accross the border. The few givens that i understand is that with the hobby being legal in Canada the advertisments can be found in places I would never look at otherwise such as phone books and newspapers.

While visiting Sarnia recently i thought i would expand my hobby experience and have a legal appointment. i did some research, although as it comes down to it, not enough, by looking at some boards that focus on canadian sp's. I didn't find much information just a few agencies and some posts that pointed to local newspapers.

So i called the front desk and had a local paper and usa today delivered to the room. I looked through the paper and found the listing for local agencies, and began calling, one of the numbers was disconnected, the second nobody answered and the thrid someone answered. So i went through the regular questions, how much, what do the girls look like and was told their were three girls available with reasonable description, I also was told that thier was an incall and outcall rate, now with the little that i do kow about how things in canada work, i do know that incall is not allowed, and that in most areas the girls have to be liscensed, not sure what the guidelines are in sarnia but pretty sure the incall thing would apply.

After a little consideration on my part of whether i wanted to try to fumble my way around trying to find thier location or just make it easier and having the girl come to me, i decided on the latter as i didn't want to get lost driving around.

The appointment set up was very easy, and the girl (who was being called Jodi, 24, C cup with a 27 inch waist) was requested. she got to the room in about 20 minutes and after opening the door I was a little suprised. Now going through an agency i was expecting the worst, which is the complete opposite of the descirption that was given. They were fairly accurate with thier descirption, she wasn't quite a 27 inch waist, but wasn't orca, the suprise came by the nice shiner she had on her right eye, so after she got into the room i had a change of heart and went with a 30 minute as opposed to an hour. We stettled up, the half hour rate was 130. She made her call to check in, which was not a suprise, in fact i would have been more suprised if she didn't. She then asks if I have anything to drink, i had stopped by a convience store on my way back to the hotel and got a bottle of soda and an ice tea, she wasn't interested in the ice tea...not this is where the red lights should have been ringing soo lound i should have noticed.

So "Jodi" says that she needs something to drink, that she is quite parched, a little nervous, as this is her first appointment (danger will robinson, danger). She takes off her sweater and leaves it on the bed, then asks if i have any change, i did not, so she asks if i would mind if she went and got something to drink, i'm a little apprehensive to this request, but she has the ice bucket, and has left her coat, not sure why, but this made me a bit more comfortable, so i don't object to her going and getting something to drink and coming back, the hotel isn't busy so thiers not a lot of guest and children running around.

So now its 50 minutes later and she hasn't returned with her soda. her sweater is still on the bed and i'm out 130 (CD). I'm not upset, yet, and call the agency number listed in the paper back. The same person that the apppointment was scheduled with answers the phone, and i tell her thanks for sending the cash and dash artist to my room, and ask her when she will be coming back to either finish the appointment or return my money. suprise, suprise, the agency lady is shocked that this had occurred, she has not heard from her and has not seen her since she "dropped her off at that hotel". Hmm, if you dropped her off, who picked her up. She says she is going to run by where she was picked up from and call me back.

So having not heard back form the agency lady, i call back the following morning and find out if their is any progress in locating my money. She doesn't have an update, now my persistence is more for sport to see what will become of this, i got cahsed and dashed (my first time), and now looking to see how cooperative the agency is going to be at resolving my concern. She says she will still try to find her and call me back.

So just before i leave to go to the bridge to come back home i give another call to see what resolution can be had. I get the same lady who answers the phone, and still she has not heard form the girl, i tell her that i am heading back and would like my money back, the agency lady tells me she doesn't owe me any money, the girl does, i disagreed with her telling her you are the one the appointments are scheudled through, therefore this is now a huge problem to for you, she tells me she is not going to refund me until she gets ahold of the girl, i was hoping to see a pig fly by as she said this but that wasn't my luck for the day. With the hope of getting my money back (which i wasn't counting on anyways) dashed, I did what i would never do in the US, making the few assumptions i currently have on the hobby in Canada which are they need to be liscensed, and outcall only, i told the agency lady that i was going to the local authorities to report the incicdent as a robbery, her response was ok and what are you going to tell them, and to that my response was that your an unliscensed agency running a scam and ripping people off at your incall location. I haven't reported this to the local authorities yet, but will probably before the weekend is out.

As a warning to all, here is the information that can be obtained from the Sarnia Observer through thier add:

Jessi's Girl

Cactus J
10-02-06, 19:04
Tried massage at 4180 M0rris Drive #4 at rear entrance. 905 333 0188.
Ther are 2 Chinese ladies working ther 10 to 10. The one I had was quite well built with great nipples and a reasonable face. $ 40.00 1/2 hour and $ 65.00 for the BJ which was performed nude with some touching. I went back a second time. They advertize in the classifieds under massage.

Cactus J

Timpo X
01-09-07, 23:00
Returned to see Tutti. She not there. Introduced to Linda, gorgeous Korean, about mid 20's I assume. Usual fee of 80 cents got me an hour. 15 mins of soft and slightly firm massage which "firmed" me up.

Flipped, and began roaming. Under short skirt to very firm ass and slopped in between. Legs opened a bit. I was encouraged. Slipped fingers under thong and found firm fleshy lips, slightly moist. Carressed and experienced more moisture. Slid thong off with no resistance.

Finger slipped onto rosebud at rear and heard a sigh. Gently inserted tip of finger and was rewarded with a sphincter squeeze. Inserted a little further and she found my little man.

Slipped off her top and kissed tiny breasts with long nipples. Returned to bewtween thighs and explored to my hearts content. Fingers swimming by this time, with satisfactory grunts from Linda.

Eventual happy ending, followed by kiss and warm towels.

Tip 50 cents. Very happy.

Smile Life01
05-09-07, 19:52
I go around Wasaga Beach for a few days. I would appreciate details from good girls. Do you have any experience from there?


07-18-07, 05:03
Hey guys, I was sure happy to something on the Soo area! Anything new to share?
I havent been able to find any agency/idies #'s through the web. I'm not going till fall, and I'll be sure to post what I find out in a couple days there.


08-12-07, 20:25
Allright, I did find one. Looks like a sweet place to visit.

Buko Max
08-13-07, 00:49
allright, i did find one. looks like a sweet place to visit.
make sure you stop in to one of the peeler bars there.

08-18-07, 01:14
make sure you stop in to one of the peeler bars there.

not kidding, i found an agency that looks quite promising.
what do you mean, matt, by a peeler bar?


Buko Max
08-19-07, 19:37
not kidding, i found an agency that looks quite promising.
what do you mean, matt, by a peeler bar?
hello ed,

that is another term for strip clubs. "the dancer peels her clothes off during her set". in most bars in canada, they take it all off!


08-19-07, 22:44
It is interesting to see the traffic from Port Huron to Sarnia. It has been quite a few years since I was in Sarnia but in the mid 90's you had to go to Port Huron to get laid. I still remember fondly a Korean massage parlor on the main street. I still dream of Leah.

08-23-07, 03:26
hello ed,

that is another term for strip clubs. "the dancer peels her clothes off during her set". in most bars in canada, they take it all off!


thanks goodness for that! all i could think of was a story 'bout some girl who had a peeping tom type in the apartment across from her. her boyfriends response was to go out on the patio when he suspected the guy looking and peal carrots!

i'm planning on trying all the bars, i have three-four days with nothing planned.

10-24-07, 02:42
A waste of time , IMHO. Only one open at this time, sigh.
Girls come in from other areas to hustle, nothing offered as far as I could tell. Perhaps its better for a local. Of course, it is naked voyeur fun with booze, lol.

I did like Ultimate as an agency. The phone girl is truthful, but the pics on the website are not of the girls. They use them to get the 'type' of girl you're looking for. If you're looking for gfe, you're looking for Page!


Timpo X
03-31-08, 19:56
Sunday visit to Tutti's. She met me at door with warm welcome. Said "Busy now, come back 1/2 hour" . Was hungry anyway, so went for lunch.

Came back and was shown to room. Paid 80 cents , stripped and lay down'

In came Tutti. Was effusive with greeting, shook hands with little Timpo and began gentle massage.

Reached up and gently pushed spaghetti straps off he shoulders and little dress dropped away. Tutti never missed a stroke.

Gently ran hand up to kitty and her legs stepped apart. Was carressing kitty and it was getting wet. She leaned over and placed her nipple in my mouth. By this time, her magic fingers had found little Timpo and were gently stroking. After a long time stroking the kitty and inserting 2 fingers, she hopped onto the table and sat between my legs. Was stroking little Timpo and then she leaned over and I felt a warm tongue tickling the space between little Timpo and my "A". Gawd, it felt good. Had my full attention.

After tickling the space, gently rubbing of "A" hole, she turned around and settled her kitty on my mouth and proceeded to engulf little Timpo in warm mouth. Her kitty very tasty and very wet. ASked about FS and she gently said no, not here. She then redoubled efforts and Little Timpo spit. A lot,

She tehn turned around and lay on top for 15 minutes while I cooled own. She was gently kissing my nipples and I was stoking her back and he bum.

One last kiss, she disappeared and came back with warm towels. Wahewd me up, special attention to Little Timpo. When done, she leaned over, kissed little Timpo and gave him a lingering, goodby suck.

Left Happy and vowed to return soon.
Eventual happy ending, followed by kiss and warm towels.

Tip 50 cents. Very happy.[/QUOTE]



It appears that you inadvertently forgot to correctly place the quote tags in this report. Usually I can fix this sort of thing before it's displayed, but I don't have a clue as to how you intended this report to appear.

The quote tags are simple to use, all you have to do is look for them in the text. Anything that you want to appear in quotes must start with "[quote]" and end with "[/quote ]". Please note the "/" forward slash in the last tag. It's that simple.

In addition, you can preview your report before it's posted, so it's easy to check if you got it right before it's displayed in The Forum.



Latina Lady
07-01-08, 13:13
Hi Guys!

My name is Maria, I am located in London, Ontario.

Reviews of my services are found on my site:


I look forward to meeting some of you!


07-02-08, 01:29
I stop in once in awhile there -- it's a great town and I enjoy eating, walking around -- the folks seem nice.

Any chance I can meet a younger provider in the area? My criteria is cute and smart.



Flexxx Yap
07-21-08, 08:22
I met this girls one of these days, she picked up the phone, so there were no problems, but the photos are not completely hers, in reality she is fatter and more simple, in general she is a nice girl, her attitude was hearty, she doesn’t care much about the time, eager to make sex, she also kisses, I liked her, a bit like "home" sex, the age is a bit smaller in her profile and the height is bigger.


10-11-08, 15:49
I was in Kitchener for a day, and tried to look for some AMPs around 23:00. I found some AMPs phone numbers from

Only one AMP picked up the phone (52 Weber W), and the lady said that they are opened until mid-night. Drove and arrived there at around 23:30. Is basically a house-converted AMP. Rang the door bell, and a mid-40 lady wearing sport-wear (shorts) opened the door. 30-min massage is $40 and 1-hr massage is $80. The internal looks like AMP w/ special services. I asked her what kind of massage they provided. She said, "You try it" with a sneaky smile and eye contact.

She took me to the back room, which has a massage table. I asked her whom is giving me massage, and she said "me". I looked at her and said, "I am leaving". (given that she is like a 3 in a 10-scale)

There are many AMPs in Kitchener area, and hopefully I can score with some young part-time college ladies in AMPs next time.

Tool Shedd
04-04-10, 04:27
I am new to the Kincardine area. Great place but I have yet to find any action or providers in the area. Tonight I went to Danny's Hotel in Hanover (about 60 klicks east). It was OK but a "no touch zone." None of the girls there were interested in dancing for me anywhere other than at the bar.

Does anyone have any leads on how to find providers in small areas like Kincardine/Walkerton/Owen Sound? I would think with all the contractors working at Bruce Nuclear there would be something going on. Probably not easy to find.

Tomorrow I may drive to Guelph/Kitchener/Brampton and check out the clubs, parlors and Craig's List women down there. Long drive.

Thanks in advance for any hints or clues.

Tool Shedd

Timpo X
09-16-10, 19:52
Planning on being in Trenton on business in the next few days.

Any idea on availability of AMP's?

I have a thing for Asian pussy


10-26-10, 03:39
Spent 3 days in Thunder Bay, checked out Craigslist but there were few ads and the ones I saw did not appeal to me.

So I went on the prowl for streetwalker action and I can tell you there is a decent amount of action available on Court St (near the casino) from 7 pm - 12am. Girls will let you know they are available with eye contact and hand gestures.

I sampled 4 different girls, prices varied from $40 - $120 depending on the girl.

I don't usually spend more than $60 but the one girl was 20 and cute & I broke my rule on price.

The girls are 50-50 native and white and all 4 girls I tried were very accomodating and a good experience, small town girls are pleasant.

Overall I'd give the SW action in Thunder Bay an "A".

Thee Master
10-28-10, 17:38
Spent 3 days in Thunder Bay, checked out Craigslist but there were few ads and the ones I saw did not appeal to me.

So I went on the prowl for streetwalker action and I can tell you there is a decent amount of action available on Court St (near the casino) from 7 pm - 12am. Girls will let you know they are available with eye contact and hand gestures.

I sampled 4 different girls, prices varied from $40 - $120 depending on the girl.

I don't usually spend more than $60 but the one girl was 20 and cute & I broke my rule on price.

The girls are 50-50 native and white and all 4 girls I tried were very accomodating and a good experience, small town girls are pleasant.

Overall I'd give the SW action in Thunder Bay an "A".Could you report to the legality. Of "prostitution" in this district?

I've done a few google searches and seen them busting home based business's and stuff. Which I really don't understand. Since my understanding is. It's legal.

03-19-11, 03:46
I believe the place is still open. Thursdays is a strip joint that is on the low end of clubs. Only game in town though. Luckily, there are some hot chicks usually from Montreal dancing there.

Take out can be had. It is not difficult at all. Usually short time. I have scored multiple times. Even pulled one dancer for nothing at all. I think she was just a dirty nympho.

If you are in Peterborough, I suggest you try it out. There isn't much else to do except maybe catch a pete's game.

If anyone wants details, just ask and I can post a run down. I don't want to spend a lot of time typing it up since I am not sure anyone is actually interested in pulling ho's in this town.

03-23-11, 18:59
I believe the place is still open. Thursdays is a strip joint that is on the low end of clubs. Only game in town though. Luckily, there are some hot chicks usually from Montreal dancing there.

Take out can be had. It is not difficult at all. Usually short time. I have scored multiple times. Even pulled one dancer for nothing at all. I think she was just a dirty nympho.

If you are in Peterborough, I suggest you try it out. There isn't much else to do except maybe catch a pete's game.

If anyone wants details, just ask and I can post a run down. I don't want to spend a lot of time typing it up since I am not sure anyone is actually interested in pulling ho's in this town.Details please.

04-05-11, 01:13
Nolz. Here are some details. Keep in mind this is some years ago. But.

I am have pulled for free (one time only) and for pay (many times). If this place is still open and I believe it is, I am sure if can be done. I always played off like I wasn't interested in lap dances (which I am not because I want to get laid).

I would typically use the what time do you get off. Or sometimes I am very direct,"how much will it cost to have you come to my hotel?" Usually the later. It always worked. Every girl I approached with this offer was a montreal stripper. My thoughts were that they were only in town for one thing, money. I know all strippers are but when they travel to peterborough it is a get as much money as possible scenario.


Free girl. I was entertaining some foreign guys and watching the red wings. A dancer named Amber kept sitting with me and offering a table or VIP dance. I always declined and instead offered her a beer. I think she actually was attracted to me as well. It is tough to tell in strip clubs. It became obvious when she stuck my finger in her pussy and told me she would get in trouble. Also she get whispering in my ear and then sucking my ear lobe and breathing heavy in my ear. I have had strong teasing from strippers before but never fingered or had them suck my ear lobe.

Then she asked where I was staying. I told her the best western. She asked if she could come over after she was done. I said sure. She said she had one more dance to do and then she could leave. She couldn't be seen leaving with me. So she said she would signal me. After her dance she looked at my gave me a signal and wink. That meant for me to go to the entrance. When I did, there was a cab there and we jumped in. She also grabbed a couple of beers.

We started to make out immediately. I was pretty drunk. But we fucked all night. She was a squirter. First for me. We destroyed the room in fact. I felt bad for the maid. I even stuck it in her ass by mistake while fucking. She took it too but I didn't finish there. She teased me about it the next day.

I did pay for here fare back to toronto area which was like 80 bucks. But I banged her a couple of times. She called me the next day. I was hung over in a meeting at work when she called. She starts telling me she is horny and is fingering her pussy while thinking about me. Biggest nympho I ever had.

She told me to delay my flight (this was a Friday) until the next day. So I did because she was going to get her friend to fuck me too. I went to the club when it closed to pick her up. We were supposed to toot it up and three way all night. Instead, her friend was out with her boyfriend. So Amber and I just went to her apartment in I think Oshawa. Smoked weed. She blew me with some kind of flavored oils. We banged alot. She said I should shave my nuts (this is in 2001)

Next day she bought bagels and coffee. We fucked and I left to the airport. I never called her again. I thought about having her come to my place in Chicago but decided that was a bad idea. She was trouble in the making.

The pay for plays:

Two french canadien black chicks. Usually 100 bucks and 1 pop. Sometimes I would turn the radio and get lap dances first. Always good fucks too. Afterward they always left. Straight up sex with a rubber. No anal but that really isn't my things. Fake boobs which I like too. They always made out with me too.

If I am ever in that town again, I will try it again. But it has been a while. Anyone else try this club out?

This town is real boring otherwise.

06-15-11, 19:45
Anything good around the Thunder Bay area?

Never Tell
08-21-11, 19:41
I'll be visiting Tillsonburg in a few weeks and plan to try a massage at on of the Blue chains in London. On their website they advertise 1 hour as $70. I have a few questions:

1) Is tipping required, expected for a HJ finish? How much?

2) Can I pay the door fee and tip in US currency or do I need to exchange to Canadian?

Thanks All,


06-18-12, 23:58
Any action between winnipeg and thunder bay? Might be headed on a road trip and could usr some entertainment.

08-23-12, 15:23
Visited your fine city from the south around 8/9. 812. Was able to sneak away one evening and cross the border up to Canada to see what I could find. While on the bridge, saw a strip club called '21' something on the east side of the bridge. Went over to visit and had a nice chat with a young lady who let me touch and fondle her breasts for 1 song and. 2. Had a nice time. When I asked her for some intel on where to find SW, she told me to go to to the Albert / Gore area. So about 10pm, I started driving that area and within 45 minutes, found 3 WSW on London / Francis street. Picked up a young burnette in her late teens and went for a little drive. Gave her. 2 for BBBJ. I think her name was lilly, but not sure. Very much had a nice time there and enjoyed myself. Went back accross the bridge with a big smile on my face.

Be Careful and Have Fun out there,


02-24-13, 11:55
Posts are quite old, any new news in London? Any tips?

Banana Boi
08-01-15, 16:01
Posts are quite old, any new news in London? Any tips?What are you looking for? If it's escorts, not London but the best option for you would be the touring Platinum Models who travel from Toronto to Niagara Falls to Kitchener-Waterloo. I'm sure you can convince them to travel to London for a premium.


08-11-15, 02:35
I'm actually going to find myself up in Timmins and North Bay later in October. Any action up there? Would be nice since my evenings will be totally free so far.

04-15-17, 03:16
I saw her yesterday. Made me wait a while at her hotel corridor which was awkward enough with suspect characters milling around.

Decent service, good BBBJ and LFK. I did not see any dog like Fromunda mentioned.

Overall its decent service but lacks the personal connect.

Price 100 hh. 160 HR greek + 40.

10-03-17, 01:08
I guess this is the right area to post for London mongering. There are few in the area just south of downtown London. There is one right off the 1st exit when 401 and 402 meet called Ambiance. This place is a hit or miss. I went there few times and had a couple of nice experience with a Latina and Caucasian. This place is next to motel 6.

Monger Blr
10-19-17, 05:01
Hi bros,

Tried to fix an appointment with her in Guelph but she backed out saying her brother came home. Offered to do something in my car but I flatly refused. She regularly advertises in the K-W BP (51XXXXX403). Want to know if she's genuine or whether I was lucky escaping from LE. She mentioned her name was Sarah and offered Gr33 k.

If genuine, I'll try when passing through K-W.

08-24-18, 02:03
I guess this is the right area to post for London mongering. There are few in the area just south of downtown London. There is one right off the 1st exit when 401 and 402 meet called Ambiance. This place is a hit or miss. I went there few times and had a couple of nice experience with a Latina and Caucasian. This place is next to motel 6.Visited Ambiance about a week ago. Kind of place. Massage parlor with showers in the room. Where you expect a range of services, starting with a plain old happy ending. It was late and three girls were in the line-up, all in their 20's and of various shapes and sizes. I chose Karla, a curvaceous blond with a sparkly personality who doesn't speak English all that well (French-speaking). Went for the basic HJ (50 + 60 for nude option) but I would not repeat for two reasons: First, even though I made it clear how I preferred to be touched and stimulated, Karla had a great deal of difficulty following my preferences. It wasn't just a language barrier; it was as if (like many gals) she knows one way of doing things and imagines that all men are the same. Second, she rushed a half-hour session into a 15-minute session. Including time I spent in the shower. At 1:30 am, there was no one else waiting, or if she needed to get ready for an arriving client, she should have let me know instead of cutting my time in half. I won't repeat. Also, for those who might be bothered by it, there are cameras in the rooms. Eh.

11-28-18, 23:55
I stopped in London recently due to weather. I checked on vip favours and found Randee. https://www.vipfavours.ch/RandeeCooper. Her website is http://www.randeecooper.com/.

It has to be one of the best sessions I have ever had. Randee is petite, bubbly and super energetic. She has a pretty and mischievous face and lovely blue eyes. And she has the most friendly and outgoing attitude I have seen. It was almost the best GFE I have ever had.

The minute I walked in, I got a smile, a hug and then her long tongue was inside my mouth. We danced a bit, did some heavy petting and a very natural start to the session. She is clean, hygienic and has a very nice incall location. The room looks like a studio with large mirrors and all kinds of sex toys.

I got a great BBBJ, lots of tongue all over my body, and some mind blowing sex. She is a machine. We started in Mish and finished in Doggie, when I was pounding that sweet ass hard. I finished so hard that I almost passed out. She told me to hang out and not leave immediately, we had more hugging and kissing before it was time to go.

Setup was very simple and there was no hassle. We communicated by text and before the session, she gave me her address and then buzzed me in. She prefers CAN $ for payment. I will definitely repeat. Super nice girl. Amazing service.