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04-14-02, 00:12
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06-01-02, 21:34
Where is all the street acation in Kingston????

06-12-03, 22:21
There is action to be had in Kingston, of all places. Things aren't quite like Montreal however.

Look up some of the escort services there and ask around. There is one in particular that offers in-call services for 100CAD/30 min, and 150CAD/60 minutes. The women there are pretty good looking, but service tends to be rather business like. Depending on the girl you may be able to negociate for "extras".

I am not sure about the street walkers. Doubt that they exist.

06-15-03, 02:09
Check out Paradise escorts They offer incall and outcall services.
Rates are 100CAD for 30 min, or 150CAD for 60minutes.

The women are decent and over the past three years have had no bad experience. Service along with extras will differ from woman to woman.

Have fun!

08-24-03, 01:19
I can't speak of any real "street action" in Kingston; it's a small town and the one time (a few years ago) that gals did turn up on Montréal St near the Plaza pretending to hitchhike, they ran afoul of local LE rather quickly and stopped.

There is only one strip club left in town (the Plaza Hôtel at Queen & Montréal was the lowest-quality of Kingston's three strip clubs before the others all shut their doors) and no MP's worth mentioning (places like "amour massage" which offered 'extras' to regulars get busted).

There are some escorts; a few advertise in Whig-Standard classifieds (printed version only - listings are not on the kingstonwhigstandard.com site at all and ads are only accepted from providers who have registered a company name). A two or three-line newspaper ad sadly contains so little info as to be useless. Results can be very hit-and-miss. No listings in any of the weekly papers so far (owned by the same people anyway) and Yellow Pages is expensive so many providers can't afford to advertise there.

Basically no providers' web sites to provide any useful info (TOC is only agency with a site and they're priced about $100/hr above everyone else) - anyone who thinks Ottawa is limited in choices hasn't seen Kingston :(

Much better choices (and proper info) to be had by dealing with Montréal or Toronto providers, but each are three hours away in opposite directions.

Stephen Horndog
11-30-03, 07:52
Dang, Kingston sounds like one dead city. But that is not the case. Actually there are hoes to found in Kingston. When I lived there several years ago I almost always came up with something on the streets. You just gotta cruise the strip and side streets around downtown. I mean it is a prison city and I believe there are lots of hoes to be found out there. I ran across alot of decent action there.


Derek Taylor
04-12-04, 08:24

Its Derek Taylor here. Why does no one post on this Kingston board? I have lived in Kingston most of my life. I did spend some time in Michigan years ago and used to go to Detroit to screw hoes.There is some action in Kingston around the Plaza Hotel and up and down Montreal Street. But there is not to much action here. I like Gumby the best. She hangs around the Plazoo Hotel. She has no teeth but what a blowjob. Since my prick of an old man owns a car dealership, I 'borrow' cars and trucks to cruise in so that way I am less noticed. Sometimes I take them back to the car lot and screw them in some of the Minivans at night when it is closed. A couple times I even screwed hoes in my fathers office. One time I nutted on his chair and he thought it was a milk or ice-cream stain. You see my family thinks I have a low I.Q. My father has even fired me a couple times from the family dealership. I know they call me Mongo because I have a big head. But they have no idea that I am showing them! Lately I cruise down to Toronto and get hoes there. It is a two hour run down there but when you gotta hard-on what are you going to do? Hey if anyone wants to cruise or go to the Plaza to watch strippers just give me a call over at the carlot.


Derek Taylor
05-10-04, 07:29
Well its Derek Taylor here again, all by my lonesome here in Kingston it seems. No body else posting. Is anyone even reading these posts? Anyhow I recently was out cruising my usual spots and I ran into Gumby. She has recently got out of prison and had actually packed on a few pounds. Well normally she just blows me because she has no teeth and it feels real good, plus she lets me nut on her face. But since she had put on some weight and actually had a figure, I decided to screw her. Big mistake! First of all her pussy smelled like dead fish. After we screwed my cock stank all day! Secondly, she gave me the crabs. I had to go to the drugstore and get this dam crab cream to kill them. My old lady was suspicious because I had to shave my sack to help rid myself of them. Gumby is normally out by the Plaza Hotel. I also screwed this hoe named Barb a couple weeks back. She and I have been screwing off and on for years. She is nasty now, but was nice about ten years ago or so when I got her pregnant and she had a boy that she put up for adoption. She is a junkee and did not even try for child support from me. Good thing cause if my wife found out she would have told my old man and the bastard would cut me out of his will. Plus I had just had a baby with my wife back then. I dont like condoms and have nutted in just about every prostitute in town. I also went down to my parents 'Condo' in Florida and screwed a couple hoes there. One stole 40 bucks from my wallet. I mean you would think a rich prick like my father would spring for a real fancy condo. But no, The bastard had this place that you could hear thru the ceilings. Oh well does anyone else have any adventures in Kingston? Call me over at the carlot if know any hoes that wanna screw.

09-16-05, 04:56
Greetings Folks. I'm a NY native going to school in FL. I'll be at a conference in Kingston for a few days in late october/early nov. I remember living in western NY and driving up to Canada for the top notch strip clubs in Toronto. Does Kingston have any good strip clubs? Clue me in.

Thanks for the input!


Buko Max
10-01-05, 07:55
I was visiting friends in Kingston and stopped by the carlot. We miss your startling reports. Maybe you are in the hospital with HIV. Anyway, I hope all is well.


Billy Tang
08-28-08, 07:47
Hey kingston,

What's the word on the streets? Any new leads here? I'm in town for a while and I want to know the scene. Anyone got any reports?

08-20-15, 03:15
I am new to Kingston. Have moved from Regina. There seems to be no mongering at all in Kingston. Can any one help me out.

02-19-19, 03:13
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