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04-14-02, 00:13
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04-24-02, 08:07
One of the lesser known but nonetheless premier strip club is Private Eyes in Niagara on the lake. This place has its regulars, and young babes in regular rotation from across north america and europe.

Lapdances are available in private booths. the famous 2 dollar slide is a grand stage surprise, and you really never know what u might get... handjobs, BJs, all on stage. You can even see and participate while the dancers dyking it out. As close as u can get to Amsterdam in the northeast. this is the kinkiest club around, and if you want it, its yours.

Sundays, Thursdays & Wednesday bring it the kinky Lesbo Action on stage. Weekends are busy so arrive early and stay late.
Under the bridge, highway 55, youll be pleasantly surprised.

05-02-02, 12:56
Can someone tell me about "Gentlemen's Club, Inc." (or something like that. ) It's in a neighborhood down from the new hotels and on the way to downtown. I was in Niagara the other day and walked by, was about to walk in but didn't. Any word on it? Thanks.

05-10-02, 05:03
I finally went into Canada to sample some ladies from Diamonds escorts. I was so nervous on the phone I kept studdering. THe lady who answered the phone was so polite, and new what to say to calm my nerves. She made me feel like she wanted me... and she was the lady on the phone. I know she didn't but at the time it really helped my self esteem.
After she described all the girls I decided on Michelle because she was close to my age, actually a year or 2 older than me but I always liked girls just a wee bit older.
Michelle showed up to the exact minute she was scheduled to. The driver came in and inspected the room (not exactly what I like to happen but he is only looking out for the ladies saftey. Due to excessive tanning michelle was burnt like a frenchfry, it is too bad also, because if she didn't tan she would be one of the hottest women I have ever seen. She was dressed very classy, and sat and talked with me for about 3 minutes to calm my nerves. We got naked and right to business. She would do any position I asked for (I only asked for vaginal intercourse positions). She was very flexible and I could get maximum depth. I think she was in pain but she tried to hide it as if those noises were just moans. Her main goal was to see that I was satified. When I was done she seemed disappointed that the sex was over. She stayed the full hour talking to me. Then she gave me a kiss when it was time to leave. I actually felt as if she wanted me. Now that is great service!!! Looks 7.5 (too tan) Attitude 8, and service 10.

Not knowing that michelle was great at the service end of the deal I ordered another from diamonds. I believe the name was Nadia. I think they lied about her hair wieght (supposedly red hair and 130 pounds more like a dye job that had faded and 160 pounds). When the driver showed up he didn't go through the hotel room as throughly as before, as it was the same driver as earlier. Nadia was not very attractive, her attitude was not that great, but not [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) poor either. She was not flexible and would not be in a position that allowed maximum depth. If your penis is as big as mine (and that is average) don't expect to get full depth with her. She does get loud if she has an orgasm. I gave her multiples and if I hadn't I probably never would of cum myself. She does like it fast but not deep and she was in alot of pain (for real, with michelle she was probably just making me feel big). After I came she went to the bathroom to get her sponge contrceptive that she said was pushed up to far. She was not complaining though. I didn't really get that deep, she just has a shallow pool.

looks 3 attitude 5 service 2. I should of gotten Michelle a second time.

05-17-02, 05:45
Well, just my luck - I arirve in Niagara Falls on Monday to discover that all the escort services have apparantly been shut down. Calls to Natalie's and Angels yielded a "We're sorry - this call can not be completed as dialed" message, and calling Diamonds produced one of those fast busy signals which means the line is out of order.

I did find one SW on Victoria Ave. near the 7-11 store. Got FS fro 100 bucks Canadian (about $65 US).

HJ's are easy to get in the back rooms at Seductions (on Lundy Lane) and Private Eyes (on Hwy 55 in Niagara -on-the-Lake - near the QEW overpass).

05-17-02, 06:12
Can someone verify Jonny's post about the escort agencies not being open anymore? I hope there wasn't some huge crackdown or a change in the laws.

After thinking about it for a while, I was wondering if the hotel Jonny was calling from may have blocked the phone numbers from being dialed. If he was calling from a pay phone, then I doubt there would be trouble unless they were closed. Anyway, I have heard that some hotels are not escort freindly and my block calls to those numbers. At least I am hoping that is the case!

05-21-02, 06:42
All right Fella's here is the scoop with the nudie bars, Escorts and SW's. Seductions does offer BJ and HJ between $80 and $120 depending on the girl. Alot of skinny black women who are nothing to write home about. However there are a few who might be worth a shot. The girl that I got a few lapdances from told me to go Late Afternoon/Early Evening if your looking for more than a lapdance from a decent looking girl. Stay away on on a Monday. Anyone that says the Sundowner provides anything more than a decent contact dance is a flat out liar! The girls in this place are hot as balls, however because they are hot and the place is packed alot, they don't have to turn a trick. I had 4 different girls and each told me that the tiny (5'4) owner of the place will not allow anything! Each one told me if I wanted more, to go next door. The bouncers patrol quite a bit allowing nothing to happen. SW action spans both ends of the spectrum. You get a crack ***** who squated when I drove by and flashed me. Yikes she was nasty. Then I saw a hot looking SW who was about 5'6 with long black hair, high heels and a leather jacket with a nice body. I stopped at a light by the Dairy Queen and she came over to ask if I would like some company. I asked about a rate which she quoted $100 for FS. However there was alot of LE hanging out at the 7-11 not a block down...and being from the states I don't know exactly how much it would take to get arrested so I decided to not tempt fate. I then returned to my hotel (Hilton) at about 1am. I was waiting outside for a valet to take my truck and those two gourgous women walked out. On a scale of 1 to 10 they were each a 9 (tits not big enough for me). I got their attention and asked how their night was going. To which they replied "Well so far its been pretty good, would you like to make it better?" I asked for a rate and was quoted $400 for both or $150 a piece for an hour. (Hmmmmm shouldn't that be $300 for both?) Leason learned. At this point I was exhausted but asked for a card. They told me that didn't have one, but said that if I were interested in hooking up later this week, that I only needed to sit in the lobby and have my pick of women as they come off the elevator. They then got in a pontiac Grand Prix with tinted windows and drove off. I went inside and asked the bell hop, who was the only person in the lobby, for a recommendation for some play later this week. He smiled and said "Come to the lobby between 10pm and 1am and you can pretty much grab your pick if they do not have another appointment. Who knew I didn't have to go an further than the front lobby. Just my 2 cents. Good Luck

07-03-02, 00:17
Anyone ever connect with Nadine @ Natalie's ?
She's got such hot pics, but everytime I call them to ask if she is going to be available, they either say "no", or "I don't know when". Such a great looker should be more available.

07-05-02, 04:59
Any advice or suggestions regarding Massage Parlors in the Niagara Falls area? Looking for some fun, possibly with two attendants at once.

07-07-02, 15:07
About a month ago, I tried Rose @ Sensations, which is in the back side of Seductions Dancer club. Rose is about 6 ft. tall, young, very hot looking blonde, and usually works Thursday through Sunday from 8pm - 3am according to the card she gave me. Liked her hot looks and all the mirrors in the room so that I could see her perky tits from every angle. The downside is that the total price was almost as much as I would have paid for a full service escort to come to a motel. I guess the massage deal is okay if you don't want to spend the time and money to get a motel, and if you're too tired to do the full service routine.

The Virgin Terr
07-09-02, 03:12
walrus, i've been wanting to give nadine at natalies a try myself. if you check her out before me (likely, as i only go to niagara a couple times a year), report here would be appreciated. the same goes for any young petite ladies you date there. i just checked out diamonds, and they have a few interesting new girls listed, no pictures yet. i definitely have a thing for petite girls.

07-09-02, 10:22
I called Natalie's last week. I had previously checked her website and reviewed the list of recommended hotels.

I scheduled 1 hr with Nicole and was completely enraptured by her beauty! We talked quite awhile, probably too long, and it became clear she was waiting for me to make a move. Not what I expected! A couple swigs of wine and I got the show on the road. She was quite accomodating. However, because of poor planning on my part, her phone went off! Hour up! Coitus interuptus!!! Insufficient cash to renew the meter!!!!!

Fortunately, the guy on the phone (Dave?) took my credit card!!!!!! Nicole laughed, saying she hadn't ever done that before! Entertainment resumed.

Gentleman, let me tell you. If you have never been laid by a pro.... then you just haven't been laid. What a great time!!! Its been a week and I still get a hard on thinking about it. (that old Marvin Gaye tune comes to mind "Sexual Healing")

I am happy to report that Natalie's Entertainments made a proper charge on the ol AMEX. They are very businesslike. Generally speaking, cash is the most prudent way to go. (Now I just have to guard that statement from the ol lady!)

I heartily recommend a trip to Ontario for all newbies to this sport. It is legal, the women are lovely, the price is right, and the health risk (assuming you use safe procedures) is minimal.


pick a nicer hotel. order some room service. you'll feel more confident. I think they like it too.

tone up and trim down before the big trip north. catch some sun

get some beard clippers and trim that pubic hair! You don't won't to look like some yahoo from the hills or the motherland. trim those pits too. (No, I didn't say shave, I said trim) Plus, you'll look bigger without all that hair.

yes you must use a condom. Escorts are always well supplied.

clean up 1 hr prior to visit. easy on the cologne, doogie

be courteous and gentlemanly. You get more milage this way

Keep extra cash on hand.

Get a souvenier! Just before the appt I picked up a Canada t shirt and I asked Nicole to wear it while taking care of business. Her lovely scent is still barely perceptible and I had great fun wearing the shirt home. Customs guy asked "What did you do in Canada?" "I got this t shirt from this gorgeous chick!" He laughed too and waved me on!!!!

cheers guys

"any love is good love"

"I once had girl, or should I say, she once had me.
She showed me her room, isn't it good, Norwegian Wood"

07-12-02, 23:22
What ARE the rules up in Canada? I heard that it is perfectly legal to call an escort service and have a girl see you in your hotel, but illegal to pick up a SW.

I've been going to Niagara Falls at least once a year for the past 4 years. While I have had "extras" from dancers in strip clubs and have visited the massage parlors (where HJ's are practically expected, but no FS), I have never invited a girl to the hotel.

Speaking of strip clubs in Niagara area, I find that the services you get all depend upon the girl and how much cash you flash. I received a BBJ from a hot stripper in the club Mints and have heard the stories about Sundowner and Seductions (which club is better for extras?)

Also, any fellows ever find working girls in the casino?

07-25-02, 21:23
Does anyone know of any Incall Service's in St. Catharines? Massage or escort?


07-25-02, 21:30
Also, about Private Eyes on Highway 55, or even on Bunting, does anyone know of any girls that actually give extra's? And what would I be looking to pay?


07-28-02, 16:23
The girls at Private Eyes will provide a HJ for a $60 tip. The same can be had at Seductions, where it is also possible to get a BJ for $100.

07-29-02, 00:41
Hey Jonny:

Is the bj bare back or condom?


07-29-02, 05:04
Any experience with the Bunting location of Private Eyes in particular?


10-12-02, 21:57
I've gotten my share of BJ at Seductions and they were always bareback. Depending on the girl, anything is possible. Some girls view the VIP room as a place to make money doing BJ and HJ. Some girls keep their distance. I had one girl start a BJ on the first dance without me even asking. Keep in mind that this only happened once but I still like to tell it anyway.

I've never been successful at the Sundowner but was flat out propositioned at Mints by one girl who promised a "dirty lap dance" where she guaranteed I would finish. I almost did it but I decided to pass. I was also told that the Concord Lounge was good for BJ in the daytime.

10-17-02, 18:49
Take it from someone who knows.
You cannot get extras at Sundowner, don't even ask. There are no private areas and girls get fired if your pants are down.
At Seductions it is the opposite. More girls do extras than not.
Some girls don't even dance they just pay a fee and "work".
The only downside is some girls want big bucks to make you happy for a song or so which is crazy when you can get a
full hour of totally legal outcall for $100US. Canada is the best.

10-17-02, 20:12
When you say full hour for $100 Canadian, does that include FS? Are there any additional charges? Thanks.

10-21-02, 18:31
The outcall fee is $160 Canadian or about $100 US. Diamonds agency is FS all inclusive of the fee. You don't have to tip on top of that unless you want to of course.They have a nicely developed website. www.6468400.com. Natalies is the other main agency. I don't know their website offhand.

The Virgin Terr
10-22-02, 21:48
it's nataliesescorts.com both services are about equal in my opinion.

10-24-02, 05:07
Has anyone ever tried Nikki from Diamond's? I'm headed up to that way in a few weeks and would be interested in hearing anything about her. She looks great, but I'd rather have a non-biased opinion to help my decision.

10-24-02, 07:16
Damn!! I want to thank everyone that suggest Seductions as a place to check out. Oh my it was unlike anything I have ever experienced! I got propositioned atleast 4 times during the night. All I can say is Chris Rock don't know shit. You can definately get your Jimmy waxed or ride that ass in the Champagne room!! I walked in there with a lovely black girl with tig ole bitties. $70 Canadian got you a bbj and she would keep the change. However I decided I would see what else the night had to offer and fall back on here if I needed to. Surfice it to say that I am very glad I did that. I finished my night off with a woman named Shannon. Think she said she was from Louisiana (sp). She was black with what I would say easily had to be 38 or 40'Ds. She had a little meat on her which is the way I dig them, however her Ass is nice and those tits are so huge I honestly think they make the rest of her body look bigger than it is. We talked for quite some time before heading back for some entertainment. Let me just say that looks wise she blows away anything the escort services up here have to offer. I would say looks wise I would give her an 8 or 9 but personality wise she was a 10 hands down. She was just damn sweet and this was after the money was gone. Where did the money go you asked? Well lets put it this way.... Go to Seductions with a few hundred Candian and u can have an hour of anything goes fun with Shannon. Very pleasant to talk to....no doubt the best time at a Strip club I have ever had. Gotta look this girl up....

10-25-02, 03:47
For the record I was allll banged up while posting that message....please disregard my typo's and slurring .

10-28-02, 18:55
Decker, go to Terbca.com and do a search for reviews.Have not seen her myself. Let us know how you make out.

11-01-02, 01:23
It is not Terbca.com it is www.terb.ca and then do the search.

11-12-02, 01:26
Maybe one of the old-timers might remember this place.

About 1984 Niagra Falls, it was a strip club, the strippers were on the main floor and there were rooms (hotel) rooms on the top floor. The strippers were not all working but found a nice one with big ones and the next thing I knew I was up-stairs with them wrapped around my you-know-what. I think it cost 75-100.

Anyone know the name of that club?

11-14-02, 16:41
This may sound funny but I don't have experience at these places. Sould I bring my own lotion for a hj or do they provide. At Suductions for ie) Thanks

11-15-02, 02:13
Lotion? I suggest you scroll back a bit and read some postings.

11-21-02, 06:16
Ok I scolled back and couldn't find it. A simple yes or no would do. Should I bring my lube juice?

11-22-02, 00:01
The good ones bring their own......but why wouldn't you be prudent and have what you need.......

If being discrete and cautious is of concern, I would trust my provider to provide for my needs......especially if I were to alert her of this.....

happy hunting........

11-26-02, 18:58
Personally, I've never seen lotion in the dance and VIP areas of Seductions. The girls wear very little and carry very little as well. A lot of the times, I grab them right off the stage so maybe they haven't had the time to get the lotion. I think the girls may also view lotion as a hassle and messy so may not use it.

Needless to say, any HJ I've received has been a dry one except for a few BBBJs with a hand release. I can't say that I ever thought "I wish she had some lotion" while I was actually there, so I'm sure you will have fun with or without! Plus, if she's using lotion, there's less of a chance that she'll get caught up in the moment and give you a nice lick or two (unless she likes the taste of lotion).

12-01-02, 18:42
I am thinking of trying Toronto and I am not familiar with the scene there. Can someone suggest good escorts for me.
I heard that they charge for the hour but it is not for the hour only till you cum , is that true?

12-02-02, 02:45
Nope, some do but most will stay the entire hour. Especially independents. Try www.terb.ca for references. Call the Lady and ask her upfront what her policy is on your personal preferences...

12-02-02, 16:08
Can someone recommend some of the independents that I can
call? I would greatly appreciate some names and numbers and any details on experiences with them.


12-27-02, 14:41
Anyone have info on Ind escort Kandy[ 35, blond]. She
is posted on terb.ca and works out of Niagara. Will be
in Niagara on 1/12/03, she has caught my eye!

12-27-02, 15:18
I have been to Seductions twice now and it is well worth the trip!! Lap dances really go that extra mile for the right tip :). Beautiful black women to be had here which is right up my alley!

01-06-03, 02:58
I hope to be visiting the Falls in two to three weeks, during the week. I have read the archive here but wondering if anything new is happening or to look for. Hope to be staying for 2 to 3 days. are there more than canbest websites that will help?

As I have only been in this hobby for a couple of years and haven't been in Canada during this time, I am really looking forward to the selection and more bang for the buck not to mention that it is legal. I guess I am trying to lay some ground work on cramming as many providers into my schedule as time will allow but still be selective.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

The Virgin Terr
01-07-03, 19:28
the 2 main escort services have websites: nataliesescorts.com and 6468400.com (diamonds). from natalies i recommend taylor, who i've had, and her cousin marissa, who i haven't. also, if you don't mind getting just a hand job, you might want to check out keyanna who works at the massage place in the rear end of the building that houses seductions strip club, 8860 lundy's lane next door to sundowner. she works most evenings i believe and is 5'2" and 98 lbs., 20 years old and the firmest natural b-cups anyone would ever wish to suck, just a drop dead gorgeous girl. i think the name of the place may be executive massage.

01-08-03, 03:44
thanks terr for the help. I should have stated that I am looking for fs, gfe would be ideal. petite mid 30's also ideal.

Looking forward to some north of the border nectar. Can email me at butterboy@excite.com


01-25-03, 10:02
Went to Private Eyes Bunting Rd. I go in to get a private dance and I ask the girl if I may ask about her policies on extra's. She said there are none. Dissapointing. The place is so much worse than the main location, I thought for sure there was an operation of extra's going on here to just keep it operating.

03-02-03, 21:53
Anybody still read this section? Whats up with the SWs on LUndy's?

03-13-03, 23:31
I was in Niagara last August - there were SW's on Lundy near the Historical Museum, and also on Victoria near the 7-11. Full service for $100 U.S. ($65 CAN)

03-14-03, 23:06
Oops -make that $100 CAN / $65 USA

05-04-03, 18:31
Just got back from a border run. I went to Sundowner first to see what the hype was all about, and indeed the girls are fine. A few too many plastic titties for my taste, but the bodies and faces were good nevertheless.

Then I went next door to Seductions in search of extras. Seems that only half of the girls will do extras, so don't take it for granted. I got 2 BJs, both covered, which surprised me after reading the posts here that say BJs are normally bareback. Was offered FS for $200 CAN in house and another for $300. Also offered to pick a girl up after her shift ended for $400 FS at my hotel. I wouldn't pay that much, but it was kind of her to offer.

05-04-03, 18:41
Clarification to the shorthand I used in my previous post--I did not offer, but WAS OFFERED, to pick up one "dancer" after her shift and go to my hotel. Initially the quote was $500 but she would go down to $400. Still too high. Luckily I had already taken the max out of the ATM for the day and was unable to do anything stupid!

05-13-03, 21:33
Need updates on this area. I will be here for 3 days for Business in June. Where can I get hot 18-19 year olds? The street or the Escort Agencies?

This looks like a start??



05-19-03, 02:33
I just returned from my annual visit. I spent an incredible hour with Nicole from Natalie's Escorts.

This girl is absolutely gorgeous. Too bad the website pics don't show her face. She is movie star quality - like a young Michelle Pfeiffer. She says she is 27 but could pass for 19. She arrived in a clingy knit dress which she removed to reveal some very classy lace undies. Her body is superb as long as you are not a tit man. Nice little b-cups, a flat stomach, excellent legs and an INCREDIBLE ass!

Not to mention her delicious shaved honey pot, on which I dined happily for a good fifteen minutes. Nicole then returned the favor by demonstrating her superb oral skills. Finally, we got to the main event, trying out three or four positions.

For $160 canadian, this young lady is irresistable.

05-21-03, 14:02

I need a Hotel, maybe next to a stripclub or the Stroll!

I will be there in 3 weeks with the Camera!!!

05-21-03, 14:07
Originally posted by Jonny
I just returned from my annual visit. I spent an incredible hour with Nicole from Natalie's Escorts.

This girl is absolutely gorgeous. Too bad the website pics don't show her face. She is movie star quality - like a young Michelle Pfeiffer. She says she is 27 but could pass for 19. She arrived in a clingy knit dress which she removed to reveal some very classy lace undies. Her body is superb as long as you are not a tit man. Nice little b-cups, a flat stomach, excellent legs and an INCREDIBLE ass!

Not to mention her delicious shaved honey pot, on which I dined happily for a good fifteen minutes. Nicole then returned the favor by demonstrating her superb oral skills. Finally, we got to the main event, trying out three or four positions.

For $160 canadian, this young lady is irresistable.

Thanks for the report!

06-16-03, 21:19
Wednesday June 11, 2003
Well I arrived into Buffalo at 7PM for my busibess trip, checked into the Hotel then went across to Ft Erie Canada. That was about a 20 minute drive from downtown Buffalo. In that town there are 3 stripclubs. This was Pure Platnum, New York, New York and Maxines.. They are all owned by the same company. The dances run $20 which is alot of money. There seems to be a large influx of European girls which all they want is our money. Each Club had about 6 girls when I stopped by at 7 o clock. This report will take abit of time and I will be revising alot since I hit 7 towns and shot a lot of pictures.

As I said I moved onto Niagra Falls where on Lundys Lane I spotted some streetwalkers. They were skinny and old then I moved upto the Massage Parlours, that ran $50 for 30 minutes. They had a choice of 3-4 girls.

Thursday June 12, 2003:
I then moved onto Toronto but saw that there was a city called Hamilton with 600,000 so I stopped and found a massage place called King Sherman Sauna. They charge 40 Canadian per 30 minutes with 3 girls. I met Destiny and had 3 sessions over 2 days fom her. She was 5ft 3 110 pounds, All Canadian. You get a basic HJ and she was a solid "8". The place has a lounge and serves you coffee or a soda while you wait.

893 King St East
Hamilton Ont L8m 1B5

A nice place for a stop.

There were a few strip clubs as well in town and a few other massage places. There were 2 girls working at


18 Barton Street


The streetwalkers are located at Barton Street and Victoria. I saw 1 fat old one, then moved onto Toronto where I stayed at the Travel Lodge. I heard there were streetwalkers down by Young street and Gerald but I didn't see any there.

The Travel Lodge that I stayed in by the airport in Toronto. The area is called Mississauga. There are alot of Stripclubs around here as well as Massage places. I stopped at
Blue Lagoon Spa @
1616 Matheson @ Dixie

They had about 12 girls working at the time.

Friday June 13, 2003:
I was looking for a restaurant on Victoria Avenue in Niagra Falls I met this 28 year old streetwalker!
I walked around and drove around Niagra alot. The maid staff in my hotel was young at 21-28 years old and didn't mind chatting at all. I took a few pictures of them as well.

On the way back from Toronto I stopped in Saint Catherine and there are a few massage places as well as a stripclub called Private Eyes.

I stopped in Facinations in Niagra and I got a massage from a 30 year old Half Trini/Half Venezulan. She looked 22 years old. She was 5ft tall, brown and 98 pounds. She had to be a "9" in my book! Her name is Tia! This place has a jaccuzzi room which I never got to use.

Saturday June 14, 2003:

There was another town about 20 minutes from Niagra that has 2 massage places and a strip club as well. Its called Welland

The Massage is called

Delilahs by Michelle

633 East Main Street
Welland On

They were much cheaper but had 2 lower quality girls.

Here is a picture of Facinations in Niagra!

Sunday June 15, 2003:
Sunday night I struck it big with this streetwalker!
She is a dancer that didn't make too much so I was there to help her out!!!
I have pictures of her as well. 5ft 2, 110 pounds, age 21
First thing she wanted to do was take a bath so we soaked abit.
She cost me $100 for an hour, Canadian

Noah Chapin
09-25-03, 07:32
Hey Guys! Where can a guy find a woman who provides BBBJ in Toronto or the Ontario area? Any thoughts or experiences on the subject?

Noah Chapin

09-29-03, 12:40
Pre-Trip Research Spreadsheet Alternative

For us Americans that maybe can't spell it... :( It is a good place to go if you are using VIAGRA....but don't just replace an n.... I also have registered www.sexworknf.com which should link to the same place once it propagates!

For my upcoming trip to Niagara Falls region as usual I have done my extensive pre-trip planning. Instead of my usual personal spreadsheet that often folks ask me for when they hear about it, I decided this time to create it as a Niagara/Hamilton Discussion Board.

I think I have created a monster...well...

A very detailed board for escorts/massage/strip clubs in the Hamilton/St Catharine's/Niagara area both to help myself know the options and if it can be helpful to others. Instead of my usual trip reporting format such as on www.sexworktoronto.com, I may simply use the board.

Your comments are welcome

I invite others to use the board if they find it as useful as I do. A good test of the idea that if I build a good board maybe others will come and actively participate and contribute. This makes my research as well as others easier for future trips to the Niagara Falls/Hamilton area

Dave in Phoenix
http://www.libchrist.com .

10-10-03, 01:39
I recently made a trip across the border to Niagra Falls, Canada for some debauchery and was not disappointed. The border crossing went surprising smooth considering the international situation. Currrency exchange was dissapointing as I haven't been over in almost a year. Although I usually don't gamble, I usually exchange at Casino Niagra for the best rate. The summer rush must be over as the motel on Lundy's Lane was very reasonable and decent. Natelie's supplied my first encounter and was up to their usual high standards, I forgot to ask her if she minded to be reviewed so I won't reveal her name. She was in her early 30's, average height, bottle blond (looked natural), very thin (which is rare) and a GFE. She enjoyed talking but had trouble filling some awkward silences. Once things got started awkwardness vanished. I like sexy lingerie (what guy dosn't?) and she had black lace stockings on and a lacey black bra and thong. Unfortunately the stockings came off with her black slacks all in one motion. Short skirts please and please tease. First time experience french kissing with a SP which she initiated. Had to ask for a BJ which was BB but no CIM. Stayed for full hour but no extra innings. All in all it, beats anything you could get in the States for the price. Check the web site.

10-10-03, 02:27
My most favorite place in the whole world is Roman's Babies in Welland, Ontario. On a recent trip I met Patricia. She made me guess where she was from which I couldn't despite her Spanish accent. I've met girls from NYC, Canada , Mexico, Sechelles Islands, South Africa and Barbados in there, but this girl was from Costa Rica ! Ole`. She had great legs, a cute face, nice breasts,but unfortunately an oversized tummy. Her bubbly personality more than compensated and her sexual enthusiasm was a big bonus. You are always "covered" at Babie's so your choices are CBJ or CFS. After we came back I spied a gorguous 19 year old who must have been an 11 1/2 on a scale of ten. But she had a waiting list and sometimes you don't get that warm fuzzy feeling with these younger girls. Patricia is visiting Cost Rica soon and I was invited (for a price, naturally). I was surprised to hear she is going down by car in a caravan of 10 to 15 vehicles from Toronto through the U.S and Mexico. Apparently the highway through Mexico is comparable to U.S. highways and is secure, at least by day. Gringos may still expect shakedown bribes at check points by Federales even if Hispanic, but Canadians get a free pass. Go figure. Must get to CR. Ole`.

Capt Fred
10-21-03, 21:07

Do you know of any agencies which the Ladies provide anal sex in Niagra Falls area?
Also, if I want to contact them by email, what would be the proper language to use: Greek, or anal sex?
Compared to US prices, the prices in Canada are wonderful!



Capt Fred
10-30-03, 17:37

Can you please give me more detail about Roman's Babies in Welland, and also what type of services they offer (Greek, FS)?

And, who is Natelie?

Please contact me via a private message through the WSG Forum's Private Messaging system.

I would love to go back to Niagra falls, and also take my frist trip to Welland!


11-01-03, 06:33
Capt Fred:

Natalie is Nataliesescorts.com

I highly reccomend Nicole!

Capt Fred
11-04-03, 17:23

Thank you for the information. Yes, Nicole looks very nice and very tempting.

Can you please tell me which one of these Ladies at Natalie offers Anal Sex (Greek!). I have sent emails, and no one has responded!



11-04-03, 21:43
I crossed the boarder to enjoy the riches of Niagara Falls with friends. Seductions and Sundowner are the best dance bars. Seductions dancers are far more aggressive and you receive the highest mileage. The dancers at Sundowner are better eye candy and both private dances and take out are costlier. I always refuse take out as it is costlier than using an escort. Local escorts rates 160 per hour, tip optional. There are two major agencies there. Of the following escorts I can recommend all except for Michelle at Diamonds.

Candace at Diamonds, early 20s, beautiful not model material, B tits, nice body, soft, very open minded, lots of fun, DFK, MSOG, DATY responsive, BBBJ TC, best BJ around, repeat

Jenny at Natalies, early 20, centerfold material perfect 10, petite soft body, D tits, MSOG, DATY responsive, DFKK, exceptional CBJ, greatest CG action, nice ass, repeat

Nicole at Natalies, 20s, looks younger, also centerfold material, firm soft skin, B tits, passive, LK, MSOG, DATY, BBBJ, girl next door type, repeat

Ginger at Diamonds, late 20s, cute, short hair, easy to talk to, C tits, nice body, soft, open minded, fun for all, DFK, MSOG, DATY responsive, BBBJ, repeat

Stephanie at Natalies, early 20s, also centerfold material, soft skin, verbal, nice C tits, LK, MSOG, DATY responsive, good CBJ, repeat

Michelle at Diamonds, looks late 30’s, phony D tits, petite body, cooked skin, rush session, LK, 1 SOG, DATY, lackluster BJ, will not repeat

Ashley at Diamonds, 20s, cute, C tits, soft body, open menu, lots of fun, DFK. MSOG, DATY, BBBJ TC, few extra pounds, repeat

11-05-03, 02:02
Captain Fred, you might want to check the Classifieds: Canada: Ontario section of this board, http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1265

There is an escort out of Welland advertising there by the name of Araura, she is independent escort and an import from Michigan. She got very good reviews when she was working here. Greek is definately on the menu. A sweetheart of a lady I might add, never had the chance to see her when she worked in Michigan but I will probably take the drive someday... well, also to check out Seductions while I am at it ;)

Good Luck ;)

Capt Fred
11-06-03, 21:23

Thanks a lot dude. I sent her email and she responded with more pcitures and rates.

I wish she could make it down to Niagra Falls. I asked her, and for now she said she can not make it to Niagra Falls! If the weather is not bad, I might drive for 30 minutes to see her.

I hope you make it across the border real soon.


Capt Fred
11-06-03, 21:26

Nice report on the Ladies! You must have been real busy!

Can you please tell me which of the Ladies at Natalies offer Greek?

Diamond already sent me a response to their Ladies.



Capt Fred
11-06-03, 21:30
For those who are interested in anal sex (Greek), the following Ladies from Diamonds offer this at no extra charge:

1. Ginger
2. Monica
3. Ashley


I just got an email from Crystal. I hope to be there in December. I hope they won't have too much snow this year around December.


11-06-03, 22:20

Thank you, it was almost 2 years of work I mean pleasure.

I can only confirm that Ashley from Diamonds offers Greek. None of the ladies that I have seen from Natalies offer Greek.

The independent Kandy offers Greek.


Capt Fred
11-10-03, 00:46

Thanks for the message.

I have sent several email to Crystal at Diamonds, and she has double confirmed that the Ladies I listed at Diamonds, do offer Greek.

Natalies never responded to my emails (so I don't know!)!

Also, can you give me more infomation for Kandy (rates, phone no., web site).

You can also email me at fsmk5@yahoo.com.


11-10-03, 03:20
Capt Fred,

Kandy’s phone number is 905-358-7745. She has an outcall special until the end of the year of $100.00 CN per hour. You can view her pictures at her website below. She is mid to late 30, thin, average looking, dependable, nice to talk to that offers an open menu, DFK, MSOG, CFS, BBBJTC, and GREEK.


Enjoy my friend,


11-12-03, 06:57
I figured I would add a report here for WELLAND. I was out tonight checking out what was going on. I went ot BABIES and only 2 girls there and they were both horrible the bartender was nice but nothing happening.
I saw some SW on King street and talked with 2 of them. One looked to be HIV positive and the other a little better but wanted $20 for a BJ. The steet scene in welland is scary at best.
Went to the massage place next door to Babies and for $40 CA you get a 30 min massage with happy finish. The massage was crap and the HJ was not that good either. No touching or nudity for the 30 minute rate everything else was extra.
It may be legal here but the service so far has been horrible and pricey.

I went to Sundowners (Lundy Lane 15 minutes from Welland)as well it was nice clean no cover on WED night and lots of very nice talent but very pricey private dace $20 table dance $15.

11-18-03, 04:05
Seems Kandy is out of business for the time being. Any other recommendations like her for a trip to Niagra tomorrow night.


Capt Fred
11-18-03, 23:29
Has anyone ever tried Kelly of Niagara Falls, or knows anything about her:


I would appreciate details by "private messages".



Capt Fred
11-18-03, 23:33
Does anyone know of Ladies that offere BB Greek in Niagara Falls area?


11-19-03, 14:57

I also heard that Kandy took a leave of absence. However she plays these disappearing acts about 2 or 3 times a year. But mark my words, she will return. The region will certainly have a void until then.

Kelly is in her late 40’s with a petite body of a 30 year old. She is into fetishes, role playing, giving spanking. She definitely is not submissive and will not tolerate any. She will make sure you have a good time, CFS, MSOG, DATY, DFK, she is into Greek. She lives in St. Catharines (about 20 minutes north of NF) and will travel to Niagara Falls.


Capt Fred
11-20-03, 19:31

Kandy's phone still works, and someone is taking messages for her. I think she will be back within a week, so if you leave a message or call back, I think you will find her.

Ray is right, from what I have heard, she is known for this disappearing acts!


11-25-03, 03:57
Took a trip across the border 11/22/3 but never saw the " Festival of Lights." Instead I saw Bridgette from Diamonds. She arrived on time dressed in a leather coat and denim jump suit. What's up with that? She's Hungarian and has a cute accent. Carries a few extra pounds but has nice c-cups and ass. It was only ok. CBJ, CFS and unfortunately a strong DFE.

So I took a trip to my most favorite place in the world, Roman's Babies in Welland. More dissapointment. Nobody home. Only 2 dancers and they were hiding. Wonder why?

Back to old reliable Natalie's. Tried new girl Donna and was not dissapointed. She arrived a little late dressed in a leather jacket, denim dress slit up to here, thigh high dark stockings (is this too much to ask?) and high heeled boots. Dressed for success. She sat opposite me on the other bed while we smoked and talked. It was Sharon Stone, Basic Instinct time. Yup, no panties and legs by the mile. We had a very nice talk followed by CFS. No BJ's though, wouldn't do it. But it was worth it just for the tease and overall attitude. I'll be back.

12-01-03, 20:41
Spent the afternoon with some friends at Seductions and had a better than average time. The dancers were very aggressive, I can only guess because of the holidays being near. Found out that Ginger from Diamonds was working and got a room. This is my second time with her and she let out all the stoppers that made my day. She started with the some intense DFK, that turned into 69. We were both horny as she would not stop until she completed BBBJ and CIM. She quickly set me up for round 2 that went from CG, Mish, Doggie. What a day to remember.

Grae Traveller
12-05-03, 17:34
Trip Report (delayed) -

Was in Buffalo for business and decided to partake of the delights north of the border. I scheduled 3 eves of recreation with varying levels of enjoyment. I made all appointments at least 2 weeks in advance and reconfirmed by phone the day before and the day of the rendezvous.

My first night in town, I scheduled 2 hours with Jessica of Diva's Independents. I was to see her at 8:30pm. I called Diva to let here know I was at the hotel and she said that Jessica was scheduled and would be there soon. I got a call back and Diva told me that Jessica was unable to be contacted, this was not the first time it had happened, and that this was the last straw. So, stood up.

I backed up with a call to Diamonds and found that Ashley was available. She arrived within 20 mins for a 2-hour appointment. She is a beautiful girl, but imo, her attitude really needs work. Her performance is good (not spectacular) and she needs to remember not to speak ill of clients in general (to a paying client). All in all, because of the negative attitude, I would not book her again. Looks 7/10, attitude 3/10, performance 5/10.

Night 2 was an appointment with Ginger of Diamonds. She was not my first choice, but Sierra, who was, does not make advance appointments. She arrived at the door (a little late because she was told to go to the wrong place), and my first impression was that she was not what I was looking for. Still attractive, just not the type I normally go for. I quickly overcame my initial reservations because she had, by far, the best personaltiy of any SP I've ever seen. On top of that, she actully made me believe that she likes the profession. So looks were 5.5-6/10, attitude 10/10 and performance 9/10. Definitely will look her up again.

My last night I scheduled 2 hours with Alexis from Natalies. I called at 6:30 to confirm and was told, "Sorry. She was out late last night at a party and is now ill. I don't have anybody else available, either". Undaunted, I called one of the other agencies in the phonebook. I found a girl named Gia (cannot remember the name of the agency). Nice face, but when she removed her clothes, she was heroin-thin. She also rushed the session and, let's just say she was not the most skillful I have ever seen. So, looks 5/10, attitude 6/10, performance 4/10. Not a rebook.

All in all, I was really dissapointed with the trip. I really wanted my 2 hours with Alexis, as she is my type. The bright spot was my time with Ginger. Almost worth another 8 hour drive just to see her.

Well, a lurker steps out with first report. Hope you enjoyed...


Capt Fred
12-08-03, 21:40

Based on one of my friends recommendations, and because I couldn't find Kandy, I booked 3-4 hours session with Randi (rd_hrd_vixen@hotmail.com). OH MY GOD, WHAT A MISTAKE!

I had sent her several emails before I met her, and had asked everyone I could, about what to take her as a gift. She had told me that she has big breasts and she is size 14, because of her breasts. Boy, I was shocked when I saw her. She has this flabby stomach with huge stretch marks, and huge butt. She is size 16 (not 14!), and it is mostly her ass, not her breasts.

Well, Gentlemen, it was one of the worse experiences of my life. 3 Hours wasted, and I couldn't even get rid of her. I had requested a 4 hour (my first mistake!), and then had to pay her for 3 hours!

Now, she sends me nasty emails constantly!

Capt Fred
12-08-03, 21:49
After a lousy night and a waste of money with Randi (STAY AWAY FROM RANDI), the next night, I decided to call Ashley of Diamonds.

Arranged for a late night rendezvous at my hotel. Ashley is 5'-9", brunette (blond in pictures on the web site), with a killer body, and a wonderful charming attitude. She has one of the most perfect bodies I have ever seen. If you like tattoos like I do, she has several nice tattoos! Oh yes, before I forget, piercing!

I spend 2 hours with Ashley and it was fabulous! I wish I had booked a 3 hour session. She is wonderful in all positions. We even tried Greek for a while. I guess I was too big for her, and we could only do it once, but it was well worth it!

I had checked her reviews on TERF and she is one of the Ladies who has never had a bad review. I don't know what was wrong with the other Gent. on WSG who reported bad experience with Ashley.

I spent 2 hours of no-rush session with her, and she was abs. wonderful! She wants to please you, and she expects to be treated like a Lady. Treat her right, and you will go very far! By the way, she loves Smirnoff Vodka with orange juice.


Grae Traveller
12-10-03, 17:10
Capt Fred,

I agree with you on her looks. She is a beauty. What put me off was her attitude. She admitted that she had had a bad day and that she had just had a couple of bad clients over the previous couple of days. Her performance was only average, probably because of her attitude. And, because of the attitude, I consider her a don't book again. I thought I had made that clear. Why did you come to the conclusion that there must be something wrong with me?

Capt Fred
12-11-03, 19:09

No Conclusion that something was wrong with you! I was saying I don't know what was wrong, not with you, with the situtation. Now, I know she had a bad day! Nothing implied to you!

She is a wonderful Lady, and that is your choice not to see her.


12-12-03, 14:11

I’m with you on this one, Ashley may have had a bad day. Though Ashley sure didn’t have a bad day when I saw her. In fact she made my day.

Did you hear anything more about Shyla?


Capt Fred
12-15-03, 17:19
Hi Ray:

After sending Shyla several emails, she finally responded to my question! She responded to every email, but never answered my question! So, finally, she does not offer anal sex (Sorry folks!). Everything else in on the menu.

BTW, I had such a great time with Ashley (Diamonds), that I hope to go to Canada in first week of January, just to see her again!


12-16-03, 20:45

The most popular lady that Diamonds has to offer is Ginger. I’m sure she will skillfully take care of you then have return for seconds.


01-16-04, 12:27
I'm going to be heading to the Niagara Falls area, and after doing some research on this board, plan to hit a few places while there.

My only questions is, do the girls and bars there take American dollars? I know it would be cheaper to exchange it for Canadian, but if I had to use American, is that a problem with the girls and clubs?


01-16-04, 21:06

Most the escort agencies will quote a US currency rate as well as in Canadian, which are usually reasonable. But never use US currency in the bars, they will give you 25% less than the going exchange rate for your US funds. To receive the best exchange rate you are far better off exchanging US currency for Canadian. I suggest Banks, Casino, ATM machines, then currency exchanges in that order. If you have some Canadian currancy left over, just save it for the next trip.


01-16-04, 21:10
Info of Robyn at Niagaradivas

Has anyone seen Robyn from Niagaradivas? I’m looking for a younger looking mature lady and her stats, description, and picture seems rather appetizing.

New website http://www.niagaradivas.com

Older website http://www.geocities.com/diva_631/

Capt Fred
01-19-04, 18:56
Ginger of Diamonds [www.6468400.com - (905) 646-8400]

Well, I made it across the border again this past weekend.

I had heard good things about Ginger, and really wanted to see her.

Ginger arrived right on time, as promised. She is tall, 5'-8", natural C size breasts, very sexy, with nice voluptuous ass. Within 2-3 minutes, this sexy Lady is naked and ready for me on my bed. Luckily I had her favorite drink, Stolichnaya Vodka.

Ginger is sweet, very affectionate, charming, intelligent & articulate, and sexy. I can't get over her voluptuous buttocks and ass. I can’t get over her charm and beauty! She is a combination of smarts and beauty.

If you plan to see her, please mention my name and say hello to her for me.

Always, treat her like a charming Lady that she is. She is a LADY! She loves Stolichnaya Vodka with Pepsi chaser, and smokes Dunhill (classy!) cigarettes, if you would like to take a carton to her.

I can not say enough, and can not wait for our next visit.


01-19-04, 20:52

I knew you were going to enjoy Ginger, what a sweetheart. Too bad you only were able to spend an hour with her. Seeing that she is always so busy, maybe next time you will plan ahead.


01-21-04, 00:28
Ray, I saw Robyn a few days ago. Great time. I wouldn't say she looks younger than forties, however, I found her quite attractive. Only negatives are natural forties breasts and she smokes too much. (not during) I'd like to see her get her teeth whitened and loose the smokers taste, it would add to her repeats I am sure. On the positive side, this girl is fabulous! DFK (hence the taste thing) with passion. BBBJ is one of the best. Her maturity is her best trait. Great to talk with, intelligent, English accent. Knows how to work her tiny body. Best overall sex I had while visiting the Falls area this past trip! I often prefer a mature lady for just these reasons and Robyn did not disappoint. BTW way, I saw Nicole at Natalies (does resemble Michelle Pfiefer as earlier implied) and found here exactly as you have reviewed. Thanks!

01-21-04, 01:48

Thanks for your help. Such a shame as the smoking taste sure makes DFK less desirable. Despite that fact I will most likely proceed with your recommendation.

Nicole is one of the sweetest and most beautiful in the area. She does not smoke, always has a smile, soft spoken, no piercing, and only one small tattoo. Girl next door type.


Capt Fred
01-21-04, 23:18

All I have to Say about Ginger is: WOW! WOW!

She has been the best for me in Canada. I love her atitude, her sexy buttocks, and sex with her.

Thank you so much for recomending her, and next time I make sure I book her for more than 2 hours!


01-24-04, 01:43
A few more things from last week in the Falls area. Arriving late and after mis-dialing Natalie's and not being able to expect room service, I trolled the streets a bit and had to throw two girls back. I went into Annabel's massage in the row on Lundy's near Seductions and all. Paid 140, ewe, for a so so massage hj from a cute and perky. Does any one get extras in a massage place in the area? On my way back to the States on business the next morning I went in to Seductions, had a bite to eat, and got a 120 CBJ from "Dallas". Cool place. I know thats not a deal compared to the incall , but the time and place was right. Another day back thru I called for Tiffany of Natalie's at 9. As with another date thru Natalie's, the guy calls with a change of time available as result of a conflict. No biggie. She's coming by in fifteen minutes. Only problem, I just left the room two doors down belonging to a girl I met in the casino, a freebie. I am supposed to meet her again downstairs in five. Whatever. Quick shower and skip the shave. All will be ok as long as Tiffany is hot enough to make it worthwhile. Tiffany is smokin hot! Dark hair, dark eyes, cutest smile anywhere, cant possibly be legal age! Says she just had her 23rd! Tiny body with all the curves you need, very well proportioned. What a babe! Used to be a gymnast, and a good one. Yea, I can see that. CBJ, DATY (but didn't really seem to like it), not into kissing. Typical of the young girls but certainly not like Canada in general. Although she was a freaking nice as could be, the lack of PSE just couldn't get me going. No show on the tool necessary! Holy shit! After just getting done with a sloppy one, too safe a one (smart girl) just wasn't going to work. She politely asks "is it ME?" -NO, of course not, have you EVER looked in a mirror?. She politely asks if I had seen an escort before. --Why, yes, I have. She politely asks if this has ever happened before. --Hmmm, never wanted to here this one, I politely say, why, yes, it has. Mission un-accomplished. I SHOULD SIT IN THE BOX, AND FEEL SHAME! I did enjoy giving her a massage, and didn't complain when she left nearly ten minutes early to get caught up, cause, well, there really wasn't much work getting done, though by then I was finally interested! She did remark on how tight she was, (gee, thanks for THAT darlin!), though I cant second it. I hope I can get a razor blade on the plane next time cause if this happens again I have no freaking reason to live! Try this raving beauty out and let me know, please. Really, I mean it.
I walked her out and managed to catch up with the tourist. Cool. Won 400 bucks at blackjack. Cool. Back to the room for seconds , no charge, todas bien.

Hey Tiff, want to spend next week in Vegas?

01-29-04, 15:31

I agree totally that Tiffany is smokin hot. Nice petite body with a pretty face, shapely legs, and soft firm good size tits. Though you may had a YMMV circumstance with her. She did use a cover on BJ, too bad because she had good technique. She was quite affectionate with me. Generous at kissing, no Deeeep french kissing, just mild french. I'd take her to Vegas any time!


02-16-04, 14:32
Hey Fred,

What’s the story about Diamonds Escorts? What rumors have you heard about them? The ladies there are dropping like flies. A month ago they had like 24 girls on their webpage, now they have only 13 listed.


Capt Fred
02-17-04, 21:49

I have no idea! I will ask the Ladies on the next trip across the border.

Lot of Ladies are just moving around from agency to agency. Stephanie just moved from Hour Glass to Diamonds. Go Figure!


02-18-04, 15:16

Actually Stephanie started at Diamonds, went to Natalies, then to Hourglass, now back to Diamonds. She went the full circle and have to wonder why. While Stephanie is drop dead gorgeous, she falls short of being a GFE and demands tips for any extras at all.

Ginger and possibly Ashley are the only escorts left at Diamonds worth seeing now. And as you know Ashley is not dependable at all.


02-25-04, 17:53
I had a wonderful time in the Falls with Krystal from Natalies Escorts. She is new there and experienced in massage. Krystal is young 21, 5’3” tall, slender 110 pounds, curvy smooth legs, cute face spotted with some sexy freckles, brown eyes, perky B tits, a few small tattoos, tongue ring, and short curly natural red hair. Your YMMV, but the menu that she offered to me included MSOG, DATY, BBBJ, and DFK. Sorry Fred no Greek! In addition Krystal is full of energy and will soon become a favorite to those that like younger girls.

Capt Fred
03-16-04, 21:27
I once asked a friend how to write a review about a Lady, which makes her stand out, without giving too many descriptive details of our rendezvous. As he thoughtfully addressed me: "It is hard for me to understand how anyone would want to post explicit details of a Loving act that one of these beautiful Ladies is generous enough to share with us". How gracefully said! Without giving much explicit details of our time together, I shall begin our tale:

Lisa arrived on time dressed in casual attire. She is of a petite stature (5'-2"), about 19 years old, attractive young Lady. There are pictures on the web site, not revealing her true identity, but also not doing her justice! In life, she is far better than those few shots. She has a voluptuous body, with beautiful curves and hips.

Lisa is young and dances to a totally different drummer! She is open minded and enjoys life. She is very street smart, and loves to live life on the edge. This was my first encounter with this lovely Lady. Thus, we took our time to know each other better, and enjoy each other. She is affectionate far beyond your imagination. Loves to be caressed and be embraced. She loves to be touched, and to be held. She is a type that needs to be held and assured her comfort, and slowly kissed (LFK), without rush!. For those who are "Greek Connoisseur" like myself, this exotic act, is offered at additional cost. It has to be approached gently and with care.

I enjoyed my time so much with her, that I had her booked for 2 consecutive days! I rarely do this! Thank you Lisa for a wonderful time.

For those who may want additional information, please feel free to send me a PM.

Contact Information:
Natalie's of Niagara
(905) 227-7618

Capt Fred
03-16-04, 21:58
Old Times Remembered! Old friends re-visited! This was my second encounter with this tall sexy angel! It had been two full moons since the last time we saw each other. Gabrielle is tall (5'10"), sexy, very lean body, with a warm wonderful smile. For those like me who are attracted to Eastern European Ladies, then you should definitely make plans to see her. I shall not reveal her true heritage, and will be up to you to ask and find out!

One thing about her, she doesn't kiss. I guess this could be with me, and YMMV! Trip to Greek Isles are not on her itinerary. She is very affectionate, and her body responds with twitches delightfully with each caress!

On our first rendezvous, I had found out that she loves to be gently spanked. On this occasion, for fun, she wanted to turn the tables on me! I don't like to be spanked, but was laughing so hard just trying to stop her! Overall, I did miss seeing Gabrielle, and had a wonderful time with her. She is funny, intelligent, sweet, and most of all very affectionate.

I would try my best to see her on my trips across the border.

Contact information:
Natalie's of Niagara
(905) 227-7618

Capt Fred
03-16-04, 22:37
I guess when you are having fun, sometimes you tend to spoil yourself! This was my third visit with Ladies at Natalie's during the weekend. I did have a busy weekend!

This time I chose Shawna, the "Energizer Bunny". This is the best way to describe her. She is about 5'-6", with a lean body. She has a witty personality, and charm of a European Lady!

She loves to be kissed (DFK), loves to be touched, and loves every aspect of sex. She is very open minded. She lives to please men! What more can I say! I can't say much about her restrictions, expect for trips to Greek Isles. Shawna and Gabrielle are one of the few Ladies that I see that won't offer passes for this Exotic trip.

When she affectionately whispers:" You woke up the Bunny", be ready for a wild and wonderful time. I guess you better eat your Wheaties before seeing Shawna!

Contact information:
Natalie's of Niagara
(905) 227-7618

03-17-04, 03:25
Hey Fred,

Looks like you have been busy, like real busy I must say. I enjoyed reading all three of your resent reviews, particularly about Shawna. She sounded mighty tempting to me. Maybe next trip.


03-17-04, 03:30
Tiffany-Natalie’s of Niagara

Tiffany is a young (22 year old) sweet, caring and petite lady that is 100 pounds and 5’ 1” tall with the most remarkable youthful “C” breasts that I have seen. And they are real that’s for sure! Her flawless athletic body is smooth, soft, shapely, and I don’t recall any tattoos or piercing. She has an adorable face with a big smile and long brown hair and brown eyes. Your YMMV, but the menu that she offered me was MSOG, DATY (very responsive), CBJ (lots of eye contact), and only light kissing. Again Fred no Greek offered here! Tiffany is full of energy with a very cheerful personality and easy to talk with.

Mr Bill
03-18-04, 14:26
Captain Fred informed me of this commendable far-reaching board and recommended that I become a member and post my reviews. I am not new to the area as I have been visiting Ontario since 1992 and have been enjoying the treasures that the area offers.

Review: Lisa of www.nataliesescorts.com

Journey well worth the investment

Mischief and innocence maybe an oxymoron that would capture Lisa’s ambivalence and certainly is the best way to present a more complete picture of her. She is young and something unexpected, seldom predictable, and not surprisingly full off passion. Perhaps the ultimate woman to those that want to adventure a new horizon, hey it’s nice to have variety. Lisa is a cute 19 year old lady that has that youthful vagarious charm, short straight blonde hair, adorable face with deep blue eyes and very inviting sensuous lips. Lisa doesn’t have a small frame body; but I found her figure to be most pleasing while at the same time extremely sensual and lust inducing.

We started off with a drink and some small talk, then we made our way to the bedroom. Where I soon got lost in the warmth of her radiant eyes, along with her soft lips that seemed to gently melt into mine amid an unforgettable wet kiss that seemed to reach my toes. In no time our clothes were history, that revealed her warm smooth body and soft natural breasts that just called for my attention. I continued exploring her incredible body, finally concentrating and enjoying an all-inclusive visit to the succulent delicacies of her pleasure zone. Being adorned with a fine piece of jewelry that added to her pleasure along with an enthusiastic response confirmed that my energies were deeply appreciated while she surrendered to the moment.

After a short session of caressing and cuddling she reciprocated my gestures and spared nothing to heighten my pleasure. Lisa didn’t need an interpreter to demonstrated why her French skill’s got such Kudos in an Ontario wide French Contest. I don’t know if it is the way she kept looking up at me or the technique of her tongue and lips that got me so excited. And the more I got excited, the more effort she put in. until I was about to explode. Then came the cover, and off to the races we went. It wasn’t a matter of win, place, or show,, rather the journey to get there. And that ended the first of our four hours together.

The next round started with another French lesson, another cover, then onto a deluxe cruise to the exotic Isles of Greece. This journey is neither on the window sticker nor included in the base price, as you will need an elite passport, and guys don’t expect this to be cheap. But I have to say that the journey was well worth the investment.

After another short interval of cuddling and kissing, we commenced again to discover even more erotic pleasures of every imaginable form of intimacy known. Lisa can be very engaging, accommodating, expressive, and altogether a very warm hearted young lady who loves to unwind, laugh, relax, and have a good time in anything she does. Gentlemen,,, Much like in a game of poker, Lisa holds all the cards and knows when and how to play her hand.

Mr Bill
03-18-04, 14:27
Review: Robin of www.NiagaraDivas.com

Passage to Paradise

I had the distinct pleasure to share the afternoon with another distinguished lady from NiagaraDivas. Like a fine wine you will quickly discover the essence of Robin and her finesse and delicacy from age. She is a rather sexy and mature 42 years young lady that you will not find hidden in an old barrel. Though she can be a barrel of fun in the afternoon or a stimulating date for a delightful evening on the town.

Robin punctually arrived at my door dressed in a light jacket and a big hat covering her short red hair. She was wearing a stylish sweater and matching slacks that concealed her long lean legs. Being 5’5” tall and weighing a meager 110 pounds, her slim sinful figure is very pleasing to the eyes. Being of South Africa decent, she has the most endearing English accent that will soon entice your imagination. Though let me warn you don’t become spellbound by her conversation, that her charming conversation is capable of. Rather allow her to capture the poetic magic of the moment that she can create, as that is about the only time her spoken words cease.

We kissed gently at first, then more deeply, and our tongues began to dance. While my hands explored her sensuous body, I stopped and played with her breasts through her clothing. Before long I removed her sweater and sexy bra then fondled her soft breasts and squeezed her erect nipples. Robin’s responded well, then unlocked our lips just long enough to whisper, “Don’t stop there!” No further encouragement was needed as we moved into the bedroom. Where Robin spared nothing in making me become totally absorbed in pleasure for the next three hours.

You will not be disappointed with any time shared with Robin, plus I strongly recommend that you schedule at least two hours of unadulterated pleasure out of your daily world. I assure you, She will have you begging for more.

Capt Fred
03-18-04, 18:07
Mr Bill:

Let me be the first to welcome you to our honorable, well reserved Forum.

Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful moments with Ladies in Toronto and Niagara Falls.

Hope to read more of your tales of adventure and delight.


03-18-04, 21:55
Mr. Bill,

Welcome aboard Mr. Bill. Nice touch on your reviews and thanks for sharing your experiences with us.


Mr Bill
03-25-04, 14:40
Review: Duo of Nicole & Tiffany of Natalie’s

My Valentine treat for Nicole.

Nicole is one of my favorite ladies and I wanted to present her with a special gift for Valentines Day. I carefully picked out Tiffany as the jewel from Natalie’s exotic treasure chest. She was a treat that exceeded my wildest expectations for Nicole,,, and for myself. Guys, I have said this before, if you had never done the "duo thing" you really should experience it at least once in your life and I can’t stress enough to take pleasure in ladies like Nicole and Tiffany.

Punctual as usual the two ladies immediately showered me with big hugs and kisses upon entering my room. I asked them to relax on the couch while I poured them their favorite soda. As we got comfortable together, I found out that they had never worked together as a duo team and just returned from a photo shoot. Consequently they had already admired each other’s bodies, and I noticed that Nicole had a certain lust in her eye for Tiffany. After all Tiffany is young, beautiful, petite, cute, sensuous, and most of all Bisexual.

Without more ado the ladies slowly and seductively undressed the other and at the same time they tenderly touched, caressed, fondled and explored each other’s bodies. Then they kneeled down on the couch face to face,, with arms embraced,, their tender soft lips met,,, some light tongue action,,, followed by deep long kissing. With their lips locked Tiffany laid down on the couch while Nicole followed on top. Subsequently Nicole slowly explored Tiffany’s pleasure-loving body by slowly kissing and nibbling her way down Tiffany’s neck, devouring her bounteous breasts, and finally concentrating on the succulent delicacies of her tantalizing pleasure zone. It was very erotic and extremely difficult to retrain myself from jumping into the action, watching Tiffany’s facial and body expressions get lost in the moment from Nicole’s loving touch. Tiffany could no longer hold back her emotions and vividly revealed her joys of ecstasy. They switched places on the couch and Tiffany returned the favor to Nicole in the same manner.

I have booked other duo’s, I have seen video’s, I have also seen live stage acts, and they all fall way short and don’t even close to my time with Nicole and Tiffany. These ladies were for real, they were not acting, and made my encounter a complete success. But words fail me to describe all the sights, sounds, and emotions of that wonderful night. Both of these beautiful ladies are talented in their own right, however together they created a concurrence of passion that just staggered my imagination. They certainly enjoyed each other’s company, and I definitely appreciated their interaction. And it was not long before my mind and body was full of electrifying women as they included me into their festivities. For the next two hours they never stopped paying attention to me, as I was entangled in a sea of their awesome bodies forming a multitude of Love Triangles. Leaving only a few languages, positions, and combinations left to be explored.

All good things must come to an end, at least for Tiffany. For once she left, I was engulfed by Nicole’s stimulating and sensual passion that lasted until morning.

Mr Bill
03-25-04, 14:41
Review: Shawna from Natalie’s

An Enduring Experience

Shawna arrived on time dressed somewhat casual in a tight sweater and matching skirt that was just the right combination of refinement and at the same time rather arousing. Without a doubt she turned a number of heads in the lobby! Now that would be fun to observe, however anticipating her arrival in my room was far more exciting. We engaged in some casual talk that made me realize this lady not only has a luscious lean structure; but also has a great sense of humor along with a sharp mind. It was a pleasure to share conversation with her; but unquestionably that was not why either one of us was there.

Shawna headed for the bedroom, and I followed like a love-stricken puppy overcome with desire. Next she teasingly disrobed revealing the rest of her enticing body. And if that wasn’t enough she embraced me and planted a kiss with her soft supple lips upon mine that created even more compulsion, craving and lust for her. Followed by a most stimulating French lesson, spoken in true form without the use of a translator,,, quite eloquent and extremely stimulating. Using her “sixth sense” to pause just before the point of no return, then carried on again,,, and again. After that I feasted on the delicacies of some fine dining at the “Y” that was mutually enjoyed and highly responsive.

By no means did the itinerary stop there, as she encouraged me to score three shots on goal in a multitude of positions. Another lucky reviewer mentioned about “Waking up the Bunny” and recommends that you eat your Wheaties. Let me forewarn you that the Eveready’s plush pink “Energizer Bunny” runs on cheap little alkaline batteries, while Shawna’s fine tuned 6,000-horsepower runs on pure Nitromethane! And at the same time her warm and open personality enhances the experience and is the kind of lady that reminds me of why I don’t like one-hour appointments.

03-26-04, 17:13
With both Captain Fred and Mr Bill’s endorsements I’d say that Shawna sure must be a lady to make a fuss over.

I had a wonderful time with Nicole last year. And Tiffany treated me like I was the only man in her life. I never gave it a thought of mixing the two together, then actually surviving the ordeal. Again thanks for taking the time and sharing your encounters with us.


Capt Fred
03-31-04, 16:39
I always been curious of meeting the Lady who started it all at Natalies of Niagara. On their web site, there are full pictures and exact description of this sensual Lady! Her face is uncovered to public, with striking sensual poses, tantalizing you to wish for more. She has a lean petite body (5'-3"), full soft mouthwatering breasts, with brunette hair, and sparkling hazel eyes.

Natalie arrived on time, as promised, and from the moment she walked in, she made me feel as seeing an old friend. With warm kisses and hugs, I welcomed her. No time for small talks, no time to be apart, from the start, she wanted to seduce me.

She is a beautiful, warm, inviting and assertive woman. Natalie’s seductive passion began almost as soon as we met and continued on until my cravings were finally met and completely satisfied. Ah, the thought of sensuously surrendering our bodies to each other.

Natalie, I thank you for the delightful evening. I will always cherish our moments together.

Contact information:
Natalie's of Niagara
(905) 227-7618

Capt Fred
03-31-04, 21:14
On Natalie's web site, I had seen pictures of Tiffany, and her description. I knew of her petite stature (5'-1"), and her wonderful smile under the black hat!

She arrived on time, as always promised by the Agency. When she walked in, her smile lit up her whole face! Dressed in a casual attire, wearing a short skirt, and a plush jacket. It was a pleasure to finally see her face, not hidden under a hat. With her smile, I felt so warm.

Tiffany has a beautiful face, with a luscious sexy body: natural perky breasts, nice sculpted legs and buttocks, as sculpted by a great Master. Her most stunning features are her body, and her smile. She is full of passion and affection, that staggered my imagination

I spent two full hours of memorable pleasure with Tiffany. She is a delight to be with, and I assure you she will tantalize all your senses, and make you beg for more! I went back for more the next day!

Thank you Tiffany for a great time, and yes Darling, you are what dreams are made of!

Contact information:
Natalie's of Niagara
(905) 227-7618

Mr Bill
04-01-04, 17:33
Capt Fred,

Looks as if you had another exhilarating weekend in Niagara Falls. You have pointed out Tiffany’s finest qualities: her sexy petite body, and most of all her warm irresistible smile.

I have shared numerous pleasurable hours with Natalie and always find myself besieged by her honesty, loveliness and compelling passion.

Carry on my friend.


04-05-04, 16:09

I just got back from vacation and took some time off from the hobby. You need to have a bigger bankroll than I to afford the ladies in Florida. Makes me really appreciate the affordability of the ladies in Niagara Falls.

I can see that you been busy Fred. Nice that you filled us in on your adventures.


Capt Fred
04-05-04, 19:12
This is my old review of Ginger in February. It gives me a chance to relive those fond memories, but cannot begin to quench my longing for her sweet delightful charm. Five times in the past I had the pleasure to share my life with Ginger, the last being in February. Each and every time stands out on their own right. But certainly the last was the most unforgettable:

While it was a snowy cold day outside, Ginger brought warmth to my heart as soon as she arrived in my room. Although I had thought to prepare Stolichnaya Vodka and Coca-Cola (her favorite) for us, it was not needed. For her smile was more than enough to start the fires burning inside. While she can be nicknamed "Sunshine" for all the positive rays she casts. Along with her tantalizing curvy near perfect hourglass figure, firm natural breasts, attractive face, and seductive green eyes that will hypnotize you. Leaving the rest of her ravishing beauty to mesmerize me! And sending me with her realm of her spiritual passion, with feverish hallucinations brought on by her staggering feats of magic and power.

Since sharing my life with Ginger, the sun will never rise again in the same way! And I long for the day we will be together once again to reconstruct those memories of the past and give us the chance to build new ones into the future. Until then you will remain lost in my dreams. For I dearly miss you,, in addition I thank you again for wonderful times past.


Contact information:
(905) 646-8400

Mr Bill
04-06-04, 14:10
Review: Lexi of NiagaraDivas

Sharing essence with an Angel.

There are some things that are hard to forget, and Lexi is one of them. She carried such grace into my life with the first breathtaking glance alone. From the second she appeared before me until the time she departed, she melted my heart and showered me with joy. For she is no ordinary woman; but one of Nature’s astonishing beauties that we may only hit upon in our dreams. She is 31 (looks 21), petite 5’3” tall, firm natural B cup breasts, soft curly shoulder length brown hair, and mysterious green eyes that seemed to reach deep into my soul. Lexi is extremely intelligent with a witty personality and lots of untamed energy.

We started with a quiet conversation on the sofa. Suddlendly her innocence faded, and her seductive side appeared. As she made her way on my lap, face to face with her legs straddling me, her steamy passion emerged, first her gentle touch, her kiss a Heaven-sent, you’ll sure forget your worries and strife. I asked and she said there are a few limits plus protection was always in order. Then together we walked into the unknown and revealed the true nature as being made to Love. Lexi is the perfect date who redefines the old meaning of Girl Friend Experience.

Dare to explore the mystery of Lexi and taste the essence of her being? You’re only a click away from experiencing a part of heaven NiagaraDivas .

Mr Bill
04-06-04, 14:11
Review: Victoria of Natalie’s…

Victoria’s Secrets, a whole new meaning!

Passing through Niagara Falls I found that I had a few hours to spare so I called Natalie’s and asked if my favorite was available. Needless to say she wasn't, but Natalie mentioned a new lady that just started and they didn't even have her stats listed on their Website and I would be the very first to see her. On her recommendation and my recent good fate I decided to take one for the team and even booked her for three hours. And I am mighty pleased and thankful that I did!

Victoria in a 25 (looks 18) year old petite 5’2" tall gorgeous Goddess with a graceful pleasing 34A 24 34 slender figure and cannot be an ounce over 100 pounds. She has an exceptionally adorable round face with medium length naturally blonde hair that was pulled back tight in a ponytail. That accentuated her big blue bedroom eyes, cute button nose, and enticing tender full lips. She has beautiful super soft porcelain skin from head to toe, not spoiled by tattoos, piercings, or years at the "light-bulb-beach".

After the particulars were taken care of, Victoria took me to the bedroom, quickly put her lips in action with a deep wet seductive kiss. And in no time we were both undressed. Then falls to her knees on the floor in front of me for some blissful bamboo handling. I once read that the fastest growing wood in the world is bamboo. Well I got some news for the experts, with her technique my wood indubitably surpassed that growth rate! Before overcoming by pleasure, we moved to the bed, put on a cover, and consummated our evening for the first of many times missionary style. Victoria enthusiastically continued non-stop with every conceivable position leaving very few languages left to be explored.

Victoria is the naughty little girl that your Mother may have warned you about. However if she didn’t, let me warn you when you have shared time with Victoria, you will never be the same again. For once you have experienced Victoria’s Secret Seductive Magic you will forever after long to return. I know I will!

04-16-04, 16:15
It nice to be back home, and even nicer to have the chance to get back to Niagara Falls. I took the advice of Mr Bill and Fred and booked Shawna from Natalies Escorts. I am sure glad that I did. She is in her early 30’s, 5’6” tall with a slender body, pretty face with blonde hair and blue eyes, full of energy, and a sharp mind. I found a complete menu of CFS with MSOG, responsive DATY with digits, BBBJ with good use of hands, and profound DFK. Although she may not have a body of an 18 year old girl, she sure makes up for it with her enthusiasm and personality.

Mr Bill
04-16-04, 20:20
Review: Alex of Natalie’s Escorts

Sophisticated, Seductive, and impossible to resist

When I opened the door, a young woman stood before me. Dressed in a jet-black two-piece business suit that complimented the beauty bestowed upon her serene warm-hearted face. A sparkling silver necklace wrapped around her slender neck that bought out the warmth of her seductive almost hypnotic hazel-green eyes. It's simply amazing that Alex can be so sophisticated yet so sensual. She is both charming and seductive and impossible to resist. What can you say about someone you've fallen for in a totally refreshing way? She is extremely sexy without seeming to be somebody who has a lot of sexual experience. Alex is nothing less than a porcelain doll of exquisite beauty carved from the Master’s hand, coming to life before my eyes. Comprising of a stimulating blend of intelligence and innocence plus just the right amount of sophistication and charisma. Alex makes the perfect someone to accompany you on the town, eat out at a high-end restaurant, or after a long stressful day,, a sensual total body rub to take all your cares away.

We sat down together for some small talk and shared a drink of soda. As I gazed at her, my desires were getting stronger and stronger. Knowing that very soon now, I will be both excited and relaxed all rolled up in one, as she will completely satisfy those desires. Alex starts to do a striptease, revealing a whirlwind of soft curves of her sensuous body, before she helped me undress. Then she uses her sensitive fingers to massage for stiffness, and with the skillful use of a translator, proceeds with an astonishing French lesson. At this point, totally aroused and stimulated with pleasure, Alex prepared me for entry and gave me full access into her elite indoor club. Where my raging desires stiffen even more that I’m in the realm of her paradise, stroking, pumping, with deep thrusts until we come together as one.

After sharing three fantastic hours with Alex, I decided to stay another day and booked her for another four blissful hours. Alex inspires creativity, inspires passion, and inspires inspiration itself. If beauty is only skin deep, then nobody has ever told you about Alex!

Mr Bill
04-16-04, 20:21
review: sapphire at niagaradivas…

pleasant, affectionate and unhurried.

sapphire’s beautiful face caught my eye the second she entered my room. and as soon as i saw her i knew she was a lady that i wanted to spend some time with. she has a precious round face with seductive almond shaped sparkling dark eyes, silky long black hair, cute distinctive nose, pouty lips and an amazing lustful smile. she has the innocence of one of those sweet little parochial school girls. i’m sure she was the tease that wore her pleated plaid skirt a couple inches shorter than most. her total school years she was taught no to sexuality. once she graduated, she let all the stoppers out and is all over you to make up for lost time.

after taking a short trip to the restroom to freshen up, we sat down and talked for 15 minutes and had some liquid refreshments. i kinda almost forgot why she was there. yeah right! but she certainly is a good conversationalist and spoke on may subjects with ease. we moved into the bedroom where we took turns undressing each other. revealing the rest of her sexy slender body with sleek long willowy legs, soft natural plump breasts with silver dollar sized dark brown auroras topped with succulent sweet maraschino cherry sized nipples, just waiting to be devoured.

together we snuggled on the bed then she spontaneously gave me a massage and demonstrated that her hands could speak better than her words. sapphire is a certified masseuse who’s tiny, yet capable, therapeutic hands released a lot of built up tension throughout my tired old body. i give her “two-thumbs-up” for her energetic healing power of her hands. (masseuse joke!) dave from phoenix might appreciate that one.

i returned the favor by feasting on the delicacies of sapphires pleasure zone. her overwhelming response of approval broke the king-sized headboard loose off the wall, which nearly had all the neighbor’s attention. now how do i explain that to maintenance? sapphire really enjoyed showing off her linguistic skills. her french was spoken in true form without the use of an oppressive translator, and so confidently, like it was her native language. then it was onto the main event, that she seemed to enjoy the connection almost as much as i did.

if you need the therapeutic healing power of magical hands, or a complete emotional stress release, i suggest you spend some time with sapphire from niagaradivas.

04-17-04, 14:25
Went to Seductions last Monday, actually went to several places in NF and FE. Was asked to go in the back at Seductions by a gorgeous brunette. The only flaw I noticed before going back was the gap between her two front teeth. She was tight, not an ounce of cheese. I can't remember her name though, sorry. I do remember her saying that she was Hungarian and very young 21/22.

Well, the fun ended once I was seated. She immediately asked for 1.4 for a BJ. I was caught right in the middle of which head was doing the thinking. I asked how much for FS, 4 big ones. That snapped me back to reality. She was fine, but not that fine. I had to settle for a weak dance.

Is that the going rate up there?

04-21-04, 16:11

I only go to Seductions, Sundowner, and Cristals. Most the time I have been to Cristals they have been slower than the other two, though it is a nice place. You can relax and watch the dancers without being hassled very much. I still find that there is better and more eye-candy at Sundowner, and the ladies don’t aggressively offer extras as Seductions, but still seriously push private dances. Seduction’s is by far the hustling capital of them all, especially during the evenings. During the early afternoons (including Saturdays) the crowds are thin and the ladies will negotiate the extras for the budget minded like me. Take out can be had for as low as 2 bucks then, while the evening it has been as high as 4 bucks. At $1.60,, calling an escort agency is still the best plan.


Mr Bill
05-05-04, 20:26
Review: Lexi of NiagaraDivas

A connoisseur of pleasure.

Some things in life are hard to forget and you never tire of, and Lexi is one of them. Being my fourth visit over the past Five months, Lexi has proven to be “A breath of fresh air” that continues to make my day. For she is no ordinary woman; but one of Nature’s astonishing beauties that we may only hit upon in our dreams. She is 31 (looks 21), petite 5’3” tall, with a lithe, supple and toned Dancer’s body, all natural perky B cup breasts, soft curly shoulder length brown hair, and mysterious piercing green eyes that seemed to reach deep into my soul. Lexi is intelligent with a bubbly personality, lots of untamed energy, whose entire presence radiates vitality and good living.

We started with a quiet conversation on the sofa, then suddenly her innocence faded and her seductive side appeared. Lexi made her way on my lap, face to face with her legs tightly wrapped around my waist, as her steamy passion emerged. First her gentle touch, her kiss a Heaven-sent, she’ll make you forget your worries and strife. The great news is that she just loves to kiss,,, oh the greatest act of intimacy that merely heats up the session. With her full inviting lips, either sulking or smiling, she creates promises she’s determined to keep. All the way through with our lip’s locked, she started to remove her cloths one piece at a time without missing a beat. Until she was completely naked in my arms. Then I stood up with her clinging to me and carried her to the bedroom. Where together we journeyed into the unknown where she unveiled her passionate side that revealed her heartfelt nature of being made to Love. She is a real fan of DATY and enthusiastically reciprocates the gesture with her French skills that are most proficient and always spoken with a translator. Then onto the main course where she demonstrates her spirit in a multitude of positions and shots of goal, always to a pleasurable ending. Lexi is the perfect date who redefines the old meaning of Girl Friend Experience, a true connoisseur of pleasure. She is not only spontaneous and uninhibited; but a lover of primal passion that loves to pleased and pleases in a big way.


05-05-04, 20:52
Fred, Bill,

Ginger sure made an intelligent move to Natalie’s Escorts. Without her at Diamonds they might as well close their doors, for there is no lady left worth seeing there other than Ashley.


05-06-04, 01:48
I recently had Robyn of Niagara Divas, she had favorable ratings posted earlier. My opinion is completely opposite of everything I previously read. Robyn is 42 years old, but looks well over 50, lots of wrinkles, and the worst boobs I have ever seen. They are like something out of National Geographic small flabbi and her nipples are like some one chewed on them for years and spit them out. She has scars from child birth and absolutely the worse teeth I have ever seen, spaces and rotten.
She is a talker, from S Africa and does not shut up, any activity was difficult because of her appearance and my dissappointment from what I read and who I saw. Yikes. If this is representative of Niagara Falls, that was my very last timeI will call an escort. The fee was $160.

Meanie Wing
05-11-04, 08:59

Everyone talked about Niagara Divas, how about the ladies from Diamonds? Macayla looks very girl next door. Any one of you had time with her before? Any other girls there are playable?

Thanks for any info.


05-11-04, 20:53

If you just want window trimmings you may want to see Macayla, keep in mind that she is Not a GFE. Since Ginger, Stephanie, Jessie, and Candace left Diamonds, Ashley is the only lady left worth seeing if you are looking for that total GFE.

A far better choice would be to see most any of the ladies at www.nataliesescorts.com . Since Ginger went to work for Natalie they have the most inclusive lineup of ladies.

Niagaradivas is the newest agency in Niagara Falls. Most of the ladies there are a little older, but are real pleasers.


Mr Bill
05-12-04, 19:47
Review: Dani of Natalie’s:

Awe-Inspiring, Delightful and Delicious

I have to thank the other team members for their reviews and comments that persuaded me to share some time with Dani. I was told she is one very sensual, friendly and playful hot blonde. Regrettably there are no photographs available; but the real thing is a sight to behold, she is very eye-catching at 5’6” tall, 110 pounds, trim and physically fit with long blonde hair and soft blue eyes. Even if Natalie’s had pictures of Dani on their website, all her loveliness could not be captured through a camera lens. However you may discover a glimpse of her in Webster’s Dictionary,,,, maybe under Beautiful or Sensual.

Like the Windsor Bell of Big Ben that precisely chimes out the hour in London England, our trustworthy Olde Dave delivered Dani to my door on time. She welcomed me like a long lost friend with her wonderful smile (Just one of her many great assets), big hug and a few light kisses. After I hung up her jacket, we started to chat, then her naughty grin and sweet personality went a long way to make me feel comfortable.

Before long we moved into the bedroom where she slowly undressed, while mischievously enticing me with every move. Soon she was left with nothing on except her bikini panties,, and in no time they were history as well. Dani was not timid to show me all her assets, from every angle,, and knew how to tease, if you know what I mean. Her sexy, slim and petite body is spectacular, covered with soft porcelain skin decorated with several tattoos, no piercings, in addition to her long curvy legs that seemed endless. Her youthful breasts are a nice B cup, all natural not too big, which is just fine with me. Topped off with incredible luscious nipples that begged to be catered to,,, and continually on high beams!

Dani’s scent and taste were merely intoxicating. Making dinning on her pleasure zone absolutely fantastic along with she didn’t hold back her responsive expressions of joy from my diligence. She was quick to reciprocate my gestures with her French lessons spoken most proficiently in true form and always with a translator. Finally onto the main course where she knew exactly how to get my attention, and eagerly suggested numerous positions and multiple shots of goal in a no rush session. Dani is a wonderful lady to share quality time with; but most definitely a multiple hour encounter is a must.

The only two parts that I regret were that I waited too long to see her and I had to let her go after only three hours. Dani is a real sweetheart with a passionate appetite for life and Loves to please in a big way, so treat her well!

D…. Delightful and Delicious
A…. Awesome and always Amiable
N…. Naughty and Nice
I…. Inspires Inspiration


05-13-04, 01:41
Was in Niagara for the weekend and had some fun.

Saturday, I headed to Seductions in the afternoon. There wasn't a whole lot of talent around and most of the women looked pretty rough, but hooked up with Jenny, an Argentinian girl who was a real diamond in the rough. Hung out with her for a while and then took her into the back for the full deal and had a great time. I'd recommend her to everyone.

Looks - 7
Personality - 9
Dance - 6
Service - 7

Headed over to the Sundowner the next day and hung out with a few of the ladies there. Not the same level of service as Seductions, but the dances can be great and the women are much better looking. There were these two hot twins from Ottawa there (Taylor and someone else), who were great. Also got to see two cute little blonde girls getting paid to go at one another at some guy's table - very nice and they were seriously getting into it.

The best dance of the night was from Macayla (sp?) (not the same one from Diamonds), a trim brunette. She had a great personality and gave the best lap dance that I've had in years. She was stoned on something, but it really worked for her. If you find yourself in Sundowner, definitely do what you can to hook up with this one.

Looks - 8
Personality - 9
Dances - 10

After that, I went back to my hotel and called Natalie's and they sent Leia over. I wasn't so impressed with her. She was OK looking and had a nice personality, but kept talking about what a bad day she'd been having, which I had no interest in hearing. She did have a tongue stud that made for a great BJ, but other than that, it wasn't very memorable. I'd say to skip over her when you call Natalies, apparently they have better to choose from.

Looks - 5
Personality - 6
Service - 5

NF really is a great city to visit and I look forward to getting back.

Mr Bill
05-13-04, 14:06

I am sorry that you didn’t hit it off with Leah (I believe that’s who you meant rather than Leia). Certainly Leah had an off day or you just didn’t click. Below is a review of Leah when I saw her several months ago, plus a review of her in a duo with Tiffany.


Review: Leah of Natalie's
Zenith of passion… oh-so-kissable lips.

The secret’s out! Leah is far more than simply a pretty face. She is a gracious and pleasant 20-year-old charmer that is not only beautiful and intelligent; she is experienced in the art of turning you on. Her pleasing ideal hourglass figure of 36 25 36 has curves in all the right places. She is 5’5” tall, firm all natural D cup breasts topped off with sizeable succulent nipples that beckon to be nibbled on, and shapely well-formed legs that will take you to all the way to heaven. Leah has gorgeous soft pearl-white skin not wrinkled beyond her year’s by the sun, one tattoo on her shoulder, delightful circular face, with an eyebrow ring, soft long brown hair, deep brown seductive eyes, and yummy luscious oh-so-kissable lips. Leah’s zenith of passion!

Leah sure knew how to jump-start my motor. In fact, she essentially kept mine running long past its’ extended warranty period. This seductive lassie is not only a teaser; but also a real pleaser. And will not stop until she is absolutely sure that both your needs along with your desires are entirely satisfied. In addition there is no doubt that she enjoys her playtime as much as you do. Illustrated by Leah's soft groans that swiftly turned into loud moans of ecstasy streaming from between her legs. Along with witnessing her beautiful face in an expression of pain of pleasure that liberating me as I melted into her flesh. Leah’s French is spoken so elegantly, without the need of a cumbersome interpreter, and intensified by the playful use of her tongue ring. I was exceptionally taken and pleased by Leah’s sensuous spirit, seductive nature, intimate touching, gleaming heart of gold, and of course her scrumptious body with all those sleek enticing curves.

Review: Duo of Tiffany and Leah of Natalie’s…

Intoxicating rush harmonized between two ladies…

On a short notice I set up another threesome with Nicole and Tiffany; but Nicole would not be available. Reviewing my options I decided to have Tiffany make the choice of a substitute equal. She suggested that Leah would fill her fantasy and mine, despite the fact that she was new and never shared any intimate times together. Thanks to our trusty Ole’ Dave, within the next hour she was at our door ready for action wearing a shear dress that accentuated her sexy curvy body. After a warm welcoming hug and some tantalizing kisses, I directed her to put on a pink La Senza Lingerie Teddy set I purchased to match the one that I gave to Tiffany.

Once changed, Leah made her way to the bedroom and snuggled next to me on the bed with Tiffany cuddled on my far side. Now try to envision lying between two scantly clad ladies trying to make a three-way conversation while four hands are touching, caressing, and exploring every part of your body. All right,,, they were talking, I was floating in air and just mumbling my thoughts of ecstasy. Without stopping any sensual pleasures both ladies eventually removed the remainder of their garments leaving me in a sea of lustful naked bodies. Then Tiffany makes her way across my body to embrace Leah and planted a big long slurpy wet kiss upon her lips. If that sight alone would not make a lady turn lesbian, how about the way Tiffany’s hands, lips, and tongue explored and probed the depth of Leah’s obsession, gorgeous soft breasts, succulent nipples, and tempting pleasure zone! Then the intoxicating rush I received from the feeding frenzy of their repeatedly taking turns to worship, tantalize, and maximize my manlihood.

The whole three hours was a treat that far exceeded my wildest expectations. But the highlight of the threesome was the third “Love Triangle” that we experimented with. My member penetrating Leah’s pleasure zone, while the ladies were noisily French kissing, Leah’s was playing in Tifanny’s toy chest, Tiffany was arousing Leah’s pleasure zone with her fingers, and my lips were either tasting several different lips or nibbling on one of the four succulent breasts. Eventually that consumed all three us and catapulted us into ecstasy land simultaneously as one. The timing between two can be easier said than done,,, can you imagine all three! Second to none, these ladies will make you feel all MAN!

When our time was up, Tiffany pulled me aside, and requested if she could share the rest of the night with me. She went on to say the she would be really nice to me,,, Reaaaally Nice…. Wow! How could I turn down that offer? I couldn’t, I wouldn’t,,,, and I didn’t…. So for the next 10 hours I was adorned by all the realm’s of Tiffany’s devotion and undeniable seduction, where all boundaries disappear within Heaven’s gates.

Mr Bill
06-14-04, 21:44
Review: Duo of Nicole and Victoria of Natalie’s...

Heart-Stopping Tag-Team

My original weekend plans were to spend five hours with Victoria, then settle for a long night with a sensual and relaxing encounter with Nicole. Soon after Victoria arrived I popped the question about a Threesome with Nicole. She put no doubt in my mind that she’d cherished the thought and enthusiastically approved of the idea. In the past year I have reviewed three duo teams from the Niagara Region. Causing an inundated amount of PM’s asking all sorts of questions. Two respondents asked if I thought Victoria would make a good partner with Nicole. This was my opportunity to answer them and realize the joy and fulfillment of another fantasy come to life.

In one hand we have the most beautiful lady in the Niagara Region. Nicole is a 27 year old brunette, toned and shapely that is caring and lovable with a more laid back personality. In the other is a 24 year old, petite natural blonde. Victoria is sweet and cute, very passionate with a far more aggressive and flirtatious nature. Either lady is very capable to put a throb in your heart and make your knees wobble. Surely together,, One may need a cardiac team on hand to survive the ordeal. Certainly time and life waits for no one, and I was about to live the thrill of my life.

A quick phone call, and trusty olde’ Dave had Nicole at our door. Dressed in a short denim mini skirt that accentuated her bare shapely long legs and a tight fitting blouse that exposed her tantalizing natural cleavage. Neither lady was unfamiliar to duo’s; but never had the opportunity to share time together. Much like an Oreo Cookie we sat down “FMF” on the cozy sofa, munched on some snacks and sipped on some drinks. After getting comfortable together, Victoria soon took the initiative and started to seduce Nicole. Acting like I wasn’t around, the pair started to lightly touch, embrace, fondle, each other’s bodies. Then their lips met for a deep and long passionate kiss that sent shivers and tingles down my spine. Followed by taking turns slowly removing each other’s clothes, until both were totally naked and entirely exposed standing in front of me. Truly a fascinating beautiful and breathtaking sight to behold.

Victoria then suggested that we all go to the bedroom and get more comfortable. Where the ladies took turns undressing me and led me to the bed. Together we simultaneously frolicked, fondled, caressed and kissed to a prelude of warm ambiance. The festivities were incredible, including a wonderful stretch of a four handed massage. (Nothing quite like hugs and kisses in all the right places!) Following an enticing round of twister, Victoria began her oral skills nuzzling Nicole’s neck, past her shoulders, pausing at her luscious natural perky breasts long enough to tease her nipples hard, and lastly concentrating on her pleasure zone. The look on Nicole’s face was just priceless, as Victoria, with a little assistance from me, relentlessly drove her to the edge,, stopping,,, and then some. Her patience and skills paid off big dividends as Nicole was catapulted into ecstasy. And along with her expression that I have not seen before, Nicole focused her affection of delight on me. No doubt that Victoria’s Oscar Winning performance could easily make the dead rise!

Nicole then duplicated all of Victoria’s sensuous passion. And while she was dinning on the delicacies of Victoria’s toy chest, we French Kissed deeply, tongues dancing together, as her pouty inviting red lips melted into mine. Victoria struggles, twists and turns,,, but there is no escape from Nicole’s relentless obsession, so caring yet so powerful. Awaiting Victoria’s miraculous surrender to the moment,, then suddenly her body became limp and rested lifelessly in my arms, with just a soft quiet whisper of reprieve .

Now the heavenly predicament, there are two of them only one of me. And as they turned their attention to me, I knew my time has come and I was in for an unforgettable experience. I kept thinking, I do not want to loose it, remain focused and pace myself. Imagine the intoxicating rush from two beautiful ladies taking turns to tantalize, tease, and exploit your manhood. Then Victoria wanted to show off her live rodeo skills. This cowgirl sure can bust any bronco. Picture the view and my pulse-raising blissful thoughts while she was riding reverse in the saddle, embracing Nicole having their lips locked! Nicole would not to be outdone, and soon joined the competition and proved that she was also a rodeo star as well. I never knew that there were so many techniques and riding events at the rodeo. The final and ultimate tag team event, literally contrived for my benefit, about sent this elderly horse off to the glue factory long before my time.

Do not see these two ladies unless you want to experience sounds, sights, and passion that you may never have dreamed existed. At the same time learn first hand how to be spoiled, fulfilled, adorned by two incredible sexy and talented ladies.


Mr Bill
06-23-04, 00:34
Review: Ginger of Natalie's:

It's all about a beautiful sexy woman called Ginger..

Just when I thought nothing would cause me as much Enthusiasm in my life, along comes Ginger, and all I can say it was totally Electrifying, both being spelled with a capital “E”! Plus it has taken me several days to recover enough from our sensuous activities to write a review.

Nothing other than Ginger... Let me tell you guys, if you haven’t taken the time to see her, you had better. She is stunning, amazing, articulate, intelligent and speaks with authority, yet has a soft-spoken personality. Let’s not forget that she is also beautiful and girly, while being extremely sexy! She's not a “cookie cutter” type of lady; rather someone who can be spontaneous and natural all rolled up into one. Infused with funniness and mischievous behavior, Ginger’s delight in her own body and her sexuality are amazingly contagious and addictive. Shown by the way she transforms desires, lust, sex into the recognition that you are desired.

The moment she stepped into my room, I was given a nice friendly hug and kiss that set the mood for relaxation and fun. Ginger quickly put me at ease and we slowly started our encounter. We took the time to get to know one and other, about our lives and things going around. I could have easily spent the rest of our time looking into her dazzling green eyes and talking. However Ginger said those delightful words, “Let’s get busy!” Then went to the bathroom and returned wearing the sexy hot pink lingerie that I picked out for her from La Senza. Ginger looked HOT, I couldn’t remove my clothes fast enough, then clinched her in my arms. Next came a profound kiss, a kiss to end all kisses, endlessly as our lips melted together.

Next I was off to explore the rest of Ginger’s magnificent body. Briefly stopping at her bounteous firm all natural breasts with succulent nipples that begged to be nurtured. Then onto the realm of Ginger’s pleasure zone, where dinning was not only encouraged, it was tasty, wet and responsive, along with mutually enjoyed. Masterful French lessons were abundantly offered throughout all the festivities. Spoken like an experienced linguist without a bothersome interpreter. Extremely articulate and stimulating,, just to the point that old faithful would inadvertently erupt. Followed by placing on a safety net and climbing aboard for a spine-tingling ride of my life. Then switched to missionary where I could control the ride. Finally we both simultaneously catapulted to ecstasy in a Love triangle position meant for three. Lastly we just laid together enjoying the afterglow, while caressing, cuddling and kissing.

Ginger is a keeper, classy and mysterious, sexy and seductive, hauntingly beautiful,,, the kind of lady that will not only capture your mind; but your heart,,, then won’t let it go!


Joe Guy
06-25-04, 04:21
It took me two months to get approved here so I have a backlog of reports. :)

Jessie of Diamonds

Jessie is a fun loving mature lady with a wonderful personality. We clicked right from the start, and she made our two hours fly by. The menu included DFK, MSOG in just about any position you can imagine (and one I'd never tried before!), CBJTC, and whipped cream!
Her only flaw, as far as I'm concerned, was some stretch marks. Her hygiene was excellent. I plan to see her again soon.

She can be found at www.6468400.com. I'm going to try to attach a photo to this.

Joe Guy
06-25-04, 04:26
Sarah of Natalies

Sarah arrived late, but the agency called and said she was running behind. She was worth the wait! Sarah is a young, very large busted (mmmmm) beauty with a nice smile. Personality wise, we did not click so well, but with someone who looks like her, it doesn't make that much of a difference.

On the menu were 1 SOG, BBBJ, incredible doggie style, and LFK.
Her hygiene was good, but she mentioned that she had been in a vehicle for three hours before our encounter, so she wasn't completely fresh (not her fault).

She can be found at www.nataliesescorts.com. I don't have a picture to attach.

Joe Guy
06-25-04, 04:30
Sharlotte of Niagara Divas.

Sharlotte was a big disappointment. A member on another board recommended her highly, so I took a chance.

She arrived more than an hour late, with no explanation from the agency. She was not dressed well, and looked like she was intoxicated. I cut the appointment short. I will not repeat.

She can be found at www.niagaradivas.com. I'll try to attach a picture to this post as well, but she isn't one you want to see.

Tall Guy John
06-25-04, 15:36
On a business trip to Niagara Falls I was told about Sundowners, so my friend and I caught a taxi. What an amazing place. All the girls are drop dead gorgeous!

I got a few private dances with varying degrees of contact.

--Testarossa is the best looking woman in the place, but she really won't touch you and you can't touch her between the legs.

--April, from Romania, was very hot and was all over me all outside my pants.

--Paris, a very tall, big chested (fake) blond. Instantly had my pants open and was working on me with her very skilled hands. Because of all the teasing from the other girls I was ready to blow almost instantly. I finished up with her during the first private dance. Amazing!

The next time we were out there we decide to try Seductions. Things were totally different. Where the girls at Sundowners were ALL 10's, the best girl at Seductions was an 8-9, most being 5's. Then we sat there for about 30 minutes and not one woman came over to us. We were getting very frustrated and were thinking about leaving when one of the girls came up to me and asked if I wanted a private dance.

She wasn't that good looking, but I took what I could get. Just before we got to the back room she stopped and asked me if I wanted anything additional. I played dumb and asked what she meant. She replied, "how about a blowjob". Cool, I thought, when you don't know a place it's ackward asking for extras. We agreed on a price ($100 CAD) and we went to the back room.

When we finished I went back out to our table and discovered that my friend just had a similar experience. So I guess the word was out about us. From that point on, every girl in the place started coming up to us, fully negotiating right at our table. It was nice to be able to pick and choose.

I really hot young thing, Trinity, offered her services for $60 CAD (I guess I should have shopped around the first time) and delivered in a big way. She was great.

I realize that we spent way more than we would have if we just hired an escort, but I really like the choices available at a club. To each their own.

06-29-04, 13:33
Joe Guy,

Just curious what other board and what member so highly recommended Sharlotte?


Joe Guy
06-29-04, 23:44

It doesn'tmatter now. He was embarassed and has apologized to me for the bum steer.

You seem to know a lot about the local happenings. What’s the story about Natalies' Escorts? What rumors have you heard about them? The ladies there are dropping like flies. A month ago they had like 14 girls on their webpage, now they have only 10 listed, and one of them is in jail according to this:


I was hoping to see Tiffany, but I guess not. Alex and Rose have not been shown as being available on their site for about a month now. All they ever have is two or three ladies available. What's happening?

Looks like Diva's has had some problems too.


What's going on in Niagara Falls?

06-30-04, 13:41

Interesting that you should ask. What we have going on in Niagara is an overzealous agency owner that has taken to the boards under numerous handles bashing his competition making fictitious reviews and embellishing on stories for his personal gains and shortcomings. When in fact it is his business that is floundering.


Capt Fred
06-30-04, 16:06
Joe Guy:

What satisfaction do you get from posting links to other Agencies' past troubles? Do you really enjoy attacking other Agencies? Are you simply trying to destroy their reputations?

Who really cares about a little trouble one of the ladies had? Doesn't she deserve peace? It is past! We all make mistakes.

IMHO, Diva's and Natalie's are both outstanding Agencies in Niagara Falls, far more better than Diamonds. Lot more ladies have left Diamonds, and joined other Agencies! From 20 last year, there are only 4 old ones left!


Joe Guy
06-30-04, 23:57
I wasn't trying to start a flame war guys, I was just asking if anybody knew what was going on.

Ray, do you have any evidence to support your accusation? I see a lot of negativity about Diamonds coming from your direction, and I have always found them to be the best in Niagara, with Natalie's a very close second. Niagara Diva's isn't a new agency, despite what you said in an earlier post. It has been open for about two years, and I always thought of them as a distant third.

Captain Fred - I've always noticed that the flow of ladies has been more from Natalies to Diamonds. Some of the very best I've had started at Natalies and left for Diamonds. But that's just my experience.

You know guys, a lot of the Niagara forums have been spoiled by the kind of bickering and accusations I see in the two posts below. I'd hate to see it here.

I think there is a place for discussion about an agency's "past" troubles, especially where crack, coke, and guns are involved. Those trouble aren't "past", it is something that is going on right now, and it is something I think customers should know about to make an informed decision. Isn't sharing information what review boards are for?

07-01-04, 20:31
First off you are the one that is new here that came from nowhere and spouts out all kinds of crap with futile links. We haven’t had any troublesome flamers until you arrived. So please do not start. If you are a satisfied client of Diamonds, that’s great keep using them! Don’t try to tell me how fantastic they are and how bad the others are. Eventually when you open your eyes, you learn their malicious practices and will stop using them also.

I haven’t seen Alexandria other than her recent pictures and reviews. However I did know Candace very well. And from your review and others I can unequivocally say that Alexandria doesn’t amount to a pimple on Candace’s tight little ass! And don’t give me any crap about howling on line either, by your own admission she uses a cover on her BJ. Candace’s BBBJTC and swallowed with a smile will even top what your GF would do. Candace could easily deep throat an 8” cock to the base. So let’s not compare the two because there is no comparison. BTW you would know how to howl on line if you actually experienced Candace! Additionally no one made a big deal about the run in she had with the law. Like I said you WILL learn!

As far as exists and longevity. Ginger, Tiffany and Natalie were all once Diamond employees. All are still at Natalies Escorts. Plus Nicole and Gabrielle have been with them for years. To the best of my knowledge presently Diamonds has no past employees from Natalies. Plus very few Diamonds have any kind of longevity.

In addition Diamonds has raised their rates $10.00 above any service in the region and they still have the lowest pay to their ladies. Just read the classified adds in the Niagara Falls Review and talk to the ladies.

Capt Fred
07-02-04, 04:41
Joe Guy:

It is shameful that person like you has to come to WSG, and start this kind of things. This always has been and will be a "Gentleman's Forum". And, before you came to this Forum, we never had any type of problems or issues.

I personally know few people on this Forum, and we are friends. Most of the time, everyone is honest, and not descriptive. I am amazed about Ray! You must really have pissed him off, to respond this way!

Mostly, none of us ever tries to put down any Agency, as you kindly reminded us how one person in particular, has destroyed the other Forums. I think you know that person!

Also, for your information, the flow of Ladies has always been from Diamonds to Natalies, and not vice versa. Diamonds has horrible stroies, which all have been verified by law, and by ex-employees. Natalie started Natalies over four years ago, and she used to be at Diamonds. She has employees that have been with her for over 3 years. I had used Diamonds, and the only ladies still employed since January 2004, are Ashley and Michelle. The rest have left the Agency. It is so outrageous and horrifying, that when a Lady leaves Diamonds, she is followed by horrible stories of drug abuse, theft, alcohol abuse, or even abusing customers or druging customers. Stories which have no factual truth. It is a shame! No one is allowed to leave, because she just quit. No,, everyone did something which made Diamonds' owner fire her.

Most people here are regular clients of Agencies of Niagara Falls area, they all know the reputation of Diamonds, that I do not need to discuss here. Believe or not, no one ever before you said anything bad about Diamonds, Natalies or Divas!!! That is so strange that you opened such can of worms! Please just discuss the Ladies, without trying to put other Agencies down, and please don't bring the crap from other Forums here.

Frankly, your point of views, personal issues or agenda, and reports are not welcome here.


Grae Traveller
07-02-04, 19:26
Hi all,

Firsst I want to report on a Motel. Aston Villas on Lundy's has a midweek $35/night rate. The rooms are clean, but the a/c is antiquated and loud. I did not spend my nights there, but for the evening activities, it was acceptable.

I saw Meghan of Diva's my first night. She is not up on the sight as she just left another agency and started working for Diva's. Funny thing was that they tried calling her during our time. Everything was safe (ie. covered) and no kissing. I was completely satisfied with my time spent with her ad will try to rebook her next time I'm at the Falls.

Next day was with Victoria of Natalie's based on Mr.Bills earlier report. She was just as reported before (gorgeous and very petite). I will add that she is a talker, but tends to mumble a bit. I did leave happy after our time was up.

Someone asked about Lexi, and she does not seem to be working any longer. And Alex of Natalie's has always been very part time and has also been ill lately. She may be back and she may not.

Monger On, Guys!

Joe Guy
07-03-04, 15:01

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding Women for Sex.

Let's get back to the subject.

Thank You,


Capt Fred
07-04-04, 10:24

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding Women for Sex.

Let's get back to the subject.

Thank You,


Joe Guy
07-04-04, 23:44

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding Women for Sex.

Let's get back to the subject.

Thank You,


07-06-04, 13:50

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding Women for Sex.

Let's get back to the subject.

Thank You,


Florida John II
07-07-04, 05:32
Don't know about all this in-fighting but I have used both services with good and bad from both.

Here is my experience -


Macayla - Very, very, very attractive and sweet. Not a GFE. Doesn't like to give BJ, but did for me, BBBJ style. Would see her again, again again if able. No Greek and not willing no matter the price.

Ashley - Not as attractive and older then photos would appear, but a good SP. BBBJ and Greek on the menu.

Amber - Have not tried Amber, but heard she is also very good and is recommended.

Maddie - Had a bad experience with Maddie, was not fresh for the appointment. Asked if it was okay if she removed her teeth (no joke). Would not recommend. Would not see her again if free. That is just my thoughts. You might like.

No longer listed on Diamonds but saw -

Candace - Total GFE. Great BBBJ with swallow. Pretty face and figure. Hope see makes a return, very excellent SP.

A few SP that I can't remember the names, so not great, but not poor either. Hope to hear comments from real clients about the new girls on Diamonds (Kimberly, Alexandra, Sadie) and Rickie.

Florida John II
07-07-04, 05:53

Nicole - Had an okay experience with her. She was not that into me, but you might be different. My BJ was CBJ. No kissing. Not a GFE at all. If my favs were unavailable, would see again hoping service would be better. Great body.

Tiffany - Other than Maddie at Diamonds, worst SP I have had in the Niagra Region. Tiffany showed up higher than a kite. Kept telling me she was a good girl and only did this for extra money. Must have repeated it ten times.

Shawna - Not as attractive as other girls. Older. Was willing to be open to almost everything, but I was into her. You might be different. Would recommend unless you are in your 50's and don't want someone younger.

No longer listed -

Marrissa & Taylor - Saw as a duo, Taylor is very attractive and Marrissa is very cute. BBBJ and sort of a GFE. They were either high or drunk. Kept going to the bathroom every 15 mins. of so. Guessing to get a quick fix. But I would see again and hope for different night. Both very attractive.

Amanda - Attractive. slightly bigger then photos would lead, but cute and not heavy. CBJ. Great doggy. Best so far of any SP. Or we just fit together well. Would see again if see returned.

Jenny - cute, small with natural boobs, but heard she had them done since I saw her. Not a GFE and not a talker but can rock your world. Would see her again if she makes a return.

Stephanie (At Diamonds Also) - Very pretty and nice body. Not a GFE at all. Good CBJ. Nice if you don't want a GFE.

Several other SP's but can't remember the names. So not bad, but not great either.

Florida John II
07-07-04, 05:57
Does anyone have information about Candace or Jenny? Would like to see both on my next trip.

If you want a truely hott sexy girl, see Macayla at Diamonds. Nicest tits and ass. Only draw back is see doesn't provide the GFE. But she slowly provided more and more for me, but I saw her multiple times during my last visit to the area for multiple hours.

Mr Bill
07-07-04, 19:06
Florida John,

You must be a rather old timer to know of Marissa and Taylor from Natalie’s. The cousins for sure were the hottest numbers in the region and drooling men flocked from all over to see them. I along with a big part of the region certainly was disappointed by their departure, and overwhelmingly would anticipate their return. The tag-team chemistry of this duo was both captivating and electrifying that only the hardiest would live to tell the tale.

Why would you sell yourself short and waste your time and money with a non-GFE? Go see Ginger, Victoria, Alex from Natalie’s or Maggie, Katie, Sharlotte from NiagaraDivas.


Mr Bill
07-07-04, 19:09
review: sharlotte of niagaradivas:

hardly a bun steer, rather a complete girl friend experience.

sharlotte arrived on time seductively dressed in a tight mini skirt and a loose shirt covering a tight halter-top. she is a younger looking 33 year old sweetie that is coupled with a exceptional and lively personality. what a body, she is tall (5’9”) and slim {120 pounds) but curvy in all the right places her shapely long legs run all the way to her tiny firm bum and flawless (except for two small tattoos) soft skin from head to toe. in addition she has an attractive face with sparkling brown eyes, captivating smile along with inviting full lips, and long (past her shoulders) very fine straight hair that i’d label strawberry blonde with accented red highlights, all natural of course.

our session started off very relaxed, unhurried and laid back. sharlotte sat beside me and chitchatted, shared a drink, cuddled a little to get warmed up. then off to the bedroom, where things really warmed up. we continued mutual stroking and kissing all the while undressing each other. followed by some exotic lessons in canada’s other superfluous language, spoken in true form with lots of enthusiasm and rather boundless accent. next i returned the favor and took pleasure in the succulent delicacies of fine dining that was both mutually arousing and appreciated. after that onto the main event where a variety of positions were employed with several shots of goal. where the voracious lust of mind and body was not deprived as sharlotte awe-inspiring abilities overwhelmed and consumed me. lastly we snuggled together followed be a full body massage from sharlotte’s small yet fully capable therapeutic hands.

suffice to say sharlotte was a complete girl friend experience, with lots of cuddling, kissing, you name it. sharlotte certainly took her time and seemed to enjoy herself as well as pleasing me.


07-08-04, 20:09

Don’t get your hopes up about seeing either Candace or Jenny on your next trip. Candace had a long bout with the law and is living the straight and narrow, while Jenny moved away to a new life.

If you want some genuine GFE you better scrap your plans seeing Macayla and make your way to see Maggie and Sharlotte from Niagardivas or Victoria and Ginger from Natalies.

Mr Bill
07-14-04, 18:04
Review: Meghan of NiagaraDivas...

Cordial, sweet with captivating enthusiasm

The best three words to describe Meghan are sincere, cute and adventuresome. She is 24 years old 5’6” tall and slender @ 115 pounds yet toned body sporting a 34C 24 34 figure having cute face with long reddish-brown hair that flows past her shoulders. Several tattoos and a piercing are the only man-made additions to her splendid body. Presently there are no pictures available of Meghan, though don’t let that stop you from seeing her. I am at a loss for words; but can describe her as Wowee! Meghan has that intangible glamour and prowess that will have you raving about her heart-stirring looks in addition to her competence. However when you’re alone with her,,, the moments need no words! Meghan took off her shoes and led me to the bedroom. Then the party began…

Meghan started with some nice hugs and tender caresses. Followed by some warm kisses from her pouty soft red lips,,, that lead to some sensual French kissing. The sexual energy continued building between us as I anticipated her next move. Soon her blouse was off and Meghan’s nimble fingers undid the clasp of her lacy C cup bra. My, My,,, as two wondrous soft natural breasts fell from their confinement. There’re incredible with large dark brown auroras topped of with luscious plump nipples already hardened and just waiting to be devoured. Let me forewarn you she has an unfamiliar bliss about touching her, that I’d imagine dates back to her childhood by being tickled. Particularly noticeable when I went exploring the succulent delicacies of her all natural pleasure zone. As Meghan guided my mouth and tongue with her fingers to pleasure her body. Part over-stimulation, part helplessness, shortly she withdrew her hands as I relentlessly drove her toward the edge and finally surrendering. For there was no escape from my unremitting obsession so caring yet powerful that in the end catapulted her into ecstasy.

After another short bout of cuddling Meghan focused all her affection on me. First by demonstrating her French lessons spoken in true form with the use of an interpreter. Just before overcoming by pleasure Meghan proceeded with a cowgirl ride and enthusiastically continued non-stop with most every conceivable position leaving very few languages left to be explored with a number of happy endings.

I found that Meghan was not rushed or a clock-watcher and not a hint of a business attitude. She is cordial, sweet, delightful and at the same time exhibited maturity beyond her chronological age of 24. All the while maintaining that youthful vivacity and captivating enthusiasm.


07-15-04, 00:30
I will be making my first visit to N.F. on Friday this week. Will be there with wife so cant call up a lady to my room. Are there any MPs in N.F. If so what is the SOP and how do I find them?

Rochester Man
07-20-04, 02:49
Plenty of MP in NF, most are located my the strip clubs on Lundy's Lane. Deja Vu is one of them. Most are hit and miss, I prefer the ones in Toronto, more competition makes for better service.

Mr Bill
07-20-04, 16:02
Review: Willow of NiagaraDivas.

Moments of tenderness forever remain.

I always book at least two-hour appointments and leave the option open to extend a few hours if we are having so much fun. However Willow and I got lost in the moment that four hours flew by sooner than I realized and we had to part before I would be late for another engagement that evening. Certainly that doesn’t say it all for this red-haired siren. For on the surface she looks like that innocent younger mother found next door that has it all and screams for your attention.

Let’s get back to hard facts. Willow looks like she is Thirty, though she is 36. She is 5’8" tall with an athletic framed body appearing no more than 130 pounds. She has a cute oval face with a small turned up nose, sparkling green eyes, pouty red lips, with long soft reddish-brown hair that flows halfway down her back, large soft natural breasts 36 D’s with colossal nipples that are always on high-beam and just waiting to be devoured. Other than a few tattoos, her soft porcelain skin is not hardened and aged by years in the sun. Plus Willow not only wants to own your body and soul, she is more than willing to give of herself to fulfill your innermost fantasies and desires.

The inevitable jitters ran through my body as I heard that soft knock on my door. However they were soon dispelled by the warm welcome chock-full of hugs and kisses. I never had a session that started so swiftly and progressed so naturally. We kissed tenderly at first, more deeply and our tongues began to dance along with the voracious lust of the mind and body that would not be denied. For Willow is an astounding kisser and most definitely a serious contender for any kissing competition. My hands explored her sumptuous body, stopping and playing with her breasts through her clothing. Before long I removed her blouse and slid down her black lingerie, then fondled her soft breasts and squeezed her already erect nipples. Willow caught her breath, arched her back forward, thrusting them harder against me. She moaned, "take your clothes off,,, I want to feel your skin against mine!" No further encouragement was needed as Willow’s electrifying and sensual aura consumed me and left me totally enthralled by her extraordinary talents and captivating charm.

Willow does not need an interpreter to established why her French skill’s got such Kudos in the Ontario French Contest. And the more I got excited, the more effort she put into it. While both her eye contact and technique elicited robust excitement that drove me to the brink and again. And when I thought that I could take it no longer, Willow skillfully placed on a cover. Then we went to discover every erotic pleasures of every imaginable form of intimacy known, with many happy endings including a journey to the exotic Isles of Greece.

Willow is extremely accommodating, intelligent, warm hearted, expressive, and altogether a very sensual lady that loves to have a good time. She is that naughty little girl that your Mother might have warned you about and that you have dreamed of ever since!


07-20-04, 21:51
Last year Sundowner was requiring some kind of membership and they wanted to photocopy drivers license, so I went to Seductions instead, because of concerns about identity theft. Just wondering if Sundowner is still copying driver's license?

Mr Bill
07-23-04, 18:07
review: shanon of natalie’s.

expression of erotic pleasures.

shanon arrived on time provocatively dressed with a “form fitted” outfit that enhanced her seam-bursting cleavage and exposed her midriff that would start any man’s sexual juices flowing. she has just started at natalie’s a week ago and consequently there were no pictures available. though i must say the sure loveliness of this 19 year-old polish-serbian lady pleasantly surprised me. being 5’ 7” tall, 125 pounds, 34b 25 36 figure with all the curves in the right places. she has splendid perky natural breasts with small pink nipples that just come alive with attention. sleek curvy long legs that run all the way to her firm rounded bum. her attractive circular face is adorned with a cute nose, oh-so delectable kissable red lips that make up her lustful smile, bedroom blue eyes, and naturally curly black hair to her shoulders.

shanon is quite a good conversationalist and a “people person” subsequently she was able to converse the whole two hours we were together. however i wasn’t bored with her chitchat, rather her knowledge and interests intrigued me. she has been a message parlor attendant and demonstrated that her therapeutic healing power of her strong fingers could speak louder than her words and brought along plentiful lotions to enhance the pleasure. she started on my back, then asked me to roll over and continued to relieve the kinks. from time to time brushing against my privates. shanon remarked, “she knows ‘little bill’ better than i do.” soon she had him at full attention, using just the right amount of lotion, both hands in different motions, adding more lotion, changed the pace, etc. it was like she could read my mind exactly where i was at, as she brought me to the edge many times and would stop or change rhythm to stop me from spouting off. after about 10 delightful minutes of intense gratification she placed on a cover and started some very stimulating french lessons. spoken like a master with an accent from her tongue ring. as i was enjoying the moment shanon said, (ymmv on this) "she read that ‘little bill’ wasn’t happy" then removed the cover and proceeded to consume me with even more enthusiasm and depth. extraordinarily stopping just short of goal, then proceeding again. when i thought that i could take it no longer, shanon placed on a new cover, mounted up cowgirl style and mercifully finished me off with a wildly pounding nearly endless ride of my life. i was totally depleted, weak and exhausted and at the same time very content and satisfied.

after a short rest and some liquid refreshments shanon continued our journey of lust with many little kisses followed by big kisses in generous proportions. then i got lost in shanon’s pleasure zone that has an interesting trim in the form of a large “v” that directed me straight to the treasure. where i feasted on the delicacies of fine dining that was mutually enjoyed, overwhelming receptive and very responsive. lastly she treated me to even more erotic pleasures. leaving only a few languages, positions, and combinations left to be discovered.


Nice Guy Ed
07-29-04, 01:24
Hey fellas.

I've enjoyed reading through your reports. Very thorough and informative. I have a few questions I was hoping someone could help me out with.

I'm going to be in Niagara Falls on business in a few weeks. I was curious as to if anyone could give me any feed back on Sabrina from Diamonds or Ariana from Natalies? Both look really hot in their pictures.

Also. How much notice is needed to book a girl? And most importantly, can anyone recommend a good, cheap motel/hotel in the Lundy Lane area that is escort friendly? What are the rates like?

I thank you in advance for any insight!

Take care,


Mr Bill
07-29-04, 15:58

I just returned from seeing Ariana and will put up my review later when I have some time. What can be said about Ariana? Have you ever had a Birthday Cake you felt was far too spectacular to cut? I experienced similar thoughts when I was with her. Ariana has a petite body in addition to a beautiful round face that was reminiscent of a porcelain doll with makeup placed on with meticulous care. I didn’t know where, when, or how to dig in! Ed you are in for an enjoyable surprise with Adriana!

It is best to pre-book the lady a day or so in advance to make sure the lady will be available. Please note that you will still need to call the day of to inform the agency that you have arrived and pass on the room number of the hotel you’re at. If you are not particular who you see, most agencies can have a wonderful date at your door within an hour.

Plus enjoy the Casino.


07-29-04, 22:27
I was in Niagara Falls a couple of months ago. Although I had a full day and evening business schedule, one evening I managed to get out and check out a few strip bars and also visited a couple of MPs to check out the menu.

The whole evening is now a blur (too much work, too little sleep and too much alcohol) but I did go to Sundowner and Seductions. It was late, and I expected to be in Niagara Falls for a couple more days so I just wanted to scope out a few places to visit the next couple days.

I first went to Seductions. To get around some local licensing rules, you had to be a member to get in. Turns out all you have to do to become a member is give them a name, fill out a simple form and they give you a membership card on the spot for a nominal amount (I think it was $5 or $10). They weren't asking for id so I just filled out the form with the name "Joe Mainlander" and guessed at an address and postal code. They never checked and so in I went.

The place was quite large and had a number of stages. After watching some pretty good stage acts and enjoying the many women walking around seeking customers for private dances, I went to the attached MP (I think its called Sensations). Only a couple girls were available and I said I'd come back later.

Went to the strip club next door (think it was called Sundowner?). Much younger crowd in that club, it was very crowded and the premises weren't as nice as Seductions. The girls looking for private dances also seemed younger than at Seductions, making me feel all that much older.

After a quick beer, I went back to Seductions. Great to have strip bars and MPs next door to each other!

While watching the stage acts, I had numerous ladies approach me for private dances in the rear. Since I was only on an exploratory mission (so exhausted I was concerned I'd fall asleep in the room and end up being told she had done a dozen dances!), I just chatted with them to see what was available with the private dances. Over half of the girls did not hesitate to be quite explicit about what they would do in the back rooms - BJs and FS were readily available, it was the number of alternate positions and additional services that provided entertaining negotiations. Getting a BJ and FS for $150 Cdn didn't seem to be a problem that night with most of the girls I talked to (they all opened much higher but the price dropped very quickly once we established I was not a "newbie" mongerer and that they had to work a bit to entice me into the back room).

I stayed until closing (I first got there only 1 1/2 hours before closing) and then decided to check out a few massage parlours that were nearby. Guess I was too slow getting out of the strip clubs and those more experienced in Niagara Falls had already left and taken up all the girls! :D

I didn't want to wait around so went back to the hotel. The next afternoon, got a call to be in Toronto that evening so had to leave without further visits.

I'd like to give more specific details but that whole trip is now such a blur I am unable to do so. Based on my short visit, I will definitely go back to Niagara Falls to visit Seductions and other clubs next time I'm in Toronto or anywhere else nearby (perhaps this fall). Turns out my "membership card" will still be valid at that time! I should have posted this experience earlier, but had a lot of trouble registering on this site for some reason (due to the email addresses I was using blocking the registration confirmation).

If you haven't been to Niagara Falls but have reason to be in the vicinity, give it a try. I just wish the strip clubs in other places were as liberal!

Nice Guy Ed
07-30-04, 19:30
Thanks Mr. Bill.

I look forward to your report!

Any info on Sabrina fom Diamonds?

Also, how may pops are generally allowed per session? As many as you can muster up in an hour or is there a limit?

Thanks again fellas.


07-30-04, 20:44
Mr. Bill

You sound like a marketing machine for the ladies of Niagara.. :)
Wonder who you really are? :)

Nothing wrong with what you're doing or trying to do but I've been to Niagara/Toronto/Vegas/China/Brazil/Taiwan/NJ/CA/NY/PA etc.... and have done my share of mongering..

To be honest to everybody who reads this board. The action is a lot better in Toronto...

Some of these ladies are nice in Niagara but it definitely does not
justify the stories that he's telling.

It's all about supply and demand... the supply is definitely a lot more in Toronto... So for everybody... try it at Niagara and try it at Toronto and you'll be able to make decisions for yourself.

Good luck and happy hunting.

Florida John II
07-31-04, 14:19

I have a lot of experience with the Niagara services, but never been to Toronto. Are the service fees about the same? Any agencies you recommend in Toronto?


07-31-04, 20:18

You hit the nail on the head. I too have been reading "Mr. Bill's" evaluations of the escorts in the Niagra area. I noticed that most everything he posts is positive.

I find it difficult to believe he has had so few negative experiences. I think Mr. Bill may subscribe to the theory "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything."

I do not see anything wrong with this posture and admit I like to read his evaluations.

Mr. Bill, I thank you for the hours of reading pleasure you have provided.


08-04-04, 03:55
MR Bill is a Shill ?????

From an earlier post.

“form fitted” outfit that enhanced her seam-bursting cleavage and exposed her midriff that would start any man’s sexual juices flowing."

You have to be kidding right?

Real men dont talk about sexual juices flowing......This smacks of the agency owner ( a female) promoting her girls.

Mr Bill
08-04-04, 15:49
Agency owner, female, now those words are original! Let me set the record straight.

Okay I confess,, I do have an agenda. I am getting up in years, and I want to live the delight with what modest time I have left in this world. I have raised my family, put my Children through college, and made provisions for all my Grandchildren. Now I’m going to live life for me with what I have left. Hey you know you cannot take it with you. And I sure don’t want to leave it behind. So what better way to spend both time and money than to share great moments with all the lovely lavishing ladies. Ladies and Gentlemen that’s all there is to it, so don’t let anyone tell you differently. Certainly we all must learn that time and life waits for no one. We are only passing through this world and should take the time to live the joy. Where each day holds a new treasure of beauty and abundance, to value and enjoy, and yours to behold.

I am regretful that some may feel the way they do about the style of my reviews and thoughts that I might have other motives behind them. And I apologize for any misgivings that they may have received from reading my writings. However I have been sampling the abundant riches that Ontario offers for over twelve years now. The earlier years mostly in the Toronto area, until I discovered the treasures beheld in the Niagara region eight years ago. From time to time I return to Toronto; but keep returning to the gold mine we have in the Niagara Region. Maybe you should give the ladies another try in Niagara Falls. While Toronto is a far bigger community and has many more ladies available, you’ll be pleasantly surprised of the diversity of ladies that you will find here that can meet the tastes of most gentlemen. At the same time being a better value than anywhere else in Ontario. I have a vast knowledge of personal experiences. Since the boards became popular a number of years ago, I have been sharing these experiences so that others can enjoy them as well without going into them blindly like we old-timers did.

Some may say I live in a fantasy world, some may say worse. The truth of the matter is I’m living as I please,,,, before I surrender to that big castle in the sky! Though I am not a Citizen of Canada, I am still granted the freedoms of my choice including the ladies I see and just how I choose to review the exciting encounters they bestow upon me. You have those same rights too, plus one more. No one is forcing you to read my writings. My advice is if you don’t like them, please don’t read them. I post my reviews on Six boards that cover the Niagara Region. And in the past two years I have received a few negative criticisms. On the other hand I receive as many as 100 Pm’s a month asking for my advice and or praising my reviews for content, accuracy and style.

Stealth Philly
08-04-04, 17:12
Mr. Bill,

I have enyoyed your reports very much. I am planning to take a trip up there soon.


Some of us like to write reports in a tasteful way. If you don't like it, too bad. Better yet, don't read it at all. And start contributing instead of criticizing others. This is an information site. Not a CRITIC site.

Mr. Bill, again thank you for the great post.

Florida John II
08-05-04, 02:39
There is no way Mr. Bill is an agency because he reviews girls from all of the agencies, but you can't/can't/can't rely on his reviews to be accurate. I have seen some of the same girls Mr. Bill speaks of with glowing reviews that I thought was terrible and wouldn't see again. I have never seen a poor review from Mr. Bill, but maybe my standards are higher.

A true honest review is hard to find on a free paysite. But we get what we pay for.

Hammer - Tell me about the Toronto scene.

Nice Guy Ed
08-05-04, 06:17
I am a lurker who has thoroughly enjoyed your reports as well, Mr. Bill. Please keep it up!

BTW: I can't wait for your report on the luscious Ariana. I don't dare book her until I hear your accounts of the evening!

Take care,


08-05-04, 14:08
Mr. Bill,

You do have an amazing way with words and I also enjoy reading your reports. The tasteful way of your reviews is only surpassed by your knowledge of the escort scene in Niagara Falls.

Like Philly said: This is an information site. Not a CRITIC site. And the reviews are the reason why we are here.

Please keep the great reviews coming!


Rolly Polly
08-05-04, 16:58
Fellow mongers,

I'm going to be in Niagra this weekend. It seems all I read here is about the escort scene (nothing wrong with that), but I'm always interested in SW scenes. Is there one to be found?

08-06-04, 14:58

The only street action that I know of in Niagara Falls is at the end of Lundy’s Lane (Ferry Street) Between Stanley Ave. and Fallsview Blvd. Both day and night. The LE are on constant surveillance with some decoys set out. So you had better be careful.


Bubba Sparx
08-09-04, 07:03

Take a chill on Mr. Bill. When I visit the Falls I usually reference his most current review to assist me in my selection. I know he tends to write a little more "playboy" style but I think it's just his way.

Mr. Bill, I never post in this forum but I would be upset to see your posts go away!

Exacta Picker
08-09-04, 20:16
Go easy on Mr. Bill as his age may have altered his perspective. I know it has altered mine. As I approach the half-century mark I am less inclined to be impressed with looks than I am with service, in everything.

Plus, it sounds like Mr. Bill's own attitude rubs off. Be nice and nice usually comes back to you.

Capt Fred
08-09-04, 20:59
It is simply amazing! No one can leave this Gentleman – Mr. Bill, ALONE!

There is Always a critic, always an accuser, always the same story! They follow him like a plague!

Well, Gentlemen, I know Mr. Bill personally, and he is a man of good character and integrity. What he writes about are all true. He does not write anything bad about anyone, if he doesn't enjoy being with them. I do enjoy his style of writing, and wish that the rest of people could write like him; instead of being descriptive or attacking agencies. Oh my, on some web sites, men actually rate the Ladies like a piece of meat or cattle, and give out details!!!

His style of writing could be long, but hey if you don’t enjoy it, don’t bother yourself with it! You don’t have to read it.

Discuss the Ladies for God's Sake, not each other.


Mr Bill
08-11-04, 15:36
Captain Fred, Exacta Picker, Massage Me, Ray, Nice Guy, Stealth Philly, and Valdez:

I thank you for your kind words, and rest assured that I will continue to post my reports. Ed my review of Ariana will follow next. There has been a lot interests in her seeing that I have received so many PM’s asking about her since she has returned.

Mr Bill
08-11-04, 15:38
Review: Ariana of Natalie’s

Moments with tenderness, Surrounded by beauty

Ariana is 20 years old and has a darling petite stature, 5’2” tall, just over 100 pounds, delicate curves in the right places with perky all natural B cup breasts topped by tiny responsive pink nipples aimed straight out and surrounded by small somewhat darkening aeroras. Other than a belly button ring and several small tattoos her skin is utterly flawless, soft and not abused by tanning. She has an extremely cute round face that is reminiscent of a porcelain doll with long curly dark brown hair, modest nose, oval shaped piercing blue eyes, full yielding red lips, with makeup meticulously placed on to emphasize those qualities. From any angle Ariana exhibits youthful innocence, grace and beauty. She is far too reserved to resist, too sweet to ignore, and too beautiful to overlook. Have you ever had a Birthday cake that was too spectacular to cut? Similar thoughts kept running through my mind when we first met and I didn’t know where, when or how to dig in. And if you believe that beauty is only skin deep, then you have never experienced Ariana’s elegant charm!

Because of my reluctance things progressed slowly. I just couldn’t stop looking at her and continued making small talk. Finally I just came out and asked Ariana if she kissed. (Talk about an unusual lead in line.) She said a little, but saved that mostly for her boyfriend. I knew I wasn’t her significant other, though she certainly made me feel that way by the end of the evening with her kisses alone. I soon got lost in the warmth of her radiant blue eyes along with her full tender lips that just seemed to melt into mine with sensations that reached my toes. And in no time at all our clothes were history revealing Ariana’s sensuous warm body. I continued exploring every inch of her incredible body, finally concentrating and enjoying an all-inclusive visit to the succulent delicacies of her freshly shaven pleasure zone. Araina’s enthusiastic reactions confirmed that my energies were deeply appreciated. And her response was extremely vocal and wet. Along with forcing my head deeper with her hands, grasping and tearing the sheets, or clinging onto the headboard. Pending her surrender to the moment of ecstasy, I then gave several last licks for good measure that made her legs clamp forcefully against my head.

Our long journey of lust continued as Ariana began to seduce me with her unhurried erotic fashion in addition to many little kisses in liberal portions. And generously gave of herself with a magnificent stimulating French lesson, spoken like a master with the aide of a translator. When she thought that I could endue no more, Ariana treated me to all the common positions intended for erotic pleasure and mercifully finished me off with not one; but two shots on goal. Ariana was my dessert that evening and subsequently there were two incredibly happy people.


Joe Guy
08-11-04, 22:30
There is no way Mr. Bill is an agency because he reviews girls from all of the agencies, but you can't/can't/can't rely on his reviews to be accurate. I have seen some of the same girls Mr. Bill speaks of with glowing reviews that I thought was terrible and wouldn't see again. I have never seen a poor review from Mr. Bill, but maybe my standards are higher.I have never seen a review by MrBill of any other agency escort other than ones from Natalie's and Niagara Divas. I'm told the owners of those two agencies are close friends.

I also remember some handles being banned on another forum when it was discovered that MrBill was using more than one handle to praise one agency. (Dannyboy, I think it was.)

Shill or not?I don't know, but I can say that his reports make interesting reading. My own experiences differ significantly from his, so they aren't very usueful for more than light entertainment.

Stephen Horndog
08-12-04, 06:30
Hey Niagara,

Is there no street action in NF? All the talk is geared for escorts only. Some street mongering infor would be nice.

Mr Bill
08-12-04, 20:51
Nicole of Natalie’s Escorts...

It is a very sad day indeed. As a beautiful light went out when the last of Nicole’s Pictures were taken down from Natalie’s WebPage this week. For the ones that never had the opportunity to know her will never recognize what they have missed. Conversely all that have come to know her over the years will Surely and Sorely miss Nicole by the very way she touched our hearts and souls. And all what we have left are all the magnificent memories that will linger in our minds. That's sure a nice thought to keep close, isn't it?

Then goodbye my beautiful angel. For I am all the richer for having known you. And I shall always treasure the times I've enjoyed the pleasure of your company. Certainly a new and even brighter future will be in store for you. Whereas with the loss of our shinning star,,, others will benefit from all your brilliance.

My lasting farewells,, Good Luck and God Bless.

Mr Bill
08-13-04, 19:04
Other than my Duo of Nicole with Tiffany and Nicole with Victoria, I haven’t had the opportunity to post any reviews of Nicole on WSG. The following is a past review of her for those that may never have seen her. And for the fortunate ones that actually know her, maybe a small spark of remembrance.

Review: Nicole at Natalie’s Escorts… Fondly Remembered,,,, Never Forgotten

Dinner date and more

Being away from his duties for a few weeks, it sure was a pleasure to hear Dave’s friendly familiar voice once again. And even nicer that he delivered my date as he promised me this past weekend. It had been months since I shared any time with Nicole, and I wanted this evening to be special for both of us, as we renewed our acquaintance.

Nicole is the typical girl next-door type when you first meet her. She possesses the Charm of Aphrodite, the Beauty of an Angel, Style of Marylyn Monroe, Grace of a Isadora Dunkin , all rolled up in one magnificent package. She dresses with the most fashionable clothes and carries herself with pride. She would be an elegant addition to your evening on the town, and most likely the center of attention in any premiere restaurant or club. Anyone would be proud to be seen arm in arm with this spectacular Lady.

Nicole arrived on time elegantly dressed in a white blouse and matching long skirt with a slit up the side that exposed one of her long shapely legs. Indeed Nicole is a rare find. And I must agree with many others that she is the most beautiful lady in the Niagara Region. She possesses the most sincere smile, and if you are into eyes,,, they are the deepest most beautiful blue I have ever seen. Actually almost intoxicating, for one can readily become lost in the midst of them. Then comes her lean body that is all hers, nothing man made there. Just something she works at everyday to maintain.

We started the evening at a restaurant at the top of the town. Feeling like a king as we arrived with our arms locked, we were seated with the magnificent lighted view of the falls to my back. Nicole is far more stimulating for me, so I thought that she would appreciate the view more than I would. While we talked and enjoyed a great meal together, I was without doubt taken by her charisma, and knew that Nicole’s exquisiteness was at everyone’s focal point as all eyes were trained on my date. As we walked out of the restaurant I recalled the Maitre-D’s words, "You have a fun filled night." Little did she know or for that matter did I know that Nicole filled the rest of my night and morning with memories that I will long to forget. In fact I still cannot wipe the smile off my face.

After the evenings sexual pleasures, Nicole fell asleep embraced in my arms. And when morning arrived, I could not explain the delight within me when I found her by my side. Then a repeat of the late evening’s activities, before sending me off to the real world. In not so many words, Nicole was the perfect example of a girl friend experience. Strike that,,,,,, if she was actually my girlfriend, I would have proposed to her that night.

Nicole may seem to be a bit shy at first, but I have found that things progress at a nice slow even pace that enhances the excitement when you share your intimate moments together. Then again isn’t that the way we would want a true Girl Friend to be? Nonetheless once you really get to know Nicole, all those barriers fall and her ravishing playful mannerisms take charge. But the most exceptional quality to me is the pride she takes in her appearance and grooming. Plus Nicole is soft and smooth as the clouds in the sky. She is the kind of Lady that you would be proud to take home and introduce to your Mother.

Capt Fred
08-16-04, 15:46
Joe Guy:

I guess you don't give up, and I guess we have to get rid of you.

Your lasts reports were deleted, and I am asking the Modetrator again to delete your reports, and ban you from this site. Your opinions and remarks are not welcome here.

08-16-04, 18:51
I'll be in town in the vicinity of Lundy Lane this comiing Friday and Saturday night. If I can slip away for an hour or two, I'd appreciate being able to act on advice from you folks as to what SC or AMP will be the most rewarding to visit.

Thanks in advance.

08-17-04, 17:21
Fred you are being far too kind dealing with this Joe Guy. Be it G-man Seegram SingleGuy Tom T Calvin Klein or what ever of the many handles he chooses this week. We all know who you are and what your agenda is. You are not welcome here with your unwarranted and slanderous remarks. You come here with a few fictitious comments about the girls and worthless dribble! Then come out and attack a valid poster for a second time. You may get away with that kind of behavior on other boards. But not here! I second the motion that you leave and not return.


Joe Guy
08-17-04, 19:33
so much for free speech or being able to express an opinion.

who are g-man seegram singleguy tom t calvin klein anyway? i don't see any posters by those names here.

Mr Bill
08-19-04, 15:20
Joe Guy,

For your information and benefit of all, I will post my reviews of three local Independents and an additional review of a duo I had between two of them before I was a member of WSG. Also I reviewed Mya and Raya in the Toronto section of WSG this past Spring. You should get your facts straight before you open your big mouth and inserted your foot! And you said that most of my reviews are of ladies from either Natalie’s Escorts or NiagaraDivas. Well there is a good reason for that. They are the only trustworthy honest Agencies in Niagara Falls!


Mr Bill
08-19-04, 15:21
Review: Maryln White...

sweet and seductive personality

Maryln is a petite middle aged classy lady that has graced the region with her captivating charm. Her pictures can not begin to accurately show her radiant smile, her soft skin, her sincere caring mannerisms, yet accurately capture the way she always greets everyone so warmly. Plus she is not a clock watcher and is always generous with her time.

Maryln really knows how to get your motor running in a hurry! This mature lady is a real teaser and pleasers, and will not stop until she is absolutely sure that she met both your desires and her needs. Plus there is no doubt that she enjoys her playtime with you. She responds to the touch and is an astonishing kisser, most definitely a serious contender for any kissing competition. Her hugs and kisses are just heavenly and will leave you helpless and unable to resist this endearing lady’s sweet and seductive personality. She speaks French so eloquently, without an interpreter, and every aspect of her skills are just fantastic. Oh yes,,, Maryln’s secret seems to be a extraordinary mixture of good looks, sensuality, intelligence, poise, and just the right amount of giddiness added to make things interesting.

Mr Bill
08-19-04, 15:23
Review: Independent Araura

Aurora Borealis...Northern Lights

Folklores are rich with explanations of Aurora Borealis, commonly known as the Northern Lights. There is a scientific explanation for the stunning display of brilliant lights that foster our skies. But the myths and legends are far more fascinating and began when man first looked up to the sky. They have been described as blood raining from the clouds, dancing spirits, and named of a Roman Goddess.

Like the Northern Lights, Araura’s true beauty is captured in her face, her eyes, and within herself. We first got to know each other online and over the phone. Plus she has been live on line. I quickly discovered that she is a very sweet and honest lady. As she immediately let me know that she does not have a hard body. “If that was what I was looking for in a date, I had better keep looking elsewhere.” She said. And went on explaining that she lost a large amount of weight in the past few years and unfortunately has left a lot of loose skin. I have a lot of respect and admire Araura’s attitude. And if you look past her physical traits and experience her warmth, she will certainly light up your life as well.

Making the arrangements was easy by email and confirmed the day of by phone. Araura arrived at my room on time leisurely dressed and a friendly smile running across her sweet round face with soft red hair that flowed past her shoulders. Her captivating smiles alone put me at ease, while we sat down and enjoyed a casual conversation together, before discovering the sensual side of Araura. I must say there was never any feelings of being rushed or any business type attitude. She is open-minded with a full menu and most definitely a GFE, and enjoys pleasing you as well as being pleased. As our time together continued it got a lot more personal and I will keep the details of that part of the encounter between us. However I must say that she knows how to implement every play in the book. She not only enjoys pleasing you, but also seemed to enjoy being pleased. While she is a sincere lady and a pleasure to spend time with, please do not judge a book by its cover. Appearances can be very misleading, as within lies the most caring heart.

Mr Bill
08-19-04, 15:23
Review: Red_Haired_Vixen…

Sweet with age,, Youthful in spirit

We sometime take for granted and do not appreciate the exceptional first-class ladies that have been with us so long. Randi is one of these ladies. She may be a little older and gravity and childbearing may have taken its toll. But on the other hand there is nothing phony about her while she is a whole lot wiser and far more enriched and worldly. Despite the fact that she may not have retained the figure of her youth, she is youthful in spirit along with being intelligent, witty, easy to talk to, passionate, soft, avid kisser, and full of energy.

Randi is not for everyone, especially not for the faint at heart! If you’re fit and if you’re looking for a sweet, natural, well proportioned lady that has attained kindness through age your treasure is here. For she is ready and able to gracefully put fuel on the flames of passion, and all you need to do is book your own heavenly date with the tempting Red_Haired_Vixen. A most sincere and passionate lady you will find always a pleasure to spend time with.

Mr Bill
08-19-04, 15:24
Review: Duo of Red_Haird_Vixen and Maryln White

Double your Pleasure, Double your Fun..

Wrigley may have a patent on that phrase, however a duo from our Red_Haired_Vixen and Maryln White are far more fun and deliver much more lasting pleasure than you would ever receive from a case of their gum!

Tale of pleasure..

What do you get when you mix three hours in the afternoon, one mature sensual blonde, one playful red head, a Jacuzzi filled with herbal bubbles, a can of whip cream, some chocolate sauce, one blindfold, a quiet room dimly lit by scented candles and a fireplace? Answer one worn-out but totally satisfied man with a colossal smile on his face, of course. At least once in ever man’s life he should be fortunate enough to experience what I did with these two magnificent caring ladies. Being either the center of attention, watching one of them enjoy the pleasures of the other, or a mixed tag team on a lone lady. And once the party begins, you will soon discover what these ladies are all about,,,, Total FUN!!

Now let’s add a little twist to it...

The two ladies arrive five minutes early. But was I ready for what was about to develop? After letting the ladies in, instantaneously my mood switched gears. I gave each of them a token gift of my appreciation for the occasion, and was instantly overcome with hugs and kisses for my thoughtfulness. I then placed a blindfold over Red’s eyes, and made her pass the time on the sofa, while I could have some private intimate moments with Maryln first.

After 30 loving minutes or so with Maryln, our attention went entirely toward our awaiting horny blindfolded Red. This is where the whip cream came in, as Maryln lavishly applied strategic areas of Reds body. As I took to the southern territory, Maryln took to the north in devouring and enjoying the delicacies. After a short time Red was out of control. “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oooooh my God!” Red was like a broken record, over and over again. She was not using His name in vane, nor pain, but for the ultimate pleasure that we were delivering. I was surprised the neighbors didn’t cum a knocking from all of the clamor! Did I mention chocolate sauce? Well someone forgot that treat. Shame on her.

Then all six of us, I brought three yellow rubber duckies along, spent some relaxing time in the soothing waters of the Jacuzzi. Did I say relaxing? It wasn’t the water that kept me hot, for the ladies did not let up on their cuddling, kissing, caressing, well I will leave it to your imagination from here. But the fervor never ended.

From there all three of us dried each other off and returned to the bed, for some serious three way cuddling. Now cuddling happens to be my favorite sport. And cuddling with two special ladies isn’t just twice as nice as with just one, I would say it is ten times as enjoyable. Then as cuddling always leads to other things, well I will leave it to your imagination once again. Let’s just say that I felt pampered like never before.

I would have extended our encounter past the three hours; but I do not know if I could have survived any longer, and I had an upcoming dinner date with one of the most terrific ladies in Niagara Falls, Cathy,, AKA Diva of NiagaraDivas. At dinner Cathy remarked, “you sure have a big smile on your face.”,,,, The bliss is extremely hard to cover up.

08-19-04, 17:53
Joe Guy,

Since You posted that this is a place to reveal agency’s troubles and boast that you know everything about the agencies here. Why haven’t you posted the latest news? A couple weeks ago Peter from Diamonds was arrested in Niagara Falls on a weapons change. He attacked Dave from Natalies Escorts with a baseball bat and smashed his car causing thousands worth of damage before he was handcuffed and taken to jail.

Joe these are your words from an earlier post! "Now isn’t sharing information what these boards are for? And is something a customer should know before they make an informed decision." I know I won’t do any business with an owner who has a loose bolt in his head like Peter. Imagined being assaulted by a prowling crazed maniac that is like a stick o’dynamite with a blazing short fuse wielding a baseball bat over his head. Fellow members as I posted before when you deal enough with this guy "YOU WILL LEARN"! And hopefully not the hard way...

Copy and paste the following link for more on Peter.

Joe Guy
08-22-04, 13:16
Mr Bill,

In my original post I stated:

I have never seen a review by MrBill of any other agency escort other than ones from Natalie's and Niagara Divas.

None of those reports you re-posted are of agency escorts, they are all independents. Can you show me even one review of an agency escort, by you, that is not from Natalies' or Niagara Divas? I ask purely for information, since I have been unable to find even one.

The key phrase in that quote above is "agency escort".
You should get your facts straight before you open your big mouth and inserted your foot! It ain't me with my foot in my mouth, brother.


Joe these are your words from an earlier post! "Now isn’t sharing information what these boards are for? And is something a customer should know before they make an informed decision." Yes, those are my words. However, I have seen nothing whatsoever in the media about this alleged "prowling crazed maniac that is like a stick o’dynamite with a blazing short fuse wielding a baseball bat over his head", whereas the agency owner under discussion before was featured prominantly in the media. Your choice of words and the tone of your reports leave me in considerable doubt as to your veracity and identity. Not to mention your integrity. I retired after 27 years as a police, 14 of them in CID, and my BS detector is telling me that you are not what you claim to be. But that's just my opinion.

08-23-04, 07:41
It's probably too late for Bankwalker, but the general consensus is that The Sundowner and Seductions are the two clubs to be at on Lundy's Lane. Depending on what you are looking for, you'll like one more than the other. My advice is to try them both out as they are right next to each other.

Further down towards the falls (yes, there are waterfalls there), there is the Concord Executive Lounge which is a small, but fun club. And off on a side street (Main I think) is Mints, which I haven't been to in a while, but recall fun times there as well.

Remember, it's more about the girls in the club and not the club itself. You just need to find that gem that you like. The thing about Niagara was there is a huge variety to choose from.

08-24-04, 14:38
Joe Guy,

Evidently you don’t know Peter of Diamonds Escorts at all! If you did know him you would be familiar with his explosive personality that is able to go off at a moments notice. And if you were a local you would surely have known about Peters attack on Dave. Hell even Peter has boldly admitted the crime and posted his guilt on two other boards.

If in your past life you actually were in the law enforcement you can do this community a world of good and at the same time freshen your investigating skills. Using your influence lookup and post the police report of Peters most recent arrest at about 19:00 hours on July 23, 2004 at the Tim Hortons corner of Lundys Lane and Kalar in Niagara Falls. The arrest ticket is 04-73599 of the NF detachment. That should be enough information to recover the report. I have the arresting officers name, charges filed, dates and times of Peters court appearances. You certainly must have Peters full name and address. Because the arresting officer is on holidays it will take me several weeks longer to get my hands on the report itself. Hopefully you are able to get back with the documents before I can.

08-29-04, 03:22
Thanks to USTraveller. I just wish I could have acted on your kind advice. I planned well; pulled my RV into Scott's directly across from Seductions and Sundowner. I got cleaned up and ready to go make the comparisons, then my daughter showed up way early and wanted me to take her to the new Riverfalls casino. I did, and unfortunately we both won $$ and drank well, and she ended up sleeping in my RV spare bed rather than go find her husband in his hotel. A taxi got us to the family wedding on time the next day, and then I had to hit the highway back to the USA. So, sadly, I have nothing to contribute to this forum. Based on the delighted yells I kept hearing coming from the two parking lots across the street, I missed something great. I will be back, and I will report something besides "nothing happened." Sorry, guys.

09-03-04, 21:00
Kandy has returned after her 8 months leave of absence. I don’t have to say that I told you so. But I told you so. She now works out of Fort Erie just north of the boarder and does both incalls and outcalls. Kandy is a mature slender GFE provider that has a complete menu including DFK, DATY, CFS, MSOG, Greek, BBBJTC-CIM, Fascials, Russian, light BDSM and is very open minded.


Phone: (905) 994-9735

09-07-04, 03:37
I wasn't in Seductions for 10 minutes and some girl was blowing me. Does anyone have any info on Anabella's next door?

Joe Guy
09-17-04, 20:16
I remember her. Nice lady.

Looks like old home week in Niagara Falls. Candace has returned to Diamonds (www.6468400.com). For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, run, don't walk, and make an appointment. She may be the best experience I've ever had with an escort, and ranks in the top 5 of my life.

Still waiting for a link to a review from any agency escort other than Diva's and Natalies from you, Bill.

Nice Guy Ed
09-18-04, 07:41
I see that Candace is back at Diamonds. Is it true that she is a great time with great service? What's on the menu?

Thanks for any info.


Mr Bill
09-18-04, 22:25
Timing is everything!!!

Talk about good luck and good fortune. After making a pre-booking arrangement with one of the lovelies from Natalie’s Escorts, Natalie informed me that they have a Five Year Anniversary special starting this week. All bookings will be $145.00 CD per hour! A generous offer indeed, I suggest that you take advantage of their liberal offer.


Florida John II
09-21-04, 05:30

Candance is a great sp. Total GFE providing a great BBBJ with CIM. Candance is very pretty and has a nice body. Making travel plans to make my way to Canada after her return. Check my previous posts so you can confirm that I don't give all SP's good reviews. See Candance, you won't regret it.

Nice Guy Ed
09-22-04, 15:51
Thanks for the info FJ! :)

I think I'm going to narrow my decision down to Candace from Diamonds or Ariana from Natalies. Or both. Hehe.

Could you tell me this: How many cups are allowed per session? As many as you can muster up?

Also, could anyone recommend a cheap motel on Lundy's Lane (or that general area) that is SP friendly?

One more thing. How many weeks in advance should I book to ensure I can indeed get Candace on one of the nights I'm in NF?

Thanks again fellas. You've been great!


Member #3399
09-24-04, 03:29
Life has been great lately!.

Headed to NF for a business trip and lo and behold NF was reported to Monger Central? So I visit this section and again Monger Central. MY question is Why? Is this not the Romance capital of North America no less? I guess that rules out cruising bars when the girls bring their husbands. If a guy can not get serviced on his honeymoon or anniversary then when. Why does this activity even exist? Here in Cowtown where there are all kinds of us bastards and lots of monies (for the others) it is so low key it is a problem.

Please do tell all of you local mongerers, why.

I will be travelling there soon without my wife, "why lord is life so cruel", and headed to Seductions, nowwhat does a BJ cost in Seductions, details boys, I am an economic guy and have no desire to drive up prices, why should a Escort make more than me?

Mr. Bill I think you missed your calling, surely there must be an opening at Harlequin Romance and the calling of a Spade a Spade once in awhile would be appreciatted, I mean I have mongered probably 75 times and have not had 2 experiences to match the 15 I have reviewed on this board that you have had, simple Statistics states your experiences are impossible.

Oh well I do appreciatte your positive if somewhat skewed?? look at things and there is no doubt you get out of it what you put into it but then wouldn't this work on our wives? I mena if I wanted to do that sex at home would be better.

Sometime a good blowjob from a sexxy lady not our wife is what my doctor has ordered.


Drivin for Fun
09-24-04, 13:43
I used to see a girl named Kathleen that used to work in the clubs in Missisagua. She is about 5'-5", 120 lbs, brown hair, a/b cups, and very personable. I had her digits, but they are outdated. Has anyone seen her lately?

09-24-04, 21:41
Nice Guy Ed,

Check out the Advantage Inn on Lundy's just West of Montrose Rd. Website:


I've used it three times over the past few months and they don't have a problem with short term use. I usually call ahead an hour or two before I arrive (905-374-4422) and they have a room ready.

I've paid $45-50CA flat rate (no tax) during the Summer but the rates should have gone down for their off season. IN fact, I know a guy who got a room for $40 within the past two weeks. All the rooms I've had so far have been clean with a king size bed.

09-24-04, 21:49
Another message for Nice Guy Ed.

You asked about how far in advance to prebook. It's been my experience that a week works well. This gives the agency dispatcher time to contact your lady of choice to see if she's good for the date you want. If not, there's still sufficient time to make other arrangements. ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP PLAN as, even with prebooking, I've had ladies cancel the day before. I've found it works best to give the agency a 1st and 2nd choice as they can then scramble to get your #2 lady if #1 has to cancel.

Florida John II
09-24-04, 22:46

I have seen both Ariana (If she is the same Ariana that worked at Diamonds before) and Candace. Candace is much better. Ariana was not bad but she does not look as good as her pictures. Ariana also wasn't a true GFE, BYMV. For just great looks Macayla is the best listed on diamonds that I have seen, but she is not at all a GFE, at least she wasn't five months ago when I first saw her.

I have stayed at the Courtyard (it's a little bit pricey) and the Travelodge on Lundy's Lane. Both are SP friendly.

Nice Guy Ed
09-26-04, 19:27
Thank you all so much for your insight! :)

Mr. Bill, is the Ariana that you saw the same Ariana that Florida John II is describing that used to work at Diamonds?

One more thing, how many cups are allowed per session?

Thanks again fellas!


Mr Bill
09-27-04, 22:05

To the best of my knowledge Natalie’s Ariana has never worked at any other agency in Niagara Falls. Though she worked for Natalie once before. With our good fortune she has returned.

As many of you know Nicole is my all time favorite lady, and I felt that she was the most beautiful in the region. Since she has recently retired I do believe that Ariana will be one of the nominees to reign as Queen. Just viewing Ariana’s splendor alone is worth the price of admission. Everyone’s mileage may vary and you need to share a little more time with her in order that she may feel comfortable with you. But I like some of my friends have received several cups in a session. And if I were any younger she would have accommodated more if I could rally up the strength. Certainly Ariana will complete your day.


Mr Bill
09-27-04, 22:20

Allow me the pleasure to welcome you to our board. I hope that you enjoy your time with us, while enriching our minds with your positive feedback.


09-28-04, 02:34
Mr Bill,

Thanks for the welcome. I seem to run into you wherever I go! I hope I can add something positive to this board.

09-28-04, 22:25
I got word that motel rates on Lundy's Lane are now down to $35. This is probably the overnight rate so you might do better if you tell them you only need the room for a few hours.

I'm hoping to get time for a road trip in the next couple weeks. Got my heart set on Ariana @ Natalie's but might even try to see Willow at Divas that everyone's been talking about. Decisions, decisions. It's hard being a hobbyist!

Mr Bill
09-29-04, 19:37

Just viewing Ariana from Natalie’s Escorts totally naked is worth the price of admission alone. She has that youthful innocence, grace and beauty. Reminiscence of a porcelain doll with long curly dark hair, oval shaped piercing blue eyes, button nose, plump red lips, with makeup meticulously placed on to highlight those splendid traits. Certainly Ariana will complete your day.

What can I say about Willow from NiagaraDivas that hasn’t already been said? Without a doubt Willow is the hottest number in the region. She is the type of lady that you can be proud to have next to you when go out on the town. And when you return to your room, Willow’s innocence is lost... You know that this is really truly it.... The moment you have dreamed of for so long is about to transpire. And if Willow weren’t so beautiful, we would love her the same. She would be that Rose... By any other Name!


Joe Guy
09-29-04, 23:13
Ariana (www.nataliesescorts.com)

After two false starts I got to see Ariana and my compliments to the agency on dealing with an unpredicatble border crossing mess.

Ariana was well dressed and gretted me with a smile. Her hygiene was good and she can carry her end of a conversation.

The menu included BBBJTC, LFK, 1 SOG, DATY ($50 donation requested). Pics are accuarate but very flattering compared to real life. She's good looking but not a knockout.

I'd repeat but not until I've had a few others on my list ffrom Niagara Falls.

Vanessa (www.nataliesescorts.com)

Vanessa arrived late by 25 minutes and that set the tone for the date. She was well dressed and her hygiene was adequate but just barely. Her menu is limited: CBJ, no FK, DATY (unspecified donation required. I didn't take her up on it.) 1 SOG and then out the door as if the room were on fire. Pics are not very accurate IMHO.
No repeat.

Candace (www.6468400.com)

OMFG she's back in Niagara! This lady is the only one who deserves, nay, REQUIRES a Mr Bill style review but I'm not up to it. Just see her and find out for yourself.

Florida John II
10-01-04, 00:56
Joe Guy's report is correct with regards to Arianna and Candace. Arianna is okay if the better girls from either agency are not available.

Candace is the only girl that should have a Mr. Bill type review. I haven't seen Leah or Shannon from Nat's. Going to be in NF next week, anybody seen either of those girls besides Mr. Bill that can give true feedback.

Mr. Bill,

This is not an attack on you, I'm sure you are very happy with all the girls that you see, but I need a regular guys report. I have seen many of the same girls you have that did not come close to the reviews that you provided.

10-01-04, 21:45
Joe Guy,

I would question your authenticity. You would be a better man than most and be very surprised that Ariana would do a BBBJ. And if you were that good Vanessa would certainly BBBJ. Both ladies offer MSOG and neither would ask for tips. And the pictures of Vanessa could not be misleading. There are none!

Nice try


10-01-04, 21:46
Florida guy,

You will find Mr. Bill to be right on the mark about Leah and Shannon in his reviews. Both ladies are better looking than in their pictures and are GFEs. Leah has a wider menu including BBBJ. You will not go wrong with either.

Candace would certainly deserve a review done by Mr. Bill. But she is never booked on. I understand that she packed on a few pounds so I suggest you wait until pictures are available so that you’re not disappointed.


Joe Guy
10-01-04, 23:57

She looked exacly the same to me as she did when I last spent time with her a year ago. If anything she has lost a pound or too. Please don't post misinformation; it only serves to disrupt a review board.

Joe Guy
10-02-04, 00:03
Ray: Pics were emailed to me by her. They were also on Natalies site very briefly.

Nice Guy Ed
10-03-04, 04:11
Would you mind sharing the new pics of Candace? :)

Joe Guy
10-05-04, 01:46
Nice Guy,

If that request was for me, the pics I have are of Vanessa, not Candace. They don't look anything like her anyway, so there's no point in posting them.

Mr Bill
10-05-04, 16:25

I talked with Natalie yesterday and she said Vanessa is set up for her first photo shoot next week and as of yet no pictures of her has been available or posted on their Webpage. BTW Natalie can be reached at 866-275-0039 to confirm.

Please post the pictures that she sent to you on WSG. I would like to have a glimpse of her before my first date.

Joe Guy
10-06-04, 00:20
OK, I think I have this figured out. The pics I have are for Vanessa of Diamonds, not Natalies. Right name, wrong SP so that part is my mistake. The report I posted was for Vanessa from Natalies not the Vanessa from Diamonds (who is no longer on Diamonds site). That explains why she looked nothing like her pictures :)

10-06-04, 15:18
Joe Guy,

By any chance is this a picture of the Vanessa you speak of?


10-08-04, 01:54
This is a repost of a thread I posted on another board on 9/2/04:

Review: Vanessa at Natalie's
Web Address: http://www.nataliesescorts.com/enter.htm

I had prebooked with Natalie to see Vanessa at 1pm and she arrived a few minutes early.

Vanessa is a cute girl and her stats as shown on Natalie's website appear accurate. She had her reddish/brown hair tied up in a ponytail and looked cute in her little jean skirt. As far as I could see, she had no tatoos or piercings and her hygiene was excellent. Vanessa was friendly but not overly talkative. What I liked the most was that she didn't rip off her clothes shortly after arriving. Instead, we talked a little, kissed and slowly undressed each other which was very sensual for an old guy like me.

As always YMMV but Vanessa's menu with me included LK and a little DFK, BBBJ, Digits and CFS (Multiple Positions). The only restrictions were No DATY or Greek.

Although I would definitely repeat with Vanessa, she's returning to school in a few weeks. If you have any thoughts of seeing her, don't wait too long

** I have read further reviews that Vanessa has finished a SOG and left early. This wasn't the case when I saw her. We sat on the bed, had a cigarette, and talked for the remainder of her time. She did not appear to be in any hurry to leave.

Florida John II
10-08-04, 22:51
Vanessa @ Natalie's

Vanessa does not have any photos posted. I took Dave’s word that she is attractive with a nice figure. He was right. Vanessa is very cute with a good body. The only flaw is she doesn’t have a perfect smile, but very cute and easy to talk with. BBBJ but no CIM. Good GFE. Would repeat.

Florida John II
10-08-04, 22:52
Leah at Natalies

Leah is very tiny. Looks like she is too young for the business. Her photos are somewhat correct, but she has lost a lot of weight and was small to start with. Could be very hot, if she took better care of herself. Only concern is she could be heading down a spiral like Tiffany did. GFE is available if wanted, GREEK was great. The girl could move her hips. Would not repeat at this point unless she started to take better care of herself. Hopefully I am wrong about her demons, she could be very good SP in the area.

Florida John II
10-08-04, 22:53
Raven at Anastazia's

What a tripp. Booked with Raven because I could not get my regulars at Diamonds (Alexandra, Macayla or Candace). She showed up just a few minutes late, but not bad. Immediately she was very aggressive (some guys would like that, but I prefer the girls next door). Raven asked if I would like to DATY, which I turned down. Everything is on the menu. BBBJ, CIM, DATY, GREEK, you name she will do it. Her looks and body are true reflections of the photos from the website. I would not repeat, but many clients would like Raven a lot. She also told me that she does duos with her girlfriend Monarch.

Florida John II
10-08-04, 22:54
Victoria at Natalies

Victoria arrived dressed okay, but looking like Dave rushed her to the appointment before she could get ready. Victoria is attractive, but on the smaller side. Very petite with small breasts. GFE was offered, my choice for no kissing. GREAT BBBJ with CIM. GREEK was also available if wanted. Would see Victoria again, but only after seeing a couple other regulars.

Florida John II
10-08-04, 22:54
Alexandra at Diamonds

Alexandra showed up on time, and was very easy to talk with. Photos are accurate. GFE was provided. The standard services provided were all done safely. Would repeat again.

Some American
10-14-04, 13:31
I'm going to be in Niagara Falls pretty soon and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the massage parlors there. What do they cost, what can you expect? Thanks in advance. This is my first post, but I expect I'll be posting a lot more, with answers as well as questions.

Timpo X
10-15-04, 21:04
In the Falls last week. Dropped by Sundowner. Joined for $5. Sat next to the stage and watched various hotties dance and select cash from patrons mouths with their breasts while Miss Galore was just above eye level.

A tanned goddess named Layla convinced me that the lapdances I the rear room were worth investigating. I agreed.

No one else in the area. I sat back with legs spread (as requested) She removed her smallish costume, revealing medium breasts with longish nipples and shaven haven. As the song was 1/2 thru, I acquainted myself with her nipples and her washboard stomach at no charge. 3 $20 songs later I had a close encounter with her nipples and my technique for clitoris tickling was much appreciated, She seemd to enjoy as her stomach rippled and moans ensued. All the time she was stroking Mr. Happy . 3 further songs ensued at no charge as both of us reached Nirvana (at least I did and I think she did)

I straigtened up, re-zipped, and was cuddlingly ushered out with a kiss and a smile.

Much appreciated the visit and will return if the opportunity arises.


Joe Guy
10-16-04, 18:02
since you posted that this is a place to reveal agency’s troubles and boast that you know everything about the agencies here. why haven’t you posted the latest news? a couple weeks ago peter from diamonds was arrested in niagara falls on a weapons change. he attacked dave from natalies escorts with a baseball bat and smashed his car causing thousands worth of damage before he was handcuffed and taken to jail.

joe these are your words from an earlier post! "now isn’t sharing information what these boards are for? and is something a customer should know before they make an informed decision." i know i won’t do any business with an owner who has a loose bolt in his head like peter. imagined being assaulted by a prowling crazed maniac that is like a stick o’dynamite with a blazing short fuse wielding a baseball bat over his head. fellow members as i posted before when you deal enough with this guy "you will learn"! and hopefully not the hard way...

copy and paste the following link for more on peter.

ray: in the link you posted it also says that dave of natalies has been charged with uttering threats and criminal harassment. apparently his victim is peter's daughter and peter lost it when dave threatened to [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) and kill his thirteen year old daughter. in that thread dave denies being charged but i have confirmed that dave has been charged.

i think any father would have reacted the same way. there are usually two sides to any story ray, and if you are going to post one you have to expect that the other side gets told eventually.

the pic you posted of vanessa is the same pic i have, but it is not the vanessa i saw from natalies.


10-19-04, 01:44
ray: in the link you posted it also says that dave of natalies has been charged with uttering threats and criminal harassment. apparently his victim is peter's daughter and peter lost it when dave threatened to [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) and kill his thirteen year old daughter. in that thread dave denies being charged but i have confirmed that dave has been charged.

i think any father would have reacted the same way. there are usually two sides to any story ray, and if you are going to post one you have to expect that the other side gets told eventually.

the pic you posted of vanessa is the same pic i have, but it is not the vanessa i saw from natalies.


joe guy,

what you are talking about is a story that peter fabricated after he attacked dave trying justify his actions. there is no truth to it at all plus there are no records what so ever that you mentioned. in addition no charges have been filled against dave. please remember that peter has no credibility. so why would you take his word for it? did you read what the owner of that board (davephx) said about peters credibility. he outright called him a con artist! and if you registered there please pm davephx to get all the up to date and correct information on peter.

also you claim to have connection with the le. if so i’d challenge you to produce such a record. i was able to get peters arrest record and i sure can not find any on dave.

you don’t know as much as you think and sure have a line a mile long. that vanessa whose picture i posted has not worked at diamonds for over a year. and only for a short time and has disappeared. so i wouldn't think that she would have sent you her pictures. why don’t you try another story?


10-19-04, 01:57
If anyone is wondering where the Teresa at Diamonds has gone to. Don’t worry she continues to work at Divas as Willow. www.niagaradivas.com

Joe Guy
10-19-04, 02:09
I am not going to argue this with you in a public forum. Dave from Natalie's has been charged, and his first appearence in court is when Peter said it is in that thread. That's how I know what I know.

You seem to delight in making personal attacks against one agency and its' owners, and in posting information that is one-sided and slanted.

The Vanessa whose picture you posted worked for Diamonds earlt this summer for a brief period, not more than a year ago. I was confused by the similarity in the names.
Your statement that Peter's story is a fabrication is something which you could not possibly have any direct knowledge about - unless you are one of the people involved in this incident.

If you don't believe Dave has been charged, I suggest you go to the first remand and see for yourself.

I posted what I posted so that everyone here would have a balanced picture of this incident. That's all. I have no personal stake in this, but I am getting sick and tired of the shilling and badmouthing that seems to infect every Niagara Falls forum on every review board, and I think I am getting a clear picture of why that is happening.
You have too much inside information, my friend.


10-19-04, 23:10
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10-25-04, 15:25
Joe Guy,

I don’t see the argument. The regional police have no record of either an arrest or even investigations about Dave in their files. With your alleged background you should be able to at least come up with an arrest ticket number. My contacts haven’t been able to come up with anything and there is nothing published. And if you want to take Peters word for anything I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to tell you about.

More important be careful dealing with Diamonds. I know first hand that he seeks out and retains information about clients and indiscriminately uses it. Peter sent me a PM disclosing all kinds of personal information about another member. I forwarded that PM to the administrator of that board to prove what kind of scoundrel Peter is. Like I said before when you deal enough with Peter you will learn.


Mr Bill
10-28-04, 16:34
If anyone is wondering where the Teresa at Diamonds has gone to. Don’t worry she continues to work at Divas as Willow. www.niagaradivas.com

Beneath Willow’s cute and innocent exterior lies a Diva of Delight. A Goddess of beauty and love along with a woman ready to hit the sheets and get busy.

Member #3399
10-28-04, 19:09
Hi all

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10-30-04, 23:42
Kandy is offering a special rate of $130.00 per hour all this week.


RUN from this one. She has a reputation as being somewhat "risky" in her behavior.

Mr Bill
11-01-04, 19:53
That look of timeless style

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Gabrielle may not be known as a GFE because her one restriction that she doesn’t kiss. But in the time we shared together, she certainly made me recognize that I’m the only man on Earth and that she is there for me alone.


11-03-04, 18:56
Has anyone recently driven a rented car between the US and Canada? I just wondered if boarder security would stop you from crossing over just because you have a rented car rather than your own personal car?

Some American
11-03-04, 19:46
I've never had a problem going in and out of Canada in a rental car. I'm still looking for information on massage studios in Niagara Falls. Anyone?


11-04-04, 02:54

Several of my friends rent cars in Buffalo and travel to Canada with no problems at all. Let the rental people know that you are taking the car into Canada and keep the papers handy when you cross the boarder. Customs may ask for them when you are crossing.

Enjoy your trip,

11-04-04, 07:02
Has anyone seen Bobbi at Diamonds? Hot young good looks is very important to me. I am not looking for GFE, DFK, DATY. There were better pictures of her on Diamonds website a few weeks ago and she looked really hot. Just wondering how accurate the pictures were in terms of youthful beauty, and whether she is reasonably friendly. What day of the week did you see her (did her availability time seem limited)? Whenever I've looked at Diamonds website, she never seems to be available, at least according to the online info. Thanks for any comments.