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07-26-16, 07:04
Costa Rica came in 4th position as the best places to retire. What are the thoughts of expats, including costs and lifestyles?


Costa Rica also offers a Pensionado visa for which you need a monthly retirement income of $1,000. You can also bring your spouse and dependents under 18 years old to the country. From the shores of Lake Arenal to the sands of the Pacific Coast to the lush forests of the Central Valley, Costa Rica offers huge scope for living a healthy, outdoors lifestyle. A great climate for growing fresh produce ensures that plenty of it is readily available. (Farmers' markets and produce stands across the country give you lots of opportunities to fill your fridge for under $40 a week.) The great weather also means you can get out and about at any time of year. And many expats report eating more healthily since they arrived.

"We eat a lot more fruit and vegetables here rather than the processed food we bought in the States," says expat Greg Seymour, who lives near the town of Grecia with his wife, Jen. Since settling in Costa Rica, Greg has taken to exploring the mountains and forests around his home, and feels all the healthier for it.

"Moving here has worked wonders for our physical and mental well being. ".