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04-14-02, 00:13
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04-21-02, 15:57
There use to be a lot of 18-19 year old streetwalkers here. Are they still around? I use to stay near the airport and hit the stripclubs there. There was no pressure at all there. Any changes?

04-28-02, 07:29
Yes the strip clubs in Mississauga area (where airport is) are great as are the nude-reverse massage places.

I have an extensive reserach report especially helpful for those new to Toronto at http://www.sexworktoronto.com

04-28-02, 07:34
The Morality Police vs Common Sense Sexwork Article
In Toronto of course not the U.S. where police use no common sense when going after consenting adult sexworkers.

Source: globe & mail editorial: the legality of escorts advertising in newspapers/yellowpages
The importance of being earnest and doing nothing
Tolerance May Be Best Policy
Monday, April 22, 2002 - Print Edition, Page A11

The morality squads of the nation stir from time to time, raised from their appropriate torpor by the scent of exploitable outrage or affronts to official decency.

This month, it is the "discovery" that many escort agencies are agents of prostitution: "On the face of it, escort services are legal enterprises unless they're offering more than just the escort," says one Toronto police officer after arresting 12 people for "living off the avails." Their crime was not the provision of sexual services for money, which is quite legal in Canada. It was managing a business to do so.

The personal columns of the interesting publications in Canada are chock full of explicit ads by prostitutes offering the illusion of affection and the promise of release.

These ads and what they deliver are quite legal for three reasons:

(1) They are placed by self-employed individuals. No one manages their work or shares in their revenue, so no one is living off the "avails" of prostitution -- a criminal offence.

(2) The self-employed sex worker offers nothing but home delivery. The act of sexual commerce is not habitually concluded in the same place. Thus, we avoid the Criminal Code's prohibition on "keeping a common bawdy house" -- defined by a place regularly used for commercial physical gratification or acts of "gross indecency" (another can of worms).

(3) The ads are placed in paper or electronic publications that do not qualify as a "public place" when it comes to soliciting. Soliciting is a crime only when it scares the horses, slows traffic, threatens property values or otherwise gets up the noses of tourists or the bourgeoisie. Soliciting in public is a portentous crime; soliciting in the classified ads is a legal convenience.

The escort services that fatten the ad budgets of the Yellow Pages and colourful journals risk the attention of morality squads because of their structure: These businesses are managed, which means that the executives of those that provide prostitutes "live off the avails." It doesn't matter that the businesses may be well-managed, or that the sex workers may be safer or better cared for there. If the police are stirred from their torpor in these cases, it is an easy hit under the Criminal Code.

To be fair, the police may prefer to ignore these realities, accepting how constructively hypocritical they really are. But then someone comes along and lays a complaint, and what are the police to do -- especially if it involves a minor? Attention must be paid and then, we hope, the importance of seeming earnest and doing nothing returns, and the business of adult prostitution is left to serve the public comme d'habitude.

This is one of these cases where hypocrisy may be better than reform in dealing with public policy and social change. Because prostitution itself is legal, the Criminal Code regulates it through various prohibitions -- no public soliciting, no managing, no habitual locale, no recruitment, no minors. Observe the rules and it's full steam ahead. Offend the least sensible rules -- living off the avails -- while running an otherwise admirable operation, and the police will generally let you be.

The alternatives are either messy amendments to the Criminal Code that require MPs to vote for a liberalized sex trade, or appeals to the courts under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, claiming affronts to freedom of expression or such. The first is unrealistic, and the second is improbable, so official tolerance is the best option, with all the risks of arbitrary enforcement of the law that this implies.

There is a parallel in the application of laws against marijuana use, though the police remain oddly more vigilant on this file than they do on commercial sex. You assume you can relax in enjoying a joint or two at a weekend party, secure in the assumption that the police have grown tired of pretending that the Criminal Code should apply to this, whatever its formal status. Yet, many Canadians are still dragged before criminal courts for simple marijuana possession, clouding their futures with silly convictions at ridiculous cost. If we cannot insist on more hypocrisy in the application of this law, it might actually have to be changed.

Discretion is the soul of justice, and sometimes discretion effectively suspends whole sections of law in the face of changing values. Remember how we refused to execute murderers for years out of sheer abhorrence, despite the existence of the death penalty? Now we would do so out of simple humility, given our demonstrated skill in convicting the wrong people.

Ignoring the law can be wiser than enforcing, interpreting or revising it. The same principle applies to many other aspects of life.

Dave in Phoenix

04-29-02, 08:01
will be in toronto this week any rec for girl to have overnight in hyatt /am looking for gfe who is openminded to kissing and hugging
white 18-22/ very tall not busty must love to laugh and talk alot & going out to dinner and movie thanks looking for indepedent semi pro not used out agency girl thanks

04-30-02, 03:30
I visit Toronto about once a year on buisiness, but I always use the massage parlors that seem to be loaded with Polish girls and other refugees from Eastern Europe. These places are great, usually the girls are outside lounging in the waiting room and get right to business in the massage room.
Lots of hot, hot Polish pussy in the Toronto spas.

05-01-02, 01:58
I haven't noticed too many Poles... but I trip over Romanian and Czech girls regularly... I think hot women must grow on trees in those countries.

Not too sure why any of you would bother with SW's or massage parlours. The cops will sometimes raid a parlour (if someone complains) and if you're found with your dick in a girl then you get busted as a John. Even if they find you in the lobby you'll be charged as a "found in". SW's are known to the area cops and they'll just tag you once she's in the car... money passed or not.

Go to a strip bar, have a beer, get a couple of lap dances from a girl you like, and ask her if she'll head back to your place after work. If she says no then she'll have a friend who'll say yes. If that's too much work then get a copy of Eye Magazine (on every streetcorner) or scope the internet and get her back to your hotel. Don't go to her place though... then you're in a bawdy house.

Prostitution is perfectly legal in Canada... play by the rules and you can fuck to your hearts content.

05-06-02, 15:38
WOW!! I was staying in Markham on business for a couple of days, so Sunday evening, I decided to make a stop at one of two massage parlors on Woodbine, they are located in a small shopping center on the west side of the street approximately a mile or so from the exit of the 404.

The one I visited was called the Cleopatra Spa. Only one girl working, but she was somewhat hot. I walked in, and sat down, waited for her to emerge from a room where she was with another client.

Boy am I glad I waited!! Before my session started, she told me to "get comfortable", and said it would be $50 for half hour. I asked for an hour, but she said she had an appointment coming in soon, so I agreed on the half hour. So I got nekkid, and she came back and asked if I wanted a massage; I boldly asked if there would be any extras (I always like to be up front), she asked if I was law enforcement, since she'd never seen me before. When I confirmed that I was not, she said that we could have sex, and negotiated $150. In canadian funds, that is a real bargain.

We began to touch each other, she suddenly turned into a passionate goddess. I started to undress her, she had a very nice body, about 6-7, very good looks, about 7-8 and great personality, definitely a 10. Her enthusiam was a 10 as well. She was a Russian girl and I never did get her name (shame on me). We started to kiss lightly, and there was a whole lot of touching and body to body contact. And she seemed to really be into it.

She got onto her knees and gave a very sensous BBBJ. After awhile, I asked if I could taste her, and she quickly agreed, she got up on the little massage table and I went to town. I think she came, sure acted like she did.

Then I said I wanted to fuck her, and she pulled out a condom and rolled it on me. I then turned her around and we did it that way for awhile. We switched positions several times before I finally couldn't hold back anymore.

I ended giving her $200, with the intention of definitely returning. She gave me a kiss and I went on about my way.

I believe she only works one night a week, so I do not know about any other girls there.

05-11-02, 21:25

Nice posting. I am making a trip to Toronto with a friend in about 2 months so it would be great to hear more reviews of massage parlors/ escort services / strip clubs in the Toronto area.

I am a fairly new hobbiest(1 year) and my friend is not. However, knowing his sex drive and the bad experiences he's had with American b**s, i think he might be willing to give it a try.

Any suggestions on "easing" a friend into this hobby? Especially in a place like Canada where the laws are way more lax.


05-11-02, 21:39
Does anyone know where to find asian massage parlors/asian escorts for a decent $?

05-17-02, 19:16
Originally posted by JackSquat
WOW!! I was staying in Markham on business for a couple of days, so Sunday evening, I decided to make a stop at one of two massage parlors on Woodbine, they are located in a small shopping center on the west side of the street approximately a mile or so from the exit of the 404.

The one I visited was called the Cleopatra Spa. Only one girl working, but she was somewhat hot. I walked in, and sat down, waited for her to emerge from a room where she was with another client.

Boy am I glad I waited!! Before my session started, she told me to "get comfortable", and said it would be $50 for half hour. I asked for an hour, but she said she had an appointment coming in soon, so I agreed on the half hour. So I got nekkid, and she came back and asked if I wanted a massage; I boldly asked if there would be any extras (I always like to be up front), she asked if I was law enforcement, since she'd never seen me before. When I confirmed that I was not, she said that we could have sex, and negotiated $150. In canadian funds, that is a real bargain.

We began to touch each other, she suddenly turned into a passionate goddess. I started to undress her, she had a very nice body, about 6-7, very good looks, about 7-8 and great personality, definitely a 10. Her enthusiam was a 10 as well. She was a Russian girl and I never did get her name (shame on me). We started to kiss lightly, and there was a whole lot of touching and body to body contact. And she seemed to really be into it.

She got onto her knees and gave a very sensous BBBJ. After awhile, I asked if I could taste her, and she quickly agreed, she got up on the little massage table and I went to town. I think she came, sure acted like she did.

Then I said I wanted to fuck her, and she pulled out a condom and rolled it on me. I then turned her around and we did it that way for awhile. We switched positions several times before I finally couldn't hold back anymore.

I ended giving her $200, with the intention of definitely returning. She gave me a kiss and I went on about my way.

I believe she only works one night a week, so I do not know about any other girls there.

05-17-02, 21:10

Your posting is very interesting. try hard to recall name of the gal at cleopatra or some other clue to identify her. i plan to visit her anyday.

05-31-02, 00:24
I'm going to be in downtown Toronto this week and I was wondering if anyone can reccomend a great MP or escort in the downtown area. Thanks in advance....

06-07-02, 12:42
Another Research Trip to Toronto!

Dave in Phoenix will be doing another "research" trip for 7 days 6/27/02 - 7/4/02 to update and expand previous trip reports .

Besides updating my very large spreadsheet of who I might see based on reviews I find, If you have read about my "intimacy fetish" from my prior reports on http://www.sexworktoronto.com . I welcome suggestions at dave@davephx.com of who might be great providers (massage or escort) that maybe I should meet. My only limit is I don't go over $CAN200/hr ($US130) for a FS escort. may explore a bit in the Hamilton area. I don't plan on going into Toronto itself or the Eastern GTA. There are so many options on the West side of Toronto (airport area, Mississauga, Brampton etc)

Instead of my usual favorite hotel, Monte Carlo Inn, I tried my luck for fun on priceline.com. I bid $US40/night for a 3-star or better hotel in Mississauga or Airport area. The offer was accepted by Radisson Mississauga to my surprise. On various discount travel boards (I tried about six) their "lowest special guaranteed rate" for the days I wanted was about $US60. So I really did get a good deal via priceline.com.

Instead of my usual America West via Columbus OH to a smaller commuter plane to Toronto, I am going Air Canada non-stop for $US361 RT. I saved about $90 by returning on 7/4/02 which is a slow travel day since for those in the U.S. it is a holiday. Most people travel the day before to get where they are going on the holiday.

I am very much looking forward to once again enjoying the sexual freedoms and option you have in parts of Toronto, there is no comparison in the U.S. or even many other Canadian cities especially for the nude-reverse massages and nude laps I enjoy at some Toronto clubs.

And I apologize for tariffs causing such a trade mess making many Canadians upset with the U.S. I am not a U.S. trade representative :( But I enjoy the sexual freedoms you have in Canada which we do not have in the U.S. when it comes to professional, adult, private sexwork.

Dave in Phoenix

06-08-02, 03:05
I checked all three tracks plus one MP and am giving my report as to what I saw etc...

The upper track (Jarvis and Sherbourn between Carlton and Isabella). I was there after 10:00 p.m. two times and I saw nothing but she males at Wesley between Jarvis and Sherbourn. Not my cup of tea. I did not see any other working girls.

The High Rent district (Carlton and Gerard between Church and Jarvis): There were one or two really good looking sw dressed like in the movies. They were extremely expensive and likely rush and hustle you. If you like that type try Waikiki. Not for me.

The lower track: (Sherbourne and Jarvis between well Carlton and Richmond [and sometimes Parliament street and a few others]) There are some seriously horrible looking skanks out at all hours. However, I was able to find, over the course of a week, four good looking sw.

The first was Alicia 1 who is skinny blond tall and a bit cracked out, but still acceptable. (she is out all the time at Queen). I caught her when she was looking really good, but later in the week she started to look worn out.

Then a day or two later a dark haired thin girl, very good looking, on a stoop on Sherbourn near Dundes. She looked so different from the usual skanks that I passed three times without stopping. I did not catch her name but if you can somehow tell its her, skip her. She doesn't look cracked out but she is and was trying to score. It was also a very poor experience (she also starts to bite she is so fucked up).

Third was a young girl I hope was legal. Very pretty face and cheap. No more details. Passed on a tall thin mulatto blond on Queen since she insisted to have me drive her to buy drugs first. Great legs but I could not risk that. Has a british accent. Also passed on the thin native since this year she looks more cracked out. If there was nothing else however...

Last was the best. Alicia 2, is dark haired, model looking, not very cracked out although she does do it. She stated she does not date much anymore as she lives with a drug dealer. Stunning and good but expensive. She was near Whos on First. When I stopped first I had to go around the block since cracked out sw and pimps started banging on my car.

Called "Friends" but when I asked how many there, was told "a few". When I asked what that means I was rudely told "more than you can handle". Didn't like the attitude but I will try sometime since reviews are good. Also skip 7 Wesley. Only HR and expensive. Could hear a guy in the next room yelling that he should at least get a blow job (kind of funny actually). Also the girls were kind of heavy except the chinese one.

Thats the report.

06-10-02, 15:13
If anyone is looking for a good directory of girls, check out www.theredzone.com. This originally started out as a Toronto listing, but has since grown. There are many GTA girls on here, lots with pics. Prices are reasonable, and it tells you if they are in or outcalls.

06-10-02, 15:30
Can anyone recommed a few good massage parlours in the Mississauga area? I am looking for a place with Blonds or Asian women where 'tipping' is allowed.

I am getting tired of the Markham scene!

06-21-02, 04:25
Hello anyone out there??? This forum is lifeless. No wonder canbest.com is the place to go. You would think this is a forum for ND.

06-23-02, 02:32

06-24-02, 11:42
Went to Tempations (www.temptationsspa.com) on the weekend...say Sandra. She's not the best looking one there, but she does have a huge rack. There was a special for first timers there - $120 for a hot tub and massage. Sanda jumped in to the hot tub and proceed to give me a full blown erection. We moved to the table where she presented me with several extra options. Service was good, but I have had better. She's friendly...she actually said that she came. If you are looking for a clean place with extras, this is it.

I also went to Blue Lagoon 2 weeks ago, saw tamira. It was a good experience. She gave me a massage and breast release for $150. I could have got more, but was advised that I should have brought protection as they are not allowed to bring any. I had left mine in the car (damn!). I plan on going back to make up for this oversight.

06-27-02, 00:52
To the Cableguy162 and All,

After reading your post, I decided to check out the place at Welesly and Yonge. It's not the cleanest place, but serves the purpose I guess. Upon entering, I was asked if I was staying for 30 or 60 minutes. I said 30 and forked over $35 to this asian dude. I asked for May, he said she was in and available. I was shown to the where I waited for May...naked. After an average massage, she asked if I wanted extras. Body slide was $120...when I asked for the works, she said she does not do that. I asked several times but to no avail. I had to contend with the body slide with a hand/chest release.

06-28-02, 01:10
Told you 7 Weseley is just HR. The guy in the next room was begging for a BJ.

06-29-02, 04:39
Beware of Diana from kleopatraescort. I saw her the other day and lets say she is not fit to be an escort. If you don't believe me, try her out.

07-09-02, 18:04
Sorry, it's been a while since I've posted. For FunnyMe, I never did ask the girl at the Cleopatra Spa her name; however, she said that she only worked Sunday evenings, and she was definitely of Polish, or Russian decent, had the accent. GOOD LUCK!!!

08-11-02, 07:10
Hey guys,

im looking for a place around the north york area that would give me an easy BJ and hopefully sex for my moneys worth. Any suggestions would be GREAT! THANKS!

09-12-02, 08:01
I spent about two weeks in Toronto recently, and noticed that there is absolutely NO street action in this otherwise tolerant city. To my great disappointment, I also noticed that whereas in call service (especially massage service) seems readily available, the "7 to 10s" are few and far between. Most are recent immigrants (most notably from -- you guessed it -- the former Soviet Union and the Far East). Now maybe it's a language issue -- I don't know -- but I must say that generally (and I repeat: "generally") the Russian gals have personalities barely a tenth of a degree above the frozen tundra of their native land. They've got to be the most unfriendly females on the planet. Do NOT expect anything approaching a girlfriend experience. And that's being KIND! By in large, the Asian pickings are much friendlier, although often perfuntory.

One other gratituitous observation, if I may. Canadian women are very, very strange. I remember reading here in the opinion section how much of what men found so disappointing about women in the US also applies to Canada. I thought at the time that that observation was exaggerated. However, based on my own experiences recently, I'm inclined to agree. For a city of the size of Toronto, and for all its potential sophistication, I was shocked to find that Canadian women are shockingly unsexy. I don't think that there is an "international" city worthy of the name where I saw (albeit in August) so many working women (say on Younge and St. Clair) walking around the streets in unflaterring clothes and -- get this -- flip flops! Mind you there's nothing wrong with that, per se. I just find it unflaterring. I also believes that it betrays something very fundamental about Canadian women, to wit: They really don't give a rat's ass about what men think of them, and/or have -- to say the least -- a very weird sense of what's sexy and what's not.

For what it's worth, while it is true that your US dollar goes a bit futher than in the States ... as the old saying goes: You get what you pay for. So my advice: CAVEAT EMPTOR! I can't say that it's worth the trip, unless, of course, you live near the border. But I wouldn't make a special trip there.

09-20-02, 15:28
I totally with the last writer. Although he was a visitor to Toronto, most people who live here find they have to go somewhere else for some action. Take the world of difference between TO and Montreal !!! It's NOT just about fucking, in Montreal with the European influence the whole city is just much more friendler. In defence of the city i have lived in my whole life, Toronto is very liveable, safe, relatively clean and has decent schools but it also DAM FUCKING BORING TOO.

09-24-02, 03:59
Originally posted by downunder
I totally with the last writer. Although he was a visitor to Toronto, most people who live here find they have to go somewhere else for some action. Take the world of difference between TO and Montreal !!! It's NOT just about fucking, in Montreal with the European influence the whole city is just much more friendler. In defence of the city i have lived in my whole life, Toronto is very liveable, safe, relatively clean and has decent schools but it also DAM FUCKING BORING TOO.

I am glad you see it too, Downunder.

But tell me ... why do you think that is?

What is it about the women of Toronto that makes them so darn boring?

Is it just me, or do you find them ... well, kinda of "sexless"?

Is Montreal that much better? I would sure hope so! Haven't been there in a generation. Maybe I should give it a try. What do you think?

09-25-02, 06:53
I've lived in both the U.S. and Canada for over ten years each and I have to agree with both WindStar and downunder. The prostitution situation in both countries absolutely blows! In Canada it is a bit more open and more tolerated and, consequently, a bit better, but still leaves much to be desired compared to Europe or Southeast Asia. I find the dating scene in general in both countries to be fairly lame.

And yes, Montreal is definitely better than Toronto in terms of nightlife, culture, people, women, etc. I lived in Toronto for a bit in '99 and I go back often to visit my sister who lives there and I'll agree with the previous two writers that is is largely an overrated and boring city! It's really misleading that the Toronto hypes itself to be something that it's not. Toronto's advantage over Montreal is a better economy, political situation and lower taxes (not by that much though), but it doesn't compare in anything else.

I'll add a few things. When I'm in town, I go to Zandibar on Younge Street and I've been offered "special service" for something like $45CAN. Is this normal? I thought it was just a strip club? Also, a friend of mine told me that he once paid his bar tab in U.S. dollars and the waitress at this bar Oakville offered to give him a blowjob for $10 U.S. just because he was paying in greenbacks. Does this happen often? Does it even happen at all? Next time I'm up there, I'll pay my next tab in greenbacks!

09-30-02, 19:20
Hello all,
New to the forum and very new to the hobby. In the Toronto Area quite frequently. I'll be visiting Markham very soon and was wondering if anyone could recommend /where/when/who?? for nice BJ's for not too much $$$... Also, how to begin such a discussion?

12-06-02, 00:53
Yeh you guys in snow land.....anything going on in Toronto? Why is this board so quite?

Some of us Southerners would like to come up to your fun city but need some help with the local rules.

12-06-02, 04:54
I will be passing through Toronto in a few weeks. Are there any good strip clubs close the airport that are good? Ie. that have full-contact lap dances. Also, are they usually open late including on Christmas day? The lap dance scene in Vancouver is usually pretty bad. At the Paramount you can only get teased for $25, or you can get a bit more at the No 5 Orange but then it is $40. You are almost better off going to Seattle (Ricks) but $20US is more than $30 in real money.
I have heard legends about Toronto places in the past, and have even been to the Brass Rail once. It was better than any Vancouver place.

12-06-02, 19:31
foosball. if the lap dance is all that u want, go to HOUSE OF LANCASTER on queensway. the milage there is better than brass rail.

12-14-02, 08:52
Over the long weekend was in Toronto and check out the massage place a Jbot suggested at 7 Wessley.

I asked for May, as the other poster suggested she does not give full service, that totallt untrue.

She told me that she has never given full service to ANYONE, I told her don't lie. She said if I can do full service I will as I can make more money, she also said that she was shortly returning to China and was trying to make asmuch money as possible.

A body slide you can feel her up and figuer her and even a finger F%^& is fine no penetration. She also does not do blow jobs, but very sweet girl.

So basically guys don'e be fooled. I asked the Chineese Dude on the way out and he confirmed there was never any sex offer there even in the past.

Also current May and another caucasian girl that,s all

12-26-02, 05:35
i am going to be visiting canada, just outside the Toronto area, mostly between Hamilton and Oakville. I am looking for guidance.

I am mostly looking for cheep sw's. Any towns or streets you can give me? mostly looking for bj with cim. Any streets, amp's or phone number you can give me would be a great help.

Also what is the attiutde of the LE there?

01-05-03, 23:01
I will be visiting Toronto for a few days. I am interested in picking up EAST INDIAN or PAKISTANI girls. I have heard that this is relatively easy here in Toronto, probably the easiest in North AMerica for this type of girls. Can someone point me in the correct direction for EAST INDIAN or PAKISTANI girls? Also, has anyone had any experiences, both good and bad (ex. bait and switch,etc) while findind an EAST INDIAN, please share the specific experience! Thanks!

01-16-03, 01:03
I was in Toronto a few weeks ago. From a previous trip several years ago I remembered that there were SW on Garrett St. If you are on Yonge St. in front of Zanzibar, go up and either 1st or 2nd st on the right is Garrett (I hope I know spelled the name correctly). Go two or three blocks, past Ryerson Univ. and there they are. Going rate CA$ 100 minimum to come to your hotel with you. Several good looking ones.

Also, as Club Zanzibar closes, there will be a few SW waiting for you to pick them up.

From Zanzibar, go about two or three blocks up on Yonge and there will be several MP. Mostly Asian, going rate CA$ 40/half hour plus tips.

01-17-03, 01:34
The best stripclubs are just outside the city. Trust me, I'm from Toronto. I dunno too well about taking girls to your hotel, but I know that the lap dances are contact and sometimes you get more.

The E
01-27-03, 16:06
One question. east Indian, Paki street walkers. Do they exist in Toronto? And if so, what side of town and streets? Come on guys help me out please.

The E
01-29-03, 16:24
ok, now this is crazy. A city of 3.5 milliion and no post all week! Come on, I know that someone knows of a good place to find East Indian and Paki street walkers! Come on guys, help me out here.

01-29-03, 18:10
Dear E,
I wish I could help you in your rather admirable endeavour in trying to find some East Indians and Pakis. I share your desire, but unforunately, have not been successful! You maybe looking at the wrong end, i.e. SW. I don't beleive East Indians and Pakis will be into this. I would recommend both EYE and NOW papers, freely available in GTA. UNFORTUNATELY, I would say at least 50% to as much as 90%, of the adverisements claiming to be EAST INDIAN or PAKISTANI are in fact false, usually Spanish, Black, etc! This has happened to me on numerous occassions!!
Now, back to the original question, re: East Indians and Paks. I would recommend the escort scene, especially the one that display the girl on the web, hence you know what you are getting!! Amoung the indy's try: Miss Rada!
Good hunting!! Please write about your experiences both good and bad!

01-29-03, 18:55
The E

As I have never experienced an eastern indian or paki even though i find them pleasing to the eye......is there something special about them that attracts you to them.....share some knowledge......


01-29-03, 21:10
just to confirm -

these days, there are very few streetwalkers in Toronto - and your chances of finding a "south asian" are slim to nil....

which reminds me - the term "paki" is considered racist - even though it is really just short for pakistani and its origins aren't any more racist than saying "brit" for someone who is british... but people will take offense, so just be carefull!

anyway, there are some east indian/south asian escorts and incalls inthe Toronto area - on-line you can try www.eye.net or www.nowtoronto.com or the Toronto Sun (a daily paper) via www.classifiedextra.ca. also try www.romeospurplepages.com for listings

Rada is one that i know of - try her site www.ladystallion.com/

The E
01-30-03, 00:56

My reason for liking East Indians is obvious, they are some beautiful ladies. Also, I am into trying out different women and East Indian's are the last on my list. They are a hard group to crack. I am tempted to hit up Bombay if I am not successful in a few years.


Thanks for the advice. I will check the excort advertisements.

The E
01-30-03, 03:38
I checked out Ms. Rada's website, and she is attractive, however, she seemed a bit old. I am 26 and would like to find someone in their early to mid twenties. She looks closer to 32. But she's still a looker.

01-30-03, 20:28
Hey, guys. Iím really into brown chicks as well (thatís what South Asians called in Canada). I used to live in Toronto and I didnít find it easier to hook up with one than elsewhere. For Canada, Iíd say Vancouver would be better in that regard than Toronto. They tend to stick more to themselves in Toronto than anywhere else Iíve been.

Also, my sister lives in Toronto and sheís friends with a lot of brown girls too. She tells me that they almost never date outside their community.

Another thing, Toronto has a very large Ismaili community (Indians who are Muslim and from North Africa). Ismailis really stick to themselves and, because they are Muslim, will be less likely to go outside their own. I know itís a generalization, but itís something Iíve had universal experience with. If you run across one, your chances of scoring are almost nil.

Mr.etc: This is a sex website! Thereís no need for PC on this forum! Itís the prevalent PC attitude thatís messing Canada up!

Lastly, you guys should check out the movie Hollywood/Bollywood which gives you a bit of glimpse into Toronto's brown dating scene. The movie's OK, but that actress Lisa Ray is something else!

02-03-03, 01:15
To Phish:

I told you that May/7 Wesley was only HJ. But I did not "suggest" the place. I merely reported my observations. I would suggest [talking to] "Alicia 2" listed in my post. However, I would not know where to find her. She has dark hair, thin, 20 yo, looks like a model (she was one she says) and is clean. The only drawback was a bit pricey I believe. Last seen on Queen where that bar is (now closed) one block away from Sherbourne. Only does it rarely and screens intensly.

Happy Hunting all.

02-23-03, 01:39
Originally posted by The E
ok, now this is crazy. A city of 3.5 milliion and no post all week!

The reason may be because not that many folks are interested in street hookers - A disgrace to sexwork and should remain illegal in my view vs private sexwork without the risks or legal issues of street hookers.

For real sexworkers that benefit a culture there are very active outstanding boards specifically for Toronto such as terb and MenMisbahaving.

Dave in Phoenix

02-23-03, 01:42
originally posted by slurpee
the best stripclubs are just outside the city. trust me, i'm from toronto. i dunno too well about taking girls to your hotel, but i know that the lap dances are contact and sometimes you get more.

yes the sensual 3 clubs in mississauga/brampton i love since the bylaws are less restrictive than in toronto city. and its close to the airport. when i go to toronto i seldom go into the city itself with all the traffic etc.

and i love the zillions of nude-reverse massage places with so many beautiful sensual massage girls, in mississauga, where "nude-reverse" is even allowed in the bylaw.

dave in phoenix

Jon Jones
02-24-03, 01:00
And I love the zillions of nude-reverse massage places with so many beautiful sensual massage girls, in Mississauga, where "nude-reverse" is even allowed in the bylaw. [/i]

At the risk of asking a dumb question, what exactly is "nude-reverse?"

02-24-03, 03:44
Originally posted by Jon Jones
At the risk of asking a dumb question, what exactly is "nude-reverse?"

Your both nude
She massages your backside usually with lot of great body contact.
You massage all of her.
She massages your front
"Release" is always just a normal end, no big deal, part of the normal massage package.

TOTAL cost about $US65-85 for 45 min to an hour. No tips no games, beautiful women with good massage and sensual skills, no legal issues.

I have been professionally trained in Esalen massage and I do a nice about 10 minute routine that usually gets great response and I very much enjoy doning some Esalen sensual strokes (but non-sexual) on a beatiful women who enjoys it.

Dave in Phoenix

02-24-03, 05:08

if i want to stay at a hotel that is right near the best massage parlours , where would you recommend?

price is not an object as to the hotel. the nicer the better.

can you list the best massage houses. i have read most of the posts but would prefer your imput.

can i taxi to and from the massage houses and how easy is that.
i plan on going this week.
it seems its snows everyday there this time of year.

the hotel must be escort friendly since i will be booking some girls to visit me


02-24-03, 07:16

At http://www.sexworktoronto.com/Toronto/massage/massagecontents.html I list all the nude-reverse places I have reviewed with links to reviews.

Monte Carlo Inn is close to what is usually agreed is the best massage place, Allure. But not walking distance. See

If you want more upscale there is a Hampton Inn across the street from the Monte Carlo. Far less traffic than the hotels on Dixie but convienent to the tollway and all the places I enjoy going.

I have no idea the taxi situation. With mid size rentals only about $25/day I always rent a car from the airport, usually National.

Most all hotels are escort friendly - remember there is nothing illegal about escorting in Canada. I've heard some of the highest priced hotels downtown might frown on it. But as long as hookers don't hang out in the bar trying to solicit (which would be illegal since public) rarely a problem.

02-24-03, 08:27
Hey, all -

Been to Montreal, now I'm heading to Toronto for a few days. Looking for both lesiurely massage establishments as well as outcall or incalls. My location while in town will be near Bathurst and Finch, and if I could grab a taxi and be within a few minutes of massage place, that would be just ideal. I'd prefer a place with a selection of young and petite (as opposed to mature and busty) masseuses, maybe with a website and bottom-line (no tipping hassles) rates for a 45-minute or 60-minute session, HR is fine, for a total of not more than $150 CDN. Any suggestions, gentlemen? (Or is this too much to hope for?). Thanks!


02-24-03, 08:49
starfe, if you have not been to Toronto before, I'd suggest you stay downtown, not out by the airport. Toronto is a clean, relatively safe city, and you should have no problems. BYW, most massage places in Toronto are HJ only, at best. Escorts are FS, and if you're from the US-CHEAP! If you're downtown, you won't need to rent a car either, as there is good transportation, streetcars, subway, etc.
Get a copy of the 2 local weeklies "EYE", and another. They are both full of ads for escorts, massage, etc, and you can find them on the streets downtown. Great choice and variety!
Don't use the yellow pages as they are not current, and you will spend more $ for lesser quality.
Most hotels downtown are fine for escorts. I've stayed at Hilton, Sheraton, King Edward, Crowne Plaza, and had no problems with any of them.
Toronto is a GREAT place for the hobby, so have fun. Montreal is even better though! thor

02-24-03, 09:01
Everything Thor says, I'd agree with....

But for me I hate downtowns, the much more expensive hotels, all the congestion since I always rent a car and the bylaw restrictions at strip clubs and massage places are far more strict.

But if all you want is a massage with a handjob or escorts, and you don't mind paying higher prices for downtown hotels, than downtown may be best for that person.

If your main interest is escorts, the downtown area is sometimes a bit less costly as many of the agencies charge a bit more to come out to the Mississauga/Airport area.

I like the Western burbs since my interest is more in the nude strip club interaction at the 3 famous clubs and the nude-reverse parlors. But that is simply my personal preferences.

Dave in Phoenix

02-24-03, 10:42
thanks for the replies:

i would prefer to stay downtown and booked 2 hotels:

the sutton place & the grand hotel. i will decide just before i go.

could you name any massages parlors in the downtown area since those reports you posted are mostly outside the city.

the reason i might use a massage place is if the escort i order looks like a dog and want to pass. i want a quick second option.



will use the sources you gave me " EYE "

02-24-03, 10:42
thanks for the replies:

i would prefer to stay downtown and booked 2 hotels:

the sutton place & the grand hotel. i will decide just before i go.

could you name any massages parlors in the downtown area since those reports you posted are mostly outside the city.

the reason i might use a massage place is if the escort i order looks like a dog and want to pass. i want a quick second option.



will use the sources you gave me " EYE "

02-24-03, 11:32

Thor or others might help since I have no interest in downtown I have no info on the downtown mp's.

02-24-03, 19:59
starfe, I haven't used MP in Toronto for years. They advertise in the free papers as well. Having said that, I did get good massages in Toronto, just not easy or substantial extras for fair $.

The escorts are so numerous, internationally variable, and cheap, that it makes no sense to me to pay as much or more at a MP for just a HJ, or at best, a CBJ.
Different strokes for different folks!

Unlike the US, the MP's are much more regulated and strict than the escort scene. The strip clubs however, BLOW AWAY their US counterparts.

You should have no problem getting a good looking escort for $200C or less-about $130 US. Try the TERB or CANBEST sites for more info.
On hotels, you should try to stay near Younge St, and closer to the Lake than further North, for ease of getting around just walking. thor

03-03-03, 06:00

having stayed at the sutton & the grand here is my take.

sutton is more upscale in a better part of town. as such the rooms are more $$. some of my best encounters were at the sutton and i have fond memories.

since i like to do longer dates, i prefer the grand these days. why? free high-speed internet access, free local calls, pool, & rooftop hot tub. on those long dates of 3-4 hours or more, i ask the girl to bring a swimsuit and they love the little break it provides and it gives them the opportunity to relax too. good for the evening's encounter.


03-03-03, 07:11

....> Last time I was in Toronto, it was 1976. I was there for a trip to Montreal for the olypmics. I was too young, with litttle money to enjoy myself, but I do remember Younge Street, and the action I got from it.

.... >> Is it still like that "NOW". I want to go back, but it is not on the high priority list of Cities to do. Looking at the post I might need to rethink that position.

(((( WORD ))))


03-04-03, 01:43

stayed at the cambridge suites and loved it. will post my limited report in a few days. i did enjoy the city and the girls very much. its such an easy flight from dallas. the escorts were plentiful and available at all hours.


03-04-03, 07:28
Hey, all -

Got the reservations for hotel and flights, now all I need are some recommendations from you people. I've researched the papers (EYE, NOW, Toronto Sun) and MP and escort websites, with no great luck. You know what I mean: I'd hate to call a service and be told such-and-such about the lady and then when she shows up she's forty pounds heavier than advertised. So:

1) I'm interested in MP and escort appts. with slender, small-bosomed (A or B), dark-haired ladies. Tall or short, doesn't matter, so long as the basic figure is petite. Since everybody seems to prefer busty blondes, it's not easy to find my type, you know?

2) Looking for a session with someone with a decent personality as well. No need for attitude, right, fellas?

3) Having read through all prior posts, I'm aware of the different types of services provided at MP's vs. escort. That's fine, so long as the provider falls within the preceding two categories.

Any suggestions, fellas, or other sources with photos I may have overlooked? Thanks!


03-09-03, 10:56
Hello all,

Does any one know of any clubs, bars etc., in Toronto where one can look at the ladies before selecting. Much like it's in some asian countries. Or do I have to rely on the escort services?

03-10-03, 18:10
Originally posted by badass
Hello all,

Does any one know of any clubs, bars etc., in Toronto where one can look at the ladies before selecting. Much like it's in some asian countries. Or do I have to rely on the escort services? You'd only find that in some massage parlours, but don't expect full service. If you want full service then you're going to have to call an escort service, or even an independant.

04-22-03, 07:50
are there any pro--bars in the city and what are basic prices in usd for here and what is the legal status on our sport

06-04-03, 14:02
originally posted by traveler0099

having stayed at the sutton & the grand here is my take.

sutton is more upscale in a better part of town. as such the rooms are more $$. some of my best encounters were at the sutton and i have fond memories.

since i like to do longer dates, i prefer the grand these days. why? free high-speed internet access, free local calls, pool, & rooftop hot tub. on those long dates of 3-4 hours or more, i ask the girl to bring a swimsuit and they love the little break it provides and it gives them the opportunity to relax too. good for the evening's encounter.


where do u get the 3 hour dates from?

06-04-03, 14:08
Last time I was there, I saw alot of 18-19 year old streetwalkers. It was years ago, but maybe things are still the same?

I would like to know if they are still around and the best Hotel to put me in the action.

I will be in town June 11-15 for a few days!

I love stripclubs as well.


06-04-03, 15:36
Hey *******,

Give a me shout if you have time for a beer while in Toronto. It would an honour to meet you. I'm sure you're familiar with Club Pro and Whiskey GoGo...


06-08-03, 13:37
Guys- now's the best time time to visit T.O, especaily if your in to strip joints. With the great decline in travel, most places are offering $1 for the first dance and second at regular price, therefore it's really $10 per dance. Guys that's almost 50% off the going rate and I've noticed girls now are suddenly freindlier then ever. I first noticed this at Zannibar's downtown (yes it's still open) and spread to upscale place like the airport strip. You can easly negociate the same deal from the joe average joints like Locomotion, Million Dollar, etc
I'am telling you from somebody who's used to traveling abroad for sex, SARS has been the best since sliced bread. Prices have come down in many places, it's just a matter of finding the deals and smooth talking if you have to. Last week I paid $6 to park all day towndown at the Chealse Delta hotel. Remember that's all in Canadian prices, in US dollars it's dirt cheap. YES the city totally safe, nobody walking around with any masks on, I would just stay clear of Chinatown if you are overly concerned

06-08-03, 15:35
Originally posted by Ilongo_boy
Hey *******,

Give a me shout if you have time for a beer while in Toronto. It would an honour to meet you. I'm sure you're familiar with Club Pro and Whiskey GoGo...



I will have my cell with me

You can fill me in on whats hot!

06-08-03, 18:14
Originally posted by downunder
Guys- now's the best time time to visit T.O, especaily if your in to strip joints. With the great decline in travel, most places are offering $1 for the first dance and second at regular price, therefore it's really $10 per dance. Guys that's almost 50% off the going rate and I've noticed girls now are suddenly freindlier then ever. I first noticed this at Zannibar's downtown (yes it's still open) and spread to upscale place like the airport strip. You can easly negociate the same deal from the joe average joints like Locomotion, Million Dollar, etc
I'am telling you from somebody who's used to traveling abroad for sex, SARS has been the best since sliced bread. Prices have come down in many places, it's just a matter of finding the deals and smooth talking if you have to. Last week I paid $6 to park all day towndown at the Chealse Delta hotel. Remember that's all in Canadian prices, in US dollars it's dirt cheap. YES the city totally safe, nobody walking around with any masks on, I would just stay clear of Chinatown if you are overly concerned

Well it looks like I will see if I can get a dancer or 2 back to my room if times are sooo bad!

06-14-03, 08:31
Dave's Fabulous Toronto Trip......

One especially fun report was
Special Gift Project for a Dancer from a Terbite
The Surprise Gift
At: http://www.sexworktoronto.com/stripclub/canonball.html
A Terbite (from Terb discussion board), who has been following my writings about intimacy and especially Esalen massage, contacted me by E-mail while I was still in Phoenix and asked if I would be willing to try and give a special gift to a dancer at Cannonball. He thought she would enjoy my Esalen massage type strokes and my high touch intimacy I talk about in my reports. He offered to pay for 5-7 dances and provide me a gift to give her in addition to my lap dances with her. The story of finding her, the wonderful interaction and then having to tell her the story - and then she saying it was the best gift she ever received, shows the power of good non-sexual touch intimacy and how this friend of the dancer wanted to give her such a gift. A very wonderful story and great ending and lots of fun for Dave.

And two beautiful escorts, Danielle and Michelle with their pictures at

Partial Table of Contents at
Nude-Reverse Massage
Pre-Trip Research Nude-Reverse Massage Cost Comparisons
See Reviews of:
Ivy at Club 2 Mountains
Center Health Care
Sugar @Palace Therapy Center
Janet @ Temptations Spa
Taylor & Lisa @ Angel Touch Day Spa
Mystique Non Massage
Tina @ Juliana's Tokyo
Alicia@Silhouette Spa
Cara @ Allure
His Story --- Her Story
The Reality of Massage Encounters

Nude full contact long laps at Strip Clubs - My usual 3 clubs
Cannonball - Special Gift Project for a Dancer from a Terbite
Million Dollar Saloon
Intimacy Workshop in Toronto?
Discussion of what "normal" (unlike Dave) guys like at Strip Clubs

What I enjoy so much in Toronto

Even with the recent decline of the $US it is still a bargain. Today its about $CDN100=$US72 vs $US66-67 for prior trips.

A nude full contact lap dance with beautiful wonderfully intimate women from all over the world with songs lasting about twice as long it seems than in Phoenix or the U.S. is $CND20 or $US14-15. I very much enjoy caressing a beautiful body doing nice breast massage etc.

A 40 minute nude-reverse-release massage at Allure body rub known for its consistent beautiful women (pictures shown on their website) is $CDN110 or about $US75. There is no door fee and than haggling over a tip in secret language. It's all up front, total cost, no tipping, and of course totally legal unlike the U.S.

I've enjoyed some absolutely wonderful intimate escorts, mostly foreign women (who tend to me far more intimate than No American women) especially Russian... for $CDN220/hr which is about $US158. For me I love caring, caressing intimate touch and sensual sexuality far more than wild great sex. Few No American women are so intimate (except the French-Canadians). And again escorts are perfectly legal in Canada, websites have real pictures, and upfront pricing. Very few of the scams or up pricing issues of the U.S. Most escorts choose to work for the honest agencies with some independents

You may understand why I like Toronto so much! There are of course wonderful providers in Phoenix, and I keep saying I should meet more of them, since I rarely get out in Phoenix. But I tend to have to get away to take the time to enjoy wonderful women, and Toronto is my favorite playtown having been to many others...and they speak English vs Thailand or Montreal where the women are also wonderful.

Dave in Phoenix

06-16-03, 11:24
what type of services are usually offered at massage parlours in Toronto??

06-16-03, 12:13
Originally posted by boofer
what type of services are usually offered at massage parlours in Toronto??

A release only. If you want more go to an escort where everything is legal.

Dave in Phoenix

06-29-03, 00:19
What's better, Montreal or Toronto?

07-03-03, 03:23
originally posted by justgotback
what's better, montreal or toronto? i've only been to to, and it is fucking fantastic (not a figure of speech)!

any idea what happened to terb.ca...it seems to have been down for 2+ days now.

07-03-03, 20:31
originally posted by dobutsu
i've only been to to, and it is fucking fantastic (not a figure of speech)!

any idea what happened to terb.ca...it seems to have been down for 2+ days now. terb.ca has server problems...

try connecting with this:

this should work.

07-26-03, 16:43
Gents....I am a frequent poster on the DC and MD Boards. I have enjoyed researching and reading all of your past postings. They are very informative as well as exciting. I will be coming up to Toronto for the next month on business. I will be staying out near the airport and will try my luck first at the club (The Landing Strip I believe) out there. If anyone has any current info on the girls out there who might like to do a little work on the side please let me know. It would be my pleasure to buy you a beer (only the good Canadian Brew) for your time.

08-05-03, 16:02
Originally posted by Motorback
Gents....I am a frequent poster on the DC and MD Boards. I have enjoyed researching and reading all of your past postings. They are very informative as well as exciting. I will be coming up to Toronto for the next month on business. I will be staying out near the airport and will try my luck first at the club (The Landing Strip I believe) out there. If anyone has any current info on the girls out there who might like to do a little work on the side please let me know. It would be my pleasure to buy you a beer (only the good Canadian Brew) for your time.

I was there in June. It seems dances are $20 these days. I was told to pick a girl, get a dance then schedule something. This was told to me after I returned from Toronto.

Pro Playa
08-10-03, 04:10

Try http://www.nowtoronto.com Click on "Classifieds" and then click on "Search Adult Classifieds"

Window Shopper
08-11-03, 03:56

8.0 in looks, BBBJ, DFK, DATY, plenty of enthusiasm and energy, tried her best to get a second out of me, but I was not up for it. A quality SW. Seems to understand English OK, so-so at speaking (I'm a chatter between rounds). 200 CAD for the hour, very well spent. I'm going to go back to the well on this one.

If it's OK to post, her number is 416-508-9374

Window Shopper
08-14-03, 13:14
Toronto rocks! Did a whirlwind 3 day 6 session tour, and it was fantastic! For those who don't know, mongering is legal in Toronto. Everyone has a website, and there are extensive reviews in www.terb.ca. Tipping is not required but very appreciated. My personal experience is to stick with the larger established agencies and avoid the individual ads in the Eye. My only bad experience was from one of those ads. That's what I get from going on the cheap.

Valerie from Ecstasy escorts (www.ecstasy-escorts.com). 220/hour outcall. 8 in looks ( small breasts), 9 in enthusiasm. BBBJ, DATY, MSOG, and all the usual positions. LFK but she was coughing a bit, other reviews indicate DFK. NOt much English, otherwise GFE. She was the perfect cap to my TO trip,

Kiki http://www.cupidscandies.com/kiki/Kiki.html
220/hour outcall. Very vivacious girl, natural 34D's. 7 in looks, 9 in enthusiasm. CBJ, DATY, fantastic Russian, MSOG. OTher reviews indicate BBBJ, but YMMV. Very chatty young lady if that's your thing

Mila from Ecstasy Escorts. 9 in looks ( like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction), 9 in enthusiasm. CBJ, DATY, cowgirl. Other reviews indicate BBBJ and some Greek, but YMMV.

Miko from Toronto Oriental Girls. 8 in looks, 10 in enthusiasm and imagination. CBJ, DATY, BLS, cowgirl. Came to my room, stepped into the bathroom and came out in a bad school girl outfit. NOt really my cup of tea, but I'll try anything once. We were all over the room in all kinds of positions. A beautiful, intelligent provider

Argentine student advertised in Eye at Spadina and Bloor. Impressive rack, phoned in performance. Save your time and money.

Laney - 8 in looks, 10 in enthusiasm and skill. BBBJ, DATY, cowgirl, MSOG, GFE. Tried very hard for the second shot, seemed genuinely disappointed when I wasn't up to the task.

I repeat, this is the place to go. The price is right, the girls are goreous and skillful, it's LEGAL with no hassles

Jon Jones
08-16-03, 20:30
I will be staying at the Marriott Eaton Centre next month. Any recommendations on massage establishments (nude-reverse) within a reasonable walking distance?

Thanks in advance.

08-19-03, 13:24
Pro Playa and *******...Thanks for the info. I spent some time during my trip at the Landing Strip. Tried to hook up wit Houston, tall striking red head who claimed to be from Russia. Jury still out on that. The night we were to meet was the night (Thurs) that the power went out. Needless to say it was abust. I'll try again this week and I'll let you know.

08-22-03, 19:14
where are the cheap escorts 100-150 I checked a few links there almost 200-300 . is there any pick up bars like tequilla-rocks or la dolce .strip clubs are ok but most are lesbos in usa so any advice is taken

08-23-03, 13:30
There are many escorts who advertise in the weekly alternative newspapers listing a price of $150 or less. Then when you call to ask, you find out that the rate is for a half hour - CBJ only. FS costs another 100.

Window Shopper
08-23-03, 13:40
Originally posted by Jonny
There are many escorts who advertise in the weekly alternative newspapers listing a price of $150 or less. Then when you call to ask, you find out that the rate is for a half hour - CBJ only. FS costs another 100. Hi there,

A couple of things to keep in mind for Americans. Tese are Canadian dollars, which go much farther than American Dollars. 250 CAD which is emough for an hour and a tip is around 190 American. For an hour, considering that it's outcall, is of extremely high quality in looks and service, IMHO is a bargain.

My personal experiance if financially feasible is to stay away from low end providers. Stick with the agencies and rated girls on terb.ca. You end up getting what you pay for.

08-27-03, 16:01
Originally posted by Jonny
There are many escorts who advertise in the weekly alternative newspapers listing a price of $150 or less. Then when you call to ask, you find out that the rate is for a half hour - CBJ only. FS costs another 100. There are some who are $150/hr FS and many more under $200/hr.

The weekly papers at www.eye.net and www.nowtoronto.com/cgi-bin/adult_class do contain some useful listings but the problem with classified ads is that 2-3 lines in a newspaper aren't enough space to provide all necessary info.

The same would be true of the Toronto Sun (www.classifiedextra.ca) or any other newspaper. Globe & Mail doesn't knowingly accept escort ads (dunno about thestar.com) so Sun, NOW and Eye are the most-used Toronto newspaper classifieds here.

If a gal has a website, it usually will provide most of the missing info - not all include their rates/reviews and some hide faces in their photos but you'll get a good idea of who you're dealing with should you book with these gals. Some will provide complete info, photos & rates up-front.

The local boards (terb.ca, escortsdirect.ca, adultmb.com and a few others which are less active) can be valuable but do take everything posted with a grain of salt - TERB (while most active) depends on plentiful advertising dollars from the very same escorts being reviewed and has been known to remove reviews at times. ED seems to have an agenda of running "gent seeks lady $150" ads to try to find more lower-cost providers - I'd met one provider (www.sweetnlovinlady.ca) through that board and $150/1hr was fs and as advertised; there are many others there in or near that price range.

AdultMB appears to be primarily a Windsor/London/Michigan board although (like other non-Toronto sites such as montrealescorts.com) it does have some Toronto listings. Visiting one site will also help you find other related sites - that's how I found this board, for instance :)

At best, local board posts will be only as good (or bad) as the people writing the reviews. At worst, the agenda of local boards themselves introduces distortions - so check all and compare. It's not unheard of for local board operators to arbitrarily blacklist an SP or an entire agency while accepting paid ads and promotion from another. A lot of money is at stake here.

Yellow Pages 'phone listings are also a source of publicity for escort agencies, but are costly enough to be beyond the reach of reasonably-priced independents. Their only being updated once a year is also a very serious limitation in this business; better (newer and more complete) info can easily be had online or even in a newspaper.

Some other sites advertising Toronto SP's (but not claiming to review them) are theredzone.com, ooh-canada.com, escorts-canada.com and adult-canada.com; some allow SP's to upload an entire web page of info to the site for a price.

If you spend enough time on the various sites you will eventually find plenty of SP's in your price range. Toronto (like Montrťal) does have a wide selection - the market is saturated - but you do need to inform yourself before reaching for cash.

The E
09-17-03, 22:23
Hello guys, I am looking for a nice slim pettie 100% East Indian escort in the Toronto area. Anyone have any suggestions and/ or rates? I need this info asap. I will be leaving the area on Friday morning.

Also, if anyone knows about any East African escorts I would like some recomendations for them as well.


Jon Jones
09-27-03, 01:42
A quick review for all you massage fans:

First, let me say that Phoenix Dave is correct in saying the service and cost is much better in the airport area. But for those of us who must stay downtown for business reasons, I hope the following will be helpful. Remember, unlike some of the suburbs, the sex trade is illegal in the downtown area.

7 Wellesley (Near Yonge Street)
I was hoping for better at this place. The place was dirty. The rooms were very small with no windows. With the body slide, it got extremely hot and uncomfortable. (And I donít mean ďhotĒ in the good sense.)

The young lady herself wasnít bad. A white girl probably around 25. A few extra pounds but nice face and good conversation. She slapped me on the ass a few times and encouraged me to do the same to her. I whacked her a few times and roughly fingered her pussy. I think she wanted more but she was making so much noise I was afraid someone would think she was being attacked so I cut back.

The massage and handjob itself was only fair. She took the time to talk with me for about ten minutes afterwards and actually gave me a copy of "EYE" magazine and suggested I read the adult section for other places.

419A College at Bathhurst (This place apparently has no name other than ďSpaĒ)
The ad says complete nude $59.99 Ė no extra cost. After waiting for approximately 30 minutes without getting any attention, I left without a massage. The girls were all eastern European that barely spoke English. Based on the three girls I saw walk by, I think theyíd be better off leaving their clothes on.

Golden Flower Spa (550A Yonge near Wellesley)
This place was a real gem. I saw three Chinese girls. All were cute and let me feel anywhere I wanted. One even put my hand on her clit. Good massage technique and HJ finish. None spoke good English but it was enough to get the job done.

Expect to pay around $100CAN. (Remember, this is only about $75US)

Hope this is helpful for folks saying downtown. I stayed at the Marriott Eaton Center. It was about a 10 minute walk to each of these establishments. (7 Wellesley and Golden Flower are close to the subway station for those that donít like to walk or if the weatherís bad.)

Lap Dancer
10-03-03, 16:50
I just wanted to add my two cents in the Toronto market. Your best bet to find quality mps and sps is to use the internet. There are a large number of sites but here are a few: www.terb.ca, www.toronto-exotics.com, and www.menbehavingbadly.com.

One great site that is worthy of special mention is www.johncoop.com. This stands for the "john cooperative" it post reviews and recommendations of the scene but it is also trying to be a forum that mps and sps can market directly to the customers and eliminate the middlemen. The site has established a recommended price which would be more than the girl would get working for an agency but less then the customer would pay so both win. I think this kind of plan is something that WSG should encourage. I hope that it spreads to other markets but I realize that things are a little more liberal north of the border.

I hope this helps because Toronto is a great city and there is lots of talent around.

10-10-03, 03:09
Just wanted to add to the Toronto scene. Used TOG (Toronto Oriental Girls) and was not dissapointed. First was a lady who was brand new, it was her first night. Forget her name, somthing like apollo? Definite GFE, with DATY, BBBJ. She was really into it as well and seemed to enjoy herself and made me feel good. Pulled off the coat at the end and ended on her chest. Called back this week and got Miko who now only works part time. Less of a GFE but not dissapointing either. A little big for my taste, not fat just tall and large for asian women. Went for a full 2x session at her request which was nice for the ego as well. With the exchange rate a definite good time. Will call TOG back when I am in Toronto in November.

Easy Go
10-17-03, 03:58
Saw Lea (www.lea-toronto.com) on Monday night. She is pretty with great tits and a slender build. She gets knocked a bit for being too talkative but I didn't find it to be a problems. 500 $CDN for two hours.

She arrived in a sexy, tight black dress that showed off her great body. We had the usual first meeting chat, moved to DFK and light petting, then stripped down for the main event. Everything I wanted was on the menu including BBBJTC (twice), DATY (tasty and responsive), covered straight sex, fingering, and anal followed by a nice cuddle. Her oral skills are excellent and she never seemed to tire of sucking on my dick.

Highly recommended and a definite repeat next time I'm in Toronto (except there are an awful lot of other delicious SPs in Toronto that might distract me).


Stephen Horndog
10-22-03, 06:58
Hi Toronto,

Toronto is a great city for sex. There are at least three great strolls, lots of escorts and massge places, and the attitude of the locals is great. Canada is not an uptight,puritan country like some areas of the USA, especially the southren United States, where finding some boom boom can be a huge challenge. So just letting you folks know how exciting and cosmopolitan your city is.To bad about those horrible winters though. I dont know if I could handle that. But the bang bang situation is oh la la.

See ya,

Stephen Horndog.

11-07-03, 19:59
Review, Chloe at Toronto Girlfriends

Chloe is a petite sweet blonde that can erase all your troubles and keep a smile on your face for days. She is in mid 20s, just over 5í tall, 100 pounds (wet coming out of the shower), wonderful perky B tits with responsive nipples, and a cute face with a delightful smile. She immediately took charge and showed no sign of being bashful as she stripped, removed my clothes, started DFK, allowed DATY with digits, BBBJ, FS with MSOG. She is a sight to see on top with her energetic CG.


Wally Web
11-11-03, 04:53
I would like to contribute my experience to this board. I live in Toronto but I love South American women, of which there isn't too many in this area. Recently I thought about the possibility of asking a girl to come over for a while from S. America. This is how I hooked up with EVY / FLAVIA who can be found on a couple of the escort websites in Argentina and with LETICIA from Peru.

We started e-mailing back and forth with EVY at the beginning of September and she immediately pointed out that she wanted to meet me but would need a visa to come over here. I think a visa is not too hard to get, but I did not hear anything back from her for a while after she brought up the visa issue. I asked her to check on a plane ticket too but nothing happened for a while.

I kind of forgot about EVY when just a few days ago, I received a new e-mail from her telling me she would "never" forget me and she is now coming to Toronto Nov 20-28 and wants to see me! I tell you these girls do follow up!

EVY did not say anything further about buying a plane ticket so I assume that is taken care of, but she gave me every indication she was only coming to see me. She even included a private picture of her taken in a sunny place that looks like Cancun. Seems she has been there recently. The girl appears quite friendly and never asked any questions never quoted me a price or anything. For all I know, she might be free!

We'll see, but it looks like a pretty good deal even if you can get these latinas to come visit you in Canada or the US and you get them for a price in pesos (I am talking about S. American Pesos, not Canadian Pesos). I am now working on a similar deal with Leticia. Maybe I can get them together...

I will let the Board know how it works out after I meet with them.


Wally Web
11-13-03, 01:22
Good news. Evy from Argentina confirmed today that she got the visa and she is definitely coming to Canada. She will call me. I will report back soon.


11-14-03, 05:22
Toronto is really not a great place for in-calls. There are too many restrictions and SP's requesting verification of phone numbers and call backs etc for my taste. I really do not feel my identity needs to be researched before a date. Torontonians have accepted that as a fact of life. Even the licensed massage parlours, and there are some great ones like Hands from Heaven and Invisible Touch, now require a driver's license number for registration. There are all sorts of excuses but it is most uncomfortable.

Toronto, however, is not bad for out calls. Certainly much cheaper than U.S. and actually somewhat safer than some parts of Asia. The choices are slightly wider and quality is generally high. As long as we stay with the more reputable agencies, then the risk of bait and switches is small. And if there is a bad experience, one has to take it in stride. The hotels are generally very tolerant and will not give the brothers any trouble with visitors.

Still, hobbying in Toronto is nowhere like Asia and South America. Beside price, the quality and variety are too restricted, and if not for the EE (East Europeans) it would be disastrous. Everytime I visit Toronto, I feel like I am tip-toeing around just to get some action. When I go to Asia, it is so out in the open that I might as well be buying shoes.

Tyler Durden
11-14-03, 17:55

No fair, posting a hottie like that and no info on where to find her, lol. Come on... fess up!

It's been a while since I played in TO but I have many, many fond memories of the outcall scene. Normally stayed at a nice hotel, downtown while there on business and having an assortment of beautiful women to choose from, to have show up at your door, well, that was incredible. Need to get back there!!

Later dudes!


Stephen Horndog
11-17-03, 09:45
Hey guys-what up? Well I guess everybody sees things differently. I think Toronto is a very liberated city and the hoe chase is great. Now I live down south in the 'bible belt'. So my reflection is based on that. Toronto is a wide poen city where I have counted at least three thriving strolls. Now if you guys want sexual suffering, try living down in the south eastren U.S. Trying to find a white hoe is a major challenge. There are no full nude strip clubs, no massage parlours, nada. To top that off, the southren women in everyday life are, how should I say it nicely, bitches. I mean we are talking Jerry Springer, ding dang, Walmart, pick up trucks, rude people everywhere, and tons of rednecks. Of course sex is a terrible thing down here and everybodys daddy is a preacher or is related to a preacher. Now there is nothing wrong with honest faith, but a I love God bumper sticker on a pickup truck following me about three feet off my rear bumper is common place here. So count your blessings, because you guys are at least allowed to have fun. If you have lived in a city like Toronto, and then move south be prepared for a major change in lifestyle if you are a mongerer.- SH - p.s My job moved me here. I have three years left in my sentence down here and then I transfer to Vancouver.

11-18-03, 04:15

I have used TOG but not Toronto Girlfriends. Chloe's picture looks good. I am in TO on Wed. are rates comprable to TOG? Anyone else have positive experience with Chloe? or others at Toronto Girlfriends?


11-19-03, 14:45

Torontogirlfriends rates are $220.00. Besides Chloe I can say Mica is another treat. She is a few years younger than Chloe, an Asian Spanish mix of pure pleasure in a tight little package. I understand that Zanna and Danielle can also be very satisfying.


Stephen Horndog
12-03-03, 09:30
Things sound quiet on the Toronto board. But that aint the case. Toronto has tons of hoes. Three of four strolls, all sorts of strip places and lots of outcall services, plus massage joints. On top of that the everyday women are also pretty easy ( Except in bars where alot of Italian males frequent ). I guess because the Italians are such obvious horndogs the girls are on the defensive.So stay away from these places and you will do fine. Also the Italians like to fight after the bars close because they are frustrated because the vast majority of them do not score by nights end ( except with the palm sisters ). Any how that is my observation of the scene there as an occasional visitor to Toronto. Lots of action. SH

Slag Runner
12-06-03, 17:11
Far East Side SW Activity

I was on the far east side of Toronto last night and made several trips back and forth on Kingston Road and a few connected side streets. My main area of concentration was Kingston from Danforth Avenue to Morningside. I noted two girls (at different times) at Markham Road. I also observed a few girls clustered around the Lawrence Avenue / Kingston intersection. There were also two girls together at a donut/coffee shop on the south side of Kingston just west of Lawrence.

At about 1:00 am I picked up Tish outside of a bar with an Irish sounding name on the North side of Kingston near Galloway Road. She was as flaky as burned pie crust. Talked without let up about inane subjects and repeated herself every 4 minutes. She also blurted out a few bizarre phrases at least 15 times apiece during the hour or so we spent together.

She did have a decent body and provided a good BBBJ in the comfort of a friends apartment. She is about 30 years old, 5'7", Ht and Wt proportional. I would not slow down for her again if I ever find myself in the area.


12-09-03, 19:48
A negative report on the massage parlor at 863 St. Clair W. #4 (Paradise) east of Dufferin.

Facilities. The good: parking and showers in the rooms.
The bad: not proper massage tables (i.e. no hole for your head)

The price is $40 with no options on time like most places and no options for extras (e.g. nude).

After a very poor massage for about 10 minutes, I received a very poor HJ.

The woman there and proprietor were both east European.

Not recommended.

Hot Tongue
12-12-03, 12:08
I am based in Africa with wide experience in Nite club/adult biz .[please refer to my previous posts in Nigeria, West Africa with this name which contains more about me] I have quite a few beautiful African girls who meet world class specification in terms of looks, education, sophistication and serviceability who are willing to work in Canada specially Toronto as Escorts. I am prepared to share expenses involved in bringing them over or bear on reimbursible basis as well as provide all assurances for a long term, progressive, genuine and mutually beneficial relationship depending on mutual trust and terms to be agreed. Any genuine / respectable / reputable escort agency representative could contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service. My target is to be in Toronto with at least two prospects in January.


Slag Runner
12-15-03, 02:30
I have met a few winners on Shuter, East of Parliament. Last week was a real stroke of good fortune. I picked up Anastasia (goes by AJ) on the corner of Shuter and River at about 10:00 pm. She is in her early 20's, 5'6", slim build, mousey blonde hair parted in the middle that falls to her shoulders. On the night I met her it was misting rain and she was not wearing any make-up because she said she did not want mascara etc. to get wet and run. Without make-up she had a fresh, wholesome appearance. I imagine that with make-up she would be striking in her appearance. She was wearing jeans and a very puffy, well insulated winter coat.

She was quite personable and very articulate on our drive back to my hotel. She said she used to dance at Zanzibar downtown but let her license expire and has not renewed it. It was not until we got up to my hotel room that her finest assests became apparent, however.

Once in the room she threw off her coat to reveal a very slim, toned body in tight jeans and a long sleeve, tight shirt showing a little tummy and great hooters. Within minutes, as we chatted comfortably, she pulled down the bed quilt and stripped down to a thong. Great, smoking hot little body with bolt-on tits that looked very natural and, as I quickly learned, felt very nice.

As we plopped onto the bed, still chatting, she got very serious for a minute and said "Look, I hate to change the subject but you should know up front that I usually get $30 for a BJ and $50 for FS (Canadian of course). Is that OK?". I could only say OK, as I would have paid a lot more by that point to keep the party rolling. We had a great session, spending about 90 minutes together. Not a perfect GFE but very very erotic and pleasant. I consider AJ second date quality, a very rare endorsement coming from me.


Slappy Balls
12-20-03, 09:00
Hey guys,

I'm coming to Toronto next week and I really need a suggestion on some massage parlours in the down town or east side. Please help a fellow dog out.

Thanks SB

Jon Jones
12-20-03, 18:58

I had the best service at Golden Flower Spa (550A Yonge near Wellesley). A more complete review on this and others was posted on Sept 27th.

12-22-03, 10:00
Does anyone know what MP's provide FS or is this something that is not discussed due to legal problems in Toronto?

Golden Flower and Josephines seem to have favorable reviews.

I found maps, info and photos here

Besides terb.ca and this site there does not seem to be ONE place to find needed info.

12-23-03, 09:52
Anyone have any info on the Ts/Tv scene in toronto? Would be intereted in seeing someone, but I am new to this and would need to see someone very passable, bottom (mostly) and patient. If you have any info please PM or post.



12-24-03, 21:27
I've been living downtown for a few months now and not real impressed with the action (sw/mp). I've found most of my action off Quest! But... I was coming home late Sunday night and parked my car on the street. As I was getting out, an definate 10 very light skin BSW was hobbling past. I say 'hobbling' because her left boot heel was broken off. Very funny. I'm a little south of the action, closer to Queen and Jarvis, so this is a rare thing. Anyway, I made a well intentioned comment about her boot and she laughed and asked if I was up for a late-night round. I told her to come in and we'd figure it out. She came in, sat on the couch and took her coat off. :) Perfect little body. About 5'4, 125lbs. Nice medium size breasts, with noteably perky nipples. I'm somewhat partial, but her best asset was her firm stand-up backside. I asked what the damage would be and she said the typical 'depends what you want'. I said no funny stuff, just typical grab-your-ankles kinda stuff. She says $400... on her expadited way out the door, she said how about $150 for a guarenteed good night cap, but no FS. Guarenteed meaning we could square-up after. She looked to good to refuse, and had a rather endearing tone, so I said sure. She rushed back in and was down to noting but a g-string with a quickness. That's when she told me she couldn't do FS cause it was 'that time', but really wanted to. Without getting to detailed, this girl knows how to put a guy to bed. Very maternal for lack of a better work. Comforting, attentive. She was great with her hands and mouth, and we only wrapped things up because I was exhausted by this time. She even laid in te bed with me for 20 minutes after. I had no problems paying the $150 - she was here a good 90 minutes. She gave me her number, I won't post it, since she thinks we're friends now and asked me to go to the movies with her and a friend tonight (can't though, I'm flying home to Atlanta tonight). I will however pm the number if you ask, just be nice to her.

Merry Christmas Guys.

Cloud Seeker
12-31-03, 03:30
Hello everybody,

My experience in Toronto: unless you are interested in SWs on Jarvis (many are junkies) which in my opinion are atrocious, you can check out the NOW newspaper (all over the city), at the very end. I selected one random phone number (name is Nikki), called from downtown. She asked me to go to the payphone in the Leslie&Sheppard area (North Toronto) and call from there.

My friend and I went there (he went 'just in case') and I called her up again. We were given the address, a place close by.

It was a two-storey house and Nikki opened the door (she was a 7.5-8). There were some other pretty girls in the lobby. She took me upstairs, my friend was allowed to sit in the hallway and wait for me. The room was cozy, good lighting.

Here's the deal: $100 for 30 min., $150 for a full hour (all are Canadian dollars). She asked for money up front.

Started with oral, moved on to traditional. Pretty standard and very mediocre experience. She was friendly, but not overly passionate (or was I expecting too much) and for some reason, she refused to get on top when I asked her to. Twenty seven minutes later, she said goodbye.

To add to the unsatisfactory experience, when we walked out of the house, some small kids were standing there, watching us leave (residential townhouse area). Six or seven year old, but they already knew. Jeez.

Don't know anything about massage parlours.

Hope it helps someone,
Cloud9 Seeker

Lee Mason
01-14-04, 03:41
Hello All:

My visit to Toronto could not have been better. Called Hollywood Escorts and made arrangements to see Bianca, who has been rated as number 2 in Toronto (number one has retired). She is Polish, 5-11, 36c, 128lb and 20 yrs. But better than that she has a great personality and gives a great GFE. We started with BBJTC. In fact she offered right away and there was never an issue of covering it. Then we continued to complete the full service. I highly recommend her and would rate her a 7-8 on looks and a 10 on performance.

The next day I saw Demi from Cupid's Candies. She was 25, 34b, 5-3. I was impressed that the agency asked me if I wanted her to wear something special, which I did, so she did. She arrived in a nice short skirt. She offered CBBJ at the beginning but I managed to convince her that BBJTC was better, and it was. Then we finished full service, which was accomplished, shall we say, despite the rather "tight" quarters. The only problem is that wherever her body can be piered it is, including her nipples. But this was a very good GFE, though we did not "sparK" as in the case of Bianca. I would rate her appearance as a 6 and her performance as an 8 ("sparking" counts for something.

Good Luck


01-22-04, 15:34
Need some help. Arrive TOR on 2/26 for 2 nights. I usually post on China, Hong Kong and S. Korea boards as that is my normal area of travel. TOR is new to me.

Question 1: I can stay at either Hyatt or any Marriott property. Which hotel offers the best chance of a pick up in the hotel lounge?

Question 2: Have seen ads for massage joints. Which are the best. I am very partial to Asian girls.

Question 3: Does nyone recommend any of these places - Platinum on Sheppard West; Asian on either Eglington or Sheppard; Blue Pearl.

Question 4: If you have a contact number for a good escort, please send via WSG Private Message Service.

Thanj You and a report will follow after my visit.


01-24-04, 01:56
If you luvumbare,
Allison's Angels, number in the book, Amethyst. Canadian girl, best mouth anywhere, bbbj cim. She's into what ever you are, just ask!

01-25-04, 08:50

i would like to report about my recent trip to toronto. i have some experience with girls in the us (nevada) and i must say that for the time, money, and performance, there is no comparison! from my home, a trip to nevada (first class) will cost $700, and the girls are between 1000 and 1500 us per hour, so a 5 day, 4 session trip will cost over $5000! for less than $2000, i flew to toronto first class, stayed in an outstanding hotel (delta chelsea, dowtown), 4 days, 6 girl trip and saw outstanding gfe each time. i will run them down from bottom to top:

6. from select ladies (www.selectladies.com), elle; looks 7, performance 7, attitude 8, gfe 5 (no kiss, no daty, but good action and very friendly)

5. from select ladies, jenn, looks 6 (chunkier than pics), performance 6, attitude 6, gfe 4 (also no kiss or daty, despite reviews stating she did...ymmv i guess) -- also, no cowgirl, insists on doggie and tells you what to do a lot (not my favorite, i like to drive)

4. from ecstasy (www.ecstasy-escorts.com): mia, looks 6, performance 8, attitude 8 (english questionable), gfe 9; very good experience, took off a little for the hair and no greek, but highly recommended

3. from exotica (www.exotic-escorts.com): [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901), looks 7-8, performance 9, attitude 9, gfe 9; very good, two pops, snuggled, all positions, no greek; tried to communicate but poor english, very nice, recommend highly

2. from ecstasy, angelica: looks 8, performance 9, attitude 9, gfe 9; very good, greek (and good at it!), very good kissing and massage. english poor but no barrier, very responsive and eager to please. very highly recommended.

1. from ecstasy, jasmine
wow! 10's all the way across. cost a bit more ($250 canadian) but worth every cent, no experience like this before with a provider (but have never been to asia, so maybe i don't know everything), total gfe with pse; great response to daty and believable o. highest recommendation, treat her well and tip her, she must stay in the city until i get back in may!

toronto is my new vacation destination! even in winter, much hotter than nevada! cuban cigars, legal escorts, and inexpensive!


01-28-04, 07:27
i wanted to give amythest a run but she was booked early, i had plane problems and i did want to be second for the night. since our good man winston has done some research i took his advise.

winston 569 wrote:
from ecstasy, angelica: looks 8, performance 9, attitude 9, gfe 9; very good, greek (and good at it!), very good kissing and massage. english poor but no barrier, very responsive and eager to please. very highly recommended.

i cannot agree more. this young lady is a real "package". well turned out, prompt and stylish. being from russia, she has that sultry look that can melt a heart. in my book, her looks are a 9. performance 9.5, gfe 9.5, attitude 10, oral 9.5,

tuesday night in toronto there was a mess of snow and it was freezing cold. angelica arrived wrapped in a black fur. sexy and sweet face showing from within the high collar of the coat.

language did not seem to be a problem as she speaks quite good english and will talk about anything. having traveled to russia, i did have an extra conversation topic.

she does smoke but only if you do not object. she did not have any smoke oder when she arrived. also she likes champagne but is really fond of good brandy. she doesn't drink alot but it is nice to have a glass during the get acquainted time.

her stats on the ecstasy-escorts,com site are slightly out of scale. breasts are a small, perky and tasty 32 or 34. if you like 'em big, this is not for you. some are built for speed and some for comfort.

her body is trim, well manicured and well maintained. smoothly shaved with a nice frontal landing strip.

she is very responsive to daty - no digits needed if you know what your are doing. slow and easy with your mouth and you can bring her over the edge. once she has popped, she really became an amazing lover. you take care of her and she will light you up.

being on the far side of 50 and a user of "blue thunder" i am not gifted with a quick trigger. angelicia wants to fully satisfy and she makes sure she does whatever you want. a great cg ride, a quick flip to mish for some slow action. she willingly volunteers greek.

i am not a hershey highway specialist but she certainly is. start off doggy until everything is warmed up and fitted into the proper place. without losing contact, a slow roll onto the side followed by some reverse cg. wherever she learned this action deserves an award.

after awhile, she stripped off the cover and displayed superior oral skills. soft mouth with great technique.

i had her for 2 hours and if my checkbook was larger, i'd have kept her for the night. she is very, very gfe. loves to cuddle, makeout, tease and massage. if you have to wake up next to someone, angelica is prime.

my mongering is mostly in asia and i am used to the typical lt in china or bangkok. an active night with a morning "get your heart started" pop. i suspect angelicia would give you a day starter you would never forget. certainly her looks and warm personality are far better than almost any asian girl i have been with.

she has about six months left on her canadian visa. if i can get back here while she is still in town, we have a date.

if you are looking for an evening to remember, give her a call. if you are not pleased, i'll buy you a beer!

02-10-04, 06:07
Called Summer from TOG a few days ago. Not easy, the dispatcher would not give me any info about anything when I used a foreign cell phone to call him. Had to call from my room to get a price...

$260 for 1 hour was kind of steep for Toronto, girl was there an hour later. Maybe a 6-7 in looks but great service, great GFE, DATY, DFK and the whole bit. A very pleasant moment and overall a very nice experience. Would do it again.

Mahal in YYZ

Delicate Gent
02-10-04, 06:50

First I'd like to mention a little bit about STREET WALKERS.

Thats right. You got it. I was am and will always pick on SW girls. Why? I am treated as I want to be treated and I pay a reasonable amount of 40-50 for a blow or 100$ for full.
No headache, no stress, no wasting time, catch all rabbits at once as we all know, the rabbits are there. Lets talk about few things that the end to end John should know.

First off, I am not a cop nor a pimp nor working or promoting for an agency.

I searched for street walkers and couldnt find any info in this forum. In regards to that and to make myself clear. I dont want anyone to gather over the same spots I am haunting nor to pick up the girls I am with, so for that particular reason I wont reveal to you any of the dt toronto's corners or street names unless you have some London / Hamilton / Niagara Falls streets or corners! :)

What I would like to share with you is the style, firstly.

There are few rules while you're in downtown Toronto and willing to get a one time stand hooker. I always used these 3 principles and they always worked, 100%.

1. The girl must be short (shorter than you) and below average body fat (meaning if you had to lift her in the air, you would be able to do so)

2. The girl must be no older than 20 (and I mean your eye must sense that especially when driving and there is darkness while you pull over the car, watch the girl to her face, then listen to her voice)

3. The girl must not be stoned nor drunk (if she starts talking all the time in your car or asks you weird questions such as "Do you have a quarter for a phone?" or "can I smoke in the car?" or turns your car radio and starts to beng her head while you driving: Simplty stop the car. Walk to her sidedoor, open it and say "you must get your ass out of the car now". No comments!

Thats all. Nothing more. And you're a winner.

so far I got my cock sucked by many teens in dt and all went good. Why do I pick on teens ? For a very good reason: they are not married and dont have attitudes as far as getting them to swallow. I am kidding you NOT! :)

A tip in regards to have your dick sucked-dry: Never ever ask a girl "Do you take it with a condom?" or "Do you have a condom?", etc. Nothing mentioning the word "condom". You got that?

She will be at some point asking you "Do you have a condom?"

You simply say "no". If she still persists in asking you "Do you like it without or with?" that means she wants extra cash from you, so you need to say "Whatever feels good for you baby."

In the end, you might end up in adding an extra 10 bucks, but hey, she will swallow, even though some will say "Don't cum in my mouth, okay?" You still do it, because there is no other way, she will have to clean it up before you take it off her mouth.

Another recommended tip: Now that you know that the girl you pick is young and short and is down to earth, don't let her guide you thriugh the city. No, No, No! Big mistake. You tell her "I know a safe place where are no cops watching!" Now, you gotta get to know a little bit the city. I normally like to take the girls to places which are unkown, mainly near the lake as possible and making sure there are no car passing by or people lurking around, and pref no lights as well.

Some of them might say and thats a fact that happened many times to me. you are not a weidro, arent you? You say "Nah, of course not. Why would I be a weirdo?" The idea is the girl will feel insecure for a sec, then you become the most secure mf-er out of your life. Now you're psychic tells you that you can treat her how you like to, she will do what you want and what you need. Pay her before or after, all safe my friend. No hassle, no problem.

Having said that, I am searching for tips and info for cities such as Hamilton, Niagara Falls and London. Especially London. 80% of the girls in that city are students, young and willing to do just about anything.

I am willing to trade corner and streets of Toronto for London or Niagara Falls or Hamilton streets, street walkers only. And we all know about Jarvis and Gerrard or Brant st via Hamilton or Dundas via London. I need more substantial info as I will to trade the same, in here or else.


Here, for the bad searchers some few words you will find:

Toronto Street Walkers Streetwalkers Hamilton London Ontario London, Ontario Hookers Prostitutes Sluts Girls Niagara Falls Sw Sws

Sorry folks, I'm not into escorts or wasting time and money on agencies! I like to do it on my own!

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Slag Runner
02-16-04, 00:34
Hit the streets on a recent weeknight when the weather was clear but cool (0 Celsius). Lots of offerings but no real knockouts. Cruised from 10:30pm until about 11:45pm then met Kimberly at Shuter and Blevins Place.

Kimberly (don't call her Kim) is in her late thirties. Has a cute British accent from her youth in Bristol. Works as an artist and has a day job but uses SW money to make ends meet. As we got to know each other she provided the info to check out her story as an artist. She actually has some notoriety in that arena.

Split a bottle of wine at my hotel and had a great two hours together. She is small, nice toned body with a proportioned rack (not a busty gal). Very nice to talk to. Entertained me with charming conversation between rounds. She has a hippy-like free spirit attitude. She also provided me with a contact phone number that is her work number. That is a first!!!!

Will definitely see again.

This is the second time in a row in which my patrolling took me East of Parliment on Shuter with very satisfying results. To look at the area, I would not predict the results I obtained.


02-16-04, 03:11
Surprised by the interest in streetwalkers. Most Toronto resident hobbyists would never go there. Highly likely to be busted by LE which considers SW-busting and john-nabbing its particular purpose in life. And escort prices in TO are likely lower than SW's. Outcall escorting is LEGAL in Canada between the girl and guy, although the agency is still legally liable for "pimping" type charges.

Most MP's are non-FS, particularly hi-end suburban ones like HFH or Steeles Royale. Luck of the draw at less well known places can land you FS or little mileage at all, depending.

I was interested by the escort reviews you guys give. Actually, they're pretty close to my own ratings for the girls in ?. (I'm a life-long TO rez).

Delicate Gent
02-16-04, 20:11
Never Got busted, and never will. Please dont mention that about getting busted in here. You get busted if you are stupid or new. If you are a long time rez in TO you know the answer of who gets busted. Seriously dude.

TIPS for NOT GETTING BUSTED: watch cars around you. Undercover cars usually have 1-2 radio antennas on the roof. If you see that, don't take your chances.

Another tip: You can pull over and talk to street walkers. No one will bust you. I normally pull over have a chat with the girl and tell her I will meet her in a dif corner so i can get money from bank (lie). When I come back, I look around to see all the movement and the cars that are parked with or without lights on. MY FRIEND, SAD TO TELL YOU BUT TRUE: I NEVER GET BUSTED!

Street walkers are everywhere and the price for getting them is 40 for a blow mainly without condom. If you can beat that, please let me know the name of agency and I go for it! They must have a photo of the girl otherwise don't bother.


Boston Guy
02-20-04, 23:26
I was up in Toronto this summer for the big concert. Loved the city. Because I was traveling with a friend and we shared a room, I didn't get a chance to check out the SW or provider action. We did make it out to a strip club though. We went to House of Lancaster II. Goddamn! The girls were amazingly friendly and made us feel like more than walking ATM machines. There was a $10 Can cover for the VIP dance area and $10 dances. We both dropped about $200 Can total on our visit. I for one went gaga over this little spinner in a schoolgirl outfit, while my friend was enjoying the company of this Asian hottie. Oh, and there was this smoking Polish girl there who had just arrived in Canada a few weeks ago and in between reaching down my pants she would ask me how her English was.

Just fine, baby.

Anyways, a salute to y'all up there. God bless Canada!

02-23-04, 23:49
I will be here in May for Business. What streets are the hookers located these days and are there any major hotels nearby.


Where is

Shuter and Blevins Place.

02-25-04, 10:16

I have received several emails regarding the Delta Chelsea and read a report on Terb.ca about some recent hastles guests have had with security. I have a friend who works there and checked it out with him.

Apparently, a guest was robbed by an escort recently and made a very big deal about it with management and the police. Unfortunately the escort was an independent and not registered with the hotel, so there was no evidence that she was ever there or with the guest. She was using a email "drop" so did not even have an address the cops could check. Since then, security has been very vigilant on working girls. They must register at the desk to see someone (usually this is only a problem later at night since before 10 all the doors are open) and their ID must have their correct address. If the girl is well known and works for a reputable agency, there usually is no problem with security. If she is independant (or a street) then if she doesn't have ID they WILL NOT let her in (no matter what the tip is)...if they do they will lose their job on the spot!

It is a pain in the butt but it is reportedly for the protection of the guests (if someone has a complaint, the cops will know where to find the girl). In the US, since it is illegal most places, a ripped-off client has no recourse, most times even with an agency, but in Canada the police take that very seriously and will investigate, make an arrest, and even charge the agency with conspiracy or racketeering if it appears they knew about a girl who was a repeat offender.

Hope this helps. Stay safe.


02-27-04, 22:10

you can find hookers on jarvis or church street between carlton and dundas. i think thats where most are found. just so you know, jarvis and church are parallel to yonge street (the biggest street in toronto) and are just a few blocks east.

i don not know where that intersection is.

i hope this helps you out.


02-29-04, 16:45
Thanks for the info to thoses that gave me some.

I plan on staying in the downtown area for a few days and hitting a few stripclubs and maybe some AMPs. Anyone up for meeting just PM me. Hopefully I will get a load of pictures as well.

03-02-04, 22:04
Any massage joints to check out? Any to stay clear of?

03-02-04, 23:11
myajade review:

i saw the lovely myajade from www.myajade.com a little while back. she has an incall service in scarborough, which is about 30-45 mins from downtown toronto. she also does outcalls. she is pretty but not knockout, but she is hot. she has the softest pair of c cup breasts i have felt. she was very accomodating and her place was spotless. she offered me massage and then we slowly worked our way to more intense action. bj was covered and it was ok, not great. then we went to mish and different positions. she is very professional and was always making sure i was enjoying myself. all was covered and no anal was offered. i believe that daty is ok, but i didnt ask or go there (maybe next time). i paid under $300 for an hour. she was not a clock watcher at all! we went over time and that gets her points in my books. see, i got there late, so i was curious as to if she would boot me out at the time we were supposed to finish, but she didnt hold it against me at all, we just went over the time until we finished. we took long to do stuff so i only got one shot on goal, but i'm sure you can get more. she then offered for me to take a shower if i wanted, and i did. i wanted her to join in but she said she had taken one befor ei got there and didnt want to do her hair again. oh well. ok guys, hope it helps. she's very nice and a loves to read novels. i recommend her.


03-03-04, 17:53

i dont know of any in the downtown area. best bet would be to try the gta, like mississauga, brampton, woodbridge. try searching on the net, you'll find many.


03-09-04, 20:22



i dont know them first hand though.


Main Man
03-18-04, 05:33
It's been about 7 years since I was in Toronto :(

Thinking of making a return and looking up some old flames. Better have my adult fun checklist in case I strike out!

What all is there to do (adult venue wise) when not hitting the sw's? Which strip bars are good? Are there sex clubs? Fill me in please.

Mr Bill
03-18-04, 14:29
Review: Mya from Executive Choice


I found myself in Toronto with some leisure time. Because it has been a while since I was in town I relied on several friends and other resources to make a priority list of what ladies I should see. Regrettably all six ladies were either not available or did not answer the phone. I then decided to phone Executive Choice and asked Alex of all the ladies available that night which one would offer the best GFE, then send her over.

At the exact time as promised a knock at my door, and in walked their feature girl Mya. She is a stunning 20 year old lady about five and a half feet tall, 120 pounds, long straight black hair that flowed partway down her back, beautiful round face with seductive green eyes, sporting a big smile with inviting full lips.

So far this had the makings of wonderful encounter, and I would be eager to extend if we were compatible. Mya spotted her compensation on the table, and after a quick call to home base I took her coat and hung it up. Then helped her remove her boots, as a broken zipper was not cooperating. We then took turns undressing each other that revealed her flawless shapely body, long curvy legs that seemed to go on forever, and firm natural breasts. We made ourselves comfortable on the bed and began to cuddle, when I quickly learned and was especially disappointed that she does not kiss. Perhaps that was a YMMV thing.

Mya then proceeded with her French Lessons with the immediate use of a translator. To no avail and to stay off more disappointment, I subsequently changed gears and started to explore her spectacular body. Starting from her neck, past her delicate shoulders, engulfing her succulent nipples that quickly rose to the occasion, then devouring her tasty trimmed treasure chest where I demonstrated my French skills. There was no language barrier between us, though she would not allow my use of Sign Language. Soon Mya became wet from passion of joy then she surrendered to the moment and relaxed and savored those feelings cuddled in my arms.

In preparation of the main event, Mya once more went back to her French skills. Then we ineffectively tried several different positions. Nothing seamed to work, and Mya resorted to removing the language barrier and using Sign Language to complete the deed. We both cleaned up and got dressed, and she left for the evening.

There has been a lot recent hype about expectation, YMMV, compatibility, and cost verses GFE quality on the boards in the past few months. Surely one or more of them affected our playtime. In any event I understand that Executive Choice is one of the most highly rated agencies in Toronto, and I decided to give them another try on a different night. Please see my review of Raya.

Mr Bill
03-18-04, 14:29
Review: Raya from Executive Choice..


Unfortunately Alex was not working at Executive Choice. So I asked Zac what lady he would recommend for someone that was looking for a complete GFE that liked to kiss. Again they were six ladies available; but suggested two that would fit my needs. However he went on to say he couldnít control what the ladies do. Again I chose to book one of the ladies for an hour with the possibility to extend.

After a short delay because of a traffic snarl, Raya walked into my room and life. She is a 24 year old eye-catching statuesque beauty that doesnít just turn heads on the street, rather she breaks necks! Being fairly tall 5í8", with a toned body of 120 pounds, slender smooth legs, tight round bum, short blonde hair, natural firm breasts, intoxicating blues eyes, and a cute round face with a sumptuous smile that would set you free.

Raya is a little reserved at first, but soon I learned she was very engaging in conversation. She is University educated, maybe thatís not for everyone. If you want a dumb blonde, you had better look elsewhere. I helped her remove her clothes that revealed her soft smooth porcelain skin, no tattoos, no piercing, just one of the sexiest ladies Iíve seen. I rapidly undressed and joined her on the bed where I embraced her in my arms and kissed her cheek. Slowly working my lips toward hers, stopping me just before they met by placing her fingers between our lips and said, "Iím sorry, I donít kiss. Certainly that should not stop the fun." Thinking to myself, ďOh no, not again!Ē

I went on to discover every inch of her incredible body. Burying my face in her bounteous soft breasts and arousing her nipples by gently nibbling them. Then onto Rayaís play zone that was just what the doctor ordered, neat, clean, tasty, wet, and completely smooth without a sight of stubble. In no time I was enthusiastic enjoying her delicacies, and my French soon had her moaning of pleasure. She put her head back, closed her eyes, then with the addition of digits, Raya did not hold back her cries of delight.

Undeniably it was my turn. Suddenly her innocence faded, and her seductive side appeared and Raya teased all my body with her mouth and tongue. Her French skills were unparalleled, without an interpreter, and lots of caressing with her caring hands. Stopping just short of completion, then continuing on for more. Finally placing on a cover, I was treated to Rayaís postdoctoral knowledge of multiple positions.

After a short recovery period, which she revealed what snuggling really meant, I asked Raya to make the necessary arrangements to extend our time another hour so that we could relive the joy. When that hour was gone, she asked if I wanted another hour. Regrettably I said no, since I needed to get any early start in the morning. I have utterly regret that decision since!

03-18-04, 19:53
Recent trip to Toronto again; this time at the Sheraton Gateway...no problems with security or access at all.

Tina from Garden of Eden: Very thin, very petite but energetic; she was enthusiastic and seemed to enjoy her job. Very small breasts but very responsive. Doggie is best with her because of her very fine ass and great technique.

Maxima from Ecstasy (ecstasy-escorts.com): Very, very sweet girl, beautiful, dark complexion with mysterious look; enjoyed DATY, great BBBJ. Lots of kissing and caressing; good massage. Very nice 2 hours. Best is Missionary with her because she has such a gorgeous face.

I love toronto! I'll be back in may and try to give a more extensive report of some other agencies. Hope this helps out.


03-21-04, 23:20
For those of you who do not know this, Massage Parlors are legal (in some form anyway) and are everywhere in the Toronto area. My preference is for Latin women so I am always on the look-out for them. So far, I have enjoyed Vanessa at the Bohemia on Tomken and Selena at Hands from Heaven on Strada. Prices are all about the same, $100 CAN for about 45 minutes. As far as I know, there is no FS, but I am sure it can be had at some establishments for the right prices (I was quoted $300 at an Asian place and smartly declined).

Vanessa is quite attractive (7 or 8) and does an excellent job. The establishment could use some up-dating but is ok.

Selena is a goddess (if you like Latinas). A recent boob job has left her with large but somewhat too firm boobs. She has a radiant smile and excellent technique. For a bit more money you can get a "body slide" which involved the masseuse sliding her oiled body on yours. Quite erotic but still isn't FS. DATY may be available but I haven't enjoyed it or an form of BJ. Just HJ, but very sensually done. The facility is first class all the way.

There are so many other places to try that I can't begin to provide information. Romeo's Purple Pages used to be a good source of info on the web but I think he shutdown or went commercial.

I would be interested in any info on other Latinas in Toronto area.

03-23-04, 03:06
I'm in town this week and I will check out some MPs. I wouldn't mind getting the extra service either. I have a car, so if any of you have some suggestions, please feel free.


03-23-04, 18:26
So I headed out yesterday and ended up at this MP north-west of Toronto. Very clean and friendly environment. I chose Monica from there website http://www.utopia-massage.com . Very tight body and a awesome rack.

She came in the room, we discuss price, so I wend for a Deluxe Session $160. She then left the room and I took a shower and waited for her. When she came back in she took her top off and started massaging my back with oil. Afterward she put oil all over herself and began doing a BS on by back. She then asked me to turn over and continued the BS. That felt good, sheís got some nice pair. And finally finished the job off with a HR.

All In all, it was a great experience, friendly people and very clean place.

Lonely Ranger
03-29-04, 00:04

This is my first time ever using this Forum. I am currently in Toronto staying at Westin Prince Hotel. Any recommendation place to monger somewhere around this hotel?

04-01-04, 16:33
Just a quick comment and request. I have used TOG (Toronto Oriental Girls) several times while I have been to Toronto and have not been disappointed. Going to Toronto next week and want to see if anyone has had any recent experiences, last 2 months, with new girls there.

Thanks in advance.

04-02-04, 03:59

Check their website: www.torontoorientalgirls.com. You can also check www.terb.com for recent reviews on TOG. I would recommend Jessie. Talk to Steve and find out when she is working as her weekly hours are limited.

04-03-04, 00:45
Is there any clubs or MP near the Marriot downtown on Bloor St. Are there any clubs in walking distance.

Big Bug
04-06-04, 22:44
Hi mates,

shall be arriving in Toronto 26/4, leaving 28/4.

Could you suggest a "tour" of appropiate locations and what is the best time to see the gals.

If I decided on incalls, where do you suggest I call, who do I call ?

How much money is one expected to invest ...?


04-07-04, 18:01
Just returned from Toronto. This was probably the worst trip for mongering I ever had. I can not begin to tell you all of the things that happen to me but what I will say is to all Black males you are fukkkkked when it comes to Toronto and this is coming from 1. This is not meant to offend the people who are not in this class but I have never felt so much racism in my life. There is this perception that black men are pimps from the US. On the mongering note went to a mp on Bloor st. It was wack 100 ca for a body rub which is basically like a HJ. There is so much to tell but I will not bore you. Toronto has alot to learn and along way to grow there ignorance shows. The escorts there are over price starting at 250 for none asian and up outcall give me a break. Till the next adventure peace.

Slappy Balls
04-08-04, 08:26

All I saw in Toronto when I was there was everything but white people. I was surprised that there were so many foreign people in Toronto. I thought that Canada was French or English background people. I did not meet or see one person from either England or France background. I am also a brother and I agree that hoes will not get in the car cause they think we are pimps. But so many Black Males are pimps or thugs. Everyone I know in States is a thug with the yo yo yo b.s.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add a spaces periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please include one blank space after the period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

04-08-04, 16:17

Sorry to hear that you had deal with this sort of thing. Unfortunately, racism is not exclusive to any one area. There has been several attacks on escorts here in Toronto in the past year, 3 of them being killed. The suspect is still at large and has been reported to a black male in his 30's.Therefore, most escorts are exercising caution. Some to the extreme by not accepting calls from any new black males. It has been an active topic on the local escort review board. This may-PARTIALLY-explain why you did receive the treatment you did. Sad but true.

Toronto actually is a great place for someone to monger. There is great talent here in the $200/hr range. There is a great agency with a lineup of EE(East European) ladies that provide stellar service (www.ecstasy-escorts.com) to name only one.

04-08-04, 21:57
Feeler69, Slappy Balls

Thanks for your reports I myself am far from a thug. But I do understand why there is ignorance. It just really sucks when you have a 1000 bucks in your pocket and still can not get good service. Oh well there lost. See you all in Brazil.

Rolly Polly
04-09-04, 16:22
I was in Toronto a few months ago and couldn't find any street action. I didn't want to do the escort thing or AMP because I like to search and find method mixed in with the rush of avoiding LE that street action offers. Not to mention the price difference.

I really wasn't in Toronto on a monger fest so I did little cruising. For future reference (I do visit once or twice a year) where is the best place to cruise if I am staying up north, in the Vaughn area??

Derek Taylor
04-10-04, 07:56
Rolly Polly,

Are you blind? You could not find any action in Toronto? There are tons of street hoes there. I live in Kingston and come to Toronto all time to screw street hoes. My old man owns a car dealership so I use all sorts of different cars and trucks Anyhow there is tons of action downtown on east side. Yea my family thinks I am brainless, infact my old man has even fired me from the family dealership a couple times and I know they call me Mongo because I have a big head. But I am showing them. I sneak over to the car dealership and 'borrow' vechiles to cruise to Toronto. It only takes me two hours. One time I used my fathers car ( I call him cromedome) and I nutted right in his seat and he sat in it the next morning. See I am showing them. Take Care---D.T

Joe Public
04-11-04, 22:01
Toronto actually is a great place for someone to monger. There is great talent here in the $200/hr range. There is a great agency with a lineup of EE(East European) ladies that provide stellar service (www.ecstasy-escorts.com) to name only one.That is $200 canadian which is like $155USD or 130 Euros an hour.

Also you can check out this site, these agencies are good, SW are usually not as good and too much trouble:


04-12-04, 04:28
Derek Taylor,

LOFAO, You crack me up dude. In your dads seat. Which of the areas are best for the younger girls. I don't like them over the hill and they think they know more. Those are the ones who like to rip you off. It has been years since I was in Toronto and I will be heading in a couple of weeks.

Is the hot spot still downtown around Yonge, Chruch areas?

Big Bug
04-12-04, 05:56

would you recommend any of the girls at ecstasy ?

04-14-04, 12:21
I have moved from Fresno, CA about 6 months ago and have been mongering at least once a week. Toronto is a lot better in quality and quantity of SW's. For those of you who visit Toronto for the purpose of getting SW's you can find it easily on the intersection of Jarvis and Gerard street in Toronto downtown area. Expect to pay about C$100 to C$150 for FS. One can get pretty good looking girls who look like escorts on Jarvis street for that price range. Some of them will also ask you for C$200.

I usually try to avoid Jarvis street as i don't want to spend that much for a pop. I think if i want to spend that kind of money i would call an escort. There are a lot of girls in Toronto who do half hour sessions for about C$120 to C$150 and they are mostly incalls. If any one needs a web address where you can find some of these half hour escorts PM me and i will forward it to you, as i don't know for sure if i can post it here. Don't get me wrong some girls on Jarvis street sometimes will work with you and accept C$80 also. One can get SW's mostly under C$100 behind Jarvis street. I don't remember the name of the street but i usually drive on Jarvis street and after i pass Gerard street there is a Canadian Tire gas station on Jarvis street which is usually closed at night time. As soon as i see the gas station i make a right turn and go to the next light which is Sherbrook. On Sherbrook i make a right and start driving slowly. The girls on Sherbrook street usually ask for C$60 for a FS.

Aside from downtown Toronto, you can find some action on Queen street that is close to Gladstone and Queen. I usually drive about 3 miles both the directions up and down the street and usually am able to find a SW. I have paid about C$50 to C$100 on this street.

04-15-04, 04:14
If you want a lot of Toronto information in a compact form Romeos PurplePages latest incarnation is at:


04-15-04, 21:30
Big Bug,

There really isn't a lady at Ecstasy that you could wrong with. I personally have seen Mila, Christina, Angelica and, Valerie. All these ladies provide a true GFE (this would include anal however not in all cases so YMMV). They also have two other ladies that they have in higher tier ($50 more an hour). I haven't seen these ladies however, I have heard good things about them. Good value but could get the same level of service from the other ladies for less. It's a matter of personal choice. Either way, you can not really go wrong with anyone in their lineup.

Big Bug
04-16-04, 20:51

Thanks, shall give them a test run.


Chingo Gringo
04-20-04, 02:38

Any latinas working at MP in the Markham and Scarborough area?

04-21-04, 04:56
Chingo Gringo,

Actually I would also like to know if there is any South American Chikas.

Any idea guys?

Elvis Lives
04-21-04, 14:00
Have not been to Toronto for a while so was very excited about my return. Last time I stayed downtown and went to an MP that was excellent. Cutie of a blonde that allowed me to taste her treats. Well was out at the airport and went to Utopia. I had been there before and saw a beauty but she was very stiff and cold, not much fun. It was late and it was the only place open so I decided to give it one more try. Ended up with someone I think named Carmen, looks a bit like a bustier Sheryl Crow. She was pleasant enough, but again only okay. Nice body, good hands, but just did not seem really into it. Next time it is downtown for me.

Joe Public
04-30-04, 18:18
This is a good deal, $180.00 cdn./ hr. from a reputable Toronto agency:


05-09-04, 08:58
I have been to Toronto before and used a few escort places. The last time i was there most of them listed in the yellow pages were down so i turned to the eye, lots of girls listed.

I have a question about the street action there. I have read about the area to drive but not about what time is best and what the selection is like recently.

The last I heard was that the massage places were under the light, what is the LE focus on in Toronto now? The escorts? streets? massage?

Please PM me for exact information if you do not want to post the world and i will offer my information to you from my last visit and after my next.

05-15-04, 22:18
I'll be visiting Toronto June 24-27, and would appreciate some tips. Staying at an apartment hotel on Grange Ave.

Lap Dancer
05-19-04, 14:25

Check out www.terb.ca or www.johncoop.com. That is all the info you will need. Both sites give reviews and information on all the mongering in Toronto.

Have fun!

05-20-04, 11:11
so please tell about amps in tor-(escorts are ok, but if there are any pick up bars like in south america ilike to lookt the fruit before i bite it do tell .I also like latinas and exotic girls where they at

05-21-04, 18:52
Bobbi is the best.

For an outcall to your hotel, call her. You can check out her pics at

She will give you a PSE. She will give the full menu, pretty much. for $200 CAD/hour. Note that she is much better looking in person than in her pics. She is a real gem. She's from the Czech Republic.

For more details check some other review boards.

Joe Public
05-24-04, 18:57
Becareful of where you pick up steet walkers in Toronto:


05-26-04, 02:23
Joe Public

Great links, thanks for the info. And on the flip side, that Tstar article is scary, hope the MP will stay clear of all the rampages.

Keep it safe guys.

05-26-04, 18:03
Great info Joe.

206 guys were arrested. WOW!

Now I have new locations to cruise in 2 days.

05-30-04, 18:43
i had e mailed with slag runner and all the locations were supplied by him. it saved me days of searching.

well i got to toronto friday night, headed over to comfort suites on the corner of dundas & jarvis and checked in. its a holiday week end so all they could give me was the one night. i paid $119 canadian and it was a great location.

i stated cruising all the streets he mentioned but i forgot to ask what was the best times to go.

i headed over to the asian massages on 655 bloor street. i hit 4 of them and three were no good. i settled on 655 bloor and had this 23 year old korean for $40 canadian (40 minutes) and a $20 tip. tele # 416-531-3688. open 10-10 seven days.

i returned to my hotel and started cruising at 7pm. this may vave been early after all. i cruised jarvis, shuter and sherbourne and all around there. i saw about 10 crack heads, nothing really any good.

then at 11am the hot ones came out. there were about 15 of them rep001tered over 5-6 blocks. jarvis, church, and carlton. there were 3 that i liked and i chose simone, a canadian, age 23 and 5ft 2. all these girls wanted $100 canadian. i was looking for an hour and she agreed. the others wanted to leave after 15-20 minutes.

the bad news was, this did not include full service but she was interesting and did stay 1 hour 20 minutes.

Slag Runner
05-30-04, 22:40

Thanks for the kind acknowledgement. You "still da man" in my book. Your contributions on Connecticut made my last visit to Bridgeport, Waterbury and Hartford a real freaking vacation.

Glad you had a nice time in TO.


Blue Thunder
06-03-04, 19:19
Hello fellow mongers,

Thanks for all the tips. I'm just recently divorced and have not had to pay for a peice of ass in my life and I thought guys who pay for tail are wasting their cash...Well after paying off the ***** that I was married to for the past 25 yrs. I'm left with nothing. She even took part of my pension. If I had paid for pussy all these years I would now have more in the bank, not to mention always having a nice new young piece all the time.
My first time out, I called unforgetable escorts from the now mag. They advertised 19yr old monique, tall blond 115lbs willing to please. So for $225 I got a big fat 35yr old who has had three kids with grey teeth. My ex wife looks better. I asked if she was monique...she said her name was chrystal. I told Chrystal to get lost.

I now know sw are were it is at. You can see the product before you buy.

I don't want to drive around all night. Where can I find some nice young ass in T.O.



06-09-04, 00:43
Serenity Now

Last light I had a wonderful time with Serenity

She is a lovely young lady who enjoys her work and provides an exciting girl friend experience.

Serenity arrived at my hotel room at 11pm dressed as I had requested in a white top with no bra, a cute black skirt, stockings and long black boots. She looked great! After a warm kiss and hug at the door she came in.

We shared some champagne and strawberries and had a nice session of deep kissing. Our reflections in the window excited both of us. I really enjoyed unbuttoning her top to find two smooth young breasts. While we kissed Serenity was rubbing my pants making me very aroused.

We than both undressed and jumped into bed. After a little rubbing Serenity slipped on the condom like a pro and give me a nice BJ. She then mounted and rode me for a while.

After I lubed her up we went thru every position that I could think of - mission, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, standing and doggie. In between switches we quenched our thirsts with some more champagne.

I finally came after 55 minutes. It was a great session with plenty of time to try all sort of fun things. Serenity obliged with any request that Ihad (your mileage may very). Her driver called promptly at midnight indicating the end of our fun.

Serenity shared with me that she see mostly regular clients and only adds a few new clients now and than. She got her experience at the agency, but is now independant. She is very responsive to emails which we exchanged before meeting.

She is a cute, fun girl with smooth skin and a nice body and attititude. She is a true professional in a good sense and keeps a light schedule which keeps her more innocent and soft.

If you have a chance to see Serenity I suggest that you do!

The whole session was $200 + $50 tip + $50 in champagne and dessert + a book on tulips which we both found interesting. The $300 was worth every penny.

Joe Public
06-11-04, 18:50
I am back from my business trip.

Thanks Eggo and ******* for the positive feedback!

For current/ recent SW and SP/escort action reports, in Toronto Canada, visit:


and do a search for a member:

Great Scot Fan

or another guy:

The Great Scot

For great tips/ reviews, etcetera.

Joe Public
06-11-04, 18:51

You are quite correct in your review of Serenity, she is a great gal!


Hong Kong Boy
06-12-04, 07:55
Hello, I was in Toronto June 9 and stay by the airport. Call gaby from a escort .



Service:8 BBBJCIM

06-25-04, 01:29
Hey everyone,

You can tell the summer has arrive, hardly any posts for the past week or so, if not more.

Planning to check out the Hands From Heaven MP. Any recent feedback from that place?

If you have a chance, please post some info, just so i know what to exptect. I'm planning to go with Tarah. Good, bad, any feedback with be great.

The Breeze
06-26-04, 18:14
Hello from Rochester NY!

So, now that we have this ferry going between our two great cities, I was wondering if it would be worth it to cruise up and check out the SW action in Toronto. Any advice? Action down here has been slow latrely.

06-26-04, 20:58
have had some nice experiences the past few months on several trips to toronto.

ecstasy escorts http://www.ecstasy-escorts.com/
2 separate nights. night 1 i hade alina come to my hotel room. very beautiful, pics on site do not do her jsutice. soft, smooth skin. tattoo on her right shoulder on back. very sweet, but ticklish on her belly. excellent cbj and safe sex in any position i wanted. asked about anal, but she said i was too big. i'm not that big, so i think she was being polite and doesn't allow. would repeat.
another night some weeks later, had [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) come by. pics do not do her justice at all. she is one of the most beuatiful girls i have ever had, anywhere globally. arrived at door dressed in very sexy top and skirt. stripped down to sexy bra, panties and fishnet stockings. flawless creamy white skin. no tattoos. shaved smooth. bbbj, would have cim if i could have cum. technique was very wet, with salliva running down over my balls as we 69'd. sweet pussy for dining at y. petitie little package with pistons for legs as she straddled me and pumped away until i came. would definitely repeat as first choice from ecstasy. would like to try a 3-some with [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) and another gal, as postings indicate it might be a nice experience.

a different trip and different night, called jennifer who i found on redzone, 416-250-1178.
emails for jennifer and other girls at same "service" have variation of "*takenin" addy. difficult negotiations over phone, as she did not want to discuss services. thinking it might be a scam, i told her to come to hotel room, where i would give a token fee for her time and trouble before we negotiated face to face. ended up having both jennifer & nadeen come over. gave them $100cdn to negotiate, came to agreement for $400cdn for a 1 hr. 3some. both girls stripped. girl on girl was limited to rubbing and spreading lotion on each others tits. jennifer lets me spank her tight ass until her light brown skin was nice and pink. nadeen has excellent boobs. both pretty, lbfm-types. jennifer is very tightbodied, and was a bit wired up and excitable. her pics hide a tattoo over her bellybutton. nadeen was softer and rounder, with great hanging knockers. everything was safe, cbjs from both gals (nadeen is better), covered cowgirl with both. both said they had never done a 3some before. very little limited girl-on-girl interaction. generally friendly, and ok service. might repeat with jennifer because i enjoyed spanking her ass.

06-30-04, 12:07

Have been to Hands from Heaven several times, each time seeing Selena.In general, I found the place to be exceptionally clean and friendly. Location is good too with easy access off the freeway, pleanty of parking, well lit, etc. etc.

I typically paid $100CDN for a 45 minute massage. They will try to get you to pay $135 to $150 for a "body slide" which is more body to body contact. The $100 gets you nude reverse and I have been able to get quite active at that price. Selena is fantastic and I would recommend her, especially if you like Latinas. She is a definite Jennifer Lopez type.

06-30-04, 22:59

i agree with your remarks about [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901). she is a real sweetheart and will make sure you are very happy.

if you are into dfk, this girl has the softest mouth and will kiss your lips off.

she loves daty and said she shaves every day not like the other girls who only shave twice a week. her p**sy is baby soft and she will cum with vigor when you get her in the right spot.

don't know if greek is on her menu but i'll ask when i see her in august.

i had her for a 2 hr session and wished i had more cash for extra time. i plan to see her on every trip to yzz.

i was a big angelica fan until she left - now [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) has my complete attention.


this is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

i appreciate the details in your report, but i know from experience that a lot of people find it easier to read a report if the paragraphs are separated by a single blank line.

i know how this happens: you're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. however, if you could hit the return key twice at the end of each paragraph, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow forum members.



07-02-04, 19:43
Visiting this weekend and staying out at the airport.

Anyone want to buddy up and monger?

I'm planning on some massage. any recomendations

Also I am going to try a TOG girl.

I may rent a car so where are the sw's

07-06-04, 03:32
this is my report from the weekend.

fyi all the girls can be found on terb.ca.

juicy lucy. very nice girl not a fs provider but lets you touch and she will get you off.

alina from erep001cy. cold fish. tickleish so wont let you touch much.
she also smelled really bad like a dead fish. i almost called the agency but figured she would get beat if i did, you know its a ee thing. anyway i let here give me a bj. would not repeat, let her work a few more years first.

sakura from tog. nice girl, came alot.

all in all not a bad weekend but dont think toronto has anything on the us.

The Breeze
07-08-04, 09:26
Hi all,

I may be up in the Toronto area next weekend. Could someone steer me in the direction of some Asian ladies that provide FS? I'd prefer outcall to my hotel as opposed to a MP.

Thanks for any advice in advance!

Punter 127
07-11-04, 03:40
Hello Toronto,

Iím planning a visit to your great city, and looking forward to some hot action. But Iím a little confused about whatís legal and whatís not. If someone would take time to fill me in I would appreciate it. It seems from the post that escorts offering FS is legal, but SW are not. But yet there seems to be lots of SWers. HELP PLEASE.

Also I would like some help finding a hotel that is in a hoe stroll area, and is girl friendly. Iím not looking for top end, but do want clean and safe. Some place a monger could take a SW and yet still be able to see an escort if I want to. Is there such a place? PMís are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Punter 127

07-11-04, 03:47
Hey all,

I'll be visiting TO within a couple weeks too. I'll be staying in downtown near King and Spadina.

I loved reading about Zanzibar in the other reports,haha. If anyone can give an update about strip clubs and girls 'working' them during and after, that'd be cool.

Other than that, so far, the SW and escort info has been fabulous. PM's welcome.


Dragon Slayer
07-12-04, 01:54
Diver 69 & Ilongo Boy,

Sorry I missed both you guys on your "home turf". We can hook up in late August here or later in our S E Asian playground. Love your City. WIsh the sun was shining at least occasionally though.

Pals I am Dragon Slayer or just the "slayer" as they call me on the various S E Asian Boards. What brought me 4500 km across the USA into Canada this last week was "Asian Pussy", of course. A lovely chinese girl, age 30 with long, straight jet black hair, porcelain skin and deep black eyes.

She met me at the Airport wearing a low cut black dress which I took for a "good omen" (it was). Got to the Hotel, broke out the $ 120 premium bottle of Taittinger Champagne (learned long ago in a situation like this you bring your "A Game") and started drinking. Five minutes later she had 8 inches of solid dick buried in her lovely pussy. The entire first night was spent drinking and fucking.

Next day was more of the same but on the third night a New First, my 1st - 6th ever deep throated blow jobs. How she worked the entire "beast" into her mouth I do not know. Did not realize how sensitive the dick is at the base as no woman ever got to that point before. She sucked for as much as 30 minutes at a time before burying my deep inside her.

I felt like I was back in China as we were in a hotel in the chinese section of Scarborough and ate at chinese restaurants all the time. Never saw a westerner in any of them. Nights were spent fucking and sucking and I lost all interest in seeing the City as I had years before with a white American GF I had from my graduate school days in Ohio. This time in Toronto I had better things to do than sightseeing.

I will be back soon as this lady is definitely a keeper. She also told me that plenty of chinese pussy was available at massage parlours, Bars, karaoke clubs and accupuncture places along Highway Seven towards some upscale section of Toronto where lots of wealthy chinese doctors and business owners live.

Next time she wants me to stay at her place and save the hotel cost. She had a bunch of gifts for me when we met and insisted on paying for most meals and other expenses. With asian women like this you Toronto guys got it made.

Dragon Slayer

07-16-04, 04:44
Review - Danielle

I had the absolute pleasure of spending an evening with Danielle

We arranged to meet via email and I confirmed our appointment the day of our meeting with a phone call.

Danielle arrived at my hotel exactly on time. When she walked I quickly saw how stunning she is. We sat for a few minutes having a drink and getting to know each other.

Danielle is a woman who enjoys her work. She has an easy laugh along with a bit of a wild side. We had so much fun. Danielle was smart enough to bring along some nice massage oil. I really enjoyed rubbing her ass and watching it glow with the massage oil.

The way she flexs and can bend her body is truly amazing. She can raise her legs over her head and over my shoulder. Her body is smoking hot. She has one of the nicest set of tits that I have ever seen. With the help of the massage oil I had some very erotic Russian. Luckily my hotel room had lots of mirrors which add some nice spice by being able to watch ourselves in action.

Danielle is not a clock watcher. She is a girl that knows how to take care of her clients. Everything you need to know about contacting Danielle, her rates and availability can be found on the web. On a scale of 1-to-10, Danielle get a 9.

07-16-04, 17:54

Just read your Toronto post. The place sounds like Davao West. Now I have to think of a good excuse to get there from the Philippines. Accupuncture? I can stand a little pain for that kind of gain. Think I will start to connive a reason for going.

Dragon Slayer
07-18-04, 04:39

This is an awesome City. Chinese pussy, regular pussy and pussy pussy. slayer's kind of place. I will fly directly here on my return from S E Asia where I am now. My woman here is definitely "top shelf" and the Slayer knows a good thing when he has it.

Mid August Pals I will be back here. Any suggestions on a nice, decent but inexpensive Hotel near downtown Toronto?

Dragon Slayer

Rochester Man
07-20-04, 02:51
Go on Priceline.com and select downtown, stayed at the Marriot
Courtyard for $32 US a couple of weeks ago. Located off of Yonge, close to everything.

07-22-04, 04:45
Thanks for the info Masaje

I just came back from one of the AMPs in Markom. I used to go to this great place where they had nice you Asians that would do FS for no more then $120 + tips, but for some reason they closed down the place. So I ended up going next door.

The girl was in her mid 30s, looks were 6, body was 7. It was all about the biz, no warm and fussy feeling, just right to the point. She ask for the basic charge of $40 and once that was settled she asked if I wanted more, I just said the basic. She said for $60 more she would get nude, I declined. She then said ok $40 and a BJ, I said what the hell.

So for $80 I got CBJ and a HJ.

Not bad.

07-22-04, 09:20
Has anyone heard or tried www.torontoplatinumspa.com?

Dragon Slayer
07-22-04, 11:46
Rochester Man,

Thankyou. In Davao City, Philippines now and be in Toronto in 4 weeks. I will follow your advice. Contact me if you ever need assistance on S E Asia or China, HK or Japan.

Dragon Slayer

07-23-04, 04:03
Hey all, any recent mongering reports?

Gonna be in TO soon.

07-23-04, 04:45

I've never been either but I wouldn't mind hearing stories if any of you guys out there has been there.

Let us know.

Punter 127
07-24-04, 22:28
Had recent visit with Danielle and phil1886 is right about this girl, she is true GFI. And yes she is very flexible, she had her legs over my shoulders and I think her knees were touching her ears.

Very hot and a very nice girl, I had a great time. YMMV

Punter 127

Doc Odd
07-25-04, 13:48
Was just in Toronto for a couple of days, primarily to visit escorts. TERB is really the place to get lots of info about them, and I've also posted about my own experiences there, but here's a short summary. I saw:

Claudia: http://www.selectcompanyescorts.com/

Looked in her 30s, but in good shape. Very friendly and also very bright and fun to talk to.

Selina: http://www.sinfulselina.has.it

Her web site describes what kind of services you can get, and she does what she says she'll do. I took a deluxe session.

Liane: http://www.lianeoftoronto.com

Absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, at least if you're into asian women at all. Also very friendly and affectionate. Short menu of services; don't bother to ask for anything beyond FS, but everything she does do is skillful and enthusiastic. Pictures on the website are accurate (if anything she looks better in person). Though I usually expect SPs to lie about such things, in this case I would be absolutely amazed if she were older than the 20 years she claims.

Serena: http://www.originalserena.com and also has some better pictures at http://www.leafdriving.com/Serena/Gallery.html

The pictures are perfectly accurate; indeed, I'd say she also manages to look better in person. Friendly, if a bit shy. I thought she was worth seeing.

07-26-04, 20:25
Started the evening off at a strip club called Zanzabars, met a girl there that approached me for some more action. She was white had pretty tight body. Her knocks could have been bigger but..whatever. We negotiated upstairs in a private booth where i gave the bouncer a twenty. We agreed to a price, do not let her over price you and just stand your ground. For one fifty in american and forty in canadian i got fs for a good couple hours. Provided me with CIM, BBBJ and all positions.

Fan Buffett
07-28-04, 03:07
Hi guys,

I travel to the Toronto area on business some and was woundering if there was any action in new market? I have been to Lookers a few time but never tried to get anything, but feel I might have had a chance a few times.

Thanks for the info,


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization and punctuation. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

07-28-04, 03:53
Doc Odd

Nice report, very instructive

Quick question Selina: http://www.sinfulselina.has.it she seems like a great pick. Any more feedback on her? Did you get a good GFE? She seems to offer alot if you have the right coinage.

Liane: http://www.lianeoftoronto.com She looks a bit bony, she needs some meet on her. How is she in person, on a 1 to 10 scale, 10 being the best, what would you give her for her face and for her body?

Doc Odd
07-28-04, 14:15
Let's see, you asked about Selina's attitude, and I really had no complaints on that score. As I said, she does what she says she'll do, and she does it enthusiastically. And she was interesting to talk to as well. I should warn that she wasn't especially young. However, she was fairly busty, which I should probably mention as it sounds like you might care more about that than I do.

On Liane, if you thought she looked too skinny in her pictures, I guess you'll probably think that in person too. We clearly have different tastes. I thought she was perfect. I'd have given her a 10/10 if I were in the habit of giving numerical scores. Given a choice between Liane and, say, Lucy Liu, I'd go with Liane. I know this sounds over the top, but I don't say things like this about any other SP I've seen, because I try to be accurate, and Liane is the only SP I've seen that deserves comments like this.

07-29-04, 02:31
[CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) of esctacy is a dream trip.

p erfect ee experience. full menu except for greek but some of the other esctacy girls will go to the islands for you.

i spent 2 hrs of pure delight. she has a mouth and loves to give sensous dfk on your lips and then on your unit. she loves a good daty. if you don't know what you are doing, she will not teach you but she will move away from your mouth. she knows how she likes to be eaten and love a proper job.

if i could afford it, i would have her spend weekends with me.


07-29-04, 04:19
Wow, Liane going head to head with Lucy Liu. Thats setting the bar quite high. I like the way you think though.

I'm also into Asian chicks and just because of that, I think I'll have to give Liane a call before I do Selina

Thanks for the info Doc Odd, I appriciate your input.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

Doc Odd
07-29-04, 17:55
I've also heard good things about the Ecstacy girls generally. But if you're going to say that some of them will go to the islands, please do tell us which ones.

Doc Odd
07-30-04, 03:34
I certainly didn't want to sound crazy. I had a great session with Liane, and I think she deserves favorable reviews. I guess I think Lucy Liu has a bit of a funny looking nose, while Liane has no defect I can recall. Not that she's the hottest woman I've ever seen. Compare her to Halle Berry, or early 90s Drew Barrymore, and while I feel the comparison certainly doesn't humiliate Liane, I also don't think she'd win. But I actually can't think of a famous Asian who can seriously compete with her, and I feel like that's already saying a lot.

I should also say that while lots of reviews of her on TERB agreed about her great attitude, she did mention that she'd had sessions with clients who were too pushy and rude. I can't imagine why anybody would be pushy with Liane. I was staying in a suite with a living room and a bedroom when I invited her over, and it took all of a couple of minutes for her to suggest that we move to the bedroom, and removal of clothing was equally swift. I tend to let the escort take the lead in deciding what happens, and doing that with Liane led to things happening very quickly indeed. As I said on TERB, I got MSOG in the course of a one hour session; I tend to assume that's going to be provided in a longer session, but in one hour, I think that's remarkable. So let her take the lead, and good things will happen.

08-04-04, 22:53
First time post, true new guy.

I will be in GTA all next week, Airport hotel. Any recommendations you can share on persuing the "hobby" would be greatly appreciated.

My ususaly approach is to outcall an escort, but after reading Slayer's post, a new strategy may be a good thing.

Feel free to PM me.


08-06-04, 01:28
Walking N on Younge, I had seen tons of LE around Zanzibar. I might have seen a possible ASW waiting across the street but not sure. Inside was OK. The girls aren't all super hot, only some but most were fuckable. It was about 930 so it was early.

After rejecting 3 lap dance propositions, I met Jana. Short petite w/ that body of a ** year old :P I had 2 songs with her as well as the 20 VIP cover. I implied I wanted more. She said no. I wasn't allowed to touch anywhere but her thighs, but I did get some licks below her belly button.

About 11pm , it seems the upper echelon of women started to arrive. I met one of the strain, and had 4 songs with her. Cool chick too, knew about my type of music and about the other dance club I was going to go to that night. She recommended I change before going there becuase she used to hang out there and people there are hard core into the music. What a great chick! Fucking hot as hell too.

She shoved her tits in my face. Licked her nipples a couple times. BIG tits too, looked alot like a platinum blonde porn star. She gave me her name and number. Forgot her name, number got purged from my cell phone :\

Total damage @ Zan 220

I left Zanzibar, changed, went to the dance club, came back and looped Jarvis and King several times. 2 WSW on Jarvis and Gerrard. 1BSw , cute, and 1 WSW on Jarvis after Gerrard. I'd stop for the last WSW but LE was 300 ft away. Eventually I gave up, mostly cuz I don't know how to drive Canadian LOL

Finally called an agency.. Lost the number though. Her name was Zoe. She fucked me good. 5'6 thin B cup and pretty. Pure white skin. No bareback anything but a really cool chick and a good time.

Total damage 250

08-06-04, 01:46
Fri night:

Got back to my hotel too late to go to a dance club.

Called an agency. I asked for a petite chick.

What came over was a boring looking, boring attitude, 5'0 dwarf like loser wide hips.

I tried to be nice and said I was too tired, and gave her a BIG cancellation fee, oops.

I called back the service and the dispatcher was ultra cool. She said she'd send another one out.This time the girl was supposed to be their top model. 5'11 thin, and pale, white caucasian and she gave me a 50$ discount.

What came over was a 5'11, fat ass, not pale, hispanic/black AND she had a fucking cold. Ew. I told her I was expecting someone else. She was cool and left.

Avoid agency numbers that start with a 410 prefix. They don't know what their girls look like, fuckin a.

Called another agency. (yeah yeah im horny)

This was finally a truthful one. Hot Jessica simpson looking chick.

When the clothes came off, age reared it's ugly head but still fine. Had a C-section scar though. Chick was cool and fucked me good. No BB anything though. Blonde hair , blue eyes german chick. A no nonsense fuck me good chick.

Sat night:

dance club I went to was pathetic. Came back called an agency. She told me a blond would come over.

What came over was Korean.

One of the finest girls I've ever seen. Perfect body (perfect boob job). BBBJ and ball licker. Good fuck, good 'tude. She jumped on me as she walked into the door! Defintely recommend. 416 975 3888, ask for Sophie

Sunday, during the day I had to meet my relative on the corner of Coxwell and Gerrard. It's in little India. The taxi I took there came up N on Coxwell and stopped at the light. I noticed a white girl, with black shorts/tank top and sun glasses, looked nice. She was in the midst of walking from the NE to the NW corner.

The taxi dropped me off on the NW corner,and she paused like she was waiting for me. I was thinking...nah...in broad daylight?. I stood there waiting for my relative and she walks to the SW corner, then the SW corner. A car pulled up next to her and she put on that "I'm waiting stance" but no game for her. Then she walked to the NE corner and kept going. Man if I was alone, I'd pick her up.

Sunday night I was in Niagra, but didn't go to strip clubs. Got back at 4am and called Sophie and another girl. My first 3 some ever! 2nd girl was Korean too and no where as fine as Sophie, just allright. I just fucked the 2nd girl while playing with Sophie. Not as great as Sophie alone though.

Mon morn. Did the Jarvis/Younge loop before I got the plane, nothing in side.

Be in TO in October again.

Cmon guys, help out with the monger reports!

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08-07-04, 22:11
Denizen ->Great report man.

I've gone through agencies in the past, bad idea. Tons of adds in the yellow pages, tons of phone numbers, and they all to the same place. The girls you get are ugly and/or scam artists. I only go with referals now.

Which brings me to my next comment, Korean chicks are the bomb when it comes to the hobby. I know what your talking about with the "menage a trois" I had one in San Fran a couple years back with two Korean chicks and I haven't toped that experience yet.

Thanks for the Number and the name of the chick, I will give her a shout.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

Doc Odd
08-08-04, 15:31
There are some perfectly reputable agencies in Toronto. I've never had a bad experience with Select Company myself, and I've heard good things about VIP, Allison's Angels, Hollywood, and several others. On the other hand, if you just pick an ad at random from the phonebook, you're likely to get burned. You can find out a little bit about who to avoid here:


However, obviously it's impossible to keep up with the proliferation of scammers, so better to find out who the good ones are and stick with them.

08-10-04, 04:10

Don't be discouraged from TO agencies from my recent posts. I will vouche for TO that it's a great place for agencies. In 1998, I had 3 from the yellow pages, all were hot escort material. Same thing for the 4 I had this year.

If I had to pick from them all, I'd pick my very first one in '98, slender, 19, and a really pretty face, awesome! (yes, even over Sophie, that's saying alot!)

08-10-04, 04:14
Doc Odd,

Thanks for the info. I had hoped to be in TO in the near future, but I doubt finances will allow, but hey who knows.

What I really wanted to do but didn't was monger in the streets, but Caribana fucked it all up. Way too many people and cops out that weekend. Damn it.

Stephen Horndog
08-12-04, 06:37
There seems to be alot of escort and jack shack talk on this forum page. Why is there so little talk and infor on the great street action avalible in Toronto. Lets get some mongering stories going on here. All this escort talk is putting me to sleep. A cheap dirty hoe is always something most of us mongers are interested in. We dont all want to pay hundreds of dollars to bust our loads. What is new on the streets? Last time I was in Toronto there seemed to a few very active strolls and lots of girls in various ranges from a crack hoe 1 to a nice 8 or 9. Also the cops dont seem to be to interested on the street level in TO. I saw several girls hooking almost right in front of them, and it definetly was not a sting. So lets get some good ol hooking infor going on and where it is a happening.

08-15-04, 22:49
On 07/26/2004 Leems wrote:
Started the evening off at a strip club called zanzabars, met a girl there that approached me for some more action. She was white had pretty tight body. Her knocks could have been bigger but..whatever. We negotiated upstairs in a private booth where i gave the bouncer a twenty. We agreed to a price, do not let her over price you and just stand your ground. For one fifty in american and forty in canadian i got fs for a good couple hours. Provided me with CIM, BBBJ and all positions.

Something is awry here. For about 200$, you got FS 'for a couple hours'??. I was in the VIP room too upstairs in a private booth, but those booths aren't private. Anyone walking by can see what you are boning. How did you get away with FS "for a couple hours"?

Also, for only 200 seems wrong too. It's 20 CAD / song. So if you were fucking for 2 hours, that's about 24 songs, which is about 500 dollars. Are you telling us, that a girl was fucking you for 200 $ for at least 2 hours, instead when she could have been charging you 20/song and get 500 ? You must be damned good looking,heh.

Zanzibar is a great club, but these stories of waitresses giving head, and FS in the VIP booths is suspicious. The best I got was some hot dancers #.

08-17-04, 15:53
Street Action. I arrived in Pickering Sunday afternoon and took a ride west on Kingston, into Toronto. I saw what appeared to be a WSW crossing the bridge just west of 2. Not knowing the area, I made several passes before I determined that my suspicions were indeed correct. I cruised that street off and on and determined that it was a decent place for some street action. While trying to get eye contact going with this nice looking blond, I was waived at by a girl in a short dress in the are between Super 8 and the Manor Motel. I swung around and picked her up. Her name was Kimberly/Kaitlyn about a five on the SW scale. She had a recent nose job (from a fist I think) which also cost her a tooth. She would have been attractive otherwise. Being a sucker for legs and dresses, I did not let the black eyes bother me. She agreed to a BBBJ in the car for .2, and while she was doing it, I changed my mind and took her to my room. After a shower I got FS and almost a GFE for a total of .4. She said she was originally from Newfoundland and was a little difficult to understand. Overall it was a good experience. I dropped her back off about 1:30 AM and observed 3-4 WSW , all decent, in the area.

Doc Odd
08-20-04, 08:24
I made another visit to Toronto because I just couldn't resist while I had the time. Apologies for giving more stuff on escorts, but that's who I see In Toronto. Again, I post more extensively elsewhere, but here's the short version of who I saw:

Winnie: http://www.torontoorientalgirls.com/

She is definitely not 22. Overall I thought she was not that attractive, and her attitude was also a bit on the distant and professional side. There were no real good points apart from a good massage and BBBJ. This was the least researched of my appointments, and it really showed why I should never go on skimpy research.

Ariel: http://www.selectcompanyescorts.com/

Ariel is not the most beautiful SP ever, but she's attractive enough. Her pictures on the Select website are accurate, and she's got a pretty face. She also has a great attitude, and will do almost anything. I got a great BBBJTC, which was followed a little while later by some greek.

Leo: http://www.honeygirlsescorts.com/

She looks just like her pictures. She's another one willing to do almost anything; the session ended with some very nice greek. I would definitely like to see Leo again at some point.

I also saw both Liane and Serena again, and will doubtless continue to see them on future trips to Toronto. Liane still more than makes up for her restrictions (none of this greek or BBBJ stuff I was getting from Ariel and Leo) by being utterly gorgeous and charming, and Serena continues to have something going for her that I'm not sure how to describe, besides looking pretty good and having few restrictions (for the moment sadly no greek, but that's about it).

08-24-04, 04:54
I am in Toronto and researching for my Tuesday night fun. I keep coming across the acronym MSOG, but it's not on the Forum definitions list. Can someone help me out?

08-24-04, 05:05
Hey MrVee

if you are looking for a good class MP you can find some at:

The service is good, price is abit higher but no FS here.

I don't know much of any AMP websites, but you can just drive around Markham and find them easily. Just look out for the OPEN red neon sign in every windows, and you'll know you're at the right place.

for escort you might want to try:

I've never tried them, but from what i read on the local forums, girls are pretty good here. Some even give you the GFE.

As far as what MSOG mean? Sorry bud, no clue.

Doc Odd
08-24-04, 15:04
Multiple Shots On Goal.

08-24-04, 22:32
I've got an appt. with Monique Lamour later tonight, but have only traded voice mails and therefore not 100% sure it will work out. Forgot how I came across her, but she has her own website (naturally) - www.moniquelamour.com.

Sure wish I could find my way back to the other website where I first learned about her. Seems like there was a review (or 2). She's 300 Canadian per hour, but advertises GFE, PSE, DATY, etc. In my first contact message to her, I asked about BBBJ, hoping that would "screen" her. She didn't mention it in the voice mail, nor would I expect her to, but the fact that she even called tells me that the request itself didn't scare her away.

If it all works out later tonight, I'll certainly post the results.

08-25-04, 14:33
Met with Monique last night. I think this is definitely a case of YMMV because I got exceptional service. To get GFE I've always believed in the BFE.

Monique and I warmed to each other from the moment she stepped through the door to my hotel room. Smiles, a quick kiss on the cheek, a comfortable embrace - all good ways to greet someone.

Here are some highlights:
wine, shrimp cocktail, candles and genuine conversation
massage for her - backside is marvelous (better than website)
front side equally marvelous, led to lengthy DATY and her coming
her on top (covered now)
me on top (second coming for her)
remove cover, finish by hand with FK (not DFK) and tit-sucking
clean-up and more conversation/hand-holding

Time: 2.5 hours
Cost: 300 (Canadian)
Body: 9.5 (implants nicely done)
Looks: 9.0
GFE: 9.5

Photos on website: Accurate, but she's even better in person.
Piercings: right eyebrow area and navel.
Kids: 1, but no visible evidence (maybe a little loose, but not for you bigger tools)

Re-do: Oh yeah. Saving $$ starting today.

08-27-04, 22:48
Hello fellow mongers,

I am a Philadelphia AMP regular who will be travelling quite regular to Toronto over the next year.

I imagine that the AMP scene in Toronto is quite good considering immigration policies and demographics of the city. Could any of you suggest some FS AMP that are worth visiting?

What is the going rate in Toronto (house fee, tip)? Is it best to pay in Canadian $s vs US $?

Do you know of any that will provide threesomes?

Thanks for the assistance!

If any of you are visiting Philly, please PM me for some great AMP locations?


08-31-04, 03:05
Here is a link for a good massage parlour. Been there. Great 45 min..unhurried. Lots of the pure asian ones rush you and are only 30 min. No threesomes here. But if you want an upscale parlour with a great happy ending and all races to chose from.


09-02-04, 09:22
Hey all --

Search function on WSG isn't working right now and a biz trip to Toronto is planned for Monday, so . . .

Anyone provide assistance to a fellow monger from New York? Looking for a provider who is --

Brunette or redhead.
Slender, and preferably petite overall, if possible.
Small-breasted (B preferred), and definitely all-natural.
Friendly, warm, GFE -- someone who smiles during the session.

Incall or outcall, doesn't matter.

Any suggestions??? Thanks, boys!


Doc Odd
09-02-04, 15:42
Well, Adobe, if by GFE you really mean BBBJ (which seems to be what some people mean), I don't know anyone myself which matches all your criteria. But if GFE was just a way of stressing the friendly, warm, and smiles a lot characteristics, I'd recommend Liane (www.lianeoftoronto.com) if you like young asians and Claudia of Select (www.selectcompanyescorts.com) if you want somebody a little more experienced. Both A cups, though, so perhaps even more small-breasted than you were looking for.

Dragon Slayer
09-05-04, 06:31

The Slayer is back from six long weeks in SE Asia. I will be in Toronto in a week. Reason, my "drop dead gorgeous" chinese girl. Illongoboy and Diver 69 let's get together and have a few beers. Your ladies are welcome if you like and I will bring my chinese beauty. For the rest of you, PM me and we can meet and drink and discuss Asia from my view point over16 years there.

Eight weeks ago I reported on "inside information" provided to me about chinese bars, massage parlors, accupuncture places and karaoke clubs on Highway 7 near a very upscale section of Toronto. My lady knows of this as her former husband and a few former boyfriends and associates visit these establishments seeking upscale, young chinese, Thai, Japanese & filipino pussy. Have any of you visited these places? Would any of you like to go with me? I speak a little mandarin and fair Japanese and very good Thai.

Most Posts here are about escort services charging a a fortune.. These places must be far less expensive as the clientele is not of the type to pay"big bucks". Yes, I know this.

Dragon Slayer

My Alias
09-06-04, 04:36
Seductions strip club is trying to get past Toronto's new anti-smoking laws by declaring itself a private, members-only club, http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=thestar/Layout/Article_Type1&c=Article&cid=1094335810188&call_pageid=968332188492&col=968793972154

Joe Public
09-08-04, 01:17
Dragon Slayer,

Please pm me, as your pm box is full.

I will be going to Asia and would enjoy very much speaking over a beer.

Best regards,


Joe Public
09-08-04, 01:20

Did you pay $300 per hour or for the 2.5 hours in total, as her posted rate on her website is $300/ hour Cdn?


09-08-04, 06:39

Thanks for the experience with Sophie. She still around since your last report? I didnt catch the price you got for her.

Anyway, from that other Toronto board I went to this 'known' sw area, I think it was aroung Gerrard. This was a few months ago by now. Anyway saw maybe 6 sws after spending say 1hr walking around 1am.

Saw one or two damn tall Russian(?) chicks with chunky heels even, didn't like those thick thighs though.

I walked on one ultra empty street and saw a blond say 5'3" cute voice saying 'hi' to me as we crossed paths. She was in jeans, almost went for her but I wasn't in a car unfortunately.

Unfortunately that board went offline and I can double check the addresses.

I was wondering where there are sw scenes anywhere not too far off of yonge street as the reference point?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

09-08-04, 20:28

MSOG ? Could it mean Mississauga, near the Airport. Lots of action there, so I am told. Don't think it's an actual acronym.

Seven Spot
09-09-04, 06:04
MSOG is Multiple Shots on Goal.

Canadian for multiple cups of coffee.

09-10-04, 03:38
Yes, I learned from someone else on the forum that MSOG means multiple shots on goal. Years ago I used to be able to do that!

To the other question someone asked, Yes - Monique was $300 CDN per hour, as her website states, but she apparently didn't have any later appts *and* she was enjoying my very thoughtful company (I do believe this for a number of compelling reasons). So she elected to stay nearly 3 hours. Never mentioned $$ once. I had put it in an envelope, along with a card that I had made for her arrival.

Hope to be back in TO one day soon. Later.

09-11-04, 03:17
mrvee's experience with monique l'amour was so similar to mine of a couple of months ago that i thought i would post mine as a quality-control contribution so as to give assurance to other mongers that she really is not too good to be true. be clean, gentlemanly, and pleasant and you too can get the full monique treatment!

after doing some heavy-duty research, i settled on monique and arranged a 10:00 p.m. incall at my downtown hotel. the visit was fabulous! one of my tests is a first reaction as i look out the peephole after a soft knock on my door. my reaction this time was -- did i pick a winner or what! monique was wearing tight jeans and a tighter white sweater that showed off her big tits in a very alluring way. her face was both cute and beautiful. she was just plain hot! the way her tiny but curvy butt fills out her jeans is something else. her body is so tight and petite as to make her big, super firm tits seem all the more huge and mouthwatering (they are big ds rather than dds, she told me--just a smidgen below dd). we talked for a bit. i was sitting in an easy chair; monique sat in my lap. her squirming butt instantly induced a very serious hard-on. then, monique adjourned to the bathroom. she came out of the loo with a wide grin on her face and not much more. she was wearing a thong, stockings, and a black bra. she and i were ready for action, so that only the stockings stayed on.

the word on monique was that she is ymmv, and that chemistry would have a lot to do with it. well, our chemistry was good, so i was treated with multiple bbbjs, passionate caresses, and kisses all up and down my body. monique did admit, though, that she was not always so liberal -- especially on a first date (which this was).

monique's kissing is said to be dfk/ymmv by some and only lfk by others. i think lfk is the proper characterization. our chemistry was great, as i noted, but her kisses were not very open-mouthed at all. she said she had just had her wisdom teeth removed and so she was holding back on that account (her bj may have suffered from that as well). i did mention that i wished the fk were more d and she did try but whether on account of her tooth extraction or just her style, we never really got beyond lfk. based on other reviews and factoring in mrvee's report, it seems likely that even great chemistry with monique will still get you ... lfk at best.

but don't get me wrong -- the session was just great. we lfk'd and played with our bodies for a while, switched to alternating bbbj and daty and then some 69. once the condom was on, we did cowgirl, missionary, doggie, and then back to missionary to finish up. in between positions we would make out and maul our bodies some more. when i finally came my climax was amazingly strong. and why not? monique is so beautiful and built and sweet and passionate.

afterwards, we lay in bed and talked. we really got involved in talking about our lives and may have spent an additional 45 minutes in bed (it was her last appointment of the evening). monique is a sweet, caring, and very intelligent girl. she was great to connect and talk with. on multiple levels, it was one of the best encounters i have ever had. even though i realize i came up on the right side of ymmv, i do recommend her strongly for everyone. certainly, the next time i'm in toronto, i will make only one call. that call, after all, will be all i need!

as with mrvee, she charged $300, just as her web site says. that's what she told me over the phone, and that's what i put in the envelope. that's higher than normal for toronto but monique's a lot more beautiful and sexy than normal. i was happy to pay $300 and feel i got full value -- and then some.

incidentally, i placed the money in an envelope on the nightstand. we were starting to go out of the room to her car when i remembered that she had not picked it up. "hey," i said, handing her the envelope, "you might want this!" she took the envelope, laughed, and put it unopened into her purse. i thought that nonchalance was very charming; it made the date all the more of a gfe. certainly, it is to be preferred to the girls who take the money at the beginning of the date and count it out in front of your eyes. i mean, i don't blame a girl for doing that --i'm sure that a lot of scams have been avoided that way -- but i found the experience with monique a particularly endearing one.

once we were dressed,l i walked monique down to her car. we hugged and off she went. i was ravenous, so i walked down yonge street to the hot dog stand just north of gerrard for a bratwurst, which i loaded up with the works. what a wonderful way to end the evening (no amateur freudian analysis, now!). and what an evening it was. monique is the best! both mrvee and i certainly agree on that point.

let's do the math:

time: 1.8 hours
cost: 300 (canadian)
body: 9.5 (great tits and what an ass!)
looks: 9.5 (a really beautiful face)
gfe: 8.5 (bbbj, daty, lfk. i'm a one-shot kind of guy these days, so i cannot speak to the shots on goal component. dfk is a real plus for me, so there's a bit of a minus on the performance score for its absence)

perhaps i should mention that monique has a new 'do. sne used to have long hair as shown on her website and which i along with 99.999% of all men prefer on women. she now has a shorter, spiky hairdo. it's several inches long and has highlights. it's not quite cornrows and not quite true spikes but something in between. i could probably give a better description had my eyes not been laser-focused elsewhere. i'm still a long hair man but did think it looked good on monique. it adds a kicky touch to her appearance.

like mrvee i will certainly repeat with monique on my next visit. don't know when that will be but whenever -- she's on my dance card for certain.

richard o. steele

Tennis Player
09-13-04, 07:07
Was in Toronto last week. Tried this massage parlor at 773 queensway (etobicoke). the madam pulled some bullshit. Said that some young cute girls would be coming in and in the meantime I could enjoya "free massage". I negotiated $50for an hour. She sent in one girl .. forget her name, young cute wanted $60 for a nude reverse too many conditions (no DATY, no finger insertion, etc.) None ofthose girls showed up. I eventually went with a young black girl named vanessa.

Vanessa looked pretty hot I admit but I was looking for a white girl. For $60 I got a nude reverse. Eventually I came between her tits.

Next time, got Stacy. A cute blonde about 22, but shrunken tits, she gaveme a 45 min nude reverse with body slide for $80. This was in addition to the $60 house fee.

Next day tried this incall. Non responsive cuban girl. $80 full service, someting like 900 queensway. She lay there likea corpse, didn't really like it.

Next day tried Simone. About a 22-28 blonde, she was very nice, could be a little more toned in her body but was reasonaly slim, pretty. It was $120 for 30 min, full service, got her number from the Sun.

Robert Palli
09-19-04, 02:20
Anna from Budget Escorts http: //www. budgetescorts. com/ourladies/anna. php

Do not use budget escorts guys. It's a total rip off. I paid 200 us dollars for maybe about 14-20 minutes of bad sex with cbj and fs in doggie, girl on top, reverse cowgirl, and missionary. When I got off once, she told me I was down and it was time for her to go. I was under the impression I had one hour to do multiple but whatever. These phonebook escorts agencies are all ripoffs. She is a 5'5' blond who worked in germany and is from nova scotia. She is not very nice and even insulted me a little I think. All in all, a very bad experience. She is fairly hot. Body is a 7 or 8, but attitude is 1 or 2 and service is 2 or 3. If you want to have 10 mins of bad sex with a top model for 200 bucks then try budget, otherwise you are better off trying something like roomates in downtown toronto. I hear the russian girls there are really good and some of them do greek and all you get off as much as you can in one hour.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

Robert Palli
09-19-04, 02:24
Also, to add to my report about toronto itself. It's a great city. Even if you don't get laid, you can have fun on the waterfront, and be sure to visit centre island and check out the bike paths and carnival area. It's a lot of fun and let's you be a kid again and enjoy some ice cream and rowboating. Also, check out some broadway on toronto. As the broadway in the city is supposed to be second to that of new york city. I recommend hairspray or mamma mia. Thanks guys. i don't konw why but my posts don't seem to be showing up. Jackson, what's up man?

Derek Taylor
09-19-04, 07:35
Hey Guys,

Whatz up? Well I cruised the city extensively for a few nights last week and man there are so many hoes in Toronto. I mean they are everywhere. Downtown to the east is loaded with them around Church over to Parliament. I screwed two from there on Friday night . Saturday and Sunday nights I cruise the Kingston Road area and again lots of hoes. I liked this area because it was fairly quiet and the hoes are just here and there hooking with heavier concentrations around the motels getting closer to the 401. I screwed three more from this area over two nights and decided my nutsack had unloaded enough and headed out of the city. It is so easy to find hoes in Toronto for you lucky bastards living there. Lots of variety as well. You got your whites and blacks and even some Chinese and other ethnics. There must be at least five strolls in this city and also hoes just randomly hooking here and there. I likes street hoes. They are nasty and I like the idea of just picking out what I am getting. You can talk dirty to them and call them a fithy hoe and then dump your load in them and watch it drip out. They let you pretty much do anything including nutting on their face or hair. They dont even clean up much either. Just right back on the stroll for another trick. I bet some of these hoes screw and blow around 20 men a night or more. Well I will be back soon to nut some more.

09-20-04, 16:15

I'm not sure if Sophie is still around. I'm not from TO. I think I paid somewhere between 250..300, not sure.

Yeah, I don't like those thick thighs either, heh.

Tonsil Washer
09-20-04, 22:04
I'm posting this from Vancouver. The last time I was in Toronto, we went bar hopping at a place called the Whisky A Go Go and then on to the House of Lancaster. Both had excellent women to choose from (lap dance) and I must say that the dancers in Toronto are much more liberal than the girls in Vancouver. In Vancouver, no touch means just that, unless you hoping for a quick trip the sidewalk.

At the Lancaster, I went with a pretty Russian girl. A great time was had, well, as much as I remember. My question is, just how liberal are these girls? What does it take to get more than a feel of tit and a kiss on the cheek, or is that wishful thinking? I've heard of clubs in Vancouvere where a lap dance can turn into a face in lap dance for the right price but I've never actually witnessed it first hand. I'm coming to Toronto in early October and any information would be appreciated.


Tonsil Washer

Vancouver, BC

09-21-04, 01:03
robert palli:

the german girl you described sounds familiar. the one i had had face sort of like jessica simpson's. when i opened the door she just pushed her way in as if there was a [CodeWord126] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord126) outside. she went down to business immediately transferring funds and not too much conversation.

but, she was a great fuck. i mean for me, i just like to fuck. only covered bj, she got on top, and then i doggied her. she was kind of rushing it but i didn't really care. it's just my style.

i described her in my post around 08-05-04. she looks fine as hell but when the clothes are off , she looks aged a bit. he tits are real but slight sagging the wrong way. her body is tan.

all in all, she was a cool chick, attitude, but still cool. that doesn't phase me. as long as she doesn't upsell and fucks me good, i'm good.

sound like the same girl?

09-21-04, 15:37
i was in toronto for 2 world cup of hockey games. i have never paid for female company before and i decided to give it a shot.

the first girl i contacted was selina. - http://www.sinfulselina.has.it/

i got a very prompt reply and the very next day selina was at my door. while selina is definitely not 20 years old, she is still really hot. i would easily give her an 8. she gave me a great massage than a bbj. after a nice daty, i went to work. she was surprisingly tight and i came after about 10 mins. we chatted for about 15 and than i went for a second shot. to my surprise selina asked me to take it out, take the condom off and finish on her breasts. i happily obliged.

time 1 hour
cost 300 canadian
body 8
looks 8
gfe 8.5 (bbj, daty, 2 shots on goal, dfk)

overall a great exp.

the next day i decided to give a try to http://www.ecstasy-escorts.com/
i wanted to try [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) because she had really good reviews.

about 30 mins before my appointment i got a call saying that [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) would not be able to make it for another hour. this was not an option, because i was getting ready to leave for my hockey game. however i was told that there were other great girls available and i decided to give maxima a shot.

her picture can be found on http://www.destiny-girls.com/

iíll just say that the next time i called for a girl in toronto i asked for maxi. in fact, if i go back she will be the girl i call first.

first of all maxi is ukranian and so am i, so we connected right away. we chatted, went to a dfk, than a long daty. maxi has a beautiful bod and kitty, than a nice bbj after that 2 shots on goal.

maxi would not take a tip. might differ from person to person though.

when i called her the second time, i basically got one of the best experiences of my life. granted she was only the second call girl i have been with but iíve had plenty of regular girlfriends. maxi is right up there at the top.

give her a call and treat her nice. she is awesome.

time 1 hour
cost 250 (canadian)
looks 9
body 9
gfe 10 (bbj, daty, 2 shots on goal, dfk)

will defiantly redo if and when i go back to toronto.

09-21-04, 16:28
I have gathered some good information about downtown hotels from this board but have one question. Do any of the monger-friendly hotels in downtown TO offer safe parking for motorcycles?? I have been planning a trip and would like to ride the bike up. I would hate to turn up and not have a good, safe, secure place to park my two wheeler. It's not a hogley davidson or anything else anyone in their right mind would want to steal, but there are lots of folks who ain't in their right mind.


Immaculate M
09-23-04, 23:30

I am a new member of this forum, & my membership was made regular recently.

Guys do you know of any Oriental Gals in Toronto? Who are elegant, and with a class.

Anyone knows of a SP who use to work for Alison Agnels and her name was Alex, she was a fairly tall blonde gal in the age group of 40 yrs.

09-24-04, 22:05
I'm another new member to this board but I'm not new to the sport of hobbying. Since I'm from NYS, I conduct most of my playtime in Niagara Falls but I'm planning a trip to Toronto in the near future.

Has anyone here seen Alanna Love in recent months? She's got a new website at: http://www.alannalove.com/ and looks beautiful! Any comments?

Nagyon Tetsik
09-25-04, 18:59
Some reputable agencies in Toronto to use are (in no particular order):








With these I listed, you won't get scammed. There are many, many more good ones, but these offer a pretty good selection for a newbie to Toronto. Budget Escorts is a well known scam agency to the local hobby scene. Their prey is mostly foreign tourists. Also don't don't use the Yellow Pages (phone book) and many in the newspapaers are scams too.

09-25-04, 22:19
Read all the posts, there are gentleman here who have made several posts about Asian ladies in Toronto. Use the search feature.