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04-14-02, 00:14
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04-21-02, 10:41
I read about "an elite escort" www.aneliteescort.com and wondered if anyone had any info on this place. They responded quickly to my inquiries, but I'd like hear from a customer. Also, Sassy is looking fine...any clues? Thanks, dudes

05-03-02, 07:38
Still looking for information on Windsor. I want to come up, have some fun, spend very little money, and mostly stay out of trouble. Guys, any help would be appreciated Later

05-12-02, 02:33
Was in Windsor last weekend. Went to Studio 4 about a mile up from the bridge to America. Was a quick visit had a great lap dance (she literally rolled in my lap). She was a very young 7-8. The dance was $20 CAN - (about $15 US). All the dancers get totally nude. Drinking age is 19. Labats Bottle @5.75 CAN.

There are some good posts in the archives about the escort services - wish I would have checked them out b4 I went. Studio 4 isn't the best club, it was just convenient for me and better than any I have been to in America. With the exchange rate, your dollar will go a lot further in Windsor.

Good Luck!

La Chatte
05-15-02, 03:40
What type of information about Windsor are you requesting? If you are looking for fun in Windsor, I would suggest trying http://www.executiveschoice.com/main.htm Check out the website. I can only give you info on the girls that I have seen. I would highly recommend Gloria. She was voted one of Windsor's top escorts. She is my personal favourite.

#1 Gloria of EC (GFE) ( Can't Miss with her she is great!)
#2 Ashley of EC
#3 Zoey of ET (YMMV)
#4 Kayla of EC (Lots of rules, but she is safe and I like her a lot)
#5 Michelle / Jocelyn of EC ( Friendly, very talkative!)

I have had real good luck with EC, so I call them whenever I go to Windsor. They are a top notch company.

IF you want a good massage, go to Studio 333 and ask for Jade. She is a hot babe from vietnam.

I hope I have answered your questions. There must be other great SPs in Windsor, but I only want to post the ones I have seen before.


La Chatte
05-15-02, 03:45
Originally posted by kyleP
I read about "an elite escort" www.aneliteescort.com and wondered if anyone had any info on this place. They responded quickly to my inquiries, but I'd like hear from a customer. Also, Sassy is looking fine...any clues? Thanks, dudes

I saw Lana who also works as Zoey for ET. I would recommend her highly. I felt like I was in a porn movie. She does have a really nice body. I had a good time with her, but YMMV.


05-22-02, 16:09
Thanks for the Information! I'll let you know how it goes after my return to the States. Later!

06-05-02, 16:24
Do any of the clubs like t-zers or studio 4 have a private area for a quick hand release by one of the pretty ladies, or would I have better luck at a local amp? The dancers at t-zers look really hot. Thanks!

06-08-02, 01:51
detroit poster and avid canaidan strip club patron here. sorry none of the clubs you posted dont "offer" any relief of that sort. no street action or mp, try a incall/outcall escort service. might run you a few bills but well worth it.

La Chatte
06-16-02, 21:44
“Aphrodite “Massage Studio

I read a posting about Aphrodite the massage studio next to the Million Dollar Saloon. The posting gave off the impression that going there would leave an unforgettable experience. I have had very limited experiences with MPs in Windsor, however most have been less than favorable. I am aware that for the same amount one could find a good sp for the same if not less money.

Last night I went to Windsor. I was thinking of utilizing the services of a sp, but because it was late did not want to find a hotel room. I went to a Massage joint where I knew I could get things handled. (I WILL NOT DISCLOSE THE NAME OF THIS PLACE BECAUSE I AM SURE CAN. LE READS THESE BOARDS TOO.) After leaving ******** I decided to have a drink or two before heading back to the US. The tunnel had already started to get packed so I turned around parked and decided to waste some time. I had an Aphrodite flyer from a previous trip to Windsor and remembering the posting I thought I would give it a try.

I did not have that much to drink and was not feeling any pressure thanks to my previous encounter that evening. I thought if things did not go well I could just leave. The posting suggested the black girl with some sort of an accent. She was there and I did pick her. I told them I wanted an hour, but was told I could not get an hour because they would be getting busy. I thought this was strange, but ok! I got a half an hour. We had to wait on a room because they were all in use.

Once in the room I took off my clothing and waited for her to arrive. She came in fully dressed. She offered me a pillow which had no case. I was not going to lie on dirty this pillow. Then we started to negotiate she made it clear that she would only do a hand job. The hand job would be 80 Can. She offered to put on lingerie that would be an additional 80. I did not have that in Can dollars and surly would not have paid that. I almost told her that I did not want the hj that I would just take the normal massage. I have her 80 and she started to message my back for about 5 mins. Then she told me my time was almost up. She was trying to charge me for the time I was waiting for the room. I explained to her that we just got into the room. She said ok then started off with a really [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) poor hand job. She had this stupid look on her face as though she was doing it for free. The entire time she keeps saying your time is up, they are going to knock at the door, stuff like that. I did not complete, I think that was the plan. Just as I was getting close she would stop. She said I should not drink so much. I guess she is so used to dealing with guys that are drunk she did not think I might be sober enough to know what was going on. I was not so horny and drunk that I would keep giving her money.

I think it is a scam to get you to buy more time! She was more then willing to take my money, but she did not want to complete the job. Rather than give her more money, I decided to leave. She did not clean and change the bedding when I left, I guess since really nothing happened she thought it was still clean enough. I guess it pays to be sober sometimes.

This is an advisor about (Aphrodite) do not waste your time and money! I would rather go to Studio 333 because at least you will get a clean environment, and the girls give a good massage.

mack daddy
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08-13-02, 19:23
Has anyone ever tried Madison of Windsor?? I've been to her website and shes very pretty and will be in the Windsor/Detroit area for business in early Oct. If you have seen her let me know what you think about her. Thanks. Huteh.

Oh, her website is madisonofwindsor.com if anyone local cares to check her out before I might get to.

09-12-02, 00:45
Madison is really a sweetheart. Pretty much girl next door looks, very good skills, and not a clockwathcher. You can do alot worse, and since she is an independent escort and not an agency girl what she asks for on her website is what you pay- no dickering (although she very graciously accepts tips). She will talk your ear off if you let her, though 8^) good french skills, personable, likes what she does, open to DATY, does not do greek.

Check these reviews :

09-12-02, 00:52
Originally posted by kyleP
Do any of the clubs like t-zers or studio 4 have a private area for a quick hand release by one of the pretty ladies, or would I have better luck at a local amp? The dancers at t-zers look really hot. Thanks!

KyleP, That kind of service is available in Canada but you'll have to drive to Niagra Falls to get it. Club named "Seductions" is known for FS/BJ availablility in the VIP's. Used to be a club named Fantasia north of Toronto where that kind of shit went on but they were busted, new name "Club Friction" is promising but the mileage is lame.

And of course, some clubs around Montreal you can have sex with dancers in a Cabana, but with escorts so close in Windsor (Huron Church Rd.) at the motels, why drive ???

09-14-02, 05:24
My friend Easy told me that Windsor is a very active town. Easy and myself meet in San Jose Costa Rica, but we are interested in closer action. I've read some of the reports and it appears that you can get a good massage at studio 333 and find good company from the escorts. Sigpro40 uses ET and EC in his posting for a reference. Help me out with these. We have a home town weekly paper that has an adult section listing massage and escorts, what is the best way to locate adult orientated pleasure palaces and associated goddesses in Windsor?

I do like the name warpig.

Thanks y'all


09-14-02, 06:35
Shamas, two local boards handle the Windsor escort scene fairly well, http://www.windsorescorts.com/ (which will redirect you to the Metro escorts site, not necessarily an improvement but remember Windsor is under Ontario like here in WSG) and http://www.scorpsguide.com (check the Windsor Forum there).

Also, Windsor has a local paper, the Windsor Star, which has classified ads including escort ads. This is hit and miss.

Lots of independents and several good agencies. All depends what you are looking for.

Thanks for the comment on my screen name: It is a tribute to the Heavy Metal songs "Warpigs" by Black Sabbath and "Astro Creep 2000" by White Zombie. Yeah, many of the Detroit area strip clubs play mostly metal and alternative, at least the dives I like... so I guess I became a headbanger by Osmosis- LOL

On Scorps Board I am known as "Hugh_G._Rection"

Joe Zop
09-14-02, 06:50

EC = Executive's Choice (519.944.2000)
ET = Exotic Temptations (http://www.exotictemptationescorts.com)

And I second the ScorpsGuide recommendation.

09-15-02, 15:50
Thanks so much for the info guys. I'll be making a trip up that way in a month or so and I'll check out the action.


09-15-02, 19:49

I have been to Windsor Canada twice. Its nothing like south of the border. I checked out 6 places and they had 2-3 girls a piece in them. You will be very disapointed.


09-21-02, 22:04
Looking at the EC site and think Ashley is preety hot. What is the cost to be with her?

does she stay for the whole hour? And will she do FS?

Thank you!!!


09-22-02, 00:24
Opher, you need to go back to the site and look at the "RATES" page. All the Windsor girls are FS, but some have 'rules' like not allowing DATY or kissing, etc. and seeing how I haven't seen Ashley I couldn't tell you what her sessions are like. I could, however, that you might find a review on her on the http://www.windsorescorts.com/ site in the "Agencies" forum or the "Review" forum and if you can't find what you need to know you would be better off asking there.

Also, since you are dealing with an agency girl know that some of them expect a tip on top of the agency fee for 'service'. Your best bet is to ask the receptionist if a flat fee is available for your lady. The EC receptionist I find most helpful is Vicky who is generally on their 519-944-2000 line. Be sure to get her to quote the rates in either US or Canadian dollars, depending on which you plan to use.

As for *******, we are talking apples and oranges here. Windsor is not wide open like mexico, the strip clubs only offer eyecandy and although they are loosening up at Teasers and Studio4 you really can't even get as good of a lapdance in Windsor as you can in the states. So for actually popping your cork, you have to get a room and call an Escort- it is a quirk with Canadian Law that soliciting and running a 'bawdy house' is illegal but taking money for sex behind closed doors isn't. So deal with it. True, the sort of debauchery found in Windsor isn't for everyone but you will get a girl that you want (skills and performance will vary) in a clean and safe room for a probably relaxed session with A GIRL WHO SPEAKS YOUR NATIVE LANGUAGE (assuming we are all talking english here); and it is a legal and above board service industry to boot. To those who find this appealing it is worth the price, if it doesn't appeal to you by all means check the posts for Mexico and elsewhere on this site and quit your bitching!!

09-26-02, 01:06
is there anyplace in Windsor to get a good massage / body slide? If yes please list names of attends you reccommend.

I am going there this weekend and will report back


09-26-02, 01:47
The massage places in Windsor are for the most part, a rip off. NO body slides and extras are sky-high compared to escort rates. Extras are illegal in these places and each room has a window so the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) can do a quick check by walking by the rooms and making sure no one is in a improper posture. If you are, you can be charged as frequenting a "baudy house", Canada's term for brothel. Most massage provider get around this by simply using your clothes to block the window.
Windsor Massage Parlors have all the ambience of a freeway reststop with typically lousy decor, and even lousier providers.

If you want a quality massage experience without the hassle of PO PO in a luxurious room with a drop dead gorgeous provider giving anything you want, go to Toronto. OPP in most Toronto suburbs & city ignore the massage/incall scene totally. Check out terb.ca for some starting points.

Otherwise, the escorts of Windsor can't be beat! You can get a 2-3 hr room at almost any motel on Huron Church Rd for $25-35 US. Knock out independent girls start at $60 - 150 US. NO PO PO worries. You don't even have to sign in at the motel! Why mess with massage in Windsor?

10-06-02, 18:26

I agree with Damarushi completely. Why waste your time in a massage parlor when a room and SP can take care of your woes.

As for Ashley, I saw her about six months ago. She is FS and has a smoking body, but somewhat businesslike and will typically leave after one pop. I paid $240 Canadian, but looking back, I think she would have accepted lower. The typical starting price is $240 ($140 agency fee and $100 tip), which tells me this price is on the high side. Some SP's will take $200, which is the low side, but you have to call it by ear and decide if its worth haggling over the $10-$30 bucks.

With that said, I still think Ashley is worth a try. I have seen my share in Windsor, and Ashley is the most beautiful, petite lady around. She is better than average in looks, has an awesome petite, shapely body, and can carry an intelligent conversation (she is pursuing a law degree). She is definitely not a true GFE, if that is what you are looking for. In my opinion, sometimes you see a SP for a GFE experience, sometimes you are just looking for the raw physicality. If its the later you are looking for, then Ashley is your lady.

If you know what to expect and align your expectations accordingly, then I think Ashley, or any SP for that matter, can be enjoyable. Everyone gets disappointed when expectations are high due to lack of information, or unrealistic demands.

Good luck, and feel free to mail me any questions about the Windsor/Detroit scence.

PS - You can also find older reviews in the "Archives" section of the Windsor Escort website. It is located in the upper left, once you get to the Windsor main page. The website was reconfigured/changed earlier this summer, and all the previous postings had to be archived, so that this vaulable info would not be lost.


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10-26-02, 13:25
Does anyone have a review for rovina or jayana from EC?


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11-14-02, 18:35
I'm from Chicago and will be in Detroit on business in early December. Do any of you have the names and contact info for independent escorts in Windsor. I prefer younger than 30, petite and cute if not hot. I would appreciate any info that you can give me. I'm not very interested in the agencies since it seems like there's a lot of uncertainty as to what the girls will do for what price. If you can't respond here e-mail me at heydude_60604@yahoo.com

11-19-02, 03:09
Welcum heydude. I had a great experience with an independent windsor escort who doesn't quite fit your bill, her name is Carah.
37 (could easily pass for being 6 years younger), blonde, 125# built to please- This lady was a definate GFE who gave me two shots and went into overtime, former dancer with amazing legs... she actually carressed my ears and cheeks with her feet as we were grinding away with me on top- that blew my mind!! Kissing, CBJ, FS, enthusiastically recieved DATY and a very non-bullshit no rush out to please and be pleased attitude. I'm biased but this girl is my first choice so I am puting her email adress out for all you guys: carahblue@msn.com (She's working on a website but doesn't have one yet)

She has a friend who is a saucy little brunnette in her mid 20s
named Alyssa who was rated the #1 independet escort in Windsor on windsorescorts.com. May be more to your taste, she has a website www.alyssainwindsor.com I have not been with Alyssa but she was rated the #1 independent escort in Windsor on windsorescorts. com

Maddison was reviewed below. Early 30s, girl next door looks. I enjoyed my session with her immensly and reviewed her below:

There is a great local Escort board for the Windsor scene, www.windsorescorts.com that has lots of info and even some pics of these wonderful girls and more and could probably dirrect you to just the kind of gal your looking for. Some other ladies that have recieved high marks would be Sherry Hot Buns(a hot model-type blonde), Nico (who now runs an agency but still escorts independently I believe, a betty page looking gal, very open minded), courtney love (another hot model-type blonde) Athena... ah hell, just go and look the girls over, you'll find something you like.

11-19-02, 22:31
Does anyone have a review or experience with Jordan of Windsor?
I looked for reviews on the windsorescorts site but wasn't able to locate any recent information.

Thanks in advance.

11-20-02, 03:25
Wsgtourist, I've never personally seen Jordan but the following was sent to me back channel on Scorps board from someone who has:
Here's the skinny on Jordan: late twenties, 5'6", 120-130 lbs, curly brown hair, brown eyes, cute enough, NICE tits, only works when she's 'in the mood' so you'll both have a great time.
All activities are covered, kissing is not available. She does allow (and enjoy immensely) DATY.
She's a bit more introspective than most of the SPs - if you have MSN chat, get to know her a bit first, it'll pay dividends when you do meet, and make it easier to get that first meeting if you don't [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) her off! LOL!
$200 per hour and she stays the entire time.

Good Luck, hope that helps. No I don't have her current contact info.

Slick Jr
11-22-02, 08:51
How is the SW scene in Windsor?? And where??

11-22-02, 19:32
Biggin, I personally think you're nuts to look to the street in Windsor with its plethora of escorts, indy and agency alike, available- not to mention relatively cheap outcall hotels available for short term.

That said, rumour has it the occasional street girl will be found on Wyandotte over by Leopards lounge or the Bingo places. Sightings are rare and I really don't know what to look for- I heard they were out there last June.

My guess is there might be lot lizzards around for all the truck traffic that crosses the border, but I have no way of knowing where they would be likely to pick up their dates. Certaintly NOT around the bridge!!!

However, if you do your research on the escorts you can get multiple cups of coffee with a girl who will treat you right if you treat her with some respect. YMMV if you don't do the research. On the street, one wrong mood and you are explaining your actions to the constable, and the wife. I don't know what penalties are in Ontario for cruising and soliciting street girls, and I for one really don't want to find out.

12-04-02, 09:19
Just an update from 4 posts down (here on the WSG Windsor Forum) : Carah now has a website, it is http://www.carahblue.com// 5'3" 36c-38-36 #125 and loads of fun, probably one of the most affordable Indys in Windsor if a lady in her prime is appealing to you. Not to be a shill- I just had a great time with her and think she is worth checking out.

12-04-02, 11:27
Agreed, Carah is hot and Lovely. I've immensely enjoyed the time I've spent with her.

12-16-02, 23:08
any of you guys know vivion?

how bout Taylor?


12-25-02, 04:29
Gatersden, to find out about the ladies go to http://windsorescorts.com, i do suggest to stay away from WENDY IN WINDSOR,Shes says 1 hour but its more like 25 minutes,you can do better with somebody else, trust me i know.

12-27-02, 14:33
Will be in Windsor Ont on 1/11 and 1/12. Does Vivion
allow DATY? Have seen posts on windsorescots.com
saying yes and no! Would love to set a date, but only
if answer is yes. Would appreciate any info on her or

01-03-03, 04:14
Gozzerman, sometimes good things happen to those who wait.
Vivion was strictly safe at the agency (EC) where she was Se Se, no BBBJ no DATY but independents tend to be a little more concerned about 'return clients'. My advice is to look for the info you want on Lana, who is open to alot of things and will work for a flat rate (even if She can have an attitude on the boards and is not exactly my cup of tea). If you are really set on Vivion you could always ask her backchannel.... respectfully and discreetly, of course.

I'm with you- DATY is a must for a party in my book. There are steps that can be taken to make it safer for both parties. One thing you don't want to do is Floss your teeth within a few hours of cunnilingus (could cause your gums to bleed) or do anything else to your gums which could cause open cuts or sores. This is for both your protection and the girls. I've also found it useful to carry perioseptic mouthwash- (has hydrogen peroxide in it) and use it afterwards. And if in doubt about an SP's hygene, common sense is virtue- otherwise go for it, I say!

01-06-03, 06:08
Cassey is a sweet heart and had allowed DATY, but YMMV.
I agree that you should NOT select Wendy. Made the mistake. dine and dash.


01-11-03, 06:28
Me and a couple of my buddies are planning a trip up to windsor in the near future and wanted to see if anybody here had any good suggests on places to go and names of any good sure fire escorts withing the windsor area. I just don't want to go up there with out a plan. I just wanna be a boyscout and be prepared!

01-11-03, 08:52

There is quite of list of things to do and people to meet. There is the Casino, I always liked The Cheetah on the River since it is close to the casino for a club. As for "ladies", it depends on your preference, price range etc.
Keep in mind the the exchange rate is around $1 US = $1.55 CAD. By the way the Casino gives you a better exchange rate than the duty free. Also word of advice. you may want you to carry canadien funds club entertainment and for the "ladies".

01-12-03, 19:03
Just returned from my first Windsor trip [ 6 hr drive]
I've been a hobbiest for 20 years in the states but believe me this was special. Started to read on the net[ windsorescorts.com]
about 3 weeks ago. Wanted to experience the wildest of wild and the nicest of nice, boy did I hit the jackpot! Pour over the above site , Email each girl, she will send pictures. Remember $100 AM = $153 C.
Lana, Executives choice agency, $250 flat rate/hr. Expensive but worth every cent if you want a porn star experience. Looks just like she does on EC web page[ white dress but is even more fit ]. NO kissing but loves TOYS and anal.
Spends full hour plus, agency does call, both at end of hour and after she leaves just to ask if you were satisfied. Msog , multiple positions and love DATY, loves to have her buns squeezed loves what she does, and does it very very well. Did I mention TOYS!!!
Carah What a wonderful girl friend experience, Independent $ 150/hr what a deal. Only flaw, not photogenic.
When she walked in room, I was so taken back by her looks I blurted out " you look so much better than your web pictures" WAs I embaressed, but only for a second she gave me a big hug and laughed. She says she hears it all the time. Her pictures make her look #20 heavier and older. She looks late 20's[ not 37] and has a wonderful figure, very limber. She aims to please, kissing MSOG, multiple positions, and is not a clock watcher.LOVES DATYand is VERY VERY vocal, if this doesn"t turn you on nothing will.
Either is a sure fire winner. I WILL call both next trip.
PS I'm 54, 5' 10 '' 320 lbs, and was treated like a king!

01-12-03, 20:20
Warpig and DAMARUSHI
When I met Carah for first time 1/11. she asked how I knew of her. I told her WSG and winsorescorts .com and the first thing she asked is if I had read your reviews. she spoke very kindly of you both. Will not go to Windsor without calling her, she is truly special.

01-19-03, 08:42
Yesterday I had a morning session with Tia, a 30 something escort, petite height stocky build: 5'2" 38c-28-36. 135#
blonde shoulder length hair, shaven down below. If you like your ladies 'womanly' she fits the bill. (she does have stretch marks and is slightly fleshy in the abdomen from 3 kids, but isn't a bbw either- was still very attractive to me).Great personality and an unrushed session- Tia was actually thoughtful enough to bring coffee and a box of 'timbit' donut holes from Tim Horton's (we'd met at a karaoke night some of the local indy online escorts go to so YMMV here)

We had a relaxed talk and when we finally got undressed and started to play, she met and succeeded my expectations. DFK and a lot of initial tenderness, DATY, great oral skills. Loves to scratch you with her nails...she's very vocal- it was better than a GFE becuase it was hot and animalistic as well. I left fully satisfied.
150 cdn/100 us , MSOG available

Her email is tiaescort@yahoo.com, phone: 519-890-2276.
She's available noon to midnite, Mon-Sat (Sunday is her day off) She makes the trip to Windsor very worthwhile.

01-19-03, 08:55
Got a good link on the Windsor Forum called 'The Poorman's List' which details 20 of the best valued agency and independent girls. Just the kind of thing most of you guys are looking for. Take note Gozzerman, both Lana and Carah are on it:


Did see a couple of slightly worn-out looking girls trolling the passing cars as I left LEGENDS (strip bar) on E. Wyandotte 1/18/03 at closing and drifted over to the 7-11 but as I mentioned in a previous post I'm really not very interested in the Street Scene in Windsor.

01-19-03, 15:46
Yes I noticed, and not surprised! Tia is on my to do list, as is Desirae, got a PM from someone on windsorescorts .com giving her VERY Very high marks. Wild ride for the DATY lover. Now that I've seen Poormans Top 20, 2 down 18 to go.

02-05-03, 19:49
Met with Tia on Monday. what an incredible experience. I am new to this but she definetely rocked my world. a real GFE.

I will not go into details but in addition to a great experience she is a very nice person and makes you feel very relaxed. I just cannot say enough good things about her, a real woman.

I will for sure call her on my next trip to the area.

02-07-03, 00:48
Meet and Greet in Windsor 2/15 7Pm. Exact location posted on windsorescorts.com. This is a social gettogether between escorts and clients. No business but a great way to meet the escorts.

02-14-03, 00:37

I can not make the 15th, I live in the Chicago area and get to Windsor semi regularly on business but very seldom on a weekend. Thanks and keep me informed

02-18-03, 18:43
M&G was wild, met Tia. She is a doll. Giafox made the biggest impression tho. Will book her later. Do you read windsorescorts.com board? M&G's are held monthly, often in Mich[ Flint, Lansing, or Detroit]. Well worth the time and money. There were at least a dozen SPs and 30 guys, all full of pertinent info. I drive 350 miles myself, so can only make it to Windsor 5 or 6 times a year. $100AM= $150C

03-13-03, 05:34
Here's a new link to a page run by some of the independent escorts themselves, which links to their pages: http://wisper.homestead.com/1.html More ladies are to be added, all the girls here are independents- it is under construction and will be moving to a 'permanent' web page, but it is conceived as a portal that will offer one link for guys who want to find an escort in Windsor. Hope you guys find this helpful.

03-14-03, 15:49
Planing a trip to Windsor. Would love to hear any reviews on independent escorts Casey and Roxanne.

03-15-03, 03:55
Go to windsorescorts.com or scorps guide. Saw Roxanne last month for first time. Very pretty, intelligent, and the best ass I've ever seen! $200C/hr. Ask for the hot water trick! Hey Warpig nice love letter to Roxanne, very cool. You can give damarushi a run for his money! I see you are re Knighted!

Have not seen Casey but WILL!

03-21-03, 22:28
Have to say I was mistaken about the Wispers site below. The ladies there promised to put all independents who asked on the site and as to date, only the original six are listed. So much for being openly helpful to the other girls- they may get around to it but there seems to be a bit of bad blood between some of the ladies right now :P

A more complete list of independent AND agency escorts appears below, but note that the first page only covers the girls who pay the windsorescorts.com site for advertisement. To see the rest of the list, click on the bar which leads to non-advertisers, or the second URL . Also threw in Wispers URL for balance:


http://windsorescorts.com/EscortList2.html non-advertiser's page

wispers: http://wisper.homestead.com/1.html

That pretty much covers how to find the girls sites and phone numbers.

03-28-03, 05:06
Guys coming over from the states may be worried about increased security at the Canadian/US border, both ways. windsorescorts and scorps have both had reports that there have been no problems so far. Nonetheless, if you want information on traffic conditions at the Ambassador Bridge and the Detroit/Windsor Tunnel, you might find these links helpful:



The bridge puts you off directly on Huron Church Road, and many motels that are escort friendly are on this street down in the area between Tecumseh mall/ the Studio4 strip club and the EC Row Expressway. The tunnel leaves you off in Downtown Windsor, and there is a bus service available through the tunnel opperated by the City of Windsor that may be useful to conventioneers in Downtown Detroit who want to go over.... more information on the Tunnel Bus is available on the tunnel website.

(Credit where credit is due: This information came to me via Madison of Windsor)

05-13-03, 17:42
Saw Alyssa last Thursday in Windsor and a good thing just got hotter. She arrived slightly late but I was in no rush. Alyssa was dressed to kill in a party dress out of 'That 70's show' which matched well with the decor of the funky little suite at the Kenora Motel. Hug and a probing kiss... some conversation and- damn, the lady was all over me with the best Oral exam I ever recieved.... she brought me to the edge several times without letting me over it, intentionally. Alyssa has remarkable skills and control. After about a half hour or so we went on to doing the nasty, first with her riding me cowgirl, then doggy, then I got on top and rammed her hard and blasted. Being thirsty she had some Zinfadel and I had a beer, we poured water and bubblebath in the heart-shaped jaccuzi and spent a wonderful interlude in a candle lit tub cuddling and kissing. On getting out and drying off, we returned to the bed and she gave me a very wonderful massage, then had me turn over for some fun :D She poured oil all over her torso and proceeded to give me a very hot body slide, and the results were once again grattifying. We cuddled more, and I decided to pamper her with some reverse masage which led to DATY. Alyssa bucked on my mouth and came hard, pushing my face away. She proceeded to blow me and then mount me again, and after multiple positions ending up with her on top, she dismounted, ripped off the condom and sucked me to completion, running quickly to the sink to spit. I brought her some wine and we held each other, then showered together. Totally unrushed- we even had a playful little spontaneous pillow and towel fight in the under the blacklight (which was a feature part of what she labeled "The Stoner's Paradise Suite" of the Kenora motel) as we got out of the shower. She hasn't seen the last of me! Alyssa's website and contact info can be found at http://www.alyssainwindsor.com further reviews are on Windsorescorts and Scorps. Her rate is $160/hr cdn or $120/hr US, She is running a special 3 hours for the cost of 2 at the normal rate through the end of May, it is very well worth it!

05-13-03, 17:54
Advisory: Using the Bestway motel on Huron church Rd. could be hazzardous to your health! There have been reports on Windsorescorts.com in the General comments section that the linnen has not always been changed between short stay appointments, One lady found blood all over the sheets, another reported used condoms just laying in the parking lot on the way back to her car. Housekeeping is marginal at best and the place is starting to get run down. The Kenora down the street offers short stays in a much cleaner environment and is one option worth looking into. There is now some 'upscale' lodging available on Huron Church as well- even a new motel being built. Some of it is pricey, but some of the independents are balking at even going to the Bestway.

Another motel to avoid is the Skyline, there was a report of toilets backing up and spewing sewage into the rooms, and the rooms (from experience) are not very well insulated for sound from the highway outside. There is a motel in the area of the Skyline called the Welcome Traveller that is an older motel but generally has clean accomadations at an affordable price and offers short stays. (This is the area close to Windsor Airport).

05-18-03, 20:27
I had a stoponer on my way from Chicago to Toronto last week. Partially based on the reccomendations by Gozzerman on the Windsor Escorst board, I booked a date with independent escort Carah (www.carahblue.com).

What a delight! Not only is she an expert at the technical aspects of her profession, she is a charming conversationalist and a really sweet person. If you agree with me that personality and attitude are as important as looks and technique, you will surely enjoy her!

By the way - regarding hotels - I booked the Hilton through Priceline for fifty bucks!

Bill R
06-04-03, 17:30
After reading recommendations and reviews :re Carah Blue decided to hook up with her while passing through Windsor last Friday.

Easily set up the appointment via e-mails. Booked a room at the Comfort Suites right around the corner from the tunnel. Unfortunately, at the time I didn't know about short time rates so I got taken for the whole enchilada ($109 CD). Next time I'll know better.

Carah was right on time. I would say the pics are fairly accurate but her eyes are a much prettier blue in real life. Carah isn't a 22 yr old hard body so if that is what your looking for you might not be satisfied. I'm 40 myself so I opt for personality and technique foremost. In that regards, I was thrilled. Carah is a real sweet person who seems to really enjoy what she does. DFK, DATY was available. She seemed really into DATY.

Oral skills were excellent. MSOG was available but I wasn't up to the task after awesome oral first shot.

I would highly recommend Carah for her enthusiasm, technique and personality. She's a real person not a silicone enhanced manniquin. I had a very enjoyable time!

She has two web sites:


email is : carahblue@msn.com

06-17-03, 03:38
Has anyone in the area had any experience with indy SP named Tiia? I am thinking of trying. But I thought I could get some other input before I see her. I have seen post on Scorps and Windsor Escorts boards. What about some other Indy's in the area?

06-17-03, 03:53

I had an almost identical experience with Carah about a month ago. Isn't she great! I also stayed at the Comfort Suites and paid the same price you did. On my net trip I am going to try the Kenora motel. Short stay and much cheaper...still has the hot tub.

06-26-03, 06:55
Ranger21: There are two reviews here of Tia if you page down, one by me and one by Roostereroc. She is definately worth seeing- but read the reviews, they may be on the second page by now...

Tia's Website is: http://www.zyworld.com/tiakat/

Have to agree with Bill37 and Still Looking on Carah. Plan on seeing her again Really soon :D

06-26-03, 19:07

Plan on seeing Tia next trip to Windsor. Either 7/11 or 7/18. May stop at Teezers and see if Aries remembers me. Frisco an I are thinking Toronto this fall, you in?
Got to get to P&M again. You gotta love the place!

06-30-03, 17:36
I am planning a trip to Detroit at the end of July and I'll probably just stay in Windsor and fight the tunnel each morning. I just went to the Tia site and....well....she's a bit heavy isn't she? Don't get me wrong, I have dated some big gals before, but not at the same rate as the thin gals. I know it's been 4 years since my last visit, but have rates changed that much? $150 CAD seems a bit much for a older/heavier gal.


06-30-03, 20:22
Dumbass, By all means spend your money as you like.

Some of us like the more experienced girls becuase my experience is that model types (often) think their looks alone are reason for guys to shell out dough- and I'd rather do a girl-next-door MILF (Mother I'd Like to F*ck) then a dead in the sack clone of Brittany Spears or the hot model of the moment.

Variety is a good thing. Do your research and decide what is important to you. All we are doing with reviews is passing on 411 on what we consider to be a good time. I think TIA was totally worth what she was asking, and if she isn't for you... find someone who is becuase she is often BOOKED through the week- more often then not. That wouldn't happen if she didn't have satisfied regulars, and in spite of having all the business she wants she has kept her rates where they are instead of jacking them up. There are plenty of girls on Windsorescorts and WHISPERS to take care of you...

07-01-03, 21:33
I was wondering if anyone knew of any Asian escorts that they could reccomend for incall services in the Windsor area.

Thank you.

07-02-03, 14:19
Dumbass, I agree with Warpig, if you do not like Tia's body size do not call her. She is not a 20 something hardbody but she is worth every penny she charges and then some. I have seen her several times and have always been more than satisfied. In addition to being a good partner she is a sweet and charming person. The $150 rate is low for the quality SP's in Windsor. I think you are really missing something if you do not see Tia. IMHO

07-02-03, 17:43
Tia must be all that and a bag of chips. Thanks for the feedback fellas. Believe me, I know about dropping 200 on a hot asain beauty, just to have her get me"in the mood" and start talking about tips and shit (sorry for the Montreal flashback)

I believe I will revisit beloved Windsor, ON. It'll ALWAYS be better than Detroit


07-15-03, 23:15
I am planning on seeing a provider named Wendy. She is from the windsorescorts.com non sponsor list. Anybody got a 411 on this gal?


07-21-03, 18:20
Tia Kat,

I had the pleasure of seeing Tia again recently. Each time gets better and better. She is a teaser and a pleaser, likes men, is attractive, charming and personable. She is not a twenty something hardbody but a real woman for that total safe sex experience.(everything covered) Tia arrives on time, not a clock watcher and will make sure you are pleased before she leaves.
She continues to exceed my fondest expectations. You will not go wrong in seeing Tia.

07-22-03, 18:04
I have seen Tia as well and can assure you that what you are reading is correct. Well worth your time. She is skilled in many ways.

There are a couple of other escorts that I would like to see, Soft-n-Sexy Casey and Alyssa.

But now I was thinking of seeing another SP in Windsor. Her name is Jackie, have seen a website for an agency in Windsor ET. She is listed there but no pictures. Has anyone had the peasure of her? The site says she is about 58 or so, this sounds very appealing to me as I have always wanted to have an older woman. Any info would be appreciated.


07-29-03, 06:18
I just got back from AMP on Horward. Here's my report:

40 CAD for 30 min
Didn't get the gals name (doesn't matter)
Looks 6
Attitude 10
Massage 7.5

40 CAD tip.No FS but happy ending was A+++++
I was in Windsor 4 years ago and could not find an AMP anywhere. Now they seem to be all over the place. The street action is better as well. I'll never spend 120-160 on an old fat chick ever again!! :-)


08-15-03, 03:29
Originally posted by Dumbass

I was in Windsor 4 years ago and could not find an AMP anywhere. Now they seem to be all over the place. The street action is better as well. I'll never spend 120-160 on an old fat chick ever again!! :-)



I am totally unfamiliar with Windsor area. The last time, I was there, I went to a casino and a couple of strip clubs.

I will be driving up in a couple of weeks. Can you give me directions to the AMP area? Is full service available?



08-15-03, 22:05
I just looked in the local paper under the classified section. I actually went to the website instead of getting a paper :


I only went to 1 AMP and the girl I got said she did not do FS. On the way to that AMP I saw at least 3 others on the main street in Windsor. You can't miss this street if you drive through the tunnel. My guess is that it will be hard to find FS in a Windsor AMP.


08-16-03, 00:32
Dumbass is right on the money- Escorting is liscenced and legal in Windsor but the city fathers and local police frown on the mp's becoming "incall brothels"- Canada has stiff laws about incall establishments and they are enforced in Windsor.

If a handshake was obtained, you did really well. Sometimes the service improves if you go back to an mp, YMMV. I have heard that the parlors in London and Toronto offer more.

If Dumbass gives us a clue on how to get satisfaction from these places without puting them in jepoardy with Windsor's morality department or the OPP, he's doing us a big favor!

As for Wendy, she got caught faking reviews of herself on windsorescorts. Rumor has it that she is a big time clock watcher and that the pictures aren't fully accurate, that she is a bigger girl in real life then she claims to be on her website. YMMV of course and I have no real experience with her. Good Luck, and let us mongers know how it goes...

08-18-03, 02:18
DA and Warpig,

Thanks for the info. I guess the Windsor MPs are not for me.

happy hunting, :D


08-19-03, 20:44

08-20-03, 14:12
Okay BigMich, not to be critical, that was a wonderful little 'penthouse forum' type story, but does it really help any mongers FIND a girl ? I know you don't want to kill the golden goose but you could leave some clues as to which Windsor strip bar and what the dancer might have looked like. Also, I don't want to be a forum rules Nazi but that ALL CAPS TYPING has to go.

08-20-03, 16:11
Several years ago, probably in 97 or 98, I was was driving in Windsor to check out the SW scene. Can't remember the street, started with an O and went across town parallel with the river. Found some SW's very late in the am, maybe 4 or 4:30. They were working way on the north end of the the street. Picked up a nice 20 something blonde, 80 cdn for cfs. Anyone know if there is still a street scene in Windsor?

08-20-03, 20:47
Tallman - The AMPs in Windsor are not like the AMPs in the US. If you're looking for FS I don't think you will find it.

Big Mich - Please loose the caps

Warpig - I didn't do anything specific to get a handshake at the end. I talked to her a little bit and let her know that I have been to many AMPs before, so I guess she felt comfortable enough to offer the handshake. I think the key is to look for an AMP (not a MP).and relax and don't make up any bullshit story on how you have been there before.I guess it was just dumb luck for me as I live on the west coast and have not been to any Windsor AMPs before that trip. I've been to Toronto (not downtown but a small town in the general metro area) and you can get a whole menu of extras but no FS.

Also thanks for the report on Wendy. I kinda thought something was funny when I got her to give me a first time discount of 100 CAD for 1 hr incall.

Cas51 - There is still a street scene in Windsor (same street). If you have 60 CAD more, spend it on an escort. You won't find that 20 something blonde ever in your life again! :-)

For all you locals...blaze the trail...develop that AMP scene and the escorts will have to lower their prices.


Ralph Alton
09-20-03, 04:43
When traveling to Detroit, I've opted to stay over in hotels on the Canada side. Both times I've used independent escorts instead of going to MP's. Both times it's been the best full hour experiences I've ever had. True GFE with MSOG. You can find their adds on: windsorescorts.com

Happy hunting!

Asia Guy
09-26-03, 12:00
Pardon my ignorance . . . but what is MSOG? It's not listed in the terms and abbreviation section.



09-29-03, 22:18
MSOG = multiple shots on goal - in other words, you can cum a second time.

10-04-03, 05:07
I was wondering about Amps in windsor, I'm from MI (downriver) area but I live here in NC know. I just want to know if there are any FS or the most extreme thing they will do? Just like in Ann Arbor they have closed most all of the Amps down here. I have to travel to SC (2 1/2hr.) or GA. (4 1/2 hrs) away. I have to say the girls in GA are very good. The reason I ask is I am going to be back in MI. in Nov. I need to find a good place to relax with a smile.

10-04-03, 19:43
Treyman, where in Michigan are you going back to? There are active spas in the Flint, Kalamazoo, Lansing and Battle Creek areas YMMV. Actually a couple more, if we knew where you were headed we might be able to help you more.

Best bet in Windsor is to get a girl and call an escort but if you really want to try a spa, follow some of Dumbasses advice.

10-05-03, 22:24

WP is right. Go to Windsor. Unless you really like the AMP experience, Bored, clinical, indifferent. Head across the river. You can almost get two ladies for the price of one AMP experience. Get one, do your best, then rest a while, call another one. The beauty of the windsor in call is that you can do that. You don't get, "You hurry, go now" every two minutes.

10-06-03, 21:37
I grew up just south of Detriot, So get a hotel is the best bet. ok then next questin who is the best to call in town for two girls or to rest up and take on another willing girl?? going to be in town in Nov.

Thanks for the advice WP and HD


10-11-03, 20:23
While I understand the push for people to stick with what they know, it is very annoying for someone to ask about the SW scene or AMPS and have someone comment about how they should see escorts because it is safer. None of this really matters to those of us that wish to see someone and experience the thrill of the unknown. I for one find it exciting to find someone who is waiting on the corner, or attempting to convince the MP girl to do something she is not supposed to do. I know I might get flamed for this, but unless you have something of value to add, please let those of us who enjoy that type of thrill do just that.

Plus there is the entire hastle of finding someone at the last minute at 2AM that is not going to try and charge me hundreds of dollars, or going to make me wait for an hour for her to arrive, or pull a bait and switch. I can see the good right there and decide if an investment is worthwhile. So while I respect your opinions and decisions to see the escorts, some of us feel that is not the way to go. Please respect that as well.

Now, off of my soapbox.

10-12-03, 06:34
Toungue, not flaming you- just know that Windsor's morality squad keeps a tight watch on the MP's there. Apparently someone is having some degree of success finding FUN in the spas.

Actually I've seen SW's down on Wyandotte as well about 4 blocks on either side of the LEGENDS strip club. Not recomending this but if you get the look, you can take your chances. They were hanging near Goyeau street between Million Dollar/Jasons and the Tunnel a few years ago and the Windsor PD chased them away in force..... give it some time and they'll probably chase the street girls to yet another neighborhood. If chasing the uncertain is your thing, have at it.... most of us would rather go after a sure thing.

Ralph Alton
10-17-03, 01:13
I have tried both the company girls (Executive's Choice) and the private girls. While the company girls were pretty, they were not exactly what I expected. For example, I called for a girl with large hooters. They only had a black girl with 46DD's. I'm not into the biracial thing, but I'm into tits, so I agreed. Well she was articulate and friendly and funny. Her tits were large, but drooped big time. I think I'll stay with the independents. They're cheaper and more energetic. More like a GFE with one hell of a horny babe.

10-23-03, 08:05
Found an escort who had previously been in the Windsor scene and took a 'leave of absence' who just came back. She is a 40ish Redhead by the name of Quinnn. Probably not your thing if you only like young, athletic or waifish girls- 43, 5'2" dark red hair blue eyes, C-cup tits (fairly firm), once again not a waif but not a bbw either. I've had better looking girls but the service was exceptional for $120 canadian, which is low for this market.

She advertises everything is covered, I got BBBJ minus CIM, she had me stroke it and squirt all over her tits. I ate her and she was fairly into it but the fact that she has 4 piercings in her pussy lips (rings) and a very small clit was a bit disorienting at first, I initially mistook one of the rings for a clit ring. Found out she was perfectly okay with the rings being pulled lightly and it added to the fun-and her pleasure. She was surprisingly tight as well. Put on a rubber and had cowgirl for several minutes and then climbed on top and finished explosively in Mish, and then she cleaned me up and we cuddled. All in all a satisfying session, good sense of humor and a great personality. Her email adress is quinn_windsor@yahoo.com

Note to Tongue: I did find a lead on a parlor where at least one girl is doing f/s. Had a ride from a cabbie, and he said a particular girl at this fairly new establishment told him all could be had for $140 cdn: Described her as being tall, slender and blonde. I decided to pass seing how I had an encounter set up with Quinnn. I would be willing to share this info to members of the board who have some credibility backchannel: warpig_y2k@yahoo.com Note that if I don't have a clue who you are I'll ignore the mail, as I would prefer not to let the Windsor Morality Unit close down such an establishment due to loose lips.
My advice to anyone who is looking for this kind of information is really simple: Find the right cab driver, they pretty much know what is going on in these places.

Asia Guy
10-29-03, 05:48
Thanks for the review on Quinn, Warpig2000. I've been considering giving her a call.


11-05-03, 20:57
I may be visiting Detroit in November, and I have some questions about prostitution in Windsor, Canada.

I need to know what the "rules" are.

I have heard that, in Canada, brothels and in-call escorts are illegal. Out-call escorts that go to the customer's hotel room are legal.

Also, soliciting prostitution on the streets is illegal. Soliciting an escort over the phone is legal.

Is the above true?

If the above is true, then I guess I have to get a hotel room and have an escort come to me. Is it possible to pay for a hotel room in cash and not have to show identification to the front-desk clerk?

If an escort comes to my room, she will know my hotel name and room number. If the hotel knows my identity, then that could be trouble. Even though getting an escort may be legal in Canada, I do not want to be so traceable.

I was hoping that I could go to Windsor, get an in-call, and then head back to Detroit.

Any comments?

11-07-03, 14:27

Check out WWW.windsorescorts.com. This should answer any questions that you have. There are many options for Ladies there, my favorites are Tia and Carah and Soft N Sexy Casey.

Call the escort to set the appointment up ahead of time. There are some that will take short notice appt. Then go get a hotel room, call the lady back to let her know what hotel and room and let the fun begin.

Happy hunting.

01-17-04, 19:32
Could any one help me? My brother and I are throwing a bachlor party for my younger bother towards the end of Feb. We have the hotel aready but I wanted to know the best places to go to see some T&A and the best escort service. I've been to most of strip clubs but I wanted to know is there one that stands out "hint hint" I live in NC know, thats why I been out of the loop as far as the windsor thing goes.



01-27-04, 02:58

You won't find any strip clubs in Windsor that offer extras. I've been to several bachelor parties at strip clubs there and to be honest with you, they will be lame if that's what you're looking for. You can put the bachelor in a shower and get two girls in there with him. Some bars will let you have access to a private room. The girls will come up there but if nobody is buying dances, they will quit stopping by. The girls will be totally nude in the club but all dances are "no contact" and if you touch any of the girls at a club in Windsor you'll get thrown out. The clubs in Detroit are much better but the girls will not be totally nude.

01-27-04, 22:49

Thank you for the update on the strip clubs. Also who do think has the best girls? We are looking for some massages weather its an AMP or MP I do know most all of them don't do FS but could you recomend a very good one. we are staying the night there so this is going to be an all day event.

Thank you again Giver108,


01-28-04, 18:09
I just want to vent my CONTEMPT at one of the lowlifes who use this board- not most of you and probably a lurker.

A girl I gave a positive report on pages back told me that she did not appreciate my detailed report. Turns out that Oral uncovered is at her perogative.... if she doesn't feel comfortable with the customer or doesn't think he is clean, she will only give a CBJ.

Some jerk got pissed off at her and HIT HER in the jaw becuase she wouldn't blow him without a rubber. No, not becuase she took his money and ran. She was perfectly willing to do what it took to get him off, within her safety rules. This nutcase just got mad that she would provide a service for a proven client that she judged to be okay and wouldn't give it to him.

Dudes, these reports are YMMV- Your mileage may vary.

There is NO excuse to get violent on the girls. This is CRIMINAL.

I know I for one will be holding back any details of special services that might not be available to everyone. Hell, I'm going to have to edit and reword subsequent reports becuase of this nut case- and would suggest other posters use restraint as well.

Needless to say the girl got her clothes and stuff and got the hell out of the room and the nut case got NO service.... I'm just glad it didn't get uglier for her.

As hobbyists, we cannot allow this sort of shit to happen to the girls.

01-30-04, 03:55

I really don't know of any AMP's or MP's that offer any services. From what I've on here previously, they seem to be hit or miss and a lot more missing than hitting.

I do know that you can call up any number of escort services listed in the phone book and get girl(s) to come up to your hotel room and I'm sure they would accomodate your needs. Other fellas on here seem to like lining up escorts via websites, but I have never personally tried that route.

As far as strip clubs go, I like Leopards Lounge. They always seem to have a good selection of hot girls but must admit I haven't been there in almost a year. I also like Cheetah's as well. Both seem to have a lot of international girls and I think they bring in a lot of girls from Montreal. If you are staying downtown, Cheetah's, Million Dollar, and Jason's are all closeby so you can always walk around. No matter what one you go to, the rules are all the same, no contact. If you're like me, looking at hot, naked girls never gets old, just frustrating. Go back to your room and just make a phone call. Hope this helps you out. If anybody else can help out Treyman, please post.

King Stone Age
01-30-04, 06:49
Hello. I will be in Detroit on business in the upcomming weeks and I was going to go to the Windsor Casino on the weekend. I tried to look up some service providers on windsorescorts.com but I could not find anything I liked. Can anyone supply me with a web-link to a service provider that is under 5'5" and is less than 110 lbs? Any reference or help would be much appreciated.


01-30-04, 18:17

Thanks a ton! I will let you all know about the party and I will try and get a few photos if she is willing.

Thanks Again,


02-01-04, 08:11

You must no have tried hard enough. Try the Independant and the Agency sections. There are a a few agencies in Windsor. They are Executice Choice, Border City Divas and Exotic Temptations among others. Sign up there and send some PM to the members or post and tell your preferences and someone is sure to set you on the rught path to bliss.

Enjoy your stay here.

King Stone Age
02-04-04, 06:01

Thanks for the info buddy. I'll be sure to give a full report on my stay.

OH CANADA! God save Windsor!!!

Delicate Gent
02-20-04, 06:01
Today's topic and System Analysis: Have your cock sucked while wearing a condom.

I read some of the reports in here and got a big attention to the one where the girl was hit in her jew by the "jerk".

Very sad story. What can I say. However I am glad she left the scene. Better sorry than ever ! :)

"As hobbyists, we cannot allow this sort of shit to happen to the girls."

Yeah you're right dude. not my piece of cake this hobby. I never do it with a rubber. to me thats more than an offence. I get my dick sucked like a man not like those nurses in the hospital.

I mean, true. Some of you like it and calle it CBJ. I call it S&S coz thats just too rude to have your dick covered and sucked. LOLz. Seriously guys, if you get excited by that, I have no comments.

I will have my dick sucked with a condom only if the girl likes me to suck her nipples through her bra.

No. I mean its all cool for you! No offence. Respekt! Keep up the good work! I keep mine!

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

02-21-04, 07:49
I tried out Windsor and I'm definitely sold. Crossing the border is a little hassle (good thing I had a passport) with questions, pulling you over, but not enough to discourage me.

I saw Alyssa and had a blast. She is very sweet, not a clockwatcher, and a definitely GFE. She has great oral skills and taking a few minutes to cuddle at the end was a nice touch. For $140US, it definitely beats AMP's or US escorts. I look forward to checking out the other providers.

03-05-04, 00:11
Just wanted to let some of you know that the Bachlor party was a great time. We called on 6 girls from the yellow pages and they very easy going not in a rush. The two girl show was great they let us join in. And it was one hell of a party.

Thanks again Giver108

03-12-04, 07:30

The Windsor Star is a local paper where perhaps some adds might be found. In any event you can do the following: go to google and type: Windsor Star classifieds personal services happy reading and good luck.

Toledo Guy
03-18-04, 22:24
Good time at a great rate in Windsor.

Vivion in Windsor is having a special that I couldn’t pass up, $100 CAN for an hour. I changed US dollars to Canadian dollars at the casino to make it easier and used the Bestway at $30 CAN, not the best place but the price was right. The border was a hassle but well worth it.

Her contact info is as follows: [Personal contact information deleted by Admin]

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03-21-04, 21:56
I was in Windsor on Friday. As most of the people on this board probably know, most of the clubs etc. are on Ouellette Ave. I won't bore you with unneccessary details. Anyways, turns out there is a massage parlour on Ouelette called Cleopatra's. I decided to check it out. I asked if they did extras, basically she said it was on a case by case basis but I got the feeling that they were used to doing this request. Price was $CND80 for the room for an hour. I was quoted on extras as $30 HJ, $50 BBBJ, $100 FS. I guess the prices depend on the girl though. When I was there, there were two black girls and one spanish. I got about half an hour full body massage, half an hour HJ (would have been quicker but I drank quite a bit). BTW, don't go there expected anything too upscale. The room I was in was basically a matress on the floor of a room with some dim lights and soft music.

pseud onym
03-22-04, 13:46

Was the 100 dollars an hour a flat rate? Did that cover everything?

04-04-04, 06:06
That 100.00 Cdn covers everything but the room. You need to supply that. There are several "short stay" motels on Huron Church road.

Master Monger
04-06-04, 10:36
Dear Fellow Mongers,

This is the fourth in a line of many more to come sex reports, I will be calling these the weekend reports. I am going to implore a format which I will call "The long, and the short of it!" If you want to skip the Long story and get right to the details just scroll down to the short of it.

The Weekday Report -- Windsor Canada, April 1, - April 3, 2004

Thursday, April 1, 2004

The Long of It:

I did some research here before I started to plan my trip I decided I would be staying in Windsor Canada. For the first evening I booked the Hilton on the river I got a beautiful diamond shaped room with a large king-size bed on the 20th floor with a breathtaking view.

I had went up to Windsor escorts.com and decided to try a girl who was independent named Dallas. I called her and pre-booked and she was waiting for me at the hotel when I got there around 11 p.m. on Thursday.

Dallas told me she was 23 (but she looked more like 33) she was only about a five at best and I didn't like her hands but she was only charging $70 US for the hour full GFE so I couldn't really complain.

She laid down some ground rules concerning no kissing and no anal which I didn't care about one way or the other. The room was beautiful and when I put on the music it was incredibly romantic with the lights off I will comment that her skin was very soft and we slowly got naked and cuddled into bed with each other. I touched her soft and sweet and could tell very much she was enjoying herself. We were rubbing our faces together and then out of the blue she started to kiss me. She was a fairly good kisser but there was a faint smell of coffee in her breath but it wasn't horrible. She then kissed my neck and my nipples and worked her way down to give me the CBJ which she did an adequate job for about 10 minutes and then asked me if I was ready for anything else. I smiled and chuffed a little, OK I said, I turned her onto her back and inserted myself. She was not tight by any means but it wasn't horrible. We did missionary for about 25 minutes, after I finally realized that getting her to orgasm would be a not less than stupendous feat I turned her over for doggy style for 5 minutes to completion. She was very sweet and the price was right and she had a great attitude, but overall she was not my cup of tea.

The Short of It:

Dallas -- Escort -- Windsor Canada

Location -- 10!!
Introduction -- 7
Dallas's face -- 5
Dallas's body -- 4
Pussy Tightness -- 4
Price -- 10 ($70)
BlowJob -- 6
DFK -- 7
Performance -- 7
Attitude -- 8

Total score: 68 out of 100 -- Barely Recommended...
Only in a Pinch

Friday, April 2, 2004

The Long of It:

My second night in Canada I had a suite lined up At the Quality Suite's. It was a very unique room with two doors going to the bathroom and French doors going to the bedroom it was very nice.

I had printed the classified sections of the Canadian paper in Windsor and called a telephone number to order a girl, I had another girl that I had ordered already from Border Divas.com but she wouldn't be coming around until midnight and I was back to my hotel by 10 p.m. so I figured I had time. The girl I called from the paper who I thought was an independent ended up being an agency and the girl that showed up was not to my liking. They wanted a $20 drivers fee but I refused and sent her on her way. A little upset now I got a call From Border Divas telling me Shae was downstairs and a key was needed to activate the elevators after 11 p.m. at the Quality Suite's. I went down to fetch her and when the elevator doors opened, I lost my breath.

Shae was a 10, absolutely flawless, exactly what I like in a girl, she has pictures up on the site at Borderdivas.com but they did not do her Justice she is way better looking in person. The agreed-upon price for which I ordered her was 230 Canadian which is about $170 for one full hour Anything Goes!

We chatted for a while and got to know each other she never mentioned money one time in fact she made it feel completely like we were just two people who happen to meet in my hotel room. She was phenomenal, sexy with every movement she made but so graceful you couldn't imagine she was trying to be. She walked over to the window and looked out and said you have a nice view. I told her it was nothing compared to the Hilton, she agreed. I took this opportunity just as I would with a regular girlfriend or potential girlfriend to walk up behind her and looked out the window. I wrapped my arms around her and rested my chin on her shoulder as we looked out to the crowded busy nightlife infested street. She took my hands and we held each other looking out the window as if we were a couple that had been together for 10 years and were just enjoying a romantic view. After a short time she whispered "you're very nice" in such a soft sincere voice it melted me. I whispered into her ear "this feels really nice" and she moaned in confirmation. After about two minutes of just holding each other looking out the window I asked her if she liked music. She responded excitedly that she did, so I walked into the bedroom and started the CD player. (The best CD I've ever found for both romanticism and sex is the soundtrack to Waiting to Exhale) She had walked back into the bedroom with me and was now standing to the side of the bed.

I walked the three steps towards her slowly and intransic never allowing our eyes to stray. When I got there and looked deep into her eyes and lightly put my hands on her hips and ran them up the sides of her stomach, onto the sides of her arms, over her shoulders lightly up her neck, finally stopping on either side of her angelic face. The music and the attraction was phenomenal by far the best pay for play experience I have ever had and it had only just begun. I leaned in and gently and very softly kissed her with such a softness that I could feel her body give way a little bit when our lips met. Unfortunately she wasn't a great kisser but she had 19-year-old lips and they were soft and slippery wet. After we kissed for about 30 seconds she began to touch me gently all over. I then kissed her ear and she shivered, I moved down to her neck and she quivered, as I was kissing her I helped to remove her shirt. And kissed both of her nipples and kissed gently on her stomach as I undid her skirt and pulled it off of her. She was wearing French stockings and I rolled them off one at a time. As she was standing there naked in front of me I kissed around her and licked gently around her clitoris. I took her head in one hand and her back in the other and lowered her on the bed in an extremely slow and sexual manner. I could tell she was greatly impressed by my finesse and obvious skill. We kissed and touched on the bed for some time and I had the largest erection I've had in a year. I was severely attracted to her I got into position for penetration, we were looking each other directly in the eyes, she opened her mouth for a second surely to mentioned something about protection, but then her eyes got soft and she spread her legs a little further. (It is a very dangerous game that we mongers play and for the most part when we interact with our female prey it is surely more lustual then anything else for which protection is a necessity) We Both Wanted to share our souls without the interaction of the condom because we were having a connection stronger than an average male-female connection. BUT, I stopped, grabbed the condom off of the night stand and placed it on myself. As I penetrated her we both fluttered like an intense soullish light was exuding from our every pore. Even though she was not tight by any means it still felt incredibly awesome. We made love, Made Love, for about 40 minutes and after I came we laid there naked holding each other as if we never wanted to get up. Then the phone rang and it was time for her to go. We kissed a dozen more times as she got ready to go it wasn't until the door to the hotel was open and she was about to leave that she remembered the fee. I ran to my pants and gave it to her. She never even counted it, she just put it in her pocket and told me to call her again.

The Short of It:

Shae -- Border Diva Escort -- Windsor Canada

Location -- 10!!
Introduction -- 10
Dallas's face -- 10
Dallas's body -- 9 (small tits)
Pussy Tightness -- 6
Price -- 9 ($170)
DFK -- 7
Performance -- 10
Attitude -- 10

Total score: 81 out of 90 -- The BEST I HAVE EVER HAD
I almost don't want to recommend her, I don't want to tell anyone and I want to lock her in a tower on an island that's how good it was!

Saturday, April 3, 2004

The Long of It:

My third night in Canada I wanted to stay at the casino but it just so happens that they went on strike on Friday night so the casino was closed. I decided to go back to the Hilton.

I booked a girl named Vivion off of sexy Vivion.com who was thin beautiful and blonde. I told her to meet me at my room at 11 p.m. when I got there at 10:50 p.m. she was sitting on the floor outside of my room. She was incredibly sexy but she was in the gloomy state and told me she would find me another girl if I wanted. She was beautiful although her mouth, teeth and jaw were not so attractive. It was an uncomfortable experience from beginning to end.

The price which she got up front was only $70 for the hour which really made it hard to complain... but not impossible.

I touched her gently for about 20 minutes just trying to soften her up and get her her in a better mood but nothing seemed to do the trick. She did have nice skin and beautiful hands and she smelled very good but she came off as dismissive so finally I just decided to fuck her. I put the condom on and slammed it in, oh my God, she had the biggest hole I've ever encountered by almost two times in my entire life of over 600 women. I don't know what kind of Moby Dick went in there but it left its mark behind. It was completely frustrating and unenjoyable. I pleaded with her to allow anal but she abruptly and very rudely said absolutely not. I told her to just give me a blow job then, but I could feel her teeth through the condom. She had horrible technique. So I told her to forget that and got her into doggy position and by grabbing her ass in the right way with the kind of rocking, thrusting motion was able to build up enough friction to spit off. I was glad when it was over and told her she could get dressed and go. She was actually an American which explained a lot.

The Short of It:

Vivion -- Independent Escort -- Windsor Canada

Introduction -- 5
Vivion's face -- 6
Vivion's body -- 8
Pussy Tightness -- 1
Price -- 10($70)
Performance -- 4
Attitude -- 5

Total score: 39 out of 70 -- Maybe for a Dinner date but not for sex.

Happy mongering,

Master Monger

Ralph Alton
04-07-04, 04:42
Spent the night in Windsor and spent some time with "Sexy Vivion." In the past I've always been super satisfied with the escorts in Windsor... so much better than anything I've found in the US!

I'm not as negative as Master Monger, but was not as satisfied with Vivion as in the past with other escorts. I think she had a lot of things on her mind and talked about it quite a bit. She is attractive, nicely shaped, and articulate. I found her considerate and put me at ease. She's going away for a while soon, but will return afterward.

She really was not my favorite lay, but I found her more pleasing than anyone I've ever had on this side of the border!

Master Monger
04-08-04, 06:36
Dear Ralph,

Like I said, good for a dinner date, but whenever sex comes into the picture forget about it. I am not negative I just tell it like it is.

No room for sugar coating information.

Happy mongering,

Master Monger

04-12-04, 23:58
For those folks planning a Windsor trip, the Casino & attached hotel is closed due to a labor contract issue.
Call ahead !
All the other hotels are open, but no gambling.

La Chatte
04-19-04, 23:33
Master Monger,

I will agree with you regarding Shay. She is truly one of Windsor’s best providers. I am reluctant to continue to post about her as to keep her so busy that she starts to suffer sp burnout. I was in Windsor this weekend I tried to pre-book an appointment for the following morning with Shay. The next morning I received a call from the receptionist saying that Shay was not feeling well. It was a 9 am appointment so perhaps she was simply not feeling well or just to tired to do the call. I have seen her several times and she always gives me 110% so I can accept either explanation. However, if I had the wealth I would surely book her weekends so I could have her all to myself.

That was a great review of her; I have to say I was a little envious reading it. You made it sound as though you had a better session than I did! <Check your PM regarding Shay>

I thought you were a little rough on Vivion. I have seen her many times and have always had a great time with her. You have to admit where can you find a girl who looks like that for $100 CAN? I think of her as a friend so I am biased regarding Vivion. If you got to know her I am sure you would like her too.


05-06-04, 06:57
I called tonight lady from Central Asia. I believe she is from Tadzigistan, or Kirgistan, but sometimes she says she is from other countries. She posts adds to the Windsor star, but also works for agencies. She uses names like Sabrina or Aimee Tai. She advertise her phone number in the paper as: 254-1386 and her license number is: Lic. 03239033. She charges 130 cad for everything when you call the number above. When she arrived she did not have change, although I asked her to get change for 20. So I ended up giving her 140. She just lied on her back spread her legs no movement what so ever, constantly complaining that I am hurting her. Then, after 5 minutes she asked me to take a break. When I complained she said that she sees that I am done, packed her stuff and left. Exceptionally bad service, for your own sake please avoid her.

Meanie Wing
05-11-04, 09:52
Hi, Master Monger/Ralph Alton,

Why the sexyvivion.com is not working.

Can you pm me with the contact of her. I would like to try her big hole since she offers a low rate.

By the way, is she back yet?



Atlanta Monger
05-12-04, 07:20
Try www.sexyvivion.net.

05-12-04, 16:18
Was cruising down Wyndotte Sunday night and I saw a nice young looking lady walking. She gave me the look, so I circled the block and checked her out. She came over to my car and asked for a ride. She seemed a little cautious, so I took it slow. We agreed a little oral would do the trick. Found a nice quiet alley and she went to work. Decent job and she was enthused about the work. She let me play with her chest, but not in the panties. Just goes to show you that the street action in Windsor is still available. There seems to be more and more younger nicer looking ladies showing up.

I picked her up about 3 blocks east on Dougall.

05-14-04, 12:58
I heard that the Casino has re-opened. Does anyone know if this is true? I am planning my second trip to Windsor and would like to include a little gambling in my fun schedule.

CEO Morgan
05-14-04, 22:49

It is true. Casino Windsor opened today at 10 am.

05-15-04, 15:14

Thank you. Going to the Casino is always fun and a nice interlude to seeing some of Windsor's "finer points". The seem to have a little better cash exchange rate than most other places also.

AMP Goer
05-21-04, 23:09
Sampled Jasmine from BCD. Her 40 minute special is well worth it. Fantastic face and body, great attitude. You Canadians have it made.

05-22-04, 06:32
Clair - A HOT date in Windsor

I talked to Clair online for about seven months. Never got the chance to go to Sarnia to see her. She went into a brief retirement and moved to Windsor. I was delighted to find that she now has a Windsor liscence and was seeing new clients.

I arranged to see Clair at the Super 8 on Huron Church for an early evening rendevous. Communications by email and phone were fairly seemless, she readily gave her number when I was ready to confirm an appointment. I checked in at the appropriate time with a slight delay becuase of the tunnel bus and customs (the Casino just reopening as it has), and called Clair once I settled in. She arrived promptly, and I was stunned when I opened the door.

Clair is a voluptuous olive-complected beauty (I later learned she is part Native American) with deep brown eyes and long-choclate brown hair with bangs. She is average build, but curvy and has awesome 36 C cup breasts. She showed up dressed sharply in a slit black dress which showed off her cleavage, and a black leather coat. I was totally charmed- I hardly know how I carried a conversation but I did.

We got to know each other over some Zinfandel .Clair has a very warm personality, she likes to laugh, she quickly had me at ease. She excused herself to change into a sexy outfit she brought. The outfit was very sexy on her- but it brought out the animal in me. We started making out on the bed and the panties and corset were quickly crumpled up on the floor by the bed. I was soon sucking her nipples and working down to DATY. She was delicously wet, and vocal. I came up for air and she started in on me with an awesome CBJ, and shifted to Cowgirl where I blew my first copious load.

We recoverd in the Jacuzzi, it was very relaxing. Then I was ready for round 2. I was very horny and slammed into her MISH-She is NOT one to lie there, either. After a while we switched to doggie, then back to MISH where I got my second shot. I was drained and a happy camper when we cleaned up. All in all, an awesome two hours.

Initial Contact by PM or email only: Clair_Windsor_Sp@hotmail.com
Pictures available upon request, Cell Phone Number on appointment
Rate: $ 150 cdn /hr.

05-22-04, 18:10
One thing that might help those who are interested in Vivion but uncertain of her attitude or whether she is really all that hot- She is dancing at Leopards Lounge on Wyandotte St. in Windsor. I think this week she's on day shift Monday Tuesday and Wednesday and she has worked some nights in the past, To be sure about her schedule call the club at (519) 254-6107 and ask what her schedule is. DO NOT APPROACH HER ABOUT ESCORTING IN THE CLUB, as this would put both her and the club in jeopardy, due to Canada's Bawdy House laws- She is legally liscenced to dance and seperately liscenced to escort, but she can only shake her booty in the club without getting both her and the club in trouble. I'm sure however that Leopards would have to be blind NOT to know about her 'other' adult entertainment vocation.

Where I thought this would help some mongers is that they would be able to check her out close and personal and decide whether or not there was chemistry between them and her- or whether or not she looked all that hot. Besides that, you get the eye candy of the rest of the club. To the best of my knowledge she's the only 'legal escort' working there and I would be clueless as to whether some of the other girls might work it illicitly. By all means, check her website first and if you like what you see you might want to check her out on stage before deciding to call her and arange a more personal 'show' (fs) in a Huron Church motel room.

06-13-04, 04:56
Matt 1982,

I was considering a stop at Cleopatra's after I saw a stunning black girl in front of the store trying to drum up business. She had the right stuff as I saw her scoop up a guy in about 2 minutes.

Considering the price of FS outcall providers, I think I will pass on Cleo's place.

I have been trying to get in touch with sexyvivion at her .net address but have been unsucessful. Does anyone know how to get in touch with her. I do not want to go to the club where she works. That would really make her uneasy.


06-30-04, 18:59

Its been over two weeks since anyone posted here. Warpig was in Toledo recently and posted there. All I did was ask about sexyvivion and all messages to this board stopped. I will withdraw the question so that the posts can start up again. <Grin>


La Chatte
07-03-04, 16:29
Vivion is still around she took her website down for personal reasons. I she posed that she would have it back up soon. Having her picture on the internet has caused her problems such as guys asking for a date with her when she is out with her parents and kids. Some guys just don't get it. I believe her contact info is the same. She did post that her rates have been raised to 150 CAN which is still a bargain price.


08-12-04, 00:16
I was out and about last night and I noticed that LE was everywhere on Wyondotte. I mean I saw 4 LE on bicycles, and in 4 different parking lots, I saw 4 different cars. I don't know what the heck was going on, but it made the street scene non-existant.

I was disappointed because usually you can find 1 or 2 ladies willing to take the edge off.

Does anyone else like to live on the edge and check out the street scene? I know I am not the only car making the big circle up and down Wyondotte. It would seem the ladies have moved to the west and hang around Bruce and Wyondotte.

Also you can find some on Wyondotte in front of Champs, but those girls worry me because of the guys that hover around. I don't need to be robbed. I wonder if these guys realize that it is killing the ladies business hanging around on the bikes.

Anyway, just my 2 cents worth to liven up this section.

Johnny for Fun
08-29-04, 03:27
Where are the good places to go in Windsor for a guy watching his pocket book? Went to a place called relaxing something got fs but practically had to beg? Anyone for some info, please.

Johnny for Fun
08-31-04, 03:57
Is anyone reading these ? Well hey players of the game. I too cross the boarder for entertainment. Although I do not mind using the trial and error method I would prefer an infromed decision. Preferences: Asian 18-30 some curves a plus. The problem is hiding my expendutures so I must be cheap.

Anyone with good info let me know.

El Monger
09-06-04, 13:08
Hey fellow Mongers,

I am ISO petite, tight young (of age) ladies over the border. Care to share? Great skills and personalitiy a must.

09-11-04, 22:30
Exotic Temptations has a new girl. Samantha. She is young and hot. Expect to spend about $250.

www.etescorts.com [Telephone Number deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of telephone numbers in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post telephone numbers in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly to via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

Tizzy Oh
09-12-04, 22:12
Recently visited Windsor for the first (and not last) time. I noticed a LOT of younger women (late Teens) milling around in the area of Goyeau by the Days Inn. It was the same 3-5 girls from about 2:00 until about 4:00 in the morning.

Does anyone know if they were SW, or anything like that. I was horny as hell, would have loved to have gotten some action, but wasn't sure how to broach the subject. I walked by a couple of times to drop the hint that I might be interested, but had no luck.

Any info on the Windsor scene would be great for future reference.

09-30-04, 02:42
Will be visiiting Windsor this coming weekend. We're interested in some strip club action. Anybody got any suggestions?

Oliver Ovary
09-30-04, 13:19
The scene in Windsor is, and will always be, escort agencies, and even better, outcall independent escorts. They're legal, and safe. Why bother with the streets?

Tizzy Oh
10-03-04, 03:21

We were just there 3 weeks ago from the states. We REALLY enjoyed Jason's. It was a lot more laid back than Million Dollar, and the girls were just rediculously good looking.

HOWEVER, the girls at Million Dollar were giving a lot more mileage with the dances, as the girls at Jason's wouldn't even come in contact with anyone.

Muuki Man
10-08-04, 19:42
Has anybody been to the Exoctic Massage place in the downstairs shop next to Million? If so, please let me know how your experience was. Any info would be helpful.



La Chatte
12-05-04, 16:55
Muuki Man,

I would not waste you time or money going to Aphrodite’s Massage. You would be better off walking in there handing over your money and walking out of the door. I have been scammed there and so have others. I had a posting on http://www.adultmb.com, regarding this scam joint.

Your money is better spent going to see an escort. Give http://bordercitydivas.com/ a call. They will treat you right; I know the owner and several girls and let me tell you they really strive to please clients.

MPs in Windsor are generally a scam, Aphrodite’s more than others. The issue with MP’s is you don’t know what you are going to get unless you have seen the same girl before. The girls know that you horny when you walk in, and are well aware that you are expecting at the very least the hand release.

In the case of Aphrodite’s the game is to get as much money from the customer as possible while doing providing the least amount of service. While other MPs nickel and dime you to death, $90 for an hour massage, $30 for reverse, $30 nude, and $80 for the hand release. They never tell you about these hidden charges until they have your first $90, at this point you figure you are already in for $90 what a little is a little bit more until you have spent nearly as much as you would have by seeing an escort.

I understand MP’s are businesses, but I have an extreme dislike for nickel and dime companies. I can call Ann at Border City Divas and get a beautiful young girl who is willing to please for an hour and at a flat rate I think I the extra $50 Canadian is worth it for the hotel room.

Just my two cents,

La Chatte

Has anybody been to the Exoctic Massage place in the downstairs shop next to Million? If so, please let me know how your experience was. Any info would be helpful.



12-05-04, 18:03
Last time I was in windsor to go to the clubs (not for sex), I was given a business card on the street for outerlimitsescorts.com/ The site currently has only 6 girls and only two have pics. Prices range from 130 to 240 CND. I would say EC69.com has the best selection by far though. I have not tried with them yet though. If someone does let me know how it is.

12-21-04, 21:06
I went to the websites your posted. Milleage seems high at outerlimits, except Lily is HOT. If I have to date someone, it will be her or someone from BCD.

04-16-05, 14:58
Can anyone tell me where there are lot lizards in Windsor?



Buko Max
04-23-05, 06:17
Wow, I thought this thread was dead! Anyway, I have not seen any lot lizards because there are no truck stops in Windsor, that I know of. I might be wrong but I travel along 401 frequently and the first truck stop is quite a ways out. You might want to ask at the tourist office within eyeshot of the bridge along Huron Church. Usually where there is a truck stop, the lot lizards are sure to follow!


04-23-05, 18:23
What should I expect to pay an agency girl for full service. I am confused because I see agencie fees on some websites and then the girls have certain prices they list. Some make it even harder by quoting a prce and saying plus tip.

I will be in Windsor in the near future and would like to know the better agencies to call and or any help on independents. I tried to locate "outerlimits agency" mentioned on another post but the web address is not correct.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Ralph Alton
04-25-05, 14:51
I agree, that the independent escorts are the best option in Windsor. I've had the pleasure of spending time with them over the past few years, and always am most satisfied!!!

I can't say enough good things about them. More than willing to allow you to have fun. MSOG encouraged. Plenty of play and talk. And they're not clock watchers.

I see no better option when in Windsor than getting a room and making a call. It's better to set it up ahead of time, but it's not difficult to find and indy who's able to come at the last minute. Usually $140-180 total will do it.

Be careful out there!

04-25-05, 16:25
hey guys, tia of windsor put up a link on adultmb which she is updating with the current rates and contact numbers of the most well known independents in windsor: http://www.adultmb.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=13344
this should cut the chase for most of you when shopping for a lady.

the most reputable agencies seem to be border city divas http://www.bordercitydivas.com/, executive choice http://www.ec69.com and exotic temptations http://www.exotictemptations.net (alphabetical order- they are all recomended ;) ).

many of the ladies and most of the agencies have lists of hotels on their site, which are rep001terred through the city. the rates have fluctuated some over the past few months with the economy. the girls have been pissed off that their liscence fee was doubled at the begining of the year but fortunately this has not appeared to be passed on to the consumer- if anything more girls seem to be running specials of late, which are generally posted on adultmb's windsor board or may be on their website.

one more development: vivion has moved to london ontario where she is doing incall. i think she got fed up with the windsor seen and let her liscence lapse.

04-26-05, 05:14

I am sorry to hear Vivion has moved on. I was going to try to schedule an appointment with her until you updated her move to London. She was a reasonably priced service provider.
I wonder if you had any experience with Madison or Dallas? They both look attractive to me but then so does Courtney Love, Sherie Hot Buns, etc. Windsor has an abundance of talent. Please PM me regarding Madison and Dallas. Unless you advise otherwise, I will probably contact them both about a meeting.

Ralph Alton
04-28-05, 02:07
My last time was with Desiree. I've had the pleasure of being with her, Alyssa, and Vivion over the last year.

Vivion, who has moved, was pretty chatty for my tastes. Alyssa was a real tiger and what a sweet one she is. Desiree was very sweet and I enjoyed being with her. Neither Desiree nor Alyssa were clock watchers. MSOG was fine with all of them and I was glad to accept the offer!!!

It's difficult to choose between these sirens. I think I'd spend the extra money and take the extra time it takes to find an available appointment to see Desiree again. Either way, you're not going to be disappointed!

04-29-05, 05:19
Valdez, I haven't seen Dallas, but if you want to see her you'd better hurry up. She's supposed to be taking a year off in about 10 days.... then again that could be all marketing. Anyhow she was running a special for $110 that is up at the end of the month. There's more about it on adultmb in the scheduling forum.

Madison has a good personality. She's Chatty, will usually try to sit down and talk to the client first. My experience was that this doesn't cut into your 'playtime'. I saw her once about 3 years ago and did not return becuase she really isn't into kissing, but that's a personal choice. Skills were good and she's certainly got return clients.

I haven't had the pleasure of seeing Desiree but have heard excellent things, and frankly Sheri Hot Buns doesn't appeal to me becuase I've heard she's NOT exactly the definition of a GFE (to be nice). Allysa and Courtney both Give exceptional service btw . So have some of the other ladies you guys haven't mentioned that I've seen: Clair, Carah, Tia, Candi, Raven, and Kylie of BCD all were awesome as well. Pretty much like Ralph Alton said, there's plenty of Variety out there. Treat them with respect and you will be treated well in return.

04-29-05, 23:37

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions. I look forward to meeting some of these gals. The board you mentioned in a prior post contained some info on a sports bar called "Tomfooleries" where some gatherings are held. I might have to try to catch one of those gatherings to meet some of your friends!

05-10-05, 22:37
I was browsing the Windsor forum as I used to visit there back in the mid 80s (God, where do the years go?) and I was amazed to see a reference to both Jason's and Million Dollar Saloon. Incredible to think they are still going after more than 20 years! I guess some of the girls who are dancing there now weren't even born when I used to go there!!!!

Million Dollar had a guy called Emanuel as I recall who was, or seemed to be, the main guy. And a lovely dancer from Jason's - Toni - became a greeter in Million Dollar. Wonder where they are now?

Ah...happy memories.

But when I see the prices for the working girls of over 100 bucks (Canadian), makes me glad to be in Poland where US$35 will get you laid by a young Polish cutie.

Chief Wiggum
06-11-05, 02:12
I was in Detroit at the end of April and I called ET because some of the reports on this board held them in high regard. I was looking for Desiree as indicated on their website. She no longer works there, I'm told. The operator suggests a number of girls, and I narrow it down to two, and eventually I settle on Diamond (not listed on the web site).

She was unlike her description from the operator. She was shorter and not as big breasted as I was led to believe. On top of that, she had tatoos which I specifically requested that the girl not have (lately, I find them bothering and distracting).

Overall, on looks, I wouldn't have kicked her out of bed, but eventually, I had too, because she was as warm as a cold fish. She literally just laid there, and she also claimed that she did not like to give head. She also took two smoke breaks while we were together. Suprisingly, she did allow light kissing, which I wasn't all that great anyway. It also sounded like I was her 10th client that night (I was at least her third).

Overall, I am highly disappointed. She also claimed that she does lesbo duos with her [step] sister. IIRC, I think it is Kimberly Austin (sorry, I just got the ability to post on the WSG site, which is different from being able to post on the USA site), but I may have forgotten.

The worst was when Diamond asked for a tip (b/c I actually convinced her to blow me). I paid her the CAN equivalent in USD. That was tip enough. Overall, very disappointed. I saw better talent on the way to Windsor Casino. I wanted to try, but I had a poker game to catch. Luckily, I won more than enough to cover my losses with the agency.

06-11-05, 17:29
There are some great non-agency girls that operate in the Windsor area. Might I suggest you check out "Madison" on your next visit. I don't think you will leave disappointed. http://www.madisonmerlot.com/

Another pair that consistently receive high marks are Courtney and Desiree.


Above is Courtney.

Desiree: http://myweb.ecomplanet.com/DEOW7361/

Good luck on your next visit.

Paul Park
06-22-05, 17:23
Do any of you have experience with Lana at Executive Choice or Melissa at Exotic Temptations? They both appeal to me but would love to hear some first hand guidance.


Loo Out
07-21-05, 19:59
Going to Windsor in a few weeks and I know that there is a lot of strip clubs around there which is the best? Was at Cheetahs and the Million Dollar culbs a while ago. If I remember the Million dances were out in the open and Cheetahs were in the back room. Looking for the most bang for the buck wouldn't mind a little extra if anyone knows if that goes on and were.


07-22-05, 13:56
My preference for Windsor strip clubs is Leopard's Lounge & Broil on Wyandotte. It is not right downtown where Cheetah's, Jason's and Million Dollar are, but it is not too far away. The girls are generally pretty hot, and it is less pretentious, with no cover charge. As far as mileage, there really isn't any at any of the Windsor strip clubs. The local police have made sure that no contact occurs, and dances are out in the open in most of the clubs. VIP areas are off to the side at Leopard's, as is the case with most of the clubs.

Cheetah's moved a few years ago due to construction project. The old club had a back room style vip. The new club's vip is in the main area, off to the side. I think Million Dollar has a "champagne room", but the cost is astronomical, and the mileage is still non-existent.

Loo Out
07-22-05, 17:57

I think I will try that Leopard's Lounge and give a report of what things are like.

Buko Max
07-23-05, 07:33

I would have to agree with Chowhound that Leopard's is a pretty good place, with good music, food and of course dancers. Jason's always claims to be the best in Windsor but the dancers are a bit stuck up. I always end up at Silvers. It's a neighborhood bar, very unpretentious, very relaxed and usually has some nice dancers. They make you feel right at home there, know matter where you are from.


07-23-05, 23:12
Not many good looking dancers at Jasons, judging from my recent excursion, maybe one or two If you like the fake barby doll look. One dancer (I swear) was a man. He, she, (or it) had bigger muscles than most men in the audience and did push-ups as part of her (its) act. Needless to say I didn't stay long. If you are thinking about hitting a strip club then I say go across the bridge to a club in Detroit. You definately would find it more to your liking. A club such as the Flight club has much better mileage and better quality dancers. One good thing I will say about Windsor, there were a lot of very beautiful girls just walking around the streets. Not sure how many are of the street walker variety but the girls were plentiful so I am sure that you could find one for a fun night on the town.

Russia Guy
08-02-05, 22:56
Does anyone know of any agencies that have Indian escorts in the Windsor area? I heard that there are some working there and I was thinking about heading up to the casino for the weekend. Any help would be appreciated.


Buko Max
08-20-05, 03:35
Hey RG,

There are not many Indians in the Windsor area. You have to head up to Toronto, where there is a huge Indian and Paki community. There are escort agencies there that specialize in East Indians.

Happy hunting!

Pig Farmer
08-23-05, 05:44
Are there any in Windsor?

09-06-05, 16:45
I had an opportunity to pick up a really nice looking WSW in Windsor last week. She was attractive, clean, and reasonable.

It looks like the citizens of Windsor are getting pissy about the girls being chased from Wyondotte Street. So be careful, but quality action is available.

I will report more on my next trip.

King Stone Age
09-06-05, 23:57
Sorry, question: What happend to the USA site? Can anyone please advise?

Buko Max
09-07-05, 15:41
Has anyone here visited the Relaxation World MP at 1466 Ouellette? Just wanted some feedback before I take the plunge.

KSA: The USA website moved to a new address:


King Stone Age
09-08-05, 03:32
Thanks a million!

09-22-05, 06:57

I too have wondered about Relaxation World. It looks like Disney Land for Adults with it's 10 private rooms and international staff. If anyone goes there please let the rest of us know how good or bad it is.

09-22-05, 10:35
Has anyone here visited the Relaxation World MP at 1466 Ouellette? Just wanted some feedback before I take the plunge.

KSA: The USA website moved to a new address:


Here is some information about Relaxation World, that I lifted from elsewhere:

Since my old lady ran out on me a few weeks ago, I have been attending the various massage parlours in the area. I visited the Oasis, Romantica, Blue Ocean, Temptation Island, Tropical Spa and Relaxation World.

Of these, I found that Oasis and Romantica were good for fine massages, lovely ambiance and good conversation. They were affordable, as no extra goodies were offered.

The Blue Ocean is somewhat dumpy, but the masseuses were young and eager to please. Again, the results were similar to the above.

Temptation Island, which I have attended before, depends a lot on the YMMV parameters and your manner may be smoother and more convincing than mine.

The Tropical Spa and Relaxation World are owned by the same interests and operate the same way. The massages are expensive, but without too much prompting, the young ladies will provide all of the amenities that one would expect in spas in London. However, these goodies come at a relatively stiff price.

09-25-05, 06:33
Again I borrowed a bit of information from someone else:

I see that some people have posted questions about massage places in Windsor. The common response is "just get an escort," and there's a lot of truth in that. But for those who want to go to a massage place, here's some info.

1. There's no sure thing unless you know the girl. There's a very real possibility that you'll wind up on your back with a girl offering to pour oil on you while you perform self service. This can happen anywhere, but some places are famous for it.

2. Do not under any circumstances go to Cleopatra's or Aphrodite's. If you don't understand this refer to number 1. Having said that, be aware that a rip off can happen anywhere if you don't know the girl.

3. Girls in Windsor like to ask for their tips up front. This is usually a bad idea. I've had girls get really hostile when I tell them that I never tip until after the massage. I listen to what they say, but I really don't give a sh**. If you tip them up front you are at their mercy. I try to politely tell them that I give generous tips, but that I only give them for good service. Their reaction to this is usually a good indication of whether or not they are a rip off.

4. Unless you're a good negotiator, be prepared to fork out a few bucks. Windsor MP's have a really inflated opinion of what their services are worth. You will almost surely pay more than you will at any other place in Ontario, and you'll probably pay more than you would in the states. When you add the door fee to the tip you're probably going to pay pretty close to what you would for an escort.

5. The whole adult scene in Windsor seems to revolve around extracting as much money as possible from stupid, horny 19 year old Americans (I know that's redundant). The strip clubs totally suck and the massage scene isn't that great, and personally, I've never been very impressed with the Windsor escorts I've seen. Don't act like a stupid, horny 19 year old Anerican and you might have a decent time.

6. It is possible to have a positive experience but you have to be careful. I've had a great time with some really hot MP's, but I've been burned a few times also.

Buko Max
10-01-05, 08:21
Hello Valdez,

Thanks for the informative reports! I didn't realize there were so many MP's in the Windsor area. To get to know the girl, you probably have to make several visits and drop a bunch of money. Maybe I will wait until I visit TO again. There are some great ones up there! Sorry to hear about the Mrs.



10-29-05, 05:53
Hey fellas,

I did the ho stroll on Wyandotte street the other day first time in over 6 months. No action at all. I was surprised because I usually can find action here in a few spots. Has the action moved to a different location? I noticed a huge section of arabic going up in what used to be the china district, this is really odd to me. So much has changed in a short time, a lot of the mp are now closed, the ones I used to go to anyway. Help me out with the street scene fellas.



Frank Booth
01-12-06, 05:50
Canadian City Hopes Super Bowl Fans Will Visit for Sinful and Not-So-Sinful Delights


01-17-06, 03:39
Canadian City Hopes Super Bowl Fans Will Visit for Sinful and Not-So-Sinful Delights


A friend and I recently visited Relaxation World. The sign outside said 5-10 girls available. Once inside there was a counter with two signs. One listed the prices as $60 for a half hour, $70 for 45 min. and 80 for an hour. The other sign proclaimed no refunds.

A fair looking blonde introduced herself as Sara the manager. She was about 5'5", 135, with a decent rack, and a tatoo on one breast. We asked to see all the girls. One other girl was summoned, a plain looking girl identified as Crystal with dark hair and a slim build. Sara was the better looking of the two. My friend asked Sara for a 45 min. session. Sara said she could do a 30 min. session only a.d collected his money. I talked to Crystal for a while then waited in the car. Whew, am I glad I didn't go forward.

Once in the room my friend tried to tip $40 for manual release. Sara demanded $60. After being paid the extra $60 Sara declared that that was not enough for much of anything. My friend wanted his money back --- but Sara refused saying she would take care of him. When she returned she told him that the 60 plus 60 will get him either a massage or manual release but not both. Sara then began a mechanical massage of my friend that resulted in a minimal happy ending. Sara did not undress, massage, or allow touching. Relaxation world should be avoided like the plague.

I'm glad I waited until later and scheduled an escort. I got much better mileage.

Buko Max
01-25-06, 05:37
Canadian City Hopes Super Bowl Fans Will Visit for Sinful and Not-So-Sinful Delights


If anybody is in town for the super bowl and such, by all means check out Windsor but make sure you have everything in order before crossing back over to the U.S. The other day I was waiting in line at the bridge and I could not believe what I was seeing. There were 7 or 8 customs agents with 2 dogs hassling the cars that were in line waiting for their turn to pass through. As the super bowl grows nearer, they will probably turn the heat up so be careful.



05-04-06, 16:00
Hi Mattrick,

I'm sorry it took a while to respond but I do have your answers. I enclosed your previous questions.

First off Windsor doesn't promote as Sin City, we probably should but actually Metro Detroit gave us that name. Whick is ok by me. So I say What Happens in Windsor, Stays in Windsor!

The site was launched for the Superbowl, wish it would have been sooner. I did not realize that there was not a site like this, so I created it! Thank goodness our several thousand unique visitors since then have contributed to our Quick success!

Ads and listings will always be FREE, there are no plans to eliminate or change the FREE aspect of these ads. We do offer the most complete free advertisement opportunity in the market and will continue to do so.

We do, however, offer far more features and exposure designed to be visitor friendly without being overly intrusive to the visitors experience, no pop-ups or spam at all, for a very nominal fee.

And yes we are currently seeking site, as well as page specific, sponsors so that we can continue to offer more for our visitors! We are not only promoting our family and friends, but could still put together a better directory than the rest of em if we did, but the entire Adult Buisiness Community.

I hope that the site is pleasant and informative and welcome any comments or suggestions from visitors! The site is for you so let us know what you like or dislike, we actually do change things around for the better.

We also are revamping our forums for you too so visit and contribute often all are welcome!

Thanks again for your support!


orig questions from Mattrick


Yes It's high time that a website like this has come along, what with Windsor billing itself as the "Sin City" of Canada. It is good to see a one stop shop website for goods and services offered. How long have you been up and running? Will the ads always be free of charge or will you start charging down the road? Do you want more sponsors to come on board? Anyway, I wish you great success!



Buko Max
05-05-06, 04:33
Thank you for the response! I think your first post as well as my questions were deleted because of the posting rules. You should post about your site again, this time under the classified thread. Go over the forum rules but I think it will be okay since you are not competing with ISG. People should know about it because there is nothing like it in Windsor or TO for that matter. I will spread the word on both sides of the border and give you some feedback.



PS: Are you a Wings fan?

PPS: Just going over the forum FAQ and since your site has a forum, it is forbidden to promote it in any way here at ISG. Oh well.

05-05-06, 04:44
Thanks Mattrick,

I definately appreciate your feedback so far and look forward to more.

And yes I am a Wings fan and, well, what can ya say?


Thats what I gotta say!

Thanks again bro,


Thank you for the response! I think your first post as well as my questions were deleted because of the posting rules. You should post about your site again, this time under the classified thread. Go over the forum rules but I think it will be okay since you are not competing with ISG. People should know about it because there is nothing like it in Windsor or TO for that matter. I will spread the word on both sides of the border and give you some feedback.



PS: Are you a Wings fan?

06-08-06, 07:59
NAME: Tabitha
AGENCY OR INDEPENDENT: Supposingly, independent
AGE: "34"
RACE: Caucasian
FACE: Pretty
BODY TYPE: Soft, but shapely
CARPET: Shaved
HAIR: Platinum Blonde
EYES: Did not notice
TATTOOS: Did not notice
SCARS: Did not notice any
MOANER OR A SCREAMER: Diplomatically put - a blow-up doll would make more noise, from the vinyl squeaking against the bedsheets.
ENERGY LEVEL DURING THE SESSION: 0 - Dead Fish, didn't even flop
MULTI SHOTS DURING THE HOUR: I'd be happy with a single shot
SPEAKS FRENCH: If you can call it that
FS: If you can call it that
CLOCK WATCHER?: Booked for 1 hour, paid for 1 hour, left in 20 minutes.
PHONE: (519) 996-1229
EMAIL: naughtytabatha@hotmail.com
WEBSITE: http://www.werehot.com/bio.htm
RECOMMEND: Oh, hell no! She was probably the worst lay I've had, EVER.


My first time playing in Ontario. Before, my only experience playing in Canada was in Vancouver, B.C., where I met a lovely redhead that goes by Ariel, who had since retired. I had a great time.

I made it into Windsor at about 10:30ish - too late for most ladies reviewed here. I figured, oh, what the heck, I'll go with Tabitha - found her number on xxxwindsor.com .

Long story short:
Called at 10:00ish to make an appointment @ 11
She arrives at 11:30 and was out the door by 11:45 or so.

Too many rules! Won't be on top, gave little B a few quick blobs and called it good. Held her hand on the condom base at the entire time which really REALLY screws things up for me. Complained that I'm sweaty and dripping sweat in missionary, but wouldn't switch to doggie. After about 15 mins of fustration, said, "This ain't working out", and got up to get dressed and left.

Now, I understand that "issues" do come up, performance wise. Fine, I accept that. But when I paid for an hour, I expect an hour. I don't expect 15 minutes of BS and attitude.

I asked if she wants to cut her losses and just charge me the half hour rate. "No I don't give refunds" was the answer.

My believe is that arguing with a provider is just like running in the special olympics. $140 is a pretty cheap price to pay to be able to skirt whatever trouble might come my way if I decide to argue and fight (I'm not playing on home turf here, but in the "land of the free" accross the river where I'm from, drivers have shot clients who refused to pay, etc). So, now that I've taken one for the team, I figure I'll post a review here so that others don't make the same mistake.


06-08-06, 08:35
NAME: Desire
AGE: 24
RACE: French Canadian
FACE: Very, very pretty
BODY TYPE: Slim, hardbody
CARPET: Shaved
HAIR: Dirty Blonde
EYES: 2, blue, beautiful
TATTOOS: Arm and left breast
MOANER OR A SCREAMER: Nice soft moans and encouragements
KISSES: Not on lips, cheek ok
FS: Yes
CLOCK WATCHER?: Not at all
PHONE: 519.944.5009

So, I thought more with the little head instead of the big one and went back to my phone list. In reality, I should have cut my losses, but I dipped into the wallet once again, not happy about what just happened with Tabitha.

Called a few numbers, only the agencies have girls avail this late.

Desire is a beautiful french-canadian girl. Service was pretty good. It was her birthday tonight, we spent 45 minutes at it, and cuddled a bit. Sent me on my way with a big smile on my face.

Yes, I probably should have went with an independent. Oh well.


09-22-06, 03:52
I was on the way back to the states when I noticed a cute looking thin girl on Wyandot (sp). She wasn't trying to attract attention but the SW senses said that she was working. I circled around the block and she noticed me and met me on a side street. I was very impressed when she got in the car. She was euroasian, tall and thin. She had a very cute face and this girl looked more like a contestant on "next top model" than a SW. Maybe I'm used to the crack ho's in the USA but she looked very good to me.

I've no idea what the normal prices are up north but she quoted $50 for a BJ. I countered with $25 and we ended up at $40. If this girl was with an escort agency she could get $200 for FS. We parked and she did a poor job with more hand than mouth, but the cute face helped finish me off. Running my hands over that body was a bonus even with most of her clothes on. I told her if we could get a room I'd give her another $80 US for FS. She said she could get the use of a room for $20, but you guessed it she took my $20 and disappeared. The weird thing is that she came back to the car to tell me not to leave and wait another 5 minutes, but then never returned.

She said her name was Amanda I think. Anyway, 5"8' or so and thin with "A" cups and a cute face. This was around noon.

09-22-06, 04:02
after amanda ran off a red head that used the name cinnamon came up to my car and started a conversation. she said we could get a room for fs and we went to the bestway. she claimed that she used to get escort prices in calgary. we said $80 and i offered half up front. she acted offended but said ok and then ran out the door while i was peeing. so i was out 25 for the room and her 40. i'm just glad i didn't give her the entire 80 like she wanted. she must know someone in the area because it seems like a long walk back downtown. i don't know if you guys have a big problem with this up north but i'm 2 for 2 on girls skipping out with cash. i guess i'll stick with the escorts on my next trip. brandy wasn't available and the agencys didn't have anyone working that i was interested in that night. the next trip i'll plan ahead.

Buko Max
09-26-06, 22:24
I'm 2 for 2 on girls skipping out with cash.

Welcome to the board. You violated one of the first rules of mongering; never pay up front. If she has a problem with that, move on. Maybe in the future, show her the cash and put it in a safe place until the deed is done. Thanks for posting your report.


09-27-06, 19:30
Yea, I've got 10 years of monger expirence ( and 300+ posts on the US board) but got taken anyway. The first girl I figured was OK since we had already done the BJ and it was only 20 to secure a room. The second girl I didn't get the dash vibe from and it was only half up front. We had talked about more if she wanted to go round two so she took 40 but ran out on another 40 to 80. Oh well.

In Ohio we have a scale of 20-30 for a BJ with the high end for CIM or even swallow. FS is 30-50 (maybe 60 if she is very hot) plus a room. I get two shots for 80 with my regulars all of the time. Anal would start at 60 or 70. Are these rates comparable? Just wondering in case I decide to try again on a future gambling trip.

Buko Max
09-28-06, 23:52
Hello Zauber,

Yeah those rates you quoted seem low for Canada. It is too bad the U.S. dollar is almost at par with the Canadian dollar. If you did not know, prostitution is legal in Canada. It is soliciting that is illegal so thats why Amanda did not act like your typical SW. As for me, I'm actually stateside too and have dual citizenship but I don't bother mongering in the U.S.(sex prison) anymore for many reasons one of which is the hassle you get from LE. Anyway, one of these days you will have to make it up to TO as the action is much better up there.


09-29-06, 17:58
Thanks for the help. I knew that prostitution was legal if they had a license and I usually line up an escort when I up that way but this trip was more about the guys, drinking, gambling, etc. and I didn't book in advance. I just happened to see that amazing body as I was heading for the bridge and home. Hell, I would have given Amanda $100 for FS in a room but she decided to take 20 instead.

I only go to Windsor because I have a couple of old friends in Mich. and we get together a couple of times a year and act like we're 25 again. LOL

Thanks again and good luck

10-09-06, 04:05
I visited Cleopatra today on Oulette. 60 to get in the door. 60 tip for massage another 40 so I could touch myslef. No nudity, no HJ, not even a massage. Complete rip off. I fail to see the point of this.

01-16-07, 03:40
Here's a list of some of the more known independents that I recently edited for another site (accurate as of January 2007). This saves the uncertaintly of checking WINDSOR STAR ads ;)

Windsor Independent SP's :

Lic. # 07 352650

lic # 06346677

Brandy See note (1) below:
(519) 819-7628
License # 06 364331

www.candiwindsor.ca (website currently down)
(519)-977-7915 (519)-567-0545
Lic # 06 345623

(519) 564-5453
Lic # 06 401789

(519) 562 7983
Lic # 06 401943

Clair see note (2) below:
(519) 991-1837
Lic # 06 367340

http://www.blondethunder.com/ (website currently down)
(519) 944-5736
Lic #06 362300


Lic #06 398275

(519) 981-8359
Lic # 06 352104

Kat (formerly Tia Kat) * see note (3) below:
(519) 819-katt (5288)
Lic # 04 264130

(519) 257-3488
Lic# 06 362758

Lee Ann
http://leeanninwindsor.com (initial contact via site please)

(519) 254-5184
Lic# 05 313310 (US tours may be available with US escort references:
see website)

(519) 619~0198 London/ (519) 991-3970 Windsor
Lic #06 364207

(519) 567 5038
Lic # 38 7444

Sexy Lacy
Lic# 06 385771

Sexy Suzie
(519) 560-0159
Lic # 04 257839 (US tours may be available with US escort references:
see website)

(519) 701-1607
Lic # 06 364331

Sherry Hotbuns
(519) 567-3012

Windsor Reputable Agencies

Executive Choice
(519) 944-2000
Lic.# 06-350827

Exotic Temptations
(519) 252-0800
Lic# 06351303

City Kats
888-610-1116 (from the U.S.)
Lic # 06 379635
(owned/ operated by Kat, formerly known as Tia Kat)

Notes: (1) Rumored to be taking some personal time off in near future
(whatever that means.... )
(2) Clair has announced she will be moving back to Sarnia at the
end of January and will be escorting there on a limited basis
with possible trips to Windsor 1 weekend a month
(3) May be retired from escorting at this time and running her
City Kats agency full time.

01-28-07, 00:56
I visited Cleopatra today on Oulette. 60 to get in the door. 60 tip for massage another 40 so I could touch myslef. No nudity, no HJ, not even a massage. Complete rip off. I fail to see the point of this.I was just there. What a selection of pigs.

Buko Max
01-28-07, 06:21
Here's a list of some of the more well known independents that I recently edited for another site.

Nice work WP; saves us all some leg work. Have you tried any of the women on your list? Did you get the info from XXXWinsor?


Wing Man1
12-15-07, 04:38
I'll be visiting from Michigan next week. I've picked up a lot of girls in the States, and a few times in Germany. How does it work in Canada? Do they have buildings with nothing but women and you just pick the one you want, like Germany? Or do you have to call and book one?

12-22-07, 20:55
I'll be visiting from Michigan next week. I've picked up a lot of girls in the States, and a few times in Germany. How does it work in Canada? Do they have buildings with nothing but women and you just pick the one you want, like Germany? Or do you have to call and book one?Windsor city by-laws prohibit an inhouse setup, escorts are required to be licenced and are allowed to only do out-calls. They cannot provide incall services. There are a couple agencies with mixed reviews floating around and lots of independents. Windsor also has exotic massage spas primarily in the downtown area. By-laws prohibit escorting activities in the spas. If you travel outside the Windsor city limits towards the greater Essex County areas and out towards Chatham and London you can find incall providers.

You know the real deal, i'm sure, negotiation. There is a great selection and most of the SP's know what you want. If you are into strip clubs, I would recommend Jasons, they are currently offerin a FREE Turkey Buffet nightly and we have free VIP passes available, courtesy of Jasons. They also have a buckets special going on for the holidays. Go in and ask for James and tell him xxxwindsor sent ya!

Good luck and have fun.

02-05-08, 14:18
So I check out three clubs and end up here around 6PM. Jenna from Toronto catches my eye, she is 5ft 4 and 27 and we chat. No pressure for nothing and they hand me a free pass to get back in.

I return at 7:30 and watch Jenna dance and chat with Charlie from Windsor, age 22, 5ft 2 about 100 pounds. I ask about the tipping and she tells me of the Jason Dollars so I get a few and start tipping Jenna and I put it in my mouth and she rubs her my face in her tits.

I then see Kelly from Montreal, a third blonde, age 24 and I chat with another from Novia Scotia.

No pressure to buy drinks or dances and I spend $5.50 on a coke and $5 in tips for the dancers.

Walking back I see a girl jet across the street from one of the massage parlors so I follow her into the pizza shop. Turns out she (Christina) is 23 and from Romainia.

I have to check out the stroll, get a massage from Christaina and man handle the strippers, all before 5AM.

I went back and got the 30 minute massage for $50. There were 8 ladies but there was only one other shortie.

Turns out this is her third day and she is a Gypsy from Romania. I have a thing about meeting one and she was so damn hot.

At the end, I tell her staright out that I want in my bed and what amount does she want. She says she don't know me and she isn't into that yet.

07-25-09, 18:11
Hi everyone,

Was just wondering about the windsor street scene nowadays. What is the quality like? Which days are the best? Which times? Which areas?

Wondering why this section is so out of date also.

Thanks and stay safe!

10-11-09, 12:14
Will be coming through Windsor and staying the night in a couple of Saturdays. Its been a few years since I've been in town. A club right along highway three along the way to the Ambasador Bridge named Studio 4 used to be my place of choice. Is it still there?

Back then I didn't really have the $$ to approach the subject of take out so never asked. Now it is possible for me, does anyone know if Studio 4 girls offer take out service or if not is there another strip club in Windsor where this might be possible.

11-12-09, 23:04
Windsor has licensed escorts. Why spend 150 on a bad bj or hand job when you can get laid with certainty. Pull out a phone book and find a date under "Escort".

Will be coming through Windsor and staying the night in a couple of Saturdays. Its been a few years since I've been in town. A club right along highway three along the way to the Ambasador Bridge named Studio 4 used to be my place of choice. Is it still there?

Back then I didn't really have the $$ to approach the subject of take out so never asked. Now it is possible for me, does anyone know if Studio 4 girls offer take out service or if not is there another strip club in Windsor where this might be possible.

Beemer Z
04-08-10, 05:53
Visited Windsor during last week of March 2010. Stayed at the Casino and had a great room. Won a couple grand at the table and slots. Called exotic temptations and got the list of women. It was late, 11pm. Was told about Amira, thin, young, non-GFE and Eqyptian. Within 30 minutes Amira was at my door. All was good with her, very pretty, except she is NOT Egyptian. More like light skinned Dominican. Very perky, good conversationalist and puts a guy at ease quite well. For 240CAD, FS, CBJ. Very careful. No pussyplay. Open to all positions, no greek. Enjoyed her thoroughly, not a clock-watcher. Will surely be calling her back for a repeat. Outcalls are legal in Ontario, she and the agency are licensed and she is quite careful. No need to place yourself in any more risk than you need to, eh?

Looks 9 out of 10

Body 8 out of 10. Firm, perky 38C

Service 7 out of 10. Tight, very tight

Member #3438
09-15-10, 17:36
I will be coming to Windsor soon and was wondering where the best place is to find asian hotties? Any help would be appreciated.

Also is there a strip bar with mostly asian?

Good affordable Massage parlor?

Or any contacts of a cutie,


Seffner Monger
01-15-12, 14:52
Will be visiting from the US later this year and have options as far as destinations. What, in your opinion, is better as far as price, quality, selection, price-to-value, etc?


05-28-12, 22:24
Anything new here? Any e-site with fresh info?

05-03-13, 18:56
Anyone know of any available Asian girls or Strip Bars with a good amount of Asian Strippers in the Windsor or Detroit Area? My friend is going through a divorce and he needs a pick me upper. Since he is only attracted to Asian chicks.

05-24-13, 21:36
Anyone know of any available Asian girls or Strip Bars with a good amount of Asian Strippers in the Windsor or Detroit Area? My friend is going through a divorce and he needs a pick me upper. Since he is only attracted to Asian chicks.Try the Penthouse club. I remember a great Filipino in there.

01-28-14, 20:02
Hello all,

Back with another name since I had to change it twice due to my GF at the time finding out. So single and ready to mingle. Looking for a place I can take a look at some Asian girls to choose from or maybe a strip bar to get acquainted with them in.

04-02-14, 07:17
Anyone have any info on the best place to find where there are some cuties walking around? Or any numbers please PM me.




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10-15-14, 19:15
I have two questions based on reports I read in other forums.

1. I hear working girls at the Casino will pick up guys there. What part of the Casino and how much I the going rate.

2. I heard there was a court case that made street walking legal. Is this true. If so where are they located?

Any help appreciated and will be returned in kind.

Param Ahmad
11-22-14, 17:50
"Canada's prostitution Bill "see"-36 passed the Senate Nov. 6 and will go into effect Dec. 6, criminalizing the purchase of sex for the first time in Canadian history. "


Fredies Dream
12-07-16, 23:11
Wow. No posts here since 2014. What's up with that Windsor? Am I looking in the wrong place?

05-07-18, 09:16
I return at 7:30 and watch Jenna dance and chat with Charlie from Windsor, age 22, 5ft 2 about 100 pounds. I ask about the tipping and she tells me of the Jason Dollars so I get a few and start tipping Jenna and I put it in my mouth and she rubs her my face in her tits.
Any contact info on Jenna?

02-06-20, 18:26
Is there any sort of scene here in Windsor? Been looking to cross over the lake and see if the quality or quantity is better. Was kind of hoping to see more posts in this thread.

08-19-20, 10:03
Is there any sort of scene here in Windsor? Been looking to cross over the lake and see if the quality or quantity is better. Was kind of hoping to see more posts in this thread.Though prostitution is a bit of legalish, but still the scene is little down. You can try visiting some MP.