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04-14-02, 00:14
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04-14-02, 02:40
I remember all those great nights I had on St Catherine street staying in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. Are there still a lot of strip clubs around there. Are tabledances still $6 Canadian? Are the still a lot of fine looking hookers there as well.

Anyone going to be up there in the summer for a weekend of gambling and whoring?

Jelly Donut
04-15-02, 15:41
Taking a cue from the bostonguy and frequent traveler (old board, early April) I headed up to Montreal yesterday; I'm from Boston, this post is going to have a Boston perspective. I was, more or less, in the area & curiosity pushed me the rest of the way.

I stopped at Rendez-vous erotica in Iberville on the way up. It seems like the natural first stop coming from Boston area. 93. 89. bostonguy's description is really good. Two woman stuck out in my mind. Jade, a leggy blonde from Montreal (it seems like most of the girls are from Montreal; Rendez-vous location is all about moving Montreal girls closer to the US border). She had a decent body; she's definitely the type to pull the 3 song shit bostonguy was talking about. Jade is a good name for her. Still, if you're into the tall leggy blonde thing she's where your money is going. The other interesting girl was Natalie. She's from Ottawa (not French; heavy Canadian accent). Brunette, short straight hair. Not as hard an attitude as the other women. She only works there 3 days out of the month. I think. She seemed nice - might be more interested in giving a guy a decent experience than moving quickly onto the next dude. Of course, one way or another, it's all about the money.

I was only doing lap dances, needed to keep moving to the city. Wasn't able to find the other place frequent traveler mentioned.

Montreal. There seem like a lot of ways to get yourself off on St. Catherine Street. I went into a couple of strip joints and walked around. There's a Dunkin Donuts a couple of blocks ~north(?) of the Hotel Windam. Across the street from it is a open air pizza joint. Grabbed a slice and check out the view.

It was in the 40s and drizzling.

There were a handful of women working around 11pm. Either sit in or standing outside the DD. 2 girls with short straight blonde hair - looked like twins. The woman that stuck out for me was a short 20yr blonde. Amber. She looked younger. We talked. She opened with $100CN for sex; $20CN for the hotel room. So, when she says this I'm thinking to myself "Why don't they just say something like $120CN?" and pondering out what sort of exchange rate the ATM gave me on my US checking account. I'm hesitating. She sees this and says "I know it's kind of expensive" and she drops the $20 for the hotel from the bill. Okay. So, she just made the math a little easier. I'm thinking this little trick is going to cost somewhere around $60-$70US. I love it when they auto-negotiate. If I was a fast talking SOB I swear some of these woman would end up paying me for the pleasure; realistically I could have squeezed some more bucks out of her. Anyway, Amber seemed to be enthusiastic; promised to take her time. Not sure how much this had to do with it being wet and cold. That sort of money for a girl like that is damn unlikely in Boston.

Interestingly, I didn't do the deed and I kept walking around. Unlike Boston, walking seems like a much better way to do SW business in Montreal. At least on St. Catherine. I went a little further down the street. Saw a few more SWs. The most attractive was a black-Asian mix. She offered $120CN. FS/Hotel. Pretty good deal.

There's a lot of pot smoking on St. Catherine.

I think guys in cars are changed more. Maybe. A little while later I was driving around and a brunette started negotiating at $160CN. Getting on toward $100US Maybe she saw the US plates? Maybe she like the car? She was good looking, but not the best. It was a pretty big price difference, considering how close she was to the two other woman I mentioned.

All in all, it was a pretty excellent visit; not impossible to get to from Boston - a good option if you are in northern Vermont, say, skiing. Also, if you are really paranoid of the annual Boston spring street cleaning effort it's a good place to escape to. Wish I had tried Amber out.

jelly donut

04-28-02, 22:16
I will be a first-time visitor to Montreal this coming weekend (Saturday afternoon 5/4 - Monday morning 5/6). Seeking advice from hobbyists with Montreal experience.

My French language skills are limited (American)... and I enjoy naturally busty SPs with a great attitude. Staying at the Hilton Bonaventure ($44 CAN per night via Priceline!). $200 CAN is about my upper limit.

Incall would be my preference... but outcall would be acceptable (no car this trip).

Any advice for a just-registered, first-time poster? Either post advice here or email me at dukieladog@hotmail.com. Thanks!

05-01-02, 06:57
What is the going rate in america/candadian currency for an hour of an escorts time. What escorts or agencies does anybody reccommend. Email me at joshuas777@hotmail.com

05-13-02, 04:42
I'll be headin out to Montreal end of May. Sounds like St. Catherine Street is the place to go and hang.. I'll let you guys know what happens out there....

05-14-02, 05:41
Hi guys,,I have not been up to Montreal in two years, but I dont see more recent info on the new forum yet so I will toss in my two cents. St Catherine st has always been the stroll. Its easy to find and is right in the middle of the city. You can find women working the streets , strip joints and any adult related thing you can think of........ The thing to know is that outcall escorts are legal in Montreal. You can call an agency and get a price over the phone, no code words needed. prices vary but you can get a full hour of sex for a little over $100 American and its legal. She will show up at your hotel and do what you want, no games like with american escorts...no worries about police etc It is a French speaking city, and you may have to pay a little more if you want an english speaking girl. Not speaking french is no problem most of the time in Montreal,,but it can be harder to find outcall escorts if you don't read any french, but its a minor hassle that you will work around. ..There are a few small local papers that will have adds,,check the links on this site for internet sites, or just ask at an adult bookstore when you get to Montreal.... , Montreal is a great city, the sex trade is just one of many reasons to go.

Member #1465
05-14-02, 15:29
I was to one of the stripclubs a week ago. Its one called Eclipse and is on highway 40 at Rigaud. They have private dances for 20 in small booths. They also perform blowjobs or sex for 80 and 120. I tried a darkhaired girl but it was more handjob than blowjob and very hurried. I dont remember the name of the girl. I would try someone else if I go again.

05-17-02, 04:54

06-12-02, 12:00
Montreal Spreadsheet of Escorts
New Summer 2002 edition

Over 100 agencies and 400 escorts are listed, including about 100 independents. There are at least 140 blondes, 180 brunettes and 50 redheads. (We don't know about some because reviewers were apparently concentrating on other things).

More than 220 are known to allow daty and 20 greek. About 150 kiss (30 deeply) and 160 provide bbbj (25 to completion). The minimum fee ranges from $70 to $1500 Here's to Montreal, the land of plenty that can overwhelm you with escort choices!

Direct Link to Spreadsheet

Full Montreal Report (now old but still useful info) link:

Dave in Phoenix

Member #1465
06-13-02, 14:51
I tried a strip club called Hilltop just west of the Island off 40. Its a place with dances in small booths and the girls also perform blowjobs and sex. Prices are 20 for a dance (You can touch her) and 80 for a blowjob and 120 for sex. The girl I tried was a black girl and the blowjob was very good. I don't rmember the name of the girl.

06-14-02, 06:06
Recent Montreal Study of Sexwork?

Does anyone have a link or know what this is?

I am being interviewed via E-mail by a journalist from Voir magazine in Montreal (www.voir.ca - in french) "about my perspective as a customer and an American". He is also interested in interviewing Montreal providers willing to be interviewed. If any Montreal provider is willing to share with him, please let me know and I will pass on your name and E-mail.

I assume Voir is a legitimate honest organization? I can't read their website since I don't read French!

He is working on a story about sex work in Montreal, notably because of a recent study on the state of this 'industry'. I am not clear if the study is only about Montreal or talks about Montreal but is about all of Canada.

He says, "Somwhat surprising to us over here was this idea of our city emerging as some sort of sex-tourism destination. (from what I see on your site, this is probably not surprising to you)"

I have asked him about the study and a source, but haven't had a reply yet... Does anyone know what "study of the state of the industry" he is referring to? Can someone find me a link in English?

Dave in Phoenix

06-20-02, 06:51
Hey going up to montreal 4th of julyanyone help me out with
a good incall or outcall place?
White, college age, BBBJ GFE, hell even greek if possible

06-21-02, 20:23
Visited Montreal recently and arranged to meet Cassandra of www.montrealgirlfriends.com. The description on the website is accurate. She was good company but a little reticent at touching. Worth meeting again.


06-21-02, 22:15
Hey ironman1

I found exactly what you are looking for at europa escorts. I would highly recommend them. You can find them on the net at http://www.europaescort.com/ .

06-25-02, 01:11
I'll be staying near Montreal in August and am tempted by the number of escorts advertising on the web. Of course it'd be cheaper to head for some SW downtown, but I kinda like the idea of a reservation and knowing what I'll get ahead of time.

A question: If a girl charges C$200/hr, do you still need to tip, and if so, then how much?

Also, has anyone found a cutie who will allow Greek? If so please drop a name or two.

Thanks for the info.

06-25-02, 03:50
Hi, I am interested in visiting some swing clubs in Montreal. Are there any good establishments for single guys?

Member #1465
06-26-02, 17:07
Was back to Hilltop. Had a couple of drinks with the same girl as the previous time. Told her I wanted to have sex with her but not in those small booths. Gave her my phone number. Lets see if she calls. She danced a couple of dances for me and she is very good at that.

06-27-02, 21:23
Lion - Check out my earlier recommendation from greek. The wonder of Montreal is that you can ask for what you want without any secret codes. Write to any of the escorts that you see on the web and ask for what you want. It is that easy. As for my recommendation, I got greek from a wonderful mid twenties blond for $200 Canadian. I would recommend her.

06-28-02, 01:15
Would you mind posting a name or www address of the girl you'd recommend for greek? Thanks.

06-28-02, 16:48

I honestly don't remember her name. I have been to the service three times and asked, and received, exactly what I asked for each time. I have dealt with service both via email and on the phone. The woman who owns the service is very direct so just ask and you will receive.

06-28-02, 19:02
Anyone here have any experience with the women on St. Catherine Street and Boulevard St. Laurent? Also what is the issue with the Montreal LE on the SW scene? Is it legal or not? Thanks any info would be appreciated.

06-29-02, 04:10
I went to one of the Montreal swing clubs
last winter; the name escapes me but its
the one with the best website with both
French and English versions. Its in
the northeast part of Montreal, a couple
blocks from the subway. Anyway,
it costs C$80 for a single guy to get in;
main building is a regular bar with dance floor.
The "swing pad" is out back in a different
building across the courtyard. Now here's the
important part. On Friday and Saturday nites
a single guy has to be invited to the swing pad
by a couple; apparently on Wed and Thurs
nites anybody can wander on back. Unfortunately,
I was there on a Friday, don't speak French,
and had no luck in wrangling an invitation from
one of the many couples. I did sneak out back
for 5 minutes, which made it even worse as
I was able to get glimpse of some serious orgy
and gang-bang activity only to be told to leave
until I was invited by a couple. I don't know
if Wed or Thursday nites are any better, but
I left mighty frustrated that Friday nite.

07-03-02, 04:39
Oskar, can you post the directions from montreal to the Hilltop and what are the prices,do you recommend any girls. thanks t-rex..

Member #1465
07-05-02, 14:52
See my previous post. The girl from Hiltop called me and we went out yesterday. She made it clear over the phone that it was a business arrangement from her side and of course thats what i counted on too. We went to a restaurant and we had a dinner and good conversation. She is very nice and we had a good time. She told me what she wanted in the form of money and that was an huge amount that I never was going to pay for anything in the sex area. We settled for half of what she wanted and we went to a motel she knew about. There we had very good sex including bj and sveral different positions. It was in fact like a first date kind of sex and I enjoyed it. Afterwards we were talking and I drove her back home. All in all a very good experience. She asked if she could call again and I made it clear to her that I will never pay more then what I paid this time but if that is good enough for her then she can call again. We spent around 4 hours together.

07-08-02, 00:10
can someone who knows good directions from montreal to the Hilltop club post them,it would be helpful and prices and recommended girls,seems this jerk thinks everybody wants to know about his silly little meeting with a hooker.. I thought that is what this forum is for, helpful info and recommendations. thanks..

Member #1465
07-08-02, 17:26
For T-rex
The direction is. Take 20 out of Montreal through Dorion. Turn on to 540 (I think its exit 29) towards Montreal and Ottawa. First exit (exit 2) and you pass a stop sign and then left just before the gaz station. You see it from the gaz station. I could give you directions coming 40 out of Montreal too but thats more complicated.
And I'm not a jerk. And it was not a silly meeting it was a good one.
Prices You can find if you read some earlier posts but I can repeat them because it was in the old Forum. 20 for a dance where you can touch the girls. 60 or 80 for a blowjob. 120 I think it was for sex and I never tried that one. I have just tried one girl so I can not give any valuable recommendations. Hope this will help you.

07-17-02, 04:19
There are still too many thorny legal issues in this town with regards to sex. The only legal thing is the escort services. Personally, compared to Amsterdam or Germany or even France, Jamais Cannes!!, Montreal is still not as loose as Europe, however its still a lot of fun.

Denis Bentham 2
07-22-02, 04:36
I was in montreal this week to see the Mets...there were a lot of police in the downtown area...the hookers on rue sanguinet have disappeared.....be careful of the girls on rue ontario...one pretty young brunette who goes by the name of sharon or sophia,took my money saying she was buying drugs from a nearby dealer...and disappeared....the Dunkin Donuts by the bus station which was a hangout for hos has closed...action on rue st. hubert is spotty but you can get lucky..one middle eastern type attracted a lot of attention....

07-23-02, 05:19
That's why you have to stick to incalls and escort services in Montreal. Most good escort services charge between 140-200 Canadian Dollars, thats like 90-130 US Dollars and its damn good service. The only thing is that prostitution isn't out in the open like in Europe or South America where you can just walk into a brothel whenever you feel like it. Sure you got some strip clubs and massage places that are walk in but escorts are a better value.

07-30-02, 04:09
Greetings fellows,

After hearing wonderful things about Montreal, I have finally decided to plan a trip up north (from NYC area) and would greatly appreciate any expert opinions/help.

Most likely, I will make the trek alone. Therefore, I would love to know of which hotels are recommended (in the heart of the night life) and which particular escort services are most reliable.

I wouldn't mind spending a bit more on a nicer hotel (rather than just a place to rest my head) and would love to know of the strip clubs (or even ease of distance to swing clubs, as posted in earlier messages below) as a warm up.

Montreal seems to be the best thing on the east coast from my travel experiences...I would love to prove it so!

Much thanks for any info!!!

07-31-02, 13:28
I find this a fantastic board for countries, although I must admit the Canada section is really weak. Probably because everyone is posting on http://www.canbest.com/forum_index.html
They have some 30,000 posts on Canada alone!

08-01-02, 00:34

08-03-02, 19:05
I didn't think Canbest was useful it was too disorganized then again Montreal really didn't blow me away the way that my trips to Europe have.

08-04-02, 00:54
For hookers Montreal is great but for picking up regular women, French Canadian women are very North American, meaning that they like to keep their distance, and you have to make the first move, not the other way around. Those Quebecoise can sometimes be very clubby. Even the French in Paris aren't like this, the Parisians have a better sense of humour, they are also nicer and more friendly and smile a lot, they are also thinner and better looking and really know how to dress, these French Canadians just don't seem genuine.

08-06-02, 00:11
Can anyone gives us an update regarding the SW scene in Montreal? Is it alive and well? A post by "denisben" on 7/21 seemed to imply that activity was way down. I'm just wondering if this only lasted a few days or if it's a major crackdown.

08-06-02, 02:31
Can someone recommend the best brothel for my first visit this weekend?

I found a ton of info here

and here http://www.**********.com/discus/messages/169/1589.html?1028438273

Canada sounds like a great place


08-06-02, 03:17
To the Hulk and Derk, the sw scene is on very shaky ground in Montreal, you can find them, I saw quite a few on St. Catherine St., a few hanging around near the metro stop, but then again I also saw quite a few cops there too. You can get arrested for soliciting a street prostitute. Incalls have been busted by 5-0 as well. The best deal is to stick with escorts as they come straight to your hotel. Personally I found Montreal to be fun but not as relaxed and fun as Europe when it comes to paid sex.

08-10-02, 14:47
Originally posted by Derk
Can someone recommend the best brothel for my first visit this weekend?

I found a ton of info here

and here http://www.**********.com/discus/messages/169/1589.html?1028438273

Canada sounds like a great place


You will not really find brothels like in Europe in Montreal. Outcall escort service is legal so that is what has the most action. ********** is a great site to check out lots of information about Canada on it. If you really want incall check that site or pick up a copy of The Mirror a weekly free paper and you will find many ads in the back. I find Montreal to be the best place in North America to travel to for sex.

08-10-02, 14:58
Originally posted by Hulk
Can anyone gives us an update regarding the SW scene in Montreal? Is it alive and well? A post by "denisben" on 7/21 seemed to imply that activity was way down. I'm just wondering if this only lasted a few days or if it's a major crackdown.

Was in Montreal last week, took a ride down Rue St Catherine, saw lot's of girls working around St Denis area. The key here is to get in find someone and get out quick don't let the police see you driving around and if pulled over just claim to be a little lost, or have the name of a place on Rue St Catherine West ready and tell them thats what you are looking for. The RLD is located on Rue St Catherine East. Montreal is a very friendly city, they like to help you I found LE to be some of the nicest people around. But you can't say I'm lost if you have been driving around the block 5 times. Good luck and have fun in Montreal.

08-11-02, 14:03
Montreal is great if your stuck in North America, but for anyone who has been elsewhere such as Europe or South America, this place is somewhat of a drop in quality from those two places. While I found the women here to be fairly open, they will often object to doing a lot of things. The 140 Canadian rate will get you an s and f, some women will charge you extra for taking their bra off, or for DATY, or for BBBJ, some will not allow some or any of these things. Personally I prefer Amsterdam, and in particular the prive huise brothels as they are cheaper and the women are less inhibited and more into the sex. I left Montreal unsatisfied, and pretty much next time I'll just go to Europe.

09-11-02, 20:27
Had a couple experiences in Montreal in August.

The first was a bit of a run-around as the agencies were busy and wouldn't come out to West Island, but finally got a girl to show up around midnight. She was 20ish (7/10) and had a nice well rounded body, but after letting go (CBJ) she was ready to bolt after just 20 minutes. I called her agency, she got pissed at her boss, but stripped down and we went another round missionary style. It was fun, but the hassle of negotiating (while nude) with someone half my age was a bit irritating to say the least. Paid C$140+20 for the out-of-town location.

The second was 100% easier. Called #1 Geisha and booked the next available girl. Was told C$80 for 1/2hr, C$120 for 1hr with unlimited service! Got to the downtown apt. easily, and a "6/10" answered the door with a big smile. I think her name was Josiannne. The apt was filled with candles, 4-poster bed, mirror well placed, etc...To make a long story short, I went 2 (safe) rounds and thought about a third, but I felt so relaxed just lying there chatting that I gave up on the idea. Good sex, location and attitude did a lot to restore my belief that hookers are fun.

09-14-02, 18:09
Only visitors unfamiliar with the Montreal scene would make disparaging comparisons of Montreal with Europe. To get an idea of the choices available, see the Montreal Spreadsheet displayed at www.sexwork.com/montreal/spreadsheet.html

09-18-02, 00:26
Okay, I spent last weekend in Montreal. What a great time. I

don't know why I didn't go sooner. I started at a strip club not

too far across the border(I went straight up I-91). I can't

remember what the place was called, but it was amazing. About

10-12 HOT chicks walking around. $80 BJ and $120 FS "dances".

By the way that's in Canadian currency. I got a great BJ from a

tall blonde named Heidi. I went to some regular dance clubs

downtown, and had no luck picking up chicks. So, to the yellow

pages I went. I can't remember the name of the agency I called,

but the phone number is 270-9998. You must get Marianne.

Wow, talk about a total GFE. She's about 5'6" nice body, she

liked to kiss and she acted like she was actually enjoying herself.

I actually had her stay another hour. I paid $280 Canadian for

the 2 hours. That's about $175 US.

09-21-02, 16:10
I visited Montreal a few months ago and personally I thought as far as quality of the service and the French Canadian women are concerned, many European countries far surpass Quebec. I found the women to be fairly attractive and the prices were moderate, however, I thought they were expensive relative to a German FKK or a Dutch prive. I used several services, one incall where I paid about 140 Canadian for an hour with the lady and I had to pay an extra 20 for a BBBJ. The woman would not allow me to kiss her on the mouth or go down on her. In fact among a dozen experiences I didn't get one kiss on the mouth and only a couple of times I got a chance to go down on the woman. In terms of personality the majority of women were rather cold but then again that is Canada, European ladies on the other hand were for the most part warm and friendly. In terms of looks a lot of the Montreal women have shown evidence of plastic surgery, when I touched this one lady's breasts, it felt hard to the touch, so I knew automatically she had a boob job. Sex in Montreal can get real expensive too, if you want a woman that is 8 or better you will pay a minimum of 200 Canadian dollars(with extras(tongue kissing, bbbj, cunnlingus) the price can easily go up to $250 Canadian) for an 'hour' and it really is not an hour of pure sex, there is a few minutes of getting acquainted then the girl gets ready. So for a Montreal 8 with full service I pay around 150-170 US Dollars, that is not cheap. For the same amount of money in an FKK in Deutschland I get two at least two hot sessions(in some places 3-4 for that much) plus a relaxing and non rushed atmosphere of a German FKK and the FKK women are more into the sex and making sure you enjoy yourself. Most sessions I have had with Montreal escorts never lasted more than 25-40 minutes tops as the woman seemed to be in a rush for time, she probably had other appointments that evening and Montreal is a big place. Who knows? Maybe the escorts place their priorities on clients that book for multiple hours.

09-23-02, 22:43
Hey Gang, I've posted a fair bit on Vancouver, Victoria, Jakarta etc but am a Quebec newbie and have a question: I need a GUEST FRIENDLY hotel, preferrably with parking included, that is not too far from the action on Rue St. Catherine. Any suggestions appreciated. Au revoir.

09-25-02, 23:09
Originally posted by Surfer
Hey Gang, I've posted a fair bit on Vancouver, Victoria, Jakarta etc but am a Quebec newbie and have a question: I need a GUEST FRIENDLY hotel, preferrably with parking included, that is not too far from the action on Rue St. Catherine. Any suggestions appreciated. Au revoir.

I stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott, they had valet parking, it's about 4-5 blocks from Rue St. Catherine, and I had no problems with guests even at 3am.

09-27-02, 21:53

Kinda curious that a girl would not let you kiss her on the mouth but she would smoke your hog bareback......

...Go figure

09-28-02, 22:12
Service in Montreal is mixed, and you usually don't get everything, in Europe you almost always get to kiss the woman on the mouth and in many cases you get a bareback blowjob and you almost always get to go down on her. Though if you want uber service, you have to go to Brazil.

10-01-02, 21:19

You're getting a little fucking boring. That's eight consecutive posts in this section that make a comparison with Europe, which you obviosly prefer. Enough already -- we get it. It's not that I disagree all that much with your content, as the commercial product in Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin, Budapest and a dozen other European cities I've been to is top notch. It would be nice, however, if we could see a post from you in the Montreal section that just pertains to Montreal.

10-01-02, 21:40
Originally posted by CBGBConnisur
Montreal is great if your stuck in North America, but for anyone who has been elsewhere such as Europe or South America, this place is somewhat of a drop in quality from those two places. While I found the women here to be fairly open, they will often object to doing a lot of things. The 140 Canadian rate will get you an s and f, some women will charge you extra for taking their bra off, or for DATY, or for BBBJ, some will not allow some or any of these things. Personally I prefer Amsterdam, and in particular the prive huise brothels as they are cheaper and the women are less inhibited and more into the sex. I left Montreal unsatisfied, and pretty much next time I'll just go to Europe.

When in Amsterdam, I also prefer the so-called "private houses" instead of outcall escorts or the "clubs." And It is also very important to me that the girl kisses with a BBBJ almost as important. So if we have similar requirements but you didn't like Montreal, you probably didn't try Les Filles de Monsieur Jacques. After many visits to Montreal over the past 5 years I now almost exclusively call Jacques'. A disclaimer: The girls are not the most beautiful (as an average - there's always the exception), just like the girls in the "private houses" in A'dam are not as good looking on the average as the girls at Yab Yum (prohibitively expensive) or the other A'dam clubs like Ria's. But they are less inhibited and more into sex.

Based on my experience with Jacques:
- Every girl I have been with offers a BBBJ and I never had to ask on the phone about it. (However, I do check the Montreal Spreadsheet mentioned below and www.canbest.com before every trip mostly to make a note of the occasional mention of someone who does not offer it, just to put the name on my "no" list, but I never had to use it.)
- I always ask for a girl who kisses on the phone. And when the girl arrives, before she calls the agency I confirm that kissing is ok with her. No-one ever said no.
- I also ask for a slim girl. If they know it's important to you and they don't have someone, they'll even say so (some of them them, see next comment).
- The person who answers the phone can make a difference in the quality of your experience. Jacques himself runs the business daytimes with a girl answering another day or two. Both are excellent; you get the type of girl you asked for and more or less on time. Weekend evenings, last I know, a guy named Michel answers while driving and he's fine as well. Now the problem is a guy called Yves (pronounced like Eve in English) who last I know answers Tuesday through Thursday (or Friday) evening. I didn't have problems with the kissing promise but I've had to wait for hours and others had a girl switch pulled on them. Most of the girls hate him as well. I try to stick to girls I've been with if he's answering.

I don't have the phone numbers handy but they are listed in the Spreadsheet and they also have an ad in the Journal de Montreal. The price is $130 Canadian per hour (with $110 for each extra hour). Like all "french" agencies this includes unlimited times (service illimite') although I can only vouch for up to twice in an hour personally :(. Which reminds me to add that some of the girls speak very little English (which should not be a problem), but on occasion one speaks no English whatsoever. I do speak some French so there is no need for sign language, but if that's important to you, check.

Of course Montreal does not have the other type of freedoms one can enjoy in A'dam, but if the elected legislators have their way over the police objections, in a few years, who knows... :p

10-03-02, 02:46
I am looking for any type of Exotic hotel in the Montreal area. Theme rooms or anything like that. My wife and I are looking for a getaway and wanted to try something a little wild. Any suggestions?


10-04-02, 02:15
methyos, I don't know what crack you smoke but some of the women at the top private houses in Amsterdam easily compete with those at Yab Yum, women at those top level Amsterdam clubs are beautiful, but you can find the same level of beauty at any high level prive or even in the Red Light District. For the quality that is comparable to an Amsterdam 7-8 you would easily pay 150-175 US Dollars in Montreal. The women I saw at the $140 Canadian services I would rarely rank above a 6. You should see some of the amazing clubs of Prague that will absolutely blow your mind and the prices there are quite cheap.

10-06-02, 20:30
Well, CBGB, if you are now going to tell us that the girls at Amsterdam's Red Light District french kiss and do BBBJ, then you must have found some potent crack indeed. Gee, maybe they do if you share your crack with them, is this how you do it?

Funny how you never give any details whatsoever in your posts. Meister Pat was right about you becoming fucking boring...

10-07-02, 13:33
CBGB, the Dutch women in A'dam are really into safe sex and ALWAYS uses condoms for everything. They are afraid of the precum that most guys emit while they are sucking away. Every pro girl I went to in the RLD, sex clubs like Yab Yum or Ria's, or massage parlours do condom blow jobs. It is a requirement that they do so. they take EVERY precaution NOT to get any STDs so they don't want to swallow pre-cum. Some people I talked to about sex education in Amsterdam say that they were taught to use condoms in ALL situations including blowjobs. They were taught never to kiss anyone they are not going steady with and not to french kiss if there is a sore on the mouth. The Dutch are heavily into safety. Brazil is more relaxed in this attitutde. They do BBBJ and only use condoms for intercourse.

10-07-02, 23:42
I only got one bbbj experience in Montreal and 0 french kissing, if you want it all in Amsterdam, I suggest you visit Park 118 or Vienna Massage, they give everything and some women will give you bbbj. Claudia who is in her late 20's and comes from Southern England does everything and works in 118. There is Julia at Vienna who will fuck your brains out and will do virtually everything. I never got any french kissing at all in Montreal which makes we wonder because Montreal is French influenced, anyway its just my opinion that I enjoyed myself more in Europe.

10-16-02, 13:49
I came back from Montreal this past Monday and I had a great experience. I only tried the incall services and a sex strip club outside the city because I was visiting my parents and hotels were expensive this past weekend because it was their Thanksgiving Holiday and the Queen Elizabeth II was in town. I first went to Hilltop which is in Vaudreil-Dorien off the 540. It costed me $70CD to get there by cab and $70 to get back. The cab agreed to wait for me for free instead of running the meter. The number for that club is (450)455-6526. The girls are $120CD for full service, cbj and sex for 2 songs or $150CD for 3 songs. They are all very hot and score a 9 or 10 in my book. I chose the $150 for 3 songs with a girl named Bianca who did a good cbj and great sex.
Next, I tried Divas which was in the Days' Inn hotel which has 5 girls working there and they only speak French and little English. The cab for this was $30CD each way from the city. They spoke only French so this agency was probably run by people from France and not native Canadians. Fortunately, I learned French from school so I was able to talk to the receptionist and made an appointment. I told her I wanted petite and not fat girl. I also liked them young. They hooked me up with a 19 yr old slim chick which I would rate about an 8 in looks by the name of Kaitlyn. The rate for this escort is $120CD cbj and sex plus $20CD for a bbbj (+$80CD for Greek which I turned down). She gave me a very brief tongue kiss then she immediately moved down to my cock and started sucking on it and my balls for a half hour. Then she begged me to lick her pussy which I did for 15 minutes and then I fucked her for 18 minutes which was 3 minutes past the finishing time. I would come back to this place on my next visit to Montreal.
The other agency I visited was #1 Geisha. The price was $120 for the hour. I forgot to discuss extras with the girl though. The girl I ended up with was Sandra. She was 24 yr old, slim excpet for love handles and about a 7 in looks. She also gave me an all too brief french kiss a kiss on the nipple and then she licked my balls. She then slipped a condom on and blew me with it on. She then wanted me to go down on her so I did that for 15 minutes and fucked her. Her pussy was pretty tight and she knew how to contract her vaginal walls on my cock which felt phenomenal. She also writhed in pleasure with every stroke I gave her until my release.
In general, incall services provide better services than strip clubs. Strip clubs offer better looking women though but they give less bang for the buck and they are out of town. The strip clubs in the city only offer contact dancing and no sex. When I do go to the city, I go there just to dance and hook up with non-pros which infortunately my stay in Montreal was too brief to hang out with the one I met at the Dome club. Next time I will stay in Montreal longer because it is worth the 8 hour drive.

10-18-02, 02:03
Omg, is that you EriktheViking!?!

This is Ivan from the ignamatize board. havent seen you in a while , can you give me your email, i want to ask you a couple of questions about your job in Europe, if you dont mind. Ill see you later.


10-20-02, 08:35
Hi, fellas.

I get to Ottawa, Canada frequently on business and make the 2 hour drive to Montreal for a "visit". My agencies of choice are Asservissante and Better Half.

This is my first call for Montreal room service. Alexandra runs the agency and is also an active escort. Very straightforward and honest.


The ladies at the agency tend to be older (27+) but are VERY good at what they do. My personal favorite is Sara. Oh, my. The beds we have ruined...the people we have awakened. $150 CDN/hour. 31 yr, 5í6, 120 lb, 34C-24-34. Very, VERY, the GFE. Deep kissing, BBBJ, VERY vocal...I have to stay in a different hotel each visit, heh heh.

Like I said, if you're looking for 19 yr olds, I would suggest Asservissante. Martin is honest guy and has never steered me wrong. BUT, if your looking for an great session with unbelievable service, Better Half is your agency. Rates are dependent on the lady (VIP or not).


Martin runs the place and is a very straightforward guy. Has never steered me wrong.

Evelyn and Emmanuelle were the ladies I saw and WILL see again.

Evelyn: 21 yr, 5í5, 115 lb, 34B-24-34, brunette
Emmanuelle: 23 yr, 5í4, 110 lb, 34C-24-34, redhead, "boobily" enhanced.

Both of these ladies were a treat for me.

Evelyn was a little reserved to start but warmed up later. VERY beautiful in my opinion. So much so, that when I opened the door and I saw her for the first time, I literally froze and said "Whoa." Has one of the best real orgasms I ever seen. I saw her when she had just started with Martin. She's getting popular and only sees one or two clients per shift.

Emmanuelle was very attractive, also. New to Martins selection of ladies. A few tattoos, and VERY tiny. The best way I can describe her is "Little, redheaded FUCK machine!" VERY GFE with my visit. Good kissing and BBBJ. YMMV, of course. Should have booked her for 2 hours. Next time. Oh, yes. Next time.

Both ladies speak decent English with a cute little French Canadian accent.

Like I said, Martin won't steer you wrong. Tell him what you're looking for and explain anything that may be a potential problem for the lady (i.e., I'm a black man) and he will do his best to accomodate you.


Kick Stand

Dirty Dog
10-24-02, 05:28
I will be visiting the area within the next 2 weeks. What area would I find the most activities and the best looking woman? I've checked out some of the escort web sites and they look very tasty. Are there any extra fee's or tip's to get what you want or is it just the hourly cost?

10-27-02, 11:13
I'm looking for hotel recommendations - location, girl-friendly, and reasonable?

anyone ever try a motel 5-10 miles out of town? they seem to be cheaper with no parking fees. do the girls charge more to get to out-of-town locations?


10-27-02, 19:20
Many agencies add a transportation fee of about $25 if your hotel is outside the downtown area. Some providers charge double that and some will refuse to come at all. With Montreal agencies (not massage parlors), fs is always included in the hourly fee. A few escorts provide bbbj or greek for an extra fee as indicated in the spreadsheet.

Dirty Dog
10-31-02, 06:34
Hey TheKing

Just got back from Montreal I tell you what it was well worth the trip and there's lot of younge ladies to choose from. The Quility of woman there are the best i've ever seen anywhere and the price about 100$ us well worth it. Highly recomend takeing a trip up there. Prostitution is legal there so you dont have to worry about getting busted.

Dirty Dog
10-31-02, 08:33
Hey alohau5

I just got back from my trip to Montreal. I stayed at the chablis off ST-Jacques street it was $80can and there was some other one's right in the same general area that look a little cheaper I seen one that had a sign that said $20can for 4hours but I am pretty sure there girl freindly. I checked out ST-Catharine's street but it was my first time there so I was'nt realy sure where to go to find a girl so I went back to my room and called another girl over it was just some much easier then riding around not knowing where to search and its just way to cold to go walking around. Well goood luck.

10-31-02, 14:54
I didn't know it was legal,,,i thought it was more accepted...So do they have "brothels" or is it street action.....how does it work in montreal?
how long was the drive...did the people speak english mainly. or french?
how much money did you think the trip cost you? i know that is a long drive from virginia.
i ask all these questions, because i highly recommend going to amsterdam . the girls are around $30 us dollars, and beautiful...f/s............and you get to window shop..
when i was making the trip,,,i would get a $300 flight, and stay at $35 dollars hotels...then budget pussy money.....it was great...i miss it......im married now..

Dirty Dog
10-31-02, 20:31
Hey bleach, Its legal if they do it in Private but they cant go out legaly in public like SW type's arent legal. But the escort service's are very legal because its all done in private and you discuss the business over the phone. The service there realy surprised me once i've checked into a room I called a escort service and within 20 minute's I've had the hottest 18yr 5'4'' 105 lbs 34c-23-34 blonde hair, brown eyes with a flawless body and a very pretty face. She did'nt know any english but that was'nt a problem She first asked me for the money I gave her $100us or $140can better off exchanging you're money over to canadian because you'll save 15 to 20 bucks. She did'nt waste anytime at all she puts a couple of condoms on the desk next to the bed and starts undressing and we started haveing sex in several positions after I blew my load she gave me a nice massage for about 10 minutes and then she grabed another condom and said one more time. I was like fucking right. After we were done she took a shower and gave me a hug and kiss good bye. If exchange you're money over to canadian you'll end up spending about $85us dollars for a hour of being in Heaven with a very hot girl. I paid $50us for my room for the night but they cheaper one's there was one that you could rent for 4 hour's only $20 canadian thats less than $20us and that place was just across the street from mine. The service was not rushed and you'll get the full hour. I aslo made another appointment later on that night I needed a couple of hour's to go out and eat. But I got another Gorgeous younge girl with service = to the first girl. I later went out to check out the street action on St Catharine street its a one way street I drove down it a couple of times and I decided to park and go out on foot. It was so damn cold. But there was a good amount of Sw out that were 5 and 7's on looks. There are apartments that have 4 to 5 girls working out of them they wanted $20can BJ and $50can FS but they were'nt as good looking as the escorts i've been with that night so I passed all that up. Got back to my room at about 5am and called another escort service and the guy i talked to said he could have a asian gril there in about 5 minutes. He was right and it surprised the shit out of me how fast you can get a girl here without even leaving you hotel room the longest I think I waited was like 25minutes.

Most of the people speak both french and english I dont know any french at all and I did'nt have any problems there. This is a pretty big city and there's a lot of one way streets and its very easy to get lost. There's a little china town there aslo but I did'nt have time to check that area out. I spent most of my time in the hotel room because it was just way to cold up there. But I think it was well worth the trip up there. They also have a lot of Place's for Homo's and Lesbian type's I found that out when I was walking the streets and a guy said he''ll pay me to fuck. I was kind of shocked. I then stopped a cab and got a ride back to my car I've walke a couple of miles and neiborhood I was in was'nt looking to safe. I spent about $450 us for the 2 days I was there and that was for gas, food, hotel, and 3 hot girls. There were cheaper ways of getting laid there but it all depands on what you're looking for and I wanted 9's and 10's and thats what I got.

11-03-02, 12:58
DD and RS-

thanks for the info on the montreal hotels. Sounds like its worth the few extra c-bucks to get a downtown location - as long as they don't overcharge for parking your car.

DD, I found Le Chablis Motel's web site. Looks like a decent place. I'll definitely keep in mind for my trip - still haven't picked the dates. I also like the look of the Quality Inn downtown - says its near Molson Center. That a good locale? It's also a little cheaper.

I hear you can skip the tax by fillling out some tourist form. Anyone have experience there, or is the hassle not worth it?

Also, I love asian girls, and would appreciate any recs on agencies that specialize in those girls, or on AMP's in montreal.


11-03-02, 18:27

I stayed at the econolodge ceterville. It is cheap and friendly managment. Check out the restaurants on St Denis and St Laurent Go to the L'axe on St. Denis . It is a cool strip club that has a lesbian show every hour or so within walking distance of the hotel. It also has10 dollar lap dances; you can't beat that. It is probably best to take a cab, walk, or use the metro where you need to go. Everything is downtown so you don't need to go far. To pick up girls, go to the bars on St Laurent. I got the impression that most of them are stuck up and don't want to talk to you unless you speak French. Maybe it is just because I am an ignorant american. The deal with the taxes is you save your receipt and take it to the duty free shop at the border or the airport and you get the federal tax back but not the provincial. After you get your taxes back pick up a bottle of Canadian whiskey in the duty free shop to take back. The price is ridiculously cheap.

11-08-02, 14:44
importer...great info and suggestions. will scope it out. looking at going first week in dec. hope I don't get snowed in. will report back. thanks!

11-09-02, 12:44
After reading Kyck Stand's posting, I emailed both of the sites he listed to set up a "date" during a business convention I have in a few weeks.

Better Half is run by a rude woman named Alexandra Heart. She won't deal with anyone who doesn't use their real name. I expect a little more discretion than that in the agencies I call. If you don't care about little things like discretion and courtesy in your courtesans, give this place a call. If you are like me, however, you'd stay away from this place.

Asservissante's email is broken. No comment on their quality....

Malted Milk

11-15-02, 22:02
hey im planning a trip out to the island. im looking for hotels for the budget minded hobbyist. and what are the tracks for sw action? any replys are appreicated.

11-19-02, 08:48
I'm a native Montrealer and wanted you guys to know about a good site for doing research on my fair city.

check out the strip club forum:

There are also sections on other action in the city.

Some of the best strip club action is north of the city where the cops don't seem to give much of a damn. Among the best are Motel St. Pierre not far from Mirable Airport. Also worth a look, especially during the daytime is Studio Le 300 in the north part of Laval. You can get full service west of the city at L'eclypse in Rigaud and at Miss Hilltop in Dorion.

Also not to be missed are gang bang nighs at Les Libertins on St-Hubert Street. (This is a kind of swingers club.)

Let me know if any of you check these places out.


11-24-02, 05:32
2 Questions:

1. Is there any action at all in Montreal during Winter? If so then where is it?
2. Is Mardi Gras a good time to visit Montreal and/or Quebec City?

11-27-02, 15:16
There is always action in Montreal. See previous post for exact locations.

There is nothing special about Mardi Gras in Quebec. In fact it's a religiouls holiday of the Catholic Church.

12-03-02, 15:10
Been to Montreal for Thanksgiving weekend and these are the escort agencies I tried:

bbbj=bare back blowjob, cbj=condom blowjob, DATY=dining at the 'Y' (pussy lick)

Sweet Dreams
(514) 919-6495
Rates: $300 for Julia, Brazilian
$200 for exclusive
$160 for regular
I tried this agency Thursday afternoon during the Thanksgiving weekend after getting off the bus and into my room at 4PM. $300 was a little too steep and I didn't want to spend $200 yet so I opted for the regular model and they sent me a tall slender gorgeous brunette named Amber. I would rate her about a 9 in looks. She gives bbbj and ball sucking, DATY, french kissing, no anal. She is 23 yrs old, b-cups, and has a tongue ring which makes her bbbj and french kissing phenomenal. She was also very passionate as well. She stuck around the full hour caressing me after a long 40 minutes of sex with many different positions. I would recommend her and would repeat with her.

Gold Agency
(514) 972-6969
Rates: $190/hr
I did this agency on Saturday afternoon Thanksgiving weekend. I called around 1PM. They sent me Eliza, a little on the chunky side but had a cute face. I would give her a 6 in looks because of the chunkiness. She gave a bbbj (shaft and balls only, cbj for the head and shaft), DATY, french kissing, anal for a negotiated price, but I refused. She is 23 yrs old, large breasts (about an E-cup), a little chunky, brunette. She has the ability to contract her pussy tighter. She also did not rush the session and stayed the entire hour. If you are into thick women, I would recommend her.

Femme Fatale
(514) 979-8671
Rate: $150/ hr
Tried this agency Thursday night and called around 9PM. The girl they sent was Arianne. She was about a 9 in looks but I was a bit disappointed in her service. She gives a cbj, no ball sucking, no DATY, no french, and no anal. She was 19 yrs old with b-cups, tall, slender, and brunette. The sex was mechanical and because it takes me a bit longer to cum when it is covered, she kept asking if I was done yet. I pulled it out to show her I wasn't then I kept taking it out and putting it back in whenever she wanted to check on it. She stopped the session about 45 minutes and left. I wouldn't use her again.

(514) 217-4885
Rate: $160 hour
I called this agency about 1PM on Friday during the Thanksgiving weekend and they sent me Sandra, a 28 yr old blond with a buffed body. Her face was kind of ugly though, about a 4 but she looked like a bodybuilder with boobs. She also had bad breath and the moment she came in, she told me her restrictions which is cbj, no DATY, no french (like I want to do it with her bad breath mouth), and no anal. I sent her on her way and this was a very bad impression of this agency. I wouldn't try this number again.

Les Filles de Monsieur Jacques
(514) 983-5992
Rate: $130/hr
I called this agency Friday night at 8PM and they sent me Gabrielle. She is new to the business and doesn't really want to stay that long in it either. She is a little chunky but proportional. She has a D-cup, blond hair, blue eyes, and very cute face. She told me she normally does covered blowjobs but since she found me attractive, she wanted to suck me uncovered. She sucked my cock and balls passionately for a half hour uncovered. She gave me a phenomenal bbbj. She does not allow DATY or anal though. She does allow french kissing. To find out if she would give you a bbbj or cbj, ask up front. I personally would do her again.

Angel VIP Escorts, International
(514) 276-1786
Rates: $150/ hr
I called this agency Sunday morning at 4AM and they sent me Cloe, a 19 yr old slender blond with green eyes, and a C-cup. She has very cute childlike demeanor, about a 10 in looks, and a gorgeous body. She gives cbj but sucks balls, DATY, french kissing (if your breath doesn't stink), and anal for a negotiated extra cost. Cloe stays the entire hour for a non-rushed session and seems to enjoy what she is doing. I would recommend her

12-04-02, 06:08
Excellent Report, Darkseid! But I noticed that the phone number you listed for Moonlight belongs to another agency www.glamourgirlmontreal.ca

12-04-02, 14:58
Hi Robin,

Some agencies do go by several names at a time or they might have switched names after they get a bad reputation like the "Glamourgirlsmontreal" or rather "Moonlight" escorts. This is a good way to deceive guys that already know how bad glamourgirls is and to throw them off so they can unknowingly use this agency again under Moonlight or some different name. Also notice that the best ones keep the same name like Angel VIP is still the same because it gets good reviews and it got my good review too.
I will probably go back when it is warmer because I want to see what Montreal is like in the summer. I still enjoyed the winter though especially having snowball fights with strangers.

12-11-02, 19:43
From now until the end of the year is a great time to plan a trip to Montreal. I have been in Montreal around Christmas several times over the last few years. The city is not very busy and the prices are very low. All the hotels have very good deals on room rates. All the Strip Clubs are open and loaded with girls, but not many clients. Even the street action is very good because not a lot of non-working people on the streets. People think it is really cold but in fact many things are inside and also underground in Montreal so not really a problem. Also when it does snow the city does a much better job on clean up than in other places. Besides low hotel rates the sex providers are also very reasonable. Out call escort full service from C$100 dollars, incall services from $80 dollars, contact lap dances C$10 dollars, street girls from C$20 dollars. Added to the fact that if you are from the US your dollar is worth a lot more (US $1.00 dollar = CAN $1.60 dollars). Anyone who is in Northeastern United States show give the city a try.

12-13-02, 04:10
The December 2002 issue of the Montreal Spreadsheet is now available at www.sexwork.com/montreal/spreadsheet.html and www.sharemation.com/robinspecialist/Download

12-25-02, 12:08
Hi, I'll be in Montreal this weekend. I visited the all too famous Grand Prix the last time I was there. This time, I want to check out a Massage Parlor in Montreal or vicinity. Has anyone been to a good one before? Thanks!

12-25-02, 19:08
Originally posted by Pipnmike
Hi, I'll be in Montreal this weekend. I visited the all too famous Grand Prix the last time I was there. This time, I want to check out a Massage Parlor in Montreal or vicinity. Has anyone been to a good one before? Thanks!

Just to let the readers know Grand Prix was closed after a police raid on Oct 24. There is nothing new about this it has been raided many times before but this time besides the normal issues the building had some code problems. As a result of the building code problems the occupancy permit was pulled and then the liquer license. The last I heard they were working to correct all the problems and to reopen.

12-26-02, 21:30
Pleasant Experience in Montreal: One of my best sex ever was in Montreal duing a short business trip. I was staying at The Sheraton Hotel in downtown Montreal. I was coming back to the hotel after a dinner out with business associates. While in an elevator to my floor on 29th, the elevator stopped around 17th and came in a beauty in a skirt with tight top outfit. I would say about 5"5", 110 lbs, 8.5/10 on looks, and may be no more than 20 years old. Since I was standing in the center of the elevator with my colleagues left and right of me, she saw me first as she entered the elevator and smiled at me. I paid no attetion as she was standing next to me. Of the people in the elevator, since I was on the lowest floor at 29th, I got off first but as I was leaving the elevator, she said "good bye" to me and I just replied back. Few minutes after I entered my hotel room and was changing to go to bed, a phone rang from a business colleague who said while laughing he sent the elevator girl down to my room. He said she propositioned him since he was the last one to get out of the elevator while she was in.

Hinted that she was looking for service to render, I quickly put my pants back on but no socks because I wanted to catch her if I could. Went down to the lobby area but did not immediately spot her. I walked almost a circle around the lobby and finally gave up as I was passing an escalator toward the hotel elevators, she was coming down on the escalator. She was coming down from the mezzanine level alone in the escalator and we made eye contacts. I waited for her (nervously) and when she came down, she approached me and asked if I needed a date. I said sure but told her that I did not have too much money on me (honestly, all I had was $60 USD) in my wallet since I do not take much cash on business trips. I told her all that I had was $60 and she said that is fine and on the way to my room, she said I would get more than my money's worth. She was a French Canadian gal and pretty.

In the room, she started giving me a sensual massage (not good at it) all over my body but who cares as we were naked. Then, she put on condom and started riding me, then to doggie, and then missionary position. All this time, we were doing french kiss, with lots of tongue actions. After about 30 minutes and I finally exploded. Then, as she was getting dressed, she asked if we could see again tomorrow but my meeting schedule did not allow me and she asked in two days but I was leaving Montreal by that time. Anyway, we had a nice chit-chat and she was telling me she was going to school to become a masseuse. She also said she came to see someone at the hotel but he was not around. I guessed someone had contacted her but he bailed out for some reason. It was to my benefit, fortunately.

All in all, it was the best sex for the price with a nice young chick. The impromptu meeting added that much excitement to the whole experience.

Sorry it is lengthy.

12-26-02, 23:50
There are several massage parlors around the olympic stadium. Just look in the Montreal free newspaper available everywhere (sorry can't remember the exact name) and look for the massage parlors. There is one that gives you a pretty good 1 hour massage with 20 min of HJ for $40 on St. Catherine's street close to the Olympic villiage (Can't remember name). Most of these places charge a basic rate like $35-60 an hour and then "extras" like topless, bottomless and body to body massages are $20-80 more. Never tried for FS in these places but I get the vibe that it would be expensive. Out calls, SW are the easiest was to go.
For those of you in New England, the Rendez-vous erotica club in Iberville is a little run down but an excellent pit stop 20 miles into Canada. Just don't let the girls do 3-4 lap dances at $20 each WITHOUT asking.

12-27-02, 09:58
Thanks for the info across69. Hopefully I'll have a good enough time this weekend and post my experience.

12-31-02, 08:35
Well, I visited Grand Prix in September, sorry to hear it is closed. I had a great time there...I will be in Montreal again in January. Any other clubs offer full service as did Grand Prix?

12-31-02, 09:13
Originally posted by dfwdude
Well, I visited Grand Prix in September, sorry to hear it is closed. I had a great time there...I will be in Montreal again in January. Any other clubs offer full service as did Grand Prix?

A few other clubs in the Montreal area offer full service still. But none of them are located within the city itself most are about 30 minutes outside of the city. If you are driving and come through Burlington VT you will find one about 20 minutes after crossing into Canada on Route 133.

Bar Rendez-Vous Erotica
2126 133 Rte

West of Montreal about an hour on Route 40 going toward Ottawa you will find:

L'eclypse II
454 De la Grande Ligne
(450) 451-5924

And the two that are the closest to Downtown Montreal are about 30 minutes from downtown.

Miss Dorion
230 Hardwood
(450) 455-2427

Hilltop Show Bar
1150 route Hardwood
(450) 455-6426

Hope this information helps you out.

01-03-03, 02:56
L'eclypse II is on Route 40 to Ottawa. The other two in Dorion are on Route 20.

Originally posted by sexreview
West of Montreal about an hour on Route 20 going toward Ottawa you will find:

L'eclypse II
454 De la Grande Ligne
(450) 451-5924

And the two that are the closest to Downtown Montreal are about 30 minutes from downtown.

Miss Dorion
230 Hardwood
(450) 455-2427

Hilltop Show Bar
1150 route Hardwood
(450) 455-6426

01-13-03, 07:25
Has anyone gotten FS/BJ at Hilltop? I was only able to get some great lap dances from the pretty girls (one even made out with me!). At the rendez-vous in Iberville all the women there are up for FS.

01-14-03, 11:31
Montreal Trip Report ......

Hi All,

The last 3 days in Montreal have been wonderful. I canít help but wonder what it will be like upon my return next month. Itís funny how the term YMMV is so accurate in this hobby. We all have experiences wither good or bad to draw from, and expectations for the future based upon current reviews and our desires of fulfillment at what ever level they may be. Well having been to most party cities in the world, I found Montreal to be very much the same.

Since no two people act the same together, I have always found the reviews to be a relative gauge of the ladies personality and the zone they were in with that person on that given day. The ladies people liked the most, I like the least, and vice versa. Itís probably mental on my part, because I have such high standards. I mean the ladies do everything the reviews say, but something is lacking.

Lately, Iíve been having thoughts about the whole ďGFE Ē thing that everyone man wants so badly (including myself) and wonder who are we fooling? One, it never really happens mentally, and two, weíre playing Russian roulette! If sheís doing this to me, sheís doing this to everyone else 3-5 times a day. Most of the time, I donít fool myself into thinking Iím special or different, but sometimes it really is. I just click with someone, and we usually become great friends also.

I was talking to Stripper Lover on the phone in MTL and he said to me, do girl friends DFK? I said ďyesĒ. Do they give you ďBBBJTCĒ? And of course I said ďyesĒ. Do they give you ďDATYĒ? And of course I said ďyesĒ. And he said well thatís what I want. I suppose most men are willing to roll the dice.

Anyway I digressÖÖ I flew into MTL Friday morning and had a full reservation schedule of ladies lined up for the weekend.

First up was Jackie of Allissaís Escorts. She was Ĺ hour and came in this lame excuse for being late. I almost told her to take a hike. She is very attractive, and this svelte exotic way. Tall for an Asian lady, but otherwise built the same. Asked about restrictions and was told everything was on the menu except Greek. Even though I wasnít looking for Greek, this statement surprised me because I knew she provided this. The session was very loose and flowing. We did the usually, shared some wine, did the chit-chat thing, then went on to the fun and games. All GFE services were provided as specified, so most men will be very happy with her services.

Next I saw Sabrina from Asservisante because Annie, and Anabel were not working that night. But would be in tomorrow night. Martin the owner is just as cool and helpful as everyone say. His descriptions are accurate, and his ladies are young and nice. Sabrina was a young brunette with brown eyes, attractive, and very accommodating. Again everything was on the menu except Greek. So glad Iím not a hard core Greek fan. (*smile*) Her breast was a little saggy to be so young, and I could tell is was because she probably went around without wearing a bra. All GFE services were provided as specified, so most men will be very happy with her services.

I was on a roll so I called Millennia Escorts asked for Trina, a long blonde haired, blue eyed beauty from the EU. Even though Trina was very attractive when I opened the door, she did not look like her photo. Her hair was much short, and her measurements were larger than 34C-24-34. We shared some wine, talked about East Germany were she came from, then she went into the bathroom and came out in this sexy lingerie. I didnít ask her about restrictions because of the vibes that were flowing. She was hot, very into the session, and a good time was had by all. All GFE services were provided, so most men will be very happy with her services.

Saturday morning 8:30am and Iím a hurt puppy. I shower and get ready for Lea, one of the girls of Chloe of Montreal. I opened the door to room and was not impressed. I thought to myself ďthis canít be the girl on the websiteĒ She was tall, say 5í-9Ē, and built thin like model and her hair was pulled back in a pony tail. Her face was cute, but the acne and braces were not doing it for me. Yes, I know she was 20, but she looked like she was a very tall 16, with a nice rack. Beside her English was very weak and I was tired with a slight hangover, so I gave a $100 CDN and told her I wanted to pass on the session. And then I went back to bed to get some rest for my next reservation with Kristine of Montreal Stars at 12pm noon.

Noon, Kristine of Montreal Stars shows up and she is just a beautiful as everyone says. In fact reviewers have told me that she is one of the most beautiful escorts in MTL but she is not a GFE at all. (YMMV) I have some music playing and we share a bottle of sparkling water. We hit it off from the start and I immediately know why she getting the bad rap. Sheís model tall, strikingly beautiful, strong willed, highly intelligent, has confidence and Iím sure she intimidates a lot of men, but I like women like this. The whole session was amorous and sensual. Two great minds at work on each other, one trying to please the another. It takes a special person with a great mind to get into Kristineís zone. But the experience is there waiting to be plucked like a flower. I ended the evening by seeing her again for an additional 2-hour, and our second encounter was even better than our first.

Next I see Tanya of Montreal Stars. I hear she is suppose to be super fine model material and totally GFE. Well she gets there, and all though she is very attractive, she is hardly model material. Itís the same person thatís in the pictures, but her pictures make her look better than she really is. We talk about MTL at night and the best night clubs to go to over a glass of red wine. The games begin, but Iím just not into this zone for some reason. She has a nice smooth rack and it would be perfect except for this scare that runs down the middle of her torso from a surgery. This doesnít take away from anything, I was just making a comment. All the reviewers love this lady and she lives up to her review on performance. I have no complaints that I can put my finger on, but something was lacking for me. All GFE services were provided, so most men will be very happy with her services.

Next I was suppose to see Chanel of Montreal at 5:30pm. I made the appointment via e-mail. She confirmed, and gave me her cell phone number. I called a few times. But she was a no show. It was just as well because I was a little tired anyway.

Later I call Martin on Asservisante and ask if Annie came in he advises me no, but that he has some one name Marie a part-timer who is working and is extremely attractive. I tell him to set it up for 8pm. Marie walks in and is very beautiful, with a radiant smile. We share a glass of wine and talk and joke like old friends. Marie has a beautiful flawless body that begs to be caressed. Martin was sue correct about her. We had a wonderful session, but she was a little to quite for me. I knew was into everything from her body responses and what was happening, but I kept wanting to say let it go vocally. All GFE services were provided, so most men will be very happy with her services.

As I stated earlier I ended my evening with a 2-hour session with Kristine of Montreal Stars and had another wonderful time.


I tried to book Kristine of Montreal Stars again this morning at 11am but was advised she wasnít working in the morning. So I hung out for the rest of the day before flying back to the USA. I started to try another VIP from a new agency called Peaches. They wanted $500 CDN for 2-hours for this super fine Russian mode. Well this was the highest agency I checked with so I passed. I also tried to hook up with Model Jessica but she had finals this week so she wasnít available until Sunday evening after my flight out.

This ends my trip report to Montreal. Iím going back next month. Stay tuned.


01-18-03, 00:51
There is a pretty neat Swinger Club in Montreal that has Orgies every night. The place is called Les Libertins located on St. Hubert. The orgies have to be seen to be believed, it is all sex left and right, the club is also very welcoming of single men. There is a bar and discoteque area and in the rear there is the area where all the sex goes on, they also have a VIP sex area as well. The only catch is that on Friday and Saturday nights a single man has to be invited by a couple to enter the orgy, if you don't get invited your out 75 Canadian Dollars, the only way you will get invited on these days is if you speak Fluent French or are very good looking or both. All other days single guys are let in.

01-18-03, 17:05
Hey Trent2461,

Finally, a man after my own heart! I just spent the last few minutes reading your review(s) of your last 3 day visit.. wow.. not much free time for basics like eating, sleeping.. but who needs those things anyway. Normally, when I travel to Montreal, I am there thurs-sun seeing about 5-7 ladies.. but never prebooking.. but I do go prepared.. I will be in Montreal Feb 22 - 25, if you are in town and looking for someone to have a beer with at a area strip club, in between sessions, let me know.. I'm normally a lone traveler in this hobby, every now and then I'll hook-up with a buddy or fellow hobbyst to share notes, etc.. if not, that is cool as well, keep the cliffnotes coming


01-24-03, 05:44

Great report. Coincidentally, my friends and I are going to Montreal in early February to hobby one weekend. Can you post the prices you paid for each girl. I've heard Montreal has some good action. Nothing compared to South America but something different.

I plan on checking out the complete scene there (internet escorts, strip clubs, massage parlors, etc.). I'm going with Kick Stand and another cool dude I met in Rio.

I'll try to post when I return.

01-26-03, 08:47

Sorry to hear that you were having problems with my recommendations.

All I can say is I think some things have changed with Alexandra's personal life and she's letting it affect her business, which is not good.

Asservissante's e-mail is back-up. I e-mailed them today about the upcoming trip I'm making with Saint and Martin replied today.

I still stand by my recommendation for Asservissante. As for Alexandra, I must say that after my last visit, I would only see Sara from her agency. I tried one of the newer girls and we just did not click. I don't see her on the website anymore. She wanted to waste most of the time talking. There's a reason I book for 2 hours and conversation isn't it. So now, unless I can see Sara (who is currently away on business), I will skip BetterHalf.

Hope you have better results next time,

Kick Stand

01-27-03, 01:07
Actually Malted Milk...I'm not sure how experienced you are with US escorts but most independent escorts want a LOT more information than just your real name. Most of the high class ones need your full name, your place of employment, your telephone number and sometimes your driver's license #.

Yeah, I feel leary about giving out that information too but you gotta remember that these girls have a huge amount of risk dealing with some of these guys. They have to make sure that a guy is who he says he is and NOT a cop or someone with a criminal record.

I don't see US escorts anymore but I dated a few of them and saw first hand the kind of BS they had to put up with. As far as Asservissante.... I would trust my good friend Kyck_stand's judgement. I'm gonna try them out. I just emailed some girl from some random website I found and she lowered her price for me so I'm gonna see her. I've heard mixed things on Asservissante but I'm willing to try them out.

It will be cold as hell but hopefully we have some hotties to keep us warm.

P.S. I loved Amatuer's story. It's great. My funniest "hobby" story was one time when I was in Chicago on business. I was seeing this high class escort. I had a splitting headache and called down to the concierge to bring up some aspirin. He brought it up and I was watching CNBC. It was around the holidays. Anyway this kid was really nice. I was watching some stocks crumble and wasn't paying attention. I had the money for the escort on the top of the table. I told the kid to take a tip from a pile of money I had on another table. (I thought $10). He saw the $300 US and thought I meant that. He kept asking if I was sure and I said yes not paying attention.

Anyway, the girl came over and after the end I told her the money was on top of the table. She started laughing because it was not there. Oops. I figured out the kid grabbed the wrong pile. She knew I wasn't stiffing her because she saw me before. I had to put on clothes and go to an ATM. Also, I went to the kid and explained what happened and he seemed disappointed but gave me back the money. I gave him $50 of it back since it was my fault for not double checking. I had some good laughs thinking about it while reading Amateur's story.....

01-27-03, 21:07
Hey Folks.

I will be hobbying in MTL the weekend of Feb 14-17. Any advice on the following itinerary would be appreciated

Les Libertines for Sunday night gangbang
le1082 sauna - have not yet decided time and day.
1650 Belanger - This place sounds interesting.

Please any feedback on any of the above would be appreciated.

02-01-03, 21:02
Has Grand Prix in Richeleu re opend? Any other recommends for similar place?

Montreal Friend
02-03-03, 17:30
Hello jb_Boston,

Les Libertins is a swinggers Club on St-Hubert Street (it's a North-South Street), South of Belchasse Street (i.e. a East-West street). The entrance fee for single male is generally something like 80$ Can. (i.e. about 50$ US).

There are some nice girls and some intense action but the most interesting groups are generally already "formed" and single male aren't really welcomed to join them (not by the rules Club but just the general attitude and sponteneous dynamic). Still, if you're friendly, out-going and good looking, it can still be a pretty interesting option.

1650 Bťlanger is of no interest, no action at all; at least not when I was there.

I don't anything about the other place.


Johny 99
02-04-03, 07:17
Originally posted by dfwdude
Has Grand Prix in Richeleu re opend? Any other recommends for similar place?

I believe Le Gentleman (Marieville) has taken all of Grand Prix Business.

I'm not sure of the address. Check CanBest.com for more details.

Johny 99
02-04-03, 07:20
Kyck is right...Asservissante is a great agency. Martin is a class act. You cannot get better quality for the buck. (You can get better, and you can get cheaper, but you can't get a better bang for the buck.)

See Marie Eve at all possible. Melissa is fun. And there are a bunch of new girls I have not seen.

Originally posted by kyck_stand
I still stand by my recommendation for Asservissante. As for Alexandra, I must say that after my last visit,
Kick Stand

02-08-03, 18:38
I will type a detailed report when I leave here. I usually type it on the plane on my laptop. First of all I gotta say the talent up here is good. I've been having a lot of fun and I just got in last night.

Hanging out with my good friend, Kick Stand, has been a blast. This is like the 5th trip we've hooked up with around the world. I met Seaman in Rio last month and he is a very cool guy. Something tells me I've made another good friend and I'm positive we'll be hooking up again soon somewhere around the world. (Probably South America).

Seaman saw 3 girls yesterday, I saw two girls and Kick Stand saw 2 girls even though his flight didn't get in till like 11 PM!! The exchange rate is 1.50 to the $1 US. I didn't exchange any money at the airport and regretted it. I screwed up by not verifying the US RATE with the taxi driver. He told me $28 Canadian and I was ok with it. When he dropped me off I asked him the $US conversion. I told him I knew it was 1.50 so it should be like $19. He told me he couldn't accept US by law. Yeah right! I was pissed. It's not a big difference in money but the principle alone. (Key lesson: Exchange enough money at airport for taxi fare).

I told him he was a con man. The thing that sucks is that he was really cool on the ride to the hotel. He wanted $28 CDN or $28 US. I gave him $25 US and told him that he is a conman and is giving Iranians a bad name. (He was originally from Iran but spoke perfect English). Anyway....I get to the hotel. Wow! The hotel I picked out for the fellas is amazing. Probably one of the nicest boutique hotel I've ever been in. It's called the Gault Hotel. It's brand new. Rates are normally $375 CDN a night but they have a winter promotion of $195 CDN a night. Well worth it. The girls love it and the staff is great. My room is amazing. I love this place!!!


This hotel has CD players, DVD player, Flat screen TV, heated floors, cool modern furniture, comfortable beds, safe and everything you'd expect in a luxury boutique hotel. I give it my highest endorsement!

My first girl I had scheduled from the USA. Her face was blocked but she was a hottie. Her face looked like Neve Campbell from Party of Five. $180 CDN per hour. Seaman saw her friend. I'll post more details later. We're off to a full service strip club on the outskirts of town.

This is a beautiful city and the people are very friendly. I really love this town already. I can't imagine how great it is when the weather is warm. The city is very clean and I have a feeling I'll be up here alot. It's a hell of a lot closer than South America. It can get expensive though. Most of the high class hotties are asking for $450 CDN for 2 hours (with no option of 1 hour). Still about 1/2 the cost of the USA.

Damn life is good. But it is damn cold up here.

02-09-03, 08:19
i love it when a plan comes together. i had just been back from my 5 week rio/buenos aires trip when seaman emails me asking if iím up for a little fun with our neighbors to the north (canada). iím always up for a little fun with some hotties so i naturally agreed. seaman also met kick stand in rio and we all had a good time so he emailed kick stand too. kick stand didnít get to join the fellas back in rio two weeks after he left so he was in.

there is not too much information on montreal. i had only been up there one time before many years ago for business. i was only in town one day and didnít get a chance to see the city but i remember it was beautiful. i called an agency and i got some incall action to my hotel. the girl was a hottie. but that was many moons ago.

anyway, in preparations for the trip i searched high and low for the perfect hotel to stay in. some how i came across the gault hotel. both seaman and i wanted to stay in a boutique hotel. i went to their internet sight and the place looked awesome. less than a year old and seemed to be a hip place. i found out that rooms usually go for cdn $375 a night. ouch. they had a winter promotion of c$195/night. yeah, there are cheaper places but this place looked nice. i emailed the hotel and they emailed me back immediately. the girl was very nice in her email. then later in the afternoon after deciding iíd book 3 rooms there for the 3 of us i call the hotel on their toll-free number. you can imagine my surprise when i call up only saying, ďdo you speak englishĒ and the girl yells out my name. ďjohn doe??!Ē. i was surprised.

i told the girl that she must be really slow this time of year and how did she know it was me? ha, ha. she sounded cute. anyway we were all set. i started emailing all these internet girls on various sites. kick stand was telling us that asserviante was good to him in the past but they donít set up appointments that far ahead of time. i planned on using that service during my trip if i had time.

leading up to our trip kick stand, seaman and i would chat online almost every day via yahoo messenger and emails. we had a blast just talking about our itinerary and the plans we already made with girls.

while researching i quickly discovered that the hottest girls are not cheap. we ainít in south america anymore toto but i was following the yellow brick road. i emailed this girl i came across while doing some internet research. nothing was written about her but i thought iíd take a chance. her name was india and she just went independent which was appealing to me. she first asked for cdn $500 for two hours ($325 us) which is high but about Ĺ the cost of high quality us escorts. most upper end us escorts are about $250 - $300 us an hour. i emailed her back telling her that i just got back from a 5 week vacation and didnít have that kind of money. i wished her good luck. sure enough she emails me back and asks me what my budget is. she says that she has more flexibility now that she is independent.

i tell her that kick standís agency charges cdn $140 an hour. she tells me that she normally doesnít do 1 hour appointments. a theme that i would hear over and over in emails from hotties. she would again make an exception. i told her that i would book for 1 hour with an option of another hour if we were both happy. she agreed and it was on. throughout the week i emailed with her flirting and told her that i just so happened to have two friends that were also in the same hotel that might also like some company. i asked her if she had any friends. she emailed me a few photos of her friends. one of them kick stand and seaman both were interested in, giselle. only problem is her pictures had blocked faces like many of the escorts in montreal. i told her that my friends were picky and she just laughed and told me that they would like her.

seaman got in at 5 pm so he planned on having a session while he was waiting for me. i got in at 8:30 pm. i set up a 10 pm appointment. then i ask seaman if he wants to meet her friend so he suggests that they just come over together and we would all meet in the lobby bar. sounded like a plan. he planned on having another session while waiting for kick stand who got in at 11 pm.

ok. i had an uneventful flight to montreal. the plane was full so i upgraded to first class. it was an easy flight. as iím going through customs at montreal my cellphone rings. itís kick standÖ. his flight is delayed because of the snow. no problemÖhe has already changed his incall time. i clear customs quickly and was surprised they wouldnít stamp my passport even after asking the guy. he simply said ďwe donít do thatĒ.

in the taxi i called seaman and i could tell he was right in the middle of a session but he was happy. he told me his girl was over and to call him when i arrived at the hotel. i already posted earlier about the taxi incident. make sure you change at least $50 into canadian or so for the taxi. some might rip you off and try to charge you usd.

i arrive at the hotel and iím really happy with my choice. the staff is excellent and expecting me. they tell me that my normal room wasnít up to their standards (i found out later a vent was a little noisy) so they upgraded me into a bigger room at no extra charge. this one even now is almost $300 cdn a night. the rooms are super cool. each has a cd player, dvd player, heated floors, flat screen tv, safe, etc. mine has a cool stone wall. i love this place. definitely check it out if youíre in montreal. the gault hotel. www.hotelgault.com

i call seaman and he is still with his girl but finishing up. i just showered because i had an incall at 10:30 pm and it was 10 pm. seaman i can tell is impressed with his girl and wants me to see her. we arrange to meet in the lobby so i can meet her. he came down with this big ass smile on his face. his girl was gorgeous. she had this look about her. kind of the innocent school girl look with glasses. she was sexy as hell. i had a drink with seaman while waiting for our girls. it was really good seeing him again. i just hooked up with him last month in rio. he looked a little surprised to see me. i guess it can be surreal sometimes to see hobbyists in other international cities. ha, ha. great guy that you should hook up with if you can.

we bsíed with the bartender who obviously knew what we were doing. cool staff. we only had Ĺ an hour because our girls were coming. we went to my room and the girls came up to the room. i was a little nervous because i never saw a picture of my girlís face. seaman too with his girl. my girl was very pretty. her face looked like neve campbell from party of five. she was sexy and had that sexy as hell french canadian accent in her voice. her english was perfect. seamanís girl was pretty too. she had an exotic look to her. she was a light skinned black girl. we had some drinks from my mini-bar. a theme that would be common with these girls. seaman left and went up to his room with his ďdateĒ.

i started making out with her the moment seaman and his girl left. she was a great kisser and very sensual. we got in the luxurious bed and the rest was history. man she was passionate and insatiable. we went non-stop in every position for over an hour. her body wasnít hard body brazillian type but she made up for it with her style and sexiness. right after i finished, seaman called down to my room. ha, ha. i interrupted him earlier and now he interrupted me. i guess paybacks are a b*tch.

india asked if there was any possibility of seeing her again before i left. i told her possibly. needless to say we clicked. i donít like repeating but i knew definitely was a possibility. i paid $180 cdn for her time. i think she was there an hour and 20 minutes. she would have stayed longer on her own dime but she had to leave with seamanís girl. thatís ok. i was starving and so was seaman so we got something to eat.

about this time kick stand arrived. he was going to eat with us but he had a session with a girl. it was funny. as i was going up to seamanís room in the elevator i see this cutie and iím guessing that she is an escort. then i stop and remember maybe kick stand is on my floor and itís probably his girl. up to this point it was funny because i got to see every girl so far of one anotherís. we decided to go eat and meet kick stand at the restaurant. we just went to some deli.

seaman calls kick standís room after a while and he ends up interrupting him. ha, ha. this was a common theme for a while. after dinner we decide to go to a regular club. we go to this place called tokyo. some guy gave us vip cards to get in. we forgot to give them to the girl so we paid cover of $8 cdn each. address is 3713 st. laurent #201 if youíre interested. it was ok. many hotties but none on the program. darn! the waitresses were hot which got all of us kind of horny so we decided to leave for some more action. itís about 3:00 am at this point. our taxi driver was young so i ask him if there is any hot action at this hour. he says no but tells us there are some street walkers on some street. none of us our into that nor have never picked up any swís but we were curious to see. there were none at that hour and it was damn cold. we get to the hotel all kind of tired at around 3:30 am. me being the horny bastard that i am decide to connect to the hotelís high speed internet connection on my laptop. i bring up some escort agency and they tell me they can send over two 19 year old blondes in Ĺ an hour. i get a vague description but donít do a good enough job of screening or asking questions.

kick stand and i wait in my room for them. he asks who will see who?? he tells me how about the first girl that walks in is mine. fine by me. unfortunately both girls were were ford supermodels. far from it. they were ok but not my type. i planned on maybe just giving her $50 cdn to leave but she hangs out a while. i offer her a drink from the mini-bar and she goes nuts drinking all this stuff at $8 a pop. yikes. so much for me being a nice guy. at this point iím just tired and figure maybe iíll just get a bj. me being the horny bastard that i am just close my eyes and pretend iím in buenos aires or rio. actually the sex was quite good. these girls know how to dance in bed but i just wasnít attracted to her. she was really into it. these girls just keep asking for more and more.

after finishing i was damn tired. in fact i fell asleep with her still awake. after some time i think the phone rings and itís kick standís girl. she was all dressed. i got up the next morning nervous because i saw all these bottles of small liquor bottles empty. i guess when i zonked out she had a little drinking fiesta without me. there were probably 6 empty bottles. i determined that my bar bill for one day was probably over $75. oh well. i was nervous as hell in the morning because i remembered that i left out my passport case which had about $1,000 us in it laying on my desk. i forgot to put it in the safe. thank god everything was still there.

i woke up the next morning semi-early after only sleeping a few hours. i call up the guys and they agree to meet downstairs at noon to go to some diner seaman was telling us about that serves food with waitresses semi-nude. heyÖ..we were up for adventures and adventures we got. i forget the name of this place but it was blatant outside it was some kind of sexual place. i didnít see the words diner or food anywhere. we get in and itís kind of a dive. the girls are gross and ďsemi-nudeĒ must have changed because the girls were totally nude. some werenít wearing anything. i mean fully nude! most of them were disgusting but we just wanted to eat breakfast. the food was actually pretty good so no big deal.

we planned to hook up with wombat who is from montreal. he caught us in the lobby before we left so that was cool. he met us there and we decided to go to some fs strip clubs outside of town about 30 minutes or so drive. seaman rented an explorer so plenty of room for all 4 of us. we had a good time on the way laughing and joking around. part of the reason why i have so much fun on these hobbying vacations is because iím around class act guys that are fun to joke around with. we are in the middle of nowhere and we get to this place. líeclipse i think itís called. about 35 minutes outside of the city not far from the airport. we get there thinking itís open. itís 2:30 pm and itís closed and doesnít open till 3 pm. great. we are in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do so we go to the grocery store and stock up on booze to avoid more mini-bar blues. (i think seaman was going through as much booze in his as i was).

we head back over to this strip club not expecting much. it looks like a dive from the outside. we get in and we are like the first ones here. i only see one girl and she is gross. we decide to hang out and drink a few beers. things start looking up as one by one cuter girls start coming in. i spotted a few cuties that i know iíd at least get a bj from. the guys also were spotting some talent. the girls here were not approaching us. maybe they thought we were lost and just drinking. i pull out a wad of $1 bills to tip the strippers. that helps liven up the mood.

seaman spots a real cutie with potential. she had a great body and pretty face. we call her over and he buys her a drink. nice as you can be. i play barbara walters and inquire about prices and she says she canít discuss extra prices outside of the rooms. we joke around about who has to ďsacrifice ď to go with her to find out. she laughs at this. i want to find out the details so i give her $25 cdn to go give seaman a private dance. i thought she said $25 cdn but they are $20. man, he might have liked what he was getting because he was gone for at least 5 dances or so. meanwhile weíre tipping all the strippers on stage. some are better than others. i have a feeling they are not used to tips as none of them really knew to accept them when we put them on the edge of the stage. they seemed surprised at the tips. most were giving $2 us at a time.

kick stand buys wombat a dance. wombat is a really cool guy too. we hooked up with him in rio too but didnít really hang out too much with him. very cool, laidback guy that you should try to hook up with if youíre in montreal or anywhere else in the world. wombat was only back there one dance with his girl. she quoted him $60 cdn for bj, $100 for fs and $160 for half and half. he opted not to partake. about this time seaman finishes up. he looks happy. turns out his girl quoted him $80 for bj and $120 for fs. he opts for the bj. he doesnít complete though. i donít blame him as the rooms are small closets.

this girl with a really pretty face comes up to our table. her name was belinda. she was really nice with a nice chest. her body probably was hot 4 years ago and she told me as much. she asks if iíve been here before. i tell her yes i have. turns out she only has worked here 2 days. i told her that i knew the drill. i told her i knew it was $60 cdn for bj and $100 for fs. i ask about time frame and she just said it depended. we get back and right away she strips me naked. she gives me a great cbj and after a bit we start into the sex. she let me suck anywhere on the body but wouldnít really allow deep french kissing although we did a little during the sex in heated moments. we had to get creative with the positions as the room was small. mostly spent time doing it standing up from behind. i did complete and was satisfied. really nice girl.

kick stand also had a session with this hottie girl from miami i think. she might have been puerto rican. she had attitude. you should have seen her when she came out of the room with him. she was holding up her hands telling us, ďoh man youíre friend is hung like a horseĒ without actually saying the words. it was funny because she was going around telling all the girls in the club essentially that kick stand had ď3 legsĒ. ha, ha. it was funny.

we left and came back to hotel and started dialing up girls. seamanís room has an adjoining room that they forgot to lock so he opened it up and uses it too. in fact, we just called girls up so wombat is going to use the room and the bed. ha, ha. sneaky. the hotel staff loves us though. we are one of the only ones in this hotel i think.

kick stand and wombat call up some agency. i saw wombat go upstairs with his girl and she looked decent. no stunner but not a dog either. my girl came over shortly after. i decided to repeat with the first girl i saw. she looked better this time. this session was also better. we went non-stop for about 1 hour and 20 minutes. this girl is insatiable. she only started doing this 2 weeks ago so she is totally new. iím not even sure how i came across her. i guess it pays to do some surfing around on the internet. wombat saw her as i was walking her out the door. she offered to stay another hour or so but i had to go eat with the fellas so i told her maybe next trip. she forgot to ask for the money so i had to remind her.. same deal as before. $180 cdn. a good deal if you ask me.

we all went to eat at this restaurant on crescent street called w&dís or something. i canít remember. hopefully wombat can post it. it was a good atmosphere with good food. we hit a strip club afterwards called normaís. it wasnít too busy and the selection wasnít that great but we just wanted to relax somewhere and watch naked girls. i think all of us were pretty drained. i just called up some internet action from some agency. the girl is coming over here in a little bit so i hope she is hot. i think kick stand is going to bed. the dude was falling asleep in the strip club. seaman is a horny bastard like me so he is probably dialing up some action too right now. we leave tomorrow. seaman and i donít check out till late so weíll get some more action tomorrow.

02-10-03, 06:40
Last night I saw my girl. It was late. She didn't get over till like 2:45 AM and she only did a two hour option date. Normally they charge $450 for 2 hours. She lowered it just a little to $400 CDN for two hours. She was great!! Went crazy when I performed oral on her. Her name was Lauren. I'll post details like websites for the action we saw when I get back to USA. She stayed till like 5 AM. I was super tired this morning.

I met the fellas this morning down in the lobby. We tried to talk Kick Stand into changing his flight till later in the afternoon but he couldn't. Darn. He left and Seaman and I had breakfast. As mentioned before he is one of the good guys. He posts alot on WSA and is new to the CH site. We're lucky to have him on CH as he is a good resource. The dude has been all over the world on adventures.

Also, Wombat strolled in our lobby after we got done with breakfast. We reminisced about our Rio trip with smiles on our faces. Wombat is also a cool dude that has been all over the world. I'm sure I'll see him in Montreal again soon or somewhere else in the world. I always know the guys I will hobby with again. There are some guys I meet once and know I'll probably never see again but with guys like Kick Stand, Seaman and Wombat I'll postitive we'll see eachother again....Most likely over and over again.

I highly encourage CH members to travel together if possible. Makes the trips so much more fun. Half the time we're laughing about funny stuff that happens. You guys know how it is.

Seaman schedules some action with the first girl he saw when I arrived at the hotel the first night. So the circle was completing. He started with the hottie and will end with the hottie. I called the scheduler for the first girl I saw and she had another girl that is coming in a few minutes. My last session before I leave. $200 CDN for an hour. Yeah...a little pricey but that is what you get when you hobby in a first world country.

I'm gonna miss these guys and Montreal. I'm gonna try to hook up with Kick Stand and Seaman again next month in Rio. Now if I could only win the lottery my life would be complete.

What a great weekend trip with our friendly neighbors to the North.

02-10-03, 17:27
Final impressions

Iím sitting at the Montreal airport as I type this. I had a final great session with a girl named Jennifer. She was pretty with a good, tight body. She was very affectionate as the others have been. We walked downstairs together and I got her a taxi and I checked out. The hotel staff again was excellent. I wrote a few letters to chicas in South America and the hotel mailed them. The lady checking me out wanted to make sure I was ďsatisfied in every way possibleĒ. Oh yeahÖI was satisfied all right.

I had a nice ride back to the airport. I did find out that there has been a law the past few years that set the price of taxiís to the downtown area at $28 CDN. So, when you arrive at the airport from wherever you are coming from. Just make sure you exchange enough for the $28 CDN. My driver was from Greece. It seems like Montreal is a huge melting pot from people all over the world. Also, there is a departure tax that you have to pay before you depart the airport. It is $15 CDN so make sure you save enough money for this too. I saw some college kids that didnít have any cash left and they were running late and had to go run to an ATM.

I didnít know what to expect with the hobby scene but I wasnít disappointed. You canít expect much from a first world country. Prices were relatively high but that is the price you pay for being so close to the USA. I try not to compare hobby destinations. Each city has itís own flavor and feel to it. Of course it canít compare to cities like Buenos Aires and Rio where there are endless amounts of girls. The action here is almost all internet escorts, independents and mainly agency girls. You can go to the site below for action on many of the escorts in Montreal:


Iím not sure how updated it is. Wombat seemed to mention that some of it is not up to date but at least you can access it to get phone numbers of agencies. Another good site is:


Most of these girls are high dollar girls that require a 2 hour minimum and are $450 CDN for the two hours. There are a ton of agencies. Just make sure when you are calling that you clarify exactly what you are looking for. Ask about things like height/weight, race, hair color, eye color, tattoos, body pierceings, implants, etc. Basically whatever is important to you. That is the main thing that is a disadvantage to Montreal. Many girls here donít have pictures or they have websites with their faces blocked so itís kind of a gamble.

My favorite girl is at: http://www.geocities.com/obsessions_2003/

I am not aware of any houses where you could go for sex. I know there are incall locations for girls but didnít check out any of that. Since the action there is entirely escorts you want to make sure you stay in a nice hotel with a nice room. Every single girl commented how nice the room was. I loved my room. The staff was great there. One night I had to get a bite to eat. I was starving. They didnít serve food there but when I called down the guy at the front desk told me he had several menus. He took my order, then walked to the restaurant and brought it up to my room. They added on a 15% service charge for all of this. Then he saw I had a bottle of champagne and asked, ďCould I bring up some champagne flutes and some ice for you?Ē. Excellent!

I suggest wherever you stay that you bring plenty of champagne, wine, beer, bottled water, etc. When I checked out my mini-bar bill was like $70 US. You want to be nice and offer the girl a drink and then she raids the mini-bar. Use your judgment.

Montreal isnít a major hobby destination and never will be. Itís simply a fun place to spend a nice weekend with your friends. I donít know if Iíd come up here alone. It wouldnít be much fun. If you live near Chicago, New York or one of the Northern states itís a quick and easy get away. I live in a Southern state but it was still an easy flight for me. Itís NOT a cheap place to hobby though. Any nice hotel room will be over $110 US a night. The really ritzy places will be approaching $200-$250 US a night during high season. The hottest girls arenít cheap either. Most of the hottie escorts are asking for $450 CDN for two hours ($300 US). Itís easy to drop money here.

Ha, ha. As I was boarding my flight I see Seaman at the same gate waiting for the flight after mine on the same airline. We tried to coordinate a May trip together but I already have my tickets for BA.

Two of the girls I was with were really passionate. Nothing compared to the all out GFE, pornstar experiences of South America but these girls know how to make a guy feel good. Itís definitely a place Iíll go back to. Good luck.

02-11-03, 07:31

I have to answer many of your points about Montreal because it is clear to me that you missed the boat and are not portraying properly a GREAT city to hobby in.

You saw India? I was her first as an Indy and, man, she was very disappointing. There are MUCH better to be had. If you wanted to pay her rates, there are SO many possibilities that are orders of magnitude better than she is in the looks, attitude, and performance departments.

Who was Neve Campbell? India? Are you kidding? If you think she is good looking and you got high mileage out of her, believe me, she is low on the mileage chart compared to others I have seen.

Hah! You went to the topless restaurant. A Montreal classic.

OK, Lauren. Now you are talking. Another Montreal classic, but there are those with the same level of service, but much better looking.

The spreadsheet is OK, but many of the entries are incorrect. Several of the high end ladies are listed as CBJ, but they have convinced the maker of the spreadsheet to list CBJ only because if they don't like the looks of the guy, they can turn down doing BBBJ. That way they dont get a bad review. Most of them do BBBJ in my experience.

I have seen Emma herself 5 times and she is a very fine looking woman. I know several guys that have seen others at her site. She will be opening a new site soon, where her name is NOT prominently displayed. I can give you recommendations for anyone on her site with certainty.

Other sites with high end ladies (remember high end is $225 CAD per hour!) exist as well with many, many wonderful stars.

This kills me ....

"Montreal isnít a major hobby destination and never will be."

Are you kidding me?

Montreal is the sex capital of North America with an estimated 4,000 sex workers. That's why the prices are so low -- lots of competition. Look at the activity on the *** Montreal Board and you will see a dedicated group of hobbyists discussing some fine ladies. Many of these guys, including me, come from teh Northeast or mIdwest. Quite a few, believe it or not, come from Califormia to hobbyin Montreal.

Yes, there are not any $40/hour girls, but Canada is not a second or third world country. The economy in Canada is pretty good.

And believe me the passion of a pornstar may be found there - you just know where to find them.

Yes Montreal is not cheap. But compared to any other USA city it is a bargain basement. Remember those $25 steaks in a US restaurant? Multiply by .65 and that's the CAD price. I call that a bargain.

And hotels ... I always find a good boutique hotel for a little as $90 USD a nite to $125 a nite on Expedia.

I say, next time do your homework more. Or better yet, I will meet you in Montreal and show you the ropes!

Be well.


02-11-03, 17:15
i really don't understand why guys get all bent out of shape when someone posts their opinions. i'm just one guy. my posts are just my opinions and observations. i'm no more special than any other guy hobbying out there. i'm not sure how you got a feeling that i was negative on montreal. i actually thought i was quite positive and even posted i'd be back.

i was only there 3 days. that isn't a lot of time but it was enough to get a general sense of the scene there. i will still stand by my statement that montreal isn't a major hobby destination when compared to cities like rio and buenos aires. i'm not talking about your average hobbyist. i'm talking your hard core monger hobbyist. i don't care how great the independents might be....there is something to be said for going to a city that has high-class houses with plenty of girls, termas, bars where you can pull out working girls, etc.

go back and re-read my post traveler. i clearly had a good time up there. there is something to be said for not having to fly halfway across the world.....and i posted as much in my report. i never said there were no porn star experiences in montreal. i said compared to my sessions in rio and buenos aires they were tame.

trust me everyone out there. montreal is a fun city but if you get the chance go down to south america. i've said it before and i'll say it again....rio and ba are the major leagues....while montreal isn't [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134) wee league.....it's not the major's either.

still...i highly recommend it for the quality of girls, proximity to the usa and the classiness of the city and it's people.

good luck.

p.s. oh yeah...remember those $25 us steaks? divide that by 3.3 for buenos aires and 3.5 for rio. ha, ha.

02-11-03, 21:26
Montreal is a whole lot more convenient and accessible to the American/Canadian hobbyist than any of the South American destinations, so I think Saint is comparing apples and oranges a little bit here.

I do think Montreal is probably the best hobbying destination in North America, based on what I have seen and done... ;-)

Saint, don't be too touchy when people disagree with you, it's the nature of the board. At least nobody is saying you really missed out because you passed up the five dollar hookers hanging out on the corner.

My last real hobbying visit to Montreal was almost a decade ago. It was during the summer, so things were a might different; there were some really spectacular SWs in the St. Catherine's Street area (am I remembering the name of the red-light street right?). Now I say this as a fellow who has no real love of the SW scene; but these girls were as cute as most I have met in the famous clubs of Buenos Aires.

-Uncle Otto

02-11-03, 23:48
Great post, Saint, even though there were a few items i didn't agree with, but heck, every one is entitled to his opinion.

One part i didn't agree with especially was:

"Montreal isnít a major hobby destination and never will be. Itís simply a fun place to spend a nice weekend with your friends."

I realize that you might have had this idea because you've only been to Mtl a couple of times. Or, maybe that opposed to the majority 'hobbyists' who've made Mtl a regular trek, you have hobbyied all over the world. I envy you for this.....

However, even though you can't compare it to other hobbying meccas as far as prices go, it is in fact a 'major hobbying destination.'

Yes, i agree it is a great place to have fun with your friends. However, you have to experience the charm and beauty of Mtl on more than one occasion to get the 'real' feel of it. I suggest you return next spring or next summer...you will not believe the change, the european 'feel' it has....with the festivals, people eating and drinking outside (terrasses), the F1 Grand Prix weekend, etc....

Ever since i've begun to know Mtl as much as i know my own town/city, i have an even better time going there by myself than with friends. I make my own fun, in other words...no need to follow the rest of the group or have them follow you around. Certainly, i've met other hobbyists while in the city at the same time, and this was great, since we were all really there for the same purpose, which was to experience the beauty, charm and joys of the local ladies, among other things.

As for the prices for the hotels at this time of the year, i agree that they are a bit high...however, there are times during the year where the prices are considerably lower. You also have the option of 'bidding' on rooms through sites such as Priceline, or Hotwire, for the matter. A year ago, i got a room at the Sheraton for $52 US.....amazing! I recently got the Sofitel (brand new hotel) on Hotwire for $81 US...it now goes for $140-160 US, bottom price....if you book through other sites or through the chain directly.

As for the ride to the airport, you ommitted to say that there is always the other and more popular option: to take the bus from Dorval Airport to downtown Mtl. It leaves every 20 minutes, and its price is $30 CAN return. An unbelieveable bargain, if you're willing to wait a few minutes instead of rushing into a cab. They will even escort you to your hotel, and go pick you up on the day of your departure.

On your return trip, i strongly recommend you stay at one of the boutique hotels located in the Old Montreal area of the island. You will not believe its charm and historic 'feel'. You won't even feel like going to the downtown area. If you do, a cab ride will only cost you from 5-7 dollars CAN.

Well, i hope you enjoy your upcoming trip to latin america. It sounds interesting. As for your next trip, i agree with Traveler in the fact that there are so, so many great and greater options out there available, in terms of 'quality' and 'beauty'. I'm glad you enjoyed the ladies you've seen, and i'm certain they were as good as you've stated.....but the possibilities are endless.

Doc Holliday

jerry garcia
02-12-03, 00:30
Does anyone have any more details on Bar Rendez-Vous Erotica? Like quality of gals, is it a shytehole, how much $$ and protocol? Also, does paying in USD get you "a bit more"?

It's been recommended to me before, but we've never checked it out. I'll be driving up to Montreal next month via I-89 and it sounds like it's along the way. It could make a nice start to the road trip.

-Thanks in advance

02-12-03, 04:50

I extend the same invitation to you that I extended to Saint.

Given that you have not been in Montreal for 10 years, you have been missing quite a bit.

No, you won't find ladies doing TLN for $90 USD. OTOH, you won't spend the better part of two days going there and recovering from the trip.

Prices in USD range from $90 (low end) to $150 (high end ladies). Again, while that compares quite unfavorably to BA or Rio, it compares very favorably to the USA. The low end in Montreal, BTW, is filled with lovely ladies who are typically young, innocent. sweet, new to the biz, and in need of cash. And I do mean lovely!

I also say that going by the info in THIS board on Montreal, no wonder no one goes there from this board. Branch out. Seek out new info at other places! It's out there.

Speaking for Doc Holliday and myself (a kind of Kick Stand and Saint duo), we would be glad to give pointers and suggestions to anyone who asks for them.

There's gold in them thar hills, boys!


02-12-03, 06:03

I wasn't touchy for just what was written on the board but I got private emails. I just responded here. I could care less what guys have to say.


Good post. Again, I think you and Traveler are one of the only two that thought my post was negative on Montreal. All my other hobbyist friends that read it thought I was quite positive on it and 2 even booked tickets up there based on my posts.

This is the last post I will address on this issue. Guys...saying that Montreal is the best place to hobby in North America isn't saying much to me. You know why? Because North America doesn't have any "true" monger hot spots. Again, no disrespect to Montreal but once you guys hit REAL spots you will understand what guys are talking about.

A "true major monger destination" consists of places other than agencies, internet escorts and independents that come to your hotel for sex. I don't care how good that avenue might be. Again, it's not fair to compare cities. Even though I say I don't want to do that I almost have to with guys wanting to know how it compares to Buenos Aires and Rio. Point of fact...it doesn't.

I really enjoyed Montreal and I'm positive I'll be up there again. So yeah, it may be the best spot to monger in North America which you can take at face value.

Good luck gentlemen.

02-12-03, 07:22

Thanks for the excellent postings and information.

Yes, Montreal is no Rio, BA or Prague. However, it's the best place in North America - which isn't saying much.

Well done!

02-13-03, 04:09
Here is my two cents about Montreal.

Go for the French agency. Girls are much hotter, younger and more passionate. Many of them are new to the program. Sometime you will meet some very hot ones, before they learn the rope and turn independent. If you donít speak French, donít worry about. All of French agencies speak some English. The language of sex is universal.

Forget about the high-class agency. Take your chance for the CN$140 girl. There are many French-spoken girls who just arrive Montreal from small cities. They are poor and want to make some money in escort business. They are much more innocent. If you are gentlemen, they will give you their private numbers.

On the hotel, you can get tax refund from your hotel bill (I donít know any other countries giving money back on the hotel bill). You can get the form from the hotel (Hotels will not tell you about the tax refund) and mail the original hotel bill (Get two of bill when you check out). You donít even need stamp the hotel bill at airport custom office when you leave Montreal.

On the departure tax, you can pay it by credit cards.

02-15-03, 23:57
jerry garcia> if you go up I-89 and pass border, you will be on route 133 north. Continue on 133N about 20 minutes. Before you get on Route 35, you will see Rendes-Vous Erotica on your right hand side. Cover CN$2. CN$10 for a dance. I mean lap dance. You can touch anywhere. CN$60 BJ and CN$100 FS. The girls are average. There are a couple of good ones. Good attitude before they got your money. If you want to pay US$? Fine. Nobody will resist.

02-16-03, 02:07
Traveler0099 or any other mongers,

are you familiar with the hotel " le saint sulpice "?

what are suggestions for a 4 day stay? which french escorts services do you recommend.

i am 1 lazy mother f#cker. please take that into consideration

by the way is mid march still freezing in montreal?


02-17-03, 03:15
Originally posted by Traveler0099

Speaking for Doc Holliday and myself (a kind of Kick Stand and Saint duo), we would be glad to give pointers and suggestions to anyone who asks for them.

Traveler0099 or anyone else:

I'm planning to make an appointment with Emma, Camille and Rebeka of Emma's Fantasy World, could you please tell me about their level of service and restrictions? Could also use information on Giselle of FrenchKissMontreal and Maude of AllissaMontreal. Backchannel Communication is fine, my email is trekker7@mail.com, thanks.

02-17-03, 06:36
TLN = "toda la noche" which means an all-nighter.

02-18-03, 23:46
Some replies, as requested:


You are out of luck. EFW site is gone. Word is that Emma is taking a long vacation, not sure of return date. I spoke to Emma recently and she told me this would be happening. There WILL be a new site opening soon with many of the same girls, just no Emma (at least right away).

Rebeka at EFW -- a friend saw her during her first week - hygiene issues

Camille at EFW -- very lovely, although CBJ

Amber at EFW -- older (late 20's) but very very hot. Put on your seat belt for this ride.

Coralie and others are very good too.

At FrenchKiss:

Melanie is said to be #1 in Montreal, although she is tough to book because of high demand and she travels a lot. I have corresponded with her but never have had the pleasure. She is always the first one I try to contact when planning a trip to Montreal. Always have struck out, but she is cordial and friendly.

Giselle is also said to be very good.

Florence is now at FrenchKiss, moving from EFW. You can see her pics on eros-philly.

Maude of Allissa -- one friend saw her recently. Tall blonde, anglophone. Her had a very GFE time with her.

Chloe Monteal:

Chloe is great, but is on a month's vacation in India.

Ann is a very beautiful 20 year old with well-done implants. I had a terrific time with her recently. Will repeat.


The St. Sulpice is actually my personal favorite in Montreal. Get a suite -- queen bed, nice bathrooms, small hotel, working gas fireplace in many rooms. Ladies love the rooms.

Doc Holliday is partial to the Lowe's Vogue. I have stayed there too. It is closer to the action downtown, but bigger than the St Sulpice. Marble bathrooms with stall showers and 2-person jacuzzi. Take your pick. I like the smaller place; just my pref.

As to french agencies:

Low-to-middle range agencies:

Les Filles de M. Jacques (514-983-5992)
---the best girls, who are Maryanne and Josee (of Beloeil), work during the day. Call at 9:30 am. They start after 10 am. Prices are $130 for the first hour, $110 for the next. Take two hours. Jacques takes calls in the morning, Michel and Yves during afternoons and evenings. At times, the other Josee takes calls. Try to avoid Yves -- he's known to bait-and-switch and is unreliable. He'll tell you a girl will be there shortly when he knows she's on a booking for a few hours. Girls will call an hour or less ahead of the beginning of the shift to advise if they're coming in or not. During evenings, most begin between 7:00 pm - 9 pm... Most of the girls at this agency give full service. Very open-minded (a couple might offer anal as an extra).

Asservissante (514-592-6465)
---their regular clientele consists of young, handsome men, ďaccording to many of the girls.Ē So, YMMV. However, great mileage from Sabrina, Annie, Annabelle, Emmanuelle and Marie-France. Nadia and Marie-Eve are also rated highly, but don't kiss. Clara, the most beautiful one of the bunch, is extremely restrictive (no kiss, no daty, cbj)...however, she has been known to warm up considerably after a few glasses of champagne, her favorite. Martin, who takes calls and runs the agency, is great to deal with. Agency opens at 4 pm, but you can call at 3:30 pm to ask him who will be working. The girls call at anytime between 11 am - 3 pm to tell him if they're coming in or not. Cannot be booked in advance.

Fantasme (514-944-9545)
--- Heard nice things of Camille (mulatto) who works days. Also heard great things of Andrea and Pamela, who work evenings, and a recent one, Lea. Eric, the call-taker during the evening shift, is great to deal with. Rates are $140-150 per hour.

Sweet Dreams (514-919-6495)
----Rates vary from $160 to 300 per hour, depending on the popularity of a particular girl. Camille, available at $200 per hour during late afternoons-early evenings, is absolutely adorable. Short, blond and blue eyes...totally un-sp like. Somewhat restrictive, no kiss and cbj....but a real doll. Julia is a Brazilian bombshell, but at $300 (that's $200 USD). She supposedly is a semi-famous model in Montreal. Another favorite is Valerie, still in the $200 range. The call takers, Denyse and Carole, are great to deal with.

Better Half Escorts (514-572-1690)
----The owner and operator known as Alexandra is a local legend. She used to be the number one sp in Mtl. She still escorts at $150 per hour, and still is highly recognized as giving the best bbbj today. Rare are men who have resisted to these charms. She is of Brazilian descent and in her late 30's. Another top sp of hers is Sara, who also offers duos. She's at $150 per hour, and in her mid 20's to early 30's. Very well liked. The true legend of the team is named Jasmine. She's at $200 per hour, is available for duos, and is in her 40's (but supposedly looks mid 30's).

A top independent who is available mostly weekends is named 'Marie-Lou'. She used to work for Allissa, and gives a top notch service and is very attractive. She is half French, half Brazilian. I believe her rates are negotiable, but usually in the $175-200 per hour range. Her email address is: lady_marie_lou@yahoo.ca


02-19-03, 04:44

First of all you should note that Emma has nothing to do with those girl's appointments. Emma is quite an intelligent girl. I've been emailing with her. She sounds like she has a busy life now.

The site as you formally knew it is gone. Email her and she'll probably send you an email with contact info for the other girls. I have all their email addresses but not sure if I can post on a public board so I won't.

I'll probably go back up to Montreal when it gets warm. I'm headed to London next week and the girls there look HOT HOT HOT. But expensive, expensive, expensive.

Good luck.

02-19-03, 11:08

its great when experienced hobbyists are willing to share so much information, thank you.

Seems it might be hard to find myself a young (18-22), gorgeous blonde upscale escort with liberal services. Kinda disapointed to hear that Rebeka has hygiene issues, she looks really hot. On the other hand, when I met Ann who is apparently the ATF of many hobbyist, she too had hygiene issues, maybe it was a one-time thing. As for Camille, I was really hoping she offered BBBJ, if anyone else had a different experience, please email me at trekker7@mail.com

YMMV is definitely true, I got BBBJ & DFK from Marie-Eve but Marie-France, who is also another hottie, didn't offer BBBJ. In fact, she was even reluctant to give CBJ although her tongue stud felt really nice. As for Clara, don't think anyone has ever gotten liberal services from her, mainly eye-candy. There is also Valerie whom I haven't met but a friend of mine claims she is really hot and liberal, gonna call her on my next trip.

Just to add a little to your excellent post; Nadia at LFMJ is another Montreal can't miss, never heard a bad review about this beautiful lady. She's older than what I usually prefer but looks young and as a poster on *** once said is a Uma Thurman lookalike, I couldn't agree more.

you guys must be rolling in the big bucks: Hotel Gault, Saint Sulpice & Loews Vogue!!!!! I'm a single guy who makes only 70K after taxes a year plus I live in overpriced NY so I usually stay at Wyndham Montreal which is a respectable place, a little bit further from the main action but I don't mind since I do only outcall.

Seems my options are limited to Amber and Maude, if anyone would like to provide more detailed information about these ladies, I'll be most grateful, as always backchannel is fine.

02-20-03, 19:24

Are you certain you haven't mixed up Marie-France with Marie-Eve? I've seen both and had the opposite experience you've had.

As for the hotels, there are always great deals out there to be had, but you have to catch them when they show up.

02-21-03, 02:15

I usually search Expedia and Orbitz for hotel deals and THEN plan my trip accordingly. As such, my stays at the Vogue and the St Sulpice are rarely above $110 or so USD per night, and usually in the $90 or so range. If you are Canadian, yes these hotels are pricey.

There always seems to be one or more hotels on sale. Just look.


02-22-03, 04:50
Originally posted by Doc_Holliday

Are you certain you haven't mixed up Marie-France with Marie-Eve? I've seen both and had the opposite experience you've had.
Let's see:
Marie-Eve has been working for Martin for a couple of years, is about 24 and is more petite with an A/B cup, she's pretty street-smart and is hyper-sexual, PSE type.

Marie-France has been working for Martin only for a few months, is about 21, B/C cup, has a tongue stud and a tatoo around her navel, has a more innocent disposition, wears way too many accessories and works as a barmaid, sweet personality but not particularly high mileage.

Did I get it right?

02-22-03, 21:10

We probably have the correct girls. However, Marie-Eve was a bit more restrictive when i saw her. She did mention that she had a live-in bf at the time. I recently found out that she is now single again. Maybe she was more restrictive when she had someone in her life, who knows. Yes, she's very hyper-sexual, i agree....expecially during daty. However, maybe it was just me, but i found her a bit mechanical. She's also great to talk with, and is very knowledgeable. I believe she was also a former Maxximum girl.....oh, i loved them girls! I think i remember reading a review of her back then by someone named 'Profiler', who had seemed to have liked her a lot. I'm surprised i missed out on her, but i guess my attention span was centred on their other great young ladies such as the famous 'Aria', Erika, and Amanda, whom i believe wound up at Fantasme after the bust.

As for Marie-France, yes, you've described her physical attributes to a 'T'. She has indeed only been there for a couple of months. However, she was very high mileage when i saw her. She also loved to spend time in the jacuzzi. It's the first time i hear the barmaid story, though, but i'm used to this stuff. She had a 'real' job lined up when i saw her, maybe that was the one. As for wearing many accessories, i know what you mean; i still don't get why she wears those sunglasses at night. But maybe this somewhat 'flaky' part of her personality is what charms me. Or, simply, maybe she just happens to be a huge Corey Hart fan...LOL

02-24-03, 16:21
Montreal sounds pretty awesome and i'm considering a trip over the next few weekends. Do the girls demand tipping or extra $$. Just curious, in NJ it seems that even before they shake your hand, they have there hand out for more than what the agency quoted on the phone.

Is tipping always expected?

02-24-03, 23:44

I never tip the girl. Please don't start this trend. If you like the girl and the girl likes you, you can arrange the rendez-vous ourside agencies. Take girls out for dinning or shopping, then go back hotel to fuck.

Dr Torpedo
02-25-03, 21:58

As an American who is about to make Montreal a regular destination, please DO NOT start the nasty habit of tipping the girls.

If they want tips, they can go wait tables.

02-25-03, 22:08
Thank god, I look forward to the experience. in NJ, most of the girls come in and start with how much extra everything will cost, Daty, etc.

The only time a tip is warranted in nj is when you call the oriental massage girls who come(outcall) for $ and tell you it's that plus a tip for a $$ total. but at that point all negotiations stop.

I'm physched on the whole $90 American thing and can't wait to see how much the little dirt monger can handle.

02-26-03, 01:28
FYI. None of the girls asked for a tip nor got one. I've been known to be generous to girls that go above and beyond the call of duty while in South America. However, it's one thing when you're paying 100 pesos ($1 US = 3.15 pesos) per hour and $200 CDN ($133 US).

I'd recommend AGAINST tipping girls at these prices. Maybe if a girl came for an hour session and stayed several hours or all night. Something extraordinary might deem a tip. Everything else you're paying for a "professional service". Do you tip your lawyer, CPA or doctor? Probably not...ha, ha. (Although if my doctor looked like some of these girls and did what they did...I might think about it).

Also, I tried calling Martin's service, Asservissante, several times but he never had any girls that could come at the times we wanted. I probably tried calling him on 4 or 5 seperate occassions. My amigo, Kick Stand, swears by him though so that is good enough for me. I trust the dude.

Good luck.

02-26-03, 04:39
There are many circumstances involved which might make me decide on whether or not an sp will and should get a tip. If I see a high-end independent, the donation goes directly into her purse, so I won't feel this disappointed about not tipping.

If I see a high-end lady working for an agency, I might slip her a twenty or two if services and attitude went beyond the call of duty.

If I see a low-end girl, I will very often either buy her a small gift as a token of appreciation, or slip her an extra twenty as a token of my appreciation, since I do realize that she's giving away anywhere from 40-50% of her earnings to the agency.

What I'm getting at is that I will consider the girl's 'cut', so to speak. If I see a low-end girl for just an hour, which I never do, the tip might be bigger than if I see her for two or more hours, since she'll have a bigger 'cut'. I usually decide this prior to her arrival. I figure out how much her 'cut' will be, and decide from there on if i should tip her or not, depending on whether or not i had time to buy her a gift. It will also depend on how much spare cash i have on me. I won't make an extra trip to the atm at the end of the date simply for a tip.

Sorry if this sounds complicated. The bottom line, is that tips are appreciated, but not expected. I've actually had ladies feeling embarrassed of accepting a tip.

Just my two cents......hope it helps.

02-26-03, 20:56
Originally posted by dirtmonger
Montreal sounds pretty awesome and I'm considering a trip over the next few weekends. Do the girls demand tipping or extra $$. Just curious, in NJ it seems that even before they shake your hand, they have there hand out for more than what the agency quoted on the phone.

Is tipping always expected? Tipping is not expected in Montreal although some escorts do charge extra for special services like BBBJTC & Greek. Some guys give tips at the beginning of the session in hope of more liberal services, not really sure if that's still considered a tip, but you'll fare much better by simply treating the escort respectfully and observing good hygiene. All the Montreal escorts that I have asked, cite hygiene and the client's behavior as the most important factors in determining mileage. Also, do your research so that you can steer clear of agencies that employ bait-and-switch tactic or have escorts with bad attitudes. The Montreal Spreadsheet is a good place to start.

02-28-03, 04:00
Montreal board guys,

Recently met a gent who makes mongering treks to Montreal several times a year and tells me great things about the scene.
Pricing is reasonable compared to US certainly and I like the looks of many agency girls I see on the sites. My question is regarding phone etiquette when "placing your order" for an oucall. I have some basic rules I go by such as don't fuck anything that is over half my age and I'm 50 or weighs more than 50lbs less than me and I weigh 170lbs. I also don't wear raincoats for BJ's, period.
I like BBBJTC's but the TC part is not a must nor is greek although I consider that icing on the cake.
So my question is what is the ratio of girls that will meet my requirements, especially BBBJ and are the dispatchers cool about asking those questions?

02-28-03, 18:08
Go to canbest.com to download the Montreal Excel sheet. There are a list of girls doing what.

Key point: using French agencies. French-spoken girls are much liberal.


03-01-03, 16:37
I will be heading up for the first time to Montreal in mid May for a bachelor party. What is the best or wildest strip joint there? Is there a must see establishhment I should visit? Maybe even an underground club? Just looking for a memorable time.


03-01-03, 20:21
Originally posted by TrashMan
....My question is regarding phone etiquette when "placing your order" for an oucall .... So my question is what is the ratio of girls that will meet my requirements, especially BBBJ and are the dispatchers cool about asking those questions?

Personally, I never discuss such details over the phone for two reasons. One is the fear that the dispatcher will think that I'm LE & simply hang up on me and the other being that I don't see how the agency can guarantee that I get certain services like BBBJ, DFK, etc given that the girls are ultimately the ones who decide how liberal to be. The most that the agency can do is to send a girl with a track record of being liberal but YMMV. Your best bet would be to check out the Montreal spreadsheet and read through the reviews of the girls that interest you on discussion boards like WSG, *** & Canbest so as to identify the ones who consistently offer liberal services.

It also helps to patronize agencies like LFMJ which has a reputation for liberal services as opposed to agencies such as Fantasme or Asservissante where YMMV.

03-03-03, 00:15
Thanks for the advice. It confirms what I thought. I do usually talk to the dispatcher about what I want even if I disguise the request in code so to speak because I have found that some agencies are definitely NO NO NO on the fun stuff I want I I weed them out that way while others will get the message and try to send a girl that most closely fits the bill. Trust me, they know who'll do what. True, it is eventually up to the individual girl as to what she will and will not do, that I understand.
The resources you mentioned I have looked at and they are great info sources. Question, I will assume that they are accurate, but are they up to date?

Dr Torpedo
03-04-03, 01:35
Mistaken post

Johny 99
03-05-03, 03:04
Originally posted by backnblack
I will be heading up for the first time to Montreal in mid May for a bachelor party. What is the best or wildest strip joint there? Is there a must see establishhment I should visit? Maybe even an underground club? Just looking for a memorable time.


Try Le Gentlemen. It is a full service strip club outside of Montreal.

Go to www.canbest.com for more info.

*If you read more of this thread, you will see more detailed info answering your question.

Johny 99
03-05-03, 03:13

Grand Prix, was the favorite full service club outside of Montreal. It was closed down, and LeGentlemen seemed to become the new hotspot. I just checked Canbest, and Grand Prix seems to have opened up its doors again.

It's a tough call. Or you can try both. I think they are about a half hour away from eachother.

Dr Torpedo
03-09-03, 01:34
Hiya guys,

I got back from Montreal. It's a great place, but a little less great because of the falling dollar.

I saw Marie-Eve when I was in Montreal. Here is my review...


She is a YMMV type situation, for sure. Everything is covered. She doesn't like digital penetration (no fingers in there). No approaching the A, either.

Looks: she is small, probably 5'0 and a size 2 or less. She has brownish blonde dyed hair, and small, but perky tits. I would say a 7 of 10.

Performance: good. Gave agood BJ, but since it was covered, it was a little less than what it could have been. She'll do any position you ask, but if you try to put your fingers in either hole, she'll do the passive sit down, so that you are thwarted. 6 of 10.


One thing about this girl is that she constantly smiles. Other hobbyists interpret this as a sign that she loves her job. But it reminds me of the ABCnews Belladonna interview, where Diane Sawyer asks Belladonna (paraphrase), "why do you always smile?", and BD, crying, answers (para), "I smile to hide the pain". Psychologically, it makes sense because smiling is a good defensive mechanism. Read the article at...

This girl is tiny. The spreadsheet at sexwork lists her at 5'4. She's more like 5'0. She's not longer a redhead, as she now is a dark curly blonde. She's shaved completely. Everything with her is covered.

Looks: 6 of 10. Reason for score: -1 point for bad teeth, -1 for being too short, otherwise, a subjective 8).

Performance: 7 of 10. Everything covered, so -1.

03-09-03, 20:49
dr tor****.......

great post! i've had very similar experiences with the two ladies you've mentionned, but after reading the link you posted, your post turned from good to great.

after reading the abc news article, i couldn't help but see the similarity between belladonna's story in comparison to many of the ladies i've met as sp's. i've also shared the same impressions that ona zee has, in the fact some girls we meet in this biz aren't made up to be in it, and should move on to other things before it is too late. if you're wondering if i ever bothered to offer my advice to them, well, the answer is 'yes'.

i also share the same opinion you do when you see posts by people saying 'she smiled all the time and loves her job very much'. like many of us, we don't love our work as much as we love the money. very often, they might also be smiling because they are happy that they found a client who appears to be normal and a good, caring person, instead of a screw-up who will treat them like dirt......yes, it does happen, more often than not.

as for smiling to hide the pain and the unhappiness, well.....many of us are like this also. i've sometimes felt like shit inside, and when someone noticed and would ask if anything was wrong, i'd immediately pop out a huge smile, start singing or joking, and say that everything is going absolutely great! i agree, people shouldn't be fooled into thinking someone is always smiling because they are happy.....very often, it's the opposite.

keep up the great posting.....

doc holliday

03-10-03, 18:54
Does anyone have a recommendation for an inservice or outservice with younger black girls? Have met many in the strip bars but am new of escorts. Does anyone know Pearl Noire or Nasty Black girls. Thanks.


03-18-03, 12:18
Is the Canadian 3-minute test kit MedMira Reveal available in Montreal? There is a detailed post about it in the safe sex section (under special interest), as part of the discussion about prescreening providers using do-it-yourself kits.

Dr Torpedo
03-18-03, 23:09
I like Martin at Asservissante a lot. He is a decent, honorable, and nice guy. However, I must write this critique/review of a couple of sessions that I had this past weekend.

First, I saw Monica. I asked Martin for a thin girl and tall girl. He recommended Monica. She was tall, but definitely not thin. She has sagginess as a result of having a baby. She's also heavier than her photos in the website depict. Those photos must have been pre-child. Martin needs to see her naked so that he can give a more accurate description next time.

Also, I saw Emanuelle for a second time. I noticed that she became even more restrictive on the second visit. I was hoping that she would loosen up, but quite to the contrary. She was telling me to not do this, not do that, be careful with my fingers, don't touch her here, be careful not to get any on her face, blah, blah, blah. I don't know if she was tired or what, but her BJ seemed weak, also. Another thing is that she is a dark redhead again.

Dr Torpedo
03-18-03, 23:15
I grew tired of the CBJs and restrictive services at Asservissante (even the Montreal Spreadsheet describes Asservissante as restrictive), so I called Mr. Jacques.

I spoke to Michelle (a guy) and I made it quite clear over the phone that I wanted certain things. I said, "I want a girl to do a BBBJ". To my shock, he replied, "My dear friend, IT IS OUR POLICY to do blow job without condom!" Holy batshit, batman. I had him send over Alexandra.

She was hot. 5'1, 110, brunette. She did the nastiest BBBJ. and added anal on top for another 30 bucks (she wanted 60 but accpeted 30). Very eager to please. The only turn off was that she had this large surgical scar on her stomache. The spreadsheet lists her as 22ish (I think), but she's more like late 20's.

We have winner.

Dr Torpedo
03-18-03, 23:27
I went to a place listed on the Montreal Spreadsheet, listed in the other agencies as Fleur de Peau, (514) 298-3535. The place is located downtown. It is at 4209 Mentana. It is basically a house used for whoring purposes.

I saw a redhead. I forgot her name, but her descritption is that she is a redhead, freckles, curly, shoulder length hair, fairly tight looking body, probably 20 years old. She had a tatoo of a devil near her upper left collarbone area, and a tatoo that said "candy" near her pussy.

She looked tight until she took off her clothes. She had some baby fat on her. That was OK, but the service was really bad. She made me come on the condom, as she wanted extra to come on her stomache. I aksed her for a massage, and she said "NO!". After 5 minutes of a CBJ, she said her mouth was tired. She spoke zero english. Real bad attitude; about as restrictive as restrictive gets.

At the same place they had an indian girl named Holly. She was very hot and enthusiastic, and my friend (who is swisspike) gave a hearty thumbs up. Only two warnings about her: 1. her bush is slightly unkempt, and 2. she's as flat as a board, and her boobs are fake props (they fell out of her bra when she took her bra off).

If you go there, do not be tempted by the redhead, she looks young, tight bodied, and hot. But be aware that she never smiles, is cold, and very restrictive.

03-19-03, 03:15
To all fellow mongers coming from the U.S.:

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not start the habit of tipping the girls in Montreal. For most of us coming from the U.S., Montreal is the last Bastion of affordable quality that can be reached with a short hop. Please do not ruin it for us. Also please be mindful of the locals as well. The last thing they want is poor service from their own girls because some of us have spoiled them.

If you REALLY like the girl either ask for a time extension, or see her again sooner, or reciprocate in a non-monetary fashion. To your surprise, and in somewhat of a contrast to the U.S., you will see that politeness and respect on your part will get you MUCH farther than your $$ there.

03-19-03, 20:28
hello all,

just wondering if you guys up there still have the underground peep booths there.i was there a while back and got a f/s for $40 from a good looking woman who i thought was asian but instead was eskimo!

info on this would be greatly appreciated thanx!

i second that sexplorer! think with the big head not the little one!

03-29-03, 22:42
Do not use VIP Escorts. I ordered 2 hours of service, the girl came, rushed me into action, and I was done in about 35 minutes. It was a Sunday and she was complaining that it was her day off and she had been called in but wanted to go shopping. So after the 35 minutes she starts getting dressed and asks if it is ok that we are finished (completely) and I reminded her that I had already paid for 2 hours. She proposed to go shopping before the mall closed and come back in 2 hours. I agreed since she was not going to be very pleasant if I kept her there. Needless to say, she never came back. When I called the agency to complain, he hung up on me.

I know it is my fault for this, but we all get burned eventually in this business. There are still some lessons to be learned. Don't pay for 2 hours up front. Do 1 hour and then extend later if you wish unless you already know the girl beforehand.

DO NOT use VIP Escorts in Montreal!

Dr Torpedo
03-31-03, 17:37
I ordered take out and told Martin to send his prettiest girl. He sent Jenny. She arrived several hours later. She was gorgeous. Tall, blonde, beautiful figure stomache down, but no chest. I could tell that she had a small chest.

She is blonde/brunette, 32a- 24-34, 5'6, 100.

Her service was less than stellar. She was very mechanical and turned her face away when I tried to kiss her. She said that she does not kiss because she does not like it. She also does not allow you finger her pussy. No 69 or DATY. CBJ. One shot, and then she said she didn't have anymore condoms. She jerked me off for a second round, but right when I was about to come, she released her hand grip, moved her palms away, and finished me off with her fingers.

There are better girls available at Asservisante.

Coast Dawg
04-01-03, 17:20
I was in Montreal for one night and decided to call LFMJ. It was very late at night and I did not speak with Jacques. He sent over Jessie who is described in teh Montreal Spreadsheet as:

5í7, 110 lb, 34b, long blonde streaked hair some-English, deep-kiss, daty, bbbjtc, 69, 2-fs

Coast Dawg
04-01-03, 17:29
I spent Wednesday night at Montreal and called LFMJ pretty late (around 1:30AM) and asked who was available. I was looking for someone with liberal services and he said Jessie was available.

As described in the Montreal Spreadsheet, she is 5í7, 110 lb, 34b, long blonde streaked hair however she was not very attractive and looked to be in early 30's. Contrary to the spreadsheet no deep-kiss and no bbbjtc. Also she was time watcher and pretty mechanical. I am novice at this (this was my first escort experience) but certainly did not expect her to orgasm. She did immediately start making believe she was getting excvited and it was pretyt obvious. From the time I let her into my room to the time she left was 50 minuts which included about a 10 minute shower, drying and getting re-dressed.

Think next time if I can't speak with Jacques I'll try Asservisante.

Dr Torpedo
04-02-03, 04:29

you should've been following the LFMJ discussion re Jessie. Jessie is pretty disgusting. My friend had her, and she gave him BBBJTC. She's a real dog.

The problem with Asservisante is that the girls are very restrictive. Almost all CBJ, some won't allow fingering, some won't allow DFK, and a couple will make you come in the condom.

The worste of the bunch are Clara and Jenny. They are the most restrictive, but also probably the prettiest. Get them if you want eye candy, but don't expect a good or liberal session. No such thing as liberal at Asservisante, despite what Martin (the phone guy) may promise. Martin delivers looks, not service.

Jenny is a cum dodger. I accidentally dripped some cum in between her legs when I pulled out the condom, and she went screaming into the bathroom, like there was some sort of fire alarm. Stay away from Jenny, despite the temptation of her looks.

Stick with LFMJ, I think you'll be more satisfied. The girls are not drop dead gorgeous, but oh boy, do they make up for it. The prettiest and raunchiest, in my opinion, are Mia (although she is pretty wierd and had pink hair), Alexandria, and Maryanne. Amy is a little heavier than in days past, although not fat, by any means. Amy is now known as Eve.

Coast Dawg
04-04-03, 22:54
I expect to be visiting Montreal again within the next month or two. I probably will try LFMJ again. but I was wandering if anyone had input on Valerie or Amelie at Asservisante. The Montreal speadsheet indicates Valerie offers liberal services and has no info on Amelie. Thanks

04-23-03, 04:13
Any street action reports??

Johny 99
04-23-03, 06:28
originally posted by dr tor****

you should've been following the lfmj discussion re jessie. jessie is pretty disgusting. my friend had her, and she gave him bbbjtc. she's a real dog.

the problem with asservisante is that the girls are very restrictive. almost all cbj, some won't allow fingering, some won't allow dfk, and a couple will make you come in the condom.

the worste of the bunch are clara and jenny. they are the most restrictive, but also probably the prettiest. get them if you want eye candy, but don't expect a good or liberal session. no such thing as liberal at asservisante, despite what martin (the phone guy) may promise. martin delivers looks, not service.

jenny is a cum dodger. i accidentally dripped some cum in between her legs when i pulled out the condom, and she went screaming into the bathroom, like there was some sort of fire alarm. stay away from jenny, despite the temptation of her looks.

who the heck is jenny. i have used this agency a fair amount and have followed reviews on canbest and here. perhaps you got the name wrong? there is no jenny on their web site either.

i personally love this agency. i can get all the hot sex from semi attractive women i want. what i can't get, which i'm willing to pay for, is sex with hot 18-21 year old girls. i like tiny little girls with hard, firm bodies. i would totally do clara, in spite of all the reviews that she is cold. she is so hot...it would be worth it for the eye candy. (for me.)

i have seen marie eve, who was hot as hell. she practically raped me.

i have seen melissa who was beautiful and fun, in a mellow kind of way.

i have seen cindy who has the most increadible pair of breasts you can ever imagine. they almost have the firmness of fake breasts, and they are 100% natural.

i have seen sabrina, who was just not my type.

i have seen patricia, who no longer works there, but was so hot, looked sixteen (was 19) and perfect c cub breasts, blond hair and blue eyes. i did not date girls who looked like that when i was 19.

i have seen marie, who is no longer with the agency, but was cute as hell, smart as a tack, and a total gfe.

i live in new york, where i pay more that 2x the price, for less attractive women.

lfmj is known for engaging in bait and switch. i have never experienced this myself, but i have read a fair amount of reviews where guys got burned. guys have been very happy to, but you are playing russian roulette. but only once have i not been satisfied with the a girl martin sent to me.

just my 2 cents.

Johny 99
04-23-03, 06:29
Originally posted by hargow20
Any street action reports??

Look under street action on www.canbest.com under Montreal. There is a lot of posts on street action lately.

Dr Torpedo
04-24-03, 03:44
No, it's not a mistake. Jenny is her name. Notice that not all the Asservisante girls are on the website; if you read the website's notice, they even tell you that they have some girls who are not listed.

Jenny is a new hire. I saw her the second day that she worked at Asservisante (that was approximately 3 weeks ago). She is a blonde approx 20 yrs, blond, A cup, slim with nice lucious hips. All around a beautiful girl, and with the exception of her chest, she's almost as beautiful as Clara. The only problem is that she is very restrictive. She is so restrictive that the session becomes boring. If you follow the discussion at Canbest, the consensus, from other guys who have seen Jenny, agree. They also agree that Clara is probably the most attractive girl at Asservistante, but also the most restrictive, most uncooperative, and most unfun to be with. I find that Jenny is the same way. Like you said, if all you want is eye candy, then you'll be fine.

Note that I never said that I did not like Asservisante. I only said that the girls, in general are very restrictive, compared to LFMJ. Asservisante girls are better looking, but the service is restrictive compared to LFMJ. So if you want looks, go with Asservisante; but if you want good and nasty service, go with LFMJ. However, there are some very gorgeous LFMJ girls (just like there are some rather plain looking Asservisante girls).

The bait and switch problem is confined to Yves, who is one of the phone operators. Michelle and Jacques are rather honest.

Johny 99
04-25-03, 05:51
originally posted by dr tor****
no, it's not a mistake. jenny is her name. notice that not all the asservisante girls are on the website; if you read the website's notice, they even tell you that they have some girls who are not listed.

jenny is a new hire. i saw her the second day that she worked at asservisante (that was approximately 3 weeks ago). she is a blonde approx 20 yrs, blond, a cup, slim with nice lucious hips. all around a beautiful girl, and with the exception of her chest, she's almost as beautiful as clara. the only problem is that she is very restrictive. she is so restrictive that the session becomes boring. if you follow the discussion at canbest, the consensus, from other guys who have seen jenny, agree. they also agree that clara is probably the most attractive girl at asservistante, but also the most restrictive, most uncooperative, and most unfun to be with. i find that jenny is the same way. like you said, if all you want is eye candy, then you'll be fine.

note that i never said that i did not like asservisante. i only said that the girls, in general are very restrictive, compared to lfmj. asservisante girls are better looking, but the service is restrictive compared to lfmj. so if you want looks, go with asservisante; but if you want good and nasty service, go with lfmj. however, there are some very gorgeous lfmj girls (just like there are some rather plain looking asservisante girls).

the bait and switch problem is confined to yves, who is one of the phone operators. michelle and jacques are rather honest.

tor****, all good points. thanks for the input. if asservissante does not have any girls i want on duty, i may give the lfmj a call.

Dr Torpedo
04-26-03, 20:21
Well, point is moot because Jacques is now out of business. Argggh.

Member #1465
05-11-03, 20:08
Was in the strip club in Rigaud L'Eclypse yesterday. I've red somehwere else here that it was very few and ugly girls there. That was not the case yesterday. It was many good looking girls. Had a reasonable good time with a black girl.

05-20-03, 05:11
Hi y'all,

I am staying at the Holiday Inn select in Montreal in mid-June.
Are there any problems with the girls coming to your room?

Does anyone know if the girls from strip club also escort? Give me name or place if you can.

I am booking with www.thecourtesans.com for now.

Thanks for your help.

05-20-03, 19:42
Originally posted by Badass
Hi y'all,

I am staying at the Holiday Inn select in Montreal in mid-June.
Are there any problems with the girls coming to your room?

Does anyone know if the girls from strip club also escort? Give me name or place if you can.

I am booking with www.thecourtesans.com for now.

Thanks for your help. No problem with girls coming to the hotel, but you're going to be there at a very busy time. The Grand Prix will be in Montreal for a week leading up to the event on 6/15. It is the busiest week of the year in Montreal and is a ton of fun but it is often hard to find top notch escorts unless you book in advance. The good news is that there are many regular girls that will be in high party mode. As for strip clubs, you won't find escorts at most non-contact places but you may have a better chance at full contact bars.

05-21-03, 00:18
Not been to Montreal for a while. I use to like Wandas for a first stop and a asian gal called Lauda.

Any news on this scene?

Want an all night gal, best place to find one without just making a call in?

05-24-03, 22:53
i am coming to montreal ..... staying at hotel Le Roberval on Renť-Lťvesque Boulevard ...... is this a good place ???????? does anyone know oliver email from canbest.com ..... anyone comments to steer two down east guys in the right Direction ... what try the street scene and the strip clubs ..... not much money .... looking for the most bang for the buck

Johny 99
05-29-03, 07:23
Originally posted by senu
Not been to Montreal for a while. I use to like Wandas for a first stop and a asian gal called Lauda.

Any news on this scene?

Want an all night gal, best place to find one without just making a call in?

I would go to L'Axe on St. Denise. There are a few really hot women. It is a contact place. A few beautiful 19 year old college student types. A lesbian show. And "Bed dances" that seem interesting.

Regarding the all night thing...I have no clue. I use asservissante.

Johny 99
05-29-03, 07:28
I was in Montreal the weekend of the 15th.

I went to L'axe on St. Denise. Awesome time. A couple of really hot 19 year olds that blew me away. I also went to Teazers...same old same old. It was okay. But I prefer L'Axe.

I used Asservissante. I saw Emanuelle and Melodie. Melodie is hotter, Emanuelle was a little warmer and more interesting. Emanuelle offered DFK, but other than that, everything was safe. She is enhanced. Rest of body is okay. Thin but not tone. Pretty face. Nice smile and blue eyes.

Melodie has a killer body with natural B tits. Her teeth are crooked, but other than that she is attractive. She is a little on the professional side, but a lot of fun never the less. Everything safe.

I highly recommend both these girls.

05-30-03, 01:26
Can I have some locations/names of some of these "full contact Bars" near my hotel, Holiday Inn select??

MeisterPat wrote: "...As for strip clubs, you won't find escorts at most non-contact places but you may have a better chance at full contact bars..."

How do I quote a previousl post, without copy/paste?

05-30-03, 09:29
Hi All, can anyone post Driving Directions from Salon Bleu to Motel St. Pierre, Thanks for any info.

I will post a Review when I Return.


Rain City
05-31-03, 21:10
I was in Montreal for a short business trip. I stayed at Wyndham Hotel. This hotel was great! It's right on Rue St. Catherine, close to the convention center, easy to catch a cab, easy connection to the metro, and had a small shopping mall adjacent to the hotel. Highly recommend.

The first night, I contacted Fantasme at (514) 944-9545/944-1669, and they sent Sophie. Although they said she was 19, my guess is she was around 24 yr old. She was of Moroccan descent, 5'5", 110 lb (I guess). slim figure with enhanced breast. Light brown/brown. She had exotic looks that a lot of guys would have liked. But it's just not my type. She was nice, though. All service was safe. 6/9/8 (face/body/service). Okay for $140 CDN/hr.

The second night, I contacted Fantasme again and requested more of a girl nextdoor type. They sent Rachel. Dark blond/blue. She was around 22 yr old (they said she was 19 also), 5'5", 135 - 140 lb. She could definitely lose some weight. She also had a nose ring that I did not care for. She was nice and into the action. But.... 6/6/8. Again, all service was safe.

The third night, I contacted Asservisante (www.asservissante.com), and they sent me Valerie. She was around 21 yr old, 5'7", 120 lb. Very nice all natural body, although her face was just average. No tatoo or nose ring. Blond/blue. The service was definitely her strong point. Bbbj, dfk, and Greek for extra $ (I did not ask how much and I did not partake). Overall, best of the three. 6/9/9. $140 CDN/hr.

As always, YMMV.

06-03-03, 03:33
emmanuelle has bad teeth? dr. tor****, are you sure she's the emmanuelle from asservissante? i'd say she's probably never seen a orthodontist, but her teeth are in very good shape already.

and if i recall correctly, she has olive/hazel green eyes, not blue. but maybe it's because she wears contacts. anyway, men are not good at remembering these things. :)

on something else, i'd really like to hear something about amelie of asservissante. anyone has any experience with her to share? god! just looking at her pictures gives me a hard-on like you won't believe.

Johny 99
06-03-03, 05:15
Originally posted by *******
I remember all those great nights I had on St Catherine street staying in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. Are there still a lot of strip clubs around there. Are tabledances still $6 Canadian? Are the still a lot of fine looking hookers there as well.

Anyone going to be up there in the summer for a weekend of gambling and whoring?

Jimmy, let's talk.

06-06-03, 22:05
What has happened to the Discussion Forum on www.canbest.com? It was a good source of information, now it is closed "until further notice". Was it the police? Are posters at risk? Does anyone know?

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation in this report. However, I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Dr Torpedo
06-08-03, 06:15
Oops, you re right, Fen.

Emmanuelle from Asservissante indeed does have perfect teeth. She used to wear braces and she has perfectly straight teeth. I noticed this on a repeat visit with her. I meant to say that Marie-Eve has funky teeth, which I also verified duting a return visit. Just to get things straight, Emmanuelle is the one with a bad half inch, quarter sized tatoo on her upper right breast.

Nice report Rain,

BTW, did you notice Valerie's feet? She has the biggest, ugliest feet I have ever seen on a provider. Service was strong, yes, and I agree that her looks are definitely lacking. She also could use a new wardrobe. Get her high and the greek becomes free.

Dr Torpedo
06-08-03, 06:29
BTW, I should let you know: Melodie from Asservisante has an STD. I shit you not.

I am talking about Melodie: blonde shoulder length hair, thin, black frame glasses. A really cool and friendly girl.

I spoke to her and she was fairly open about her STD (she didn't tell me which, but she showed me the sores on her lip and pubic area). I know this sounds like a flame, but she is fairly open about it and warns her customers, especially if she is breaking out. She says that everything will be okay with a cover. Sure. If you don't believe me, ask her for yourself. Partake at your own risk. I chose to not partake. We simply sat around for an hour.

Member #1465
06-09-03, 21:51
"Originally posted by *******
I remember all those great nights I had on St Catherine street staying in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. Are there still a lot of strip clubs around there. Are tabledances still $6 Canadian? Are the still a lot of fine looking hookers there as well.

Anyone going to be up there in the summer for a weekend of gambling and whoring?"

I was visiting your favorite place (Sosua DR) a couple of weeks ago and loved it. Now you seem to be coming to my "home" city. Montreal still have lots of strip clubs and most of them are all nude places. There are 3 main categories.
1: See but no touch and there the dance is 5, 6 or 10 Can$.
2: See and touch a bit. That touching is normally in a booth and there the girls normally keep the botton on. They also touch you. Its notmally 10 Can$.
3: See and do everything. That is normally in a booth and the prices vary but 40, 80, 120 Can$ for hand, blow and full is rather normal prices. (all are covered)

06-12-03, 22:15
For all of you wanted to know. The Grand Prix is up and running again. They did some renovating, while they were closed, and moved all the booths to one side of the bar.

The prices are the same, and many of the girls I saw last year are back working. I went there last Saturday evening, and have noticed that things aren't quite as busy as they used to be. The Grand Prix is open from 11am till 0300 am.

On Sunday afternoon, on my way out of Montreal, I went to check out the Hill Top Bar in Dorion, but they don't open till 7pm on Sundays.... does anyone have any good information on that establishment?

06-14-03, 07:20
Has Grand Prix re opened in Richeleu? Went there last year had a blast!

06-14-03, 10:04
First time in Montreal. Thanks for all the great information. I will be sure to check out some of your local ladies.
I have a crew with me and I am intrested in taking them to the Strip Clubs. Everyone keeps mentioning the different kinds of clubs but has yet to give a name or address of a full contact (fs) club. Any information would be great. We don't mind the drive if they are out of the city. I will post as usuall my experiences each night.
Take Care and Be Safe
Email sixdaysout@aol.com

06-14-03, 12:26
Hey, dfwdude,

I got good news for you. The grand prix has opened again.

They have rearranged the place a bit, but the prices are the same as they were last year.

The women are of the same quality as last year as well. But it seems that business has fallen somewhat. I remember on any friday or saturday night things would be very busy with lines developing in front of the booths. But last Saturday evening it was very quiet. Only a few of the tables were occupied. It is stilll a great place to hang out at.

They are opened from 11 through 3am. The later you go, the more choices there will be.

06-14-03, 21:03
Grand Prix was just a novelty to me, the best values in Montreal are the escort services and incalls, the women who walk around St. Catherine Street aren't bad either.

06-15-03, 00:15
I'm planning a trip to Montreal in the coming weeks and I'd like to know where the best full contact strip clubs are. I'm going to be spending a weekend there with friends, so I'm not really interested in outcall escorts. I might however be interested in any good AMP's in the city. I think i'm going to stay at the lord berri hotel on st. catherine's street, and I'd like to stay in the city.

06-15-03, 02:03

The grand prix has opened again, and are doing business as usual in a renovated establishment.

The prices are the same, and many of the women who were there last summer, are again working there.

It seems like business has fallen somewhat. It used to be that the place would be crouded on any Saturday afternoon, but last Saturday evening, there weren't many customers there.

The hours are the same 11am to 3 am. Best time to go is in the evening.

06-16-03, 23:51
Hilltop is worth visiting. All services are available there and the girls look good. If I can remember correctly, FS is available for $100 CN. Sure, you can get an escort for that price but this way you can see what you are getting. Worse price but less risk.

06-17-03, 12:26
Where do I find Hilltop please?

06-20-03, 02:17
Originally posted by senu
Where do I find Hilltop please? Easy Senu,

As you approach Montreal from the West on I20, get off at exit 29
and follow rt. 540 North towards Ottawa. At exit 2, get off 540. Pass the first stop sign and you should see the Hill Top on your right. Don't go past the gas station.

I forgot what the hours are exactly for the weekdays. I think they are from 1200 till about 3am.

If you see anything good, please share the information.

Member #1465
06-20-03, 20:09
Originally posted by senu
Where do I find Hilltop please?
You take 20 west out of Montreal through Dorion and when the road split up towards Toronto and Ottawa go towards Ottawa. Then its the first exit. When You see a gas station you also se Hilltop if you look right. Have fun.

06-22-03, 12:34
Thanks guys, Ill certainly post a report when I return.

Montreal Girls
06-23-03, 20:06

Before this I had never been to a real strip club.

When I got to Montrťal about 5pm I walked right into club L'AXE. Well actually I didnít walk right in; I sat in my car watching the entry way, building up the courage to go in lol. This little club is right on busy St. Denis. Lots of people walking by so I thought it would be sketchy to walk into a strip club just like that. But no this is Montreal baby hehe.

So I take a seat at a small table and the waitress comes over and I order a drink. She comes back and is like 7 dollars please im like what?!?! I just ordered a Smirnoff. So I hand her a 10 and she gives me back a few coins.

The next thing I see is this pretty young thing walking my way from the back of this club. Shes like 5'5 maybe 110lbs tiighht body looks like sheís part black part something else. She comes over to my table and says something in French, im like I only speak English. So she sits down and she start to chat with me in broken English for a bit.

Then I say the magic words "private dance". She takes me by the hand into the back and then she sat me down in this little booth with a curtain. The DJ starts playing some nice music and she starts to do her thing. At first I just sat there in sheer awe, she said she was 19 and she had the perfect body.

Then I forgot that I could actually touch lol. So im sitting there like an idiot with my hands on me knees. So then she sits in my lap and puts my hands on her breasts......mind melt down..

I ended up getting 3 more songs, tipped her, and I walked out of the club a new man. Lets just say my next pay check is getting cashed and im heading strait to Montrťal and club L'AXE!

06-25-03, 00:40
Whats everyones favorite strip club in montreal and why?

06-25-03, 04:45
I went to Grand Prix on the Grand Prix weekend. Few customers at 10 PM. About 10-12 gorgeous girls.

They paly porno on TV monitors. All assfucking videos, just to get yuo in the mood!

Place wa kind of slow. I took a girl to the booth. No simple bump and grind, it had to be full service, she said.
$140 for half and half.
Too many restrictions, cannt touch this , cant touch that.
Quickly finished a standing-behind-her FS and left.

I did the Grand Prix thing 'cause it had been so recommended. For guys like me who come from out of town, nothing like an escort in your hotel room!!

Johny 99
06-26-03, 18:58
For those of you who have been looking for CanBest. I still have no idea why the forum has been discontinued. The Asservissante used to point to Canbest for reviews, but now points to Merb.

I was having problems getting to the forum page from the home page. There seems to be a temporary problem with it. I typed in the full URL to the forum (below) and you can get there.

Good searching!


06-28-03, 04:35
I'll be visiting Montreal next week and will be my first time ever. Since outcall is legal in Canada, can anyone tell me if it's ok to ask the outcall agencies about specific services their ladies provide? In other words, can I ask them on the phone *explicitly* about dfk, bbbj, and other acronyms? In the U.S., if you use these terms talking with an agency over the phone, they'll tell you to get lost and hang up on you immediately.

By the way, has anyone tried this agency before? The ladies in the pictures look great, and the rates sound reasonable. I wonder what the difference is, in term of service, between the regular rate and the exclusive rate. Is it possible that you get what you pay for? I couldn't find any review about this agency or the ladies in the pictures. Are these ladies too good to be true or what? Anyone? Here is the website:

I'd appreciate your responses.


06-29-03, 00:16
What's better, Montreal or Toronto?

Dr Torpedo
06-29-03, 02:53

Dr Torpedo
06-29-03, 02:55
There's no comparison...Montreal takes the prize (right in the face). Montreal Baby wins the race, and Toronto Slutt is still stuck in the gates. Pays 1 for 5.

06-30-03, 18:36
Here is review from my recent visit to Montreal. I have had good "luck" with Fantasme so far (no website):

She was not on the montreal spreadsheet, but the operator highly recommended her, so I agreed (thinking that I must do my civic duty and take one for the team).

Arrived on time and I was pleased a what I saw at the door. 19 years (18-21?)Blond, shoulder length hair, miniskirt, nice low-cut blouse, high heels (yum,yum!) 5-5, 115 lbs (I guess)

Good english, friendly, conversation, caressing, full kisses, light smoke on breath, not bad. Slowly undressed, sexy underwear.
Best Feature...34 B-C tits that stand up and demand attention, beautiful nipples. (I am getting a hard on just thinking about it)
Body is young and tight all over, smooth youthful skin.

DFK, DATY, CBJ (very good), digits(hers and mine!), all positions (I tried 6). Laid in bed talking for 10-15 minutes, would have been OK with 2nd SOG (I wasn't ready) .

More to cum....

Johny 99
07-01-03, 03:05
Originally posted by Badass
Here is review from my recent visit to Montreal. I have had good "luck" with Fantasme so far (no website):

She was not on the montreal spreadsheet, but the operator highly recommended her, so I agreed (thinking that I must do my civic duty and take one for the team).

Arrived on time and I was pleased a what I saw at the door. 19 years (18-21?)Blond, shoulder length hair, miniskirt, nice low-cut blouse, high heels (yum,yum!) 5-5, 115 lbs (I guess)

Good english, friendly, conversation, caressing, full kisses, light smoke on breath, not bad. Slowly undressed, sexy underwear.
Best Feature...34 B-C tits that stand up and demand attention, beautiful nipples. (I am getting a hard on just thinking about it)
Body is young and tight all over, smooth youthful skin.

DFK, DATY, CBJ (very good), digits(hers and mine!), all positions (I tried 6). Laid in bed talking for 10-15 minutes, would have been OK with 2nd SOG (I wasn't ready) .

More to cum....

I hate to be demanding...but it would help if you provided her name ;-)

Johny 99
07-01-03, 03:09
Originally posted by Badass
I went to Grand Prix on the Grand Prix weekend. Few customers at 10 PM. About 10-12 gorgeous girls.

They paly porno on TV monitors. All assfucking videos, just to get yuo in the mood!

Place wa kind of slow. I took a girl to the booth. No simple bump and grind, it had to be full service, she said.
$140 for half and half.
Too many restrictions, cannt touch this , cant touch that.
Quickly finished a standing-behind-her FS and left.

I did the Grand Prix thing 'cause it had been so recommended. For guys like me who come from out of town, nothing like an escort in your hotel room!!

Try Chez Diane next time...or even Le Gentlemen. Grand Prix has not been the same since it closed. Too expensive and low quality.

07-02-03, 14:36
Originally posted by Johny 99
I hate to be demanding...but it would help if you provided her name ;-)

Sorry, her name is Sara (Sarah?)

07-03-03, 13:42
Single pro

Just tell the operator what you want in a polite way and you won't get bounced. Avoid to much slang, if you like Kiss for example just tell them you want a girl that will kiss. The operator will normally ask what you want assuming they have a choice. If they have a limited numbet available (which is oftern the case) they will make you an offer.

07-03-03, 14:38
Just completed a visit to this fair city and promised a review.

On arrival at my hotel took a walk along St Catherine to Denis to check out the SWís. Nothing very appealing so after dinner and a few beers called and got Sabrina from glamour girl. She arrived in good time and was a reasonable looking 20yr old French Canadian. Whilst only reasonable looking her personality was very nice and she gave good service of the safe kind ie cbj, no kiss and no finger penetration. Had her in a number of positions and went to bed with a smile.

Second day after work went up to L Axel on st Denis near the junction with Sherbourn. I read about this contact strip joint on this forum so after a 10$ tip to the doorman found a seat. The beer was a reasonable price and the girls not pushy in fact disappointed as they where not very friendly. The strip show was quite good and the atmosphere relaxed. Go for a beer and watch the show, its okay.

Back at hotel called Betterhalf and Sara joined me. She arrived on time and was as description although I would have put her older than 31. A nice lady with good conversation she was in no rush and stayed just over time. Nice kiss and open sex ie bj without condom and sex from front and doggie. All in all a nice person.

Third day after work I wandered up to one of my old haunts Wandas and met a cute French Canadian called Mandy and a Siberian gal. Both pleasant and didnít spend to much on them. Back at the room I called and got Julie from Zone Erogene. This gal was quite cute at 18yrs and provided a good safe service allowing reasonable access to her pussy and a very nice shag.

Fourth day I had no work so in the afternoon called and got Jessica from Asservissante. Jessica was a very cute 19yr old French Canadian with little English but she was hot. Lovely kisser, no cover needed for bj (she asked me not to come in mouth), lots of positions and play and a cute butterfly tattoo on her bum. Two full sessions in the hour no problem with this pretty girl.

This evening just took a stroll round the bars and chatted to a few girls. Thought I scored but in the end she went of home a bit drunk. Back at the hotel I also was a bit drunk never the less called and got Lori from Fantasme. Lori made me laugh so much sex wasnít a big deal. A nice looking and happy young gal with some piercing (left eyebrow and mouth stud). She had a tattoo on her back and above bum Chinese script. Lori is a fun girl who gave covered bj and a good kiss.

Day five Jessica from glamour girl visited me in the afternoon. An Italian decent Canadian she was a bit restrictive but nice and chatty, she also stayed by choice after I said she could go, a nice 24yr old gal.

In the evening I checked out Octopussy and then a full contact bar called Gentlemans Choice on St Catherine and Drumand. Ended up at Wandas chatting to a friend who works there for a couple of hours.

Evening met Rachel from Glamour girl. A British blond in her early 20ís she was safe, chatty and nice in bed.

Last day before checking out Selina from Montreal Escorts came round. What an amazing lady, Brazilian mix and 22yrs old. Selina gave me a massage but no kiss and a covered bj. A very chatty person with good English and she stayed long time, nice person all round.

General view was a good time in Montreal. The outcall agencies and girls are honest, open and a pleasure to do business with. Sometimes the available girls where limited but I always found somebody within 4 or 5 calls and always the girl arrived in reasonable time and was nice an a pleasure to be with.

Prices vary but I payed $120 at lowest and $180 highest the price not reflecting the service in any way. Twice I tipped $20 but the girls left with a smile and never seemed to expect a tip.

All in all, a good time in Montreal.

Thank you

Member #1465
07-03-03, 15:11
Was at Hilltop yesterday evening. It had 5 or 6 black girls and thats more then normal and as I like that colour it was nice. I had one of the girls for a dance and a CBJ. It was really good. Sometimes its more hand then head but this one was much more head then anything else. She was also nice and beatiful. I got her phone number so I will call her for some outside action.

07-07-03, 23:01
I was in Montreal last week after a long absence. I really miss LFMJ. Anyhow I decided to call Lady 69 - I have not heard much about them buit they are supposed to have some girls from LFMJ. No luck - call back in an hour or so and we will so who is around.

Well I could not wait so I called Asservisante. I will give Martin credit - he is true to his word. Francine was as described - very pretty and petite. and on time. We talked a while and then got down to business. Good but not LFMJ service.

On a sacle of 5 - face 4.5, body 4, service 3.5

07-09-03, 03:07
I'm planning a trip to Montreal within the next few weeks. Can anyone recommend a decent hotel that is near the street action on St. Catherine? I was thinking of the Courtyard.


07-10-03, 09:56
Courtyard is fine. They shut the doors at 11pm but the doorman will let the outcall girls in if they ask. Or you can go down and do so yourself.

07-10-03, 09:57
Oh, the only problem with Courtyard (or Advantage) is no mini bar or safe, at least in the room I was in.

Le Grand
07-12-03, 07:11
I was in Montreal for the first time last week and stayed in an area called Longueil which is on the other side of the river. Feeling really horny, I tried out the spread sheet provided by sexwork.com. It is one of the most comprehensive listing of hookers services for any city I have found.

I picked an in-call girl called Sandra in my area that to do anal and BBBTC. Her English was so so. She gave me her address over the phone. I looked up the map and off I went, and got completely lost. It turned out there was 2 streets with the same name. Anyway, I called her again and after almost an hour since I first talk to her, I got to her place which turned out to be only a mile or two from my hotel.

She lived in a 5 or 6 stories building. Her apartment was pretty dinky. As the spreadsheet described, she was 30 or so, no beauty but OK. Resaonable body. She looked like she have been in the business for many years. Anyway, she was quite pleasant. English was limited. The charge for an hour was $120. Anal included.

She started off pretty aggressive, kissing me all over and asked me to turn around. She then kissed all over my back, work her way down, kissed the back of my leg and then sticked her tongue into my ass. The was pretty kinky. I turned her over and she gave me a pretty decent BBBJ. Then on with the rubber and I fucked her a bit missionary style. Not to great since her pussy was pretty loose. Much better when I did her doggie style. Then anal. She must have been ass fucked many times before since she did not even wince when I shove my cock in with one swift stroke. It did not take long before I shot my load. After a short rest, she gave me another BBBJ. She was pretty engaged. After 5 minutes or so, I shot my load again. This time it was right on her face and a bit on her hair.

Overall, she was a 5 in look, 7 in bod. She was definitely on the older side and probably can go another 2 - 3 years on those departments. On the other hand, I will have to give her a 9 for sex. She definitley had a lot of experience and she worked to please.

BTW: I went to Teazer which was a strip joint down down. I didn't like having to pay $5 for entrance and then got fleeced again for another $2 by a bouncer type. The money is small but it was the principle of having to pay twice that buged me. Beer was pretty expensive at $7, but the girls were great. Lots of 9's there. The lap dances were pretty awesome.

Le Grand
07-12-03, 07:20

Just read your FR. Man, you are either very rich or you are doing this for business and taking a tax write off. I envy you!

Le Grand

07-16-03, 13:09
Le Grand,

Dont, Ill be paying the credit card bill for a couple of months now :-)

More to the point though, it added what $500us to my trip so for a treat its okay once and a while.

07-22-03, 19:40
i was in montreal last week, past the st. cath. area corner st. laurent. no action only some druggies.

i circled the block about 10 times nothing at all.

i then went further up st. cath. 4 blocks after st laurent, not sure the name of the street. on the corner there is a cinema showing 6 film (i think) any in front was this beautiful blonde tall knockout. she wanted 120 for a bj in hotel and up to 400 for fs.

does anyone know if there are live nude girl peep shows in that area?

Le Grand
07-25-03, 05:09
A late FR. When I was in Montreal a few weeks ago, tried an in call place at South Shore (advertised in the local English newspaper's classify section under escort).

Called them up. A woman answered the phone. Told me she has 3 girls working that night. One of them sound interesting - 38D breast (I like big boobs), blond etc. I told I am interested. She gave me direction to a motel and told me to call agin when I get there. Well that motel is really tricky to get to. It was one of those places you can see it from the highway but cannot really figure out how to get over there. Anyway, before I knew what I was doing, I was on the lane getting on to a bridge back into Montreal!

By the time I got there and call, the girl was no longer available. That seemed to be a real problem with in call. Anyway, she told me another girl was available but she does not have big breast. I was not too keen since I was looking forward to squeezing some tits. But given I was there, I decided to give her a try. Rate was $80 half hour and $120 for an hour. The woman on the phone gave me a room number of the motel. I went there, the girl Eve was so so in look (5). A bit plump but not fat. Great thighs and ass (8). She was very friendly even though her english was so so. I went for an hour. Gave her the money and she called in to the woman I talked to. Just for the heck of it, I asked if she would do Greek. Turned out she did - and did not ask for extra either! I had a great time banging her from behind. Really enjoyed that big ass of hers. We rested a bit and chatted. She then gave me a BBBJ. Just before I cum, she pull it out and gave me a HJ and let my cum splatter all over her tits. I would rate the service to be an 8. I was happy and gave her $20 tips.

The problem I saw with that incall are (a) when you arrive, the girl that youn want may no longer be available and (b) they point you to a room and you do not get to see the selection. But as I said, I was happy.

Le Grand
07-26-03, 01:00

$120 for a bj and upto $400 for fs is pretty expensive particularly for a sw. the going rate for sw is more like $50 for bj and $80 for fs. and incall goes for $80 for half hour and $120 for an hour.

with regards to peep show, the closest one i have been to was pussy corp further up the street but before berri. it is not the classic booth kind of thing but you have your own room with a private stripper who will also use toys. i have not been for a long time but thought the going rate was like $80 an hour.

btw: there are lots of good strip joints all over montreal that offer full contact lap dance at $10. i think they are much better value except for the steep beer price of $5 - $8. entrance is often a token $2 to the bouncer. those in the area you were in are not that good. the better ones with lots of 7+ girls are more down town. i like teazer but do not like their double charging for entrance ($5 then another $2, small sum, but). wanda on de maisonneue and crescent (?) is another good one.

Mass Couple
08-02-03, 11:47
Spent a couple days up in Montreal about a month back, we ran into the over priced blonde who wanted 100 for bj and 400 for fs. Needless to say we passed. We did the usual trips to the clubs, spent a great deal of time at the club on St. Laurent since it was right next to our hotel, and had a great time there. Being from the US the lap dances in Canada can't be beat.

We (my gf and I) took a walk through St. Cath, and a couple side streets, I can't remember the name of the street we were on but, at a small park (there were a bunch of kids skateboarding) we met Celine. She was about 40, short, nice tits, about 130 lbs, said she was a native from western canada, and not bad at all for her age. Agreed upon $40 for her to come back to our hotel for a bj, with my gf to watch the action. Well to make a long story short, great service, she stayed for a couple hours had a few beers, gave me a fantastic BBBJTC, and also enjoyed my gf's tits for awhile. Things would have gone further with my gf but, it was the wrong time of the month for that. As she was leaving she asked us for our #, can you believe that? We passed on that but, I think she fell in love with my gf. We still get a good laugh out of it. Bottom line looks 6, service 9, attitude 10.

We're already planning our next trip up there. Great city, best time we've had since we started "playing".


Bob Sponge
08-04-03, 21:42
Hello folks,

I am planning into going to Montreal in about 2 weeks.

I have few questions :D.

- Where are the SW located at.
- What are the best strippers club (women)
- Anywhere we can have FULL Contact in the bar with the dancers.

If you guys have any other suggestions, please add them



08-05-03, 19:57
Marie-Eve from Asservissante

My last trip to Montreal was last summer, and I had my best experiences with Marie-Eve from Asservissante. She was just fantastic. I keep her for 4-5 hours every night I was there. One of my best ever. I used to schedule business trips to Montral just to see her.

Just emailed Martin and he said she quit and he has no info about her whereabouts (probably wouldn't tell me even if he knew...)

Anyone know what happened to her?

08-14-03, 02:52
Last went to Montreal in June - two nights.

1st night, called Martin at Asservissante. He sent over Tara - as described rated in Robin's spreadsheet, but probably a few more pounds. Also, she had a tattoo of boyfriend's (definitely male) name on right tit - not my thing. Everything safe and covered. We clicked nicely, but then again I'll like any pretty gal who will lick my balls! Unfortunately, only 1 SOG. Shaved, cute, friendly and certainly the right price. Would probably repeat. But, would prefer to find successor to LFMJ, particularly young Anik. Sweet memories with that one from late last year.

2nd night - tried an independent. Lillianne from Robin's spreadsheet. Everything as promised. Older. OK body. Better English than I expected. Dressed as requested in stockings. Plunged right into greek at her request. But - no lube at all. She was desparately trying to stuff my johnson in a dry hole, and frankly it was uncomfortable. With liberal KY, it probably would have been nice 'cause w/o lube she was pounding away. With lube I could have pounded her ass into the next province and she would have gleefully moaned. Finished BBBJTCIM, big production swallowing and licking me clean. Overall interesting experience, but wouldn't repeat. Lack of lube was a turnoff, and she had that "Euro infrequent bather" aura.

Yellow Fever
08-29-03, 02:44
Hi all,

I was in Montreal years ago and went to an all asian strip bar. Is there still one in Montreal. Second is the a street walker scene in Montreal and are there any asian girls. I look forward to reading the responses. I am travelling to Montreal the second week in October.

09-02-03, 23:33
Hi Guys,

Anybody recognise this, 5 browne points to the first correct answer.

Le Grand
09-13-03, 19:02
yellow fever

the all asian strip club on st cartherine st had been gone many years ago.

the sws still hang out at the junction of st catherine and st laurine. there are ususally a few slutty looking blonds there and they seemed to have been there for quite a while. i have never seen any asian sw. one i thought to be asian turned out to be native [indians]. i always had a hard time telling the different between natives from asian.

personally, i will soon use one of the many in-call or out-call services. they run about $80 for half hr fs and $120 for an hr. check out the classified ad section of the local englishs paper the gazette. if you can read or speak french, lots more advertised in the journal de montreal. browsing through the gazette, there are at least 2 agencies that offer asians.

have fun,

le grand

Le Grand
09-13-03, 19:08

The strip joint I saw quite a few black strippers is La CalŤche du sexe. It is on St Chatherine near the Berri Metro.

Le Grand

Le Grand
09-14-03, 04:50
> are than any clubs where a bj could be had or FS

Not in Montreal proper. I used to go a club called Grand Prix about 30 miles out of town in Richelieu. All the girls there were hookers and will provide sex in the private dance booths. I stopped going since it was still a bit of a drive. The booths are tiny so it was really not very comfortable. The price was pretty much the same as in call which offers much better value. The plus, if you are into that, is watching the girls mingle around and dance on the stage knowing they have been fucked many times that night and is available ... similar in a way to the FKK clubs in Germany. Grand Prix was shut down a year or so ago. I believe they have reopenned but not sure whether it is the same. There is a similar club close by which I had not been to. There is a pretty good site describing the sex options in Montreal including a pretty accurate spreadsheet in www.sexworker.com/montreal and its associated links.

Le Grand

09-14-03, 22:46
Alexandra of Aleeva

Called Aleeva because had struck out at another place. She recommended Alexandra after I explained what I was looking for (without being graphic). I asked for Amelia but she was not available.

Alexandra showed up in time. I was pleased to see her at the door and let out a sigh of relief. She loked very nice , in one of the dresses she has on in her pictures. Great hug and a kiss.
Very comfortable atmosphere, good conversation, English good enough.

She loves to suck, gave an excellent BBBJ.
DATY...yes she loves DATY..but slight problem...she did not smell fresh and infact had slight odor.
However, not bad enough for me to stop. Must have been too horny!!

Did 69, digits, mish, spoon, mish, sideways, cowgirl...
As she had warned, she made quite a "mess". Came three times and wet the sheets. Real squirter? Who knows.

Then stood on the floor and gave a good pounding. Now that expression on her face and the orgasm was real for sure!!

Some extras are available for some serious cash.

Throughly enjoyed and exhausted myself!! Sweet girl, great attitude!!
But now, several days later, I can't forget the odor.

Rating = Looks 8, Service 9, Attitude 10

Repeat? Probably not. Well, maybe I will, but I'll have to be blunt and ask her/Aleeva that she be totally fresh.

09-16-03, 04:24
Called Agence Fantasme today and Camille showed up within 15 minutes. I think she works during the day only. I have had good luck with this agency over the years, though I find the day girls to be of generally higher quality and less hurried than the night girls.

I saw some positive comments about Camille on this board so even though "Mulatres" are not my cup of tea I decided to try her. She was the only one available at 5PM anyway. Camille is black with big natural breasts. Not the prettiest girl, maybe a 6-7 but very nice and laughing personality. CBJ & no DATY, light kissing. Overall an enjoyable experience, more so for the fun than for the sex. CDN140 for 1 hour.

09-16-03, 04:26
Called Ag. Fantasme again the next day. Asked for a girl with long hair. They sent Claudia (her real name Annie is apparent in a tatoo on her chest), a tall reddish Quebecoise who works days. She looks an 8 from a distance but more of a small 7 from closer up, perhaps because of a sagging belly (from pregnancy) and because her face is average under her beautiful long hair. At first I was also somewhat turned off by the piercing (eyebrows, belly and clit) which I don't particularly fancy.

But I must say those became less significant when I discovered that Claudia provides excellent service and good GFE. She was very gentle and sweet, moaning all the time and touching herself and really appeared to be enjoying the moment. That is pleasant and not the case with all the girls. DFK was a plus, DATY, BBBJ but no CIM and a very enjoyable body massage to start (she also works at massage parlors that is probably why).

Overall, another nice experience. CD$140 for the first hour, CD$110 for the second.

09-16-03, 17:15
Le Grand,

Grand Prix has reopened and things are about the same as they have been. Don't really think it is a great deal the prices are as much as an incall escort and you get less service. I don't like the small area that they use for sex, no showers, and limit time.


09-18-03, 05:03
Grand Prix is a ripoff. Unless you're a 21 year old who hasn't had anything to drink, paying for "two songs" isn't going to do it!

I saw a blond from Colorado, Kelly, who offered a bj (covered) for $100C or $150C for FS. The problem is that the agreed to cash is for TWO songs. If you're not finished, for a BJ the rate is $50 for each additional song until you're finished. A total ripoff. As a visitor staying at a hotel, you can get a full hour with a better looking woman for $140C - forty bucks more for an hour in your OWN hotel room than about 8 minutes in a cramped, filthy booth.

My $0.02

Yellow Fever
09-24-03, 05:14
Looking to come to Montreal second weekend in Oct. Any decent hotels not to expensive in the area of St. Catherine St.

09-25-03, 05:10
Right on, Bubba, right on!!

09-25-03, 19:33
Yellow Feaver

The name of the club was "Club 666" and it was great!!!!

Member #1465
09-25-03, 23:47
Was to Frontiere for the first time yesterday. Its a place close to the Ontario border Highway 20 exit 2. Its a full service place with the normal prices for those kind of places. 20, 80, 120 (or 140) for 1 dance, BJ, FS. Reasonable nice girls. 5 or 6 black girls. I tried a BJ from a black girl called Tanja I think. She was nice and the time with her was ok.

Yellow Fever
10-06-03, 05:23
Hi boys,

I'm coming to Montreal this weekend Sat/Sun nights how about some pointers where to send 18 and 19 year olds for a night on the town both strip bars and bars where they may get lucky night clubs would be good.

Yellow Fever
10-07-03, 13:21

I'm Staying in Laval, Quebec how far is that from the action on St. Catherine St. and is there public transportation and how late does it run.

Dirty Dog
10-08-03, 05:22
Hey Yellow fever I highly recomend that you try out the escort services my favorite is Asservissante check out there website www.asservissante.com My favorite is Clara she just looks so good I could'nt keep myself from tasting her. Talk to martin and he wont do you wrong. Check out this site also http://www.sexwork.com/montreal/spreadsheet.html for more escort services and info on Montreal. I hope you enjoy you're stay in Montreal

Ham Sap Lo
10-13-03, 04:46

In regards to your question regarding transportation, Laval is a little far from Ste. Catherine in Montreal. You mentioned public transportation: on Laval it sucks, because the subway won't go that far. It stops at the northern end of Montreal island. If you must stay in Laval I'd recommend a car rental. Just be careful when you park downtown. Montreal is notorious for meter maids who'll nail you with a parking ticket faster than you can say "oh shit."

It's easiest just to park in the general area and use the many $20-an-hour hotels along Ste. Catherine. The only real downside is serious pedestrian traffic so try to go at later hours.

10-14-03, 02:12
I recently just got back from my first trip to Montreal. It's not bad, not bad at all. It's no BA, Amsterdam or Scotland but it's a good place.

I did one of everything. One massage, one outcall and one incall. I also went to two of the downtown stripclubs, Downtown and Gent's Choice. I was planning to rent a car and go to Hilltop and Grand Prix but I just didn't feel the need with the downtown clubs in easy walking range. A lot of people downplay the downtown clubs, but I found the girls hot and the dances cheap. Those "contact" dances with girls of that caliber, 9s and 10s, would cost me about $40-$80 USD at the local strip clubs, but they only cost $7 in Montreal. A big bargain IMHO. There was one girl at Downtown who was the most beautiful girl I've seen in more than a few years.

I went to Massage Plus. It's on Bishop. You can't miss it. Just walk down St. Cats and a tout will give you a business card. There were four girls availabe, others were busy, when I got there at 3 AM. I picked Jenny. A tallish 21 yr brunette. She was OK. The whole thing reminded me a lot of the windows in AMS RLD. Down to the towels on the bed before I got on. It just seemmed clinical like AMS tends to be. It cost $50 for the room and $80 for a BJ. This was for 30 mins. Kind of steep. There was this great blonde sitting in the room when I left. I only wished I had come in a half an hour later. There's no pretense that this is anything but a brothel. They gave me the menu and prices the second I walked in the door. Skip asking for a massage. I did and I've gotten better massages from a butterfly landing on my back.

I next had an outcall. I called Martin at Asserviante or something like that. Check www.******** for more reviews. I got Monica. She was basically as reviewed and described in the spreadsheet. She was 27 and not 23/24. Her eyes are also brown and not green. Otherwise everything was spot on. She did everything well and was quite chatty. Great BL. I give her two thumbs up. Way up. She wasn't in any big rush to leave and hung around to chat for a while. Cost was $140 for an hour.

Lastly I had an incall. I choose ABC Soft and Rebecca based on online reviews. The reviews were basically spot on. The only difference was that BBBJ was supposed to cost $20 more and she didn't do BBBJTC. Well she did it for me and didn't charge me any extra. $90 for a half hour.

I prefer the BA Club scene, the Scottish saunas or AMS RLD since you can look at the girls first. But Montreal isn't bad at all. If they would just get rid of those pesky bawdy house laws and have clubs like BA, I think Montreal could give BA a run for the money. I think they could have those clubs even with the current laws. Since the clubs in BA are just meeting places. What happens between you and the girl at your hotel is your own business. At least I now have a couple of girls I would repeat with.

Yellow Fever
10-14-03, 05:51
Thanks for all the advise, had a great time.

Went to the Gentlemans Choice, two maybe three decent woman also one of the ugliest woman I had ever seen. The other was the Super Sexe and I'd have to say they were all 9's and 10's. Laval had two street walkers one blond the other black. I would rate each about a 7. St. Catherine street from St. Laurent to St. Denis was different saw some unbelievable street walkers Blonds and Brunettes and redheads. I would say they mostly range in the 8 - 10 range if I didn't have my kids I would definitely have partaken. I spoke with one she said she was from British Colombia she wanted .8 for a car date and 1.3 to go to her hotel. These SW's were as hot as the Dancers in the Super Sexe.

Ham Sap Lo
10-21-03, 04:47
I recently tried out the incall services in Montreal after reading JustGotBack's report. Well let me tell you my incall experience was much better than the SW action I have ever seen in the city (Ste. Catherine/St. Laurent).

I also chose ABC Soft and Rebecca. I called up and she was available right away. Went to an apartment building on St. Famille Street (corner Milton). Rebecca was just as the reviews say she is. She's pretty good looking and has a nice body. I felt like really enjoying myself so I got a whole hour with her for 140 + anal (50) + bbbj (20). I bargained down to an even 200.

I pretty much did everything and she was really good. Soft body and touch and I had a good time doing DATY. The BBBJ was nice but I have had better. Plugged her in the ass for my first finish. After I was done we just sat on the bed and talked a while. I told her she's getting some good reviews on the internet and she seemed pleased. As soon as I recovered she BBBJ'd me again and I took her doggy style and blew my load in her pussy (with condom of course) the second time. After that I was pretty much toast. The good part is the venue is in an apartment room so you can take a shower and clean up at the end. ABC Soft owns the venue and I believe they take a cut of her profits.

I would have really liked to check out some of the other ABC girls but I didn't have the time.

Doc Simp
11-22-03, 17:00
I just got back from Montreal, had a girl over from a new service called "Luxre" got the number off the M*** board. Anyway many of the girls here are from the old LFMJ service, ie as open as it gets, the old driver for LFMJ started his own service and I must say his descriptions are right on point. He speaks good english and will ask you straight out what do you want, Me I had a brunette, Karine was her name. They market her as 23, but she is actually 27, although she could pass for 23 easily, nice body, BBBJTC, digits, the whole 9. Excellent oral skills, 140 CAN. 2 cups available, the dollar to Canadian right now sucks, but its still a better price and service than you will get in NYC. While I would not travel to expressly Canada for hobbying if you are in town it is definitely worth it to try some of the local talent.

Stayed at the Montreal Vogue (met George Clooney there last year) beautiful rooms. If you like brazilian food, try La Milsa on Peil (sp) street, they often have Samba dancers, belly dancers, etc in the resaurant for entertainment.

If you are black you will want to identify as much when you call services as many of the Montreal women "Dont do the black" funny ass shit. Somehow Montreal chicks think Indians (east indians/Paki's) and blacks are too rough or too big during sex. I have been to Montreal probably 5 tims in the last 3 years and every trip I get at least one girl who I have to throw back because she wont do a black guy. Usually white females, french canadian, this time I had to throw back a fucking haitian, some fucking nerve, she is haitian, and she wont fuck a black guy.

Anyway, Happy Hunting.

11-27-03, 18:42
Thanks for the info Doc. I've been looking for the ex-LFMJ girls all over Montreal. :)

Would you still have the phone number? Or someone else who has it, please post it.

Also, any idea who the old LFMJ driver who started Luxre is? I'm asking because with Yves the delay was 45 min to 2 hours, although he did bring the right girl. Michel on the other hand was very good.


Rain City
12-01-03, 06:20
I have been to Montreal last week, and I had good, okay, and terrible experience. Let me start from the worst one.

Top Model (514-913-8362)

The guy who runs this agency is a totally liar. He described Sandra as 23 yr old, 5'6", 120 lb. light brown/blue French Canadian. When I saw her, I wanted to send her back. She was about 5'4", 180 lb., Middle Eastern with died light brown hair and blue contact lenses in her late 20s. I think this chick cannot get any lay, therefore she works for an agancy to have her sexual needs fulfilled. She had a nice face, and tried her hardest, but even if I were on Viagra, I could not have made it hard. AVOID THIS AGENCY AT ALL COST!

Glamour Girl (217-4885)

I had okay time with this agency, although this was not an honest agency either. I saw Brittany. She was described as 5'5", 110 lb., dark/blue 18 yr old. Sure she was about 5'5", and she could be 18 yr old. But she was NOT 110 lb. I would say she was around 145 lb. She was still pretty and I had a good time. 8/6/7 (face/body/service). I also saw Kaya from the same agency. She was described as 20 yr old, 5'6", 110 lb, light brown/hazel French Canadian. Well, she was a Latina in her mid - late 20s. She had a nice face and excellent body (except for sagging breasts and strech marks), and nice service including YMMV kiss. So, regardless, I had a good time. 7/8/8.

Rain City
12-01-03, 06:28
Satin Dreams (223-0325)

I had a really good time with this agency. I described the type of woman I was looking for. The lady on the phone told me that they did not have my type that night, but she would be available the next day (no hard push or lies here). So the next day (after the horrible experience I mentioned on previous post), I saw Alison. She was fresh and nice -- a true GFE (including YMMV DFK and BBBJ). She was about 4'11", 120 lb, blond/blue French Canadian. I think she is in her early 20s. 8/6/9. I really liked the way this agency handled things. I would definitely use this agency again.

12-01-03, 23:06
I drove up to Montreal this Thanksgiving weekend with 3 other friends. Over all this is not a very satisfactry trip. Of the 4 escorts I dated only one is to my total satisfaction. Of the ones that I looked up before my Montreal trip whom I intended to date I got none. All is unavailable. I contacted The Courtesans and the Classic Montreal Escorts and the web site girls are just unavailable. Martin from Asservissante is a nice guy but he does not keep his promise well though. Twice I asked girls for bbbj and twice he failed me. I called Fantasme and was promised a blond and it end up with a mulato with died hair. She smelled like an ashtray. What a turn off. I also went to #1 geisha which is in south shore on route 116 in a hotel called St. Hubert. The girl is a Quebecoi and is very nice. But she is pregrant and she ends up doing cbj instead of bbbj she promised me at the beginning of the session. She claimed she had a bleeding sore and don't want to infect me. Yah right now she remembered. The weather did not help either. Of the 3 days I was there, two were raining and one was heavy snow.

For 3 nights I was scoutting the down town area for SWs and came up with none. I got no eye contacts with any sw except the professional hookers on St. Cathrine.

The biggest turn off is the exchane rate now. It is now $100 to $126 CDN.

12-04-03, 04:16
I'm making my first trip to Montreal in th next week and a half. I wanted to know what the best strip clubs were for extras and what were the best escort agncies to use.

I've heard the only clubs that have extras are those that are located outside of town. Is this true? I'll be driving up from New York State, any clubs along that route once I get into Canada?

I've been reading all through the previous posts and have noticed that there are very mixed reviews of the various agencies. On the frenchkiss website, I found some ladies I'd like to setup in advance. I emailed them and no response. What gives? Any suggestions? The girls I was interested in were Florence and Erika. Any agency suggestions?


Florida Perv
12-05-03, 01:28

Yeah there are plenty of strip clubs like that outside of town. One is Erotica in Richlieu on 35 up from the Vermont line. Another is Hilltop in Dorion. Another is on Route 20 right on the Ontario line. None are a long drive from downtown and well worth the look.

12-06-03, 01:49
Thanks Florida Perv,

Are any of those clubs along 87 from New York State on the way to Montreal?

Also, any insight on good agencies to use?



Florida Perv
12-06-03, 15:01

I've never gone that way to Montreal so I don't know but I imagine that there are.

I never tried an agency but there are a lot and many are reviewed here.

Have Fun!!

12-16-03, 21:07
I haven't been up that way in awhile, but there used to be a place, I think it was in or near Ibreville. Traveling north, it's on the right side of the road. There's a large black silhouette cutout of a female body on the sign in front. Something's telling me the name is Ren-dez-vous (or something like that).

Strip club-like set up with private booths. The girls' sole mission in life is to get you into that booth. Usually 8-9 girls working at night. Most of them are pretty awful looking, but occasionally there's one diamond in the rough. Met a beautiful "college girl" from Montreal there. She was a solid 8. FS $40 Canadian in the booth.

Worth a stop for a beer half way up to Montreal, but don't be surprised if there's nothing inside that's worth looking at or going near.

Yellow Fever
12-28-03, 21:42
I was reading about a whole city underground in Montreal is there any action there?

Montreal Friend
01-04-04, 16:55

No, not much hubby activity in underground Montreal (that I know of, I have been living in Montreal for 14 years).

I met (and meet regularely) a beautifull 22 years old BBW black women. She gives amazing and intense services, including kisses on the mouth and bbbj. She's 5'6, 220 pds, and has 40 EE tits.

So, if you love large black women with a huge breast, you will be in heaven. Her going rate is 140$ Can. per hour (about 100$ US).

Now, I'm not sure I'm allowed to post information on how to have access to her without being accused of spamming (This is actually a question to you Jackson).



[blue]This is exactly what the Private Messaging system if for.



Le Grand
01-06-04, 23:37
Tried Girls of South Shore in call last week. They had 2 girls. Tried Janet who was definitely older at 37 was told she was hot and would do anything. Janet was 5-6 in look, 7 in body - heavier built but not fat. Dark hair. Standard $80 half hour or $120 an hour with 2 shots. $50 extra for anal. Decided to go for the $120 an hour. She gave a reasonable BBBJ followed by straight sex and doggie. She was moaning a air bit in French but that sounded fake and was actually a bit of a turn off. After I cum. We rested and had a beer. (Bought from the motel reception at $2.50 a pop which was pretty reasonable). Janet than gave me another good BBBJ and finished off with me blasting onto her face and into her mouth. All in all, pretty reasonable for the price if you are into older woman and something extra. BTW: If you have been to GoSS before but have not been for more than 6 months. They moved to another motel further down the road. Almost knocked on the wrong door and that could have been embarassing!