View Full Version : Boots on fire

12-10-16, 16:10
Once again all I can say was Classico was in full swing. A lot of choices and a lot of chicas left without being picked. They were throwing their numbers around. It makes me want to stay here 2 more days.

As I was walking away from the Disco some girl got my attention. She was in the police truck calling me to come to her. I looked at her and it was my beautiful dark skin Jessica. Jessica is in my top 3 pics in the Sue. She is all dark with a very nice youthful shape. I've been dealing with her for about two-and-a-half years. I've had sessions with her and she's brought girlfriends saying her friend needs some dick. Poor thing was sitting with tears in her eyes asking me to help her out. I normally don't get involved in those matters. But if I hadn't had a chica in my room Jessica would be going home with me. I had to talk to a few people who told me to talk to the boss because he hadn't took her down yet. They said it will cost me about five hundred pesos for him to release her. Hell I only came out the room with 500 peso. 200 for the club and the rest in case I wanted water. I notice a Haitian that hustles on the street talking to the police looks like in her defence. He passed the police some money. They then told me to bring 500 pesos and give to him and she will be released. I walk back to hotel Europa thinking to give or not to give. For Jessica 500 is nothing. I got to my room and headed back to get her released. I got halfway there and guess who I see walking in my direction. Jessica and she was released. She told me the Haitian talk for her and she gave 300 pesos to the police + 100 to the Haitian. I showed her I had a thousand pesos to go and get her release. I told now I don't have to walk all the way to the club and she gave me a big hug. She was happy she did not want to go to jail. I then gave her 300 pesos. She wanted to come to my room to smoke and f* for free. Damn I've turned down so many women's for her. Jessica has a good f* game. But hands down the Chica I have in my room will put all of these girls to shame as far as energy and compassion.

Went back to the room play with those titties and she stuck my hand between her legs. It felt like a bottle of KY Jelly was poured between her legs. 2 hours later her cousin was calling saying they had to go. Can you believe she f* me again. 2000 pesos 2 dresses and a pair of shorts. We will repeat later. The Sue has been very very good to me.