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04-14-02, 00:16
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05-15-02, 16:53
has anyone seen the girl named megan she
has her own maasage business in nanaimo.
she is a gorgeous redhead with small boobs but perky
she gives head and then has sex with you it is worth the money going there.

05-28-02, 00:20
do you have any contact info for megan?

01-26-03, 09:10
hey i was hovering around looking at posts. i am gonna try some canadian stuff this next week. i am from seattle but i think this girl is the one you guys are talking about i am not sure but she has small boobs and a good looking redhead. http://www.naturalbeautygina.com/

07-11-03, 20:24
Cruised the area around Milton on Wed night. Very little going on except for one SW who I was with before. Fat, stinks, and has a really bad attitude. Across the old Hwy, on Haliburton, near where the reserve starts, there were a few SW. Most were pretty raw looking. I finally found one named Jen. Tall, fair looking redhead. Picked her up and she quoted me 40 or 80. I told her that was a bit steep for that part of town, and she talked me into 40 for a BJ, saying that she would take her clothes off and I could play with her etc. Parked, she starts trying to jam the condom on me immediately, and I'm saying hey, slow down, lets get your clothes off. She starts throwing a fit, calls me cheap, says she never takes her clothes off for 40, and that Im getting a hell of a deal anyways. Argued, etc. She ended up dropping her top, and the BJ was only so so. For the most part, save your dough and hire an escort or hit the Thai massage place on Franklin. The SW in Nanaimo are low class has beens who couldn't even make it on East Hastings.


07-13-03, 18:39
Thanks for that update. There were a lot of Nanaimo street reports on the WSG until about February of last year, then they abruptly stopped. I just added this city to my regional stroll guide after researching posts back to 1998. I've never been there, and am planning on coming over in the next few days (I'm also going to check out Victoria--which I've never visited as a john).

Seattle-Vancouver-Victoria street guide (http://www.geocities.com/un_csd/streetguide.html)

07-14-03, 00:12
Finally good to get a report out of Nanaimo. Haven't heard anything in a long time. Used to get over there a fair amount on business several years ago, but it was pretty dry from a SW point of view. Although there doesn't appear to be much quality, there does seem to be quantity.

Is the track still around the few blocks by the 7-11 there south of town? Read a while ago that there were some to the north of the downtown core. I have a couple of potential customers that I may be calling on over on the Island and was wondering if an overnight visit with some cruising was in line.

07-14-03, 05:06
Hi Embassy,

The area south of town, near the 7-11 is the Milton Rd, Old Victoria Rd area. This is where you will likely find most of the action, especially after dark. By the way, the 7-11 is gone, so that landmark wont help anymore.

Crossing the old Island Hwy at the Milton Rd intersectrion, will take you over to Haliburton, which seems to be picking up of late. Go south on Haliburton, towards the Jolly Miner Pub, then cross back to Old Victoria Rd. Again, lots of real down and outers in that area, but occasionally a fresh face, and the prices generally cannot be beat! 20-60 is about normal, although they will always demand 40-80 to begin with. Barter hard.
The area further north was totally shut down by residents some time ago, and I've seen no action at all there of late.

Strangely though, way up in the north end of town, near the new Superstore (Aulds and the old Hwy), there was a fair looking SW (for Nanaimo standards anyways) with her thumb out. I had already partaken that evening so I passed her by. I would imagine this was just a girl hitchhiking towards downtown? A pretty genteel area for a new stroll I think?

One other caution in Nanaimo: There is a unmarked blue Astro Van that occasionally cruises the Milton area. Generally, you'll know if Johny Law is nosing around, because the SW all disapear immediately!

Good luck,


Originally posted by embassy
Finally good to get a report out of Nanaimo. Haven't heard anything in a long time. Used to get over there a fair amount on business several years ago, but it was pretty dry from a SW point of view. Although there doesn't appear to be much quality, there does seem to be quantity.

Is the track still around the few blocks by the 7-11 there south of town? Read a while ago that there were some to the north of the downtown core. I have a couple of potential customers that I may be calling on over on the Island and was wondering if an overnight visit with some cruising was in line.

Rich Dad
07-22-03, 03:01
Originally posted by nanaimo1
do you have any contact info for megan? A megan is advertising @ # 250-797-0600 maybe this is the one you want??

Phil Dirt
07-29-03, 04:33
I was in Nanaimo a couple of weeks ago and decided to TOFTT, well really TTFTT. (Take 3 for the team).

First night I called Ladies and Lace. It was late and the only had one lady available. She sounded OK so I went for it. Valerie showed up. She was heavier than I like but she was firm. We partied hard. I got my 3 cups in the 50 minute "hour" 170 canadian.

The next night I called and Coral sounded more to my taste. She arrived and took the fee riigt off the table. I should have known this was niot going to be a great encounter. After pocketing the one hour fee she tod me that I would only get on cup, DFK no DATY and other "agency rules" When I referenced Vallories PSE performance, Coral indicated that Valorie had viiolated agencypolicy. In any case I got an average CBJ and doggie and 45 minutes of her time.

Still hormy I went down to the Blue Moon massage. a one hour session there wa 180. I got a nice masage CBJ, DATY and multiple cups from Ashley, a tall blonde wiith a great body and a face that appears much older than her stated age of 35.

Bottom Line:
Skip Ladies and Lace
Let Ashley take you to the Moon and back

08-04-03, 22:23
Since others have mentioned Megan on here previously, I thought I would offer my personal opinion after a session with her the other day. She is a nice gal, and I did have fun. She is a bit hard looking, but is attractive in an odd way. Not model material, but then again, not a bitchy model either. Cost was 130 for anything except intercourse, which she said she doesn't do anymore. So, for a half hour of nude massage, mutual touching, a half decent blow, and finishing off with a pretty decent handjob, you judge for youreself if you would spend 130. Personally, although she is a really friendly girl with a warm and caring personality, I don't feel like I got my moneys worth. For that kind of money, I would get 1 hour at Noi's Thai Massage, and get the full meal deal deal, including a way better massage. You be the judge though, I wouldn't want to steer anybody away from her. Maybe a little bartering might get a more appropriate price.

08-30-03, 01:31
Tried out Island Bodyworks on Bastion street in Nanaimo this morning. Good times were had by all! $35 for a one hour massage, and $100 for full service. I think her name was Madonna and although I would guess that she has to be pushing 40, she has a fine body, and is as cute and energetic as any 20 year old. Plus, she definitely knows what she's doing! I'd give here a 9 for massage, a 7 for looks, a 10 for attitude, and an 8 for the good stuff. Got about 30 minutes of massage, 10 in the shower, and 20 in the sack. Good handjob, great, great, great oral, and great intercourse, finishing with an excellent handjob. Try her, you'll like her!


11-14-03, 04:17
I arrived in the city early Wednesday afternoon and saw no convincing ho's then. After a break of several hours, I resumed cruising around 7:20 PM (weather was dry and above freezing), and saw two women working Milton St & Victoria Rd. One of them was OK, and she moved down Milton to Haliburton St. LE briefly questioned the less attractive one, but other than that I saw no suspected prostitution-related harassment. I left the area about 8 PM to catch the ferry to Vancouver. This was my first visit to Nanaimo, and my impression is that it is clearly only of interest to street johns on central and northern Vancouver Island--I can't imagine that anyone else would go to the trouble of traveling over here (unless you've been banned from every other stroll in the region).

Nanaimo strolls (http://www.geocities.com/un_csd/streetguide.html#Victoria)

01-21-04, 16:09
Hey everyone,

I'm new to the forums, but not to Nanaimo prostitution. I thought I would share a few stories of mine.

First of, I know that some of the street walkers have a bad rep on this board. Personally I've only had 1 bad experience in all my time doing this. Most of them are very nice and arent too fussy about prices. Like what has been said before, they usually go for about 40-80, but can be talked down to 20-40. Sometimes there will be girls asking for upwards of 120. Thats usually a sign that they will try to get any money they can out of you and it most likely wont be a good experience. Now I'd like to share some of my own experience.

My first experience with a Nanaimo prostitute a few months back wasnt that bad. It was about 10:30pm, which was early and Im not from Nanimo so I wasnt expecting much. I had gotten tips on this board about certain areas of Nanaimo, all of which seem to be accurate. Well when I came into town and turned onto Milton Rd. tward Haliburton, there were 3 street walkers. I was amazed as they were all in there early to late 20s. It was obvious to me that they were there for prostitution though as i knew what to look for. Well i decided that i would go and look around a little more before taking my pick. I drove back up Milton tward old Victoria Rd. and drove down that strip tward town. Again I was amazed as there were alot of younger women on the strip, even if there was the odd 40 yr old SW. But as i was driving by one young girl caught my eye. I decided to slowly pull over and she walked over and opened my door. She jumped in. All she said was hi, and i replied with a hi. Before saying anything, she started to give me directions. She had a house somewhere close to where the action was, but i wasnt really paying attention to where we were going. Just before we stopped at her house, she asked me if i was a cop, which wasnt all that new to me. I said no, then she told me to stop. We went into her house. I try not to discuss anything like money until we're out of my car as there is the risk of a sting as reported on these boards so i figure better safe then sorry. So we walked in and she told me to sit down. She told me she does everything for the right price. I wanted to save myself for some other action tonight so i told her I wanted a topless blowjob with finish for 50, and she said that fine. I was being generous because i wasnt sure at the time how low these ladies would go. The blowjob was magnificent. If anyone is interested, her name is Amanda, shes 26, DD, and she is usually at the corner of Milton and Old Victoria Rd. at 12am Fri-Sat.

I decided that I hadn't had enough and that i was going to go out again and find someone else. It was 12 now and there were a few more out. I decided to go with an older woman this time. I picked up a lady by the name of Joni. She had a house right on Haliburton. We walked in and she asked what i wanted as before with Amanda. I told her full for 50. She said she normally does it for 80, and she wanted a little more. I said 60 and she agreed, but boy did i get my money's worth with Joni. She was 5'2", and what a firecracker! It lasted an hour and it was amazing. And she was hot to boot, especially at the age of 37.

Ive been to Nanaimo several times and the only LE you'll find is around 10-11:30. From 12 on they seem to be non existant. Ill post more reports here later on, but Im sure this isnt bad for now. Finally, i like to rate my girls, based on looks, attitude, service (1-1-1)

Bottom Line:
Amanda 8-6-9


01-22-04, 15:33
Thanks for that report. Was the night you were referring to before or after my visit to Nanaimo around November 12th?

01-22-04, 17:47
Ya, it was around that date, at least in that week.

BC Trawler
02-24-04, 07:10
Hello to anyone in the Nanaimo area or who travels here.

I am new to Nanaimo, having moved here recently. Over the last 2 months I have checked out the local street scene. Unfortunately, due to the weather I suppose, things are dead on the streets right now. Hopefully this will pick up in the next 2 months as the evenings get warmer.

There are several independents working out of their own places who advertise in the local papers in the classified section. If you are travelling through Nanaimo, pick up these local papers at a grocery store or gas station.

There are 2 massage places in town - Cozy Spot being the most conspicuous on Terminal Avenue just before Comox street. The other is in the older area noted in previous postings. I have not tried them yet but will shortly and will report back here after I do.

If anyone lives in Nanaimo or has been in Nanaimo recently and can update me on any action possibilities here, I would appreciate it. I need to break into the pay-for-play scene here but am finding it hard to make headway. I usually start with the street scene in a new place for safety, but there isn't one here right now.

04-18-04, 23:07
Finally found myself in Nanaimo and I really enjoyed myself. Made my way over to Milton and the pickings were slim but it was early. One gal looked potentially to young so let her pass. After waiting a bit saw a decent looking SW come by. She hopped in the car, name was Lorraine. For 40 she came to my room, excellent covered BJ followed by doggie with a CBJ finish, thats what I asked for. All options were available as she let me finger both holes, she really enjoyed this. Cuddled for a bit and she even got a cloth to clean me up. Overall a great experience.
When I dropped her off at Milton and Victoria the hotties had arrived. There were three hot, 20ish, blondes on the corner. I was to spent so just watched as each was scooped up quickly.
Tried to find a massage place but the only 2 I actully found were already closed. Any reports on the local massage places will be greatly appreciated.

Also called the Foxy Lady, gal sounded real friendly but I found the stroll while attempting to get cash so I never sent for the girl.
Please relay any new info on the local escorts, I'll be back in a month or so and can't wait to sample some of the upper scale talent and massage places.

Be Safe,

05-18-04, 04:39
Well I decided to go to Nanaimo this weekend. I seen alot of action, especially in the harewood area. Now ive been downtown and such and it seems that the action is moving from downtown to the outskirts lately because of police action. Be sure to watch out for a grey unmarked van, as there is a sting in place. Well I was coming from 7-11 heading into town on Sunday night at around 11pm when I seen 2 ladies walking. One was beautiful and looked about 30 and the other was a little worn down and looked about the same age. They both stopped, expecting me to pick them. I didnt because I was going into town to meet up with a friend. On my way back tward 7-11 at 2am i seen about 3 on the way from town. So if you looking for any prostitute action, nows the time, but I'm sure it will get busier as summer approaches. Good luck fellas.


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05-19-04, 11:03
Johannas, could you be more specific about the streets? By "harewood area" do you mean Harewood Rd, Harewood Mines Rd, or some other street? Also, there are at least five 7-Elevens in the city.

I urge every Nanaimo john to read the third article on my News & Analysis page (http://www.geocities.com/un_csd/news.html): Nanaimo's war on johns: Stings, brainwashing, $500 "reparations", and coerced apologies. You might want to print it for future reference because the links from this paper don't last long.

05-25-04, 06:06
When I said Harewood area, I ment 5th street from the Harewood Mall to the Victoria Rd. And the 7-11 I was referring to was the one in Harewood mall. I also seen some activity up near the high school in that area. Un_Circumcised, could you please post the "Nanaimo's war on johns: Stings, brainwashing, $500 "reparations", and coerced apologies" article here or could you send it to me at [Email Address deleted by Admin]? Thank you very much.

Another thing I would like to ask the board. What do you think should be done if a person under the age of 18 solicits sex from a prostitute and gets caught? One of my good friend's nephew got caught a while back and he was forced to go to john school. They also made him do several hours of community work and attend councilling sessions becauase they though that he was a dirty male. The john school he went to was basically a circle of women bashing him and telling him how he was a bad person. Now do any of you think this is fair? Comments would be very welcome.


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05-25-04, 18:30

I was around the Harewood area last night,and I saw two ladies working on Bruce Ave. beside the 7Eleven, in Nanaimo.



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05-27-04, 00:25
The link to the Nanaimo News Bulletin article only lasted a week, and I've removed it from my site. Anyone who wants it can write me at the e-mail box at the bottom of my home page, and I'll send an image of it in Jasc Paint Shop format (you may have to download this software if you don't already have it). I experimented with the Adobe Acrobat format, but the quality wasn't as good. The file size is 878 KB for page 1 and 413 KB for page 2, so make sure the 1.291 MB total will not exceed your e-mail box's storage space (it might be wise to clean out as much junk as possible before requesting this).

Thanks for clarifying the streets, Johannas. Anyone who has seen my site knows how I feel about stings, incarceration, fines, john schools, forfeitures, and other penances for soliciting hookers. All forms of prostitution should be legal and regulated (not just the pricey escort services, as is the case now in Canada), and drugs should be legalized. If these two steps were taken, the complaints about street prostitution would be greatly reduced, and there would be an overall cleaner, higher quality of streetwalker. The people who benefit most from the current situation are finger-wagging politicians, self-serving cops, sensationalizing media, and other prohibitionist parasites--not the drug-addicted prostitutes they profess to care about.

Seattle - Vancouver street guide (http://www.geocities.com/un_csd/streetguide.html)

BC Trawler
06-14-04, 07:02
I have been following the fun in Nanaimo for a while. SW's are here, but the problem is that there is a militant group of lefties out there who are combating the scene with John bashing (great reporting, BTW, folks). Be careful. There are folks watching from windows and the earlier noted van.

But be careful out there for another reason, guys: There is also a lot of scabies and fungus spreading action going on (sigh) that condoms don't cover you - your nuts pick it up. I am sure it is everwhere, but in Nanaimo, right now. Stick to a BJ or keep your family jewels well out of the action with a good strong condom on.

There are a lot of ads in the local papers. Try these. You will get cleaner action.

BC Trawler

06-19-04, 07:51
As the SW's seem to have gotten even grubbier around Nanaimo lately, I gave the Cozy Spot massage parlour a try the other morning. $40 for an hour with Jessica. She's Chinese, probably late 30's, and about a 7 in looks. There was another girl there that I recognized from the street scene in Nanaimo. I think she goes by Amanda? anyways, I would pass on her. Nice ass, but a poor attitude. Anyways, the massage was nothing special, but not bad either. She made it clear that there was more fun to be had by continually tickling my mid-section. We agreed upon a nude HJ for an additional $80. I asked about full service and she said that she didn't do that. I got the impression that that might change if I was a regular. At any rate, the HJ was good, she allowed me as mouch touching as I wanted, and I enjoyed it. Not as good as one of the three Thai places in Nanaimo, but much better than some of the other massage places I've tried in town. Overall, I think for the money I spent, next time I'd go to Noi's or Island Bodyworks.

06-22-04, 06:00
Anyone knows a SP in Nanaimo named Tinel? If so, please update her lastest 411.


07-17-04, 18:44
What some good massage parlors in Nanaimo that off half or full service? Also what kind of rates? This is all kind of new to me as well but when it comes to the street scene, what are the best areas to go, what should I watch out for? etc etc..

07-20-04, 09:41
Hi Ranger,

My personal favorite is Noi's on Franklin Ave. They are busy enough that you will want to make an appointment by phone, although they do their best to accomadate walk-ins. Look in the Nanaimo Daily News in the Classifieds. On a slow day you will get your choice of 2-3 great to fair looking Thai girls. On a busy day, you get whoever is available. Even Noi, although too old for my tastes, is a great lay. Prices are around $30. for a half hour and $40 for an hour. Showers before and/or after if you want it. Massage is usually excellent. The girl will ask you what else you want. Ask her prices for whatever it is you want. Don't beat around the bush. I usually pay an extra $50 for nude HJ, $80 for CBJ, and $100-$140 for full sevice. I have never had a bad experience here. Regulars are treated VERY WELL!

Across the street is Pin's. Best massage in Nanaimo. Maybe the best HJ's too. Anything else is too expensive. Not the cleanest place either.
Further downtown is Island Bodyworks. This place used to rock, but lateley it has fallen apart. Don't bother unless you are on the cheap. I once got an hours massage and full service for a total of $90! I was also a bit worried about getting crabs too.

On Terminal Ave. right downtown is The Cozy Spot. A bit more expensive, and not run by Asians. $40 for a half hour and $50 for an hour. Usually a choice of two girls, usually clean and attractive. After that, you never know what the price will be. Most will only do HJ, and some will not even do a nude HJ.

There is a girl named Megan who advertises in the local rag. Not worth the money.

Thats about all I can say for now.



This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it easier to read a report if the paragraphs are separated by a single blank line.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key TWICE at the end of each paragraph, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



Rich Dad
03-01-05, 03:49
Lived in Nanaimo for about 20 years. Prior to any street scene.

Some of the street girls in the begining were ok, todays are on 'H' or crack. I now tend to st ay away from that scene.

My preference is Pin on Franklyn St. Her prices are $20 1/2 hour massage & $40 1 hour massage. Pin offers other services but tends not go out of her way to advertise them. 1 hour hot tub & Massage, includes a BJWO but no CIM is $100. It's also said that she will do straight sex but always tells her price is to much for you. Hand relief is $20. extra with 1/2 hour massage.

A very nice & polite lady,


Zipper Fran
03-02-05, 07:54
Anyone know what happend to this wonderful lady from Nanaimo?

Rich Dad
03-03-05, 06:30
If this is the same blonde who worked out of a small town house by the tracks on Townsite Rd? If yes then Nicole got jail time a couple of years ago for defrauding the Social Insurance service. For jail time she can't be licenced to be a sex worker in Nanaimo.


03-05-05, 08:31
Not the same lady.

Nicole I hear is retired.

Shes a brunette.

Zipper Fran
04-03-05, 00:33
The Nicole I know has reddidh brown hair and a body sculptured for the gods. Too Bad she is retired! But I'll be visiting Nanaimo on business next week.

Any suggestions fellas?


04-20-05, 01:54
The Nicole I know has reddidh brown hair and a body sculptured for the gods. Too Bad she is retired!

It's horrible (for us) that she retired, but then she's quit before. She had the best service in the world, made you feel fantastic, absolute definition of GFE, but every now and again she'd just drop everything, tear down her web sites and disconnect her phones and shut down her email addresses. Then, six months later she'd be back same as always, no word of explanation. If she's retired, then I wish her the best.

Rich Dad
04-30-05, 22:07
Recently booked an hour with Pin of hot tub & massage this includes a BJ. Not a bad experience. Pin gets naked & joins you in the tub & starts to blow. I thought she would have started by giving a full body wash, (a mutual full body wash would be the best). Her BJ ia adequate, but she tends to spit out precum.

Following the hot tub is a session on the massage table which includes some more BJ, a bit of body to body rub & a tit massage.

With Pin theres no CIM so either it's finish during tit rub or by her hand. She finishes with a full massage.

This service has to be booked in advance. Will I Go Back Again?


10-16-05, 03:52
Was doing the Nanaimo strolls last night. There were at least 6 on the Haliburton st section. There were a couple hanging around Albert and Milton.

Picked up Jean on Haliburton. Nice looking, friendly gal, short, not too plump, dark complection. Had a nice time, GFE. Opened at 40. Talked with her girlfriend later, a newcomer to the street scene. Looked nice, curly hair, nice chest, but it was too late for me, also opened at 40.

There were two or three possibles in the area late this afternoon.

11-12-05, 02:57
Was out on Thursday night last week at about 7pm.

One dark haired girl around Milton and Victoria - passed on foot at one point, but not my type.

A couple were out on Haliburton. One blonde with a flashy top of some kind and an ugly floral print long skirt. AFter I parked and walked along the street I passed a native girl out, not interested, went down the block - no blonde to check out - that was fine anyway. On my way back I strolled along with a younger native chatty girl, who finally asked I was looking for some one. I was.

I had seen Jean just a few minutes earlier near the shell station, but I was looking for her friend with the curly brunette hair.

So I got back into my vehicle, which started making weird noises. That convinced me I should get home.

Willy Dick
12-19-05, 02:34
Had a nice time during the week at Island Bodyworks 235 bastion St. 754 1845
Had the older of the two ladies as I've been with the younger before. Maybe the best price in town. $20 + GST half hour $35 + GST full hour. Was offered a full service finish for extra $100. This lady had not been fucked in a while so she really worked at it.

Trying to work out if I take both on for an hour how & with who would I finish?


Zipper Fran
03-21-06, 07:08
I'll be visiting your fair city in a couple of weeks. any tips on week night action and where to find it?

I'll have a room in the downtown area.


04-24-06, 01:59
Is it best to call and make an apointment, and I take it for the full service ending you pay that in cash straight to the girl? but can pay for the massage any other way?

And which girl would you suggest for a first timer to this type of thing?

Van Isle
11-24-06, 10:40
I cruise often and the providers are out there. Yes often cracked out but often some (Jens) gems.

Lately east of Nichol 1 block.

Who else is out there?

12-12-06, 00:23
After staying away from the Nanaimo scene for a good while, I decided to give Cozy Spot Massage another try.

At about 7:00 on a Saturday night there were two girls working. One was a young but rough looking white girl (5/10), and the other a tall Chinese girl named Jessica(7/10). Although Jessica was a good 15 years older than the other gal, she was prettier, and more enthusiastic. It was $40 up front for an hours massage.

I was offered a shower to start. Clean facilities, plenty of clean towels. The massage room was clean, with the standard North American hard as a rock massage table, subdued lighting, and some piped in new-agey music for relaxation. Jessica entered and went right to work. Good, but not great massage. Probably a 7 out of 10. She did make a point of occasionally teasing my balls and ass while I was on my stomach.

When it came time to turn over, she was very upfront about laying out the possibilities and prices. No oral or full, but $40 gets you a straight handjob, $60 a toples HJ, $80 a nude HJ, and $100 gets her nude and you doing whatever you like short of penetration, with a nude handjob to finish. I dropped a hundred, and it was worth it. She is very enthusiastic, and has a sexy voice that she uses to great effect. She gave a great HJ using one hand to jerk and the other to tease down below. Easily a 9/10 for service.

Honestly, I will probably go back to using Noi's, but the Cozy Spot has improved since the last time I was here.

02-22-07, 01:35
SAD is about all there is to say. They have been moving the ladies off of Haliburton. Neighbours want to clean it up. Anyhow they must be working somewhere just don't know where yet.

Not many choices on the incall scene either. Contacted Megan but she wanted a visit without producing any pictures or details of service. Looks like Victoria is it for now.

Anyone with any tips?

04-09-07, 05:28
Is it worth coming to Nainamo form Victoria. I will be there for a week.

01-30-08, 04:44
Was into Cozy Spot the other night for another encounter with the very sexy Jessica. Unfortunatly it was close to closing time and we did not have much time. I am still trying to explore where her boundaries are! In the mean time she gives a great massage with plenty of teasing and knows how to work the equipment to prolong the pleasure and make the ending very erotic. She has a great body, everything is shaved and is very responsive to the touch.

03-19-08, 07:27
I was in to Cosy Spot on Saturday. Jessica was the only girl available, but that wasn't really a problem for me as I think she is the best one there anyway. Paid 40 for a 45 minute session, and 100 for a nude, full contact "handjob", which ended up in a very hot 69 session. I hadn't gone that far with her before and it was a blast. She says she doesn't do this with all the customers. Do I believe her? Maybe. Maybe not.

05-03-08, 04:01
3 things about the dearjohnnanaimoblog in Nanaimo

1. They are out there trying photograph your car and license plate

2. The site has up to date location information for pick ups

3. They only care about the street hookers. Its safe to use the Thai hookers in their massage parlors.

(this site has fairly accurate info on the Thai parlors, though I could add more details soon)


06-05-08, 19:49
About 10 days ago I saw a lovely young Asian or Aboriginal 'hitchhiking' on the corner of Fitzwilliams and Wallace.

She was sweet and clean looking, which does not describe most Nanaimo SWers, and on a corner that is never used, so I looked around for a back up police team. Did not have time to 'pick her up'.

She looked like she would be a very 'sweet' date, if it was not sting operation. Have not been able to see her since then.

Does anybody know of her, and if she found a 'location'?

The police would not 'let' her work that corner, a block from the City Hall, and the regular hookers won't let her on the estblished turfs.

Maybe she found a 'soft' location.

06-16-08, 04:06
Tonight I was heading downtown and noticed several of the Nanaimo SW's out walking Haliburton Street. I haven't seen them out for a long time. 20 minutes later I returned and there was a gathering of about 10 of them in the park on Haliburton and Milton. Hopefully they get a new stroll as the LE has cleaned out the neighbourhood and there isn't a gathering place for them anymore. Who knows what was going on tonight.

Thursday night I was by the tracks on Milton and spotted a new visitor to town. She said she had just arrived from Campbell River. $30. 00 for a so so cbj in the car. Ok body and didn't look to be wired to Nanaimo's drug scene yet. Said here name was Jenna. 5'2 dark hair, slim but not skinny.

Pickings are tough in Nanaimo and don't seem to be getting any better.

Any one have any gems they can share?

06-16-09, 23:49
I was in to Cosy Spot on Saturday. Jessica was the only girl available, but that wasn't really a problem for me as I think she is the best one there anyway. Paid 40 for a 45 minute session, and 100 for a nude, full contact "handjob", which ended up in a very hot 69 session. I hadn't gone that far with her before and it was a blast. She says she doesn't do this with all the customers. Do I believe her? Maybe. Maybe not.This is an update. I went down to Cosy Spot this morning and had almost the identical experience as Dave did. Jessica is a doll, she's a little older, PRC, pretty, and nicely put together. Was told no to FS and BJ, but the HJ was great! Overall I liked Cosy Spot, a good introduction to Nanaimo's scene.

I've seen some SWs down on Victoria. Nice looking little blonde, looked about 19 in a bikini top, but I'd rather not risk it. The massage was just what I needed.

06-29-09, 00:03
I have been here for a week. I have been all over Haliburton street past the park and throughout Nanaimo and haven't seen any SW's where are they.

Mopar Man
04-13-10, 05:28
Hi to all,

Seems like there has not been much activity on the Nanaimo forum for awhile.

Is there any good action going on out there besides the regular R&T shops (Cozy Spot, Noi's etc ??)

I have heard that Black Orchid may have some nice/new ladies on staff ?

Let's see if anyone is alive out there ???


04-17-10, 05:38
Lake is back in town and has set up shop. She is a very nicely put together Thai lady. Great service and a welcome addition to our city. She is supposed to be hiring another lady as well.

Mopar Man
04-18-10, 06:24
Cheers Woodyone,

Yes, I have read some good things about Lake. I will have to go by for a test drive.

Have you heard anything about Selena who advertises on CL in the Nanaimo area?

The Mopar Man

03-07-11, 02:14
I was in your area Friday night. Tried koi (think that was name) but too old and didn't bother with massage let alone seeing if extras. Discovered Cozy Spot and paid $40 for 30 minute. Decided to try right off the bat skip massage and FS for $100 offer. Nope so for fun up the anti. Nope will not do more than HJ because no condoms. Tried offering $200 but no budge. So left and she even offered my money back because no massage. Gave her $20 and took the other half back. Decided to try SW action. Was a few out around the already mentioned elsewhere streets and the "park". A couple fugglies, but enough gems out to make it better than Victoria, as I discovered Sat night.

11-10-11, 22:55
I cruised Halliburton Street area in September in the early evening from 7:30 to about 8:30 PM.

Had an itch but could not find anyone to scratch it.

Not one SW but collected some fairly hard looks from local civilians.