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John Auro
02-20-17, 15:14
18.2. 017.

Circolo Saunaclub in Innsbruck. Angelina / Lucy / Jessika.

Visited Circolo Saunaclub in Innsbruck after a long time at 8 pm. Place was full of stunners, incredible! Saturday was crowed, better to visit on a Thursday? Mainly Italian who come over the border "Brennero", 30 minutes driving. About 30 men, most in age between 30-40. About 15 Girls. Not the couples counted who enjoyed in the rooms and sauna.

Lucy catched me, a tall girl from Ghana with light complexion. Standing before her at the bar chair she caressed me tenderly, pulled me close to her, so hardly to resist her. I knew her from before. This time it was new that she started several times to spit in my prick while sucking. Sometimes I like same girl, when they were good, but with time I noticed their performance decreases. No kissing, no CIM. Not eager to have my prick in her ("Oh so big your toy, today I have pain. ". "Hey girl stay home if your pussy pains!" I should have told her). She even preferred I cum on a towel, instead on her breast. Ok, was last time with her, hope I can stick to it. She also spoke stupidly complaining I would go with other girls in this club, hey we are in a bordello! Gave her 70€ + 10€ Tip.

Was looking for a Romanian girl (Jessika? Turkish father?) who was sitting so indecently, posing so hot before. She was kneeling on the bar chair, pulling her asshole towards the men who just entered from the door. . She had some tattoos.

But I fell over Angelina, I tall friendly Romanian with wonderful face and shining eyes. Told her I already had one girl an hour ago, would hardly come again, but let's try. Well at least pulled off her expectations that I had to come. In the room I instantly started dancing with her and smiling and touching her softly. "Hey you are so easy going, cool, not so Macho as these others." She said. Well I replied, I don't know how other men are with you? You must know better than me. I just have so good energy with you, wish I could fu. K every day .

She looked at me all the time via the mirror how I pounded her and while I was over her and she seemed to be exited watching me. She proposed for cum in mouth, CIM, 60€ (huu quite some money 4 extra. I warned her I would not cum anyhow, but we can try. I told her next time I will cum for CIM (but will deal her down to 40€! She has a hard and rough suck- I like it. Gave 70+10 tip (1/2 HR, take you wrist watch with you).

Ok we had good energy can't wait seeing her again. Unfortunately no kissing.

It's a pity that so few men gives evaluations of girls here. Am sure Italian forum might do so, but which one? Could not find anything useful with Google.


John Auro
02-20-17, 15:16
18.2. 017.

Circolo Saunaclub in Innsbruck. Angelina / Lucy / Jessika.

John Auro
02-20-17, 15:22
Christian G.

Innsbruck. Saunaclub Circolo Passion January 2014.

I been at CP two weeks ago.

The place is nice but I don't agree with their policy that girls can't go to disturb customers but the customers must to go to the ladies.

Entry fee 80€.

Girl 60€ for 30 mintues including BBBJ, DATY, FS.

Extra: FK 20€, CIM 50€, COB 30€, anal 100€.

I tried:

Evelyn a blond woman from Czech Republic, nice slim body with a silicon boobs.

Her performance was not satisfactory because shortly participatory.

Not recommended.

Eva a woman with epic boobs from Romania, great perfomance BBBJ and fuck session was epic.

Highly recommended.

Naomi a black panter from Jamaica, the preliminaries was fantastic great BBBJ, body to body massage with oil, DATY. 69, ecc.

But FS was very disappointing because in all positions she told me that my cock was hurting her pussy. And this is so strange, because my cock is a normal size. Lazy for the umpteenth fuck I think.

02-16-18, 21:45
I will pass around there soon. Someone said overpriced halfscam. I really don't know.

Worth a visit?

Link: http://www.lavilla.tv/woergl/.

04-04-19, 19:17
Visited Circolo Passion in Innsbruck on a Thursday afternoon. Considering I hadn't even heard of the place until yesterday (found it via Google), my expectations were low. I thought it might be small and dated like that place on the hill in Salzburg (my experience was so uneventful I forgot the name of the place). But this place far exceeded my expectations! It's a very clean and tidy club. I liked the layout and the modern feel it had. 85 euro entry includes two beers. Plenty of attractive girls. 7's, 8's, and 9's. I enjoyed both hot tubs. The one inside is warmer, but the outdoor one was nice because of the sunny day. Steam room wasn't as hot as I like though. Food was decent after 18:00, when the hot dinner items come out.

The girls aren't allowed to initiate contact / conversation, so they all just sit around and eye-fuck the shit out of you. Seriously, when I sat at the bar, I could even feel the stares of girls outside my peripheral vision trying to penetrate my skull, LOL. Sure enough, each time I would turn they were really staring at me.

I was a bit worn out from 4 days at GT Wien during my week in Vienna, so I only went to a room once. The rooms are nice and have showers. 70 euros for 30 minutes with the girl, and it included showering together, FK, BBBJ, 69. Pretty good session, although I can't remember her name. Yasmin, or something similar. From Romania, of course. Her body wasn't that great (stretch marks on her boobs and her stomach, which had a pouch), but I really dug her face and smile. There were plenty of skinny girls and some nice little spinners I hope to try out in the future there.

I'm shocked that this sauna club hasn't had more discussion on this forum! Innsbruck is a neat little city, and a great place to headquarter while exploring the Austrian Alps. I'll definitely be back to both Innsbruck and Circolo Passion.

Delta Indigo
06-09-19, 09:47
I visited this club yesterday, I had been there two years ago. Service was better before, unfortunately you have to interview the girls beforehand. The first girl did not kiss and gave only a CBJ. I ended the session. However this club is now pleasantly fully nude.

06-20-19, 17:18
I pretty much have locked down a one day visit to CP next month, but would like some more info on it. How many girls are there on a Friday or Saturday night? Or on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday? And are there any wait for rooms?

06-24-19, 21:43
I pretty much have locked down a one day visit to CP next month, but would like some more info on it. How many girls are there on a Friday or Saturday night? Or on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday? And are there any wait for rooms?Hello,

I was at CP last Wednesday June 19th. Arrived at 18 u, paid € 85 entrance fee. Small club around 12-15 girls present and 4-8 male guests. No waiting-times for rooms due to lack of customers.

Line-up almost only Rom / Bul-brunettes, one blacky and 2 Rom-blondes and was disappointing in my opinion.

The club is non-animation so the girls may not contact you. At one moment I was the only male guest in the main room, the girls present were staring at me as if an alien has landed in Innsbruck, all trying to make eye-contact, which gives me a strange feeling. After a wellness-round and some beers left the building without making a room. Not worth a visit for me.

Was in Wellcum last Saturday at the surprise-party and had a great time with 4 stunners.



Tom Tigers
10-29-19, 13:10
This is my first review on ISG, but posted a lot in the USAG. I moved here a few months ago, but have been here on and off for the past 25 years, and thought pass on some information.

Much has been written about the FKK clubs, so I'll report on that at another time. Instead this is about finding local talent not in clubs and places to find it.

There are 3 good online sources:

(BS) Booksusi (dot) com, then filter search for Innsbruck. This seems to be the most popular. There are some that seem to be permanent here and others that come and go, most of whom are E. European from Romania, Hungary, Moldovia Ukraine, Russia. There have been few fakes reported; most are in calls, and most seem decent. Rates are from 120-170 for the hour, and less for half hour appointments. Many have What's App, and that is the easiest contact method. I had a spectacular young Hungarian recently, that unfortunately left town, but she was a serious 9, and sweet as can be, I hooked up with through here.

Www. Locanto (dot) at-This is like Craigslist, but has quite reliable, and meetups have been successful, and also does not seem to be loads with fakes, and also has some reviews. A lot of the Locanto ads, are the same as Booksusi, in addition to some local amateurs that only want to be contacted through the locanto messenger, which you need to create a profile for.

(KM) Käufmich (dot) com translates to "Buy me" and to get the most from this, its best to register, knowledge of German is helpful. Most of these girls are the ones that have been here a long time, many IMO some are second rate. Some also cross post on Book Susi or Locanto.

Of the three, Book Susi is the easiest to navigate for those on a quick trip.

Information sources: a lot of good local info can be found here, but its only in German.

https://huren-test-forum.lusthaus (dot) CC / forumdisplay. Php? F=45.


Tom Tigers
11-18-19, 14:57
There was an Innsbruck news article about classified ads in place like Book Susi and Locanto. It seems providers were running shop out of some 4 star hotels and Air be&BS and were obvious about it, so the local cops have cracked down a bit. The number of advertisers has dropped to less than half, and many that advertise want to client to host. This too shall pass. At the moment there are many fake or scam adds on Locanto in Innsbruck.

This would not affect any of the sauna clubs.

01-14-20, 18:34
Hello masters,

I was searching if any other alternative to CP. Has anyone tried Casa Bianca and any individual trusted places in Innsbruck?

Thank you.

Tom Tigers
01-25-20, 16:49
There is a nice new, lower priced alternative now open as Innsbrucks's first "Laufhouse" or brothel. It is located in the same location as the FKK club, just in the back of the building.

Its called: Laufhaus Circolo Passion Address: Grabenweg, A-6020 Innsbruck.

Anyways, the entrance is around back, its very clean, and modern, you go up an elevator to the top floor, and go through a hallway and there are photos of the girls. If the light it red, it means they are busy, otherwise, just knock and they will answer. The rooms are large and have a shower. The location is absolutely secure, not in a shady area.

The prices start at 50 E for 15 min and go up from there, 70 E or 30 min. This is a much lower price than standard Innsbruck prices which are 100 for 30 min and 150-180 E for 1 hour.

The girls so far have been awesome and attractive. The website which girls are working:


Have fun and stay safe!

Tom Tigers
07-06-20, 13:52
Everything is back open at all the FKK clubs and the new Lauf Haus is back running as normal. Stay safe out there!

Tom Tigers
03-09-21, 09:42
Update, more like a non-update: things are very slow in Tirol, all FKK+Laufhaus are closed, there are some girls advertising on Booksusi.com. As there are Covid mutations here, test are required for many activities and borders remain closed. I would not expect anything to change until May at the soonest. Stay Safe!

09-09-21, 07:42
Anyone at Circolo Passion lately?

Christian G
09-09-21, 17:49
Anyone at Circolo Passion lately?Reports on this club are very bad. Poor line up with 15 girls or less, bad performance in room, and for 85€ almost zero food included. I wouldn't go there.

John Auro
09-09-21, 22:05
Reports on this club are very bad. Poor line up with 15 girls or less, bad performance in room, and for 85 almost zero food included. I wouldn't go there.Bad food!?

It was the best food ever, they had their own cook for it.

But I have not been there since Corona started. Just in Laufhaus.


03-07-22, 14:14
Anybody experienced Atlantis not far from Kitzbühel, maybe why a bit expensive, 80/30, but acceptable if girls are really pretty and full GFE with French kiss and BBBJ. Close to Bavarian border.

04-25-22, 13:11
Anybody experienced Atlantis not far from Kitzbhel, maybe why a bit expensive, 80/30, but acceptable if girls are really pretty and full GFE with French kiss and BBBJ. Close to Bavarian border.Even too late now for Hannenkhan, but would be pleasure to speed through Bavaria. Nobody never visited? When I was advised by Germans.