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04-14-02, 00:17
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04-22-02, 12:49
Kelowna and Vernon Street action....

Anyone out there have any info on what streets in both Kelowna and Vernon have any action on them. Also, a generalized idea of both price, quality of girl and service would be nice. Thanks

04-22-02, 18:55
Never saw streetwalkers in Kelowna, but I've never visited in summer. Garden of Eden Massage parlour is reasonably priced (C130 for EVERYTHING-no tip expected) so I never tried the street scen e. I suspect it would be right in that same arrea near Cheetah's (I think is the name) strip club.

04-29-02, 23:48
I am coming up for a friend's wedding and also would like to know where the play is in Kelowna and Vernon! I get the feeling there is a street scene in Kelowna. I was there last January. Vernon looks pretty sedate, however.

05-07-02, 01:09
Back from Kelowna. Vernon is a sleepy little town - d/n find anything there. Kelowna has at least three incall services - we hit up one of them, the Garden of Eden, b/c I had been there before and it was less than two blocks from our hotel.

I did not partake (I'm engaged) but my friend did, with a tall blonde whom he said was friendly enough but rather procedural and matter-of-fact. Don't know what it is men see in blondes - I have consistently found the attitude and service of nonwhites, particularly asians, to be superior.

He paid $150CA, or a little less than $100 U.S. 1/2 hour FS. Good value.

Of particular note in Kelowna is Cheetah's, a strip club where the locals go. The women were far above the level we get here in San Fran. No one threw money, no one was going back to the private booths, and the ladies were not trolling like sharks for lap dances. BTW Cheetahs has both full nudity AND a full bar.

Maybe all that stuff is outlawed - but the women were dancing up a storm, 4-5 songs and totally naked, really busting ass. Anyone know what the story is with the strip clubs? I'd like to buy an interest in the Cheetah and market it to the Canadian tourists.

05-19-02, 06:58
The Laws for strip clubs in B.C. are really long and dull to read but in a nut shell they say
1:) Full nudity is allowed
2:) under only EXTREME circumstances (read: dancer fall off stage and into lap) Can a dancer touch a patron.
3:) under NO circumstance is ANY part or a patron's body to ever touch a dancer.

Basically it boils down to a see but no touch affair. I've seen guys ejected for touching a girl's hand while giving her a Flower! Private dances are available at some strip clubs but you still are not allowed (usually, and Legally) to touch the dancer. Nor is she allowed to touch you! (Sorry no Lap Dancing)

As with all rules and laws, not every place or person obeys them all so the best thing to do is to get friendly with a bouncer and ask him what is allowed and what isn't.

05-19-02, 07:10
Scene in Kamloops.

Okay, I just spent some time in Kamloops doing business. Kamloops has some to fair street action especially later at night. The girls that I saw ranged from 3 to 8 (with only a single 9 that I saw)
After talking to a few of the girls I found out that prices vary with the girl (and how badly she needs a fix) $40 to $60 cdn for a blow. $80 to $100 for a lay. $100 to $120 for half an' half. and (the few that would) Anal for $200
Got head from a girl named "Shelly" she was really good for the price (talked her down to $50)

There are also a couple of outcall services in Kamloops but I didn't try them. I did try the massauge parlor (Rainbow Massauge I think) an hour was $50 plus a "tip" of $150 for the services I got. The actual massage lasted about 25 minutes so that left me with 35 for fun. And, I got the full 35 minutes. Wasn't especially rushed and even went a little over time (wouldn't push your luck here though). The talent that I saw there varied (only 5 girls there when I went) but they ranged from 5 to 9s and most where in there early to mid twenties with only one that looked older.

If you're in Kamloops and have the time and cash, I'd say go to the parlor. The girls looked safer than the ones on the street.

05-21-02, 00:54
RX-7 - Thanks for the run-down. I guess the fact that the ladies know they aren't going to get all touched-up, brings in better talent. Also, boyfriends of good-looking girls may be a little less reluctant to tolerate her stripping, since they know she isn't being handled.

I have friends in Kelowna and will definitely be back to Cheetah's.

07-13-02, 00:40
Well hey all hows everything going I am m 27 hailing from Vernon BC.... saw this site thought it was pretty cool anyhows this is me http://www.okanaganforest.ca/pumpkinman.htm


09-13-02, 00:12
Hey pumpkin I was in Vernon last May.

Where's the play in that town?

Or do you need to go down the valley to Kelowna?

I have several righteous friends in Vernon and me and my buds come up to visit from time to time. The Cheetah is pretty good.

01-08-03, 11:57
I may visit a friend in the area of Calgary, is there any fun to be had?

Mr. Bing
01-14-03, 22:26
Any action in whistler?

02-03-03, 06:14

There sure is street workers in Kelowna but can't remember the name of the street.Was working around there some 4 years ago and unless there was a huge change,it should be still there.Also,I don't remember the name of the event but it's a boat race somewhere in summer and at that time,there's a lot of independant that ad in the local newspaper.I was something like a $100.can for 1/2 FS.

02-11-03, 02:59
Kelowna gals hang out right behind Safeway downtown. I believe it's Leon and Bertram. Can't miss them. Keep your passenger door locked they want to please you so much they try to jump in your car.

02-12-03, 10:10
I'll be in Prince Rupert and Terrace for a short vacation doing some
fishing. Wondering if anyone new if there is any SW action in these areas? Moving on to Prince George on business later and was looking for the SW areas?
Any info is appreciated.

02-12-03, 19:06
Leon,that's the name of the street I coulcn't remember.Thanks.

Tom Thompson
02-21-03, 21:01
Hey north1602

Looking for SW information in Prince George?

Well, here's a tour around there that I've done in the past.

Start over by Spruceland Shopping Centre on Central (Hwy 97) and head down 5th Ave into downtown. As you go down 5th Ave. you'll see a Petro-Canada & Shell on opposite corners, sometimes you'll see a SW there. Keeping going down 5th, thru the 'S' curve and you're into downtown, you might find a SW or two as you come out of the 'S' curve.

As you come out of the 'S' curve, hang an immediate left and then a quick right onto 3rd Ave (one-way street). Take 3rd down to George St and hang a right. George St usually has a few Indian SW's but many are drunk and looking to rip people off.

When driving down 3rd, if you go thru George to the next right (Queensway St), this is where the real action begins. Hang a right on Queensway and you'll see a few decent SW's on both sides of the street. Keep on Queensway and go up the hill. You'll start to see some dive appartment buildings on both sides. SW action picks up again around here, more Indians but not looking to rip you off.

Keep on Queensway. Past the 7-11, more action on right side of street. Action ends at the Fast-Gas station, so hang a right at that station (20th Ave). The main SW action is on 20th Ave, many SW's of different ethnicites, none looking to rip people off. Once you come to Victoria St, the tour ends. You can go right on Victoria St and head back into downtown (down to 3rd, again to George/Queensway, to 20th, back again).

The Queensway/20th Ave area is nicknamed "The Hood", all low income housing, mostly Indians living down there (official name for the area is the Veterans Land Administration housing).

LE usually do strolls along Queensway and 20th, since these are the major SW areas, so just keep your eyes open and the scene is pretty laid back otherwise.

If you're looking for SP's, Prince George has a few agencies and independents available. For this info, look in the Citizen newspaper at the back of the classifed section. Stick to the agencies; their girls are much better looking and have much better attitudes than most of the independents in town (many of the independents are Indians, again looking to rip people off and waste your time, and many of these independents are SW's by night)

02-23-03, 22:12
Good report on Prince George Tom. According to the paper there has been a big push by LE lately to stop johns cruising the 20th Ave area. So be careful on that strip. Years ago, the Queensway area downtown used to be "the hotspot", but then there was a big crackdown and they all moved up the hill. However, the SWs seem to be moving back down the hill and working the sidestreets off of Queensway in the downtown area. This is all business/industrial and is a hell of a lot better than the residential areas. Course business usually has a bigger voice in the city complaints department and I suppose if they scream loud enough they get action from LE faster than the residents.

02-24-03, 03:07
Uncirc, I live close to the mid track, so I'm quite familar with it. I was wondering if the next time you come to Vancouver, we could cruise together? I've never been on the Kingsway stroll, so we could have a look at the action, or we could go the No. 5 Orange and trade some War Stories.

How about it?

BTW, there was an interesting story in the Courrier about Franklin Street and the Christians who try to convert the hookers.

02-24-03, 03:15
RX7, The last time I was at the No.5 Orange, last year, there was full contact lap dances in the upper room for $40 a song. You can touch she can touch, and you can suck their breasts!

02-27-03, 01:39
Gentlemen - Is it still hands-off at the Cheetah in Kelowna? I was there last May and there were some smokin' chicks in there.

Thanks for the info on the Kelowna SWs. How's pricing? Going down or up? I know THEY'RE going down, of course...

02-28-03, 10:38
Visaman, Like I said, it depends on the place and the city. But according to the books (IE the law) touching between clients and strippers is a big no no. But id the Orange wants to take the risk, it's there's to take.
I can only quote the Law, not the places :)

03-05-03, 10:03
Thanks for the info Tom and Embassy. First stop is Terrace next week. Will let the group know if anything shows up there then off to Prince George.

03-07-03, 07:46
Hey North, good luck in Terrace. Haven't been that way for a couple of years now. Not much in the way of a cruising area in that town. There used to be a couple of girls that hung around by the hotel on the main drag, but I never picked them up. Wasn't positive that they were working. In a small town like Terrace you don't want to try and pick up someone who isn't a SW if you are staying in town for more than one night.

Keep us updated as to what you find.

03-07-03, 09:55
Any providers in the Sooke area on Vancouver Island? Will be there in April.

03-11-03, 06:28
Thanks Tom Thompson and Embassy for the info on SW's in Prince George. I visit PG quite often, what times would I find SW's out especially the ones by the Petro-Can and Shell? Also does anybody have any good reviews on the Black Orchid Agency? There are some good looking girls on their website, any info would be great.

03-19-03, 10:57
Hello Tom and Embassy

Thought I would update the action or lack of in Prince George and Terrace. It was so cold in George that not to many SW were out that night. I cruised around the area where the Ramada Inn and Casino is located then up Queensway. What I did see was a little scary so I passed.

Surprisingly the highlight of the trip was in Terrace. I was driving around and went by a trailer park ( on Kalum) and noticed a young woman, (age I found out later - 24) standing out in front of the entrance. I thought it was a little stange since it was late and dark for someone to be standing alone outside. I turned the car around and drove back. She waved me down so I stopped to see what was happening. After the usual small talk (checking me out to see if I was LE and visa versa) she asked if she could get in the car because she was cold. We agreed to go back to my hotel since she was cold I could offer her a hot shower and McDonald's since she also was hungry.

The hot shower warmed her up and she was very appreciative of it and the food. We agreed to 50 for the works. Guys it was worth everything (shower, food,etc). No rushing, slow deliberate actions, she got right into it and worked hard.

I now know what "trailerpark ho" is like ;-)

04-08-03, 01:26
Thanks for reporting back on the north country. Terrace is a bit of a different town. Found some areas of it a bit "spooky", or maybe wierd is a better way of putting it. Glad to hear that you found some action. Not quite sure where Kalum is, but I think I have a general idea.

PG can be really hit and miss depending on the weather. The jewels are few and far between, but you can find them. My best was a couple of semi-pros that I picked up one night. Two for the price of one.

04-08-03, 01:27
Anyone have any info on Cranbrook. I am heading up there next week and would like to know what the action might be like. I have a seminar and so will have my nights free. Never been there, so any help is appreciated.

04-08-03, 09:14
Hello Embassy, I cruised the streets of Prince George on Friday night with no luck at all. Saw a few out on Queensway but nothing worth stopping for. Where and when did you find your gems. I might go crusing again on the weekend.

04-09-03, 07:07
Drew9, I found my gems on the side streets just off Queensway, in the direction away from the downtown. There were a couple that hung around on the corners of Queensway and the side streets (can't remember the street names), but the ones that were better were farther down the street. No farther than a block though. There were a number on the streets around 20th between Queensway and Victoria, but too much LE for my liking.

PG is dependent on the temperature, time of day, as well as the time of month. You won't find much for about a week after welly wednesday. If is snowing or too cold, the selection is quite limited. I have always found a good selection just after dark until about 11:30, and then again from about 1:30 until 2:30 am.

Good luck and report back.

04-17-03, 04:01
Went cruising around P.G last Friday around 11 pm. First down Victoria and 20th (not one SW out), then went down Queensway towards 1st ave and saw a decent white SW around 4th and Queensway. Stopped and talked to her, I would say looks and body around 6/10, brunette, 5-7, fairly slim, 30 years old, but her attitude and prices were priceless. She wanted $100 for a cbj, no touching, I had to finish in 5 minutes, plus she demanded to be dropped off at home halfway across town after we were done. No thanks, she goes by the name Kim, I suggest all you guys stay away from this one. For $150 you can call Black Orchid and have a pretty good looking girl at your door within minutes. Something I will be doing in the next few days, and hopefully I have something to report.

04-18-03, 07:55
Was in Prince George on business on Tuesday night. Had dinner at Rics Grill downtown and then went out cruising. There were about 4 or 5 SWs on the sidestreets off 20th between Victoria and Queensway. Saw one that was cute, IMO, and went around the block a couple of times to check her out. As I came back the third time to pick her up, LE was talking to her. Headed down Queensway and spotted one at the top of the hill coming up from the downtown area. Would have stopped and picked her up but there were cars behind me and I was done the hill before I could get turned around. By the time I got back up the hill she was getting picked up just across from the 7-11. Her short, short skirt and FM boots probably had every cruiser drooling. Cruised for about an hour more, took a break for about an hour, and then came back out at midnight.

LE seemed to be gone and again found several different SWs on the side streets off 20th. As I drove the side streets I found one to the south of 20th about 3 blocks down. (Closer to Victoria than Queensway). She smiled as I drove by. Around the block and came back. Got in and went for a drive. Said her name was Lisa. About 5'4" , 125lbs, small boobs, brunette, and a great smile. Seemed pretty nervous though. After discussion she told me $50 for a blow and a lay. Jeez, that was too good to pass up. Found a secluded spot and she stripped off her dress to reveal nothing underneath. Tight body and smelt real clean. Started sucking (BB) and let my hands do the roaming. Stopped a couple of times and asked if she was doing ok and if it felt good. Told her just to keep going. Finally stopped her and wanted to do the deed, but found out she didn't have a condom. She apologized a whole bunch. Finished me with a blow and let me CIM since "she felt bad about no condom". I actually believed her.

A gem. I think that she is fairly new on the street.

05-18-03, 02:00
Went out searching Prince George on Sunday night and by accident I found a gem. On my way to the bank machine in Spruceland Mall, I noticed a tall blonde walking along side the bypass on between 5th and 10th ave. I made eye contact with her and I knew right away she's working. I signaled her into one of the side streets off the Highway, and the discussions began. She asked if I was looking for some company and asked me if I was a cop and how much I wanted to spend. Since I didn't make it to the machine, I only had a green. She said she would do a bbjtc plus i was allowed to touch anywhere I wanted. We drove to a quiet place and she unzipped my pants and went at it, wet bj, i fingered her and she even allowed dfk. After a 20 minute bj, i came in her mouth and she swallowed to my surprise. Great deal, great girl. She goes by the name Mette, long blond hair, about 30 yrs old, 5-9, nice sized chest, nice ass, good body and really good bj, she's a stripper looking for work in town, I believe her, she looks really good. After we were done, i dropped her off, she gave me her number and said anytime I wanted, I can have her at her place for 1 hour for 3 greens. Guys, you can only find her near the Spruceland area around the car dealerships, on the bypass between 5th and 15th after dark, If you see her, dont pass her by, good luck.

05-23-03, 21:51
Good report Drew. It is those gems in the fringes that make this hobby worthwhile. Sometimes you will find one when and where you least expect it. I have found that the part-timers usually don't hang out in the same areas as the pros, but a working girl usually has that "look" especially when you make eye contact.

05-25-03, 11:11
Two reviews of the black orchid agency in P.G

1. Kali, 26, brunette/redhead, 5-4 140lbs, full figured but not fat by any means, 36C chest, clean shaven, she looks way hotter in person than pictures on the agency website. I rate her a 7.5 in looks, 10 in attitude and 10 in service. In my opinion the best escort in P.G by far. Everything is on the menu, bbbj, daty, greek, dfk, msog, facials, the ultimate porn star expierience, trust me. Kali truly loves her job and it shows. Seen her 4 times now and it gets better every time. Highly recommened.

2. Darcy, 34, long blonde hair, 5-10 145lbs. Tall, California type blond with 36D chest and a J-LO type ass. A Kelly Preston look-alike with a bigger tits. I rate her a 8 in looks, 9 in attitude and 9 in service. Everything on the menu except bbbj and facials. But gives a great cbj and russian. Next to Kali, the second best escort in P.G. Also highly recommended.

Stay away from the ads in the Citizen newspaper, most or all of the independents are usually either Native, Fat, Ugly, overcharged and for sure will rip you off. While in P.G its a better bet to cruise the streets for a decent SW or try black orchid for a sure thing. I plan to cruise this weekend and see Taylor and a undecided escort from black orchid, so i will have another review in a couple of days.

05-27-03, 07:38
Hey drew, did you do incall or outcall at black orchid. I have been thinking about an incall but it wasn't clear on their website what kind of facilities that they have for it.

05-29-03, 00:58
Hey Embassy, I did the incall, it costs an extra $10 that's the only downside. If you choose incall ( Black Orchid is licensed, so incall is legal) you have 2 locations to choose from. The girls are always on time, sometimes they are ready to go when you arrive. Check out the site to see what each girl has to offer. It depends on your appearance and hygiene, she may be open-minded to more or less. I recommend Kali to start, you may never want to see anyone else after a session with her.

Good luck.

06-09-03, 23:04
Does anyone know if there is any action in the Queen Charlotte's? For example, Massett?


06-10-03, 05:47
Good question about the Charlottes, let us us know if you find some action there.

06-10-03, 07:45
Hello everyone

It's been awhile since I've logged onto this forum. I have a question for members familiar with Prince George. I'll be there this Sunday and Monday on business and was wondering if the areas have changed at all for SW action? Usually I cruise or walk around the downtown core (2nd ave- close to the Ramada) and drive up Queensway to the 20th ave sidestreets. What is the best time to cruise with the larget number of SW. The last time I was in PG it was so cold that there was little action at all.

Is there a low and midtrack similar to Vancouver?

Thanks for any info that members can contribute. I'll post my highlights after the weekend.

06-16-03, 07:42
Hey North, I was driving around on a Wednesday around 10 pm, and I swear to god, on Queensway from about 2nd ave all the way up to 20th, I counted about 15-20 sw's, most of them are around the area before you go up the hill. 1 really tall, young looking blond caught my eye hiding in the parking lot of the Keg restaurant, so i picked her up and went for a drive. She said her name was Krissy and she was 20. Did the whole Q and A cop thing and I said I wanted a bbbj, she said she wanted $40, i told her yes if she swallowed. She agreed. Went for a drive to a quiet space near Connaught and she gave me a incredible bj, she seemed into it and even let me play with her under her skirt. About 15 minutes later she swallowed my load and we were done. Got her number and said I would call her or look for her again. Well worth it, she is about 5-8, long blond hair, thin, was wearing a button up sweater with a mini and boots. I would say she is actually 20. The street scene has picked up in P.G has picked up lately, on a sunny day/ evening , drive along Queensway, up to 20th and down Pine St a little ways, and back. The most action is along Queensway now between 8p to about 3a, but anytime it is nice and sunny out, the is action all day, good luck.

06-21-03, 03:12
Couldn't sleeop and so I went cruising last night and there were lots of girls out. Usually it gets quiet around midnight to 1:00 am, but it didn't seem to be last night. Check the side streets off 20th all the way from Queensway to Victoria. Even saw a couple heading downtown along Victoria from 20th. Too much LE though as the shop is just down the road.

Lots of eye candy, but didn't feel really like picking up. Just looking and trying to get tired enough to sleep. Only out until about 12:45 and then home. Tossed for an hour and decided that the little head was keeping the big head awake. Decided to head out again and holy s%# there were still a good selection of SWs out at 2:00 am. Found a cute brunette, maybe part native, just off 20th, and just past Queensway. I think that she was heading home, but I went around the block twice and finally stopped. Nice short skirt, black tube top, but ugly platform shoes. BJ for $30 or BBBJ for $40. Found a quiet spot and she went to work. Don't usually do the digits on a SW, but she smelled really clean. Trimmed bush, and prominent love button once I got playing. She actually started to get wet, and suggested that I stop. Wouldn't do the BJ to completion, but finished off the a HJ. Licked one finger as she finished and said um. Wouldn't give me her number, but said that FS could be had, and that she had a place. Heading back out tonight.

The Seeker
06-24-03, 08:00
Just out of curiosity, and the fact i am heading up that way. Is there ANYONE, be it massage or SP in either Cranbrook or Castlegar? I know it might be a stretch, but thought I would ask anyway.

Any info greatly appreaciated.

Little Tony
07-02-03, 01:55
Just wondering, I'll be in Langley, BC in a while. Any suggestions on parts of Langley or Surrey (that's close by, right?) for SW's?

Granola Boy
07-02-03, 03:56
I haven't seen any in Langley, however there is a hotel in downtown Langley (Langley Hotel?) that supposedly is a little rundown...you might have something there. There is an MP in Langley, but I don't know where it is...I think it's called "Special Ladies".

07-02-03, 15:48
Hey All,

Any action at all in Whistler? I heard tell of a provider, Jenny, 20 something but no location. Any info is much appreciated. Even something that I had to drive a relativley short distance to cruise just may be whorthwhile.

~Thanks, SG.

My Alias
07-07-03, 14:33
Any action in the Atlin area (or even on into Whitehorse, Yukon Territory)? I saw there's a phonebook listing in Whitehorse for an Ashley and Alexis escort service, but don't know if anyone's tried it. I drive this section of the Alcan Highway a bit and wouldn't mind having a few rest stops, if you know what I mean.

07-08-03, 05:28
Regarding the request about Castlegar and Cranbrook. I have travelled there extensively and have never seen any action at all. They will have strippers at the local dive of a hotel occassionally, but they only seem to be looking to dance not provide any more. You might get lucky, but I wouldn't count on it. If the strippers are in town when you are there, then most likely it will be your hand that is getting all the action that night. Sad, but true. If there is a construction project going on at the dam or the pulp mill then you will probably find strippers in town every night.

Cranbrook is virtually dry as well, although I have seen the occasional lady walking the streets. Where? Mostly in the downtown section and a few blocks around the core section. They are few and really far in between. Of at least the last 15 times this year that I have overnighted in Cranbrook, I have only seen a possible SW twice. One I wasn't sure of, and the other was most likely as I watched her get picked up. Cruised around the area that night for at least an hour and never saw her again. I would guess that the two that I saw would be part-timers, maybe single moms looking for a bit of extra cash. Definitely not the street hardened girls that you will find in Vancouver.

If you have a choice, I would pick Kelowna over Cranbrook and for sure by a long shot over Castelgar.

07-28-03, 10:05
Just got home from a quick drive on a Sunday night in Prince George, and to my surprise I found a cute little brunette wearing jeans and a white hoody walking down 20th toward Queensway around midnight. Drove up right beside her and she got in, I asked her how much for a BBBJ, she asked how much I had, I said $20, I always say $20, she agreed, did the whole touch and feel thing, and drove to a quiet place in the BCR area. Very cute looking girl, probably around 20, 5-4, very thin, lots of makeup, said her name was Annette. She started with a handjob to get me hard, I told her to strip down, and she did to reveal she was not wearing any panties. She started with the BJ, as I fingered her pussy and ass, which she seemed to enjoy. Very good BJ, very responsive to the fingering, to my surprise she told me to fuck her, I, of course agreed, she slipped the condom and I fucked her mish and with her on top in the back seat for a good 15 minutes. We then ended it with her sucking me until I came in her mouth. Very nice pickup on a Sunday night, and for only a green. I found that most girls will do almost anything for what money you have. I was feeling nice, so I dropped her off close to her house, on the drive back, she started with another BJ, holy shit, I couldn't hold back, so I came in her mouth in like 5 minutes.
After I dropped her off, she gave me her number and said next time we should go to her basement suite for a longer date.

Tom Thompson
07-30-03, 08:57
Hi everyone

I'm heading to Kelowna this weekend and would like to get some more info on the scene there. According to all prior posts on this board, all I can figure out is check behind the Safeway around Leon & Bertram.

What are the going rates in Kelowna?

Anyone got any gems they can pass along to share with a fellow pooner?

Any decent priced escorts or any reviews available?

I can't find much on the Internet about any scene in Kelowna, or any discussion of one.

Thanks in advance

Granola Boy
07-31-03, 21:29
Check out Escorts Canada for more info re: escorts in the interior.

08-13-03, 05:34
Was out cruising the streets of Prince George last night. Woah! There were lots of SWs out. Most of them were walking as opposed to standing on one or two corners, but there was enough eye candy to cause a few cavities. Spotted at least 12 different girls working along 20th Ave between Queensway and Victoria from about 9:30 pm until 1:00 am.

A few on the sidestreets off of 20th Ave, but most of them were doped or drunk up. A bit of LE out, but not as much as I have seen in the past. Didn't seem to be bothering girl or guy. At least 10 different girls working the Queensway area downtown. After about 3 hours of getting my eye candy, finally settled on Marie, who was this fairly hot blonde in a short yellow dress. Actually picked her up while she was walking along Queensway toward downtown from 20th. Offered a BJ for one green bill, and so we found a spot not too far away. She had good mouth action and went to work taking me deep throat to the root. I started rubbing her ass and found no panties under the dress. Suddenly off comes her mouth from my cock. Oh shit, I thought. Instead of telling me to knock it off she told me to get my fingers working on her pussy. I said yes maam and she went back to sucking. She got so wet that my hand and passenger seat was soaking. She was so into it that even after I filled the condom she just kept sucking till she bucked and screamed.

Definitely will pick her up again. No phone number given, but said that she is out about twice a week. Dropped her off near 20th and Victoria.

08-13-03, 08:11
Nice work Embassy, It seems like we are the only 2 hobbyists in the Prince George area on this board.

Rocky Mtn Man
09-22-03, 04:40
some info on what you will and will not find in cranbrook. this is my first posting to the board. i have been a hobbiest for 15 years and my first introduction to the sport was at the mustang rance outside of reno nevada.

there is an escort agency in town called garden of eden. it is in the downtown core and easy to find on 12 th ave south. it is upstairs in building that is reasonable private. they have nice rooms and some have hot tubs. there is also showers available. the price varies depending on the room you want. some of the rooms have nicer amenities but also run more in cost. cost for the entertainment is $100 for 1/4 hr., $160 for 1/2 hr. $200 for an hour. the nicer rooms are $50 an hour or so more. (all prices in can $)

the women there vary as they come in on the circuit from the larger centers. so giving a recommendation of a particular woman would be pointless. you may not see the same one again for months if ever.

i popped in the other day for 15 minutes and found a very attractive girl from jamaica. she gave great head and enjoyed her job very much but that night was her last night then off to another city. i am not even sure she will be back. they usually have two to three women working during the day, but not always on at the same time. they do out calls, which are a bit more money, but the rooms are nice so i would not see the point of the extra cost.

as far as the street is concerned, there is no action at all. in the 25 years i have lived here, i have only seen two sw’s. one was about 300 lbs and the other was a junkie. not my cup of tea. i lived in victoria last year for 9 months and i very much enjoy window shopping. it becomes pretty clear when you see “the smile” if they are working or not. “the smile” is not something i have seen in cranbrook. you will drive around all night and the only thing you will see is empty streets. even on fri. and sat. night you wont find much action downtown.

on occasion in the local paper there have been some adds for “massage”. a few are advertised as non-sexual, on occasion you find one that is not. i have not called any of these.

we have one bar where there are strippers, but my experience is that they are not interested in working on the side. we are on what is called the b circuit for both peelers and hookers.

outside of the “garden” cranbrook is pretty much a dry hole. as a matter of fact, if what you want is to get laid, the best way might still be the old way. go to the bar and take you chances at getting some for free.

09-25-03, 02:26
I just moved into the Prince Rupert area. Is there any action for a hobbiest here? I would prefer an independent SP with her own place, but I have a feeling I can't be picky in this town. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

10-18-03, 07:17
Hey Lowrider

I was in Prince Rupert last month and at that time not much for eye candy. I recall though there are a few SW around one of the hotels (can't remember the name but its the highrise building?) I think it was the Coast or Highliner?

There were 1 or 2 walking outside. I didn't endulge in the hobby due to I was on business with a female from my company.

Work does take me to that city as well as surrounding areas so will keep posted of activity in the area.

This is an excellent board to share adventures with fellow hobbiest.

Good luck.

01-28-04, 08:34
Does anyone have info on where SW can be found in Kamloops?

Who Ami
01-29-04, 22:11
This Seattle Board reguklar is planing a trip to Whistler. Can anyone tell me what is available there?

02-05-04, 05:59

Kamloops has 2 areas:

South Shore:

Between 5th ave and 4th ave along St. paul and Seymore.... The girls are also sometimes outside of the Rafter G hotel (don't use this place of a trick however as the lady at the door will charge you $15 just to come in!)

North Shore:

Along the Tranquille road and usually near the Village motel.

As for the better area of town.. hard to say as both areas get the heavy druggies and you should watch out for the girls that are "cracking" out they will try to rip you off fast!

I try to stick to 2 or 3 girls when I see them, the descriptions fallow as well as their usual route/ hang out.

Cherry: A small girl, about 5ft 2in... fairly pretty about 25 yrs old... usually outside of Visions Electronics on 5th ave and Seymour st.

Denise: an older woman in her 40s not much to look at... But fairly kinky nad VERY efficent and skilled. Usually near the same area as Cherry.

Jenny: young (18 to 20) very pretty blonde. Seems to be knew to the biz. (only picked her up twice) and has some fair skills. usually around the "Surplus Herbies" on tranquille.

Hope that helps you.

02-17-04, 08:23
I'm in Kamloops this week on biz (I'm a regular poster on the Seattle boards). I can confirm the SW activity in the areas mentioned, especially on St Paul street between 4th and 5th Avenue.

I don't have time to partake though so I cannot comment on close-up appearance or service quality.

02-17-04, 23:58
I'm interested in the Chilliwack area. Not familiar with action around there but will be spending some time there soon. There is a "Jackie" who advertised often in the Times. Anyone have any knowledge about her or who had done business with her..would appreciate hearing about your reaction. Also, any other information about the area would be appreciated.

Who Ami
02-23-04, 00:02
Just got back from a week long trip to Whistler. There are a few services in the Yellow Pages, but no one seemed to offer incall. I finally made contact with Adam and Eve (through Yellow Pages). I met Christa, a 5"4 140lb red head at a tiny incall location in an area guest house. She is in her mid 30's and from Vancouver, though she said she did not work near her home, she did give me her #.

Ok massgae, great prostate and hard driving missionary, where on the menu for $200Canadian for the hour.

All and all a very nice time was had by all.

Beller Ophon
03-18-04, 12:02
at Kerry - about Chilliwack

For the most part I would stay away from the adds, as well as the "massage parlours". The girls that work in them are the same ones that you would get on the street in Chilliwack.

The street scene in Chilliwack is pretty decent so I'll give you a rundown on it. The busiest are is 1 block north of Yale behind the Paramount is Victoria st. Along that street, intersecting Nowell, there is usually at least a few girls working on any given weekend night, and usually 1 or two during the week. For two blocks back further, Bole and Clevland you will find girls strolling about, generally moving towards the paramount. This area is pretty much enclosed by Young and Fletcher street on the sides.

If you continues down Victoria in front of Central School, you can occasionally find girls by the payphone. On the other side of Yale, you can usually find a some girls along princess and behind the laundromat / car wash there.

On the girls specifically it really depends on the night. I've seen absolute hideous chunkers (1) and a number of 10's, usually single moms or girls around 19-25. I'll give descriptions on a few girls for you to look out for, I'm terrible with names so none of those available.

Slim blonde woman about 5'4 35yrs with blue eyes and small tits. Seen her a number of times she gives a great BBBJCIM for 25. Will fullserve for 40. She asks way higher but will go for these if you say you don't have the cash. The first time I "visited" her she was the best fullserve I think I ever had. Very enthusiastic Looks/Attitude/Service 6/9/8

Slim Brunette, straight and sometimes pulled back, about 5'2, 35yrs medium sized breasts (c's). Works at the massage parlours sometimes but from what she tells me she has quite the temper and usually gets fired quickly. She'll go 20 for a CBJ and 40 for the fullserve, very tight fit. I'd recommend her. (5/6/6)

Their's a tall, emancipated lookingly skinny brunette who sometimes frequents the strips, she's probably about 45. Not all that pretty but she will give a great CBJ for 20. I think she's a single mom who only works occasionally.(3/7/8)

There's another short brunette girl about 28ish, with curly hair and kinda sunken eyes, another mom who doesn't work often. Incredible BBBJ she's really short maybe 5'0 so not hard to pick out. (6/7/8).

Native girl, 19yrs old, short hair and really big breasts. probably about 5'3. okay Fullserve for 30, no BJ. (6/4/5)

Brunette girl really fair skin and pretty skinny. beautiful face. I think another young mother making the rent. Went fullserve in a park for 40, great job.

A few to stay away from, Native girl always wears overalls. Will get your money and run, all sorts of excuses but it's not like your about to chase a hooker for your money. Another girl, half black I think with a perm, I've heard she has HIV and she's not a looker at all so just avoid that.

On a sidenote, you can also get some great hitchhiking action around Chilliwack. Coming in one night from Abbey, picked up a girl at the reststop there. Nice Native lady named Shawny. Started with a grope session on the drive and she didn't resist at all when I guided her head down, just unzipped and went to work. CIM right outside Chilliwack and dropped her off at the Husky station, good times. Another was a Brunette walking home from the bar to her hotel, no cab money. Picked her up on Young, went for a ride that ended with a BBBJ CIM in the car outside the hotel. Lastly, a great girl named Shelley , also native, 19 years old. She's was walking through dowtown one night and I offered her a ride. When she got in I asked her what she was up to, she said just heading to a friends but that she wasn't really into it and was looking for fun. Ended up finding that she had HUGE breasts under that jacket and she went for a free BBBJ, and then fullserve in the car. Best experience yet.

If you have any other questions about Chilliwack just let me know, I've got some experience there,

03-19-04, 19:27
Wow, Beller Ophon, I haven't heard anything about street action in Chilliwack in over 4 years, and had no idea there was such a regular scene there. I've been monitoring The Chilliwack Progress online for a couple of years, but haven't seen anything in it about street prostitution. I'm now adding The Chilliwack Times to my weekly news search as well. Based on your sightings, I'm listing the ho zone as between Young Rd, Fletcher St, Princess Ave, Mellard Ave. Let me know if this sounds correct, or needs some adjustment.

Seattle - Vancouver street guide (http://www.geocities.com/un_csd/streetguide.html)

Beller Ophon
03-20-04, 12:07
Uncirc, nice to see you respond.

I've lurked aroung here for awhile and read a lot of your stuff so it's nice to here from a vet on the board.

As for the scene, you're right on with you approximate area, it's not that big so feel free to range a block or two outside of it in any direction, you can find girls anywhere. While I've seen, and picked up, girls as early as 3-5 in the afternoon, Chilliwack is more of an 8pm-3am scene. My advice is to pick up a girl you like as soon as you see her, there's too much business for the girls and the nice ones don't last long once their out.

I'd also advise anyone to put off any trips til the end of April, early May. With all of the folks getting kicked off welfare this April, there will be a lot for girls out there, especially single moms trying to make ends meet.

03-25-04, 07:32
It's been awhile since I've logged on to this great board. Being working a lot out of the area with no computer access but back for a couple of months. Wondering if anyone knows if there's any SW action still going on in Terrace and the Prince Rupert area?

05-02-04, 06:55
Hi all,

Anyone have the 411 on Kelowna. It's gotten to be a fairly big city and there must be some decent action to be had. I'm looking for incall services. I hear the big massage places in town that advertise in the "Escorts" section of the yellow pages are not bad (I have heard not bad reviews for the garden of eden).

I would be interested to know if anyone has any recommendations for freelancers that do incall. They tend to be the best bang for the buck so to speak. I see a few ad's in the newspaper but I generally don't spend my hard earned money on ads unless I can get a referral to back up the ad.

Any help, warning, report of actual experience would be greatly appreciated.


05-10-04, 18:14
Hi! guys,

Does anyone have any information about the 100 mile house area, I will be spending some time there soon and would appreciate any help.



05-13-04, 12:55
Has anyone had experience with a sp from Chilliwack? They have an add in The Times.

Would appreciate any info I can get as I will be in this area soon.



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05-15-04, 08:15
It has been a long time since I posted here. Anybody with some new findings in the Prince George area. Unusual spots to pick up a SW. Recently I just started crusin' again, and found this girl on 5th avenue on Thursday night near the China Sail around 11pm. Just your normal looking girl walking down the street but when I drove by, she gave me the look. Pettite, white, around 20 at the most, dressed in jeans and a jacket. This time I took her to my place nearby and had FS for 2 greens. She was a great GFE. Everything was there except for greek. She said her name was Ashley, she said she was 20. Very cute, clean, and young. She said she was on her way to a friends house and was looking for a ride. So a really big surprise. After we were done, I dropped her off, and got her cell number, told her I would call, and she could make some extra money.

Beller Ophon
05-18-04, 09:08
At Sailermanca,

Most of the SP's in Chilliwack who advertise in the papers are the same girls who work the streets. You might as well just hit the street, check my earlier post for locals, and save youself some money. If she has a place they'll take you there, but with it being summer there's plenty of places you could take a blanket to and not be bothered at.

05-19-04, 06:28
Hey Drew,

Thanks for the PG report. I'm going to be in Prince George for couple of months work related. Looking forward to the action there as there has been nothing happening in the Terrace area. My local from the Kalum trailer park seems to have left the area.
Will keep the PG regulars posted on the street activity - glad summer is among us - more skin. Drew it seems you got a good catch on your last cruise. Congrats!


05-20-04, 00:25
Will be visiting Chilliwack again for about a week (work related). Any new happenings in the area. SW areas still the same?

Thanks in advance

05-20-04, 21:50
Mustardman - just ask a cabbie. They know all the spots. The garden of eden is right downtown, even in the yellow pages. I don't care for it, the girls are oh-so-professional and fucking them is like an elaborate handjob. I might be persuaded if there was an asian or black gal on tap.

If I were looking for play in Kelowna I might simply try picking up in a club.

Have a look at the local strip clubs. There is a rowdy one (again, not clearly marked) down by the lake. The cheetah had some beautiful women in it when I was there, but strictly touche-pas. Full bar tho, and sometimes I just like to drink and watch lovely naked hard bodies gyrate to loud rock n/ roll.

05-21-04, 07:40
Hey North

There is still some action to be had on the streets, especially down 20th ave, but just be really careful. Ever since the whole Ramsey situation LE and residents have been keeping a very close eye on things in the area. Unmarked cars and nosy residents are what you have to watch out for. An alternate area to try is up and down 5th avenue later at night, usually you might find a SW walking to and from the downtown area.

Other than that, there is always Queensway from 2nd ave to 5th ave, and up the hill. Happy hunting and let me know if you have any luck.

06-18-04, 08:08
I want to share my latest adventure with fellow northern enthusiasts. I was in Vancouver last Sunday cruising the low and mid tracks. For a warm night things were rather slow. Coming from the northern BC, I was expecting to see a lot of skin but this was not the case. Finally around 11:30 pm I came across June, cute native 19 yo at the corner of E. Hastings and Campbell (near the Astoria Hotel). Out of all the SW's on the low, she was by far the nicest. Dressed in tight low rider jeans and a blue stretch halter exposing her belly button. Not trashy looking but very sexy. We made eye contact, waved her over to the car and she got in. Small talk then agreed to go back to my hotel for 2 greens for full service. On the way she asked if we could drive through and get something to eat - no problem as I have done this in the past and the SW has been very appreciative later. When we got to the room and exchanged business, she started to make excuses. She wanted the lights turned down, no cuddling as I helped her with her halter etc. Then she said if we could for go the oral and go to the deed as her mouth felt funny after eating. I reminded her that we had a business agreement and she was renegging. She finally agreed but it was an oral experience for 1 minute at the most. So by now I'm at attention so the deed wouldn't be so bad now however I expected her to cowboy me but NO - mercenery only. Well by now I'm getting a little fed up with all the excuses so I say fine and I get on top and go for it like there is no tomorrow. I pull her to the edge of the bed and hold her ankles and go for it. I going at it for about 15 mins and she has the audacity to say "can I hurry up as it's getting late". Well I can last longer especially if they have no attitude and just lay there. I'm pounding away for about another 10 till I shot my load. Considering all the excuses she made, June started to get in to it by the end. For this reason I got her phone number for next time. She said next time she'll be more receptive as it won't be our first date - yeah right but I might call her on it.

Looking forward getting back to Prince George - same quality of girls but I find there are fewer with bad attitudes.


08-02-04, 09:19
Took a drive down 5th ave tonight towards downtown, and low and behold saw 2 SW's. One was standing by the BX Pub, looked really hot from behind, tall, blond, slim. She was wearing jeans and white t-shirt and a black hat. All looks good right... wrong. The girl turned around and she was major cracked out. Her face was completely showing the effects. She was yelling at me to pick her up and said she would fuck me for $20. I laughed and drove right past her. Then I decided to take a right turn on 3rd ave and headed towards the Dairy Queen, when I made eye contact with this brunette walking on the sidewalk. She was about 5-5, slim, causually dressed in summer dress, very youthful and attractive looking for a SW and I knew she was wanted something. I pulled over and she hoped in, just for fun we did the touch test, and I asked her name and age, she told her name was Nicki and she was 21. She asked me what I was up to tonight and I said I wanted to have a good time. Ironically so did she, hmmm. I offered her 3 greens if she would come back to my place and I would drop her off whereever she would like. She agreed and off we went. I was giving her the digits on the drive back and she seemed to enjoy it.

On with the actual action. Everything on the menu except greek, but she did allow digits. Excellent bbbj, daty ( she was totally shaved and smelled fresh), 69, dfk, 3 postions, and multiple CIM but no swallow. The whole lasted just under a hour, after we were done, she asked me to drop her off close to her house which turned out to be 6 blocks away from mine, so I got her number and probably will repeat. The best SW's in PG are located in areas where you would never think to look. I have always found most SW's out of the usual areas, and all of them for the most part are one in a lifetime pick-ups. Girls who come out once a month just to make some extra $$$, total GFE/PSE, and more than decent prices. That is my report, and lets hear from more people in the Prince George Area.

08-04-04, 09:43
Thanks for the report Drew. Back in PG in a couple of weeks so looking forward to the scene. Will keep everyone posted.

Hmm it seems we're the only two on this board Drew? Say have you seen any activity around the Calodonia College area?


08-05-04, 00:34
Back in PG for a couple of weeks. Definitely more SWs out now that the weather is decent. Wish more of them would dress up a bit, rather than jeans or sweats. Eye candy will get picked up faster. Checked out the usual strolls last night but did not see much that get me horny. Checked out Drew9s area that he found his hottie in, but it was quiet.

Back to the hotel around 11:00pm, got bored of the TV, and headed out around 12:30am. It was real quiet on all the strolls. Didn't seem to be due to LE as I didn't even see many of them. Drove back down Queensway toward downtown and noticed someone walking along 3rd Ave (right side of Queensway). Drove along and found a brunette in dressy jeans and a tube top. She smiled and I circled the block. When I came back she was standing beside a car and smiled. I stopped and she got in. Asked if I was looking for company. We did the check as I was driving, Said that her name was Gail and that she was just getting ready to go home when I came along. It was her car that she was standing beside. Started telling me how that she only does this when she needs some extra cash, being a single Mom and on welfare. Told me that she was 35 and had a 12yr old girl at home.

I told her where my favorite parking spot was and she said that it was okay with her. Car dates are awkward, but I have found a very secluded spot. $60 for a BBBJ and a lay. She really liked doggie so we did it outside the car with her bent over the passenger seat. She kept her top on as she said that her tits were floppy, but a very tight pussy. Not shaved, but not too hairy. I think that she was getting off as well, as she was getting wet as we went at it. Dropped her off at her car when done.

08-07-04, 07:16
Hey Embassy,

The area around the BX and the Petro-Can is hit and miss, but each time I drive home from the gym at about 10pm or so, there is at least 2 or 3 SW's, with one of the SW's in the phone booth. I saw a blond in there tonight but I was on my way to an appointment so I couldn't stop. She did look fairly good though.

To North

I have only seen action around the college once. That was on a Saturday afternoon a couple of weeks ago when it was scorching hot outside. A buddy and I were driving on the bypass when we saw a decent looking blond standing by the turnoff to the old Canadian Tire waving us over. She looked pretty good, but it could've been a native with her hair dyed blond. If I was driving alone I might have picked her up.

If you guys have the time, try cruising up and down 5th ave when its dark, there are some gems out there, you just need some luck and good timing. Drew.

08-08-04, 04:33

Sorry to ask stupid questions but where are these locations? In example petro-can and bx and what is pg? I am from Seattle and cruise the Vancouver tracks, I was thinking about going somewhere differant anyway thanks in advance:)

08-09-04, 20:25
SweetWilly, I'm sure they're talking about Prince George--which is in northern BC. As you can see from the star on this map (http://us.rd.yahoo.com/maps//maps/extmap/*-http://ca.maps.yahoo.com//maps_result?name=&ed=vb7VXOp_0Tpn54ob0qDzAuLFpxK2MQt_s7ZO2dITJisU172KZX5uwT68lbTidlg8sx2DK9wk6Pr.Bw9Ae_iEl0EWwx2N&csz=Prince+George%2C+BC&desc=&mag=3&ds=g&state=&uzip=&country=CA&BFKey=&resize=s), it's way out of my range at least.

Little Tony
08-09-04, 21:26
Quick question -

I took a drive across B.C. about 5 years back...I started in Spokane then drove north to cross the border, and then drove the roads heading west into Vancouver.

I seem to remember that along the way, in every little town you passed through as you were leaving town a large number of young girls (18 to 25 yo) hitchhiking with signs heading to other west ward cities. Maybe it's the pervert in me, but I seem to recall most of them being pretty hot. I wasn't really mongering back then, but was wondering if anyone has heard anything about this, or made the drive. If so, do you think any of these were working girls trying to get to the next town, and maybe worth picking up?

Also, SweetWilly, if you're looking for different action, might I suggest Victoria? It's still pretty close, and I would imagine you'd get a different flavor over on the island, but still have some good options. Otherwise, I'd agree with UnCirc - PG is just too damn far for what appears to be a sparse street scene. Otherwise, you can get the same uncertainty in WA but much closer, like Yakima or Spokane.


08-10-04, 16:56
Little Tony I was wondering the same thing!! . I used to live in Vancouver however was doing some trade schooling in Calgary. So I used to drive back and forth between Calgary and Vancouver all the time.

Yes through the small towns I did remember seeing some girls hitch hiking . Some were pretty hot , but mostly ok, ok enough that they would "get it" though hehehe. However like you, I was not officially mongering 6 years ago , just looking. I doubt highly that any of those girls were pros, a bus ticket isnt that much. They would have to be girls that were pretty hard up for cash.

But I was wondering if there was any action to be had in all those little small towns along the way, like in Hope, Salmon Arm, Chase etc. Mind you when I was doing most of my travels it was during the dead of winter when it was around -40 outside!! However I did do some traveling in Sept time and still didnt see too much.

What about all those truck stops you see along highway #1, there must be girls working those areas??? I have been searching the net looking and no one seems to have any info on it at all. Hopefully after this post someone will know something. I am sure you could get those girls to do something for the ride, maybe even a freebee?

Wild Child
08-16-04, 09:48

Prince George is about 800 km from Vancouver. The street scene is decent but can't compare to Vancouver. If you do decide to make the drive I'm sure AAA in Seattle would have road maps of BC, and you can get a road map of PG from any gas station in town. You can also try the strip club, I've actually lucked out twice picking up strippers who were doing a tour through town.

Joe Smalltown
08-17-04, 22:35
New Westminster. I will be in NW in a few weeks. As I remember it was pretty sleezy down by the water. Any thing there?


08-19-04, 07:42
Drew and Embassy

Being cruising around Monday and Tuesday night around 10pm with little action to be seen anywhere along the usual strolls. Called up my regular Annie since nothing around - she says there is a lot of undercover LE - 3 that she knows of out there.

This seems to be keeping everyone at home even herself. Have you guys noticed a decrease?


08-22-04, 16:30
fyi - le in nanaimo, this article appeared in the victoria paper today:

sunday, august 22, 2004

four prostitutes busted for plying their trade in nanaimo's nob hill area have chosen to go to detox rather than a courtroom.

five prostitutes and four johns were nabbed thursday night in a sting after area residents complained about increased traffic, with customers looking for women.

they also complained that the activity had resulted in an overall increase in crime in the area. the rcmp's local drug, bike and municipal units were involved in the sting, which used undercover members to catch the offenders.

staff sgt. m.g. peers said the program to divert prostitutes and their clients out of the criminal justice system has been ongoing for a few years.

"they try to get the women in detox, if they can, as an alternative to the court system" he said.

the program runs in conjunction with clearview detox centre and the city's victim services agency.

drug addiction is the main reason women take to the streets to earn money as prostitutes, peers said.

the key to the strategy is to help the prostitutes overcome their addiction, offer them support and provide education.

johns also have an option. they can agree to a restorative-justice measure rather than court. they would have to attend a community forum that discusses their role in prostitution and the effect on neighbourhoods.

peers was unable to say whether any of the four men arrested thursday had made that choice.

Primetime PG
09-02-04, 17:02
Been cruising along 5th Ave the last few nights. On Friday night saw a couple of SW. Both appeared to be young, under 25. Drove by a few times. Stopped and chat for a while, I didn't inquire on the rates. Maybe just a little scared with the LE action as of late in PG. I haven't seen much in the other areas.

09-10-04, 08:14
Hey Primetime

It's slow in PG over the last while. As someone said in an earlier post - it takes some luck and timing. If you've been a hobbyist for a sometime in other areas, you can tell who is working. Funny thing about PG - I've been told that one can find something anywhere and not just in the usual areas? So far I've haven't had that type of luck. Good luck on your search. Try around Abhau street behind the Spruceland mall during the day.


Prof Cruiser
09-18-04, 19:57
thanks to this forum and my years of cruising, my recent trip to prince george was above my expectations. i had no problem finding quality and quantity in my hunt for a sw. the downtown area is the most active, but almost anywhere on queensway or 5th ave you can find a gem.

i was in the city for seven nights and managed to hook up with four different ladies. the cutest one and i went out twice. that is five nights out of seven that i did not spend alone. two of the girls were very native and the other two were white. all four girls were attractive and clean looking.

my favorite girl i went out with twice i saw her on 5th ave near the spruce mall. i finally picked her up in the parking lot of the mall. blonde hair, 22 years old and just over 5 feet. her name is melissa and she attends the unbc. she cost me a small fortune, but when i find a gem like her i don’t mind spending the coin for girlfriend action.

i will defiantly travel up to pg, just watch out for le and **** street kids.

09-22-04, 07:51
I just got back from a long vacation from the states, so I have been inactive the last month or so, but went out crusing last Saturday, and yes I have noticed some increased LE. Mostly I think they are just driving around before setting up roadblocks, so it shouldn't affect the SW scene.

Around 12:30am drove up and down 5th avenue from the KFC all the way up to the China Sail. On the return trip towards downtown I made eye contact with a white SW walking past Johnson St on 5th ave. I motioned for her to walk down Johnson where the traffic flow is quieter. I drove a little down the street and waited for her. She came to my window, and I asked if she needed a ride. She said she did and I told her to get in. Her name was Kyla, blonde, 23 years old. She proved it to me by showing me her DL. Really pretty face for a SW, slim body, with small tits, tongue and eyebrow pierced, about 5-4 tall, 120 pounds.

I told her I had $20 cash on me, and she said she could give a BJ, I told her it had to be a BBBJ, she said fine. Drove to quiet place in a residential area, and she went to work. Decent technique, lots of spit, got to play with her pussy and ass. She didn't seem to mind. I probably lasted about 10 minutes, did the old CIM, after that she had a disgusted look on her face, opened the car door and spit it out. Then I gave her a ride home. No problem. All in all, another great find in the city of P.G. Got her number, and probably will repeat.

A lot of girls here will walk the streets alone in a unassuming way, just to make some extra money. Kyla told me she attends college, and she only goes out if she needs money. A great pickup for my first time back, going to do some more crusing around before the weather gets really cold, maybe I have some luck, because I never have to go down 20th or Queensway for action.

Good luck to all the P.G hobbyists.

10-04-04, 06:54
The SW action is slowing down here in P.G. Did my usual tour along 5th ave and the area on Friday and found nothing. Saw one possible SW who gave me the eye but she didn't look really good. I decided to do a turn along Queensway. Saw about 5 or 6 SW's, but again nothing caught my eye. So I stopped at the 7-11 on Queensway and flipped thru the ads in the paper, and I actually thought about calling one of them, but the head up top stopped me because all of them are rip-offs except the Black Orchid ad. Since I didn't want to spend $200 that night, I took one more drive down 5th ave and on to 8th ave around 11:30pm. On the way back I saw a possible SW walking down Carney on the other side of the street. She looked over at me and we made eye contact, I quickly did a u-turn and drove up beside her. She looked in, stopped and got in my car. Very young looking white girl, wearing black yoga pants and a jacket. Decent face, very petite all over, so the tits were non-existent, and a very small ass, brown hair, clean looking, but had a slight smell of smokes. She said her name was Christina, and she said she was 20 years old. I asked where she was going, she said nowhere?. I'm like ok? We drove around for about 5 minutes, and I drove to one of my secret spots in the city, and stopped. Without saying a word, we started making out. This was great, she started taking off her clothes except her bra, which was ok, because there was nothing there anyway. She asked what I wanted, I said a bj and she went down, took my cock out of my shorts and went to work. She must have smoked it for about 10 minutes taking her time, then it was time for some CG. She did not have a condom on her, but luckily for only the second time ever, I had one in my glove compartment, so on went the condom and she rode me for awhile, while sticking her tongue down my throat the whole time. I was about to blow, and I told her I wanted to cum on her face, she said no, but she wanted it on her tits. Sure whatever, on her tits it is. So I let go a huge load on her chest, some cum got on her face anyway, so I consider that a partial facial. After that we got cleaned up, and I asked her how much she wanted. She asked how much I had. Of course I had $20, so I offered a green and a ride home. She said fine. Dropped her off on 8th ave between Harper and Irwin, and got her cell #. The whole thing lasted about 45 minutes. This girl definitely looked 20, and had a good attitude the whole time, maybe she was just looking to get paid for sex, but I am glad I found her. My luck will probably run out soon, but for now the getting is good.


This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it very difficult to read a report that is written as one long block of text. It's kind of like trying to eat an entire steak in one bite.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key every few sentences while you're writing, and thus break your report into smaller paragraphs, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



10-12-04, 19:35
I discovered an ok place outside of Vancouver. Chilliwack about one hour drive east of Van. Mostly small town older low track types, but a couple 19 to 22 year olds can be had for .60 FS. But be warned that LE is very present; town is the RCMP training center. Just follow the road downtown and they are in front of the Post office on the left, nothing past the 7-Eleven turn left at lights and make another left first street you come too. Some girls in behind on this street. For the 3 or 4 girls that are decent looking just below average mid track Van for the 60 and road trip might be worth the drive for a Surrey/Delta monger!

10-27-04, 22:43
Chilliwack "Citizens on Patrol" will enter descriptions of suspected johns and their vehicles into vice goon database

Chilliwack Times version of story (http://www.chilliwacktimes.com/issues04/103204/news/103204nn2.html)

Chilliwack Progress version of story (http://www.theprogress.com/portals-code/list.cgi?paper=39&cat=23&id=317364&more=)

Letter-writer objects to this tactic (http://www.chilliwacktimes.com/issues04/104104/opinion/104104le1.html)

Does anyone know where Southland Mall (mentioned in the first article) is? I can't find it on the Internet, and it isn't in my street atlas of Chilliwack.

10-28-04, 20:37
Abbotsford john sting (http://www.abbynews.com/portals-code/list.cgi?paper=38&cat=23&id=316361&more=1)

The date of this article is October 21.

11-11-04, 05:39
"Lots of hookers" around Abbotsford apartment complex (http://www.abbotsfordtimes.com/issues04/112104/news/112104nn3.html)

Primetime PG
12-04-04, 15:59
Does anyone know of where the SW in FSJ are located.

12-05-04, 04:17
Hey fellow PG hobbiests - haven't heard much from the usual group? I'm just as bad though - haven't posted for awhile either. Mind you not for lack of trying. Action in PG has been slow - only a few sw's I've seen so far. Toured the local areas like 5th, Queensway, 3 and 4th, 15th and 20th and not much happening - nothing really catching the eye. Let's get PG postings going again - I'll do my part.


12-07-04, 21:58
Hello All,

Curious if anyone knows of anything in Whistler?

Going to be there in mid January.

Any info appreciated.


12-28-04, 17:16

Just look in the Yellow pages. Sorry I don't remember what services I used, but the girls are hot, and the prices are good!

Primetime PG
12-29-04, 13:39
I have to agree with North, there appears to be no SW action in PG. I guess winter has set in and they are all staying in. I have been out several times and haven't seen anyone out.

What are the chances of the fellow pooners exchanging numbers and other contact information to help us all get through the winter months.

01-09-05, 02:19
Chilliwack "Citizens on Patrol" will enter descriptions of suspected johns and their vehicles into vice goon database

Chilliwack Times version of story (http://www.chilliwacktimes.com/issues04/103204/news/103204nn2.html)

Chilliwack Progress version of story (http://www.theprogress.com/portals-code/list.cgi?paper=39&cat=23&id=317364&more=)

Letter-writer objects to this tactic (http://www.chilliwacktimes.com/issues04/104104/opinion/104104le1.html)

Does anyone know where Southland Mall (mentioned in the first article) is? I can't find it on the Internet, and it isn't in my street atlas of Chilliwack.

Southland Mall is more of a strip of stores , almost across from 7-Eleven. About four blocks back west to the post office (big grey building) from the sev, and the road behind the post office is the track. Not many girls, since the articles, but should pick up again when the weather warms up a bit!

01-12-05, 08:23
Was over in PG yesterday for business and thought that I would be just there for the day, however things took a lot longer than expected and I had to stay overnight to finish the meetings this morning. Once the meetings were done last night I got a hotel room and a bite to eat. Would have been a perfect night for cruising if it wasn't so bloody cold. Knew that I wouldn't find anyone out on a night like that. I headed over to Walmart to pickup a cheap change of clothes, toothbrush, razor etc as I hadn't been planning on staying overnight. As I went into Walmart my spidey senses started tingling as I noticed a woman standing it between the sets of double doors. Didn't think too much more of it, but when I came out she was still standing there holding a small bag and looking out to the parking lot as if she was waiting for a ride.

We exchanged glances and I stopped for a minute to zip up my coat. She quietly asked if I had any money to spare. I told her that I didn't have any change, and she said that she was hoping for at least a bit more than change as she was short on her rent. I just shrugged and finished zipping up my jacket. She then quietly said that maybe we could make a deal if I was looking for something in exchange. Oh shit, a pickup in Walmart! I suggested that we might be able to do something and that we should head out to my vehicle as the Walmart greeter was looking at us.

Out in my vehicle "Maria" told me that she wasn't a hooker (yeah right), but that she would make it worth my while if I could help with the rent. She was definitely over 40 and maybe even over 50, but was fairly petite and had an okay face. She was definitely nervous and wasn't too experienced at this whole thing, although I knew that this wasn't her first time. Over several minutes of dicussion in my car we agreed on $50 for a BJ and a lay. She asked if I had a place as it was too cold to do it in the car and her teenaged son was at home. So off to my hotel we go. Got up to the room and we got out of our winter gear, cracked open the mini-bar and sat on the bed. She had on a pair of tight jeans and a red sweater that accented her perky but small tits. Not bad at all, but definitely on the mature side - at least late 40s.

To shorten up the story after a few minutes of sipping our drinks and talking she started to DFK like crazy and run her hands all over my body. We stripped each other slowly as we were kissing and she started a BBBJ. What a mouth - hot and wet. Her nips were erect and stiff and her pussy was juicing. Not shaved but trimmed. What I noticed were very prominent lips standing out through her pussy hair. This woman was hot and horny. I stopped the BJ after a few minutes as she was getting me on the edge. She had to stop and get a cover from her coat. She slipped it on and we went at it in mish, doggie and CG. For a very mature lady she was tight and within a few minutes I filled the condom. She pulled it off and began to use her mouth to clean me up. Shit, I stayed hard and I was still horny. She told me that she hadn't cum and that she needed to cum and so we moved into a 69. After several minutes of mutual oral pleasure she came really hard and soaked my face. I was on the edge myself, but just couldn't seem to get there although she tried really hard with BLS along with the BBBJ.

Finished off by showering together and exploring each other's bodies with our mouths. She was going to get a taxi, but I gave her a ride to her apartment and a $50 tip. One of my best nights in PG ever. Once in a pooners life!

ACC Tiger
03-11-05, 04:43
I will be visiting Burnaby BC late this spring. Is there any action there? Any information about SW's or AMPS would be appreciated. Please post here or PM me. Thank you in advance.

03-23-05, 20:49
Any action in Cranbrok these days?

03-28-05, 08:05
I'm in Prince George visiting this week.

Any fellow pooners have any numbers to share or suggestions on who to call here.

I've already tried Black Orchid, and I havent got wheels with me so I'm on foot and that sucks since the SW's are a ways away.

Any info is appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

PM's please!

Night News
04-01-05, 05:45
You might want to give thekaliproject.com a try. The rates are a bit lower than black orchid but I haven't got around to checking them out first hand.

I was in town last weekend & the LE action in the usual areas is just plain nutty so head's up.

04-06-05, 03:27
In Prince George Black Orchid is usually your best bet, although the street action can be better than in most cities. LE presence at times deters the street fun in PG, but other times they seem to be all at Tim Hortons. I have tried a couple of numbers in the Citizen, but have wished that I didn't.

05-19-05, 23:07
Does anyone know of any action in the Cambell River area? I will be up there in a couple weeks on business and would like to have some entertainment.
Any help would be nice.

Thank you
Dirt Racer

05-25-05, 00:59
Dirt Racer,

There is some street activity on Dogwood, 4th to 7th, and around the Mohawk station, Campbellton. Haven't been in awhile, but there are always one or two out.

06-02-05, 20:32
Kelowna is situated in the interior of BC and is a four hour drive east of Vancouver. Approximately 150,000 people live in greater Kelowna.

There are a number of Escort businesses in Kelowna and full service is generally in the $140C area for half an hour. However, this report will focus on what is a very active street scene. All prices are in Canadian dollars. Currently a US$ is worth about $1.25 Cdn.

The main stroll area is located one and two blocks north of the main HWY97. (also named Harvey). It is a rectangular route making only left hand turns. Start at the corner of Leon and Abbott. Leon is a one way east street parallelling HWY97 which is one block over. On your right is the Gospel Mission and many of the girls standing outside are possibilities. Up a couple of blocks, you will find the Native Friendship on your left and the Drop In Centre on your right. Both are excellent sources. Continue another block or two before you turn left at either Bertram or Richter. (Traffic light at Richter.) There can be working girls all the way and many of them walk rather than stand. Just make eye contact.

Turn left on Lawrence which is one street over. You are now going one way west and the first block between Bertram and Ellis is the most productive, particularily at night. Continue on Lawrence until you have to turn (left) at Abbott. On your right is City Park and a lot of workers frequent the Park during the daytime. Travel one block on Abbott, and you are back at Leon, which was your starting point.

Other areas where you might find some action are on Queensway, 4 blocks north of the HWY, and the MacDonald's parking lot down town on HWY97.

Most of the street girls are drug addicted. There are some absolute gems out there but be careful. Both native and white girls work and both can provide excellent service. LE is pretty active and do use unmarked cars. There is a concerted effort to clean up the downtown area now that tourist season is here. BJ's are usually $30 or $40 and quite often are uncovered if you want. FS is usually $60 or $80. Some girls will ask for more or less than these prices depending on their need for drugs and/or attractiveness.

My next report will focus on individual sexual care givers.

06-22-05, 00:59
Is there any sw action in Quesnel? Travelling through there within the next couple of weeks.

Little Tony
06-22-05, 07:41
Kind of amusing story about my visit there. I won a trip with some other members of the company I was working for about 3 years ago. They flew us up from the states and put us up in the resort there on the lake.

Spent a lot of time at a place called Cheetah's (strip club). Ended up going out to a dance club close by and met a real cute girl. Smoking body...ended up getting her number and promised to call the next day (I was in town all week).

Later that night, in a drunken stupor, I made my way to an MP by way of taxi. MP's are not really my thing, but since there were a lot of my co-workers roaming about town, I didn't want to be seen on the street. This MP sat on the 2nd floor of the place I went. I walked upstairs and who did I see leaving but the cute girl whose number I had just gotten!

Talk about awkward (for both of us).


07-19-05, 01:23
I have only seen one SW in my 5 years of visiting Quesnel monthly. I think that she was drunk and not sure of what she was doing. There might be one escort living there, but most come from PG.

Is there any sw action in Quesnel? Travelling through there within the next couple of weeks.

08-06-05, 00:52
The thursday before last arrived late in Chilliwack. Needed smokes so decided to check out by the post office in town, near 7Eleven. Some ugly low track types out, but surprise good looking ones out numbered them! Found Danielle in front of the BMO (bank of Montreal) across from the Vault bar/restraunt. Skinny nice body, looks native/or Mexican, said she was 23 but looks like 18 years old. FS was a fair .60 despite being in the car. She claims she only works when rent money is needed. RCMP presance was light until after last call in the local bars. (2 a.m.) Started my cruise of the scene at 1:30 until after last call. I'll give this one an overall rating of 7 service was amatuer! I was even thinking of going again with another girl, blonde that got my eye on the way back to hotel. Good trip can't wait for another.

08-25-05, 03:35
Last week I picked up Carmella (also goes by Daniella) in the parking lot across from City Hall. She is 22, cute but thinner than I usually like. I had FS from her a couple of months ago at my house which was pretty good, but the BBBJ that she provided this time in the car was a little rushed. I could not get her to go lower than $40. She does not have a phone number so I gave her mine. She asked when she should call and I said she should call Saturday afternoon to see if I was busy.

On Saturday morning I was checking out the Kelowna stroll area. Saturday mornings can be pretty good down there, but that day was quiet until I ran into Sarah just outside City Park. I knew Sarah when she was younger (small town and all) but she is 26 now and is all grown up!! We chatted and she indicated that she did work but none of her friends down there knew. She had to meet a friend but agreed to meet me in half an hour. I could not find her anywhere in the next hour, so horny though I was, I drove home.

Just as I was ready to turn into my driveway, I noticed that a car had just arrived before me. It was Carmella in the passenger seat and she said that she had to talk to me. Inside the house she told me that she had just been kicked out of her place, that she needed money, and that I was her only hope. I reminded her that she was supposed to call Saturday afternoon to see if I was busy and that I now had other plans. (I really wanted to go back later to try and find Sarah.) She said that she was not going to leave the house until we had sex and I gave her some money. She undressed down to her panties, unzipped me and started giving a great BBBJ complete with ball massage and she had me and she knew it. We agreed on $30. After a couple of minutes, she took off her panties, laid back on the bed and spread her pussy. She said now that I was going to give her 20 more dollars and she was going to make me cum quickly. Once again she had me and I stopped only to give her the $20 and waded right in. She was right. As I am older, I usually take a long time to cum. But she got me off in a couple of minutes. It was the excitement of being seduced like that even though there was money involved.

I forgot all about Sarah. (but she is next on my to do list.)

08-30-05, 18:18
I will be in PG for a few days Sept 4 - 6 & will be checking the sw action. Thanks to all of you who have posted information. I will update with my quest.

I heard there is a park (Cottonwood may be the name) where some ladies and couples cruise. Any truth or reports to that rumour.

09-02-05, 06:35
I first met Dianne about four months ago. I was taking a tour of downtown Kelowna about 1 a.m. one morning when, on Lawrence Ave., I spotted a little cutie dressed up like a school girl with short skirt and high socks that showed off her legs. She volunteered a price of $60 to come home with me for half and half and I did not argue.

Dianne proved to be an intelligent mid 30's provider who is a good conversationalist. On the way home, I made my standard offer of paying the first $20 upfront if she would "make me feel good" as we were driving. She agreed, unzipped me, and started playing with me. Surprisingly, over the years, I have had very few sexual care givers say no to this proposition and I have even had a couple of them respond by giving me a BJ. Either way it sure makes the trip more enjoyable. This usually happens at night and is either highway driving or I will take some back roads.

I could not resist reaching over and moving my hand up her leg. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that she was not wearing panties and amazed to find that her pussy lips protruded at least half an inch. Could not wait to get her home and check this out more closely. It turns out that she does have one of the most amazing pussies that I have ever seen.

She gave me a great BBBJ and I had to reciprocate by going down on that pussy. We both seemed to have a good time. The sex that followed was tremendous. Great GFE and either she is a good actor or else she really enjoyed being there.

I have brought her back to the house two other times also for $60 each time and the experiences were as enjoyable as the first time. But it was one afternoon that really stands out in my mind. I had someone staying at my place so Dianne was going to give me a $40 BBBJ in the car. We drove across the lake and found a little trail off of the old ferry docks road on the Westside. The BJ was so good and I was playing with THAT pussy and I just had to fuck her. I gave her an additional $20 and we got out of the car, moved a little further into the bush, and she lay down on a sweater and that magnificent pussy was just smiling at me. It has been years since I have done that and it reminded me of my youth. I came as quickly as I did when I was young.

I highly recommend Dianne. I have seen her working in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon and in the evening. The best places to find her are on Lawrence close to Bertram or sitting in front of the Kelowna Gospel Mission. She is quite often with her boyfriend but he seems friendly and almost helpful.

09-08-05, 07:21
Dirt Racer,

There is some street activity on Dogwood, 4th to 7th, and around the Mohawk station, Campbellton. Haven't been in awhile, but there are always one or two out.One called Stephanie was out by the Mohawk--brunette, thin type. She gave good head, but rushed through the rest. Anybody had any better luck with another girl in C.R.?

09-09-05, 14:10
[QUOTE=Parrothead]One called Stephanie was out by the Mohawk

I think I met the same "Steph" one rainy winter night in C R. She was spinny. Nice shaved kitty.

There is a tall red head, flat, nice personality. Last time I saw her, about May, two of her front teeth were looking bad. She said she is clean now. She has given good service and great head in past times.

09-10-05, 16:06
I think I met the same "Steph" one rainy winter night in C R. She was spinny. Nice shaved kitty.

There is a tall red head, flat, nice personality. Last time I saw her, about May, two of her front teeth were looking bad. She said she is clean now. She has given good service and great head in past times.Ya, "spinny", sounds like the same one. The BJ would be worth the money with her, the rest wasn't.

Thanks for the tip, I like redheads, lol.

09-13-05, 23:00
I just returned from Edmonton last night (see Edmonton report) and took a quick turn along the Kelowna stroll at about 7 pm. About 6 girls were working, mostly at the corner of Bertram and Lawrence. Carmella and Marcie were part of that group.

I learned later last night that ther had been a "John" sting conducted while I was away. The media report said that 10 Johns were busted. I do not know if that meant that they were charged as the report also said that they would be receiving a letter from the RCMP detailing their crime. Sometimes the police will stop men driving in the area, get their ID and address and then send a letter to their house confirming that they were seen cruising in a hooker neighborhood. Of course, the police hope that the man's wife will see and question the letter when it arrives in the mail. It is a sneaky way of embarrassing someone when you do not have any evidence of a criminal act. This action is probably not legal, but I do not know if it has ever been challenged in court.

Fortunately, I have a good network of sexual care givers who either have my phone number or I have theirs. I do not cruise the streets that much.

09-27-05, 03:31
I had a day two weeks ago that I will never forget, but it is too expensive to do very often. It started with a morning call from Sandy (not her real name). She is a 30 year old cute redhead who is part native and someone that I really admire. She went to rehab four years ago, beat both a drug and alcohol problem and got her children back, although it is quite a financial struggle for her. She has kept in touch and calls me sometimes when she needs money and thinks that I might need sex. We got together that morning for a great session. Ever since her boyfriend left about two months ago (stupid, stupid man) sex with Sandy has gone from great to incredible. I have always gone down on her and lately she is really into it. She pulls my head in tighter and it is very apparent that she cums-before I never knew for sure. She then returned the favor and her raspy little tounge is something that every man should get to experience at least once. She insists on a cover for the finale which was in two positions and very enjoyable. Sandy has beautiful legs and an amazing butt and a tummy that is tighter and flatter than most women who have never had a baby. She gives me a break on the price because I often drive her around on errands.

In downtown Kelowna that afternoon, I saw Lily crossing the sreet. I slammed on the brakes and got out to talk to her. She is my favorite, and lately only, MP worker, but she had left town about eight months ago. I had really missed her. She told me that she had gone to Vancouver to work as a stripper but was back in Kelowna and working again at The Garden of Eden. In fact her very first shift back since her return was at 5:30 pm that day. She suggested that I might really enjoy being her first customer. So I killed a couple of hours and went to see her at 5:30. The rooms at the Garden of Eden are upstairs from the reception area and one of the biggest turn ons that I get is following Lily up the stairs when she is wearing a short little skirt and I know that I am going to get to enjoy firsthand everything that I am seeing. She is vertically challenged but packs a tremendous amount of sex appeal in a short space. She does have thick legs and a round ass, but everthing is so curvy that she always drives me wild.

She started out in the business as Ember at Cherzs on Pandosy. She then became Mai-Lin at Indiscretions on St. Paul and later became Lily at Garden of Eden on Leon. When I saw her on the street she said that she was going to be called Tiffany. By the time that we had our session, she had decided on Selena. She is late 30's, one half Chinese and one half Spanish. So Selena it is, and I have followed her through all these moves.

Selena starts with a massage which soon gets interesting. She does a Far East kind of full body massage. It is not a soapy as it would be in Thailand, but still very effective. She then goes to a CBJ at which she is very skilled. Then she climbs on top cowgirl style. I made the mistake of thinking that the Viagra from my morning session would still be working (and I had none in the car), but I got a little soft partway through. We finished with me touching her and she alternated between hand an mouth. She said that she always cums twice with me in our half hour session, but today it was only once. She was still happy and so was I. Perhaps not everyone would be as attracted to Selena's body as I am, but everyone would be impressed with her attitude and skill. Recommended as alway. $145 Cdn for 30 minutes.

I was sitting at home that evening resting up. I got a call from Jen who is a 23 year old that I have known for a while. She wanted to come over for a drink and I emphasized that I was only thinking drinks. After our first drink, she suggested sex for $40. I am not as young as I once was and do not recover as quickly as I once did but what the hell. We started with cuddling and kissing and it was much more of a GFE than I had remembered with her. She had always insisted on covered BJ's before, but this time there was no cover required. She is very, very good and between that and her hand, she had me cumming before we got to actual sex. I did not complain. I slept very well that night.

Let's get the Kelowna part of this board more active. I know that you are out there.

10-06-05, 05:01
I had a dentist appointment last week, and in order to get some pleasure out of the day, I toured Kelowna's strip before the appointment. There were two or three of the usual sexual care givers out but I was in the mood for somebody new. I drove away from the city center along Pandosy out to KLO road. Halfway back along Richter was a cute little strawberry blonde hitchhiker, and I was not at all surprised to learn that she was was doing more than hitchhiking.

Her name is Barbara, early thirties, and as she lifted her long, loose dress up to show me her pussy (no panties) she also showed that she is a natural blonde. She has beautiful long pussy lips and I was easily talked into a BJ for $40. I suggested the usual $20 prepayment and we played with each other as I was searching for a good place to park. I could already tell that it was going to be an enjoyable session.

She searched briefly for a condom, but I think she would have done it without in any event. The girl has excellent skills, and as I played with her pussy, she would play with herself too. I asked her why she liked sex so much and she said it was probably because she is half native and half Newfie-she thought maybe the Newfie part. Hell of a combination. We only had about 15 minutes because of my appointment but it was a really good time. She has no phone number and said that she would do full service for $60 which I am looking forward to. Highly recommended.

10-14-05, 07:03
Did the cruise in Campbell River last Monday night. Missed the redhead near the Mohawk station. There were about 3 around Dogwood area. Two aboriginal and one blonde. I think the blonde ripped me off last year.

10-17-05, 00:22
Saturday seems to be my lucky day. There was a knock on my door last Saturday around noon, and I was amazed to see Theresa standing there. She was in the neighborhood and remembered where I live. She had come to say hello and perhaps earn a little money at the same time.

I had not seen Theresa for about three years and she explained that she had gone to live in Prince George. She and her long term boy friend had just broken up and she decided to come back to Kelowna. Back then she used to shyly brag that she gave the best BJ in Kelowna. One of her specialties was going down on me as we were driving.

We agreed on $40 for what turned out to be a long, luxurious, sensual BBBJ. She slowly undressed me as I sat in a chair in the kitchen. She has not forgotten a thing and would certainly be in the top three. She obvously remembered that I like getting my balls played with at the same time that her mouth is working it's magic. She wanted me to CIM, I told her that I did not like to do that to a girl, she said that she actually liked it.

She promised a free sex session later in the week when her period would be over. That may or may not happen, but I have already got my money's worth. Theresa is average on looks, about 35 and has a great attitude. She says that she treats me so well because I was nice to her when she was down and out. She is now employed and no longer works on the street. She gave me her # and we will get together for sex soon. As I remember, she is very good and provides a GFE.

10-30-05, 20:33
The following is a news story from October 30, 2005:

"KELOWNA - The RCMP are continuing a crackdown on prostitution in the downtown.

On the evenings of Oct. 20-21, 14 Johns were arrested for the communication for prostitution. (sic) Those arrested range in age from 19 to 55.

Twelve of those arrested are from the Kelowna area. One was from Vernon, the other from Vancouver.

Of those arrested, two had their drivers licences suspended, two are facing additional charges of possession of drugs and one charge of possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of proceeds of a crime.

Ten of the men are eligible to participate in the Prostitution Offender Program of B.C. offered through the John Howard Society."

Another news story stated that the area involved was the Leon-Lawrence Avenue stroll between Abbott and Richter. I would guess that policewomen decoys were brought in from elsewhere for this operation. I try to follow a policy of not picking up a worker unless I have seen her around a few times, even if she looks really good. Apparently no sexual caregivers were picked up. This is the second such sting in less than two months. Be careful out there!

12-12-05, 00:29
I am happy to report that there are 8-10 new sexual care givers working the streets of Kelowna. It has been my pleasure to get to know two of them much more intimately.

Eileen is a 32 year old native who looks so young that I asked her if she was old enough to be doing this sort of thing. She comes from the Prince Rupert BC area and has only been in Kelowna for about a month. She had slept outside for the previous couple of days and was very happy to be picked up when I saw her on the sidewalk on Mill Street across from Kelly O'Briens Restaurant one Saturday morning at about 11 am. We drove out to my house, and once that we got into bed, she started to fall asleep. She did wake up though and started with quite a skillfull BBBJ. She was fairly responsive with the sex that followed. The cost was $80 Canadian, and while it was fun to do once, I probably would not repeat. Eileen is about 5' 3" and slightly overweight. (I do not usually go for skinny girls) She has a pretty face and really good legs to go along with a nice rack.

She fell asleep immediately afterwards and slept for 24 hours straight. I went into the bedroom a couple of times to see if she would do seconds, but she was so dead to the world that I did not bother her. At exactly noon the next day she came downstairs fully dressed and wanted me to run her back downtown. She is an addict and was suffering severe withdrawl. On the way downtown she said that she would like to come back with me after she made her buy, but I told her that I was too busy.

Stephanie (Fannie)is a 35 year old French Canadian from Quebec city. As many French Canadians do, she had come out to the Okanagan to pick fruit. She liked it here and decided to stay. She said that she is best at picking cherries and that she made the most money on that fruit. But she is even better at her new job, at least the BBBJ that I sampled. And she makes $500 on a good day, because she does not have a drug habit and goes right back to work after a session.

Kelowna has had unusually cold weather this November. I had seen Stephanie a couple of times but she was wearing a scarf over her face. But on a Friday afternoon about 3 weeks ago, she was not wearing the scarf and I picked her up on Leon just before Richter. She is blonde, about a 5 in looks and vertically challenged. She wanted $60 for a BJ but did settle for $50. She got me in the mood while I was finding a place to park.

Stephanie is very talented and gave my balls a lot of attention as she worked away. She voluntarily pulled her sweater up and she has a great pair. The whole session was unrushed and very enjoyable. She said that she charges $100 for sex and really enjoys sex. I will try to get her down to $80 but I have to have her either way.

12-28-05, 06:29
Business is good but that means short holiday breaks. Back to PG after an abbreviated break, although my client is still working shorter hours. That means more time to get into trouble. Went out cruising last night and was very surprised. The weather is very mild and there was hardly any LE out. Not many cruisers on Boxing Day either. This made for a number of SWs. Cruised for about and hour and half just enjoying the sights and trying to be somewhat picky. Didn't see anything that got the little head really reved so went back to the hotel for about an hour. Crap on TV so headed out again.

Still a good selection around 10:30 pm so wasn't in too much of a hurry. Finally found a cutey standing with another SW just off Queensway at the bottom of the hill. Circled around the block a couple of times and then stopped. She came to the window with her friend and asked if I was looking for some company. I said that I was looking for someone and she asked if her friend could come along too. I wasn't too comfortable about two in the car, that is usually one of my no's but I was thinking with my little head. They both slid into my front seat and I drove around the block. The cutey said that her and her friend would blow me for $50 or that I could have half and half, for $80 and that her friend would blow me but she didn't do lays. We went back to my hotel and did the double BJ in the parking lot. Melissa (the cutey) started and gave a wonderful BBBJ - just the right amount of pressure and wetness. Her friend then took her turn but I don't think that she had given very many BJs. It was just okay. Melissa finished me off but no CIM. Dropped them off where I had picked them up.

Still horny so going to head out tonight.

01-01-06, 04:07

I have had a couple of great sessions with Cheryl over the last two weeks. I have known her for a couple of years. She does not work the streets any more and calls me every once in a while. The first time, I drove her around doing some errands for her. It turns out that we were both wondering if the other would suggest that we come back to my house for something more enjoyable. I made the suggestion and she was readily agreeable.

Cheryl is Spanish, Nowegian and Canadian native and someone should patent that combination. She is slim, 41, exotic looking, and always well dressed. You could take her anywhere and she would be sure to draw a lot of attention. The time that she spends with me are always enjoyable. We have a few drinks, play some music and it is never rushed. She gives a great BBBJ but won't let me do DATY on her - yet. Sex is like being with a girlfriend. She charges me $80 and is highly recommended. I now have her phone number.


I have given reports on Dianne before and she is still as good as ever. I picked her up on Leon and Richter on Christmas night and she went out of her way to give me a present. This last time, she really got into it and her side to side motion during sex is out of this world. I now give her $80 because she gives me everything that I want.
Dianne now has a cell phone so now I will be able to reach her.

I am going to spend a night with one of these girls or maybe both now that I have more time.(But not at once.)

01-02-06, 07:24
I will be in PG in the next couple of weeks, no very interested in street action but would appreciate good tips on outcall or incall.


01-02-06, 21:12
For incall or outcall pick up a PG Citizen newspaper. You will find ads for independents and agencies in there. Some of the indies also work the street so you can usually find them out and about at a much cheaper rate.

01-11-06, 20:51
I will be in the Chilliwack area soon. Would appreciate information as to where to hang out for SW action.

Thank you for your responses.

01-20-06, 00:04
I was in PG yesterday and had a few hours to kill, I drove around Queensway and 5th for a while in the afternoon. I saw 2 native girl on 5th, it really looked like they needed the money more then I needed a bj.

Made a few calls to some of the girls advertising in the Citizen, aside from Black Orchid I was not impressed. If someone had positive experience with incall or outcall we should start sharing now.

01-22-06, 03:35
Just over a week ago I was cruising downtown Kelowna about 10:30 pm and spotted an attactive SW amoung (Canadian spelling) a group on Bertram between Lawrence and Leon. I drove around for a while until she separated out and then picked her up. We agreed on $80 to come back to my house.

I made the usual offer of the first $20 for her to entertain me as we drove back and she reponded by reaching over and stroking me. Soon she was unzipping me and performing an amazing handjob as I drove. She barely stopped as I went through a drive-thru ATM. I kept thinking "This is too good to be true". She said that her name was Angela and that she was 34 years old.

Back at the house, I emerged from the bathroom to see her naked waiting for me. She unzipped me again as I stood by the bed and began a fantastic BBBJ with every area receiving lots of attention. She positioned her cute little pussy where it was almost impossible for me not to go down on her. She seemed to enjoy it as much as I did and again I am thinking "This is to good to be true." Angela has a lovely body with beautiful legs and nice firm breasts. I did notice that we were right on the edge of the bed and that her right hand was resting on the carpet.

We came to the main course, and again we were unusually close to the edge of the bed. The girl is VERY talented but I started worrying about her right hand which was again resting on the floor very close to my pants and wallet. Years ago in Vancouver, I had a girl named Shirley who managed to extract money from my wallet while giving me immense pleasure. I told Angela that I wanted to stop for a minute and give her a $20 tip. She said that I did not have to do this now, but I persisted because I wanted to check my wallet.

My wallet was in the left hand back pocket and I almost always carry it on the right hand side. But my money was all there and I thought that she had unsuccessfully tried something. I gave her the $20 (she had earned it) but then opened my wallet again and saw that my credit card and two bank cards were missing. I calmly told her that we had a problem and told her to stay where she was on the bed. I looked under the bed and discovered one of the cards. At this point she started searching too and she found the other two cards further under the bed. She obviously thought that when we were finished, and I went to the bathroom to clean up (with my pants back on as always), that she would have a chance to get the cards into her pocket. She denied any involvement, but I told her there was no other explanation for what had happened. Then we agreed not to talk about it. Of course I was out of the mood by then and she probably was as well. It was a rather strained ride back as I took her downtown.

So Angela really was to good to be true. The hell of it is that the girl had amazing skills and a tremendous attitude. I might try her again because she was so good, sort of like playing with fire. She did give me a phone number afterwards, but I have not tried to call her. Needless to say, I would watch her like a hawk. If I weaken, I will report on the results.

01-23-06, 21:11
About a week ago, I spotted Dixie with a group of people in front of the Drop-In Centre on Leon street. She had on a pair of jeans that fit her like a glove and she looked so good. She was quite animated; possibly high on something. Even though I parked close by for quite a while, I could not catch her eye and I concluded that she might be one ot those rare street girls who does not work.

The next day I saw her again and actually followed her around for a while as she walked around with a friend. Finally she was walking by herself and I stopped and asked her if she wanted a ride. She accepted and was only going a few blocks. On the way, however, she did ask me if I wanted something. BINGO! She was too busy then, but I gave her my number and she was going to call me that evening. I did see her later that day and she agreed to come out to my house. She did warn me that she did not have a lot of time. She has a gorgeous 22 year old body, I think the best of any street working girl in Kelowna. Our session was a little rushed, but it sure gave me a taste of what she could be.

She called me a couple of times the next few days but I was busy. But when she called yesterday, I was ready. We had a drink and she took a shower and then we cuddled in bed.(she was still cold from having been outside so long) She got me hard with her hand and then disappeared under the covers and started giving me a wonderful BBBJ - the stuff of my dreams. She said that I would have to be really hard to get into her very tight pussy.

During the first session, she had told me that she is never able to cum with a client and rarely even with a boyfriend. This time she soon started really getting into it and was saying things like Fuck Me! and Faster, Faster, and Show me what you have. I tried to respond, wishing all the while that I was 30 years younger. She ended up having a long orgasm which I am sure was not faked. Incredible feeling for me.

We talked afterwards, and I mentioned that if she discovers that she does not have a place to sleep some night, to call me and I would pick her up. I said no strings attached, but if she wanted to make to make some extra money while at my place that I am sure she could talk me into something.( I have done this a number of times with others and only once has a girl not decided to make some money - it is such a convenient situation for both of us). She actually called me later yesterday, but she did not show up. There were two messages on my answering machine from her when I got back explaining that LE had kept driving by her as she was waiting at our arranged spot and that she thought it best to go somewhere else. I appreciated the explanation and I think that she will soon stay overnight.

Dixie asked for $60 but I paid her $80 - she is well worth it.
Face and body - 9
Attitude - 9
Skill - 9
The way she made me feel - priceless

There must be other Kelowna mongers who read this forum. Let's compare notes.


02-08-06, 07:51
Whats happenin in PG lately? Im in town for a few days and wondering if anyone can hook me up?Prefer small framed girls.


Zipper Fran
03-04-06, 09:03
For an expert guide to Kelowna, contact Karaoke.

I did and met the most incredable SP I've had in years.

Thanks man!

Zipper Fran

04-15-06, 19:34
Any info on these areas?

04-24-06, 07:44
Just got back to PG after the long winter. Will be working in the area over the next 6 weeks. The last time I was there in October, the usual strolls were somewhat busy. Now its just non exsistent? Has the strolls changed? Where's most of the action? Called up a regular for some quickie service - she looked a little rough after the winter but still has some great mouth action.

Look forward to hearing from all you fellow PG pooners.


04-24-06, 18:42

Good to see you back on the board. The "Other Areas" section has been very dead for a while.

The regular that you mentioned who gives a great BJ --- is that Annie? Is she tall, maybe 27 or 28,a little chubby and has dark hair with lots of hairspray. If it is, she gives a superb BBBJ, is very patient and has a great attitude. She used to be one of my favorites before she moved to PG maybe 3 years ago. I have seen her perhaps 3 times since then when she comes home to visit. I have even bought her a busfare to come home and her repayment method was out of this world. I miss her.


04-25-06, 18:38
Was in Kelowna last night and had read some reports of Kelly from other sources. Reports had my interest enough that I decided to try her. Contact was easy and she was available at the time that I wanted to see her. Came to my hotel on Hwy 97. My first impression was that she was much better looking than I had expected. Dressed very sexily with a nice short skirt and high heels. And if you are a big breast lover you will love Kelly. She is on the mature side as opposed to being a young hard body, but I usually find that I have a better time with the more mature ladies - they have experienced life and know what they want as well as how to give.

Without going into a lot of details I will say that my time with her was good. She was very considerate of the fact that the walls in the hotel were not very sound proof. She seemed quite open and suggested she try a couple of things that I had not experienced before. Did a nice little strip tease for me before we got down to the action. The only downside was that I felt the session was a little rushed. Had paid for an hour session and she had come and gone within no more than 40 minutes. I will try her again, but I like it when an hour is an hour. May have just been our first meeting - usually only go for a half hour on the first time with a new lady, but my little head was thinking this time.

05-07-06, 05:46
Specializing in street girls, you often run into sexual care givers who have just had a government sponsored vacation and have not had sex in a while.If you get a chance like that, I highly recommend that you take it.

I first met Jan about a year ago. She was on Leon Avenue close to Water Street. She was wearing a blue dress that showed off her legs. I brought her home and almost immediately I was doing DATY with her. I got so excited that I took a lot less time than I usually do, and soon we were engaged in mad passionate sex. I hadn't taken the time to find out about her oral skills, but more about that later. I overpaid at $100, but I just had to have her.

I did not here from her for a while until I go a collect call from her from jail. She called a couple of more times from jail and said she would call me when she got out. She did, and this time it was even better. I discovered that Jan gives a tremendous BBBJ, particularily where she does this trick with ice cubes.

A few weeks later, I got another collect call from jail in Burnaby. It was Jan again, and it turns out that she had only had 12 hours of freedom the last time. She had not had time to do much except screw my brains out. We met up again when she got out and she is as talented with ice cubes as ever.

Then I did not see her for a while, but this week she left a message on my answering machine, so I knew that she was back in town. I saw her today, and sure enough, she had just been released from jail in Prince George. We spent three very pleasant hour together. Lots of DATY, once when she was on the phone(that was interesting). I love the way that she reacts to me.

Jan is 21, native and quite tall. She is healthy looking and well fed when she gets out of jail, but then proceeds to lose weight on the street because of her severe drug problem. Her drug use is a deterrent for me, but the great sex seems to override my concerns. She told me today that she came once the first time that we were together, twice the second time,three times after her second stint in jail and four times today. Neither one of us can wait for our next session. Even though I am considerably older than she is, she wants to go out on "real dates" with me. I told her that her drug use might interfere with that and she agreed. We will see what happens.

05-23-06, 05:50
I have reported on a number of street sexual care givers over the months. As The Beatles song, In my Life, says, Some have gone and some remain. This is an update.

Report #118 Carmella. I saw her downtown a couple of times, but have not seen her for 4 months now. The Sarah that I was chasing in that report has also left the downtown scene.

Report #125
Sandy. I was with her one time since my report. She was rather distant and raised her price to me. Our arrangement was that she always called me; and she has not called since. She is back with her boyfriend and I see her downtown once in a while outside the Native Friendship Centre (but not working).

Selena is still working at the Garden of Eden. She almost always has a shift from 2 am to 9 am.

Jen moved to Regina and then Lethbridge, but not before we had a lot of fun together. We keep in touch and she is moving back to Kelowna in about one week.

Report #126 Barbara. I have not seen her since. Believe me, I have been looking.

Report #128 Theresa. We had sex soon after my report. It was rushed and she insisted on her old rate of $100. Prices have come down in Kelowna over the last 5 years and I rarely pay anybody $100 anymore. I see her down town once in a while.

Report #130 Eileen. She turned out to be a real sweetie. She stayed overnight a few times. I suggested a price of $40 for the first pop and $20 for each additional attempt. She agreed and often made more money that she would have with a flat rate. I could not resist the pleasure of her mouth and her tight pussy. But she has not been around for at least 3 months.

Stephanie. I had not seen her for a while and now I know why. She is on Kelowna's most wanted list and has likely gone back to Quebec. Too bad.

Report #132 Cheryl She has not called me for a while. I do not know how to reach her.

Dianne Still around although she was in rehab for a month. She is still so good that I sometimes question why I spend my money on anyone else. Variety, I guess.

Report #137 Angela. Saw her once oustside of MacDonalds downtown. She was working , but I did not bite.

Report #138 Dixie. Dixie was going to rehab, but it kept getting delayed. So she used to call me for "one last session" before she left. This happenened 3 or 4 times and she is so tight that she always makes me come faster than I want to. Very enjoyable. She is back now and calls me sometimes.

Report #145 Jan She called me a lot but was always really high. I just kept making excuses not to see her. Some of her calls were unintelligible. The bad simply outweighs the good.

06-01-06, 20:50
Barbara Previous Report#126

I have not seen Barbara since the first time that we met when she gave me an amazing BBBJ just before my dentist appointment. I have been looking for her ever since because the prospect of having sex with her was so appealing. She had a great attitude and was so willing to show me her attributes.

Today her picture is shown on Kelowna's Most Wanted list. She is wanted for Communicating for the purposes of Prostitution. She is described as 5' 0", 120 pounds, 29 years old, with red hair and a tattoo on her abdomen. I never had the pleasure of seeing the tattoo, but the rest is accurate. She looks close to tears in the picture, but then mug shots are never that flattering.

I wish that she would deal with the charges and then get back to work so that I and other mongers can enjoy her.


Long Rod
06-02-06, 02:44
Had a great time with a girl named shelly in kamloops last week. 20 for cbj followed by mm and cim. Very good service nice body. North side on tranquille near strip club.

06-03-06, 22:02
Two weekends ago, I discovered two new street girls that I had not been with before. On Friday afternoon, about 3:30 pm, I saw Adrianne at the corner of Leon and Bertram in downtown Kelowna. She was sitting on the large rock that is across Bertram from the Safeway store. I had never seen her before, and after circling a few times and not seeing any signs of a sting, I broke my rule and picked her up. Usually I wait until I have seen someone working two or more times before I pick them up. But she was sexy and I wanted her.

Adrianne is 29, 5' 11' with dark hair. She wanted $60 for a BBBJ, but agreed to $40 and off we went to my favorite parking place. She has only been in Kelowna a couple of weeks and is still trying to adjust to lower prices than she was used to. She was in a jeans that fit her very well, and being a confirmed leg man, I can't wait to see her naked. Good BBBJ with a couple of ways that drove me wild.

She gave me a couple of phone numbers and I gave her mine. But she called 3 times wanting to borrow money and got angry when I said no. So that turned me off and I have not yet called her back.

On Saturday morning, I picked up Lyla whom I had seen around a few times. I picked her up by "The Sails" downtown, where about a week previous, I had purposely walked by her and she asked me if I wanted to get laid. So I figured that she was probably "working". She is 21 and full native with a cute, sharp featured look. Her BBBJ was pretty good, but I obviously could not inspire her with my performance. She just watched TV while I was pumping away. I did not bother to see if she had a phone number. $60.

Have fun out there and let's see some other Kelowna reports.


06-15-06, 02:49
Had three days of work with an old and important client in Prince George last week. Made the drive over from Calgary where I am living now. Spectacular scenery all through the mountains. Better than flying if you have the time.

Really felt like cruising while I was there so hit the streets both nights. Downtown area has been really cleaned up. Hardly anyone on the streets after 7:00 pm. Not like it used to be a few years back. SWs don't seem to come out until after it gets dark, which is about 10:30 pm at the beginning of June. Cruised for about 2 hours which gets expensive at the price of gas these days. Only saw one SW on Queensway in the downtown core and that was around 11 pm. Most of the action was along 20th from Queensway to Victoria as well as a couple of side streets on the east side of Victoria. There was one hot looking SW that was strolling along 20th but there was always someone coming when I was going to pick her up. The first night I lost sight of her and assumed that she had gotten picked up. Then as I was doing a loop around the block to head back on my cruising route I spotted her. Headed toward hers and found an entirely new stroll area.

The status of the stroll areas as I saw it in the two nights that I was there. 5th Avenue used to be okay - there is nothing there anymore.

Queensway, George, and surround streets downtown are all empty of SWs.

Queensway up the hill to 20th has the very rare SW, but not really worth cruising it.

20th from Queensway to Victoria was fairly busy, probably about 12 different SWs over a two hour period.

Strathcona from Victoria to about 5 blocks east had several SWs during the night.

One thing that I noticed this time cruising the streets was that the SWs only seem to work one customer during the evening. In other cities like Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Vancouver, the SWs will usually be back after getting picked up. Not so in PG, everyone that I saw get picked up didn't come back out.

The 2nd night out I made two seperate cruises, one from 10 to 11:30 and the other from midnight to about 1:30. It was mostly dead after midnight. I think that the best time is probably 10:30 to about midnight.

06-15-06, 02:55
Second night crusing I had picked out who I wanted to pick up from the first night, but both SWs were nowhere to be found this night. Noticed a very skinny blonde on 20th just east of Victoria who was waving to passing cruisers. She looked a little strung out to me. On another pass I spotted another girl standing beside her. This one looked quite different and I didn't think that she was working. After cruising for many years you get to recognize a SW fairly easily. This one didn't have that look, but guess who was spotted walking the stroll.

I was going to pick her up, but it seemed a little strange. She was carrying a purse as well as a large plastic garbage bag. Didn't really make eye contact, but I did notice that she eventually got picked up. Not sure what she was carrying in her bag, but she didn't fit my profile and so I didn't stop.

06-15-06, 20:31
I was doing some cruising on Tuesday along the stroll in Kelowna at about 4 pm. There were some regular workers out as well as a couple of new faces. One that caught my eye was sitting on a bench close to "The Sails" on Bernard. She flashed me a big smile and then I saw her cross Bernard, likely so that she would be on the right side of the street for me to pick her up on my next pass.

I did stop and pick her up. She was not as cute as I thought she was, but still not too bad. Her name is Jackie, 42 years old and had not had any sleep since she arrived from Prince George 3 days ago. We agreed on $40 for a BBBJ and proceeded to go to my favorite parking place which is about 8 minutes from the city core. Although I had told her how long it would take to get there, she complained 4 or 5 times about how long this was taking. This was a put off and she made it worse by asking a few times if I was just about ready to cum. I had not had any Vitamine V that day and being hassled and rushed like that tends to make me go soft.

So we drove back downtown; me unsatisfied and her in a big hurry to buy some drugs. Stay away from Jackie.

The Kelowna stroll is still up Leon, turn left at either Bertram or Richter and and back to the lake along Lawrence. This time of year, there are also workers in both City Park and the neighboring Kerry Park. If you walk through these parks, you will usually get a street person asking you if you want something. If it is a guy asking, it is drugs. If a girl, then likely it is sex. You might also get LE asking you what the hell you are doing.


06-22-06, 09:30

Thanks for the reports - I agree it has been slow in PG over the last little while.
I've been working in PG over the last couple of months and I have noticed a drop compared to last year the same time.

May have something to do with the latest LE stings and neighborhood watch?
Because of this I prefer to cruise late at night after midnight but selection has been slim to none at this time.

Have you ever checked out some of the individual personal adds in the local paper and tried some of the action?

I'm considering if the street action remain slow.


06-23-06, 22:14
Had not received a call from Dixie lately and then I heard that she was in jail. She called me a couple of days after her release. I was busy but she showed up at my door the next day. She had gained some weight during her government sponsored forced vacation but still looks great. I asked if I was her first since she got out. She said no. I said damn!

I discovered that she is only 20, not 22. And she is still as tight as ever. Now that she has no warrants outstanding, she is more likely to be on the streets. She still has a habit to feed.

There was a large undercover drug sting in downtown Kelowna that came down June 21st. 19 dealers were arrested and they are looking for 21 others. I am not part of that scene, but we mongers will be affected. The police said that they were surprised that 45% of those sought were women. A number of sexual care givers have that second job and some of them will be off the street for a while. Those charged will likely be red-zoned which means that they can not be in the down town area. There should be more workers in the area out of the red zone - on the other side of Richter Street.


06-25-06, 20:38
Chrissy. I first met Chrissy about 7 years ago. She was young, cute and sexy. She would crawl around on the bed on her hands and knees, all the while flashing her pussy at me. She had me, and she knew it, and over the years we had some long, passionate sessions. She was so loud in bed that I had to remember to close my windows so the neighbours would not hear. As most street worker do, she had a drug problem. She eventually left for Vancouver where she thought that drugs would be more available. I have been told that she still works in Vancouver.

Annie: Well before Chrissy left, I picked up a worker named Annie at around noon one day. She upgraded what was going to be a handjob into an amazing BBBJ. In retrospect, she consistently gave me the second best BBBJs that I have ever had the pleasure of receiving. We became friends and would sometimes go to movies. The nights that we spent together were memorable. I learned that she was Chrissy's older sister but she did not want Chrissy to know that she also worked. Annie developed the very pleasant habit of unzipping me and playing with me as we would be driving somewhere.Eventually Annie was owing too much money in town and decided to move to Prince George where she still works intermittently.

We stayed in touch and she would call me when she came back to visit her mother. A couple of times I paid her busfare home and she would pay me back as only she could. One of the times that she came back was Christmas 2004. I was driving her back to her mothers after another spectacular session and we saw a woman walking on the road who she said was her sister Cheryl who was also home for the holidays. Cheryl was dressed kind of slutty and looked like she was walking downtown to make some money.

Cheryl: After I dropped Annie off, I was able to backtrack and find Cheryl still walking down the street. Not knowing exactly what was going to happen, I stopped, explained that I had just driven her sister home and asked if she needed a ride. She accepted and told me that that she was, in fact, going downtown to make some money. Cheryl is the oldest, in her early thirties and looked pretty good in her short skirt. She reached over and started stroking me and suggested that we go out. I was surprised to discover that Annie had not totally drained me and wanting to sample the third sister, we went back to my house. She had too many rules for my liking and both the CBJ and sex were pretty mechanical. So the third sister was not nearly as good as the first two, but the price was right and I had the hat trick. Cheryl lives in Vancouver and might still be working there.


06-26-06, 09:01
Hey Karaoke - thanks for the reports. I enjoy reading your posts. It seems the Other Areas thread seems to have slowed down.

In regards to Annie - I'm not sure if it's the same person in PG. Her mother does live in Kelowna and was back visiting her in April.

Some stats on Annie in PG:

Red hair - lots of hair spray
5' 7" can't tell her age - late 20's early 30's??
not to heavy but plump in all the right places
Nice rack but she says they are too small - they massage very nicely during foreplay -IMO

She walks with a bit of a limp - says she injured her ankle during the winter.
She could use a visit to the dentist - I guess all that smoking of hash she likes has taken its toll on her dents.

I agree with you karaoke - if this is the same person you know, she has very good attitude once you get to know her. Great BJ however I've always used a cover. Good pussy action but not to much noice from her which is disappointing. Anal is a no - and she tells you!

She has always been available when ever I call regardless of the time. Once called her around 1:00 am when the little head had insomnia - she was happy to oblige.


06-26-06, 18:17
That would be the same Annie. Your description is right on, particularily the hairspray part. Does Annie work on the street at all or just with mongers who know her phone number? I got the impression that she had slowed down her activities. Anal is not my thing, so I never asked, but I can highly recommend Annie for anything else that you want. The girl is highy skilled with a good attitude.

She knew that I was seeing her sister Chrissy before Chrissy left. But I have always wondered if Cheryl told Annie about our encounter that night. And Annie told me once that their mother used to work too. Mmmmmm.

You are right about the Other Areas board being quiet. There have to be other hobbyists out there who know about this forum.


06-28-06, 17:54
I did a tour of the Kelowna strip around 11 pm on June 26th. The weather is hot, but the girls started coming out as the evening cooled. Marcie seems to be red-zoned, as tonight and for the last few days, she has been on the other side of Richter Street. Josephine was out for a short while across the street from Safeway. I had not seen her working for a while. Lyla, Report #149, was in the same area.

There were 5 or 6 new girls that I had not seen before. I chatted with Denise as I went into the Shell convenience store. She said that she came from Saskatchewan about a month ago. She is probably late 30's, was wearing a short skirt, and her legs looked pretty good. She looks street worn but I got the feeling that she would give a pretty good BJ. I will have to find out if my intuition is correct.

There was one knockout who seemed to be very friendly. Young, wearing a ball cap that disguised her beauty until you were up close, and seemed to have a nice body under a jacket that she had tied around her waist. I was only looking that night, but she will be my next project.

06-30-06, 05:50
As I will be for the next few weeks, I was in Prince George overnight on Tuesday. It was quieter on the streets than the last couple of weeks. So quiet that I actually went back to my room twice for about half an hour rather than waste gas.

Streets completely dead by 1:30 am. Downtown area was real quiet, no one seemed to be working, although there were a couple of girls who might have been willing to provide if I had stopped. Most amount of action was right around McDonalds on Victoria and 20th. Two SWs seemed to be working out of the parking lot, but that is too conspicuous for me. Will report back next week.

07-03-06, 05:29
I got downtown about 3:15 on Friday. On my first pass I spotted a new (to me) young scantily dressed girl at Leon and Bertram. You got to love this hot weather. She was gone after 5 minutes but I did not see her get picked up. No other action, probably because it was the hottest part of the day.

Saturday morning was pretty quiet too. I did see Kim in the park but I did not talk to her. Kim is a beautiful full native "Indian Princess" (as I call her). She is smart and we have had some good times together, even doing Karaoke one night. She is an addict and gets quite out of sorts when she is hurting. She has called me and, more than once, gotten quite abusive when I told her that I was busy. But she is a great GFE and I will likely stop being angry with her and see her again. If she has a supply with her, she is a lot of fun to be around.

Dixie called again today and I could not resist. I asked her if she needed more regulars and she said yes. She does not like working the street, so pm me if you would like more info. I drove her downtown and made another tour of the stroll area.

Jody was out and looked pretty good in her short dress. She is 38 years old and I had trouble convincing her a while back that she did not live here at my house. But the sex was good. She was on the far side of Richter and I know why she is red-zoned. A couple of months ago she was caught trying to steal a 'bait car". The video evidence obtained from this kind of sting is very strong and she will certainly spend some time in jail.

I also saw Shauna as I was driving through City Park. Shauna is mid 30's and has really good legs and gives a great BBBJ. She says that sex is even better, but she left town before I had the opportunity to find out. Maybe now.


07-06-06, 18:22
I got a call from one of the cousins (I will do a future report on them) yesterday morning before 8. She wanted to come over and offered a $20 price to entice me. We agreed that I would pick her up at 9:30 and I immediately took my dose of Vitamin V and started getting ready. She was going to call me back before 9:30 and I waited until 10 and still no call. Because of circumstances where she was calling from, I could not call her. (She called later to explain that she had fallen asleep.) I was horny and hard so I went downtown to see if I could satisfy my hunger. I saw Denise, report #158, and she said that she just wanted to make a quick $20. I suggested that she earn $40 by coming back to my place and she agreed.

I got her to play with me as we were driving and it seemed like we got off to a good start. Back home, I poured her the stiff drink that she requested and we got down to business. Her BBBJ skills are good, but when we got to the main course, she complained that I was too big. This is not true, but still good to hear. Then began a strange sequence where she would be happy and enthusiastic and then the next minute would be complaining about something or other. Then back to being happy and so on. I finally got frustated with this state of affairs and put my clothes back on. On the way back she kept saying how happy she was that we had met. Really bizarre. She said that she was not high on anything, but obviously she was. Still the price was good and she did perform very well when she was in the happy mode. Denise is 40 years old and is more street worn than I had thought when I talked to her a few days previous.

I did some cruising, both before and after Denise. I saw Kim on the street. She never does look like she is working, but fortunately for me, I know differently. Mandy was out on Leon. There was a new to me cute one on Lawrence across from Safeway, but she did not last very long. Shauna was on Abbott by City Park. And I did stop and talk to long time favorite Blonde Sarah who was also across from Safeway on Lawrence. I told her that I just wanted to see how she was and assure her that I was not avoiding her. I voluntarily gave her $10 because I really do like this girl. I will soon be reporting on Mandy and Sarah and other long time favorites.


07-08-06, 20:45
I drove around the downtown area for an hour last night starting at 10 pm. The Wakefest tour is in Kelowna this weekend and it features wakeboard competitions, concerts and many other activities that appeal to the younger crowd. Kelowna is the only Canadian stop on the Wakefest tour and it draws the beautiful people in from a wide area. This is one of the few times that I wish that I was still young. There were literally hundreds of great looking girls on their way to the Clubs in the downtown area; a lot more girls than guys. There was one group of at least 25 girls walking on Leon towards a club (not a guy in the whole group). Every single one of them wore a miniskirt and I could not find a bad pair of legs anywhere. They should still be around tonight, so if you are young, get down there and turn on your charm. You will never get a chance like this again.

There were a number of working girls out as well at the Richter/Bertram end of the strip. There really is a new crop of workers in town. The only one that I recognized was Dixie, who flagged me down. She wanted a place to sleep as she has not had any sleep in four days. She is still sleeping but I know she is going to want to make some money when she wakes up. 20 years old, a great body and ultra tight. What am I going to do?

Talking about anticipation, Maria is moving back from Winnipeg in one weeks time. She gives the best BBBJ that I have ever had; I would match her up against anybody, anywhere. She worked briefly on the street when she still lived in Kelowna but has not worked since. We chatted yesterday on MSN and she said that she can't wait to see me. I am very lucky that she still sees me; it is like having my own private sex machine. I will let you know how it all turns out.


07-18-06, 17:08
I was out and about on Friday afternoon and happened to be on the Westside at 3 pm. I was driving on Hwy 97 towards Kelowna by the Quality Inn and spotted a scantily dressed cutie walking on the service road. "The Look" that she gave me was unmistakeable. By the time that I could exit the Highway and circle back, she had disappeared. Damn; that was one of the most intense "looks" that I have seen in a long time.

Toured the downtown area on Saturday morning. There was a parade going on and it made it difficult to canvass the usual area. I first saw Niki by the Gospel Mission and eventually picked her up at the corner of Richter and Lawrence.She is a long time favorite of mine. When she first came to town about 6 years ago, I wasted valuable time avoiding her because I thought that she was too young (turns out that she wasn't). She is now 24 and living outside for the summer. She is solidly built with curvy legs that have always turned me on. Niki know this and always flashes me some leg if I see her. She has lost some weight recently and weighs 122 pounds on a 5 foot two frame. She is no longer on a methadone program and she is looking somewhat street worn.

Back home, she was playing with me and I with her. She then started to masturbate and I decided to do DATY on her for the first time ever. She once told me that her personal record was cumming 17 times in a 24 hour period (with a boyfriend). But neither she or I could do it for her on Saturday. Her BBBJ is OK and sex with her is always good. She showered and I drove her back downtown. $80.

Dixie is here at the moment.She wants to stay for a few days as she tries to get into rehab. I hope that she is successful. I have not seen Dianne for about 3 weeks. Niki tells me that Dianne is in rehab.


07-22-06, 08:32
Wondering if there are any new strolls in Kamloops? The areas that I know of are around 3rd, 4th and 5th, Seymour and St.Paul and also along Tranquille.

It's been awhile since I've visited the city so wondering where the activity is and when is the best time to cruise?


07-23-06, 17:47
I first saw Maria 8 or 9 years ago when she was walking with a friend on Bernard in downtown Kelowna. It was her friend who gave me the look, but when the friend suggested a threesome, it was easy to say yes because Maria had certainly caught my attention. The friend had a car and she followed Maria and me to my house. Maria played with me as I drove and nearly had me cumming before we got back to the house.

The session started with Maria working on her friend and me playing with both of them. Soon Maria started giving me a BBBJ and it was the best feeling that I have ever experienced. The girl is remarkable!! I was hooked and the friend started to feel leftout (she was used to being the one who got more attention when she and Maria were out together).

Maria did not work the street very much but I had her phone number and we got together often. She lived at my house a number of different times and the live in aspect was very appealing. Once she lived here with a boyfriend and he had a little trouble figuring out the situation. Fortunately we were able to take advantage of his work schedule. She eventually moved to Thunder Bay, back to my house again and then on to Winnipeg.

We stayed in touch, both by telephone and MSN Messenger. Recently she sent me a "60 questions" quiz that she had completed. One question asked if she had any special talent. Her answer was "We can't talk about that here, but I am so gooooooooooooood!!!! I knew exactly what she was talking about and she has a right to brag.

Now she is back for good and we got together on Thursday. If anything she has gotten more talented. I keep forgetting how good sex is with her; it just gets overshadowed by her BBBJ. I always do DATY with her and I love her reaction. She came twice, once during DATY and once during sex.

Maria is now 27 and is part native and part Irish. I thought that she might be Mexican when I first met her. She retired long ago from the business and I am now the only connection that she keeps from away back then. She is a sweetie and is on my all time favorites list. I give her $100 and she is certainly worth that. I am delighted that she is back.

Driver 06
07-29-06, 23:17
I was cruising St Paul last summer and saw a hot native chick. I did a couple passes and she dissappeared. I was horned up by then so I picked up a dirty blond short, small tits. She had a room so we went and she said she wanted to start with a BBBJ. Then she said she wanted me to wash it first. OOPS Left her alone with my pants for ten seconds and it cost me $180. Good thing she didn't go for my wallet where another $800 was waiting.She has small saggy tits and I didn't catch her name.


08-02-06, 01:55
Back for two nights on business. Real quiet on the streets - went out cruising 3 times between 9pm and 2:00 am. Sometimes I don't have the urge to pickup, just having a look. Last night was kinda like that, if I had seen something good I would have stopped, but would have liked to just have seen some of those short skirts and breasts hanging out.

Did notice a couple of working girls on 5th ave near the KFC. That area has been really quiet for the past couple of months. Didn't even look twice as they appeared to be drunk or stoned and were definitely 1 on the 10 scale.

North or drew around these days?

Nookie Monster
08-05-06, 13:57
I called Kali Project www.kaliproject.com twice while I was in town.

Kara was available early one morning and arranged for an incall. The suite is located in the basement of a house and was an impressively set up. She just started and is mid-30s brunette with large B cups. Service was excellent and she really took care of my needs for the 3Red cost for 30min. Friendly and very open minded.

The next day, I lucked out and got Ilana who just arrived from a 6day drive from Michigan. The session exceeded my expectations and I extended to full hour for 4Red. Lots of DATY and CBJ. She is about 110 lbs 5ft with beautiful blue eyes that she gives plenty of eye contact. Simply awesome.

I suggeest using this service is a reliable alternative if you are in town and want to be pampered.

08-05-06, 21:45
I had received a couple of calls from Niki this week, wanting to come out and get some sleep and just get away from it all. She called again on Thursday morning and she and a friend wanted to come out. This time I was free, so I drove downtown to pick them up. The friend turned out to be Kim, whom I call my Indian Princess. There was no sex involved due entirely to my prescription problem. But it was fun having two great looking girls around and I was able to show them off a couple of times. Kim has lost enough weight that she is now a bit too thin. But she still has beautifully shaped legs.

They ate a lot, slept a lot, showered a lot and had a couple of drinks. They did some laundry and were not too shy about taking off the clothes that they were wearing in order to wash them. I said it was fun. I took them back yesterday afternoon and they both said that they would really like to do a threesome the next time that they are out. Sounds good to me!!

There were not any noticeable workers out in downtown Kelowna yesterday afternoon. This morning, just as I noticed Marcie, she got picked up by a guy even older than me on the red-zoned part of Lawrence. I hope his prescription had refills on it. Niki was out. I stopped and gave her a couple of cigarettes. She said that there is an undercover sting underway targetting sexual care givers. So she was trying to avoid them by working earlier in the day. Kim was in City Park. There was a very pretty, but skinny girl working across Lawrence, back of Safeway. I have seen her before. I have a sense about a bad attitude that keeps me away. By the way, I saw Dianne walking on the street about a week ago, but I have not seen her since. That would mean that she is out of rehab and maybe is trying to get her life in order. I hope so.

Congratulations on your first post, Nookie Monster (nice handle). Do you know if Kali herself is still working or has she retired from the active side of the business? The better website adress is www.thekaliproject.com


Nookie Monster
08-06-06, 16:10

Thanks for correcting the url. I kicked myself afterwards. I handled all the arrangements over the phone but don't know Kali's status. I'd love to check out the Kelowna scene in the future. Any strong recommendations for young 19 year old or so hotties?

08-07-06, 18:07
I concentrate on street girls in Kelowna. That scene changes from day to day. Right now, my recommendation for a young hottie would be Dixie. Read some of my recent reports for details. She moved into a woman's shelter yesterday. She can not give out her phone number and will be harder to reach. She will be calling me from time to time. PM me if you decide to make the trip.

I saw Dianne by the Gospel Mission on Leon yesterday. So she seems to be back and working. She is an excellent choice if you like mid 30's women.


08-13-06, 18:42
I was downtown for a short while on Friday afternoon. The only regular that I saw was Kim who was in City Park. There was one new-to-me tall, dark haired girl at the corner of Bertram and Lawrence. She is probably in her mid thirties and about a 6 in looks. Does anyone know who she is?

I saw Niki in City Park on Saturday morning. She started crying and told me that she was robbed by 5 guys at knifepoint on Friday. She was carrying a nearly empty garbage bag. She said that her full backpack had been stolen in a separate incident. She might be exagerating a bit, but I think that her stories are basically true. I gave her $5 to tide her over.

I did pick up a tall, attractive blonde on Bertram. It turned out to be Adrianne (see report #149). She had dyed her hair and I did not recognize her until she was in the car. She needed a shower which was a putoff. But my memory of her BBBJ skills overcame that and she accepted my offer of $30. (She always tries for $50.) She did not disappoint.


08-17-06, 22:48
There has not been much action on the Kelowna stroll lately and today around 11 am was no exception. I needed to do some food shopping and decided to drive around downtown first to see what was happening. I noticed Kim when I drove into City Park and she was waiting for me when I drove out. She said that there was a lot of LE presence down there and that she just wanted to get away for a while. So she went food shopping with me at Real Canadian Superstore. She was the best looking grocery cart pusher in the whole store. She suggested going home with me for a date. Tempting as that was, I am trying to reduce the amount of money that I spend on this hobby, so I shared with her some of the junk food that I had bought and gave her a $10 tip for her expert cart driving. Kim, with her classic Native looks, may be the most beautiful sexual care giver out there. And how many street girls do you know who have had laser surgery on their eyes?

If Kim is not the best looking down there, then it would be Blonde Sarah who called me yesterday. Both girls have beautiful, long, well looked after hair. They both spend a lot of time on their appearance; I know from having them preening at my house on more than one ocassion. A lot of street girls eventually let their appearance go.

Sarah is tall, slim and very pretty. She is about 25 years old and I have known her since she was 18. She has the softest, sexiest voice. There have been times when I kept messages from her on my answering machine for weeks just so that I could listen to her voice. She has a lack of self confidence, especially for one who is so beautiful. When I am with her, I try to build up her self esteem as she really does have a lot going for her. I guess that one measure of how you feel about someone is how you react when you hear that they have died. A few months ago there was a rumor that Sarah had died of a drug overdose. I was very relieved when I found out that it was not her. Sarah, who had heard the same rumor from a number of people, was even more relieved than I was.


08-21-06, 19:50
I was cruising St Paul last summer and saw a hot native chick. I did a couple passes and she dissappeared. I was horned up by then so I picked up a dirty blond short, small tits. She had a room so we went and she said she wanted to start with a BBBJ. Then she said she wanted me to wash it first. OOPS Left her alone with my pants for ten seconds and it cost me $180. Good thing she didn't go for my wallet where another $800 was waiting.She has small saggy tits and I didn't catch her name.


Driver 06

This might be hard to see, but you were relatively lucky. If she had grabbed your pants and disappeared, she would have had the $180, the $800 in your wallet and the wallet. Plus you would have been without your pants and still in her house. She could have sold your bank cards and credit cards plus other ID. There is a real street value for this sort of thing. Reporting your missing cards and replacing everything of value that was in your wallet is a real pain in the ass.

From having made mistakes over the many years that I have been persuing this hobby, I have developed some rules that I now do my best to follow.

1. Never go back to the girl's place unless you know her very, very well. I was once robbed at knifepoint by two male roommates of a sexual care giver in Edmonton. I remember one of the guys saying over and over "how can you have only $30 in your wallet?" As this was back in the days before identity theft was a big problem, and even before there were ATM cards, my wallet was not taken. It would be different today. In this case, I do not think that the girl was in on the scam, as she had a horrified look on her face the whole time.

2. Never have your wallet in your pocket, not even if it is a car date. I lock my wallet in a secure place in my car trunk. If an unexpected opportunity comes along before I am organized, I have a hiding place in my car where I can safely put my wallet. I once had a worker try to steal my wallet while my pants were around my ankles as she was giving me a BJ in the car. See report #137 in this section that demonstrates that this can happen even in your own bedroom.

3. Put only the amount of money that you plan to spend in your pocket. Then if the worst happens, you have not lost more than one date would cost. This has the added advantage of perhaps keeping you from spending more money than planned, even if the girl is particularily hot.

4. If you somehow do end up with your wallet in your pocket as things are about to happen, there are a couple of procedures to mitigate that situation. Always put your pants back on (with wallet in your pocket) if you are going to the bathroom or anytime that you will be going out of site of the girl. And put your pants a long ways away from the bed because she might even try to rob you while you are focused only on the pleasure that she is giving to you. Once again, see Report #137.

Now if I can only remember to follow my own rules!


09-03-06, 21:04
The Kelowna Daily Courier is just a wealth of information this morning on how the local police are making the streets safer for all of us. This is a front page story in today's paper.

"Fewer prostitutes on downtown Kelowna streets, say police
By Staff
Sunday, September 3, 2006, 12:01 AM

Prostitution is still carried on in Kelowna, but it’s much less visible than it used to be.
A police crackdown on streetwalking has reduced the number of hookers, Kelowna RCMP say.
“On an average night, there are about two or three prostitutes downtown. A couple of years ago, it used to be about 20,” Const. Annie Linteau said.
“Obviously, the RCMP downtown enforcement unit has made a huge difference in cleaning things up and dealing with prostitution and things that go with it, such as drug use and panhandling,” she said.
Under the Criminal Code, prostitution is not illegal, but most of the things that go with it are considered crimes.
Communicating in public for the purpose of prostitution is illegal, as is keeping a bawdy house and pimping, or living off money someone else makes as a prostitute.
While fewer prostitutes may be working Kelowna streets, a number of massage studios and escort agencies provide outcall services."

Unfortunately there are fewer girls out than in the past. However, on Saturday morning I was able to find 5 or 6 working girls on the street but it took a couple of hours of touring to find them. And don't forget City Park. It is just harder to catch their attention there.

The Courier also had a story on escort services. Since 1996, Kelowna has had a by-law requiring escorts to record the names of of their customers and provide them to police upon demand. The provincial privacy commissioner may not like it, but I am sure that this system is in place to combat international terrorism. LOL. I can not think of another justification for this invasion of privacy. It is another reason for not giving your real name and for not using a credit card.

I must be getting older because I went back to sleep. I had a call from a regular at 5 am this morning. I let the answering machine pick it up. She said in a very sexy voice, and I quote "no matter what time it is, call me. I just want to f**k you so badly." I did go back to sleep, but I will keep the message for a while.


09-10-06, 15:43
I had an appontment downtown on Friday. I was suffering severe pussy withdrawl and I left my house early. Before I could get to my bank, which is close to my house, I spotted a woman in a short summer dress walking and she was looking at traffic the way that working girls do. So I stopped in a parking lot up ahead and, after a couple of surprised looks at me, she came over to my car. She seemed to be as surprised to find a customer in that area as I was to find a working girl. So back to my house with my prize.

She wanted $40 for a BBBJ and $100 for sex. I opted for the BBBJ, which was average but very enthusiastic. She wanted to be touched and fingered and I was happy to oblige. After 15 minutes, I suggested that we might both want to see what sex between us would be like and that I would contribute another $20. She quickly agreed and she eventually had a long and satisfying orgasm. Her name is Tammy and she is 38 years old. Tammy rates average in looks and tecnique, but gets high marks for enthusiasm. So I now have a sexual care giver who lives close by and that might be the only reason that I would repeat.

I still had quite a bit of time to kill, so I drove around downtown. Marcie was working across Richter (more on that later). So was a new short haired girl. But it was a new, young, cute girl that caught my eye. Unfortunately, I could not catch her eye. Finally I did park up a side street and she walked up to talk to me. She told me that she does not work and that might be a good thing because, up close, she looks very young. She offered to get another girl for me, but I told her that I would wait for her to change her mind about working. She had actually talked to me because she was hungry and wondered if I could help her. I contributed $4 in change. I still hope that she is old enough and changes her mind about working.


Zipper Fran
09-14-06, 06:21
Has anyone seen Dianne lately, I lost her number when mu system crashed


09-14-06, 19:17
If you are referring to Dianne in Kelowna, she is working in the usual places on Leon and Lawrence, sometimes across Richter (she may be "red-zoned"). I picked her up a couple of weeks ago. She did not want to go back to my house. But by the time that we found a suitable location and had FS in the car, we could have been to my place and back in the same amount of time. She no longer has a cell phone or phone number.


09-15-06, 19:51
I was downtown on Friday and Dianne flagged me down outside the Gospel Mission. We drove out of the immediate area while I obtained a new phone number from her and she got cigarette money from me. I told her that I would look for her later on that evening after a party that I was attending.

I returned to the stroll area about 8:30 pm. Did a quick tour and then discovered a woman standing in front of Safeway. I did not think that she was working, but I did park close to her. Within a minute she was in my car. She told me that her name was Diane (spelled with one “n”). Back to my house, where for $40, she gave me a long, luxurious BBBJ. Lots of kissing and a great GFE. Diane is part Cree and part Iriquois. So I got to be with Dian(n)e after all.


09-17-06, 04:18
Jenny: young (18 to 20) very pretty blonde. Seems to be knew to the biz. (only picked her up twice) and has some fair skills. usually around the "Surplus Herbies" on tranquille.I really miss this one, Nikaila's another good young one in Kamloops. Anybody ever remember Crystal, she was her for a while, best all time in Kamloops. Myself and Jenny did have awesome sex, loves doggy with her hair being pulled.

09-17-06, 04:43

Kamloops has 2 areas:

South Shore:

Between 5th ave and 4th ave along St. paul and Seymore.... The girls are also sometimes outside of the Rafter G hotel (don't use this place of a trick however as the lady at the door will charge you $15 just to come in!)

North Shore:

Along the Tranquille road and usually near the Village motel.

As for the better area of town.. hard to say as both areas get the heavy druggies and you should watch out for the girls that are "cracking" out they will try to rip you off fast!

I try to stick to 2 or 3 girls when I see them, the descriptions fallow as well as their usual route/ hang out.

Cherry: A small girl, about 5ft 2in... fairly pretty about 25 yrs old... usually outside of Visions Electronics on 5th ave and Seymour st.

Denise: an older woman in her 40s not much to look at... But fairly kinky nad VERY efficent and skilled. Usually near the same area as Cherry.

Jenny: young (18 to 20) very pretty blonde. Seems to be knew to the biz. (only picked her up twice) and has some fair skills. usually around the "Surplus Herbies" on tranquille.

Hope that helps you.I banged the hell out of Jenny a couple of times, she really liked sex, but wasnt that good at oral. She was sexy as hell, I wonder where she went. I've been seeing Nikaila a for a while now, she is a young BBBJ specialist.

09-19-06, 19:03
I toured the Kelowna stroll area on Saturday morning. Niki told me that she was going to move to Nelson and that we should get together before she left. I was not really in the mood, and she said she would call me before she left.

I spotted a girl dressed in shorts in the alley beside the Shell service station. I parked so that she would see me and she did come over and get in my car. It turned out to be Shelly, whom I had not seen for a while but I did remember her BBBJ skill. She remembered my name.

We headed back toward my house and she gave me an excellent HJ on the way out. She did not ask for any up front money. I parked in a remote part of my Bank's parking lot and asked for a sample BBBJ and she was happy to oblige. She said that she had been back to my house before and described the layout before we got there. I had thought that we would be having sex for the first time, but she said that we had indulged before. I had not remembered so it was like a first time. With a memory like mine, I could hide my own Easter Eggs.

The BBBJ at the house was even better and so was sex. The girl did need a shower. But I have to give her very high marks for skill and particularily for attitude. She is 32 years old and now lives in Winfield. I have her phone number. Nice body and VERY cooperative. I gave her a $10 tip in addition to $80.

I made the mistake of picking up Marcie a few days earlier. I have known Marcie since she was about 10 years old. She is now 25 and I was very happy to see her working about a year ago. We had come back to my house where she gave me a very good BBBJ and some kisses. She had said that it was the wrong time of the month, but then decided that sex would be OK. There was no sign of any period and the sex was good.

Because I have known her for so long, because she has a cute face and because the first time was good, I was looking forward to many more pleasurable times. But my experiences with her since then have been disappointing. She does not seem to like her job and sometimes just plain stops partway through. She always asks "How long is this going to take?" Maybe it is me, but I really think that all of this is her problem. So never again. She is red-zoned and has to work on the other side of Richter. She told me that she recently spent 14 days in jail for her third red-zone violation.

I also saw the young looking girl who says that she does not work. I stopped and gave her $5 for food but did not really talk to her. It is part of my plan to be her first customer.

09-24-06, 19:20
I decided to watch an interesting murder trial that is being conducted in Kelowna, but I got side tracked by something even more interesting. It was Friday morning and I spotted a woman walking north on Richter away from the Safeway store. I drove by her twice and she looked interested so I stopped on a side street and she came over asking if she could get in my car.I said, of course, and we drove off.

Her name is Laura-Lee, she is perhaps 50 and average in looks. But her attitude and skill were the best. She said that she did not charge for her services, but would accept a donation to her college fund. Her BBBJ skills are so good that her college fund was topped up by $40, $10 more than I had originally planned. She has been working since May and tells me that she enjoys meeting people and making them feel good. Mission accomplished. I have her phone number.

Other sexual care givers that I saw either Friday or Saturday include MNK (more on her later), original Dianne, Marcie, Lyla, Adrianne (looking good) and a couple that I did not recognize. There are quite a few girls (and guys) in City Park. I suspect that a crop of drug dealers has recently been released from jail. My mission is to meet some of these new girls. There was no sign of Niki, so maybe she has actually gone to Nelson.


09-27-06, 22:32
I was downtown on Tuesday and a lot of my favorites were out. It was the day before Welfare Wednesday. Original Dianne jumped in my car and we drove around a bit. Later in the day, I had coffee with Niki. She had been to Nelson, but is back for a few days. I think that she will end up back in Kelowna. I talked to MNK for a short while and saw Beautiful Blonde Sarah.

There were a couple of new-to-me sexual care givers and one of them caught my eye. She seemingly ignored me for a while, but then waved and I stopped on a sidestreet. She told me that her BJ is so good that many customers pop before they get to the next stage and guaranteed that I would not be disappointed. At my age, the process is not a sprint but more like a marathon so I knew that would not be a problem. At my request, she entertained me as we were driving and gave me a sample BBBJ in the garage. No up front money requested.

So I was plenty excited going into the house. I have a large plastic message board hanging on my fridge and as I was getting her a drink, she started drawing. I was torn between desperately wanting to experience her BJ expertise again and marveling at her artistic ability.

We did finally get upstairs and she undressed me and started in. She is REALLY good. Just as I was about to suggest an upgrade for sex, she beat me to it and suggested sex for another $20. How could I refuse? This girl thoroughly enjoys sex and told me that the orgasm that she had was one of the best in a long while. I know that I enjoyed it all. $70, including a $10 tip.

Her name is Amanda, 24 years old with medium short blonde hair. She is about 5' 4" and actually quite pretty. She used to work in Prince George where she said that she had some regulars that she regarded as good friends. She is trying to build up the same kinds of relationships here. Maybe some of you PG members will recognize her.

I have met some sexual care givers lately who are not knockouts but have great attitudes and tremendous skills. I can't wait to have that feeling again.

I see fellow hobbyists out there and some must read this board. Let's share our information. It is not a lot of fun for me just writing about my experiences. I already know about them.


09-29-06, 20:02
Just found this site, thanx for all the info! I will contribute as soon as possible.

Interior Lurker
09-30-06, 03:54
Hello all,

I will be traveling more to Kelowna in the future. I am fairly young (25) and am looking for a younger sp (19-25) who is very cute. Do you guys know where I can find such a gem?


Interior Lurker
09-30-06, 03:57
Hello Again,

"pussy420" has spoken very highly of Nikala. I would love to be able to see her as I am based in the nice little city of Kamloops. I'm wondering if any of you know how to get a hold of this little gem?


10-02-06, 04:32
I made the mistake of picking up a girl named Terry on Thursday about 2pm. She was walking on Richter Street close to Safeway. She would be about 25, probably a little chubby ( could not tell because of the clothing that she wore), glasses with very small lenses and light brown hair. Asked $80 for BJ and what is worse, I think she actually thought that she was worth that. I told her that I only had $35 and was happily driving her back as I did not have a good feeling about her. Unfortunately, she decided to accept my offer after all, and we drove out to my favorite spot.

She made a brief and feeble attempt to entertain me as we were driving and then fell asleep. I am becoming more convinced that one of the best indicators as to how successful a session with a new sexual care giver will be is how enthusiastic they are when you ask for a handjob while driving. And when the girl is enthusiastic and does not even ask for upfront money, I find that I am virtually guaranteed a good time. So I had all kinds of warning signs with her that I ignored.

She insisted on a cover for the BJ (wanted an outrageous sum for uncovered)and just simply quit after a short time. She told me that she has only been in town for a month and was certain that we had been out before. I assured her that it was not me; I would have definitely remembered. As I was dropping her off, she promised to make it up to me the next time. I did not respond. There will not be a next time.


10-07-06, 07:55
Looking for any info on PG that is out there, as in where are the best locations and what the action is like this time of year. THX in advance.

10-07-06, 16:20
Hi there,

I'm a newbie and I was wondering about Prince George as I am going there on buisness soon. Where are the best places to find SW and how much LE is there.

Nookie Monster
10-08-06, 14:03
I didn't partake in the street scene but did give thekaliproject.com a try. Two attractive ladies I played with were Kara and Ilana. Both were accomodating and gfe. They have an incall suite on the edge of PG.

Good luck.

Zipper Fran
10-14-06, 09:42
Any SPs working close to the Best Western in Kelowna?

Zipper Fran
10-14-06, 21:47
Any suggestions on SPs operating close to the Best Western in Kelowna?


10-15-06, 02:41
I am not aware of any Street girls who work anywhere except downtown Kelowna. I checked with my friend Niki, who is staying at my place for a few days, and she does not know of any either.

There are quite a few ads for outcall or incall in the Capital News which is free of charge and can be found in various newpaper boxes, and stores. You want one of the Friday, Sunday or Wednesday editions. All of the Massage Parlours that I know of also operate in the downtown.


10-19-06, 05:26
MNK is probably my all time favorite Kelowna sexual care giver. I had not seen her in a while and I even got a call from another street girl asking if I knew if she was OK. Then I got a call on Friday that started with "This call is from a Correctional Institution and is subject to monitoring and recording. You will be charged for this call" Over the years, I have gotten to know exactly what that means. There is even an option 5 that you can press to ensure that you never receive a call from that institution again.

But I pressed 0 to accept, wondering which one of the possible suspects that it could be. It was MNK and the mystery was solved. She is serving a 2 month sentence at the Surrey Pretrial Centre. She talked me into sending her $30. These collect calls are 75 cents a minute and my phone bill always go way up when MNK or another friend are institutionalized. This is the only way that you can communicate with a prisoner by telephone. I can not call her.

She was appearing in Kelowna Court by video conference from Surrey and she wanted me to attend. So Niki, who was still staying at my house, and I went to court on Monday and watched what was a very short hearing. MNK is looking much better than when she has been on the street for a while. She asked the court if I was in the courtroom; she seems to take solace in the fact that somebody cared enough to be there.

During one of the expensive collect calls that she made to me, she had a new friend, Ria, talk to me. Ria describes herself as pretty, 22, a tall redhead and is getting out in just over a week. I got the usual recorded message again today, accepted, and it turned out to be Ria. She wants me to drive down to Surrey to pick her up when she gets out. She is obviously bored and needing a friend if she wants an old guy like me, sight unseen, to pick her up. MNK tells me Ria wants a new start, likely in Kelowna. If you get off on talking to sex starved girls in prison, this could be for you. Anyway, Ria is going to write me a letter and send a picture. As long as the phone bill does not get too large, I will be the friend that they both seem to need. And there is the excitement of the sex starved element.

Updates: Niki has decided to stay in Kelowna. No one has seen Kim in a month. Tammy is becoming a pest. Theresa was downtown yesterday. Marcie seems to no longer be red-zoned.


10-29-06, 21:05
I went food shopping at Lakeview Market at about 8:30 Saturday morning. I noticed Shauna walking in the parking lot as I came out of the store. She is a mid 30's working girl that had given me a pretty good BBBJ over a year ago. We agreed on $30 for more of the same, and I gave her the first $10 to entertain me as I was looking for a suitable place. She was very jumpy and told me that she was high on cocaine. Worse yet, she wanted me to park in way too obvious places, and got very agitated when I didn't stop. So I decided to abort the mission and felt really good about getting her out of my car.

I saw Niki downtown a little later and we drove around a bit. It was her birthday (legitimately) and I gave her a small amount of money to help her celebrate. As we were driving, I spotted an attractive blonde woman that I had seen before, and it was obvious that she was working. So I quicky dropped Niki off and was able to find Laurie on Ellis Street between Lawrence and Leon. Laurie is 38, blonde and personable. But she quotes very high prices and it took my honed negotiating skills to reach a price of $40 with a $10 performance bonus if she made me cum.

We went out to my favorite place and from her performance as she warmed me up on the way out there, I knew that I was in for a good time. She gives an excellent BJ, reluctantly BB because of what she considered much too low of a price. It was not a confrontational situation during any negotiating, just two people showing respect while trying to get the best deal possible. And with humor. Laurie would do well in a more conventional business.

I was surprised when she let me rub her pussy from outside of her pants, and while she did not cum, she got very worked up. For the first time ever, a car drove into my special parking place. So we left early,but I did give Laurie the bonus as we had been there for a while and she had worked really hard and skillfully. She insists on $150 for sex. I tell her that she is probably worth it, but I am not going to pay anywhere near that amount. I gave her my phone number and I am sure that we will good naturedly discuss an appropriate price. But I know that sex with her would be a lot of fun.

I drove around the downtown area on Saturday night looking for sexual caregivers but also at the Halloween costumed night clubbers who were walking around between clubs. Is there some rule that one of the requirements for the girls costume is that it has to include a very short skirt?
There were two cuties walking on Leon, close to Ellis, who looked like they were working but, unfortunately, they were not wearing the short skirts. But I crossed the stoplight and parked, hoping for the best.

They bounded up to the car and asked for a ride. They said that their names were Tracy and Lynn, but I do not think that either gave me their real names. I was not surprised when Tracy asked if I wanted something. She reluctantly agreed to $30 for a BJ with no touching allowed. She said that condoms made her gag and, being the good guy that I am, told her she did not have to use one.So she gave me a skilled but emotionless BBBJ while Lynn, in the back seat, (with my OK) ate all of the food that I was taking home from a Halloween dinner. So they both had something to munch on.

They said that neither had a phone number, but I gave mine to Tracy. When I got a better look at Lynn, she is the cuter of the two. So I hope that one of them gives me a call. When I got home, I found that Tammy had been calling me a few times. She called a short while later, offering me a really good time and that it would not be rushed. But I had had enough and respectfully asked for a rain check.

Marcie and Niki were out all weekend, as well as a few others. Marcie raised her arms with her palms pointed upward, as if asking why I was not picking her up. I have not seen anyone else stop for her either, so she has probably pissed off everybody else too.


10-30-06, 07:54
I plan to visit Kelowna in the next two weeks. Any agencies thta someone can recommend?

The reports for Kelowna are mainly SWs, but I prefer agency girls.

11-07-06, 08:43
Her Advertisement is as follows:

Kootenay Sensuous Full-Body Massage (Nelson)
Sensuous full-body massage in Nelson, Kootenay Region of British Columbia, Canada. Experience deep relaxation, soothing music, personally blended oils. Enjoy lovely and attractive Elsa's skilled hands in a warm and nurturing environment. Half-Hour or One Hour appointments weekdays.


11-08-06, 02:39

Member # 3394
11-23-06, 07:22
I plan to visit Kelowna in the next two weeks. Any agencies thta someone can recommend?

The reports for Kelowna are mainly SWs, but I prefer agency girls.Erin1234 - hope I am not to late.

Here is my Kelowna To Do list:

863-9779 Sasha -younger,horny,incall
765-1098 Kelly - older, horny,DD, oral
470-4118 Vesta - younger, horny, good reviews
863-2649 Chanel good reviews

I am planning on checking out these ladies the next time I go to Kelowna. If you meet any of them let us know what they are like

11-28-06, 08:00
Left frozen Calgary for frozen PG yesterday. Nothing at all on the streets, too bloody cold. Decided to do an incall and tried a few numbers in the Citizen. Should have learnt that lesson a long time ago. $100 for a mechanical CBJ and never even got to see her flesh. She kept all her clothes on. Probably a good thing anyways. Won't give the number or name here as they will all change on a weekly basis. Just suggest staying away from the newspaper ads.

11-30-06, 21:19
There are at least four sexual care givers who are on Kelowna's Most Wanted list and obviously not working on the streets these days.

1. Barbara is a sweetie that I have reported on before. I only had one encounter with her in the car and really wanted to see her again. Her picture does not do her justice. But the law got there first.

2. Stephanie was also a one time car adventure. She is the Quebec girl that I wrote about a few pages back. She is another that I wanted to see again.

3. Sherry was a beautiful girl with a perfect ass when she came to town a couple of years ago. But the streets have not been kind to her as you can see from the photo. I last talked to her about 2 months ago.

4. Christine is a beautiful, full native girl, whose picture I am not showing because she is wanted for charges other than prostitution. She also is the only one of the four that have family here and has not worked on the streets for a number of years. Christine is the name that she gave me when we first met, and it was a challenge of mine to discover her real name. (Which I soon did.)

She told me that I was her very first customer and I believe her. She was walking in an alley downtown and I stopped to talk to her. I asked her if she was working. She misunderstood and thought that I was asking if she was a virgin. So here is this poor girl, just 18, and talking to her first customer and this idiot asks her if she is a virgin. But we straightened that out and we have both been chuckling about that ever since.

This first encounter was great, but in a car, and I really wanted to have sex with her. She was one of the few that could talk me into $120, but she turned out to be worth it. She eventually reduced her price for me. She did not work on the street very much then, and not at all for the last few years. She is now 26.

But I had her phone number and she had mine and we would get together regularily over the years. She did not like BJ's, although she did do it a couple of times. But she loved DATY and it was wild. She would thrash around and literally buck so much that I sometimes had trouble maintaining contact with her pussy. Christine is the most physically rough partner that I have ever experienced. Her hand job was so vigorous that I thought she was going to break it off. And when she was riding cowgirl style, I wondered if they would put it in a sling or if it was going to require a cast.

We became good friends. She loved drinking beer and could easily outdrink me. We went out a few times and I enjoyed being seen with this beautiful, large breasted woman. I hope that she works out her legal problems and gets back to town.


11-30-06, 21:48
Here are the mug shots that I could not attach in the report below.


11-30-06, 23:10
Karaoke - why post full-face mugshots and full names of desperate traumatized women arrested in your small town? Probably the most bizarre post I've seen on ISG. If you don't delete your post and photos, I hope Jackson does.

BTW - You forgot to post your own full-face mug and your own full name.

11-30-06, 23:50

These pictures have already appeared on TV and on a local website. How do you think that I got them? I am not "outing" anybody. Did you see that I did NOT publish a picture of the fourth girl because her mug shot had nothing to do with prostitution?

Check the US Sexguide and you will find that these kinds of pictures are regularily reported. The difference is that I know these girls and have reported on them before.


12-01-06, 01:07
Fair enough - my mistake. Where I live, working girls aren't identified and shamed in the press.

Vulcan X
12-01-06, 07:31

I'm Klowna living at the Ramada / Best Western area. Anyone have any good suggestions on where to look for some fun?

12-12-06, 01:58
I was touring the downtown area on Saturday morning, December 2nd. It was very cold but there were some sexual caregivers out and about. I eventually spotted one that I had been out with 3 or 4 years ago. It was only a BBBJ back then, but I remembered that she had really good legs. I wanted to see more.

Her name is Bobbi, she is 29 and her distinguishing feature is her high cheek bones. I thought that maybe she was Slavic, but it turns out that she is one half native. Her price list included $40 for BBBJ and $60 for sex. I chose the latter.

We came back to my place and I asked her if she wanted to wash her many layers of clothing. She wanted to do this and I was happy because that always mean a good hour and a half for fun. When we got down to business, she told me that the $60 was just for sex. Everything else, including a BBBJ was a la carte. She did eventually let me touch her pussy and after a while I could sense that she was really getting in to it. Soon she was telling me what to do to give her pleasure and the a la carte charges for extras disappeared. She told me that she came twice and that it had been a while since that last happened.

We never did get to a BBBJ because the rest of it was so much fun. It turned out to be a great GFE experience. That girl can really move. I would repeat. She does not have a phone number unfortunately. Her clothes did dry on schedule and I took her back downtown about half an hour later.


12-19-06, 05:49
News reports this morning stated that a woman in her 30's was found dead Saturday morning in downtown Kelowna. I thought that it might have been Diane, but when her name was released, it was Bobbi, the girl from my last report. She was in a little court which is part of Chancellor Place on Leon Avenue, just off of Ellis. Local TV had a number of pictures of her. I do not know how they got them so quickly.

The Special Crimes unit is investigating, but it is not yet known if she died of natural causes or was murdered. It does illustrate the dangerous life that street girls endure. Treat them well.


Long Rod
12-21-06, 21:47
Will be working in the PG area in Jan and am looking for info on where the girls are working. Also reports, recommendations, phone # anything would be helpful.

Thanks in advance

Long Rod
12-21-06, 21:50
Had an awsome experience with agirl named shelly in the spring. Sheryl Crow kinda looks, great attitude, tattos, picked her up on tranquille near timmyès. Anyone seen her or know how I can get in touch with hwer É


Also anyone have updastes on the Kamloops scene?

Beller Ophon
12-24-06, 11:45
Hey There,

Don't post regularly but here goes.

Hit the strips in Chilliwack last night and for the most part was striking out. The normal areas, right downtown around Yale near the post office and the surrounding blocks, were all pretty much empty. The local community patrols have been on a blitz lately and there are not a whole lot of girls working. Recently in Chilliwack the municipal gov't has also been on a kick to knock down housing belonging to the marginalized of society. This means our street friends are stuck. The pick up areas are still re adjusting but I've been starting to see some action along Young rd. near the railway tracks.

Back to last night. I ended up picking up Priscilla near Young and Cheam. Cute looking native girl, maybe 5'7, 21, pretty slim. She started by asking me to take her to McDonalds, which I figured what the fuck why not. After getting her some food we talked prices and I had her down to $20 for a BJ, down from $30. We parked behind a couple of buildings on Young and she gets started. This is one to avoid guys, probably the worst BJ I have ever had...mostly tried to just hand it. Finally I just told her to quit, keep the money, and get out of the car.

I hate it when this happens, you find a really cute girl who completely bails as far as service is concerned. Better luck next time.

12-27-06, 00:59
Hey Long Rod. Depends on the weather in PG. If it is typical January weather then you won't find many girls on the street. However, if it is at or just below freezing then there might be a good selection. January is usually a good month as all the holiday bills come in and you will find some non-pros out looking to make the ends meet.

Queensway from downtown to 20th Ave, and then along to Victoria, and in the few blocks surrounding the McDonalds there at 20th and Victoria will be where you have the best chances. Sometimes you will find some SWs along 5th heading toward Hwy 97 from the downtown core.

Will be working in the PG area in Jan and am looking for info on where the girls are working. Also reports, recommendations, phone # anything would be helpful.

Thanks in advance

12-29-06, 11:53
Her Advertisement is as follows:

Our Blonde Ski Bunny!! 27, 5'5", 127lbs., 38b/c-27-37, long blonde hair and blue eyes


Nookie Monster
12-30-06, 02:38

I would highly recommend thekaliproject.com

They have a nice incall suite on the edge of town and I wish I could have hooked up with Kara one day and Ilana 2 days afterwards. Both ladies were excellent, clean, service oriented. I extended my 30min to a full hour because I was having so much fun.

Nookie Monster
12-30-06, 10:27

I would highly recommend thekaliproject.com

They have a nice incall suite on the edge of town and I wish I could have hooked up with Kara one day and Ilana 2 days afterwards. Both ladies were excellent, clean, service oriented. I extended my 30min to a full hour because I was having so much fun.Sorry, I was in a bit of a rush when I wrote my first entry and noticed my message may have been a bit confusing. If I didn't make myself clear, their is a service in PG that I tried and their website is www.thekaliproject.com

The ladies I visited were indeed Kara and Ilana. Kara had just started about a week before my visit to TKP. I also had Ilana. I had good cbj and FS with Kara with great LFK. Ilana was truly a stunner and I extended my visit with her from 30 min to 60min because the DATY was so tasty.

Best of luck.

12-31-06, 22:20
It has been an interesting three weeks.

The Good: Ashley. 24 year old cute blonde. She is 24,maybe 5’ 2” and attractive enough that I paid her $40 for an in-the-car BBBJ. Good attitude, skilled and personable. I hope to get to know her better. She was on Lawrence, across from Safeway. Ironically, she was standing in front of a church, which is located on that corner.

The Bad: Tasha was wandering the streets two Saturday mornings ago. She was the coldest looking (as in shivering) street walker that I have ever encountered. I asked her if she wanted to warm up in my car. After talking to her for a while, I decided to let her come back to my place to warm up, get some sleep and get something to eat. She slept until Sunday morning. She said that she need to go back downtown to make some money. I asked about her price list and she quoted me some ridiculously high numbers. Tasha is probably in her late thirties, red-haired and not that attractive. But I was horny and offered her $30 for a BJ. She accepted, but her lack of skill and her coughing spells were a total turnoff. She even volunteered to give me $10 back. I have seen her on the streets a couple of times since then.

The Ugly. Sometimes, when you are picking up street girls, you get into a situation that makes you want to reevaluate your lifestyle. Tina was one of those times. I picked her up by that same church and drove out to the industrial area. We parked and I gave her $40 just as it looked like she was ready to start a BBBJ. But she kept complaining that our parking place was too visible and that we should go somewhere else. I was getting really bad vibes about her as I drove to find another place. Soon she was demanding more money or she would break out my windshield and do other bad things to my car.

Unfortunately, I was going to pick up a friend in a few minutes and could not afford to explain any damage that she might inflict as I was dragging her out of my car. I was going to drive to the police station and ask them to remove the “hitchhiker from hell”. But this is a small town and I think that the police know all about me and my hobby. So, I swallowed my pride, and actually gave her $30 more just to get rid of her. I simply had too much to loose if the crazy b*tch followed up on any of her threats.

It has been many, many years since something like that last happened to me. Unfortunately, it is one of the hazards of playing this game. If I stop picking up these girls, I will never meet the tons of great girls that make this hobby so rewarding. But I do look for “Tina” on the street, and revenge is a dish best served cold.

Tina is young looking, short dark hair and about 5’ 3”. If you see her, run for your life.

This and That:
Niki is becoming even more of a girlfriend experience.
Diane is as good as ever and now has a phone number. She was featured on a local TV clip on how homeless women are dealing with the current cold snap
Marcie has not been around for a while.
MNK is out of jail, but I have not gotten together with her yet.
I saw Cheryl downtown about a month ago. She had lost my phone number. I now have a number for her and she called me last week. We will get together soon.
Bobbi’s death has been ruled non suspicious, probably a suicide.


01-02-07, 09:58
Hello PG hobbyists

It's been awhile since I've done a posting - it seems the reports are as few as the SW's in PG of lately. Have been back and forth to PG over the last 8 weeks so thought I would post a few encounters.

First time back in PG called my reliable Annie - she looking a little weathered but still gives a great bj - takes her time and seems to enjoy herself - lots of noise and goes deep. Got together twice with her once for a quick car date then again in a couple of days at my motel room for some pussy action. Both times were very good experiences.

The next time in town I was cruising around queensway and 20th around midnight - met a young college student from Merritt via Fort St. John.

Nice face but she was so bundled up that couldn't see the rest of her body.
Gave a rather agressive bj (compared to Annie) so it took a bit before popping but she did work it to completion. Had a great pair under the parka to play with while she was working.

She's working to pay for college - asked if I would be in merritt in january?
I might make that trip to check out other parts in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Well thats it - overall not much happening. I have noticed though - a few gems are out there but usually quite late (around 1 to 2 am).

PM me if you want to exchange some numbers of SW's?


01-03-07, 00:41
Yes, I will agree that PG has been pretty quiet and it hasn't been real cold there yet. Need to find someone like your reliable Annie. Is she a SW or an incall lady?

Hello PG hobbyists

It's been awhile since I've done a posting - it seems the reports are as few as the SW's in PG of lately. Have been back and forth to PG over the last 8 weeks so thought I would post a few encounters.

First time back in PG called my reliable Annie - she looking a little weathered but still gives a great bj - takes her time and seems to enjoy herself - lots of noise and goes deep. Got together twice with her once for a quick car date then again in a couple of days at my motel room for some pussy action. Both times were very good experiences.

The next time in town I was cruising around queensway and 20th around midnight - met a young college student from Merritt via Fort St. John.

Nice face but she was so bundled up that couldn't see the rest of her body.
Gave a rather agressive bj (compared to Annie) so it took a bit before popping but she did work it to completion. Had a great pair under the parka to play with while she was working.

She's working to pay for college - asked if I would be in merritt in january?
I might make that trip to check out other parts in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Well thats it - overall not much happening. I have noticed though - a few gems are out there but usually quite late (around 1 to 2 am).

PM me if you want to exchange some numbers of SW's?


01-04-07, 06:51
I was driving downtown before noon on New Years Day and thought that I spotted Kim walking down the street. I did a quick turn around the block but could not find her again. I did find a substitute who was more than adequate, but more about that at another time.

When I got home, I was delighted to find a message from Kim on my answering machine, wishing me a Happy New Year and suggesting that we get together. She called again the next day and I arranged to pick her up at noon today.

Kimberley-Ann is a beautiful full native 36 year old. I have talked about her before in posts 160, 169 and 173. I first saw her downtown nearly two years ago. I tried to get her attention over the course of the next week and finally ended up talking to her for a while. However, she did not show up at the place where we were going to meet. About an hour later, I was walking out of the men’s washroom at the downtown mall and at exactly the same time she emerged from the ladies room directly across. We started laughing, decided that maybe fate was involved, and she came home with me.

It was a good day. Some drinks and great sex. We went to a Karaoke bar that night and she was a very popular young lady. One married guy was particularly enamoured with Kim. He sat down at our table and was quietly asking all kinds of questions about her. I seem to remember that we told him that we were married. Finally he remembered that his wife was with him and he told her to come over and sit with us. She reluctantly did join us, and we made her feel as comfortable as she could be under the circumstances.

About five months ago, Kim suddenly disappeared. She told me today that she had spent two months in Kamloops and another three in Vancouver. She got involved volunteering at a women’s shelter there and has actually cleaned up her life quite a bit. She seems to be off of the hard drugs and was quite relaxed at my house today. We had a few drinks and she had a shower. Then pure and simple, she seduced me. It was one of the best GFE’s that I have ever had. She loves DATY and I was happy to do my part. Sometimes I am a little reluctant to kiss the girl because it is not always part of the deal. But she initiated everything and I am sure that she really wanted to be with me. We had three very pleasant hours. I must be living right.

Kim is a very intelligent girl and a lot of fun to have around. She is 5’ 7’’ and has put back on enough weight to the point where I think she is perfect. I will repeat and repeat and repeat.


Long Rod
02-14-07, 01:58
I'm looking for reports on Kamloops action. Thanks for the PG reports got into some action there last month. one good one bad, Candace was name of bad experience.

Thanks for the help guys

02-22-07, 00:47
Hey fellows any thought on providers in White Rock? I was there recently and was thinking about another visit. I'd appreciate any feedback.


02-23-07, 06:26
Hey fellows any thought on providers in White Rock? I was there recently and was thinking about another visit. I'd appreciate any feedback.


White Rock years ago had some action on King George, but, doubtfull you will find anything these days. Better off driving into Van. or roll around Surrey. Time it takes to drive to those area's would be better spent, hunting White Rock to find nothing. Walley in Surrey slim pickings, yet your better off. Further down King George in that area, you should find something......

03-05-07, 06:36
Kelowna is a fun place to be these days if you share my favorite hobby. Most of my long time favorites are in town and sometimes it is a little dicey driving downtown – too many girls waving and wanting me to pick them up. They must really like my company, or perhaps it is my money that is the true attraction. Seriously, it is becoming a problem. The strip is a small area and I do not want to hurt other workers feelings by picking up one of their rivals in front of them. Some get visibly pissed off if I drive by them without stopping. An abundance of riches. The best time to find street working girls seems to be between 11 am and 5 pm.

I did manage to bring Ashley back to my place. She is a beautiful girl. The sex with her was good, but not spectacular. She may have left town since I have not seen her in a while. Hope it wasn't me. I did have an over night session with Jo. It did not turn out that well as her cravings got to her about 4 am and she spent the next 3 hours bugging me to take her back. I have also had sessions with both Maria and Dianne since my last report. I felt rushed with Dianne this time.

Unfortunately, Kim is right back into street life. But after I am with her, I end up figuring that she is the best. Then MNK calls and takes over top spot. It just seems to go back and forth, but it is a lot of fun being the scorekeeper. MNK called me from Vernon on Saturday morning. She was desperate to get back to Kelowna, so I made the 60 km trip to pick her up. She rewarded me with one of the best GFE overnight experiences that I have had in a long while. So for the time being, she is #1.

03-15-07, 21:12
I have not posted much the last while for two reasons:
I suspect that there are not that many people who read and/or benefit from postings in this section. Nobody else reports on Kelowna.

I had not been with any new working girls lately and did not want to bore you (if you are in fact here) with stories about the old ones.

Two days ago I received a typical, panicked phone call from MNK. She had been kicked out of her place, had not slept for 3 days and was hungry. To add insult to injury, her boyfriend had stolen her money. (Why street girls put up with this, I will never understand, but a lot of them do). I had less than an hour to pick her up, take her home and then pick up Maria who had previously asked me to buy her a drink after she finished work.

When I got back home from meeting with Maria (just food and drink), MNK desperately wanted to go down town for "supplies". I gave her a small amount of money, drove around a bit and then picked her up and brought her back home. Sometimes she rewards me with great sex for this sort of thing. But this time she was "not in the mood". It reminded me of being married. MNK and I have seen each other so many times over the years that the sexual nature of our relationship is a bit like that some times.

So I drove MNK back downtown yesterday afternoon. And when I spotted a bleached blonde women on Leon soon after, she caught my attention. I thought at first that whe was from one of the businesses that still exist on that street as she was well dressed and did not look like she belonged there. After a couple of passes, she gave me the look and came over to my car just after I had parked in the Safeway lot.

Her name is Chris, 37 years old and she used to work at the Garden of Eden as an escort. She said that she knew that she had to charge less now and asked if $60 for everything was OK. I pretended to ponder her offer for a couple of seconds before I agreed. After a stop at a liquor store, we proceeded back to my house. We talked, played some music and she had drunk a bottle of wine by the time that we got to the bedroom.

Chris says that she really likes sex and her enthusiasm soon became very apparent. Her BBBJ is superb and she must have 6 or 8 different "moves". She seemed to enjoy DATY as much as I did. And her cowgirl style could win a lot of rodeos. I was surprised by her large, firm and natural breasts which were not apparent at all when she was wearing her jacket. Her legs are toned and muscular. It was a total girl friend experience.

It was a enjoyable, unrushed two and a half hours. She wants to get back into the escort business and made a number of calls from my place to other agencies in town. It was fun watching from the other side of the business as she made those calls, all the while knowing that I was going to have her in the next few minutes. We clicked and she actually wanted to go back downtown, pick up a mood enhancer (her only negative) and then come back with me for the night. I declined because of early morning commitments this morning, but of course I did drive her back downtown. I have her phone number and she has mine.

Soon after I dropped off Chris, Kim ran to my car. We drove around a short while as she smoked a cigarette. She has two black eyes from a scrap with another girl, but she is now the cutest raccoon that you will ever see.


03-16-07, 05:30
Thanks for the reports. Some of us do read them quite a bit. I used to travel lots to Kelowna, but these days it is mostly Calgary and Edmonton. However, one of these days before summer hits I need to make it to the valley. Keeping an eye on your reports to see what kind of fun or trouble I can get into.

03-16-07, 18:11
I had an interesting call from G last night just before 10 pm. She was a sexual care giver of mine a number of years ago. Over the years it developed in to more of a friendship. She is trying to raise her 3 year old on not much income and she struggles. I drive her around sometimes as she does errands. She also helps me obtain cheaper product for my other (legal) addiction. She is native with a Status Card. I am also someone that she calls when she is feeling depressed and angry.

Last night was one of those times. She was walking downtown to "go to work". She hates working these days and does not do it very often. She wanted to keep talking to me as she strolled around the strip area. She was telling me who else was working down there as she walked by them. G was also giving commentary on possible clients who were driving by. It was interesting to see a sex workers perspective as she was working. In less than 10 minutes she said that this one looked like a live one and she was gone.

So if you ever wondered who those working girls are talking to on their cell phones, it might be me.

Embassy, thanks for your words of encouragement.


04-04-07, 07:21
I had a great time with MNK on Thursday. She is the 25 year old that has lived at my house a number of times over the years and is one of my favorites. Even after all this time, we seemed to reach a new level this time around. I took her back downtown on Friday morning.

I got a call from her mother on Saturday morning telling me that she had received a call from a girl ( I am guessing that it was actually a female RCMP officer) who told her that MNK was in lockup. It turns out that she had been picked up on a probation violation. She appeared in court on Monday, was remanded to Thursday, but needed to post a $500 bond to avoid being a guest until Thursday. She contacted me and others trying to find the money. I graciously declined. But today, MNK called. The purpose of the call was to tell me that she was out (despite my lack of help.) Her step dad bailed her out despite him telling me last night that she needed to learn a lesson and that he was not going to help.

A couple of weeks ago, I read where a 36 year old women and a 27 year old guy had been arrested as they stole a “bait car”. Kim, whom I know is 36, came to mind because she has a 27-year-old boyfriend. She called me a day later, and after I asked her, she admitted that it was her. Kim is so intelligent, attractive and personable that I just can not fathom why she does something that stupid. I talked to Kim briefly downtown last Saturday and she is looking quite street worn. If you want to get together with Kim, do it soon. She will soon be unavailable for a while.

Bits and Bytes

Dixie is back in town after being in Kamloops for a month.

Ashley is still in Kelowna. (I had not seen her for a while.)

I drove Niki home last week and she told me that, now that she had broken up with her boyfriend, she has not had sex for a while and could I help her with that. Sales pitch or not, I was already late for an appointment. I just smiled and dropped her off. She is living in a “safe house” on Richter.

There are a number of new girls around. One particularily attractive one was working in the downtown Safeway area last Friday afternoon. She was early twenties, medium dark hair and curvy. I do not have enough money to spend on my regular favorites, let alone any new ones.

Maria has been calling me. She likes to get together for companionship and/or money making sex. I might have become the father figure that she never really had. Or a modified friends with benefits situation. She might stay at my house for a short while when she is it between apartments.

Annie, who is living in Prince George, is in Kelowna looking after her mother's estate. She called me and we might get together before she goes back.

I talked to Dianne a few days ago. She ran over to my car as I was stopped at a stop sign a short distance away from downtown. She has hay fever and joked that maybe this is why that she is not able to make as much money lately. Her face is a little puffed up, but she still looks fine.


Koko 38
04-06-07, 23:41
I'm new to PG and it's April 6th, 2007. Where can I look for SW?

I know where 5th ave is and. Is it active at this time of year? How much should I expect to pay after I barter?

Any girls out during the afternoons?

Horny as hell here.

04-10-07, 07:07
Not trying to be difficult here, but you will just have to go out and have a look and see if 5th ave is active. If you know where it is, then head on out.

Really depends on the girl as to how much you can barter. It will be better at this time of the month than in a couple of weeks as most will start to be getting short of welfare cash. The uglier the girl, the less you should have to pay. I know that sounds crude, but that is the truth. If you find a real hot number in a cum fuck me outfit then she knows she is going to get picked up a lot and she can afford to be more choosy.

Let us know what you find.

I'm new to PG and it's April 6th, 2007. Where can I look for SW?

I know where 5th ave is and. Is it active at this time of year? How much should I expect to pay after I barter?

Any girls out during the afternoons?

Horny as hell here.

04-11-07, 23:19
Seems that there is a bit of competition for girls between the BO and Kalis these days. At least two if not more of the girls from Kalis have moved over to BO. The report on the forum in Kalis says that Maya fired a couple of the girls and then one moved over to BO. However I think that there is some stealing of the girls back and forth. My preference lately has been for Kalis over BO although I have seen girls from both. But it seems that all may not be well in Kali land as the last couple of girls I have seen have been really mis-adverstised. What is written in their bios is definitely stretching the truth.

That seems to a bit of a problem in PG as I have run across it before with an upstart agency a couple of years ago. It was a bit of a problem at BO, but now has spread to Kalis where truth in advertising seem to be the norm.

Just a heads up so that you aren't disappointed. Buyer beware.

04-18-07, 02:20
being friends with a number of girls downtown usually is a good thing. it often leads to great gfe sex with the girls willing to stay at my place for hours at a time and sometimes days. but it does not always turn out that way. last saturday was one of the days.

i got a call from jo about 7 pm. she was crying and said that she really needed to talk to a friend. so i reluctantly stopped watching the hockey playoff game and went downtown to pick her up. she told me that she had been raped by two “friends" that day and just wanted to get away. i picked up some liquor and also gave her $10 to buy something downdown. i never park and hang around while the transaction is being made. i do risk losing sight of the girl as i drive around and then pick her up a few minutes later. i only do this with girls that i know well and it usually results in a contented sexual caregiver that does not rush me at all when we get back to my place. but she never did show up although there was a message from her that i could not understand when i finally returned home. after the day that she had, i had no intention of having sex with her anyway unless she initiated it. so i was only out $10, but it was disappointing.

so, being a slow learner, i soon did exactly the same thing with diane. diane is great, but she had made me feel rushed the last couple of times and i think that i know why. so when she asked me, for the first time ever, to front her $40 for a purchase, i took a chance because i thought that this would make our session much better. but she disappeared so i went home alone. i know that some experienced mongers will ask me if i am out of my mind. but it is a rational, well thought out plan of dealing with street girls. i want the girl to be content, give me gfe sex and be willing to stay longer than an average session. it is rare that i am stiffed. it is never a lot of money involved. almost always the girl is apologetic and rewards me with great sex (and a cheaper price, of course) the next time around. otherwise, she is history.

i had a very good time with mnk on sunday night. she stayed over until mid morning on monday. with her, there is always some up front money involved. always worth it.

yesterday, i got a call from maria from her construction site. yes, she is now making good money running a construction elevator on a large building site. she had had a bad day, not at work, but on a personal level. so we came back to my place and talked and drank some beer. she finally decided to stay over and we got up early to get her to work on time. i had not planned to try to have sex with her this time around, but i did find a very good way of waking her up this morning.

so, i am downtown at 6:20 this morning after dropping maria off at work. i was surprised to see at least 4 sexual caregivers wandering around at that time of the morning. one of them was marcie. another is a very friendly appearing girl that i am going to have to get together with. she is growing on me. it really is possible to get laid any time of the day in kelowna.

04-20-07, 03:42
Isn't it always the way? Just when the number of street working girls increases to the point where there is a very nice selection, the police run a sting operation and "cull the herd" - so to speak. This happened in Kelowna the last two days when 12 sexual caregivers were picked up, with 7 being charged. I have not talked to anyone downtown yet, but it is likely that some of my favourites got caught up.

Selfishly, it is not all bad. The girls who are charged don't dare to work downtown, so they call people like me instead and often offer very good deals. I had better rest up.

04-23-07, 04:05
Back in PG for business on Friday and Saturday. Decided to hit the streets as I am a little pissed at the false advertising of some of the girls by TKP and BO. See my earlier report. (Being described as a wild girl to me means more than a BJ and missionary).

Queensway was very busy with girls walking up and down. LE must have been out earlier as none of the SWs were standing on the corners. Most of them were coming and going from the 7-11. Either there was a coffee sale on, or they were buying rubbers one at a time. Filled up with gas and tried to pick one of the girls up as she was coming in or going out, but my timing was bad.

Around 11:00 there was almost one SW on every corner of 20th. Never seen it so busy. However, none of them were my type.

Finally found one on one of the side streets heading away from 20th. Cute native girl in her early 20s. Two greens for a very non-rushed BJ and some attention to the balls and ass. No rush and she was clean and smelled good. Allowed me to play with the nips which hardened up very quickly and stayed hard. Nice time for a quarter of what the agencies charge for one shot.

04-28-07, 19:51
More Sex Trade Arrests
by Wayne Moore - Story: 29222
April 28, 2007 / 8:30 am

Kelowna RCMP arrested four more women Thursday night, all believed to be involved in the downtown sex trade.

The arrests are the latest in a vice-sting that has resulted in 15 arrests over the past few weeks.

"It has come to the attention of the Kelowna RCMP that the activities surrounding the sex trade workers, particularly in the downtown core, have become very apparent resulting in the need to address them," says RCMP Cst. Julie Rattee.

She says Thursday's arrests is one of a series of projects aimed at addressing some of the issues surrounding the sex trade in the downtown core.

"Over the course of this initiative, it is the intention of the investigators to target the male participants of the sex trade as well."

All four women arrested Thursday are well known to police.


The annual spring cleanup is happening in Kelowna and it is affecting the number of sexual care givers out on the street. MNK, one of my favorites, was caught in the first wave. She is on a government sponsored vacation for at least three months; likely longer as she has to appear again on May 10th. Kim, another favorite, was picked up before the sting on a probation violation, and with other charges pending, will likely be away for quite a while. What a waste.

Both of them have called me from jail, particularily MNK, who calls nearly every day. I have sent both of them a small amount of money. This will be a surprise for Kim who had not asked for anything. This money will make their stay a little more pleasant, and I know that it will pay off for me when they are out. I really do like that GFE sex.

The streets were pretty empty this morning. I did see Niki from a distance, but did not talk to her this time. She told me a couple of days ago that these days, she only goes with people that she knows. So she has likely avoided being caught. I did see Diane a couple of days ago as well.

I brought Dixie back to the house 2 days ago. She is still extremely tight. But either she has tired of me or has just become jaded from being out there. There is little response from her and I no longer recommend her.

I just now received a call from Niki. As good as her invitation sounded, I still had to say no. I have too much to do today.


04-28-07, 23:14
The Castanet website, from where I got the news story in my last report, usually posts the same picture when it is a sexual care giver story. I always chuckle when I see it, because this is a picture of Carmella, report #118. Unfortunately, she as not been around for quite a while, but unknowingly, they did pick a good one. She almost always wore the same clothes as shown in the picture and they looked best when laying on the floor beside my bed. This picture would have been taken on Leon between Ellis and Richter.

05-02-07, 08:42
I am exhausted and sitting back down at my computer after just having had great sex with 23 year old Lila. She is napping in my bed for an hour before I drive her back downtown. Maybe then she will still be tired and want to spend the night. I will not object.

Lila tells me that she came here 4 month ago from Prince George. There she had worked at the Black Orchid and in a smaller agency in town. I had not seen her before tonight; she is cute enough that I would have remembered. She is about 5’ 2”, a little padded but a very nice body. Good attitude. She has red hair and tonight was wearing pigtails. I actually asked her if she was old enough to be doing this kind of thing.

Everything was covered but she gives a very good BJ. I can only imagine how good it would have been without. She took her time with the BJ, I think partly because I had told her that my Viagra had not kicked in yet. Like I said, she has a really good attitude. She was really into sex and came about 2 seconds before I did. So it has been an almost perfect evening. I did not try kissing or Daty but I think that she might be amenable next time. And there will be a next time. $80.

I had started cruising about 9:45 pm. I soon saw someone pick up Marcie and I really should have warned the poor guy. Then for half an hour there was no one. But a little later, there was quite a good selection, but no one that I recognized. Lila was a good choice.

05-06-07, 05:15
I was downtown yesterday around 11:30 am and there were a few working girls out. Marcie was the only one that I have been with before, but I continued to pass. There was a slim girl with a cute face walking around the Safeway area. For a while, I was thinking that this was a girl that I have had trouble with in the past. By the time that I realized that it was not the same one, she was gone and I was kicking myself.

I finally settled on Pam. She is 41 and 5' 11 3/4" tall. She comes from Edmonton and has been in town for 3 months. We went to my favorite parking place for a $40 BBBJ. She entertained me on the way there and that is always a good sign. She worked really hard and it was almost all mouth with very little hand. She is very personable and quite attractive for her age ( I should talk about age). I want to see those long legs and she said that and sex could be arranged for $80. Next time. She does not have a phone number.


Zipper Fran
05-21-07, 08:02
Hi Guys,

Can anyone give me any leads on a provider in Nelson BC?



05-23-07, 01:22

05-24-07, 06:54
Last Thursday, I drove by the Garden of Eden on Lawrence.There was a woman standing ouside having a cigarette. She was wearing a microskirt and had a magnificent pair of legs. I parked, walked by and talked to her. She said that her name was Falacia and that her shift would end at 5 pm. So my little head started walking over to my bank and I had no choice but to follow him. (He's not very good with money)

Back at the Garden of Eden, Falacia was still available. So up the stairs, and yes, her legs were as good as I thought they were. She asked for payment up front, which is common practice in this part of the world. The damage for half an hour is $145 Cdn + 6% GST (tax), would you believe. That came to $151 and I simply gave her $160.

Falacia undressed, and every part of her that was not covered by clothing was covered by tatoos. Not a good start. This, as I said, was an impulse decision and I had taken no Wombel Menke that day. (My favorite "code word" from the latest Viagra commercial.) She gave me a reasonable covered BJ, but I got a little soft during the main course. She finished me with a hand job so vigorous that it hurt. She purposely stood quite a ways away from me during the BJ and angled herself away from me so that it was just too much effort to try to touch her. It was over in 20 minutes, and I had no desire to stay for the last 10 minutes of the half hour period. There was no chemistry at all and soon into the session, any attraction that I had for her was gone.

So that was Falacia, 38 years old and I would not recommend.

The reason that I was downtown was that I had just dropped off Dixie. She had called me at 7:30 am and pleaded to come out to my house so that she could get some sleep. So I picked her up and got her some breakfast. I had not noticed earlier, but as we were driving out it became apparent that she was as high as a kite on drugs. She had a shower which took forever. She then spent 45 minutes standing in my kitchen and making weird sounds. She did strange things like accusing me of not waking her up at the agreed upon time. That would have been difficult as she never did lay down. She wanted to make some money, but I had decided a month ago that that was not going to happen again. She was unhappy to put it diplomatically. So I was relieved to be driving her back downtown.

My two favorites, MNK and Kim are still in jail. I sent Kim another small amount of money, mainly because I know that she needs it and particularily because she never asks for anything. She has phoned twice and written me a lot of letters. I might be the only one who gives a damn about her right now. MNK calls 3 or 4 times a week.

05-27-07, 01:01
I was downtown Thursday afternoon and there were not a lot of working girls out. One cutie that caught my eye was sitting on a bench on the Leon side of the Pushor Mitchell Law Firm building. I expected that she would be one of the businesswomen who usually frequent that bench, but she did give me that look as I drove by. When I drove by again, she was engaged in conversation with a security guard who was now also sitting on the bench, but she gave me an even bigger smile. I saw her walking alone a few minutes later and stopped to tell her that I had to attend a meeting but would look for her about 8:30 if she was still out. She suggested that I call her and gave me her number. Then she asked if I could drive her home. It was not that far from downtown, so I was happy to oblige.

I called her after the meeting and went to her house. While I was not overly concerned about going to her place, I did take out the agreed upon $80 from my wallet and left my wallet hidden in my car. Her name is Jillian, 27 years old and she lives in a neat basement suite with her one-year-old child who was out with his grandmother. I had guessed earlier that she was not a frequent player in this game as she was not sure what price that she should be charging. That was borne out by her shyness during our session. She insisted on using a condom, even for handwork. She was pleasant and all, but it was just too mechanical without a hint of GFE. She said that she would not be so insistent on a condom once that she knew me, but as attractive as she is, there will likely not be a next time. YMMV.

But yesterday, I was able to become reacquainted with the total GFE. I received a call from Cheryl, report #132, at 7:30 in the morning. Cheryl is a 42 year old exotic beauty of Native, Norwegian and Spanish heritage. It has been frustrating getting together with Cheryl as she moves around a lot and I can not locate her even when I think that I have an up to date number. She has called a few times and I have always been away and she has left messages. I joking told her yesterday that I had not left my house in the last 2 weeks since her last call so that I would not miss her next call.

We arrived back at my house about 1 pm. She immediately gave me a big hug and passionate kiss. Great start. We had drinks and played some music. She stroked my ego by complimenting my singing voice and guitar playing. And I would like to think that she really means that. She was there for more than 6 hours and nearly half of that time was spent in the bedroom. Her BBBJ is even better than I remember and may have moved into first place on my all time best list. And the hugs and kisses helped to make this a truly memorable experience. I am beginning to think that she will never do Daty though, even when I am at my most persuasive.

I drove her back downtown at about 7:30 pm. She insisted on giving me more BBBJ as I was driving. It was still light out, but I had very recent experience of how good that it was going to feel, so I took the chance and gave in to her demand. I did take as many back streets as I could, but it was just not long enough. (She smiled and told me that if I stopped and pulled over, that she would stop too.) It was just the icing on the cake for a thoroughly enjoyable day.

I gave Cheryl $80, the same as Jillian. But there is no comparison beyond that.

Note: The police have extended the red-zone area from Richter out to Ethel Street. That is unfortunate, as there was a growing crop of red-zoned girls working just across Richter. But, I will find them again.

Cactus J
05-27-07, 04:57
Great report. I am hopeful to make it to Kelowna soon and your excellent reports will be very helpful.

Cactus J

06-03-07, 20:42
I was determined last night that I was going to find a sex partner. So I drove around down town for probably too long. The sexual caregivers have moved (or have been moved) more to the east in the area all around Safeway. I'll bet Safeway is thrilled; too bad they could not add this product to their selection. The girls hang out in numerous places, including the bus stop at Bernard and Richter. In 2 hours of research, I detected 8 or 10 working girls. The only one that I recognized was Marcie.

But then I spotted Dianne standing just across Richter on Leon. A few posts ago, you might remember that I had fronted Dianne $40 a few weeks ago and that she had not come back as she had agreed to. I was a little disappointed that she had not called me to apologize and offer to make it up to me. I had ignored her a couple of times since then, but last night I picked her up. I mentioned the $40 credit that I had with her, but she did not remember anything. ( I prefer saying credit rather than saying, 'Hey, you owe me $40.) But she believed me and accepted my offer of another $40 to come back to my place. I offered a $20 bonus if she could make me cum ( I am older) and she just smiled confidently.

We had a drink and then went downstairs where it was cooler. She earned her bonus at just the same time that I could have earned my own bonus (if she had made me a similar deal). Just like it is drawn up in textbooks. Dianne is a great sex partner. She told me that she got picked up in the last prostitution sting but is out on conditions. Her Red-zone restriction is up to the Richter Street boundary, not the new, extended boundary.

Niki stayed with me for a day and a half this week. She was recovering from a car accident that was the culmination of a police chase. She had glass cuts on her face and on her arms but was better off than the idiot driver.

Cactus J, glad you enjoy the reports and thank you for your kind words.

06-12-07, 22:13
Niki is upstairs in my bed, catching up on some sleep. Last night I helped her catch up on sex. And she ate like she had not eaten for about 3 days. I try to be a full-service host. She had a bad date experience 4 days ago, and is leery about going back on the streets. So she is taking a break at my place.

Kim, report #220, had a video court appearance yesterday which I attended. She was sentenced to time served plus one day, so she actually got out yesterday. She called me from Surrey later in the day and asked if I would pick her up at the bus depot early this morning. She was not on the bus, but it is likely that she will call me in the next couple of days. Just-out-of-jail-sex is fantastic.

Kelowna has had a round up of street level drug dealers.The pictures of those not already in custody were splashed all over the media and the front page of the Vancouver Province. As is usually the case, some sexual care givers were involved. Terrible Terry, report #188, was picked up the next day. Laura-Lee, report #188 and Sarah, report #118, are still being sought. Sarah's street life has certainly take a toll on her appearance since I last saw her over a year ago.


06-14-07, 20:12
Kim did call me two days ago. I picked her up and she came back to the house with me. She, Niki and I had some drinks and then I drove both of them downtown.

I got together with Kim yesterday. We spent three hours together, drinking and catching up. And let's just say that just-out-of-jail sex is everything that it is advertised to be - and more. I had a lot of trouble keeping up with her as she took out the sexual frustration of the last two and a half months. Man, that girl can move!


Cactus J
06-19-07, 20:13
Spent a day there last week. Too miserable to golf so went to plan B. Called Pro something escorts from the yellow pages. Said he had 3, Mckenzie 31 105lbs 32 B cup and 2 other older heavier ones. I choose Mckenzie. FS quoted at $ 150.00 for 1/2 hour 200 for hour. She arrived in about 45 minutes, what a pleasant suprise! She was attractive with light red hair, quite petite and very bubbley.

I paid the $ 150 and she didn't even count it. In the time it took for us to get our clothes off I mentioned I could be a good tipper. She had small but beautiful tits with great pointy nipples that were erect and a nice trimmed but far from shaved bush. She started a CBJ while I explored her nipples and snatch, wet as rain in Campbell River. She got on the bed and strattled my face, what a beautiful sight! It was like a pretty picture! She continued her job with vigor and after smelling the sweet aroma I dived in with my tounge. Lovely taste and seemed to enjoy. I added a diget to the rear entry with no complaint, tight like a mouses ear. She was a great worker and did everything she could possibly do to please. Kept right at it for the full 1/2 hour. Her driver called and we cleaned up, tipped her $ 40.00 and wished well to the best sesion I have enjoyed in a small town. Highly recommended!

She wouldn't part with her cell # and I don't get out that way very often so wasn't a big deal. Only been in town 3 weeks she said.

Cactus J

06-21-07, 03:25
The RCMP recently conducted a sting operation on two different nights in Vernon. 12 customers were detained, 8 of whom will be offered John School to atone for their sins. The oldest one who was picked up is 73 years old. He is my hero.


07-10-07, 05:10
I drove around the pussy zone in Kelowna on Saturday morning. There was nothing around for the first 15 minutes, but then I found MNK-or rather she found me. We found a place to park and fooled around a little bit, but actually did more talking than anything else. It was her 26th birthday so I gave her a bit of money even though we did not do much sexually.

I drove her back downtown and continued to drive around a bit more. I spotted a sexual caregiver on Lawrence just east of Ethel Street. She is subject to the new red-zone provision which keeps her from being closer to downtown than Ethel. She pretended to be hitchhiking and I stopped even though I knew that she wasn't. I exagerated and told her that I had just had sex and was too old to go again so quickly. She told me what she was going to do to me to bring me back to life and sounded so confident that I gave her $20 just to fool around a bit as we were driving.

As soon as we got out of the downtown area, she started to ply her trade. Soon she was going down on me while I was driving, and that has always turned me on. She was doing more than we had bargained for, and doing it extremely well. I told her that she had earned another $20 already. She got me off before I even found a place to park. It was one of the best BBBJs that I have ever had the pleasure of receiving.

I had never seen her before, but her street name is Rose and she is 32. She has very short blonde hair, average looking and quite non-descript. But her BBBJ is to die for and I will look her up again. She told me that she usually goes to work about 10 am in the same place that I found her. She has no phone.

07-18-07, 06:31
I have had a visitor staying at my place for the last 3 weeks so that has cut down on my mongering. The good news is that the guest is Maria. There is a lot to be said for having one of the best BBBJs on the planet available in the next room. However, MNK did spend a night here, and there was one great session in the middle of the night where we managed to again discover what simultaneous means.

Any other mongering that I have done has been confined to my car. I have encountered two Rip Off Biches with similar MO's. The first was Carmen who is early twenties and would be quite cute if she was cleaned up. She is actually one that I have always avoided because I detected an attitude problem, so I should have known better. The second was Debra who is 47. I seriously misjudged her when I picked her up at a bus stop at Gordon and Lawrence. Both did start to go to work and after maybe a minute said they could not do this anymore. It was the need for a drug fix that was responsible for both situations. Both were quite apologetic as I was dropping them off and promised to make it up to me next time. There will be no next time. Avoid CARMEN and DEBRA.

I did run in to Denise, who I reported on back a year or so ago, report #161. Back then it was a really strange session where it alternated between it being great and her then complaining about all kinds of things. She has just returned to town and says that she has cleaned up her act. She gave me a really nice BBBJ in the car. She asked for only $25 and said that being with someone that she liked and trusted was more important than the money. I will see her again.