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06-10-17, 17:50
I put together a Map.

So, this is a work in progress

But the directions are not easy.
There are street names on the Map, so if some of you could please add the exact name of the places it would help..

Any corrections would be deeply appreciated by all.


07-05-17, 17:49
I put together a Map.

So, this is a work in progress

But the directions are not easy.
There are street names on the Map, so if some of you could please add the exact name of the places it would help..

Any corrections would be deeply appreciated by all.

https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?hl=en&authuser=0&mid=1oP8L5Fg6ral12u0XaeyacXnliUU&ll=37.54545912370892%2C126.95337779376212&z=12Hey brother,

So when I saw you posted this map and got really excited. I was heading to Seoul about a week after but soon realized that this map is not really accurate. I want to help you out anyway I can because of your invaluable maps / information about central America that I greatly benefited from. I did some massive reconnaissance, so hopefully this will get the map to be more accurate and people don't have to waste time. I'll follow these updates with a field report soon.

1. The 2 kiss bangs (k club and 7 club) in Hongik University are no longer there. This information is based on rockit, so it's almost a decade old. I walked up and down the street and reading every sign hoping to find the bang or Korean equivalent. Looking out for lips or kiss. I think the police / government did a big crackdown on these places.

2. Yeongdeungpo Station or YDP Red Light District is pinned incorrectly on the map. It's still there, but not thriving as old reports have said. It's located on Yeongsin-ro 24-gill only and ends at Yeoungjung-ro 3-gil. Walk out of exit 3 and cross 2 streets and make a left. I saw about 20 girls, mostly pretty good looking.


3. The two kissbangs (sestars and the one down from it) are pinned wrong. The locations are office buildings. There was no directions, but I'm sure it wasn't in the area.

4. LIPs is pinned wrong. But it doesn't matter, I eventually found it and went upstairs. The place is called Lip cok, and from that alone you would think it's a blowjob bar. It is not, at least not what the girl at the front told me. It's a party bar. I asked for something special and smiled and laughed. And she pointed to the drink list, and I asked: "is this place only for drinking?" and she laughed and said yes. I guess she gets a lot of pervy people coming up and asking. However, on my way to the place, there's a 24 HR massage place. Didn't go in and not sure what services are provided.

5. VIP Massage is pinned wrong, it's on a little bit further down, on the corner. Big spinning barber pole, I think it's in B104.

6. Pearl massage is pinned wrong. There's no English word. So right after ANOTHER paris baguette, there's a massage place with a big spinning barber pole located downstairs. I didn't go in, nor know what services are available. It's right next door to the Quiznos. Also, if you continue going down this street, there's also another massage place with a spinning barber pole. It's closeby the Mcdonalds.

7. Lips cafe: star, story, and Fiona. Looking at the map and reading the blog, I couldn't find these places at all. No directions, and vague on the details.

8. The anmas massage pin is wrong. There's nothing at that location except for a restaurant. Unless you mean to indicate the area, then it should be across the street, with Both Paris Baguettes as reference points.

9. Officetels pinned in that same area looks right. I can't speak Korean so I don't know, but the buildings look like real office buildings, rather than AAMPs.

10. Gangnam red light area should probably indicate all of gangnam instead of a specific location. This was confusing to me, as I was expecting a real RLD.

11. Belle Massage is pinned wrong, should be on the corner. It's now called Belle Therapy with a blue and yellow bright sign. Prices needs to be updated as well: I can't recall exactly but:

60 minute massage 80 k.

80 minute massage (20 minute special) 120 k.

I couldn't remember the rest, but they increase in massage time, I think the last option gave you unlimited pops. And the option before gave you 2 pops.

12. Cool right across the street from Belle is pinned incorrectly, it's maybe 1 block to the left. You need to be on that street to see the sign, otherwise it would look Korean on the other side of the street.

3 price options.

Essentially a 15 minute "special" from a young lady is 50 k YMMV but I got BBBJ, HJ, and CIM from the first girl, but only BBBJ and HJ finish from second girl. Also, the old Korean massage lady jerked me off with oil for 10 minutes, this was super uncomfortable. Massage is 100 k for every 60 minutes. They accept card, but charge a 20 k fee.

Option A:

60 min massage + 15 min special: 150 k.

15 min special + 60 min massage + 15 min special from a different second girl: 200 k.

120 min massage + 15 min special 250 k.

13. The massage places if you continue from belle / cool, I only found 2. Not sure if they were extra special massage places or not. One was called "Friends Sports Massage" but had a spinning barber pole. Another had a small spinning barber pole, but I couldn't find what or where it was.

14. Ace anma price needs to be updated. It's 280 k for 1 hour now. Clock starts as soon as you walk into the room with the girl.

15. Cheonho RLD is pinned wrong, needs to be further in. It's essentially spread throughout that block like a maze.

Well, that's all I got. I did visit other places, but it's pretty much confirmed to be right (Hooker hill, etc). Let me know if I can help further.

Thanks brother.