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06-11-17, 18:06
I've been to many parts of Asia and I have filed many reports on ISG, but this is my first trip to Korea. I'm here on business, staying in the Ansan area at the Avenue Nine hotel. Before I left Canada I searched ISG for massage shops in the Ansan area but didn't come up with much. I arrived about a week ago and went looking for a happy ending massage. I haven't yet figured out street addresses in Korea so to help others, here are the coordinates from Google Map: 716-8 Gojan-dong Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do https://maps.google.com?q=37.309323,126.828012. The girl assigned to me called herself Elle, a lithe Thai MILF who spoke pretty good English. The massage was pretty good, and it was nice to talk with her. Then things started to get hot when she started teasing me, and when she saw my member respond to her touch, she asked if she could stop for a moment and change. I wasn't sure what she meant but I soon found out. She went to a corner of the room, winked at me and started to peel off her clothes down to her bra and panties. Then she turned her back to me and removed her bra before putting on a loose-fitting t-shirt and some very short shorts. I love a girl who knows how to tease a man. She then resumed the massage and her hands began to wander, and when my hands also began to wander she didn't object; she simply asked if I would tip her well. I nodded. When it was time to roll over, I was good and stiff, and when she asked if I wanted a hand job, I didn't object. To my surprise though, the hand job included lots of licking and more than once, she took the head of my cock in her mouth and swirled her tongue in just the right place, and she did this without being asked in the expectation that my tip would match her (awesome) service level. As I was getting near to completion, she asked if I wanted to cum in her mouth and I nodded. It was awesome. She was awesome. If you're in Ansan, go see Elle. She says that she doesn't fuck customers, but my God, she sure provides good service! By the way, I gave her 130,000 won. That may seem like a lot, but whether I'm in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia or Indonesia, I pay well for good performance and in my opinion, Elle was worth it.

08-17-22, 19:47
Having recently stumbled across this site, I'm glad to see some information (albeit 5 years old) about an erotic massage in Ansan. As I live in Ansan, I'll be sure to check out the address and provide an update to the original report. Cheers, WildBill!