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04-14-02, 00:19
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09-28-02, 04:50
I haven't seen any information on the Moncton scene and wondered if anyone had something current on the escort / outcall situation in Moncton.

Was there about three weeks ago and called AfterGlow mostly because I have seen good reviews about them. What a mistake. They have changed hands and the girls must not rate higher than a 1 out of 10. She said she was sending me her best girl and she was not even a 2 - needle marks, poorly drawn tats, not very pretty, smelled bad and had more attitude than I thought was possible for one girl to have.

She wanted 120 to come into the room and would not talk about the service until she had been paid. I told her that I did not think I would keep her and she flew into a rage - she wanted 50 for her cab fare and suddenly she had entered the room and would not leave.

I called the service and they told me to give her 20$ and she would leave. I asked the lady on the phone if she remembered talking to me and pointed out that this was not the girl that had been described to me. She said that girl was out for the night so she had sent her next best girl.

Anyway, I gave up arguing, paid her 20$ and told her to leave immediately which she did cursing all the way.

I'd like to think this is not typical of the Moncton services and would hope that the others have not deteriorated to this level. I know there are others listed but I've had cabbies tell me that there are only 2 or 3 services and the numbers all ring in to the same places. Is anybody out there in the know on what's happening in Moncton? Please help.

Dirty Dog
10-25-02, 04:06
Is there any thing around the ST Stephans area near like the border to Calais? Any good escort service's I have'nt seen any strip clubs anywhere near there.

11-18-03, 23:54
Just returned from ormocto, and fredirction.... could not find a single ***** there. Whats up with that?

Dirty Dog
06-05-04, 04:07
Does anyone have any information on New Brunswick border towns? Is there any strip clubs near the US borders. The Quebec side is easy hunting but I just have'nt had any luck finding any thing in New Brunswick. Hopefully I'll have some luck there in a few weeks and it'll save me a trip to Montreal.

Dirty Dog
08-04-04, 08:29
I went up to Grand Falls, NB a few days ago and met a WSW that goe's back and forth from bar to bar was'n t to bad looking. In the same area there was a strip club called Broadway there was a cute blonde there that didnt speak any english but she let me DATY during a lap dance session. 10$ lap dances in a small room with two sections inside. I did'nt have any luck getting more then some juices in my face from her.

Does anyone else have any info on this area and other area's close to the border?

08-11-04, 10:26
Here is my first report so please be gentle.

Last week decided to sample the escort services in Moncton. Called Finesse in the yellow pages and had 6 to choose from, all sounding very similiar with a FS rate of $120. Decided on Josie, who was described as a brunette, mid 20's. She arrived on time (important for me), and looked like her description. A tip of $50 was required for DATY, but everything else was covered. Nothing spectacular but worth the cash.

Final score L-7, A-8, S-6.

Keep the NB reports coming.


11-19-04, 00:12
LE did raids at Finesse and the Gentlemen's Club yesterday. Some guys on incalls got busted. Hope they aren't down too long.


Je Joue
03-26-05, 00:36
You could look at the home page:


The place is very clean - very good

Je Joue
05-18-05, 18:07
Just contacted VIP escort service 506-684-0050, they are in the yellow page. Only one girl working that night, Sophie, a french girl (black hair, 140lb, 5'4"), the price was $130. Took her 20 minutes to show up.

Look 6, service 5, overall a 4. I had a bbbj for almost 45 minutes, didn't have the technique to make a man cum, lol. She was shaved.

She had a cold and an allergy of some kind.

if I call again, will try a new girl, maybe will be luckier

Je Joue
06-10-05, 15:52
Used to be good, not sure now, I even don't know if the girls on the pictures are still working there, your best bet is to call.

Good luck

Je Joue
06-22-05, 16:29
Finesse Massage from Moncton is closed by the police last week. :-(

Vic Nate
10-04-05, 02:16
I have not been there myself but I have been told that in Dieppe, a French-speaking suburb of Moncton is the place to go for young pussies.

If anybody has tried it, please report .

Boston Rover
10-04-05, 07:51
Had a nice time with a short lovely with long brown hair. She comes from north of Fredericton. Works part-time. No DATY but she loves to be fingered and you must use condom. Not a clock watcher. Do not try a private date! You'll get ripped.

Boston Rover
10-04-05, 08:03
Some observations;

I visit the maritimes from time to time.

Tried to contact VIP in summer of 2004. It was hopeless. Might get an anser to phone call at noon, and would ask to set up date with girl for evening. Was told to call back at 6 PM. Then no one ever answered. Decided they did not want any business.

Have found phone operator "descriptions" to be of highly variable accuracy.
For example, asked for tall, slim pretty girl in Fredericton and requestred 2 hours. Operator says "all our girls are pretty". The girl on arrival is homely, short and rather round of body. I was feeling horny and did not have to heart to send her away. She was pleasant and willing but headed for the shower after about 1 and 1/4 hours. A real clockwatcher indeed.

Boston Rover
10-04-05, 08:09
Operator listed many girls.

I tried Lindy, she was described as pretty, slim, 36D, liking toys and new to business. There were inaccuracies but great value for money. She is pretty, tall (5'9"), not slim but OK (about 145#) with firm B-cups. She has a warm and friendly personality, lots of pelvic action and a nice fit. She gets my recommendation

Boston Rover
10-04-05, 08:33
My first encounter (June 2005) was great - met Saffire. If you treat her right and she is feeling well, she is a gem. She is Acadian and a true courtesan. Delightful personality.Very sweet, outgoing and friendly. Slim and very pretty with gorgeous legs. Don't expect firm C-cup breasts - Saffire's are small, very soft and lovely to play with. Her age is around 30, and she has clearly spent a lot of time enjoying herself in bed. She loves sex and it shows. She clearly enjoys her work and knows how to make a man feel good in so many ways - sexual and nonsexual. However, she is popular and sometimes gets tired. Then she descends a little to "just" very good. But then we all have our off days. She is my favorite of the "maritime girls"

Later tried Jessy. Bad luck. Brown shoulder length hair. (5'4, 112#), slim. She had a very warm and friendly, outgoing personality. However, she was a novice in bed and in the business. She needs to spend more time getting laid on her own time so she would get some idea of how to do it properly. Perhaps she should drop her present boyfriend and find one who can teach her something.

12-28-06, 17:06
In Fredericton a few weeks back and decided to sample the local flavours, tried all the numbers in the yellow pages and only ended up with Petites answering the phone. Two girls were on, decided on Brittany who was described as a redhead with green eyes, 5'7, slim body. She arrived on time and wasn't too hard to look at. It was $120 for half/half, and she started right in. Started trying hard on the BJ to get things over quickly but I have played this game before. DATY was an extra $50 and I wasn't interested in it that much. Too bad this one was all business and a clock watcher. Over her looks were a 7, attitude 5, and service a 5. Beat the hell out of jerking off, but not by much.

Cactus J
03-19-07, 20:50
Called to order this afternoon. Toni was described as black, petite and cute.
She showed up in 20 minutes, $ 120 for 1 hour delivered. She had huge nipples on tiney tits. Great cbj, good attitued earned a $ 20 tip. Would reccommend as both Gentlenens and Fantasy are closed now. Stopped in at the strip joint on Champain last nite , dead with 1 stripper, didn't take her bottom off during the show for $ 20 private dance she did and allowed touching the huge pierced tits but not bottom side, no extras so I left.

Cactus J

Cactus J
04-07-08, 19:56
Am I the only guy who uses escorts in Moncton? Last nite I was in Bathurst, called VIP Escorts got Kelly, only one available, she was 2 hours late, older but very pleasant and accomodating. $ 140 for delivery and $ 60 tip which she pushed. Today Moncton, Foreign Affairs, Taylor over 6 feet tall, blonde knockout. Increadable tits and exceptional nipples, beautiful well trimmed bush and very cooperative.

DATY and CBJ lots of tit play. Late 30's I think. She was one of the best ever, $ 120 delivery and $ 50 tip, both of us were very happy. I will never come to Moncton without seeing Taylor!

Cactus J

07-12-08, 05:52
Used Petite service, OK looking girl, insisted on money right away, then claimed she had to pay taxi and bolted out door. Of course never came back.

Used 2 other services in yellow pages, not great looking but OK, daty was extra. One service did say girl was not small, she was tall and plump. Both had good attitudes, despite shape. Told me not to use Petite, the run out to pay taxi was the normal rip-off procedure. Cost was 140 Canadian.

Cactus J
10-28-08, 18:15
Update on Foreign Affairs Escorts. The delivery fee has gone to $ 25.00 from $ 20.00. Jasmine is a young, very pretty dark girl with a magnificent body and an equally bad attitude. Wanted $ 70.00 extra to get naked and be fondled. Total $ 195. Great CBJ but not worth the money or the hassle of the upsell. Would not repeat.
Now for a real gem, Carman is very young, very pretty with a beautiful body and an excellent attitude. Same $ 125 to start but says she does Daty and Anal extra. $ 40 for DATY which was well worth it, so happy I gave her $ 60, good CBJ and nice service after the deed was done. Would highly reccomend! Apparently Taylor is not currently available for whatever reason.

Cactus J

05-21-09, 04:50
Great girl, lots of fun to be around. Great small talk, good to look at, and she knew what she was doing. I would defiantly call her again if I am in the area again. Looks 6, attitude 8, service 8.

01-05-10, 01:07
Just before Christmas I had a chance to head to Moncton and sample the local talent. I called a few agencies but found a gem at Dreamweaver. Her name is Lacey and also strips in the city. One word WOW! She is a 20 year old brunette, great tits and ass to die for. The damage was 135 plus 40 for DATY which I gladly paid. She was defininitely a 9 in looks, with 8's for attitude and service. No digits or anal was allowed but after multiple positions and great fun, I went to sleep totally satisfied.

Cactus J
05-01-11, 02:25
Was in Moncton reciently. Foreign Affairs wouldn't answer their phone so I called Finesse, got Desire, she was excellent, beautiful body with small but great tits, friendly accomodating and did an excellent job. They are more expensive than Foreign Affairs, $ 160. And I gave her $ 70 for such a great performance. Verry well worth it!

Cactus J

06-15-11, 19:42
Lots of traveling girls going through Moncton, I'm glad to see things pick up.

10-22-12, 02:17
Had a stop in Moncton the other weekend and called up Foreign Affairs as it was one I came across in the phone book. The lady that answered told me I could go to their website to check out the ladies in more detail which I did. I browsed the profiles and called back to place my order, LOL. To sum it up, the price was right and the pu55y was tight. I didn't have any problems with the service. I have stopped in Moncton a few times in the past and this was the first time I tried this agency. I haven't tried Finess though but I think I'll definitely continue to use Foreign Affairs in the future unless I run into any issues. You can check out the site yourself before you call.


03-29-13, 19:58
Had 2 experiences in Moncton recently. The first was a really good session with visiting girl Lola Cherie from Montreal. Great session with BBBJ, DFK, DATY. Great girl and highly recommended if she is visiting again and she said she would be. Second was a bad experience with visiting girl Meava Wild also visiting from Montreal. Pics her but not accurate, she gave the service but was not good. Not recommended.

04-18-13, 13:04
Since the RCMP started releasing names of clients and working girls before conviction I find there are not too many girls out during the day. Although a diversion program is available there is not much point once the world knows their private business. I usually drive through the area in the day travelling to work and rarely one out with the exception of a few older drug addicts.

Fortunately if you have a bank of emails and digits you can still track down some working from their apartment. There is an older blond MILF about 48 available at good rates. Face is a bit tired but her body is still fairly tight. Big tits that sag slightly and a nice tight shaved pussy. Price is right, $40 for a CBJ, $60 full, multiple positions. Not certain I would DATY but looks nice. No BBBJ but she will let you cot.

Nice personality, easy going. Even cleaned up afterwords. She is patient, and will do as you ask. Had her edge me for about 30 minutes all for the $40.

I think the younger newer ones are still out at night but risky.

04-29-13, 22:50
Saw a hooker on Mountain Road this morning. Blonde housewife about 38.

She eyed me as I got in my car. I ignored her then she tried hitchhiking.