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Crazy Jim Wood
08-08-17, 16:05
I noticed the content from India has ballooned in recent years, it's almost choking the photo gallery. There is just a huge market in India, probably mostly inaccessible to non-Indians I am guessing. I mean India is the largest English speaking country. But normally if there is a country like Cambodia that I am never visiting, it is taking up a tiny part of the bandwidth. But India is just choking the photo gallery. I really question if the photos posted there are all from mongers and if a large number are not from shills. And it just seems like India is very low on the list of destinations for non-Indian mongers. Is there anyway to turn off the India content in the photo gallery? I don't see this problem with other countries. Maybe China is a close second, it has a lot of content, seems a lot is not from mongers but is from shills, but then China seems like a more likely destination.

08-08-17, 16:31
I noticed the content from India has ballooned in recent years, it's almost choking the photo gallery. Totally agree!

08-08-17, 18:46
How does posting of pictures in one or other thread bother you? I don't suppose you're obligated to look at all the pictures that get uploaded.

08-08-17, 19:47
After many years I won't join again because of the India pictures. This place has changed.

08-08-17, 20:10
The most annoying part for me is I select many reports by what I see in the "photo gallery". But that is gummed up by all the fake India pics, I lived in India and this type of endeavor for the ladies would be an enormous stain not only on thier reputations but on thier families as well. These pics always show the face a big giveaway that they are probable just lifted off of facebook pages.

Crazy Jim Wood
08-23-17, 19:04
Have you noticed the photo gallery has pics from all over the world? It used to be useful for those of us who want to see what is going on around the world. For example, Thailand and Philippines have a fair amount of pictures, but they are mostly real and those are destinations many of us could go to. For various social / economic / geographic reasons India is not a destination for mongering tourism, even if all the pics were real. So now the photo gallery is almost useless now because it is gummed up with fake pics from India. Like Gonefishin said, I am glad he confirmed my suspicion that these pictures are mostly fake. So we have excessive fake content from one country (India) which very few people visit.

How does posting of pictures in one or other thread bother you? I don't suppose you're obligated to look at all the pictures that get uploaded..

Member #4548
08-23-17, 20:17
Hello all,

With due respect to all the senior members here, you may feel all the pictures in India gallery to be fake and you are not seeing India as a destination. But you missed out on the point that India is a large domestic market and some state capitals here have FRs more than some other county capitals and non Indians may find it hard to get access. Unlike other countries that are mentioned, prostitution here is illegal and it may land people in jail. So as a tourism destination, India may not be on the list at all.

But that doesn't mean that Photo Gallery should be blocked of India pictures, because it serves us, the domestic consumers here. I don't deny that some pictures may be fake. Users share the pictures they get to find out whether it is fake or true. This helps other users to not fall in the fake traps.

International Sex Guide blocking India Gallery pictures would be an irony in itself and it will be really unfair. If you feel disturbed by India content, the site can be improved with filters to not the see the content you don't like. But please, do not deny us of the uses we enjoy by blocking it completely.

P.S. I am not even a Senior here which can make you think who the hell is this idiot and what is he talking. When I joined ISG, it was for all the benefits it gave and now blocking this would inconvenience a lot of us in India and stop many people from taking a membership.



04-14-19, 01:07
Agreed. The photos on the India forum are gumming up the photo gallery, and they are probably mostly fake or at least not interesting. Also agreed that India is a place of little interest to most of us.

04-14-19, 04:06
This talk of blocking Photos from the India threads is not only unfair but also not economical for ISG. All those proposing have to understand that these threads cater for a large domestic audience and is not meant to invite people for sex tourism to India. We are having a high success rate owing to the large active community of lingers who keep the quality high and prices under check. Lastly the number of people with subscriptions from some of these cities might be larger than some of the subscriptions from entire countries put together. It is pure economics.