View Full Version : Zamiin-Üüthe (off topic)

09-10-17, 02:27
I'm flying to Erlian / Erlianhaote / Erenhot and hope to cross the border into Zamiin-Üüthe. After two years in Inner Mongolia, China, I'd like to set foot in Mongolia to experience the Cyrillic alphabet, etc. I won't continue to UB.

My off topic question is: Does anybody know of a hotel in ZU with wifi? Or, what are the odds of finding wifi in this dusty bordertown?

I ask because I imported a Chromebook into China, forgetting that Google is blocked. In fact, all of my Linux OS have recently stopped connecting to the internet. I'd love to try doing the Chromebook OOB setup on non-Chinese internet. Or, failing that, buy a Mongolian SIM data package and use my phone to get the Chromebook online and run the initial setup.