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04-14-02, 00:20
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05-03-04, 11:06
I look People from Brandon Manitoba, I stay with German Army in there.

Shilo Base.


Rock Dog
08-04-04, 14:58
To whomever may wander into this deserted section of the board, I give the following information.

There is nothing, repeat nothing in Brandon. I know this for a fact because I used to live there. There are no escort agencies. There are no massage parlours. There is no action to be found on the street there.

Brandon is a very small place. With a population of less than 50,000 it is barely large enough to qualify as a city. The only action here might be some semi-pro's who hang out at one or two bars. They mostly go there because it's a hangout for army guys who come into town from Shilo.

The one bar I'm thinking of is located just off of Rosser avenue. Last I heard, it was called The Original California Club. What California has to do with Brandon is beyond me. Anyways, it's gone through so many name changes it could be called anything now.

I can sum Brandon up for you in just 4 words, "don't waste your time".


10-27-08, 18:21
Check out the local Winnipeg boards (ie, WERB).

I know that the girls try to make regular trips out to Brandon.

Hope this helps.