View Full Version : Blog post on testing a remote PA candidate

11-24-17, 02:31
Hey guys,

A month or two ago I bumped into a blog post somewhere that gave a genuinely excellent series of questions and tasks to use when evaluating a candidate for the role of Personal Assistant. In particular it was to help the evaluation for someone that might work for you remotely, and was geared towards the, ahem, 'single male traveler' demographic. I am now looking at engaging someone as a PA that I have been chatting to for a while, although she would end up relocating to work from my office, and to travel with me to a fair degree, rather than being a remote resource.

Nevertheless, great post on how to do the evaluation.

Problem? I can't find it again!! I am fairly sure I first saw it by dropping into the website of one of the YouTube vloggers who focus on travel to places like the Philippines, but no luck yet. I don't suppose someone else has run into this and remembers enough to point me back towards it?

Many thanks,