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Viajando Musico
01-31-18, 21:45
Spent a few days not long ago in Panama City. It was my 3rd trip here, so I am familiar with the surrounding by now. I stayed at the Occidental Panama. Location is good, right in between Veneto and Habano. Hotel room is good, but not very spacious, Staffs are not as accommodating as in Hyatt where I stayed in the previous 2 trips. I will go back to Haytt or might try Eurostar nearby next time. This hotel is not chica friendly. I was able to sneak a Habano girl up to the room, but the receptionist came out chasing me before I got in the elevator. I flat lied to him that she was my girlfriend and had already registered. My girl dressed quite normal, so he didn't press more. He probably realized the lie one hour after the girl left the hotel, but they didn't not charge me the next day when I checked out.

On this trip, I spent most of my time in between La Boca, La Mayor, and Habano. Went to Veneto a couple times at night, but it was dead, very few girls there. On the other hand, Habano is same as usual, crowded and filled with hot girls. Maybe it was right after New Year Holiday, many more girls than clients, definitely a buyer's market. Selections and quality were good the nights I was there. While in Habano one night, I ran into this Paisa whom I met on the other side of the globe 3 years ago, Eva, now equipped with her newly acquired access, looked much better, and spoke much more English. Although not my 1st choice of the night as I was eyeing some other hotties, for old time sake I went with her to the motel next door, San Roque for an hour. Cost for San Roque was $27 + $1 for the rubber. 3 years ago, I went with her younger sister and had a blasting TLN. This time, even only for an hours with her, same craziness. She even snapped a steamy photo for both of us and Whatsapped it to her sister who is in Medellin.

I spent 3 days in La Boca. You won't find the Habano quality in quantity here, but there are always a few gems around. For me, chances of getting better service here are higher. Actually, I never had a bad service here. You can always bring the girls to the motel close by as I did if you can't deal with the filthy rooms on site. There is no bar fine. Girls are free lancers. So they come and go as they wish. I know some of the daytime girls here also went to Veneto at nights to look for prospects.

A couple hours after my arrival, I ran into this free lancer who was just starting her night and walking to Veneto from Via Espana. A very sweet Costena from Baranquilla. Turned out her apartment was a stone throw away from my hotel. I stroke up a deal with her to spend a couple intimate hours in her place for $160. The section was GFE all the way I end up rewarding her $100/ HR, and this marked a good start for my trip. And because of her good service and the convenience, I saw her 2 more times during my short stay. The last one was 4 hours before my departure flight.

Before my arrival, I was planning to hit Golden Times and the el Dorado area where I didn't visit on my previous trips, because I read somewhere that this area is a good base more mongering in Panama City? But at the end of this trip, because of the convenience with the Baranquilla girl, I didn't find time to do this either. Well, next time. I hope members with more info about this area can chip in.

On my first trip, I went to the Dynasty building in Cinco de Mayo Plaza and found a gem there. So I went back to check out the place, unfortunately, nothing worth mentioning, and a total waste of time.

To sum it up, it was another pleasant trip. Panama boosts both high end and economical options for the hobbyists. The convenience of finding these establishments and a willing chicas are what make this city enjoyable. I will come back for sure.

Viajando Musico
01-31-18, 21:47
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