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06-06-18, 10:03
Discretion, sex and escorts are a perfect combination of elegance and pleasure. Maison Close a new brothel in Barcelona that offers you the best services and the most attractive and elegant escort girls.

06-15-18, 08:32
Everyone who knows Ximena falls in love with her because of her personality, elegance and feminine body. She has magic in every pore of her skin.

This 33-year-old Latina has dark skin and an eyes so expressive that they will drive you crazy.

If what you are looking for is to relax in her company and have new experiences, Ximena is an expert in the art of erotic massages and in the attention for couples. She knows how to satisfy both a man and a woman at the same time.

She completes her services with departures to dinners and events. A perfect date that can end with titfuck, anal sex or deep throat.

If you want to know more about her, look at her profile and give us a call.


06-22-18, 08:43
Angy has the best of Mexico: she is sweet and spicy at the same time. Her body has perfect measures (95-60-95) and her beauty is completed by her dark skin, long hair and piercing dark eyes.

She is elegant and feminine and knows how to behave in every situation. She can be sweet when she kiss your lips, when she gave you an erotic massage or even when she sleep with you and another woman. But Angy can also be very spicy with her titfuck, her bareback blowjob or her deep throat.

She is 20 years old and transmits all the energy and joy of her youth.

If you want to know more about her, look at your profile and give us a call.


06-22-18, 13:49
I've heard about this site, and the truth is that it does not look bad at all. I've seen Jordana (https://www.maisonclose.com/en/barcelona-escorts/jordana-2504.html) on the web. Do you know if she does GFE and how much is hour and a half? Thank you!

06-25-18, 12:33
I've heard about this site, and the truth is that it does not look bad at all. I've seen Jordana (https://www.maisonclose.com/en/barcelona-escorts/jordana-2504.html) on the web. Do you know if she does GFE and how much is hour and a half? Thank you!Hi ErnestCulpX! The lovely Jordana does not offer GFE but you can look for another girls in our web who offer that service. Do not hesitate to contact us or give us a call for more information!

06-25-18, 12:36
Hi guys,

If you come to Barcelona and want to spend an unforgettable time with a Spanish escort, you have to meet Carmen.

She is elegant, is 27 years old and speaks several languages.

With her long legs she can make you enjoy for hours, and entertain you with her bareback blowjob, her titfuck or her submissive sado games.

If you are looking for a GFE or a girl company, Carmen will teach you the city and the Spanish culture better than anyone. And she also promises you a night of sex you will not forget.

If you want to know more about her, look at her profile and give us a call.


06-25-18, 17:55
Add Modeling (taking photos) & Video (shooting porn video) to the list of services. ;)

06-29-18, 07:54
Hi guys,

Today we introduce you to Irina, a Nordic escort with soft skin, blonde hair and honey eyes.

She is 27 years old and boasts of a model body, but what you will like most about her is her personality. She is extroverted, cheerful and does not have any kind of taboo.

Irina is the perfect companion girl: beautiful, elegant and with girlfriend kisses. Her bareback blowjob is the icing on the cake. With her, you will discover the true meaning of the word pleasure.

Learn more about her and reserve in this link.


07-02-18, 14:02
Hi guys,

If you come to Barcelona for the first time and want to know the city, Nicol will be the best hostess.

This 25-year-old Brazilian escort is sweet and passionate, discreet and elegant. She is the perfect companion for dinners and events.

She loves to do GFE service, although she never tells you not to do a CIM Blowjob or an erotic massage.

Follow this link and enjoy Barcelona in her company.


07-06-18, 09:14
Hi guys,

Do you want to meet Kendra? She is 20 years old and still studying. She is Colombian and has the strength, energy and charm of Latina women. She always wants more, especially in sex.

You will be surprised both by her ability to make a bareback blowjob with a deep throat and by her titfuck. You can also try all kinds of sexual postures with her.

If you want to know more about this escort with dark skin, long hair and soft curves, follow this link and you will be taking the first step to get to know her.


07-10-18, 08:13
Hi guys,

If you like the red hair color and the Argentine accent, Valeria is your perfect date.

Valeria is a 32 year old Argentinian escort, with a lot of sexual experience, a perfect body and a lot of desire to meet you.

She is waiting for you to go out to dinner or have a drink, so that you can meet and continue the night with the best sex of your life. She promises a unique experience with which you can enjoy both the magnificent city of Barcelona and a host of sexual services: boreback blowjob, anal sex, erotic sado, snowballing, erotic shower. And much more!

You just have to click on this link to know more about her.


07-13-18, 11:40
Hi guys,

Today I am spending the day with Catalina and I would like to present her to you so that you can meet her too.

She is Colombian and she is 30 years old, so it is the perfect combination between a body trained for many years, the charm of Latin women and a lot of experience in sex (especially in bareback blowjob and erotic massages).

She is so open minded, so funny and so energetic that she is also perfect if you dare with something more spicy, like anal sex, rimming or snowballing.

If you want to know more about Catalina and would like to know her, click on this link.


07-17-18, 10:41
Hi guys,

Laia's specialty is bareback blowjob. This 32-year-old Spanish escort dominates the technique like nobody else. And in addition to its technique, her attractive model body will not leave you indifferent.

You will like Laia. She is sweet and at the same time spicy. Her blond hair, brown eyes and natural breast will seduce you. She knows how to do everything to give you pleasure and if you also make her feel pleasure, she will surprise you with a glorious squirting.

Do you want to know more about Laia? Find out more about her in this link and call me.


07-20-18, 14:03

If I ask you what qualities must have a woman to be incredibly attractive, what would you say to me? Possibly a woman with a sensual voice, a toned body, with long legs, narrow waist and natural breasts. And be sweet and elegant, but also enjoy sex a lot.

This is the right descriiption of Mireia, a 27 year old Argentine with a lot of experience in everything that you like. Because you like anal sex and bareback blowjob, right? And rimming?

If you want to discover everything you have in common with Mireia, visit this link and call me to reserve.


07-23-18, 14:33
Hello guys!

Would you like to meet a sweet and wild girl who may be your best company girl to visit Barcelona and a beast in bed? Then I introduce you to Kiara, because I know you will love her.

Kiara is a very professional escort and knows very well how to make you enjoy in many ways. She is 25 years old, she is Venezuelan and has an exuberant body. Her smile is perfect and her skin is smooth as silk.

She dares with erotic sado, is an expert in titfuck and she gets also very excited with lesbian services. I'm sure you have a lot in common.

Call and reserve to meet Kiara.


07-26-18, 14:12
Hi guys,

Do you like eastern women? They are reputed to be very beautiful and attractive women, with model body and angelic face. And of course, Desiree fits that description perfectly.

Desiree is a beautiful Russian 23-year-old escort, with endless legs, very light skin and long red hair. And if you like her from first sight, imagine how much you're going to like her after spending a night of sex in Barcelona.

Besides the GFE, her favorite services are bareback blowjob, rimming and golden rain. Which ones are yours? Call and reserve to fulfill your fantasies with Desiree.


07-31-18, 07:38
Hi guys,

If you like Spain, this Spanish escort will love you. Samantha is 31 years old but retains a spectacular model body. She is outgoing and enjoys sex because it is one of the most pleasurable things in life.

She loves services such as bareback blowjob, titfuck and anal sex. Do you?

Call and reserve if you want to know more about Samantha.


08-03-18, 12:14
Hi guys,

Would you like a GFE with an attractive escort, elegant in public and wild in bed?

Then I present you to Adda, a beautiful 23 year old Colombian escort with a perfect body. Her legs are long, her skin soft and her breasts perfect for the size of your hands, which are also perfect for titfuck.

If you want she to be your company girl, call and reserve. You can enjoy one of the best sexual experiences of your life.


08-07-18, 08:56
Hi guys,

Today I present you to Elena: blonde, beautiful and very sensual. This Spanish escort is 26 years old and has a lot to offer.

She has a charming personality that makes you feel comfortable with her from the very first minute. Her favorite games are kisses, bareback blowjob and deep throat.

If you want to know more about Elena and spend a fun and passionate night, click on this link to reserve.


08-09-18, 10:17
Lesbian service is one of the most popular, and not only among men. There are also many escorts who enjoy the company of another woman when she has sex with a man.

This service is a trio where the man has sex with two women at the same time. And these two women also have sex with each other. This is the main difference with other services.

If you want to know the infinite possibilities of this type of sexual relations, we tell you more details this website.


08-14-18, 10:10
Hello everyone!

Today I bring you a beautiful girl that will leave you breathless. Can you imagine a bareback blowjob with eyes as beautiful as hers, staring at you? And a deep throat?

Luca is a Argentinian escort with a very attractive and cared body. Her breasts are pretty and her butt hard and firm. You will like all of her.

If you want to meet Luca, do not miss her lesbian service or erotic massages. Call and reserve.


08-16-18, 09:53
Hi guys,

If you still do not have plans for this weekend, I bring you a proposal that you can not refuse.

What do you think if you know Lucia? Lucia is a 29 year old Argentine escort with big breasts and seductive look..

She likes to enjoy intense and exciting encounters, and she never tires! Without a doubt, her vitality and her involvement are her best presentation letter.

In addition, she is an expert practically in everything. Erotic sado, bareback blowjob, deep throat, titfuck, snowballing and many other things..

No need to talk more, right? Call and reserve to meet Lucia.

→ https://www.maisonclose.com/en/barcelona-escorts/lucia-2559.html/?utm_source=internationalsexguide&utm_campaign=agencia.

08-24-18, 10:27
Hi guys,

It is said that Venezuelan women are very feminine and attractive. They have an elegance and a natural beauty that makes anyone fall in love.

Anabella is Venezuelan, she is 23 years old and she is the perfect woman for any encounter. She is sexy, funny and enjoys sex very much. Above all she likes bareback blowjob, titfuck with big breasts and lesbian services.

Which one do you prefer to start with? Call and reserve.


08-27-18, 07:49
Barcelona is one of the most attractive cities in Europe, both to enjoy leisure activities and to do business. And if you come to this wonderful city, what better way than to enjoy Maria's company?

Mara is a beautiful Venezuelan escort of 32 years, with a spectacular body. She is elegant and has a lot of class. She speaks several languages and is the perfect companion for dinners and events.

She is also the perfect companion for a night of unbridled sex. You can make all your fantasies comte ture with Maria: anal sex, golden rain, deep throat, erotic sado and many other things.

Do not forget to call and ask for Mara.


08-28-18, 11:44
Hi guys,

If you like women with curves, you have to meet Miranda. Her breasts are delicious: firm and round. Her dark eyes and full lips are passionate.

She is the perfect opportunity to make your erotic and lesbian fantasies come true.

If you want to know what more services she offers, click on this link. And do not forget to call to reserve with Miranda.


08-31-18, 12:37
Naomi is a beautiful Dominican escort of 25 years with model body. Her measurements 95-60-95 are the best proof of that.

She will drive you crazy with her mulatto beauty and with the combination of her blonde hair and dark skin. In addition, her character is youthful and charming, perfect to enjoy her company for many hours.

She is looking for a gentleman who likes both boreback blowjob and titfuck as well as her. Are you one of them?

Call or click on this link to book with Naomi.


09-05-18, 10:02
Hi guys,

Today I present to you Marcela, a very attractive Colombian escort. Her long blonde hair contrasts with her dark skin. Her sweet smile matches her dark eyes. And her big breasts are perfect for the size of your hands and for you to have fun with a playful titfuck. Or for a lesbian trio, or an erotic shower, or an erotic sado.

She likes sex so much that she will be willing to be your perfect lover, discreet and elegant in public and very passionate in private.

Spending a night with Marcela is turning a dream into reality. Call, ask for her and fulfill your fantasies.


09-06-18, 14:21
Hi guys,

Do you like exuberant curves? Gabriela has incredible measures: 90-66-95. But her large breasts and narrow waist are not the only attractive feature of this Colombian escort.

Gabriela is a woman with a very attractive personality. She knows how to make you feel comfortable and also give you pleasure in bed. Do not miss her deep throat, her titfuck or her rimming.

Call and book with Gabriela and you will spend a night you will never forget.


09-12-18, 10:55
Hi guys,

Are you looking for your perfect partner in bed? A sexy, elegant and a little spicy girl? Then you have to meet Valeria.

Valeria is a beautiful Mexican escort of 25 years old, her skin is brown and soft, her big and round breasts are perfect for the size of your hands and to make a titfuck.

Everything she does is very sensual and pleasant, so Valeria is perfect for making your fantasies come true and to enjoy a bareback blowjob or even erotic sado.

If you want to know more about her, follow this link, and do not hesitate to call to book an appointment.


09-14-18, 07:35
Hi guys,

Are you looking for a company girl for a dinner or an event? Or simply want to meet an elegant, classy and attractive woman with whom to have a good time?

In any case, you will love Erika. This 23-year-old Romanian escort has a beautiful angel face and cat eyes difficult to forget (especially difficult to forget after a bareback blowjob).

In addition to an interesting conversation and her pleasant company, with Erika you can also enjoy erotic massages, attention to couples. And much more. Find out more on this link and book your appointment with her.


09-18-18, 08:08
Hi guys,

Angelina is the perfect woman to make all your wishes come true. This Dominican escort of 25 years is very passionate and has the real temperament of Latin women, which means that she gives herself to the maximum and enjoys sex very much.

Her favorite services are bareback blowjob, deep throat, anal sex and lesbian services.

What do you say? Would you like to lose yourself between her long legs and dark skin?


09-20-18, 14:32
Hi guys,

Do you know how Mariana is defined? As a passionate, funny and very daring woman. Especially in bed.

I warn you that this 23 year old Colombian escort is perfect to fulfill your fantasies. She has no taboos, she is very daring and enjoys services like titguck or rimming like nobody else.

She is also the perfect girl if you are looking for a companion for trips and events.

Do not hesitate to click on this link to learn more about her and book your appointment.


09-26-18, 09:38
Hi guys,

Today I present Linda to you. She is 20 years old and she is sweet, naughty and very feminine.

This Colombian escort will surprise you by her soft curves, with her small breasts and her pert ass. She is also a chameleon girl, perfect for any situation.

In bed, one of her specialties is the titfuck, but you can also enjoy erotic sado and much more.

Satisfy your curiosity, discover what more services she offers and call to reserve.


Monica Mad
09-26-18, 17:51
Hi guys,

I would like to present the new directory of escorts, they are still in beta but it will be a great website.

Klintric. Directory Premium Escorts.


09-27-18, 11:34
Vera is a Russian escort who wants to live new adventures, to discover Barcelona and to experience stories of sex and passion.

She is 33 years old, but she has a very attractive body, as an authentic model. Her big breasts, firm ass and soft white skin will drive you crazy. In addition, she has a lot of experience in services as varied as CIM blowjob, services for copuples or squirting.

She adapts to everything and will also adapt to you to give you the greatest pleasure you can imagine. But of course, only if you call to reserve. What are you waiting for?


10-03-18, 07:45
Hi guys,

My proposal for today is to introduce you to Kiara, a Venezuelan escort of 25 years who will call attention to you both for her physique and for her personality.

She is outgoing and knows how to act in each moment. With her you can enjoy many ways, both your company at dinners and events as well as passion and sex.

She can make yourself a titfuck by wrapping your member with her breasts or you can enjoy the touch of her body with a low erotic massage in water.

You choose!


10-05-18, 07:32
Hi guys,

For this weekend, what do you think about meeting Carolina?

Carolina is Colombian. She is 22 years old and boasts the energy and beauty of her youth. She is curious, extroverted and loves to meet men with whom to live new adventures, especially love affairs.

When it comes to sex, she has no taboos and loves to please. For that reason, with her bareback blowjob, her Titfuck or her erotic massages you can reach the same sky. .


10-10-18, 10:09
Hi guys,

Today I present Jenny to you, a Spanish escort with which you can discover new corners of Barcelona and make your erotic fantasies come true.

This escort of 23 years old is very active and extroverted and although she is specialized in offering services for couples, she is also capable of raising the temperature between the two of you with a good titfuck, a CIM blowjob or a bit of erotic sado.

In addition, her breasts are natural, her butt is firm and and also has flat belly. You'll love her!


10-11-18, 07:33
Hi guys,

Have I ever spoken to you about Bea? Because she is worth knowing.

This 26-year-old Brazilian escort is the perfect girl to enjoy a sexual adventure and get carried away by her caresses and the passion of a erotic body-to-body shower, or of a well-salivated CIM blowjob, or a deep anal sex.

Nicol has a lot of experience in sex, but she is also playful, sensual and friendly. Want to know more about her?

10-16-18, 14:37
Hi guys,

Today I present to you a Catalan and university escort of 24 years that stands out where she goes thanks to her elegance and her sweetness. She is very feminine and has a very attractive body.

You will be surprised by her wit and by the grace of her youth, by her eyes full of life and her sexy little mouth. She is perfect for a Girlfriend Experience and also to enjoy a pleasant and unattached sex.

Do you know what she likes most? The body-to-body massage, the squirting and the attention for couples, but also the bareback blowjob and anal sex.


10-18-18, 12:45
Hi guys,

You already know that Mexican women have a special attraction. They are elegant, feminine and waste sensuality in everything they do. And Angy is not an exception.

Angy has an authentic body model, perfectly toned and molded by soft curves and tanned skin. Her dark hair and beautiful eyes complete the pack.

Among her services you can find bareback blowjob, titfuck, CIM or lesbian services.


10-22-18, 13:37
Hi guys,

If you are reading this is because you want to meet new escorts that are able to fulfill all your fantasies. And I'm sure Sofia is just what you're looking for.

Sofia is a 23 year old Colombian escort very beautiful and with a spectacular body: big breasts, tight waist and firm ass. She is a goddess of sex and she is also very fetishistic.

She is an expert in oral sex (CIM and deep throat) but also in lesbian services, erotic sado and much more.


10-25-18, 07:41
Hi guys,

Do you want to meet an exuberant and morbid woman? This Venezuelan escort is what you need for this weekend.

Shari is 30 years old and boasts of enviable measures: 100-72-115. Her large breasts are irresistible and she dominates titfuck art like no other; but that is not your only strong point.

Thanks to her experience and her passion for sex, Shari also dominates the deep throat, the erotic sado and the service for couples.


10-30-18, 09:21
Hi guys,

If you are reading this is because you want to meet new escort that are able to fulfill all your fantasies. And surely Vera is the ideal girl to do it.

Vera is a Russian girl who is all fire and passion. With her 33 years you can enjoy the experience of a mature escort. Fulfill your fantasies and fetishes and have a great time.

The best? Has one of the best asses in Barcelona and, that is why, he loves to practice a good Greek, combined with his GFE and find the climax of his partner with deep throat.


11-02-18, 13:26
Hi guys,

Do you want to meet a woman with perfect breasts and body? This Colombian escort is what you need for this weekend, her name is Natalia.

She is 20 years old and is able to make you enjoy with just a couple of caricatures. It has almost perfect measurements and, the best thing is that he loves to show them off.

Thanks to his experience and his passion for sex, you can enjoy with Natalia a good erotic shower and will tempt you with pleasure with your French, or your Greek.


11-06-18, 08:10
Saray is a Venezuelan woman who takes bread and dips, and loves to seduce men.

It has a spectacular body, because with its XXL big tits and its narrow waist, you can enjoy it with sex and make mischief in bed.

She is dark and has perfect lips to fulfill your fantasies, and with her big tits she always guarantees a spectacular Cuban.


11-14-18, 15:15
Do you know that Russian escorts are the most passionate in bed? Well, we introduce you to Krystal, a girl who comes from cold Russia.

He loves Barcelona and the gentlemen in it, and that's why he loves to practice wilder sex with them. She is a Russian escort with perfect measurements and all her tattoos will excite you so much that you will want to know her.


11-16-18, 13:55
Have you ever practiced the white kiss, or have you fulfilled any of your sexual fantasies?

Well, Janet is an expert in sexual fantasies and in GFE. It has a body of scandal, because it has a very redondito chest that lends itself to be touched. Your ass and curves will fall in love with you and will make you want more and more to meet her.


11-18-18, 09:49
Hi, can someone give insight into the prices at this place?

Single girl and duo is what I am looking at.


11-20-18, 09:27
Luci is an impressive woman with a very defined body, in which any man would love to get lost in him.

Passionate and dedicated, Luci is a Colombian escort who knows what she has to do in each moment. By the way, he loves to give erotic massages.


11-20-18, 09:29
Hi, can someone give insight into the prices at this place?

Single girl and duo is what I am looking at.

Thanks.Hello SannyLove143. The price may vary depending on the service, but it can go around € 180 for one hour.

11-23-18, 15:00
Paulina knows what each man needs just by looking at him, and what she loves is giving them the best sex, because she loves to practice it.

It has a curves that falls in love, and some tits that are perfect to play with them. Fiery and wild, she is a lioness in bed that can leave you breathless with her complete French with her erotic shower.


12-05-18, 15:12
Are you one of those who like something more than traditional sex? Well, Maison Close can enjoy a good session of erotic sado, and in which you can give free rein to your imagination and play with a beautiful woman.

You fancy?


12-11-18, 08:15
Hi all.

Do you know Alice? She is a Colombian escort that you can know very well in Barcelona. So if you're there you can enjoy a good French or an endless sex show.

You dare?


12-14-18, 12:53
Tall and slender, of a great guy and spectacular body, Kariny is a brazilian escort who is eager to meet gentlemen who go the March and want to have sex.

With golden and dark skin, she is a spectacular woman who loves to practice erotic massages and have a good time in the shower.

Do you want to have a good time with her?


12-19-18, 10:42
Do you know that Nordic and Eastern women are passionate even if they do not seem so? Yes, they know what each man needs and what they want in each moment. Passionate and wild, Erika loves to have sex and enjoy it.

You have to know her.


01-16-19, 09:50
She is an attractive and sensual woman who knows what has to be done in bed. Right now I'm with her talking about what kind of postures she loves and what makes her crazy.

Do you want to know?


01-18-19, 09:54
Do you know Dalia? She is a very sweet and sensual girl who knows what you need at every moment.

Her favorite practice is the GFE: With it you will have a unique feeling of girlfriend.


01-22-19, 09:16
So it is important to know who you put in bed with, how in what bed you get into. That's why in Maison Close you have the best facilities to enjoy a good evening of sex and passion.

We recommend that you reserve the light room with us to enjoy everything.


01-29-19, 13:05
Sculptural body and very worked, with Camila you will be able to practice the best positions and the most different that you have ever practiced.

With it you can entertain yourself in her tits, or in her ass.

What do you like more?


02-01-19, 12:32
The reflex room is one of the most playful sex games with an escort in Barcelona.

Let yourself be carried away by passion and enjoy your scenes by the mirrors that surround it.

Is not there a better plan than this?


02-06-19, 09:58
Elena knows what you need at every moment and is passionate about sex. This spectacular woman with perfect measurements and very soft skin, is capable of doing what you want if she has relationships with you.

Expert and passionate, she loves to practice French and deep throat.

Do you want me to combine them for you?


02-08-19, 14:14
Gala is the ideal lover to fulfill everything you want to satisfy in bed. She is a very fine woman of body but of perfect measures that she loves the lingerie and above all that you enjoy of her putting you very horny.

Do you want to know more about this elegant and sophisticated woman?


02-13-19, 09:00
By name of precious stone, Amber is a Venezuelan woman who loves sensual and erotic encounters with gentlemen like you. He loves to wiggle and make you enjoy sex and what better than a deep throat to make your relationships a better experience.

Do not you think it's the best?


02-19-19, 08:50
Carlita is a very seductive and sensual woman who likes to fulfill all your desires that you like to practice in bed.

It is very beautiful and attractive, and has natural measures that more than one have already fallen in love.

Can you resist?


02-22-19, 08:41
Hi all!

How is the week treating you? Do you need any ideas for this weekend? Now I'm talking to Melissa. She is telling me her tricks to make you go crazy in bed and also that she loves to play with her breasts.

Do you want to know more about her?


03-01-19, 09:32
Amante de buen gusto why del buen placer, Carolina es una escort colombiana dulce why sexy a la vez para hacer disfrutar del sexo a caballeros como tú.

De medidas espectaculares why belleza inigualable, ella es una mujer que LE encanta tomarse tu tiempo para crear el clima perfecto en vuestras quedadas, why hacerlos disfrutar con un buen francés o otros servicios más sofisticados.


03-01-19, 09:36
Affectionate and sensual, Yudith is one of the sexiest Spanish escorts you can find in Barcelona.

If you are in the city and after an exhausting day, you can stay with her and release all those tensions of the day.

She is a woman with experience between the sheets and will know what you need to enjoy a good intimate session with her.

Surely you will not regret it.


03-08-19, 16:43
Affectionate and tender is a girl that you will love from the first moment. I have been falling in love since the day I saw her for the first time, and every time she walks in the door with her dazzling smile, it steals my heart. I'm sure it will also steal yours!

If you want to meet her, come to Maison Close and let yourself be carried away by her sensuality.

Here you can see his photo book and his video:


03-15-19, 17:00
It is a beautiful girl with impressive curves and a sensuality that will leave you with your mouth open. Her way of moving, her penetrating gaze, her full lips. Absolutely everything in her gives off sex. Do you want to meet her? Come to Maison Close and enjoy your company!


03-22-19, 16:09
Hello handsome! Do you have plans for the weekend? In Maison Close has just arrived a girl who gives off eroticism in every movement. It is a real bonbon with a body of exuberant curves that will give you a unique date.

Here you can see his photos:


03-29-19, 17:30
Hi all! If you want to live a unique and impressive sexual experience, you have to meet Amanda. It has impacted me from the first day I saw it and its lush curves are full of uncontrollable morbid.

Look here for your photos and your video:


04-05-19, 16:22
Hello handsome! Today I want to introduce you to a shocking woman. Her name is Ximena and she is a Caribbean escort with a most sensual elegance. Everything in it gives off eroticism and as soon as you meet her you will fall madly in love. Come to the wonderful facilities of Maison Close and have a spectacular date with this beauty.

Here you can see all your photos:


04-13-19, 10:01
Do you want to have fun this weekend? Do you want to fulfill your fantasies and feel a unique pleasure? Then I introduce you to Alexa, a Colombian girl with a body made for sin. I assure you that seeing her in her underwear is a real spectacle that I am lucky enough to see every day. Do you want to see it too?

Here I leave you a preview with her photos:


04-26-19, 16:46
Hi guys! Today I want to introduce you to the sweet and sensual Camila. It is a unique and unforgettable beauty that will leave you with your mouth open. I assure you that knowing her will be a treasure.

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05-02-19, 16:45
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