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04-14-02, 00:23
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My Alias
05-27-03, 11:43
Just curious about the scene in Whitehorse, Dawson City and/or Haines Junction. I live in Southeast Alaska and sometimes have to go through the Yukon to get to the rest of Alaska. Just wondered if there might be a place to stop off during the drive north.

My Alias
06-24-03, 07:04
I was just traveling through Whitehorse and saw a telephone ad for Ashley and Alexis escorts. I didn't have the cash to try the service and was wondering if anybody can file a report. I might be in Whitehorse again later this summer and wondered if the Ashley and Alexis escort service is worth trying out.

11-16-03, 10:37
Hey Oosikman,

It appears scant few read this board.
I saw the same telephone book ad that you mentioned, but was travelling on the road ( summer 01 ) and had no real information to go on so I did not try. The next time through however I am determined to see what gives.

It's an isolated location, and I don't think there is much Internet information. It might be up to us and the like minded to forge the trail.

Hey man I'm trying. The Alaska board is rather slow in it'self too.


My Alias
04-11-05, 14:50
I might be heading up the road from Southeast Alaska back to the rest of the state. Does anybody know if that Ashley and Alexis escort service that used to advertise in the Whitehorse phonebook still exist? Also, has anybody ever used it so I know if it's worth the detour? Any other 411 for the Whitehorse area?

12-08-18, 19:55
Hi there,

Does anybody know if there are some escorts operating in Whitehorse?

There is propably some demands with all the mines opening.