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04-14-02, 00:24
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Gentleman Travel
06-01-09, 15:19
And pointless.

Stuck here for 3 days and did not come close to scoring.

The bar in my hotel had some cute looking white waitresses, and if I was young and studly might have stood a chance with them,
but did not get the impression that any of them could be bought (but did not try).

At night the bar filled up with locals (mostly Inuit) but they are all in groups of friends and I doubt they were on the prowl for anything
other than local boys. Also, unlike bars in the south, these are filled equally with older men and women - some real old crones.

I can see why teen pregnancy is such an issue here - who would want to fuck these girls once they are out of their teens? They age in dog-years!

There must be some semi-pros who service highly paid workers passing through, but I did not see any evidence of this.
And as I say, these girls age pretty fast, so I tremble to think of what a harden pro must look like!!

A bleak arctic wasteland. Bring porn on a laptop instead.

09-20-13, 10:44
Up. Can somebody post here a very nice place for Mongerers?


05-10-20, 02:58
Up. Can somebody post here a very nice place for Mongerers?

ThanksIt's not so much happening here. Better to look in other places.

08-12-20, 18:49
Hi there fellow Canadians!

Was someone of you ever in cee cee Spa in Toronto? I've read that they have Girls there which are Victims of Human Trafficking. For Example the Girl Kim. Was never on the Schedule there the last maybe 20 Days or so.

Does someone know where she is or what is going on there with that Girl and the Spa?