View Full Version : Report from Doha Meat Market

Tommy Goat
11-19-18, 16:47
I've just got back from three weeks in Doha and thought it would be helpful to give this report on my experiences. I tried three different approaches but found that only one was reliable:

1. First, I tried all of the ads on Locanto. Oh dear, it was desperate! Most of the girls on there are fake. Or operated by a couple of Indian guys out in India itself. I got a number of offers for gay-sex or bi-sex, neither of which I wanted and neither of which I had shown the slightest hint of wanting. I then got a load of girls photos sent to my WhatsApp, most of which ranged from 5-7 out of 10 (max). I have no idea of knowing whether those pics bore the slightest resemblance to the actual girl who would turn up, so I politely declined! Worse, there were some guys on there asking for you to wire the money up-front before even seeing a girl. I'm not that stupid. And nor should you be. It so obviously a scam.

2. Next I tried the Irish bar at the Sheraton. You need passport ID to get in and there's a cover band that plays OK music. Don't bother going unless it's ladies night as it's half empty with a few lonely hearts and no-hopers, and not a girl in sight. I understand Ladies night is different (Tuesdays or Thursdays) but didn't get round to trying just because of.

3. I went to the Radisson Blu (9th Floor) and. Oh boy. It was a meat market! The moment I walked in I was set upon by two or three average looking Chinese girls. I was obviously new blood and I had to politely turn push them away just to get to the bar for a drink and a bit of space. One insisted on being my stalker for a good hour. The way I saw it there are three main groups of ladies: (1) PRC, (2) malay / thai / philippino, and (3) black African. Usually I like a wider mix, but I was happy enough with this. Scores ranged from 4 through to 8 out of 10. On my first night I went with Zoe, a very cute Chinese with long dark hair and an extremely cute smile. Back at my hotel (no hassles walking in) we showered together before full sex in all positions. She didn't clock-watch or demand any extra cash (I paid the $300 USD up-front, no problem) and she was happy to follow up with Round 2 after a second shower. I was glad I had brought some condoms with me from home because she didn't have any and I'm sure she would have been happy bareback, but I'd have just spent the time thinking who else she was screwing and passing on disease to! Anyway, great punt, total score of 7,5 out of 10. Phone numbers exchanged for a follow up session. Total damage $300 USD.

4. My next visit back to Radisson Blu was the week after. Zoe was there again and I was really tempted. However I spotted a dropdead African lady, tall, slim, shapely body called Leya from Ethiopia. Apparently she had a thing for white guys (or maybe their wallets, who knows) so after a few drinks she came back to mine (. Again no problems with the hotel) and we had an enjoyable time, although she only knew one position it seemed. She taught me how to kiss like an Ethiopian, but wouldn't do OWO. Overall experience 7 out of 10, but probably not to be repeated as there's plenty more out there. Total damage QR 1000 (normal price).

Overall conclusion? Don't bother with anywhere other than Radisson if you want to be sure of what you're getting!